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We do have a message of Part 5 of The Woman And The Beast.  I do not know whether the Lord has completely changed my message or this will be a split message.  I was listening to Glenn Beck this morning as I was getting dressed.  He made a very impassioned plea towards the people.  He cannot always divulge information that he has because members of Congress and of the United States Government give him information that he cannot disclose or reveal where it came from.  It was a very impassioned plea.  He says that hard times are really coming, and he has been prophesying a financial crash for a long time.  He said he could not tell us what was happening, but he gave us a testimony of the past.  I think eight years ago he had been exhorting everyone to get their money out of the stock market, and three days later the market crashed.  He is also talking about the darkness that is coming upon the country.  There is going to be a very important show tonight, which I guess I will watch. 


He was talking about an education program that is going on.  I think they are even requiring it in the colleges.  It is the foundation of what is being taught from common core, which is basically an anti-Christian, anti-capitalism message.  Their message, according to Glenn Beck, is that everything that is wrong with this country is white Christian men, white Christian capitalists.  He did not say it, but he is suggesting that we are being pushed towards a civil war.  I do not doubt for a second that this has been going on for a long time.  This is a very long range agenda that is being worked out on this country.  He exhorted everybody to not be violent.  No matter what they were feeling, or what they were thinking, that violence is never the answer, and that God is the only answer.  From that point of view, he exhorted everybody to get right with God, and to stop lying.  He said, if you are a business man, do not cheat.  If you owe people anything, pay your debts.


I do not want to say that I am repeating what he said, because I do not remember exactly what he said, but this was the direction that he was going.  Obey the laws of God because some really hard times are coming.  If you are not in right relationship with God, you are in danger.  Now that is my reiteration of what he said.  Once again I said to the Lord, what do you want me to do with the ministry money, and the little bit of money I have. I did not hear anything about the money.  All I heard was about the brethren.  I had intended to come out here and give you a testimony about what happened in Connecticut.  I will give you that testimony, but the focus that has come into my mind is not the ministry of Connecticut.  It was very positive, and maybe the Lord will give me an opportunity to say more later on.  I want to give you a testimony of what happened in the LEM/CCK meetings that we had in Connecticut.  There were two meetings a day.  For every meeting of the conference, we had a LEM/CCK meeting for two or three hours.  It was almost as long as the Connecticut meetings. 


What the Lord wants me to tell you is that there were three brethren of our group that had their sins revealed during the latter part of the meetings.  In other words, the anointing was very heavy in the Connecticut meetings.  Then when we had our meetings, Christ Jesus came down and added to that heaviness.  There was a double anointing there.  The power of the Holy Spirit was awesome most of the time.  If the Lord lets me, I will talk to you about that.  Our meetings were awesome.  The power of God  revealed sin.  Now I want to tell you up front that the three people who had sin revealed, you know who you are.  It is not my intention to embarrass you.  Please do not get upset over this, especially the people who were not in New York.  I am not going to name any names.  Please do not get upset because the Lord requires your experience to be a learning tool for the brethren.  I am not comparing any of you to each other.  The other brethren have to hear this, so that they can take it for themselves.


One person took the victory very quickly, within five to ten minutes.  What victory?  All three resisted.  All three people that manifested resisted the revelation of the truth that came forth under the anointing.  I want to remind you, brethren, that Jesus gave a parable.  He asked some of his disciples to do something.  The testimony I am going to give was just two.  One said he would do it, and went away and did not do it, and the other said he would not do it, and he changed his mind, and he did it.  The person that appeared very sinful initially, turned out to be the person who received a closer relationship with God, or benefitted from his relationship with God.  The person who said he would do it, and then did not do it, did not receive that benefit.  We do not see anything about them being punished, but they did not receive that benefit.  However, the truth is that Satan will come and punish you.  That is the truth.  God is not punishing you for not responding to His correction, but when you do not respond to His correction, you come in the category of Judas.  Do not panic because I said Judas.  We are told in the Scripture that Jesus took his hand off of Judas.  Now hand is meaning mind.  Judas came out from under the protection of the Lord.  The very next thing that happened is that Satan entered into him, and he went forth and he did evil to the Son of God.


Now you all are sitting here saying I would never do that.  Jesus went to the pharisees, and Jesus wound up being crucified because of it.  I would never do anything like that.  Brethren, you need to understand that we would all do something like that.  We are all capable of that.  Sometimes it will not manifest on that level of actually resulting in a death, but most of the time, at least in our world today, it would end in something much less serious on the surface.  I am telling you again, the person who had this testimony, if you are getting upset over it, it is pride.  The brethren just need this learning experience.  If you resist the revelation of your sin, it is the same spirit as Judas going out to the pharisees.  Now brethren, I am as capable of this as you are.  When you resist the revelation of your sin, in order to justify yourself, you must make the person who delivered the message foolish.  You must discredit the person who revealed the sin.  If you do not accept it, if you are not even willing to say I am going to seriously pray about it, and ask the Lord to help me, because I am really concerned that you have seen the sin in me.  If you do not do that, most likely, even if you do not say anything, you are nullifying the authority of the person who says it.  Sometimes you say things, which are just an expression of what you are really feeling, that make the giver of the word foolish, like me.  I am the giver of the word.


Maybe you do not say anything.  I do not know what you are thinking in your heart, if you do not receive the correction.  Only God knows what is in your heart.  If something comes out of your mouth, then I can help you, and tell you that you just mocked the Spirit of God.  You just made the prophet of God of no effect, and you mocked me.  You did not want to be nasty or harsh to me, so you made a joke out of it.  You said, you are funny that you could even think that.  This did not happen in Connecticut.  This happened afterwards.  We had this conversation.  This is a learning experience for you all.  This is a serious believer who has been working for years to get into the kingdom.  They were horrified at the reaction to the revelation of their sin.  They were horrified at what they did, what their reaction was, which really made me of no effect, and made a fool out of me.  I have been telling people this, that are here for years, but that person is gone now.  I will just leave it at that.  I would tell them for years, you make a fool out of me.  Your whole motive is to defend yourself, but the result is that you are making a fool out of me.


A very interesting thought came into my mind.  Paul said something about being made a fool for the sake of Christ.  I meant to study this out, and I have not had time to do it.  Why would he pick such a word?  Why would Paul say, I am willing to become a fool?  I am paraphrasing.  I do not think that it the exact scripture.  Why am I willing to become a fool to inherit the kingdom of God or for Christ’s sake?  It was something like that that he said.  Why would he pick that word?  I wonder if he did not have this experience, where pride in another man that he was trying to help, made a fool out of him.  I will talk to you more about that as soon as I get through what I am getting through here.  Here is Glenn Beck, who is a Mormon.  He is, as far as I know, the loudest voice of all the preachers on TV.  He is warning the people that you really cannot survive this, or at least you cannot survive this in the state that you are in now, if you are not right with God. 


Brethren, you need to understand that, no matter how many years you have been in the ministry, how many people you have cast demons out of, or how many people you have laid hands on, and the Lord has healed them, it is not going to get you through if you are still denying the truth, if you are still resisting the revelation of your sin, even when it comes from multiple witnesses.  You are in trouble. One person took the victory.  What do I mean?  Well, initially they resisted.  That is what I am talking about with victory.  Initially they resisted.  Their reaction was to defend themselves, and say that it was not true, and that they would never do anything like that.  You see, the carnal mind comes up, and instead of understanding that I am trying to help you, tells you I do not think you would do something like that, but there is a fifth column inside of you.  You are Christ, and there is another side of you that, most certainly, is capable of doing that or thinking that.


If Christ in you does not start to destroy that other side of you, the other side of you will destroy Christ.  That is what Sheila, the son of God is saying to you, but the carnal mind in the person says, she accused me of that.  You take it personally, and then you defend yourself.  She accused me of that.  Would you really think I would do that?  We are all capable of everything.  It is not an issue of me thinking that you would do that.  What I said was based upon at least valid spiritual perceptions, valid enough for you to consider it, but the knee jerk reaction is pride.  The first person, as far as I could tell, took a complete victory.  What do I mean by a complete victory?  It was not just words coming out of their mouth.  They remembered the teaching here.  Christ rose up in them, and remembered the teaching, and implemented and understood that I was not attacking them, and that defending themselves was the sin of pride, and was to their own destruction.  When you defend yourself against the word of God, it is to your own destruction.  When you defend yourself by making a fool of, or making of non effect the messenger, that is probably the most serious sin that you could commit. 


To dishonor the anointing is really beyond me.  Some of you still struggle with that, that it is not me.  There is a spiritual man that lives inside of me who uses my mouth, and my mind, and gives me these understandings.  Some of you still do not get it.  If you dishonor the one who said it to you, and you dishonor the one who had the discernment, you dishonor the one that I stand in front of.  That is a pretty serious sin.  The first person took the victory within five to ten minutes, and rallied.  The second person tried to take the victory.  They said the right thing.  I told them this.  We have had this discussion, but  they were intellectualizing.  They were saying the right words, but I knew that in their heart they had not taken the victory.  They were trying.  They were struggling.  They were saying the right words, but  when they said the words that were suppose to sound like they took the victory, those words were coming out of pride and not out of Christ. 


That means that Christ was still under the feet of Leviathan.  In order for you to have the Godly victory, Christ has to rise up and step on Leviathan.  Brethren, it is not the words that you say, it is the spirit that is speaking in you.  If I can tell you that I am not the one that is revealing your sin, that it is a spiritual man inside of me, then by the grace of God you need to understand that either you respond to me out of Christ, or you respond to me out of Leviathan.  Both of those spiritual beings are capable of saying the same exact words.  It is not the words that you say.  It is the spirit behind the words.  You have not heard this for a long time.  Years ago I preached about Jesus asking Peter, will you feed my sheep?  He had to ask Peter three times.  By the third time, Peter was really frustrated.  When I preached on that, I had looked it up in the Greek.  There were different words there that indicated that the reason Jesus asked Peter three times was that the first two times it was Leviathan that responded.  Jesus said, I do not make a contract with Leviathan, because when the Lord asks you to do something, and you say you will, that is a contract.  Jesus was saying I do not make a contract with Leviathan.  Will you feed my sheep, Peter?  Jesus had to ask him three times to get an answer that came out of Christ in him.


Brethren, if I cannot get through to you, if you cannot get this, there is nothing more I can do for you.  All I have is my mouth, and my honest heart towards you.  You have to take the victory.  I went into  a particular rabbi’s website.  I am not going to name him because he excommunicated me.  He has a really good website.  If anyone is listening to me, and want to know who he is, I will tell you privately.  We should be in communication with each other.  This man is so right on from the point of view of Judaism.  I would be shocked if, when the door opens, he does not receive Christ because he is in the right spirit.  You have to understand that this man is believing that Jesus is Cain.  He personally told me that he believes Jesus is Cain.  He just knows what his father, grandfather, and great grandfather  told him and believed.  Although he is probably a soul that was present when Jesus was rejected.  This personality right now sees what the Catholic Church and the Protestant churches is preaching, so there is no way that he is going to believe that Jesus is Messiah, until Jesus visits him personally. 


He probably has a strong relationship with Jesus right now, and he just does not know the man’s name. There is a spiritual man that he probably has a relationship with right now.  He just does not understand what his name is because the rabbi is right on.  He has some really good essays.  I cannot even tell you which one I was reading, but this is what I read.  If you do not have enough credits to outdo your demerits, you are in trouble.  I have told you before, brethren, that the first time I heard that principle, that we have a scorecard with credits and debits, it was so offensive to me.  Our salvation is not based on good works.  I thank God that the Lord had to get me by the scoff of my neck because my pride was up.  I just thank God that He corrects me.  He said to me, Sheila, that is true for every sin that you are not dealing with in Christ Jesus.  That is true for every unconfessed sin. 


Brethren, you have got to get  this.  What is being saved in this dispensation, the first coming of Jesus, this millennium at this time, is the human spirit.  The bodies are not being saved.  Jesus was fully saved because he is our example of what we are going to be.  I have been preaching this.  All of those Christians out there that have loved ones in the ground, it is not at all likely their personalities were saved.  What was saved was their human spirit.  I have to tell you this is a correction, because what I have been preaching is I do not know what God is going to do for these people that believe to the fullest degree that they can believe.  What happens when their personality leaves their body?  For however long a period of time it is, either they go under the protection of the Lord Jesus or they are subject to the demonic hordes of hell in Yetzirah that consume energy.  I want to tell you something, brethren, and I am sure you can all agree, if it is five minutes of horror as you are consumed by the evil entities, would you want to experience that?  Five minutes is a long time, brethren, when something terrible is happening to you. 


I have been telling you that the Lord must honor their faith by bringing them to a safe place until the personality dies.  The personality that is not attached to Christ Jesus cannot survive.  That much I preached to you.  Today I understand, that for everyone that has had a sincere relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, but it has not gone beyond the Holy Spirit, their human spirit is being saved.  That is not just the speaking in tongues, but it has not gone beyond faith.  Baptist have faith and they do not speak in tongues.  People that have faith in Jesus, what is being saved is their human spirit, the breath of life.  Now remember, there is a human spirit which comes from Binah, and there is the seed of spiritual intelligence that comes from Tevunah.  That seed of spiritual intelligence is the core of the personality, and that has to be attached to Christ Jesus for it to be saved.  If the personality is not saved because the person has faith through the Holy Spirit, but they do not have Christ formed in them, what the Lord is pulling out of there is the breath of Binah, which is the human spirit.  That is the redemption of the spirit. 


