784 - Part 1

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Good morning brethren, we have a lot of work to do today, aside from the fact that the Lord gave me an interesting message. There is so much going on here this morning. I am going to start with a prayer.




Father, in the name of Jesus, please help me to bring forth this message with clarity, and intelligence, so that I can be understood. Please help me to avoid my brain racing faster than my mouth so that I should not stutter or jumble my words, but that what you would like to say to the brethren, that it should come forth clearly and concisely, without any question of what your message is to the brethren today, in Jesus name.


I remind everybody that only God knows who attends these meetings. We are told that souls attend these meetings; that many of the souls of the Israel of God are here. Some may know that they are here and some may not know that they are here, but many are being impacted by what is preached here, because it is actually Christ Jesus preaching through me and through the whole group.


This is a collective manifestation of Christ Jesus, Christ in all of you. If you are on the internet or joining us over the telephone, Christ in you is a part of this, a collective Christ Jesus that is preaching a creative word, a word that affects the whole Church, the Israel of God, and the world. We are impacting many people.


I am hesitating, because I was all set to start another way and I am on another stream now. So I look like this now, please just bear with me.


Which way do you want me to go Lord?


I have a whole list of things to talk to you about, before the notes of the message. The name of the message is Thrones in the World to Come.


This is what I had in mind when I gave the name of the message.


Judgment is for the people of God. This is a big mystery because the Church and the Israel of God and the national Jews are all in denial. Everybody that knows God is in denial. Maybe there are a few scattered people here and there besides this ministry that are not, but the whole Israel of God is in denial. I am not saying the whole world because I am talking about the people who read the Bible.


Judgment is for us. Judgment is for the saints of God, because he has called us saints. He has called us holy, and we are not holy, but God cannot lie, therefore we must become holy. If we agree to work with him, to have our sins revealed and be cleansed, then we will go the easy way. If we do not, he is going to do it without our permission, because God cannot lie. It is impossible that God should lie. His people have to be holy, saints of God.


The problem that a lot of people have understanding God as he speaks through his prophets or in any way that he speaks, is that what he says frequently appears contradictory to what we experience in our human nature. God cannot lie. We are saints therefore we must be holy, but we are not holy, but God cannot lie. Therefore people that do not understand are all confused.


The spiritual life is a paradox. God is a spirit. To us he is a paradox. He is not a paradox to himself. He is not a paradox to the angels. He is a paradox to the carnality of the animal nature. Down here in this world, which is the lowest of the darkest spiritual realm, he seems to be a paradox.


I use the terms up there and down here but all of the spiritual realms are one within another, within concentric circles. It is not really from high to low as our carnal mind would see it.  I have been teaching it that way for years, from high to low, the highest sephirah to the lowest sephirah, because teaching concentric circles to the carnal mind is just too confusing.


Wherefore we have permission from the Lord to teach in parables, to teach in a manner whereby principles come forth and words are said that really are not accurate, otherwise we would never understand, without that distortion.


Is God confused that he speaks in a distortion down here but he speaks clearly up there. No, he is not confused. God never changes but we down here in our mortality lack the ability to understand him, so we change the Word of God. Our understanding changes the Word of God. When we have his permission to do it, it is not sin.


We are talking about our motives. If our motive for changing the Word of God is to help the people who would otherwise not understand at all, to understand it, it is not sin. Actually, we are not really changing the Word of God, we are changing the way it sounds, the way it is expressed, the way it is understood. If our motive for change is to satisfy our ego, to make us feel good about ourselves, or to comfort ourselves in a difficult situation, it is sin.


(Talking to a disciple) I have caught you doing that twice in the last week, changing truth to a lie because you were trying to avoid pain. We would talk more about that another time if you want to. I told you on the spot but I do not know if you understood me.


God is not a contradiction.


Give me a minute, brethren. I went off in another tangent and now I do not know where I am. Let me see if I can find God in this, please.


I was telling you that this ministry has a mission. I remember years ago, my husband and I had a German shepherd dog. I had never had dogs before. We were talking about certain dogs and my husband said, yes, that is a working dog. For some reason it stuck in my mind. Some dogs just lay around the house and they are pets, you feed them but they do not earn their keep. They are not worth the money that you use to feed them because they do not do anything. But a dog can be a working dog and it is healthy to be a working dog. Dogs that are working dogs are happy dogs.


Brethren, if I offend you by what I say, you had better check your pride, because I am not here to offend anybody, and there is a very high anointing this morning.


A large part of the Church…. I am trying to say the Israel of God because it really includes Jews today… just lay around and wait for the miracles and blessing from God, they just want to receive. If all that you want is to receive, even if it is the Word of God you want to receive, that makes you a spiritual female or child.


Aside from the fact that that makes you a spiritual female or spiritual child (which is okay if you are still young, youthful), once you grow passed the stage of childhood, the Lord expects you to start taking on some adult assignments.


If you are listening to me, maybe God has not called you to an adult assignment, so do not go get upset about this. I am just trying to tell you that God’s children are not supposed to lie around the house doing nothing. They are supposed to have chores to do. This ministry has chores to do.


Many of the Churches (I do not know about the synagogues, probably the synagogues too) are just in a position of receiving, which is okay to a certain point, but if you have a 35 year old adult son who is living with you whose diapers you still have to change, there is something wrong with that picture.


We are a working ministry.


(Talking to a disciple) I just rebuked you; I want to also give you a compliment. One of your songs this morning was a witness to me that God wanted me to share something with the brethren.


I was struggling this morning. I was all set to preach this message that you have notes for, and as I was getting ready to come out here, the Lord started to give me all kinds of other thoughts - who knows if we can even get to these notes today. He gave me thoughts that I was not sure I wanted to share with you. Why would I not want to share thoughts with you? Maybe I am not satisfied yet that it is really God. Maybe I need another witness that it is God. Then XXXX sang a song that witnessed to me that it was God.


We are going to talk about the work that we do in Living Epistles Ministries. The work of God today is judgement. It is judgement. God cannot be a liar; his people must be holy, and the whole world must give him praise and honour and glory and acknowledge his greatness.


When I first came to the Lord, I heard those Scriptures that talk about giving him honour and glory. I did not deny it but I did not understand it.  I did not understand why.


Brethren, we cannot breathe without him. We cannot exist without him. We would not be here without him. If we were here because the Serpent incarnated us, we would be starving, or suffering from painful diseases or pestilence, famine, or the sword.


It came out last night as I was studying (who knows, it may even be in these notes), the 2 different kinds of judgement that are in the world today. We have national judgement and personal judgment. National judgement is when we have tornadoes, like the 80 tornadoes a few days ago; that is the judgement that is national.


It is national judgement for the sins of the nation which emanate with the government. They begin with the government, but the government is the people. The judgement is for abortion, paedophilia, gay marriage, pornography, and every crime that is being made legal by our government. Every person who in their heart agrees with it or has voted for a congress man or legislator or politician, who would vote for it in their stead, is guilty.


If you voted for a particular politician because he is going to help your pocket book and he is also for abortion, but because you need financial help you voted for him, you are guilty. God’s morality comes first. If you need the money, ask God; he is faithful. If you say that you asked him and it did not happen so you ran down to the government office, you are guilty. You have to hold on until you hear from him.


It is possible that the government office will be his answer to you. That is possible, absolutely possible, but only if you put him first and he says that that is his answer to you. Otherwise it is idolatry. But that is not today’s message. What I am talking about is judgement.


Today’s message is judgement. Cyclones, earthquakes, floods, national disasters are national judgment on the nation. If a particular geographical or geophysical area is singled out, destruction comes, and the only hope we can have if we live in that area is to hear from God beforehand and to flee, or to find out what provision he has for us. There is no mercy on individuals in an area that has been targeted for national judgement.


We see that in the case of Sodom. The angels came to remove Lot and his family. The city sate was wiped out completely. There is no deliverance while the judgment is falling. Your only hope is to flee.


That principle came to me years ago on a personal level where I was actually seduced by someone with a very high degree of witchcraft. There was no serious resultant damage but I was seduced. He overtook my mind. You may have heard this testimony before. He wanted to pit me against somebody. I was walking with him, and I literally blanked out for a couple of minutes and I found myself face to face with the person he wanted me to confront who I had refused to confront.


I sought the Lord as to how I could have avoided that. The answer was to stay away from people like that, that he never told me to try and help someone like that. That is the testimony on a personal level. On a national level, flee the wrath to come. However, you need to be close enough to God to hear that national judgment is coming.


On the day of 9/11, there were all kinds of testimonies about people who either heard from God to stay away or were just hindered from going to the area. It depends on your relationship with the Lord, he may tell you directly to stay away or if he thinks that you would not understand him and he wants to spare you, you will miss your bus or train or something like that.


National judgement does not spare anyone. You have to get out of the area.


Personal judgement, judgement that is designed to make us holy comes from God in 3 main forms that I know of at the moment. The 3 main forms are (1) pestilence, which includes disease, (2) famine, which could be physical famine or spiritual famine, and (3) the sword, which means being attacked.


The sword can be a national disaster if a foreign army invades, but even if a foreign army invades, that is not the same thing as a tornado which wipes out everything. Even if a foreign army invades, which would be the sword, God could help individuals, under that judgment. Judgment by the sword could also manifest as being mugged, or being a victim of crime.


Judgments of God upon his people are designed to make us holy. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Holiness has degrees. We would not be perfect until Christ Jesus completely suppresses our sin nature, but God considers us holy when we are walking in the degree of holiness that he decides that we are capable of at this moment.


By and large, even more than that, it is our attitude that matters. What matters is our understanding that we can do nothing without him, that we cannot have any degree of holiness or righteousness without him. The degree of holiness that we can possibly attain to now is that we are continuously on our face before God (in the spirit, I do not meant physically) acknowledging that we cannot do anything without him, and crying out to him to help us not to sin.


We need to be saying, Lord please help me to not sin. If you do not help me I know that I will sin. It is the attitude of our heart that matters. If we pray that prayer and it is genuine, then we are covered. And God is the only judge of whether it is genuine or not. If you have that degree of Christ Jesus in you, you might be able to judge it, but you cannot judge that with your carnal mind. Only God, or the God in you, is the judge of that.


When you really mean that, if you come up out of your prayer, and walk away and sin (our fallen nature is that wicked) you are covered. When you just come up out of a half hour prayer in which you were begging God to help you remain righteous especially in these evil times, you get up of your knees and you go and sin, or a wrong thought comes into your mind spontaneously that you do not have time to cast down, that is when God has mercy.


God relates to us based upon our attitude towards him. Are you in submission to the judgment? What is your reaction when sin is revealed in you? What is your reaction when sin is revealed in you by him and what is your reaction when sin is revealed in you through me?


Then there is a 2 prong reaction, what is coming out of your mouth or your demeanour towards me is one thing and what is in your heart is another thing. You cannot be saying the right things with your mouth whilst you are raging against me in your heart.


God is dealing with us on all of these levels. Those are the 2 levels of judgement, personal and national.


Judgement is upon the Church, the Israel of God and everybody that has a relationship with him. If you read the Bible regularly, you have a relationship with the God of the Bible. I do not care what you call yourself. I do not care if you call yourself a Hindu, if you are reading that Bible every day and are looking for the God of that Bible, you are his friend.


The notes for today which begin with an Alternate Translation of Revelation Chapter 13 tell us the result of a relationship with God or what comes after the initiation of a relationship with God is judgment. If you seek to make God your friend, he seeks to perfect you through judgement because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. 


Romans 3:23

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;



That is what today’s main message is about. Somehow I skipped right over the exhortation. Let me try to get back.


There has been very heavy warfare here these last couple of days. I have been really crying out to God, asking him what in the world is going on. I have not experienced anything this heavy in a long time. It looks like this is the answer to the question of what has been going on here.


I started to tell you that we have work to do here. The work is beyond getting out the message. We, not only us, the ministries which are male in Christ Jesus, we do not evangelise like the female Church evangelises. The message here is not for everybody. People can get hurt from this message, which I did not know years ago. I am just learning it in the last couple of years.


People that are not prepared for this message can be hurt by it. We are not out there knocking on doors or giving out tracts, or giving out business cards for this ministry, because this message is not to go to any one that God has not called to it, because judgement follows this message.


This message is our ability to ascend into the higher planes of consciousness, not only to wield spiritual power, but to wield creative power, the power of the tongue to create. That is where we are headed. The Church and to some degree, the Jews have been wielding supernatural healing power. As far as I know with the Jews, I doubt that it exists at all now, but it used to exist. 


Supernatural power is only usually in the high priest, not even in the priest. In the Church there is supernatural power in many of the babies in the form of gifts. They lay hands on people, people get healed, and miracles happen; people get up out of wheel chairs, deaf ears open. This may not be so much today, but there is healing power in the Church. I am talking about the female Church in general. There is healing power in the female Church.


So what is in the male Church? There is also healing power but there is creative power, the power to create the life of God in us, the power to create life. On a human level, the power to create life would be the bringing forth of children. The power to create that is in the male ministry is the power to create the manchild which produces immortality. That is the creative power in the male ministry.


I have been telling you for a long time that maybe there is someone out there who has a male ministry, but I do not know about it. I prayed for years for fellowship with people of like mind, and I have never yet found another ministry of like mind. We have disciples here, but I am talking about another ministry where the preacher would be on a level with me. I do not even know anyone preaching this message, except for the couple of fellowships that are under the cover of Living Epistles and Christ-centred Kabbalah Ministries.


Our job is more than getting this word out. Not only is it more than that, we are not supposed to be dispensing it except to those who are qualified to receive it. So what is our job? Our job is judgment. However, you have to be very careful, because if you wind up judging before the time, before you are qualified to do so, the same judgement by which you judge will fall on you.


The reasoning behind that is if you are judging out of your carnal mind and you see a sin in somebody, you only recognise it because you have the same sin. So when you call down judgement on the sin in that person it comes down on you too. When judgment comes down, it comes down on everybody that has that sin. I have seen that here in this ministry for years.


Judgement has been basically in the ministry for years. When judgment comes down for one person in particular, it touches everyone in the ministry that has the same sin. It shocked me when I first started to see it; it was amazing to me. Judgment falls like dominoes. This is because the judgment falls collectively on a household.


