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Good morning, everybody. We have a full house today, I think. We have visitors from Minnesota, and Minnesota’s [?online?], I believe. OK, well, welcome to our humble meeting. I have an extremely interesting message for you today. It’s highly esoteric. I suggest that you say your prayers right now that the Lord help you to believe the truth. Everything that is true, may it be quickened unto you. I’m not exactly sure where we’re going with this. I’m going to chat with you until the anointing falls because I don’t know where to start. When I get a message like this, I don’t know where to start.


It could be that the Lord has given -- well, it’s true that it’s a part of the message that God is giving us insight or further insight into who the fallen angels are. I have mentioned them to you -- I mentioned to you, I think a couple of times just casually, that there are actually two -- there are actually, from my estimation, from what I saw in the past, three different grades of people or races of people -- excuse me -- in the Earth. There are the human beings that are hosted by the fallen angels, fallen angels manifesting as their higher mind -- higher mind.


Every human being has a mind. We stand alone as an animal with [?a?the?] -- like, a cow has a mind -- to whatever degree it functions, a cow has a mind. And so we have a higher mind. We have a spiritual man living inside of us. I thi- -- well, either that spiritual man is Christ Jesus or that spiritual man is Nimrod. I’m saying Nimrod today. And then there’s a race of c- -- of people of -- of just [?the?] common people, average people that have enough of Adam in them to be higher than the animals, but they don’t really have a higher mind.


And it’s these people, these earthen people, that the angels are fighting over because the godly angels want to possess us for the purpose of reconnecting us to Adam Kadmon, in whom is eternal life. He is the only one in whom there is eternal life, and, of course -- just in case it’s not coming to your mind, I’ll tell you again -- the garment that Adam Kadmon wears is a glorified man, and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. So there is a mediator, an intercessor, that stands between not only the invisible Primordial Adam -- Kadmon is a Hebrew word for primordial. Not only is there an intercessor that stands between us, but -- hm. [INAUDIBLE] sorry, brethren, my -- I just got hit in my mind. This happens and the thought just goes out, so we’ll just try again [?now?]. I really should start with a prayer since this is such an unusual message.


Father, in the name of Jesus, we just thank You, Lord, for this meeting, and I know that You told me to start with a prayer today, and I forgot Your instruction, so I do apologize to You, Lord. I personally would like to thank You, Lord, for the privilege of bringing forth this incredible word and for the privilege of You allowing me to have this intense relationship with You, that You would tell me these secrets, Lord, and to give me the privilege of sharing them with other brethren who You think are worthy and [?the one who’s?] worthy to hear these secrets.


And I want to thank You for everyone in this ministry, Lord, because the outer world does not want You, Lord. They do not want You. They do not want Your Word. They do not want Your Spirit, and I thank God that there are people who want to listen to me and want to share with me the greatness that You are depositing in our hearts and in our souls, that we should be witnesses to the great and mighty works that You are about to do when You come with the second Passover, the second exodus from Egypt, Lord, to liberate all of these fallen angels, Lord, some unto admiration and some unto destruction, and also to return to life the earthen creature which You always intended to give [?an?] eternal life, and deliver they earthen creature, the one who’s overtaken in this world continuously by disease and death and the torments of the higher world.


So I thank You this morning, Lord, and I pray that You’d help me to bring this message forth as You would have it brought forth without one word out of way -- out of the way. And I pray that You help these that You brought to listen to understand every word that comes from You and every truth that comes from You.


And I rebuke powers and principalities that are in this meeting, and I rebuke powers and principalities that are present, but not in the members of -- that are present, not in the people that are welcome to be -- to enter this meeting. I rebuke anyone and any power or principality who is prepared to throw bombs at me so that I lose my train of thought or try to interfere with the reception by the brethren here by giving them anxiety or headaches or any of the things that have been reported to me over the years that they are attacked with during these meetings. I rebuke you, and I bind you, and I cast you out of this meeting.


And I ask, Father, that You fill it --




-- with warrior angels, Lord, to defend us that we might receive everything that You have for us today, Lord. In Jesus’ name, amen.


So, brethren, I will try again. OK. This message has to do with fallen angels, and I’ve been asking the Lord a lot of questions about fallen angels, whether that’s the reason -- and I don’t know what -- this message came forth in the most unusual way, and for me to say unusual, it had to be really unusual because a lot of unusual things happen to me. But I was wrestling, mentally wrestling, with our new book, “The Three Israels” -- and, by the way, everybody in the ministry should be getting a PDF copy of every -- a free PDF copy of every book that we do. So I think we may be a little behind on that procedure, but we’ll catch up. [?You don’t need to?] -- we’ll get them to you.


So I’m working on this book, “The Three Israels,” and it just did not want to get done, and it just did not want to get up on the Internet, and I was just -- I was frazzled, completely frazzled. And I got to the point that I had just solved the technical problems, and I was all set to go, and I dared to say, Lord, is there anything else You want in this book? So He started giving me additional information, and just -- it just -- before I knew what happened to me, it was way beyond anything that I could put in the book. And I’m saying, Lord, what do You want me to do? And it was already 8 o’clock at night. I pretty much had been studying most of the day, except to stop for dinner. And I tried to go back to the book a couple of times, and I couldn’t, so it’s not up on the Internet and what I was studying turned out to be today’s message.


I think something will be extracted from it that will go in the book, so here’s the question. If you want to be spiritual, you need to always be asking questions. Here’s the question: What happened? What -- is there something in this message that’s supposed to be in that book? Which is possible -- which is most likely. Is that what happened, or did the Lord just interfere with my studies to give me this message? And it just so happens that part of it will be able to be in the book, [?you know?yeah?]. I don’t know. Probably both are true because the concept of evil -- of angels, fallen angels, evil angels, that -- it’s all over the place.


Brethren, these are the last days. It’s the end times. Actually, I believe that we can see the ap- -- we can experience the appearance of Christ Jesus at any moment. Our message on Thursday taught us that the man-child has already been born, but He’s still underground. He has not appeared yet. You see, He has to come out, [?OK?], and when He comes out, He will be revealed with power, which will be a blessing to those who welcome Him, but a terrifying experience to those who despise Him, see. And His purpose for coming out is to help us. His purpose for coming out is to help mankind. Brethren, His assignment is to reconnect mankind to Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon, the Word of God -- excuse me -- the Word of God.


And, at the last minute, I did this sketch. I don’t know, con- -- did the photocopies come out OK? I didn’t give Susan [SP] time to scan this and email it to the brethren that are not sitting here [?where you are?]. I hope that you can see this a little bit. It’s just my childish pencil sketch, but what it is, is a picture of the abyss, which comes to a point at the bottom because the whole abyss in which the soul realm is present started with a little nick -- and we might say a little nick in our skin, you see -- and a wound opened up in the Ein Sof and it became the walls of the pit. And the circle up here is just -- is the surface of the abyss. This elliptic -- [?ellipsis?] over here, which is -- that’s the place that the Spirit of Adam Kadmon hovered over to begin the creation. And, as you may recall, the teaching is that everything that talks about the beginning is a parable, brethren, because it’s nothing we can understand. So in this abyss entered in a thin stream of the light of the Ein Sof. So these marks all around the outside indicate the light of the Ein Sof. The abyss opened up in the midst of the Ein Sof.


Because the Ein Sof is infinite, nothing can come into existence outside of Him, so all creation has taken place inside of Him. It began with a wound, the point of this upside down triangle. It began with a wound. He wounded Himself so that an opening would take place -- just as if you wound yourself, if you cut yourself, the skin opens and blood starts to seep out -- and that wound filled up with water. Now, it’s not the water in your tap, but spiritual water filled up that -- in that space -- that space that opened because of the wound on -- because of the surface wound, and that -- those waters that it filled up with are the waters of the soul realm, the emotional realm, which is l- -- which is -- lift this up again in a few minutes.


The soul realm is that emotional realm, which is likened to the female spirituality. Its power is in emotions. If you read New Age literature, they will tell you that the power is in the emotions, but, brethren, that is the female spirituality. Brethren, we are not of the female realm. We are of the male realm of God, and our power is not through the emotions. The power that goes through the emotions or that is manifested through the emotions is deadly. It’s extremely powerful. A lot can be accomplished with it, but it is illegal to wield that power unless it is being authorized by the wisdom that comes from the male realm, see, but the male spirituality is calm. It is calm. Now, it can be strong, but it is not out of the emotions. It is calm. It is focused. It is to the point [?, OK,?] never screaming or out of control, see.


So outside of the empty space we have the male spirituality, and inside the empty space we have the male spirituality in the form of, we’re told, a thin stream of light that entered into the empty space, and that’s what this single stick line is over here. Of all the light of the Ein Sof that was outside of the abyss, a thin stream of it entered into the abyss, and that thin stream of light is Primordial Adam, Adam Kadmon, the Word of God. And I’ve drawn Him as a stick man, but, of course, He is not a stick man. He is actually the Ein Sof Himself inside the empty space, and, therefore, Adam Kadmon, the Word of God, is God, and verse -- John 1 says, “And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God -- was with God, and the Word was God.” That Word is Primordial Adam, or Adam Kadmon, and all of the Adams that came after Him, because there are additional Adams that came after Him, are a reflection or a mirror image of Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon being righteous and perfect since He was God; all of the subsequent Adams, therefore, being unrighteous and imperfect, being the footprint or the exact opposite or the reflection of God.


Now, it was never God’s intention to create an imperfect creation, to leave us in this condition so that we can have the painful experiences that will perfect us. It was never God’s intention, and the truth of the matter is that it is impossible to perfect us apart from God. There is nothing that can be done for the earthen man that will perfect us. We are the footprint, we are the negative, we are the opposite of the righteous, perfect Adam Kadmon, who Himself is the Ein Sof inside the empty space.


So why would God do something like this? Why would He create an image of Himself that is helpless, that cannot keep itself alive, that cannot satisfy itself and that does evil deeds? Why would He do such a thing? He did it, brethren, as a part of the creation. The second part of the creation, or the second half of the creation, is Himself. He always it intended to join Himself to His shadow. A shadow should be attached to that which it is an image of, and, of course, in this world it is impossible to separate ourselves from our shadow, see, but in the spiritual world -- in the spirit world, it not only as possible, but it happened that Adam Kadmon was separated from His shadow, and mankind is His shadow.


Now, Adam Kadmon -- put your seatbelts on, brethren, because I’m going to challenge you today. I’m going to challenge you to think out of the box. Adam Kadmon, first of all, He’s not in our image at all. He he’s not a stick man. [?OK.?] He is an energy source. He has no form, and He has no shape. He is an intelligence, and that is why He has wrapped Himself in two garments today, two garments that I know of. He’s wrapped himself in an undergarment and an outer garment. The undergarment is the glorified personality, or the glorified soul, of Elijah, and the outer garment is the glorified personality, or the glorified soul, of Jesus Christ plus the blend of Jesus’ physical body with His soul, see.


So there’s a difference between Adam Kadmon’s undergarment and His outer garment. His undergarment is the glorified personality of Jehovah, and His outer garment is more than a glorified personality. It’s a glorified personality whose physical body has been blended with that spiritual man, and He is, therefore, a new creature. He is a new creation. It has never happened before in all of time, and it has never happened outside of time -- because Adam Kadmon is outside of time, see -- that a soul should be perfected and spiritualized through union with Adam Kadmon and that His physical body should be broken down into its basic components and blended with that glorified soul, which is now one with Elijah’s glorified soul and Adam Kadmon, see.


The scientists will tell you that everything in this world is formed by atoms. If you can get to the foundation of any substance, you will see atoms and subatomic particles, but even the scientists will tell you, it’s my understanding, that when they examine and do research on the subatomic particles, they just come to a point where they’re just lost because they -- there is evidence -- there is empirical evidence -- which means it can be recognized, it can be seen with [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if you know the scientific method, it can be seen maybe with microscopes. I don’t know how they see it -- that there is something underneath the subatomic particles. There is a force, an invisible force that is underneath the subatomic particles, and that invisible force are the Sefirot, see, and there as many Sefirot, and probably more -- there are an infinite number of Sefirot, as many as there are subatomic particles, an infinite number, see. We talk about the 10 Sefirot, but that’s just the name and the count with regard to the God World just so that we can understand it, brethren, because our mind is like the mind of an ant compared to -- even -- I don’t even know about an ant -- compared to Adam Kadmon, who is the Ein Sof inside the empty space.


So there’s been some talk of recent day [sic] about Christ Jesus coming out, see. The Lord told us on Thursday that He’s already born again. At the very least, He’s born again here in this ministry. If He’s born again elsewhere, I don’t know about it. That doesn’t mean He’s not born again elsewhere, but since God has not -- assuming He -- let’s just say He has been born again elsewhere. Since God has not connected us, as far as I’m concerned, He’s not born anywhere else. In other words, if He does exist elsewhere, which I don’t see how that would even fit in with the doctrine that God is giving us, since the Lord has not connected us, that means He doesn’t want us to know about it, and we’re to go forward assuming that we’re the only ones until He tells us otherwise.


So we have scientists and a lot of people trying to make contact with beings that they think live on other planets. We’re not looking for Christ Jesus or Adam Kadmon elsewhere. The Lord has given us an assignment in this ministry. It appears to me that this is where He’s doing it, and He’s not doing it in two places, but our assignment is not to go out looking in the spiritual heavenlies to see if we can find other people in whom Adam Kadmon -- in whom Christ Jesus has been born, see.


So if He’s been born, where is He? Where is the power? The world is rocking and rolling and shaking. He has not been revealed yet. He has to come out. He’s inside. He has to come out, see. Now, coming out, it really doesn’t have anything to do with where His root is. His root will always be inside of a human being, see. Whether or not He comes out or stays in has to do with His revealing Himself. He’s not human. He’s energy. OK. See? He may -- He’s outside now. He’s outside connecting to all of you, but outside of this ministry, He’s not showing Himself.


I could go walking down the street, and He could be outside of me enjoying the -- now, brethren, this is a parable -- enjoying the walk and enjoying the view, but if He's not revealing Himself to the people who don’t have a clue as to what goes on here, He’s not revealed. He could be there, but if He’s invisible -- He’s not showing Himself by His deeds and His attributes -- He’s not revealed, [?you?] see.


So coming out doesn’t mean that He disconnects Himself from us and walks away. Coming out means that He’s a spirit. He vibrates out from us like a light beam and performs actions that will reveal Him to people who would otherwise never recognize Him if He stared them in the face. He will perform actions so that the people can recognize an invisible being, but, of course, unless they’re educated and convinced otherwise, the people will not believe that it’s an invisible being. They will believe it’s a person, a human being, who carries that energy source, and it is the responsibility of the person who carries Him to make it known that they are not God, see. It is absolutely essential that we understand this and that we are responsible to let everyone know about the great God and the greatness that He -- and the great work that He has done to communicate with the person we’re talking to and all of mankind. We are a channel. We are channels.


So the energy of Adam Kadmon is inside the empty space, in the midst of the waters of the emotional soul, and for spiritual beings who are mature enough it is possible for them to enter into the essence of Adam Kadmon, which will completely protect them from anything that’s happening in the soul realm. And everybody -- and, brethren, it’s not -- you don’t take your physical body in, see. It’s your soul that goes in, and your soul and your spirit are wrapped together as one entity, and [?we?we’ll?] call it the personality, and it’s that that enters into the midst of Adam Kadmon, who is a ship -- in some instances He’s likened to a ship that sails through these waters with impunity. The soul realm cannot hurt him, and --


Of course, this is a terrible drawing, but the four worlds or the five worlds that we know about -- we’ve studied four spiritual worlds here: the World of Creation, the World of Forms, the World of Action and the God World of Atzilut, which brings those three created worlds forth. There are worlds higher than the God World, and those worlds are inside Adam Kadmon. The next world above us is the world of Adam Kadmon inside of Adam Kadmon, see.