Salvation is of three stages; spirit, soul, and body.  Spirit, personality, and body.  The nefesh is the body. Everyone that has faith in Jesus Christ for their safety, what is being saved is the breath of life in them.  Let me remind you, before the woman, or the seed of Tevunah was seduced and committed adultery with the Serpent, she had as a part of her spiritual being, a unity that consisted of the seed of the daughter, and the breath of Jehovah, which is the name of God associated with Binah.  The spirit that comes from Binah with the seed that comes from the daughter, when together, is called the Shekinah,the power of God that preserved her, and protected her, and met her needs in the earth, in whatever form she was in at that time.  When she committed adultery with the Serpent, when the seed of spiritual intelligence that comes from the daughter committed adultery with the Serpent, the breath of Jehovah, which comes from the high place of Binah, departed from that realm. 


That unity, that was the breath of Binah, and the seed of the daughter, the breath of the mother and the seed of the daughter, that unity broke up.  The seed went down into hades, to use the Greek term for the underworld, and the breath of the mother went back up.  There was just a fragment of that breath that was left in the creation, which was now corrupt, in the form of the Holy Spirit.  Now the Kabbalists will tell you that that breath, or  what I am describing as that drop of the breath of Binah, or Jehovah’s breath, they will tell you that is the Shekinah in captivity.  Now I thank God for the privilege of being able to explain things to you.  It sounds very nice, the breath of the Shekinah in captivity, but what does it mean?  God has given me the grace, the ability to tell you what it means.  It is the part of the breath of Jehovah that was torn away, that remained in the earth when Jehovah departed from a corrupted creation.  That is the first thing that the Lord Jesus is reaching to rescue.


You have to be brave, brethren, because he loves you, but he is not rescuing your human spirit because he loves you, but because that is Jehovah’s Spirit.  It is his breath that was stolen so that this creation could come into existence, and he wants it back.  Now if he can take you back with his breath, he would do it, but it is not working like that.  His first round since Jesus was glorified, we are still in the first round, or the first degree of the process that is designed to fully restore to the God who gave it, his breath and the seed of his daughter.  If we come with it, praise the Lord, he would like that, but if we do not come with it, he is going to take it back anyway, we being the personality.  Maybe the majority of people, certainly in the world, but in the church and in Jewry, they are not capable, they are not spiritually prepared for their personality to be rescued.  It is not because of any fault of their own, but because at this stage of the process they are not eligible. 


Paul said he was born out of season.  Paul, in many ways was eligible for immortality and eternal life in the body, but the stage of the plan of salvation  was not saving bodies at that time, other than for the head, which was Jesus, so he had to die.  The truth is there are millions of Christians that are as faithful as they possibly could be, and their personalities have not been saved, and will not be saved, if they are still existing today, and that is the hard cold truth.  I just heard in my head they will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.  That would be very painful for many people that exist today.  The ones that are dead are dead.  The personalities that died are dead.  What is new today that I have to tell you is this. I previously said that surely Jesus will do something to protect the personality, that they are not in torment, for whether it is five minutes or six months, until the personality dissolves.  What does dissolve mean? 


Brethren, what dissolved when the woman married the Serpent, when she married hades, what dissolved was that unity of the breath of Jehovah, the mother, and the seed of intelligence of the daughter.  That unity, the personality of God in the early creation, broke apart and died.  The seed of the daughter is now joined with the earth or hades.  I know that is a Greek term that might help you to understand.  The seed of the daughter now joined with hades, and a new personality came into existence, one that is part good and part evil like the feet of Daniel’s statue, part clay and part iron.  That is who we are.  The personality is evil, because we die.  We are evil by God’s term, not evil by man’s terms.  It does not mean you are a murderer, or a son of Sam killer.  What it means is that we murdered the Christ.  We murdered righteous Adam, and we are still under judgment for it.  Our ancestor, who is really us in another form, murdered the righteous personality, the creation of God. 


We are under wormwood judgment.  We have not been released from the judgment yet, therefore we die.  Every personality that  is formed, that is born of a woman, is that seed of Tevunah plus the breath of life that remains married to the earth.  We are a reproduction of the woman, at the pristine time of her adultery, when she first did it.  We have a potential for righteousness in us, and we have an evil personality in us.  It is the personality of Cain.  If you cannot hear that, then that is okay.  I am going to preach this, brethren, as long as there is breath in my nose.  I do not believe in the rapture.  If I die, I die.  I do not believe I am going to die.  I believe  I am going to go into longevity and immortality, until the judgment falls, because heavy judgment is falling, brethren.  This is what is ripped apart, that which came into existence after the adultery, the new personality of the seed of Tevunah, just a little bit of the breath of Jehovah that remained and the conscious earth, that the Greeks call hades, the lord of the underworld.


We have that personality in us, and that is what is broken up when the body dies.  That is our personality.  It breaks up.  Our personality ceases to exist, and if you are a person who has had faith in Jesus Christ, the breath of Jehovah that is in you, the human spirit, is being joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, and everything else dies.  The body dies and your personality dies, and the seed of spiritual intelligence is recycled on the circle of the earth.  The seed of spiritual intelligence is only rescued when the personality is saved.  All of these Christians that have gone before us, and I am not talking about the prophets and the apostles.  Whatever God did with them, He did with them.  I am talking about the average people that have faith in Jesus Christ.  They are not in heaven walking on streets of gold.  They do not have a mansion, and they are no longer conscious.  They do not exist.  They were ripped apart  so that the breath of Jehovah could be rescued because we are at the stage of salvation that mankind is in. 


It is not even mankind, it is just the Israel of God.  He has not gotten to mankind yet.  He is still delivering Israel first.  That is the first degree of the first stage that we are at, the rescue of the breath.  It is a death blow to this fallen creation because if the breath is not rescued, it is recycled with the seed of spiritual intelligence.  Every breath that Jesus takes out of this clay, that fallen Adam continues to recycle, makes it harder and harder to reincarnate for hades, or for the Serpent to reincarnate human beings.  You may say, Sheila, the numbers of people that exist are increasing.  Yes, he is spreading out what he has.  He is spreading out the clay.  That means the people are getting less and less spiritual because  the breath in us is what makes us spiritual,   I am saying hades because I am not sure what the word is.  I could say Leviathan or the Serpent.  Let me leave it at hades, who is the lord of the underworld.  He has the power to shred this human spirit.  That human spirit that was in Noah, for example, was shredded into three beings that survived him.  Each one of those human spirits were shredded into smaller and smaller sparks that that clay was wrapped around.


Look at the world today, brethren.  How spiritual is this world today?  We are getting less and less and less spiritual.  Why?  Because each individual has less of Jehovah’s breath in them.  It is the breath that gives your body consciousness, but it is beyond that.  It is the breath of spiritual life.  That breath is on every level of consciousness.  All of the four worlds exist in us.  They are not all active, but they all exist in us.  That breath is very weak, especially in the western world today.  I do not know about the rest of the world.  I do not know about the third world.  In the western Christian world, that breath is very weak.  The church is very weak.  Why do you say that, Sheila?  Jesus Christ is the strength of the church.  Brethren, if there is nothing in you for the Lord Jesus Christ to join to, all the strength in the world is not going to help you.  Let us get that straight.


What is being saved for people that have faith in Jesus Christ is their human spirit that glorifies God.  It does not do anything for the personality, which is busted up at the physical death of the person.  I continue to believe that faith in Jesus Christ will result in the protection of the Lord Jesus until that personality dissolves.  I have no word from the Lord as to how long it takes to dissolve the personality.  Some people say six months.  Some people say a year.  The personality that has not given birth to Christ Jesus cannot survive, so forget about your dogs and your cats.  All of your relatives do not exist anymore.  That is the truth.  The second degree or the second stage of salvation is your personality.  I have no information as of yet, for those personalities that survive as to how they will appear in the earth when they do reincarnate.  I would not expect them to appear in the same body, but we had some teaching recently which raised questions. 


What about Joseph and Jacob, whose bodies were embalmed?  What about Daniel, who was told he would stand on the earth again?  At this point, all that I could tell you is that it is not going to be all those bodies.  I just went to the cemetery to see my parent’s grave and my sister’s grave.  For some reason the Lord sent me there.  That is a whole other testimony.  I have not been there in years and years.  It is not my parents.  It is just a grave.  It is just bones in there, so I have not gone in years.  I am not really sure why I was there yet.  It is not all those bones that are going to stand up, brethren.  It is spiritual bones that are going to stand up.  It is the bones of righteous Adam that are going to stand up and come together.  Jesus said to the pharisees, you have dead men’s bones inside of you.  You have the bone of the dead Adam inside of you, and he is going to rise from the dead.  That is Christ in you. 


I made that correction.  I pray, Lord, correct all of my errors.  Correct every error in doctrine, and what I think about myself, and what I think about other people.  You can pray this with me if you want to.  You have to pray it for yourself.  Let me walk in the truth, Lord.  Let me be as close to you as possible because evil days are coming.  This is a hard word.  For every sin in your mind, and in your soul, that you have not submitted to God, that you have not sorrowed unto repentance, saying I receive it or I am sorry, is nothing.  Every sin for which you have not sorrowed unto repentance is under the sowing and  reaping judgment, and you have a scorecard with credits and demerits.  Your faith in Jesus Christ is saving your human spirit.  The church is in fantasy land.  Jewry is in fantasy land.


Brethren, to have your sins revealed is the most incredible privilege that God can give you.  The more knowledge you have, the kind of knowledge that has been preached here, the more you are responsible if you do not seriously consider what is said here.  At least, come forth with a confession of faith, and say I cannot see it yet, Lord, but I will receive it.  If you cannot even do that, I am going to tell you what Jesus told you, the alcoholics and the prostitutes will enter into the kingdom of God before you do.  All of your good works, and all of your faithfulness in attending services, and all of your financial faithfulness, in every way that you have been faithful, all of you praying for other people, will not give you enough credits to neutralize the debits that you will have from sitting in a ministry like this, and resisting what has been told to you about yourself from multiple witnesses, from multiple brethren in the ministry. 


That is for the third person who was in the room.  That was for you, the third person in the room that did not receive the correction.  You do not even remember it, right?  What am I going to do for you?  How am I going to help you?  You do not even remember that you did not receive the correction.  It was like the third time that I even told you over the years.  How do I help you?  I was encouraged when I corrected you tonight about the prayer that you had addressed incorrectly.  I will give you the benefit of a doubt that you really do not know what you are doing, but you consistently deny my authority by throwing your prayer request out to everybody in general.  When I told you today, at least you said you would do the right thing.  You need to understand that you are in danger.  All of your faithfulness, and the experience that you had with the Holy Spirit at the beginning, is not going to save you.  If you do not know what I am talking about, you need to get a hold of the recordings.  It was one of the last meetings and listen to that again.  You had better ask God to help you because you are in trouble.  Jesse might remember which meeting it was because he was so horrified at what you said that he manifested.  You need to listen to that, and you need to pray, Mary, because you are in trouble.  I do not know how else to help you, except to tell you. 


That is the testimony that the Lord wanted me to start with.  What happened to the brethren in Connecticut was that sin was revealed.  It is a wonderful thing, but the pharisees, my beloved pharisees,  are the ones that I teach.  The people in this ministry are the pharisees.  In general, your lifestyle is so righteous that Leviathan frequently takes advantage of you to block truth that is revealed to you, and lets you think that you are safe because of a multiplicity of things.  The biggest lie that makes the believer think they are safe is that we are not saved by works.  We are saved by union with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Well, are you joined to the Lord Jesus Christ when you are refusing to acknowledge that you did something wrong?  Do you think that you are joined to him when you are refusing to acknowledge that you did something wrong when you have been told multiple times, with witnesses from multiple brethren, and you still stand there and say it is okay.  You think that is a mind that is joined to the Lord Jesus Christ?  It is not, so Christ must be underfoot for you to say something like that, or think something like that.  I told you before, when the Lord Jesus comes in an hour, in the moment that he is going to marry Christ Jesus in you, if Leviathan is on top, and Christ Jesus is underneath, the union will not take place.


The rest of my message this morning, at least as far as I know right now,  is a testimony about what I experienced yesterday, and I want to put it together because I am just telling you the truth.  I do not say this with condemnation.  I teach the pharisees.  I teach people that are not in behavioral trouble.  They are not alcoholics.  They are not prostitutes.  They are living a socially acceptable life, and their Leviathan continues to rise in their mind and tell them that they are okay, and they are being lied to. This includes me; me, who preaches this incredible message.  The Lord has come to me multiple times and showed me where I was wrong in my thinking.  I beg him to come to me and correct every error of thought or mind, to reveal every sin.  Give me this opportunity to be as clean as I hopefully could me because no one is going to be completely clean.  In the hour that is coming upon the earth, it is an hour of darkness, brethren.  If you think that you are someone that you are not, you are going to find out that you are not that person in a very painful way.  If you cannot get it from me, you are going to get it in a painful way.                 


