531 - Part 2

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We have a drawing on the board, from which drawing I am trying to attempt to show you how we are a door for the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the Scripture clearly says that Jesus is the door. He is the door through which we enter into the high realms of His spirit, but we are the door through which He enters into the astral plane and the other criminal spiritual planes to war against the powers and principalities there.


Now the principle is that the world, as we know it, exists within God Almighty. God Almighty is all that there is. He is boundless, He is unlimited, He is limitless, there is nothing beyond Him, nothing above Him, beneath Him, to the left or the right, nor north, south, east, or west or up and down. He just fills everything that there is, and there is no end to Him. So we call Him eternal and infinite. He is beyond our comprehension. We cannot understand Him, but through Christ Jesus we have the potential to understand Him, but that is only when our mind in Christ Jesus is developed to that point. Christ Jesus is our potential to understand the unfathomable God. But before we understand the unfathomable God, we have to understand some very basic spiritual principles which is what we are up to today.


God Almighty is everywhere. There is nothing beyond Him, and the whole creation exists within Him, all of the worlds, and there are many, many worlds. Everything that exists, exists within God Almighty as a baby exists in the womb of its mother. We are not going to go into any of the details of the creation right now. I will go into them as the Lord shows me, but it is very complicated, and I'm just going to go as the spirit leads me.


This circle is not an accurate representation. I am just making it as simple as I can. This circle, the outer circle represents the center of God Almighty where all of the worlds exist, all of the universes, all of the galaxies, and all of the invisible worlds. Everything that exists, exists within the midst of God Almighty at His center. So, therefore, God Almighty is outside of us. Of course, the worlds are so great compared to us, compared to our minds. The world of outer space, for example, outer space, all of the galaxies and planets, is so great that we cannot even comprehend it. Where is the end? Where is the borderline of the universes? Where is the borderline of space? We cannot see it. Space is so great that, by the reasoning of our mortal mind, space is infinite, and there are people who teach philosophy, there are several spiritual philosophies that teach that infinite space is God because infinite space is so great and so vast that they cannot comprehend or do not believe that there is something beyond infinite space.


So you can see, and as I see by your faces, and as I can tell by my own reaction, it is mind-boggling to talk about something so big that it is beyond infinity. Well Sheila, how can it be beyond infinity? How can anything be beyond infinity because infinity means "without end?" Well, brethren, God didn't say that space is infinite. I said that other philosophies say that space is infinite, on the one hand. On the other hand, there is an infinity of this age. Just as there is an immortality of this age, there is an infinity of this age. The worlds that exist within God Almighty are so vast that as far as our carnal mind is concerned, they are infinite. We cannot even comprehend or see them or calculate them or, in anyway, deal with the edge of eternity, but there is an edge of eternity in this mortal sphere where all of the worlds that were ever created exist, according to Scripture. There are other spiritual philosophies that would say otherwise.


Does everybody understand that other spiritual philosophies such as Hinduism and Buddhism believe that space is the infinite one, and that there is nothing beyond infinite space? But the Scripture teaches that God Almighty is beyond infinite space, and that infinite space or the immortality of the world as we know it will eventually fold up like a scroll and cease to exist. When this age folds up like a scroll and ceases to exist, we will then see the true Infinite One, the true Unlimited One, God Almighty. Praise the Lord. One, out of whose substance everything that is, exists.


Now, brethren, don't think that the physical worlds have to roll up like a scroll and cease to exist before we can see the Infinite One because the Infinite One has come into this world and is entering into the hearts of men and is dwelling inside of many men. So we see that God Almighty, the Unlimited One, is outside of all of the worlds, and yet He is also inside of the worlds, and He is inside of mortal man, in particular.


So we see that there are two ways....let me say this first, we pretty much agree, anybody listening to my tapes pretty much agree that there was a fall. Some spiritual philosophies deny the fall, but we teach here that there was a fall, that Adam did fall, and that, because of his fall, the worlds were reconfigured. The worlds, when they first came forth out of God Almighty, were in a particular configuration. They looked a particular way, their individual aspects related to one another in a particular way, and there was a break down of their relationship, and the elements that formed the worlds that were here from the beginning were reconfigured.


That's just another way of saying, And the Master looked at what He had made and He marred the clay, and He reformed it. That's just another way of saying that. There was a reconfiguration of what originally came forth at the beginning.


So, we see that God Almighty is everywhere beyond infinite space, and God Almighty, today in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ and his offspring in particular, Christ Jesus, is in the midst of many men. I think what I started to say, and I did not complete my thought, was that as an outgrowth of the reconfiguration there are negative principles in the creation that exist very close to mortal man. They are within mortal man and without mortal man, and these negative elements are pretty much controlling humanity as we know it today.


So, looking at it from the Lord's point of view, how is He going to save us? Is He going to enter into this space where all the worlds exist, the circle represents a space where all the worlds exist, that includes infinite space, is the Lord going to send a Savior from out here, from this outer realm, and travel, piercing through the powers and principalities that are outside of us, all the way through into mortal man? If you can liken this to space travel, it would probably take hundreds of thousands of light years.


So, God Almighty, in His wisdom decided to penetrate this creation ,which is mal-configured at this time, by entering directly into the heart of man. Now this drawing doesn't show it very well. Maybe I will do a second drawing, but this drawing really represents, if you can view it, if you can think of this circle as a saucer, and a bread stick penetrating the center of the saucer like this.


So, this channel coming into the center of the circle, it is really an upright channel penetrating a circular, flat plate. So, God Almighty is coming right into the center of the creation. He is not coming from this outer border and traveling and traveling and traveling and traveling to get to the powers and principalities. He's coming right down from the sky, see. Another way to look at this is if we wanted to get to France, for example, we could travel over land and over sea, we could take a ship, or technically we could take a space ship and go all the way up beyond the atmosphere and then just fall down right into France. Just wait for the earth to turn, until Europe comes underneath, and fall right back down into France. Is anybody not following me?


If you get up high enough, brethren, you don't have to travel the distance along the surface of the earth. If you get up high enough, the earth underneath you turns, and you must wait, you see the country that you want to enter into, and you just go straight down in the same path that you ascended in. So, that is a basic principle. I don't know how accurate it is according to the principles of physics, but it is a basic idea of what I'm trying to show you on this board.


This channel that the Glorified Jesus Christ entered in through is coming down straight out of heaven. It is a vertical line, and the circle is horizontal. The vertical line is piercing into the horizontal circle, and, as you can see, I tell you that this channel that the Glorified Jesus Christ is entering into, is the linear aspect of the creation. The linear aspect of the creation is called spirit. He's entering in by His Spirit. The circular aspect of the creation is called soul. Jesus Christ is not reaching us through the soul. Jesus Christ is reaching us through the spirit. Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind. Don't be renewed in the soul, because renewal in the soul does not affect your spirit, and eternal life is in the spirit.


Now, I've know for a long time that the Glorified Jesus Christ is entering into us, and that there is going to be a marriage between the Glorified Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in the individual. The Scripture clearly talks about a wedding garment. The wedding garment that we, the personality, must have is Christ Jesus. We must be covered by Christ Jesus in the midst of us. Christ must be grafted to us and grow up into Christ Jesus, covering our nakedness, and, Scripturally speaking, our nakedness is the carnal mind.


So when Christ Jesus is growing in us and covering our nakedness, shortly thereafter, or at least we are prepared, that is our wedding garment, and hopefully, shortly thereafter, the Glorified Jesus Christ will enter into His temple. The temple of spirit is mind. He will enter into the Mind of Christ, He will enter into Christ Jesus where the Mind of Christ resides, and that will be His doorway.


Christ Jesus in you and in me is the doorway of the Glorified Jesus Christ to pass through and enter in to the astral plane where the wicked powers and principalities and evil immortals are, and Jesus Christ, the Glorified Ascended Jesus Christ is going to enter into us through our spirit into the doorway which is Christ Jesus, and pass right through to wage a warfare against the powers and principalities that surround us and that wage war against us.


So we see that we are a doorway for salvation. We are a doorway that Jesus Christ enters into to minister to other men in this physical plane, and we are a doorway that Jesus Christ enters into to go even further than this physical plane and fight on the spiritual plane for us.


