531 - Part 1

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             Praise the Lord. I am going to do the best I can to introduce you to the study of Kabbalah, which is a many- faceted study. I have not yet studied it in depth myself, but the Lord has told me to teach you as I learn, which is pretty much what I have been doing all these years in this ministry.


            We are going to look at a couple of books on Kabbalah, and I am going to compare what I read to what the Lord has already taught us concerning the Doctrine of Christ. We are going to learn some new things. I am going to disagree with a couple of things, and I am hoping  that increased knowledge for us, and everyone who listens to these tapes or these transcripts, will come forth out of this study. I have already been very blessed by what I've read so far. I have several books here, and I will name them as we get going.


            I have learned the meaning of certain New Testament Scriptures that I just could not understand until I saw the Hebrew significance behind it. I have already been greatly blessed by an understanding that comes forth from a knowledge of the Hebrew language, even though I don't have a knowledge of the Hebrew language. All of my studies in the Hebrew have been done based on Strong's concordance and the Interlinear Text. I am  lacking the basic tools that people, especially the early Jews and people who have a working knowledge of ancient Hebrew have. The study of Kabbalah, some people call it Jewish Mysticism,  is very, very old. Legend tells us that it is the knowledge that Abraham had, the knowledge that Abraham received directly from God and passed on to his offspring. Actually, I read in one book that the knowledge was given to Adam who passed it on to Noah, who passed it on to Abraham.


            Let me make this clear right now. There are several trains of thought that all call themselves Kabbalah, and they are not all in agreement. We are going to have to pray about certain knowledge and find out which knowledge the Lord wants us to take.


            First of all, I have written on the board Kabbalah spelled with a "K" which is usually the way the Hebrews spell it. Kabbalah spelled with a "C" is usually the way the Christians who appropriated this knowledge and applied it to Christianity spell it, and Kabbalah spelled with a "Q," not followed by a "U," just a "Qa," is usually referring to the occultists that have adopted the spiritual knowledge that is in the Kabbalah, and applied it to and mixed it with the spiritual knowledge that they already had.


            Please forgive me if I am pronouncing any of these words wrong because I have no key to check out the pronunciation of the words, so I am doing the best I can. One of the ultimate goals of the study of Kabbalah is to attain to spiritual power. Now, I know that I want to attain spiritual power in Christ Jesus. I would like the ability to heal and to be healed. I would like to enter into the promise of eternal life, and to have the privilege of imparting it to others.


            I do not believe that you have to physically die to attain to eternal life. I believe that the Christians, that exist today anyway, have not entered into or are not eligible to enter into eternal life. Why? Because they are all dying. What that says to me, is that we have not yet inherited the promises. The promises of God which are yea and amen, they are ours by faith, but we do not see Christians today entering into the promise to cease from dying. Therefore, somewhere along the line someone came up with a solution to the problem saying, I have faith in God; therefore, we must enter into eternal life after physical death. But brethren, this is not so. This is not so.


            Jesus Christ is our elder brother. He is the one who has entered in before us. He is our example. We are to look to Him to see what to expect for ourselves, and He entered into eternal life without dying. He said, No man can take my life, but He gave it up willingly, so that He could be converted into a different form out of the flesh, a form of pure spirit, which could be distributed to all of the members of humanity.  Jesus is a point of contact which can deliver all of humanity out of this fallen world.


            Jesus attained unto eternal life while He was still in the flesh, and that, I believe, is what we are hoping for in this hour. I believe that is the next step in the program of God to stop us from dying. We have to be very careful in our study of Kabbalah because some of the teachers of Kabbalah tend toward magic and occult purposes.


            The bottom line from what I have seen so far, is a lack of understanding, at least to some degree in some teachers, and to a greater degree in other teachers. There is a lack of understanding that something has to be added to us for us to be restored to the world above. I see an understanding in Kabbalah that there was a fall, and an understanding that there needs to be a restoration, but so far I have not seen an understanding  in these books that we need a Savior to be restored to the world above.


            We have to be very careful as we go through the books, and learn what the Lord wants us to learn from them. Now, I am more leery of the books that incorporate Hindu teaching, for example, with the Hebrew teaching. If I am reading an author that tends to incorporate Hindu teaching with the Hebrew teaching, I am very alert.


            Now, those of you who have studied with me know that I talk about Hinduism, and that I have used Hinduism to point up spiritual principles in the Doctrine of Christ, but I cannot go along with the two books on Kabbalah that I have read so far, where the author has used Hinduism as a second witness to what they are saying about the Hebrew Kabbalah. All I can say is that we have to be very careful, and I am going to try to do that.


            I would like to read to you the goals of studying Kabbalah according to one of these authors, and I think they are good goals. Let me tell you this first. He says there are four kinds of Kabbalah, the practical Kabbalah, the literal Kabbalah, the unwritten Kabbalah, and the dogmatic Kabbalah.


            The practical Kabbalah, he says, deals with talisman and ceremonial magic, and we are not looking at that. As far as I know, that is wielding power outside of the will of God, and I haven't really found a book yet that deals with it. Most of the books that I've seen do not deal with that.


            The literal Kabbalah is a knowledge of the leading principles of Kabbalah.


            Kabbalah deals with the study of letters and numbers. Now, I am talking about the literal Kabbalah. I have not changed my position. It is the study of letters and numbers, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a letter and a number. Just like we would say a, b, c, d, e.... a would be #1, b would be #2, c would be #3, and then as you get up higher, some of the higher letters become 100, 200, and 300, etc. I am not going to get into that right now, because I really want to get away from all of these details. I am trying to give you the basic principles of what Kabbalah is.


            The literal Kabbalah has to do with the study of letters and numbers, which I will give you the basic concept of. The unwritten Kabbalah, apparently, is so holy, its spiritual principles are so holy, that they have never been written down. They have only been passed by word of mouth from teacher to disciple, and I want to tell you that right now we have that unwritten Kabbalah available to us through the Glorified Jesus Christ. He is our spiritual  teacher.


            The dogmatic Kabbalah is talking about dogma or doctrine. The one book that I know of off hand that has to do with doctrine is the Zohar, and that is just a delightful series of five volumes giving revelational comments on the Scripture, as we know the Scripture,  we can relate to that most easily.


            These are the basic goals of Kabbalah as stated in The Kabbalah Unveiled, a translation of a Hebrew book. According to my understanding, it is one of the basic books to read, if you want to pursue Kabbalah. He says that the goals of Kabbalah are to solve the following philosophical problems: The Supreme Being, His nature and His attributes, the cosmogony, (the understanding of the cosmos), the creation of angels and man, the destiny of man and angels, the nature of the soul, the nature of angels, demons, and elementals, the import or the importance of the revealed law, (we have some knowledge of the law of God), the transcendental symbolism of numbers, (we haven't really touched on that very much, just very, very basically), the peculiar mysteries contained in the Hebrew letters (which we will touch on it), and the equilibrium of contraries.


            The pursuit of these studies is what Kabbalah covers. Now, this equilibrium of contraries is a principle that I will talk to you about later. It is talking about balance, and the best example that I can give you right now is that the whole Tree of Life is the Tree of Life plus the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Negative and positive. This whole creation is negative and positive, and when the two are joined with the positive ruling, we have a balanced universe, whether that universe be inside of us, whether that universe be this nation, or this planet, or the whole creation. This is a creation of good and evil influences, and we are at peace when there is a balance between the two.


            The Scripture says that there is a path where no fowl flies. There is a place where there is peace and contentment in Christ Jesus, and that place is where Christ in you rules over all of the powers and principalities within you and within me. Now to get to that place of peace and contentment and power over all aspects of your life, you have to believe that there are negative principles within you. If you cannot believe that there are negative principles within you that need to be reconciled to the positive principles within you with the positive principles ruling, if you can't believe that, then you don't have any foundation to build on.


            Jesus talks about the regeneration, and there is a mention in the Scripture of the reconciliation of the all. In the King James Translation it says "the reconciliation of all things," but the words "all things" are in italics, which means that the King James translators added those words in. The Greek simply says, "the reconciliation," or "the reconciliation of the all." What does that mean? It means the reconciliation of the negative aspects of the creation to the positive aspects of the creation, with the positive aspects of the creation ruling over the negative. And that state of peace, that cessation of spiritual warfare, that cessation of conflict in our life, is attained by the putting down of the negative forces within us.


            It is possible for you and me to have peace of mind and full power and authority and victory over every negative aspect in our life, including our physical bodies, and death, when Christ Jesus within us is fully ruling over our negative principles. And the only way Christ Jesus can fully rule over our negative principles, is through marriage to the Glorified Jesus Christ who represents the full aspect of the Godhead to us, including that aspect of the Godhead which the Kabbalah calls "unknowable."


            We will talk about the different grades of the Godhead. The Kabbalah talks about the unlimited, the unknowable aspect of God, but I know that the New Testament tells me that Paul spoke to a certain group of people, and he said to them, This unknowable God, this unknown God that you worship, I declare Him unto you.  For this reason I am taking the position, unless the Lord changes my mind, that what is called "the unknowable" in Kabbalistic studies, is not an aspect of God that the Godhead desires to keep from man, but it is an aspect of God that the Lord desires to reveal to man and has, in fact, revealed to man, through the Glorified Jesus Christ.


            The problem is that our minds are so carnal that we cannot receive our inheritance, which comes with knowledge. Oh Sheila, you mean you have to be brilliant to receive everlasting life in God? No, but the gradual impartation of eternal life builds you in knowledge. They go together. You do not have to be knowledgeable first, to receive your inheritance. That's like saying, and some people believe, that you have to be cleansed from sin before you can receive Jesus. No, that is not true. As Christ Jesus and eternal life is imparted to you, He is imparted with knowledge. Therefore, you should know that if you receive spirituality without knowledge, you may be hearing from  a spirit other than the Spirit of Christ, which is your inheritance.


            The equilibrium of the contraries is the last (in this book anyway) aspect of what Kabbalah is hoping to accomplish. Now that is a hidden word. There is a hidden message in that, because what does the equilibrium of the contraries mean? It means spiritual power. To have your principalities, to have everything within you in equilibrium means that you will be walking in spiritual power,  above death, with power over all the power that exists in this fallen world.  You have to know what that means. You see, it sounds like a simple little statement, but it is really a very powerful statement.


            The bottom line is that everybody that pursues spiritual studies is seeking power. Why? Because we all have problems in this world. The question is, will we attain that power through Christ Jesus or will we attain it through our own selves, through our carnal minds and through our own knowledge? This is where I have a problem, and perhaps the Lord is going to teach me. I told the Lord I wasn't ready to teach this, that I hadn't learned enough to teach it, but the Lord told me to teach as I study, and to be careful to not teach dogmatically. I have no intention of teaching dogmatically. If I disagree with something that I read, I will tell you that I disagree with it, and I will tell you why, and I will leave myself open to the Lord showing me that I am wrong, and telling you in a future message that the Lord has changed my mind.


            This is the way we are going. I have welcomed the dogmatic aspect of Kabbalah with open arms, but I don't agree with all of the revelation that I've read, although I do receive most of it. I have found, however, in some areas, that the Doctrine of Christ has a deeper revelation than I am finding in the dogmatic aspect of Kabbalah. But, overall, the dogmatic aspect of Kabbalah, the doctrinal aspect of it, has been a great blessing to me, giving me insight into the Scripture that I have not had before. The areas where I have a problem are where I see the teaching going beyond the presence of Christ Jesus. That's where I have a problem, where I see them going into power through knowledge alone, and denying the necessity of dying to self so that Christ Jesus can mature in us. That's where I have a problem.


            Also, at the moment anyway, I have a problem with one of the methods of reaching God or finding this higher knowledge through the Hebrew letters. Now I may be pronouncing it wrong, but I am pronouncing it "Gematria," and I perceive it to be a practice that can be likened to the Old Testament practice of drawing lots (where everyone pulls a straw), and the person that pulls the short straw is "it." But you have to believe that God is in it because they prayed before you did it, and they were under the law, they were under the Old Covenant.


            I see the practitioners of Kabbalah playing with the letters of the Hebrew words to such a degree that it can only be a supernatural manifestation of the Spirit of God imparting high revelation to them, with the letters of these words as a point of contact, or just outright witchcraft. It has to be one or the other because what they do is they take the letters of a word, and pull them apart, and reassemble them. For example, there are many formulas that they have. Just by way of example, let's do it with an English word so you can get the idea of what I am talking about. Let me put this on the board for you. [See Drawing # 1  On The Inside Of The Back Cover.]


            Now the overall name for playing with the letters of Hebrew words, and with the Hebrew words, is called Gematría, and each formula that is used has a different name. I am not going to get into all these names now because they are Hebrew names, and they are just going to confuse me, as well as you. We are trying to stick with the really basic principles and trying to give you an idea of what the ancient Hebrews have done with the Hebrew letters. Don't misunderstand me, I fully believe that when these ancient Hebrews, back anywhere from the 11th to the 16th century [maybe it is happening today, I don't know, but all these books were written between the 11th and the 16th century] -- that the rabbis, it was always rabbis that were under the Spirit of God, that mixed and matched the letters of all these words, and came out with high revelation of the Scripture.


            I've read a couple of examples in these books, and have been absolutely amazed at what they have gotten by playing with these letters. I am trying to impart to you my belief that these Hebrew words and Hebrew letters were just a point of contact that the spirit of revelation was flowing through. Just like my point of contact in bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ is the King James Translation. You have to have some point of contact unless you are an absolute spiritual genius, who brings this knowledge forth with no foundation under you. I know that I could not bring forth the Doctrine of Christ without the King James Translation, and, in the same manner, the ancient Hebrews used the Hebrew Scripture as their foundation, and that Gematria is one of the methods that they used.


            I want to make it very clear that I am not trying to mock them. I am just trying to give you an English example of what they did with the Hebrew. They would take a word like grace, and they would take each letter of the word and give it another meaning, and they would come up with a whole new idea. [See Drawing # 1  On The Inside Of The Back Cover.] What we did here is, we said g = give, and r = reason, a = apple, c = cheese, e = eat, and we come up with saying, the word grace means: "Give me the reason to eat apples with cheese." But when the ancient Hebrew rabbis did this, they came up with profound spiritual truths, and I am not at all mocking the method. I am just making it simple for you to understand it.


            Now, I think that everybody here should be able to understand that this is an open door for a wrong spirit to get in, and that if a wrong spirit gets in it is a spirit of witchcraft. It is like playing with a Ouija board. It is the same thing that they are doing with the Bible code that you read about today. There are people looking at the Bible, and they put all the letters of the Scripture into a computer. Originally, the Scripture was not even broken down into words. It was just one letter after the other, and the reader had to decide where the word ended.


            From the very beginning, the Hebrew has been a supernatural language that is open to the interpretation of the reader. And if you have the Spirit of God, you are going to get high revelation in the Word of the Spirit, and if you have the wrong spirit you are going to get high revelation of Satan's doctrine. It is a very dangerous thing for the beginner. You had better know who you are when you get into this stuff, from what I have heard. I've just started, but my foundation for Pursuing Kabbalah is that I've been laboring in the Doctrine of Christ for years and, therefore, the Lord has allowed me to enter into this study to see what I can learn from it, to see what I can find that will enhance my knowledge. Apparently, He feels that I have enough background to be able to reject or, at least put before Him, what doesn't sound right.


            Does anybody not understand what I am saying? That if you come in here as a beginner, surely you are going to wind up in magic. Satan is going to jump right in, and you are going to be practicing witchcraft. You might as well just throw the dice or play with the Ouija board, or do anything like that. The knowledge and the revelation these ancient Hebrew rabbis came up with from playing with all these words, is quite amazing. And there are all different formulas. This is just one.