We are a spiritual household. The members of LEM/CCK are the members of the spiritual household. We are one soul, one Neshemah you might say, one higher intellectual spiritual soul in Christ Jesus, who is revealing himself through this ministry.


There is judgement here; there has been judgement here for a long time. Our job is judgement. For all of these years it has been judgment of ourselves, and although it really has not manifested except on a very limited level, there is a legitimate judgement of our brother. If somebody is doing something wrong and another brother sees it and their motive is right, that they want to help them, it is acceptable here to say something to them but you should include me in your judgement, because there is just not enough maturity here yet (I am talking about New York right now), except for the leaders in the other groups.


Even if there was, you should not be judging your brother unless I am privy to what is going on as a witness that everything is in Christ Jesus, and that the exposure of the sin works for the person’s good and the good of everybody concerned.


I woke up on Monday morning with an incredible move of the spirit on me. At the same time, maybe that evening, tremendous oppression came in. As I said, I was crying out to the Lord, I really would like to know what is going on. If you do not tell me there is nothing I can do about it, but I really would like to know what is going on.


The message came down this morning as I was preparing to come out for the meeting, the message with examples. I will be talking about people who are examples, but I do not want to put their names on this recording.


This is what has happened. Christ Jesus in this ministry has matured to the point that judgement is going out beyond these walls. Judgment has started to go out beyond these walls.


First of all you have to understand that judgement is from Christ Jesus. I cannot speak for God but I would be surprised if Christ Jesus has brought forth judgment through anyone else listening to me unless you are elder in one of the other groups. And if you are, you should let me know if you feel that Christ Jesus has brought judgement through you. You should really let me know and let me see if I get a witness to the spirit, for your own sake. You do not want to be out there judging before the time because then the judgement will fall on you.


As far as I know, primarily, at least here in New York, I am the only one that is manifesting judgement, especially outside of the ministry.


As far as I know the way it works (I have been doing it all of these years on a very small level) is I have to know the person. I have never really seen a judgment go forth from here if I did not know the person. The day is going to most likely come when judgement will go forth without my knowing the person.


The principle is that Christ Jesus is the one who has the authority to judge sin, Christ Jesus, not Christ. He is the only one that has authority to judge sin, and it may even be that he can only do that when he is joined to the Lord Jesus; I am not sure about that yet. He is the only one that has the authority to do it.


It is a difficult ministry here. Basically in this ministry, we only reveal sin in the people who are willing to accept it. I do not force myself on anybody. In order for you to be in the ministry, we have an agreement. You have to be willing to accept my telling you that sin just manifested in you, and you need to repent. That is one of the conditions of being in this ministry.


What has just happened is that Christ Jesus in this ministry has begun to bring judgment on people who do not agree to those terms, which results in a tremendous warfare, because whether the person understands it consciously or not, their soul feels the impact of the judgement and their soul kicks back and Christ Jesus in me (and whoever else in the ministry) is feeling the repercussions of this.


Some other people in the ministry are touched by the repercussions depending on their degree of involvement and their degree of spirituality.


So that is what has happened. I do not know when it happened in the spirit, but it started to be revealed this week, that Christ Jesus in this ministry (and that includes all groups, all of us) has become mature enough to start bringing judgment upon people basically outside of the ministry, who are not in agreement with the judgment.


I want to make sure that you understand the difference between national judgement which comes in the form of tornadoes, earthquakes and tidal waves (actually I have a testimony on that) and personal judgment.


The national judgement is tidal waves and tornadoes, and that is destruction for sin in God’s authorities, governmental sin and sin in the people who were supposed to know better who voted those people into office.


If you have done that and you are in the sound of my voice, you really need to get before God and repent. You can only repent if you are going to promise to not do it again. Do not promise me, this is between you and him. If you voted for someone because of your pocket book or any other selfish reason you need to repent.


We are supposed to vote based on God’s morality. If you voted based on any selfish reason for someone who is funding abortion or approving paedophilia or pornography which is rampant in the country today, you are subject to national judgement. You can consider yourself warned. You do not have to do anything as far as I am concerned, but you can consider yourself warned. Judgement is falling.


Then we have personal judgement for those people who acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour and who are in the process or who are hopeful of having the manchild formed in them which is the vehicle that produces immortality, the immortality of God.


This is what I have learnt in the past week. Up until now I would have told you it was Satan bringing the national judgement. I would have told you that it was the sowing and reaping judgement; there is evil in the government and therefore tornadoes are falling. But the Lord told me something else the other night.


So much has happened these last few days. Listen brethren, this has been going on for years that I notice things. We need to be observers. Spiritual people are observers; you see things that other people do not see. You recognise things; they may not make any sense to you, but we are supposed to be enquirers, always looking to learn from what we see around us.


Years ago I notice that there was a correlation between a spiritual attack on me that caused me grave anxiety, or made me sick (it does not affect everybody the same way, that is how spiritual attacks affect me) and tragic results in the world, earthquakes, floods, plane crashes. I noticed that many years ago.


At the early stages, it frightened me, because I was watching The X files, and I was wondering if it could possibly be something in me. Could it be sin in me? Is that crazy!? I cannot tell anybody, they will lock me up. Here I am walking around resisting the great hostility that is trying to reap through me, the sea that is raging inside of me that is trying to express itself through anger towards another person, or wrong speaking or wrong thinking, and I caused a plane crash? That is crazy to even think that!


But it just continued to happen, it continue to happen. I could not deny the data. I might be drawing a wrong conclusion, which I was doing; we can draw a wrong conclusion about the data. The data are the observations that you write down.


I was not some carrier or somebody that I got mad and the house burnt down, although I believe that that is real with some people. But that was not what was happening with me, and with others. So the next question is what does this mean? Let us say it is coming from God, from Christ in me, the next question is what does that mean?


I came to the conclusion that I just feel things before they happen. You may have heard that when there is a great danger in the forest, for example a forest fire is coming but it is some distance away, the animals all flee in the woods because they have a sixth sense. They have a sense that lets them know danger is coming.


I thought maybe there is just really trouble out there sometimes, and there are things happening politically and this guy is getting an atom bomb and that country is experiencing civil war and spiritual vibrations are going forth on the earth and I just feel it before it happens. There are psychics out there who would tell you that. It is on The X files; this is a joke, brethren, although it is true. I do experience a lot of the phenomena we see in The X files, but that is just a joke. I am not a worldly psychic; I am a prophet of God.


It is possible that whatever physical destruction happens in this world, an earthquake, a tornado, a plane crash, happens first in the spiritual plane. This world is just a picture; it is a reflection of what happens in the spiritual plane. When you write a database (for those of you that might know-I just learnt this recently myself), a database is all written in code. Nobody knows what that code means, but somehow (by a means that to be honest with you I do not understand yet), that code is converted into a picture. It is converted to something that comes up on my computer monitor that I can understand that says click on this button and it will do this.


What I see when I call up the ministry database is not the database. What I see is an interface; I believe it is called a graphical interface. It becomes a graphic, a picture, but that is not the database. This world is the graphical interface. Nothing originates here. The code, the programming for everything that happens in this world is written in an invisible world that we cannot see, an invisible world that this graphical interface covers.


So maybe there was some kind of an upheaval in the spiritual plane and I just felt it before the plane crash came. I believed that for a while, that that is what was going on.


This week I heard differently from God. I heard what I had actually heard before, but you can hear things but you have to put it together in your mind. Nobody wants to be a vessel of judgment, but the Scripture is clear. And an angel came out of the temple of God holding the last 7 vials of God’s judgment. Well, the angel is Christ Jesus in us. Some winged angel is not going to land here and bring judgment; he is in us, and he is us.


The process of maturation that ends in immortality is a process of synthesis of the angel in us and our humanity. The vehicles of judgment are the spiritual males in the Israel of God, not the spiritual females. If you are spiritual female you have no authority to judge other than in a circumstance such as old order deliverance or basically with people who are asking you for help. You have no authority to bring your will on anybody else.


What I saw just a few days ago, right after those 80 tornadoes… I cannot tell you how many times we have had a powerful message and judgment falls right here where I am preaching from now and the next day there is some kind of tragedy. The data cannot be denied. The only question in the minds of people (you need to hear this) is, am I a witch or is this God?


You need to know that there are people who would say that I am a witch and that you are with me. That might come to you ear someday; you need to know who I am and who you are. You need to hear from God as to who I am and whether he wants you here or not. If he does not want you here you should leave.


There is spiritual power manifesting in this ministry and it is destructive, as well as constructive. The judgment that comes forth upon the people is constructive; the judgment that comes out there is destructive. I have a conscious awareness and an active conscious participation in the judgement that comes forth for the brethren here. I have neither conscious awareness nor active conscious participation in the judgment that is bringing 80 tornadoes. I am not ready for that.


Remember, Elijah brought judgment on Israel, and famine and drought came.  I am not ready for that. I am not claiming that I have that now. I do not and I do not particularly want it. I just know that whatever is coming in the future is not up to me. The son of God dwells in me; I am his vessel. As I said in a recent message, I am his donkey. That is what we are.


The Scripture says that Jesus is coming into Jerusalem on an ass and the foal of an ass.


Zechariah 9:9

Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass.



Matthew 21:5

Tell ye the daughter of Sion, Behold, thy King cometh unto thee, meek, and sitting upon an ass, and a colt the foal of an ass.



I have to laugh; years ago when I was a disciple a fellow disciple, a young man that I have great affection for, came to me all excited and he said he had figured out how Jesus was going to come into Jerusalem on both an ass and a foal of an ass. He said that Jesus was going to sit on an ass and he is feet were going to be up on the foal of an ass and the 2 animals would walk in tandem. Lol


No, no. We are the ass. Our humanity is the ass, and the foal of the ass is the offspring of our humanity, which is Christ. He is walking into Jerusalem in a man, or in men. As soon as he is strong enough to do it, he is going to bring judgment on every evil thing because this world belongs to him, and mankind belongs to him, and he is holy and therefore this graphical interface must be holy.


It must be holy or removed, and it is not me doing it. It is Christ Jesus, the son of God, who comes with a second witness; he is God in the midst of me. Jesus said that he was not alone. That was actually Elijah speaking through Jesus, or the Christ that Elijah had brought forth in him. Elijah was the father. That was Christ speaking through Jesus. He said, I am not alone; there is a spiritual man inside of me who is my father. The spirit of Elijah raised up Christ in Jesus.


If it is a man doing it alone, then God has not sent him. This is the great mystery and the great error that is in the Church; we are just the donkey. The Israel of God is filled with pride unto his own destruction. If you do not remember who you are you will not survive.


I heard an excellent exhortation from Glenn Beck the other day, who by the way is a preacher. He does not know it but he is a preacher, and he is a prophet. Do not tell me that a Mormon cannot be a teacher or prophet, because my answer to you is that God can speak through a donkey if he wants to. Try the spirit.


He gave an excellent exhortation on how we all better know who we are in these last days, because great wickedness is already here and is descending upon the whole earth and upon this country. Right now America is the target. If they can bring America down, then evil will overtake the whole world. God can do it of course but he is going to have his hands full accomplishing his goals. His goal is that he owns mankind and he wants us.


What did he mean by saying you had better know who you are? He said you better know what you believe in, and you better know what your weaknesses are, because they are coming for you. I am paraphrasing what he said. Of course I knew this; it was just a witness to what I knew.


Who are those coming for you? They are the people who are moving in high degrees of witchcraft that are not only seeking to dominate the whole human race but are specifically after the Christians. They are coming for you. Jesus said Satan cometh for me but he has nothing in me. Satan did not find anything in Jesus that he could use to cause Jesus to turn away from God and embrace the promise of Satan.


Usually you are brought down by sex, power or money. You need to know what your weaknesses are. You need to get before God. If God is working with you he is going to give you tribulations and troubles and experiences and testing that would expose those weaknesses and then cauterize them; that is the word that he gave me years ago when I had a particular weakness dealt with. He would cauterize it. He will bring it to the surface, he will let you be tested, he will let you fall, so that when you fall you say oh, no, no, I do not want that, and then you find out who you are. No, I want God more than I want that, go away.


The next time when Satan comes in that guise you recognise it and he cannot find anything in you because you have already been tested on that level. You have already been offered money, you have already been offered glory or power, or whatever your weakness is, power sex or money, and you have already said no, I prefer Jesus.


You better know who you are because the temptation is coming that will destroy you. The more power that you have in God, the greater the temptation. The more power you have in this world, the greater the temptation to use it incorrectly. The more money you have in this world the greater the temptation to use it incorrectly. The less sexually satisfied you are in this world the greater the temptation.


Know what your weaknesses are. Remember that those who come in high spiritual power can stir up feelings and desires in you that you never thought you had. They control your brain. The brain is a control panel; they just press the right centre of your brain. I do not care if you are a 100 years old, you can become sexually activated.  I think that happened to someone in the Bible; they produced a child at 100 years old. Sex is a biggy, watch out.


I just read on the news the other day. It absolutely blew my mind. I guess I am not to the point yet where nothing will blow my mind. The latest rage in Japan TV shows is called The war of the Orgasms. They actually have game shows like we have game shows here, and the example that I read was where 2 people came on the stage and 1 person was a sedate business man dressed in suit, looking very righteous, and the other was a young man and he had 40 minutes to bring the righteous looking guy to orgasm. I did not really pursue it so I do not know whether he was just doing it with his words by talking pornographically. I want to assume that is what he did. That is the rage in Japan right now.


My point is this. Witchcraft in that area is the stimulation of your mind and your brain. Your body comes afterwards. Do not think that you are not vulnerable. If you do not have any money, you are tempted to sin to get the money. If you have money you might be tempted to either use it to obtain more money in an ungodly manner or to use your money to control people in an ungodly manner. You can use sex to seduce somebody or you can be the victim. You can be on either side.


Sex, money and secular power are the 3 areas you can be tested in. Power could mean you are the boss of a company or a politician. You can use power to enrich yourself or to control or hurt somebody.


Right now it is already happening in the spirit to one of the people who is going under judgement. I do not know how long it will take before it plays out in the natural, and I do not know what form it is going to take.