Brethren, everything that happens in this world is orchestrated by an immortal in the invisible plane. This world is the world of play acting. It is the world of images, where what happens in the spiritual is acted out. This is the world of forms. In the spiritual world, there are no forms. I have to be honest with you, I don't fully understand it myself how every thinking being in the spiritual plane is a ball of light. They are all the same, even to say they look the same is probably not even accurate. They are all a ball of light, and this is probably a very naive question, how do they even recognize each other? Well, they don't recognize each other by the way they look. Apparently, they have attributes by which they recognize one another, and they war against one another.


So we now see another reason for the Glorified Jesus Christ to enter into us and to join with and marry Christ Jesus in the midst of us, not just to heal us, not just to minister to other men, but to go even deeper and wage a warfare against the powers and principalities that are oppressing us and the whole world.


Brethren, there are powers and principalities today that are oppressing governments. They are ruling governments. Just as Jesus Christ has planted His Son in us and is marrying His own Son as a doorway to the activities of this world, so has the Dragon planted her offspring in mortal men. This is what we read about in Revelation Chapter 12, and the Dragon and his angels fought, and Michael and his angels fought.


There are men, when I say men I use that term generically, they are human beings, physical men and women in this world today who are pregnant with the Dragon's offspring, and if you have the Mind of Christ, you can recognize them. You might be able to recognize them without the Mind of Christ if you are moving in some measure of righteousness. These are evil people. They think evilly. They draw conclusions that are evil. They rebel against authority. It is all in the Bible, covenant breakers, haters of things good, despises of things good, people who won't take care of their parents in their old age, mockers of everything righteous and high. This has nothing to do with Christianity, brethren. This is just common decency and fair play and honor. It used to be, may the best man win. May the best man win. I don't hear that any more. It is fight to the death for personal gain.


So we see that the offspring of the Dragon is coming forth. It is a many-membered offspring of the Dragon that is coming forth in our world today, and these people that are in high places, they are people with a lot of money and political power, and they are forcing, really pressuring some simple people in this nation with subliminal messages, ignorant people who don't know any better, ignorant people who are hurting, and are being seduced because of incitement. The country is in a turmoil. Where is the Lord Jesus, cries the church? The Lord Jesus has been ready to deliver us for 2000 years, but is the door open for Him to enter in?


Brethren, He's looking for a prepared vessels who have been purified, and the only way we get purified is to face our sin nature and war against it. We can be a doorway for Him without being perfect. I am not perfect yet, but I have functioned as a doorway for Him several times already. He enters into me and manifests through me to bring deliverance, to bring healing, and to fight with powers and principalities in the other world. He doesn't do this to somebody who is reading a pornographic magazine. Neither does He do this to someone who leads a carnal life and goes to church on Sunday. You have to be totally consecrated and sold out to Him to be a vessel that He uses as a doorway.


So this message is about Kabbalah. I'm trying to give you an introduction to Lurianic Kabbalah, and I think that I am going to read something on to the tape that I printed off of the Internet, and it has to do with a timeline of how Kabbalah or at least the timeline that Kabbalah came into existence.


I am trying to give you some background in Kabbalah. Please bear with me because I'm preaching this series without notes, and when I cannot get it clearly from the Lord I am faltering a little, so please just bear with me.


I have been led to a web site, and I have downloaded some of their introduction to Kabbalah. Now it is very interesting how I got led to this web site. I would like to give you this testimony. About four years ago I was in Florida, and I found a store called The Kabbalah Store. The Lord had just begun to lead me into spiritual studies at that time, and I was fascinated, I went in, I looked around, there were many books, and I perceived them to be spiritual books, but I did not perceive them to be for me or of God, at the time. Maybe I just wasn't ready for it, and I did not pursue it.


Well, several months ago the Lord started directing me towards Kabbalah, and I investigated, I purchased some books, and I remembered this Kabbalah store. I said, Lord, if there is anything in that store that you want me to read or to see, you are going to have to help me because the store is in Florida, and I'm in New York, and I don't really even remember the name, and I don't have a Florida directory, if it is called The Kabbalah Store, which I think it is called The Kabbalah Store, and I just left it with Him. I wasn't even sure that the Lord was directing me there.


Well, I received a phone call from a friend of the ministry, actually a member of the ministry, in Florida who works for the cable company installing cable outlets, and he just casually said to me, you know, I installed a cable outlet in the Kabbalah store last week, and it was this Kabbalah store in Boca Raton. He gave me the phone number and the name of the web site so I went into the web site to see if there was anything that the Lord would have me look at to give me a more well-rounded understanding of what I'm teaching, because as I told you on Part 1 I really didn't want to teach this series. I wanted to learn Kabbalah before I taught it, but the Lord said to me, no, just go with it and do the best you can and tell the people if you are not sure, present your opinion, present the opinion of what you read, and just leave the rest to me.


So I looked through this web page, and I do not feel that there is anything in this program or this business, whatever it is that they call themselves, this ministry, whatever they call themselves, for the people that would be listening to our tapes. I found it very carnal. I didn't see any exaltation of God in it, and that is the danger of Kabbalah, of being so enthralled by the spiritual power or the magic of it, that you forget about God, and this is what has happened over the centuries, that many Jews and many Christians have attained spiritual power through these teachings apart from God. Spiritual power apart from God is witchcraft, and no good thing can come of it.


I learned a lot recently as the Lord works with me as I pursue my studies concerning Kabbalah and the Israelites and the Jews of Eastern Europe. For a long time, I've had the opinion that the account of the exodus had to do with a spiritual ascension into the Dragon's timeline, and that Pharaoh is the spiritual character that is formed from the union of the Dragon, Leviathan, and the Fiery Serpent. I would not go so far as to say there was no physical captivity, but I have to tell you that I have my doubts that there was a physical captivity in the physical Egypt. I believe the Israelites were in Egypt, but I don't know where to draw the line. There had to be something physical because there is a Jewish people. So there had to be something physical, and I'm confessing that I do not know where to draw the line, but we know that the Israelites were in the Middle East. We know that, so I will believe that they came out of physical Egypt, but I don't know that they were slaves in Egypt.


I will say that Joseph wound up in Egypt, and there was a famine, and Jacob and his 11 sons came to Egypt and settled in Goshen, and they were overtaken by the spiritual gods of the land. They were overtaken by the spirituality of the land which was not in the spirit of the One True God as He revealed Himself to Israel. The bondage that Moses delivered the Hebrew children from was a spiritual ascension that was bringing destruction into their life, and it truly was a spiritual ascension in what we would call witchcraft.


I've understood that for a while, but sometimes the Lord tells you things and you just don't get it. Recently, I've just come to the conclusion that there was a lot of abuses in the study of Kabbalah, and I know today that, by and large, Jewish clergymen are severely opposed towards anything spiritual, just as the typical church is, the mainline denominations, the Pentecostal churches, everybody is afraid to go into spiritual things. Only the witches are out there practicing spirituality, but it just occurs to me now, certainly in Judaism, that the reason behind the rabbi's reluctance to study Kabbalah is that there were many abuses, and that many men, I don't know whether the women studied or not, but many Jewish people that pursued spiritual studies wound up ascending in the wrong spirit, and that it put a fear on the rabbis. It put a fear on them, and they just cut all spirituality.


I think the same thing happened in the church, somewhere the same thing happened in the church. Either there were abuses of the spirituality or dark forces just realized that in Christ Jesus there would be many ascended Christians moving in the power of Christ and just moved to crush it, but we know that it is a real war to be spiritual in Christ Jesus, or to be spiritual in Judaism where you are worshiping the One True God. Many, many forces all directed by Satan come against you to stop you, or if they cannot stop you, to divert you into the wrong timeline and make you think that you are in Christ Jesus, but you would really be serving in the Dragon's power. So I did learn that.


There is an interesting explanation in this timeline that I am about to read to you concerning what happened with Hitler in Eastern Europe in the 1940s, and I know that there are a lot of people and, in particular, a lot of Jews that really cannot deal with it. A lot of Jews became atheists after what happened in Hitler's Germany, and a lot of Jews fell away into secularism. They still claim their Judaism but adopted beliefs such as, well, God created us, and now we are on our own because if there was a good God and a loving God, He could never have stood by and tolerated what happened in Hitler's Germany. Then, a lot of Jews became bitter and left their Judaism completely.


