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Sheila R. Vitale is an experienced pastor who specializes in the teachings of the Bible and authentic Kabbalah. She also supports other Christian Ministries, such as the Christian Broadcasting Network. Sheila Vitale has released more than 1,000 Living Epistles Ministries audio lectures and hundreds of illustrations based upon spiritual principles, as well as Alternate Translations of the Old and New Testament. Ms. Vitale is the founder of Living Epistles Ministries, and serves as its pastor and teacher.


Living Epistles Ministries, based in New York, is a teaching ministry founded in 1987. The organization provides free Christian literature and audio cassettes to the public, and allocates 20 percent of its income to tithes and freewill offerings in support of other ministries and charitable organizations. In addition to free materials, the organization also publishes a variety of books, transcripts, and Bible studies which are available for purchase.


Bible studies include Whole-Chapter Bible Studies, which cover specific chapters of scripture. These include Exhortations, which are spiritual commentaries on a chapter, and Amplified Translations, which focus on root content and the underlying principles of a chapter. Doctrinal Error Studies are another form which are available. These studies provide corrections for improper and unscriptural interpretations of the Bible’s teachings.


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