So the ark that Noah built -- brethren, open your ears -- the ark that Noah built was a spiritual ability to enter into Adam Kadmon, and, therefore, be protected from the judgment that was raging in the empty space, which is Sheol, which is the pit where all creation is. All of the turmoil of the waters of the soul realm that were busy dissolving -- they w- -- what the waters of the flood did was that they were dissolving the formation of the earthen creature. Now, if you need something to unders- -- help you understand what that might look like, think of a leper. Their fingers fall off. Their toes fall off. Their arms fall off. Their hands fall off. Their body literally wastes away while they’re still alive. That was the f- -- that was the purpose of the flood, of the roaring and the uproaring and the stirring up of the waters of the soul realm.


Now, for the people down here in the World of Action, the waters came from two directions. The waters rose up from underneath because there are layers of this -- every layer in God has multiple -- infinite, multiple layers. This world that we live in, the World of Action, is hell, but there are many layers of hell [INAUDIBLE]. Well, it’s hell for us here today at this moment. It’s hell [?for us?of course?] -- if you have any pain in your body or your mind or your soul, it’s hell. Or if you have some -- something that is causing you grief, it’s hell, but, basically, we’re in pretty good shape here, especially since the Lord is feeding us manna in the midst of hell. But there are people, brethren -- I talk to you about this all the time. You can’t let go of this revelation -- that suffer every day. Some are in physical pain. Some are in mental pain. Some people are locked up institutions. Some people are locked up institutions where they’re being abused. Some people are in warfare zones where they’re watching children being beheaded and crucified. Maybe they’re the ones being crucified or beheaded. So there are all different degrees of hell. What do all of those degrees have in common? Does anybody know what all of those degrees have in common? What do all degrees of hell have in common?




Everybody dies, absolutely. Everybody dies, see. So here we are today, and we have -- we are entering into the ark, you know. We’re entering into the midst of Adam Kadmon Himself, and that’s hard to understand because it’s a very esoteric concept. He has no form. He has no form. How do we enter into Him? We spiritually become one with Him. Our consciousness becomes one with Him because the way spirit -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the way intimacy develops amongst spirits and [?personality of the?] spiritual is through agreement of thought, you see.


[?In?And?] this world -- this world is an illusion. What you see with your eyes, it may be true, but most likely it’s not true, see. Somebody could actually be holding you and kissing you and telling you they love you and doing all kinds of good things that make you feel good, and the whole time in their inner heart, in their spirit, they’re cursing you and trying to destroy you. Now, sometimes they know about it, that they’re doing it, because we have spies that have done things like that. Mata Hari, for those of you that may have heard that name even though it took place a long time ago, she was a German spy that took out a lot of the agents of the Allies by making up to them as a woman and sleeping with them and the whole thing.


But you cannot fool intimacy with God because intimacy is based on your thoughts. It’s impossible to be doing a good action and despising Him at the same time. There will be no connection because God and spiritual beings aren’t very impressed by physical behavior, and neither are they very impressed by intentions, see. It’s such a different way of life, brethren. Spiritual beings come together when they both believe the same thing, see, and it doesn’t matter what you say. Jesus said, “They say, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but they do,” whatever they do. “They don’t do what I tell them.” He said, “They say, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but they don’t do what I tell them to do.” So there’s no way to fake spiritual intimacy. Spiritual intimacy is the result of like thought, you see.


So we are entering into Adam Kadmon by agreeing with Him -- His thoughts. He is the Word of God, and we need to understand that the Word of God that’s written in a book is that outermost, abbreviated layer in a parable form of spiritual truth. That book that we all love called the Bible is a manifestation of the Cherubim with the flaming swords outside the Garden of Eden. That book has no power outside of your ability to penetrate the outer layers and contact the Spirit who wrote the book.


You -- that book is a point of contact for people who know nothing or who have no -- [?they -- maybe you?] know something, but you have no spiritual power. That book and what’s written in it is the entranceway to the wormhole, it’s the entranceway to the door in the spiritual plane of God, the deepest one of them -- the deepest degree of which is Adam Kadmon Himself. He is the ark.


You see, years ago there was a woman who lives in this condominium who was attending our meetings, and she told me she was walking by one day and the Lord told her that that’s where the ark is. In this place, that’s where the ark is. So I understood it in terms of, well, yes, you know, the doctrine of Christ coming forth here, but I didn’t understand it the way I understand it today. Adam Kadmon is the ark, and He is being formed here. He is present here today, and it is possible through an agreement of mind to enter into His deeper recesses to the point that your -- at the very least, your personality will be preserved no matter what kind of disaster or destruction comes to the outside.


Whether or not your physical body will be preserved, I’m sure that there are rules that guide that. I’m telling you that it’s possible -- I believe that it’s possible to enter into the midst of Adam Kadmon so deeply that your physical body is protected also, but I don’t know -- I couldn’t give you any guidelines as to what is required for your personality to enter in and what is required for your physical body to enter in.


But I know that Jesus of Nazareth had an experience whereby His physical body entered in. How do I know that the physical body of Jesus of Nazareth entered into Adam Kadmon? He disappeared. He disappeared, and not only did He disappear -- because His disappear- -- one’s disappearance only signifies that that person has passed into a deeper spiritual plane than this world, which is the World of Action; but the proof that He entered and He went all the way to the center of Adam Kadmon is that He appeared. He came back out again with a transformed body. He came back out again and showed Himself to many that His physical body had been blended together with His soul, and that in order to do that both His soul and His physical body had been blended together with Elijah, and through Elijah, with Adam Kadmon, and that they were all one. He showed Himself to at least 500 witnesses.


So this principle is very important for you to understand, this incredible Alternate Translation of Genesis 9:18-27 that the Lord has given me, [?that?] I was literally jumping up and down in my chair as I was bringing it forth. I hope that it touches you the same way because it’s a good feeling to be jumping up and down over something that you hear. That is the joy that is promised to us. See, there are many people who call Jesus Christ their Savior, and they’re doing their best to serve Him, but they’re very unhappy, and they’re unhappy every day, and I used to be one of them. I would read the Scripture, and I would say, well, where is my joy? Lord, where is this joy that You promised me? And He spoke to me clearly in an audible voice one day, as I was very melancholy and feeling sorry for myself, and He said to me, “I’m not coming down there to give you joy. You have to come up here to get your joy,” see. And even in those days, I still didn’t know what it meant. I understood the principle, that I had stop feeling sorry for myself and follow the rules [?of?and?] -- put others -- people before me and sacrifice my life and my -- so sacrifice my time and to not put myself first and that that would help me, but I had not yet experienced the joy.


Brethren, I experience joy, and all of my joy that I experience in God is through this Word, and it just excites me beyond my ability to contain myself sometime [sic]. It makes me happy, see. So my happiness and my joy in the Lord is through this Word. The catch is that you can’t enjoy this Word other than through Christ Jesus, you see. Your carnal mind hates this Word. Your carnal mind hates this Spirit. Your carnal mind doesn’t want to come here. Sometimes your carnal mind hates me, see.


So in order to receive the joy and the happiness that we’re promised in the Scripture, Christ Jesus must be developed in us because He is our ability to experience joy. He is our ability to experience happiness that transcends any joy or happiness I have ever experienced in this world because every joy and happiness in this world has a downside. You’re happy today, and tomorrow something goes wrong. You’re thrilled with your children, and then, God forbid, hopefully it’s only temporary, they have a fever, and you’re experiencing anxiety because they’re sick, see. Or you spend 18 or 20 or more years of your life raising them, and then they all go off and have their own life, and you’re all alone, see. Or you have a husband or a wife that you love and that loves you dearly, and they die. Every joy and happiness in this world has a downside [INAUDIBLE], but the joy that comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, who is Adam Kadmon to us, and the happiness that He brings has no downside to it. It has no downside to it.


Well, Sheila, what about all of the persecution [?that you receive?]? That persecution is killing my carnal mind, and the ultimate end of that will be that I will enter fully into the midst of Adam Kadmon, where anything that happens in this world will not touch me, see. It’s inside of us. He’s inside of us. We’re out here. We’re out here in the darkness, in the waters of the -- of Sheol. That’s where we are, in the waters of Sheol, and He’s right there in the midst of us. He’s there in the midst of Sheol in the macrocosm, and He’s right in the midst of us in the individual, each one of us, which is the microcosm. He is inside of you, if He’s there, you see.


That’s what we’re doing. That’s what the church is supposed to be doing. That’s what the Israel of God is supposed to be doing, developing Christ Jesus in us so that He’s our hiding place, so that we can enter into our hiding place through an agreement of mind. So you see, brethren, if you’re attracted to this ministry because you perceive that there’s power here to help you, but you don’t agree with the doctrine, you may get some help -- I always pray that God helps you. You may get some help. Maybe you’ll get healing or I’m -- whatever it is that you’re looking for, but the ultimate help, protection against the evil times that are coming upon the Earth, there is no help for you in this ministry or anywhere. Brethren, there’s no place for you to hide because the only hiding place is Adam Kadmon, who’s in the midst of you, and the password for you to get in is agreement with the Word of God because He is the Word of God. So if you don’t believe that the Word of God is the Word of God -- assuming I’m preaching the Word of God, if you don’t believe that it’s the Word of God, you will never receive the protection that He has built for you.


Jesus said, “I go to prepare a place for you within Adam Kadmon.” He meant, “I went” -- “I go to prepare a mechanism by which you can enter into the safety of the immortality of Adam Kadmon,” and that place that He prepared, that mechanism that Jesus prepared, is His flesh, which is the veil. His flesh is the veil. Jesus Christ’s flesh -- which doesn’t mean this stuff over here on my hand. It might mean this stuff on my hand, but it doesn’t mean that, and the Hebrew word translated “flesh” also means [UNINTELLIGIBLE], which is the male organ. I’ve been -- brethren, I’ve been preaching this for more than 20 years. Adam and His garment, the Lord Jesus Christ, [?you know?], are the male organ by which we connect to immortality. Mankind is female. There is no way to connect to the male but through His male organ. That’s the connection, see.


So if you want to know the spiritual foundation for the prohibition of alternate sex acts, there it is right there. The purpose of the connection of the male and female is a union that will produce life, and the union that does not produce life does not come from a spirit that is attached to life because the spirit that is attached to life will connect one male and one female in the proper connectors. And when that connection takes place under the right circumstances -- which, of course, is within marriage -- and a right spirit of affection between the couple, the same thing happens in the spiritual plane. Can you hear that? Can you hear that? Can you believe that? Because that’s what the Scripture teaches.


We are a reflective world. Everything that happens above happens down here, and everything that happens down here happens above. We are a reflective world. We are inextricably attached and continuously affecting each other, and everybody’s goal, which should be, once you’re educated to the idea, that our -- goal is to return to immortality without sorrow. That can only be accomplished through the union of the spiritual male and the spiritual female. That’s the only way to do it. We, all of humanity, being female, must make contact, by the grace of God, with His male organ, otherwise, we could be talking -- He talks to you. He says sweet nothings to you. He helps you. If you’re sick, He heals you. If you need money, He gives you overtime. Immortality? Only through connection, brethren. Only through the connection of His male organ penetrating your life, which is your mind, and the only way that can happen is through agreement of the Word of God. Wrong word? Wrong male organ. Result? Immortality with the fallen angels.


This is a mature group, brethren. Grow up. I’m telling you the truth. You want to put this to a test? I wouldn’t want to put this to a test, brethren. So, listen, everything we do, everything we choose to do affects the angel inside of us, which is Christ Jesus to whatever degree He is formed or in the process of being formed. You engage in illegal sexual acts, and you are killing Him, and the man of sin is being developed in you because the fruit of the wrong connection produces the offspring of the male organ of the serpent. It’s all so simple, brethren. It’s really so simple. I’m telling you the truth, wherever that came from, whoever that’s for.


Whoever that’s for. I had no idea I was going to say that. If you are new to this meeting and you’re not used to hearing me preach, I’m telling you that I had nobody in mind when I said that, but Christ Jesus in me was talking to somebody that’s in this meeting today. I don’t know you are, and I’d just as soon not know. You have control over your body. You have control over what you do. Even if not doing it causes you pain, you need to know when you engage in ungodly sexual acts, you are deteriorating -- you are destroying any degree of the connection that you have with God, which is your hope to hide you in the days of trouble coming ahead, and you are reconnecting in a different area with the serpent who will completely expose you and do everything he can to possess you in the days to come.


Does anybody need me to say that again? I hope not because I think I made it really clear. I will say it one more time to this degree. Everything we do, everything you do, every action you perform is replicated in the -- in your inner spiritual world, and if you engage in activities that are illegal, you destroy the developing -- or the development of the inner man, who is your only hope of safety in the evil days to come, and in every day, you see.


God is not mean. He’s not trying to deprive you of pleasure, but here is the truth, if you can hear it. If illegal sexual acts are causing you -- or if the lack of illegal sexual acts are causing you displeasure or pain, you have a connection to the serpent that needs to be broken because those are his lusts in you. Christ Jesus does not lust for illegal sexual acts. So what do you do? You need to confess [?inner?] sin to the Lord, and you need to stop doing it because the Lord does not deliver you while you’re doing it, see. He doesn’t wait until you come out of your night of sin so that you repent in the morning and then He delivers you, and then if you don’t get delivered, you go back into your next night of sin and do it again. It doesn’t work like that, see. You have to stop doing it, and in due season, after much suffering and pain, you will hope to be delivered from the lust that drives you to that activity which is destroying your inner man who is the Savior of your body -- Christ Jesus, the Savior of your body.


OK, so I hope that I have given you all some idea of this concept of going in and going out. I never get did get around to pulling out that Scripture for you in the book of Revelation where Jesus promises if you overcome, you know, you will have the power to not go out anymore, see, but the bottom line is that -- I think what it means, although it doesn’t really say that in the book of Revelation -- you know, the Greek is not as concise as the Hebrew. What He’s saying is you will not be forced to go out anymore. You will not be forced to go into reincarnation, but we’re going to find out that the angels that existed in the days of Noah went in and came out at will.


Well, what does that mean? They were some kind of a supernatural being that -- I think the likeliest that we can -- the most likely that we can relate them to is the condition that Jesus is in today. Jesus is a shape-shifter. He can come into this world or go out of this world, out of this world meaning back into the innermost recesses of Adam Kadmon, where -- when He said that state, His body disappears from this world and is completely protected from anything that happens here because, you see, Adam Kadmon, He stands in the midst of the pit, but all of the earthquakes and the nuclear wars and everything that’s happening inside the border of the pit do not touch Him, and all of the worlds that we talk about are in this pit.


Where His feet are, is the World of Action; where His midsection is, is the -- or where His lower -- I guess they call it the solar plexus, is the World of Forms; and where His heart is, is the World of Creation; and where His head is, is the God World of Atzilut, see. He’s -- exists in all worlds -- some part of His body exists in all worlds, and here’s a big secret for you, brethren, that if Christ Jesus is formed in you and you have a soul tied -- and you have a godly soul tied with that person, you have access to the doorway, to the entranceway, to the wormhole, which is the innermost recesses of Adam Kadmon, a place where you can hide until the trouble passes, see.




So that -- that’s my main point in this exhortation that -- of what -- to help you understand what this concept of going in and coming out -- going out and coming back in signifies.


Now, nobody was more shocked than me to find out from this study that the angels that we read about that were -- in Genesis, where it says, “And they looked upon the” -- “The Sons of God look upon the daughters of men and found them fair and took as many as they wanted for wives,” for all my years in the church, I’m believing that those were evil angels, and I don’t know any Christian that believes otherwise.


I don’t know about the Jews because -- but I have to tell you -- I tell you all the time, and I have to tell you again, my hat’s off to these Jews. Their knowledge of this Word is just mind boggling to me. Of course, it’s knowledge that’s been acquired over centuries, and then they train the people. In this day and age, they put it in course form, and they put them into college, and they just spend years of their lives being force-fed this deep revelation, and so they have a lot of knowledge.


But it’s just amazing to me that I discover things that God is teaching me, and I realize that there’s all kinds of teaching on the Internet about it from -- especially this [UNINTELLIGIBLE] organization that I’m associated with did -- they have -- they’re responsible for just about 95 percent of all the teaching on the Internet that we have benefited from, and God wants them. He wants to connect to them. [INAUDIBLE] He wants them to receive His male organ, which is in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, see. They cannot go any further because they’re closed -- they approach God with the Word. They approach God with their prayers. They approach God with an understanding of the Word of God that is excellent, but they never, ever get saved to the point that they escape from this world. They’re all dying -- in other words, they’re all dying.


