735 - Part 1

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We have a message today that is going to come right out of the realm of the Spirit, so I do not have any notes for you. Well, the only exhibit that you have is taken out of this book which I have been studying from lately. It is called “Pardes Rimonim.” That is Hebrew for “The Orchard of the Pomegranates,” and right now there exist four volumes. There will be more, hopefully, but right now as far as I know just four volumes exist. This is parts [sic] 5 -- the way it is labeled is very confusing. It is volume number 2, and it is part 5-8. I am not even sure how to read that to you, but it says parts 5 -- I am sorry, parts 5 through 8, section 5. That is what it means. But it is volume 2 of this series by Moses Cordovero, Rabbi Moses Cordovero. And this exhibit that I have given you -- I realized after I asked Susan to scan it that nobody can figure out which is the top and which is the bottom unless you read Hebrew, so I will help you.


OK, the top -- this in the very center is a Hebrew letter. It is the Hebrew letter for M; it is called Mem. And you can tell that you have this exhibit right side up if this centermost piece has a flat line on the bottom. Flat line on the bottom, and then it goes into a dome, then you have the exhibit upright. And this is the Hebrew letter Mem, Mem for mayim, which is water.


OK. And what this represents is the Sefirot. The principle is very important. Each one of the Sefirot is inside of the other, so when we deal with the Sefirot we talk about three columns, three forms, three -- that is for the purposes of understanding, OK, but basically they are all inside of one another like the layers of an onion, and the outermost layer contains them all. Just like when you take an onion in your hand, you have all of the layers of the onion in your hand. It may look like you just have a solid bowl, but everything is inside of it. OK.


So we are the outermost layer. Humanity as we know it today, we are the most solid and the outermost layer of the creation. The whole creation is inside of us, OK? Now it is really important that we understand as we mature spiritually that each of these layers -- that there are seven layers of earth. There are seven layers of earth, and that each of -- according to the Zohar, OK, and according to Rabbi Cordovero, according to the esoteric doctrine, each of these layers of earth is called a land. There are seven lands, L-A-N-D-S, lands. Each of these lands has its own inhabitants, and that the inner land can see the one that is outside of it because all of the momentum is forward, but the outermost land has trouble seeing what is inside. The only way we can see the lands inside are through the eye of the spirit, and each of these seven lands has inhabitants, and they know that we are here.


We, the outermost being. OK. The carnal person that lives out of this flesh, that lives the life of this world, to eat, drink and be merry, to enjoy food, to enjoy the activities of the physical body, and to enjoy the relationships with other people like ourselves. If we do not get it straight in our head that there are other existents that dwell inside -- they exist inside of us and they talk to us and they know all about us and they know our weaknesses, that they can see us and we cannot see them, and if we do not get it, that every voice that we hear is not necessarily of God, we are going to get hurt.


To increase spiritually without this understanding is literally opening yourself to mental illness, and this is the definition of schizophrenia, people that hear voices. They are highly spiritual people, but they are spiritual in the female spirituality. And somehow there was a breakthrough, because each of these lands -- there are seven lands -- each of these lands has a border between them. That is what separates them. There is one land and a border around it called a firmament, and another land and a border around it called a firmament, and there are seven of them. And there is to be a firma- -- that firmament is in our mind, see?


So there is supposed to be a border in our mind that separates us from the inhabitants of these other lands. And as you get more spiritual, you not only hear from God who is at the innermost point. God is at the innermost… I do not know why there is a Mem here. OK, I do not know why the innermost point is a Mem. I am not sure. OK. But this is us out here, see? And of course this drawing which comes from a Kabbalah book is showing everything positive. God is at the innermost point; we are at the outermost point. That means, for God to speak to us, if he is at the innermost point, he has to pierce through all of these firmaments to get to us. And every one of these borders has its own inhabitants that would like to speak to us through the connection that God opens with us.


Mentally ill people that hear voices are people whose borders have been violated. They have been penetrated. This is what engaging in the occult does for you. It creates openings in these borders of the seven lands, or the six lands that are not -- we are in the seventh one. And these beings speak to us.


Now, brethren, Pentecost, experiencing the Spirit filled church, was a lot of fun, but it is not really fun. It is dangerous. It is the initiation into the spiritual world, which is our first step towards a -- you know, towards a more active relationship with God, because we relate to God through faith. Faith is safe. Faith in God is safe. Now remember, brethren, who is faith? Does anybody remember who faith is? Who is our faith? This is our --


Jesus Christ. Jesus?


Well, Christ is our faith. Christ is our faith. Before Christ is awakened and resisting Cain -- remember, initially Abel is under the authority of Cain. He has to be wakened up; he has to remember that he is -- who is Abel? Based on the recent teachings here, who is Abel? Who?


Human Spirit?


Yes, the human Spirit. Yes, that is true. But the answer that I am looking for is that Abel is -- and sure, the human Spirit -- came from Tevunah. The human Spirit is Tevunah. The Malkhut of the Malkhut of Atzilut that was given to the earth to bring forth the creation, the intelligent creation of God. And Tevunah was not given to the earth by herself. She was given to the earth along with her mother Binah, the supernal mother, and in the mix there is the son who is her bridegroom. All three of them were in the earth before the fall: the supernal mother, the son the bridegroom, and the daughter the bride. The daughter which is Tevunah, the Malkhut of the Malkhut of Atzilut, was given completely woven together with the earth. She is the intelligence of the earth, and her destiny is to marry the Son of God who is the male of the World of Atzilut. The Kabbalists call him Ze’ir Anpin.


And that the fa- -- well, it gets so confusing, brethren. But the truth of the matter is that the father, who is Wisdom, never descends into the earth directly. He only descends into the earth when he is covered with a garment, and the garment that he is covered with is his wife Binah, the supernal mother, the father being Wisdom and the mother being Understanding. So when the mother is revealed in the earth, when I say it is the mother and the son and intelligence of -- when it is Binah, Ze’ir Anpin the male and Atz- -- and Kingdom of the World of Atzilut that is appearing in the earth, the father is there also.


And what I -- the answer that I do not have yet, that I am waiting for, is why, in the New Testament, we are told that if you have the f- -- that the father and the son are one, that if you have the son you have the father, if you have the father you have the son, because they are not separated. The father and the son cannot be separated. It is the father that is being revealed through the mother, and why the mother is not mentioned, I can only guess. I have not heard from the Lord about it. So it gets confusing because, at this point of our studies, we are learning about the supernal mother, which is Binah, Understanding. She is very important. Understanding is very important. She does the work of creation. The father, which is Wisdom, is revealed through her.


It is sort of like the lions, if you know anything about lions. The little bit that I know about lions is that the male does not do much besides procreate. It is the female lion that goes out, she does the hunting, she gets the food, and she brings forth -- and she defends the lair or whatever it is, the name of the word is where they dwell. It is the female lion that protects the cubs. She does all the work, and the father parades around with his big mane and looks handsome. OK, so it is sort of like that.


The father is not doing the work. The mother is doing the work. The mother is the one that is raising up the son and the daughter, that she is pulling everyone together. That -- we had a recent message here, shows the conversation that the supernal mother has with her daughter, with the Malkhut of Atzilut, explaining to her that it is necessary for her to be woven together with the earth to bring the creation forth, because what the creation of God is, is the whole family of God, and God is in the midst of his family. The whole family of God woven together with the earth, with the earth ruling -- I am sorry, with the family of God ruling over the earth. The earth is just a garment that makes the family of God visible. And the family of God consists of 10 Sefirot of the World of Atzilut, which are filled up with or inhabited by their very essence of the Ein Sof, the unlimited one himself.


So this is what the creation of God is. It is God himself, OK, woven together with his garment in the same manner that our consciousness -- because, brethren, we are not this body. We are this consciousness. It is what we think that makes us what we are, and it is our mind that is woven together with this body. That is what the creation of God is: God himself and all of his attributes completely woven together with a visible cover, which happens to be us. You see?


So that was the plan before the fall. The mother and the daughter, and they are not -- and the mother and the son are inseparable because the mother and son, when they -- when the son came into existence -- because, just to remind you, the first Sefirah that came into existence was Crown, or the Keter, and then Wisdom, or Chochmah, emerged out of Crown. And then Binah, Understanding, emerged out of Chochmah, Wisdom. And then the son emerged out of the mother, Understanding, and the daughter emerged out of the son. Now when the mother joined with the son to bring him forth, a new existent came into existence called -- anybody know the name of the new existent that came into existence from the union of the mother and the son?




Elohim. Very good, June. Elohim is the fruit. A new grade of power called Elohim came into existence when the mother joined with the son that she brought forth. So the mother still joins as her own entity, the son stands by himself, but their union has produced a third existent called Elohim. So the mother and the son cannot be separated. Neither can the father and the mother be separated, because the mother emerged out of the father. Understanding emerged out of Wisdom. They are all connected, brethren. They are all inside of each other like this, like the skins or the layers of the skin of an onion. They are all connected.


So the daughter was told to be at peace. You know, she -- an aspect of herself, an aspect of Malkhut of At- -- Atzilut is the God World. OK, Atzilut is the God World. And the lowest Sefirah is Kingdom, and each Sefirah has ten subjective Sefirot -- every -- the Sefirot Kingdom, which is the 10th one, has her own 10 that come from within herself. So the 10th one of the 10 of Kingdom, the Malkhut of the Malkhut of Atzilut, has its own name. It is called Tevunah; it means intelligence. So the God World of Atzilut gave intelligence to the earth by burying Tevunah, burying and weaving together Tevunah with the earth. And Tevunah -- and Malkhut, the female Malkhut, the female, also called Kingdom, was told, “Do not worry about it. Everyone is with you. The whole family is with you. My son your bridegroom, OK, and me your mother, and your father who is inside of me, and we are going to be there in the earth with you. But you, Tevunah, you are the intelligence of the earth. You are what will make the earth consciousness. You will give consciousness to the earth. And then when you marry your brother, who is the bridegroom, we will have a complete creation, which, just by example so that you can comprehend it, brethren, is the skin. My skin will now be joined to my intelligence. I am speaking to you now out of my intelligence, but I also have a skin, I have a body, and we will all be one, and that will be the creation of God. We will all be together.”


But what happened was, when the mother and the daughter flowed into the earth to weave intelligence together with the earth, if you recall from a recent message, the flow can be likened to the river that came out of Eden. And that river is not a river of water. It is a river of what? Anybody know?




A river of fire. It is a river of fire. It flowed into the earth; it purified the earth of any weeds or rocks or anything foreign that should not be there, and it appeared. But you have to -- you know, you need to be taught this or you do not know that it was a river of fire because -- brethren, the Spirit -- esoteric truth is confusing if you do not understand it from its root. It is confusing. The Scripture says there was moisture in the earth, that there was not yet a man to till the earth but a moisture rose. A mist arose from the earth and watered the ground. That is Tevunah. She was in the g- -- she was woven together with the earth, and then the earth became -- the earth came forth in two grades. It came forth as ground. OK, if you go deep enough, if you dig deep -- now you have to know that the natural is the opposite of the Spirit. In the natural, the lower, the more, the deeper you dig, the more likely you are to touch wet earth. The water is in the center of the earth. But it is the exact opposite in the Spirit. The deeper you dig, the drier the earth is, and it is just earth, unintelligent earth. But as the earth becomes moist, it is called ground. And as soon as the moisture that comes from intelligence is there, we have the beginning of -- I do not know if life is the right word. Existence, consciousness, it is the beginning of consciousness. So the ground is talking about consciousness.


You can say that humanity is made of -- mankind is made of the ground. We have the moisture or the wetness that comes from fire, however you want to process that. If you try to understand it with your carnal mind, it makes no sense. But the moisture came from Binah’s fire, OK? So there is a consciousness in the earth that spread out through the entire earth. The fire of Binah gave moisture to the earth, but the point -- and that is a wave, OK? It just spread out through the whole earth. But the intelligence of Tevunah is not a wave. It is a point; it is in a specific place, and the intelligence of Tevunah is not in the ground but it is in the dust. And I got very excited when I found that. First of all, it is a miracle that I even opened this book this morning to find out what I am teaching you now. It is just a repeat of what came forth under the anointing recently, and I just happened to open to the place in this book, which confirms what came forth under the anointing.


So consciousness, not only the consciousness of man but the consciousness of all the animals, is the result of the fire water of the supernal mother being joined to the earth. But intelligence comes from Tevunah, and the intelligence is in the dust of the earth. And what is interesting is that, years ago, I was preaching that the dust of the earth is Abel. So I thank God for his revelation.


So we see that there are different layers, and now in these layers, in the midst of these layers of earth, there are seven conscious layers, and each layer has its own inhabitants. And according to -- I am going to read from the book shortly -- according to Rabbi Cordovero, and I believe he is quoting somebody in the book, each one of these lands has what he calls chariots, beings that will carry the Spirit of God in that land. You see, I have been telling you for years that these physical bodies, they are houses; Kabbalah calls them chariots that the Spirit rides in when it enters into this world. If a disembodied being, if a spirit or if an angel -- and angels have bodies, but they are what is called subtle bodies. They are very ethereal, very thin, very hard to see, and of course we would pass through them. Subtle, they are called subtle bodies. When they want to appear in this world, they have to take on a dress or they will not be seen in this world.