            Another formula is that they would take a whole sentence of Scripture, and take just the first letter of every word of that whole sentence, or of a whole verse of Scripture. They would take just the first letter of every word and make up a word. It is amazing the truth that they got out of it. Then on other occasions, they would take a whole verse and take just the last letter of each word and put it together. To me, anyway, unless the Lord shows me otherwise, at this point it is just very obvious to me that it is just a point of contact that opens the reader to spiritual revelation, and that we must be very careful getting into this kind of thing, and really be sure that the Lord is with us.


            I believe in it, I believe in it. I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. I believe that God uses this. I believe that He uses it, but you have to be really sure that it is God, and I will tell you this. Those of you that follow me, you know that for a long time now the Lord has been showing me how to use the Hebrew prefixes and telling me what the Hebrew prefixes mean and a knowledge of what these prefixes mean concerning the Hebrew words that we are studying. The prefixes really enhanced and almost change the revelation of the Hebrew words as you read the Interlinear Text. A knowledge of the prefixes has made a big, big difference in our understanding of the Scripture.


            Another step that the Lord had me take, which was a big step for me at the time, is that if I would look up a word [Gesenius is basically the Hebrew lexicon that I use] and I could not find a meaning of the word that would sit right with what the Lord was telling me what the whole verse was meaning, I would look either above that word or below that word in the lexicon, and I would see another word with the same letters but different vowels. And, at some point in my studies, the Lord told me, Well, you could use that other word because there were no vowels in the Hebrew letters when the Scripture first came forth. The later translators put the vowels in. I would find another word with the same exact Hebrew letters, probably one number up or one number down in the lexicon, but the vowels were different. Yet, the meaning of that other word fit in to the whole context of the verse that I was translating, and all of the surrounding verses, of what God was teaching us.


            That was another step that I took. A step towards what? A step towards independence in the understanding of the Scripture, based on my relationship with the Spirit of Christ, or the revelatory aspects of the Spirit of Christ that is upon me. But you have to be very careful to make sure that you are in Christ. I cannot be encouraging anybody to do this. It was a big step for me. I tested it carefully, I proved it out, and I am convinced that I am still in Christ. And how am I convinced that I am still in Christ? I am still alive, I am not dead. You all know that I have a lot of problems with my health, I am going forward, I am getting healthier every year, my life is getting better every year, and I am getting stronger in every aspect every year. That is how I come to the conclusion that I am still in Christ.


            I do want to tell you that at one point, not too long ago, the thought came into my mind....I was working on a translation and looking at a word, and the thought came into my mind of reversing two of the letters. For example, we will do it in English. I was looking at the word "grace," and the thought came into my mind to change it to "garce" and see what that Hebrew word meant. And I said to myself, well, that's crazy, Sheila, you are really going much too far now, you have taken  a word with different vowels, and I could see that, and you are using the prefixes, and I could see that, but where would you even get such an idea of reversing two letters and seeing what that Hebrew word meant?


            But, I now believe that it was the Spirit of Christ in me telling me that as long as He is generating it, if He has something that He wants to tell me, if He has a revelation that He wants to bring forth from within me, if He does it, it’s ok.  I don't know what He was trying to tell me at that time because I wouldn't pursue it. I Did not think it was right. But, if He comes back to me and gives me the opportunity to do that again, it will be a big step for me because up until now I have very strongly adhered to the King James Translation. Every word that I have looked at, I have taken an Alternate Translation of that word in a legitimate dictionary, but to go from where I am, to switching letters around, that is one big step. But if the Lord wants to lead me there, I will walk, but I will test it very, very, very carefully, and I will pray very, very, very carefully.


            And if, in fact, He is leading me there, I am sure it will just be one baby step at a time, because He honors my position. And it is not only for me. I have a big responsibility. I teach other people. Did I make it clear that this Gematria is a method, and there are many others of hearing from God.


            Gematria is the overall name for all of the formulas. Do you know what I mean by a formula? This is one formula: You take every letter of the word and give it another word. Another formula is that you take  the first letter of the words of a whole verse. Another formula is that you take the last letter of the words of a whole verse. Each of these formulas under the blanket definition of Gematria, has its own name, but they are Hebrew names, and I am not going to confuse us with all of the Hebrew names now.


            Is everybody OK, those of you who can still hear what I am saying? Do you at least have a general idea of what I am saying, do you get the principle of what they did? OK.


            Some of their formulas get so complicated that it blows my mind. Another formula is that there are 22 letters to the Hebrew language. Let me show you what they do. [See Drawing # 2 On The Inside Of The Back Cover.] This is what the rabbis have done with this formula that is on the board right now. I've taken the arabic alphabet, in English we use an arabic alphabet, which has 26 letters. The Hebrew alphabet is 22 letters. They take the Hebrew alphabet, and they divide it in two. They write out the first 11 letters, and the second 11 letters underneath it. We have 26 letters in our alphabet, and I have written out the first 13 and put 13 underneath that. What they do is they just swap the letters.


            It is mind boggling, but even more mind boggling than that is that the accurate revelation, in my opinion, the accurate revelation that comes forth from it. In other words, if they would have the word grace. If we are still working with the word grace. (Sheila writes on the board) Do you see what they do? They literally switch the letters. Now, I believe....we did not get an English word. When we switched all the letters, we got grace = tenpr which is not an English word, but there is a margin of error in the Gematria formulas, and they would just switch "tenpr" to temper.


            But the most amazing part of the whole thing is that it comes out right. Now, it may not be coming out right in the English, but somehow it always comes out right in the Hebrew, at least for these ancient holy men, but they make it very clear in their books that you have to be leading a very clean life to be doing this, but they don't make it clear that if you are not leading a very holy life, your negative principles, namely Satan, is going to get in there and start giving you revelation.


            People who don't know that have to interpret what this cautionary exhortation means. You have to have a very clean life. I just read it in this book, The Kabbalah Unveiled. Well, what that means to one person means something else to another person. To one person in this society, leading a clean life might mean being in fornication with one person, or using a condom when you are promiscuous. Who knows what that means to somebody? But I know that we have to be spiritually clean, and that if you have....well, we all have negative principles. If your negative principles are not under the control of Christ Jesus in you, and you start playing these games, you are going to get sayings and expressions that are not of Christ.


            In The Kabbalah Unveiled, the translator, in the Forward, talks about a Jewish man who was converted to Christianity several hundred years ago by using this method. Now the translator is a Theosophist, not an Hebrew. The Forward reads: "The man's name was Solomon Meir ben Moses, a Jewish Kabbalist who embraced the Christian faith in 1666, and took the name Prosper Rugere." This is what he found out by playing these games, and I don't mean that disrespectfully. To me, it is a game.


            He also converted another Jew who had been previously, bitterly opposed to Christianity, and it names here several Hebrew words that I am not going to get into because it is just going to confuse us. He took the first letters....he took the Hebrew word that means "the beginning." It is the first word in Genesis, and this is a very important word in Kabbalistic studies, bereshith. It  means "in the beginning," and it is the first word to appear in the Scripture. He took all of the letters of this word, applied a Gematriac formula to it, and this is what he got. "The son, the spirit, the father, their trinity, perfect unity."


            Now, I have a problem with that, because I don't believe the trinity is of Christ. I don't think the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit is of Christ. I think there is a unity, there is one God. So the question is, did this man hear from the Spirit of God that was manifesting to Israel in that day, or was he seduced by another spirit. I don't know, but I don't like the sound of it. 


            The second message that he got was....with the same words, he was just playing this game. Then he gets a message, "the son, the spirit, the father, you shall equally worship their trinity." Now, I don't like that, I don't like that at all. You shall equally worship their trinity. No, no, no. Then he got another message from the same letters of the same word, "you shall worship my first born, my first whose name is Jesus." There is nothing wrong with that, except that I question the "first born." I question that term, "first born." My understanding is that Jesus is the only begotten son, and who is the first born?


            COMMENT: Cain.


            PASTOR VITALE: Cain is the first born.


            My opinion, for whatever it is worth, is that this Jewish man who was converted to Christianity was not converted to the true Christianity, because the true Christianity is Judaism. He was converted to the false Christianity, at least to the false doctrine, and I have trouble believing that he encountered the true Spirit, that he encountered the true Holy Spirit that converted him to Christianity with a false doctrine. Why? Because, the Jews, brethren, are supposed to be bringing this deep doctrine to the Christian Church. This man received the false doctrine instead of giving the true doctrine. He was converted into the false doctrine. I cannot believe it was the Spirit of God that converted him. I have to say that I don't think so. I would have to look at what happened to the rest of his life to continue with my opinion, but I don't see any record of what happened to this man's life.


            Then there is another message, again with the same letters. He took the first letter, took all the letters of this word, bereshith, and made a different word of each letter. "When the master shall come whose name is Jesus, ye shall worship." That's OK.


            The fifth message that he got is, "I will choose a virgin worthy to bring forth Jesus, and you shall call her blessed." Well, I've got a problem with that too. I don't like the sound of "I shall find a virgin that's worthy." I don't know, it just doesn't sit right with me, because it seems to me that it is honoring Mary there. I cannot really reject it because we could say, well, Mary was worthy in that she was an orthodox Jew who was raised under the law, and she was the descendant of many generations who had kept the law, so she may have been worthy to bring forth Messiah from that point of view.


            What does that mean, all of those generations of Jews keeping the law? What did it do? It minimized the sin in the people of Israel. They kept the law, it minimized the sin, and also there was forgiveness of sins because they kept the law of the animal sacrifices. If that is what the Spirit means, then Mary was worthy, but so was every other woman that was likened unto her in Israel. I think that this word smacks of adoration of Mary which is not of Christ. I don't like the sound of it. "And you shall call her blessed."


            And we have another one, "I will hide myself in a cake baked with coals for you shall eat Jesus, my body." Now did you hear that one? This is another message that this Jewish man....did I say he was a rabbi? It doesn't say he is a rabbi, just a man by the name of Solomon Mier Ben Moses. He was a Kabbalist, and he got this message, "I will hide myself in a cake baked with coals for you shall eat Jesus, my body, in the form of a cake." What does that mean to you? What is that? The false communion. The true communion is spiritual. Did you want to say something?


            COMMENT: To me, it speaks about the Roman Catholic Eucharist because they say it is literally the body of Christ.


            PASTOR VITALE: Exactly.


            I believe that this Jewish man got a wrong spirit. He was converted to Christianity by a wrong spirit. Since I have no way of knowing how the rest of his life went, based on the information that I have, I draw the conclusion that whatever he had that was truly from God, was lost in his descendants.


            Now remember, Jews are called to bring this deep doctrine to the Church which has the Spirit, and, technically speaking, unless I am just not there yet, which is a possibility, we should not need to be playing these games because we have Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Revelation. It is possible that the Lord will want to do this to bring forth a particular point, but I know in my readings, that in a couple of places where I saw an example of this Gematria, the conclusions that they came to [I know, because the Lord told me], are true.


            I already have that revelation, and I Did not have to go through all these machinations to get it, because Christ Jesus told me so.  At the very least, we are way ahead of the ancient rabbis. Am I exalting us, am I making us great? No, no. We have tools in Christ Jesus, spiritual tools, that the ancient rabbis did not have, but it is obvious to me from the little bit that I have studied, that these books have a lot to offer me. I have a lot to learn from these books. But I am telling you all this so that you should just know, basically, what Kabbalah is and what we are getting into.


            I know from the dogma aspect of it, from the revelatory aspect of it, we have a lot to learn. What the Lord is going to give us with these other aspects of it remains to be seen. Maybe nothing, maybe something, I don't know, but you should know about it. You should not just go in and take the revelation. You should have a basic background of what this is all about.


            Let me see if there is another conclusion that was reached. No, that was the last one, but I would like to read you something else that the writer says the Kabbalistic rabbis  were in agreement over. There is another aspect of Gematria that I haven't shown you yet, and it has to do with taking the numerical value of each letter. I guess I should put it on the board for you. Let me put this on the board. [See Drawing # 3 On The Back Inside Cover.]


            I have put another formula on the board for you, where every letter has a numerical value. The letters may not go exactly as the arabic language because I have taken this chart right out of the Hebrew. These are the arabic equivalents of the Hebrew letters, and in the places where you see two numbers like 20/500, a different numerical value is given to that letter when it is the last letter of a word. In other words, the k, if the k is the first letter or anywhere in the middle of the word, it has a value of 20, but if it is the last letter of the word its value is 500. I don't know why they do this.


            By this principle of Gematria, the word grace = 216. Now the Kabbalists say that any other word that can be found to equal 216 will have a relationship to this word grace which comes to a total of 216. Now remember, we are applying this to English words. It probably will not work with English words. I am just trying to simplify the process by doing it in English so that you can understand, but this Gematria is to be applied to the Hebrew language. I looked at it, and I said, well, the first time I looked at this in the book, it just boggled my mind. To be honest with you, it just boggled my mind.


            I was shown a couple of examples that made a lot of sense to me, and, as I just told you earlier, that brought forth a revelation that the Lord had given me so I knew that it was true, and it was a hidden revelation. The average person doesn't have it.  I know that it works, but, again, it is just a point of contact. It is the Lord playing upon the letters of the Hebrew language to accomplish His purposes and bring forth His revelation. Technically speaking, any other word that totals that same number is related to that word. My first reaction was, well, my goodness, you would have to have a listing of numerical values of words, and that would be mind boggling. It would mean going through the whole Scripture, determining a numerical value of every word to make it practical. How could that possibly be practical?


            And my mind was starting to say, Lord, this is impossible, when the Lord spoke to me and He said, No, Sheila, I will direct you. If I should choose to use this method, if I am trying to get a point across to you, and you cannot hear what I am saying, I just may use this method to speak to you, and I will say, compare this word to that word, and I will say, Lord, I just can't see what you are trying to tell me. Well, maybe the day will come that He will say, Total up the numerical value and you will see that it is the equivalent of that word. And then, that will be just the key that I need to understand what He is trying to say to me.


            The Hebrew scholars, the rabbis, they have done a lot with this, and with this particular method of Gematria. This one, I want to read to you. Now, I've told you that the letter kaph means spirit, and I've taken that definition from Gesenius. And now here in this book, He is saying that the letter shin means "that which is spiritual." I haven't really studied this out or prayed about it, so I don't want to make any big issue about it. I am just going to read you this as a matter of principle. Let me see what he says the kaph means. This author says that the kaph means the palm of the hand..


            According to my research under the anointing, the palm of the hand signifies the bottom of the hand, either Cain or Abel, depending on whose hand you are talking about.


            There are differences of opinions of different Kabbalistic writers, and I have found aspects of these books that disagree with what the Lord has shown me. I could be wrong, and I am willing to say that I am wrong if the Lord witnesses to me that I am wrong, but I cannot read something in a book and change my mind just because I read it in a book. I have to hear from the Lord that He wants me to change my revelations. Until I hear from Him I have to stick by it.


            Now, this is what this writer is saying. He says, this Gematria is based on the relative numerical value of words. Words of similar numerical values are considered to be explanatory of each other, and this theory is also extended to phrases. In other words, the letter shin is 300, and is equivalent to the number obtained by adding up the numerical values of the Hebrew letters and words, ruwach Elohim, meaning the spirit of Elohim. They are saying that the numerical value of the letter shin equals the spirit of Elohim, but I have something different by revelation. And also, in this same book, they give the meaning of the letter shin to be tooth. That is what the Lord introduced me to, Gesenius' meanings of the letter, and, to me, the word tooth represents the carnal mind.


            Either there is another piece of information that will make both aspects right or I am just lacking some information, but...do you hear what I am saying? That the writer of this book is saying that the letter shin is the equivalent of the Spirit of Elohim, and my revelation is that the letter shin means the tooth, and that the tooth is the carnal mind. Unless, as I've told you that every letter and every word has one meaning pertaining to the carnal mind and another meaning pertaining to the Christ Mind, so maybe there is an understanding of the letter tooth that applies to the positive aspects of the creation that I don't understand yet. That could be, but my understanding from everything I've learned from the Lord so far is that the letter sh, and the word tooth has to do with the carnal mind, and that the symbol of the dentist pulling a tooth means deliverance. Teeth are white. There is no color in them. The Spirit of Christ has color in it, and the tooth is part visible and part invisible, the root goes under the gum. That's my understanding right now.


