710 - Part 1

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Do you get this? Do you get this? It is now, it is now!


Verse 10, And you shall eat… well the Scripture says the Ancient One… what is the word here? This is the last verse and then we shall take a break. The King James Version of Leviticus 26, Verse 10 says, And you shall eat old store and bring forth the old because of the new. The word old store means the Ancient One. It does not mean old store or old food. It means the Ancient One.


The Ancient One is Adam Kadmon, primordial human. This is the Adam that Jehovah formed out of the dust of the earth, and breathe the breath of life into. He is the father, the creator of all of us. He is manifesting the power of the Ayn Sof; fulfilling the command of the Ayn Sof to go forth and multiply and fill the earth.


There is only one Adam, only one man Adam, Adam Kadmon, primordial human. And then there was a man Adam who was born as a human. But that first Adam is the only one, and we are all cells in his body.


So you shall eat of Adam Kadmon the Ancient One, and the Ancient One who fell asleep shall go forth from captivity and appear in a new personality.


 This is very interesting but I think I have to give you a break; somebody must really need a break. Let me just do a little more, please.


There are 2 Adams here, you shall eat of Adam Kadmon the Ancient One, primordial human, and then there is another Ancient One, and the Ancient One who fell asleep shall go forth from captivity. This other Ancient One is the Adam that came forth from him, which is male and female.


Adam Kadmon primordial human is the highest world that we know (there are worlds higher but that is the highest one that we know). Out of Adam Kadmon, which is a spiritual man, came what we call the world of Atzilut. Out of the world of Atzilut, the female of the world of Atzilut brought forth Adam and put him in the garden.


 Let me say it again.


There was a primordial human that was formed by Jehovah, one single man, he still exists, he is invisible. He is a kingdom (just like I explained to you earlier that Jesus is a kingdom, and because he is holy we are all holy). Adam Kadmon is a kingdom and he brought forth from himself a spiritual universe, a spiritual world that we call the world of Atzilut. It is a world that is still attached to God, that has the ability to bring forth a created being. That world of Atzilut which is a God-world brought forth a created being, Adam, the man that Jehovah put in the garden.


I will say it again.


There are 2 Adams in this verse, And you shall eat of Adam Kadmon, the Ancient One (primordial human), and the Ancient One who fell asleep shall go forth from captivity. It was the created Adam who fell asleep and went into captivity. The Ancient One who fell asleep shall go forth from captivity…. Where is he in captivity? He is in us. We are his descendants, it is the female Adam. And he shall go forth from captivity and appear in a new personality, the personality manifesting the nature of Christ Jesus.


There are 2 things that I said in session 1 that I would like to clarify. First of all the man whose wife died, the sin that I believe she died for was calling the anointing unclean. It had nothing to do with me personally. He actually said that, that was not the anointing of God and that was why he was leaving the ministry (if you want to call it a ministry- it was the second time that we had gotten together). He said, I am not coming back because that is not the true anointing of God. That is the sin, calling the anointing of God unclean.


Let me expound on that a little further. If there ever has been anyone, a preacher, anyone, who has died and it looks like it had something to do with me, it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with calling the anointing on me unclean, or calling the message of God false doctrine. You could say that you do not know about the message, and walk away.


You could say, I do not want to touch it, it makes me nervous, I do not want to deal with it, but to say, That anointing is not of God, and that message is false doctrine, is a sin punishable by death. That is my understanding. I do not kill anybody, but there have been people around me who have died, and this is what they have done.


This includes the man who died over in Kenya. He was buried in faraway Kenya where no family could visit him (I do not visit graves myself; I am talking about the idea of him being buried in a foreign land). All these deaths have nothing to do with me. It has to do with the one who lives inside of me, and the message that he has given me to preach.


Especially if you are a preacher of God, you should be able to recognise the anointing of God on another person, or at least know enough to say, I better not touch this. I am out of here. I had one preacher say that (not to me directly), I am out of here, I do not want any trouble over there.


The second thing that I want to clarify is what I said about the Sabbath. Am I asking you to get into a religious keeping of the Sabbath? No, no, I am not. When you get to that point where the Sabbath is inside of you (which I hope you all are here, I certainly am at that point, but wherever you are, you are), then you do not need to keep the Sabbath. I am at that point where the Sabbath is inside of me.


The spiritual understanding of the Sabbath is that point at which our soul is unified with God. That is the whole point of a Sabbath day. The implication is that during the other 6 days you are so busy working and taking care of your family, that you have no connection with God. So the Lord helped you by setting a standard time, that you could say to your family, or your employers, This is the Sabbath day and it is my time to be with God. He gave you that backup, he gave you that support that you could find a time to be with him, and not be put upon with other obligations.


I have the Sabbath day inside of me. I am married to Christ Jesus in the midst of me. He talks to me all day long. He talks to me in the bathroom, in the kitchen, when I am driving my car. I am a walking, living manifestation of the Sabbath day. I do not have to set a day aside, although it turns out that I do, because I wake up and I study on Sunday morning and I preach Sunday afternoon, and I do not usually work after I finish preaching.


But I am definitely not telling you to take up one day and become religious. I am talking to the people here in this ministry who are listening to this deep Word of God. I am assuming you have a relationship with Christ, and that the female Adam is standing up in you or you would not be here. In that case, you have the Sabbath day inside of you, and you are spending sufficient time with him. You are certainly spending time with him.


What I was talking about when I rebuked the government for repealing the Blue Laws is that we have people in this country that are spiritual children who do not spend time with God unless it is the Sabbath day and they are told that they have to spend time with God. The way the country was established was for the spiritual children. They are told that Sunday is the time you spend with God, and this is how you spend time with God. You get up in the morning, you get dressed, you do not go to Church in dungarees, you put on your Sunday best and the whole family goes to Church and listens to the Word of God.