So there is an interesting explanation in this timeline where it says there was a particular rabbi in about 1920 who wrote letters to all of the leading rabbis in Europe begging them to direct the people back into Kabbalistic studies which imparts spiritual power, because he had seen in the spirit a great evil coming into Eastern Europe, and that if the people were not spiritually fortified they would be afflicted by it, but the rabbis terrified of whatever Kabbalah had brought in the past...I don't even know what it would be like to be in the midst of the abuses of seeing people ascended in the wrong spirit and perhaps not even being able to help them. I don't know what happened, but the Jewish rabbis were absolutely adamantly opposed to instructing their congregations in Kabbalah, and then we all know that the evil manifested, and the unbelievable happened, human beings treated like animals, tortured, and experimented on, cut open without anesthesia.


When I was in Boca in the Kabbalah store four years ago, I spoke to a young lady who was working there, and she told me that these atrocities did not happen to the Arabic Jews and to the Jews that were in Africa. It only happened to the Jews in Eastern Europe, and she told me at that time that it the spiritual Jews were protected, and it didn't really sink in. I listened to what she said, and I thought that maybe it could be true, and then I just sort of forgot about it, and here it is four years later, and I'm back to Kabbalah, and all that I can say if that is the answer, that is shocking. If that is truly the answer, and it could be, that God gives us protection, and I know that it is true, I preach it myself, God gives us protection. I've been preaching here for years that you have got to get into Christ. If you don't get into Christ, you are not protected. The Holy Spirit only goes so far, and He is being removed.


The Scripture clearly says that the gifts and calling of God are passing away. Well, the gifts cannot pass away with the Holy Spirit remaining. By reverse inference, if the gifts are passing away, the Holy Spirit is passing away, and there are evil forces already descending upon this nation. If you fight in the flesh, and I'm certainly not against ministries fighting politically, I believe there is a place for them, and they are doing what God told them to do, but ultimately the battle will be determined in the spirit, and our personal protection, and our personal defense is in the spirit, and the Holy Spirit comes with gifts. He is not the warrior. Christ Jesus is the warrior.


I've been preaching here for years that you have to be spiritual if you want to be safe. When you are spiritual, you see the offense before it comes, and you deal with it in the spirit, and ideally it never even manifests in the physical, and I already live on that level to a large degree, but you have to live a spiritual lifestyle. You have to speak the Lord's language. He doesn't come down to you and write you a letter, and He rarely speaks in a audible voice. He speaks through His own mechanisms, He speaks through our own thoughts.


When Christ Jesus is being formed in us, He speaks to us, the personality, through thoughts. We have to learn to recognize Him, we have to learn to recognize the enemy, to distinguish between the two, and to take His warnings and His counsel, and the visions that He gives us, and apply it to living a circumspectly safe life.


There is a lot of responsibility in being a spiritual man in Christ Jesus, a tremendous amount of responsibility because it is not just for yourself. Then, He starts attaching people to you. The better you get at this, the more He gives you responsibility for immature Christians. I'm sorry, immature, ignorant Christians that are blind to the spirit and can't tell their left hand from their right, but they love the Lord Jesus so He assigns a spiritual person to help them.


Brethren, I don't know what is coming in this country. I know the Lord told me that He's going to save it, and that it won't be completely overcome, but I know that there are people today that call themselves Christians that are in jail falsely, that have all kinds of problems in their life. Brethren, the war is in the spirit, the deliverance is in the spirit. You have to live a life in the spirit. You cannot be a carnal person going to church on Sunday and having your whole spiritual experience in singing songs and raising your physical hands to praise the Lord. There is nothing wrong with that, but I'm telling you that the power that's associated with that is very minimal. Very, very minimal.


Oh, aren't you offended? I just told you the truth, and I can tell you the truth because the Lord Jesus is not denying you the more concentrated power. He said, here it is, come and get it, the more concentrated power, it is in Christ Jesus. You have to emigrate, you have to move on, you have to go on from the Holy Spirit into Christ who matures into Christ Jesus. He's offering it to you; therefore, His hands are clean. Can you imagine the rabbis who refused to train their people in spirituality, and then Hitler came? Can you imagine?


The same thing is happening in the church today. I'm not saying there is going to be another Hitler, but the pastors will not teach their people spirituality, and there will be consequences. But the Lord is faithful, and the Lord even told me, He told me years ago, to never be afraid because even in Hitler's Germany there were people who escaped. There were Jews who escaped, and the Lord showed me pictures. In particular, concerning Schindler, how people were literally pulled off the death lines. They were on line for the death camp. Why did he pick one and not another one?


So, even in the midst of the holocaust where the rabbis, according to this teaching, failed their people, there were still people who had a relationship with God who were pulled off the death lines. What am I saying? Our safety depends upon our relationship with Jesus Christ and the quality and intensity of that relationship, and you cannot be in a close relationship with Jesus Christ through religious works. You have to have a personal and intense personal relationship with Him which results in your ability to distinguish between Him and the negative principles within you, and that's the bottom line.


That's what we are teaching here, and that's why the Lord is introducing us to Kabbalah so that we should be fortified and fully equipped to defend ourselves against the evil in the spiritual planes through this intense relationship which is accompanied by wisdom and knowledge and understanding in Christ Jesus. The relationship alone is not enough. If you think you are a little baby, and Jesus is going to carry you through everything, you are getting ready for a big surprise because it is "grow up" time. You have to get a revelation of what is right in very simple issues, in issues that it is not easy to distinguish what is right, and you can only do that with the Mind of Christ. You cannot keep your carnal mind and move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and expect to have wisdom because wisdom is not in the Holy Spirit. It is in Christ Jesus.


So, let's go on. This is Kabbalah. Here is the timeline, and it is interesting. The picture here is a man with his hand that looks like it is piercing through a block or something or other, and the principle of that is simply the knowledge which was eventually discovered in Quantum Mechanics that, under certain circumstances, solid matter can be penetrated. And we know, spiritually speaking, if you ascend high enough solid matter can be penetrated. You can see through solid matter, you can pass through walls. When your mind ascends to a high enough place that it is ruling your body, when you are living out of your mind solely, your body will follow. You will just think that you want to be in another place, and you will wind up in that other place even if it is half way across the world.


The reason we cannot do that today, the reason we have to take cars and planes and buses and whatever and trains, is because we are living out of this solid, thick material plane, and our mind is subject to our physical body. Well Sheila, even with this deep stuff that you teach? Yes. And how do you know Sheila? Because I cannot think myself to Africa and wind up there. I don't wind up there. I've tried it so I know the truth about myself. At this time, I am not spiritually ascended to a place where I can think myself to a different place or think myself in a particular condition and find that to be a reality with me. I am not there yet. I wold like to be there, but I'm not.


So this is the timeline. It starts in 1700 BCE which I believe means, Before the Common Era, and that is the way time is described before Christ. Once the new calendar started, I think it was called the Roman calendar, we have the letter BC, before Christ, and AD means after Christ. BC and AD typifying the year that we are talking about. This is the year 2000 AD, 2000 years after Christ. Well, before Christ, time was identified by the word BCE, Before the Common Era. I'm not sure what the common era means, maybe this time in Christ. I'm not sure about that.


I'm reading to you, and I feel free to read this to you because it is on the Internet, and I don't see any copyright signs.


Before Einstein, before religion, before Moses, there is Adam. Now when I first started reading these books on Kabbalah, I was shocked to read the teaching that Adam comes before Jehovah and Elohim. That really shocked me, and, initially, it offended me until I understood that there are many Adams. And we know that the Scripture talks about the first and the last Adam. Why not the first and the second Adam? Because there are many Adams. When the Eternal One, when God Almighty, decided to manifest Himself in a visible plane, He first came forth as what Kabbalah teaches is Adam Kadmon, meaning the primordial Adam, the earliest being to ever appear from the Godhead. Adam Kadmon, this is not the Adam that fell. This is not the Adam that fell. This is the name of the being that came forth from God Almighty from the invisible God Almighty, and we will go into this in more detail.


As I told you, first I was offended by it, but today I believe it. It seems to make sense that, that was the name that God gave the entity that came forth, the primordial Adam, Adam Kadmon, and as this entity descended because God was so high that we could not even relate to Him. Of course, we did not even exist at the time, but the Lord God kept descending, descending, descending. Descending where? Closer towards matter. He became thicker and thicker and thicker until eventually there was designed to be a visible creation, and at the point that our Bible says, And in the beginning, Elohim, that is the beginning of the visible creation, and Elohim is the name of the Godhead who was involved in the actual construction of the worlds that we can relate to because the worlds beyond that is very hard for us to relate to, because our mind is mortal.