            It doesn't mean that this book is wrong. As I told you off the tape, I tried to make notes from these books, and I could not. And this is the way the Lord told me to do it, so it is a very difficult message for me to preach, but from this very book in this man's own chart, he says that the letter shin means tooth. And, yet, in another place, he says, by using this Gematria and numerical value that the letter shin which means tooth also, means the spirit of Elohim. I don't understand at the moment, how "tooth" could mean the spirit of Elohim, but it is very possible that I don't understand it yet.


            We are just going to go on, and I am just making a point to you now of how Gematria is used. They took the numerical value of the letter shin, 300, and they found out...how would they know that the numerical value of the word "spirit of Elohim" add up to 300. The rabbis had to be led by the anointing to total up the numerical value of those words. Personally, I am not ready to get into any of this. I am just very comfortable with what the Lord is doing through me, bringing forth a deeper understanding of the Scripture through revelation, and should He want to bring me into this, obviously I will be more comfortable with it. Again, I am introducing you to it because it is a big part of what is know as Kabbalah so you should know that it exists.


            You should also know that it is very dangerous because any spirit can pick up on it and use it, and if you are going to start playing with this, I don't think anybody here would do it, but if you are hearing this tape or if this message is transcribed, all I can do is warn you that you really are playing with fire if you start playing with this. Today, we get our revelation from Christ Jesus, and that doesn't mean the Lord can't use it, but you have to be a person whose world has been turned upside down to use this. You better make sure that Christ Jesus is on top of your carnal mind if you are using this or you are going to ascend in the wrong channel.


            There is one man that I know of who was a Christian preacher. I guess he would argue with me and say that he still is, but I personally think that he has ascended in the wrong channel, and his testimony is that he got into Kabbalah and that one day he was just comparing, well this is what he said, he was comparing one Scripture with another. I don't know whether he was computing a numerical value or not, I don't know what he was doing, and he said something in him "clicked," something happened, and he went shooting up, and he has been ascended ever since. Personally, I do not believe he is ascended in Christ Jesus.


            Is there anybody that doesn't understand the basics of what I am talking about with Gematria? Believe me, we have just barely touched on it. As the teacher here now, I am telling you that it is not for us at this time, certainly not for me at this time. Let us go on here.


            We are interested in the dogma, we are interested in the doctrine, digging out the deep doctrine, and I will put on this tape something that the Lord had told me off the tape, that this manipulation of letters, especially switching the letters around, exchanging one letter for another, is a form of spiritual alchemy. I want to tell you that I had a hard time with this at the beginning, but I do receive it now that each Hebrew letter suggests an aspect of spiritual power.


            See, the unlimited God, the nameless God, and I will go over....I am going to finish this up, and Lord willing, we will do this tonight.


            I have always taught that Jehovah was the highest aspect of deity, and I have received what I've read in these books, that there is an aspect of deity, actually there are a couple of aspects of deity that are higher than Jehovah. He is the one that we are familiar with. Jehovah is the God that we can comprehend, you see. The great unlimited Godhead, boundless Godhead, is beyond our ability to comprehend Him so He has lowered Himself, He is put down an aspect of Himself, He is put His arm down, He is put His finger down into the earth so that we can see an aspect of Himself that we could possibly comprehend.


            I have received from these books also that "I Am," the term "I Am," is the highest aspect of the Godhead. In the Scripture I Did not understand that before. I thought Jehovah was the highest aspect, but I am not offended to be corrected, to see saying that I Am is higher than Jehovah. I don't have any problem with that. If you have a problem with that and you want to talk to me about it, I will be glad to talk to you about it, but I did read in the first Kabbalah book that I picked up that I think was more toward the occult than any other direction, it put a name above any name that I was familiar with in the Scripture, and it made me very uncomfortable.


            "I Am" is the highest, and we will, Lord willing, go into the different grades of the Godhead. There is only one God, but as He descends, as He appears in different planes of consciousness to us, He takes a different name, and He has different qualities. He manifests certain of His qualities in certain planes because we have to grow up to be able to comprehend Him. He is too great.


            What happens when we try to comprehend a God that we are not capable of comprehending, is that we pull Him down and put Him in our own image, and that's what the church has done today, and that's what the whole world has done. They have made Almighty God the one who causes incest and plane accidents in this world, and they have given Him all the qualities and attributes of a man, anger and retribution, and hatred and un-forgiveness, and none of this is true.


            To try to comprehend anything, especially God, on a level beyond what we are capable of, is a dangerous pursuit because we start to modify God, and if you want to stop to think about it, this is something I have been talking to you about for years because we not only do this to God, we do it to people. If we look at somebody that we cannot understand, or somebody who is more advanced than us in any area, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, in any area, if we look at somebody, and we see them different than us, and we are not willing to believe that maybe they are more advanced than us, when we look at them and we can't comprehend what we are looking at, if we are not willing to say, well maybe they are more sophisticated than me, more advanced than me in that area, if we are not open enough to do that, we are going to draw the conclusion that person is wrong, that, that person if off, and we are going to impute motives to them that are not true.


            That is what happens to the spiritual person. It has been happening to me for years, and that will happen to you as you ascend because people cannot comprehend you. When you do something out of Christ, they impute a human motive to you which is an evil motive. We must be very careful to not do that to God and to not do that to other people. And the fact that we are hurt by somebody's behavior does not necessarily mean that their behavior was not out of Christ.


            You have to be very careful not to put the blame on other people, but to, at least, present ourselves to the Lord and say, what was my part in this? Did I fail to communicate properly? Did I give an impression that the other person was merely reflecting? Did I not understand their motive? Did I think they were evil because what they said hurt me, although it came out of Christ? You have to be open to all these possibilities, but this carnal mentality that it is always the other person is in opposition to our being spiritual because the spiritual man says, I want to see the whole truth, I want to see where I was wrong, I want to see if I Did not understand, I want the truth no matter what price I have to pay, no matter what I have to admit about myself, I want to live and walk in the truth. And to do that, you have to walk in a mind set that says whenever you see something different or you see something that looks wrong to you that you are willing to put it before the Lord and say, Lord am I seeing that right? Am I seeing that right? Most of the time it is just our pride that's hurt and, therefore, we impute evil to the other person, and we certainly don't want to be doing that to God.


            I now accept the fact that "I Am" is the highest aspect of the Godhead that is known personally to man. We know His name, I Am. That's His name, I Am. But there are other aspects of the Godhead, I think one or two, I don't really have it straight yet, but there is at least one more aspect of the Godhead beyond "I Am" that is so high that He hasn't even given us a name, and, according to the Kabbalist books that I read, they claim He is unknowable, but I am going on the Scripture in the Book of Acts where Paul says, I declare the unknown God to you. I have to disagree with the Kabbalists at this point. Maybe, as far as they were concerned, He was unknowable, but in this hour, in this dispensation, since Jesus Christ appeared to us as Savior the unknowable God is knowable through His Son, Jesus Christ.


            This is called the basics of Kabbalah. I've just given you a scattered introduction to some of the methods that the Kabbalists have used to get the revelation that we are going to start looking at tonight, and there is something called the Sefirot, the 10 Sefirot, which is the 10 grades of the Godhead, the 10 expressions of the Godhead, the 10 manifestations that the Kabbalists call this unknown power, this unnamed power, that He reveals Himself to us through, 10 different aspects. And that is called the 10 Sefirot, and it is also called he Tree of Life.


            When you come back from dinner I am going to give you the names of the 10 Sefirot and what information I have on the unknown God who was beyond the "I Am" who is not personal to people at the time these books were written, but claims to be personal to us through the Glorified Jesus Christ. I don't have any examples for you at this time. I just know what I read in the book, that He is revealed to us through Jesus Christ. There is a lot to learn there, so we will go on from there, and this is all very, very scattered introduction, but I think what we are going to learn tonight is going to be very valuable, and there are some Scriptures that we will be translating to back up what we are going to look at tonight.


            Any questions about what we did this morning? Does everybody understand that there are aspects of Kabbalah that we are really not going to touch on at this time? Do you have a question? OK.


            COMMENT: On this ts = 9900, is that the same principle with the two letters as with the k which equals 2500?


            PASTOR VITALE: Well, it is not really two letters, it is the sounds. That's a sound in the Hebrew language. The letter is called tzadeh, and that's the sounds. It is true that the first number is for the letter if it is at the beginning or the middle of the word, and the second number is if that letter, if tzadeh appears at the end of the word it has the second numerical value.


            Did I make my point about the spiritual alchemy? Let me just finish this up. Each Hebrew letter represents an aspect of the power of the Godhead, and each Hebrew word which is made up of the Hebrew letters manifests a complex expression of the powers of the Godhead. How we might compare atoms to molecules, and that the mixing of these letters and these words are merely examples.


            The Scripture is not saying or the Kabbalah is not saying that a particular letter has spiritual power. The letter is just a symbol of spiritual power. It is a point of contact for us to lay hold of and grasp the principles of the Kabbalah, and one of the major principles is that when you pronounce the holy words, that something wonderful is going to happen. I haven't found it yet, what it is about. I have my own opinion, but I haven't found it. Now I haven't read that extensively, but I haven't found out yet in the books what is supposed to happen.


            Now they talk about the holy name that is un-pronounceable, that it only appears in the Scripture by abbreviated letters, that it is such a holy name that in the past, in antiquity, that it was only pronounced once a year by the high priest on the high holy day, and that pronunciation has been lost. Can you sit with me for a little bit longer because the spirit seems to be moving, I know that it is late?


            What does this say to me? Brethren, I saw a science fiction movie several years ago that fascinated me, and it was about a young man who, apparently, Did not know it, but he had within him the potential to be this great savior. Of course, it wasn't about Christ. It was science fiction. Everybody was waiting for this spiritual power to be born in this young man, and he Did not even believe it was him, you see. He Did not believe it was him, but all of the experienced people around him saw all the signs, that he was ready and a very great potential to give birth to the spiritual power that would make him the savior of the universe. And when that spiritual power burst forth, it burst forth as sound coming from his mouth, and it was not any formed word, but he just made this sound, it was a guttural sound, and all the enemies were slain. People died from the sound of his mouth.


            There is a principle that is accepted in spiritual circles of all kinds, Hindus, Kabbalah...let me interrupt what I am saying for a minute. We are the newcomers on the block, but we are going to rise up and overtake all of them. There are people in this world that have been studying spiritual studies for 40-50 and 60 years. They know all about Aristotle and Pythagoras, they have read all of these books on Kabbalah, all of the books on Hinduism, I could not even hold a conversation with them, but Christ Jesus is in me, and He is coming up very fast, and He is going to overtake all of them.


            It is not just me, it is whoever is going to follow this pursuit. It is not just for me. You have to understand this. Probably, there are scholars in the world today that would hear this teaching and laugh at me because I really don't know what I am talking about. I've just scratched the surface, but I know what Christ has done in me so far, and I know where He is going, and I understand His principles. I don't know how much longer it is going to take, but He is going to wind up topping all of these people that have been studying with their carnal mind all of their lives. At some point, He is going to break forth in a human being, and He is going to top everything in all of these books.  I don't care how foolish I sound to anybody on this tape because I believe that is true.


            All of the spiritual knowledge that I have has come forth in the last three or four years. I've been in God 22 years, and He did not start sending me on these spiritual studies until 3 or 4 years ago. There are spiritual people all over the world that know that sound is very important, and I remember it was only a few years ago that I read about it somewhere, the sound of God. I went before the Lord, and I said, what is the sound of God? What do I know?  I am just like "catching up" to some of these, and at this time, as far as this particular knowledge in the books is concerned, I am way behind a lot of people.


            But I said Lord, what is this sound of God? It took me a year to follow His lead to start getting information on the sound of God. I don't believe it took the Lord a year to get me the information. I guess I wasn't ready for it, or I Did not hear him or whatever, but it wasn't until a year later that I started learning about the sound of God, and I am still learning about it, that there is power in sound, and there is power in particular pronunciations. And that's what the Hindu mantras are all about. Now I have this word in my heart, and I think I preached it in an on-line meeting, that this sound, this holy sound, or the pronunciation of the holy name that the high priest only pronounced once a year, that, that holy sound was a concentrated, undifferentiated sound that is now differentiating. It is spreading out in all directions like a plant arising out of a seed in the form of the Doctrine of Christ.


            Now, the Doctrine of Christ has to be spoken by Christ Jesus. The power is not in the carnal mind preaching the Doctrine of Christ.  What did the pronunciation of this holy name do when the high priest pronounced it once a year? I am not mocking, I am just trying to understand, what are they talking about, the pronunciation of this holy name, what are they talking about? The only conclusion I can come to, and I have to believe these conclusions are under the anointing, is that since that name was pronounced on the high holy days it brought forth the power to forgive the sins of the Jews that were honoring the Day of Atonement in the flesh. If the pronunciation of this holy name that nobody remembers any more was powerful enough to honor the Hebrew people who were keeping the high holy days as they knew how to keep it, as far as I know today, they go to shul, and they fast. I don't know what they did in those days.


            The pronunciation of the high priest of that holy sound, or they call it that holy name brought forth, in the spirit, the true forgiveness of sins, but we have that everyday. We have the Holy Spirit who forgives our sins by faith, but you can't stay that way because the Holy Spirit is passing away, and the gifts thereof. See, the Scripture doesn't say the Holy Spirit is passing away, but the Scripture says the gifts are passing away. Well, brethren, if the gifts are passing away, the gift giver must be passing away because either the gift giver is passing away or the gift giver is going to stop giving the gifts. The gift giver is being swallowed up into the greater Spirit of Christ, where the forgiveness of sins becomes a reality. It is no longer by faith. It becomes a reality.


            Brethren, the true forgiveness of sins is the purging of yourself of the sin. You can be forgiven the sin of pride by faith, but you are only truly forgiven when you are delivered from pride, and pride is the foundation of your sin nature. You are only delivered from pride when you transfer into Christ Jesus and live out of Christ Jesus and pride is buried. Nobody that I know has attained to that promise yet, but we are in the process of it.


            I have this revelation that the declaration of the Doctrine of Christ, by Christ Jesus, is the sounding of the holy name, and not only when it is preached on a Sunday or a Thursday night like this or on a Wednesday when we do our on-line meetings, but every time anybody talks the Doctrine of Christ or every time I open that computer and do research in the Interlinear Text on the Doctrine of Christ, that holy name is being pronounced in the spirit, the reality of the forgiveness of sins, the power to root out the sin that causes you to sin.


            If  this is true, and I believe this is true, then what is this power in letters and words? If anybody can hear my question. At the moment, and as I told you when I first started preaching this message, I am teaching as I learn which makes me vulnerable, and if I have to I will come back and tell you that I was wrong, but this is the way I see it now, that in certain areas of these Kabbalistic books the Doctrine of Christ is advanced beyond what was being taught in the 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries, and that should not be so way so, should it now? Except that no greatness has really come forth since the 16th century, but Christ Jesus is coming forth today.


            I have to find out from the Lord what He really wants to accomplish in this study. Now, a couple of things that I saw in these books that I did not agree with, my reaction was, oh my God, do you really want me to put this on a tape that I disagree with these classic books? I Did not want to do it, and do you know what the Lord said to me? He said, do you remember what you preached not too long ago, that Jesus Christ opposed established, philosophical doctrine. Do you remember me preaching that, that Jesus Christ opposed established, philosophical doctrine? I am doing it. This is what the Lord has taught me, and if it opposes what is in these books, I am going to tell you what I think at this moment, anyway.