Then you come home, you have your family meal and…. The way it was when I came to the Lord was that we had a Sunday night service. I was in Church all day Sunday. At one point, there was Sunday morning Bible study, then the Sunday service, then the Sunday evening service. In the middle you are supposed to eat and rest. You are supposed to spend the day as a spiritual day, including fellowship with other spiritual people. A large part of the country needed that guideline.


In the same manner, I do not formerly bless my food every time I eat. I bless God every day for everything. But if I had a family, if I was in a traditional family situation (which I am not) I would pray over the food every day because we need to set an example for our family and for our children. If I was in a family where we sat down and ate every day, especially with children, I would pray over the food. I eat with the brethren here and I do not do it because I am assuming we are all in the Sabbath.


The same thing applies to the Sunday Blue Laws. It helped the people who were not in a relationship with God; at least it got them to Church. Most people went to Church in those days, back in the 50s and 60s, and there was nothing else to do on Sunday. Everything was closed. The bars were closed; you could not drink.


But all the rules came down, and what followed the coming down of the Blue Law rules was that the morality of the whole nation corrupted. That was just one part of the corruption of the community or the society of this nation, and that was something that was done by the government. The government is very responsible for what happens to a nation. When the government falls, the country falls. You can have sinners in the country but when the government revokes the moral laws, the country is in a lot of trouble.


It is the same principle as the man who has 10 children. They can be great kids and his wife can be a great person. Then he goes out and does immoral things and the whole family pays the price. If he drinks, steals, is a bank robber, a drug dealer, the whole family (who may not be doing anything bad), pays the price.


The whole country pays the price for the transgressions of the government who are supposed to know better. The principle is the government are supposed to know better. We elect people that are supposed to know better. But of course today we do not elect people of God; we elect people based on their carnal education.


I am not suggesting that anybody here should take up a religious keeping of the Sabbath day. But it would not be a bad idea for the rest of the country, except that if the government tries to implement it today the country would rebel. At the time that the laws were put into practice the majority of people were being raised as practising Christians, so it was easy. They just transferred the laws of the community to the laws of the government.


So that is what I meant.


Are there any questions or comments? Was that a question in somebody’s mind or did the Lord just tell me that?


COMMENT:  I have a question about the man who left because he did not think the anointing was of God. If somebody leaves a ministry because they are afraid, or they do not know, and cannot judge it correctly (I guess they cannot judge it), would they be condemned?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, that is what I said. You can say, I do not understand it, I am not sure, I do not want to get involved with that. It is not the same thing as saying, That spirit is not of God. You really have to be careful of that. I am not even talking about the average person. This man was a man who was versed in the Scriptures to the point that he was expecting a ministry from God himself. The more knowledge you have, the more you are responsible.


If some ignorant person did that God would wink at it. God is not into killing people. Somehow by the grace of God you have to see the wisdom behind this. If some ignorant person walked in through the door and said, Oh, I am not going to be bothering with that stuff, that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about someone that should recognise the spirit of God. This is someone who wanted a ministry for themselves, who was seeing themselves as a preacher, saying that, that is not the spirit of God. This is someone who is familiar with the spirit of God, someone who knows the spirit of God. Why would someone who knows the spirit of God say that, that is not the spirit of God?


COMMENT:  Jealousy


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, jealousy. He thought that he was the one that should be getting the ministry. Who said God was not going to give him one also, but I was the one at that time that was called. He could have been called the next day for all I know. It was jealousy. He chose to not believe that it was God.


God is winking at an ignorant person doing something like that. People should not be doing things like that, but people are ignorant. God winks at it if they are ignorant. The Scripture clearly says, Jesus clearly says that 2 people who commit the same sin get very different judgments depending on their degree of knowledge. Little knowledge few stripes, a lot of knowledge many stripes.


That man who died over in Kenya recognised the anointing as Kabbalah and cursed me. I think he just went into Living Epistles website, unless he looked me up on the internet and found Christ-centered Kabbalah. He identified the anointing as Kabbalah and cursed it, and he died 2 years later. His wife was crying on the internet saying, I do not understand it. We are newly married. God gave us each other as husband and wife, and now he is dead. I do not understand it. Why would God put us together, and then take him?


The mercy of God gave each of them a mate but the sowing and reaping judgment took the man out. That is hard to understand. People really stumble over that. How could someone be in spiritual trouble when God is blessing them over here? The Lord Jesus continues to bless you. Right up to the moment that Satan takes your life, he is blessing you. That is hard for people to understand, but that is the way it goes.


It is dangerous for people who do something wrong, that they know to be wrong, and they do not see any immediate consequence to it, instead, they see God blessing them. Then they think that they are safe, and go down this path. Then the judgment hits them, however it hits them. I am telling you the truth.


I have said this many times. It used to be my one and only frustration with God (I am not frustrated anymore), and I know I cannot call him unrighteous, but this is the one thing that hurts me. It hurts me (what is the right word to describe it) that ignorant people think that they are safe because sometimes the judgment is delayed, or the Lord Jesus is blessing them at the same time that the sowing and reaping judgment is falling. How could people possibly understand this? The answer is you are supposed to be in the Word of God and listening to this kind of wisdom.


Is there anybody else?


Okay, we are on page 3 of our notes. We were talking about Leviticus 26, verse 10 which says, And you shall eat of Adam Kadmon, the Ancient One, and the Ancient One who fell asleep shall go forth from captivity and appear in a new personality.


There are 2 Ancient Ones. The first Ancient One is the primordial human and the second Ancient One who fell asleep is the created man, actually the female part of the created man Adam who was in the world of Beriah, the world of creation. The primordial human is in the universe of Adam Kadmon, is in the universe of the primordial Adam, which is above the universe of Atzilut, but the Ancient Adam who fell asleep was in the world of Beriah, the world of creation, which is the world below the world of Atzilut. It was actually the female part of him that sinned, and when the female part of him sinned…. Let us review this principle.