About 5 years ago, in 2008, someone started a blog on the internet; the main link is Beware of Sheila Vitale. My name is mentioned, Jesse’s name is mentioned. The blog said a lot if lies about us. The man whose website put up the blog was a vehicle for someone who was trying to hurt this ministry at that time. Some very evil things were said about us. Finally both Jesse and I just dropped it. I told everybody in the ministry to drop it, that there is nothing to be done, we will just live with it.


If you go online and you type Sheila Vitale in the search engine one of the first things that come up is the Beware of Sheila Vitale link. If you click on it you will read all these evil things said about us. The woman who did most of the damage was never really a member of the ministry. I did something in those days that I would not do today. I do not let anyone hang-on on the fringe anymore. It is either you are a member of the ministry, and you demonstrate your commitment to the ministry to whatever degree that counts, by tithing and attending meetings, or you are not on our mailing list.


You cannot hang-on on the fringe anymore. But at that time I let her do it, hoping that she would come in eventually. It was not that I wanted her to come in because I wanted her money but I was hoping that God had called her and that she was just struggling with it but would come around. She did nine-tenths of the damage.


I received an email from her the other day repenting 5 years later. She asked what she needed to do and I will get into that as the Lord lets me get into it. The bottom line is the Lord asked her to do 2 things. When I got her email I had told her that I am not doing anything till I hear from God. The Lord asked her to do 2 things. One thing was that she could post her penitent email to the blog which was still active (of course initially I questioned whether it was sincere or not, but it seemed to be sincere). She did that and the man who owns the blog took it down.


She posted it 3 times and 3 times he removed it. Judgement did not fall on him when he put the blog up. Judgement did not fall when he let his organisation be used by others to malign innocent people; judgement did not fall for that. But judgement has gone forth towards him because he would not let the repentance up there; that is an act of evil. I do not know how it is going to play out or what is going to happen. We may never find out, but judgement has gone forth towards that man.


Why would he do that? Personally I really thought he would take money. I really thought that he could be bought off, but the woman who repented asked him what it would take for him to take it down, and he replied, nothing, it is not coming down. Why would he do that?


There were 2 people in the ministry that said they thought that would be his reaction, and I thought otherwise. I was wrong; I thought he would take the money. However his reputation is on the line that is why he would not let her repentance up there, because at the very beginning of the blog he talks about me, saying that I am a cult leader, and a lot more, making me look very bad. The man never met me.


He went into our website; he did not seriously read the messages. He just looked at a couple of things and drew some conclusions about me. He would not let a correction up on his blog. That is a whole different ball game. It was bad enough that he drew all these conclusions about me and said what he said. But the day that the one who did the writing repented and he would not allow that to go forth, that is a whole different category of sin.


That is one judgement that has gone forth in the spirit. We may find out what happens to him and we may not. It could be pestilence, famine, or the sword. I do not know when it is going to happen. I pray that when he is stricken that it brings him to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.


It is a miracle that repentance came forth from the woman; what she wrote was very vicious. It is an absolute miracle.  It seems to be genuine. I am still praying about it. It seems to be genuine.


That is one of the things that happened.


Back to the weather, my understanding of what is happening here, and I have told you this before, is that the Lord is establishing his throne. We all know that the throne of God is being established; it is all over the Scriptures. However, it is not being established in a physical place in Jerusalem. His throne is in us. His throne is in us.


I believe right now that Christ is the throne. Sometimes I have to revise these definitions but right now I believe that the throne is Christ. But it should be enough for you to know that his throne is in us. If I tell you today that it is Christ and it turns out to be Christ Jesus it should not be a big problem for you; we are just getting our nomenclature straight.


I believe Christ is the throne and that Christ Jesus is the lamb that sits on the throne. I have taught that Christ Jesus is the lamb for a long time. Then the Lord Jesus sits on the throne with Christ Jesus, and with the Lord Jesus is the whole family of God, Jehovah, Ayn Sof, Adam Kadmon, the whole family of God.


A person who has this experience is a supernaturally powerful human being. Likewise, the person that has this experience or who is in this condition in part is a supernatural human being in degrees of power depending on how much of this paradigm is developed in them.


As soon as Christ begins to be developed in you, you have a little bit of spiritual power. Then Christ matures in you and becomes the lamb, and the Lord Jesus… these are all increasing degrees of power. At some point the Lord Jesus Christ who is at the grade of Binah right now… the Lord Jesus Christ is in every wave; he covers the whole God world of Atzilut and he can manifest the powers of any one of the 10 sephirot that he wants to. Atzilut is the God world.


There are 4 worlds. We have Asiyah the world of action with a graphical interface, which is down here. Then there is Yetzirah the world where the forms are. That is where the demons and evil entities that are incomplete are. Beriah is the world of creation where Adam was formed, and where only the head has been resurrected. Righteous Adam’s head abides in Beriah, the world of creation. His body is not there yet, not fully. It is there in part. Then there is the God world of Atzilut where the power to create is. Adam in the world of emanation emanated from or came forth from Atzilut.


Those of us that are in the process of having the throne of God (and he who sits upon the throne) developed in us, literally become wormholes for the powers of God that want to enter into this world. The powers of God want to bring their presence into this world because they own it.


This world was usurped, stolen. The powers and principalities of this world are thieves, spiritual criminals. They have taken over something that belonged to God and possessed it. They possess us. That which appears to be both good and evil in this world is all a manifestation of the powers that rule here. Even the good of this world is not good when you compare it to the righteousness of God.


Ever since that loss, or that theft or that fall occurred, the powers of God have been seeking to recover that which was lost without destroying that which was lost, which is us. We are the breakable part; humanity is the breakable part of that which is lost.


It is taking thousands of years to complete the process by which the spirit of God (which is an energy, God is an energy source) can enter this world. Eons have passed since the plan of God started by which the energy of God could enter into this world and into the breakable part of the creation without destroying us. However, the time of completion is here. That time is now.


The vehicle, the conductor of the energy is the whole paradigm of the throne and the man that sits on it, and degrees of it in its construction. The powers from on high (to the best of my understanding) will not pass through someone who just has Christ. They might and do sometimes pass through Christ Jesus. There are 3 trimesters of development in Christ Jesus, and each of those trimesters are subdivided. I do not have any specific information about each trimester.


Christ in the individual and the Lord Jesus from the God world of Atzilut are joining together and the manchild is being formed out of that union. Christ Jesus is the foetal manchild, the developing manchild; underneath he is attached to Christ and above he is attached to the Lord Jesus.  


Judgement only passes where the Lord Jesus is present. There has to be a union between Christ in you and the Lord Jesus. It has to be the manchild in some stage for judgment from the higher realm to pass through you.


There is a judgment that comes from the lower realm. There is a judgement that comes from Malchut. It is destructive judgement, judgement that just ends in destruction. With this type of judgement, the person has no understanding. There is no teaching and there is no vehicle for repentance. There is destruction and that is it. That type of judgement comes out of Malchut.


This is what I heard the other day, that Christ Jesus is developed in this ministry to the point that judgement is going out beyond these walls. Judgment has started to go out beyond these walls, and it is all the Lord Jesus.


I am going to say it again. Remember, the Lord Jesus is a spiritual man. He does not look like you and me anymore. He is a wave, an energy source. That means he can spread out. He has no form. He is a shape-shifter. He covers all of the 10 sephirot of the God world of Atzilut and he can manifest anyone or more of the attributes of the God world of Atzilut. He can activate them and reveal them in this world through a human being that has Christ Jesus developed in him.


That human being has become a worm hole, a pathway, a highway. The King James talks about a highway from the God world of Atzilut into this world, a highway that is insulated on both sides. It is insulated on both sides so that, number one, the highway is not destroyed, and number two so that the power of God entering into the world can be controlled so that only the areas targeted will be destroyed, and the whole planet would not blow up.


That is what happened with the more than 80 tornadoes reported to have swept across the Midwest on Sunday 17 November 2013. It was as a result of the 2 or 3 messages that were preached here before that happened.


(Messages preached: Sunday 10 November-CCK.783.3 Antichrist Part 3, Thursday November 14-CCK.783.4 Antichrist Part 4 and Sunday November 17-C.783.5 Antichrist Part 5)


The messages revealed very serious sin. It is actually more than sin. What was revealed in these past few messages is that evil entities are moving very powerfully to take over the world, and however else God saw it.


I do not know exactly what portion it was of what was preached in these messages that resulted in the decision of the Lord Jesus Christ to come through this wormhole on a spiritual level and produce 80 tornadoes. And I do not know how the targets were chosen.


I have been asking the Lord for years, when judgement falls how do you choose the targets? I guess I am not old enough to understand it yet. I do not have a clue. I do not know how a particular geographical target is chosen.


I just want to repeat this to you; I had no active or conscious understanding. The only way that I participated was that I was a vehicle through which the Lord Jesus passed into this world on a spiritual plane, and did whatever he did that produced the manifestation of 80 tornadoes. But it is definitely linked to the messages that are preached here because it has happened before. Similar things have happened before.


What am I saying to you? Brethren, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared. We are all not. I am as naïve as you are. We all want to be mature in God; we all want immortality in God. We all want to be on the cutting edge of what he is doing. Well, are you willing to be a vehicle of destruction? You have to be mentally and emotional prepared for that. You have to be spiritually prepared for it that you do not go off and start doing it in your own power because your ego goes through the sky when you hear something like this.


The doctrine that is preached here, both the Doctrine of Christ and the Divine Doctrine that comes out of Kabbalah, is the food that is developing Christ Jesus in us. The spiritual, mental and emotional preparation is another aspect of the ministry.


I do not know why we have some visitors from McGregor today, but the Lord must have called you here. I know that XXXX is here all the time, but I heard that there are a couple of other names from McGregor today. As far as I know you have never been in on our CCK meetings before. You are welcome, you are welcome. The question is why did God bring you today?


He must want you to hear this.  You must be called to this. The first degree of mental, emotional and spiritual preparation is hearing what I am telling you today. You cannot be prepared if you have never heard this message and you are not even thinking along these lines.


You have to be walking in righteousness. Brethren, I want to tell you something. Anybody can make a mistake, it is your heart. It is your heart. Are you walking in righteousness before God? If you are not, that insulation inside of you could burst and the energy passing through you could hurt you.


What is so interesting to me is how everything in the spirit has a counterpart in this world. I have been hearing for the last couple of days, the word mule. We know Jesus is coming into Jerusalem on a mule, but do you know what a mule is? They carry drugs. They swallow insulated packages. In some cases they actually operate on people and place packages of cocaine on people and sew them up; they go through customs and get to this side. Either they swallowed it and they wait till it passes out of their body and they collect, or they operate on them to take it out.


We are mules for the power of God. Did you ever hear of a mule who swallowed the drugs in a plastic bag and the bag broke before they passed it out of their body? They died, brethren. If you get to the point that Christ Jesus is developed in you enough that you become an insulated highway for the power of God, when Jesus decides to pass through you on a mission for his father if you are not right with God, your insulation can burst.


This is no game; this is no game, brethren. It is very hard to believe. I want to tell you how I struggle with preaching this, because people out there would think that I am crazy. For the longest time, I have been reluctant to preach messages like this because of fear of what other people would say about me, and that fear is sin. I had to repent of that today. I am willing to preach anything the Lord tells me. Whatever comes, will come.


It is dangerous out there today. The government has become an enemy. I guess I am more concerned about that than people saying bad things about me. People who would never have gotten arrested before are getting arrested. So I am in God’s hand because I have to preach what he is telling me to preach, and I believe what he said, that he would not give me more than I could bear.


That means you do not go running around telling your next door neighbour and people down the street what you heard here unless God tells you to tell them. It is not something that you go just yelling to the wind. You need to learn to become mature and understand who you are. That is what Glenn Beck was saying. You need to know who you are, brethren. Satan tries to block us from knowing who we are. She tries to tell us that it is not true; that it is impossible that any human being could be a vehicle that would produce a tornado out there.


But I want to tell you something. Go into any occult show or movie and they will tell you that it is a possibility. The witches know about it. The people that pursue spiritual life apart from God know about it. And science fiction knows about it. Everybody knows about it except the spiritual women in God’s Church.


Judgment fell a couple of times in the last couple of days. I had 2 experiences that I would like to share with you. Brethren, if you have trouble believing it, just confess it to God that you are having trouble believing it. If you say in your heart that it cannot possibly be true, you are going to hurt yourself. You do not have to believe if you are not ready to believe, but do not think that you are smart enough to say that it is not true. That is my counsel to you.


Do not think that you are smart enough to say that this cannot be true. Say, I cannot believe it Lord; if it is true help me to believe. Take care of yourselves. Be smart.


I have told you about 2 kinds of judgement, personal and national. I have told you about the man with the blog. Judgment also fell on 2 people associated with this ministry but outside of this ministry in the last 2 days, totally unexpectedly. One happened at night and the other the following morning. I received a phone call asking me for prayer so I was on the phone with someone who was humble before God; that means there were 2 witnesses, this person asking for prayer and I.


I had prayed for them. I started speaking in tongues which I rarely do anymore. There is nothing wrong with speaking in tongues but that anointing is pretty much dried up in me. As Christ Jesus begins to reveal himself through an individual through their understanding what he has to say comes out of their mouth.


When what Christ Jesus is saying is understood by the mule that he is in, the message comes out in language. When the mule that he lives in does not understand what he is going to say or might have reservations about saying something that could be destructive on the outside, or for whatever reason the human mind is not in tandem, is not working together with the spiritual man, the message of the spiritual man comes out of the mouth of the human being or mule, in tongues, in a language they do not understand.


Their understanding resisted or was not capable of understanding what Christ Jesus was saying, or there was an emotional or spiritual or mental block. So it came out in code, meaning the conscious mind of the mule was not actively involved in what was said.


Does anyone not know what I just said?


It could have been the Lord deciding to do it that way or it could have been the incapacity of the mule to translate.


You can only translate when you understand, and I did not know what was happening. I was coming out in tongues, I did not understand so I could not translate. I could not speak the words of Christ Jesus because I did not know what was happening. And if he told me, I was blocked. Maybe he did not tell me. It came out in code. I started speaking in tongues and I started seeing images of people.


There were 2 people that I saw images of. It seemed to focus on one, a woman. I saw a lot of colours. The woman whose image I saw is not a member of the ministry. She has a very high anointing. She has a Pentecostal anointing but her tongues are a cut above anything that I have ever heard. I have never heard anything like it from anybody else. She has had spiritual supernatural experiences that she shared with me that I have never heard or read about anyone in the Church having.