            Just to put that in simple English, I am telling you something incredible. I am putting something incredible on this tape, that the Lord Jesus Christ has manifested Himself through a physically female teacher in this last 10 years, in the 1900s and the early 2000, and He is teaching esoteric doctrine on a level that picks up where the latest Hebrew scholars have left off. And, at this moment, I am still very young, and I am still in training, and there is a lot that I can learn from these books on Kabbalah which is going to enhance what Christ Jesus is doing through me, but, ultimately and overall, the message of the Doctrine of Christ which I brought forth by the grace of God before I ever laid eyes on any book in the Kabbalah, is a more mature message than we see in these classic books. Yes, I said it. That's what the Lord told me.


            I believe that everything that I can learn from these books is going to increase what I have, and that the Lord's intention is the salvation of His body, that He is watched long enough the truth of His word that came forth from His holy rabbis, go off into magic, go off into the occult, to be misused, and this time He is making it very pointed, how He wants this knowledge and this power used for the purpose of the destruction of the sin nature that we might return to our first estate. That's the bottom line.


            This is spiritual alchemy, the playing with the letters and the playing with the words, somehow in some people it has the power to stir up spiritual strength in them, to accomplish spiritual feats. I don't even know what they do because I am very naive. All I do is preach the word of God and submit myself to the Lord, and then when He manifests through me I pray what He is praying through me, but I don't have any knowledge of magical incantations. I don't know how to make a withered arm grow out, I don't know how to do any of these things, but I know that if He rises up in me, He can do it.


            I know that after I saw the movie Merlin, where I saw how Princess Mav manipulated nature, I went into the lab at the hospital to have some blood drawn for me, and the technician could not find my vein. And he poked once in one arm, and he poked once in the other arm, and he was going to send me home, and I prayed a prayer, and I said, Lord, please, I don't want to come back again, and I actually heard Christ, and this is the only time it has ever happened to me, happened once, and that was it, it was two years ago, I actually heard Christ Jesus speak in a very similar tone to that which I had heard Merlin speak in that occult movie, and the voice within me said, Rise (speaking in a deep voice). And that was when Merlin was calling to the vines to rise up and attack somebody and bind them up and stop them from doing something.


            I am not even accurately repeating that I heard, but it was something like that, Rise, rise, and the technician said, well, let me look one more time, and this vein had appeared in my arm. And the poor guy was all flustered because he thought he missed it, but he put the needle in, he took the blood, and I went home. And I want to tell you that I tried it myself thereafter, and it Did not work because I go twice a year for blood tests. I take thyroxin, I had half of my thyroid removed so I have to go for blood tests twice a year, and it is not infrequent that they have trouble finding my veins. The next time that happened, I tried it myself. I said, arise, and it Did not listen to me. I have to say Lord Jesus help me, I really don't want to come back again, and then He does whatever He is going to do.


            All of my power is passive. I don't know how to be a magician, I don't know what to do. I can say all the words, and it doesn't work for me, and I thank God it doesn't work for me. I don't really have it straight in my head what the Lord wants me to say about this, that there are all of these powers, these books are teaching about powers and letters and powers and words, and mixing the letters and mixing the words is a spiritual alchemy designed to produce power to do what? To do what? I can only guess.


            People want power in this world, and I am also reading in these books that the Rosicrucians and the Masons and just all of the occult organizations that you can read about, they are all founded in Kabbalah. They are all seeking spiritual power to get health, to get wealth, and to get happiness in this world. I honestly don't how many are looking for happiness in the hereafter. They are looking for happiness and wealth and pleasure and easiness in this world, power in this world. Jesus Christ wants this power to heal His people, and not just to heal their bodies, and not just to heal their minds, but to raise them back up to their first estate into unity with their first love because we are separated. We are fallen down.


            In the little bit that I've read so far, they talk about evil powers, they talk about shells. Well, I think we are the shells. What is a shell? We are the containers that holds spiritual life, and the books say the shells are evil, but they don't tell you that the people are the shells. This knowledge has been in the earth for thousands of years, but the people, because of their pride, are having trouble believing that we are the shells that fell out. They have had the knowledge, and they have had the power.


            The world, the Jews, and many in the world today, many Christians have had the power in their midst to escape from this condition of hell that we are in, but they can't do it, and they have failed to do it because they just can't believe that we are the shells and not God. And no matter how hard they study and how hard they try, they always come up with the same conclusion - I am God, but they are not, you are the shells. You are not God, you are the shells. You are the evil shells. We are the evil shells. We are not God.  They never get anywhere, and I've read ahead in these books, and there are several principles that I would really like to teach on. I just want to read a little more, but there is something in my heart right now so I am going to give it to you.


            I always wondered how the word of anger, the Hebrew word translated anger. If you look it up in Strong's concordance, it talks about wind coming out of the nostrils. The word anger really means nostrils or nose. Did anybody know that? It refers back to a huffing and a puffing. That's what anger means. It never really made any big sense to me, but I read in one of these books that the energy that arises when Kundalini rises in us, when the Fiery Serpent rises in us, and when the Fiery Serpent goes into the true channel, when she goes into the channel that is the channel of Christ Jesus, her power goes all the way up to the brain, and when that power of God is circulating freely on our brain we will be supermen.


            What happens when that energy goes into the wrong channel, and this is in Hinduism too, even Hinduism tells you that there are two nerves, that there is a main channel going up, and then there is a channel on the right and on the left. I read in one of these books on Kabbalah that when that energy goes into the right and left channel instead of the center channel, it doesn't go up to the brain. It comes out the nose. It is the wind that comes out of the nostrils of the nose so, therefore, I draw the conclusion that the reason the Hebrew word anger is symbolized by the violent breath coming out of the, or the expiration coming out of the nose is that God is anger because the energy went up the wrong channel, Did not make it to the brain in Christ, but is being exhaled out of the nose. Waste. And Israel brought forth wind.


            Does anybody not understand what I just said? The power for deliverance of the whole human race has been in the earth going back to the ancient Hebrews. The Hebrews had it, the Christians have had it for 2000 years, and we are all just floundering around.  Let's hope for ourselves and for everybody that Christ Jesus is going to rise up and overtake the carnal mind in His people this time. You mean Christ Jesus failed? Yes, if you want to look at it that way. He Did not fail. I said yes, and then I say He Did not fail. He is not a failure, but He is dealing with other aspects, He is dealing with negative principles. He is dealing with a situation where people have to agree with Him to get delivered, and it is not HIS failure. It is OUR failure.


            When Christ Jesus finally overcomes, He is going to be overcoming tremendous odds. Not Himself, not His weaknesses, but the weaknesses of the woman that He is dwelling in, which is us. It is really not His failure. As far as He is concerned, generations mean nothing. We are the ones that are reincarnating over and over again. Someone is going to get me on that. That immortal aspect of us is incarnating over and over again in torment. Well, I guess I just said a mouth full.


            But I still don't really have it in my heart what the Lord has to say about this spiritual alchemy of mixing these letters and mixing these words when we are preaching the Doctrine of Christ. I am sure that it will come to me eventually, but I just know that there is something that needs to be said that I don't have yet. So, I am just going to do what the Lord told me, I am going to teach a chapter at a time out of these books, and I am going to learn with you, and I am going to see what He has to say under the anointing, and we are gong to go forward, but I do believe that there is increased power in this knowledge as we add it to Christ Jesus in us, as we use it to feed Christ Jesus in us, and as it lines up with the Doctrine of Christ, the foundation that the Lord has already given us here, that there is the ability for spiritual ascension in these studies when we couple it with purifying ourselves.


            You have to deal with your carnal mind, you have to deal with it, or your are going to blow the energy out of your nose. I am not telling you as a commandment that you have to, I am telling you as a warning that if you don't purify yourself by facing your negative principles openly and honestly and resisting them, even if you do ascend, the energy that ascends is going to come out of your nose. You can't fool anybody. So everybody that's hearing this message, we all are called to a great, great calling, not only for ourselves, but when the first group of people take this victory and stand up, we will be in a great position to help the rest of the church and, ultimately, the world.


            This is a very exciting hour, it is a very exciting call on our life, but just bear in mind that where everyone else failed was in their willingness and their ability to deal with who we really are, and we have to see who we really are without condemnation, because even though we are just the shells, we are the negative particles that fell down. When we are joined to the Godhead, we become everything that He is. You have to see yourself for what you are so that you can be exalted. If you exalt yourself, you will never be exalted. If you exalt yourself, it is a lie, and you will never be truly exalted.


            We are seeing ourselves without condemnation for the purpose of experiencing the true ascension. Glory to God. Does anybody have anything they want to say before we break for dinner?


            COMMENT: When you said the word "particle," I got the thought that we are the jots and the tittles.


            PASTOR VITALE: OK, Praise the Lord, God speaks to us all in His own way.


            Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner, and I would like to introduce some Scripture into this teaching because when I spend too much time in this study of Kabbalah it grieves the spirit in me because from what I can see, so far anyway, there is no spirit in it at all. It is all intellectual study of facts and axioms and principles that you have to memorize, and I find it very dry and absent the power of God which is very painful to the Christ in me. (End of Tape 1)  

            We are going to be in this teaching on Kabbalah for quite a while, so I will, to the best of my ability, weave it together with Scriptures so that we don't get too far away from God because that cannot be good for anybody.


            Concerning what I mentioned to you on this morning's message, actually this is the same message, and we are continuing on. I mentioned to you how, when the energy of the Fiery Serpent ascends in the two nerves on the side of the main channel of ascension....let me rephrase that. I told you that the main channel of ascension is the channel of Christ Jesus, and that, according to the Hindu philosophy, there are two nerves, one on each side of the main channel that the Fiery Serpent or the Kundalini can ascend through. Now remember, Kundalini, the Fiery Serpent, is an energy force so she is capable of splitting up and half of her or part of her going up the left, and the other portion going up the right nerve.


            When they happens, the energy of the Fiery Serpent when she goes up the nerves, comes out of the nose. When the energy of the Fiery Serpent goes up the main channel, that energy enters into the brain of the man and makes the man a supernatural man. When our physical brain is bathed in the energy of the Fiery Serpent, permanently bathed, we become a supernatural man. I have been preaching for a long time that a major issue was to get the energy within ourselves focused and ascended into the right channel. That's a major theorem of the Doctrine of Christ. As you will see, when I put it up on the board for you, the 10 Sefirot, according to the teaching of Kabbalah, are positioned in such a manner that it could easily look like a main channel going up and side channels on each side.


            We will see what the Lord tells us about that, but the point that I made this morning is that when the energy goes up the side channels it comes out of the nose, and it is wasted. I quoted a Scripture to you where the Lord indicts Israel saying that they have produced wind.


            Now for a long time I have know that they produced the spirit of Satan instead of the Spirit of Christ, but I Did not understand the deep symbology of it. That's correct, they produce the spirit of Satan instead of the Spirit of Christ, but this kind of knowledge just really excites me, to fine out why the Lord would use this symbology of producing wind to get across the point that Israel did not produce the Spirit of Christ. Why would He used this symbology of wind? Because the energy comes out the nose as wind.


            To pursue that, I would like to read you and comment upon a few Scriptures, one of which has always been a question in my mind, speaking about the rebellion of Judah saying that they not only disobeyed, but they put the branch to their nose. I always knew that it meant something like thumbing your nose at God, but, once again, I would ask the question, why that terminology? Why those words? Why put the branch to the nose? And I don't really see it very much in this generation, but my father, for years, he would do it in a joking way, but my father was not a Christian. He was an earthy man, and when he wanted to say to you "tough on you," he would put his finger to his ears and wave his hands at you. He would stick his thumbs in his ears and wave his hands at you.


            There are all kinds of sayings around that would line up with putting the branch to the nose, and I always said, why, why, why? And here is the answer, because the Hebrew word translated "branch" can also be translated "vine" and specifically "a pruned vine." We know that Jesus is the true vine. He is the vine that is growing out of the immortal, unlimited Godhead. So the false vine, therefore, is the pruned vine. The vine that has been cut off from the Godhead.


            The Scripture is saying that they put the pruned vine, that's the branch, to the nose. The energy of the pruned vine came out of the nose, and this is how Judah dishonored Jehovah. Well Sheila, they messed up and their energy came out of their nose, how is that a dishonor of Jehovah? The only way that could happen is through disobedience. The only way we lose our energy, brethren, is through disobedience. What are you talking about, Sheila? Jehovah and Elohim spoke to these Hebrew people, he certainly spoke to the rabbis.


            I don't really know what condition the man in the street was in, but these rabbis that were getting this great revelation, you cannot tell me that they did not get the whole thing, but what they are lacking is that they have to deal with their own sin nature. What they are lacking is that they are the shells, and that we have to deal with our sin nature before we can ascend in the true channel which will bathe our brain with the spirit of God which will make us immortal, supernatural men. They missed an integral point of it. They could not believe that Satan was in them, they could not or they would not believe that they could have evil motives. They would not or could not believe....I should not even say could not, they had to be capable of it or the Lord would not have faulted them.


            They would not believe that, despite their keeping of the law and their physical holiness and their devotion to the study of Scriptures, that they were clean enough to experience the promises that....they recognized the promises, but they could not face that the evil within them was manifesting in their relationships with their families and their friends in subtle ways. They could not, I should not say they could not... they would not face it. And when the Fiery Serpent within them ascended, her energy was discharged through the nose instead of going up into the brain and imparting eternal life to them. I don't know about you, but a little understanding like that just gets me all excited.


            Brethren, if you are resistant to believing about yourself that, completely apart from your understanding knowledge and conscious will, you are thinking thoughts that are harmful to your brethren I just encourage you to put yourself before God. I prayed for you today. I said, Lord why can't she see it? Why doesn't she get the witnesses? And the only answer that I have is pride. So, I exhort you to just put yourself before God and don't let go of Him. Grab hold of Him and don't let go of Him until He gives you a breakthrough in this area because we are going up, and we are already ascended in this ministry. We are already ascended, and, again, I am not threatening you, I am just telling you the truth. Especially in your case, a lot of the things that I say, we do have a second, usually over here, and sometimes a third witness, to it.


            Maybe, that is what the Lord is telling you. Maybe, He is telling you....well, you've got two witnesses right here. Maybe that should be enough for you, maybe you should believe it. Maybe that's what He is telling you, that you should be willing to believe it without hearing your own personal voice in your head, with two witnesses, from two people that I believe that you trust somewhat. Maybe that would break your pride. I told you this once before, and I tell you again, if it turns out that we are wrong, what have you lost? You have lost nothing, and if it turns out that we are right, and this breaks your pride, you have gained eternal life. And I think that the Lord just answered my prayer for you through this exhortation. That's what He is suggesting that you do. Believe it, believe it, and take it as truth.


            What will happen to you if it is not true? What can happen to you if it is not true? But it is not a lie. Take it and believe that it is true. I am the one that He has raised up to help you with this. Why would I lie to you? And especially if you have a second witness to it, why would you believe that it is a lie rather than believe that, and I don't mean to insult you, but why would you believe that it is a lie rather than that you have stubborn pride? See, you have a choice. You can believe that it is a lie, that we are lying to you, or that you have stubborn pride, and if you humble yourself, and you believe that you have stubborn pride, and we are telling you the truth, what can you possibly lose? But you can gain your whole life, and that is the Lord's answer to you, and I do pray for you, and I hope and pray for the very best for you, but you have to give up that pride if you want to go on, and the Lord will only do so much for us. Praise the Lord.


            I pray for you right now, In the name of Jesus, that, that stubborn pride and that arrogance and that haughty spirit should be utterly broken and burned away, and I pray with all my strength that the Lord assists you to do what He has recommended to you that you might go all the way and enter into all the promises and everything that He has called you to. In the name of Jesus, I bless you, I forgive your sins, and I pray and hope for the best for you always. In the name of Jesus.


            COMMENT: I was just thinking of the Dragon and you see pictures of him with fire coming out of his nostrils, and it is almost like lightening. You can see like a lightening striking bolt coming out of his nose, and also...


            PASTOR VITALE: Before you go on, let me say something. I have recently learned from reading these books that the lightening is a symbol in the Scripture of the full power of God. I am going to show you what the 10 Sefirot, or the 10 Sefirot is the fullness of the power of God in man, and that's what lightening symbolizes. So what you just said is that the Fiery Serpent comes out in lightening. The whole power of the Godhead is wasted through the nose. That's exactly right.