So right now, the Lord Jesus Christ is desiring to appear through us. We are the chariots of this world. Right now, Christ or Ch- -- it is either Abel, Christ -- I do not know about Abel -- Christ or Christ Jesus is appearing through some people. The Lord Jesus is not appearing in this world yet. Christ Jesus is appearing, and there is a separation because there was a fall.


So we had the father, the mother, the son and the daughter, the whole family of God in the earth, but only Tevunah was permanently woven together with the earth. The mother’s fire gave consciousness to the earth to the point that, even when she withdrew, the residue of her fire remained. The earth is conscious. Intelligence remained in the earth, and the father, the mother and the son withdrew at the time of the fall. And what was the fall? It was Tevunah, intelligence, who was deceived and turned towards the consciousness of the ground, OK, rather than to look up towards the bridegroom and her mother who were her heads. And the break came. That which was permanently joined to the earth remained, and that is Tevunah, and the fire water of the mother remained, but the son, the mother and the father withdrew to the higher realms of Atzilut because of sin.


So that was a review, brethren. What we are is the ground. We are the ground, and Tevunah is buried in us. We have -- now that intelligence is not talking about human intelligence. It is talking about spiritual intelligence, the ability to know things without the studying that mankind experiences. I am not talking about human learning. As intelligence matures in us, we have the potential to know things that we never studied. We have the potential to know things about life, about spiritual things, about other people, about spiritual realms, and the carnal mind says -- I hope we are not losing you. You are not sleeping? The carnal mind says, “How did you know that?” This message is largely for you. It is for everybody, but it is coming forth now for you, Mary. How would you know that? I need proof. Either you are going to be a spiritual person or you are going to be a carnal person. OK.


So that is who we are. We are the ground, and intelligence is in us. Intelligence is Christ. Christ is our faith, to get back to that. If Christ is not awakened in us, we have no faith. We only have hope. We have hope that we will receive faith. Christ is our faith. One of the prophets -- God says through one of the prophets, “When I return to the earth, will I find faith?” When the Lord Jesus Christ appears in the earth, he can only attach himself to the people where faith is appearing, where Christ is awakened and separating from Cain, Satan and Leviathan in their consciousness.


So this is a lesson for the rising Sons. Pursuing God, studying this message, is making us more and more spiritual. God is at the innermost -- is at our -- is in our innermost point, and all of these other layers have their own inhabitants that all would like to tell us that they are our God. They would like to rule over us; they would like to give us words of knowledge; they would like to give us intelligence, but it is not the intelligence of Tevunah. Tevunah is at our innermost point. So there are many counterfeits that will speak to us and would like to prophesy through us. Paul talked about it. He said, “You should not prophesy unless there is a spiritual male present because of the angels.” What angels? The angels inside of you that would love to prophesy through you and give you information and teach you and give you instructions and make you their chariot.


So this is towards someone in Pentecost. I cannot be faulting anybody. It is taught, to some degree. So prophesying and speaking in tongues, it is exciting, but it is really -- we have to rise up out of kindergarten, brethren. And this is why, if you were in a responsible church in Pentecost, you were told that you should not be prophesying at home. You were taught to avoid kitchen prophecy. The preachers called it kitchen prophecy. Avoid it. You need to be prophesying only from the floor of the church where there are spiritual elders that will recognize if you are in a wrong Spirit. If you follow through with kitchen prophecy, if you think you are safe and you are willing to yield to every thought that comes into your mind and speak it out at any time and any place, you are in danger of being captured by the Spirit that is speaking through you. He wants you to be -- it wants you be its chariot, its mouthpiece, its vehicle in the earth, just like our mind has this body to function in this world. That is what he wants you to be.


And you see, this is what is coming, brethren. Mankind is maturing, and I have told you this before. It is really hard to get your arms around it, but it is the truth. Mankind is maturing. The creation of God is coming to puberty. We are getting ready for marriage, and there is more than one bridegroom. There is only one legal bridegroom, only one legitimate bridegroom, but there are others that would be bridegroom, that would marry us.


Now with all of the teaching that we have had here, right up until a couple of minutes ago when I told you that the whole family of God was present in the earth until Tevunah sinned -- and Tevunah today is called the human Spirit or Abel -- we are waiting for the reconnection of heaven and earth. Tevunah is to marry her brother, the bridegroom, which will reconnect her to Atzilut, and we will permanently be the chariots or the vessels that the family of God dwell in. But there is another entity out there, a collective entity; we will call him the serpent, OK, that wants to marry the earth. You see, you may recall that the family of God comes as linear Sefirot, a straight line from the world above. And the consciousness of the serpent, or the circular Sefirot that surround the loins of ancient Adam, if you could remember that, called World of Points. So it is the earth that wants to -- it is the conscious earth that wants to marry the intelligence, and another name for the conscious earth, brethren, is the beast. That is who the beast is. The ground, the earth that became conscious because the moisture of the supernal mother’s river of fire gave it consciousness. The beast wants to marry the intelligence. The Son of God wants to marry the intelligence in the earth, and the beast wants to marry the intelligence in the earth, and whoever marries the intelligence in the earth will produce an offspring that will be immortal. And the beast nature is the exact opposite of God. It is evil.


I cannot say 100 percent for sure, I have not heard 100 percent for sure, but for the people that have that experience that the beast marries Tevunah in them, I think it will be too late for them, that there will be no deliverance from that, but I could be mistaken. What will happen for the people who experience that, that the beast nature marries the intelligence, the human Spirit in mankind, I think that their human vehicle will have to be killed. Now remember, we are the personality. We are only born once. The soul is born again. The soul reincarnates. The personality does not reincarnate. So we live for a lifetime and we die, while we are waiting for God to marry the intelligence in the earth so that the formations of the skin become permanent.


So it is my understanding that, for the person who marries the earth, the individual man -- person of mankind who has the experience of the intelligence in them, the human Spirit in them, marrying the consciousness of the earth, the intelligence of the earth, the consciousness of the earth marrying the intelligence as opposed to the intelligence marrying the family of God, you will become a new existent. A new existent is being born. Brethren, on the positive side, when the Son of God marries Christ Jesus in us -- and remember, the Son of God is inseparable from the father, and the mother is in there too, who is not mentioned in the New Testament for some reason -- a new creature will be born.


Jesus of Nazareth became a new creature. He said, in the Book of Revelation, “I am the beginning of the creation of God.” That new creature is called the creation of God. The creation of God has -- only the beginning has come into existence. We are not the creation of God. Mankind that we see today is not the creation of God. We are one element of the creation of God. It is like when you are baking a cake. You do not have a cake while you are beating up the eggs and beating in the flour and putting in the baking powder and the baking so- -- that is not a cake yet. We are just one of the ingredients.


Jesus of Nazareth became a new existent called the Lord Jesus Christ, everything woven together. The earth, the consciousness of the earth, Tevunah, the intelligence that was in the earth, the mother, the father and the son, they are all one, a new existent. Now that does not mean that the mother and the father and the son do not exist as themselves anymore. This is the mystery of the spiritual world. They exist as themselves, but they are really -- they are only one, see? But they do have separate consciousnesses within their oneness. Within their oneness, it is as if the example is I am preaching here to you today, tomorrow I am a mother, the next day I am a grandmother, but it is all me. So out of the individual roles or personalities of the family of God, a new existent, a new baby is born. A new existent is born, just like a new existent came into existence when the mother joined with the son. And the new existent is beyond the mother and the son. The new existent is beyond Elohim. See, the new existent that came into existence when the mother joined with the son is called Elohim. Well, there is a new existent coming, and it is called the creation of God.


Now if the consciousness of the earth marries the spiritual intelligence or the human Spirit in an individual, and a new existent comes into existence, my understanding is that the personality will not survive. And in order to free up the soul of God, in order to free up Tevunah, we will be caught in that trap. Or the Lord will have to destroy the other elements, so he will have break up that new existent called the creation of the beast. There is the creation of the God and the creation of the beast. That is what Paul is talking about when he says the separation of the soul from the Spirit, the joints from the marrow. We can survive that operation at this point, but once something is born of us that is not of God, I do not think that we can survive the separation.


So that is the introduction. We are going to take a look at what Rabbi Cordovero says in his book. But are there any questions at this point?


And I wanted to talk to you a little bit before we start the book about comments, what a comment -- what is acceptable to speak into this meeting. There are some comments that are acceptable and some that are not acceptable. What is the difference between acceptable comments and unacceptable comments? The difference is the motive for making the comments. The difference is the motive for making the comment. Brethren, everything is motive. Motive comes from the word emotive, meaning emotions. The reason, to make it simple, the reason for making the comment. And the reason for making the comment never comes from the conscious mind. The reason for making the comment always comes from the unconscious mind. Either it is the Spirit of God moving you, emoting you or motivating you to make the comment, or it is the consciousness of the earth, emotive, moving you to make the comment. And every sin is in the consciousness of the earth, primarily the sin of pride.


So an acceptable comment in a holy meeting like this is a comment that is really thanking God, saying, “Wow, I heard what you had to say and it struck something in me and I learned. I learned.” Here is the key. “I learned from what I heard here and I want to share it. I want to give God the glory that this message touched me and I received something.” That is the word. “I received from this message, and something creative is coming out of me.” Or, “When I received from this message, it taught me something. I put what I learned together with something that I knew, and a new existent came in. I learned something.” Comments should be giving glory to God that they have benefited from what they heard, or that -- and the second possibility is that they have taken in what they have heard, OK, and something creative has come forth from it, that what they heard has mixed with knowledge that they have and it has produced a new existent that is a part of the whole.


Now this is really hard to hear, brethren. I know. God, please help me to explain this. OK, the bottom line is this. Either your comment is coming forth because you have learned something, and you may have put it together with something that you already know but the result is that you have learned something new. It is not coming out right, Lord. The bottom line is this. Either your comment is coming out of you having learned something, or the comment is coming out of you wanting to teach something. That is the best way I can put it. I am trying to get more spiritual and I cannot find the words.


Getting more spiritual, we will see if it comes out. You are here to learn. You are not here to teach. So if you have learned something, if something that I have told you or that has come out under the anointing has touched your Spirit and blessed you. OK. If you have received -- if the comment that you make is the result of you having received something -- I guess that is the way to say it -- if the comment that you make is the result of having received, you are all here to receive. Even I receive, but by and large I am doing the giving. It is God giving through me, but I receive too. We are all here to receive. There is one teacher, and he is speaking through me at this time. The body ministry at this time has to do with the disciples sharing something that indicates they have learned something or they have been touched and benefited by this message.


A comment that comes forth in a teaching spirit is a comment that comes forth from pride, and it is not coming forth from Christ in you. Christ being -- your spiritual intelligence hopefully is sitting with its head up in this meeting, learning, eating all of this food, getting as much as it can and processing it for his own growth. If you are sitting here waiting to inject into this meeting what you already knew, which is a form of teaching, you are -- Christ in you is not getting his full amount of food.


I am going to say it again. If you are sitting in this meeting waiting to hear how you can input knowledge that you already have to supplement what has come forth here, you are depriving Christ in you from his full experience. You are here to learn; you are not here to teach. So, since it is so difficult to tell the difference, what we have in this ministry now is a situation similar to that in Pentecost, where we are told, “Do not prophesy unless there is a spiritual male there to cover your head, to tell you if that is not the right Spirit coming out of you, because of the angels who would like to speak through you.” So we have the same situation here.


I would like to ask for questions and comments. There are godly comments that people have to make, comments that are praising God for what they learned, comments that are arising out of a learning Spirit. It could be combined with something you already know, but it is coming out of a learning Spirit. Comments that come out of a desire to teach -- and it is not just one person. I have had this here with other people too. It is not -- it is more than one person here in New York.


At this point, the Lord has said they are no longer acceptable. I have been letting it go for a long time. And again, it is not just one person here. It is at least two, maybe more. So the Lord wants to help you. The Lord wants to help you to stop speaking out of your carnal mind in these meetings, and therefore anything, any contribution to the meeting that comes out of a teaching Spirit or a pride Spirit, I will cut you off as soon as I hear the Spirit on you. I will do it as kindly as I can, but this is the Lord’s announcement to you. You cannot -- the carnal mind cannot be -- cannot exalt itself in a meeting that is led by Christ Jesus. He is the only one speaking here, OK?


OK. So we are going to start with the book. Maybe we should take a -- it is 3:30. Maybe we should take a break here. And for those of you -- I do not know if anybody has bought this book. I know the book is expensive. If you want to buy it, I have no problem with it, but you really should only -- the same advice as with the Zohar, you really should not be reading it on your own. If you would like to use it to go over what I do, you know, it is fine. It is -- the book is expensive. You can get it -- you might be able to get it used, though, but it is up to like $80 a book, I think.


One thing before we start with the book. If you are [?going to?] -- invisible entities speaking through us, even if it is God speaking to you, we are not to assume that he wants us to speak it out in a group. The Lord wants a personal relationship with you. That means he wants an interaction with you. He speaks; you speak back. Our speaking back should be, by and large, questions to him, so if we hear something the f- -- in the Spirit, the first thing should be a question to the Lord: “Lord, did that come from you? If it did come from you, what do you want me to do with it? Were you speaking to me personally, or did you want me to do something with it? But first of all, was it you? If it was not you, why did you tell me that and what do you want me to do with it?”