So Elohim was the beginning of the world as we know it. Elohim is the name that God Almighty took for the architect of the universe, and you don't have to believe this if you don't want to, I just ask you to pray about it because it was shocking to me to hear that Adam is higher than Elohim, but I know understand that it is not the Adam that fell. The primordial Adam is not the Adam that fell. According to the teaching of Kabbalah, Adam came forth in 10 aspects.


The first aspect, the highest aspect, is called crown, and crown is supposed to be so high that man cannot even comprehend it. The second aspect is wisdom. So I went into the Scripture, and I looked up in the Book of Proverbs those several verses concerning wisdom, and I do hope to translate them as the Lord allows me. And it surely does say that, I wisdom was here before the beginning. That's what it says. I looked in the Interlinear Text, and that's what it says, that wisdom was here before the beginning, and Elohim is the beginning. And wisdom is one of the primordial Adam's attributes or one of His characteristics or one of His qualities.


So, we are just dealing in semantics here. If you can't receive it right away, don't worry about it, but I'm telling you that's what Kabbalah is talking about, and that's what I'm reading to you is talking about. It says, before Einstein, before religion, before Moses, there was Adam. Not meaning the Adam that fell. This was a great Adam that never fell, and that is why Jesus Christ said, I am the last Adam, there will never be another Adam after me, and He also said, I am the first and I am the last, and He meant, I am the primordial Adam. I am the first Adam, and I am the last Adam; therefore, all of the Adams that existed in between...and each of us is an Adam, all the Adams that fell, all the Adams that are immortal, are not sandwiched and encompassed in the greatness and the power of the first and the last Adam. In Jesus Christ, we see what we are called to be. Does anybody have a question about that? Praise the Lord.


Now according to this teaching, I will read what it says, and then I will comment on it. An angel named Ratziel gave Adam the very first book of Kabbalah. Now personally, I have a problem with that. If it is true, the Lord will have to show it to me. I have a problem with all these angels. I have several books that I am reading here. The book that the Lord particularly directed me to by commandment, the book that the Lord told me to read is called The Tree of Life, The Palace of Adam Kadmon, and of all the books that I found when I felt the Lord was directing me towards Kabbalah, the book that the Lord specifically directed me to, more than once, is called The Tree of Life, The palace of Adam Kadmon. It is the teaching of Isaac Luria, and it was written by his student, Chayyim Vital, and translated by a Donald Wilder Menzi.


So, that's what I'm reading, and this book says nothing about angels. That doesn't mean that angels don't exist, and I understand that there are six more volumes to this teaching that have not yet been translated. So, perhaps Isaac Luria does talk about angels. I don't know. I have leafed through some of the other books, and I see angels. There are 10 different angels. I have no witness to them as of yet, and this is how I'm teaching this series. This is what the Lord told me to do. I may come in here a week or a month from now and tell you that the Lord told me that these angels really exist, but right now I don't have a witness to them. I'm not comfortable with it, so at the very least the Lord is not dealing with me on the subject of angels at this time, and I may come out of this not agreeing with this aspect of the teaching. We shall see.


I also have a problem believing that any angel gave Adam the very first book of Kabbalah. I don't believe they were books. In those days, the world was not formed. It was a world of light, all spiritual beings, and then again I have to say, well which Adam are you talking about? You cannot be talking about Adam Kadmon because He is higher than all the angels. So, are you talking about Adam who was in the garden? Are you talking about the Adam that was formed in Elohim's creation when Elohim started at the beginning, is that the Adam you are talking about? And if that is the Adam that you are talking about, the Lord has never shown me that there was any angel that taught Adam. The Lord has always told me that it was Elohim.


So, we will just go past it. If you want to believe it, you can believe it. I'm telling you that I have a problem with it.


It was so profound, talking about Kabbalah, it was so profound, holy, and on such a high level that, by today's standards, one would not even be allowed to pronounce its words, for speech has the power to arouse tremendous energy forces. Now, that is so interesting because probably more people know about Hindu mantras than they know that the Hebrew Torah is designed to be chanted, and that there are specific chants and notes and tones that young men have to learn to read the Torah. They sing it with a chant, and I've known that for years, but it never occurred to me that there was power in the notes. I still don't understand it completely.


There is a whole chapter in this book on that, that I have not gotten to yet, but I do know that spirit is vibration, and that song or chant is vibration, and so I really can understand how it would be possible that if you chant a series of notes, and the Spirit of God is in it that it could provide power. But, then again, on the other hand, I'm not too comfortable with it right now. I'm believing that in Christ Jesus, that is not necessary. If I'm wrong, I will tell you.



I know that I have told you in other teachings that there are two orders of spiritual power in which is true of both witchcraft and spiritual power in God. There is what I call old order spiritual power, using the Jews as an example. The Jews manifested spiritual power by following the law. They sacrificed animals. There were blood sacrifices. The Levite priests, in particular the high priest, had to wear a uniform, had to dress according to the law as it was given to him, and had to specifically follow ritual, and God honored their efforts and brought spiritual power into Israel.


It was all ritual and law and rules, and, in the same manner, there is a level of witchcraft, there is an old order of witchcraft that requires paraphernalia and mixing substances or concoctions. I don't know whether it is true or not, but you always hear about the witches brew with a frog's leg and this kind of leaf and that kind of herb and mixing up a brew. From my understanding, these kinds of objects are involved in witchcraft today.


There was actually a witch on TV last week telling people how to cast a love potion which is absolutely amazing to me that an apparently intelligent and apparently nice woman who was interviewing her could not understand that when you cast a love spell that maybe the person you are trying to capture does not want you, and that you are exercising a control over their will. How could you possibly go along with that? The only way people can possibly go along with that is if they are evil or if they are ignorant and totally blinded to the ethical and moral implications of taking an orange and carving the two names in the orange. Now that may sound like a joke to you, but the woman was on TV claiming to be a practicing witch and giving this instruction of how to get that man or woman that you would like...she didn't even say marriage, to fornicate with or whatever you want to do with them.


Well, what about the person whose name you are engraving? Maybe they don't want you, and what about the unscrupulous person that will do that to a married man or a married woman. This is wicked, brethren, trying to control people like that. It is wicked. It is not a joke, it is not light, it is not funny, it is not something to take lightly. God help us. This is an intelligent woman, a TV interviewer was listening to this witch and saying, oh, how do I do that?


That is old order witchcraft, brethren, using paraphernalia, carving someone's name in an orange. She also said something horrible. The interviewer apparently has been through a bad divorce, and she said to the witch, well, what do you do with an ex-husband that is harassing you? Would you believe, the witch told her to take some object, I forget what it was, and put it in the freezer. Now I have heard about this. If you have enough authority, you can kill somebody. So the interviewer, in all her innocence, said to the witch, oh, you leave it in there forever? And the witch said, oh no. Just 15 days, just long enough to break your un-forgiveness for this person. I had already heard that people have been killed by witchcraft imputing a person's personality to an object and doing damage to that object. It is called voodoo, brethren. It is called voodoo. God help us.


So that is old order spiritual power. For the Jew, it is observing the law. For the practitioner of witchcraft, it is using objects to bring to pass your desires. That's what spiritual power does, brethren. It controls. Spiritual power is control. Now if it is the Lord Jesus Christ controlling, there is no law against that, and good must result from it. But if you are controlling with Satan's power, even if good results from it initially, damage will eventually result from it, and you are breaking the spiritual law of God and bringing destruction on your life because the judgment for witchcraft is burning, spiritual burning, brethren, which means purification. Don't take this lightly. Listen, the end of witchcraft is burning in the Lake of Fire which is purification, but what you must go through before you repent and get purified in the Lake of Fire will not be pretty. You will be subject to Satan's sowing and reaping judgment.


That is old order spiritual power, but there is a new order spiritual power, and, in the church, it is in Christ Jesus. It is by the spoken word. This is why the church is retarded, engaging in communion services with little crackers and every time I look, this communion service looks more and more like the Catholic church. I went into a Pentecostal church in Florida when I visited my daughter, and when I used to take communion years ago they used to buy the matzah and break it up into little pieces, and now they have for the communion these little crackers, little round crackers, only they didn't look like the Roman Catholic wafer. They looked like matzah, but they are just one step away, little round matzah-like crackers.


