Overseeing Living Epistles Ministries in its work to make Christian literature freely available online, Sheila R. Vitale founded the publisher in 1988. Away from her work with the ministry, Sheila Vitale is a health and fitness enthusiast who regularly lifts weights and works on her cardiovascular conditioning. Here are some health benefits of doing the latter.


  1. Increased Metabolism. Cardiovascular exercise speeds up various processes in the body, in addition to your heart rate, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight, or shed pounds if that’s your aim.


  1. Better Sleep. According to stats posted on Fitwirr, which is an online fitness resource, if you engage in three or four cardio sessions per week, you will fall to sleep 54 percent faster than those who don’t. You will also enjoy 37 percent more sleep.


  1. Diabetes Management. According to, cardiovascular exercise improves your muscles’ ability to process and use glucose, leading to fewer blood sugar spikes.


  1. Bone Density. Regular cardio over the course of six months can improve your bone density by up to 12 percent, according to stats on Fitwirr.
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