So it is really important that we start to identify voices in our mind that are not from God. There is something called a Spirit of divination. A Spirit of divination counterfeits God, and what gets confusing is that the Spirit -- a Spirit of divination sometimes tells you the truth. Not always, but sometimes tells you the truth, will give you information about personal details of other people’s lives, you know? And you need to know that, if you are hearing personal details about someone else’s life, the chances are pretty good it is not God, you know, unless God is giving it to you for the purpose of judging someone. Brethren, that is a very high place. I do not know that anybody in this ministry is in this place. I am in it to a measure. OK. I know, when God tells me something personal about somebody, it is because he is doing something. As far as I know, there is no one else in this ministry that is in that place. OK, so we need to be judging who is speaking to us.


Another thing that a Spirit of divination will do, a Spirit of divination gives you information. OK. Sometimes it tells you the number of a horse, you know? A few of you get information like that. You know, if you were at the -- I do not know what you -- anyone here would be doing at the racetrack anyway. But if you are at the racetrack or you have some exposure to gambling situations, and you find that all of a sudden you have this intelligence that gives you a winning number or something like that, that is a Spirit of divination. It is not -- I mean, I cannot tell you for sure, but it is not likely that it is the Lord telling you how to bet a winning number. It is not likely that it is God. Most likely, it is a Spirit of divination.


So a Spirit of Divination is a Spirit of witchcraft that gives information that enough of the time is accurate to make the person that has it think that it is God. So we are being trained to fine-tune our spiritual understanding and to really discern between Spirit and Spirit. We need to learn to discern between Spirit and Spirit. And every Spirit in our mind that is not of God must be cast into the lake of fire through confessing that there is something in our mind that is not of God, which everybody has things in their mind that is not of God, and our renouncing it. Our renouncing -- we must renounce it and ask God to remove it, because even if we say the words, “I cast you into the lake of fire,” that does not mean it is gone. It is not at all likely gone. We need to renounce it, and it takes the lake of fire to destroy it.


But we cannot renounce what we do not know is there. And what comes to mind is a -- an experience that I had when I was still in Gospel Revivals. There was a woman in the church at that time that -- she was not like -- you see, if somebody has a wrong Spirit, that is no reason to not like them. OK, that is just a sign of immaturity. If you will dislike someone because they have a wrong Spirit, well, I think that dislike comes out of fear. It comes out of fear that the person with the wrong Spirit can hurt you. But there was a woman in the church at the time that -- I saw that there were people there that they did not like her. And they said she had a Spirit of witchcraft, and I could not be unkind to her. You know, and I prayed for her one night, and they were shocked that I was praying for her, but I felt to do it.


Well, anyway, one day this woman prophesied from the floor of the church, and I just knew -- I knew in here, see, I knew without understanding -- I knew by knowledge that there was something wrong with that prophecy. I do not even remember what it was. To be honest with you, I do not remember whether it was the context or the content of what she said or it was the Spirit on her. I do not remember. I just remember that the Lord is telling me to share this testimony with you. And it bothered me that -- I -- it really bothered me, and I sought the Lord about what was wrong with that prophecy. And I wondered why nobody seemed to reject it, nobody seemed to see that there was anything wrong with it, and I really thought that the pastor should have said something. And I do not know whether he -- I am sure he had intense discernment. He should have recognized it. But it really bothered me, because I did not understand what was wrong. There was a knowing in my heart here, but I did not have the understanding in my mind of what was wrong, and I would not let go of the Lord until I finally received the understanding. If I remember correctly, the words that she said were okay, but there was just something wrong with that prophecy.


And finally the Lord told me it was a Spirit of divination and it was not of God. It sounded like the right thing, the real thing. It looked like the real thing, it sounded like the real thing, but Christ in my heart center here, he knew that the Spirit was not from his family. See? And because Christ in me knew it, but my mind did not know it, I went into confusion, because your mind has to understand what your heart knows. See? And that is how I learn. That is how I learn. A lot of the spiritual things that I know by, first of all, my heart, Christ in my heart recognizing that it is wrong, and then my mind being willing to ask the questions. You see? So that Spirit of divination is what is waiting in the eves to trap as many of us as it can. It gives us just enough, is correct just enough of the time that we would think that it is God. No.


So the bottom line is this, brethren. This is what the Lord is telling us that we need to do. We need to test every Spirit. Is that not what John said? Test the Spirits, brethren, because every Spirit is not of God. That is in the letter of the word, brethren. Test the Spirits. Every Spirit is not of God. And the way you test the Spirit is by asking God if it is from him. If you think that you have the ability to distinguish between a Spirit of divination and the Spirit of God or any other Spirit that might be speaking through you, you are mistaken because we do not. We are blind. We are blind, you see?


I question God on everything, everything that I do. Hopefully, I mean, I mess up because I am not perfect, and I messed up with that because I gave it to you on that earlier, on another message on the exaltation this morning. I did not follow something through, and eventually the Lord came to me on it. And this is what I find, that when I do not follow through on something like I should have, like I should, the Lord is -- if there is something that I should know, that I should have figured out but I did not figure out, the Lord will wait quite a while before he tells me. He will wait a long time until he tells me, because I am supposed to figure it out. If it is something that is over my head, he tells me right away. See, if it something that is beyond me and that I cannot cope with, he will tell me right away. But if it is something that I should be able to figure out and I do not figure it out -- because if I do not figure it out, it is usually because I do not focus on it. Everything that I focus on, I figure out, because when I focus on something he is in there helping me. When I am remiss, when I have so much on my mind that I do not think it through. You see?


But we need to -- we cannot tell the difference, brethren. You need to put everything before him, asking for a double and a triple witness. Always say, “Lord, was that you? If it is not you, save me.” Not, “If it is not you, tell me.” If it is not you, save me, because there are invisible entities on at least six other planes of consciousness that dwell within us. And the more clearly we hear from God who is at the innermost point, once again, it is likened to the Scripture that says the first-born male will break the matrix, break that -- breaks the woman’s matrix, has to be purchased back. God is right in the middle here, and as he starts communicating with us, it weakens. It weakens, you see?


All of these lines here, they are firmaments. All of these lines are firmaments that lock out the spiritual essence that is in between the firmaments. I guess I did not explain that before. All of these lines are firmaments. They are borders that are designed -- they are walls that are designed to keep the entities in. And the firmaments distinguish the different worlds inside of the borders. If there were no firmaments, it would be one sea, so to speak. S-E-A.


OK. So the firmaments separate or break up the sea, or break up the earth, into these seven different lands. You know, and the firmament is a wall that stops the inhabitants from going over the wall. But as the Lord communicates with us or reaches for us from the innermost point, he is piercing through all of these walls and it weakens the walls. You cannot just hear from God and not hear from the other side. You hear from both. And again, people that have schizophrenia, that is what their problem is. Usually through the playing around with the occult. It could be inherited or through incest, through -- sorry, through serious sin, incest or venturing with the occult, these walls get weakened, and the inhabitants are evil.


I have gave in -- I gave you a couple of testimonies about that. I think it was in past Thursday’s message when, before I came to the Lord, when I was fooling around with a Ouija board once, I heard voices telling me, “Do not destroy.” They scared me, so I was taking the Ouija board to the incinerator. That is what it is called, an incinerator. OK, in a high-rise building. My niece still has it in her high-rise building in Manhattan. It is called an incinerator. You open it; it is like a closet. You open the door and then inside there is a shelf, like, you, like, pull it out and you put your garbage in and you close it and it pushes it down into the incinerator. And the voices were screaming all the way to the incinerator, “Do not burn us.” You know.


So now with regard to these other lands, I have spent a lot of time over many years asking the Lord, because I had seen this concept in a movie. And movies are not all fantasies, brethren. There is a lot of occult, true occultic principles in movies. I had seen this one movie called “The Mists of Avalon” that just grabbed my imagination, and in this movie -- it took place at the time in England when Christianity was just coming in. And now before Christianity was paganism, and witchcraft was prevalent. White witchcraft was prevalent in the land, with female high priestesses. And in this movie, it showed the one high priestess, how she would go from world to world, how she would appear in this world and talk to people like you and me, and then she would go into another world. And of course the way they portrayed it in the movie was that she would get on a boat and take the boat out into the middle of a lake and then do her ritual, you know, do her prayer, and another dimension would open up and the boat would pull up onto the shore of another land where there was a house and it was solid like this. People came to greet her. And then at one point in that movie, two of her guests who were on the other side, so to speak, were sitting and talking by a roadside, and then average people like you and me came walking by. And the average people could not see them, the man and the woman who were guests of the high priestess. But these two guests of the high priestess could see the people walking along the road.


So the principle was double. The way she entered in was that she went out into the middle of a lake, which obviously was a spiritual lake, and then a spiritual dimension opened, a door to a spiritual dimension, and the boat landed on the other side and it was a physical world. Then the second piece of information that we have from this movie, anyway, was that this physical world was the same physical world as this physical world. They walked to the edge of their world and they sat down on the same road that average people were walking along, and they could see the average people and the average people could not see them. And one woman who was spiritually sensitive that was walking on along said, “Oh, I thought I perceived something over there.” And she walked up to the side of the road right where the man and woman were sitting, saying, “Oh, I thought I heard something here.” But she could not see them, you see?


So this is my understanding today, that there is only one visible world. I cannot say that I am really convinced that this is the final word, but this is where I am today after many years of prayer actually. There is only one visible world, and all of the lands exist in this physical world, but they are in a world that -- well, every world vibrates. This whole world is vibrating. We are just not aware of it because we are vibrating also. But everything vibrates. All the atoms vibrate; everything vibrates. So these other worlds, they vibrate at a different rate of speed. They vibrate at sequentially greater decibels of speed. And the faster a world vibrates, the more it becomes invisible to the slower moving world. See, so the innermost world would be moving at the most rapid rate, vibrating at the most rapid rate, and the outermost world which we are, out of darkness -- Jesus said we are out of darkness -- this world vibrates at a very slow rate because this world is death. So this world is vibrating at a very slow rate.


So there were those two people sitting on a rock on the same road, talking to each other, and the other people could not see them except the one person that was spiritually sensitive that thought she perceived something but could not see them.


So this is my understanding. All of the lands share this visible world, to the degree that they share a visible world. I would really like to know the answer to that question, if on their level of vibration, another -- let us say the next land closest to us. On their level of vibration, aside from the fact that we cannot see it, what are they experiencing in their world order? Is their experience similar to ours? In other words, are they, on their level of vibration, are they as visible as we are to each other? Do they have houses? Do they sit in rooms? Now according to that -- and so that was Hollywood -- according to the movie, they had a big mansion and a house and they lived just like we live here. So that is my question. Do they live just like we live here? Or do they have -- I believe that they have -- I believe -- I am going to read it to you from the book -- that they have vehicles. The word was called chariot. That there are Spirits that have vehicles that are visible but not visible to us. OK, so if they have their vehicles that are visible, do they have houses? Does the land have weather? Do they have snow and rain and sunshine? Do they have language? Do their vocal chords work? I have a million questions for many years. OK, I am waiting for the answers. But for now, we are going to read what Rabbi Cordovero has to say, and I believe -- we will find out for sure -- I believe he may be quoting somebody else actually.


So I could not really -- it was not clear to me where I should start reading, so I am going to pick up at the bottom of page 58 with the first sentence, so it may not make any sense to you but I am just going to keep on going.


“According to the esoteric truth” -- he is talking about the firmaments now, not the seven lands. He is talking about the 10 firmaments now. “According to the esoteric truth, the counting of these firmaments refers to spiritual beings.” So firmaments refer to spiritual beings, he says, as explained in the Zohar, et cetera, et cetera. “Where they call spiritual things by the name of the firmaments.” Now what I believe he is talking about here, brethren, is that the firmaments -- if you remember what I have been teaching for a while, the firmament is the border. When we first studied this with Rabbi Cordovero, he expressed it in this way, that there are really two Sefirot. There is the outer Sefirot and the inner Sefirot. And the out Sefirot is the attribute, and the attributes are not really the Sefirot, because inside the Sefirot is the essence of God, and the essence of God has no attributes. The essence of God is simple, homogenous light. It has no attributes. It never changes. That is how it can say, “I am God. I change not.” It has no attributes. If it had the attributes of mercy and judgement, then you would have to say God changes.


And, brethren, this is a big question amongst people in the world. They cannot reconcile the Jehovah of the Old Testament and the Jesus of the New Testament. How can God change like that, from such judgement to such mercy? And many, many really sin by rejecting the Old Testament, saying God is not judging anymore because they cannot deal with the change in God. But God says, “I am God. I change not.” So God is a power source. He is an intelligent power source and he is infinite and he never changes. But he needs a mechanism, a way to relate to a finite creation. He is -- infinity is bringing forth a finite creation that changes. We change. Sometimes we are good; sometimes we are bad; sometimes we are very bad; sometimes we are very, very bad. Except me, right? But sometimes we are very, very bad. OK. Sometimes we are very, very good, but we know that no one is really good except God, so there are varying degrees of sin in this world.


So how does an infinite God that never changes deal with sin, number one, and how does he deal with the varying degrees, grades of sin? How does he do that? OK, he flows into the Sefirot, which are borders, and his attributes, justice and mercy and judgement -- those are attributes, OK. Kindness, harshness, those are attributes. He flows into a glass, a glass. He flows into a form. Let us say this glass had sharp spikes coming out of it, and God is the water inside of the glass, and he wants to pronounce judgement on somebody. So the water flows into the glass, and the fact that the water is in the glass moves the glass, and moves it towards -- let us say my hand is in sin -- and there are big spikes coming out of this attribute. The power of God, which is water inside the glass, moves the glass with the big spikes towards my hand, see? And my hand gets pierced by a spike, judgement. But the God in the midst of the glass, he never changes. He just flowed into the glass that had spikes on it. And the next day, he wanted to bless you, so he flowed into a glass that looked like a pen. See? And that same God that never changes moved that. His power moved that pen towards my hand and pronounced a blessing.


