The Watchman International’s Elijah Prayer Army


Sheila R. Vitale is an experienced pastor and teacher who currently serves as the founder of Living Epistles Ministries in Port Jefferson Station, New York. Outside of her work in the ministry, Sheila Vitale is also engaged with several nonprofit organizations such as Feed the Children, the American Center for Law and Justice, and Watchman International.


Watchman International is an organization that ministers to the global community to prepare it for the return of the Messiah. The organization engages in teaching, prayer, and discipleship in support of this mission. Another core component of Watchman International’s work is the Elijah Prayer Army.


The Elijah Prayer Army is a global Network of prayer cells and individuals who engage in prayer. Founded in 1996, the network focuses prayers on Israel and the Middle East, as well as the end time revival and the second coming of the Messiah. To support members of the prayer army, Watchman International sends out free prayer alerts periodically that contain prayer topics, guidance, and other information.

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