The Lord has been calling her to study the doctrine of Christ to prepare for the end times for years, and she has just absolutely unequivocally refused to come. This year she became ill and in a conversation that we had (we had a friendship) she was saying, I want to know why this happened to me. The Lord told me to tell her that she was under judgement. Her response to that was to cut me off. I have not heard from her since. She does not want anything to do with me. She appeared in my mind’s eye as these tongues started going forth in front of a second witness who was on the phone.


I was seeing all of these colours. What I find so interesting is that Rabbi Cordovero who I have just started studying with (I think within the past year or so) talks about the colours a lot. I have 4 volumes of Rabbi Cordovero’s works. I have really not spent any time on colours. I did not find them particularly interesting. When you try to read something that God is not ministering to you, it is dull and boring. I found it very dull and boring so I skipped over those chapters.


But I was seeing all of those colours in the spirit, and what is interesting is that the notes for today’s message (if we ever get to it today - if we do not get to it today we will get to it on Sunday, Lord willing) is about the colours that were around the throne in Revelation Chapter 3. They indicate the sephirot, colours indicate the sephirot.


To remind you, there are 2 sides to the sephirot; the rings, the outside which is actually the sephirot and then the essence or substance of God that is inside of them. We call the essence inside the sephirah the name of God. It is an aspect of the energy or the power of God that is limited by the ring of the sephirah. It is the sephirah that surrounds the energy of God that contains the attributes that decides whether or not that energy of God will be revealed in the world as judgement or loving kindness or mercy, or righteousness or harsh judgement, for example.


The energy inside of the sephirah is the same. It is the same energy of God inside every sephirah, but depending upon the sephirah that becomes activated by the will of primordial Adam (who is the Lord Jesus Christ to us today), that is how that energy of God is revealed in this world. It is the Lord Jesus Christ that chooses which sephirah will be carrying that energy or be propelled by that energy.


That is what the colours are. Colours indicate different grades of energy. What is interesting is that when you read about the creation in the Zohar, it says that in the beginning there were no colours at all. This means that there was no energy as we know energy today. The power of God existed in the highest form of spiritual energy, higher than we know of today.


I saw all these bright colours and they were moving, the sephirot are always moving. They were put in a box; they were locked in a box. I do not want to go into any more details about the experience other than to tell you that this lady was telling the Lord, no. She was very, very, very, angry and upset, and she was really fighting with God. He was telling her, no, you cannot have it your way.


It is interesting that she was fighting with God. She was fighting with the Lord Jesus who comes to us in the name of God. He is not God; he is the agent of God. He is God’s agent; he wields all the power of God. He does everything God can do but he is not God because God gave him his power. God is a first cause. No one gave God his power; he is the first cause. He is the original source of power. No one gave it to him; he always was, he is now and will always be.


Jesus originated as the man Jesus of Nazareth, and eventually became glorified. He wields all of the power of God but he is not God because he had to be given his power. God gave him his power. We call him the son of God, and he wields all the power of God. He stands in front of God and wields all his power.


She was having a real fight with God. The carnal mind says that you are fighting with God like that? What came to my memory was something that I saw a couple of years ago. I do not even know, who knows. I see these things when I see them. I know I was on a plane flying to Florida, I think I was flying to Florida. Anyhow, I was on a plane and I had this perception of this big fight going on in a high realm of the spirit. It was just like what I saw in the spirit the other day. I did not even remember that until just now.


I said to the Lord, what in the world am I seeing here? I am on a plane and this whole vision comes up before my eyes of this man and woman having this big fight. I did not see an image of a man and a woman but I knew it was male and female. This is what the Lord said to me. He said, Sheila, there is only one, there is only one. He is at the top of the pyramid you might say, and then his creation begins from that point at the top of the pyramid. Creation begins on an angle. It descends into the lower worlds on an angle.


This world here is the base of the triangle. We are the most spread out aspect of the visible form of the creation. There are millions of human beings on the earth. But on the high realm of the spirit there is only one, and that is Adam Kadmon, primordial Adam. He is the only one.


Primordial Adam is descending into this world as he pursues his assignment to bring forth a visible creation in this world. As he descends into the more and more material planes of this world, he expands; at least the earthen part of him expands.


He starts out a singularity and the next step below is that we see Adam being formed and the Scriptures say And God made them male and female. We see a male and a female the next step down. Then after that we see the female choosing the serpent.


First is the singularity, Adam Kadmon. Then it is Adam of creation, male and female. Then the next step below that is the conscious earthen side (not the earth that is outside your door), the conscious spiritual earth which is the negative part of the creation, you might say the evil part of the creation. It is evil only because its nature is the exact opposite of God. But the evil has a job, just like the dogs we talked about at the beginning of the message.


Evil has a job and that job involves serving the one who is good. Its service towards the one that is good is to act out in a visible way the will of the invisible one who is good. God says through the prophet Isaiah, I made the good and I made the evil. But I made it with the evil in submission to the good. I never ever intended for the evil to do evil deeds. I made the darkness and the light, and they are supposed to walk together.


How can one serve God if they do not walk together?


We had Adam who was male and female, a single entity, but male and female. Beneath him was the conscious earth that was female, that was the exact opposite of the goodness of God, who was created to be ruled over initially and immediately above him by the male and female Adam, who was built or formed to function directly under the singularity of primordial Adam who is the very essence of the Ayn Sof, the eternal one. That was the paradigm.


The Ayn Sof is unlimited. Adam Kadmon, primordial Adam, a singularity appeared. Underneath him, Adam of creation, male and female, underneath them, the spiritual earth, the evil of the creation. Primordial definition of evil is the opposite of good, but designed to be under the authority of good.


If your car had a mind of its own it would go racing down the street and kill hundreds of people. But your car is good; it serves its purpose. It takes you were you have to go. But if the wrong person got behind the wheel, it is a weapon of murder. Was it made to be a weapon of murder? No, it was made to serve you.


Evil was made to serve the good of the creation, and ultimately serve God. It was the nature of evil to pull in an opposite direction from Adam of creation who was male and female. They were exact opposites. Adam of creation was male and female and he was good. The next level down was evil, the exact opposite of God, that which will make it possible for Adam of formation to be revealed in a visible form.


Adam of creation was supposed to rule over that car, if you want to think of it that way. He was supposed to drive that car. The whole problem was that the creation was not finished yet and Adam of creation who was made male and female was only sewn together. His male and female parts were only sewn together, but they were not fully integrated yet.


It was Adam, the male Adam, the female Adam under him, and the evil. The female Adam was in the middle. The male Adam was above and the evil was below and she was attached to both of them. She was attached to the evil below and to the male Adam above.


The evil below started pulling on her. That is what seduction is. It is a pull. When it gets inside of you it becomes a drive. The evil one is pulling on you, or the person who is trying to hurt you is pulling on you with their mind, and it manifests inside you as a drive to go towards that which is pulling you. The male Adam pulled from above and the evil pulled from below and the female Adam went with the one below. The stitches tore from the one that she was sewn together with, and she went with the one below.


I do not know why I started telling you that but it was a good exhortation anyway.


I was talking about the woman. I was on the plane and I saw this argument. I said Lord what is going on? He said to me Sheila that is the spiritual reality in a higher plane of consciousness.


The male Adam in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ has a controversy with his wife which is Christ in whoever he is appearing in down here in the earth. The man is separated from his wife. His wife became one with the earth and we became fallen mankind as we exist today. And our husband, the one that we were sewn together with, the one that our spiritual insides were sewn together with is separated from us. He wants us to come home. He said, come home, I have made a way. The door is open.


That is our message for today which we probably would not get to.


I am standing at the door, knocking, if you just open, I am going to come in, and I am going to dine with you, and I am going to share my esoteric doctrine with you. But I want to warn you, if we get that far, the next thing that follows is judgement, because you cannot eat my food and take my blessings, and be married to another man.


Therefore I am coming to judge your sins which will release you from your illegal marriage to the earth, so that you can return and be sewn back together with me, and this time, not just with a basting stitch, but with a back stitch that is unbreakable. It is even more than a back stitch; it is an integration that will never come apart again.


Why did the Lord show it to me at that time? I do not know. He told me that, that is the spiritual reality. All of these people on the earth, all of these people in the Church, all these people that are Jewish, this is not the reality. The reality is one man and one spiritual woman, one spiritual man and one many-membered spiritual woman who has given birth to an illegitimate child, fathered by the evil below called the Serpent. The illegitimate child is fallen mankind, and that is who we are. We are the offspring of the woman and the Serpent.


The Lord reminded me of that so I gave you that testimony, but that is what I saw in the spirit. She was having this big fight with the Lord Jesus. Who would fight with the Lord Jesus like that? Maybe she was not actually saying it but in her heart… and maybe she was saying it. That is what she said to me on the phone, I want to know why this happened to me. 


I know the woman very well, so I can say to you that in other words she was saying, I serve God, I am a servant of God. I have been serving him for years. I want to know why I am sick. I am doing everything I can to take care of myself, and I want to know why I got sick.


I was thinking that surely she must be over that condition that I talked to her about last summer. She should be over it by now. I was thinking that she possibly got another condition. Either she got another condition or the Lord is still talking to her about it, and she would not accept his word to her. She would not accept that what she did was wrong, to just cut me off without even an explanation, which is what most people do.


Very few people seem to be able to be adult enough to say, look, I really want to drop it for now, just go away. Either something else happened to her or the Lord is still trying to convict her that what she did was wrong, and to restore her connection her. This is her potential to develop Christ Jesus, and she is a highly likely candidate to be overtaken by the other side, as darkness descends upon the earth.


She used to be in witchcraft; she never told me what she did, just that she was in witchcraft and she repented. She never got into what she did. When you come over from the other side you do not lose your anointing and then build back up again. It is the same anointing from the other side, it just gets cleansed.


I remember drawing exhibits of 2 mountain peaks, one of God, and one of the other side. When God calls you, you do not go down to the bottom of the mountain and cross over, and then ascend in God. You cross over from mountain peak to mountain peak. The Lord cleanses the energy on you, and you serve him. She was pretty high. I told you I never heard tongues like that. I never heard of anyone who had spiritual experiences like she did.


She based her opinion of herself upon her spiritual gifts. The gifts and the calling of God are given without repentance. God just gives them to you. She did not do anything to get that. To have power in spiritual manhood you have to do something. You have to study to show yourself approved. You have to confess your sins. You have to wage warfare against your own sin nature. You have to deal with other people. You have to minister to younger people in Christ Jesus. It is a tremendous responsibility to be an elder in Christ Jesus.


A lot if people want the glory, they do not even know what they are asking for. It is so interesting the way the Lord brings messages together. I really have not watched a movie in a long time but last night I just wanted to wind down before I went to sleep. I only watch old movies; the new movies are too grievous to my spirit.


I watched an old movie. In the movie was the idea of a British type boarding school. I do not know about today, but years ago the British were very big on sending their young children to boarding school. That was what they did. Young boys and girls like 7, 8, 9 years old, went away from home to school were they slept over, and just saw their parents on weekends.


Is it good or bad? That is not today’s message. In the movie, there was a boy’s boarding school. It was so interesting to see the way it ran. The older boys were in charge of the younger boys. There was an older boy in charge of the younger boy’s dormitory, and there was a senior boy that was in charge of the older boys. It was almost like a military type complex.


Everybody had dinner in a main dining room, which I have experienced when I went to camp. It was a very interesting experience, giving young people the opportunity to learn how to survive in the world. The younger boys had to call the older boy that was in charge of the dormitory sir. They learnt submission and respect. I just found it very interesting.


The reason I am telling you about it now, is that it has something to do with what I am telling you. I was talking to you about this woman and her arguing with God. She has an anointing, she has a ministry, but the Lord wants her to start functioning as the male. She has a female ministry. She has male authority. I do not know, maybe he does give her experiences with the lower male. I do not know. She has male authority.


She is higher than the average person with power in Pentecost. Most of the time she judges righteous judgement. I have only heard her off once, in all the years I know her. He wants her to be plugged into Christ Jesus in this ministry. She is a lone ranger out there. When the evil powers descend to the point that they get her in their sight she is not going to stand by herself.


Christ Jesus’s main hub is here. I keep getting attacked when I say this, like who do you think you are, Sheila. I do not think that I am anybody. This is what the Lord told me to preach. Whoever you are, if you do not like it, you can do whatever you want to do. His main hub is here. His main hub is in me right now. Christ Jesus in me has tethers out that are attached to Christ, wherever Christ is being formed.


If Christ started to be formed by itself out there, they need to be plugged into Christ Jesus in me. If he moves tomorrow and he moves to you, that is fine with me, but right now he is here and this is what he is telling me to tell you. This is the main source of his base. This where the spiritual food is going forth from. This is where Christ in all of you has to suck from, and he is coming through this doctrine.


The degree of Christ that she has cannot go any further and he cannot be defended without this doctrine. I do not know how he came to be but he cannot go any further without this doctrine. There is no getting this doctrine without submission to this ministry. We are all supposed to be one body, and the head is in me right now, whether you like it or not. I am sorry if that upsets you. If it upsets her, I am sorry that it upsets her.


He wants her connected to this ministry but she will not submit. I have never seen her submit to anyone. I know her for more than 25 years, probably 30 years. She goes from Church to Church. I have never seen her make a full commitment to any ministry or submit to any pastor. It appears that at this time the Lord is saying that she has to submit to a ministry. She does not understand that if she does not submit to a ministry she is going to be in danger.


He is concerned about his son in her. He is also concerned with her, because she really has a ministry. She judges righteous judgement. She is valuable in the kingdom. But she simply would not go any further, and refuses to understand that he is even calling her to do it. That is his argument with her. That is not my argument. That is his argument with her.


As I saw the argument continue, I saw him take all of those colours and put them in a box and close the box. I have never seen anything like this in a vision before. He took his spirit from her. He cut off his spirit from her. I saw her going back into witchcraft. It happened in the spirit. I do not know when it would manifest in the natural, or how soon it would manifest, or what form it would take. I hope that she recognises that his spirit is gone.