It is like kitchen utensils that you use to chop food, or you get into a car to drive you somewhere. Are you a different person because you get behind the wheel of a car? Are you a different person because you are using a frying pan to cook food? You are the same person, see?


So the firmament functions in a similar manner to the attributes. And then we learn from Rabbi Cordovero that the true Sefirot is the essence within the attributes. But it gets confusing, so we call the attributes Sefirot. But they are really not Sefirot; they are the garment. OK, so in the same manner, firmaments are borders that separate or divide the essence of God, because there is only one essence of God. So it came to -- and there is a whole teaching here that is not today’s message as to how and why 10 Sefirot came into existence. 10 Sefirot came into existence because the bottom line is that the infinite God wants to relate to or communicate with his finite creation. And because we are so fallen, brethren, he can only relate to us through judgement.


You see, if there is a lack of judgement in your life, it means God is not attempting to communicate with you. We are -- I am going to say it again. We are so fallen. See, God is holy and righteous. We are so far from that; the best of us are so far from that, that the only way God can approach us is through judgement. Can you hear that? If there no judgement in your life, it means God is not attempting to communicate with you. If he is already communicating with you and there is judgement in your life, it means he desires to communicate with you on a deeper, more intimate level, because judgement goes before him. If you have no sin when the judgement comes to you, it will just pass through you as if you were invisible. But we all have sin, brethren. So judgement or revelation of sin in us is an indication that God desires a deeper walk with us and he wants to remove whatever it is in us that is under judgement. He wants to move it out of the way so that he can have a deeper communication with us.


OK. Everybody got it? If you are not under judgement, you are a bastard. Do not let anybody condemn you, and do not condemn yourself because you are under judgement. As God -- it is like fire goes before the Lord. As he reaches for you, fire goes before him, and that fire is Binah. She is the lake of fire. She is the one, OK? And now remember, Binah with her son is Elohim, and Elohim is God. And Jehovah is the name of God associated with Binah. So as the creator reaches for you, he reaches -- and why is the creator reaching for you? Because he wants -- brethren, we are being created. We are not the creation of God. That is why we die. He is reaching for us. He wants to form us into an immortal form. He does not want us to die, see? And as he reaches for us, the lake of fire goes before him because he is just too holy to speak to us directly. And if the lake of fire does not go before him, then the sowing and reaping judgement will destroy us.


See, the lake of fire is what we have been calling the white throne judgement. It does not destroy you; it just hurts your feelings for a few days or a few years. I hope it is not for a few years. It just hurts your feelings, see? But it deals with that impediment that is stopping him from getting closer to you. And what does God getting closer to you mean? God getting closer to you means he wants to make you more like him, because the more we are like God, the less judgement falls in our life. So if the judgment of Binah, Binah’s lake of fire, does its work, it is moving us towards a time or a place where there will be less and less judgement, when that which is sin is burnt up. It has to be removed, you see? There is no ascension without -- there is no ascension in God without it. Satan will take you without it.


OK. So if you think of God in terms of a great landma- -- or a great sea. He would not be a landmass. Or if you think of God in the earth as a great landmass, he never changes. So there has to be something to separate the seven lands. If we are told that there are seven lands, OK, there has to be something to divide the mass of earth up into seven parts, and that is what a firmament is. OK, it is a spiritual thing that separates the mass into as many parts as God want- -- it separated into -- it is a wall. It is a border. That is what the firmament is.


OK. “So the counting of these firmaments” -- and this is talking about the 10 firmaments now -- “refers to spiritual things, as explained in the Zohar, where they call spiritual things by the name of firmaments. Since they surround the world” -- the firmaments surround the world, if you want to look at this drawing -- surround the w- -- the world is square, by the way. You know.


By the way, that medieval crisis where the spiritual people thought that the world was square, and then scientists discovered that it was round and spiritual things lost their credibility -- and also spiritual teaching says that this planet earth and that mankind is the center of the universe, and then our scientists found out, oh no, our planet is just one planet in a galaxy called the Milky Way, which is one of maybe millions of galaxies. That spiritual stuff is wrong. If that is what you believe, brethren, you are ignorant, OK, because there is spiritual intelligence and there is the intelligence of this world. There is inner intelligence and the intelligence of this world. So if you want to go with the scientists, with the astronomers, this planet, this earthen planet, is not the center of the earth. But from a spiritual point of view, this earth, this spiritual earth that we are in, of which the planet is a reflection, we are the center of the earth.


Mankind, and in particular Israel, the people that God has chosen to dwell in, in our inner- -- we are the center of the earth, and the Spirit of God is moving to dwell within us. We are the center because God has desired to dwell in us, and he is the center of everything. Where he is, everything -- he is the center, and everything that surrounds him is a concentric circle in relationship to him. So the astronomers out there, they are coming to the conclusion that this planet is not the center and that this galaxy is not the center. Their focus, OK, that which they are measuring by, is their perception of a physical universe which is an image. It is just a picture. It is a reflection of the reality. They are basing their opinion on the reflection of the reality, but the reality is that God is the center. Wherever he is, he is the center. You see?


If I hold up this piece of paper here -- let me get something -- I can look at you now and I can say this is the center right here. OK. If God were to appear before us right now and he would say, “This is the center in this upper hand corner,” that would become the center and the center would move. He is the center. Everything around him surrounds him in concentric circles. We have a floating central point, a floating central point. Wherever God is, he is the center, and if God has said that mankind is the place where he dwells, mankind is the center of the universe. And the earth called mankind is the center of the universe, and each and every one of us is a world. Each and every one of us. In Greek, the word is cosmos. Each and every one of us is a world, and God is at the center of everything.


Now why we have all those planets and all those universes out there, I have some thoughts on it, but that is not today’s message. It is like saying I have a h- -- mankind hangs on the brain and the spinal column, the nervous system. Why do we have arms and legs and vocal chords? Why do we have all these other aspects that we do not need? Our whole existence is our brain and our spinal column. So the whole universe is out there. And why does it appear that the earth is in such a miniscule corner? It has something to do with the reflection of reality. I do not know what the answer is right now, but the picture is not the reality. That is the picture.


You see, it is like walking in here and looking at that picture on my wall, the picture of a ship on a raging sea. And if someone were to take a camera and focus in on that picture and say, “This is where Sheila lives,” you would think I was living at sea. But when you see the whole picture of this whole room, you see that is just a picture on the wall. I do not know why the universe looks so off balance if the planet earth is the center. I do not know. I do not know. I could just tell you what I do know is that that is the picture, and I do not care what it looks like. It is off. It is off. Mankind is the center of the earth, and he is your center. OK? OK.


We got to one sentence. Let us see how far we are going to get here. OK. “They call spiritual things by the name of the firmament.” OK, so we have one mass of land, OK, one mass of land and God says it is seven. I am looking at it. Oh, it is just one mass of land, but God says that it is seven. So there has to be a division. A line has to come in there. Seven lines have to come in there to distinguish between the seven lands that God says that is the way it is. And then how do you -- you have to give it a name to each of the seven. So you give a name to each of the seven by the firmament. This firmament here, this is the outer -- this is the land mass here, and then we will draw this land. Let us say this is firmament number one. There are names. I will read them to you.


This is Sheila’s country. OK, the next firmament is Mary’s country. It is really just one landmass but different sections, just like the different states of the United States of America. It is one landmass. We have artificial borders. OK, the borders of the states are artificial borders in the landmass called the United States of America. Actually, there is an artificial border between Mexico and the United States, between the United States and Canada. It is one landmass, see? But we put in borders, and we call this one Canada, we call this one the United States. There would be no United States. I mean, it would exist, but we would not know how to communicate United States if we did not have those borders in there, the Canadian border and the Mexican border. That is what a firmament is. So Rabbi Cordovero was saying, each firmament gets a name. The Mexican-United States border, firmament. See? But now we are talking about spiritual things.


“So the firmaments refer to spiritual things, where they call spiritual things by the names of the firmament. Since they surround the world” -- the firmaments surround the world -- “they surround the spheres,” meaning the Sefirot, “and everything else. So too with the Sefirot, which are within the infinite. The Sefirot are within that empty space in which creation began.” Hope you all know what that means, the empty space which came into existence by the process called the tsimtsum that the infinite one is -- he is infinite. Nothing greater than him, so -- and he is infinite, so -- and he cannot change, so where would he bring forth the creation? He contracted himself, we are told, and in the midst of himself an empty space came into existence. But he is really in the empty space because there is nothing without him, but he is not in the empty space because the empty space within him was sort of -- was emptied out of his light. But it is still him, if you can hear that, brethren.


Look, this is my hand. OK, this is my hand. I will take the ring off. This is my hand, see? My hand is infinite. I have no place to make a creation. I want to make a creation. I put a little space in my two fingers, opened up. OK. The creation is going to be in here, but the essence of my two fingers, the energy that flows from my two fingers, are still flowing in this empty space. The energy is still flowing in this empty space. The power that will bring the creation into existence is present in the empty space because my two fingers are just pulsating out the energy for that place. Can you hear that? It is an empty space. It is between my two fingers, but it only exists as long as I keep my fingers open. I can close my fingers like that and it is gone, see? And when it is open, whatever is going on inside of it is a result of the energy field of these two fingers. You all got it? You all got that. Got that, Jane? Yeah, you got that. OK.


“So too with the Sefirot, which are within the infinite.” They are insi- -- we are inside of him. Everything is inside of him. “Blessed be he, and Wisdom is within Crown,” Wisdom meaning Chochmah, “is within Crown,” which is Keter. In other words, Crown -- Wisdom emerged out of Crown. Chochmah emerged out of Keter. “Understanding is within Wisdom. Understanding emerged out of Chochmah. Love and Kindness emerged -- Love and Kindness is within Understanding. That is Chesed. Severity is Gevurah is within Chesed. Beauty, or Tiferet, is within” -- and so he is going through all of them. Victory within Beauty, Glory within Victory, Foundation within Victory. Creation, the World of Creation, is within Kingdom. The World of Formation is within the World of Creation. Everything is joined, brethren, and the World of Action is within the World of Formation.


The works of creation and of the chariot -- the works of the chariot means mankind being prepared to be a chariot for God. OK. The works of creation and of the chariot are included there as well. Everything is in here together. “In the work of the chariot, the sage has explained topics of the chariot and of the thrones.” This is complicated. It is not for us today. The topics of the work of the chariot are found in the work of creation. All of these things that God is doing, they are all one inside the other. That is the whole point.


“And those in the World of Creation are find -- are found -- in the Sefirot, and those of the spheres are found topics of their” -- OK. We are getting deeper and deeper. OK. “In the spheres, or in the Sefirot, are found topics of the earth.” And this is what we are up to now. “And in the belly of the earth” -- I am not even sure what he means by topics there. “And in the belly of the earth are the seven lands.” In the belly of the earth. Now this confused me for a while, so that means there is probably at least one person here that is still confused about this. We talked about the 10 Sefirot of the World of Atzilut, and we talked about Kingdom a lot, which is the lowest Sefirah. We are way below that, OK? Below that comes the World of Creation. Below that comes the World of Yetzirah, which is the astral plane. Below that comes the spiritual World of Assiah, and we are -- this is not even the spiritual World of Assiah. This is even more outlying than that. The spiritual World of Assiah is inside of us. We are the outermost, outermost, outermost.


So we are told here, “In the belly of the earth are the seven lands. As far as the seven lands of the work of creation are concerned, we would be amazed and almost agree with the astronomers” -- now he is disagreeing with them, OK -- “we would be amazed and almost agree with the astronomers who say that the seven lands refer to the seven climates.” It just means there are seven different places on the earth. Here it is hot; there it is warm; there it is in the middle. “But we merited to find many discourses of the writer of the Zohar refuting this view, showing that there are seven lands inside the earth.”


Now some of you may be familiar with Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” He writes about Middle Earth, and everybody thinks it is just fantasy. According to the esoteric wisdom, there are seven lands, each with its own inhabitants. I remember at the time when the Lord first taught us about moths, when Jesus talks about moths, he is not talking about the moths that fly around our light here. He is talking about moths. They are a race of beings that live in one of the inner worlds, and right after he taught us about that, I saw one in the Spirit. I was praying for someone, and I saw that it was a moth. I saw it. It was humanoid. The one I saw in the Spirit was humanoid. It was male, and it had big wings. It looked like a moth, but it had a human -- it was a -- you know how moths and butterflies, they have, like, a center, and then the wings come out from it? It was humanoid, and he had a really ugly Spirit on him.


We are going to read in this book where this writer talks about seeing -- someone who saw the inhabitants of one of the worlds and they were praying. See, everything is positive in these Kabbalah books, but my experience with the inhabitants of the other worlds is that they are evil. You know. So maybe there are two sides to the other worlds. I do not want to be guessing, but there are evil inha- -- I do not know whether it is the -- I do not whether each of the seven worlds has both good and evil inhabitants, or everything is just evil today, and when the Lord claims his inheritance, everything will turn to good. I do not know. I have a lot of questions. I do not know, but my experience is that I do not believe that there is any good inhabitant of one of the other worlds other than Jesus, you know.