Why? Because they’re not connected by His male organ. See, that’s what I said to you a few minutes ago. He can talk to you. He can sing sweet nothings to you. He can give you all kinds of gifts and bless your life in this world, but, brethren, if you’re not having sex with Him, you’re going to die just like everybody else, and sex with Him is agreement with His Word, which is absolutely shocking to the carnal mind. The truth of His Word is shocking to the carnal mind, and that’s only way to overcome death. You have to agree with Him, [?see?].


So I found out through this study that these angels -- that these Sons of God that were looking at the daughters of men and finding them fair, they were saviors. They were saviors, brethren, because the daughters of men had been cut off from God through the fall of their savior. Adam is the savior of the body. See, Christ Jesus is the Savior of the body. That -- Christ Jesus is the son of the Lord Jesus Christ inside of us. The Lord Jesus Christ is a single entity. He’s the garment that reveals Adam Kadmon. He exists in a very high spiritual place, but because He’s a spiritual man, He can be in a multiple places at the same time.


So He has sent forth and is sending forth His seed and reproducing Himself, reproducing His life, in as many human beings as He can because His assignment is to rescue the earthen creature that has been cut off from God and dying from gen- -- now dies from generation to generation and suffers during this lifetime, sometimes unbelievable sufferings, [?see?].


So these Sons of God were saviors. They were doing what the Lord Jesus is doing for mankind today. They were seeking out the female daughters of the earthen creature that had been cut off from God because Adam -- I guess I didn’t finish that thought. Adam, who was the Son of God, you see, is the mediator between the earthen creature and the greatness of Adam Kadmon.


How could we even hope to have any kind of a relationship? I can’t even -- I don’t even accurately have an idea of how great He is because His -- what He is, is beyond my ability to comprehend. I just have an idea that He’s the greatest, and He does things for me, and He makes my life wonderful, and He’s going to save my body and -- but I don’t know who He is. He has to reveal Himself to me. There’s no way I could know who He is until He reveals Himself to me.


So He’s revealing Himself to me, and then I’m revealing Him to you a little bit at a time because our minds are very, very, very archaic. Our minds are very small, brethren. We have a very small mind, and we can’t take too much too fast, and we can only -- we’re only being able to absorb what we have because of the mind of God in us. Our human mind cannot deal with this. The human mind cannot deal with this. They would be walking out of this room.


So we can only learn in accordance with the development and the maturation of the mind of God in us, and, brethren, for -- in order for the mind of God to develop in us -- He has a symbiotic rel- -- the mind of God in us has a symbiotic relationship with our carnal mind, which means we only have -- each human being only has one capacity for a mind, you see. Either the mind is on the right side, or the mind is on the left side. Either the mind is the palm of my hand, or the mind is the back of my hand. And if you think of it on a scale of 1 to 10, if three points is -- are the God mind and seven points are the -- are your carnal mind, that three points of the God mind can only retain so much before the carnal mind starts hurting you, so it’s a warfare.


The development of the God mind, so that that God mind takes up the whole 10 points of the scale, so that -- our whole capacity for mind becomes the God mind, in order to attain to that place, we have to destroy the carnal mind, who is trying to stop us every step of the way by stirring up our emotions and all kind -- everything’s thrown at you. She [?just?] throws everything that she can in our path to turn us away from the path that will develop the God mind in us, the mind of God which has the capacity to receive an infinite amount of thoughts from the Word of God. The God -- the mind God -- the mind of Christ has -- when He’s in His maturity, see -- and even that’s not enough. When He is mature and joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, we receive an infinite ability to receive the Word of God, which itself is infinite. We never get enough of it. We never get the whole thing, see.


So there’s a man inside of us, and these angels, these Sons of God that were taking these daughters of men for wives, they were saving their lives, and, brethren, this is a scriptural principal. We’re told that Abraham [sic] married Sarai, who was his niece. Did you know that Sarai was Abraham’s [sic] niece? He married her when her father, Abraham’s [sic] brother, died. In those days, if you were a woman, their -- your only survival was that a man would take care of you. There was no way for a woman to take care of herself in those days, so they married the women off, you know, very young and as soon as possible, and then, of course, there was polygamy in those days. So Abraham’s [sic] brother died, and he left two daughters. Abraham [sic] married one of them, and the third brother married the other. So that is a very scriptural principal, that a woman is married to save her life. She would have died [UNINTELLIGIBLE] she would not have been able to find food or provide shelter for herself. So these angels were in the Earth as saviors marrying the daughters of men for the purpose of reconnecting them to Adam Kadmon, the only source of true life.


And before you [?start?started?] turning off the message, because the Scripture says Jesus is the only source of true life -- and I don’t really know that the -- I have to look that up. I don’t really think that -- actually that -- the Scripture says that Jesus is the only source of immortality. It says He is the only source of true immortality, meaning that whatever Jesus has, it’s because He’s moved to -- He’s the skin of Adam Kadmon. The only source of true immortality is Adam Kadmon, and Jesus is the only true source of immortality to us because He is Adam Kadmon’s skin or He is Adam Kadmon’s male organ. Jesus, the glorified Jesus, has the authority and the ability to not only penetrate us, but to penetrate us in a permanent way, and that is our deliverance from death.


So we’ve been preaching here for a long time that salvation is through union with the Spirit of Christ, but we haven’t really talked much about how that union takes place. It takes place through a penetration of mind, and the organ or the weapon that is piercing into the carnal mind, it was -- because that’s how it’s happening. We have one mind, and it’s formed around our spirit. We only have one human spirit. Our mind is formed around the spirit. Whether it’s the Christ mind or the carnal mind, it’s formed around the human spirit.


So if you want to think of your carnal mind as the flash of a peach, in order for the Christ mind to be formed in you, the Lord Jesus Christ, or the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ or the seed of the Lord Jesus Christ, such as is coming forth in a meeting like this, has to penetrate your carnal mind to get to your center where your spirit is. It has to penetrate your carnal mind, the flesh of the peach, and touch that pit of the peach and drop its seed into your human spirit, and when that happens and the mind of Christ starts to develop in you, you become a double-minded man who, James tells us, is unstable in all of your ways because one day you’re obeying the carnal mind and the next day you’re obeying the Christ mind.


So I’m thinking that, sort of getting back to a thought that I started out this message with, that the reason for this message today -- now, it could’ve been that the Lord wanted the information in the book, but I think it’s more likely that the Lord is giving us information about these angels because it’s time for them to be liberated. If we read about these angels in Peter -- in 1 Peter [?, OK,?] or in Jude, we’re told that they’re bound under chains of darkness until the day of the great judgment. They will be delivered -- either destroyed or delivered, in the day of the great judgment. And it seems to me from doing this study that many of these angels that -- not all of them, but many of them that are doing very evil deeds right now -- that God really wants to save them because they were good angels when they were attached to God, but they got separated, and this sep- -- according to the --


I’m telling you, brethren, I sat there in front of this Interlinear text last night looking at these verses, and I just looked at them, and at one point -- and that’s how I study. It’s a form of meditation. It’s called contemplation. I just stare at the Interlinear text and the alternate translations of the words, and most of the time I get an Alternate Translation, but I looked at these verses last night and I looked for however long it took, and I said, Lord, look, I just don’t get it. What -- I said, I do not understand it, and I’m not going to preach something that I don’t understand, and I turned away and He gave me the revelation, you know.


And this is the revelation, that Noah was in the position that could be likened to the position of the Lord Jesus Christ today. Now, you have to remember that Noah -- that the beings on the other side of the flood, they were not like us, brethren. You need to know they were not like us. They were much higher than we were, OK, and Noah, apparently, was the garment that covered Adam Kadmon. Everything -- if you need help understanding what I’m telling you or what I’m about to tell you, try to --


Brethren, I’m being attacked in my leg. I may have to stand up. Maybe if you’ll say a prayer for me? I would appreciate it. I just rebuke this pain in my leg, in Jesus’ name. Break these curses, in Jesus’ name.


If you’re having any trouble following me or if you feel that you need some assistance, try to relate what I’m saying to what we’ve already taught you about the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus. The Lord Jesus Christ is the garment that reveals the invisible Adam Kadmon, and because the Lord Jesus Christ is be- -- is the skin or is as the skin or is as one with Adam Kadmon, when Adam Kadmon penetrates -- listen to this, brethren -- when Adam Kadmon penetrates into our mind or into our soul, it’s the Lord Jesus Christ --


Brethren, do you know, in this world it’s not a good thing if two pieces of skin grow together. If two people are -- if you bind two people together long enough and you -- two hands together long enough and you don’t let them wash and they’re just that -- tied together, do you know that those two pieces of skin will grow together and the only way you can separate your hands would be by surgery? Does anybody here know that? Are you aware of that at all? Yeah. Skin grows together. Skin doesn’t -- if no air can get in there, skin grows together.


I -- this is not the best example, but it’s the only one that comes to my mind. There’s been at least two cases that I can recall over the years of a -- unfortunately, an obese person being stuck to the toilet bowl, and they had to call 911 and medical technicians to get them out because their skin had -- they were on the toilet bowl. They couldn’t get up, and they just sat there, and, after so much time, their skin actually was attached to the toilet bowl, and they had to be surgically removed, and that was only a couple of years ago. Do you remember anything like that?




It was in the newspaper, yeah. This skin -- OK, if the outer layer of the skin -- the outer layer -- I don’t -- really don’t want to stand up. Then they have to recheck all the cameras and everything. The skin -- the outermost layer of the skin is dead, and when you don’t let any air get in there, it just grows to the other piece of skin that’s right up against it, see. So if you [?can?could?] just use your mind a little bit, thinking meta- -- think metaphorically that the Lord -- when the Lord Jesus Christ enters into our mind, think of Him as a penetrating force.


This pen is a penetrating force, and inside the pen is the seed of eternal life, and the outside of the pen is skin, the same kind of skin that’s capable -- it has the same core components, so it’s capable -- it has the same core components as the skin of my humanity, so it’s capable, when they come close enough to each other, that the skin on the exterior of this pen will join with the skin of my hand, see. So it’s the personality of the Lord Jesus that’s on the exterior of Adam Kadmon that has the ability to grow together with our humanity, so that He’s no longer just a penetrating force, but a piece of skin that’s attached to Adam Kadmon has come so close to our skin or our mind that they’ve inseparably grown together and can only be surgically separated.


Brethren, that’s the threefold cord that’s not easy to break, and that threefold cord can be a -- can come into existence through the Lord Jesus Christ or it can come into existence through the serpent. So we human beings -- we -- mankind -- our collective name is mankind, [?see?OK?]. We members of mankind, we are married to the earth that came into existence when the Female Adam entered into the pit, and she experienced a form of spiritual rust that became [?what?] -- particles of what Scripture calls earth, but it’s not the earth it’s outside of my house. So when the Female Adam was seduced by the personality of Sheol, the personality of the waters of the soul realm, they used that earth that was attached to her to bring forth a visible, formed animal called Cain.


So we’re made of the earth and we’re married to the earth. The earthen creature was made and designed to be married to Adam Kadmon through Adam, through the Female Adam. The Female Adam is the mediator. The Female Adam was to marry the Male Adam, who was Adam Kadmon on one end and married to us on the other end. That’s why Christ Jesus -- the man Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man. Adam, in whatever form He’s in you, is the mediator that connects you to God, see. He’s the only mediator. This is the only source of connection to God, and Christ Jesus is the only source of connection to immortality.


Whether you call Him Christ Jesus or you call Him Righteous Adam, whatever you call -- whatever name you give Him -- OK, don’t ever get stuck on names. Don’t ever get into an argument with people because of names. Try to understand what they’re telling you and join in principle. There’s only one way to be connected to God. There’s only one way to become attached to eternal life. There’s only one way to stop dying, and that is through a grafting. It’s a skin graft with the Lord Jesus Christ who is inextricably connected to the invisible Adam Kadmon through the blending of their consciousnesses. We need a skin graft, and that’s why Jesus is so important because the truth of the matter is that if Adam Kadmon -- and maybe He does have ability to enter into somebody’s mind. I guess He does have the ability to enter into somebody’s mind and give them great revelation. He would enter in through an angel. There has to be a mediator, OK.


Take the prophet Daniel for example. God wanted to answer his prayers, so an angel came to Daniel -- angel, Christ Jesus, the mediator, the skin that covered the Word of God that was sent to Daniel to give him an answer to his question, but that Angel didn’t remain, see. The angel took ahold of the lock of his hair. That was the connection between the angel and the humanity of Daniel that a ch- -- so that a channel of understanding was opened for Daniel to understand the Word of God, which is Adam Kadmon. He is the Word. He’s all under- -- you know, he’s all understanding. He is the Word and the understanding of it, see.


So that’s -- and that -- I don’t think I’ve ever described Jesus’ office as explicitly and [?in as an?] understandable way as I just did. I’ve told you that Jesus is the skin of Adam Kadmon, and we’re getting a skin graft. And we’ve been talking here about the grafted seed for years, but I never thought of it in these terms, and, to be honest with you, I never understood how the graft was taking place. It’s a skin graft. It’s a skin graft, and even though our skin is different than the skin of the Lord Jesus, first of all, He’s not grafting to our physical skin. He’s grafting to some form of our spiritual being, but the bottom line is even though they’re not exactly the same, there’s a -- we have a common root. The skin of our spiritual humanity and the skin of the glorified Jesus Christ has a common ancestor, and that is where we are joining -- at our innermost root, in our common ancestor, which is Adam Kadmon Himself.


There is something in every human being born of a woman, that breath of life, that comes from Adam Kadmon. Well, yes, Jehovah breathed it into the man. Jehovah is the name of God associated with the Sefirot Binah, the mother of the God World of Atzilut. Well, who was in the God World of Atzilut? What is the God World of Atzilut? The God World of Atzilut is Adam Kadmon revealing Himself through 10 degrees of power called the 10 Sefirot. It’s Him. Jehovah is Adam Kadmon revealing Himself through the third degree of power. Got it? You want preach it?








  1. OK. So that’s my introduction. I’d like to take a look at these Scriptures, which, more or less, as I have told you, through which the Lord has revealed to me that Noah was in the role of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, brethren, we need to understand that God has not waited all of these -- God only knows how long we’re down here, brethren. God did not make the Earth in 10 -- I’m sorry, in six 24-hour days. I don’t argue with the Scripture that He did it in six days. The question is, how do you define the six days? Maybe each day was a billion years.

We have to grow up, brethren. We simply have to grow up, see, and we need the mind of Christ, and we need to be thinking and understanding with the mind of Christ or we will not be equipped to enter into the ark. And the truth is that there is enough room in this ark for every single person on the face of the Earth, if they were to develop the ark within themselves, see. Jesus is full-well able to do it. The inability is in the individual person to accept it or to do the work necessary to develop it inside of himself.


So Noah was the ark -- no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. The ark was inside of Noah, and Noah was the skin -- the ark being Adam Kadmon, and Noah was the skin that wrapped around Him. And these sons that Noah had, they were not physical sons, now, brethren. We don’t know what they looked like on the other side of the flood. I believe they had a visible form, and that comes out in the Alternate Translation that they had a visible form, an obvious visible form that could be denied. It was a visible f- -- a recognizable, visible form, which the Scripture calls a name. That’s what a name is. They were identifiable on the outside of Adam Kadmon.


They were not sons like we think of a son, and Noah, OK -- how am I going to say this? Let me try it this way. They were actually spiritual sons. Now, I’ve told you this before. I don’t know how many of you have [UNINTELLIGIBLE] this or believe it, but the truth of the matter is that to the fullest degree that Christ -- or Christ Jesus is appearing in you, He is the son of Christ Jesus in me. To the fullest degree that Christ -- the man Christ Jesus, the male, is appearing in you, He is the son of Christ Jesus in me and the grandson of the Lord Jesus Christ. And if you don’t understand it or if you don’t believe it, you really need to ask the Lord to help you with that because it’s important that you know who you are, you see. Because if Satan should succeed in cutting you off from me, that would -- could cause the death of His son -- of the son of Christ Jesus in you.