Brethren, that is not it. The New Testament is spiritual. Communion is eating God, getting so close to Him in your mind that you consume Him, and He consumes you. It is spiritual, and when you try to bring the New Covenant into the flesh, you get into trouble, and communion is a big problem in the church because people cannot discern the body of Christ, and, for that reason, they are sick and dying. They think the body of Christ is a cracker. The body of Christ is spiritual, and He's in men.


So, New Testament or new order spiritual power is power of the Word. It is authority, it is spoken authority that requires no ritual. It is spoken spiritual authority, and it is activity on high spiritual planes. Now Kabbalah teaches that there are at least three or four realms, spiritual realms, surrounding us. The closest to us, and I think I have this on Part 1, is the realm where angels are, and I believe that is the realm on which Christ Jesus in you operates on a spiritual plane. He's real close to you, Christ Jesus is within us. When He moves, He's not moving in the physical. He's moving in the spiritual plane that is right next to where we are.


Then, Kabbalah says that the next plane is where the archangels are. Well, I'm not sure what that means. The Lord has not really dealt with me on that yet. Then, they say that there is another realm where you can only access through meditation and spiritual experiences which I told you about, one that I had, off of the tape this morning. I didn't feel to put it on the tape.


New order spiritual power is invoked by spoken language, both in God and in witchcraft. Those of you who saw the series Shaka Zulu, it is a very long series, it is about five videos, but there are several aspects of the manifestation of witchcraft power there that's very interesting. In that movie, there was a contrast between old order and new order witchcraft. There was the witch doctor drinking blood, and rising up and manifesting through other human beings and using them for his own purposes. Then, there was the old woman who was supposed to be a couple of hundred years old whose sole power was to go out into the woods and raise her hands and invoke the spiritual invisible power of her god. New order and old order, spiritual power.


So in the New Covenant, in the New Testament, we are called to manifest the new order spoken authority of Christ Jesus, and if you are still looking for power in God by taking communion or by lighting candles or by ritualistically reciting prayers or if you think that you are in good shape because you go to church every Sunday or because you raise your hands and scream and yell and shout and praise God for an hour once or twice a week, if you think that is doing it you are deceived, because spiritual power is through the invocation of the power of God. You invoke your God, you invite Him, you plead with Him to pour out of His spirit, and then His power falls down upon you.


That's the invocation of the power of your God, by the spoken word. He does not particularly want you crawling, He does not want you on your knees. If you feel to pray that way, you can, but if you think that God is looking towards you because you are on your knees, you are mistaken. He's looking for a repentant heart, and a heart that is willing to submit to Him even when you find out that what He requires of you is something that you never expected.


So according to this print-out here, it was so profound, the Kabbalah was so profound, holy, and on such a high level that, by today's standards, one would not even be allowed to pronounce its words for speech has the power to arouse tremendous energy forces. Now, the problem that I have with this, and I'm telling you that I could be wrong, tomorrow the Lord could teach me that there is truth in this, but I know that I have spiritual power, and I know that the power I have arises out of an ability which God has given me to determine righteousness in a situation. I will make it very simple. Let's say there is a controversy between two people. People have controversies all the time, and the people cannot reconcile because they are not seeing to the heart of what is right. Every man in a controversy has to be willing to face what is right in the circumstance, admit where they are wrong, and then you reconcile on the basis of righteousness. You have to concede where you were wrong.


So, the man that has the ability to listen to the problem and determine what the right thing is according to God's mind and encourage each of the people to concede where they are wrong, that man has great power to bring forth reconciliation and deliverance in the people's lives. And that power is in Christ Jesus. I'm not telling you that I'm great. I'm telling you, that power is the ministry of reconciliation which is in Christ Jesus. Apparently, Solomon had that ability.


So, to me, I have a problem seeing power being in a chant or seeing power in the way I sing the prayer. I have a problem with that because, for me, power is in this ability of mind to determine the solution that the Lord would call forth if Jesus Christ stood on the earth Himself. The solution that He would call forth, and the power that's in that ministry of reconciliation to convict each of the individuals in a Godly manner, to convict them of their contribution to the problem or any aspect in which their thinking is wrong. That power in the spirit of reconciliation has nothing to do with the way I chant or sing. I can't sing anyway. It has nothing to do with the way I pronounce the words. It has to do with the mind that's in me, that mind that was in Christ Jesus, this wisdom that is in me, that's where my power is, and I know I have a lot of power concerning righteous judgment. I have power when I pray.


First, I determine what's right in the circumstance, and then I pray the will of the Lord. I rarely do not have a response to my prayer. I won't go so far as to say never, but I've had all kinds of reports from people of victory in their life. Sometimes when I pray a truth is revealed, someone is called to repent. If the person does all that they are called to do, that comes forth through this ministry, victory is virtually assured. And that is not coming out of my doing a mantra, singing a mantra, especially a mantra that is ritualistically prepared, that says this word you pronounce that way, and that word you pronounce it that way, and I'm not knocking that because I acknowledge that there was spiritual power associated with that in the Old Testament. My opinion at this point, and the Lord has told me to give you my opinion because I don't want to be arrogant, this is ancient wisdom, and there is a lot in these books for me to learn. There is no question about it, but when we have our experience it is really hard to argue with somebody's experience.


So, this is my experience that I personally think that the ministry of reconciliation in Christ Jesus is higher than the chanting or the pronunciation of any word, either in witchcraft or in God. You have to realize that when you chant words, what you are doing is you are invoking power. You are asking God for power. So you are saying a ritualistic prayer with a set established chant, but the ministry of reconciliation in Christ Jesus is creative, and it is new for each person that has a need; therefore, I draw the conclusion that the ministry of reconciliation in Christ Jesus is higher than the level of power that comes forth from the pronunciation of words. Praise the Lord.


Christ Jesus' righteousness has the power to arouse tremendous energy forces, you see, and the desire for righteousness on the part of the personality which is me, the desire to do the right thing and to help people, that desire in me arouses the tremendous energy force of Christ Jesus in me who responds to the desire of my heart, and brings forth righteousness through me. Again, it is not just for me. It is for everybody that matures into this ministry. You cannot have a ministry like this if you cannot recognize Satan in your mind because Satan will get in there and try to make herself the judge. You cannot have this ministry until you can adequately discern Satan and have a measure of victory in beating her off when she tries to get in there and say that she's God. Praise the Lord.


Going on. Abraham, the patriarch, 4000 years ago, Abraham, according to this treatise, existed 4000 years ago. Abraham is the father of religion. Well, may be. He is the first man to understand that there is only one God, that the entire universe is actually interconnected as one unified whole on a deeper level of reality. I don't have enough information to agree or disagree. I don't know that Abraham was the father of religion. I think Abraham had an outstanding, intense, invigorating spiritual relationship with Elohim and Jehovah so I tend to doubt that he was the father of religion, but perhaps the writer of this treatise just has a different definition of religion. A lot of people mix up religion with spirituality. It is the same thing to them. So that is probably what he means.


Abraham is the first man to understand that there is only one God, that the entire universe is interconnected. Isn't that fascinating. I believe that. The entire universe is actually interconnected as one unified whole on a deeper level of reality. In other words, we are not connected here in the flesh. We are all sitting across the room from each other. We are not connected, but we have spiritual roots, and we are all connected in our spiritual roots, all of humanity. But the spirit of God has entered into this world where we are all connected in our spiritual roots, and He has sought to separate us because the spiritual roots that we are connected in is a poisonous man-eating plant.


There was a fall, and the world is corrupted. I don't see the writer of this treatise clarifying that. I really perceive this organization to be very New Age, not at all emphasizing God but emphasizing self-improvement. That is a major principle to say that the entire universe is actually interconnected as one unified as one whole on a deeper spiritual level and not qualify that by saying, BUT, even if you don't believe in Jesus Christ because this is obviously a Jewish organization, BUT the spirit of God as the Jews knows Him has come in to separate us from this interconnection. There is something missing here, and I would think the reason that something is missing here is that this organization seems to be reaching out towards Jew and non-Jew alike without Jesus Christ.