Unless at some point -- at some point, brethren, if we mature enough in Christ Jesus to start communicating with each other, if you can hear this. At some point, Christ in us matures enough that we would have experiences of experiencing Christ in each other when the person is not there, hearing someone’s -- this would be telepathy in God then. See? Now my experience to date is the only other time -- the only time that I can recall that I have heard someone’s mind, because I have heard telepathic communications. And my understanding right now of telepathic communication between two people requires two people that are psychic enough to communicate. You need -- the person transmitting has to be powerful enough, and the person hearing it has to be powerful enough to receive it. No matter how powerful the transmitter is, if the person that it is intended for is not spiritual enough to hear it, it is just lost.


So I have heard several telepathic communications over the years, and most of them have been ungodly. Two of them were from my pastor. OK. It was from Pastor Holthaus, actually, when I had promised to do -- I had a secular job at the time and I had promised to do some word processing work for him. I do not know what happened, whether I -- it was a very long time. I am not sure what happened, but it was a very long time. And he chose, instead of calling me up and asking me about it, because I guess he did not want to pressure me, he was praying about it, and I heard his communication. See? And I went and talked to him about it. So -- but the question is, was that the Spirit of God or a Spirit of divination? I do not know which one it was.


Then another time after I left his church and he was very angry at me, he sent me a letter, and I picked up the letter from the mailbox and I heard his very angry voice, “Come back.” You know, now that definitely was not God. Now I also -- I have heard other communications. The only one that might have been God was Pastor Holthaus praying about my not delivering what I had promised to deliver. It might have been God. I am not sure. But I can see, if the day comes that Christ matures in us enough to speak to another person, then there might be communication between positive spiritual entities.


Now when I was in Nigeria, my first trip to Nigeria, when the Lord had me to look up someone who I had met over the internet and then there was a communication between the group of believers that he connected me to and the lady whose house I was staying in, Eudora [SP], there was no -- no one had any telephones. I think this was before the cellphone. Anyway, he did not have a telephone. If there was cellphones at that time, [?Coyote [SP]?] did not have a cellphone. And they were invited -- he was invited. I do not know if the whole group was invited. He was supposed to be coming to the house that I was staying it. It was something like that, and it was a big deal. It probably still is a big deal in Nigeria to travel if you do not have your own car. And these were p- -- they were -- these were students. They did not have any money. They did not have any cars. So they were going to be making a big trip to get to Eudora [SP]’s house to see me, and I felt very bad because I was not my own person there. I was under the protection of an evangelist and I had to do whatever he told me. He told me we were going to a different church and the plans were changed, I had to go. So I felt very bad that I could not get in touch with [?Coyote [SP]?], and I asked the Lord to please tell him not to come on that night because I would not be there.


Now I asked the Lord to do it, OK, and the next thing I know -- I am sorry that I do not remember these stories exactly right, but this is close enough. If you were there and you know about it, I may not have it exactly right. That Eudora [SP]’s son was graduating law school or she had a big party at her house for one of her kids. And I came back to the house with the evangelist that was hosting me, and there was [?Coyote [SP]?]. And he greeted me at the door and his mouth was full of cake, and he says, “Sister Sheila, I do not know why I am here.” And I had asked the Lord to bring him on that day. He said, “I do not know why I am here. I know you told me to come tomorrow.” But let me -- so the Lord got him there, but it was not my ability to communicate with the Lord to tell him to come. But that is exactly how he greeted me. “I am sorry. I do not know what I am doing here. I hope I did not do something wrong by coming.” That is what he was saying to me.


So I could see in the future, when Christ becomes strong enough, that there would be a godly communication. But right now my experience is it is only the loudest voices that I hear, and they are usually -- usually, they are ungodly voices. Usually. If they are not ungodly voices, they are someone crying out for help. If it is a godly voice, it is coming out of pain, crying out to God, “Help me.” OK.


So where were we up to here? We are talking about the seven lands of the work of creation. “They are in the belly of the earth, and in the belly of the earth are the seven lands. As far as the seven lands of the work of creation are concerned, we would be amazed and almost agree with the astronomers who say that it refers to the climates. But we merited” -- that meaning God granted us favor -- “to find many discourses in Rashbi” -- that is the writer of the Zohar -- “refuting this view, saying it is not true, showing that there are seven lands inside of the earth.”


Now the question is not, “What is there?” Is it talking about the planet earth? Or who else is the earth besides the planet? Who is the earth?


We are.


We are the earth. So I do not think he means seven lands within the planet earth, although who knows? But I think he means seven lands, or seven layers or degrees of consciousness, inside of us. They are living inside of us. And as long as we are fallen, they are evil, and the only good is that which is coming from the Lord Jesus and his world to whatever degree he is communicating with us. And to communicate with us, he has to pierce through all these other layers. That is why nobody is hearing him out there except a few of us. OK.


“Rabbi Yehuda opened with the verse, and God said, ‘Let it be a firmament in the midst of the waters. Come and see.’“ And that is Genesis 1:6, brethren. “‘Come and see.’ When the Holy One” -- that is Ancient Adam. He is the creator, Ancient Adam, the ancient one. “When the Holy One created the world, he created seven firmaments above, seven lands below, seven seas, seven rivers, seven days, seven weeks, seven years, seven times 7000 years of the world. Over all is the Holy One who sustains all. Ancient Adam is the highest and sustains everything. There are seven heavens above, and all is one. Each one of them are stars and constellations that serve each one of them, and they all have chariots” -- those are vessels now -- “one on top of the other, ready to take upon themselves the yoke of the kingdom of heaven.” Do you know what that means? A yoke, meaning that they are willing to be the vessel through which the aspect of God reveals himself through. You have to come under the yoke. You have to come under obedience. I am under the yoke. The day will come that I will be completely, 100 percent under the yoke. That means incapable of disobedience. And it is a burden to come under the yoke of the kingdom of heaven. It is not easy. You become the spokesperson for God. You have a lot of enemies. Some of them know they are your enemies, and some do not know that they are your enemies. When you become the vessel that carries God, you become a target, and you have to believe that he will sustain you, but that does not change the fact that you become a target.


So what he is saying here is that God is in every one of these worlds, and that he has vessels in every one of these worlds likened to us that are willing to give up our own will to be a vessel that God manifests himself through on all of the seven levels. And he says each one of these lands has their own stars. Is that what he says here? “And their own stars and their own constellations.” So maybe the reason our universe, you know, is so off center because our galaxy and our planet is in a corner and not in the center of the universe, maybe it is because this visible universe is a reflection of the fallen world. But God is not talking about the fallen world. He is talking about the reality. He is the center, wherever he is, but he is not here right now. He is here, but he is not here. You might say that his energy is giving intelligence or is giving consciousness to the whole earth, but his person is not here. We are waiting for his person, covered in the garment of the Lord Jesus Christ appears through into this world, and sit down on the throne of mankind and rule completely. So his influence is here, because he touches everything, but his consciousness is not ruling here. This is a criminal world.


So he is saying that every one of these heavens -- there are seven of them -- each one of them has stars and constellations. And you know, I saw the stars once. I told you a long time ago when I used to -- when my desk used to be in the office, in the main office where Susan is now, it was one of those nights that I was working really late doing translations. And as I walked from the office across this room to get to the kitchen, I saw a vision of a heaven, and there were stars, and each one of those stars had a human face in them. And they were -- none of them were happy. They were in agony. And I got -- I received the understanding that they were all watching me. They were watching me, hoping, hoping that eventually the savior would appear through the work that I was doing. They knew that I was doing work that had to do with the appearance of the savior, and they were watching me, hoping for the appearance of the deliverer.


So all of creation is in bondage. I believe the Scripture says, “All of creation is in bondage.” I think that is in the New Testament. I think Paul says that in Romans. All of creation is in bondage, and waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God to break the bondages on creation. So they were all watching me, and they had no bodies; they were just heads. And they looked -- I could see they were stars in the heavenlies. And I waited to see it again. I never saw it a second time, and I always wondered what that was about. This is the most understanding I have ever had, that I -- for some reason, I guess I had been really deep in the Spirit, but for some reason, I was allowed to see this other land or this other heaven and that the stars in the heaven had human faces and they were all suffering. So they could see me, but I could not see them, except for some reason God let me see them for just a flash of a moment. But they are with us right now. They are listening to everything that is being preached here, hoping and praying for the day that the Lord Jesus Christ makes his full appearance here with the power that would go with that.


So there are seven heavens above, and all is one. They are really one heaven, but they are divided into seven for God’s purposes of dealing with a finite creation. And they all have chariots, one on top of the other, ready to take upon themselves the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, ready to pay the price to have God revealed through them. In all the firmaments, there are chariots.” Now the firmaments of the earth -- now we just talked about the heavens, the seven heavens. Now we are talking about the firmaments of the earth. “In all the firmaments, there are chariots” -- that is, beings that will take on the yoke of heaven -- “and servants differing from one another.” Now I am not going to go into the teaching now, but you may recall that there is a difference between a Son and a servant. And we find that in the New Testament and there has been a lot of teaching on it, but I do not think I am going to go through it today unless the Lord changes my mind. You know, sometimes, I do not know whether you notice it or not, I say, “I am not going to talk about that now,” and then I proceed to talk about it because the Lord disagrees with me. But the difference between -- there is a difference between Sons and servants, so now we have a clue that a chariot -- to be a chariot that takes on the yoke of heaven, you are a Son. That is what it means. OK.


“Some have” -- now he is talking about chariots and servants differing from one another. “Some have six wings.” And you know, if you read Ezekiel and you read about the angels that appear in Ezekiel, they have six wings. “Some have four wings; some have four faces.” We do read about the four-faced man in Ezekiel. “Some have two faces; others have one face. Some are of fire; some of water.” Now that is not talking about the fire in your kitchen stove. Fire is this particular grade of spiritual energy that is associated with whom?




With Binah, yes.  And water is a particular grade of spiritual energy associated with whom? Anybody?


Chochmah? The Spirit?


Chochmah. Chochmah, yes. The father, yes. Wisdom. And some of air. “Some are made of air. As it is said, he makes the wind his messengers, the flames of fire his ministers.” And that is Psalms 104:4. “The firmaments envelop one another like the skins of an onion.” OK, that is what we are talking about today. “One on top, and one below.” OK, now let us do that. What is top and below? OK. The firmaments, this is the top one, and the one below is the one in the center. It is not -- I just said top over here so you can get your drawing right side up, OK? But as far as the firmaments go, the one on the bottom is the one -- well, maybe I got it backwards. Maybe the one on the bottom is the outermost one. But it is not a top and bottom of the page, OK? It is the outermost or the innermost, and I guess the innermost is the top. My carnal mind just got that backwards.


“And the firmaments envelop one another like the skins of an onion, one on top and one below. And every firmament trembles with the fear of its master by whose command it moves or stops.” And that is what we read about in Ezekiel 1 with the angels. They only moved when they were commanded to move and they stopped when they were commanded to stop.


So we need to learn to come into submission. And, brethren, maybe you will not like to hear this, but it is what the Lord wants me to say to you: that before any of us have the hope of being sensitive enough to move when God says move and stop when God says stop, we need to be able to obey the rules in a meeting like this. OK, and I am not picking on anybody, brethren. I am just trying to tell you what he is talking about. You need to answer the question. You cannot say whatever you want to say. OK, you need to come under the yoke of the kingdom of heaven that is appearing in this meeting, because it is not me. I am under the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, and I am telling you what he is telling me. See? And then sometimes you will want to do something different and I do not want to tell you no, and then I am the one that is in trouble. See? So you need to understand the question and then answer the question, you know, and you need to keep your mind focused on what God is doing here and not bring another subject in unless you are 100 percent sure that it is God, which is not likely at the stage of development that we are at, in my opinion. OK? But if it should happen that way, God would witness to me that it was him, or he would tell me before you even said it. See? But before he gives you that ability to bring in another subject or to change the course of the flow, before you have that privilege, OK, you need to be in submission. That is one of the blessings that you get after you learn to be in submission, see? OK?


OK, we are doing real good here. “Over all, over all of them, the heavens and the earth, over all is the Holy One.” That is Ancient Adam. We used to call him Adam Kadmon, Kadmon meaning primordial. But we are now saying Ancient Adam because that word, Kadmon, was confusing some people. So this is the ancient one, the Ancient of Days that we read about in the Book of Daniel. The ancient one, he is the first A- -- he is the Adam that received the commandment to go forth and multiply and fill the earth, and he is bringing forth the creation.


“The Holy One who sustains all in his power and might. Similarly, there are seven earths below that are populated. There are seven earths below that are populated, but some are above and others are below. The land of Israel is the highest of all, and Jerusalem is the highest point of the inhabited world.” Now that is what the esoteric wisdom says. That is why all of the chaos that is going on is going on in Israel. I do not -- let me read the sentence again and then I will give you some more comments. “The land, all of these lands, all of these seven earths are populated, but some are above and others are below. The land of Israel is the highest of all,” that is, the innermost one of all, “and Jerusalem is the highest point of the inhabited world.” So Jerusalem is the highest point of Israel, which is the highest of all the seven earths and the innermost.


Now I did not understand that for a long time, but apparently there is spiritual power oozing out of certain areas of the physical world. We all know about -- you may know about the Bermuda Triangle. We do not hear much about it these days, but do you know anything about the Bermuda Triangle? You are too young. OK, the Bermuda Triangle is a -- does anybody know anything about the Bermuda Triangle? What about the Bermuda Triangle?