            COMMENT: Another thought came to my mind about the pig, that he always has a snout, and young people whenever they take cocain through the nose, they call it snorting. Those are just my thoughts.


            We are still on the introduction. I am, basically, working from two books. The Lord has told me, in the event of any contradiction in the Kabbalah....I know what He has told me about the Doctrine of Christ, but in the event of any contradiction between the books of the Kabbalah that I am studying, to take the teaching of the Tree of Life which is a translation of a work by Isaac Luria, and the name of his book is The Tree of Life, The Palace of Adam Kadmon. Isaac Luria was a rabbi who lived in the 15th century, and I am pretty much going to go right through this introduction and partially read it to you and partially comment on it.


            The book that I was teaching from this morning was a book that was a translation....this book was translated by rabbis, relatively modern rabbis, recently. The book is written by Chayyim Vital which was Isaac Luria's student. So this book is 100% in the Hebrew fold. The book that I taught you from this morning was originally written by a Hebrew rabbi because it was all rabbis that did this research in those days, but it was translated into Latin, and the Latin was translated into the English volume that I taught you from this morning.


            Now, what I taught you this morning about the Gematria lines up with what I read in the Tree of Life, but there are other things in The Kabbalah Unveiled, which I taught from this morning, that differs from what Isaac Luria has to say. And it is my intention, at this time anyway, to read through the introduction of both books, and to point out any contradictions in the Kabbalistic doctrine to you, and to point out any contradictions between the Doctrine of Christ and what I read.


            This evening, we are going to be working with the Tree of Life, and we will continue on. I never know what God is going to do so I don't know whether we will get through the introduction of the Tree of Life tonight. If not, we will have a Part 2 of this message. If we do finish it tonight, Lord willing, in Part 2 we will go through the whole introduction of Kabbalah Unveiled which is a translation of the Latin, and the translation of the Latin was done by a Christian, not a Jew, but a Christian who believes in the trinity.


            I am very leery when I read about translations that were first translated into Latin which were probably done by Jesuit priests, possibly. I can't tell you that is what really happened. And then translated from the Latin into the English by someone who believes in the trinity. This is what the Lord has told me to do, to stay, not only with the Jewish teachers, but with the teachings of Isaac Luria who was the last of the great teachers. He lived in the 1500s which is the 16th century, and it is my understanding from what little research I've done so far, that he is the last of the great teachers.


            We are now in the 21st century. That means it is like 500 years or 450 years since a great doctrine has come forth, and the great doctrine is coming forth, the Doctrine of Christ is coming forth, and the Lord has told me that the timing is perfect. His timing is perfect, that He has grounded us, or at least He has grounded me, in the Doctrine of Christ as a foundation to study these books of Kabbalah, because there are errors in these books, probably even in the work by Isaac Luria. There are errors. And the Doctrine of Christ will stabilize us. If we started this study without a working, sound, solid knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, we could receive false teaching from these books. That's what the Lord told me, and He told me to tell you that.


            We are definitely going forward with the Doctrine of Christ as a sound basis, not to be arrogant, not to show where the Doctrine of Christ is right and Kabbalah is wrong. Nothing like that at all. The Lord is doing a multi-faceted work here. I believe personally...I have already learned a lot, and I just told you about what it means to put the branch to the nose, that really is exciting for me. We have a lot to learn from these books, but the Lord is also reaching towards the people, both Jews and Christians who are caught up in occult Kabbalah. What do I mean by occult Kabbalah? I mean Kabbalah that leaves God out of it. Kabbalah that teaches all of the methods, but really is saying, we are born as God, that God is in us from birth.


            Of course, this is the call on this ministry if you remember. One of the calls on this ministry is to answer to spiritual doctrine without fighting, without condemnation, without going up to them and saying, you are wrong, and you are going to hell, but, merely, to present a contrast between the spiritual philosophy, whatever it might be. We have done some on Theosophy and some on Hinduism, we have touched on a few things here or there, but to compare the Doctrine of Christ to this spiritual philosophy and give people who are on this high spiritual level an alternative, because I want to tell you, and I've told you before, that people who have the ability, who have the mental and intellectual ability to study spiritual philosophy, whether it be Hinduism, Buddhism, or Kabbalah, whatever it is, they are not listening to some Christian coming to them telling them they are going to hell if they continue to study that stuff. They are going to brush them off like a fly.


            One of the aspects of this ministry is to give comparative commentaries and comparative studies for people who are into spiritual philosophy so that they might have a choice, or they might see a contrast or so that the Spirit of Christ might touch their heart and cause them to repent and come back to the Lord. That's part of our calling.


            I guess I will put this on the tape. I read it to all of you before we started taping. I was very reluctant to start this study. I've been very clear about that. I've told the Lord that I don't feel that I know enough about Kabbalah to do this, that I have no desire to be arrogant, I have no desire to compare the Doctrine of Christ, which is my strong point, to a philosophy that I don't know that much about, and to sound arrogant, saying that I know that you are wrong and I am right. But the Lord has told me that it is time to do it. I don't believe I am in an arrogant, but the Lord has told me clearly that as He moves by His spirit and confirms the truth of the Doctrine of Christ to me, that I am to do a comparative study, principle by principle, declaring to the people who will listen to this tape those aspects of Kabbalah which I perceive to be wrong.


            Now, it is not arrogance if the Lord has told me to do it. So the Lord has told me to do it, and at the risk of all wrath, I will do it, and I am very grateful for a second witness from someone who studies with us, out of state, in another state, who knows nothing at all about....I've been talking to you all about Kabbalah for at least a month now. He knows nothing at all about it, and I got an email from him, and this is what he said. He names his wife, and he says, "she was talking to me, but her voice was that of a man. I was told to put the book together because people need to know about the things that I have revealed to you. The time is right. There is a need for the things that I have given you. Don't worry about how it will be published, just begin." And I believe that is my confirmation, that I am supposed to do this. If anyone wants to call me arrogant or in a wrong spirit, there is nothing I can do about it because I do not believe that it is true.


            We are just going to take it a step at a time. As I told you, I am going to interweave Scriptures with it because the dryness just hurts Christ in me, the dryness of it, and, Lord willing, we will go through the introductions of both of these two books, but we will start tonight with a few Scriptures that have to do with the nose because I am so excited to find out the significance of the nose in the Scripture. I've been wondering about it for years.


            The Hebrew word "nose," when you look it up in the Lexicon, it really doesn't mean nose. It talks about the breathing that comes out of the nose, and the word signifies anger. Doesn't talk about the nose per se, talks about the function of the nose, and I could never understand that. Now I understand it. So let's take a look at a couple of Scriptures.


            Leviticus 21:18, I will read it to you, but I just printed out the whole list of Scriptures, and I don't think I have a comment on this one. For whatsoever man he be that hath a blemish, he shall not approach a blind man or a lame or he that hath a flat nose or anything superfluous. That's part of the law, and I did not expect to preach on that so I don't know what flat means. He shall not approach....so a flat nose is something bad, or anything superfluous, anything that goes beyond what Christ Jesus gives us, we should not approach a man like that. We should not make a soul tie with a man like that. A man who is spiritually blind. There is nothing wrong with making a soul tie with a physically blind man. The Scripture is spiritual. You don't make a soul tie with a spiritually blind man. Why? Does anybody know why? Why would you not want a soul tie with a spiritually blind man?


            COMMENT: You might receive error.


            PASTOR VITALE: Well, yes that's true. Let me explain it a little more.


            The spiritually blind man will never come up to your spiritual level, and every time you try to talk about something spiritual he will see it in a carnal way, and if you hang out with him long enough he will bring you down to his carnal ways, not meaning to do you any harm. He will bring you down to his carnal way of thinking, simply because he is incapable of rising to where you are. You can't hang out with people like that for too long. It will have a negative effect on your spirituality. The Scripture calls it a blemish. Is that an insult? No, it is just the truth. If you are carnal, ask the Lord to remove your blemish. Don't approach a lame man. It's talking about spiritual lameness. Are you walking with the Lord? How can two be in agreement unless they walk together? Who are you walking with? If you are walking with your carnal mind, you are not walking with the Lord, and you are lame.


            See, we, the personality, we stand between...we are like a three-legged race, we stand between the Lord and the carnal mind, and depending on where our leg goes, that is the part of us that becomes the two- legged man that walks straight. Does anyone not understand what I am saying? We, the personality, stand between the carnal mind and the Christ mind. If we are in agreement with the carnal mind, that middle leg makes a two-legged man with the carnal mind, and our Christ mind is crippled. He is lame. When our personality agrees with the Christ mind, we cripple the carnal mind.


            And don't approach him that has a flat nose. I don't know what that means, and I am not going to get up and check it out. And neither approach anything superfluous. The word superfluous means "to go beyond." To go beyond the line that the Lord has drawn for you. Don't approach the man that is ascended in Satan, or don't approach the man that's studying spiritual studies beyond where the Lord has led you.


            II Kings 19:28: Because thy rage against me and thy tumult is come up into my ears, therefore I will put my hook in thy nose and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou came. I looked up that word "hook," and it really can be translated "to close up the nostrils of the nose." So the Lord is saying, I am going to close up the nostrils of your nose. I am going to close up the openings that your energy is being drained out of, and I am going to turn you back from the way that you came from. He is going to turn back that Fiery Serpent.


            Let me put this on the board for you. [See, Drawing # 4 On The Back Cover.)


            Drawing #4 - On the left side of the board, I have done my best to reproduce the Hindu- Buddhist, what I call the Eastern teaching of the paths of ascension. I've drawn those lines in the middle channel to indicate that this is a middle channel here, and that each of the external lines or exterior lines, going up, is a single channel. We have three channels. The Susumana which is a wide channel, the Ida (if I am pronouncing it right) on the left, and the Pingala on the right.


            Now the Fiery Serpent, when she ascends, if she finds her way into the Susumana her whole energy force ascends into the Susumana. Now I never knew this before when I studied Hinduism, but, according to what the Lord is showing me now, if the Fiery Serpent gets into the Susumana she goes all the way up to the brain of the man that this is happening in, and he receives supernatural powers. Now, there are many gurus that have supernatural powers. Does anybody here not know that? There are gurus that have supernatural power that look just like the powers in the Holy Spirit. They touch people, they get slain in the spirit, they heal, they deliver, anointings fall that you feel you are in heaven. This is common among the gurus, the elite priests of the Hindus.


            Apparently, they have learned how to channel their Fiery Serpent into the main channel of the Susumana, but for the inexperienced person who is using yoga or whatever, I think yoga is the most common method in this country, anyway, to cause your Fiery Serpent to ascend, there are other ways that you can cause her to ascend, and people who are either inexperienced or don't know what they are doing when they stir up their Fiery Serpent by practicing yoga or chanting or whatever else they are doing, if they have the knowledge of how to guide their Fiery Serpent, she will not default to the Susumana. She will default to the Ida and the Pingala. She will divide. The Fiery Serpent is an energy stream, and she will divide and ascend up these two channels which, I now know, will come out of the nose. Wasted energy.


            All your yoga and all your fasting and all your vows of silence and everything that you are doing - wasted, if you do not succeed in guiding the ascending Fiery Serpent into the main channel which sends her up to your brain. I am not the best drawer here, but, to the best of my ability, I have duplicated the general appearance of the layout of the 10 Sefirot that I have seen in every book that I have looked at so far.


            Originally, and we will get to this, they show you the 10 Sefirot in a straight descending line, but they also show them laid out like this. And I want to tell you what this means to me. We see here, we have the crown which is the highest point, crown higher than wisdom, and we are going to go into all this. Wisdom, understanding, might, grace, glory, majesty, endurance, foundation, and what the Kabbalah calls Shekinah, what I would call Christ Jesus. I would not know what to call the equivalent of the carnal mind other than to say Leviathan.


            The way I see this is that this whole layout exists in the mind of Christ, and that this layout that I depict as the Hindu-Buddhist layout, lays either within or on top of this layout. I perceive this to be the Mind of Christ. The side of the board where I have written 10 Sefirot, I perceive this to be the layout of the Mind of Christ, and that this Hindu-Buddhist layout is the layout of the carnal mind which is superimposed upon the Mind of Christ. Now I may have it backwards because sometimes my carnal mind gets it backwards. I am not sure which one is one top and which one is on the bottom. I guess, of course, that depends on whether your carnal mind is on top or your Christ mind is on top of your carnal mind. So, the Lord just answered my own question.


            So, if your Christ mind is underneath your carnal mind, and the Hindu configuration is laying on top of the Hebrew or the Christ configuration, and you stir up your Fiery Serpent, if you are living a holy life, if you have never fornicated, you have never committed adultery, you have never shoplifted, to the best of your ability you have never lied, we all lie, we found that out, but you have never wilfully, knowingly deceived somebody, you have been attending church for 20 years, and you think you are a righteous man or a righteous woman, if for what ever reason you've got a false picture of yourself, and your carnal mind, this Hindu configuration is on top of your Christ configuration, and you start studying spiritual studies like are coming forth in this ministry, your Fiery Serpent is going to start to ascend.


            These spiritual studies will stir up your Fiery Serpent, and if this Hindu configuration is lying on top of your Christ configuration, the chances of your Fiery Serpent going into the Ida and the Pingala are like 100%, and that means that all of the work that you have done, all the meetings you have attended, all the praying that you have done, all the reading that you have done, all the good works that you have done, everything that you have done is going to be blown out of your nose, and we know what comes out of our nose is discarded. If it is breath, it is discarded, and if it is mucus, it is discarded. What comes out of the nose is waste. The carbon dioxide comes out of the nose. It is waste, and that's why Jehovah said to the Jews, you produced wind, you did not produce the sea of light, the sea of energy that I would have bathing your brain. I would that your brain was bathed in a sea of light, your immortality, the impartation of your genius, of your spiritual genius, and your spiritual power, all of that energy that you worked so hard.


            If you remember the early teachings in this ministry, that your energy is scattered all over. All of the days that you have been here that I've exhorted you and rebuked you to concentrate, and keep your mind focused so that your energy is not scattered, all of that work, you have all been here for years, is going to come out of your nose if your Fiery Serpent ascends into the Ida or Pingala. Does that mean you are going to hell? No, but you are going to be back where you started from. How long are you going to live to build this up all over again? Will you really have time to build up all over again?


            Also, I guess there is always a possibility that, and I teach this too, that if the Hindu configuration is laying on top of your Christ mind, that your Fiery Serpent might get into the Susumana, and then you will experience the ascension of damnation. That's the story, brethren. I am not threatening you, I tell you the truth. The Lord always tells you the truth. So how much is your pride worth? Is it really worth that chance? Is it really worth it? I don't think it is worth it.


             I just find that very interesting. This whole message is being preached by revelation. What I just told you has really just come forth. I did not even know it before I put it up on the board. I knew that I could draw an analogy between the two diagrams, but the Lord just told me that one is superimposed upon the other.


            See, on the Christ mind there is really only one channel where the Shekinah is, and that is Christ Jesus. Isn't that interesting?


            Any questions or comments on this?


            COMMENT: From glory to wisdom, does a line go up there like it does to understanding?


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, they are all interconnected. I will put that line in. They are all interconnected.


            We will find out that these are all attributes of the Godhead. There is only one God. It is just like saying, I am a human being, and I have qualities, I can be soft, I can be hard, I can be sympathetic, I can be tough, I can be gentle, I can have mercy. These are all attributes of the Godhead. There is just one God, and all of these attributes of God work just as our whole body works as a single unity, and they are all continuously interacting with one another in different ways. We are going to take it slowly, but there are a lot of principles that we are going to see.


            For example, and, again, the Lord has told me to do this so I am not trying to....well, the Lord has told me to point out where principles appear in the Kabbalah that I have already taught you. He has told me to point that out to you, not to brag or any such thing, but to witness to you that the same mind that wrote these great works is working here. Why, because I am great? No, because my life was so terrible that I was going to die, and the Lord took me over, and I am His container at this moment.