There was a whole man, the created man, Adam, in the garden in the world of Beriah. He was male and female. Today we call him righteous Adam. Righteous Adam, the whole Adam, was male and female. The female part of him sinned, turned away from him, and married the Serpent. Therefore, even though he did not sin, he ceased to exist as whole Adam because his female part departed from him and went with another man. That entity known as the whole Adam, male and female, ceased to exist because the female went with the Serpent and the male part of himself returned to its elemental state and returned to the womb of Binah, to incarnate again at another time in the future, actually in Jesus of Nazareth.


Those are the 2 Ancient Ones, one from the universe of Adam Kadmon, formed by Jehovah from the dust and the other from the universe of Beriah, created. One formed from the dust and one created.


Genesis 2.21, And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept, and he took one of his ribs and he closed up the flesh thereof is describing the whole Adam being separated out into male and female. The reason God separated them into separate entities is that the woman had joined herself to the Serpent. It was the woman who went into the deep sleep. The man returned to his elemental state, to the male seed, and returned to the womb of Binah.


The one who fell asleep is the female Adam, and we are the female Adam having this nightmare that some people call life. Sometimes it is a good dream, and sometimes it is a nightmare.


We see the Ancient One that was formed by Jehovah in 3 places in the Book of Daniel. Daniel 7:9 says, I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool:  his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.


Who is his garment? We are his garment and we will be as white as snow. There is a scripture, Isaiah 1:18, which says, Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD:  though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. We are his garment; we are being purified so that we can abide forever with him.


The first human being to have this experience was Jesus of Nazareth. He was completely divested of his sin nature as indicated by the words white as snow and he dwells forever with primordial Adam, in the light that no human being can attain unto, the only true immortality.


And the hair of his head like the pure wool, that is interesting. I am not really sure what that verse means but I know that wool is associated with animals, and that God called his people sheep. So that suggests to me that this Scripture is describing the glorified Jesus Christ who took his animal body with him. He purified his animal body and took it with him into the highest realms that we know of, which is the universe of Adam Kadmon. His garment, his physical body, was made perfect and his soul, the animal soul, was also purified.


His throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire. His wheels are the sephirot. They are continuously turning, they are 3 dimensional. They were burning, meaning they were purified. Also fire is attributed to Binah which refers to judgment. He is abiding in the eternal fire and he is not burnt. He is now a part of that bush that burns but is not consumed, that bush that Moses saw.


His throne was like the fiery flame. I would like to review this throne for you. Does anybody remember what his throne is? His throne actually is the location of the male calf. The throne that the highest grade of God sits upon is that male calf. That is as close as he gets to our humanity. That union with the 5 sephirot of the female calf joined with the 1 sephirah of the male becomes a throne upon which the highest grade of God sits.


It is a calf when we are talking about the spiritual aspect only. It is a lamb when we are talking about the whole man in whom the calf is appearing in. That unity is a throne when we talk about it in terms of all of the grades of God coming down and sitting that close to humanity.


That is the ultimate plan; that the highest grade of God, the Ayn Sof himself, will sit in the midst of humanity, through that unity of the perfect male which has now purified the imperfect female, and the whole is now perfect. That unity where the male meets the female is the place where the names of God and the different grades of God come close to the earth and dwell and manifest their will through the human beings that are the garment of this entity called Christ Jesus, the son of God.


Are there any questions on that?


COMMENT:  Is that the mercy seat also?


PASTOR VITALE:  I believe it is. I do not know. If the Lord corrects me, I will tell you, but I think it is probably the mercy seat.


As I said, there are 3 Scriptures in Daniel that we see the Ancient one that was formed by Jehovah. That was Daniel 7.9, and they are progressive.


Daniel 7.9 is describing the glorified man whose name happens to be Jesus. I beheld till the thrones were cast down, and the Ancient of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool:  his throne was like the fiery flame, and his wheels as burning fire.


Daniel 7:13 says, I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man (that was just described in Daniel 7.9) came near with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of days, and they brought him near before him.


This is talking about the ascension of the glorified Jesus, I believe. I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like unto the Son of man… and we just read about him. His garment was made white as snow, his body was purified, the hairs of his head, that is his spirit, were like pure wool, which means we are talking about his animal nature being purified. And his throne, the place where he was joined to the world above was like a fiery flame, which means he was abiding in the purifying fires.


This soul within the personality called Jesus of Nazareth (of course he was one with Elijah, and Moses also), had ascended to this high place where they were not destroyed. They became the burning bush which was not destroyed, the 3-fold burning bush (Moses, Elijah and Jesus), that was not destroyed by the fire. The judgment did not destroy them. There was no sin found in them.


I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like unto the Son of man came near with the clouds of heaven… Where did they come near to? They came near to the Ancient of days who was sitting on their throne. They came near to the Ancient of days and they brought him near before him.


I have not looked at the interlinear text but Daniel 7.13 is talking about the glorified soul of Jesus of Nazareth ascending all the way up to the place where the Ancient of days sits, which is the primordial Adam.


Daniel 7:22 Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.


Until the Ancient of days came… Again I did not look at the interlinear text; I am just doing this off the top of my head. Until the Ancient of days came close to man, because the glorified Jesus is bringing the Ancient of days close to humanity. Until the Ancient of days came to the rest of the body. Daniel 7.9 described the glorified Jesus, Daniel 7.13 talks about the son of man, not the son of God, but the son of man. This is the resurrected Abel. Do you remember what I taught you earlier?


The difference between the son of man and the son of God is that the son of God is the offspring of the seed of God, but the son of man is the offspring of Adam, not the offspring of the Serpent. The son of man is the resurrected and mature Abel whose name is now Adam, and not the fallen Adam who is the wife and the offspring of the serpent.