Just that they were saying the ships that sailed through it would disappear.


Disappear. Right.


Yeah, I heard about that.


Do you know what sea it is on? Is it not in the Caribbean somewhere?


Yes, I think it is.


Yes. So there is an area of the physical world -- did you want to say something?


I thought that Bermuda was, like, unless I am wrong, not by the Caribbean. Somewhere like --


I might have the wrong location.


Like, closer to between England and New York, or I do not know.


OK. OK, I could be wrong. I thought it was in the Caribbean, but I could be wrong.


What did she say?


Michelle thinks it is between England and New York, and I --


[CROSSTALK] Bermuda.


It is near the island of Bermuda, yeah.


Was I wrong?


It is just, that is a big distance between England and New York, Michelle. OK, right. It is named after the island of Bermuda, and the Bermuda is in the Caribbean, right?




Yeah, OK. So there is this area of the physical world on the sea that is off of the island of Bermuda where ships just disappear. Their radios conk out; there is an energy field there. They lose radio contact, and they just dis- -- the whole ship disappears. Not only the people, the whole ship disappears and is never heard of again. So it appears that it is some kind of a energy field that is a doorway to another dimension or another one of these worlds. So we do not know whether they are alive and well in another world or whether they died. The whole ship disappears. Not a sign, not a plank, not a piece of wood, nothing is ever found of them. They pass into another dimension.


So why was I saying that now? I forgot my purpose for saying that. That was a negative example of -- oh, yes, Jerusalem, Israel and Jerusalem. So that is the -- I -- that is the only negative exa- -- I do not have a positive example of what that means other than to tell you that there is some kind of an energy in the earth in the city of Jerusalem, which is in the nation of Israel, and in -- the city of Jerusalem that is in the nation of Israel that is in the Middle East, that there is some source of energy there that may or may not be vibrating at this moment.


Now another negative example of it, just to help you to try to get your arms around this, you can hear about it in the TV series “Charmed.” The three witches, the three sister witches, their house that they inherit from their grandmother, which was the big witch that they inherited their powers from, their house is sitting on top of a power source that is in the basement. They have this strange house, you know. It even looks weird. It is, like, a dull, ugly, pink house. And in the basement of the house is this power source, and they are warned to not let it out because -- and, brethren, I cannot tell you for sure if this is lining up with Israel, OK, but it is close. OK. It says, do not let it out because -- I think they call it the nexus, if I am not mistaken. The nexus, it ha- --


Now this is likened unto the dunamis power of Elohim. The dunamis power, the raw energy, OK, it has to be combined with the exousia, with the authori- -- with the power that is -- comes from authority. OK? Otherwise, whatever source gets a hold of the Elohim, the God power, they can use it for good or for evil, and in fact in the Scriptures sometimes Elohim is translated God with regard to evil entities. OK. Elohim, the raw power of God, needs to come under the authority of the exousia, Greek word, exousia, the Greek word for authority of righteousness. If it is not under the authority or bound under righteousness, the evil or the beast nature can lay hold of it, and that is what the war is all about right now in the Spirit. Who is going to lay hold of the source of power? And, brethren, to a large degree, we are the source of power because of being channels, OK, being channels, being the chariots in which the beast power can manifest itself and establish itself in the earth. We are a source of that power. And now that may not be an exact understanding of it, but that is the general idea. I am just trying to get you to understand general principles here. I may not always have it exactly right.


So I have no problem believing -- well, anyway, in this TV series, at one point the nexus gets out and it is actually -- it is possessed by an ungodly sou- -- an ungodly power source, and it is a disaster. Evil is loosed in the world, and it has to be forced back down under, you know? So the principle in the TV series is that the righteous witches, the house of the righteous witches are sitting on top of the nexus, keeping it under control Of course, but I did not see any -- I do not recall any episode showing how it was used for good.


OK, so I have no problem believing that Jerusalem is a physical place in this world where it is possible that it is a doorway to another dimension. And of course the Muslims have their Dome of the Rock built over the place where Solomon’s temple was. I do not know whether the Dome of the Rock will have to be -- when God decides to activate that location, I do not know whether power is going to rise up into the city or whether a door to another dimension will open. I honestly do not know. No, I honestly do not know. But I do know that we are the spiritual city of Jerusalem, and that when Jesus returns he is coming to the spiritual Jerusalem. How that will affect the physical Jerusalem, I am not sure, but there has to be a reflection in the physical Jerusalem of what is going to be happening in the Spirit.


You know, and when he comes to Jerusalem, he is coming to renew Jerusalem. He is coming to marry the bride in us, which is the regenerate Christ, OK, who is the bride. And in that union between the bride and the bridegroom is going to be -- it is going to be a fission. It is a fission of powers, whereas -- it is not going to be a fission. I am sorry. It is going to be a union, a fusion of powers that is going to affect the whole of the individual that it is happening in. And it is going to translate our physical -- every aspect of our earth, of our physical earth, and change us forever. And it has to be revealed in Jerusalem in the Middle East, but I am not sure how it -- I do not even want to begin to guess how it will be revealed in the Middle East. No, I do not know. But I believe that there will -- something will be happening over there.


But the Jews think that it is initiating over there. It is going to initiate over there, that whatever it is that is going to happen, there will be some demonstration of power. Not just -- there will be some manifestation of power over there. The Jews, the Kabbalists, believe that it is going to originate in Jerusalem, in the Middle East, that something will happen in Jerusalem in the Middle East that will result in a great source of power regenerating the authority of ancient Israel. Something like that. I am saying to you, no, it is going to initiate in the individual human being when the Lord Jesus Christ marries the regenerated Christ in you. OK? You and me and all of us together, we will be the new Jerusalem.


And what happens in the individual where nobody is looking? Everybody is looking over in the Middle East. It is going to quietly happen in a handful of people that are really nothing in this world, that nobody knows anything about us. Our own families do not believe that we have anything to do with it. They all think we are nuts, but certainly nothing is special in God. Where nobody is looking, God is fooling everybody, see? He is going to be doing it in a handful of nobodies over here. And wherever you are a part of it, wherever you are. Over here is wherever God is, brethren. OK, over here is wherever God is, under the cover of his Spirit. And when it happens here, when that fusion happens, when that marriage takes place and the energy that is released from the fusion is released, there will be some corresponding event over in the Middle East. OK. But I do not know what it will be, and the main point of what I am trying to tell you, in opposition to what the Kabbalists are saying, is that this event, which is going to change the whole world forever, OK, is not going to begin or be initiated in the Middle East. It is going to happen in the people, and it will be revealed in a public way in the Middle East. And it may not even be immediately revealed. I do not know. We will see.


So where are we? “So the land of Israel is the highest of all, and Jerusalem is the highest point of the inhabited world. Our colleagues dwelling in the south have seen in the books of the ancients and the Book of -- and in the Book of Adam that each earth stands below, like the firmaments, one on top of the other.” OK, this is what it means. One on top of the other like the skins of an onion, like the layers of skin in an onion. “Between each earth is a firmament that divides them, and so they all have separate names.” OK, now between each earth is a firmament, so that means that what is in between the lines is the earth and the firmament is the border, see? You know, it is one massive earth. If there were no firmaments, you would not be able to give separate names to the earth. And what I did not read was, “One is Eden, and one is Gehenna.” In the earth, heaven and hell in the earth. OK, so the one mass of earth is divided up by all these borders called firmament, and they are given separate names. If they -- if there were no firmaments, they would not be able to have a separate name. It would be just earth.


“So they all have separate names. Among them in the Garden of Eden and Gehenna.” You see, I still do not have all the answers, but especially when I read something like that I believe that it is a state of mind, that this, what I am showing you here, is in the mind. It is in the mind. There are people that are in heaven, OK, and the only true heaven is closeness to God, that you have the Son. OK? And there are people that are in Gehenna, which is hell. Right here in this same visible world, they could be standing right next to each other. There are seven different degrees of the state of mind, major degrees of spiritual consciousness that you could be in.


Now remember, when the Lord called me, I was dying. And when you are dying -- well, I do not know if I want to say that. I was dying. I know I was a very negative person and that my negativity was associated with me dying. And the Lord saved my life and he brought me to a deliverance church. And in the early years when I was getting a lot of deliverance, I had a dream that I never forgot. I forget a lot of dreams, but some of them I never forget. And in this dream, I saw a big pit, and they were j- -- and I knew I was in the pit, see? And all you could see were my two hands. My hands had come up out of the pit and were, like, lying on top of the ground as if you would try to boost yourself out, but you could not see me. You could not even see my head, just my two hands, hands typifying the mind. So the Lord was raising me up out of that pit by renewing my mind. “Be he renewed in the Spirit of your mind,” Paul said. See? And then off in the distance was a major highway, and the cars were whizzing back and forth. And I was literally raised up into another world, you know, having my mind renewed through deliverance ministry. And I think I even went beyond that world. I am in an even different world now with Kabbalah.


I have gone from -- I have passed through several worlds from the time that the Lord called me. I was -- like you are, I was a very carnal person. And right now I am in a world -- I do not know that there are many people up here, brethren. I do not know. I got one foot -- I have one foot with the Kabbalists, but they do not want anything to do with me, you know, because I do not -- I am a -- I do not keep the law and I am a woman. You know. And I am really not in the church anymore. I do not know who I am. I am some kind of hybrid here. And I thank God for all of you that I have someone to preach to, because I do not fit anywhere. If I go into the church, I have to hide who I am. When I go -- as you know, I am taking a course in the synagogue, and the rabbi is really -- and his wife, they have really embraced me. As long as I -- when I -- from the day that I told them that I do not believe Jesus is God, they have had more of a peace about me, and they accept me knowing that I believe Jesus is Messiah. They do not try and change me. They accept me for the person that I am, and I am a positive influence in their synagogue when I go to take those courses, but I do not really belong.


I was there on Friday night. I was invited for S- -- they say Shavis dinner. That is Sabbath dinner, Friday night. I was there, and they always have a lot of company. There was a woman there. It was a female, and she was very spiritual. This was the first time I -- this is the first really spiritual -- well, the rabbi is pretty spiritual. She was mystical. This woman was mystical. And this was her testimony: She was born in Guyana, Guyana, South America, and she came here when she was 10 years old. She said that they were living in very primitive lands, no electricity, no running water, and her mother -- I think her father too, they came here when they were -- when she was 10, and she became an athlete. First of all, her mother who could not even read or write, became a nurse, which is -- she got a job working in housekeeping in Stony Brook and worked her way up to the nursing program and became a nurse, which is incredible. And then this woman wound up going to college and became a dietician. When she was younger, she was an athlete, and she used to run, do a lot of long-distance running, I guess. And she said -- I have to make this fast or we will never get out of here today -- that they had no religion, they were brought up with no religion, just they were taught to do good. You know, do not murder, do not steal, honor your parents. But they were not brought up -- and they knew that God was everywhere, but they had no religion. And they did not eat pork, OK, and they pretty much were following what could be identified as -- you are not sleeping on me, Mary, are you? Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Come here. That, if you listen to what she had to say, they were really following a lot of the Jewish ways, but they had no religion. They did not know anything about being Jewish.


And then one day, she was doing this long-distance running and she ran past a synagogue. And there was a man outside with the black hat, because Jews will not turn the light on or the air conditioner on, on a Saturday, and it had gotten very hot and nobody would turn on the air conditioning. So they waited outside for a non-Jewish person to ask them to turn the thermostat up for them. So she said OK. She walked inside and turned the thermostat up for them. And from that day, her whole life changed, and she started talking to Orthodox men in the school in Stony Brook. I think she was working already. I do not know whether she was a student or working there. And this is what she said Friday night. And so, “Wow, I found other people like me. I did not know there were other people like me.” And she converted to Orthodox Judaism. She is now married to an Orthodox man who came in with his black hat and his black coat and everything, and she was just pouring out, exuding mysticism in that Friday night dinner.


And I came home saying, “Lord, how was it determined that she went to the Jews and not to Christianity?” And I think the answer is that, at this point, for some people anyway, depending on who they are, that there is more corruption in the Christian church than in Judaism today. If you get into the Judaism, that they are pretty straight. These [?Kabat?], these black hat Jews. Aside from the fact that they were all into ritual of keeping the law, which I -- there is just no way I would even want to do that, let alone could do it. They are really seeking God. You should have heard. The testimony was spiritual. For the first time, the testimony was spiritual Friday night. And that there is more corruption in the Christian church. In other words, God felt -- God must have felt she would be safer with the Jews than with the Christians until the time came. There is not a doubt in my mind that this woman is going to move into Christ at the right moment. I do not know when her moment is.


When she met -- when she married this man, he had been commuting from Brooklyn to Stony Brook University which is, like, 20 minutes from my house. He is a psychiatrist. She married a psychiatrist. And when they got married, she was -- she is from out here. She moved into Brooklyn, which is, like, a main hub of this Orthodox Judaism, and she has been living there with him. And the reason that they were in the rabbi’s house Friday night was that she has been feeling very strongly that she wants to come back out here. And in her mind, that is because she wants the open spaces, but something is drawing her out here. And it would not surprise me, from what I saw of the couple, that her husband would do anything he could to please her. There is a good chance that they will be moving out here, or at least have some part-time house out here or something. And I could not help but wonder if what is drawing her out here is the Spirit.