            When I first started preaching, when I was still in that store front in Smithtown which was the first few months of the ministry, the Lord was prophesying almost every night, and we were such a small group there that I knew He was prophesying into the spirit, and He was saying, I am manifesting again, I am teaching again. And I knew that it was going....I Did not know about thought forms in those days, but I knew there was a spiritual call going out for people to come and recognize that the great Master, the Glorified Jesus Christ, is teaching again. Only, He has a new face on, and if you stumble because of this face, if you stumble because of me, the face that's covering the Lord Jesus Christ, you are just shooting yourself in the foot, because I don't know any of this stuff.


             I would like to remind you that I have been teaching this for years, going all the way back. Changing spiritual sexual roles. For example, might, according to this diagram, #4, might is male to majesty. Well, let me do it this way. Glory is female to crown because glory is under crown, but glory is male to foundation. Have I not been teaching that for years? I am male to you, but I am female to the Lord Jesus. So depending on the relationship, we are both male and female, and God has male and female attributes. Well Sheila, how could you say God is female, has anything female in Him? Well, the Lord said, Let us make man in our image, and let us make them male and female. So, if man is in God's image and man is male and female, God must be male and female. But the issue is that the male rules, you see. That's the issue.


            These attributes of God, they are continuously interrelating with one another. Continuously, communicating with one another, and they vibrate. These are all energy, aspects of God that are energy. They are all vibrating, and they vibrate up, and they vibrate down, and they have all kinds of relationships with one another which we will touch upon to the extent that the Lord leads me. I don't know how deep we are going to go into these studies, but I will follow the Lord where ever He leads me, and we will go into each of these qualities with more depth. Are there any questions on this board?


            Back to Leviticus 21:18 for a minute. I did look up that Scripture in the Interlinear Text, and "flat nose" has an Alternate Translation which means religions. So the Lord is saying that the man who is religious has a blemish, stay with the spiritual man because religious ritual will kill you. I am sure your refraining from physical sin will produce good fruit in this present world, but you will not become spiritual. You will not receive any of the spiritual fruit which is far superior.


            We have done II Kings 19:28. Job 40:24, He taketh it with his eyes, his nose pierces through snares. I did not take the time to actually translate the whole verse, but the context or the purpose of the word "nose" in this verse is that the nose curses. That word "pierces" can be translated curses. Now, that's simply saying that when the energy comes out of the nose, it is a curse. Remember, the Hebrew word that means "nose" is not just breath coming out of the nose. It comes out in anger. That Hebrew word translated nose also means anger. So, what we are being told is that when the Fiery Serpent ascends in the wrong channel and comes out of the nose, she is in a rage. Why do you think she is in a rage? Because she finds out that she Did not enter into the Susumana.


            I don't think the Fiery Serpent wants to enter into Christ Jesus. She is not looking to enter into Christ Jesus. She is looking, the Fiery Serpent is lusting for Leviathan, and is seeking to ascend into the Susumana, the middle channel of the carnal mind. The Fiery Serpent is completely hypnotized and taken over by lust for Leviathan. Does anybody not understand that? So when she finds that she has come out of the nostrils, she is in a total rage. She went up the wrong channel.


            Somebody in the meeting just told us that she heard the word "menstruate" when I said that. Well, I believe that, that is the word Jehovah used to let the Hebrew know that their Fiery Serpent had ascended in the wrong channel, but I also believe that even someone who is pursuing the occult practices is in a rage when they find that they Did not get their Fiery Serpent into the right channel. Praise the Lord.


            I understand that it is not an easy thing to do, and, according to the books that I've read, the form of yoga that's being taught in this country is very dangerous, and that no self-respecting Hindu would ever practice Hatha yoga. I have read that in several books, and that Hatha yoga is the form of yoga that is being taught here. I have seen a couple of advertisements of recent years for Kundalini yoga, but years ago when I Did not know any better and took yoga, Hatha yoga was the only thing around. What does that do? It stirs up the Fiery Serpent without directing her. So you ascend in a dangerous channel.


            Job 41:2, Canst thou put a hook into his nose or bore his jaw through with a thorn? According to the Interlinear Text, this Scripture is talking about, the emphasis on what comes out of the nose. It is saying that a rope of rushes, those are plants that float in stagnant water or in pools, come out of the nose, or the word can also mean cauldron. I suggest to you that the meaning here is "who can boil that energy, who can boil that Fiery Serpent, who can catch that Fiery Serpent in a cauldron and boil it when she comes out of the nose?" Because she is coming out looking for a fight.


            Another way of expressing this is if your Fiery Serpent gets into the wrong channel, and she gets as high as the nose, well, she is certainly beyond the throat center to be in the nose. She may even make it to the brow (6th) energy center. I am not sure, but certainly the throat (5th) energy center. There is a lot of power in the throat (5th) energy center. The Scriptural term for the throat is the neck. I am going to try to start saying neck again because the throat is more occult, and the Scripture says neck so I am going to try to get back to that.


            When the Fiery Serpent comes out of the nose, she is coming out in power. She is coming out in wrath to do evil to other people. She is coming out in a rage of power. So this Scripture is saying, Are you capable of catching her rage in a cauldron and boiling her evil power away? In Christ Jesus, we can do that. Both for ourselves and for other people.


            Proverbs 30:33, Surely the churning of milk brings forth butter, and the ringing of the nose brings forth blood. The Hebrew word translated "ringing" means "pressure." Pressure of the nose brings forth blood. Well, this means that when the energy is forced through the nostrils it is a pressure, and it is a pressure that this whole process that produces the energy coming out of the nose feeds the physical body. The life of the flesh of the physical body is in the blood. So, what this is saying is that when your Fiery Serpent is forced out of the nose, it is building up your flesh man. It is not building up your spirit man.


            Another interesting witness is that Hindus spend a lot of time concerned with breathing. They practice a lot of deep breathing, and they are known, I don't know about Buddhists, but probably they are alike in this manner, but I know Hindus frequently have pot bellies because they spend so much time holding their breath in, and I've known for a while now that holding their breath in some how gave them the ability to control their own internal energy, but I now have an additional piece of information, that, that's what they are doing for that aspect of their own Fiery Serpent that has ascended into the Ida and the Pingala, and it seems to me that their whole Fiery Serpent would not ascend into the Susumana because the Fiery Serpent is responsible for the breath of the natural man, and as long as we are alive there has to be some breathing going on.


            They are even trying to capture that aspect of their own energy that is involved in inspiration and respiration. So instead of breathing out, they hold it in, and they swallow their breath, and they do it so often that their bellies pot, and somehow, through meditation, they have the ability to manipulate this energy and drive it where they want to drive it. They have all of these rules and formulas by which they hope to experience the ascended life.


            Song of Solomon 7:4, Thy neck is a tower of ivory, thine eyes like the fish pools of Heshbon by the gate of Bath Rabbim, thy nose is like the tower of Lebanon which looks toward Damascus. Now to really understand what this verse is saying, I would have to interpret all of these names, Bath Rabbim, Lebanon, and Damascus, but I suggest to you that to say that the neck is a tower of ivory is talking about the fifth energy center in Christ Jesus. And that the nose is a tower of Lebanon. We know that tower in the Scripture signifies strength, and Lebanon, I believe that is a positive geographical location although I did not look it up.


            I am going to suggest to you that this nose here, that's spoken about in Song of Solomon 7:4, is a nose that is under the authority of Christ Jesus. The nose is a tower of strength because the only thing that's passing through her is the breath that is necessary for inspiration and respiration, and the bulk of the energy is given over to Christ Jesus. That's how our nose can be a tower.


            Song of Solomon 7:8, I said I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the branches thereof, Now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples. Now that goes right along with what we were talking about. I don't know whether we were saying it on the tape or not, but the word "pungent" has come forth, and different allusions to ill smells, foul smells. And we know that foul smells are associated with the carnal mind, with Leviathan and with Satan.


            II suggest to you that if the nose smells like apples, that is the Scripture's way of saying that the nose is under the control of Christ Jesus, and not producing the rage of the misguided Fiery Serpent, according to the carnal mind.


            Isaiah 3:21, These are all the Scriptures that have the word "nose" in them, by the way. The rings and nose jewels....now I went back a few verses, obviously this is just a few words, I sent back a few verses, and I Did not want to spend too much time on it, but it seems to me that the verse is talking about Israel in captivity, and I know that a jewel signifies spirit, and a jewel would be a solidified spirit.


            Remember, our present unholy sea named Satan is going to be converted into a crystal sea, and a jewel is basically a crystal in a crystal formation. What this says to me is that a jewel in the nose means that the spirit that's pouring out of the nose is fully developed and crystalized. That means, depending on the context of the verse, which I think it means Israel in captivity, it would mean that these people are fully ascended and captured by Satan and Leviathan. That is interesting because certain ethnic groups wear jewels in their nose. I guess it could be a sign of Christ or a sign of the carnal mind, but it is a sign of spiritual ascension. It is a sign that says you have full control over the energy that's pouring through your nose, that it is hardened and solidified and become a jewel, and it is under your control.


            Isaiah 37:29, Because thy rage against me and thy tumult is come up into my ears, therefore will I put my hook in thy nose and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee back by the way by which thou came. So again, we are talking about a hook in the nose and to close up the nose, to close up the escape of that wrath and to turn the Fiery Serpent back to the belly (3rd) energy center, if not the impure (2nd) energy center to stop her ungodly activity.


            Isaiah 65:5, Which say, stand by thyself, come not near to me for I am holier than thou, these are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burns all the day. When I looked at this verse in the Interlinear Text, what it says to me is that the Pharisees that the Lord is rebuking here saying, you think that you are holier than the people who are overt sinners, you religious folk who have never really done anything behaviorally wrong in your life, you think that you are holier than the drug addicts and the alcoholics and the fornicators and the people who lose their tempers, this is what God thinks of your holiness. He says that these people that are like that, they are a smoke in my nose, a fire that burns all the day. What that means is that your Fiery Serpent is very active, and for you to be taking such an attitude, you have to be highly manifested in pride which means that your Fiery Serpent is very active and smoking out of your nose, and that Fiery Serpent is not burning all the day, but burning up the day. And who is the day?


            COMMENT: Christ.


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes.


            If you have this kind of an attitude, whether you acknowledge it or not, if you are a Pharisee, the Lord says to maintain this kind of an attitude that you are better than the others, whether you acknowledge it or not, you better find out the truth about yourself. If this is your attitude, if you really think on any level that you are OK because you are doing these behavioral things right, then it means that your Fiery Serpent is very active, that you are engaged in malignant pride which is destructive pride because when you think that you are holier than somebody else, if you think that you are OK because you are doing all these good things, and the other person is the sinner, this is called condemnation, and your Fiery Serpent has to be stirred up pretty high to be having that kind of an attitude. And for your Fiery Serpent to be stirred up that high, she is consuming Christ in you.


            The church teaches you to condemn yourself or to be condemned because you do something wrong, because you have envy, because you have pride, the way the church is today it teaches condemnation, but the Lord Jesus says to you, No, you are shooting yourself in the foot. I expose these sins to you that you might cry out to me, to ask me to change you because you are destroying Christ in you with your attitudes. Pharisees have trouble believing that attitudes and thoughts can be sin, but here it is right here. You who think you are holier than thou. It is just an example. It is an attitude that is a sin that is serious enough to be destroying Christ in you. That's what this verse says, and in man instances, attitudes are more dangerous than behavioral sin, because when you do behavioral sins you know what you did.


            You have to really be sick to deny that you fornicated, you have to be really sick to deny that you robbed that bank, you have to really be mentally ill to deny that you shot somebody, but it is real easy to have a very socially acceptable life and deny, that in your heart, you are really judging other people and think that you are better than they are. It is very hard to face that because there is no concrete proof. You can believe it is a lie, see. The carnal mind can tell you, well it is a lie, why should I believe that? So, that's the danger of being a Pharisee. Not that the Lord doesn't like you. It is that it is harder to help you than the behavioral sinner. He wants to help you. He wants you to deliver you as much or even more than the behavioral sinners.


            Why more than the behavioral sinners? Because, believe it or not, you are in more trouble than the man who is visibly in trouble because you don't even know you are in trouble. The man that doesn't have food to eat, the man that is living on the street, the man that's running from the police, the man that's caught on drugs, He is crying out to God every day, Help me. You don't even know that you need help; therefore, the Lord wants to help you even more than the man that is physically in trouble.


            We are up to Ezekiel, Chapter 8, Verse 17: Then, he said unto me, hast thou seen this, O Son of Man, is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? For they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke to anger and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. I talked about that one at the beginning of this message. The branch, meaning the pruned vine. Jesus is the true vine, and the pruned vine is the carnal mind, is Leviathan. So, their behavior resulted in the Fiery Serpent coming out of their nose, because the Fiery Serpent is the finger of Leviathan who is the hand of the Dragon.


            As I explained earlier, the only way that could happen to someone who is in God, who is studying the Scripture, who has a relationship with the Lord, the only way this could happen to them is if they refuse to face the negative principalities within them.


            See, the Lord is not obligated to convince you. He is not obligated to convince you. He will give you a second witness, but if you are taking a position that I am not going to believe that unless I get a letter from heaven written in blood, I will not believe it, He probably will not do it. I would be surprised if He would do it, and I am telling you again that this whole exhortation tonight because I prayed for you, and I said, Lord is there anything I can do to help her? And He has me telling you the truth. Praise the Lord.


            Ezekiel 23:25, And I will set my jealousy against thee, and they shall deal furiously with thee. They shall take away thy nose and thine ears, and thy remnant shall fall by the sword. They shall take thy sons and thy daughters and thy residue shall be devoured by the fire, or devoured by the Fiery Serpent. And in this case to say, obviously this is talking about Israel being overtaken by the carnal mind, they shall take away thy nose and thy ears. They shall take away the nose and the ears that have been under the authority of Christ, and if somebody is thinking, I am hearing this in the spirit, it may be here, maybe somebody here or it may just be that the Lord wants me to put this on the tape, that if you think that I am wrong in saying that this is a spiritual happening, that this actually physically happened to Israel. Well, yes, everything that happens in the spirit plays out in the physical.


            If you are living out of Christ, and for whatever reason, Christ is overtaken in you and consumed, and your carnal mind is erected as king of your vessel, it will have a physical manifestation in your life. If you are a nation, you can be defeated by another nation. If you are an individual, you will experience defeat in various aspects of your life. It could be your health, it could be a marriage, it could be financial. Am I a prophet of doom? No, I am telling you the truth. Praise the Lord.


            Are there any comments or questions before we start on this introduction to the first volume of Isaac Luria's Tree of Life?


            COMMENT: I was just wondering if there is any spiritual significance to that saying in the world, fire- eating Dragon?


            PASTOR VITALE: Not that I am away of, but what does come to mind is the fire breathing Dragon, a Dragon that breathes out fire, and what the Lord just told me that means is that it signifies the human being that is completely given over to Leviathan and whose Fiery Serpent is spiritually active. A fire-breathing Dragon is the personality who is completely given over to their carnal mind, they are in agreement with their carnal mind, and their Fiery Serpent is spiritually active. So when we are completely given over to our carnal mind, we become an expression of the Dragon.


            That should make sense because we have done some studies about the Dragon recently, and we know that the carnal mind is in the nature of the Dragon. So when we are completely in agreement with our carnal mind, we become an expression of the Dragon, and when we are an expression of the Dragon, and our Fiery Serpent is spiritually active, we start breathing the Fiery Serpent out of our nose. And we become a fire-breathing Dragon. The personality who is in full agreement with their carnal mind, thinking evil thoughts, and producing evil thought forms and really generating evil happenings towards other people even thought we may not know about it, when we think evil towards people we call forth evil happenings in their life, and we have to remember, the Lord reminds us of this time and time again, that when Christians think evil, we have a lot of inherent spiritual power.


