801 - Part 7

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Good Evening everybody. We are still on "The Woman & The Beast." We are spending a lot of time on this message, and from what I can see, primarily because it is taken me a while what to dig out what the Lord is trying to tell us. And some really exciting revelation has come down. I do not think I have hit it home, but I will try to hit it home today.


This concept of the third, fourth and fifth day kings, that was very exciting when it came forth. And the reason I never said the first, second, third, fourth and fifth day kings is that I looked at Genesis 1, the first day, it was light that came forth. And the second day it was the other generic aspects of the creation. And I thought that I did not see any beings being created on those days. Well, I did not have it quite right, and I hope to get it right today because what the Lord has shown me, between the last message and this message, has really excited me. It is a Kabbalistic concept that I have known for years. I just never applied it.


This is probably what you all go through. You hear me preaching about things for years, and they float around in your head as facts until the day comes that the Lord puts His finger on it and it comes alive to you. So for years I have been reading the Kabbalistic terms, the six of the ten are emotive Sefirot or the Middot, that which is in the middle. They are referring to the sixth Sefirah of Ze'ir Anpin, of the male.


I know what emotive means that it has to do with emotions.  If I would say to you, I have an emotion, that I am sorrowful or I am joyful, it is a verb, it is an action, something that I am doing, and it is called emotional. But if I am talking about the ability to love or the ability to be angry or the concept of people being angry, the adjective is used, and they say emotive. I am talking about emotions. When I talk about emotions, the word emotive is used. When I am actually talking about what is going on, then emotional applies to it. So it is really not very complicated. If you do not understand that, do not worry about it.


So there are these six Sefirot, and I have sent out two articles from the Internet on the Sefirot, if you want to take time to read them. But just for today's message, on the article that begins where it says Chabad.org up in the upper left-hand corner. If you go to the back, there are quite a few pages, and the pages are not numbered. It is one, two, three and it is the fourth page from the back. It gives you a table. It gives you a very good table of the Sefirot over here.


And the first three Sefirot are Keter, Chochmah and Binah, are called the intellectual Sefirot. And the six after that, which we call the male or the Ze'ir Anpin, they are called the emotive Sefirot, which means the emotions which have to do with the actions of the Sefirot. Then we have the female at the bottom, and that is the 10th.


I have known this for years, brethren, but it never occurred to me before, that the term, Leviathan which I have been preaching about for years, Leviathan, the pride of man, that is what Leviathan is. Leviathan, the pride of man. It never occurred to me that these six emotive or these six Sefirot, have to do with the emotions of mankind, that Leviathan is the collective name or the single name that represents these six Sefirot. I really do not want to spend a lot of time on this. I am just trying to, as quickly as I can, to convey to you it is just a twist in the understanding. Because you have probably heard me talk about the Middot or these six Sefirot in the middle also, just trying to make this clear.


The emotions that we are talking about are, love, that is Chesed, fear, that is Gevurah, mercy that is Tiferet; those are the top three.  I am not going to go through this whole article, but if you have the time and you are interested, you might want to look it over yourself. It says the first three of the six exist as a unit, and then the second three of the six emerge out of that and tend to be a vessel for the upper three. In other words, the upper three will descend into the lower three and sit in them as a vessel. Or you might say the lower three are sort of a reflection of the upper three, or the upper three are the soul of the lower three. This is all Kabbalistic talk.


So what I find very interesting is that the first three, love, fear and mercy, we can all relate to that. We all know what love, fear and mercy is. But what does this mean, prevail? What kind of an emotion is that, prevail? And then sincerity, I haven't really seen that before, but I can relate to sincerity. Then it says Yesod, bonding. Well, what is interesting, brethren, is that the Lord revealed here, years ago, that the serpent is Hod. Hod is the serpent, and that is the emotion that is likened to sincerity.


What I am trying to get out that is not coming out is that there are two points. What I have been calling the third, fourth and fifth day creations, this concept that there are spiritual archetypes, spiritual consciousness’s that dwell in mankind, and they speak to us, and if we do not have the understanding, we think they are our own thoughts, and they are evil. You see, the serpent is Hod. The serpent is not sincerity.


I have been teaching here 26 years. Leviathan, up until now, was, well, the pride of man. That is pretty harmless, the pride of man. I know that fear is pride, but I never understood it to be and I never preached it in terms of the aspects of Leviathan. I never looked for six aspects. I was content with fear is pride, blah, blah, blah. And it never occurred to me that these aspects or that even Leviathan as the collective was an actual conscious entity that had an existence apart from me. Well, you might be saying to me, Sheila, you said those words, but I never saw it the way I am seeing it right now, a conscious entity. Now, I think I tended to see Satan that way, but not so much Leviathan; and now I see that Leviathan has six aspects.


Now, these Sefirot, brethren, they are likened to the Greek gods. It is these Sefirot, it is these entities that the Greeks and the Romans recognized as conscious beings with emotions and a will and an agenda and an ability to interact with us like another human being would interact with us. I just never saw it that way.


PASTOR VITALE:  Did you see it that way?




That is what I introduced a week or two ago when I started talking about the third, fourth and fifth days of creation, that concept. They are inside of us. We are their house, just like we are conscious beings dwelling and living, at least for the meeting, in this house. They live in us. They are separate from us. They know more about us than we know about them, and they hate us, you see.


Now, that message started to come forth last summer. They hate us. Why do they hate us? Because Jehovah and Elohim have declared that mankind on the sixth day of creation, Adam will be the collective voice of the whole, you see. That is why they hate us. We need to know that. Are there any questions on that all? Because, basically, what I just told you is the same thing that I told you about the third, fourth and fifth day creations.


Now, the Lord has brought to my attention, which I knew the whole time but did not put the pieces together, is that for the purpose of study, the Kabbalist call it tickling your ear. I tell you, from time to time, I am speaking in a parable. God doesn't have hands. God doesn't have legs. I am just speaking like this in the hopes of helping you to understand. In the hopes of helping us to understand things that are beyond our ability to understand, you need to know, to whatever degree you understand this doctrine, it is a miracle because it is beyond the ability of the human mind to understand what is being taught here.


For the purposes of understanding, the Kabbalists have assigned the six Sefirot of Ze'ir Anpin, or we would say the six Sefirot of Leviathan. Leviathan, is no longer just pride. He is six, separate, distinct individuals, supernatural beings, each one of which rules over a universe of its own, each Sefirot of which has its own 10 sub-Sefirot, including the 10th one, which is kingdom. So each one of these six Sefirot is a universe or a world. I like universe better, that has a kingdom, and these are spiritual kingdoms. Then the Book of Revelation talks about the seven Sefirot of the beast and the 10 powers, which I did introduce to you in part six, that the 10 powers are the 10 powers of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Let me go back. We are talking about six universes, each of which has a spiritual kingdom. Each kingdom of which is destined to descend into the female, which is Malkuth. Malkuth has no light of her own. She has nothing. Some Kabbalists call her the poor man or the poor. She has nothing of her own. She is a waif. She waits for the day that the powers of this age cause the Sefirot of the six Middot, meaning middle, the six in the middle, the six emotions of Leviathan to descend into Malkuth. And then, she who was poverty-stricken becomes the beast. She now has the essence of all the six of the male. And she becomes so powerful, without righteousness, that she becomes the beast.


Brethren, we are Malkuth. Mankind is the 10th, in our own individuality and from a spiritual point of view. Mankind collectively becomes the beast because the individual gobbles up power without righteousness. We have many, many people in the church seeking spiritual power and spiritual knowledge without first wanting to even learn the Scripture or learn righteousness. This is when judgment falls on us. Because when we acquire this spiritual power without righteousness, we become a beast. When enough human beings attain to that place, the whole race becomes bestial, or the national group becomes bestial. The beast is Malkuth. With the kingdoms of the six Middot, with the kingdoms of the six emotions having descended into her, she now becomes that woman, that harlot of Revelation that rules the world. She is the possessor of the six spiritual kingdoms above her, plus her own Malkuth of Malkuth kingdom.


In addition to that, we are told, in the Book of Revelation, the beast has seven heads seven universes, each of which has its own 10 Sefirot, the last one of which is the kingdom. The beast has seven of these. And when those seven descend into Malkuth, we now have seven sevens, which is 49 plus the Malkuth. We now have a jubilee, so to speak, of wickedness in mankind.


In addition to that, we are told the woman has 10 powers. Then we are told in another verse that these 10 powers are 10 kings that do not have a kingdom yet. So we see 10 powers that do not have Sefirot yet. If they do not have a kingdom yet, they do not have the Sefirah of kingdom. The Lord said they are spiritual powers without the means of expressing themselves. Spiritual power apart from the body can be likened to what Jesus said, that they are scattered. He said if you are not joined unto Me, You are scattered. Nimrod said let us build a tower. Let us build a name for ourselves lest we be scattered, meaning an energy force that is not within a border just dissipates into the atmosphere, dissolves into the atmosphere until it is spread so thin that it ceases to exist.


If you take a drop of water and you drop it into a glass of water, that drop that you added to the water, it dissipates. It becomes one with the water, and you cannot distinguish it from the rest of the water in the glass. That is what happens to spirit when it is not within a border. Thus, we now have some understanding of the urgency of these spiritual entities to enter into human beings and dwell in them.


I do not know what their condition in Yetzirah. I have to wait for the Lord to tell me that. How do they maintain the cohesiveness of their consciousness in Yetzirah? Maybe it is just for a season. Maybe they just exist for a season. And if they cannot find a kingdom for themselves, which is you or me, a means of expression, a border through which they can express themselves, maybe they spiritually die. I do not know, I do not have all the information yet, but we are moving along.


So mankind is absolutely essential to the existence of these beings. Now, they are not immortal. God is the only one that is immortal. Those who are joined to Him, like the Lord Jesus Christ, has entered into that great light of immortality. These beings might have the ability to last way beyond our human lifetime, but they are not immortal. They can die. And that is why they are desperate to enter into a human being, for them it is life and death. If they cannot find a human being to dwell in, it means ultimate death for them. And that I never told you before because I did not know that until just now. So I just thank God for understanding.


The woman has 10 powers. She has seven established kingdoms. She has evil forces. She has the seven evil emotions dwelling inside of a border, kingdoms. She has seven kingdoms. In addition, she has 10 powers that are 10 kings, but they do not have any kingdom yet. She has 10 powers, that if they do not find a border or a human being through which they can express themselves, will eventually just fade, just spread out and dissipate into the environment that they are in and cease to exist.


Another way to say that, Jesus has given us a measure of power. He is given us the Holy Spirit, and He is given us the ability to produce Christ.


PASTOR SHEILA:   If we do not use what He gave us, we will?


COMMENT:             Lose it.


We will lose it. Does that mean He is mad and He is taking it back from us? No, it will putrefy, it will spread out, it will scatter, and it will become worthless. If we do not become kingdoms to the power that God gives us; if we do not become means of expression to the power that God gives us; that power that is in us will die.


I am trying to point out to you right now is that there are 10 as opposed to 7. The powers that have the potential to become the 10 kingdoms of the kingdom of God, include the three intellectual Sefirot as well as the six emotional Sefirot, plus the female. Three plus six plus one is 10, yes. The beast does not have the three intellectual Sefirot. The beast has seven, from Binah through Malkuth. And the understanding that is supposed to be associated with Binah, of the beast, has become confusion because she thinks she is the male, but she is the female.


All that I have been teaching you here, for years, about how the mind of God, the mind of Christ must rule over our human emotions. The mind of God can and must and has the power to rule over our human emotions. Especially when we join our understanding and our knowledge and our will to the Lord Jesus Christ, we absolutely can overcome the emotions of, now I understand, Leviathan. Somehow that has so much more power to me than simply saying I must overcome pride. It is not just pride. It is six distinct qualities of human potential for emotions that will destroy us if they are not brought in submission to the rational mind.


I have explained this to you. To use the power of God or any other means to resist doing something that you know is destructive to yourself is only a temporary fix that is sure to eventually fail. Because if there is a force out there that is trying to tempt me to do something that I know is not good for me but in my heart of hearts I really want to do it, it is just a matter of time until I break down and do it because I really want to do it.