Brethren, when we -- when I am preaching, actually, it is like we preach. OK. It is like a man and a woman having a baby. You know, if they have a baby, it is not just the woman having the baby. The couple has the baby. We preach. You are all here. I am the one who is doing it verbally, but we preach out here. I wonder, this woman was so spiri- -- I went home Friday night. I said, “Lord, what is it?” And she was blessing the rabbi. I mean, she was doing what a man would usually do in that discipline but yet she was not out of order. I am telling you, it was just po- -- the spirit was just pouring out of her. I said, “Lord, what is that all about?” And I am wondering, is there any chance that she is called to the new move of God, which would make her someone special, someone that would be, like, on the parallel of the Magi that realized that Jesus was born and came looking for him? What is it that is drawing her out here? Could it possibly be what is pouring out here? The Spirit that is pouring out of us, that is pulsating out of us? Could that be what is drawing her out here? It is just a question, brethren, so we will see. And -- but when I analyzed the whole thing before God and I said, well, the truth of the matter is that she did all the talking, and there was absolutely no opportunity for me in any way to reveal anything that I have. She was doing all the talking. It was OK with me, you know, but maybe that was just how -- maybe the first step was for her to be revealed to me. So is that not interesting?




Very unusual person. OK, let us see what else we are going to finish up with here. OK.


“The creature, so we said that they have separate names, and one of them is the Garden of Eden and Gehenna. The creatures in them are also different. The creatures in them are all so different. Each of these seven lands have creatures in them. They are different, corresponding to those of the chariots above.” So each of these lands has a corresponding heaven above. “Some have two faces; some have four faces. Others have one face, and their aspects also differ. And if you object that all men came from Adam and that he did not go down to all those lands to procreate” -- this is what I preached under the anointing a couple of messages ago, or the past message -- “the truth is that Adam was only found in the higher world called earth, as it said, yet he had not made the earth.” And that is Proverbs 8:26. If you choose to look up that Proverbs 8:26, it is not going to say earth. It is -- I do not know how the Hebrew works, but when I looked it up in the interlinear text, it says, “the dust of the world,” at least the English trans- -- the King James translation is “the dust of the world,” but he says here the earth, because the Hebrew word for earth is aretz, and this world is not aretz. It is tebel. So the English translation is “dust of the world.”


“And if you object that all men came from Adam and that he did not go down to all those lands to procreate, the truth is that Adam was only found in the higher world called earth” -- or the dust of the world, in English -- “as it said, yet he had not made the earth,” or the dust of the world. “This world is united to the upper firmament and to the higher name, as it is said,” the higher name being the Son of God. “This earth is united to the upper firmament and to the higher name, as it is said, for he comes to judge the earth with righteousness.” Psalm 19:9. “Surely, with righteousness, and this is why man is superior to all creatures. This is why man is superior to all creatures.” Now you may know it, brethren, that there is a movement or movements in the earth right now trying to say that the animals are equal to man. Does anybody here know that? There are actually organizations out there rebuking mankind, saying, “Animals are equal to you. Who do you think you are?”


“And this is why man is superior to all creatures.” And then he says, “Why so? Just as above, there is a highest firmament, which is the throne of the Holy One.” That is the Ancient of Days. That is Ancient Adam. “As it is said, the likeness of a throne, in appearance as a sapphire stone, and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above it.” Ezekiel 1:26. “So too, below on this earth” -- tebel, that is world, that is the world -- “there is a king. And the king of this world is man, who rules over all, which is not the case with the lands below. But where do the men below come from?” They were -- so the man on this earth does not rule over the men below yet. He is supposed to when the creation is completed.


“So where do the men below come from? They were produced from the moisture of the earth with the help of heaven.” And that is what came out under the anointing either in the past Thursday or the past Sunday. It just recently came out. And the moisture of the earth being the fire water that came from Binah that spread through the whole earth. She is the river that propelled the sea, Tevunah, of her daughter into the earth, and the fire water spread through the whole earth, but Tevunah just in one place, the dust. The intelligence is just in the dust. “So they were produced from the moisture of the earth with the help of heaven, which brings forth creatures of various kinds, some with skins, some with shells like the worms from the soil. Some have red or black shells; some have white ones, and others of all colors. So much for these creatures that live no more than 10 years.” Now that is what he says, no more than 10 years. I really think that is a round number that simply means that they are finite, that they -- I mean, 10 years by the standards of which world? I really think it just means that they die eventually, which is true of us. We die eventually.


“In the Book of Rav Emunah, the elder, it is further explained that all the inhabited world is a circular ball, and so some are above and some are below. All creatures differ according to the climate in every place, where they live as long as other men.” See, the whole is a square, but each world is as a ball, so that is -- I have to stop soon. Each world is a ball. It is talking about the circular Sefirot within the linear Sefirot. OK, this is the liner Sefirot. It is square. The circular Sefirot are a ball.


“All creatures differ according to changes of climate in every place, where they live as long as other men. There is a part of the world where it is light when another part is dark, so that some have night while others have day. Also, there is a place where it is always day and where there is no night, except for a short time. All that is found in the books of the ancients and the Book of Adam is accurate. As it says, ‘I will praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works.’ Psalm 139:14. And it was further written, ‘O Eternal, how manifold are your works.’ Psalm 104:24. This mystery has been entrusted to the masters of esoteric wisdom, but is not known to those who draw maps” -- that means the people of carnal knowledge -- “for it is a profound secret of the Torah.” That is the first five Books of Moses. “Similarly, the sea is full of different creatures, as it is said, ‘So is this great and wide sea. There go the ships.’ Psalm 104:25-26.”


“Everything is connected and everything is formed on the upper model.” Everything that we see down here is formed after what is in the heavens. “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Be sure you build the tabernacle as you saw it up in heaven.’ And in all the worlds, there is no other ruler than man and the Holy One above him.” Man, mankind, and the Holy One, Ancient of Days, above him. There is no other ruler. The beast is not a ruler. The inhabitants of these other worlds are not legal rulers. If you are speaking in the minds to God’s children who are very young, you are engaging in criminal behavior and you will be stopped in due season.


“Rabbi Nehorai, the elder, once voyaged on the sea. The ship was wrecked in a storm and all in it were drowned except for him. He, by some miracle, went down to the bottom of the sea and found there an inhabited land with small people who were praying, but he could not understand what they were saying. By another miracle, he came up again. He then declared, ‘Happy are the righteous who study the Torah and know the most concealed mysteries.’“


Now I will just say briefly here, I do not know what happened to him. Did he get unconscious? Was he floating in the sea and he got unconscious and he had a spiritual experience and he saw this other realm of consciousness where other people were praying? Or did he actually physically appear in another world? I could be wrong, but my guess is he came into some form of unconsciousness and, because the Lord intended to save his life, he rose to another level of consciousness where he somehow came in contact with a group of, I would say in this case, Jews or Christians. I do not know, people who were praying to the God of the Bible. And their prayers, unbeknownst to them, saved his life.


Now if you are a Christian, you have heard testimonies like that over the years. Someone has woken up in the middle of the night to pray for somebody. They do not know what is going on, and the person is saved. So some believers that were praying to the one true God, to the God of the Bible, whether they Christian or Jews, only God knows. The ones who were praying in the Spirit of God, the Lord laid hold of that power that was coming forth from their prayers to save this rabbi. And the way -- the point of connection between the prayers and the drowning rabbi was that his consciousness was raised up to another realm and he saw them praying, and he did not understand what they were saying. Well, maybe they were just speaking another language, you know? Or maybe he actually went to another world and saw them. I do not know. But at the moment, that is my understanding, what I just explained to you.


“So the ship was wrecked in the storm and all in it were drowned except for him. He, by some miracle, went down to the bottom of the sea and found there an inhabited land with small people who were praying, but he could not understand what they were saying.” So you can believe that is a parable and there was a spiritual connection that saved his life, or you can believe that he actually went to the bottom of the physical sea which, brethren, my understanding is that there is so much pressure down there it would have blown his body apart if he went down to the bottom. He could not have gone down to the bottom of the physical sea. He went down to the bottom of the spiritual sea, you know? OK. So, everybody OK with that?


“By another miracle, he came up again. He then declared, ‘Happy are the righteous who study the Torah and know the most concealed mysteries. Woe to those who disagree with them and do not believe,’“ do not believe that there are inhabitants, that there are other lands and that these other lands are inhabited. Now this is really important, brethren. This is really the high point of today’s message. “‘Woe to those who disagree with them and do not believe.’ From that day on, when he came to the house of study, he cried when he heard the words of the Torah.” This is the rabbi whose life was saved. Every day after that, when he came to the house of study, he cried when he heard the words of the Scripture. “And they asked him, ‘Why do you cry?’ He answered, ‘I did not believe the words.’“ Before he had this experience, he did not believe the words of the sagest.


And now this is the religious Spirit on this book. I do not want anyone getting hysterical over this, brethren. This is what the book says. “‘I did not believe the words of the sagest, and now I am afraid of the judgement in the next world for not believing.’“ I do not get any witness to that at all, but I am not going to not read the sentence here. First of all, the judgement is not in the next world. The judgement is right here, OK? I believe, as soon as we believe, and if there was any judgement, it would be because he did not believe. Now that he believes, he should be OK. So I do not understand that, but I do not want anyone calling me up and telling me that they are afraid of going to hell now. OK. Get a grip on yourself, everybody. OK.


This is almost finished. I am going to just wrap this up here. I think it is almost finished. “We know that these words are difficult for the human mind and frighten the heart of the thinker. It is not suited for the believer to doubt them” -- doubt that there are other lands with other creatures, other kinds of beings -- “for the Zohar did not bring in vain the story of Rabbi Nehorai, one of the great scholars in Israel. As we see from the Midrash” -- that is the exposition on the Scripture -- “and the Talmud” -- these are commentaries -- “we can say that he is Rabbi Meir who was nicknamed Rabbi Nehorai, or we could say that -- we can also say that he was someone else, as it appears from the story, for he lived before the writer of the Zohar or in his time and was renowned in his day.”


So this happened to a famous rabbi. He is no fool. And we are being told that we really need to believe that there are other worlds and inhabitants of the other worlds, and I am telling you they are in your mind. And you -- we all better get our act together and realize that every thought that we hear is not from God. That is the main point of the message today. We are all increasing in spirituality and we are rising, and we are rising right into the astral plane where all the evil entities are. So you better get your act together and know everything that he -- and no matter how right it might sound to you, may not be God. You need to ask him, OK?


There was something else I wanted to say and it went right out of my mind. It may not be God, and even if it is God, that does not mean you have to speak it out. You need to really start talking to God and find out who is talking to you, and if you are hearing from God, what he wants you to do with it, and stop assuming that you are on the floor of a Pentecostal church and you are supposed to speak it out. OK. Grow up time, everybody. Grow up. Your life is in danger. Grow up. Your spiritual life is in danger. And what, why is it? It is in danger. If you think every word that you hear is God, you are in trouble.


“So it is proven from Midrash Ruth and Sefer HaYashar” -- those are two books -- “with all his piety and wisdom, this great rabbi doubted.” He doubted and was punished by the wreckage of the boat. So that is what I have just told you. He was punished while he was not believing. Now he is believing, so I do not know why he is afraid of the judgement of the world to come. In our case, hopefully, the punishment is just a rebuke from me. Hopefully, that is all. That is the worst that it is going to be.


“So with all his piety and wisdom, he doubted and was punished by the wreckage of the boat, but saw some of it himself. Therefore, let those who remain take it to heart and not rebel anymore.” If you are not believing it, you are rebelling it. If you are believing everything you hear from God, it is a form of rebellion against this truth. If you think that everything you hear from God is for others and not for yourself, you are rebelling against this truth.


“It appears from the story itself that no one was familiar with this matter, and this shows from the fact that they had to bring proofs from the books of Adam and Rabbi Yehuda. Thus it appears that they did not believe it, and this should be clear to the reader. However, all of this is compelling by itself and from the side of true esoteric wisdom, and no one should doubt it. Even if a thinker has any doubt whatsoever as it happens to us” -- it happens to us that we doubt, and you have to rebuke it -- “he should disregard it.” OK, he says here he should disregard it, but I know disregarding it is not -- if you have doubts, you should disregard it. That is not enough. You have to rebuke it. And that is what the book says. “If you have doubts, you should disregard it, for there is no answer in the meantime.” God may not answer your question right away. You need to rebuke all doubt.


“Otherwise, one of the faithfullest ones may come and learn to sting from his words.” I am not sure what that means, but I am going to let that go because we have to stop. “Therefore, we hope that the mercy of the almighty helps us to truly understand this information without mistaking. For the moment, we can only believe what this story tells us. For the moment, we can only believe what this story tells us and hold on to our faith.” So if you are suffering from unbelief, you need to disregard it and rebuke it, but choose -- it is what I teach you. Choose to believe it until God actually appears to you and confirms it to you or tells you that it is wrong. But if you are not directly hearing from God, choose to believe it. What have you got to lose? You have a lot to lose if you do not believe it. If you do not believe it, you are in danger of cohabitating with the serpent.


“We can only hope that the almighty will enlighten us, but in the meantime we will not explain this text at all. Whatever may be, it appears from this story that there are seven lands inside the earth, one inside the other, similar to the spheres,” talking about the Sefirot. “This is the way we choose, from the land until the first cause, the infinite -- this is the way we chose, from the land until the first cause, which is the infinite. Blessed be he and all the things in him. We can now understand the statement of the sages which says, ‘He is the space of the world,’ but the world is not” --


I think this is getting into another subject. I think it is. So I think we are going to call it quits for tonight because we got through the point of this message, and this will be a one-part message. I do not -- since this is the way these books run. They just run into a new topic without even changing the chapter.


