Practical Details for Travel to England


The founder of Living Epistle Ministries, Sheila R. Vitale has published a variety of resources on the topic of Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In her leisure time, Sheila Vitale enjoys traveling to countries such as England.


Although few people get excited about little details like power converters or transaction fees, knowing the facts about these things and other mundane elements of travel can greatly improve your experience abroad. Visitors to England in particular should take the following into account:


  1. Money

England continues to use the pound as its currency. Many banks will charge you a three percent foreign transaction fee, so either budget the fee into your plan or look for a credit card with no fee.


  1. Power

If you bring any electronic devices that you will want to charge, you will also need a power converter. England's electrical system consists of 230/240 volts and employs a large plug with three flat prongs.


  1. Cell Phone

You can bring your cell phone from home, but typically this choice results in extra fees and roaming charges costing you hundreds of dollars. To save money, you can purchase a simple cell phone with a local number once you reach England.

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