The danger that I really hope will not happen to her is that you do not realise that the spirit of God is gone and you continue to live a spiritual life, and then Satan becomes the spirit that is driving you, and you become a witch. I was left with the word in my heart that he has removed his spirit from her, she is back in witchcraft, but there is a potential for repentance. Then the whole experience ended.


I never experienced anything like that before. Apparently that was the first that I really know of. Oh, no, years ago, something like that happened. But with me personally that was the first time I ever experienced anything like that.


The next evening I went to take my class at the synagogue (I am taking Bible classes at the synagogue). It is getting difficult for me. Years ago when the Lord sent me to other Churches, it was difficult to sit there and listen to the rapture being preached.


There is no way that I am leaving but it is getting difficult to sit there and listen to the sin that manifests sometimes, sin such as saying that they do not have a sin nature. The rabbi teaches that you do not have a sin nature and that nobody is guilty. He teaches that you are not guilty, that all of the sins come out of the body and you are not the body. I heard him say once, but of course you know you do not have to do what the body tells you to do. So if you do what the body tells you to do you may get a slap on the hand.


It is getting harder and harder to listen to this. He teaches that you are not a sinner, nobody is a sinner (and of course he is not talking about the world, he just ministers to the Jews). All Jews are good, and no one sins, it is just your body. All of the sin is with the body.  If you do get into trouble it is because you listened to your body. Then they slap you on your hand saying that you should not be listening to your bad body.


The message at the synagogue on Tuesday was actually a good message. It was talking about Joseph being sold into Egypt by his brothers. The main trust of the message was envy. First of all, who were these 12 sons of Jacob? The Scriptures tell us that there are 12 princes, meaning that they are 12 spiritually powerful people destined to produce the people of God. The question was, how could it be that they were capable of such evil, such evil that they would sell their brother, that they would want to kill their brother?


How could it be that envy could manifest to that degree in these 12 spiritual princes? How could it be? There was a whole lesson for more than an hour, but the bottom line of what he was saying is that God did it and it is all God’s fault. Of course, he did not say it that way but that is what he said. He said that they are perfect. I have read another writing that says that they were perfect. So what was this all about?


The answer according to them is that Joseph had to wind up in Egypt because Jehovah had told Abraham that his descendants would be enslaved in Egypt and God cannot lie, so Joseph had to get to Egypt. How would God get Joseph to Egypt? He decided to put this envy and this evil in these brothers in order to give Joseph that horrible experience of being put in a pit and then sold down the river just to bring his own word to pass.


That is hard to listen to, brethren. Let me just clarify what he is saying. He is saying that God is guilty of the sins of these 12 brothers, but it is okay, because God made them sin because he wanted to bring his own word to pass that the whole family would go to Egypt. It was okay that God made these 12 brothers evil to the point that they would do what they did to accomplish his own purpose.


That is hard to take. It is hard to sit there with a straight face and see someone who claims authority in God and lives authority in God and who actually knows the Scriptures very well. For him to say that with a straight face is hard to take.


And now there is a new woman in the class. She looks like a really sweet little old lady. I do not know what people are like; I just know what they look like initially. She looks like a really sweet little old lady, sitting there with a soft voice, quiet, respectful. She looked completely confused by what the rabbi was saying about evil. She asked several questions, and he did what I have seen him do before.


Brethren I love the guy, but the truth is his pride is very high, and the message that he preaches is the message of the Talmud, not the message of the Torah. The truth is he makes God the guilty party. I love him but I have just told you the truth about him. In his own way he is living the best he can to serve God but he condemns God every day and justifies it. Therefore, it is sort of hard to listen to him.


Anyway, this little old lady was all confused.  You might have heard me question the wisdom of him teaching on such a high level to secular Jews that do not know anything. Maybe I am not qualified to judge this, but I question the wisdom of him, his teaching on such a high level to secular Jews that do not know anything. But that is the level he teaches on. He puts a lot of Kabballah in it, although you do not know that it is Kabballah. He puts a lot of doctrinal Kabballah in it, and he teaches from a high spiritual level to secular Jews.


I do not know if they understand. Some of them just look at him; it just goes over their head. I have heard people question him, and his response is always the same. He does not explain it to them. What the people need to hear is something like the exhortation I just gave on evil a few minutes ago. That is what this little old lady needed to hear. Maybe that is why God worked it into the message today. I did here what the rabbi would not do.


You are wondering what today’s message has to do with what the rabbi taught in the synagogue last Tuesday. Brethren, everything is spiritual. Maybe that little old lady is all upset. I do not know. All that I know is that it is possible that the exhortation on good and evil that I gave you today is a rectification or what is necessary for the forgiveness of his sins to go forth.


I looked at the woman; I considered getting up and talking to her but I really had no authority to do it under those circumstances. If she would have come over to me and asked me, I would have answered her question, but she did not. Then something else happened, it was not God, so I just sat there. I did not do anything.


The Lord just told me that because he sinned against her, the exhortation on good and evil was given to cover his sins. Can you all hear that? There was nothing wrong with her question; she was just utterly confused as to the way he was thinking. The truth of the matter is that it makes no sense at all.


The truth of the matter is that the people that are indoctrinated into this Talmudic teaching just accept. There is a lot along that line that they just accept. She was outside of this Talmudic teaching and she was saying, but evil is evil; are you saying that it was okay to be evil?


The answer is that God uses our sins to accomplish his purposes. He uses our sins to accomplish his purposes. He works through our sins but he does not make us sinful, which is what the rabbi was teaching. He does not make us sinful so as to accomplish his goal. If God wants to accomplish a goal, he looks down and says, what am I going to do here?


If there was no sin in the earth he would have just placed Joseph there in that position of viceroy and it would have just happened. But there is sin. The whole world lies in darkness, in wickedness.


1 John 5:19 And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.




There is sin in everybody. There was sin in Joseph; there was sin in his brothers. There was sin in Pharaoh. Therefore, in order to accomplish his goals, the Lord works through the sins within the hearts and minds of mankind to bring everything to the accomplishment of the end that he would bring it to. If there was no sin, none of that would have been necessary.


God does not make us sinful to accomplish his goal. How outrageous! To me it is outrageous but brethren, for someone who claims to be the arbiter of God in the earth, that is serious idolatry.


The little old lady who had a real sweet spirit on her, a very quiet spirit on her, finally just shrugged her shoulders. Every question that she asked he responded to with a question. Every question that she asked him, he responded with a spiritual question. Well, what is evil? She does not know what evil is. She is trying to find out from you what evil is, and every question she asked he answered with a question. He attacked her. So finally she just shrugged her shoulders and walked away.  


I had a rabbi do something similar to that to me once. I had a telephone relationship with this rabbi. I asked him a question that he apparently was not prepared to answer. So when I asked the question his answer was abidkaba abadikaba. I said, I beg your pardon? This was on the phone. He said ikebabbabaab bababa.


It went back and forth 3 times. When I realised he was talking nonsense, and that that was his way of telling me that he was not going to answer me. I thanked him and said good bye. I was supposed to get the message, which I did.


That is what they do, and they justify it. Brethren, it is not the Jewish people per-say, it is this leadership that is there. They believe, just as the Muslims do (Islam says the same thing) that it is okay to lie to accomplish a goal, so they do things like that. They manipulate and they lie to accomplish their goal, and this is how they deal with the people.


For years I saw things like this and I thought this may have come down from some high place of the Jewish hierarchy. I have a small group of people here. I do not believe in doing anything like that. I will either answer your question or tell you that I cannot answer your question. I will tell you that I do not know the answer, or I do know the answer and I cannot talk to you about it now. That is me.


Maybe from years of experience they decided that that was best, I do not know, and that is how I was living with it because I did not want to judge them over there. I have been going there for almost 4 years now, and of recent date Christ Jesus in me has been judging sin in that congregation, in that rabbi.


I walked out of there that night and actually I was not feeling well. I wanted to get home and get to bed. I walked out of there and came home, and the next morning I woke up and had forgotten all about it. There had been very high warfare. I happened to read Psalm 19 that morning which talks about asking God to help me have a clean heart, to stay in righteousness before him.


These are prayers that I have been praying very strongly these days as I see judgement descending, and I understand the position that I am in, and the responsibility that I have, and my potential to make a mistake. I have a vision of the degree of the repercussions of my mistakes, of what the possible bad results could be if I make a mistake.


Psalm 19:9-14

9 The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.

10 More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb.

11 Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward.

12 Who can understand his errors? Cleanse thou me from secret faults.

13 Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.



I have been praying very heavily for God to reveal my sins and help me to do everything I have to do to remain in right standing with him. I have been asking him to help me remain righteous before him, so that I am not seduced or destroyed or so that I do not bring destruction on anybody else.


So I am just reading through the Book of Psalms, I was up to Psalm 19. That is what that Psalm was about. I read the verses that said give me a clean heart, help me… I cannot repeat the correct words to you; that was the gist of it.


Cleanse thou me from secret faults. Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins; let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright, and I shall be innocent from the great transgression. Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.


I think I read the Psalm or those particular verses 3 times. I was trying to remember those verses, so I sat down and called up the Psalm again. It was at least the 3rd or 4th time I was reading it that morning, then the anointing fell on me and judgement was pronounced on the rabbi.


You have to understand that what he is doing is very serious. That little old lady may not even come back to another class. It was terrible what he did to her. What did he do to her? He made her feel stupid. She asked a sincere question and he made her feel stupid. So judgment fell on the rabbi.


I do not know how that is going to materialise in his life, or when it would start materialising in his life, but the judgement that fell was far reaching and the word that came down was something like this:


He has the opportunity to be one of those who would come out of this wrong teaching (I hate to use the word cult).  He has the opportunity to come out of it. I am not sure how… I guess he can always talk to me, but he does not talk to me. He does not want to know what I believe in. He does not want my opinion. He is not interested. 


I think the reason he would not have a conversation with me is that he is really not (and I do not mean to insult him) capable of having that conversation. He gets upset. He gets upset when somebody believes what he thinks is wrong. It upsets him, and he is not capable of having a give-and-take discussion, which very few people are capable of. It is just that the Lord happens to have trained me to be able to do that.


To be honest with you, I do not really know anybody else who can do it. Maybe there is someone; I can think of a couple of people. Maybe there are a couple of people in the ministry that can do it. But outside of that, I have never heard anybody do it. They get upset. Whether it is politics or religion, they cannot have that give-and-take discussion without taking it personally and getting upset.


I really would like to have a debate, if everybody would just stay calm. I really want to hear what you have to say. The problem with that is… As far as I am concerned, if people who oppose what I teach would have actually had that kind of conversation with me where they would be calm and state their case and let me respond, I would blow their arguments to smithereens, because when it comes to the doctrine of Christ, that is the anointing that is on me. In all the instances I have ever seen that has been the case (I do not know what else is out there).


Unless you enter into a debate while you are willing to be changed it would not work. If you enter into a debate seeking the truth, if somebody says something that might prove you wrong, your response would be, thank you for the truth, now I know the truth. Then it works, but most people do not do that. Most people do not want to be proven wrong. Their ego is in it and therefore communication is impossible.


Anyway, within 24 hours judgment fell on 2 people that are not willing to be judged by me. The woman was not willing to be judged by me, and the rabbi does not give me any credibility at all.


In addition to that, there is the man whose blog is up there which the Lord just told me this morning. Although I knew it in my heart that putting the blog up was really evil, it was much more evil taking down the repenting email than putting the blog up in the first place. But whatever God is going to do with him, he is going to do.


There are 2 more things that I have to talk to you about. This is coming out last, but as I was getting ready to preach from the notes that I have for you, the first thing that came forth was about this preacher. The first thing that came forth was a thought of this preacher who used to have a Church in Hampstead. They were the sister Church of the Church I belonged to here on Long Island, and we were in deliverance ministry.


Both ministries went on to sonship, and he went into Kabbalah, but from everything that I understand it was not God who took him into Kabbalah. I understand that he was around for quite a while, he had followings. He had people following him, he had conferences and quite a couple of hundreds of people, hundreds of people following him, including people in Australia, and then his whole ministry fell apart. I heard from another minister that everybody left him, everyone that studied with him left him, except his wife, she stayed with him. It is second hand information, but he knew the man personally.


Then he moved out of the state. He got other people and he has a small following in the state that he is in. He has a small following here on Long Island of people who used to be in his Church which had several hundred people in it; just a handful of people, maybe 20 people that come to see him when he comes twice a year to Long Island.


The Lord sent some of the brethren here in New York down to see him. I had not seen him in years. Actually I was under strict instructions from the Lord to stay away from him when he first went into Kabbalah.  We were still in the doctrine of Christ and I had no idea we would be going into Kabbalah. He was into an ungodly Kabbalah. All I knew was that the Lord told me to not read his newsletters, and to just stay away from him, which I did for years.


Then of course the Lord brought us into Christ-centered Kabbalah which the Jews call kosher Kabbalah, and the spirit moved upon me about 2 years ago, to see him. We went down to see him when he came to Long Island. I had just finished the Jewish version of The Crime of The Calf.


He preached; we heard him preach. He was very nice to me. He recognised me, he acknowledged me. When I knew him he was a preacher and I was a disciple in the other Church. He acknowledged me as a preacher. He asked me to get up and say a few words, and I gave him the book, and he looked all excited about it. Aww, the Crime of the Calf! He was all excited about it.


Then we left, and shortly after that I had a powerful dream. It was a very powerful dream; I do not even remember the details, but after much prayer and conferring with the brethren here, we drew this conclusion: We drew the conclusion that he was all excited when he got the book that he went into the Christ-centered Kabbalah website intending to take the doctrine for himself in order to preach it.


He had had a spiritual experience that led him to study Kabbalah in the past but he had given it up. He was into esoteric doctrine, but had given it up. As a matter of fact, the night that we went to see him, he said he had given all of that up, and he was back to… He was not preaching traditional Church doctrine; it was a little advanced, but he told everybody and me he was out of all of that spiritual stuff.


So I had this powerful dream that the interpretation seemed to be that he got so excited (and I saw it on him when he got that book) that he went into the Christ-centered Kabbalah website and he was very excited and intended to take the doctrine for himself, and preach it. That was what the dream indicated. It was like he was in a candy store; he was so excited but he had no intention of calling me to let me know.