Abraham is the first man since the dawn of civilization to actually transcribe an actual book on the Kabbalah. It is called the Book of Formation, and it holds all the exalted mysteries and sublime secrets of our universe. Now, it is really interesting. I have looked at that book, I can't even say that I've read it, I looked at it, it is a very small book, and it has a lot to do with astrology. I have to tell you that it made no sense to me at all. I have read elsewhere that it is a very powerful book, but you have to be able to unlock the key of it to understand it. So, apparently, I do not at this time have the ability to unlock the key to it because it meant absolutely nothing to me at all, and that is what I've read in another book. That it is an immensely powerful book, and it is all abbreviated and all symbolic. So at such time as the Lord Jesus decides to reveal the meaning of that book to me, Lord willing, I will share it with you. I don't know if that will ever be. Right now, I'm plodding through the Palace of Adam Kadmon. Praise the Lord.


Remarkably, this entire compilation is only a few pages long, talking about the Book of Formation. That's what I just told you, it is very short. It is only a few pages long, a mere few hundred words, but the principle here is, just in case no one understood it, that if you are high in the spirit, and you have psychic powers, and you can have psychic powers in Christ Jesus, when you read this book the mysteries will be revealed to you. Brethren, that is the same principle by which we are translating the Scripture, and by which we are getting revelation in this ministry. I go into the Interlinear Text. The Interlinear Text is a point of contact for me, but it is the spirit of revelation flowing through me that is really telling me what is being said from these words. Therefore, it is very possible, if you have the spirit of revelation and He wants to reveal this to you, to read the Book of Formation and just get mysteries and mysteries and mysteries out of it.


Most of the time when I translate a verse, the verse is three or four times longer than it is in the King James, if it is an amplified translation. So I have no problem believing that the Book of Formation could be greatly expanded under the spirit of revelation, but, personally, I am not interested at this time of going towards the astrological aspect of Kabbalah. I am not comfortable with it. If the Lord wants me to do it, if the day comes that He tells me that it is really of Him, the astrological aspect of it is of Him, and He wants to introduce me to it, He will put it in my heart because right now it is not in my heart to go that way at all. I perceive it as witchcraft, but I could be wrong, I could be wrong. Praise the Lord.


So let's go on. He asks a question. How can all the mysteries of our universe be compressed into so small a book? And then he says, he answers the question, consider Albert Einstein's formula e = mc2. Einstein's formula contains all the secrets of time, space, and motion; yet, the entire theory can be reduced to five simple characters, e = mc2. Pages and pages of mathematical equations are concealed inside this simple formula. Herein lies the secret behind the Book of Formation. It is a formula, and it contains all the spiritual equations that define our world of time, space, and motion. It holds all the secrets of achieving control over our individual life and destiny.


Now, there is the sentence right there. See, this is what this man is selling, and that is what witchcraft does. It holds all the secrets of achieving control over our individual life and destiny. Well, I don't know about you, brethren, I don't know about this man, and I don't even know him, I have nothing against him at all, but I'm in this because of my service to the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not looking to control my life or my destiny, I have placed my hands in the Lord Jesus Christ, trusting Him and if I live, I live, and if I die, I die, and I thank God for the ministry He has given me and for the opportunity to know Him on the level that I do, and I am not looking to control my life. I have given up my life. I've died to my life, I've given it to Him.


The exact opposite. See, people that go into astrology and a lot of New Age pursuits are looking for control in their life, but to acquire the power of God, you have to give up control of your life. It is the exact opposite, and any discipline or any spiritual pursuit that promises you control is not coming out of the spirit of God, if you can hear that. That is a good guideline.


He goes on, just as a child and most adults for that matter have a difficult time deciphering and comprehending Einstein's formula, the people of Abraham's generation who are privy to this ancient manuscript failed to perceive the infinite wisdom within it. The reason the wisdom of Kabbalah is concealed inside a formula is largely due to a prohibition against the public learning of Kabbalah that was decreed since the beginning of time. Well, why do you think there was a decree prohibiting the public against learning Kabbalah? Because it is so easily turned into witchcraft. You have to be spiritually and morally prepared to receive this knowledge.


The decree will remain in force for many centuries as humankind will not be ready to harness and control this spiritual power for millennia, just as they will wait a few thousand years before they are able to harness the power of electricity and the atom. Of course, he's talking about this day and age. What he's really saying is that in this day and age, people are prepared to harness and control the spiritual power. So, now Kabbalah is out in the public for all who read it.


The next stop on the timeline is 1200 BCE, before the Common Era, 1200 years before the Common Era. Moses existed 3400 years ago. Six generations have now passed since the time of Abraham. Moses is now standing atop Mount Sinai after leading the Jews out of bondage from Egypt. It is here that Moses receives both the knowledge of the Torah and the Kabbalah. The Torah is the physical expression of Judaism, the body, and the Kabbalah is the spiritual expression, the unseen soul.


Well, I could believe that. I haven't seen anything in the Scripture that Moses received Kabbalah on Mount Sinai, but I have no problem believing it because I believe he was initiated into the mysteries, and I believe that the spiritual aspect of Torah is Kabbalah, and that it is the soul of the body, that the Torah is the written word.


The Torah tells us how the world works through coded stories. That is a parable now, coded stories and metaphors. The Kabbalah tells us why the world works as it does by decoding and deciphering the Torah. Two great bodies of knowledge are now expressed in our physical world, Torah and Kabbalah, body and soul, the how's and why's behind the universal laws of life. Contrary to 3400 years of corruption, what Moses did not receive on Mount Sinai was a religion. That was man's invention. So, what I hear him saying is that Abraham started something that God never intended. I don't know, maybe it is true. I don't get a witness either way.


Moses writes down the universal knowledge of the Torah in the five books of Moses in the Bible. The Kabbalah, however, is tightly guarded and concealed. OK, the five books of Moses is written down, but the spiritual aspect is tightly guarded and concealed. It is only transmitted by word of mouth to a small circle of sages in each succeeding generation. The age of concealment concerning the wisdom of Kabbalah continues onward. It is a concealed thing.


One Hundred CE, 100 years into the Common Era. I honestly don't know what this Common Era is. One hundred years Common Era, and then he talks about Rabbi Schimeon Ben Jochai, 70 BCE, Before the Common Era. The first century is a time of holocaust. I guess this Common Era is what we call this modern time. The Roman Empire occupies the land of Israel and the streets are bathed in blood. The greatest Kabbalist and mystic in all of history is sentenced to death by the Roman Empire. His name is Rabbi Schimeon Ben Jochai. The mystic Ben Jochai hides out in a cave in Pequin (spelling?)Israel for 13 years. During this time of seclusion, he receives his instruction in the Kabbalah by Moses and Elijah the prophet through divine learning and meditation.


Well, is it possible to get knowledge from God by divine learning and meditation? Well, I do, brethren. My teacher is spiritual. I have the spiritual teacher. He is the Glorified Lord Jesus Christ. But it is not very common. You have to be careful if you are hearing this tape and you are getting direct revelation, you better make sure that it is God because it is a rare person, it is a prophet, I am a prophet, it is a prophet that receives instruction directly from the Lord Jesus Christ, and I've met many people who believe they are hearing from God, and they have spirit guides. A lot of evil immortals in the astral plane are ready, willing, and able to disciple you and to teach you.


I just recently read, I think it was Jung, the psychologist Jung, who said, and he has a lot of anti-Christ and anti-God theories and teachings, and he claims that he was taught by an immortal. He was taught by a spiritual being that visited him on a regular basis, and at first he was very distressed to find out that his teacher was a spiritual being until he spoke to a Hindu one day who told him that his teacher was a spiritual being so then he felt comfortable about it afterwards.


Brethren, there are a lot of evil immortals that are teaching, and they are not teaching the truth of God. Praise the Lord.


Ben Jochai's students eventually commit all of his teachings to writing, producing the ultimate mystical work of Kabbalah, the Zohar. This is interesting because it doesn't say that he was executed. He said that he was sentenced to death by the Roman Empire, but that he hid out for 13 years in a cave in Pequin. So, the question in my mind is, did he really hide out in a physical cave or was it just that he was hidden in a spiritual cave and the authorities could not find him? I don't know, but it doesn't say anything about him being executed. So, here is the veiled suggestion that being spiritual and being close to God will even deliver you from an unrighteous sentence of death.