It is with the power of understanding, through the Lord Jesus Christ, the power of understanding through the Lord Jesus Christ that is teaching my soul that the degree to which I like to use food is destructive to me. It is not good for my health. I am unhappy when I am heavier than I should be. I am unhappy that I cannot even discipline myself if I eat something that I know I shouldn't eat. Understanding teaches me to disagree with the temptation. The whole time there is something in me that wants the food that is bad for me that will make my legs swell up. I fight with the temptation, I say, well, I really want it anyway, so I am just going to eat it today.


However, as the Lord Jesus Christ ministers understanding to me; that is foolishness. That good taste that lasts for five minutes is not worth walking around with swollen legs and a medical condition that could get worse. Understanding is slowly but surely defeating that lust for food in me that I have been fighting for years. Understanding is neutralizing that which in me is agreeing with the seductress. Understanding strengthens me to stop agreeing with the one who's trying to seduce me because as long as I want what I am being seduced with, it is just a matter of time until I break down.


We read about Jehovah pleading with His people, multitudes in the valley of decision. A miracle of God given to us, understanding, and it is not just intellectual understanding. It is an understanding that comes with the power to change what is destructive in ourselves. So once those 10 powers find kingdoms, what does that mean? A human being that will let themselves express the 10 powers of God rather than the seven powers of the beast. That person is in the process of being converted to the righteousness of Jesus Christ because this is not only an intellectual thing; these six emotions are human nature. We are talking about the powers of the Lord Jesus Christ coming in with understanding.


This is not a neck-to-neck battle though, that the one who's stronger is going to win. No. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming in with 10 powers, including understanding and knowledge and wisdom. That is what will overcome the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. When the person, when the kingdom that is being claimed for the Lord Jesus Christ no longer agrees with the seducer that is within himself, then the power of the six emotive Sefirot of the Lord Jesus Christ will crush the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan.


I hope I explained that to you. I am just so excited over this revelation and just amazed that it is been in front of me all of these years and I just did not get it. This revelation is replacing what I have been preaching for the last just couple of weeks about the third, fourth and fifth day creations. That was a temporary revelation as the Lord led me into what I just revealed to you and shared with you this morning. I will not be saying third, fourth or fifth day creation anymore. I will be saying something like the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan, each of which is a universe in and of itself, each of which is what the Greeks and the Romans referred to as a god, powerful, powerful.


That is what I am trying to get across to you, powerful supernatural beings which are a universe unto themselves, each one of which has 10 Sefirot, the 10th of which is a kingdom, meaning it has a border. Each one of these Sefirot, these six emotive Sefirot, has a border that the Greeks called a god. They have a name. They are spirit that would just disappear into the atmosphere that has been gathered together, placed inside of a border and given a name so that they can be identified and that they can continue to exist. That is really pretty much all I am going to do with these articles. I gave them to you with regard to Leviathan.


Now, the second thing that I will tell you about these Sefirot, and to me, I do not know. I just keep being fascinated. You would think I would stop being fascinated, but I never stop being fascinated with the truth. It is just fascinating to me. Everything God teaches me is just fascinating to me. Something's happening to me lately. It is hard to tell what it is. The first thing that I question is; is it of the Lord, or is it from another source? I am really losing my patience with the synagogue. I still love the people, but I am losing my patience with the teaching. I am not sure whether I am manifesting or whether it is God.


I have been in New Testament after years and years and years of laboring in the Old Testament. I am looking more and more to the New Testament these days. My understanding and what is happening to me is this; in my estimation, there doesn't seem to be any real application, (not the Scripture) but the endless articles of the Kabbalists and the rabbis, very educated men. There is no end to their articles, and their teachings. Thank God, they are all over the Internet, but there is no end to them. And there is supposed to be an end. What is the climax? What is the purpose? What is the application of it all?


The Lord took me and you with me into all these Kabbalistic studies because we needed that to try to understand what He is trying to tell us. Look at the correction that just came forth today.  I just realized, I did not finish my point. But what is happening to me and you through me is that all of this.  I have told you, over and over again, I could not hold a candle to the knowledge that is out there or to any one Kabbalist. They are just brilliant. I do not have a thimble full of knowledge compared to what they have, and they are probably much smarter than me too, you know. However, in this ministry and with me and with you through me, we are approaching the end. We now have a vision, which is given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, of the application of it.


Brethren, if there is something called penicillin out there, and God forbid I should have a bacterial infection, and there are 5 trillion vials of penicillin out there, I do not need 5 trillion vials of penicillin to heal myself, to kill this bacterial infection. I just need one little vial of penicillin to achieve the intended result of the very existence or the very reason for which penicillin exists, to kill my bacterial infection.


This is what Paul was talking about when he said stay away from vain disputations. Stay away from endless, endless philosophies, endless. There is just no end to it, and there is no climax. There is no application. There is no deliverance. There is no salvation. It is all in their intellect.


I read an article. It came into my mailbox the other day from one of these Kabbalistic organizations, how they are all going to meet after death. You are not all going to meet after death, brethren. You are in a fantasy. You in the church, you truly are the Israel of God. You are a fantasy land. There is no application in this life; from all of these endless teachings. No application, brethren, and they are beginning to weary me. As I read in the Book of Isaiah, Jehovah speaking to the Jews, your new moons and all of your sacrifices, it is weary. They are wearying me. You are wandering in the wilderness for 42 spiritual years, which is multiple generations. What you are doing wearies me.


I find myself more and more being directed to the New Testament, with the knowledge that God has given me over all these years of studying Kabbalah. It has been a fascinating journey, taking classes in the synagogue and hearing the Jewish perspective on the Scripture, especially the books of Leviticus, which I really never really understood that much. It is been a wonderful education.


However, the Lord is gathering everything He is taught me together in preparation for the climax of more than half of my life of studying and pursuing Him. The climax, brethren, is eternal life. The climax is overcoming death. The climax is overcoming the powers in this world that would destroy me, that would separate me from loved ones that would separate me from God. There is an application, brethren.  That is what God is doing here. He is revealing the application. And when the application begins to emerge in front of my eyes, the contrast between what is being taught here and what is being taught in two articles like this, the contrast is blinding and deafening.


I will expound on that right now. What I did not tell you earlier, that I intended to tell you but I did not. That Kabbalistically speaking about the seven days of creation. Do you remember when I told you that I was only saying the third, fourth and fifth day of creations because I did not see any beings being created on the first and second day. Well, the Kabbalists apply the seven days of creation to the seven Sefirot, the seven emotive Sefirot. I did not mark off the page for you, but I see there is a couple of good images here. They will say the first day of creation is likened unto Binah. The second day of creation is likened unto Chesed. The third day of creation is likened unto Gevurah. Each one of these seven, the six of Leviathan, actually, there are 8 altogether.


But the seven days of creation start with Binah, and they go through Yesod of the Middot, Yesod of Leviathan. It is Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod are the seven. We are told there are seven heads of the beast. Binah, the lower half of Binah. Binah without her upper half is confusion. Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, seven heads of the beast, and then there is the 8th, and the 8th is of the seventh. The 8th is Malkuth, the vessel through which all seven descend into and multiply upon each other.


She is a beast of tremendous power because she contains the kingdoms of all 8, mixing and blending together and exponentially expanding. Like I am seeing right now, like when you make bread and the yeast starts to bubble up. You take that dough, and you pound it down. You knead it, when you see the bubbles, you see the gas in it. They all mix in Malkuth, and they are mixing together. Actually that is a Scriptural term; that they bubble. I think it is a Scriptural term in this study. They bubble up. It bubbles up, and Malkuth becomes a beast.


Any individual that seeks spiritual power apart from God has this experience on a personal level, and then it happens on a family level, on a ministry level, on a national level and on a global level. The blending of spiritual powers increases the power exponentially. If that power is attached to the righteousness of God, you and I are catapulted into immortality. If it is not attached to the righteousness of God, it becomes a deadly force which will be destroyed by the policeman of the worlds, plural, and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ.


For the purposes of our understanding, the seven days of creation are not the seven days that you read about in Genesis 1. For purpose of our studies, the seven days of creation are Binah through Yesod of the Sefirot of the God World of Atzilut, and the 8h is Malkuth of the God World of Atzilut. There are the powers of Adam Kadmon, which is the power of the Ein Sof in the empty space. It is the unlimited power of God but boarded off, but with names given to it. The third, fourth and fifth day of creation was not really accurate because I was not thinking about it properly. I was thinking about Genesis 1. But the Kabbalists say, no, the seven days of creation apply in all seven days to the Sefirot.


You will see, if you take the time, and I suggest you take some time, brethren, to at least read part of these articles. They are so intellectual. They are so intellectual, and they just go into this study. And this study's psychology is intimately associated with the study of the Sefirot. Let us study human nature. Let us study. Gevurah is also called law and judge, brethren, I am not mocking anybody. Please, I am not mocking anybody. You have got to hear this point because this kind of intellectualism is deadly to the Christ in you.


Where Chesed is boundless, Gevurah is the attribute of restraint. It is the power and ability to limit that love that will go overboard and destroy the other person. Your child has to be disciplined as well as loved. It is all psychology. Is that bad, Sheila? Well, no, it is not bad, except that the beast is rising up right behind you ready to destroy you, and you are playing with psychology, in the Kabbalistic communities and in the church. The beast is bubbling up from the depths of the souls of the Israel of God, and you are playing psychology.


When the truth of the matter is that you, and that is a general you, whoever you are, if you can hear my point. I am not against anybody. I am against the pride and the arrogance in God's people, and I am trying to help them. I am not against anybody. Let us look for Hod. The serpent is Hod, and the Kabbalists say it is sincerity. The seduction, the voice that called to the woman came out of Hod. The voice that brought the creation of God down to what we are today came out of Hod. And the attribute of sincerity is ascribed to that criminal today by the teachers that do not know. Are they deliberately hiding this from us? At this stage, I do not think so. I do not know about a couple of thousands years ago. I do not know, brethren.


Let me see, Netzach and Hod. The action of Netzach and Hod, they are always seen together, and Yesod, here we have three of them together. Well, let us go up another one. The word Netzach comes from the Hebrew word meaning to conquer or to overcome. Netzach, therefore, denotes the idea of dominance.  Let us dominate all the opposition to me prevailing in this world, so says the Kabbalist. By giving in an unlimited way, one is overwhelming the other. In this respect, it is an extension of Chesed, love overcoming, is an extension of love because we are going to overcome everything that is stopping me from being all I can be.


Hod is just the opposite, being an extension of Gevurah. It denotes with strain, to the point of submission. Hod stems from the word Hoda'ah, meaning to thank, to admit or to submit. Hod is the serpent that called out to the woman, saying submit to me. Hod is not a godly quality that helps you to submit to your elders, but according to this all 10 of the Sefirot are good.


Total dominance over another in a Netzach relationship. In other words, Netzach and Hod are always together, like Cain and Abel are always together, and they balance each other. If you have a little problem, if you are a little aggressive, you just need to pray that you have a little bit more of Netzach over Hod, and your personality will straighten out.


However, brethren, I am here today to tell you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that in this fallen world, today, aside from the Lord Jesus Christ, which is not what they are talking about here, these Sefirot are evil. They are evil. The seventh Sefirot, which is spirit, is Satan, and the six in the middle are Leviathan. The one who's the female is Cain. They are your deadly enemy. The 10 powers that are in you that you received from the Lord Jesus Christ, if you will yield up your kingdom to them. If you will stop being the border which expresses Satan, Leviathan and Cain, you will have to resist those qualities and join with the Lord Jesus to become the kingdom that will give voice to those 10 powers. You will become a son of God, and you will be eligible to enter into immortality.


There is a warfare going on for your mind and your vessel today, and these articles will destroy you unless you understand the truth about them, that this is political correctness to the uttermost. They are not good. They are evil. The 7 Sefirot are evil.  Well, they are talking about 10 here. Other than those that come through the Lord Jesus Christ, they are your fallen nature, and they are not your friend, and they are the enemy of the Lord Jesus who wants to displace them and set Himself up as the king of your kingdom. I think that is why I am losing patience for all of this teaching. It goes nowhere. It goes nowhere except to the flattery of the individual.