As a result of these first 2 verses, the Ancient of days (that is the primordial Adam) came close to humanity, and the judgment was given to the saints. He came close to the rest of the body of Christ and judgment was given to the saints of the most high, that is us. And the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom. We possess the kingdom on 2 levels. First, the kingdom is this body. This body is the kingdom. I told you earlier that Christ Jesus is the Kingdom inside of us, so the kingdom is inside of us. But the kingdom inside of us will pass away if the body dies. The kingdom was designed to be inside of the body.


I am sorry I am having trouble. I lost my… that whole anointing diminished when I took the break inside. Let me get this back.


The time came that the saints possessed the kingdom. We are the saints of God, the personalities’ humanity is the saints, and we have to possess the kingdom inside of us. When we possess the kingdom inside of us, our bodies do not die. If our bodies die, the manifestation of the kingdom inside of us departs from the earth, and takes up residence somewhere else, however that works.


For us to die, it has to mean that Christ Jesus in us was not harvested. This is exactly what I was telling you about. Christ Jesus that is not harvested, who is dependent for his existence on the earth, if the earth dies, if we do not possess the kingdom, then it means that he was never permanently attached to the male Adam, and then when we die, he dies. We have to possess the kingdom inside of ourselves first. Does anybody not understand that? Does anybody need me to say that again?


There is a kingdom inside of us. We have the ability today, for 2000 years now it has been possible for a human being to lay hold of that kingdom and join to it so completely, to work with it to join to the male Adam above that we should inherit eternal life. It has been possible for 2000 years but it has not happened since then. It happened to the apostles.


I believe it happened to the apostles because Paul said in the Book of Hebrews that the kingdom of God is built upon the foundation of the apostles and the prophets, Jesus Christ being the chief corner stone. They are a part of that burning bush that abides in the high realms of the spirit without being consumed.


When I went inside I got attacked in my mind, and my carnal mind started going crazy. I rebuked it, but the anointing is definitely not what it was. Let me see if it would come back, if not I would just do my best for you.


We see that this Ancient of days is Atik. Maybe we can go into that now, if I can do it, because I am not up where I was.


I am on page 3 of the notes where it says, the rectification process of the world of Atzilut begins with the rectification of the crown. The crown of a world is its essential head or leader. This world of Atzilut that is being built in us…. The world of Atzilut exists on multiple levels. Down here we are in the world of Asiyah. All of the worlds exist down here. Within this world of Asiyah where we exist, there is a world of Asiyah of Asiyah, Yetzirah of Asiyah, Beriah of Asiyah, and Atzilut of Asiyah. There is also a world or a universe of Atzilut up there but that world of Atzilut is being reproduced in us and it is going to be Atzilut of Asiyah. Does anybody need me to say that again?


Our body… each of us is a world of Asiyah, a world where action is played out, and all 4 worlds exist in us. Our consciousness can exist on the level of Asiyah which is the animal level. Our consciousness can exist on the level of Yetzirah, which is a spiritual level. We can be a spiritual person and still very much be carnal. We can be spiritual and carnal.


It is possible to be spiritually intellectual in God and carnal. But it is an exchange. If you consist of 10 sephirot, and half of you is carnal, and the other half of you exists in this spiritual intellectual doctrine, you are both carnal and spiritually intellectual, but the 2 do not work together. One side of you is continuously trying to destroy the other side of you. The spiritual intellectual side of you, which is the mind of Christ, is trying to consume your carnal mind, and your carnal mind is trying to consume your intellectual spiritual life.


Although it is possible for the 2 sides of you to exist together on that level, the co-existence is an illusion because one side is constantly trying to consume the other, and at one point one would prevail over the other. But it is possible to be spiritual by the Holy Spirit and carnal at the same time. Do you know what I just said? I will say it again.


It is possible to have the spirituality of the Holy Spirit which is the female spirituality and be carnal at the same time. You can be spiritual, not intellectual, just spiritual (you discern spirits, dance in the spirit, manifest the gifts of the spirit) but your mind is still carnal. It has not affected you mind. Your mind is still carnal. The 2 are compatible. But once you get the intellectually spiritual mind of God, that mind is not compatible with your carnal mind. You really only have one mind, and each of those 2 minds are trying to consume the other so that you would be single-minded. Paul admonishes us to be single-minded. If you have the intellectual spiritual mind of God and a carnal mind you are a double-minded man that Saint James talks about, and you are not stable, because you are 2 people.


The world of Atzilut is being formed in us. I am challenging you to understand that there is a difference between the universal world of Atzilut and Atzilut in us. The universal world of Atzilut is where Jesus has ascended to, where that light that no human being can dwell in, exists. It is that high place which is right next to primordial human Adam, right next to the universe of Adam Kadmon.


However, an element of that world called Atzilut exists in us, and it is Atzilut in us, it is the world of Atzilut in us that is the kingdom of God. It is just like saying, Christ in you. Christ Jesus is a supernatural man who exists in the world of Beriah but a cell of him is in our heart, inside of us, giving us eternal life. Atzilut is being built in us. Jesus called it the kingdom of God. Atzilut is the kingdom of God that is being built in us.


The rectification process of the world of Atzilut… what does that mean? I thought Atzilut was the God-world, the place where the power of God emanates from? Yes, that is the universe of Atzilut up there. However, a drop of that world is inside of me. The New Testament says that it is Christ in me, the hope of my glorification. He is being rectified in me. That God-world is being recreated in me. All that I had to start with was a seed of that world. As soon as that seed of the God-world was planted in me, all of me, the whole person, became eligible for recreation.


I am created in the image of the Serpent but as soon as that seed that came from Atzilut, that seed of God, is planted in me, my kingdom now belongs to the kingdom of God, or the world of Atzilut. It is like the astronauts landing on the moon and putting down the flag of the United States of America, saying that the Americans have now take dominion over that planet.