Yesterday, I went out with the widow that I minister to.  I really did not want to go, brethren.  I really  had other things to do here.  I asked the Lord to help me to have a good time because it is a social thing, but I am with her because the Lord told me to call her when her husband died, and a relationship has been established.  If it was up to her we would see each other once a week.  I could not even bear that.  She is very carnal, brethren.  I am never telling you anything like this to put people down.  From this point of view we are like doctors.  I am analyzing the person that the Lord has sent me to.  She is very carnal, and she has some personality characteristics that are very offensive.  The way she talks to people, the way she relates to people, people are offended.  She is a widow, and her husband has been dead for a year and a half, and she cannot drive.  She lost a lot of her sight to the point that she is not allowed to drive.


She is in a difficult position out here in Suffolk County.  Where she lives, it is very rural.  She needs people, and she lives in a house that is in a development that has a club house, so there are a lot of people around where she lives.  There are other widows around, and she finds that people are ignoring her.  When I picked her up yesterday, she was telling me how hurt she was that there are four widows that go out to dinner all the time, and they do not ask her to go with them.  She said they will do anything  they can for her like take her to the super market.  They will do this, they will do that, but they will go out socially without her.  She is terribly lonely.  Then another thing that happened to her was a woman, who she thought was her friend, knew about a social event associated with the synagogue.  Multiple synagogues got together, and they hired a bus and went into Brooklyn.  This is what they do, brethren. 


They went into Brooklyn, and they visited the grave of the Rebbi, and they were going out to lunch, and it was a whole day.  She is desperately lonely, and she cannot get out of the house unless someone takes her out.  No one told her about the event.  Then she found out that someone who she is friends with, who she has had a relationship with for years, was going and did not even tell her about it.  It appears that the woman who did not tell her about it, lives quite a distance from her.  It might not have been tenable  to pick the widow up.  It appears to me from the story that I heard that the reason she did not tell her about the event was she thought the widow would want her to pick her up.  It would not have been right for her to even do it, so she handled it incorrectly.  She did not tell the widow about the event.  I am calling her the widow because I would just as soon not use her name.


The widow said to me, but that is wrong.  Brethren, listen to this.  I have told you that righteousness can come out of a personality that is really frequently offensive.  She said, that was not right, she should have given me the choice.  I could have taken it if she would have said I cannot pick you up.  I would have taken a cab to the bus leaving for the city.  She was so hurt that it looks like it might have busted up that relationship.  I encouraged her to not let that happen.  I told her that her friend just did not know how to tell her in a Godly way.  She did wind up telling her that I could not have picked you up.  The woman was not mature enough in this area to say, I want you to know this would have been the right thing to do.  I want you to know that this event is going on, and that I am going, but I am sorry that I just cannot pick you up.  I do not want there to be any discomfort between us.  I am honestly telling you that I cannot pick you up.


I would have done that.  That was what the widow was saying she would have liked, but I want to tell you that there are very few people that could do that.  In today’s culture very few people will do that, including people in this ministry.  One of the things that I have been trying to teach you for years, you have to tell people the truth.  If you cannot do something, or if you cannot go, or if you do not want to go, or you do not want to be together, or do anything that I am suggesting, you need to stand up like a man and tell me the truth, or tell whoever else your issue is with.  Thank you for inviting me, but I really would rather not go, or I cannot go, and you should give an explanation.  That is what you do in what used to be polite society.  More and more, the people that I come up against, they just do not know how to act in polite society.  It just amazes me.  We are descending socially to a very low place.  People will not say thank you.  They will not say please.  If you call them, and they do not have an answer that they think you would expect, they just do not call you back.  It is just a very ungodly way of communication.  That is through the whole culture today, that I could see.


Now these women are in two different age groups.  The widow is 79 and the woman who could not face her, and do the right thing is 42.  Now that is the difference in the age groups.  The widow said I would have taken a cab to the bus.  Why would she do that to me?  Then also, she said the rabbi’s wife knew about it.  I just saw the rabbi’s wife yesterday, and she did not say anything to me either.  She was so offended and so hurt.  Let me remind you that the last time we were together, I actually ministered to her, which really surprised me, however the conversation went.  I never expected to minister to this woman.  She is very Jewish and very carnal.  I never in a million years thought that I would minister to her.  I thought it was just a good work and a kindness to a widow who cannot drive.  The last time we were together, she asked me a question, to refresh your memory, who were the wives of Cain and Abel. 


My answer was they did not have human form.  That satisfied her and ended the conversation.  She never asked another question.  I saw that our relationship was changing when we went out together, when I picked her up.  I told you I was suppose to go to the cemetery just to see that my parent’s graves were being taken care of.  That was the thought that was in my mind anyway.  I know that they are not in the grave.  I said to the woman that this is something we can do together.  When she stood over her husband’s grave and talked to him, I had to stand there and say, oh my God.  She stood over his grave and talked to the bones that were buried under the ground.  More people than not visit the grave sites of their loved ones, because they do not know what else to do.  I said to myself that this would be something that we could do together.  What we had been doing together before that was going to a movie, and out to dinner. The movies are so bad today that I do not even know if I could sit through another one.  They are just horrible.  They are anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-America.  They are violent.  I thought that this was something that we could do together, so we stopped at her husband’s grave.  It took some time to find the graves of my parents and sister.  We found them, and got lost going out, and then we went to the restroom.  We spent a couple of hours together.  I saw that she has a kernel of righteousness.  Brethren, this is so classic.  The widow knew this woman was wrong for keeping that information from her, although the two women, including the rabbi’s wife that wound her, did not mean her any harm.  They did not know how to tell her.  In my opinion they were afraid to tell her because they were afraid that she would be pressuring them to pick her up.  Brethren, it is a burden to do that.  If you have a ministry to pick people up to take them to church, or elsewhere, it is a very Godly ministry, because it is a burden to be picking people up all the time.  I think I never really even acknowledged that June picked up Ceilie and took her home all of those years.  I never even recognized it until now what a burden it must have been on you, and what a sacrifice and a Godly thing that you did for her.  It is a burden.


Now I see this widow once every six weeks.  I drive out to Middle Island, pick her up, and I drive wherever we are going.  Then I drive her home and then I go home.  I do it like once every six weeks, but it is a burden.  I do it with an open heart, but if I had to do it every day it would be a burden.  She had that kernel of righteousness in her.  If she were on the other side, she would have handled it properly.  She knew what the right thing to do was.  That is the seed of Tevunah in her.  Yet on the outside, her personality is offensive, brethren.  Part of the offense is that frequently every other word out of her mouth is that she has no money, that she is really broke, and she cannot afford to do this and that.  That is what she is telling everybody, but apparently that is not true, but they are believing her.  What I am trying to tell you, brethren, is that I judged her sins.  Now this is interesting because she does not know the Lord.  I am just remembering how this happened.  We were sitting at dinner, and of course the subject kept coming up.


I picked her up at 2:00 P.M. and I got home at 8:00 P.M.  We were together all those hours.  First the subject of Jesus came up, and she asked about all of you.  She wanted to know if the disciples here wanted to become Jewish.  I said no one is converting to Judaism.  It came out no, no, no.  That was how it came out of my mouth.  She said, oh it is just Kabbalah then.  I answered yes, it is just Kabbalah, but we all believe that Jesus is Messiah.  She was very negative.  This is so interesting.  She was very negative, and not in a mean kind of way, and the Lord blessed her anyway. She said, oh I do not believe that.  Do you believe he is the Son of God?  I said I do believe he is the Son of God.  She said, really?  Then I realized she thought that meant a spirit impregnated Mary, so I corrected it.  I said, no I do not believe in the virgin birth.  I believe that Joseph is Jesus’ father.  I said the sons of God are in the Zohar.  It is a scriptural term that has to do with your state of being.  She accepted that.


Jewish people always associate Christianity with the Catholic Church no matter how many times you tell them that there are Protestant churches.  You cannot get their mind off the Catholic Church.  You simply cannot.  I straightened that out and told her I did not believe in the virgin birth, and she said she had a friend who she went to visit in Florida who had a picture of Jesus on a piece of her furniture.  She was so horrified that her Jewish friend had a picture of Jesus.  When she talks there is always anger in her voice, a very angry spirit.  Yeah, I could not believe she had a picture of Jesus there.  That was terrible, and when I asked her, she said that Jesus healed her.  That is crazy, I do not believe that.  I told her that religious pictures are forbidden by the Torah.  That is the five books of Moses.  That is the word that she knows.  It did not do her much good when I told her religious pictures were forbidden.  Then I said, nobody knows what he looks like.  That took her back.


She seemed surprised that nobody knows what he looks like.  She said, well I have seen all those pictures with a beard, and this and that.  Yes, I said, it is somebody’s imagination.  Nobody knows what he looked like.  That caught her.  That is interesting.  What else did I tell her?  I told her that he healed me and that I am alive.  You have to smile because you have to see them as children.  You just have to smile.  She said, I had that out of body experience, and I almost died.  I almost died and I lived too.  I said yes, but it was not Jesus that did that for you.  She really did not know much of what she was talking about.  It was just how could you do that, and how could you be Catholic?  I said I am not Catholic.  I never have had anything to do with the Catholic Church.  I said Jesus was Jewish.  She said I know, but, but, but, and she said something more about  Catholics.  I must have said it five times to her, Jesus was Jewish, because she was saying how could you be Jewish and believe Jesus is Messiah.  I said he was Jewish and he was teaching what I teach.  I do not think that got through to her.  How do I explain it?  She was not holding anything against me.  She was just giving a very opinionated opinion of what she thought, and said I do not believe that.  Then she said to me, has he ever spoken to you?  I hesitated and said, yes he has spoken to me.  She said, oh I do not believe that.  In other words, she has heard all these things from Christians.  Oh I do not believe that.  She said he cannot be Messiah because if he was Messiah, nobody would be sick anymore.  It had to go in, but there was little response. I said to her it has started, but not on a global level.  It starts with the individual.  I said many people have experienced his healing.  That is the beginning of his ministry on the individual level.  She did not want to hear that.


Then somewhere along the line, after that, I wound up telling her that the reason, most likely, these people are rejecting you is because they feel they cannot pick you up.  The reason they do not invite you out to dinner when they live right in your neighborhood, most likely, is because they think they are going to have to pay for you.  She said I always pay for myself.  Brethren, when you are sitting at a table for dinner with someone that is telling you that they do not have any money, especially if you have a husband with you, because some of these people that she would like to go out with, there are men there.  They feel that they should pay for her, so they do not invite her to go with them.  I am pretty sure that is what it is.  That was what I tried to tell her, that that is how they feel.  The things that she is saying  makes them feel uncomfortable, so they do not invite her.  She was not mad at me like you all have gotten mad at me over the years.  She was not mad at me. 


She has a righteous kernel in her, as honest as she was with what I had to say, by saying oh that is ridiculous and I do not believe that.  It was just her honest opinion being expressed in a way that would offend a lot of people, but that was all that it was.  It was her opinion, and she was not condemning me personally.  When I tried to tell her this, she was not offended.  I thought that was positive.  We must have been talking for about ten minutes.  It was just as the waiter brought the bill, and she was ready to get up, and I said we can sit here and talk for awhile.  Then as we were walking out to the car, she says to me, Sheila, you are a true friend because you told me the truth.  That was what she said to me.  She has not been sitting here for twenty years.  She has never heard a message that I have preached.  She does not even understand who I am, but I told her the truth.  She recognized it, and she appreciated it.  There are people here for twenty years that do not recognize it.  They not only do not appreciate me telling them the truth, but they will not use the truth to help themselves.  What more can I do for you?  We get in the car, and she says to me, yeah that is a true friend.  You told me the truth and you helped me.  We were driving home, and along the way home it came out of her mouth again.  Brethren, she cannot be that broke.  She was even admitting to me that she was not that broke.  Everything is priorities.  Well, you do not go tossing your money away if you are a widow, and you have a fixed income, but she knows what she can do.  She can go out to dinner, and take a cab to a bus, maybe not every day, but she can do it.  That is what she is telling me.  She started in the car again.  The thing with money came up again.  I put my hand over her hand, and I said that is what they are staying away from.  When you say something like this, that is what they do not want to hear.  It is making them uncomfortable.  She got very quiet.  She received the correction.  She has never sat in a meeting like this.  She was not mad at me.  She was grateful, you see.  The reason she was grateful is that the way people are treating her is really hurting her.


If you are someone who is taking the correction, then it is not for you.  You all who will not take my correction, who make my judgment of no effect, you are the one I love.  You are the one I am scared for.  You, this is all about you.  You make my judgment of no affect, although you are doing a lot better lately.  You did not take the victory in Connecticut.  You who make my judgment of no affect, do you want to know what your problem is?  Your problem is this.  You are not being hurt, you see.  The sin that I am revealing to you is not hurting you.  Well, it is hurting you, but it is not hurting you in a manner that you can recognize that this is a solution to my problem.  Now maybe you have a pain over here, and you have a pain over there, you are sick over there, and you have all these problems, but you are not relating whatever problems you might have, that I know about or that I do not know about, you are not relating them to the sin that I am revealing in you.