And this -- a witn- -- I’ve known this for a while, but the witness of that just came out in a conversation with someone here in the ministry, that -- apparently, it sounds like -- that they had received that seed, or at the very least the embryo or the beginnings of Christ Jesus, and they were cut off from me for a couple of months, and it -- the seed died. The Christ Jesus in me is like a nursing mother. Christ Jesus in you -- Christ or Christ Jesus and you, depending on where you are in your development, needs His mother until the mother releases you.


And I want you to know that I’m opening myself wide to be accused of being a cult leader, but there’s nothing I can do about it because I just told you the truth, and you can do anything you want. If you want to leave, you can leave. I’m not threatening you. I’m telling you the truth, and I have to do that and risk whatever you’re going to say about me. There is a viable, living connection between Christ Jesus in me and the Christ Jesus that’s growing in you.


This is one of the main differences concerning the Holy Spirit. Someone may lay hands on you and you may receive the -- [?I didn’t even receive it?]. Let me say it another way -- and the Holy Spirit that’s in you may be transferred to you. You may be a channel through which the Holy Spirit in you goes into the other person, but that does not connect you to the other person. It’s a disconnected seed, see. The Holy Spirit is the female seed. It’s a disconnected seed. It lies in you and waits for the male. It’s the male seed that’s connected to its source, and it’s the male seed that dies if that connection is broken. The female seed eventually dies if it’s not joined by a male seed, but the female seed’s not connected. She only connects to the male seed, see.


So that’s the truth of it, and, again, connected to me for the purpose of being nurtured. You can call me up every day if you want and [?reject?] the doctrine of Christ, and you’re not connected to me. You have to be connected to the Christ Jesus in me through the Word of God. That means our relationship has to be founded upon this Word, and that’s why I’ve been encouraging some of the people that have been here for years that when we do fellowship together to try to keep the spiritual -- try to speak -- keep the conversation spiritual or there should be some spiritual conversation because it’s not --


Although I love you and I’m happy to hear about your personal lives, that’s not what connects you to me, you see. I’m glad your daughter’s getting married. I’m glad your son’s being baptized. I’m glad all of these wonderful things are happening to your family, and I want you to share it with me, but that’s not joining you to me. That’s the development of a carnal relationship, which has its place, but the relationship that will result in the growth of Christ Jesus in you and your ultimately hope -- your ultimate hope of immortality and protection and deliverance in the evil times to come, that is through your spiritual relationship with me. That is through your sending me your dreams, and not two weeks after you have them, but you should be telling me them as soon as you get them because they -- your dreams could be timely. They could have a meaning that is important -- now, important to you or important to me, see.


So the development of the relationship between you and me, between Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me, grows as you feed that relationship, as you think of that relationship outside of these rooms, as you think of me when you have a spiritual experience, when you think to call me and share it with me and seek my input and my opinion about it, and my counsel perhaps, if there is any counsel coming forth -- that is what will develop the relationship between Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me. And, thereby, in the hour of need, if Christ Jesus in you is not strong enough to hide you, you have access to Christ Jesus in me, who is the wormhole to the -- the entranceway, the doorway, the channel to the world inside of Adam Kadmon where nothing outside can hurt you.


And that’s who Noah was, and that’s who Jesus is for us. He said He stands at the door and He knocks. He said He’s the door. He said, “Anyone who enters in any way other than through Me,” says Jesus, “is a thief and a liar.” Enter in where? Enter the spiritual realms. Why? Because if you enter into the wrong door, if another spirit comes knocking and you think it’s Jesus, all right, and you enter in through the wrong door -- see, we’re down here at the feet in the lowest world, and if you enter in through the door, you wind up in the -- you start to ascend into the pit, you see, but you ascend on the outside of Adam Kadmon. You ascend into the waters of Sheol that are outside of Adam Kadmon, and in those waters are all kinds of dangerous beings who are so superior to you that you don’t stand a chance of surviving them.


And, brethren, this is a hard truth, but the truth is that they -- what do they want? They want to eat you, just like we eat -- we catch fish in the water and eat it, just like we go hunting and -- the animals and we eat the meat or we -- they want to eat you. They are the next species up, and the higher species always consumes the lower species. They want to eat you, and when you start ascending into these waters like fish, they will look into the waters and go fishing for you.


So Jesus said, “I’m the only door.” He says, “I’m the only true door that when you enter in, you start at my feet in the middle” -- He’s in the middle. He’s not on the left side. He’s not on the right side. Talking about the Kabbalistic columns. He’s not on your left side. He’s not entering in through [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. He’s not entering and through [?violence?]. And He’s not on your right side. He’s not entering in through do-gooders. He’s not entering in through good works. You have to get in the middle and enter up through the middle column -- I don’t know if my thing is in the right place or not. When you ascend spiritually, you need to be ascending through the middle column so that you enter into the torso of Adam Kadmon where there is safety. That’s what Jesus meant when He said “I’m the door,” and to enter in to the highest spiritual realms here in the abyss any other way, the one that’s letting you in, the wormhole, the doorway, that’s letting you in is a thief and a liar. They’re stealing you, seducing you into the higher realms outside of my person so that they can consume you.


Jesus said, “I have much to tell you, but you can’t bear it now.” We are animals on this plane. Any honest person knows we’re a mammal. Anyone will tell you we’re a mam- -- we’re animals, brethren. We look just like the animals. We have two eyes, two ears, a nose, but we’re a cut higher than they are. We can talk and we can reason. Animals, you can teach them to repeat things, but they have no reason. So we eat animals, and the animals that are closest to humans we don’t eat because we’re civilized. We don’t eat our pet dogs. Some people eat cats, but not -- [?I mean?], not in this country, hopefully. We don’t eat our pets because we consider them a higher degree of animal, see.


So that’s who Noah was, and his sons, his three sons were offspring of his spiritual life, his spiritual life being the offspring of his union with Adam Kadmon. So he sent his sons out to find these daughters of men to -- and this is a parable now -- to preach to them, or do whatever they were doing with them, so that -- I’ll use New Testament terminology -- so that Christ Jesus or that Righteous Adam could be built up in them. What for? In preparation for Adam Kadmon through Noah to enter into each one of those spiritual females and join permanently with Righteous Adam that his sons had generated in them, thereby restoring them to a permanent union with Adam Kadmon and eternal life. Isn’t that amazing?




That’s what was going on, brethren, and I’ll tell you something else, that it was Noah’s sin that resulted in the fall of Shem and Japheth. And also, what’s interesting to me anyway, is that -- I read the Zohar, as you all know, and over the years I’ve read -- I’ve come across it several times, that there were two angels that fell, and I thought it was so interesting that the Zohar would say that there were only two angels that fell. I thought that was so interesting. And according to the translation and the information that God gave me last night, there were two angels that fell, and their names were Shem and Japheth.


Now, brethren, we should really all know by now, it shouldn’t be surprising anymore, that everything that the carnal mind believes is always wrong. The carnal mind gets everything backwards, see. The carnal mind makes Ham this evil son that did something evil to his father, and he was cursed, and his son, Canaan -- his fourth son, you know, who would be born so much later, would bear the brunt of his sin. I always said, look, well, what is that all about? Why Canaan? Why a son in a future generation? Why? Why? Why? I never had an answer that made sense.


The answer is it’s not true. The answer is that the word Canaan means humiliated. Brethren, you’re all mature believers, so some of you here might know or might’ve heard that the term Lucifer, which is in the King James translation, is not a proper name in the original Scripture. It -- some Jesuit priest, I’m told, took a Hebrew word that means “light bearer” and made it into a personal name, Lucifer. The word just means that which carries the light. A candle carries the light, brethren. A lantern carries the light. See?


So there’s a Hebrew word that’s translated -- you know, if you look in the Hebrew lexicons, they have sometimes three different obvious definitions. Canaan, the Hebrew pronunciation is [?Ka-non?]. Canaan, he was a man. Canaan, it means humiliation. Canaan is a city in some locality. That’s so common to read something like that. It’s not even alternate translations of the word. It’s not alternate translations of the same word. It’s not really an alternate translation. It’s three completely different things. It’s the name of a city, it’s the name of three different men and it means this. Well, you look up Canaan in the Hebrew lexicon, and it’ll tell you it’s the name of a man, the son of Ham -- I believe the fourth son of Ham. You can’t get mad at me if I make a mistake on these details. I’m a spiritual teacher. Sometimes I’m not as perfect as I would like to be on the letter of the word. So you look up the lexicon. It’s the fourth son of Canaan -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the fourth son -- [?so?] sorry, the fourth son of Ham, and it was city somewhere, and it means humiliated [?, see?] -- humiliated or humbled, see.


Some say, humbled. Well, that’s an interesting word, humbled. How is the word humbled used in the Scripture? The word humbled used in the Scripture is frequently associated with females who have been c- -- taken as slaves because their cities were conquered and their male defenders were either killed or taken as slaves also. The Scripture clearly instructs the Israelite soldiers if you take a woman -- if you -- brethren, it wasn’t like it is today. They would go into a city, and they would kill all the men, and then they would take the women and children captive. They didn’t leave them there to starve. They took them as slaves. Everybody did that.


So the Scripture has clear instructions for the Israelite soldier that came into town and killed this woman’s husband and killed her father and killed her brothers and left her there, and he liked her, so he took her home, [?see?]. And the Scriptures says you have to give her seven days -- I think it was seven days -- to adjust to the fact that her family’s dead and that she’s about to become the concubine of the man that killed them and that she needs to adjust to this new life because you have to live. You have to go on. How long can you keep up the fight hating the man that’s now feeding you and that’s sleeping with you and doing everything and integrating you into this new society? How long can you keep up the hatred when this is just your new life and there’s nothing you can do about it, you see?


So give her seven days, which doesn’t seem to be a lot. That’s what the Scripture says. Let her get used to the idea. Let her mourn for her parents who this man just killed whose house she is now in, and then she has to shave her hair off and then you sleep with her. And if it turns out that you don’t like her, there are certain rules as to what you can do. You cannot just throw her out on the street and let her starve to death, see. There are certain rules, there are certain ways you have to deal with her, and the Scripture says -- and you cannot do that, you cannot just throw her out on the street because you have humbled her. You have humbled her, see. You have completely broken her spirit and forced her to your will, and it’s wrong to just throw her out on the street. That’s what Jehovah says, see. So that’s the word humbled.


As I tell you -- as the spirit of revelation rested on me last night and the Lord gave me this understanding, this is what He told me, that the Hebrew word translated Canaan means humbled, and what it means is that Nimrod [sic] had a humbled one. He had connected with a daughter of men -- or of -- that word -- that Hebrew word translated men is Adam. The daughters of men are the daughters of the earthen Adam, the earthen -- of the Female Adam who married the consciousness of the soul realm inside Sheol.


So these are the daughters of men filled up with the emotions of the soul realm and the fallen nature of the Female Adam, and it was the job of Noah and his sons to become saviors to these people by entering into them and becoming their mind, just like we’re having the mind of Christ developed in us. The sons of Noah were not physical beings. They were spiritual beings, and their job, like Jesus today, is that -- He’s a man. Jesus is a man. Christ Jesus is a man, but He’s a spiritual man, and He’s entering into us and becoming a new mind and becoming our inner man. This is who Noah [sic], Shem and Japheth were. [?And there?] I may have used Nimrod incorrectly a way back. I’ll try to correct it. This is who -- I’m sorry. I’m going too fast for my brain -- to Shem, Ham and Ja- -- this is who Shem, Ham and Japheth were. They were spiritual beings similar to [?where?what?] Jesus is today, and they were entering into physical, formed earthen creatures and becoming their God mind by which they could be saved through connection to Adam Kadmon.


So Noah wasn’t doing that, you see. Noah was the chief honcho. We might say -- if we want to liken it to Jesus so that we can understand this better, Jesus is in the God World of Atzilut, and He is sending forth His seeds to enter into us and to grow up to be Adam Kadmon -- I’m sorry, to grow up to be Christ Jesus in us, the mediator. Christ Jesus, that man, that spiritual man in us whose spiritual skin is genetically capable of grafting to the skin of the Lord Jesus Christ, see. See, that gene, that genome that we have in common with the Lord Jesus Christ permits His seed to graft to our humanity. His seed grafts to the spiritual aspect of our humanity, and then when that seed grows up into the man-child Christ Jesus, He has the spiritual DNA that can permanently graft to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the garment that covers Adam Kadmon, you see.


So back in the days of Noah, Noah was the one who was permanently in the high place, and he sent forth his sons. Now, what’s interesting -- and I’ve mentioned this before, but I haven’t emphasized it, so it’s not likely you remember it, but the Hebrew word translated son, it really means seed. Through the whole book of Exodus where it says “the Hebrew children cried out to Jehovah,” those words -- that word children -- translated children, it’s seed, see. When we read in the book of Romans about the Sons of God crying out “Abba! Father,” the seeds of God -- brethren, it’s not your carnal mind crying out “Abba! Father!” It’s the seed of God in you, it’s Christ in you, the seed of God, crying out “Abba! Father! Help me to produce the man-child.”


Brethren, these bodies are Cain. These bodies and the carnal mind that are a part of them are Cain. Cain is not the son of God. Cain is the son of the fallen Adam and the personality of the emotional soul realm, but God is adopting us because the Female Adam is related to -- the Female Adam is a part of that Adam who is the reflection of Adam Kadmon. So we’re being adopted, but it’s not -- this flesh has to be broken down and pulverized and reformed and blended with the righteousness of the life of Adam Kadmon.


So we could be saying physically and verbally the words “Father! Father!” from morning until noon, and that’s not the one He’s responding to. So you all need to know that -- you know, you and me, we’re not the Sons of God. The Son of God is inside of us --




-- and when we are in full agreement with the Son of God, we can say we’re the Sons of God. But we could cry out “Abba! Father!” day and night, and He’s not responding to you unless you are being the spokesperson for His son who’s inside of you.


Brethren, for -- if there’s any hope for the church, it has to come down [?out of its pride?] -- and the Jews, the Christians and the Jews. We have to admit who we are. We’re the animal. We’re the animal that is -- has come into existence, that has been created to give a visible form to the Word of God. And we will be highly exalted when we’re adopted, but we have to know who we are. We’re nothing without Him. Jesus couldn’t have made it any clearer. “I am the vine, and you are the branches. If you are not connected to Me, you’re a dead branch lying on the ground no good to anybody.” What do they do with all these Scriptures? They just forget about them, you see.


So Noah -- back to Noah -- was in the role of the Lord Jesus Christ, who was in the God World of Atzilut. Noah did not come down from the God World of Atzilut or the parallel to it that he was in, but he sent forth his seed. Now, in the King James translation it says, “He sent forth his sons,” his sons went forth, but the word son really means seed. So Noah sent forth his seeds -- just like Jesus is sending forth His zygote, His male/female zygote -- and they found their way into the daughters of men with the assignment of producing a regenerated Righteous Adam, whom we call Christ Jesus, so that Noah could join with them -- so that the glorified Noah could join with them and save their lives.


Does anybody -- is anybody not following me? See? So Shem and Japheth, they were on the outside. Now, the Scripture clearly says, if you want to be honest -- and I’ll show it to you when the Lord lets me get into the actual details -- that Shem and Japheth were on the outside, but Ham was still on the inside. Ham was not doing that. Ham was not going around marrying as many of these earthen women as he could. Now, you have to see that what Jesus is doing, that He’s absolutely polygamous. The Lord Jesus absolutely polygamous, going around dropping His seed everywhere, impregnating as many of the -- of mankind as He possibly can, and that’s what the Father wants Him to do. Who’s the Father? Well, we have many fathers. Didn’t -- I think John said that in one of his epistles. We have many fathers. What was he talking about? We have many fathers. Adam Kadmon is our main Father, you see. He’s the Father of all. So Shem and Japheth were on the outside, and they probably -- each one of them [?signified?signify?] a company of seeds. Each one of them signified a -- signifies a company of seeds -- maybe thousands or millions of them. But Ham, he was inside. He was inside with Noah.