Before the seed of God lands in us, this kingdom belongs to the Serpent. That is how Satan could say to Jesus, worship me and I would give you all the kingdoms of the world, meaning us.


Matthew 4:8-10

8. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

9. And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.

10. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.


Satan said, worship me and I would give you power over all kingdoms of the earth. Let me tell you something, brethren. The people who are at the very top of this big move that is going on today for a one world order, are worshiping Satan who has said to them, do what I tell you and I would make a slave of every other human being on the earth and they will serve you. Satan found somebody who said, okay. Who is that somebody? It is fallen Adam. Fallen Adam said, okay.


We are told here about the rectification process of the world of Atzilut, and somebody says that they did not know that Atzilut needed to be rebuilt. It is not Atzilut the God-world; it is the drop of Atzilut in me. I became the property of the world of Atzilut; I became an extension, a satellite, of the world of Atzilut, but I am a mess. I have a carnal mind, I have emotions that are animal emotions, so I need to be rectified, or corrected.


My mind needs to be corrected, and my emotions need to be corrected by my corrected mind. First God corrects my mind, and then my mind corrects my emotions. I need to be rectified. All of me needs to line up with the seed of the world of Atzilut in me. I need to be a satellite of Atzilut. So we start with the rectification of my mind.


The rectification process of the world of Atzilut begins with the rectification of its crown (the Keter). The crown of a world is its essential head or leader. All of humanity now belongs to the God that rules through the world of Atzilut, because he has already taken the head, and his name, in the beginning, was Jesus of Nazareth. He rectified the head.


That whole man, Jesus of Nazareth became completely rectified, as we just read about. His garment was white as snow, even his body was saved. The hairs of his head, the spirit of his animal nature was purified. The whole of him was purified, and he is now permanently joined to the Ancient One, Adam Kadmon the primordial human, and he is the Keter.


The glorified Jesus Christ has become the Keter, the head of the body. He is the head of my body, and he is the head of the body of Christ. Christ in me is a member of the body of Christ. The body of Christ exists in Beriah. That is where the created Adam is being re-created, in the world of Beriah.


A part of Christ in me which is the regenerated Adam is in the world of Beriah and the other end of him is in me. Over the world of Beriah is the world of Atzilut through which the Lord Jesus Christ is controlling this whole process of planting seeds in the human beings of the human race and rectifying the minds of every person in whom he plants his seed, rectifying, converting their mind from the animal mind to the mind that goes with the world of Atzilut.


The person that has the mind that is the mind of this world, or the mind of the body, dies, because the mind of this body is the mind of fallen Adam who is already dead. That means he is incapable of keeping us alive. But the human being whose mind is converted to the mind that comes from Atzilut, which is the invading world, that mind would live for ever.


It is all in the mind that rules over your body. If your carnal mind rules your body you die. If the mind of Christ rules your body, and it succeeds in attaching you to the Atzilut from which he is attached at the other end, your body lives. It is all so simple brethren. It is really very simple.


Because the crown of this kingdom (his name is Jesus), had already been rectified, we now are considered rectified, meaning it is just a question of time until we are completely fixed. The whole human race will be the earthly manifestation of the kingdom of God, because the inner man who is Christ Jesus, who is the extension of the Lord Jesus Christ, now dwells in the light of the immortality that nobody can attain on to.


He is the head of the body, we are the body. Christ in us is the body, and our human bodies are the garments of this kingdom that came into existence with the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Is everybody okay? I am going to the next point. I am down at the bottom of the page now.


In the rectified world of Atzilut (that is us, that is not Atzilut up there, that is not the perfect world of Atzilut. That is the seed of the world of Atzilut in us that is rectifying our mind) the sephirah of Keter develops (that is the developing Christ in us) into 2 distinct partsufim.


Let me review what the partsuf is. Can anybody tell us what the partsufim are?


COMMENT:  Personality


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, personality. Partsufim is plural, and partsuf is singular. It means personality. This whole concept arises out of the reality that the original… the primeval creation of God called the World of Points self-destructed. The world that we see today is at the end of a process, the process by which the invisible primordial human was fulfilling his commission to build a visible world that would be inhabited by his own parts.


The way he began the process was with the 2 primeval worlds (primeval meaning the very first). First came forth the World of Bound Lights which was a sack (you might say) that contained the potential to produce a creation based upon the principle of 10 sephirot. That sack succeeded in expanding to the next primeval world called the World of Points, it expanded into a world of 10 separate points.


In the World of Bound Lights we had a sack with 10 points all in one sack, all stuck together. In the World of Points, the 10 points expanded and became separate, and they lined up (according to Rabbi Luria, I am preaching his doctrine now because the Lord has not told me otherwise) in a vertical line. Their function was to receive the light of God, because at this stage, the only form of sustenance, of existence, was the light that came from God.


All of this that I just described to you, the 2 primeval worlds, was taking place in the empty space. Do you remember how the empty space came about? The Ayn Sof is infinite and he wanted to bring forth a finite creation. The infinite one wanted to bring forth a finite creation. He could not bring forth this creation outside of himself because he is infinite, so he had to bring forth an empty space in the midst of himself, in which he is bringing forth a finite creation.


In this finite creation, he placed Adam, the primordial human, who began the reproduction process by bringing forth a sack of 10 points. That was the World of Bound Lights. They were all bound. Then that primeval world expanded into the World of Points, the second primeval world, which brought forth 10 points in a vertical line. This all exists inside of the empty space, which is in darkness at this time. Why is it in darkness? It is because the Ayn Sof withdrew his light, because his light is infinite, and you cannot have a finite creation coming forth in a sea of infinite light.


The Ayn Sof had withdrawn his light, now there is darkness in the empty space. Then we are told a thin stream of the light of the Ayn Sof entered into the empty space, just enough to provide sustenance to the finite creation that was coming forth.


If I lose you, raise your hand and I will say it again. This is all deep stuff.