You do not see it as a deliverance.  You do not see the revelation of sin in you as a deliverance from the pains and hurts of your life.  Brethren, what does that mean?  The Lord loves you.  He wants you to confess your sins so that you can be closer to him so that he can protect you, but you make my judgments of no effect.  What does that mean?  It is coming your way.  I am going to say it again.  The reason this widow was so grateful for the revelation of sin was because she recognized that what I had educated her with was an opportunity for her to change that could possibly change her circumstances.  That if she would stop doing this, maybe the people that surround her, that live around her, would invite her out, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.  The weekends are very hard for her, she tells me.  Then she hears that they go out without her.  She recognized that the truth that I told her could relieve her from that pain, so she was grateful.


You do not recognize that the truth that I am telling you can relieve you from trouble in your life because it is not obvious.  It is not obvious the kind of sin that I reveal here, and it is not obvious that it is related to, and can possible deliver you from other pains in your life.  Because you do not recognize that because it is not obvious, there is no leverage on you to appreciate it or confess it, or attempt to change, or to be grateful for it.   What is the Lord going to do to help you?  What is the Lord going to do to help you?  I am going to say it again.  I want an answer from you all.  The sin that I reveal is hidden.  There is no conscious surface  connection between the sin that I reveal and pain or trouble in your life.  This woman was grateful for the revelation of her sin because she was able to see the reason for the trouble in her life, and she knew that she could  use this truth if she wanted to change her life.  She was grateful.  My beloved pharisees are not grateful, and sometimes resist me because there is no obvious connection between the sin that is revealed and trouble in your life.  What is about to happen to you who are in this position?  Somebody answer this question. 


Congregation: Miss the mark.


Pastor Vitale: That does not make any sense.


Congregation: It is going to get to a painful state that you will be able to relate it to.


Pastor Vitale: Yes.  I will make it clearer.  God is going to bring pain into your life through the sowing and reaping judgment, that will help you to relate the revelation of sin to trouble in your life, so that you will be grateful for the information that will give you deliverance.  You will be grateful enough  for the information which you will then use to change yourself to avoid that pain in your life.  That is what is coming.


He loves you.  You are going to get his deliverance one way or the other.  If you cannot hear it from me pouring my heart out to you, and other brethren witnessing that I am telling you the truth, if you just cannot get it, pain is coming that will help you to get it because the Lord loves you.  It has taken you twenty years, and it is not just Mary.  Mary is the obvious one because it happened in Connecticut, but it is a lot of people here.  It is for everybody here.  In the hour that God has me to reveal sin in you, that you in some way, in your mind, whether you express it verbally, or you do not express it verbally, if you make that judgment of no effect, because in your mind you cannot relate it to a deliverance from a painful situation, God is going to give you the painful situation, or you are going to spiritually die. 


Do you know that there is such a disease that exists that some people cannot feel pain?  They could be caught in a fire and being burnt alive, and not rescue themselves because they do not feel the pain.  If communicating with you intellectually cannot help you to produce the result that God needs from you to save you, because he needs a particular result from you to save you, if this intellectual communication from me cannot do it for you, he will provide the pain for you that will help you to do what you need to do so that he can attach himself to you more completely, so that he can save you and protect you during the hard times that are coming.  That is how it works.  That was what Jesus was talking about when he said the alcoholics and the prostitutes will enter in before you pharisees.  It is because your life is good, and the pain in your life you do not relate to the sins of pride.  Pride is hidden.  You do not relate it to painful situations in your life. 


It was quite an experience for me yesterday.  I also wanted to tell you this on behalf of the Lord.  We are all hoping and waiting for the power to come back.  Even myself, to some degree, I would love to see people healed, and get up out of their wheelchairs and all that.  It is not likely to happen that way, brethren.  This is different than Pentecost.  The miracles that are coming are the miracles that the widow had yesterday.  She had a miracle yesterday.  That widow had a miracle yesterday.  She was in great pain.  She was suffering in her emotions from loneliness and the loss of her second husband.  There are neighbors where she could walk to their house because they are that close, and they are going out and leaving her home, and she does not understand why.  She had a miracle yesterday.  That is the kind of miracles that are coming, those kinds of miracles.  Now maybe someone will be healed here or there, but the emphasis  is not going to be on physical healing alone. 


Now hear this.  It was so refreshing to me.  It was a blessing to me to be able to help somebody, and see that I really helped them with what I do here.  I do not get the same results here.  I am not trying to hurt you all.  I am telling you all the truth.  You may be in my position someday.  It is painful for me to show  you all your sins.  Some of you do better than others, but it is painful for me.  It hurts me.  This is a painful ministry for me.  I do not see people getting up out of wheelchairs and being healed.  There is a lot of pain over the years in this ministry for me, but God gave me ministry yesterday that lifted my spirit.  It made me happy.  I came home and I was happy that I helped somebody.  Now I did not heal her arthritis and I did not do anything physical for her, but I healed her emotional pain.  I should not say that.  It was Christ Jesus in me that gave her information that was healing to her emotional pain, and she took the victory sitting right next to me in the car.  She shut her mouth.  I could see the look on her face.  She was going to do everything she could to stop talking like that.  First I told her about it, and then when she did it, I demonstrated by saying that is what I was talking about. 


When I talk to you all, I tell you about it, and then I have to show it to you when it is coming out of your mouth.  I have to show it to you when it is an attitude because if I tell you that you have such and such a sin, and I do not show you that is the manifestation of it, your carnal mind will give you a wrong impression.  That woman made me happy yesterday, with her damaged personality, that if I would have taken offense, I would never see her again. She is offensive.  She has no idea that she is offensive.  She has no idea.  She really has a nice heart, but her personality is so offensive.  I really enjoyed that ministry for two reasons.  The Lord has humbled me, and believe me I am not telling you that I have arrived, brethren, because I have not.  I struggle with my sins every day, but he has delivered me of pride to the point that she did not bother me.  The offensive things that she said did not bother me.  I just felt very kindly towards her, understanding that she was someone that I was ministering to.  I would just smile at her.  The old me would have been in a big fight with her, and would have taken her home and said, I am never going to see you again. 


It was not that she hurt me, and I did not act on it.  I was not even offended by her, which is a miracle for me.  What a blessing to see that I helped her.  For all of you who may be feeling this way.  What way?  That Pentecost was such a positive experience, that we saw demons cast out.  We saw people healed.  We helped people and we received the blessings of helping people.  It made us feel good.  Then we come into this pain chamber, which is this ministry, and it is really hard to feel good here.  It is only because of our pride.  The widow did not feel bad when I revealed her sins.  It is just pride that makes you feel bad.  This is the word for you all.  All of you on some level are desiring to go back to those days, or at least to go back to those days, or at least to come into the modern example of those days, or the modern expressions of those days, when ministry made us feel good, when we were relating to other people in Christ made us feel good.  If something in us is longing for those days to minister to people in a way that will make us feel good again.  I do not know about you, but I think about that.  I wanted to minister to people in a way that makes me feel good, not a way that makes me feel bad or all upset, because you are upset, and I am feeling your feelings, or because I am concerned about you. 


If there is anybody here that is hoping on any level for those days to come back, or comparable days to come into existence, that would minister to other people, and the result of it will be that we will feel good, the Lord wants me to tell you, that that will never happen so long as you are walking around with unconfessed sin, and holding your head up against what I have been telling you for years, and refusing to accept it.  Those days are not coming to you because there is no way that someone in that condition  will be sent by God to a little one like that.  That widow was a spiritual little one in pain for lack of knowledge, and when she got the knowledge, she laid hold of it and used it.  God will never send you who are refusing to acknowledge your sins, or that you did something wrong, no matter how long ago it was.  He is never going to send you to one of those little ones.  That is what he told me to tell you this morning.  It is for everybody. 


Right now there is one person that I am dealing with, but it is for everybody.  That is the word to you.  It is pride in you.  If I am telling you that you did something wrong, and the issue comes up time and time again, and every couple of years the issue comes up again, and you will not receive it, that is pride in you.  God is not sending you with pride to one of those little ones because pride in you will do something wrong.  Pride in you will break their heart.  Pride in you will condemn them and break their heart.  He is not sending you, you see.  That is the next layer of ministry.  That is the next level of ministry.  Those days of laying hands on you and you are healed of heart disease, or diabetes, or cancer, or whatever, when he does heal people, it is going to be very low keyed.  The main focus of the revival that is coming is the revelation of incorrect thinking, and incorrect behavior, the knowledge of which, for the person that seizes it, will be to be set free. 


He is going out to help those little ones.  That is what he wants me to tell you today.  You are going to be standing on the sidelines while everyone else has the ministry.  You can go out, and you can pray for people and see them healed, and prophecy to them with all of your sins intact, but not this kind of ministry.  He will not send you.  Now maybe you will send yourself, but he will not send you.  Now the question in my mind is, did the widow get the seed?  Did she get the seed?  This is an interesting question, brethren.  She had her sins judged, and she accepted it, and she took the victory.  She acted on it.  Yet, she does not believe Jesus is the Son of God.  Although when I said to her, no, no, and I do not mean that a spirit impregnated a woman, but that it is your spiritual state of being.  She did not argue with that.  She probably did not know what I was talking about.  Did she receive the seed?


I cannot tell you for sure that she did, but brethren, it would not surprise me if she did.  She received my spirit.  Jesus said, if you receive a prophet in his name, you receive the spirit of the prophet.  He said if someone just gives a cup of water to a prophet, you receive a prophet’s reward.  I think she received the seed.  She received my correction, she received my spirit, she received the seed.  Now she is 79 years old, but she is pretty strong.  Who knows?  It usually takes anywhere for up to three years for that seed  to sprout.  Her friend who has the picture of Jesus told her that Jesus healed her.  I remember that she gave me that testimony years ago.  I do not know what the illness was of this woman, but she said that Jesus walked into her room.  I guess she saw a vision.  He walked into her room and she was healed.  I do not remember the rest of the testimony.  The only thing she knows to do is to buy some stupid picture of some man that posed for it with a beard, and think that it is Jesus.  The woman did not know what else to do, but she knows that Jesus healed her.  You cannot take someone’s experience away from them, brethren.  I think the widow received the seed.  As I understand the Scripture, she received my word, and she should get a prophet’s reward, and the reward of the prophet is Christ Jesus, right?  What other reward is there? 


All of my beloved pharisees, I love you all.  I love you all, but I am not the disciplinarian.  I am the teacher.  If I cannot get through to you, the disciplinarian is coming.  If I cannot get through to you as your teacher, the disciplinarian is coming.  I am doing all I can do for you.  Maybe you cannot do any better.  Then I exhort you to be strong, and tell you that I am praying that you survive the discipline.  If you cannot go the easy way, and you have to go the hard way, maybe you just really are not capable  of laying hold of my words, and doing the right thing.  I pray that you survive the discipline.  I pray that everyone here enters into the fullness that the Lord will let us enter into, which is what we are hoping for today. 


There is longevity, or if for any reason our body does die, that our personality should be saved because of the resurrection of Christ in us.  Christ is the zygote of the Lord Jesus joined to Cain/Abel in you.  That is the whole issue.  Here is my hand.  This is Cain/Abel in you.  The zygote of the Lord Jesus comes and joins himself to Cain/Abel in you.  If your body should die, Cain/Abel, the Lord Jesus is going to reach down and join to Cain/Abel and pull him out of the body.  That is Christ  in you.  The  zygote, joined to Cain/Abel as Christ in you, and the Lord Jesus starts pulling him, come home.  Hopefully Abel in you is going to go with him, and that is the salvation of your personality.  Cain is the body.  In order for Abel to go with the zygote of the Lord Jesus, he has to be pulled away from Cain.  Jesus said to the thief on the cross, this day you will be with me in paradise.  Brethren, where you are today in your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, that is where you are when you come out of your body.  You are in that same place, if you have unconfessed sin, especially unconfessed sin that has been revealed by me over, and over again, and over again, and yet you will not receive it.


What you are suppose to be doing if you cannot believe it, you are suppose to be believing it by faith.  You are suppose to be trying, not justifying yourself, and saying no, no, you are wrong.  That does not join you  to the Lord Jesus Christ.  That kind of thought separates you from him because that is pride.  It gets in between you and the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will not join with that, you see.  I am telling you all of your faithfulness over the years will not save you from that judgment on that kind of pride.  Why?  Because that kind of pride is keeping you away from the Lord.  He is going to judge you in the hopes  that the pain will give you the victory, and that you can go forward.  There is nothing that you have ever done that will save you from the pain that is coming for you, which is designed to break that pride on you, because he loves you, if I have not been able to get through to you.  That is what he wanted me to tell you today.  I do have a testimony about what happened in Connecticut, but it is a whole different spirit here.  This is what I would like to do.  I would like to end this file, take a short break, maybe ten minutes.  Then when I come out, if the Lord lets me I will give you my testimony about what happened in Connecticut in general.  If not, we will go on with this message.    


I do not know that I really have much to say to you about Connecticut for some reason, other than that I hope that the Lord gets through to the pastor there, because all of us really like her.  She stopped shunning us and has decided to befriend us.  Maybe this is the testimony.  She befriends everybody that comes to these conferences, but she shunned us for more than twenty years based upon what I preach.  It is interesting that it was her father’s rule that he would never reject someone because of what they preach, so he never stopped me or this ministry from coming to their conference, but he shunned us.  I guess in his mind, and she picked up his teachings, and there is a difference between cutting someone off.  When you cut them off, there is no hope of you reclaiming them.  If you let them continue to come, and you shun them, hopefully they will come around to your way of thinking.  I guess that is where they were coming from. 