            If you just have the Holy Spirit, you are walking around with a lit torch. If you allow yourself to be angry against people or gossip against people or be enraged against people or be envious of people, the power of the Holy Spirit is being directed to hurt those people. You don't need to get some cats tails and all kinds of herbs and mix up a kettle of brew, you've got the Holy Spirit, you've got power. And if you are into deep doctrine like this, and you are letting your mind hurt people, you are doing a lot of damage. We all have to know this. We are spiritual black belts. It is very important that we know it.


            You have to war against every ungodly thought in your mind or you are seriously guilty, and I don't say that to condemn you. We are powerful, and we can hurt people more than the average person, especially if we are not aware of our thoughts. If we have our subconscious mind operating behind that veil, and we can't see or we are not willing to see what we are doing, we are really hurting people. It is important that we know it. For ourselves, we don't want to hurt anybody, but also for ourselves and our family and everything that we hope to be in Christ. We need to know that we are jeopardizing ourselves by not facing the truth of the activities of our subconscious and unconscious mind. We are jeopardizing everything that God is offering us and that we desire in Christ Jesus because of that pride, and that's all that it is, is pride that will not face it. That's all that it is. Pride that will not face the truth.


            What is the truth? That we are the shells, that there are negative principles within us, but that Jesus is calling us to a procedure that will cleanse us and make us what we believe we already are, make us truly holy, but we can't get holy until we admit that we are not holy. And the answer is, well, I don't think I am holy, that's not the answer. We are talking about individual sins that we are just having trouble facing that are in our hearts. Praise the Lord. The Lord wants to show it to you so that He can cleanse you, so that He can make you what you would like to be, and what He would like you to be. Don't shoot yourself in the foot. A lot of people want you around. You have a lot of ministry or a lot of people that are destined to be helped by you, a lot of people waiting for your ministry. Don't do this. Give up your pride, don't do it.


            I am going to read from the Introduction in the Tree of Life, and the subtitle of that book is Adam Kadmon. The word Kadmon is a Hebrew word that means "primordial." Now, the teaching is, that I have already shown you....the 10 Sefirot, I have shown you the configuration or one of the configurations of the 10 Sefirot. The other configuration is just a straight line from top to bottom, all 10 Sefirot. These Sefirot signify the outpouring of God.


            See, the teaching is that there is an unknowable God. There is a spiritual deity that is so high that our carnal minds cannot possibly comprehend Him. He has, therefore, extended Himself, and we will talk about how He did that, but He has extended Himself towards us which can be likened to saying, one of us would put our arm out or hold our hand out to somebody. He has extended Himself towards us, He has extended an aspect of Himself towards us, and that aspect appeared as a point, and that point could be likened to a seed. That point started to unfold.


            First, the crown came out, then wisdom came out, and there were two Sefirot, and all of the seeds for the other eight Sefirot were in those Sefirot which were already expressed. And it kept unfolding, that thread of light that the unknowable God sent forth from Himself, continued to unfold until it reached the number of 10 attributes which could be reasonably studied and understood and experienced by mankind. And the totality of these 10 Sefirot is called Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam.


            Now, as far as I am concerned, there are two obvious grades of Adam in the King James Translation which is my base. I work from the King James Translation, but, according to Kabbalah, there are four grades of Adam. Now I have a witness to this. We are going to find out that just about every entity that we deal with in the Scripture has a minimum of two aspects because every aspect of God or every aspect of man that exists in the visible world also exists in the invisible world. So, at the very least, there are two of us all the time. There is the negative in the etheric plane, and there is the image in this plane.


            Now, Kabbalah teaches that there are four worlds. I just named two, the etheric and the visible plane. So according to that teaching, there are four of us or aspects of ourselves appeared in four layers or in four worlds, and we will get into that in more detail. The point that I am trying to make now is that I believe, I am in agreement, that there are four manifestations of Adam, and that the Adam that fell was not Adam Kadmon. We know that the New Testament talks about Adam, earthy, and Adam, the quickening spirit.


            At this moment, I cannot tell you why the New Testament does not....well, I should not even say that, if the New Testament speaks about four Adams, I haven't found it, and I can't even find it in the Old Testament, other than to say that perhaps Seth was another manifestation of Adam. I am not really sure, but I have received this teaching from what I've read so far from Kabbalah that there were four manifestations of Adam. And the teaching also is that there is more than more manifestation of Jehovah, and there is more than one manifestation of Elohim. What does that mean? As the Godhead, as the spirit, as Kabbalah says, as the thread of light descends into the world that we inhabit, as He passes through all the planes of consciousness, He just takes different names in each plane of consciousness, and He calls Himself Jehovah in more than one plane, and He calls Himself Elohim in more than one plane, according to this teaching, and I have no problem with it.


            If you have a problem with it, you don't have to believe it, but let's just see what the teaching has to say. The reason I don't have any problem with it is that I've had similar problems, I've told you that I don't know what to call Christ Jesus in the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh energy centers. I don't know how to change His name to indicate that He is in a different energy center. You may remember me telling you things like that, and now I say that Christ Jesus in the sixth energy center is King Christ, and, personally, I don't like that name. Sound too much like King Kong to me, but maybe by the time we get through these studies I will find a more appropriate name for Him in that energy center.


            But I know that Christ Jesus is resident in all of the higher energy centers, that He doesn't ascend into the fifth, sixth, and seventh energy center and leave the other energy centers empty, that He enters by His spirit into the fourth energy center, and He occupies the fourth energy center, and then He ascends into the fifth energy center, and He is occupying both the fourth and the fifth. And then He ascends into the sixth, and He is occupying all three energy centers, and there has to be a way to describe which energy center He is coming out of. So, He has a different name in each energy center.


            Based on that knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ which we have already found out here before we ever attempted to even understand Kabbalah in anyway, it lines right up with what is being said here, that there are four levels of Adam, that Adam Kadmon would be likened to Jesus saying, I am the Alpha and the Omega. Based on that Scripture, Adam Kadmon would be the Alpha, the beginning.


            If there is any Scripture that I know about that would indicate that there is more than one Adam, that would be it. Jesus saying, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. I am the primordial Adam, I am Adam Kadmon, and I am the glorified Adam, and all of the Adams that came in between. That is an inclusive term.


            The image that I had on the board, Image #4 of the ten Sefirot, that signified Adam Kadmon. This is not the Adam that fell. It is the Alpha of the Alpha and the Omega.


            There will be parts here that I will just read because it is just plain information. I will just read you the whole thing: The palace of Adam Kadmon is the first volume of Chayyim Vital's major work. It is called the Tree of Life. And it is the primary source of our knowledge about the teachings of Isaac Luria, the visionary who became one of the most influential figures in the development of the Kabbalah, the esoteric strand of Jewish tradition.


            In Hebrew, Kabbalah literally means "receiving." Kabbalah literally means "receiving," and it is referring to traditions received from earlier times. These teachings were past on verbally for centuries, and this teaching reached its fullest development in the 16th century Safed, a small hillside town in the upper Galilee in present day Israel. The goal of Kabbalah is to penetrate the surface of every day reality, to explore unseen spiritual worlds through rational inquiry and mystical meditation. Now that mystical meditation is on the Word of God. It is not emptying yourself out. And thereby, by doing this, by using rational inquiry and mystical meditation, to grasp the ultimate meaning and purpose of life. To grasp the ultimate meaning and purpose of life.


            I think I am going to skip over the biographical aspects of Isaac Luria and Chayyim Vital, and we will go on. I will paraphrase what is being said here, that the Kabbalah for many years was considered, by many sects of Jews, as important as the Torah which is the first five books of the Scripture, the first five books of Moses. The Kabbalah was considered as important. Now remember, there are different aspects of the Kabbalah. The Zohar, and then other books that are dogmatic, that give revelation of doctrine, were essential, because how could you understand, how could you understand the Scripture if you Did not have someone telling you the revelation if you were just a young student? How could you possibly understand?


            Somehow, the Old Testament was given over to the Christian fathers without any revelation. It was given over, I don't know exactly how it happened, the Christian fathers acquired the Old Testament without acquiring the spiritual understanding of it, and it became a dead word. But it is a miracle, despite it being a dead word it is a miracle what the Lord has done with it, but it is time, says the Lord, for the spirit of the word to be restored, both to Israel and to be given, for the first time, to my church. He wants the spirit of the word restored because the letter killeth. Praise the Lord


            Now, this Introduction makes a very important point. This Adam Kadmon, we are going to be discussing Him in terms of his having eyes, ears, nose, genitals, legs, arms. These Hebrews of another century and Isaac Luria, in particular, they did not believe that the Adam Kadmon, that the primordial Adam, was a humanoid, you see. If you look over the writings briefly, without really reading up on it, you say, well, this is what I said to myself initially: How could they perceive the primordial Adam as a humanoid, but you know the whole church perceives the primordial Adam as a humanoid. I haven't read anything about Eve yet. I don't know whether she is in these books or not. Everything is Adam.


            The church has really been utterly deceived, utterly deceived, and, of course, the Scripture, I don't know whether the Adam of Genesis is the primordial Adam. I don't think He is. I think He is a later dated Adam, but even He was not a humanoid. The church has been utterly deceived. I don't know whether it is true or not, but I read something by an occult author who made a comment about the Jewish rabbis who believed that Christianity was their enemy, and that they stood by while the Christians acquired the Old Testament, knowing full well that the Christians that acquired it did not have the tools to understand it, and that they just let it happen because they believed Christianity to be a false religion and their enemy.


            The church is all messed up, and the Jews are supposed to be the teachers of this deep word, and there is a lot of enmity between Christianity and Judaism. Certainly, the Jews aren't going to teach, and the Christians don't want them to teach, and, besides, the Jews don't even....well, I think that there are some elements of Jews that study Kabbalah that have some revelation today. I believe that, but the last thing they are doing is going to teach the Christians. So, there has to be a coming together here, and the Lord will have to do it. Every aspect of the plan of the Lord is requiring a miracle. That's the bottom line.


            The Kabbalah contains a number of ideas and images that are unfamiliar to modern readers. Some of these images are highly anthropomorphic. That means they are in terms of human beings, you see. But the Hebrew fathers, they knew that the primordial Adam was not a human being. They are just talking to us about him in the form of a human being so that we could possibly stand a chance of understanding this stuff which is very deep.


            Some of these images are highly anthropomorphic. That means that they sound like they are talking about a human being with body parts. Using metaphors drawn from the world of human experience to describe the higher or the deeper realms of the spirit. They are using body parts among other images to help us to relate to the world of the spirit. How could we understand the world of the spirit?


            The following pages are intended to provide an introduction to some of these concepts, relating them, where possible, to more familiar modern ideas, and it tells you that there is a glossary of Hebrew terms in the back of the book.


            Worlds within worlds. During the period in which Kabbalistic ideas were first formulated, reality was thought of as multi-layered, a view point that continues to be an essential assumption in many systems of thought. We have many layers. We are not just this flesh, and we are even more than a spirit, soul, and a body. When I first read in the Kabbalah that the Lord created, at the time of creation, myriads of worlds, it blew my mind. I could not cope with the thought...myriads meaning tens of thousands of tens of thousands of tens of thousands of worlds, and I could not cope with it, but the Lord explained to me what this means.


            I know that the Lord has taught me that the word cosmos in the New Testament can very easily, and, more often than not, is talking about the individual human being. The individual human being is a cosmos. We have a spiritual sun and a spiritual moon within us, and we are a world, and then we have the planets outside of us, and then we have nations which can be considered a world, a city, a town, any group can be considered a world. And these are all outside of us and greater than us, but there are worlds inside of us. We consist of trillions of cells. Just as we are members of the Body of Christ, yet each one of us is a world, every cell inside of us is a world, and a lot of scientists know that. They study cellular biology, and it is fascinating what they see inside cellular biology.


            Our liver could be a world unto itself. Our heart can be a world unto itself, but when the Lord talks about myriads upon myriads of worlds, He is talking about even the very cells of our body, and there are invisible counterparts. Every cell of our body exists on many levels, at least four. I don't have all the answers yet.


            These myriads upon myriads of worlds are not out there in the solar system. They are within us, we are outer darkness. We are the skins, we are the skin's sac that contains the spirit, that contains the life. So we are multi-layered. From this perspective, the physical world that we perceive with our senses represents only the outward and visible manifestation of unseen dimensions that permeate the whole of existence. What our senses see, what our eyes see, and our ears hear, represents only the outward and visible manifestation of unseen dimensions that permeate our penetrate the whole of existence. That means, not just you and me, but the plants and the rocks and the trees and the buildings, even the furniture in this room exists on multi-levels.


            Our problem is we are limited, and we can only see the surface level, and I have been told, I have read in occult books, and I have received this teaching that when our Fiery Serpent ascends, and I don't know what energy center she has to ascend to, to a certain place, we start seeing through walls, and we start seeing the multi-dimensions of the furniture and of people and of plants and rocks. We start seeing everything in multi-dimension, and, as a result of that, we see through walls. The only reason we can't see through this wall is because we can't see the rest of the wall. We only see the surface of the wall.


            Now, I don't know how to relate that to ascension in Christ because I believe that I am very ascended in Christ to be bringing forth this kind of doctrine, but it is possible that only an aspect of myself is ascended, or it is possible that we will not have that experience in Christ; yet, I've had that experience in Christ. So I have to change that. We will have that experience in Christ. I saw through this door once, but I Did not have the power to do it. Christ Jesus opened my spiritual eyes because I was in danger, and He wanted me to know what was going on, on the other side of the door, and I saw through that door. Now, I Did not physically see through the door. I saw the other side of the door in the spirit. The only answer that I have is that I am ascended in certain areas and not ascended in other areas.


            Personally, I think it would be a little disconcerting to be seeing everybody in multi-dimensions, to be seeing through doors where ever you go. I think it would be disturbing. You would really have to adjust to function in a world where you see people's hearts pounding, and you see their blood flowing, and you are looking through their bodies. I don't even desire that, but I know that, on some level, my mind, the mind of Christ in me has already begun to permeate other people because I do perceive people's motives, and I frequently hear people's thoughts, and I frequently experience people's emotions.


            I just had a phone call from somebody today who was also going through this training, and they gave me a testimony. They said that they came out of a meeting the other day, and they were filled with dislike for a particular man. They were so filled with dislike for him that they left the meeting early. They wound up in a phone call with me, and by the time they got off the phone with me they no longer disliked the man. Now, this is very suspicious. How could you dislike someone intensely one minute and feel kindly towards them the next minute? The only answer is that the carnal mind was in operation, and when you had a discussion with me it raised up your Christ mind and shut the mouth of your carnal mind.


            Now, I want to suggest something to you, that if you are the one that really disliked that person, as soon as you came down out of Christ you would dislike him again, but when she came down out of Christ she still Did not dislike him any more, and that means she was experiencing somebody else's feelings. It could mean either someone else in that room disliked that man, or it could mean that, that man disliked himself, or it could even mean that there was jealousy in the room, that somebody was jealous of the relationship that was being raised up, and the way that jealousy manifested in the one person's emotions and mind was dislike.


            I want to tell you that this just happened to me this past weekend. I haven't mentioned it to anybody. But one night when we were out to dinner, I felt an intense dislike for somebody, and I put it before the Lord. I recognized it immediately. Not an intense dislike, but a dislike. I said, now where is that coming from? I don't dislike anybody, this can't be, and when I rebuked it, it went away. And I am convinced that it was somebody else's mind. It was some carnal thought that was directed toward a stranger that was having dinner with us, whether you knew it or not, whether it was your subconscious or your unconscious mind or not, somebody in our group had some kind of a negative thought towards that person, and the way it registered in my mind was to say, how could I even be friends with that person? And if I Did not recognize it for what it was, that thought could have controlled me and brought damage to that relationship, but I have some experience with this kind of thing.