Should we not study Kabbalah, Sheila? No. Kabbalah has brought you with me. Wherever I go, you are following me, it has brought me to where I am today. Who knows what the Lord will teach me through Kabbalah tomorrow. What I am saying is that Kabbalah is a tool, and it is a question of whose hand the tool is in, whether it does good, or it does evil. I rebuke the whole church for the psychology in the church. I rebuke the Kabbalists for their not, and I am not telling you that they know what they are doing. I do not know. Maybe they do know. I do not know. They are not telling the truth to the people that are studying their material.


Hod is not in submission to Netzach, brethren. Hod is calling to you and me today to join with it, to produce the seed that will produce the man of sin. There is an application. There is a result. There is a birth coming. The way all of this is on the Internet is producing the man of sin, brethren. Brethren, there is no black and white. Everything is gray. I thank God for these Kabbalists that have translated all of these materials and have contributed. Jesus may be what I am today, but He has used these tools. If He had to teach me everything directly, I would not have been able to accomplish it in one lifetime. I thank God for the work that they've done on the Internet. But it is in a form, all of these translations, all of this work.


Do you know what is involved in translating and then getting it down into good language and producing it? Hundreds, probably thousands of good, mostly men, rabbis, doing this work. They are doing it because they think that they are gathering in all of the Jews, they are not doing it for Christians, but that is beside the point. God has used it for me and for you. I thank God for it, but it is in a form that is inedible. It is spiritual food that is in an inedible form. If you eat it in the form that it is in without the spirit of Christ and without being in submission to a teacher that has the authority to teach it to you, you are going to produce the man of sin. There is no way you will produce the Man-child that will restore you to eternal life, which is the goal. It is their unstated goal. This food is in an inedible form, brethren. If you do not prepare it first, it will destroy you.


For that reason, for years, the pastors in the church have been saying to their congregation, stay away from Kabbalah. Stay away from esoteric doctrine. From that point of view, they were right. The whole problem is that the teachers that have the authority to use this tool to produce spiritual growth in God's people have not arisen, as far as I know. If there are anymore out there, I haven't met them yet. Somehow we got through the walls that the church put up. The church did not put up a filter. They did not say, no. Stay away from it except with an anointed teacher. The church put up the walls, and they said nobody is going to study this stuff and still consider yourself a Christian.


The Lord had to take somebody like me who was half dead, who was not associated with any known denomination, who just followed the Lord out on a limb, because I had nothing to lose. I was a walking dead man for years, had nothing to lose. Now we have this ministry, a handful, a drop in the ocean of people who are benefiting from the proper use of the discipline known as Kabbalah, the proper use of this body of knowledge, a handful of us.  I am warning you, brethren, as the Lord reveals us to Israel, a rage is going to go forth, as the message that is coming forth here.


The truth, the result of what God wants this used for, as this message goes forth and people are hearing it, a rage and a roar is going to rise up from the spiritual forces in this world that are designed to knock you off of your ease. You better be connected properly to God, or you are going to fall down.


Before we go to the notes, I would just like to point out a couple of things from this article. I mentioned to you earlier that the six Middot, the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan, that they are in two groups, and here it is. I am sorry that these pages are not printed, however it is the first article that I held up to you. It is the Chabad article, brethren. It is the Chabad article, and it is somewhere in the middle. It shows you the six emotive Sefirot in two sets. Gevurah and Chesed and Tiferet is the top triangle, and it points downward. And then three more emerge out of those three, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. It is the Netzach, Hod and Yesod that are closest to mankind.


The Kabbalists tell us, and I tend to agree, that the degree of prophecy that we receive in the church today is coming from Netzach, Hod. The prophecy that we read about in Isaiah and Jeremiah came from Binah. So this Netzach, Hod, it is the emotions of man. We are told, and I have been telling you this for years, that prophecy and words of knowledge coming forth from Netzach, Hod, which is what we have now, are not reliable. Why? They are too close to the human mind, that they could be polluted. You do not take a prophecy or a dream from Netzach, Hod and go and change your whole life over it. You have to pray seriously about it because the carnal mind is involved.


I had just thought I would show you this image of how the Sefirot relate to each other. Malkuth isn't here. Malkuth was down here. Malkuth is the simple consciousness of you or me, just the human person that is not spiritual. Spiritually speaking, we have a childlike consciousness that has nothing to do with our physical age. Hod called out to her from over here. In our notes in the last message, we were told that Hod is the drive to reproduce. I do not know where they get this sincerity from, but Hod is the drive to reproduce.


These six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan were in the female Adam. It was her own desire to reproduce. These six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan that were in the female Adam, they were destined to be permanently joined to the mother who is permanently joined to the Father and bonded permanently to righteousness. However, the union was not permanent yet, so the woman was advised, do not look at that tree in the midst of you. Do not listen. There is another voice inside of you, Jehovah said. Do not listen to it. Do not talk to it. Do not even address it.


It was another thought that was a part of the female Adam's own existence.  Jehovah said we are going to produce a whole race of supernatural human beings. That is good, isn't it? But Elohim said do not do it this way. Well, I do not know. What do we have to go through all those rules and regulations for? Let us do it this way, and she went off on her own. As soon she entertained that independent thought, she separated from the mother. We see Adam and the woman in the garden. They separated, then Jehovah said, who told you, you were naked? They had an independent thought.


We have to find the thoughts of Jesus Christ in everything we do. I can give you my suggestions. I am not God. You are not supposed to be saying, well, I am going to believe everything Sheila says, and I am just going to do it like that. You have to pray about it, I am your guide. You are supposed to listen to what I say and pray about it and get your second witness from the God who speaks directly to you. Otherwise, you make an idol out of me. I am the image that stands in front of the Lord Jesus Christ to you, but I am not the Lord Jesus Christ.


Just as the Lord Jesus Christ is an image, is a mental image that we see, and He stands in front of Jehovah, the Savior of the world, God, but Jesus is not God. Yes, He has all power and authority and honor, and it should be respected because He does the works of Jehovah. He is like the skin of Jehovah, but He is not Jehovah. Jehovah, the Savior of the world, Jesus, the Savior of the body. The Son of Jesus, Christ Jesus in you, Christ Jesus in me, is the savior of this body.


The fact that Christ Jesus exists and lives and dwells and is attached to my body has delivered me from premature death. I am not dying today. I was dying, and Lord willing, in the future, will save me from death completely. He is the Savior of my body, but Jehovah is the Savior of the world. So do not fall into idolatry for me because I will tell you right now, if I let you do it, the two of us will fall in the ditch. I am not going to let you do it, so you are going to fall in the ditch by yourself. I am your guide. I am the mouthpiece of the Lord Jesus. I am a vehicle. I am a Sefirah. I am a vehicle by which He is being revealed to you in a form that you can grasp much more easily than hearing it directly from a disembodied spirit. I am not He, except for the times that He is manifesting through me so completely that, at that moment, I am He. If you are confused about what I just told you, you need to keep praying until you can understand that.


I wanted to show you this, how the two groups of the emotive Sefirot relate to each other, two sets of three. I would just point out to you that Hod, who called out to the woman, he was, like, the last possibility of her having an independent thought in this area because, from Hod, the seed of the offspring was going to Yesod. Yesod is just the channel, likened to the male testes, that holds the seed until it is delivered unto the woman. Hod had a seed that was to be delivered to Yesod who was delivered to the woman, and then the seed would fertilize the woman who was in relationship with Jehovah. The seed was to go from Hod to Yesod to the woman who was down here in relationship with Jehovah.


Hod called to the woman. Now, listen to this, brethren, what we are dealing with here is where things sound the same. Righteousness and unrighteousness, good and evil, they sound the same. What we are talking about is configuration. We are talking about relationship. Just by way of example, when your right hand is on top of your left hand, it is not sin. When your left hand is on top of your right hand, it is sin. That is what we are talking about, position and relationship. It is confusing, but with understanding you can overcome.


Hod was supposed to deliver his seed to Yesod who would then deliver it to the woman while she was in relationship with Jehovah. But when Hod called to the woman, the woman took her eyes off of Jehovah and set her mind up here on Hod. The reproductive connection, now, listen to this. The reproductive connection between the spiritual male and the spiritual female took place in a location where it was not supposed to take place. It is the same seed. The seed that Hod would deliver to Yesod would be delivered to the woman, the same seed. She would have conceived in her position of Malkuth. She would have conceived in her position of the 10th while she was joined to Jehovah.


Brethren, you are where your mind is. Hod jumped over Yesod and called to the woman, and when she responded to Hod, not to the voice of sincerity, my friends, but the absolute voice of seduction. When she responded to that voice, she received the seed in the 8h position rather than when she was in the 10th position. The seed was going from Hod to Yesod to Malkuth. When she was in Malkuth, the 10th position, with her relationship with Jehovah; that is where the seed would have been fertilized. But Hod called to her, and when she answered, her consciousness ascended to Hod, and the seed that Hod was delivering was given to the woman when the woman was in the 8th position instead of in the 10th position, same seed. Does anyone not know what I just said? The woman remained in the 10th position, but her consciousness ascended, went ahead, bypassed Yesod, bypassed established channels. It resulted not only in her death but in the whole mess that we have here today.


Now, brethren, I have been doing my best to teach you here for years. Everything we talk about on a high spiritual plane, plays out in the simplest exchange between human beings and the earth. You tell your child to take the cup and put it on that table, and your child takes the cup and puts it on the other table, and he changed the position. He changed the order. He changed the command of the parent. If you do not correct it, rebellion is already starting in that child. I am telling you.


Sometimes here I throw out a question, and some of you or all of you just sit there and you are struggling and struggling, and you cannot find the answer. Then I find out the reason you cannot find the answer is because you are three steps ahead of me. In other words, if I am trying to explain to you that these glasses have -- it is not true, but Let us say they have brown -- I do not know if that is the right color. They have brown frames, and I want to know what is involved in putting these glasses on -- forget about the color.  I am asking you, as just a test question, what do I have to do to get these glasses; to make them work for me? What do I have to do to make them work for me? But before we get to that ultimate goal, I need to know what color the glasses are. So somebody here has told me they do not know the answer, so I am trying to help you, and I want you to tell me what color the glasses are. Because, when I asked you how do I get these glasses to be functional, which means they have to go on my head like this. You.  I am making this up, brethren. You did not know the answer to the question that I asked you. I am trying to take you a step at a time so that you can come up with the right answer.


I am saying to you, which of the glasses? How do I make glasses function? The first question is, what is on my desk, here are the glasses. I will say to you I have three objects on my desk here. Which are the glasses? It is a question that a 2-year-old could answer. Which are the glasses? I cannot get you to answer me. The reason I cannot get you to answer me is that you are still trying to figure out how to get them on my head, and you have not been willing to follow me a step at a time, through which I am trying to help you to draw the right conclusion. I have been through this with you all so many times, and then when we finally work it through, I say to you or say to me, that is all you wanted? It has been from several of you. You will say to me; that is all you wanted to know was, which of these three objects is going to help me see better? I thought you wanted this complicate answer, and my answer is no.


I wanted to lead you so that you could draw your own conclusion. All I was up to was which of these objects on my desk will result in improved eyesight, but you weren't listening to my question. You had another question in your mind that separated us. So, you see, the female, she had another question in her mind. Jehovah was saying stay right there in number 10. Do not talk to that seductive voice in position 8. You would say, well, Lord, is the seed that position 8 has any different than the seed that is going to be delivered to me here in position 10? The answer is no, same seed, you know, same seed in position 8 that is in position 10. If you receive that seed from position 8, it will have a totally different effect on your life than if you received it when you were in position 10.


Well, I cannot understand that. That doesn't make any sense. What different does it make if I put the cup on this table or if I put the cup on that table? What difference does it make if I pick it up from that table or from that table? What difference does it make? Because God said you are to receive the seed from position 10. The fact that you cannot understand that there is a difference that will kill you from picking up the same seed. Is it the same seed in position 8 as in position 10? It is the same seed. But if you pick it up in position 8, it is going to kill you. If you pick it up in position 10, you are going to produce a godly creation. But, you see, God did not say that. He just said do not pick it up in position 8. He said do not pick it up in position 8. Do not listen to that voice.


The first thing that happened was that she heard the voice from position 8. Then she responded, and then she had a conversation with the voice in position 8. Then, to her absolute amazement and shock, she looked around, and she had been transported to position 8, and she was no longer in position 10.  Jehovah went looking for her in position 10, and she was not there. So Jehovah started walking through the other parts of the garden, and He found her, the female Adam, in position 8 with another entity that He called the woman, and they were naked because Jehovah's cover was in position 10.