He did not want to say, I was in your site, I just want you to know that it blessed me. Do you mind if I preach any of the material? Or whatever he would have said, at least some contact with me, some acknowledgement that he was excited by the anointing here. But he would not do that, and he was being told in the dream, you are stealing, you are taking that message for you own and you are stealing. That was the dream.


Then after that I wrote to him at the Lord’s instruction. I said, the next time you are here in New York, I and the brethren here in New York would like to have dinner with you.


A few months went by, we had the dinner planned, everything was planned. We were supposed to have dinner together before his meeting on Long Island. We get to the restaurant and he is not showing up. We are waiting and waiting, he is not showing up. So I call him on his cell phone. I had his cell phone number, because we were in contact whilst making the plans to have dinner. I said, Hello XXXX. He said, Sheila, is that you?


His voice sounded so weird. I said, yes, we are waiting for you to have dinner. He said, well I got into this conversation with this person and I will be late. I think we waited another 20 minutes and we decided to eat, we did not think he was coming at all. He finally showed up the last minute and he had all of the behaviour of appearing to be on drugs.


He was all hopped up; he was moving around in his seat for the whole meal. He dominated the whole conversation. There was no give-and-take. He was preaching to us. He kept dropping his napkin on the floor. It was bizarre. Then he left the table early whilst we were having dessert, saying that he had to get back to the hotel where the meeting room was. We finished our coffee and dessert, and got to the hotel and he was just coming in.


So he went somewhere else. Either he went to… I do not know whether he was shooting up or swallowing something. He was high. We sat for his meeting, and there was something wrong with his preaching, it was just completely off. We came to the conclusion that he was on drugs.


He at the time had a job preaching in this Church. From what I understand, he had a very small following and he was teaching what he calls present truth, maybe along the lines of the doctrine of Christ. It may be along those lines; he is not in Kabbalah or anything of that nature.


At the time he had his little group that he taught doctrine to, and then he was preaching in this Church. I do not know what the story was, whether there was no pastor, but he was acknowledging that it was not his Church. He called himself the overseer of that Church. He had been doing that for a couple of years and then all of a sudden he was not there. I just know in my heart that he lost his job. He was on drugs so they fired him.


As far as I know, now he has his little group that he is teaching, and he travels to Long Island. The people on Long Island still see him. And he travels to another state. There was a group of people still with him from when he had a Church in Hampstead. So he recovered enough that he did not lose everything, but he lost that job.


When we had the dinner he said, yes, I read your book, it is a nice little book, put together nicely. Put together nicely? He said nothing about the message, he was not the least bit interested in what I had to say, just completely zip. When I was there the first time he acknowledged me as a pastor, this time it was like we were just nothing and he was everything, and he was just controlling the whole situation.


So we just went home; we said well, that is it, we tried, that is all over. That was about 2 years ago. Well, he came to my mind this morning. I said, Lord what is this? At this point I still did not understand that judgement was going out. The Lord just told me that before I walked out here. I wondered what he was doing in my mind, and the Lord said to me that it was true that he had gone into the website and he was reading the messages and he was doing it apart from God, and he had a bad spiritual experience that he went back on drugs and he was just terrified of us. He literally went back on drugs.


He went into esoteric doctrine; his mind was not ready for it. He did the wrong thing. God was going to take him into it if he would have submitted to God in this ministry. The Lord would have given him the real thing and he would have been safe but he did not do it. His pride got up, and he went back onto Kabbalah and the result was that he backslid. He was a recovering drug addict. He backslid on his drugs.


The Lord told me that he did recognise the message, he did recognise the ministry, he saw the book and it was bad for him, so he was terrified of us. That is why he did not even want to meet us for dinner. He was afraid to be near us. When he sat at dinner and dominated the whole conversation he did not what to hear anything I had to say, he was terrified of us.


I do not know why he came to my mind this morning. I had not thought about him in a long time, but something is happening in the spirit with regard to him. I do not know what. I do not know whether the Lord is giving him another chance. I do not know whether he is in trouble. I have no idea, but he was prominent in the spirit this morning, so we will pray for him. That is what the Lord told me. It was an explanation of what happened at that restaurant. He behaved that way because he was terrified at meeting with us.


There is one more experience that I want to talk to you about and that is with regard to Ceilie.


Ceilie was with this ministry for 23 years. I knew her for 23 years. I dealt with her on her sin nature for most of that time, at least 20 years. She heard the message of longevity. I had prayed heartfelt prayers for her that she should enter into longevity.


When she got the word from the doctor that she had 3 months to live, I tried to tell her. Look Ceilie, I know that you are very disappointed but you have to accept the fact that it does not look good. Of course God could do something the last minute so it is okay to keep up your hope, but you need to understand that he might let you enter into longevity and he might not. That is the attitude to take now that the doctor just told you that you have 3 months to live.


She did not want to accept that. She told me during subsequent conversation that she considered what I said a curse, and that she had broken my curses. She said that what she had to do was believe that she was going into longevity, she was not going to die, and that that is what the Scripture told her.


She was not even saying that is what I told her because she could not have said that to me. She said that is what the Scripture teaches. She became very…. I do not want to take too much time on this. She was just impossible to talk to. She became stone. And she hung up on me, so that was the end of the conversation.


I told her that what she believes is not true. The last thing that I said to her was, where are you getting this from? I did not teach you this. She said that she was getting it from the Scriptures. I said, oh so now, you are the teacher? And she hung up on me. The next day she called and left a message on the answering machine, a big long, message, saying, thank you for everything you did but I am leaving the ministry because I do not understand the message anymore.


I dealt with it as the Lord told me to deal with it. I did not call her back. She needed to repent. She did not call back. I was speaking to her in the spirit, telling her she has to call back. The bottom-line is that she did not call back and her family, who has hated this ministry since the first day back in 1991, called us and was very hostile to us.


They have been praying against us since 1991, trying to shut down the ministry. There is more than one person trying to shut down the ministry. The only thing I have to say is that if God lets you do it, God bless you. If he does not keep the house, there would not be a house.


Her son had called up very hostilely. He had spoken to the group of us that were here. He told us that we were not invited to the memorial service bla-bla-bla. So we were out of touch with her. We did not know what was going on.


Apparently she died on October 23rd 2013. We found out 3 weeks after the fact.


She is dead, and that is what happened, if anybody is questioning that. You have to be careful not to be politically correct, brethren. She did not die in right standing with God. She did not die in right standing with God. After all the years that she put into this ministry, her pride was more important to her than Christ in her.


We spent a lot of time here praying about it and talking about it. I just do not want to go over the whole thing. I just know that there are some people from outside of New York that are probably wondering, so I am trying to give you some brief information. We prayed about it a lot. We talked about it a lot. We sort God and this is my understanding today. She became frightened at the thought of death.


Brethren, I have faced death. I have almost died multiple times. So I can say this to you. I almost died multiple times. I went into the hospital in 1990, I knew I was dying.


I went in with the attitude that I knew God had told me he was going to heal me and I did not understand why I was dying when God told that he was going to heal me. But whatever happened, happened. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. At the time, I had a friend call me from Florida, she was very angry with me. She told me that actually I should have been doing what Ceilie did. I should be saying, no, I am going to live, putting my own will power into it.


She was all upset for herself. People lots of times look like they are upset for you but they are really upset for themselves. I was shaking her faith. I said, no I would not do it. Whatever God does, he does. I do not understand it, but whatever he does, he does. She would not give up, and I had to actually say to her, look I have to either change the subject or I have to hang up the phone. I was dying. I was so sick I had no energy in my body at all. We had to end the conversation. She could not accept what I was saying.


People that are in that carnal mind-set would not let you have your own opinion. Some of you may know Liz, Dick Cheyenne’s daughter. I like to listen to her; she is running for senator in Wyoming. I do not thing she has a chance but she is running for senator in Wyoming and her position is that she is against gay marriage. Her sister is in a gay marriage. She is married to another woman and they have children. I do not know where the children came from; they could have impregnated themselves or adopted the children.


The person interviewing her asked her how she could be against gay marriage when her sister is a gay wife. Liz Cheyenne said we have a difference of opinion, and this is about politics. We have a difference of opinion. Her sister (the one who is in the gay marriage) rises up and starts attacking her from Facebook, saying that they do not have any difference of opinion.


She said her sister was wrong; she was on the wrong side of history. That is the carnal mind; it will not tolerate another opinion. The sister was all upset saying that Liz came to their house and told her that she hopes that they are very happy and now she is against gay marriage.


You need to get your understanding clarified. That is her political position. She thinks it is wrong, but it is legal, and you got married and she loves you as your sister, and she hopes that you are happy. But she thinks that the law is wrong.


However, the fascists on the left would not let you have that opinion. I remember the first time I ever heard that was out of Ted Kennedy’s mouth. He was obnoxious, whoever he was attacking; I cannot remember who it was. I was horrified that they would talk to someone on the senate floor like that.


That spirit is what came up in Ceilie and she did not die in a good place. Christ in the individuals in this ministry is attached to Christ Jesus in me. They are suckling or they are nursing on Christ Jesus in me. She cut Christ in her off from his source of food. Her desire to live did not enable her to consider that it was a possibility she was going to die. I believe it came out of fear, but fear is pride. She yielded to fear.


She would not consider that it was a possibility she was going to die. She was almost 93 years old, she had cancer that had gone into her brain, and she refused to believe that she was going to die. You have to be realistic. That is not faith.


I believe that God could have done something for her if she did not lock him out of her life. She locked him out of her life and was trying to save herself by her own will power. Who knows what God would have done if she had stayed in Christ. By locking him out of her life and relying on her own will power she forced Christ in her into a pit underneath her carnal mind.


The truth, if you are brave enough to hear this, is that she died separated from Christ because of her pride.


Does this mean I did not love Ceilie? She slept in my house for over 20 years. Whether or not I love her has nothing to do with the fact that as a prophet of God I have to tell you that she died separated from Christ because of her pride, and that it was her choice.


I also have to tell you the way God sees it; it is my job to tell you the way God sees it. From his point of view, she killed Christ in herself. She sold him for her pride that was either terrified of dying or could not face the disappointment of hoping for longevity and it not looking like she was going to go into it (it is not over until it is over). She could not face that possibility, so she killed him.


I have known Ceilie for years, this is typical of her. She killed him before he could reject her. She killed him before she would be at the point of death, saying God disappointed me again, he did not bring me into longevity. She cut herself off from the teaching, before she would do that, and gave herself her own teaching. It is something like that, control issues.


What I just told you has nothing to do with whether or not I love her. It is the truth.


She died, and her family did not let us know. Her family hates the ministry. Her son absolutely hates me. Brethren, even if you think that this doctrine is false, there is no reason to hate somebody. I never did anything to the man. I know him for almost 23 years; I never did anything to hurt him or his wife, or his children. He cannot say anything bad about me.


He just hates me because he thinks I forced his mother to be in this ministry for 23 years and that it is a cult and that she is going to go to hell because she believes a false doctrine. I had Ceilie ask him many times, what if she was a Jehovah’s Witness, would he hate all the Jehovah’s Witnesses? It was not even rational.


Anyway, they did not want us at the memorial service. They cremated her, they did not invite us to the memorial service, and they did not even have the decency to let us know that she died. That is the story.


I did not know what was happening at the time. I did not know she had died. I really thought I would know if she died.


I was supposed to know that she died when I had the spiritual experience that I had, except that I did not understand it. She died on Wednesday 23rd October and that Sunday I told June that Ceilie’s presence was so powerful, was so strong after I finished preaching (at which time I was in a spiritually heightened state). She was filling up the room, it was so strong.


I did not get it at the time, but in retrospect, I would have to say that it was a righteous spirit, but my  carnal mind knew that she was not in right standing with God so I did not recognise it as a righteous spirit and I just spoke to her and said Ceilie, you have to repent. But in retrospect it was a righteous spirit. She had already died at the time.


What the Lord told me this morning was that that was Christ in her that came to say goodbye to his father. Christ Jesus in me, not me, generated Christ in Ceilie. Christ Jesus in me was the father of Christ in Ceilie. But that Christ died, I think, that is my understanding. Maybe he did not. It was a righteous spirit but my carnal mind did not perceive the truth because I did not have this understanding.


He came to say goodbye to his father. The question is this. Did Ceilie’s personality survive or not? The personality dies with the body unless it is joined to Christ. The personality dies with the body unless it is joined to Christ. For the people from Minnesota, I do not know how well you know this doctrine. I have been preaching it here for a long time, I cannot preach the whole thing but basically that is it.


The personality dies if all that you have is the Holy Spirit, the personality dies. If you have Christ, it is possible that the personality is saved. I do not know whether the Christ in Ceilie came to say goodbye to its father before it died or whether it was saved. The point is, as I understand it, that in order for that personality to be saved, it had to be attached to Christ Jesus in me. This is because its lifeline was Christ Jesus that is in this ministry, of which the hub of it is in me. The lifeline of it was here. By cutting herself off from me, she cut Christ off of its lifeline, so how could the personality be saved?


But what I am thinking right now is that when that Christ or whatever you want to call it (do not get hung up on calling it soul, spirit or personality, do not get hung up on that right now), when it came to say good bye to its father, maybe it reconnected to Christ Jesus and her personality was saved. Maybe that is what happened.


It is either it came to say good bye before it died or it reconnected and the personality was saved. That is very interesting, I do not know. We will see if I can get any kind of a witness to that.


The personality is Tevunah, that spiritual intelligence that came from the female of the God world of Atzilut, and that married the earth and became tarnished and corrupt because she was married to the serpent instead of to the male Adam. The personality is that breath of life in us which comes from the God world of Atzilut which is that spiritual intelligence that makes us a cut higher than the animals, joined to the earth. That spiritual intelligence joined to the earthen part of our being is the personality.


That would be wonderful news to me if it was true that the visitation re-joined the righteous part of her to Christ Jesus in me and that she is with the Lord today. That would be wonderful. If I get a witness from the Lord I will share it with you. That thought did not occur to me until I sat here and preached it to you.


These are all the spiritual things that have happened recently. Ceilie is the only one that happened maybe a week ago. All of the others happened this past week. And the message that I have for you today, which we will start after the break, is Thrones in the World to Come.


I will just read you the Alternate Translation of Revelation Chapter 3, verses 19-22 before we go on break.