To this very day, the Zohar is acknowledged as the definitive and premier body of knowledge on the Kabbalah. Now the Zohar, I'm also reading the Zohar, the Zohar is different than Isaac Luria's Tree of Life. The Zohar is a commentary on the Scripture with deep revelation, and it has been a great blessing to me. I've learned a lot. I've seen a lot in the Zohar that the Lord has already brought forth in the Doctrine of Christ, and I've read some things that I haven't heard about before, and it is very interesting spiritual commentary on the Scripture. It is five volumes, I have five volumes of it.


To this very day, the Zohar is acknowledged as the definitive and premier body of knowledge on the Kabbalah. The Zohar is a powerful energy giving instrument, a life saving tool with the power to bring genuine peace and fulfillment to our world when utilized properly. It is highly spiritual, and this is what the Lord is showing me, brethren. As we ascend spiritually in Christ Jesus according to Drawing #1 that I showed you, as we ascend spiritually in our mind, we become open doors for the Glorified Jesus Christ to flow through, and when He flows through us, He defends us from the evil immortals in the spiritual realms that are close to us, and He also does good works for the country.


I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is involved politically, as I believe the evil immortals are very involved politically, controlling men to do evil deeds to bring down this nation and to cause it to fall, and the Lord Jesus Christ is looking for doorways to enter into this world and fight the work of the evil immortals and ultimately defeat them in the Name of Jesus.


The great Kabbalist, Ben Jochai, writes that there will come a day when even a six year old child will delve into the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah, but until that time arrives, the books of the Zohar must remain concealed. Consequently, as centuries pass, mysteries, superstition, gossip, and hearsay begin to enshroud the hidden spiritual wisdom. Even a six year old child will be studying Zohar. That is amazing.


Well, it is 3:00 o'clock, and I think we are going to stop for dinner, and we will pick up after dinner. The next stop on the timeline is 1270, I guess that would be after Christ. OK, we will pick that up tonight. Are there any questions so far on what I've spoken about today? Glory to God.


Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner. At this moment, I'm not going on with the timeline exhortation. The Lord has told me to weave some of these basic principles of Kabbalah into the timeline exhortation because this material is must so heavy, you would not be able to take an hour and a half directly, and you couldn't really take what I was doing this morning either. So I'm going to try and weave it together, and I'm going to try to explain to you some basic principles of the creation according to the Kabbalah, and what I have on the board....well, first of all, the Eyn Sof, Eyn Sof is the Hebrew word for God Almighty or the Unlimited One. On Drawing #1, I said Unlimited One. I am going, to the best of my ability, avoid using the Hebrew words because it just gets so confusing, but the term Eyn Sof is pretty common knowledge in spiritual philosophy circles so I am giving you that word. The Unlimited One, the Boundless One. There is nothing beyond Him, and I talked about that this morning.


Now, according to Kabbalah, the way the creation began was that the Eyn Sof who is everywhere, and He was, and He is, light. At the time, anyway, He was 100%, and you can't even say 100% because He cannot be defined by 100%. He is just totally unlimited and boundless, but His substance was uniform before the beginning. His substance was uniform, and He was a simple light. Nothing complicated, just a simple light, and that is not to denigrate His light. It is just a contrast against the complex light that He is generating and has generated to bring forth a creation. The best way I can describe it, and I haven't read this in any book, is that He has taken His own substance, His simple light made of atoms, let's say, and created them into molecules. His own light, He just built upon and built upon until He built a structure of light.


So, before the beginning, not at the beginning but before the beginning, when He first decided to express Himself, He was uniform simple light, and, by the way, according to Kabbalah the reason for the creation is that the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One, desired to fully express Himself. Now, the attributes of God Almighty, of the Eyn Sof, or at least some of the attributes, are, for example, goodness and mercy and loving kindness.


So Kabbalah says, how could Eyn Sof express living kindness and goodness if there is not someone to receive His loving kindness and His goodness? How would we know that God is good if we are not able to receive His goodness? I don't not believe this, but something in me says there had to be a deeper reason than this, but I could be wrong.


According to the books that I read, the sages of many generations of Jewish rabbis who studied Kabbalah are all in agreement without exception, according to what I read, that this is the reason for the creation. That Eyn Sof, God Almighty, desired to complete Himself, and that didn't set right with me. How could you say He is not complete? Yet, I see where they are coming from, that unless there is a mirror image of Himself to receive His attributes, His goodness and His loving kindness and His mercy, how could He be complete? He has to have an image of Himself to be complete, so I hear what they are saying, but for whatever reason, it doesn't get me excited, and, usually, when I receive revelation that hits my spirit it gets me very excited, and this explanation doesn't excite me, but I don't see anything wrong with the explanation.


So since I don't have a counter-explanation, it is good enough for me. Now remember, what we are doing in this study is that I am, to the best of my limited ability, presenting Kabbalistic thought to you, and I'm also giving you my reactions to it, and, if and when, it is appropriate I am comparing it to the Doctrine of Christ. So, this is a very interesting series that we are doing. I'm never knocking Kabbalah, but I am just giving you my honest reactions to it, and I may have to turn around a month or a year from now and tell you, well, the Lord told me they were right, and I was wrong. That is a possibility.


So, that's what we are doing here. I'm having a discussion, and you are listening to my reaction to what I'm reading, and I'm just a beginner at this, Kabbalah. This is the reason, according to the books, unanimous agreement of the rabbis, that the Eyn Sof desired to complete Himself by producing a mirror image of Himself, and by producing a world that could be the recipient of His qualities. Does anybody not understand that? OK, I think that is simple enough.


The Eyn Sof was everywhere. He was uniformly everywhere, and He decided to make a visible creation. So where would He make this visible creation if He was everywhere? According to the Kabbalah, He pulled back from His center, they say He contracted. The word they use is that He contracted. He pulled back, and they say that He pulled back in the form...(End of Tape 1).

They say that He pulled back in the form of a circle because a circle is the only geometric figure that is even on all sides. Now, when I first read that I said, well, Lord I know you told me that Adam was a parallelogram so what is your answer to this? And, so far, the answer seems to be that the creation consists of circles and linear objects.


In future chapters, which we won't get into tonight, I did see a way that we could work squares into this, and, apparently, according to this book, The Tree of Life, this has been one of the controversies between the rabbis. One school of rabbis said the creation was a square, and another set of rabbis said the creation was a circle, was in the form of circles. And Isaac Luria, and we are studying Lurianic Kabbalah now, Isaac Luria says that both are correct. Isaac Luria says that the Godhead, that God Almighty, the Eyn Sof is both male and female, and that would have to be so because the Scripture says, Let us make man in our image, let us make them male and female; therefore, God must be male and female. Isaac Luria says that the female aspect of the creation is circular, and the male aspect of the creation is linear.


So, I'm sort of satisfied with that. That sits OK with me, and also, I'm told, that the primary study of Kabbalah, not only Lurianic Kabbalah, but of Kabbalah has to do with the linear aspect of the creation. Now, from what I, and I believe this because the Lord has already given me the revelation that Christ is linear, and the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon's household is spirilline. We had that revelation that came forth about six months ago so I have no problem with that, that lines up with the Doctrine of Christ. The books say that the teaching of Kabbalah, in general, has to do with the linear aspect of the creation. It has primarily to do, in our language we might say, with Christ Jesus. There are other books that have not been translated that I haven't read, so at least the books that have been translated is primarily on the linear or the God aspects of the creation.


The Doctrine of Christ has a strong emphasis on the female, on the circular aspect of the creation. We talk about Christ Jesus, we talk about both the linear and the circular aspect of the creation, and the Lord has given us a lot of information working the two of them together with a very positive message showing us that the linear aspect of the creation is here to reconcile and save the circular or the female aspect of the creation. But I don't see that, at least in this first volume, of the Tree of Life, and the other six volumes haven't been translated yet, so I can just work with what I have. The Kabbalist know that there is evil in the world, and they have an explanation for the evil. We will get to it eventually. They also talk about a waste product, I have talked about a waste product. I believe the evil is pretty much made of the waste product, but not all of the waste product because, remember, Abel fell down and was trapped in the earth and engraved with the Dragon's nature.