They now had another thought, another consciousness, and they were separate from Jehovah. That woman, she had migrated to position 10 and was now married permanently joined to someone who is not capable of protecting her or feeding her or counseling her or keeping her in any way because she changed her location. Same woman, same seed, different position separated her from everything that she had in position 10, simply by having a conversation with that seducer. She would have never ever believed it. She never packed her bag and got up and moved. She was just talking to the guy, and she was transported, never planned it. She cried, and she begged. Jehovah said, I am sorry, I warned you.  These are the consequences of your indiscretion.


That plays out right in this ministry. If I ask you to do it one way and you just cannot see why I asked you to do it that way, you are just playing out the actions of what happened at the time of the fall. Follow the rules, brethren. Follow the rules and be safe. Follow the rules.


I will just tell you one more thing. We have so many notes to get to today, but this has been a powerful exhortation, so I cannot complain. The Lord's doing whatever He is doing. Also, in this same article, it is just a good image of the Sefirot for you. We've never really talked about Da'at very much because I do not know a lot about Da'at. This is Da'at right up here between the Keter. This is a different image. They moved Malkuth up to the neck. I do not even know anything about that. I guess what they seem to be saying is that when Malkuth inherits all of the kingdoms, she rises to the neck. Now, if that is true, I do not know about it. That is very interesting. I know that she becomes all powerful. Maybe she rises to the neck center and everything else moves down. I may have to read this article and see what He is saying here. That is very interesting.


The Kabbalists tell us that Keter is so high, so close to Adam Kadmon that the role of Keter, really, is transitional. The Keter has two phase to it. The upper part of Keter is attached to the world above, which is Adam Kadmon, and that is called Arikh Anpin. I have talked about this briefly to you. The lower half of Keter becomes a part of the new world below.


Let me say that again. Keter comes from Adam Kadmon. It is very spiritually high, and it is involved in the reproduction of the DNA of one world upon the DNA of the lower world. There is an upper aspect of Keter and a lower aspect of Keter. The upper aspect of the Keter is a part of the higher world. In the case of the God World of Atzilut, the upper part of the Keter is a part of the world of Adam Kadmon, which is the world above Atzilut is the world of Adam Kadmon. The upper part of the Keter is literally a part of the world of Adam Kadmon. Just like this finger here is actually is a part of my hand. So the upper part of the Keter is literally a part of the world above.


The lower half of the Keter is literally a part of the world below, so Keter is divided.  I do not know that this is 100 percent accurate, but to put it simply for you to understand for the depth that we are in today, the lower half of the Keter, which is a part of the new world that is coming into existence, that takes a different name, and we will call it Da'at.  Meaning knowledge. Da'at, D-A'-A-T. It means knowledge. For the purpose of this explanation, I am calling it the lower half of the Keter. Although, I think the Kabbalists would probably disagree with me. They would call it something else, but I am just trying to get the point across to you that is why we do not see much said about the Keter. When we see examples of the Sefirot, we will see Da'at. Although, this shows Keter also.


However, basically speaking, there isn't much taught about or discussed about the Keter. It is too high. We are admonished by the Kabbalists to not seek knowledge about that which we cannot understand. In other words God will give us the limits. God will lead our instructions. God will lead our studies.  To study beyond where God has led us to, they tell you not to do it. I am telling you the reason not to it is that if God has not approved your studying on the height and you do it anyway, a teacher will appear that will not be of God to teach you. You develop a soul tie with your teacher. If the teacher that appears to teach you is not from God, you will wind up with a soul tie with an ungodly entity. So do not seek to understand what God has not given you permission to understand, or what He has not given you permission to study at this time. Follow the leader.


It hasn't happened in a long time, but it is happened a couple of times that new people have come into the ministry, and not understanding how things work here. This is a whole new experience for them. They come to me, and they want me to explain their studies to them. They will come to me and say, look, I studied this, and is my Alternate Translation.  What does this mean, and what does that mean? I have to tell them, no, you have to follow what I am studying. You have to submit. You have to come under.  You have to come under. You have to submit to what I am teaching because I am teaching you what the Lord is teaching me. If everybody came to me with what you were learning, then you would become the authority over me, and I would become your employee to teach and explain what you are deciding to study. You would be in control, and I would be the employee.  If it ever came to the point where hundreds of students who are coming to me to validate their studies that were not called forth by God.


When you come here, you have to submit to the teacher and learn what is being taught in this school. Again, the issue is relationship, who is on top and how do you relate to the teacher and how you, the disciple, have to find out who you are and what your position is in this school and how to relate to the other members of the school and how you relate to me. Most of the people that come here do not know how to do that. The majority of people that first come here do not know how to do that. You have to be taught, and there is nothing wrong with that, being taught. The only thing wrong with that is if you will not let yourself be taught and you try to enforce your rules on the established ministry.


That is my introduction, brethren because there are changes in our notes. I have been studying with these notes. There are even changes with my definitions.


Just as a brief review of what I said in session 1.


God has given the world, primarily his people but the whole world, a knowledge of the Sefirot, with a specific purpose of doing so.  That specific purpose is to educate us with the knowledge and understanding that we need so that we can overcome the power and principalities within us, and willfully give our kingdom to the Lord Jesus Christ; who was the Viceroy, the representative and skin of Jehovah God.


God has given his people the knowledge of the Sefirot for a specific purpose of delivering us from their power, because you must know your enemy if you want to overcome him.


I heard somebody’s voice during the break saying I do not know what Sheila’s talking about saying this, no application for this Sefirot. There is an application. I studied them and they helped me to understand human nature and to become a better person and I had a such-and-such bondage and this knowledge helped me to overcome. That may be true, brethren, however, that is not the reason God has given the world, but in particular His people, a knowledge of the Sefirot. The Lord’s purpose is that you should do much more than overcome your local problem but that you should be delivered from death and that you should become a vessel for the power of God that you might live eternally and that you might be a vessel through which the power of eternal life will flow forth to the rest of the world. That is the reason God gave the Sefirot, the knowledge of the Sefirot, to His people. The people who receive this knowledge have changed it from the knowledge that they are evil to saying that they are good and bottled them up and kept that word from the world, but in particular from the faithful of God who would be willing to receive the truth about them and use this knowledge to enter into longevity and immortality and turn their lives over to be open channels for the Lord to flow through to save the entire world.


Brethren, this is deep sin wherever it started. Did it start 1,500 years ago? Did it start 2,500 years ago? Wherever it started, brethren, the original use or the original intention of the impartation of this knowledge to God’s people has been completely reversed from a knowledge that these entities are evil in fallen mankind to making them good in fallen mankind, it is making them saviors; that vehicle by which we can improve our lives and have a better life. The intent of God has been completely reversed and therefore this knowledge has become wells filled up with earth because the water of life cannot flow freely through them.


I mentioned at the beginning of Session 1 that I am turning more and more towards the New Testament and please understand what I am saying. The Old Testament is valid. I am sharing with you my path that the Lord is bringing me upon. I have spent years of my life in the Old Testament bringing forth incredible teachings which are now available to you. I am not saying shun the Old Testament. I am saying that I believe I have reached a point in my studies of the Old Testament, not that I will cut them off completely, but now I am so filled up with what God would have taught me from the Old Testament, that I am now fully prepared to take on the New Testament and bring forth from that New Testament, what God would have His people in the world to hear. That message is coming forth, or has come forth in this past couple of weeks.


The message is, the truth concerning the counterfeit called the rapture. Now if you had asked me previously what was the counterfeit, what was the opposite of the rapture, I probably would have stopped to think and I probably would have said well, I guess it is the sons of God message. But, brethren, the sons of God message is not the opposite of the rapture and neither is it God’s truth. If you analyze the sons of God message, first of all it is really not a personal message because there will be many who will say well, maybe you are a son of God but I am not a son of God, you know? I am going to be raptured and you are going to be one of the 144,000 that will be on the earth saving everybody else. I am being facetious, brethren. That is a Jehovah’s Witness doctrine. I am being facetious.


The sons of God message many will reject, thinking they are not worthy or not good enough. But even for those who accept the sons of God message, and I never thought I’d hear myself saying this, because I have preached the sons of God. I love Bill Brittain’s teachings. I am not saying anything bad about Bill Brittain. That was what God gave him at the time. God teaches us in modules. That was the message at the time but we need to build upon it. Is that not what Paul said? Every man has a foundation and he builds upon that foundation. If you stop building before the building is complete you will not have an edifice that will reach up into Heaven.


The sons of God message as it came forth from Bill Brittain is not complete, because it does not teach about the sin nature or the necessity to destroy the sin nature. It brought forth that the sons of God message is the right column. The right column without the left column goes nowhere. The message, as far as I know in the church at large that came forth after the sons of God message was ultimate reconciliation, which is a false message. The truth of God stopped with sonship. As far as I know, in the church world, the truth of God stopped with sonship and it is been that way 20 or 30 years now. Who knows?


The message that is coming forth now, as far as I know, brethren, is the next layer of truth that has taken maybe 30 years to get through all of the blocks of the church itself. This is the message. This is the truth upon which the rapture is based. Brethren, there is a spiritual child being born and not some people who are good enough to be sons and others who are not, but every human being in Israel, maybe the whole world, eventually the whole world. Right now the Lord’s dealing with Israel, the Israel of God, the church and the Jews. You are about to bear forth a child and either you will bring forth the man-child or you will give birth to the man of sin. Who are the Israel of God? The Israel of God are the people, brethren, who have been studying and engaging in spiritual activities which has resulted in the bubbling up within themselves of their spirituality. The Israel of God are spiritual people who are pursuing Jesus Christ. People whose spirituality has been activated. In other words, you are now eligible to be impregnated. The Israel of God or spiritual Israel are Jews and Christians who are capable of being impregnated. That is who spiritual Israel is.


Does that mean everyone else is bad? No. I am talking about people of God who are eligible to experience the next phase of God’s growth in the church and in the Israel of God. I am talking about a group of people, Jews and Christians, who are eligible by being equipped. Not that I am picking you and I am not picking you, but people who are spiritually equipped to ascend into the next stage of salvation. That is who the spiritual Israel is. That is who the Israel of God is. Every single one of you who are a member of the Israel of God, you will have that baby. It will either be the baby of the Lord Jesus or it will be the baby of the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan, called the man of sin. You will have one or the other.


Wow. That doesn’t sound like the saviors are coming forth from Mt. Zion, and I am going to deliver the people and I am going to be great in God’s eye. What happened to that message? God never gave you that message, brethren. He said humble yourself and you’ll make it through. That is the next message after sonship. The baby’s coming and we are going to find out who you have been sleeping with. You will not be able to hide it anymore.


There are several parts to this message. I am going to recap them for you. Brethren, there are three stages of salvation; our human spirit, our soul. Now you should all know that there are five grades of soul, so that which is being saved is the Nefesh, the lowest grade of soul, which is the blood in your body. The salvation of your soul, as it is expressed in the New Testament, is the salvation of your body. Then your personality is being saved. Your human spirit is being saved. Your personality is being saved, the human spirit being the breath of Jehovah. The personality being the seed of Tevunah, which is God’s life. He wants His breath back; He wants the seed of His daughter back. Then last, what is being saved is the Nefesh, which is the body, which is the animal body which is so important. In and of ourselves we are not important but we are the borders, we are the vessels, we are the kingdoms by which the other two, the breath of Jehovah, the mother and the seed of the daughter, we are the kingdoms by which those two are expressed. Without a kingdom they would dissipate and just disappear.


We are very important, however, not by ourselves. We are very important when we come under authority. When we come under authority and submit to authority and fulfill our role, we are absolutely essential, when we are in the right position, which is the position that is underneath and when we are in submission to that which is above. If we are in the wrong order the Lord will speak to us and if we will not come into submission.  What will happen? We will just roll off of the pier into the ocean because if you do not have the essence of the mother and the daughter in you, you are nothing. We need each other but the Lord’s not going to submit to you.  He’ll find someone that will submit to Him.  Someone’s.