What was he doing inside with Noah? What would that liken Ham to, if he was inside with Noah? Now, our f- -- our sounding board -- no -- that -- which is of the doctrine of Christ that we’re measuring this new revelation against, OK, that’s helping us to understand -- what would it mean if I were to tell you, well, the Lord Jesus is sending out all of these seeds, and the seeds are going up to Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me, but there’s a Christ Jesus in somebody that’s up there inside with the Lord Jesus Christ. What would that mean? Anybody, what would that mean? Can anybody answer that question? What would that mean? OK. It would mean -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you want to try it?


[INAUDIBLE] the connection was made?


Well, what would it mean --




-- that Ham was on the inside [?when?] Shem and -- now, we’re thinking of the zygotes of the Lord Jesus Christ, OK, whose role it is, their assignment is, to go forth grafting human beings and grow up into the man Christ Jesus.


[?Christ Jesus.?]


[?Amen.?] So if we’re told that one of those zygotes, OK, returned to the Father, returned to the Lord Jesus Christ, and was inside -- was with Jesus in the God World of Atzilut, what would that mean? All the other seeds are in you and in me and all the other people, but one seed, [?OK?], was back with the -- with Noah -- or was with the Lord Jesus Christ. What could that possibly mean?


It didn’t fulfill its job?


Pardon me?


It didn’t fulfill its job.


OK, that’s a possibility, and [INAUDIBLE] -- any other possibility?


That it did.


That it did -- he did fulfill --




-- his job, and he returned to the father. OK. Well, what does that mean? That he married a human --




-- woman and he saved her -- either her personality -- let’s say that he married a human woman, and the human woman, the outer shell died, but her spirit and her soul was joined to this seed called Ham, and he saved her personality. And when the body died and released -- [?and now what?] -- if this body were to die -- remember Christ Jesus is dependent upon the human body that He dwells in until such time as He’s rejoined to the Lord Jesus Christ, and then if the body dies, He doesn’t die because He’s joined to the Lord Jesus Christ; but once He’s joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, the body can’t die because He becomes a sour- -- Christ Jesus becomes a source of eternal life in the midst of the body.


So -- OK. So for Ham to have returned to the father means that it -- either the physical body died and he saved the personality and went back to the father, or he saved the whole person. I don’t even know if they had physical bodies. I know the Scripture says that they had a -- an obviously visible form. So whatever that form was -- I won’t say physical. Whatever that form was, either Ham saved the personality or he saved the whole person, including the visible form.




That’s what it would mean.




You got that? Does anyone need me to say that again?


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] say it again.


You want me to say it again?




  1. OK. I will state the question, and then I will answer it again. What would it mean, based upon our understanding of the doctrine of Christ and the divine doctrine, if we were told that one of the seeds that the Lord Jesus Christ sends forth -- the Lord Jesus is sending forth probably millions of seeds. It’s His job to reproduce His son first in the church -- you know, first in the Jew and then in the Greek, but it’s His job to send His seed forth into every human being on the face of the Earth and hope that that -- and see to it that that seed grows up into the spiritual man Christ Jesus so that the Lord Jesus can come down and join with that spiritual man, thus saving the personality and eventually the body of the man. Is everybody OK with that?



  1. OK. So what would it mean if we’re told that one of those seeds that went forth that’s in you or that’s in me, that one of those seeds, which one -- which is the son of the Lord Jesus Christ -- what would it mean, based upon the doctrine as we’ve been studying it, that that seed went back to the Lord Jesus? He sent out his seed. It landed in you. It produced the man Christ Jesus, and the next thing we read is that that His son, Christ Jesus in you, was back with the Lord Jesus. What does that mean?



How could that happen? How could that thing happen?


If that seed didn’t grow [CROSSTALK] --


OK, that was what Brooke [SP] said, and what’s the alternative? You’re on the right track. What’s the other alternative? If it -- if the altern- -- if it didn’t -- if the fact that it didn’t grow was one alternative, what’s the other alternative? If it didn’t grow, or --


[?It died or lived.?]


Or it did grow. Either it did --


Or it did grow.


-- either it didn’t grow or did grow. So if it did grow and it became Christ Jesus, what would have to happen to that person -- whoever that person is, what would have to happen to them for Christ Jesus in them to go back to the Father, to go back --


They’d have --


-- to the Lord Jesus Christ?


-- they’d have to join. They’d have to join.


And what -- what would -- how does that happen?


[?They’d have to join.?]


What would have to happen to the person? What would have to happen to the human being that Christ Jesus is in for the seed that’s in them to go back to the Father?


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] has to die, right? [?That common?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] has to die [CROSSTALK] --


What has to happen to the person so that Christ Jesus goes back to the Father? The person, the human being, the physical human being, what has to happen to him for Christ Jesus to go back to the Father?


[INAUDIBLE] they’d have to marry Him [INAUDIBLE].


[?You don’t get it.?]




The person has to -- one of two things. The person has to either die, and when the person dies Christ Jesus takes the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that’s joined to the personality of the person goes back to the Father when the physical body dies. Or, if the circumstances warranted, if the circumstances make it possible, Christ Jesus in the individual has the power to melt the physical body and blend it together with the soul and take the whole person back to the Father. That’s what happened to Jesus. That’s our hope. That’s how we get a spiritual body. To get a spiritual body, this body has to melt and blend with our soul that’s already joined to Christ Jesus, and then we go back to the Father and we get a spiritual body.


How does it melt? It gets burned? How does it melt?


It gets -- it melts from the heat that’s generated from the union of the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in the midst of Him. It melts your physical body. It has the ability to melt your physical body. That’s the heat that Peter talks about, that great heat that the elements will come crashing down in that great heat. Are you familiar with that Scripture?




[?In Peter?] -- well, I give you an assignment: Go home and read it [CROSSTALK].


  1. OK.


He said, “And in that great day,” OK, “all of the elements will come crashing” --


Oh, oh.


-- “down from that great heat.” You know that --




-- Scripture.


Yeah. Yes.


I know you know [?it?]. [?And?] that’s what happens.


So Ham was inside. Ham was not outside. Ham was inside. Now -- and -- OK, look. How am I going to say this? Ham was inside. He was not a seed that was planted in a daughter of men outside. He had returned to the father, and he had returned to the father with a humiliated one. He [?had turned?] --


And I’ll show you the Alternate Translation of Canaan, the way it’s used in one of the verses that we translated. And I -- when I first started looking at that verse, I said, well, it sounds like Canaan is with him now. It sounds like Canaan was with him now, you know, and as the revelation unfolded, [?guess?that’s?] what the Lord showed me. Brethren, there could be two people named Canaan. The fact that Genesis 9 reveals, if you’re willing to see it or if you can see it, the fact that it reveals that there was a Canaan that was with Ham at the time of the -- Shem, Ham and Japheth at the beginning, OK, doesn’t mean that there was not another Canaan who was the son, who is the offspring, of Ham. It doesn’t -- one thing doesn’t preclude the other. He could’ve had a Canaan with him at the time, and then he could’ve had his son, Canaan. Lots of people in the Scripture have the same name.


But what the Lord showed me, and what I’m telling you because I believe this revelation, is that he did not have a Canaan with him. He had a humiliated one with him. I guess you could say he had a Canaan with him, if you want to. He had a humiliated one with him. He had brought one of the humiliated daughters of men back into the highest spiritual realms with himself to the Father, to Noah, their father, see. Now, we --




-- don’t know -- at least I couldn’t tell from what I was -- what the Lord was teaching me -- whether he saved her personality only or the whole person was saved, but there was [?this?] -- at the very least a whole personality that was attached to Ham that was inside of Adam Kadmon, in the safe place, see. You don’t have to believe me, but does everybody know what I’m talking about? Do you know what I’m talking about?




So, at this time, it just so ha- -- now, I don’t know. Maybe Ham would’ve gone back out again. Maybe he was just back for the moment. I’m not -- there’s nothing that would indicate that because he had attached himself to this one humiliated one -- because, brethren, anyone that’s dis- -- that’s cut off from God is humiliated. We are humiliated every day. I want to tell you, you could be the healthiest person in the world, and I’m sorry to be gross, but I’m going to tell you, every time you said on that toilet bowl, you’re humiliated. Every time you act like an animal -- [?everybody who?] -- every bodily function that you engage in is a humiliation to the spiritual man inside of you, and you have to see this with spiritual eyes.


I’m not telling that your physical body is bad or anything like that. I’m talking on a high spiritual realm you need to understand that these bodies are fallen, that Jesus doesn’t have a body like this anymore. He doesn’t use His body the way we use our body because His body now matches the high, exalted position where His mind and His spirit is. And the Scripture says that to be in this physical condition is a humiliation to our spiritual man, and I ask you to please ask the Lord to help you to understand that because I’m in no way putting down the functions of the physical body. God says, well, that we use the body as we use it because this is who we are, see, but this body is not permanent. This body is a humiliation, we’ll find out, to Japheth and to Shem. This body is the humili- -- a curse that has resulted in humiliation to these high spiritual beings that were never restricted like this before.


And I know that I’ve told a few people over the years, and I’ve said it when I preached and some of you couldn’t understand it, especially, you know, people who are in the medical field, but, I’m telling you, every time I go to a doctor it’s a great humiliation for me because I have known the higher world, you see. If this world is the only world that you know -- well, I do thank God for doctors because I’ve been put back down here, see. So for people in this world, including myself, I thank God for doctors and for medical science, but my experience is that I was temporarily, for a couple of years, caught up into a higher world where every condition I had was healed by either someone just speaking to me or just touching me, just touching my body, and rebuking it. I was healed of internal bleeding. I was healed of an incurable disease. I was healed of all kinds of things by the spoken word or just by sitting under the anointing.


So to go from that to a place where I have to let people prod me and touch me and stick needles in me and touch me in intimate places and hurt me to get healed, brethren, that is a humiliation, if you can understand it. So I thank God for the humiliation because I -- if the Lord didn’t do anything to intervene, I’d be dead without it. The Lord saved my life through surgery. Right now I’m having a problem with my eyes. I’m getting treated by the med- -- I thank God for the doctors. I thank God for the s- -- the doctors who developed the procedures, but if I had my choice, brethren, I’d much rather be in the higher world where I just talk to it and I’m healed. I’m going tomorrow to get another needle in my eye. That’s a humiliation. Brethren, that is a humiliation to Christ Jesus in me, that He did not prove to be strong enough to rise up and heal this deterioration of my eyes. He is the one that’s humiliated.


The angel inside of us is humiliated that He is dependent, and that’s the -- this is the translation of one of the later versus. “He is humiliated that He is dependent upon someone who is dependent,” right. So He dies if we die. What a humiliation that he is dependent upon someone who is dependent, meaning that we die. So Christ Jesus in me, the one that gives me this incredible revelation, the one that’s making me the spiritual man that I am -- which is getting more and more powerful every day, and all that God has for me in the future, if by the grace of God I should rise to the occasion and pass all the tests -- He is humiliated that He cannot take care of me in this way. Can you hear that?




I thank God for the medical community. I thank God for them. I just told you the other day, every time I see an ambulance go down the street with the lights and the alarms going off it brings me to tears. I’m just recognizing the greatness of this country that I have the privilege of living in. In other countries you just die. There’s no 911. There are no ambulances. There are no hospitals. You just die, and that’s the way it used to be here years ago. So I thank God for everything that God has made available and sh- -- and the a- -- at the time that He catches me back up again to that high place where I don’t need doctors I will continue to thank God for them for all of your sakes that still need them.


But you all need to understand -- if you want to be spiritual, you need to understand that different rules and different benefits in different principles apply to different people. Everybody’s not the same. See, that’s the disgrace of this Common Core program. They’re treating all of the children the same. We’re not the same, you see. We need individual ministry and individual treatment, and that’s what God wants to give us. He focuses His ministry to the individual, see.


So what have we got so far? Noah was likened unto the Lord Jesus Christ. Shem, Ham and Japheth were seeds, what I’d call the zygotes of the Lord Jesus, that had gone forth with the assignment of impregnating as many women as they -- spiritual women as they can to save their lives, just like Abraham [sic] married Sarai to save her life, OK, and that Ham had succeeded in saving, at the very least, the personality of one of these earthen women and maybe her whole person, and he had returned to his father, Noah, OK, either because the outer vessel had died and he saved her personality or he saved the whole person -- the -- [?or?] he saved her personality and her outer vessel, and he took her back to the father. [INAUDIBLE] one of those two things.


So Ham was on the inside, and Shem and Japheth were on the outside, and a seducing spirit arose to take out Noah, see. A seducing spirit arose, and somehow -- we’re told that it bubbled up from Sheol. So, now, remember, Noah was the garment that covered Adam Kadmon. So let’s say the palm of his hand was cleaving unto Adam Kadmon, but the outer part of his hand was in the midst of this pit, you see, and all of the waters, the emotional waters, of this pit. So the seducing spirit bubbled up from the lower waters where Satan is, and bubbled up and was able to touch the exterior of Adam Kadmon, which was not really Adam Kadmon, but was his skin called Noah, and Noah was seduced.


Brethren, Noah was not a man who went out and planted a vineyard that grew grapes like you see out here on Long Island. Come on, you have to get with it. I don’t think anybody here has that problem. I don’t know who I’m preaching to or who’s mad at me for what I’m preaching when they hear this message, but, brethren, you just have to grow up. We have to grow up, see.


So, first of all, Noah was not like we are. He was a great, great spiritual being likened to the glorified Jesus Christ. Second of all, he didn’t have a physical body like this. Third of all, he wasn’t out on the ground digging holes to plant his grapevines, see. A spirit entered in to his spiritual universe through these waters. These waters that he abode in bubbled up -- the word wine signifies effervescence, the bubbling up, of the fermenting, the fermenting of the wine. So it bubbled from the bottom, see, and it bubbled all the way up to where he was by the head, and it made him feel good, see.


Satan always makes you feel good. Satan comes after your emotions -- your emotions and your fallen mind. First, you know, Satan is very Machiavellian. What does that mean? She creates your trouble, and then she makes herself the savior in the midst of your trouble. So she makes you miserable. She lies to you and to me. She lies to us so that you’re miserable in your emotions and in your mind, and then she comes with the solution that’s designed to make you feel good, but destroy you in the long run.


So the seduction rose up from the lower worlds, and it touched Noah, and he was taken by the seduction. He was overtaken by the seduction [INAUDIBLE], and what happened to him [?when that?] -- brethren, you have to hear this, you see. When you’re overtaken by the seduction, it’s not that God won’t forgive you, it’s that if the plan goes far enough, if you join in your mind and your emotions to the spirit of Satan -- [?come to the?] -- [?well, let me tell you -- let me?] say it another way. It is possible to join or to enjoy that -- the Scripture -- the way the Scripture says it is that Satan satisfied him. That’s the word. She satisfied him. How did she satisfy him? I don’t know what a glorified spirit like that would be lacking if he were to be tempted. I don’t know, but Satan bubbled up and she touched something from Noah -- probably something from his old life that he hadn’t thought about in years, some desire, some craving stirred up in him that that hadn’t bothered him in centuries -- and she stimulated --


-- that need or that desire. You see, when God satisfies us, brethren -- and I've told you this many times. When God satisfies us, He does not satisfy our animal nature. He does not satisfy our body other than to give it food, OK, and He does not satisfy our emotions. Although, sometimes He satisfies -- He does not satisfy ungodly emotions. The Holy Spirit satisfies -- the Holy Spirit heals your emotions. The problem with the Holy Spirit is that it satisfies -- and I w- -- I had -- boy, I had six or seven years dancing and singing and banging that tambourine and getting slain in the [?Spirit?]. I had my emotions satisfied by the Holy Spirit, but the problem was, when I went home, it didn't come home with me, you see. The Holy Spirit was still inside of me, but the exaltation, the excitement, the satisfaction of my emotions that I felt in the music and the dancing and the fellowship of the crowds didn't come home with me.