The function of the 10 sephirot was to let the highest sephirah, the Keter, catch this light and pass it to the sephirah beneath him, the Chokmah. The Chokmah was supposed to pass it to the sephirah beneath him, Binah, until that light got all the way down to the lowest sephirah called Malchut, and all 10 sephirot would be nourished and well.


But the transference of the light from the Keter at the top, to the Malchut at the bottom failed. Rabbi Luria has one opinion why they failed. I believe they failed because of sin, but that is not today’s message. The transference of the light from the highest point, the Keter, to the lowest to the lowest point, Malchut, failed, and that primeval world called the World of Points self-destructed. The 7 lower sephirot broke apart and fell down and formed this world.


We have preached another opinion here; I cannot repeat the whole thing now. We know that the female Adam sinned and had spiritual sex with the serpent.


The whole concept of the partsufim came into existence in an attempt to recreate or reconstruct that which was destroyed when the World of Points self-destructed because of an inability to transfer the light of Gad, which was the only source of sustenance at the time.


In the reconstructed world which is called Atzilut, the 10 sephirot are not in a straight vertical line. They are now in 3 lines, 3 columns that are one next to the other, arranged 3, 4, and 3. Personalities were imputed to combinations of sephirot, the whole principle being the need for communication.


We are told that the World of Points self-destructed because of a lack of communication, an inability to transfer the light.


Brethren, we have light here in Goshen and the ability to transfer this light that you are listening to today, to the rest of the Church or to the Jewish people, has not yet appeared. We have got it here. I have been imbued with the ability to transfer it to 31 people (we are 31 now, besides me), but we have not been able to brake forth beyond that.


The whole concept of the Partsufim is to re-arrange the sephirot into personalities by which all 10 of the sephirot can communicate with each other.


I would like to leave it at that. That is enough for you for now.


Actually, if you want to relate that to what God is doing in this world, he has now place all 10 of those sephirot in your personality. If you want to relate what happened in the high realm of the spirit beyond time to what is happening here in the realm of time, what I just told you that the 10 sephirot in the World of Points that self-destructed because of an inability to transfer the light, or an inability to communicate with each other, that same event is happening down in this world.


People with carnal minds are self-destructing every day because of their inability to communicate with God. So what God did in the high realm of the spirit, he re-created and re-arranged the sephirot, not in a vertical line but in 3 horizontal lines, so that the lowest sephirah can easily access the highest sephirah by zigzagging across communications. The 3 lines are short.


I am not up where I was. I am struggling so just bear with me.


The way we can relate the reconstruction of the World of Points that I just described to you, in which the sephirot are arranged in 3 horizontal rows, and are in personalities that can now relate to each other, is through our personality.


We call those personalities of the sephirot father (Chokmah), mother (Binah), the son (the 6 sephirot) and the daughter (Malchut) and now they can talk to each other. We are not going to talk about the details of it, but now the sephirot can talk to each other.


The way that event which took place in the high realm of the spirit is being reproduced down here in this world is through your personality and my personality. God has given me the ability to transfer this light that is in my mind to other human beings, through the English language. You are being trained for the same thing to whatever degree you can repeat this to another human being. At some point you will be able to do what I am doing. That is God’s plan; that you should be able to talk on the level that I am talking, at some time in the future.


We are the partsufim down here. We are God’s potential to bring his light, his life-giving light, the light of his eternal life, to the rest of humanity. We are it. We are the partsufim. We are the ones that can talk and get the message out.


We are told here that in the rectified World of Atzilut (that is the kingdom of God through Christ being formed in us), the sephirah of Keter develops into 2 distinct partsufim. This is talking about the mind of Christ. It develops into 2 distinct aspects referred to as Atik Yomin and Arik Anpin. This Atik Yomin is the Ancient of days that we just read about in Daniel chapter 7. We are told further on in this study that this Atik Yomin is the home or the source of the soul of Messiah (Mashiach).


Jesus of Nazareth in his glorified state ascended to become one with this level of the intellectual mind of God, which is more than a mind. It is a whole being.


Let us follow the writing here.


There is a further division of the Keter... Jesus is the Keter. He is the Keter of Atzilut. The Lord Jesus Christ is the name today that represents to human beings that can understand it, the Keter of the World of Atzilut. That is as high as we can ascend to. That is my understanding right now. That is the ultimate height.


There is a further division of the Keter of Atzilut into 3 heads. This gets a little confusing, brethren. The head of Atzilut breaks down into 2 distinct partsufim. Can anybody guess who the 2 partsufim are? What are the 2 personalities of the Keter? The personal name of the Keter now is the Lord Jesus Christ, and he is broken down into 2 district personalities. Can anybody guess who they are? The Lord Jesus is one, and Christ Jesus is the other. The Lord Jesus is the father, and Christ Jesus is the son.


The father and the son, you are the son. We are the son. There is no trinity, the father and the son.


Those are partsufim. There are also 3 heads. Do not burn your brain; just get whatever you can get out of this. To be honest with you, I have not fully absorbed it myself. I cannot teach this without the notes. I have gone over it 3 or 4 times, and I still cannot teach it without the notes. Just get whatever you can.


There are 3 heads…. He does go on later to explain what a head is, but I am going to follow the notes, because as I just confessed to you, I have not really absorbed this myself. There are 3 heads and they all have a name. They are called the unknowable head, the head of nothingness, and the head of infinity. Just in case you are not confused, I will confuse you a little more and say that they each have 2 names. The unknowable head is always the unknowable head. The head of nothingness is also called the skull. This is very interesting because the Hebrew word for skull is Golgoth and we are told that Jesus was crucified on Golgotha hill. The translators made Golgoth a hill.


What that means is that when the man Jesus of Nazareth was crucified, his consciousness was ascended to the point of the second head of the Keter. That is how high he was, when he was crucified. That is who he was spiritually. The third head, the head of infinity, is also called the concealed brain. Why do they have 2 names? I do not know.