There are three stages of salvation; three aspects of salvation and three time periods, one for each degree of salvation. The 2,000 years since Jesus was glorified has been a time period that can be designated as the salvation of the human spirit; the time or the age or the hour of the salvation of the human spirit. The Book of Revelation says in one hour Babylon is coming down. What is an hour? A stage, a time period set off for a particular event. 2,000 years in which it is been possible for your human spirit to be saved. The hard cold truth that is going to have Christians and Jews in a total rage, in a murderous rage, the truth is that, the personality of the loved ones that have gone before you are not saved. Their human spirit was saved.


This message came forth in an excellent form in Message 804. CCK Message 804: Two Measures in Our Womb. If you want to review that message that was the first time that message ever came forth in such a concise way. It was the Lord throwing the gauntlet down. We are now in a new, I do not want to say new age but we are in a new hour. We are in a new hour. Now does that mean that people will not be eligible to have their spirit saved? No. That hour will continue for whoever the Lord will bring into it. But for those of us who have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the new hour, the hand of the clock has just gone past the 12, we are in the new hour. We are in a time period where now it is possible for the personality to be saved. The personality is the seed of spiritual intelligence of the daughter wrapped in the clay of the earth; in the earth called Cain. It is the seed of the daughter joined to the earth in us. It is a Cain/Abel paradigm, our mortal foundation that is destroyed if the person dies; and the only thing that is being saved is the breath, is the human spirit. That personality is ripped apart and the elements of it are reincarnated by fallen Adam on the circle of the earth; that is the truth. No matter how hard you all scream or threaten to kill me or whatever else is going to happen when this message becomes well known. It is the truth anyhow.


The Lord, in all of His great mercy, has held back making that publicized because it is just been a handful of us. People have left this ministry over that teaching. There was one woman 25 years ago left this ministry and reported me to Scott Paris in California and reported me to Preston Eby and wanted them to rebuke me over that message. However, today there is hope and more understanding.


There is a second stage of salvation of fallen mankind and the second stage is the salvation of the personality. Today it is now possible to have your personalities survive your body. That is what the church has been preaching for 2,000 years but it was not true for 2,000 years. We are now entering into the age where it is a possibility.  However, this salvation of the personality; what is the personality? It requires the seed of Tevunah staying joined to the earth of this body. Brethren, listen, this body has an outside and an inside. The outside is the physical body and the inside has a spiritual body and together they are called Cain. Cain has an inside and an outside. Cain is the earth. He is the conscious animal that came forth from the adultery. He has an outside and an inside and on the inside He is a part of our mortal foundation and He is joined to the seed of intelligence and on the outside He is brought forth this physical body which is the kingdom or the environment that he and the other principalities can dwell in without dissipating and dissolving.


When the physical body dies, one of the things that happens is that, that seed of spiritual intelligence separates from the earth because the earth is corrupting. The body corrupts. There is a residue of Cain which is on the inside, but it is this body, brethren, it is this body which is the kingdom that has held the consciousness of Cain and the seed of the daughter, which we call Abel, together. They were held together in this border. When this border shrivels and dies the two spiritual parts, Cain and Abel, the seed of spiritual intelligence and the earth, dissipate. They dissipate. There is nothing to hold them together anymore. That is the truth.


In this new hour, it is not a new age, but it is another hour. In this next hour what has become available to mankind is a union with Christ Jesus, the Son of the Lord Jesus Christ, which will preserve that seed of spiritual intelligence and stop it from dissolving when the body dies; because there is another body. It is the body of Christ that exists in Beriah, the world of creation. So if the personality of God has developed in you….. and what is the personality of God? How does that compare to the personality of your fallen nature? It is just the relationship of the parts, brethren. I explained that in the exhortation. It is the relationship of the parts. Paul said be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind.  The personality is built around the spirit, and the spirit which is attached to the Lord Jesus gets pulled out when the body dies. However, where Christ Jesus is formed, where the Son of the Lord Jesus is formed in the individual, the personality, the Cain/Abel paradigm, the inner dimension of the physical body is ripped away from the physical body and goes with the Lord Jesus also when the character of Christ Jesus is developed in you.  That is what is available in this hour. There is another hour coming in which the salvation of the body is possible also.


There are three time periods, three hours, which designate which degree or degrees of salvation are available to mankind or to spiritual Israel in particular. The salvation of the Spirit is available to all mankind. It is without a general repentance. Faith in Jesus Christ. You cry out to Jesus Christ. If you are hanging on the cross, the last second you cry out to Jesus Christ, He’ll take your spirit. However, to have your personality preserved, brethren, you have to develop the personality and the character of Christ Jesus in you. Your personality must become the personality of Christ Jesus to be saved. God is not saving your carnal personality, that is cruel and unkind and that curses and that cheats and he is not saving that, brethren. He is saving the personality or the character of His own life in you. If that has not yet developed in you, then the seed of spiritual intelligence, which is the core of your personality, is not preserved. It is going to separate from the body. When the body dies it separates from the body and there is nothing left of it. However, when your character, when your fallen character has taken on the qualities of Christ Jesus and is thereby attached to the body of Christ Jesus, when your physical body dies, your personality survives.


This is the hour that we are now entering into. The Lord has thrown down the gauntlet with regard to that Message 804. That is what He told me. He is drawn a line in the sand. What does that mean? He is telling His people the truth. Now that it is possible to have your personality saved those who can face the truth will have that opportunity. Up until this point He did not publicize this message except for a handful of us that were brave enough to handle it. It would be too painful for people. However, now that the reality is possible He is going to broadcast it. He is going to publish it. However He is going to do it, this word has already gone out in the spirit and the church is about to hear it and there is going to be a big rage and uproar as a result of it, brethren.


There had to be a reason why I started this way instead of doing the notes. I do not know what my reason was. Maybe the Lord just wanted me to review this, the three stages and to tell you that the line has been drawn in the sand. We’ve entered into the next hour of our salvation and that this message that is being preached is a continuation of the information that we need to develop the character of Christ Jesus in us so that we may experience the salvation of our personality. I guess that is pretty much what He wanted me to clarify for you.


I have been struggling with this message as I have told you. I have made some changes in the definitions, so Let us take a look at the definitions.


Mankind, brethren; mankind, Strong’s 120 is just another word for Adam. Adam is the specific individual but most of the time when God is speaking generically about Adam the noun is Strong’s 120, meaning mankind, meaning the substance out of which the individual is formed. So mankind is the earth that sprouted out of the seed of Tevunah and Jehovah’s breath. Strong’s 120, mankind, an alternate translation for the word that is translated Adam -- Adam that came forth in the world of creation, the earth with the seed of Tevunah and Jehovah’s breath, mankind, the substance out of which individuals are formed.


The woman, sometimes called the whore or the harlot. She is mankind married down to herself and that is the way the Lord gave it to me. She married down. In other words she was supposed to marry up to Jehovah but she married down. She married an aspect of herself that made the union incestuous and she married down. That is the best I can tell you. I do not know if you have ever heard that expression before or not. If someone is an average person and they marry a trillionaire, someone would say they married up. She married down. The woman, the whore, the harlot, she married down. She married Hod in herself. She married the seducer. She married the serpent.


The beast or the beast nature; the beast nature is the spiritual earth but the scarlet-colored beast, which is really what is spoken about throughout the Book of Generation, is the spiritual earth married up to Gevurah, which is judgment. I tell you I am struggling with these definitions. The beast is Malkuth, brethren. The beast is Malkuth filled up with the kingdoms, with the kingdoms of the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. Malkuth is the beast when she is filled up with all the energies and powers of the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. That is who the beast is. Without being joined to righteousness so all of that power is under the control of evil forces. That is who the beast is.


Water is the breath of Jehovah or the human spirit. Many waters are the breaths of the human spirits of fallen mankind. If it is joined to God, the breaths come from Binah or the breaths are called Binah or Mother. If the breaths are not joined to Jehovah -- did I say? Let me say that again. I do not know if I said it right. If the breaths of the human spirits are joined to Jehovah, OK, then the water is called Binah. But if the breaths are not joined to Jehovah the breaths are called Satan. It is the same water. We are talking about union, either joined to God or not joined to God. So Satan is the breath of humanity not joined to God.


The kings of the earth, Cain and Abel, depending which one is on top. Cain and Abel are inseparable. If Cain is on top He is the king of the earth and if Abel is on top He is the king. The female seed inherited from Jacob or received from the Holy Spirit, the kings of the earth. The king is the female seed. Cain cannot be a king without Abel. The king is the female seed but Cain is always present. Cain can be on top or he can be on the bottom, but the power to be a king is in Abel and the two are permanently joined. It is the female seed. The king of the earth is the female seed.


I crossed this out so you can see the change. The inhabitants of the earth are the six emotive Sefirot which is right below that entry. Leviathan’s six emotive Sefirot that grow out of the female seed fertilized by the women. Now, let me take that a step at a time for you. The inhabitants of the earth are the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. Where did they come from? It is a parallel to what we’ve been teaching about Christ. The foundation is Cain/Abel.


Let me review the godly teaching for you. There is a Cain/Abel paradigm, a foundation in mankind. Then the zygote of the Lord Jesus Christ joins to that Cain/Abel foundation and becomes faith, the foundation out of which Christ Jesus develops. That faith begins to study the Scripture and come under the anointing and there is a spiritual birth that takes place in us a stage at a time. Hopefully the six stages or the six emotive Sefirot of Christ Jesus come into existence and when they do they become eligible to be married to the Lord Jesus Christ. On the other side, Cain/Abel is a female seed and it is possible that that female seed, and I do not have this exactly in my understanding. If a zygote needs to be added to that Cain/Abel foundation or not, but that Cain/Abel foundation produces the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan rather than the six emotive Sefirot of Christ Jesus.


There is information that is lacking in my mind at this time, and I do not even want to start with that. Actually I may have some notes on it further along that the Lord may have given me while I was studying that I have not really absorbed into my own spirit yet. However, that is where they come from. They are born, these six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. They are born out of the Cain/Abel foundation of the individual. However, the truth is that they are born in us when we are born. That is why our children, when we are born into this world, that is why our children have to be taught to not yield to them because we are born with them. We are born with that Cain/Abel foundation and the six emotive Sefirot. Children are filled with pride. Children are selfish. Selfish is the overriding characteristic of pride.  So we are born that way.


What we need to struggle to give birth to is the contrary nature which is in Christ Jesus, but we are born with Leviathan. We are born with a Cain/Abel foundation, a mortal foundation and the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan that are built up out of them. It is Satan’s desire to marry every human being and that is the marriage. The higher powers and principalities would like to join with those six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan in any individual and the means by which they grab the individual is the occult practice that is coming through the mind. When you are filling your mind up with occultish things or new age things or things as simple as your astrology chart. Everyone is an individual, you can do whatever you want. I am not telling you to not do anything, but I am telling you that those are the openings through which the higher powers that want to marry the Leviathan in you are going to accomplish that marriage. Then I would not want to see anyone, whether I know you or whether I do not know you, to be one of the people that I described in the exhortation. To be the woman who heard the voice of the seducer from the position of Hod, from the 8h position and she is supposed to be in the 10th position waiting for the Lord Jesus Christ to marry her, but she heard the voice of the seducer in the 8th position. What is your astrology sign? Oh, come on, you have a sign. Come on; Let us go see this occult movie. Oh, it is just one movie. Brethren, I have watched occult movies. I cannot tell you not to do it. I am just warning you that you need to ask the Lord if you are strong enough to tolerate that. Is there enough of Christ Jesus in you to prevent you being taken by the powers that are flowing through that movie? Taken, joining themselves to you. It is all through the mind.


Leviathan’s six emotive Sefirot grow out of the female seed fertilized by the woman. It is the woman that wants to marry. Brethren, we are Cain. We are Cain. It is that woman that wants to marry us. That spiritual force called the woman. Who is she? I described her. She is the earth with the seed of Tevunah. She is your fallen nature. She is your fallen nature. She is your old man. That is who she is, your old man. Your old man wants to marry you. Your consciousness is this outer ring that can be likened to the physical body if that helps you to understand that. Your consciousness as this young innocent maiden, is likened to the outer ring of your body that is surrounding the old man that dwells in you. Who is the old man that dwells in you? That is a single name for the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. We might say the woman is Leviathan.


