An experienced Christian pastor and teacher, Sheila R. Vitale established Living Epistles Ministries, a Christian literature publisher based in Port Jefferson, New York, in 1988. A talented author, Sheila Vitale has published over 20 books during her career. Here are some useful tips for new writers.


  1. Listening to music while you write may help you develop your linguistic skills. A 2011 study published in Front Psychology found that music improved phonological awareness, which is essentially the ability to manipulate language. The skill improves through regular music listening.


  1. According to publishing expert Jane Friedman, Amazon is likely the best publishing choice for independent writers. Its eBook sales grew by four percent during 2016, despite sales faltering at many other digital publishers. As such, it should be first on your list of publishers once you have finished your work.


  1. Read popular blogs and books to determine what they are doing that appeals to the audience. Pay attention to everything from sentence composition and narrative flow, through to external issues, such as book cover design.
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