Are Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise Different from Each Other?


Based in Port Jefferson Station, New York, Pastor Sheila R. Vitale teaches scriptural principles and provides new biblical translations at Living Epistles Ministries and at Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In addition to her spiritual development, Pastor Sheila Vitale strives to maintain her physical health with regular cardio routines.


People may wonder if a difference exists between cardiovascular and aerobic exercise. Physicians and health enthusiasts will often talk about them as separate things, but are they? In a technical sense, yes. Cardiovascular refers to the activation of the heart, or anything that increases heart rate. Conversely, aerobic involves elevating the amount of oxygen one intakes.


The connection between the two is found in the fact that you cannot have one without the other. Swimming, jogging, and cycling all require heavier breathing, and they all increase heart rate. In essence, moving for a sustained period of time classifies as both a cardio and aerobic workout, which reduces health risks and strengthens the heart.

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