Atik Yomin, meaning the Ancient of days is the internal partsuf, or the internal personality of the Keter. We are told that the name Jesus now means much more than Jesus of Nazareth. The name Jesus typifies the Keter of the world of Atzilut. What happened to Jesus of Nazareth is that the process that I have been telling you about was completed in him.


That seed that was planted in him was completely developed into a full spiritual genetic copy of Adam Kadmon, the primordial human, the perfect one, and that can happen to you and it can happen to me. Jesus of Nazareth, a man that had a mind born of the flesh inside of him, had the seed planted in him. Inside of his animal body, in his earth, a seed was planted and that seed matured to its fullest possibility, which is the accurate reproduction of the spiritual DNA of the primordial human that Jehovah formed from the dust of the earth, and breathe the breath of life into.


That appeared inside of an animal body called Jesus of Nazareth, and that World of Atzilut, that kingdom of God was the World of Atzilut transplanted from Atzilut. That is what an embassy is. It was the reality of the God-world of Atzilut existing inside a human being with an animal body and an animal mind. The effect that it had on that man was that it slew his animal mind, and it acquired his animal body for itself, and he purified it. Just like you slay an animal and tan the hide, and it becomes your garment. I am sorry for this example, I am sure the Lord forgives me; I am trying to make a point.


He slew the animal nature, he slew the animal mind, but he kept the skin and he took it for a garment. Then he said, this is a drop, a complete accurate-on-every-level representation or copy of the nature, of the spiritual DNA of the God-world existing down here in this fallen world. He was an alien in this world, and God said, I am going to take him back to the God-world of which he is now a citizen.


He was a foreigner, an alien in this world. His nature has been changed so completely. He was a foreigner and God said, now, you are going to be transferred to the world that you are like, that you are similar to. And he was caught up, and now his instruction is to send his seed down to the rest of his people, the rest of humanity, and give them the same experience in the earth that he was given.


We are not going to be caught up to the same place that he was caught up to because we have a different function. He is Atik and we are Arik, and Atik belongs up there and Arik belongs down here. But we will have the same exact spiritual DNA.


We are told Atik Yomin, the Ancient of days, is the internal partsuf or personality of the Keter and he corresponds to the super conscious power of pleasure in the soul. Our soul is capable of pleasure. I tried in many ways over the years to explain to you to the degree that I understood it at the time, that there is a pleasure of soul that is so pleasurable that when you experience it you will not be interested in the pleasure of the body.


Soul pleasure through union with the son of God is such pleasure on a different level than the body. It is not on the bodily level. We are promised such pleasure from another source that we would reject the pleasure of the body. That is what we are promised. This is what the Lord wants to give those of you that might be suffering because you do not have a mate right now, soul pleasure.


We have an ungodly manifestation of this principle, soul pleasure. There is an ungodly counterfeit in the earth which I am going to tell you about in the hope that you can relate to what I am telling you. There has been a lot of talk recently of vampires in this country. They are not killing people but they drink each other’s blood. They have been interviewed and their testimony is that they do not have sex. They say that the pleasure that they receive from drinking blood of the people that agree to give up their blood results in them giving up human sex. Why is this so? It is because human sex binds you to the body, and soul pleasure binds you to the soul.


If you want to be bound to the soul for that pleasure, and come down here to get the pleasure of the body, you lose your power to get soul pleasure. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Soul pleasure and body pleasure are antagonistic towards each other. It is like what happened to me during the break.


I had such a high anointing this morning, I woke up with it. It did not even come from searching out the message. I woke up flying. When I went inside for the break, my carnal mind manifested. Even though I rebuked it, I came down from that soul pleasure. My carnal mind wanted to grab a hold of me. You cannot be in both places at the same time. I rebuked it but I did not get back up where I was.


I am still not back up where I was, although I am rising, but the meeting is almost over. You cannot be in both places at the same time. You cannot be in the mind of Christ and your carnal mind at the same time. You cannot be in soul pleasure and bodily pleasure at the same time because they are antagonistic towards each other.


God is not punishing you when he tells you that you should not fornicate. He is telling you that it is a sin that will bring you so far away from soul pleasure that it would not be possible to experience soul pleasure, because you would be under judgment for the sin. God wants to give you soul pleasure. The Doctrine of Christ has called it ‘calm delight.’


This Atik Yomin which is the head of the Keter corresponds to the super conscious power of pleasure in the soul. Most of you here have been in old order deliverance and know what incubus and succubus are. Sometimes these sprits come to you and give you pleasure in your physical body but they come to you through the fallen soul.


Your fallen soul is attached to this body. When a counterfeit comes to you, when a disembodied soul comes to you and gives your fallen soul pleasure, it manifests in your body. If that is happening to you that is not God giving you that pleasure. I had some preacher tell me that that was God given him that pleasure.


The pleasure that God gives you is soul pleasure and it stays in the soul realm and is not compatible with the pleasure of the body. At some point you have to choose one or the other. That is what they say about Buddhists. People who become serious Buddhists become so spiritual that they give up sex.


There is no morality in Buddhism. You can do anything you want. There is no morality in Buddhism but so many people who become deep practitioners of Buddhism give up the other sex. Their soul is so satisfied by what they are doing that they give up that activity that would bring them down, just like I went down when I went inside during the break.


They want to stay up there. No one is forcing them to do anything. There is no morality in Buddhism. There is a pleasure of the soul that far exceeds the pleasure of the body, and that is what God wants to give you.


The partsuf of the Keter corresponds to the super consciousness power of pleasure in the soul. The Keter is the head of Atzilut in you. This is Kabbalistic teaching without Christ. We do not get the Keter right away. What is the first sephirah that we get when the kingdom of God is being built in us?