            The more spiritual you get, the more time it takes because there is so much going on in the spirit that you cannot see in the visible world, you would be amazed at what is going on in people's minds. Lots of time they are aware of it, and they just don't speak it. Sometimes they are repressed and in denial, and they are not even aware of it, but it is out there, and when you get spiritual it is coming right for you. It is like you are under water in a sea, and all these fish are swimming towards you, and if you don't deal with them, they will influence you.


            The Kabbalist version of this ancient cosmology, cosmology meaning the study of the cosmos. See, there is a physical cosmos out there, all the planets, and there is a spiritual cosmos in here. So you see, people who put the Bible down, for example, by saying, how could God have stopped Joshua's day? How did God stop the sun in the heaven, the whole earth would have gone off its orbit, so that is just a phoney, false thing? No, the Lord stopped the spiritual sun. He Did not stop the physical sun that you see in the sky. He told the sun in Joshua's spiritual body to stand still, and the spiritual cosmos is more important than the physical cosmos because what happens in the spiritual cosmos is reflected in the physical cosmos. It is my understanding that every planet out there in space has invisible counterparts in the invisible world. And these invisible worlds are filled with beings that desire to be men, who desire to be humans. Why would they desire to be human? (End of Tape 2)      

            Because they know that it is just a matter of time until Adam, the life quickening spirit, moves into His full inheritance as king over all of the worlds and all of the inhabitants of all of the worlds. Praise the Lord.


            The next thing we have in this Introduction is the four worlds that the Kabbalists teach. The first one is the World of Action. It is the physical universe of space, time, matter, and energy, called the World of Action. The world of stars, of planets, and the earth which in mediaeval cosmology was believed to be the center of the visible universe. Our Milky Way in ancient times was believed to be the center of the universe, but we now know that, physically, we are not the center of the universe. There are many different galaxies apart from us out there in space.


            Now remember, everything that's in outer space is a reflection of what is inside of man. It is a reflection of all the worlds inside of us, of all the cells inside of us, of all the minds in the earth, each one of us being a cosmos of our self, each man being a galaxy.


            The World of Action is the outermost layer of reality. We are the sac. We, physically, and all of outer space and this planet, are the outer layer of reality. We are the sac which holds all of the other layers of reality. Jesus said that this is outer darkness.


            Next, comes the World of Formation. It is the unseen world closest to us. In the ancient cosmology, this is the world of angels. Now, just putting this together with other information that the Lord has given me from other sources, it is my understanding that it is the etheric plane that is closest to us. I honestly don't know whether we can link up the etheric plane with the World of Formation, but I do not believe that this teaching, that Kabbalistic teaching, is speaking about the astral plane because the astral plane is not in God. The astral plane is the world of the carnal mind.


            Until the Lord tells me otherwise, I am going to say that this World of Formation...well, let's just read through the whole thing, and we will see what we get. The World of Formation is the unseen world closest to us. In the ancient cosmology, this is the world of angels. Today, we might think of it as the underlying source of the orderly patterns that we observe in the world around us. Well, it sure sounds like the etheric world. It is the invisible foundation of all of the physical laws, the formulas of mathematics, the laws of physics, the paradigms or the types, the archetypes of the behavioral sciences, that which is the foundation of all the behavioral sciences, the rules of logic, and the harmonies of music. Because of its close connection to the material world, because this second world called the World of Formation which sounds to me like it is the etheric plane because it is so close to us, we can use reason and imagination, science and art to draw inferences about the hidden world of formation from the patterns that we observe in our daily life.


            In other words, by the things that we see happening in our daily life, we can draw a conclusion that there is something invisible operating. Just as if, let's say we are in the house here and, we couldn't perceive the wind, and we see the branches of the trees blowing like crazy, we know that there is an invisible wind out there. If one day, we see a plant or a flower or a vegetable appear above the ground we can draw the conclusion that a seed was planted somehow. We can use logic to draw inferences about the hidden world of formation and the patterns we observe in our daily life. But the Kabbalists seeks to extend these inferences or these conclusions to deeper worlds as well. The Kabbalists is looking to understand all of the spiritual worlds.


            Now, the third world is the World of Creation which represents the next layer of reality beyond the World of Formation, and we are saying the...let's just review, we are saying the World of Action is this present world, the World of Formation is the etheric plane, and now we are dealing with the next layer which is called the World of Creation. The World of Creation represents the next layer of reality beyond the World of Formation. In the early Jewish tradition, it was the realm of the archangels and the divine throne.


            Now if the World of Formation is the etheric plane, and it is the plane of angels, and we are trying to relate this to information that we already have, then I would have to call the nature spirits and the moths that we know that exists, all the spiritual insects that exist in the etheric plane, they would have to be the angels that this world is talking about. Unless, these worlds are not describing the fallen plane. I think the Lord just brought a correction here. These four worlds are not describing....well, they have to be describing the fallen plane because they are talking about this physical world.


            This is where the conflict comes in, you see, and this has been my experience so far, that I see the Kabbalistic writers really denying, well, not completely denying, but I don't really see them talking about the evil aspects. Now I understand that there are other books that are written even by Isaac Luria that talks about demons and shells and all of these elementals. They call them elementals, all these other entities. So I haven't really heard from the Lord about this so maybe I should not even be relating these worlds to the etheric plane or otherwise. I think I am not going to do that.


            We are talking about the first world is the World of Action, the second world is the World of Formation, it is really close to us, and that's where the angels dwell. That could mean, if we want to take this on a positive note, we could say, well I've been telling you for a long time that if Christ Jesus is in you, an angel is in you. Christ Jesus is the angel, and Christ Jesus has activities apart from us. He has activities in us that we are aware of. Christ Jesus manifests through me. Right now, He is preaching through me. He does a lot of things through me that I know to be Him, but it has also come to my attention that Christ Jesus in me has activities that I have no idea that He is engaged in. He is engaged in them, either while I am sleeping or while I am awake. He just vibrates out of me and does what He wants to do.


             Christ Jesus exists, even though He lives in me He exists on an invisible plane that I cannot see because I cannot see Him when He vibrates out from me and does His thing. I know, on several occasions, I have seen that He has spoken to somebody that I am standing next to, and I've actually seen the reactions on their faces, and in one particular case, it was a preacher, and the man that was preaching corrected what he said. He must have been a spiritual man, and he looked right up, and he looked right at me, and I knew that he knew that the thought came from me, but I had no intention of correcting him or teaching him or any such thing, but Christ Jesus in me had spoken to him. If you can believe that, if you can't ask the Lord to help you because it is the truth.


            As we advance in our spiritual ministry in Christ Jesus, certain aspects of our ministry in Christ Jesus becomes less and less doing on our part. Because people are so resistant to receiving from us because people have pride, and they don't want to be taught, and they don't want to be told what to do, or they don't think that we look like a Son of God, or who do we think that we are? And they don't want to receive it, the Lord who is ever merciful, trying to help people despite themselves and their pride, who shoot themselves in their own feet everyday, frequently will send us just to be in the proximity of the person. Just to stand near them, just to let them see our face, and a spiritual communication goes forth from Christ Jesus in us to that person or to Christ in that person. Especially, if the Son of God that's being sent is not in any official position, and He is being sent to a minister of the existing five-fold ministry which is really not the true five-fold ministry, and that other man thinks he has authority over the Son that's sent to tell him something, and, therefore, is not likely to receive it.


            If Christ Jesus in that Son is mature enough, the Lord is very likely to just bring the two people in the same location and transmit the communication directly from Christ Jesus in the Son to Christ in the other person. And once Christ Jesus in you matured, the ministry is almost 100%, my ministry is virtually 100%, well I don't want to say that, but very close to 100% teaching doctrine and teaching wisdom and giving specific counsel as Christ Jesus brings it forth in a specific circumstance that has been prayed about. It is like 99% of my ministry, and if He wants to deliver that ministry to people who will not receive it He just puts you in the same room with them and tells them anyway. He goes straight to their subconscious mind. Hooks up directly with their subconscious mind.


            So that is the World of Formation, that's the world of angels. Now, for a long time I have preached here, and I am sure that I have tapes on it, that I did not believe that there were all these angels of all these different names. I felt that Christ Jesus in the individual, the many-membered Christ Jesus was the only angel, and then, of course, there was Leviathan and her angels. There are Michael and his angels, and Leviathan and her angels which we read about in Revelation Chapter 12.


            Now in Kabbalah, they name a lot of angels, and the teaching of Kabbalah is that there are all these angels by different names, and over the years, I have been a Christian for 22 years, over the years I have heard names of other angels like Raphael, and we know that Michael and Gabriel are in the King James, but Raphael and I cannot think of another name right now, but there are at least 10 angels. And I Did not know where these names came from. Well, they come from Kabbalah.


            The Kabbalah talks about the ten angels, and then there are supposedly many others under them, and then there are evil angels, Lilith and Asmodeus. I don't have any witness to this at this time. I am standing open to the Lord, but I do not have a witness to it at this time, that all these angels exist as independent beings, but I could be wrong. I am open if the Lord will show it to me, but at this time I am standing with my belief that there is only one positive angel, Christ Jesus, and He is a many-membered angel. The evil angel is Leviathan, and she is a many-membered angel manifesting as the Fiery Serpent in humanity. Praise the Lord.


            So, therefore, the World of Formation is the world where Christ Jesus exists. Then, comes the World of Creation which represents the next layer of reality beyond the World of Formation. In early Jewish traditions, it was the realm of the archangels and the divine throne on which, in the vision of the prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel, God Himself was seated. Well, we know that God is not seated on any physical throne. This is all imagery, trying to show us that God is higher than the angels. It is the highest realm that humans can experience, the World of Creation, and then only as a visionary experience, accessible at the deepest levels of mystical meditation.


            Well, I could relate to that. I have some very mystical experiences. I go into trances, I see images in the spirit, I get all kinds of communications from the Lord through memories, and most of them are visual. It is not uncommon for me to hear things. That has happened from time to time. Usually, I see images, and I have to pray and find out what the interpretation of the image is. On rare occasion, I do hear an audible voice. Sometimes, I just have a prompting within me or a sense of knowing that I am supposed to do something, but I would say that most of the communications form the higher world, and, of course, the Lord speaks to me through the Word, most of my communications to the higher world, or to what I would perceive to be this World of Creation, are visual.


            Of course, this deep meditation, this requirement of deep meditation is satisfied in me because the Doctrine of Christ in me never ceases. I believe that the Doctrine of Christ in me is resident in Christ Jesus within me, and Christ Jesus in me never sleeps. I feel that the Doctrine of Christ is being discussed, is being meditated on, is being developed and enhanced and increased in me continuously, 24 hours a day; therefore, I am always in deep meditation.


            In the occult, I would be described as being awake and asleep at the same time. The first time I started hearing that term from occult sources, I could not understand what that would mean. How could you be awake and asleep at the same time? And then I found out, what it means is that you have a perception of this waking world and the world that, apparently I am told, we enter into when we go to sleep at the same time. Well, all that I can tell you is that I have access to the spiritual worlds as well as this physical world through my whole waking time, and that is because Christ Jesus in me is feeding on the Doctrine of Christ and not only feeding on it. Sorry, I should not even say that. Churning out and producing thought forms of the Doctrine of Christ continuously, so the door is open. The door within me to the spiritual realm is open. I believe it is permanently open. I just have to turn towards it, and I can see what is there.


            You read in the Old Testament, "And the prophet turned, and he looked, and he saw." He turned toward the spiritual door within himself, and he saw the image that the Lord was drawing his attention to. The Lord shows me many images that I don't respond to because I am too busy with the things of this world. I believe He shows me more images than I respond to. I don't even know that it is possible to deal with every image that I see with my mind. I try, but it is almost an unending flow of images.


            I remember one time, this was years ago, for days I was seeing in my mind's eye the desert and camels. I was seeing sand dunes and camels and people just trekking across the desert, and I knew that it meant the exodus from Egypt, but I did not understand in those days that the exodus from Egypt was spiritual. I could not understand what it meant, but today I understand that it was me in that wilderness, and all of those other people crossing that desert may be in existence today, but since there is no time or space in the spirit, I may have been in the company of all of the saints over all of the centuries that have crossed that desert into the Promised Land, and it just went on for weeks that I kept seeing that desert, and I was crossing that desert. That is the third world, the World of Creation.


            The fourth world which Kabbalah says, no human being can access, is the closest of the four worlds to the Infinite, and the farthest away from our daily experience. The term, Emanation, implies a continuous flowing like light from the sun, water from a spring, or breath from the mouth.


            Well, let me stop here because I believe that human beings can access this world in Christ Jesus. If Christ Jesus is formed in you, this world, this inaccessible world, it available to us today in the form of the Glorified Jesus Christ, and we can access that world when Christ Jesus is planted and growing in us. He is our passport. Christ Jesus is our passport to the ultimate of the Godhead, and this is what Kabbalah says about that ultimate world. And don't think you are accessing it because you have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the Glorified Jesus Christ. He is an aspect of the Glorified Jesus Christ. You are not experiencing this high spiritual world until Christ Jesus in you marries or is at least reaching for the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is in that union. It doesn't have to be a marriage, but it is in that touching of Christ Jesus within you to the Glorified Jesus Christ that we, today, have access to a world that the Kabbalists say man can never access. The impossible is done in our day and age.


            This is the closest of the four worlds to the Infinite, and the farthest away from our daily experience. The term Emanation, because that's what comes out of this world, it is the world of emanation. It is the world of the flowing forth of the spirit of God. Emanation means continuous flowing, like light from the sun never stops. It gets dark here because our planet gets into a position where we cannot see the light of the sun, but the light of the sun never stops flowing. Water from a spring never stops flowing. Breath from the mouth never stops until you die. The emanated substance remains in close contact with the Emanator. Light flows from the sun, but light is still in close contact with the sun. Breath keeps flowing from my mouth, but breath is very close in my mouth. Never leaves my mouth. So, that is what Emanation means, that the substance that flows forth is never far from the source that it is flowing from, the Emanator, and it flows forth continuously.


            Because the World of Emanation is so close to the Infinite, we cannot experience it directly says Isaac Luria, and all of the great Kabbalists of previous days, but we know that in Christ Jesus the unknown God is revealed to us. The Kabbalists developed a variety of methods, however, to enable them to infer something, to draw a conclusion, about the inter structure or the dynamics of this world, the World of Emanation, both from Scripture and by analogy from patterns observed in nature and in the realm of human experience. But we have this ability in Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord.


            I think we will probably stop. How far did we get on that tape? It is late on Sunday night, this is a very deep message, and we are going to call it quits. Lord willing, we will pick up this message on Part 2 on Thursday evening, and we will discuss, and, again, please forgive my pronunciation. I have no guide as to how to pronounce this word.


            In the Hebrew the word is tzimtzum, and it is talking about the contraction at the center of the Infinite One. We will talk about the Infinite One and about Isaac Luria's teaching on how a series of finite worlds came forth from the midst of the Infinite One, and the Lord has taught me otherwise. I have a different understanding. I do not believe it was a contraction. I do believe it was something else. I will have to see what word the Lord wants me to use to describe it, and what is interesting is that the second book that we will be working with, Kabbalah Unveiled, which is a translation of the Latin translation of that work, does not set forth the doctrine of the contraction. So we will compare what Kabbalah Unveiled says to what the Tree of Life says and to what the Lord has shown me.


            By the way, these two books, the Kabbalah Unveiled, and Adam Kadmon, the Tree of Life, they work together. They are not in competition with one another. Every book that I looked at concerning Kabbalah has recommended these two books plus others. So there is no competition. There is just a difference of opinion. These books were written in different centuries, and the most recent writer is Isaac Luria, but I have prayed about it, I have asked the Lord what He wants me to do, I am willing to change if He wants me to, but I believe that the revelation that the Lord has given me concerning how finite worlds came forth from the Infinite is what the Lord wants me to stay with.


            We will compare these three doctrines, Lord willing, on Part Two of this message, this coming Thursday. God bless you. 




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