She did speak to us.  Last year she received us as just people that have been coming to the conference for years.  We are amongst the oldest ones there.  At the time that I was going, starting in 1991, there were people that had been going there for years and years.  They seem to have lost a lot of their old timers.  A lot of the people that were there this year have just been coming for two or three years.  It is just a whole new crowd.  At least I, June and Mary, were amongst those who have been coming for a very long time.  She never spoke to us, and her husband never spoke to us, her mother, and her father.  We were shunned.  As of last year she stopped the shunning.  Apparently, as she gave her testimony, I believe that she came to this understanding that what she was doing was wrong, as a result of much pain.  This we heard in a meeting that was just for the pastors.  She spoke about how much pain she had experienced.  I think a lot of people left her church. 


One person accused her of a crime, and tried to sue her, and put it up on the internet.  She did not say that, but I know that that happened.  She told about all the pain that she had experienced, and at least one of the results of the pain was that she realized, that as much as she loved, honored, and respected her father, who was a great man of God, everything that he had taught her was not right.  She had just continued his policies, and I really think that she was talking about us when she said that she had just continued his policies after he died, when she picked up the reigns of leadership.  She was now convicted that everything that he taught her was not right, and she had to make some changes.  I do believe that she was talking about shunning people who you do not agree with.  We never did anything wrong to them.  They just did not like what I preached, and they did not like that I would not submit my doctrine  to them, which was really where it started.


One member of the ministry had given out the alternate translation of the Book of Revelation.  Actually, the one who is the pastor now, who was the associate pastor at the time, she made the announcement to the ministers as she held up our book, and said, you can bring this to us, and we will tell you what we think about it, but do not pass it out to the congregation.  The person who did it was wrong, but I did not tell her to pass it out to the congregation, but they were talking to me.  Maybe they thought I told  her to do it.  I do not know, but I would never go to them, and have them pass judgment on my doctrine because I knew that they were going to rip it to shreds.  In one of the moments that she was talking to us, she did tell us that she had been estranged from her brother.  He had not spoken to her for six years, and that she was so grateful for him to come back for the reconciliation.  She was not feeling in her heart that he really should say that he was sorry, but she was just glad to have him back.  Apparently she has  experienced a lot of loss with members of her congregation.  They have second and third generations in that congregation.  People that have been going there for years and years, and a lot of them left, and apparently trouble with her family. 


Brethren, you cannot shun the son of God, who is going to your conference because God told them to go.  Sons of God who are bearing up under persecution because God is telling them to go and not stop going.  Even if you are ignorant, and you think you are doing the right thing, you cannot prosper in your life when you are doing something like that.  Once again, here is the instruction.  If something painful has happened in your life, if you want to be smart, you need to ask the Lord if there is anything that I have done that I should not have done, or something that I should be doing that I am not doing.  What has brought this into my life?  What is the open door?  If you think that you are righteous, and you could not have possibly done anything wrong, your pride has already destroyed you, and you have a demerit on your scorecard which exists in heaven. 


When things get really bad, and I keep hoping that they are not going to get really bad because I do not want to be a preacher of doom, but I do not know how they cannot get really bad.  The country is in such sin, and it gets worse, and the evil powers have grasped the reigns of power.  As Glenn Beck said this morning, something evil is being born here.  What is being born is the man of sin.  He is a collective man.  He is parallel with Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus is a spiritual man that exists in another dimension, and he has many aspects of himself appearing as individual human beings.  He is one head.  I hate to use the octopus, but it is the perfect example.  The head is in Beriah, the World of Creation, and all of his aspects reach down and appear in this world as individual people.  That is an accurate description of Christ Jesus, the Son of God.  The man of sin has a parallel experience as a head that exists in an invisible dimension, with tentacles of himself that reach down into this world, and appears in many people. 


The man of sin is very, very, very present, brethren.  The Scripture says that as soon as he appears, he will be destroyed by the brightness of the Lord’s coming, but you know the Scripture, brethren.  He is never late, but it could be a long time.  The man of sin could be here for a long time before the brightness of the Lord’s coming appears.  Although the truth of the matter is, if you can hear it, the brightness of his coming is here.  The brightness of his coming is the doctrine here.  Do you know what Zohar means?  Zohar means brightness.  It means brightness, so the brightness of his coming is his divine doctrine.  The brightness, by which he is appearing, the brightness of his coming is this divine doctrine.  The brightness of his coming is here, at least to some degree, but the destruction of the man  of sin has just begun because he first has to be destroyed in the sons of God who carry the doctrine. 


If the man of sin in you is not being acknowledged by you in every aspect that God reveals to you from any source, including me, you are a part of the body of the man of sin.  At some point, either the man of sin or Christ Jesus will kill the other one in you.  Now the Lord is bringing a correction to me right now.  I told you in the first part of this message that if my intellectual instruction cannot convict you of your sins, the sowing and reaping judgment will provide the pain, which hopefully will convict you because he loves you, and I implied that you are going to be okay no matter what, and that is not true.  I did not tell you the truth because I do not like the truth or I do not like to tell you the truth.  I do love the truth.  This truth is painful.  Let me change that.  Sometimes we love the truth, and the truth is very painful.  The Lord just corrected what I said to you earlier.  Yes, he loves you, but you will stand or fall based upon your response to him and your use of the power that he gives you.


In every area where sin has been revealed, if you are not acknowledging it, and warring against it, that is a root out of which the man of sin is appearing in you.  If you are pregnant with twins, brethren, you are pregnant with the man of sin and the manchild.  One will kill the other, and only one will survive.  It is in each man’s hand as to which one will survive, and your hand is your mind.  The Lord is standing here watching, and I told you the wrong thing because the truth was too painful for me to tell you.  You do not have to make it.  You do not have to make it.  If you are pregnant with twins, only one will live,  and one will die.  The twin that lives will determine who you are, the son of God or the man of sin, and the Lord is not intervening.  I do not know, but perhaps at one point, if you are eventually convicted and you cry out for help, he might help.  I cannot tell you what he is going to do, but that is the story.  If your refusal to deal with what I tell you, when I tell you that you have done something wrong, if you refuse to deal with it, that is a seed out of which the man of sin is growing in you.  A lack of confession of that sin, and a genuine sorrowing unto repentance will make you pregnant with twins, and they will have to duke it out.




There is no way that Christ Jesus is going to win with that unconfessed sin in you.  Listen. There is no way that Christ Jesus will overcome the man of sin with unconfessed sin in you.  There is no way that Christ Jesus will overcome the man of sin in you if there is unconfessed sin in you.  The Lord will not fight for you in areas where your pride is prevailing.  He will not.  I did not expect to say that when I came out here.  He will not fight for you if you will not humble yourself.  He will not.  Pregnant with twins, one good and one evil.  One Jacob and one Esau.  He will take back his Spirit, but he is not going to preserve your personality.  He is not going to.  You have to step up to the plate.  Time is very short, brethren.  I cannot save you, and the Lord will not save you if you will not save yourself.  That is what he just said.  I did not even know I was going to say that until I sat down and started talking.  Time is very short.  You cannot be in a ministry like this with unconfessed sin in your mind, and a heart full of pride, and arrogance. The Lord is not rejecting you.  Do you understand that that pride and that arrogance are seeds that will grow and overtake the manchild in you?           


Since this is testimony time, I did mention earlier about Paul calling himself a fool.  I have a testimony with regard to that.  I printed out the whole content.  It is 1 Corinthians 3 verses 10 thru 23.  Paul talks about being a fool in verse 18.  Let no man deceive himself.  If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool that he may be wise.  I printed out beneath this at the bottom of page 1.  I printed out the definition of the word wise in this verse.  Now before we go into this, I want to give you my testimony.  I may have mentioned to you from time to time that as I struggle with this lifestyle, as I struggle to live in two worlds at the same time, which is not easy, something has happened to me over the last few years, or who even remembers before that.  I really should not say over the last few years.  I have been made a fool of for years going all the way back.  The way I was made a fool was that I looked like a person who did not want to work.  I have such a strong work ethic.  I do not mean to brag.  I worked to 5:00 A.M.  I have a very strong work ethic.  I work all the time.


For someone to think that I am someone who is a free loader who does not want to work, was very painful for me.  That goes back years.  I looked like a fool in those days, but I just did not have any respect for myself.  Women who do not work have no respect for themselves, brethren.  These days strange things come out of my mouth.  It is going on for several years now.  I started to stutter for three years and then it got better.  I am still stuttering.  It is not as bad as it used to be, but I stutter.  I am much less articulate than I was, except when I am under the anointing.  Some of the messages are really good when I am under the anointing.  When I am not under the anointing, I have trouble expressing myself.  I cannot find the words that I want to use, although that happens when I am preaching sometimes too.  I am much less articulate than I was.  I used to be very articulate.  Some of you have told me that I sound fine.  Well maybe I do, but I know that I am not where I was.  I started stuttering a few years ago as a direct result of the pressures here. 


There is a phenomena in my life that is really embarrassing.  Things come out of my mouth that I do  not know where they come from.  They just pop out of my mouth, and they are silly things that make me look like a fool.  This whole thing really came to a head for me, I think, on the way home from the conference when I said the stupidest thing.  We were walking into my house, a few of the brethren and myself, and someone mentioned they looked at my garden and they saw a hole, and said there is some kind of an animal there.  I said, oh yeah, he comes every year.  We have a beaver here.  Everybody started to laugh because I know that beavers build dams over water.  I know that a little chipmunk is here every year.  I never for a second thought that it was a beaver, never.  Where in the world did that come from?  Everybody laughed.  I knew they were not laughing at me.  It was funny.  I thank God that I did not manifest pride and deny it.  I said something stupid and they were all having some fun with it, and I just let it ride.


Then several hours later when the issue came up again, I did mention that I know that that is not a beaver in my backyard.  I do not know where that came from.  It happens to me from time to time.  Words come out of my mouth that were never in my mind.  They bypass my mind, and they just come out of my mouth, and they make me look like a fool.  Other times I lose things and I cannot find them, and I am going through my pocketbook, and I look like a total fool, pulling everything out of my pocketbook because I cannot find what I am looking for.  Sometimes I just appear very strange, but especially with the things that come out of my mouth that bypass my mind.  Actually it happened once when I first started going to the synagogue and I said something about being a Christian to the rabbi’s wife, and she was taken back.  It just popped out of my mouth.  I have had that scripture in my mind for awhile, about Paul’s saying.  I thought that the scripture was that he did not mind being made a fool of for Christ’s sake, but we now see that the actual scripture is let no man deceive himself.  If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool that he may be wise.


I think there are other scriptures where Paul talks about being a fool, but I think what he actually said was that he counted everything in this world dung for the riches in Christ, and I sort of put everything together.  I prayed about it after that beaver remark which was really ridiculous.  I stand before God, and I really believe I am not manifesting pride, but I am just telling you that who wants to look like a fool?  Of course, it is pride.  I know that it is pride, and if that is the way it is, I do not think I feel any pain or embarrassment because of it.  I accept it, but I do not like it that these things pop out of my mouth.  I do not think I am in sin.  That is what I am telling you.  I have gone before the Lord and said what in the world is wrong with me that I do these things?  I stutter, and I repeat myself, and I do not get whole sentences out sometimes properly.  This is what came to me by way of an answer. 


I mentioned it earlier before the break that there were two twins in the womb the Scripture says, and they were struggling with each other.  There was a war between the two brothers, Esau and Jacob, in the womb.  When they came out of the womb they were great enemies.  The Lord said to Rebecca that there are two nations in your womb.  Well there are two nations in my womb.  There is the old man and there is the new man, and they are struggling in my womb.  There is the potential to be the man of sin.  Brethren, if I ever went over to the other side I would be some powerful witch.  This man in me, this baby in me is not born yet.  I am in danger just like you are.  Maybe not as much danger as you are because I hope I am doing a better job than you all dealing with your sins.  If the shoe does not fit, do not get insulted with me.  There are some of you here that I know I am doing a lot better than you are with dealing with my sins.


There are two nations in my womb.  I am still capable of birthing the man of sin.  What will I be born as?  The whole church world thinks that they are born again.  They go around with the scripture you  must be born again, and they think they are born again because they speak in tongues, but they are not born again, brethren.  That which is being born again is our potential to be righteous Adam.  We are the animal host, which is a womb for spiritual life.  We, the animal host, will be the skin of the man or the child that is born. If it is the man of sin that is born, we will be the skin of the man of sin, and if it is the manchild, Christ Jesus, that is born, we will be the skin of Christ Jesus.  We are the skin, and we will be attached to and inseparable from that which is born in us.  That was what Glenn Beck was saying this morning.  Something is being born here, and it is not good.  Right now, brethren, there are many more people that the man of sin is being born in than there are people that Christ Jesus is being born in.