COMMENT:  Malchut


PASTOR VITALE:  Malchut. The Keter is the top. We do not get the top; we get the bottom, because it is going backwards. This Kabbalistic study is talking about the original creation that descended from God to the primordial human, to the World of Atzilut, to the created Adam, going down. However, that process broke, it severed. If you want to think of it as a spinal column, that spinal column broke. And that which was descending, was descending with the intention of joining itself to the earth which we are, but it broke, and the 7 lower sephirot came plummeting down into the earth and married the earth without the head, making us riderless horses.


For us, it is malchut working its way back up. So when we look at these Kabbalistic studies we have to understand that we do not have the Keter yet. We have the Malchut. The seed that we get from the Lord Jesus is the female seed, so we are starting from the bottom up. Then the Malchut builds up into her male part, the female calf. Then hopefully the seed of the Lord Jesus marries our female calf. Then we have the Keter, the super conscious pleasure of the soul.


We do not have it now because we do not have the Keter, we have the Malchut. And our body is screaming and yelling, maybe for sex, maybe for something else. It is screaming and yelling, I do not want to give up this, I do not want to give up that. Our humanity, our carnality is screaming and yelling because the woman cannot satisfy us. The malchut alone cannot satisfy us. If it is not one thing, it is something else. Your body is screaming for food, for sex, for affection; your body, your body, your body!


God is giving pleasure to your soul. If you want the pleasure of the soul, which only comes when the Keter is joined to your Malchut through the mediatorship of your spiritual son, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, the little bit of Christ that you have has to beat down the lusts of the flesh. If you do not beat down the lusts of the flesh (whatever they may be, gambling, drinking, smoking, whatever they may be), they will work against the unification of the regenerating female Adam in you with the male seed which will join the Keter, the source of the super conscious pleasure of soul, to you.


If you want to believe that you are being raptured, and you are going to go to heaven and eat spaghetti dinners, you can have it honey. I will take this message.


I think this may be a good place to stop because the meeting is over. But Lord willing, we will pick up from here, I hope he lets me continue….this one is good. I hope he lets me continue with this on Thursday (Message preached on Thursday 17 May is The Man Who Became A Woman C.711.1).


Are there any questions or comments, brethren?


COMMENT:  The pleasure you get from the soul… I thought the soul is tired up with the personality and it is sinful. I thought it would be the spirit that you would get the pleasure in?


PASTOR VITALE:  What you are missing is that there are 5 grades of soul, and the soul that is in our blood is sinful. That is why when Jesus appeared he said that he was flesh and bone; the blood of fallen Adam was divested from him. The sin of fallen Adam is in our blood, and it is the blood which keeps this body alive.


So the whole message has gone full circle. I am glad you asked that question. It is this blood (which is the fallen Adam), that keeps this body alive, and that has to change. That means that the life of Christ in you is dependent on fallen Adam. This is the predicament (if that is the right word) for God. Well, God does not have a predicament. We are the predicament. The predicament is keeping us alive while he fixes us. The predicament is that we die if he is too rough on us.


We have got to get rid of this blood. It is this blood that makes us die. Sin is in this red blood. Even though eternal life is in you in Christ…. You are gods because eternal life is in you but you will die like men if the God-life in you does not connect your body to eternity.


COMMENT:  (Inaudible) Some of the other stages of walking with the Lord, the Lord deals with your emotions, bringing healing and comfort there. When you come in to the mind of Christ, he deals with you intellectually, and the emotions really suffer.


PASTOR VITALE:  He deals with you intellectually and the emotions suffer, yes. Our emotions suffer because they are the emotions of this blood. Our emotions are of our animal nature. Animals get angry, jealous. Are emotions are animal emotions. They have to die. They are part of the animal in us that has to die. Yes, there can be a great deal of emotional pain.


You live out of the mind of Christ. You live out of this Word. You find out what he wants you to do and you do it, and you rebuke those emotions. Rebuke the pain; do not take it. You do not have to take it. You do not have to take it brethren; you rebuke it and get into this Word. It will pass away from you, but you have to keep on fighting. It comes back, so you have to keep on fighting.


Actually, Christ in us is our new blood, spiritual blood, blood meaning energy that keeps the body alive. The blood keeps the body alive. Brethren, do you hear what I am saying? There is a spirit inside of this red stuff in our veins. It is not the blood itself that is keeping us alive, it is the spirit in the blood that is keeping us alive, and that spirit, or that soul is fallen Adam.


Fallen Adam that you have been hearing about and reading about for years is existing in your veins. When Jesus said that he was flesh and bone, he did not mean the bone of this physical body. He did not have a physical body anymore, how could he say that he is flesh and bone? He meant the structure, bone meaning skeleton…. He meant that his spiritual foundation was now the skeleton or the bone of primordial Adam, not fallen Adam.


His skeleton, that foundation upon which the spiritual flesh that he had (because he became a shape shifter) was hanging on, was the foundation of Abel, or Adam, not the foundation of fallen Adam who is the son of the Serpent. Fallen Adam, the female Adam, married the Serpent and birth his child Cain, and they are all one. So it is okay to say the son of the Serpent, the wife of the Serpent; it is all true because they are all one, and they are all living in the blood of your veins.


When Jesus said that he was flesh and bone, he was saying, I am flesh and bone, but not the bone of this body which did not exist anymore. My skeleton is not Cain. This skeleton is Abel, the offspring of righteous Adam, son of primordial human, and my flesh is the flesh of righteous Adam. Behold old things have passed away from me. God has made me new. That old stuff is passed away from me. That is not my blood anymore, and that is not my bones. I live in a perfect, not a corrupted, form. And I will never die again.


I do not want to stop, brethren, but it is 5.30. Just give me a minute. God picked me up again and now I do not want to stop (lol).Okay, I guess that is it. Are there any more questions? Lord willing we will pick up with this on Thursday, Lord willing.


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