And the degree of the Holy Spirit that did come home with me couldn't satisfy me, you see, so the truth of the matter is that what was satisfying me were the actions, the big party that the Holy Spirit made because God loved me and loved everybody that was in that experience. But we had to all get together for a big ingathering, and then He would pour out His Spirit, and we would all get healed and feel good, and then we would go home, you see. So we only had that blessing from God when we went to the place where He was doing it, you see. It's God's intention that each one of us should have Christ Jesus in us developed to the degree that we can be trapped on a desert island, and He would be able to manifest Himself and fully satisfy us, you see. That's His plan for us, to not be dependent on anybody. That's what it means to be a spiritual male, no dependency other than on God, absolutely no dependency on this world or other human beings. Now that doesn't mean you don't have relationships and that the relationships cannot be rewarding, but you're not dependent on them to feel good or to be happy or to be functioning in this world, you see.


So what am I telling you? Am I against the Holy Spirit? Absolutely not. I could just see somebody walking away saying I'm against the Holy Spirit, absolutely not. I'm telling you that the Holy Spirit is the female power of God, and it's incomplete. That's what I'm telling you. God has more for you. God's ultimate goal is that you should be de- -- independent, that you should have power over nature, that you should have power over all the power that's in this world and the only -- and be in submission and dependent only upon Him, just like Ph- -- like Joseph had all power over Egypt, and he had all -- no one was higher than Joseph except Pharaoh, the one who gave him the power. That's God's desire for us.


So we were sort of reviewing, so this is Noah, OK. Noah was seduced in that high-exalted spiritual place he was in, doing the same kind of things that Jesus does. He was seduced. Now I think I started to tell you, and I didn’t make my point, that I think it would be naïve of us to think that Jesus, after all of these possibly billions of years that we've been around, however many years we've been around, that Jesus is -- was the Lord's first attempt to save the earthen creature, that 2,000 years ago was His first attempt to save mankind. I think that would be naïve, you see. He tried many times, and every time failed. He tried through Nimrod. He tried through Abraham, and who knows how many times He tried in-between, but He failed. Well, it wasn't God that failed. It was the angels. It was the combination of the angels that He sent out to accomplish His plan that failed.


So what's different about Jesus? Something's different about Jesus, but I'm not going to -- I probably could explain it, but I think that I'd go completely off of this message. Look at the time, so I'm not going to do that now. But Jesus is different. Jesus cannot fail. Jesus is permanent, you see.


So Noah was one guy, and Nimrod was another guy, you see, and, of course, Nimrod came out of Noah, but, anyway, let's stay with this message. So Noah was in a role similar to where Jesus is. Shem and Japheth were out saving mankind, and Ham had already saved at least one person or probably more and taken them back to the Father, to a place of safety within Adam Kadmon, and that reality is described by the name Canaan, the humbled ones. So Ham was inside Adam Kadmon, and he saw the seduction.


Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't finish my thought. So what happens to you when you get seduced, what happens is when you are tempted by the thought or the emotional experience -- because I don't think Noah had a body, so it had to be some emotional or psychic experience that just satisfied him in a way that he had given up the preference of being satisfied by Adam Kadmon, so that's what I was telling you. The satisfaction that comes from Adam Kadmon is a parallel satisfaction. He doesn't satisfy your physical body. He does not give you sex, OK. If you're getting sex from the Spirit, it's not coming from God. It's coming from Satan, OK. He doesn't give you sex. He doesn't stimulate your body in any way, OK, to give you pleasure, because that's idolatry. You're supposed to be turning to God with your needs. And He doesn't satisfy your ungodly emotions. He'll satisfy your -- that's how I got into that Holy Spirit thing. He'll pour out His Holy Spirit, which makes you feel good, and there's healing in that anointing, but it does not replace a husband or a wife if that's what you're craving for. It doesn't replace it.


You have to go to church to get it, and [?you can?] become addicted to the church, which I was addicted. The Lord told me. I was all upset when He told me that, that I was addicted to all that dancing and singing, and the proof was that I wasn't happy when I left the church. Well, was God not with me when I left the church? How come I wasn't happy with God when I left the church? How come I was only happy with God when I was in the church? Because it wasn't God that was making me so happy. It was the carnal singing and dancing and blah, blah, blah. So you get it for a season because you're a child, but it was time for me to grow up, so He took my pacifier away. That experience in the Holy Ghost was my pacifier, and He took it away from me, and I didn't like it, you see, but He never gave it back because He had other plans for me.


So Noah was in the house. He was inside of Adam Kadmon, and he saw the seduction. I still didn't get my point out. So when you let Satan satisfy you, you turn away from the spiritual satisfaction. Brethren, you can't have bo- -- well, you can only have both to the degree that you have small amounts of both of them. Either you're satisfying -- being satisfied spiritually, or you're being satisfied in your emotions and your body, and there's a balance. There's a time that you could have both, when it's 60/40 or 50/50. When you start getting 60 or 70 on the God side, you're in a crisis because you really have to choose between being satisfied by God or satisfied by the flesh. I'm not talking only about sex. It's anything, going out on the town, having a good time, taking a day trip.


Now there are people here that I know are not going to be able to relate to what I'm telling you, but I'm going to tell you I had a wonderful time the other day with a couple of the brethren. We went out east, and it was a wonderful time, but especially towards the end of the day, I was longing for the Word of God because I had to come out -- I had to depart to a degree from the intensity of my relationship with the Lord to enjoy that day, and I'm glad I went, and God wanted me to go. I'm just making a point for you. I am that attached to God that I had to depart from Him for a degree to have this other experience. I could not have the dual experiences at the same time. I could not be jumping up and down in my seat with excitement over this revelation like I was last night and earlier. [?I wasn't?] this morning -- while I was out on the town with my good friends.


So the closer you get to God and the more God is satisfying you, the more it becomes a crisis. You have to decide which life you prefer. And, actually, at one point, I had decided that I wanted the spiritual life, and I wanted nothing else, and the Lord came to me, said can't have that either. You cannot be hiding from the world, working on the Word of God and not having to deal with the sin in people, because relationships are painful, brethren, and sooner or later, everybody fails you and betrays you at some point in your life, your closest friends, you see.


So the Lord had to force me back out into the world. For about 13 years, I was in total isolation, bringing forth this word and getting healed and getting Christ Jesus developed in me.  Hardly saw anybody except the few brethren that came here to hear me preach, and I saw my family once in a while, you see. And then, certainly, about 44 years ago, for sure, pushed me out and sent me to the synagogue, and it was very painful. It was very painful departing from the Word of God and spending all the time that I spent with carnal people, but I needed to do it. I needed to have my personality developed and matured in certain areas. And, brethren, the whole reason, the whole purpose of God raising us up as high and powerful spiritual beings is to help other people. So if you hide in your house studying all the time, what has God raised you up for? So you have to go out, you see, but it's painful to go out. You miss -- I missed my husband, you see. I'm telling you the truth.


I had a wonderful day. I loved it. Once in a while, couldn't do it every day, but my intimacy with God, I can do that every day, probably as much as 20 hours a day, you see, and that's where I've come out. That's who I am. Now I know that there are people listening to me that are saying, my God, 20 hours a day studying? I couldn’t bear that, 20 hours a day studying or listening to messages. How does she do it? Well, I only do it because Christ Jesus in me is insatiable. Christ Jesus in me cannot get enough, and He has become so much of a part of me that that's who I am.


My primary life is my relationship with the Word of God, not so much the Spirit of God, meaning the outpouring of the Spirit and the gifts and all the -- brethren, I love it, but my relationship, my core, my foundation is not with the manifestation of the Spirit. It's with the Word of God. That's what saves me from destruction every time. That's the one who talks to me. That's the one who guides me and counsels me on a personal, individual level. The Holy Spirit will speak to you and help you but not on the same level, you see, and it's getting to the point that it's hard to tell us apart, you see. He said that I still sin, and every time I sin, I separate from Him.


So when the temptation comes, if I will take that temptation, you see -- it doesn't even have to be anything terrible. I'm really just talking about Noah now. I don't know what tempted him, but he was temporarily caught up in it, and he was so caught up -- when he was caught up in it, he started to attach to it, and has he attached to it, he detached from Adam Kadmon.


If you want to think of it as a scale of one to 10, as long as you're beyond five points, as long as you're six points or more in God's camp, you're safe. As soon as you’re finding yourself attaching to the things of this world six points or more, you're separating from Christ Jesus.  Now that's just a way of explaining this to you. Don't be getting -- don't let me be upsetting anybody here, OK. When you're being satisfied by something other than God more than 50 percent of the time, you are now beginning to tear away from your union with God, you see.


And when you read Isaiah and you talk about Isaiah 53, it talks -- if you look up all of the words, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it talks about sewing us back together with God, you see. Our skin and His spiritual skin, it's not skin like this, but it's spiritual skin that can be sewn together. We're sewn together to Him, and when we start thinki- -- and it's all of the mind, brethren. It's of your mind and your emotions, and when we start agreeing with -- because that's what it's all about, agreeing with something that God does not agree with, your -- the place where you're sewn together then starts to strain. [?And if you?] --to follow after the thing -- it may not be a bad thing, but it's not of the Spirit of God, and as you start to follow after it, your tie with God tears.


And the word in Genesis, the word in the Hebrew, is bisected. Noah was bisected. He was cut right down the middle. His union with God was bisected, completely separated. The problem with that is, when you wake up -- he woke up, you see. He woke up, and he realized what had happened. Now the King James tell you that Ham did it to him, but that's not what the interlinear text says. I'm sorry. The interlinear text clearly says -- this was -- you know, certain things that I tell you come by revelation, and other things are really obvious. If you have any u- -- power over the language -- the original language at all, you would have to admit that the translations that I give you are distinct possibili- -- distinct, legitimate possibilities, you know.


And the interlinear text said he did it to himself, and Noah woke from this sleep of death. He awoke from this intoxicating euphoria that he was in, and he realized. He was what he had done to himself, Greek interlinear -- I'm sorry, Hebrew interlinear text. He saw what he had done to himself and also to his sons because, brethren, if the Lord Jesus Christ should disappear, God forbid, Christ Jesus in us would die when we died. The only source of immortality is through union with the Lord Jesus who's permanently joined to Adam Kadmon, so Noah, having separated from Adam Kadmon, he had killed and destroyed the potential of Shem, Ham and Japheth producing the regenerated Righteous Adam in preparation for Noah to marry them. So what good is going around with all the seeds and seeding the people with Christ Jesus or with the regenerated Adam if Noah was no longer connected to Adam Kadmon? And, therefore, Christ Jesus or regenerated Adam in them could not be joined to Adam Kadmon. So what's the point of anything? Does anyone not know what I just said? That's what happened.


Noah was seduced to the point that he disconnected from Adam Kadmon, a complete bisection. He was severed from Adam Kadmon, and N- -- Ham was in the house when it happened. He was inside when it happened, and he saw it. And he went out, and he called to his brothers, and he told them what happened. And his brothers came in. They came into the house, and they tried to fill the gap themselves. They tried to make themselves that connector to Adam Kadmon, but it was gone.


The potential for connection to Adam Kadmon was gone, and not only was the -- was who we would call Christ Jesus gone, regenerated Adam, regenerated Righteous Adam, not only was he gone, but the female seed out of which Adam regenerates was gone too. What does that mean? It was Noah that was sending forth the seed, so Noah was no longer functioning as an agent for Adam Kadmon that could join with Christ Jesus, and I'm using New Testament terms because I think it's easier for you. It's easier, even for me, to preach it. So Noah was gone, OK. The male organ, you know, of Adam Kadmon that would connect the earthen spiritual women, that would connect to the male son that the earthen women had produced because of the seed that was given to them, so not only was the male organ gone, but the source of the seed was gone.


[SPEAKING IN TONGUES]. Tragedy in heaven. And the result of that -- now remember that Shem and Japheth, they typify many seeds. They're a company of seeds, two different kinds of seeds, you know, two different degree -- not two different kinds of seeds, two different degrees of seed because the interlinear text indicates that they were attached to each other and that Japheth was in s- -- was inferior. Well, let me put it the other way, not inferior in a bad way but that Shem was su- -- would have the authority over Japheth [?where really?] one seed [UNINTELLIGIBLE] we might say the unconscious -- the subconscious mind.


So what happened to them, those seeds that already existed? New seeds were no longer being manufactured. What happened to those seeds that already existed? They were trapped inside of the visible bodies of the daughters of men, humiliated. The sons of God who were the saviors of mankind were now trapped inside of the individual members of mankind, dependent upon them for their existence, just like Christ Jesus dies if we die, dependent upon vessels that were themselves dependent, and the King James translators say, "Servants of servants you shall be," servants meaning [?servitude?], servants meaning bondage, servants meaning indebtedness, and indentured servant, not the servant -- of course, the term has been horribly misused by ungodly people in the church, but not servants that you're a human being, and that's what you do for a living, that you wait on tables. No, indebtedness, like an indentured servant. They became indebted they -- for their existence. They could not exist without being attached to mankind, and the ones that they could not -- why? Because they were no longer attached to Noah.


It's the reverse of the principle of the harvest that I've already mentioned once tonight. Let me do it again, that Christ Jesus rose up. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] we get a seed. We get an unattached seed, OK. It's a male, female seed. It originates --- originally functions as a female seed that gives birth to a male -- a spiritual male child called Christ Jesus, and that spiritually male child is dependent for His life on the spiritual earth of our humanity that He dwells in. He's growing in us like a tree. If we die, He dies. If Satan has the power to cut down that tree, He dies. That's what Jesus meant when he said, "I'm the vine, and you're the branches." He didn't mean your body. He meant Christ in you is the branch, and if Christ is cut out of you, He's a dead branch laying there, can't do anything. And if that branch in you is not connected to the Lord Jesus, He's useless. The Lord's always talking to your spiritual man. He's not talking to Cain. We are Cain. You need to know that we're Cain, you see.


Our hope is that the Lord Jesus Christ will marry Christ Jesus in us thereby giving Christ Jesus eternal life. Now Christ Jesus is a tree that has its roots growing in our humanity, and His upper part is joined to the Lord Jesus, OK, but He's still in danger, and we're still in danger because He's attached to us. We are the emotional animal, and maybe that was what happened to Noah. Noah was not harvested. Oh, I bet you that's it. Noah experienced the experience as far as being attached to his humanity and being attached to Adam Kadmon above, but he was never harvested. I really think that's it.


Let me finish the exhortation. So this is our -- this is what we hope for, that the Lord Jesus will marry Christ Jesus in us, but then Christ Jesus, the man, our savior, the savior of the body, is still subject to temptation and seduction from our humanity. What do you mean? He's still -- OK, I'm going to explain that to you. My mouth just got twisted. Hold on, I just got excited. OK, Christ Jesus in us is in danger. Why is He in danger? He's in danger of His human host cutting Him down. He's a tree that grows in our humanity, and He can be cut down by the land that He's growing in if we turn against Him. And if we take our love and our affection and give it to the activities that Satan offers to us, we can cause His roots to dry up and wither. And then [?it's?] -- I see questions in my mind that I don't know the answer to, and I don't want to get stuck on that today, but that's what I'm seeing. That's what the Lord is telling me right now, that this is what happened to Noah. He came to that place that we're hoping for. The next move for us is that the Lord Jesus will join with Christ Jesus in us, and then [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- Christ Jesus will be [?adjoined?] at both ends, but Christ Jesus still having His roots in our ground is a danger to Him, and it's a danger to us because if He dies, we die, you see.


Now, right now, before He's married to the Lord Jesus, if we die, He dies, but once He's married to the Lord Jesus, if He dies, we die because when He's married to the Lord Jesus, He is our immortality. He is our spiritual life, so once He's married to the Lord Jesus, the tables turn. I'm going to say it again. Right now, He's not married to the Lord Jesus. If we die, He dies. But once He marries the Lord Jesus, He becomes a source of eternal life to us, a source of a higher, exalted existence, OK, and if He should die because of our bad behavior or our sinful behavior, we die. So the way it is now, if we die, He dies, and then the tables turned once He's joined to the Lord Jesus, if He dies, we die to our spiritual life.