This is the King James Version:


 Revelation 3:19-22

19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.



Let us begin with verse 1.


19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.



Alternate Translation:


Verse 19 I tell the friends… the people …that I am personally attached to… the Holy spirit does not attach you to Jesus, only Christ attaches you to Jesus …when they are wrong and instruct them in the corresponding, correct moral and spiritual principles… if you steal, I will tell you stealing is wrong, that if you want something that you do not have, you ask God for it. I tell you what is wrong and I tell you the moral and correct way to acquire what you are trying to attain to …the only way to avoid punishment, therefore… because I correct you and instruct you, the only way to avoid punishment therefore …is to zealously pursue righteousness and to change,


19 I tell the friends that I am personally attached to when they are wrong and instruct them in the [corresponding, correct] moral and spiritual [principles; the only way to avoid punishment], therefore, is to zealously pursue [righteousness] and to change,



You have to change. If I or anybody tells you that you are wrong and instructs you in righteousness and it does not produce change, you are one of those people that the Scriptures talks about when it says that the oven is hot, the fire is burning, but the wicked are not pulled out.


Jerimiah 6:29 

The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away.



In other words, you are all melted so you are eligible for change because your spiritual principles are melted. It is possible to change but you do not change. Why? The Scripture says that if you do not change it is because you love your sins. You love the darkness more that you love light. You love your pride.


John 3:19-20

19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

20 For every one that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved.



Back to Revelation Chapter 3


Revelation 3:20 

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.



20 Look, I am standing at the door [of the righteous mental plane]; if any [of my friends] hears the sound of my knock and opens the door, I will come into [his spiritual universe] and share my spiritual doctrine with him, because [Abel] in the midst of him is me, and



Verse 20 Look, I am standing at the door of the righteous mental plane; if any of my friends… anyone who is attached to me through Christ …hears the sound of my knock and opens the door, I will come into his spiritual universe and share my spiritual doctrine with him, because Abel in the midst of him is me… he is looking to join with himself in you. He is joining with himself in me.


He is not joining with the mule. He is not joining with the animal. He is joining with himself in me, and in you. He is separated from his female part. He is not looking to join with the mule. He is looking to get his female part back, and his female part is in a mule, which is us. So when he joins with his female part that is in us, we benefit from it and we go with her when she goes back to heaven with him.


21 To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.



21 I will permit whoever purifies himself to sit with me in my throne, even as I purified myself and am sitting with [Elijah], my father, in his throne,



He is offering us the same experience that he had.


22 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.



22 If any [of my friends] understands [what I am talking about], he should listen to what the Spirit [of Christ] is saying to the Churches,



And the message is judgement is coming.


Either you do it by receiving the correction and the instruction, and do the best you can to purify yourself and then he will come in to help you with the rest, or he is going to take you anyway because you are his body. If you are his friend, if Christ is in you, if there is any kind of attachment, you are his.


Brethren, I just got really excited. I am still waiting for another witness but I am really thinking that that was Christ in Ceilie that came to re-attach himself to Christ Jesus in me that night. That is really what I am thinking. I am thinking that God gave her a miracle.


Anyway, brethren, it is all about judgement. The kingdom of God is coming and you cannot enter in and take your sins with you.


The 2 kinds of judgement are already falling on the world, and largely on America. There is still enough freedom of religion here for him to manifest here. No one is knocking on our door yet, may it never happen. I am preaching this message here.


So there are 2 kinds of judgment flowing into the world. Just as a reminder, previously the sowing and reaping judgement that brought destruction came from Malchut, the lowest of the sephirot. It came from Satan in the minds of men; judgment by hurricanes, car accidents, things like that, came from the collective negative energy of the minds of men.


But there is a different kind of destructive judgement flowing into the earth right now. It is the destructive judgement coming from the grade of Binah of the God world of Atzilut. The Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting it from that high level. That is the blood of Jesus that is flowing into the world to judge governments and the people are the government. I explained this at the beginning. 


That is destruction, and unless, by the grace of God, you find out and believe that you made a mistake and you are willing to confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to forgive you, you are a part of that body that is under judgement.


I am not telling you that it is going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes judgement does not fall for 20 years. I am not telling you that you are going to go out and be killed tomorrow. Please if you are listening to me and you voted for a president who is pro-abortion, or pro anything else that is against God, I am not telling you that you are going to be destroyed tomorrow.


If you can hear it now, it is an opportunity for you to confess it as sin. I do not know when that judgement would fall. God has full discretion for it to fall whenever and wherever he wants it to. God has full discretion to forgive or not forgive you, for it to fall tomorrow or 20 years from now, or to have it fall on you or your children.


What I am telling you is that national judgement is falling today from a righteous place not from Satan in the minds of the people which is the sowing and reaping judgment. National judgement is falling from a righteous place in the God world of Atzilut.


I need more information as to the distinction between these 2 judgements, because they look the same to me; judgement coming from Satan, the unconscious part of the mind of people and judgement coming from the God world of Atzilut.


Judgement that comes from Satan, the unconscious part of the mind of people that have evil thoughts towards other people can produce a plane crash or tornadoes. And then the national judgment that is coming from the God world of Binah can produce a plane crash or tornadoes. So they are both producing the same thing but there has to be a distinction or difference between the 2 which I do not know right now.


If I do not know it by the time I come back from the break, as soon as I find, as soon as the Lord tells me, I will tell you.


The other judgement is the personal judgement which is pestilence/disease, famine or the sword/ crime in your life. We have every opportunity to avoid pestilence, famine and the sword. The pestilence is disease. Famine can be spiritual or physical famine. Famine can be that you do not have enough money to buy food. Famine can be a disease that does not allow your body to absorb the food. The sword is some form of crime in your life.


We have every reason to hope to avoid these 3 plagues, pestilence, famine and the sword, if we humble ourselves before God and receive his correction and his instruction, and are convicted of it, and sorrow to the point that he grants us repentance.


If you are in right standing with God, you have every reason to believe and hope that you would be delivered from the national judgments that are falling as tornadoes or plane crashes or something that you have no control over, something that is not specifically on you personally. You have every reason to believe and hope that you would be delivered from that kind of collective judgment that is for a group. God would somehow have you away from the area of danger.


If you are in right standing with God, he would have you away from cars falling off a bridge as happened in Minnesota, things like that. And only God can judge if you are in right standing with him or not. Do not fool yourself as to whether or not you are in right standing with God.


If you think that you are dealing adequately with your sins when they are revealed and you are not, you are the only one that is going to be hurt. If you hear me telling you that you think you are dealing with your sins adequately but you are not, you need to get on your face before God, because judgement has gone into another degree. It has descended to another degree.


On the personal level, you can be in Church every Sunday, if you are not in right standing with God, judgement will come upon you as disease, famine or you could be a victim of crime. If you think that you are in right standing but you are not, judgment will still fall on you. I am not here to scare you today; I am here to help you.


Anybody that looks at the world and does not see that judgement is falling is being extremely naïve. Judgement is descending into the earth in degrees. The way we escape punishment is by being willing to hear our sins revealed, to repent and accept the instruction, and to change.


You have to change. It is not just your behaviour that should change, your heart must change. Changing your behaviour alone would not do it; your heart must change. You must be convicted of your sin. If you cannot really do it, ask God to convict you that you are truly wrong. To believe that you are right and change your behaviour would not do it.


If you do not feel the conviction, ask him for it. Tell him that you do not believe that you are guilty; ask him to convict you so that your heart can change, so that you will be safe.


Let us take a break here. I need a break. I will be about 15 minutes.


We are taking a look at the Book of Revelations, the last few verses, 19-22 in Chapter 3 which are actually an introduction to Chapter 4.


We find out that the Lord is telling us that the natural progression of becoming his friend or having a relationship with him, is that we enter into judgement. The Holy Spirit alone does not make you a friend of God, but it is possible for the Holy Spirit to produce an imputed Christ in you, a Christ that is not permanent. The result of that is that you receive his male seed.


Having an imputed Christ would mean you have an acting Christ but the male seed is not present. You do not have the male seed. It is just like when the woman takes over the household if her husband dies. She is in the male role but she is not really a male. That can happen to you. He can grow up in you as a result of you receiving God and finding faith in God.


The presence of the Holy Spirit in you can be manifested through faith in God; it does not necessarily manifest only by speaking in tongues. The sign that you have connected with God is that you start pursuing him, that you desire him, that you miss him if you are not in his presence, and his presence is in the Word of God.


You might be going to a Church where they are hopping and singing and jumping and that is very good, it is fun and it is okay. However, if you are not interested in the Word at all, you need to question your experience with God, because when the music stops, where will you be?


You need the Word of God in your heart, and that is the beginnings of Christ. That you have this desire to pursue him is what makes you a friend of God. Of course we are told in the Scriptures that Abraham believed God and it was considered unto him as righteousness and therefore he was called the friend of God. It is the pursuit of righteousness that makes us the friend of God, and it is the pursuit of righteousness that results in Christ being formed in us.


It is not the hopping and the jumping and the dancing and the singing, which is all fine and good if you are also pursuing the Word of God, because that is where our righteousness is. Our righteousness is in the Word of God.


I would welcome additional time to develop this message that the Lord gave me late last night. I hope to take a look at the whole of Revelation Chapter 4. I have prepared verses 1-3. When I took a look at verse 4, I saw that from verse 4 we are going to be entering into a very deep study. So let us take a look at the first 3 verses and then I will give you an introduction to verse 4, at which point we will end the meeting.


Revelation Chapter 4 verses 1-4

1 After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.

2 And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

3 And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.

4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.



Verse 1 again, in the King James Version. After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard that fact that it says first voice means that there were voices to follow was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter.


I am on page 2 of my notes. This is the Alternate Translation in blue.


After that… after what? After the Lord warned me about judgement… He said, you came and you looked for me and you developed a relationship with me and I am telling you in advance that the natural outgrowth of a relationship with me is judgement.


You came to me, you asked me to bless you, you asked me to heal you, you asked me to get you a job, you danced and you sang, you read your Bible, the next step is judgement. The next natural step is judgment. There is no way to avoid it.


After the Lord told me that, I looked, and I saw that a door was open in heaven, and who is heaven? Heaven is Zeir Anpin. We would call him Christ Jesus today. He is heaven to us. He is a spiritual principle, a spiritual entity called heaven, and every spiritual entity or spiritual principle has an environment that rolls out from it. The progression is from a point to a line to an area.


Christ Jesus begins as a point and he increases into a line, that line of judgement that we read about in another Chapter of the Book of Revelation. In the Old Testament there is a Scripture that says behold a line has gone out before us.


Zechariah 2:1 

I lifted up mine eyes again, and looked, and behold a man with a measuring line in his hand.



Isaiah 28:17 

Judgment also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet: and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.



That is a line of judgement. It is the extension of the point, the increase of the righteousness that is penetrating into the earth.


The next step is area, which means he either takes over our physical body or he takes over a geographical area. He takes over a state. A state will become a Judeo-Christian state, for lack of a better way to express it. His spirit possesses a geographical area. The only way a spirit will possess a geographical area is if the people in that geographical area are honouring that spirit.


It starts out as a point, very small. He grows into a line of judgement. That judgement appears in the life of the individual and the life of the area that is occupied by the people that the point and the line are appearing in. Eventually you have a city, or a town, or a country, and eventually a world that will honour that point, that point being the invisible God out of which everything that we see today appeared.


After that I looked, after he warned me about judgement and told me that there is an easy way to go and a hard way to go and I saw that a door was open in heaven, and the first sound that I heard was a trumpet talking to me, saying, come up here and I will show you what must inevitably come to pass after the Lord Jesus joins himself to Abel in the midst of you,


1 After that I looked, and I saw [that] a door was open in heaven, and the first sound that I heard was a trumpet talking to me, saying, come up here and I will show you what must inevitably come to pass after [the Lord Jesus] joins [himself to Abel] in the midst of you,



So first you have a point which is Abel in the midst of you. Then the Lord Jesus comes down and joins himself to Abel, and you have a line. You have a line from the Lord Jesus down to Abel in the midst of you. Next comes area. He wants to possess your whole body and mind with his righteousness. That possession wants to spread to all mankind, because we belong to him.


Verse 2 And immediately I was in the spirit: and I saw a throne set in heaven, I saw a throne set in the area which revealed the consciousness of Christ Jesus. If the point started in you, Abel was the point, and then the Lord Jesus came down and joined with Abel in you, the point became a line, then the line spread out in your mind, in your consciousness, and your body and you became baptised in the spirit of Christ.


And immediately I was in the spirit: and I saw a throne set in heaven, so this throne is set in the person that became the area which followed the appearance of the point and the line. The throne is in the midst of the area that the point spread into. Abel in you is the point. The Lord Jesus comes down and joins with him and that forms the line. The definition of a line is the distance between 2 points.


The point, Abel, starts in you. The Lord Jesus from his spiritual height in the spirit where everything is condensed is a point. The Lord Jesus is a point in the God world of Atzilut when he is up there. That point comes down and joins the point in you, and then we have a line. That which is formed from the union of the 2, which is Christ and then Christ Jesus in different stages of growth, spreads out and the area, the person that this line is in, becomes an expression of Christ Jesus, who is the son of the God of the Bible.


When there are a lot of people with this experience together, the city or the town that they dwell in becomes an area that is a home or expression of that spirit.


1 After that I looked, and I saw [that] a door was open in heaven, and the first sound that I heard was a trumpet talking to me, saying, come up here and I will show you what must inevitably come to pass after [the Lord Jesus] joins [himself to Abel] in the midst of you,



First he is told about it, and now he is having the experience.


2 And immediately I was in the spirit: and I saw a throne set in heaven, and [someone] sitting on the throne,



And immediately I was in the spirit: and I saw a throne set in heaven, I saw a throne set in the area that was the expression of the union of the 2 points that form the line and [someone] sitting on the throne,


So he saw a vision of what I have just explained to you.  Back to verse 1 for a minute. He said come up here and I will show you what must inevitably come to pass within you after the Lord Jesus joins himself to Abel in the midst of you a throne will come into existence in you. Christ Jesus will come into existence in you, and the Lord Jesus is the one who will be sitting on the throne.


My comment is: The throne is Christ. The One sitting on him, or joined to him, is the Lord Jesus.