We are trying to reconcile names from different ways of expressing these truths. So the woman wants to marry Cain. That is what she did. The woman married Cain and then she produced a supernatural being in which she dwelt inside. She was like Nephilim that dwelt inside of that animal, whatever they looked like on the other side of the flood. This spiritual woman, who at the moment is coming out of my understanding, is Leviathan. I may tell you tomorrow it is a different word. Deal with principles, brethren. There is a spiritual entity that is inside of you that is in at least six aspects, more like 8, that wants to join itself to your consciousness to a spiritually naïve consciousness, in a manner that will result in your becoming a supernatural giant based upon the ungodly spiritual powers of the one that married you dwelling inside of you.


The Lord Jesus Christ has said to you do not do that. He said I will make you a supernatural giant. You stay in the 10th position and you occupy until I come. I will marry you. I will marry Christ Jesus in you and I will make you a supernatural giant in righteousness and you will live forever. However, if you do not wait for Me, if you communicate with the seducer in the 8h position, watching your occult movies and pursuing your astrology charts and whatever else You are doing that is introducing you to another spirit; you are in danger of waking up one morning and recognizing that you have been teleported from the 10th position to the 8h position and that the woman, who at the moment I think is Leviathan, I think that is the right name, has joined with you in a way that is new. Because Leviathan is joined to you now, but Leviathan is on the inside of you and you have a consciousness that is able to control. Your parents have taught you to control your pride.  Leviathan that is on the inside of you and all six aspects of her want to come to the outside. That was the overriding characteristic of the beast on the other side of the flood. The evil character and personality was on the outside, fully expressed, not repressed.


I grew up where if you opened up your mouth to your parents you were smacked across the face. You thought twice about sassing your parents. That ungodly personality was on the inside or it got punished. Well, this is the quality of the beast. This is the attribute of the beast. The evil personality will be on the outside and not only will you not be punished for ungodliness, but there are forces, at least in this country today, that are punishing for godly utterances. Punishing you for naming Jesus Christ. Punishing you for saying homosexuality is wrong. Punishing you for daring to show your godly personality to the world on the outside. Keep it locked up in your house. The evil personality, the personality of the beast, is coming to the outside. What used to be illegal is now legal. What used to be legal is now illegal. We are on a path, we are on a momentum. Things are changing every day. What used to be legal is becoming illegal and what used to be illegal is becoming legal. The people that stay in the 10th position who now are completely opposite from those in the 8h position as to what is legal and what is illegal will be persecuted by the people in the 8h position that are gaining the full power, control and authority of the law. Got it, brethren?


You cannot expect God to defend you from a lawless government if you, in the daily practices of your life, are lawless. That means you followed the rules wherever rules exist or you are vulnerable to being violated by a lawless out of control government. Because what you will reap you sow.  Got it? It is not a joke anymore. Used to be a joke. Oh, I did not mean. I did not mean it. You did it. Take responsibility for it, for your own sake.


OK, Brethren, I am going on and on today. I do not know how far we are going to get with these notes. We may be in this message forever. It is very important. This is a very important day. God is declaring the next hour of the plan of salvation. Very, very, very important day.


Angels, sometimes they are called names. That is the substance of God inside of the Sefirot. That is the substance of God that would dissipate and become nothing if it did not get a name.  When put inside of a border it takes a name. When the essence of God that is inside of Sheila, it becomes Preacher. The name is Preacher. When the essence of God is put inside of whoever’s going to be building the ministry house, that name is Contractor. Student, Disciple that is the essence of God in you. Who are you? Who are you, brethren? Who are you? Are you a Mother of human children? Who are you? If you had one opportunity to identify yourself, who would you say you are? That is one good question. Are you the Mother of So-and-So or the Father of So-and-So? Or are you the Son of Jesus Christ? Who are you? You need to answer that question. Who are you primarily?


Brethren, I will tell you, when the Lord first called me to this very unusual ministry, unusual for this day and age. That He started me from scratch, I did not train to be a pastor under another pastor. The ministry was not supporting me. I was working in Manhattan, a full-time job for quite a while, while I was preaching here twice a week. I could not say that my primary personality was pastor or Son of God. I went into the hospital for three months. I was already preaching for 8 years, but the ministry was not supporting me.  It was money in my brain. My identity had to do with the money that I earned and the way I earned it. I went into the hospital after 8 years of preaching this word, of laying down my life for God, and I could not say that I was a preacher or an evangelist or a pastor. I could not. I identified myself as a paralegal. Which was sin on my part. Who are you?


Angels, they are names of God within the borders of the Sefirot.


Vials, they are the Sefirot, the attributes or the actions of God.


Miry clay are the Israelite bodies.


You should be familiar with this. Christ is the female seed of the Lord Jesus Christ; the female seed that comes with the Holy Spirit.


Christ Jesus is the male/female zygote of the Lord Jesus that matures in six emotive stages and Christ Jesus is delivered through the Doctrine of Christ. Through the foolishness of preaching. The female seed is delivered through the Holy Spirit. The male seed or the male zygote, which is male and female, is delivered through this message. Through having this message preached to you.


The man-child is the male offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in an individual.


The man of sin is the offspring, I do not even know if this is right. It is amazing. I just did this last night and the Lord is changing by the next day. The man of sin is the offspring of Leviathan and Abel. I am struggling with that. The female seed is Abel. The child that is born will come out of the female seed. It is the father that changes. Either it is the Lord Jesus Christ, or it may not even be Leviathan. It may be -- brethren, I am sorry. I am struggling with this again. I think that it is Satan who marries the union of Leviathan and Abel, just like Christ Jesus grows out of Christ. Christ Jesus grows out of Christ and then the Lord Jesus marries Christ Jesus so Leviathan grows out of Abel, so that was right. The offspring of Leviathan and Satan. That Cain/Abel foundation being a part of Leviathan and then Satan, who’s at the greater Binah comes down and marries Leviathan. I would put Satan first though. It is the offspring of Satan and Leviathan.


Antichrist is the female seed, either inherited through Jacob or received through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, claiming the authority of the male. Antichrist is the female seed claiming to be the male. Claiming to be the authority of the male. By claiming the authority of the male I am claiming to be male. I guess it could be either way. Antichrist is either the female claiming authority over the male or claiming to be the male. It could manifest either way. However, antichrist is the female seed claiming authority that it doesn’t have.


There are many human antichrists but the only ones that have any spiritual significance are the people who have joined their female seed with Leviathan. The six Sefirotic emotions that produce the man of sin. There are many antichrists but the only ones that have spiritual significance are the ones that are fertile enough to produce the man of sin.


The first stage of the warfare will be between the female spiritual Israelites, the female seed joined to Leviathan, the man of sin, and the male spiritual Israelites, the female joined to Christ Jesus, the man-child. Let me see if I did that right. The first stage of the warfare will be between the female spiritual Israelites, the female seed joined to Leviathan, and that is not the man of sin yet. The first stage of the warfare will be between the female spiritual Israelites, the female seed joined to Leviathan. Let us not say the man of sin at that point. This is the first stage of the warfare will be between the female spiritual Israelites, the female seed out of which Leviathan has emerged, and we are pretty much that without even trying. That is how we are born, so it is like saying the first stage of the warfare will be between the carnal Israelites and the male spiritual Israelites, which are the female joined to Christ Jesus. The man-child is not born yet so Let us take that out.


The first stage of the warfare will be between Jews and Christians who have a female seed but it is still joined to their carnal nature. The female seed has not yet produced Christ Jesus. So they have the female seed. Maybe they are speaking in tongues or dancing in the Spirit or maybe they even have spiritual gifts and the spiritual gifts are great. However, that female seed, with all of its gifts, are still joined to their human nature which is Leviathan. The warfare will be between those people we call carnal Christians and the spiritual Christians who are the spiritual Israelites in whom the female seed has produced Christ Jesus, thereby making them male. The Christians and the Jews, the spiritual Israelites who have some spirituality but are still carnal will claim authority over the Christians and the Jews. I think you need Christ to produce manhood. Let me start that again.


The Christians who have the female seed, they are speaking in tongues or they are manifesting faith, they are serving God in some manner, but they are still carnal. What has grown up out of their faith is Leviathan. They are claiming authority in the church and the Lord sends somebody in who has Christ Jesus who has grown up out of the Cain/Abel foundation and the people in the church say we have authority over you. Brethren, that is nothing new.  I really do not want to get into a whole big thing about that today. I have a whole message to preach here. I really do not even want to get into that today. What I am telling you is the truth. The female church is established right now. There is been great revivals with miracles and tremendous outpourings of the power of the Holy Spirit and the people who have served God faithfully in these outpourings and over the years are seeing many people healed and delivered and lives changed and wonderful positive things happening.


They simply, in my opinion, are not capable without help from the Lord Jesus. They are not capable in understanding that a new hour is here and that the next stage of salvation is present. Which is that Christ Jesus is built up out of their foundation and that Christ Jesus has brought Leviathan and that person into submission.  Well, largely into submission, so that one can say that that person is at least 80 or 90 percent spiritually male. Certainly spiritually male enough to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in that capacity. What capacity? In the capacity of the male. When the Lord Jesus comes down and joins Himself to Christ Jesus in that individual and speaks to another man. The power of the Lord Jesus joining with Christ Jesus in that man, putting Leviathan and that man underfoot so that the word coming forth is indeed the next hour and the spiritual manhood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The people in the church that have the female seed of God, which is still joined to Leviathan, they seem to be incapable of recognizing the next grade of authority that has appeared to them. They appear to me to be incapable of it. They cannot wrap their arms around it, that they would know greatness or experience greatness in the church. That they see some simple person that just teaches without a big following and they cannot seem to get it that it is the message. That the greatness is in the message. That the greatness that is in the message, even though the vessel is not at all as flamboyant as the Pentecostal church, a spirit-filled church, brethren, with its miracles and people getting up in wheelchairs and all of the excitement of it. Which I would describe as great, as being spread all over like fireworks, just spreading everywhere. That is nothing in comparison to the word of God that has the ability to save your personality when properly applied. The people that are in the midst of the movement with the fireworks, they simply cannot comprehend that a greater has appeared in the form of this incredible word that comes out of Christ Jesus. They just do not get it without a miracle. They need a miracle because they do not get it. They cannot get it. They probably do not even understand the message. Then they do not even want to talk to you because you are not a part of the fireworks. Whatever the word is. The firework ministry. That is not the word I wanted to use. They just do not get it. They are as faithful as they are capable of being to God and they just do not get it until the Lord opens their eyes.


 Where was I going with that? I think I was talking about the warfare between the two companies. Christ and antichrist are in the church, brethren. The spirit-filled ministries of God become antichrist as soon as they are confronted with a believer who is the vessel that carries the message of the next hour and they oppose that or block it from going forth. From that minute though, that one who was as faithful as could be to God for years has just become an antichrist. Can you hear this? Can you hear it? The one who was a door for great miracles for thousands of people has now become a door that could be great, if he would let in the next hour or does he close that door and say I will not have it and neither will anyone else? He is just become an antichrist. There are many antichrists.


As far as Jewry goes, because spiritual Israel is Christians and Jews…… I have been telling you for years here that I take classes in a synagogue where there used to be an anointing. Anyway, I do not know what is happened. There used to be an anointing there. There hasn’t been much of an anointing lately. What does that mean? It means that the female that was inherited from Jacob…, however it came down. I am not going to start preaching that now…was awakened through the intensity of the study of the Scriptures and the unending prayers to Jehovah and the reading of the Scripture and all of the books and the studies. That seed that came down genetically through Jacob is awakened in many, not in everyone, but in many in the Jewish community. The awakened female seed is Christ. Christ meaning the Anointed One. Many in the Jewish community have an active Christ, although they would not like that word, so I would not argue with them about it. They have an active anointing of God. So that you can understand what I am talking about, I am telling you they have an active Christ in them. They are ideal candidates, more than the church because of the way the Lord is explaining the next move of God through Kaballah. For that reason they should be able to hear this instantly and become doors of which many will enter in and experience the second stage of salvation; the salvation of their personality. However, they will not even listen, let alone consider that it might be true. So there are many antichrists.