So the solution to the problem is that He should be harvested, that His roots, in us, should be ripped up. What does that mean? Any dependency whatsoever that He has in us should be removed. Christ Jesus has dependencies on us, you see. He depends on us to feed Him. He depends on us to give Him spiritual food. He depends on us to carry Him where He would have us to take Him, you see. And if we don't do our part, if He's starving and we don't play that message that He needs, He starts to shrivel up and die. So even though He's attached to the Lord Jesus above, it's possible for damage and violence to be done to Him while He's still attached to us, if we don't fulfill our obligations to Him. Does that make any sense at all, what I'm saying right now? [?No?]. So the answer is to harvest Him, to divest Him of all dependencies upon the host that gave birth to Him, and then if the host that gave birth to Him lives a godly life, they will enter into eternal life because Christ Jesus will still be in their vessel but not dependent upon them, so they can tap into the eternal life of Christ Jesus that He has received through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. But if that vessel decides to go the way of Cain, He could depart, and Christ Jesus will be removed by the Lord Jesus who He is attached to. Christ Jesus will not suffer the punishment or the destruction or the death that that person will suffer because they've chosen to go the way of Cain because Christ Jesus will have been harvested and will have no dependencies whatsoever on that person. Did I make that clear? Did I do that?




Yeah. So that's what happened to Noah. I love it when God does things like this. He was attached to his humanity on one end, and he was attached to Adam Kadmon on the other end, and he was still subject to the sins of his humanity, and that was what happened to him. He was not harvested. Christ Jesus was not harvested in him. The regenerated Adam was not harvested in him, and his human side fell prey to the temptation, and Adam was affected by that sin, and dried up, and the connection between Adam -- the connection between Noah's humanity -- oh, I can just see it in the Spirit. How am I going to get these words out of my mouth? I'm so excited, OK. I can just see it in the Spirit, a tree, OK, a tree with the roots in the humanity of Noah, and the top of the tree connected to Adam Kadmon, you see, and the humanity of Noah engaged in some kind of sin, and that humanity was attached to the regenerated Adam. So the sin of Noah affected the roots of the regenerated Adam that was in his soul, and those roots dried up and died, and the tearing that I told you about a few minutes ago -- the tearing was the separation of Noah's humanity from Christ Jesus.


Well, I wish I had a picture for you. I --  and it's late, OK. The tearing was the separation of the man from the seed that had given birth to Christ Jesus. It's as if a great crane comes down from heaven to pick up a car. Let's say there's a car, you know, one of these big cranes coming. He wants to pick up the car, and He grabs the car, but the whole car doesn't come up. Just the roof of the car comes up, and the result of the attempt to rescue that car, for whatever reason, actually ripped the car in half. Rather than picking up the whole car t- -- and rescuing it, the car got ripped in half. Are you following me at all? And that's what happened to Noah. Because he sinned, the regenerated Adam in him separated from him, and that end [?that separated died?] -- his connection with the God world dried up and died, left him.


And with regard to us, I would say the way that would affect us, the practical application of that, is -- brethren, it is possible for the Lord Jesus Christ to leave us. It is possible. You need to know that it's possible. Don't push him too far, you see. He can leave you, and under certain circumstances, He will. If the sin that you're engaged in -- I don't even what to try to go forward with the criteria. You better repent fast. Brethren, we all sin. You better repent fast. It's possible for Him to leave you. The bottom line is I -- and I've read this in my studies on reincarnation by with Rabbi Luria. If the end -- if the spir- -- see, Jesus is incarnating in us by ibbur, you see. A soul that incarnates with you from gilgul, that -- a soul that incarnates with you from birth is relegated to stay with you as long as you live, can't get out of your body unless you die. But the soul that incarnates by ibbur, which is what Jesus is doing -- He's joining Himself to us after we're born. That soul can leave if it wants to, and if our lifestyle or if the activities that we're engaging become abhorrent enough to Him, He can leave, and then He may never come back. I guess He may, but He may never come back. I wouldn’t want that experience, brethren. I don't want Him to leave me. You need to know He can leave you.


So that's what happened to Noah, and Ham saw it, so he went and told his brothers. And they came in, and they found out that their source of connection to immortality had died and that they, as seeds, became dried up, worthless seeds trapped in the bodies of the earthen man and subject to these earthen bodies. And then after that, somewhere along the line, they became evil because when you're separated from God, you become evil. Now that's not all of the evil angels in the earth, but those are the evil angels -- the Zohar talks about Uza and Aziel, the two evil angels, and I always wonder. How could they say just two, you know? But, of course, they're the two aspects of the higher mind of mankind.


Now when I first started studying at the synagogue, I had asked the rabbi about this, and I was really surprised and almost discomforted when he told me that. It [?wasn't his?] opinion. He taught me that every human being has all grades -- there are five grades of soul, and he said we have -- all have the full five grades of soul, but they're not all active. They're not active, but we're born with them. We're born with the five grades of soul, and that really surprised me because the way the Alternate Translation in Rabbi Luria's "Gate of Reincarnations" read -- it says, well, under certain circumstances, then you receive the next grade of soul. You receive it, and I always perceived that to mean that it came from outside of me, and he said, no, we're born with all of them, but they need to be activated, and he couldn't explain the English translation. But he insisted, no, you're born with it, and it just is activated in you. And it took me a while because I manifested when he said that.  I didn't like it for some reason. I didn't like it. I manifested [?him?], but I've come to understand that that's true, you see, that we're born with all five grades of soul, but only the first two grades -- the nefesh, which is in our blood and the ruach, which is the oxygen that we breathe, that those are the only two that are activated.


So Uza and Aziel or Shem and Japheth are literally born in us, buried under our carnality. And in more -- in most instances, they never even are unlocked, so they're dying -- they're, like, lying in a grave. Jesus called the Pharisees dead me's' bones, you know. They're born Shem and Japheth, who the Zohar calls Uza and Aziel -- they're born in every human being, but the carnality of the human being never lets them out until that person has a spiritual awakening. What that means -- what is a spiritual awakening? That Shem or Japheth -- I don't know which one it would be. I'd have to think about that -- actually gets to express themself [sic] to and through that human being.


So in societies where spirituality is repressed, which has been the case of Christian for a long time now, they're just crushed, like living in a coffin, and the person dies never having -- even having a spiritual experience. That's the humiliation that's translated as the word Canaan. Instead of saying humiliated, the King James translators made it into a -- into the noun, Canaan, into the name, the personal noun, Canaan. Now Ham wasn't on [?their?] -- see, these guys were trapped in the bodies, but Ham wasn't in a body. He had returned -- in Rabbi Luria's terminology for those of you who were here 20 years ago, he returned to the eminator [SP], returned to -- do you remember those teachings? He returned to the eminator [SP]. Does that sound familiar to you at all?








Yes? He returned to the eminator [SP]. He returned to the one who sent them out. So he didn't share. He wasn't trapped in the human bodies. So -- and I've been telling you for years that Ham was the hero. The lies that have been perpetrated, you know, on Ham are just abominable, the things that have been said about him, and it's carried over to his descendants, and it's just abominable. He's the hero. I've been saying that for years. Although, I saw it differently. I thought that Ham had sounded the alarm, you know, but Ham now is the only one of the three sons that is the hope of female mankind, so his reward -- and I don't even know. I won't know unless the Lord tells me. Was -- is -- was his being inside? Was it that he was a -- was it just that he was a couple of steps ahead of Shem and Japheth, or was it that he was in there and that he was going to go out again and that he wasn't any different than them? He just happened to be inside. Or was he doing a better job, that he had already gotten all of his ladies and returned? You know, I don't know, but I know that he's the only one that was still viable as a potential savior for mankind. The other two are trapped in chains of darkness down here until the day of judgment when they'll be liberated, the angels of God, you see.


So Ham produced an offspring, and his grandson, Nimrod, OK, incarnated in human flesh, which we're told, according to the translation -- we won't get to the translations today. This is -- I'm just giving it to you without the translation, so there will be a part two, you see. So Ham, in his second generation, after his foundational generation, incarnated. He found a lady. He found mankind, people, one anyway. He incarnated in the flesh, but he wasn't alone. Ham was inside of him, you see. Ham was his higher mind. Probably -- you know, probably, Nimrod was a manifestation of that Canaan, that humbled one that was already attached to Nimrod. They incarnated together, you see, in the flesh of Shem because Shem is providing the flesh of his bodies.


And Nimrod, he incarnated with an assignment to save mankind. He was a higher degree of seed than Shem and Japheth because he had his degree of humanity wrapped around him, that humbled [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that humbled one, OK. And he incarnated in mankind with great power and with a great assignment, and he didn't make it. He was overtaken by the lusts of the flesh, and he became a [?great ty-?] -- the power went to his head, and he became a tyrant, and, ultimately, Jehovah had to cut him off, and Nimrod, with Ham inside of him, had seeded many, many people, and this is where the evil angels are.


So there are people in the earth who are the spiritual descendants of Nimrod and Ham, representing aspects of the mind, unconscious or subconscious. I'd have to really pray about it to see what -- which was what. So there are people in the world today that have evil angels inside of them that -- the spiritual descendants of Nimrod, and Nimrod is Osiris, brethren. We talked about this, that there are groups of people out there, the Freemasons, they're waiting for reincarnation of Osiris. It's Nimrod and Ham that they're waiting for, who have turned evil. And then there are angels that are trapped, Shem and Japheth or [?Uza and?] -- the Zohar says Uza and Aziel were evil, but I -- let's just stay with Shem and Japheth who I believe were not evil, but they may have done evil things because they've been cut off from God, but when the Lord liberates them and He'll reattach to them, and the will be godly angels again.


And I [?sat down into?] this whole revelation with absolute awe. I sat down to try to figure out how many different kinds of people there were in the earth, and this is how I did it. I said, well, the descendants of Nimrod, you know, and -- or Osiris, and the descendants of Noah, Shem and Japheth, which have the potential to be -- they're either good in the flesh now, or they have the potential to be restored to goodness. I don't know about Nimrod. I don't know about him. That's not today's message. I have to really finish this up. So there are the descendants of Nimrod which are evil, and these are the people in the world that are wielding ungodly spiritual power that we're told have all the money, or most of the people that are very wealthy are serving another god. And then we have Shem and Japheth. Some -- I'm talking too fast. Jesus -- it's very possible that Jesus has raised up people who have Shem and Japheth within them. There are godly people that are very wealthy, but what I'm trying to say - and for some reason I have to just slow down. I'm very excited about this message. Let me just slow down.


Brethren, to have great wealth, you need spiritual power. There's just no question about it. You know, there's just no question about it. And there are people -- the mo- -- the Scripture says most of the people that have a lot of money are not godly people, but there are godly people who have a lot of money and not only just money but power in this world. They go together, you see. If you have power in this world, you have money. If you have money, you have power in this world. So if you are political or a great philanthropist, whoever you are that you're so well know because you're powerful in this world, money goes with it. It's very unlikely that you have a lot of power and you don't have money. They go together, and God has raised up His philanthropists and His powerful people and sometimes powerful military warriors, you see, and these people are the spiritual descendants of Shem and Japheth that Jesus Christ has touched and prospered. That's the second category.


And then the third category that I know o- -- can think of are just the human beings, the earthen people, which are called the daughters of men in the Scripture. But when I sat down to write it up, there was a fourth category, and it's at the end of your notes. It's on page 13, at the bottom of page 13. And I'll tell you this before -- I'll tell you this first, that I looked at the four different kinds of people, and what hit me right between the eyeballs was this understanding of the Jewish Seder, the -- when the Jewish people -- excuse me. They celebrate -- they remember the Exodus from Egypt. They make a feast that they call the Seder, and one of the traditional events of the Seder is what they call the four questions, and they usually have the youngest child ask the four questions, beginning with, why is this night different from all other nights? And then the Seder celebration, they read a book called -- from a book called the Haggadah which recounts the whole Exodus.


And the teaching that goes forth describes four different kinds of Jewish people, four different kinds of sons, the simple son, the wise son, the rebellious son and one who does not know how to ask. And I looked at these four different kinds of people, and I said, my goodness, these are the four kinds of people that the rabbis who created this Haggadah were talking about, so they must have read this Genesis years ago and had this great revelation that's such a great revelation for me. The rabbis had it years ago. Well, I don't know that they had it to the degree that I preached it here, but they had this revelation that there are four different kinds of people coming out of Genesis.


And I just want to qualify something I read before I read the four kinds of people, that the reason I said they -- I doubt very much if any rabbi would have it the way we have it here is this, that the revelation that I brought here today is based upon the doctrine of Christ. And with all of the incredibly amounts of knowledge that the rabbis have, apparently, they do not have the doctrine of Christ. That is the key that will turn the lock that would give them the immortality and the spiritual power that they so desire. That's what they don't have, you see, and that's why I say it would not at all be likely, I think impossible, that you would hear it preached the way I preached it today because I preached it off of the sounding board of the doctrine of Christ and the divine doctrine.


OK, and what is the difference between the doctrine of Christ and the divine doctrine? For those of you who don't know, the doctrine of Christ is the Alternate Translations that the Lord brings forth based upon alternate definitions of the Hebrew words that are in the Word of God. The divine doctrine is a step beyond that. That's the revelation that comes down without looking up every word. You see, the revelation that came down today, that was the doctrine of Christ because I got it by looking up every word in the interlinear text, or at  least it started out as the doctrine of Christ.


And then revelation of the divine doctrine builds upon that, the understanding of Noah, the understanding of what Noah's transgression was, the understanding of why Noah died, because he was not -- because Christ Jesus in him was not harvested. That was divine doctrine. It came forth without any -- without looking up [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- without getting a direct definition from a Hebrew word. So the divine doctrine is built upon the doctrine of Christ, which is built upon the letter of the word. OK, not the letter of the English word but the letter of the Hebrew word, and they're all connected, brethren. You can't have one without the other. As soon as you have one without the other, it's no longer the doctrine of God.


And if it's no longer the doctrine of God, then His Spirit should not be present, witnessing to your heart. And you should be -- and Christ in you should be very uncomfortable. If you're sitting under a teaching that includes the doctrine of Christ and the divine doctrine and it's not -- or at least it sounds like that. If you're sitting under this teaching and it's not coming out of the Spirit of God, Christ Jesus in you should be very uncomfortable. He should be absolutely grieved. That's what discernment is, brethren. Maybe you don't know that you have it. Hearing this kind of a message coming forth from another spirit should be causing Christ Jesus in you great distress, but on the other hand, if you're exposed to a doctrine or a message like this and your carnal mind is stronger than Christ Jesus in you, you might be very distressed because this message is killing your carnal mind. So depending on who you are in God, you will either be very happy or very sad to be sitting in this room, and I would go so far to say that if you're sitting in this room -- and if you're hear over the Internet, you're sitting in this room as far as I'm concerned, and you're in great distress, you need to know that your carnal mind is more powerful than your Christ mind.


So the four different kinds of people, at the bottom of page 13. The story of the Jews of the four sons describes them as this, and the way I have written it up, the last one came first. The one that doesn't even know that he's supposed to ask. The other one -- and he is the offspring of the female Adam, the earth and the intelligence of the waters of Sheol, the soul realm, and he is characterized by and satisfied with the lustful existence of this world. They have the devilish wisdom of their father, the intelligence of the soul realm. And, brethren, I had written up these four categories before I added the introductions. After I looked at the four categories, I went online to get the names of the different types of the four sons, and when I found them, I applied them to the sentences that I had already written up.


The simple son is the offspring of Japheth and Shem, the gullible ones in this world. Now that really struck me. I found that so interesting, brethren, because I talk to the Lord all the time, and I talk to Him about myself, brethren. I want to know myself. And one of the questions I ask Him and that I've been asking Him recently is why I am the way I am because, brethren, I'm -- I mean, I'm changed now. He's making me into a very powerful person in this world, and I have a lot of wisdom, but I was not always this way. I was a very naïve, gullible person in this world. You could tell me anything, and I would believe it.