Verse 3, Kings James version


3 And he that sat was to look upon like a jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an emerald.



I should have said that we get very deep starting from verse 3. I am going to give you an overview of verses 3 and 4. We are not going to go into it in-depth today.


Verse 3 is talking about colours. I mentioned at the beginning of the message that colours signify the sephirot, in particular the energy in the sephirot, and even more, the degree of vibration, or the decibel of the vibration of the energy within the sephirot. That energy produces a variety of colours depending on the rate of vibration.


In order to preach this message to you, I went into 2 of my study books. This dropped on me at 2 o’clock in the morning so I got up a little early and did the best I could. But I am really happy that I do not have to preach it today. This will give me a couple of days to be more prepared to teach this to you.


We will be dealing with Orchard of Pomegranates or in Hebrew Pardes Rimonim by Rabbi Moshe Cordovero. I have showed you these books in the past. I am getting more and more reluctant to scan pages and send them out to you, unless you agree to destroy them after the message is over. The books are not cheap, but if anyone is interested in buying one, this is Parts 9-12.


They are labelled in a very confused way. There are only 4 volumes that are in print. This is not volume number 1. I do not know which volume it is because it does not tell you. It just says Parts 9-12. It is not a cheap book, but if you should feel inclined to make the expenditure, having books like this in your house is a blessing.


What you keep in your house attracts the spirit to you. If you have unclean objects in your house it attracts unclean spirits. If you have Godly books in your house it attracts Godly spirits. I am not telling anybody to buy it; like I said the book is probably $80 today. However, if you have an extra $80 and you are asking God what he wants you to do with it, he might want you to pick up this book.


In this book, we are on Part 10. We would be looking at Chapters 1-4, the meaning of colours in the sephirot. It is a deep study. All that I am going to tell you right now as a general introduction is that red is the colour of judgment, but there is also a joyful redness, which means good judgement that arouses love and happiness. Deliverance is a form of judgement that arouses love and happiness.


There are 7 colours in the rainbow. The colours of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Indigo is between blue and violet.


We are talking about electro-magnetic radiation which is energy.  All electro-magnetic radiation is light which is a form of energy. The electro-magnetic spectrum consists of both visible and invisible light. The different colours have different wave lengths. The colours typify energy and these energies are invisible, they interact with each other. There is a mixing of the colours and each variation or each mixture is a different degree of energy.


These energies are creative forces for the person that is mature enough to wield it. Energy is a weapon for the person that God gives permission to wield this weapon. That person has creative power. That creative power can bring about the conception of the manchild in a human being. This is one of the basic uses of such creative powers. Beyond that, there is the ability to re-create damaged or missing parts of the body. I honestly do not know the degree to which the Lord will let us see this in the immediate future.


We saw that in Pentecost but that was a gift. That was a taste of the world to come. It was not everybody that received a miracle like that. Not every blind person got their sight back. Not every person who did not have an eye received a new eye. That was in the Bible because it was unusual. Not every person in a wheel chair got out of the wheelchair. The people who experienced those miracles were a testimony, a witness to the presence of God.


What is coming is the creative power to do this at will. That is what is coming, and beyond that eternal life. Beyond that, we are talking about the creative power of thought to simply materialise everything that you need. We may not see this for a thousand years, I do not know.


We are told that famine is coming. I hope it is not true, but we are told that famine is coming to this very country of plenty. It already exists in other countries. We may have people that are hungry here but I cannot say that we have a famine here where there is no food. Whole groups of people migrated from Ireland years ago because of the famine that came from the failure of the potatoes crop. There was no food to eat. There was famine, no food. That is what they are saying is going to happen in America.


The creative power of God can manifest food, clothing, shelter, and healing. This condition that we are in down here in this world is a vile fallen condition. We are so needy and vulnerable and need outside support. We need food from outside of us. We need clothing from outside of us. We need shelter, building, from outside of us. We are not only in a spiritually female position; we are in a spiritually infantile position. If you will just stop and think about it, mankind today is as dependent as an infant.


We are as dependent as an infant on someone outside of us providing our need. The only difference is the infant lays there and the mother puts the jump suit on him. We go to the store and buy the clothing and put it on. We are just as vulnerable; we are naked. We must be covered; we must be sheltered. We must be bathed from the outside. If these provisions disappear, basically we die, just like the infant who is not cared for. We are talking about the potential power to create anything we truly need.


Listen to this, brethren. I am sitting here preaching to you about the power of the spirit of God manifesting through the mind and the mouth of a man to create anything that would be needed by a human being while at the same time many voices are preaching famine.


Can you hear this? Who do you believe? Both are true. Famine is probably coming but what you need to hear today is that the creative power to provide everything that we need is coming to the spiritual males of the kingdom of God. That which you focus on is much more likely to be true for you. I cannot promise you anything. But if you do not believe it and you focus on the famine, that is what is coming to you.


Brethren, you have to stay in the Word that gives you faith in God, and you have to stay in the message. Famine is coming. The creative power of the male to provide the food as demonstrated by Jesus of Nazareth is coming.


If that famine should come, or if a food shortage should come, you need to be able to seek God as to his provision. If you are hungry and you do not have any food on your shelves, and you think in your mind that the only source of food is the grocery store, and your prayers are specifically focused on that, asking God for the grocery store that has bread, that has what you need, you are not going to hear him tell you that he has a spiritual male just a mile away from your house that has the creative power to manifest all the food you need, go down there.


You are not going to hear the instruction if you have it in your mind that what you need is the grocery store. We have to offer up our problems to God, and say, for instance, Jesus, there is no food in my house, what would you have me to do? We should not be saying what store do you want me to go to? We have to ask him what he would have us do.


Something like that happened in the Bible (1 Kings 17). There was a woman that had just a little bit of food left. She was going to make her last meal for her and her son and then prepare to die. Elijah went to her and asked her to prepare food for him out of the handful of meal in a barrel, and a little oil in a cruse that was left and her food was replenished and lasted throughout the period of famine.


1Kings 17:13-14

13 And Elijah said unto her, Fear not; go and do as thou hast said: but make me thereof a little cake first, and bring it unto me, and after make for thee and for thy son.

14 For thus saith the LORD God of Israel, The barrel of meal shall not waste, neither shall the cruse of oil fail, until the day that the LORD sendeth rain upon the earth.



There is a tendency for someone who is starving, and who is not thinking along these lines, to think that whoever asks them to give away whatever little they have because God said so, is crazy. If you are not open to the supernatural, it would not happen. I cannot promise you anything but if you are not open to it, it would not happen. I can tell you that. You have to be able to hear from God. If he tells you to go to the grocery store, you go to the grocery store.


The same thing applies to your health. If he tells you to go to the doctor, you go to the doctor, but ask him first. It is the only way that you are going to survive.


Electro-magnetic energy is coming. The creative power that we saw in Jesus Christ is returning to the earth. It is manifesting now as judgment. Is it not capable of providing food now? I am sure that it is. Why is it not happening? We do not need it. There is still food in the stores. If you are under the sound of my voice and you are hungry, you have no food to eat, when you pray, I would not recommend that you expect the barrel and cruse to be filled up so that you can go and sell it.


He will get food to you or you will get money to buy the food. God is very practical. You need to be open to this. You need to be open to anything. Do not dictate the solution to your problem to God. Tell Jesus what your problem is and let him tell you what to do. A little teaching like this can save you. A lack of this knowledge can bring destruction into your life.


You do not tell Jesus what to do. You present the problem to him, and then he tells you what to do. This is so important, brethren, and you need to practice it in your lives. I demand it here in the ministry. If you come to me for prayers, do not to tell me what to pray for, just tell me what your problem is. When the anointing falls on me, I will pray. You must learn this. It is essential.


We are really doing well in this ministry; I have not had this problem here in a long time.


There are 7 visible colours in the rainbow, and we are told there is a rainbow around the throne. A spectrum of all the colours of the energy of God is present in this throne. The principle is that every colour was there. The whole 10 sephirot were there, and the mixtures thereof. All of the potential energy necessary to provide every need that any man could ever want was present, and this throne was in the midst of a man.


You either have to have the throne in the midst of you or find the man that has the throne in the midst of them, as God leads you.


I said this in a recent message, and I feel inclined to say it again. If God forbid, I ever found myself apart from this ministry where the power of God just pours out day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year (it is incredible), I would not cease from praying, asking God where his anointing was.


When I was in Gospel Revivals where we did old order deliverance, I remember Pastor Holzhauser saying that he had never seen anything like it, that every time we came into service, the fire of God for deliverance poured out. He said that he had never seen anything like it in all of his years as a pastor or believer.


That memory came to me the other day. I have never seen anything like this; that the anointing pours out continuously every day for 25 years. We are 25 years old. Maybe once in 25 years there was no anointing here because we were under some kind of an attack. It was not that God withdrew his spirit. Do you know how incredible that is?


Do you know how many dead Churches are out there? Well, if God forbid, I should ever find myself without the anointing I would not cease from praying, asking God where his anointing was.


Let us say that God wanted to teach me something and I had a spiritual experience, I woke up in another timeline and I was not Sheila Vitale and I was not a pastor, I was not preaching. I was just an average believer and I could not find a Church. There was no anointing in every Church that I went to. Brethren, I would not cease from praying, asking God where his anointing was.


I would say to him, Where is your power? Show me where your power is. I want to know that person that is manifesting your power. I want to see that Church. Then I would ask him if he would let me attend. I would even ask him if he would let me pack up and move. I would ask him if that is what he wants me to do.


I know there will never cease to be a place in this earth where the power of God is pouring out. It might be in some little corner of the world that you would never find in a million years, but God knows where it is, and someone that has this revelation and will not stop asking until he shows them, will find that place.


With regards to the Azusa Street revival, the person that was asking became the source of the answer. The power of God will never leave this earth. If you cannot find it, you have not prayed or looked hard enough. This is not to indict you, it means do not stop praying and asking.


Oh, the wisdom of God. My people perish for lack of knowledge. I was perishing for lack of knowledge. One thing I do is ask a lot of questions, and this is where I wound up. This is a partial result of all of my questions. You have to chase after him. The first time I heard that the power that pours out is a result of the longing for it on the earth I was offended, in my naivety, my ignorance as a young believer.


I thought surely, God came after us first. I heard that he loved me before I loved him. But it is the reality that he responds in kind to the degree with which we seek him. Of course he loves us. He always loves us; he loves all of mankind. But love does not mean he is pouring out his spirit. Love means he desires to be attached to us. He desires us, but he responds to the ones that seek him.


All of these colours are around the throne signifying all of the 10 sephirot plus all of the different blends of the 10 sephirot, all of these different degrees of energy, not only all of which are needed for creation, the principle which just gets me so excited.


I do not know when, or how much, or what form the Lord will teach me this, but the Kabbalists of old (only God knows whether they were in God or not, I am not prepared to judge that) were able to pull different combinations of energy with their mind. It is just like what the herbalist or someone in the New Age or in witchcraft does when they make potions. They pull this off the shelf and that off the shelf and that off the shelf, and they make their potion.


I do not want anything that is not God, but there is an element of this that is in God, when he is in it. There is an element of it that is in God. You do it with your mind. They know which degree of combinations of energies will produce the desired result. I have no idea at what point the Lord will let me do that. There has to be a degree of righteousness present. It is a degree of righteousness in maturity in Christ Jesus. I do not have it. I do not know how to do that.


I will tell you this though. One time someone that I knew lost all of their furniture. I prayed for them. This was years ago. I was in the deliverance ministry. I felt that they were robbed, that it was not God’s will that it happened to them, that it was a result of a mistake that they made which they repented of. I prayed for them that the furniture be restored.  I had the faith to ask that a whole house of furniture be restored. In my mind, I was thinking of a miracle, puff and the furniture will come back, but it did not.


However, one year later, through a series of miracles, the house was fully furnished again. We have answers to our prayers in accordance with the degree of power that we have. There is a place in God where you think house full of furniture and it appears. It cannot be for selfish reasons. All of you people out there that do not have any furniture yet and are trying to furnish a house, you have to get the money and go and buy it. We are talking of a much higher degree of spirituality and righteousness.


Lord willing on Sunday, we will talk more about the colours. Purple is beauty, blood red is Gevurah.


I just want to talk for a couple of minutes about verse 4 and then we will end the message. Verse 4 is just really interesting. It talks about the 24 thrones and 24 elders. I prayed and prayed about that.


I told the Lord that I cannot see 12 thrones. I just cannot find the number 12. I looked through the Scriptures, and I went into the Zohar. I see 2 thrones, I see 3 thrones. Twenty-four thrones is the doubling of 12; that is the number 12. I cannot find 12 thrones anywhere that makes any sense to me at all. I cannot make any sense out of this.


As I prayed about it, the thought came to me that maybe I have to look at the symbology of the number. So I looked to the Hebrew letters; I looked to the number 20. The numbers in Hebrew are manifested through the letters. This is the book that I use for this, if anyone is interested. You can get used books if you want; if anyone wants these books, they can get used ones. This one in particular is a used book. Actually, the used Pardes Rimonim costs more money that the brand new one. A lot of my books are used books. This is The aleph-bet by Rabbi Yitzhak Ginsberg. If you are interested, I can give you the rest of the information.


It gives information on every one of the Hebrew letters. The Hebrew letter that is the number 20 is the 11th Hebrew letter. The 11th Hebrew letter is number 20. I pursued that through with numbers and each Hebrew letter has its own meaning. There is a chapter on each Hebrew letter.


What is coming down through this concept of 24 thrones and 24 elders is very, very fascinating.  Then I remembered a Scripture in another part of the New Testament that fascinated me and I pulled that out. It is Mathew Chapter 19 Verse 28.


Mathew 19:28 

And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.



Revelation Chapter 4 Verse 4


Revelation 4:4 

And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.



Somewhere down there I think it talks about judging the tribes of Israel too. So I have a clue as to why it is 12 in one place and 24 in another place. I have some very interesting material to give you. I am very grateful that the Lord has given me more time to develop it. We have a very interesting message coming up on Sunday. Are there any questions before we leave?


God bless you. I thank all the people from Minnesota who joined us today; it was nice seeing you. God bless you all. Have a good day. Lord willing I will see you on Sunday.


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