We see the female seed manifesting in Jewry and in Christianity, but the woman simply will not sit down so the Lord says to her, I think it is Isaiah. Could be Jeremiah, but I think it is Isaiah. He says to her; you sit down, oh daughter of Babylon. Sit down. The one greater than you is here and His name is Christ Jesus and your name is Christ. The man has arrived and you are to veil yourself and get down off of your camel and humble yourself. However, they cannot see and they cannot hear. So seeing, they do not see, and hearing, they do not hear and they are fat with sin and they are ready to be slaughtered.


That is the war. It is really not within Jews or the Buddhists or the new agers. It is the warfare within God’s…. I am going to say… I want to say church, but I do not want to be misunderstood. It is the Israel of God. It is rebellion within the Israel of God. There is a power play within the Israel of God. The Israel of God, who like Al Qaeda, has no central base. The citizens are in every country around the world, which makes it even more difficult to see. It is being challenged because it appears that a squatter, a newcomer, an invader, has entered into the church. However, the very invader, who’s being imputed with evil intentions and motives, is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in the form of His Son, as demonstrated in Daniel, chapter 7. I have been telling you for years the little horn is the Lord Jesus Christ, I have been telling you that for years.  He will wage war upon His own people until He breaks their witchcraft by which they resist Him and lock Him out because He doesn’t look like them. However, He is not coming looking like them. He’ll come looking like whoever He wants to come looking like. You must recognize Him and submit to Him, not the other way around.


He is coming to the 10th position. If you are standing in the 8h position that the Kaballah say is called Submission in Hod, well you had better submit. Are you in submission or are you a seducer…you who are in Hod. What is your spiritual position? Who are you? What is your primary identity? Who will you choose if you are pushed against the wall? Who are you and where are you standing? Or are you standing? You need to have a lot of these questions answered, brethren. Because there is an evil force rolling in. It is rolling in. If you watch that TV series “Once Upon a Time,” they show the curse coming in with a black cloud. It comes rolling in. It is rolling in, brethren. You need to know who you are. Like you are on a plane and they say this is what you do if you need oxygen. Put on the mask, put it over your head, but please, brethren, they will tell you… please ladies and gentlemen, make sure you the oxygen mask on yourself first, then you put it on your children or the dependent people who are with you. If you do not cling to the Lord Jesus first, and not only in the moment of crisis. It has to be now, every day. What is your primary identity? If it is not the Lord Jesus Christ, when the crisis comes you will be defaulting to help your children and then you’ll all fall in the ditch together. God forbid it should ever happen. You must put the oxygen mask on yourself first.


Brethren, Brethren, Brethren.


The second stage of the warfare will be between righteous Adam, which is the Lord Jesus Christ joined to Christ Jesus, and Satan.  I can barely tell you under which circumstances, which name, would be chosen, but they are basically the same entity in the third position from the top, which we call Binah most of the time. Satan, Pharaoh or Nimrod joined to Leviathan. The second stage of the warfare will be between righteous Adam, which is the Lord Jesus Christ joined to Christ Jesus in you and either Satan, Pharaoh or Nimrod; whatever name you are calling the third position at that time, joined to the spiritual Israelites that are still Leviathan. Do you hear it? The Lord Jesus is invading His own church because they will not let Him in.


You had better know who you are, before that warfare rises up in you because you are going to be walking down the street one day or waking up one morning and it is going to be all over you and you had better know who you are and you had have better have made your decisions before that happens or you will default to whoever you are. Jesus said to the man on the cross, this day you will be with me in Paradise. What does that mean? When that body died, you are in the same place. When your body dies, you are in the same place. You are attached to the same spiritual man. Either you are attached to the Lord Jesus or you are attached to Leviathan. When the body dies you are in the same place. The only difference is when your body is alive you have a name. When your body is alive the spiritual person that you are has a name and that name is the body that you are dressed in. When the body dies you lose your name and nobody can see you or hear from you. Or at least they are not supposed to for as long as you continue to exist.


 You all got this, right? You all know what your name is, right? There is a Kabbalistic parable that says when somebody dies they go to a certain place and there they are met by an angel and the angel beats them. The angel says to them, what is your name? If this was the Rabbi telling this story, he would say my name is Moshe. That is Jewish for Moses. My name is Moshe. The angel whacks him. He says what are you hitting me for? The angel says what is your name? He says Moshe. The angel whacks him. The man is beaten into a pulp until he finally figures it out. He is no longer Moshe, because his body is gone. It is this body that gave him a name. His body is gone so he is no longer Moshe.  Either, he is joined to Christ Jesus or he is bonded to Jehovah or He is bonded to fallen Adam, to the other side.


So listen, either you are Christ Jesus or you are Leviathan. Either you are bonded to Jehovah or you are bonded to Leviathan. You are part of the whole. What makes you an individual is your body, the kingdom that you dwell in. So whoever you are underneath this body will be revealed, either after you die or what we are facing up to now is that you do not have to wait until you die. Why? Because that which is underneath is going to the outside.


Did you people ever deal with an art program on your computer? We were just doing it the other day, creating labels for our CDs and DVDs. You put this design here and that design there and then you pick the choice from the menu. Are you going to move this to the outside or are you going to move this to the background? To the foreground or to the background? I have two hands here. I have two hands. Which one’s going to be in the foreground and which one’s going to be in the background? One’s my body and one’s my nature and the one that is in the background, it is sort of hard to see.


Who are you, brethren? Maybe you do not know who you are. Maybe you need to ask the Lord who you are. Maybe you are deceiving yourself.  It is not a bad idea to ask Him who you are. And there is no condemnation in this. If it turns out that you are not Christ Jesus you have time. You have time. Ask Him to make you Christ Jesus. What is the overriding characteristic of you being Christ Jesus? What is the overriding characteristic? The overriding characteristic, brethren, or the test is what you really prefer to do. What is your pleasure? What do you really prefer to do? Do you come to church because it is something to do and it makes you feel good and well, maybe you like the message when you have time for it? Or are you running to church because there is something inside of you that cannot survive without hearing a message like this? If there is something inside of you that cannot survive without a hearing a message like this; how often do you need it as compared to how often do you need stuff in the world?


Brethren, do not get upset with me. You need to know who you are. If the answer is that you test yourself and you have more marks on the carnal side, that there are more things that you had like to do and that there are more instances in which you would prefer to be doing a carnal thing than to be involved in the things of God then you look at your chart. You see which side do you have more marks on and if you have more marks on your carnal side then you can always ask the Lord to change you. Do not get upset. I am trying to help you because that cloud is rolling in.


Brethren, I have made some changes in the alternate translation. By in large I have changed that third, fourth and fifth day creations to the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan and then I think as we get on towards verse 8, I have made some changes. I am going to try very hard to read through these verses and not expound on them other than possibly very briefly or point out to you if I made any changes so that we can get on to the next set of translations. That is what I am going to try to do. We will see what comes out of my mouth.


Revelation 17:1 - 2


1 And there came out one of the seven names of God that possessed the seven actions of God, or the seven Sefirot of God. The powers inside the borders came out that possessed the borders. The powers that possessed the men came out. And He talked with me, saying: Come here and I will show you the legally mandated punishment of the mighty female Adam who absorbed the many-membered breath of Jehovah, which is collectively called Satan in mortal humanity.


2 Who lusts to fornicate with Abel in the kings of the earth to acquire the Holy Spirit, the female seed that is necessary to produce a spiritual child. To excite the sin nature of the people who -o excite the sin nature which inhabits the earth of mortal mankind and to excite or stimulate the desire for sin through the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan that dwell in the earth of mankind. So He carried me away into the mind of the spirit and I saw the woman who married Cain and they were appearing together as a scarlet-colored animal.






Now that is a spiritual animal, brethren, that dwells in people that look like you and me. The seven names of Satan, that blaspheming spirit, were possessing the six emotive actions of Leviathan.


But also present in the woman were the 10 powers of the Lord Jesus Christ, mankind’s wise foundation and highly esteemed cornerstone who overlays the woman and surrounds her golden seeds of God’s spiritual intelligence on every side with the blended energies of punishment and reward. The great God of Heaven gave Abel the female seed of the kingdom of God, the power to overcome the carnal mind and the strength to perform the actions of the actions of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God. That is why the opinion of the kingdom of God or the mind of Christ is greater. The opinion of the kingdom of God, which is a mind, brethren, is greater than the opinion of the kingdoms of the created worlds. That means the whole mind of God; that means the Lord Jesus joined to Christ Jesus in you, the opinion that comes forth from that union is greater than even various elements of Christ Jesus in you. Maybe you have one, two or three or only four. You do not have the fully developed Christ Jesus in you. That mind, that fully developed mind, in you. That opinion that comes forth from the kingdom of God is greater than the kingdoms of the created worlds.


In other words, the kingdoms of the created worlds could be a developed person in this world. An educated person in this world. A refined person who thinks rationally and reasonably. The more heroic aspect of human beings. Everybody’s not the same, brethren. The more altruistic human beings in the world, the best of you, cannot compare to someone or to the opinion of the mind of God.




Daniel 2: 38 - AT


And the God of Heaven gave righteous Adam power over all the male children of the living soul. The living souls of the field of creation and the living souls that fly in the heavens of the worlds of creation, formation and action. And He also gave righteous Adam, who is that head of gold, authority over the whole creation of God, of which we, the personalities of the female Adam, are a part. And after the kingdom of God, another kingdom, the kingdom of creation arose and the second kingdom was inferior to the kingdom of God and after that another third kingdom, the kingdom of forms arose and dominated the earth and brought judgment upon all mankind. And the fourth kingdom, the earthen kingdom of action, shall be as strong as the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence. And as much as the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan subdued the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence have broken that unity of the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence and Jehovah’s breath into pieces, that same iron-like seed of God’s spiritual intelligence shall subdue the kingdoms of Leviathan’s six emotive Sefirot and break their kingdoms into pieces.




Now we are talking about the unity between Leviathan in the individual and the marriage to Satan. That unity which makes them a supernatural man will be broken. As you saw, some of the actions of the woman arise out of the carnal mind of Cain, the offspring of God’s seed of spiritual intelligence and the spiritual earth and some arise out Israel, the nation formed from Jehovah’s union with the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence. Wherefore, the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence must be divided from Cain, the king of the earth, for the female seed of God’s spiritual intelligence to be strong enough to overcome Cain. When you are joined to someone you cannot overcome them, brethren. You have to separate from them and become king of the earth because, as you saw, Cain and God’s seed of spiritual intelligence are mixed with the clay that forms the bodies of the Israelites. Which clay, which bodies are controlled by the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan. It is essential that they separate if Cain and Leviathan and Satan are to be overcome.




Daniel 2:42 - AT


And as some of the actions of the carnal mind arise out of Cain and some arise out of Israel so the kingdom of the earth is partly strong and partly broken.






 You must not allow, brethren, the woman who was married to the body of the Israelites. That is your old man, brethren. The woman who was married to the bodies of the Israelites to braid herself together with the male seed of Messiah. That is the zygote of the Lord Jesus. You must not allow your old man to braid together with Him, like you saw that woman, that spiritual woman, mixed together with Cain.


What are we talking about there? I cannot even imagine how monstrous this would be. Listen to what we are talking about here. So far, just by way of review, we have talked about Leviathan joining with Abel, the female seed, and then marrying Satan and producing a supernatural individual with a beast nature, an evil supernatural giant. Now we are talking about Leviathan joining not only with the female seed but also with the male seed. We are talking about a unity, a unification of the female seed, of the male seed of the Lord Jesus, of Leviathan and Satan. Can you just imagine the destructive power that would be present there, if it were even possible. if it would not kill the zygote of the Lord Jesus. We are warned right here. Do not let that happen. Do not let that happen. That was verse 43. You must not allow the woman who was married to the bodies of the Israelites to braid herself together with the male seed of Messiah, like you saw her mix with Cain. What happened when she mixed with Cain? That is when that corrupt spiritual animal came into existence. So if that could be accomplished, a mixture of the female seed of God, the male seed of the Lord Jesus, Leviathan and Satan, if that could be accomplished a monster worse than has already appeared, and if you cannot see it, you cannot see it because you cannot see the forest for the trees, but compared to what we are supposed to be, mankind is a monster.  A monster much worse than this would come into existence.  Do not let Cain mix with the zygote of the Lord Jesus.