And I was in danger in the world because I -- my father was an absentee father. My mother was very immature. I had no relatives, you know, that -- nobody helped me, and I was out on a ship sailing on the sea with no protection. It's just amazing that I wasn't destroyed in this world, and I was dying at 11 years old. Anyway, so all of my li- -- and not only me but my whole family. My whole family has that affliction, that we're gullible and naïve, and I was asking the Lord what -- and as I see Him building me up and I know that it's Christ Jesus joining Himself to me that's changing that, I'm saying, Lord, what in the world was wrong with me that I was like that and that the whole family was like that? What does that mean?


And here's the answer. It's one of the four categories of humanity that came out of Noah, and it's the -- it means that my spiritual inheritance is that I was the offspring of Japheth and Shem, the gullible ones of this world, and I don't think I wrote that correctly. The way it should be written is that the human beings that are the spiritual offspring of Japheth and Shem are the gullible people of this world. So that means I have the potential to be a righteous angel if the Lord Jesus completes my development. My spiritual heritage is Japheth and Shem, the saviors that were trapped in humanity because Noah sinned.


The other kind -- the third one's the wicked child or the wicked son, the offspring of fallen Nimrod, the higher mind of Japheth. Well, I'm not going to explain that now because we have to end, so they're spiritual wicked people, I mean, people doing human sacrifices, I mean, spiritually wicked people. They're the spiritual offspring of Nimrod.


And the wise son, the offspring of Adam Kadmon, the Word of God, today he is dressed in the personality of Jesus, so I, according to this definition, have the spiritual heritage of Shem and Japheth, but you too can have that same heritage by the grafting of the seed of Jesus Christ to you. That's what that means.


And the one that doesn't ask to know is that he doesn't have either of these three. He doesn't have either of these three. The one that doesn't know enough to ask, he's just a daughter -- a fallen daughter of man -- a fallen daughter of Adam. He has no spiritual descendancy from Shem and Japheth, and he -- that means he's satisfied with the earth. That means Shem and Japheth never got to him, OK, and -- or his ancestors.


Or you're a descendant of Nimrod, OK. What's the other one? Or you receive the spiritual inheritance of Shem and Japheth through the Lord Jesus Christ, or you’re just a daughter of man, and you're satisfied and happy with a carnal existence. And you live and you die, and you don't really want anything else. Those are the four kinds of people in the world today. 


And -- I meant t- --it's -- I think what I'll do, brethren, is I'll just -- I'm just going to read you the Alternate Translation, and if the Lord lets me, I would like to do a part 2 of this and show you the work of -- on the Alternate Translation, especially since it's so radically different than what the whole Bible-believing world accepts. It is -- I have been a defender of Ham for years, and this is the second major [?indication?] for Ham that I have preached in my ministry.


Alternate Translation, Genesis 9:18-27, "And these are the sons of Noah that went forth from the partial tree into the ark, Shem, Ham, Japheth, and Ham who himself was already a father, the father of Canaan."


And as I to- -- and the father of Canaan who I should really add to it the humbled one.


"And these three sons of Noah were powerful enough to break the unified mind of the Cainites."


Now it's interesting that the word Canaan sho- -- probably is a variation of Cainites, meaning the descendants of Cain, OK.


Being the purely spiritual lustful people, OK, that were being ruled over by the emotions of the soul realm and the fallen female Adam, when these three sons of Noah are powerful enough to break that unified mind of the Cainites that's the fallen female Adam, the earth that grew out of her side and the intelligence of the soul realm, the three sons of Noah were powerful enough to break that union and fertilize those people with the righteous mind of Adam Kadmon in an attempt to save them. And these three sons of Noah were powerful enough to break the unified mind of the Cainites who were completed by the earthen female, Adam, rather than by the male Adam, into pieces -- to break them into pieces and become their higher mind.


Shem, Ham and Japheth have the power to break up that unity, OK, to break up that carnal mind and join themselves to that person to save them, and that's what we're up against today, brethren, breaking into the carnal minds of people who are -- don’t' want to hear this message. They don't want to hear anything about Jesus, let alone this message. They are in a unified mind with these three beings, the fallen female Adam, the consciousness of the soul realm, which is their emotions. They're defending their emotions, and the earth, the byproduct that came forth with the female Adam.


"And Adam, the male vine that God planted within Noah, dissolved." Oh, sorry, I missed a verse.


"And the personality of Sheol bubbled up into the partial tree, and Cain, the one who Jehovah exiled from the garden, was revealed in a clearly conspicuous form, and Noah absorbed the spirit of Cain which stimulated and satisfied Noah's lower energy centers and influenced him to separate from the male Adam, his higher mind, and Adam, the male vine that God planted within Noah, dissolved." And Ham, the father of Canaan, his mate" -- that's the humbled one that he had joined himself to -- "saw that Adam, Jehovah's male organ, had dissolved and told his two brothers, who are on the other side of the wall, what had happened to their father.


"So Shem and Japheth, his mate, put on the garment that had -- that they had married by using the magic of the neck energy center, and the two went into the unconscious part of the mind of the personalities that they had married to fill up the empty space that their father, Adam, Jehovah 's male organ, had vacated. But they saw that the female seed that the male Adam had attached himself to was gone also."


"And Noah recovered from the influence of Satan's intoxicating spirit, and he knew what he had done to himself and to the female seed that his sons needed to join the members of mankind to Adam Kadmon. And Noah said, I have cursed Shem and Japheth, and now they will suffer the humiliation" -- that's the word Canaan -- "of being dependent upon mankind who are themselves dependent. And Noah said, I submit to the judgment of Jehovah and Elohim that Shem shall be humiliated by his indebtedness to mankind until the judgment of the great day, and Japheth shall be the god that dwells in the gullible and naive bodies that Shem produces, and he shall be humiliated because of his indebtedness or his dependency on them until the day of the great judgment, which --in which they shall be -- Shem and Japheth shall be released to fight the descendants of Nimrod." In Jesus' name.


So, brethren, that's what I was doing till 6 o'clock this morning. I have slept for two hours today, OK. Any -- did you know I was up all night? I went to sleep at 6 o'clock this morning. You didn't know?


            I heard you come in and out a couple times, but --


Yeah, OK. Any questions or comments anybody, questions or comments? Yes?


            Yeah. You were saying Noah was like the Lord Jesus Christ, but being that he     wasn't harvested, he could sin because the Lord Jesus Christ cannot sin. And            once we're harvested, we will not succumb to sin?




  1. OK. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] OK, so then -- so before the point of Shem and Ham coming in to the people and dropping the seed, was there any way of salvation before that point, or was that the first attempt?

I don't know.




I mean, there could have been attempts before that, but I don't know. As far as mankind today is concerned, we don't go back before that because we are all descendants of Noah. We are all the product of Noah's seed, and I don't have any information about what happened before that.




But my guess is there were other tries. See, and the same -- and that's a good question because some people don't understand that every person that's saved, it's through Jesus Christ. We are all the cells of Jesus Christ. There's only one man who's saved. There's only one begotten Son, you see, and the Scripture does say He's the first begotten son, so maybe there were attempts before Noah but not complete -- obviously not completed because the Lord went to Noah. God went to Noah. But, everyone, we're all Jesus. We are being made cells of His body. We're not -- [?there?] --


Something the other day, and I can't remember what it was. Somebody in the ministry said something that made me realize they didn't understand this. We are all cells in the body of Jesus. We are all Jesus. There's no one outside of Him that I know of, you see. Now if there were others before -- and we're all the descendants of Noah, so if there was anybody outside of Noah, the Lord hasn't -- we're not mature enough to hear about it yet, but everybody that's saved, we're all Jesus. He's the only begotten Son, you know, and He's the first one that was saved, but He's the only begotten Son. No one else is begotten of God, so we're all in Him.


Nobody's separate, you know. You're not out there -- you're not your own person. You're becoming Jesus, you see. Either you're fallen Adam, or you're Jesus. Ju- -- there are just two choices. We're becoming Jesus. You're not becoming a Son of God that's independent of everybody else. We're all cells in the body of Jesus, one begotten Son, and He is the brain that coordinates all of us, you know. Anybody else? OK.




Yes, Rita? Who is it?






            Yeah, I've got a question.


Oh, OK.


            I wanted to know -- and if you've said this before, please, forgive me, that I don't remember. But what is the difference between what happens to a person -- you know, you were talking about this earlier, a person, when they were completely, I guess, married to Christ Jesus and it actually -- that is when it keeps the body alive? And then you said something about the body actually going into the realm of the spirit, melting and going into the realm of the spirit, and they go to be with the Father, something like that. And I'd love to know the difference, if you would tell me, between that -- what happens to that person when -- I'm having problems forming this question, just a second.  What's the difference between what happens to that person when the personality is saved and when the personality and the body's saved? That's really what I'm asking.


What's the difference, and what --


            You know, what I'm saying?


-- happens to the person?


            Yeah, but what is the difference with what happens to the person? What happens to that person that causes them -- that their body and personality is saved versus what happens to the person that just the personality is saved?


  1. OK. Do you mean why does one thing happen to one and the other things happens to someone else? Is that what you mean?

Yeah. Like, what happens? I mean, does -- like, [?when the?] personality [INAUDIBLE] saved, what has happened to them? Have they married Christ Jesus --


Oh, OK.


            -- but something still needs to happen [?to their body?] --


OK, so --


-- or does the person that is marrying Christ Jesus, that happens to them, that their personality and body is --




            -- preserved?


  1. OK. The preservation of the personality occurs when Christ Jesus joins to the personality so completely that when the -- that the physical body dies. You see, there has to be a tearing. We spoke about a tearing today, and we said what happened to Noah was that when he turned back towards the activities of the flesh, his personality tore away from Christ Jesus who was joined to him like a tree, has roots in the ground, you see. So when the person dies, there has to be a tearing.

The question of where does the tearing take place. Does Christ Jesus tear away from the personality? In that event, the personality dies with the body. If the personality is strongly joined to Christ Jesus, then the tearing takes place at the position of the union of the personality and the body, so just the body dies, and the personality stays attached to Christ Jesus and returns to the Father with Christ Jesus.


And in the event that the body is taken also, I don't know that anybody has experienced that yet except Jesus. What would initiate that is that the personality -- what initiates that is that Christ Jesus matures to such a degree of unity with the Lord Jesus and actually -- see, there has to be a penetration. Christ Jesus in you is joining to the Lord Jesus. Now that -- He's outside of Adam Kadmon, so when that union between Christ Jesus in you goes beyond the union with Jesus but penetrates all the way into the one who's behind Christ Jesus, Adam Kadmon, there is so much heat generated -- and that's what we read about in Peter. There is so much spiritual heat generated that it, literally, spiritually melts the physical body and then blends the particles with the personality that's joined to Jesus and to Adam Kadmon.


So to make it simple, let me reiterate it by saying the salvation of the personality involves the union of Christ Jesus with the Lord Jesus and the union of -- and the salvation of the physical body as well as the personality to requires Christ Jesus to penetrate beyond the Lord Jesus into a unifying bond with Adam Kadmon himself, and then the [?heat that?] generates saves the body. Did I answer your question?




Did you -- were you raptured?


            Yes, wow.




            But wow. I'll have to review that. That's some answer. Thank you.


You're welcome.




Yes, Susan?


            Just -- what you just said [?about Rita?]. So the melting is the harvest? That would be the harvest?


No, I -- no, that's not my understanding, no.


            Oh, OK.


No, the harvest is a cutting --




-- the cutting away of Christ Jesus, and then, after that, Christ Jesus remains suspended in the body but not dependent upon the body, OK.




And that's the union with the Lord Jesus, and then Christ Jesus who's now joined to the Lord Jesus that's hanging penetrated -- hanging in the body, continues to go deeper and deeper into a relationship with the Lord Jesus and eventually actually touches Christ Jesus, the man inside. And the Christ Je- -- I'm sorry. I'm getting tired. Then the Christ Jesus who was now harvested from the individual, OK, but hanging suspended in the individual, is joined to the Lord Jesus, and that penetration continues. The layers of the Lord Jesus are thick. I have no idea how thick they are. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in other words, OK, here's my hand. This is the Lord Jesus, so if Christ Jesus is coming and touches the Lord Jesus, and that touching saves the personality. But [UNINTELLIGIBLE] there's the whole depth of my hand, [?but?] the penetration continues, and on the other side of my hand is Christ -- is Adam Kadmon, so it's the touching of Adam Kadmon that saves the physical body [UNINTELLIGIBLE]


            Oh, OK [INAUDIBLE].


And it's all a process. You see, the question is can you stay alive long enough to experience this whole thing? That is the whole key. That's why Paul calls it a race, and this is why the Lord is making longevity available to those people who are already entering in. The Lord is not a respecter of persons. He will welcome anybody that has reached a designated degree of unification with Christ Jesus. That makes Him eligible for the experience. You have to be eligible for it. It's not that He likes you or He doesn't like you or that He's pre- -- He has a preference for the way you look or the color of your hair or the color of your skin. It's nothing like that at all. It has to do with the development of Christ Jesus in you, and is He mature enough to tolerate the procedure that will join you? In other words, can you join the -- can you tolerate the unification? If you can tolerate the unification, all the more powerful to you. If you cannot tolerate it, you die, you see.




Now when Elijah was going up to heaven -- when Elijah's personality was being saved, Elijah wanted -- I think Elijah said to Him, make one wish, and I'll grant it, and Elijah said, I want a double portion of your anointing, which means that now Elijah went up without his body, so Elijah was saying, I want y- -- I want my body and my physical -- I want my soul and my physical body saved. That was the double portion that Elijah was asking for. Isn't that interesting, right? And Elijah said, I can't grant that to you, but I'm -- [?in other words?] he's the personality that's standing in front of Adam Kadmon. He said, I can't grant that to you. Only Adam Kadmon can grant that to you, you see, OK. Because you're not asking for unification with me. You're asking for unification from Adam Kadmon also, so He's the only one that can grant that to you, you see.


            Wow [CROSSTALK]


And then Elijah said to him, if you see me when I'm ascending, well, then you know you've got it. And so, I guess, Adam Kadmon was speaking to Elijah, telling him, well, if you can see me when I'm ascending -- what does that mean? If being with Elijah has resulted in Adam being regenerated with you to the point that you can see such and such, if you are that spiritual, then you can have it. That's the sign, not that I like you or I don't like you or you're good or you're bad. If you're developed enough to tolerate it, you've got it, and He's saying that to all of us. Those that are developed enough to have the experience, you're in, so it's up to you as to how you live your life.


I don't even think about you as to how many messages you listen to or what you're doing. I don't even think of you in those terms. I don't think I've ever thought of any one of you in those terms because I'm fully aware that if you're not -- that if Christ Jesus in you is not prepared to absorb five messages a day, then what's the point of listening to five messages a day? You have to follow your own plan, and you know, and God knows if you're doing all that you can possibly do because we are limited, you know. We can -- there's only so much we can do, and then as we grow, we can tolerate more, but there's only so much that we can do.


So I'm never telling any one of you that you're not doing enough because I don't know what enough is for you. But sometimes you come to me and you tell me about things that are happening in your life, and based upon you telling me what's happening in your life, I might be inclined to tell you I think that you should be able to be doing a little more. If you were doing a little more, I don't think this would be happening to you. Yeah, I think that if you were doing a little more, I don't think this would be happening to you. But aside from that, I don't know what you need, you know. So anybody else?


OK, we're going to -- I think I'll just say it he- -- well, I'll s- -- I'll have an announcement, but I'll make when we do the -- when we go around the room. Those of you from Minnesota that don't usually attend our meetings, we've been ending our messages in this way. We just go around. Everybody just says a couple of words so that it sort of spiritually ties us together by expressing our reaction to the message. You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but if you're on the phone or if you're on the computer, you're more than welcome to make your comment, and Mary will read it out, and it sort of just ties us together since we're all over the place. But I thank God for every one of you. As I said with my opening prayer, I thank God for every one of you. So -- OK, so I guess we'll close this file. [INAUDIBLE], please. Thank you.


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