That man of sin is in utero in this country.  I do not know if it is happening anywhere else, but it is happening here, the last bastion of Christianity where the government is suppose to be reflecting the will of God.  This is the last stand, except they do not know about the secret weapon that is going to win the war for the Lord Jesus Christ.  The man of sin is being born in this country, and he is being born in an individual at a time.  I already described that the head is in the World of Creation of the other side, and its tentacles are reaching down in this earth, and he is bringing forth his offspring in every human being that he can.  The man of sin is far gone.  The pregnancy is far gone.  The woman is showing.  She has a big belly. That which is inside of her belly is not doing what John the Baptist did.  It is not rejoicing that Christ Jesus is coming forth in some other people.  That baby is ready to be born, brethren.  We can see this on multiple levels who you are giving birth to, on the individual level, and the national level.


I should say on the Israelite level, because all of Israel is not Israel, brethren.  There are going to be people that have been holding their Bible for years that are going to give birth to the wrong child.  You had better have discernment, or you will not know who is who, on the individual level, on the church level, on the national level, and at some point on the global level.


That man of sin is being born.  He is moving in the womb.  Paul talks about the motions of sin.  He is moving in the womb, and he is making war.  He is making war against the people that have a very basic  or seed like manifestation of a relationship with Jesus Christ.  There is no way they could stand against that child.  They are just a seed.  They are just a female seed.  That dragon that is ready to utterly devour Christians, and certainly the manchild when he is born. I went off on another track, and I am just trying to recover myself, because the Lord just overtook what I was about to say here.  Give me a minute, please brethren.


I was talking about being a fool.  There are two nations in my womb.  There is a new nation being born.  You read about it in the Book of Acts.  There is a new nation being born, brethren, of the blood of Jesus Christ, of the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ.  There is a new nation being born.  It is not something you read in a book.  It is a real experience, and either he is being born in you or he is not being born in you.  He is not being born where sin is not being confessed because that dragon, the other nation that is in you, will surely kill him.  The example is Achan in Joshua, Chapter 7:21.  All of Israel lost the battle because of one man.  One man  took a Babylonish garment , two hundred shekels of silver, and a wedge of gold of fifty shekels weight among the spoils of war, and buried it in his house.  It was a wrong seed.  Now I do not think that is going to stop the son of God today from coming forth, but it will stop the individual who has given their whole life pursuing Christ. 


In your little universe, if you hold on to that Babylonish garment, your sacred cow, that you will not admit that you did something wrong, you are in danger of losing everything you have worked for your whole life, because there are two nations in you.  There are two nations in my womb, and glory be to God, thanks be to Jesus, I have got a pretty heavy foot on the potential to be the man of sin in me.  He is more than a potential.  I should not even say he is very young.  The Scripture says let the tares grow  with the wheat.  Maybe they are equally developed in me right now.  Actually, I think that would have to be the answer in all of us.  They are of equal development.  If Christ Jesus is developing in you because of the divine doctrine, so is the man of sin.  The tares are growing together with the wheat.  Now if I were to evaluate myself, and I hope that it is accurate, and if it is not, I ask that the Lord reveal the truth to me.  I am more the son of God than I am the man of sin these days. 


That does not mean that the man of sin is not there.  It does not mean that the two twins are not growing equally.  What it means is that my personality has chosen to align myself with the son of God through my fervent seeking of the truth, and willingness to see my sins, and deal with them.  The son of God in me has his foot on the neck of the man of sin, but they really are of equal stature.  The Lord Jesus has joined to Christ Jesus in me as a reflection of his recognition of my sincere efforts.  Therefore, you see more of the son of God in me than the man of sin, but the two nations are in my womb, and they are actually equal.  Two nations are in thy womb; Esau and Jacob in Genesis 25:23.  We saw what happened with Tamar, with the twins in her womb, Pharez and Zarah in Genesis 38:27-30.  Zarah put his little fist out first, and the midwife put a red string on it, and then Pharez went after him, and dragged that baby back in, and he was the first one to be born.  He interfered with Zarah’s birth.  The hand went out first, but his brother overtook him. 


Two nations in my womb, growing up together equally.  Because of what I just described to you, because of my laying hold of what the Lord is teaching me, and my implementing it, I have got the upper hand on the man of sin, but he is just as strong.  If I stop doing what I am doing and the Lord lifts his hand away, the two will be equal, and when the two are equal the evil overcomes the good because there is no true equality in things like that.  Evil is stronger than good.  Good must be joined to righteousness to overcome evil.  What could that man of sin do?  He is so mad that Christ Jesus in me has his foot on the neck of the man of sin in me.  Apparently he has the power to speak out of me at unexpected times, and just say stupid things to make me look like a fool.  Now remember what I told you in session 1.  A typical manifestation of somebody, a typical response of a person who does not have a grip on their pride, or on their sin nature, that when I reveal sin in them is to respond with pride, and  to say something or do something that will result in my looking like a fool.


There are people here that I told them that for years.  You made me look like a fool again.  Your sin nature got the best of me and made me look like a fool again, time and again.  Remember me saying things like that?  Do you have any recollection of that, not necessarily saying that to you?  I said it a lot, many times.  The response of the sin nature, the response of the man of sin to being forced under the authority of Christ Jesus is to make the vessel that hosts Christ Jesus to look like a fool.  Why?  It is so that he would be discredited amongst carnal men who are looking at outward appearances.  Stay away from that person.  She is preaching some crazy doctrine.  She is such a fool.  Listen to the things that come out of her mouth.  She does not even have control over the things that come out of her mouth.  We see that the carnal mind or the man of sin will always try to make the prophet of God, or the apostle of God, look like a fool, so that carnal people will shun him, and therefore not receive the teaching that is designed to save their lives. 


This is the Lord’s answer that what is happening to me, is that the man of sin who is underfoot, can still speak to me.  What is interesting is it bypasses my mind.  There is absolutely no thought in my mind that that was a beaver.  It just popped out of my mouth.  Other things and examples which I cannot think of right now, but things would come out of my mouth that one would ask what is she talking about?  They bypass my mind, because my mind, most of the time, is Christ Jesus.  Most of the time my mind is Christ Jesus.  It is an under-mind, another mind that is held under, and for that brief moment laid hold  of my vocal cords and said something that makes me look like a fool.  It is another mind.  Now I have not preached on this for a long time, but the kingdom of heaven, if you look it up in the Greek text, it really says heavens.  Heavens is plural.  It is the kingdom of the two heavens.  The kingdom of God is the mind of God in us.  The kingdom of heaven is the carnal mind bound under the mind of God.  The kingdom of heaven is two minds, two heavens; the carnal mind bound under the kingdom of God.


There are two minds in me and there are two minds in you.  Which one is on top?  Only one can be on top at any given moment in time.  They are struggling in your womb.  There is a moment of truth coming.  My very first message, The Truth About Witchcraft, was about this principle, how they flip back and forth.  They flip back and forth like two wrestlers.  One guy has his back down on the mat, then the other guy has him back down on the mat, like two wrestlers flipping back and forth.  There is a moment of truth coming.  There is a last flip coming.  Whoever is on the bottom at that time is finished.  Whoever is on the top at that time is who you will be when you are born again.  You see, no one has been born again yet, except Jesus.  Maybe the apostles were.  I am talking about average people.  No one has been born again yet.  You barely have the female seed, let alone being born again, all you church people, and all you Jewish people that think you have it, when you do not have it.


There is a moment of truth coming.  It is coming, coming, coming.  It is a threshold theory.  It has been coming for years, flipping back and forth, flipping back and forth.  Suddenly, suddenly, there is going to be a connection.  There are going to be two lightning bolts that are going to come down, one of the Lord Jesus and the other of hades.  They are both trying to join to their offspring in you.  Now the Lord just flashed in front of me an image of Elijah’s contest with the prophets of Baal in 1 Kings, Chapter 18. I would have never connected this to what I just said, except that the Lord just connected it.  They both built an altar.  They poured water in the altar, which means the fire should not burn because there is water there, but Elijah prayed.  The prophets of Baal had called day and night for their god to come down and consume the sacrifice to show their power, that they are the god.  Well the Lord just told me that that is an example, if you can hear this, because it is not really that obvious, but this is what he just told me.  That is a symbol, a precursor of the two lightning bolts that are coming down to you and to me.  They both want to burn up the sacrifice.  Christ Jesus survives the fire.  If the lightning bolt of the  Lord Jesus prevails in you or in me, Christ Jesus lives, and the man of sin is burnt up.


If the man of sin is on top, or if the lightning bolt of the Serpent gets to him first because your carnal mind is refusing to deal with a truth that I have been talking to you about for years, then Christ Jesus is burnt up.  There are two lightning bolts coming down.  Each one is trying to consume the sacrifice  and become God of your whole vessel, for the birth of the manchild or the man of sin.  They are both calling on their gods right now, if you are pregnant with the manchild.  You are definitely pregnant with the man of sin sitting under this kind of doctrine.  If you are pregnant with the son of God, which I trust you are, they are both crying out to their god; reveal to the other side who is God.  Who is the God of this universe?  Each one of us is a universe, in and of ourselves, either Baal or Jehovah, through the  Lord Jesus.  Who is the God of this vessel?  Show the world, and the world will be shown by the baby that is born after that lightning bolt joins with its own kind. 


When the lightning bolt, which is the Lord Jesus, joins with Christ Jesus in you, he will stand up in power.  The lightning bolt of Baal joins with the man of sin in you, and he will stand up in great evil.  It will be obvious.  Nobody will doubt for a second who you are.  All of your bumper stickers, and your Bibles, and all of your platitudes, and all of the things you have to say about yourself will not do you any good at all because you will be who you will be.  That which is now hidden on the inside will come to the outside for the whole world to see.  There will be no more secrets.  Everybody will know who we are.  That is what has been happening to me, the Lord told me, even though the man of sin in me is under the heel of Christ Jesus in me.  Somehow under certain circumstances, and I am not even sure what those circumstances might be, other than perhaps my fatigue, which is the stress of my life, which is very stressful.  I am not making excuses. 


Brethren, it is not suppose to come out of my mouth.  Christ Jesus is suppose to be stopping it, or I am suppose to be stopping it.  It is not a good thing.  It is a sign that I am not fully born again yet.  It is a sign that the man of sin in me still has the power to speak through this mouth and make me look like a fool.  It is a sign that the man of sin in me has the strength to interfere with the mind of Christ in me to the point that I lose my words, and I lose my train of thought where I cannot think of a word I want to use.  Sometimes two days later I think of a word that I could not find.  I could not remember the name of the dogwood tree outside.  I had people from out of state asking me what is the name of that beautiful tree?  I could not remember dogwood.  We were driving around in two cars when we went to the Connecticut convention.  The second car was following us, and for some reason I could not perceive the car behind me.  I kept saying are they following us?  The driver kept saying yes.  I could not see the car behind me. 


Then we are sitting here Saturday night, and the driver of the second car was saying I saw that house.  I am saying, really?  You saw that house?  I was in total confusion because I could not remember them being behind me.  They were just Godly people.  They just looked at me.  I guess they figured I was just having a bad night.  They did not say anything to me.  The guy who was driving the second car was saying what is wrong with her.  Of course I was them.  I was having trouble believing that that car was behind us.  Is that crazy?  Yes, it is crazy.  Two minds, two nations in me.  Even when I say stupid things like that, when I relate to other people, it is very hard to find anything other than kindness in me, although it is possible.  I sometimes have very ungodly thoughts, which I resist, but they are there.  Generally speaking, my demeanor is kindness.  That means the nature of Christ is prevailing in me, and the other nature is screaming trying to get his foot off of his neck.  The result of it is that I say stupid things.


What kind of nonsense is this that I could not perceive the car following us?  I cannot explain  it to you, except that there is two nations in me that are fighting to be my mind and to speak out of my mouth, and to be my reactions to other people.  Sometimes the interference of the under mind, the mind that is under, interferes with my thought process and I cannot remember what I was thinking, and I lose my words, and sometimes stupid things come out of my mouth.  I become a fool for the wisdom of Christ.  Probably, and I really do not want to even consider this, but by way of example I will tell you this.  If it were possible for me to be overtaken by Satan, and take that offer of let us say, come over to my side and I will give you a big ministry or whatever he thinks might turn me on.  I just forgot what I was going to say.  (Laughter)   What was I going to say?


If I were to take Satan’s offer, I would probably stop stuttering, and stop saying stupid things.  I probably would be very impressive and accomplish other things in my personal life that I have not been able to accomplish yet, that I am fighting to accomplish, and all the interference would stop.  All the interference would stop because Christ Jesus in you does not do what the man of sin does.  Christ Jesus just calls to you.  He calls to you and he says repent, like referring to the Shulamite woman in Song Of Solomon, Chapter 6:13; Come back, O Shulamite, come back.  That is what Christ Jesus says to you.  He does not interfere with the other process so that you look like a fool.  All of this silliness that comes out of my mind and my mouth, it is the interference of the mind that is underneath.


Brethren, you have to see that movie Inception.  Do you remember that scene where Mal (from Malchut) where she was down in the basement and Adam and Adonay, the hero and the  hereon of the movie, were in the elevator and Mal was coming after them with an ax with a maniacal look on her face like she would just chop them up, sort of like those women that we have learned about recently in the Demon scene Cult.  They rip people apart with their bare hands.  She was a really good actress.  You should have seen the look on her face.  Adonay and Adam are going up in the elevator and Mal is running to try and get them before the elevator goes up, and she is absolutely homicidal.  That is what we have underneath me, underneath in the basement of my existence is a Mal, a bad Malchut, that bad seed, that seed of the intelligence that God gave to the earth that has turned evil through marriage to the earth.  It is down there, and it is locked in my basement, and I am on top.