Neither should she be allowed to mix with the bodies of the Israelites through intermarriage with the nations.  If you have Christ Jesus being formed in you or if you have Christ in you, you should not marry someone who is not in a spiritual similar condition because the result will be the destruction of Christ in you.  Because, if you allow Cain to mix with the bodies of Israelites through intermarriage with the nations, if you do spiritual Israel, the cup of the Lord, I am in verse 4b. 17, verse 4b at the bottom of page four.


If you do spiritual Israel, the cup of the Lord, shall come under the power of the woman and shall become pregnant with the man of sin because of spiritual Israel’s illicit spiritual sexual intercourse of the mind with the woman and their thoughts shall become morally unclean and their lifestyle shall be detestable. That is detestable to God. It may not be detestable to them because people who are caught in the most degrading sins frequently do not think that there is anything wrong with it. What is more, laugh at people who are shocked at their lifestyles.


The earthen bodies that the female seed of the woman, the harlots of the earth dwell in shall have the nature of Nimrod, the founder of the great city of Babylon, written in their forehead and the spirit of Semiramis, Nimrod’s mother, shall fornicate with Abel, the female seed of spiritual intelligence in the earth and spiritual Israel shall give birth to the man of sin, the abominable offspring of the six emotive Sefirot of Leviathan and this is the mystery of the Tower of Babel. The mystery is, brethren, counting up to the higher Sefirot. That is the mystery. Jack in the beanstalk. Stepping up to the highest Sefirot onto eternal life.




Revelation 17:6


And I was amazed when I saw this incredible sight of the woman drinking the Holy Spirit, the blood of the saints who had the female seed and the blood of Christ, the proof of Jesus’ resurrection in the saints who had the male seed. And the angel said to me why are you so surprised? I will tell you the mystery of the woman who possesses the seven energy centers of the beast who carries her and the 10 powers of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I will also tell you the mystery of how bestial mankind that you saw in the vision that existed on the other side of the flood but does not exist now shall ascend out of the bottomless pit of the soul or the mind of fallen mankind and thereafter be destroyed by the Shekinah in the saints of God. And I will also tell you how the carnal people that dwell on the earth who are not engraved by the six emotive actions of Christ Jesus, the spiritual book that reveals the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, the foundation of the world to come in the saints. -- we are getting a new foundation-- Everyone that doesn’t have that shall be amazed when they see the vision of bestial mankind that existed on the other side of the flood and will exist again in the future, even though it does not exist now.




So we are being told do not think it is not coming, brethren. It is coming. What is coming? Bestial mankind. What is bestial mankind? Mankind is made up of individual people whose sin nature is on the outside and all potential for righteousness pushed underneath. Evil people, an evil nation of people, a nation that goes beyond national borders. A spiritual nation. An evil generation. And, brethren, that is the Israel of God.  He is talking about the people of God becoming an evil nation.


II Thessalonians 2:8 - AT

8 And then the man of sin, that lawless one, shall be exposed in God’s people whom the Lord Jesus shall violently execute by His spirit that speaks through the mouth of His sons and they shall render the lust of Behemoth idle and Satan’s accusations useless when the personality of Christ Jesus appears in them. The Holy Spirit cannot give you that grace of rendering your lust idle and Satan’s accusations useless. See? The only way Satan’s accusations will be useless is if there is no sin in you.



II Peter 1:3-4

3 According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

4 Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.




We are called to have His opinion, brethren, and the highest standards of uprightness. That is what is being saved. The core of your personality which is the seed of the woman, the seed of Tevunah. That is the core of your personality that must be translated into a character that reveals the opinion of God and the highest standards of uprightness. The salvation of your personality depends upon the conversion of your personality from a carnal personality, even if it is a benevolent one, to a personality that is characterized by the opinion of God and the highest standards of uprightness. That means you have to judge righteous judgment. You cannot just be a nice person sitting back, not willing to participate. Your spirit will be saved but not your personality. That personality that doesn’t want to participate will not be saved. The core of your personality must be converted into a personality that forms a powerful whole opinion of God and that not only adheres to but desires to live to the highest standards of righteousness.  Even if you have not attained to the highest standards of righteousness yet, if that is your heart’s desire you are eligible for that second grade of salvation that the Lord is announcing to the world. First in the spirit and in the natural. And He will have to publish these messages because the way things stand now I have no idea how He is going to get this out to the world in any reasonable amount of time. But He is able in His perfect timing.


So now, brethren, we have the translations that we haven’t gotten to yet. I have been preaching very powerfully.


 I am on page 6 of your notes.


Rev. 17:9 - AT

9 “Here is the understanding of the mind that has ascended to the spiritual h8 of wisdom. The seven heads are the seven emotive actions of Leviathan that the woman continuously reveals through mankind. And here they are: understanding, and its evil counterpart is confusion from the grade of Binah; loving-kindness, and it is evil counterpart is cruelty from the grade of Hesed; judgment, either righteous judgment or harsh judgment, at the grade of Gevurah; justice, judgment blended with loving-kindness, it equals mercy or corruption on the other side, which is the grade of Tiferet, and then we have the drive to build in habitable environments.”



So, you see, there is a line drawn. We have understanding, the higher three Sefirot are the intellectual Sefirot. So we have some degree of intellectuality here with understanding. Then we have the first three of the six emotive Sefirot. On the negative side, we have cruelty, harsh correction or torture, and corruption.


Then we have the lower three, which are much closer to mankind: the drive to build a habitable environment, which is really an animal mind.  We are told in the subsequent verses, that this sefirah produces a mind, which is a habitation, for the drive to reproduce, and that is what Hod is. It is a drive to reproduce. Satan and Cain want to reach out as a reproductive force.


Then we have the drive to deliver the male seed to the female, which is the unholy spirit that carries the unholy female seed. There is an unholy female seed that comes from Yesod. I am still working on these; I see some contradictions right now. I will continue to work on them, brethren. That is what I have so far.


REV. 17:10 - AT

10 Each of the seven emotive actions is revealed through the seventh grade, wherefore there are seven kings. Four of them, understanding, loving-kindness, judgment and justice; fell and became; confusion, cruelty, harsh judgment and corruption. They have produced the fifth, which is Cain’s animal mind, which is an uninhabitable environment for the sixth, which is where the unity or the adultery of the woman and Abel, the female seat of God’s intelligence, took place. And the zygote that produces the man of sin exists in the seventh, but the other is not here yet. And when she arrives, she will only remain for a little while.”



Now I need to point out to you that Hod was in the position of the eighth before. It all depends where you are counting from, brethren. That was something that I struggled with when I first started studying Kabbalah, so I have not made a mistake. I said the eighth before, and today,  I am saying the sixth. It depends on whether you start counting from the Keter, or you start counting from Binah. It depends on where you count from.


The other principle that the Lord just had me integrate into this teaching is the phrase “the other”. The Kabbalists call Malkuth “the other” because Malkuth actually stands opposite of the other nine Sefirot. All the other nine Sefirot are descending. They are descending, descending, descending into the earth. Malkuth is the receptacle. She is the one that stands there and receives.


So everyone else, every other of the nine Sefirot is giving, and Malkuth is receiving. She is called by Kabbalists “the other”. It is a hidden way of saying Malkuth, just like “what” is a hidden way of saying Elohim and “who” is a hidden way of saying Binah. “The other” means Malkuth. So I will just read you that again. It is sort of complicated, I think. If you go over it again in the next message, I will set it out in separate lines for you.


“Each of the seven emotive actions is revealed through the seventh grade.” Now that could be Binah or it could be Malkuth. It depends on which end you are counting from. “Wherefore there are seven kings. Four of them, understanding, loving-kindness, judgment and justice, fell down.” Now that is talking about the world of points, brethren. They fell down. “And they became confusion, cruelty, harsh judgment and corruption in this world. And these four evil, emotive Sefirot have produced a fifth evil, emotive sefirah, which is Cain, the animal mind, which is an uninhabitable environment for the sixth, which is where the unity or the adultery of the woman and Abel, the female seat of God’s intelligence, took place. And the zygote that produces the man of sin already exists in the seventh sefirah, but it is not here yet.”


However, “the other” is not here yet. Malkuth is not here yet. The vessel that is going to be willing to contain and wield this evil power, which the church is predicting will be a single man called antichrist, is not here yet.


Let me say that again. The four fell down. Beginning with Binah, the first four fell down, “And they became confusion, cruelty, harsh judgment and corruption” in mankind. And that evil root has produced a fifth emotive Sefirot, which is an animal mind, which is Cain, the animal mind of fallen mankind, which is a habitable environment for the sixth, a fertile place for the sin of adultery to take place.


The sixth sefirah of the adultery of the woman and Abel, the female seat of God’s intelligence, took place over there or where that fertile place was ready for it. The zygote, which is the fruit of the adultery, the zygote, the first seed of the new baby, which is the fruit of the adultery, that produces the man of sin. It already exists in the seventh sefirah. However “the other,” Malkuth, which is the eighth, which is of the seventh, that human vessel that is not only willing to, but is spiritually prepared to be this evil antichrist is not here yet.


When he arrives, he will only remain for a little while because he will be destroyed. My comment over there is: Hod is the universe where the adultery took place. Malkuth is called “the other” because she stands opposite the other nine Sefirot, having no light of her own. She is destined to receive the energy of all of the other nine Sefirot, however, which makes her the beast.


REV. 17:11 - AT

11 Because the beast that existed in the past but does not exist now, which is the eighth, evil emotive action that is a blend of the seven other evil actions, is going to be completely destroyed.



I would like to comment at the top of page 8 in your notes, and I will just leave you with this, which is an explanation of the 666. Actually my comment -- that is a part of a comment that starts at the bottom of page 7.


I am at the bottom of page 7. The unclean Elohim.  Elohim is God….. that is Binah, the mother, attached to the son. There is an evil Elohim, which is the evil Binah, which is confusion, attached to Leviathan, and that is the evil god. The unclean Elohim that existed on the other side of the flood is in the process of reclaiming mankind and turning him into a beast once again.


You have to understand that. To understand this you have to understand that mankind is the skin that these spiritual entities indwell.  All of reality is about the spiritual being that is either a son of God or a beast, and we are the skins that this spiritual being dwells in. We are very important because without us, the spiritual being or the spiritual man has no existence in this world. So we are very important when we are a part of the whole, and when we are serving our designated function, we are very important. If we are not serving our designation service, then the Lord will use somebody else, and we will pass out of this world.


We have the opportunity to be great if we do our part to prepare ourselves and to become vessels that will house the king. We can expect greatness. However, if we do not do our part, if we do not want to follow the rules or if we want to do it our own way, the Lord will just go on to someone else. Another way to say it is: If we do not overcome the six emotive Sefirot, if we do not overcome the fallen nature of mankind, the Lord will just take somebody who is not giving Him a hard time. He will go to the people who are yielding to Him and with a sweet spirit.


Now, if you have an aggressive spirit and your mind has grasped this message that I am preaching, do not be dismayed. Just fall on your knees, humble yourself before God and ask Him if He would consider joining Himself to the six emotive spirits of Leviathan in you thus neutralizing them and rendering them idle so that you can be a part of this great plan of the salvation of mankind.


The top of page 8, “Malkuth and Yesod of Leviathan, the emotive male and female, are turning evil again and building up” 666”, which is the evil Elohim, mother and son, of the other side and the daughter that Elohim descends into to form Satan’s seat.”


So the mother and the son descend into the daughter, which becomes Satan’s seat. In the Greek that phrase that is translated Satan’s seat, I have it right here.


REV.  2:13 

13 I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat is: and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.”



If you want to look that up for yourself, the Greek word translated seat is the same word translated throne. The King James translators decided not to give Satan a throne, but Satan has a throne.


When Binah goes bad and she joins with Leviathan rather than Christ Jesus, that unity becomes an unholy Elohim, an unholy god, and they descend into Malkuth.  Malkuth is in a person, a human being, which is a kingdom, which is the vehicle or the means of expression for that compilation of different aspects of spiritual intelligence.


The number 666 refers to exactly that. 600 is the number of the mother. 60 is the number of the son. And 6 is the number of the daughter: 666. The number 6 meaning six emotive Sefirot on each level. The six emotive Sefirot of the son appearing with the mother and appearing through the daughter produces 666, the beast.


That is what we have here, and we’ve done these verses in depth.  We are going to end then. God bless you all. Have a blessed day.


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