So, brethren, questions or comments with regard to what you have learned here today?


When someone has a Spirit of divination, is it the same thing as having a Spirit guide? Are the two the same?


To the best of my ability, and I do not have the last word on this, I think the answer is no. I think, however, what starts out as a Spirit of divination can turn into a Spirit guide, because it starts small and it gets big. A Spirit of divination is an entity speaking to you from another one of these lands. And then when you respond to that Spirit of divination and, in so many words, strike up a relationship with it because you are deceived and you think it is God, then he starts moving closer to you, closer to your land, because his goal is to inhabit you and make you his chariot and completely express -- I should not say he. I do not know why I am saying he. I guess it is because he is male to you. And completely express himself through you and use you as a vessel for his use in this world. And then when he gets over into this side, whether he -- when he gathers up energy and gets over to this side, OK, then he becomes a Spirit guide, and at some point you become his captain. Yeah.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] a previous question from that day. How do we recognize when we are under judgement?


Well, there is different kinds of judgement. There is the destructive judgement of the sowing and reaping judgement, and the judgement of God which is putting us under his yoke, which is training us to be his expression in this world. And I think -- are you asking me how to tell the difference between the sowing and reaping judgement and the judgement that is positive, that will end in our being glorified in God? Basically speaking, anything negative happening to us is a form of judgement. We need to analyze everything that is happening to us. For example, God is not going to put you in a car accident. The sowing and -- you see, that gets confusing. Why? God is responsible for everything. The question is, it is his sowing and reaping judgement that has caused it, or is it his judgement that is training you to take on the yoke of the kingdom of God and become a Son of God? I do not believe that the training that is to be a Son of God would put you in a car accident. The car accident is the sowing and reaping judgement.


You wanted to know the difference between the sowing and reaping judgement and the judgement that will help you to take on the yoke of the kingdom of God. What is happening to you right now, Lapi [SP], as far as I know what is happening to you, is that you are constrained financially. I hope you do not mind me saying that. I do not think that is too personal, hopefully. If you object to it, I apologize. You are a highly, highly trained woman and you are not, by the standards of this world, not living up to your -- professionally not living up to -- I should not even say that. You are living up to your standards professionally. You are writing the database for LEM/CCK and that is a very high honor. But as far as the world standards go, you are not living up to your potential considering who you are and your education, and there is not a doubt in my mind that you have come under the yoke of the kingdom of God and that you are being trained and disciplined to be a chariot for the kingdom of God. There is not a doubt in my mind.


Why and how am I measuring it? Because the result or the fruit of your -- of the -- what our carnal mind considers a negative event in your life -- the carnal mind says, well, look at me. I am highly trained and I am qualified and I should have a big job somewhere and I should be making a lot of money and I should have all of the positive feedback of colleagues that respect me and work for a big company like Microsoft and all of that. That is what the carnal mind says. So according to the carnal mind, you are under some kind of destruction. But with this knowledge that you are being trained up to be -- to take on the yoke of the kingdom, it is not at all negative, but it is very positive. OK. When you look to the future of what the result is of what is happening to you, then you are under the positive judgement because you are being trained to take on the yoke of the kingdom. You are learning to have Paul’s testimony to be content with whatever you have.


And you should have your needs met. If your basic needs are not met -- you need a place to live, you need food, you need clothing. If you live in an area where you need a car, you need transportation. If you do not have that, then something is wrong. Then you are under the sowing and reaping judgement, and you need to be asking God what you are doing wrong that your basic needs are not met. But from what I understand, your basic needs are just met, that you have just enough.


And that is the beginning. I lived like that for years. I did come out on the other side. I have everything that I need today, except a bigger h- -- I do not really have a house. I live in the ministry. But as far as I am personally concerned, I have everything that I need, and there was a time in my life that I was -- it was a day of rejoicing that I gathered together $25 to buy a “Strong’s Concordance.” I remember that day. I brought that book home from the Christian bookstore and I was just looking at that book. I had gotten my “Strong’s Concordance.” So there was a time that I was in deep poverty, and it trained me. Apparently, it accomplished its goal because I am certainly not in deep poverty anymore. I just need a house, Lord. But I am comfortable if I have to live in that -- I live in my study. If I have to live there for the rest of my life, if that is what he wants, I am -- I expect to be going on to -- for the rest of this life, whatever he wants is OK. I am just telling you that it will get better when he accomplishes his goal in you.


It might help for you to ask him what his specific goals are. Maybe you could speed it up a little if you can hear from him as to what he is trying to accomplish in you by keeping you, so to speak, barefoot and pregnant. Have you heard that? Do you have that expression? Do you have that expression in Nigeria? Is there anybody here that never heard that? Yeah. You never heard of that? Barefoot and pregnant. In other words, to keep you helpless so that he is the only one that can meet your needs. That is what it means. Some men want to keep their women barefoot and pregnant so they cannot run away. That is where it came from. Yeah.


Well, Lapi [SP] says thank you, and Rita [SP] has something.


OK. You are welcome, Lapi [SP]. Yes, Rita [SP]?


In your vision, who were those stars that were the faces of something? Human beings or entities from another dimension, and I understand they were groaning in pain to be delivered.


Yeah. My understanding is they were the beings from another dimension, because when Messiah comes, all of creation, the bondages on all of creation will be broken. And now, all of creation is suffering. All of the beings in all of the lands are suffering because we are separated from the giver of life. We must be suffering, only we are suffering in a variety of degrees. Some are suffering more than others. And of course, my deliverance -- I was just talking, comparing myself to Lapi [SP]. My deliverance came because of the Spirit of life that drew closer to me.


See, well, thanks for asking me that question, Rita [SP], because I really think that the answer to it is going to continue on with Lapi [SP]. OK. This is what the Lord just told me to tell you, Lapi [SP], and I guess it is for everybody: that the Lord wants to be husband to us, and he wants us to know without a question of a doubt that everything that we have came from him. So you see, you cannot be comfortable and successful and receive honor that should be due you because of your own education or your own professional skill. So before he can convince us that everything that we have -- the same things, money, respect, honor, colleagues, everything that you des- -- that you very legitimately desire -- before he can give it to you, he first has to take everything away from you, so that when you get it, you are going to know for sure that he gave it to you. And that is a special word for you. That is what he just told me to tell you, that that is the way it works, that when he gives it to you, you are not going to for a second be able to say that your own intelligence gave it to you or that your education gave it to you or that anything that you did gave it to you. Only God will have given it to you.


So, brethren, this is who we are in this world. No matter how intelligent, educated, wealthy or beautiful we are, we need to know that everything we have is given. That we have -- even if we go to school, it does not matter. When you come under the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, he will use your skills and your talents. I believe God wants all of us to be as fully -- to express ourselves as fully as possible in every creative way, but we need to know that we can do nothing without him and that, no matter what kind of skills or talents or qualifications we have, without him giving the increase, they are worthless to us. So I hope -- I want to make sure you all hear the balance in this. Education is important, OK? Education is important. Intelligence is important. Skill is important, OK? But those are all tools. And unless God gives the increase, it is like Paul saying, “One plants and the other waters, but unless God gives the increase, there is no fruit.” When you come under the yoke of the kingdom of heaven, if you want fruit in your life, you need to know that it is the one that gives you the increase, not you who acquired the tools, that has produced the prosperity that you are desiring to have. Yeah.


Rita [SP] has a question.




Is it both the evil and good entities crying out for deliverance? And will they both be delivered, or just the good ones?


Well, Rita [SP], I do not really know that there are evil and good entities. What came out under the anointing was that the good entities is Christ in us. So all I know -- you have asked a question that I do not know the answer to. All I could tell you is what the Scripture says, that the whole creation is crying out for the manifestation of the Sons of God. OK, that is the only answer that I can give you. I do not know anything else. OK.


I do believe -- where I am right now, though, I do believe that the whole creation is evil and it will become good. OK. What will not get delivered -- and I am not saying this unequivocally. I could be wrong. This is my opinion now. What is in danger of not being delivered, I do not know that it even exists at this time, is the member of mankind, is the human being who marries the earth rather than the Lord Jesus Christ and becomes the beast. Yeah. And it is my opinion right now that the member of mankind that marries the earth and becomes a chariot that is an expression of the beast, that he will have become a new grade of negative energy and that he would have to be destroyed. The soul will go on and reincarnate, but the person, the member of mankind that was involved in the birth of that evil entity will not survive. That is my opinion at this time, for whatever it is worth. Yeah.


Rita [SP] said thank you.


You are welcome. Yes, Seeley [SP]?


Sheila, can I please have prayer before I go in tomorrow?




For my appointment. Yes.


Yes. Any other questions or comments? OK, brethren, God bless you. Unless you all want to stay on and pray with Seeley [SP]. In case you do not know it, Seeley [SP] is going for -- I do not know if she will actually have the radiation tomorrow or not, but she is going for her first appointment. Seeley [SP] has been resisting. Seeley [SP], what is the name of the gland? I can never get it straight.


Carotid gland.


Seeley [SP] has cancer in her carotid gland, and she has been resisting it for years. I think she has had --


Twenty years.


20 years she has been resisting it. She has had surgery twice and it has just grown back, and she looks like she has no choice. She has to take the -- she has been resisting radiation and chemotherapy for 20 years, but now it has gotten into her throat, and a couple of weeks ago she was in terrible pain and she could not eat. So she really has no choice. She has to go for the radiation. So I do not know whether she is going for an evaluation tomorrow or it will be her first treatment, but I think she has already had a miracle. They tested her to see if it went up to her brain, and it has not gone up to her brain. It is staying located right in that carotid gland area. And my personal prayer, if you would like to join me, is that Seeley [SP] goes into longevity.


I believe that she has a deep -- something very deep of Christ in her, and she has been laboring here faithfully since 1991. And I cannot -- I personally, I am not God, but I cannot see any reason why God would not grant her that if the -- how am I going to say this? I do not see any reason why God would not grant her to it if she survives to the point that it becomes available. OK, as far as I know, it is not available yet. I was looking in my notes earlier today, and I first prophesied about longevity in 2008. I did not even realize that I am preaching that for five years. So I pray that God keeps her alive until that time comes where longevity becomes available to human beings, and that is my prayer, that, if he is willing to do it, that he keeps her alive until the time that it becomes available, and that, when it does become available, that he grant her that grace of going into longevity.


And just to quickly remind you all what longevity is, longevity means that her body -- that something will happen to our bodies that will enable her to live until the year 6000, which is, like, another two -- approximately another 230 years. Will keep our physical bodies alike until the year 6000, at which point a new invitation will be given out by God. Right now, the invitation to mankind given through Jesus is, “Let whosoever will come,” you know, “and drink of his life-giving waters.” The salv- -- the invitation is for the salvation of the soul but not the salvation of the body at this time. The salvation of the soul, right, but not the salvation of the body. In the year 6000, a new invitation will go out, the invitation to return to the immortality of innocence that Adam had before the fall. So our hope for longevity is for something special to happen to our physical body that will keep us alive until the year 6000 where, hopefully, we would be eligible for that invitation that is going forth, to be restored to the immortality of innocence. So I guess if you would all like to stay on board while I pray for Seeley [SP], and join in the prayer, that would be nice. I think she would appreciate it.


That is -- are we still recording?




Should I cut it?


No, no. You can record it. Come on, Seeley [SP]. Everyone is going to pray for you.


I will leave this on.


Anyone that wants to lay our hands out with me. My hands are -- let us see, if you all want to gather around me. Come over here where everybody can see her. That is her. That is our Seeley [SP]. She is 91 years old. She has been kicking around doing -- she has been kicking around wearing the yoke of the kingdom of heaven for a long time, fighting some long battles. She is an old warrior. So we give you our strength, Seeley [SP].


In Jesus’ name, I curse this thing. I curse this cancer. But even more than that, Seeley [SP], I have prayed for you and prayed for you and prayed for you and I have not been able to kill this cancer. That is just the truth, right? So what we are doing up here right now is we are praying that God has great mercy on you, that he grant you this experience called longevity, that you might be around at the time that the invitation to return to the immortality of innocence is granted. And I challenge heaven right now, if there is any reason why you should not be granted this grace, that it should be revealed right now. And if nothing is said, we stand before God. I forgive all your sins. Anything that ever has happened between us, I forgive you, Seeley [SP]. I love you, and I believe in God for the best for you. In Jesus’ name, amen.


We send you off with the love and the prayer of the saints. I pray that this radiation should not weaken you. I pray for a miracle, Seeley [SP], that it should not weaken your body, that you should continue on in all of your activities and that only this cancer should dry up and die, and that your body should not be weakened but it should get stronger because of the grace of God that is upon you, that you should be an anomaly, a phenomenon, that you should live to tell the tale. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Thank the Lord. I will have that testimony all over the world.


Amen, amen.




I will get out of your way.


God bless you.


Thank you so much.


Oh, God. Help. Help, Lord.


Answer the prayer. That is pretty --


Well, what you said [INAUDIBLE] is help. Now I am saying, help, Lord.


That is the prayer.




That is the prayer.




All right. I had an anxiety attack last night, and this morning I woke up with more anxiety.






Every couple of days, I actually -- I have been having dreams that I cannot even describe to you.


Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 06/07/17


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