In the movie, Inception, Adam is Adam, so that would be Christ Jesus in me.  Adonay is the name of God associated with Malchut, so that would be the good Malchut, are escaping in the elevator and the insane mad wild beast of the seed of the woman that married the underground, was running after them trying to destroy them.  That Mal is inside of me and she is inside of you, and she is enraged that she is locked in my basement.  She interferes with my mind set, with my thoughts, with what I have to say, with every opportunity that she gets when I am not taking a complete victory yet.  So I look like a fool to the world, and that is the price that I am paying for the wisdom and the righteousness of God.  I thank God for that explanation.  He has not said anything about deliverance, but I thank God for the explanation. 


Brethren, there is no deliverance.  We are at the point whether it is the condition that I just described to you, or whether it is you not dealing with your sins by refusing to deal with your sins.  We are at the point where he really has done all he is going to do for us.  Everything is our choice.  Is my pride so high that I would give this up so that I do not look like a fool?  Now brethren, that is in the spirit.  That thought of what I was trying to tell you when I forgot what I was saying just a few minutes ago, whatever it is that Satan would offer me that she thinks that I might want, that would encourage me to turn my back  on serving God.  I forgot what I was saying again.  Is that not interesting?  She does not like this.  To not have these problems, would I give up the wisdom of God?  Here is my test.  Is my pride so high that I would give up this privilege of preaching this message so that I do not look like a fool anymore?  That is the test, and the answer is no, I would not give it up so that I do not look like a fool anymore.  I just cry out to the Lord. 


Here is your test, all of you.  It is the same test.  If your pride is so high that you absolutely refuse to acknowledge that you may have done something wrong when multiple brethren have told you that you have, you are taking Satan’s offer.  You are more concerned with looking good in front of men.  You will sell out to look good in front of men and yourself so that you do not have to look like a fool, which in your eyes you look like a fool.  I do not think you are a fool.  Brethren, I am the one that rolled on the floor for five years in a deliverance ministry, had all kinds of demons cast out of me.  I do not think you are a fool.  If it turns out that you did something wrong, and the Lord tells me to tell you that you did something wrong, I do not think you look like a fool.  You did not go through what I went through.  You did not vomit in front of other people night after night. I do not think you are a fool, but if  looking good in your own eyes is more important to you, than dealing with that sin nature, he has done all he is going to do for you.


I am not prophesying over you.  I am just telling you the facts here.  The Lord has done all that he is going to do.  You have to choose.  Are you making your contract with Satan so that you look good or are you taking the contract with Jesus so that you look like a fool, but the end of it is that you birth the manchild.  Choose ye this day, good or evil.  Life or death.  He has done all he is going to do for you.  Do you want to know all he is going to do for you?  It is his resurrection and him teaching you through this ministry.  That is all he is going to do for you.  You choose.  If your appearance and self respect  is that important to you, you choose.  You have chosen death.  That is all he is going to do for you.  It is your choice.  That is why I look like a fool from time to time.  I will not pay that price.  You cannot make more of a fool of me than I have already been, rolling on the floor.  After losing my daughter over choosing God, and my grandchildren, you cannot make more of a fool of me than that.  Being accused of not wanting to work, you cannot make more of a fool of me than that.  You have not had any of those experiences.  Finding out that you did something wrong does not make me think any less of you.  It is you.  It is your own self image. 


This is testimony day, brethren.  I would like to open these scriptures if you just let me read them to you.  1 Corinthians 3 verses10 thru 23.  According to the grace of God which is given unto me, a wise master builder, I have laid the foundation.  The foundation of what?  The foundation of the spiritual building in you that is going to connect heaven to earth.  The foundation of the building is in your earth.  This is the Tower of Babel, brethren, on God’s side.  It is the building that is suppose to ascend into heaven, the top of which has no end; Jack And The Beanstalk.  It is the answer to every problem you could ever have, union with the God World of Atzilut.  The setting in place of the spiritual circulatory system of the energy of the God World circulating through your every being, into every aspect of your being continuously, cleansing you from sin continuously.  The blood of Jesus cleansing you from sin continuously.  You think you have it.  You do not have it yet.  That state of being which protects you from all evil, including death.  That state of being which makes you a dynamo source of energy to protect your loved ones, and whoever God sends you to.  That is the foundation Paul is talking about.   


That foundation is the zygote of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That is your foundation, not Jesus Christ up there, but his seed in you.  I have laid the foundation and another buildeth thereon.  But let every man take heed how he buildeth there upon.  Better be careful that you are not building the man of sin instead of the man of God.  For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.  I never knew what that meant.  It is the only foundation for the spiritual child.  It is the only foundation  for the building.  There is only one foundation.  Either it is going to produce a manchild or it is going to produce the man of sin.  It is the only foundation.  No man can lay other than which is laid.  The zygote, the male seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the only seed that will get you up to the God World of Atzilut.  It is the magic beans of the fairy tale.  The magic seed, the magic bean is the zygote of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Now if any man build upon this foundation, gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble.  If you build Christ Jesus or if you build the man of sin, every man’s work shall be made manifest. 


Brethren, there are two nations in your womb.  Only one is on top, and your work will be made manifest.  Nobody knows.  I do not even know.  I know what you look like on the outside.  I can tell a little bit about you by your behavior, but only God knows which of these two twins in you is really on top.  Every man’s work shall be made manifest though, in the near future, for the whole world to see, when you have the baby.  Brethren, if you are a white woman and you have been with a black man, or if you are a black man and you have been with a white woman, everybody is going to know when that baby is born who you have been with.  When that baby is born, they are going to know who you have been with; the Lord Jesus or the Serpent.  You will not be able to hide it anymore.  Every man’s work shall be made manifest for the day shall declare it because it shall be revealed by fire.  That is Binah’s fire, the spiritual fire of Binah; God.


The fire shall try every man’s work of what sort it is.  When that child is born, the fire of God is coming forth.  If the child burns up, it was the man of sin.  If the child survives the fire, it is the manchild.  What are we told here?  The baby will reveal the spiritual power.  The truth of the parentage of the baby is whether or not it will be destroyed when the judgment falls.  Do you know what that means?  I never even realized that myself.  It means that we could be walking around manifesting spiritual power and  still not know who the child is until the judgment falls.  Brethren, I do not know who you are until the judgment falls.  The baby does not have to be fully born for the judgment to fall, and who the baby is in you that is prevailing.  I do not have to wait for the baby to be born.  I just have to wait for the judgment.  It is the way you react to the judgment, which tells us which baby is on top in you.  That is what this says.  That is what it says.


What is your reaction to the judgment?  Do you make it of no effect?  Do you forget about it as soon as it comes forth, within an hour, after it comes forth?  Brethren, answer the question yourself.  I do not like what is coming out here today, but I am telling you that is what it says.  You refuse to take the correction.  God is fighting for you.  That baby is strong in you.  You have to turn on it.  You have to turn against it or you are in trouble.  If any man’s work abide, which he has built there upon.  If it lasts, if it endures, he shall receive a reward, and the reward is marriage to the Lord Jesus.  It is the work that you are building.  If it abides the fire, if it survives after the judgment, then you shall receive a reward, because the judgment only burns up the man of sin.  Then the Lord Jesus marries Christ Jesus in you.  If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss.  If that which you are building is the man of sin, when the fire comes you will suffer loss, but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire.


The question is who is he?  If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss.  Who is the man that is doing the work?  Brethren, the Lord Jesus is building his son in us, and the Serpent is building his son in us.  That is the man.  If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss.  If the offspring of the Serpent in you is burnt up from the judgment, the Serpent will suffer loss, but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire.  I did not look that up in the Interlinear text.  It is possibly the seed of God will be saved so as by fire.  Brethren, the man of sin is based upon the zygote of the Lord Jesus Christ.  That will be saved.  The building that is being built up on it that is in pride will be destroyed, but he, the one who owns the zygote, the one who owns the foundation, he shall be saved, yet so by fire.  He is going to be saved because the worse thing that could happen to that male seed of the Lord Jesus is that it is built up to produce the man of sin.  If Leviathan’s work is burnt, he the Serpent, shall suffer loss, but he himself, the righteous Adam, shall be saved because his seed was being built up into an ungodly building, and that salvation will come by the fiery judgment of the mother coming to rescue the seed from the daughter.


Know ye not that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?  If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy.  I am using Leviathan because I am not sure what the right word is, fallen adam or Leviathan,  so I am going back and forth.  If Leviathan defiles the temple by bringing forth his offspring in you, God shall destroy him.  If the Serpent defiles the temple of God by bringing forth the man of sin in you, the God that will destroy him is Binah.  She is the fire that is coming down.  For the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.  We are holy because the first fruits dwell in us.  We are holy because the male seed of the Lord Jesus dwells in us, or Christ Jesus dwells in us.  We are holy by faith.  Let no man deceive themself.  If any man among you seems to be wise in this world, let him become a fool that he may be wise.  Now this word wisdom is Strong’s #4680.  This word wisdom not only described respected philosophers and other truly learned men, but was also appropriated by vain men, who were into rhetoric.  Plato and Aristotle censored them.  They said they were bad and do not listen to them. The meaning of scyphus, which is the Greek word in the New Testament and its Hebrew equivalent, which is always very important, Chokhmah, (wisdom) differs from the classical meaning in at least two ways. 


First of all, the biblical concept of wisdom is Theo-centric rather than anthro-centric.  In other words, the biblical concept of wisdom means that God is at the center of all wisdom.  Anthro is a prefix that means man.  The wisdom of man is man centric, wisdom that is man centered.  It is wisdom that builds up the man and makes the man great is not the wisdom of the Bible.  That is the devilish wisdom that James talked about in James 3:15.  The wisdom, Chokhmah, denotes a fear of God, and an understanding of  His ways.  That is what we are teaching here, brethren, an understanding of His ways.  He wants us to deal with our sin nature, and he wants us to do it gladly, and happily, understanding that it is a blessing, and being in full warfare array against our pride and our sin nature, that would tell us to not do it, to not agree with the revelation of our sin.  Lastly, wisdom signifies the possession of a certain adeptness, or practical ability.


Now listen to this.  It does not necessarily imply brilliance or scholastic training.  The wisdom that comes from God is beyond your education.  I am not against education.  When I talk like this I am just making a point.  Education is good.  It is a good thing, except today it has become a very evil thing.  What they are teaching in the schools and colleges today are evil.  If you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or something that you need that specific training for, you should definitely go to college.  Aside from that it is not necessary for everyone to go to college and be in debt for a hundred thousand dollars in your twenties.  People are being abused, used, and manipulated by ungodly forces.  College is not for everybody.  Maybe you are a skilled carpenter, maybe you want to work with your hands.  It does not necessarily imply brilliance or scholastic training, rather sophist indicates the ability to apply with skill what one knows, especially religious truth.  That is exactly what that widow did.  I gave her some knowledge, so she now had truth, and she was willing to apply that truth with skill, the skill that she received from my instruction. 


What is the wisdom of God, brethren?  Is it your ability to repeat this doctrine?  According to this it is not your ability to repeat this doctrine.  This doctrine is given to build up Christ in you.  If you cannot preach it, it is because God has not given you that ability, because the wisdom of God is the ability to apply with skill the revelation that you have received about your sin nature.  You do not get the ability to teach this doctrine until you do step #1.  Until you get the first level of wisdom, which is the ability to apply with skill what is revealed about your sin nature.  To apply it to what?  Apply it to the destruction of your sin nature.  If you are not using this doctrine to destroy your sin nature, it is not doing you any good at all except puffing you up.  That is what it says here.  I am not making this up. 


Again, I know this is the focus on one person today, but it is for everybody.  It is for everybody, and it is for the people who are going to be listening to this message that do not even come to this ministry.  The Lord is trying to help one person today, specifically, but it is for everybody, everybody here, and it is for me, and it is for the people to come.  The first level of the application of the wisdom of God that is coming down through this doctrine is for the specific purpose of you applying it to the destruction of your sin nature.  If you think that you are in a special place, and you are not using it for that application,  you are lifted up in pride.  In some instances, however, particularly in the Pauline writings, the word is used of one who has acquired special information, secret doctrine.  Here the noetic aspect of the word is prominent in its meaning.  Hence, the following meanings; skillful, expert, skilled in the affairs of life. 


There is nothing wrong with going to college, if you go to a college that teaches you healthy stuff.  These colleges in America today are really going bad, brethren.  They are really going bad.  Skilled in the affairs of life.  Wisdom teaches you how to be discreet, how to know when to keep your mouth quiet.  Do you know what indiscretion is?  A great example of indiscretion is seeing somebody making a mistake and correcting them in front of the whole room.  That is indiscretion.  Rather than asking God how to let them know in private, quietly, with a way that will not embarrass them, and will make it easy  for them to tolerate.  I know people like that.  If you make a mistake about a name or the name of a movie, or something stupid, something not significant, like you have a name of an actress wrong, they will just speak out in front of the whole room and tell you that you are wrong.  They will say, oh no, that is wrong.  I know people like that.  They have no discretion.  They do not know when their mouth should be quiet.  Oh yeah, I saw her downtown the other day with that guy, or with that other woman that she was out with, that she did not invite you to go with.  Indiscretion, brethren.


When I preach, I usually call it ignorance.  Practically wise, judicious, practically wise in a practical way, skilled in learning.  Do you know that you can graduate college and walk out of that school with a piece of paper and nothing left in your brain at all?  They just memorized it for the test.  That is what  a lot of the students are doing today.  They just memorize it for the tests.  Skills in learning.  Some people of God are unteachable.  Learning is a skill.  Learning means you read something, or hear a message like this, and you apply it to your life.  Skilled in learning.  Learned means having learned from your experiences, including your corrections.  Why do you not learn from your corrections?  Why not?  Intelligent, enlightened, in respect to things human and divine.  Skilled in learning; learned, intelligent, enlightened in respect to things human and divine, generally as to human beings, coupled with another Greek word, which means prudence.  I am not even going to try and pronounce these Greek words.


Specifically as to the philosophy content among the Greeks and Romans in respect to divine things.  Wisdom, to be wise in respect to divine things, wise, enlightened, and sometimes it is conjoined with purity of heart in life.  Paul is saying let no man deceive himself, and if any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, or thinketh himself to be wise in this world, you really do not have what it takes  to give you eternal life.  Better for you that you should become a fool, better for you, brethren, you should be willing to look foolish in front of men, so that Christ Jesus can rise to the surface in you, because as Christ Jesus rises above the man of sin in you, that man of sin in you will do everything to make you look foolish in your own eyes, and in front of men.  Better to tolerate looking foolish, and have Christ Jesus be on top in you.  But brethren, there are people in this world that would rather die than look foolish.


In 1929 there were people jumping out of windows committing suicide rather than face the loss of their great wealth, giving up the great privilege of life, and loved ones, because they could not bear the thought of losing the esteem of men.  Let no man deceive himself.  If any among you seemeth to be wise, or think that you are wise in this world, it is the wisdom of the other side.  You are best off becoming a fool, that you might receive the wisdom of God.  The wisdom of God which is discretion, skillful, expert in the affairs of life.  That means you are able to give counsel to people out of the mind of God.  Practically wise.  You can help people who are not practical, who cannot manage their money.  That is a great gift.  Everything we have, brethren, is for other people.  Every good thing we have is to give to other people as the Lord arranges those relationships, and those times when we impart them to other people.  You cannot do it in your own strength.


Everything we are is for service to God.  Our body belongs to the Lord to use to help other people.  If  He lets you use your body for other things in between, well, praise the Lord, but if He does not, He does not.  The main purpose of this body is to show the nature of God, and to do the deeds of God, and to do the actions of God, and to act out the will of God.  That is the reason we exist.  In my mind’s eye I can see them standing up and walking out of the room.  That is the reason we exist.  For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.  The wisdom of this world makes you, who serve God, look foolish.  For it is written, he taketh the wise in their own craftiness.  I did not look that up in the Interlinear text, brethren.  I believe that by revelation, for the wisdom of this world makes God look foolish.


That is my whole message today.  I tell you something, and you think you know better than me.  It makes the wisdom of God look foolish.  For it is written, he taketh the wise in their own craftiness.  You will be trapped up by your own witchcraft, because that is witchcraft, brethren.  To throw it back at me is witchcraft.  To stand there and justify yourself, when you are told you did something wrong, that is a spiritual power that is coming against the authority of the son of God.  You will be taken by your own witchcraft.  You will reap what you sow.  Again, the Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are  in vain.  Here he is using the word wise.  It is the same Greek word.  He is using it in two different ways.  You have to take it from the context of the verse.  If he is saying it is the wisdom of God or it is the wisdom of this world.  The Lord knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.  Those that have the Chokhmah, the wisdom of God, they are not vain.  They are not vanity.  It is the wisdom of your carnal mind that is vanity.        


That vanity that does not want you to look weak in front of other people, that wants you to look smart and sophisticated, and righteous.  It is called pharisee in front of other people, so much so that you will not skillfully use the information that is given you to destroy the man of sin, the result of which would give you everything that you have been working for your whole life.  You are foolish enough to think  that you are going to enter in by keeping your sins with you, and you are not.  It is not God or me clamping down on you.  Your refusal to yield builds the man of sin in you.  At some point, if you do not stop this, he will destroy Christ Jesus in you, and the Lord is watching.  Just like it says in Genesis; And Jehovah formed the man out of the dust of the earth and he became a living soul.  He gave him instructions, and then Jehovah watched as Adam named all the animals of the earth.  Brethren, there were no giraffes and tigers in those days. 


Jehovah stood there and watched.  Of course, that is a metaphor.  Jehovah does not have a body.  Brethren, we are still in the garden.  Jehovah is watching to see the name that we will take, the man of sin or the son of God.  He is watching to see.  Jehovah said to the first Adam, you have two sides, the animal nature and the God nature.  I am going to watch and see the nature that you choose, and that Adam chose the nature of the earth.  After he chose the nature of the earth he said, but the King James says after he named all the animals, after he took the name of the animal nature, there was no mate found for him.  Binah left.  She said I am out of here.  I am not joining to my daughter who is joined to the earth.  We are still in the garden.  What name are you taking?  Each and every one of us, whose name are you taking?  What is most important to you, that you look good before men, or that you have the nature of God, even though it makes you look like a fool in this world. 


Choose ye this day.  Go to evil or get life.?  He is watching.  He is rooting for us.  He is hoping for the best.  He is using my members, and my mouth to preach to you.  Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!


He is rooting for you, but you have to do it.  You must choose.  He will not choose for you.  Therefore, let no man glory in men.  Now that word glory I prayed for years as to the meaning of that word.  I have come to the conclusion that that word glory means the opinion of God, after much study and much prayer.  That word glory means the opinion of God.  Therefore, let no man glory in the mind, let no man  have the opinion or the mind of men.  Because all things are yours in Christ Jesus, you are the heirs of salvation.  Do not choose the mind of men, for all things are yours.  Whether Paul, or Apollos, or Cephas, or the world of life or death, or things present, or things to come, everything is yours.  You are  the heir, but you must choose the nature that you will manifest.  You cannot choose the man of sin because of your pride and inherit.  You cannot have both. 


Everything is yours.  The world, that means your whole body.  That mean eternal life.  Salvation of the body, the world, or life, spiritual life, or death, the death of your enemy that wants to destroy you, or of things that are present now, are yours.  Every good thing that is present now is yours, or that which is to come.  You are the heir of everything.  Why would you choose the mind of man?  It is sin in you, brethren.  It is sin in you that would make you to do that.  It is sin in you.  God reasons with us, brethren.  God pleads with us.  He is pleading with you today.  You must choose.  Please, choose life.  He is pleading with you to choose life.  Do not choose the mind of man or the opinion of man.  But if you do, he will not interfere with the consequences of your choice.  The seed of Tevunah chose hades,  and Jehovah did not interfere with the consequences of her choice.  Everything is yours and you belong to Christ.  That is the seed of the Lord Jesus that has joined himself to you, and Christ belongs to Binah, the mother, who is God.  The Lord’s heart felt desire is that you should all be one, that we should be Christ, that Christ should be joined to Binah, that the circulation of the life force of the God World of Atzilut should be set in place through the building that will be constructed in us.  These promises should become a reality.  See, everything is ours, but we do not have it yet.  It is like you get a letter that your trillionaire uncle just died, and the money is yours, but you have not signed the papers yet.  There is something you have to do.  You have to sign the paper.  You simply must renounce your sin nature.  You must stop protecting yourself.  You must turn it over.  You cannot have both.  You cannot have your pride and your self defense, and the sins that live through you, that speak through you, that think through you, that you do not even acknowledge that they are there, and the inheritance.  You cannot have both. 


I am going to end with one sentence here, one thought.  I am not going to take any questions or comments today.  This is a very serious Spirit here.  I have heard from you all from time to time, that you are before God, and that you are confessing all your sins, and you are asking God.  But for this message to go forth, you cannot be doing what you think that you are doing.  I am going to bring up Ceilie.  She asked me something once before she died.  I do not remember how we got into the conversation.  Sheila, all of those nights, crying and screaming, and yelling, and confessing my sins, and the belching that came out just like in old order deliverance, how could I not be right with God?  I am paraphrasing now because I do not remember exactly what transpired.  My answer to her at the time was  I do not know because I do not see you doing it.  I do not know.  What am I saying?  This message would not be going forth if you are doing all that you could do, so if you think that you are doing all that you could do, you are not, or this message would not be going forth. 


You know this message is for you, if you will not confess your sins.  This is basically for Mary.  That is who I am basically preaching to today.  That is who I am preaching to today.  If you think that you are doing all that you can do, you are not, because if you were, this message would not be here.  If you cannot discern the anointing on this message, then you really have a problem.  This is an incredibly powerful anointing here today.  The Lord is trying to help you.  What he is saying to you, because you are always telling me spit it out because I need to hear the truth.  He is telling you that you are not right. At least there are some areas in your life that he needs you to admit that you did something wrong, and you simply refuse.  This is as recently as Connecticut.  I am not going to tell you.  You need to listen to those messages if you cannot remember.  I think it was the second to the last one.  Even Jesse was trying to help you.  He was shocked at what you were saying, and he tried to help you.  He was a strong witness to you.  It just went right over your head.  You just answered him right back with oh no, it is okay.  That is just one of several issues that over the years you just will not admit that you were wrong. You will not even say that you will take it before the Lord.  You just justify yourself and you forget about it.  You just justify it and it is like it never happened.


When you find it on the message, if you want to talk to me about it then, I will talk to you, but there would be no point in me going over it again because there would just be no point.  I think that is the main message that you think you are doing all that you could do, but the Lord is saying that you could do more.  You are in trouble.  Time is very short Mary.  Time is very short and He is trying to help you.  You need to admit that you did it wrong.  I am not going to get into this with you Mary.  You just need to admit that you did something wrong.  If you do not believe that it is wrong, you need to get before God and say, how can this be?  Sheila says it is wrong.  Other brethren in the meeting say it is wrong.  Why do I not think that it is wrong?  It must be sin in me that thinks it is okay.  That is what He wants from you Mary.  Lord, how come everybody is telling me it is wrong.  Why are multiple people telling me it is wrong.  It must be sin in me. That is what we do not get out of you.  You just come right back and say no, it is not wrong.  That is your pride that is doing that to you, very thick pride.  I pray that God delivers you.  I was very encouraged with the progress that you are making, but I think that He wants you to move faster.  Time is very short.  I want to encourage you.  You are definitely making progress, but you have some more work to do.  You find that section on the tape, and then if you want to talk about it, we could talk about it.  Okay brethren, I am not taking any questions or comments.  This was a very serious message.  No one is looking forward to the tough times, but they have to come.  The man of sin has to be exposed, and evil has to get more evil before it can be destroyed.  We must believe that the Lord will take care of us. 


Let me just pray a prayer.  Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray for everybody in this ministry, Lord, that  we should hear your word.  I pray for Mary specifically, Lord, that you should help her, Lord.  Help her to understand what has been said here.  Help her to find the message.  Help her to hear what is being said.  Help her, Lord.  Help her in every way.  We all pray that she makes it, and that the man of sin does not rise up in her, and overtake her.  See, that is what is being said to you today, Mary, but my prayers always end up in front of the counsel.  The Lord is trying to prevent the man of sin in you rising up and overtaking Christ in you.  See, no one is against you.  Nobody is mad at you.  This is an attempt to rescue you from a growth spurt of the man of sin, which puts Christ in you in danger.  That is what this is all about.  It is not to hurt you or embarrass you in any way.  It is to rescue you.  This is a rescue attempt.  This is an intervention.


I pray with all my heart and soul that the Lord is successful through this intervention, in Jesus name.  I bless you.  I forgive your sins.  I bless everybody.  I forgive your sins, all of you. I forgive your sins.  May God forgive mine, that we should all enter in, and that we should all have Christ Jesus and his foot on the neck of the man of sin, that when the brightness of his coming through the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Binah to us today, when she comes with her lightning bolt, that he should be burnt to a crisp, and that the only one that will be left will be Christ Jesus.  For those of us that are having a little bit more of a struggle than others, such as Mary, and June to some degree, and whoever else, I just rebuke Leviathan in all of you.  I break the heads of Leviathan, and I strip them off of you.  I circumcise your heart, and I send all of the power that I have to help you, with the Christ in you, to overcome, that the Lord might be glorified and magnified in you, that his mind might appear in you, that his wisdom might appear in you.  That anything that is in you that is so strong, that consciously or unconsciously you would choose to protect yourself, rather than to free up Christ Jesus. Even though you do not understand that, that is what you are doing.  That any such mechanisms in you should be destroyed and burnt up with the brightness of his coming in this meeting today, and that great deliverance should come forth, and that God should be glorified and magnified in all of us, and that this message should go wherever the Lord would have it to go to in the Spirit or elsewhere, in Jesus name.  Amen.  

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