So there are a lot of parallels here, but their emphasis on the linear aspect, on the Godhead. My understanding from the Lord is that we have to understand the negative aspect so that we can get out of here. We have to learn how to understand and how to overcome the negative aspects. So it is very possible that at the end of the day, there would be much more agreement between the Doctrine of Christ and Kabbalah than I see right now because I'm just starting to take a look at it. But, I do believe that at the end of the day, the Doctrine of Christ has to be reconciled with Kabbalah. If I have to make some changes in my doctrine, that's fine. And there will probably be something in Kabbalah that's not accurate, but the two have to come together to bring forth a powerful, powerful doctrine that's going to provide the energy for God's people to overcome their sin nature and to stand up.


So we are talking about the beginning, and I have drawn on the board a circle with a dot in the middle. That circle signifies the Eyn Sof just at His center. The dot is His center, just pulling Himself back to the point that an open space was created in the midst of Himself. And Kabbalah says that it is an empty space in the midst of Himself. You might say that He created a womb for Himself, and that all the worlds, all of the worlds, the words that we can see, all of the universes, the galaxies, the planets, and all of the unseen worlds, everything that is in existence, everything that exists, is in this empty space. Does anybody have a problem with that?


There was a contraction. In other words, the way the Lord gave it to me was that there was a tear in God's fabric, there was a tear in God's fabric, and an area opened up that was the birth place of the creation. Only, what I heard from the Lord was not that this place was completely empty, but I saw it as a triangle, and we have a lot of such drawings back from the creation series. I'm willing to say that it was not a triangle, that it was a circle, and that I didn't pull my line around clearly enough. If you remember the creation drawings, I saw it starting with a point and a line came forth. Let me show you on the board.


You may remember in our earlier studies, the Lord told me that there was a tear in His fabric, and a line went forth, and then as if this line that went forth from the tear was an arm, it just swung over, and I showed you the creation as a triangle, and the surface of the waters at the top of the triangle...I made the triangle into a cone. That's what I showed you, but I see now that I just didn't carry my line far enough, you see. I had the point, and I drew my line, and I swung it over, but I should have kept on swinging it all the way around into a circle. Does anyone not understand what I just said?


So I had the general idea. I just didn't carry it forward enough, and I do concede to Kabbalah that it should be a circle. It now sits right with me that the creation came forth in a circle and not in a cone which is a three-dimensional triangle. Of course, at the time that I showed you the creation as a three-dimensional triangle I did not have the revelation that the triangle symbolized the Serpent. So, of course, it makes sense, everything lines up that at the beginning or before the beginning, the creation was not a triangle. It was a circle. Is everybody OK with that?


Kabbalah says that it was a circle, once again, because a circle is the only geometric figure....of course, I didn't draw a circle very well here, where everything on the inside of it and on the outside of it will be even. If you have a square, everything can't be even because you have four points. So the Eyn Sof, He pulled Himself back and created, He withdrew, and created, according to Kabbalah, an empty space in the midst of Himself. So the inside of this circle would be the empty space that came into existence when the Eyn Sof started in the midst of Himself at this point and withdrew Himself back. There was a big empty space, and everything that came into existence came into existence in that empty space.


Now, I still have a problem because the Lord told me at the time that I thought the creation was in the form of a cone, I was of the impression that it was not an empty space that was created, but that the substance on the inside of the cone which I now know should be a circle, was of an inferior quality as compared to the substance of God Almighty because the Lord told me...see, God doesn't just speak to me...the truth is in the spirit, you see, and it is a question of what we can hear. The whole truth is in the spirit, so that part of this truth that I was able to hear at the time came into my mind that this space that was created was filled with water that had particles of earth in it, that there was a fallout from the separation of Elohim going forth from Jehovah. That was the way I taught it. I now know that Jehovah and Elohim are not the name of the ultimate. The name of the ultimate is The Ultimate, The Limitless One. Eyn Sof means Limitless One, and that Jehovah and Elohim are names that The Limitless One takes as He descends closer and closer to the center of His circle of creation.


At the time, that was how I saw it, that the Creator who I believe to be the...and Jehovah is the creator. It is just that there are grades of the Godhead that are higher than Jehovah, that He sent forth His arm, Elohim, and that arm swung around and created, we might say, this circle in midst of the substance of The Unlimited One, and I remember teaching it to you that just as when you cut your arm and you peel the skin back, the area fills up with blood, that the whole area fills up with water, and that there was an ash fallout. So I did not see the space where the creation was being formed as an empty space. I saw it as a space filled with the substance that was water based with dust in it, a substance that was inferior to the pure light that was outside of the place of creation. Is everybody OK?


Now, I have had this issue before the Lord because Isaac Luria says it was an empty space, and I don't feel convinced that it was an empty space. I am still inclined to believe that the area of creation from the contraction, you might say, was filled with water and substance that was inferior to the pure substance of the Eyn Sof. I want to know the truth. Let the Lord correct me. It is no big deal, and it is not an issue of who is right and who is wrong, OK. These are great thinkers, and, yes, I consider myself a great thinker because Christ in me has brought forth the Doctrine of Christ here so I have the right to say that, that my opinion definitely has some validity.


I have to tell you, my first reaction when the Lord told me to do this was to say, Lord you really want me to put this on a tape, that I'm actually debating with these great writers of the Middle Ages, and He said, I taught you the Doctrine of Christ, and that's what I want you to do, so that is what I'm doing. I'm teachable, I'm willing to be corrected, but, in certain areas, if I feel what the Lord taught me through the Doctrine of Christ is correct, I have to stand with it until the Lord shows me that this is a more mature understanding.


You see, it is not even right and wrong. It is a question of the more mature understanding, and we want to grow, and we want to go on. So if someone comes along with a more mature understanding, we have to be willing to put away what we have believed and believe the more mature understanding which I am willing to do, but I have to get my witness from the Lord. So right now, I am just at a standoff. It is no big deal, you know. I don't think it makes, to me where I am right now, it doesn't make a difference whether this was a completely empty space or whether it was a space filled with an inferior substance.


Now, Genesis 1 or Genesis 1:2 says that, In the beginning God created and it was empty and void. I am not sure what the King James says, but the meaning is that it was empty and void and a waste product. There was chaos. In other words, chaos meaning that nothing was formed, but there was just substance floating around. There were particles of dust, particles of earth, and there was water floating around in this empty space. Now, I believe that the Kabbalist's come to the conclusion that the space was empty because of those first few words. I guess we should get the right words.


Genesis 1, Verses 1 and 2: In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep. So we see that the earth was without form, and it was void. It was empty, and the concept here is chaos. We recently did a series on Rahab, the primaeval Dragon, and I didn't really know where they got the word chaos from, but through my study of the Kabbalah I found out, and then, of course, I took what I read, and I pursued it through the encyclopedia and the dictionary, and I found out that to be without form means chaos. Chaos means confusion, that there is no form, that you cannot recognize anything.


So the fact that the earth was not formed simply means, if you follow it through in the dictionary, it means there was chaos at the beginning. Now, it seems to me, since I can't ask these people because they are dead and I really have no access to students of the Kabbalah today that have been studying for years, it seems to me that Isaac Luria came to the conclusion that this space was empty because of that Scripture, that in the beginning the earth was unformed and void, void meaning empty, but the revelation that I have is that each particle of earth was designed to be filled with the spirit of God, and it was not. It wasn't a planet that was empty. It wasn't a big empty space, but each particle of earth floating in the water that was designed to be filled with the spirit of God was empty. It wasn't filled with the spirit of God yet.


Now, this is the revelation that I had before I started reading Kabbalah. I've had it for several years, and I have not yet heard the Lord correct me, so I am going to stick with it because it still sounds right to me. Again, it is no big deal. We are just talking about different opinions here. Your salvation doesn't depend on it. Just listen to the opinions and pray about it, and if you can't get your own answer, you can choose to line up with either teacher, but just ask the Lord which teacher to line up with. It is no big deal. We are in the business here of thinking, of working our brains, and expanding our ability to understand spiritual things. That's the most important thing. That as we expand our ability to understand spiritual things, the Lord can speak to us more and more.


Well, you say Sheila, how can you get one answer and someone else can get another answer, and how come half the rabbis believe creation is a circle and half of them believe that it is a square? As I mentioned earlier brethren, the truth exists, the truth has always existed. It stands in the mental plane, you see. I would say in the mental plane where the Glorified Jesus Christ is. The rabbis that study Kabbalah, they would say that the truth stands in the plane where wisdom is found. Wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are one high spiritual plane that was one of the first aspects that came forth in the creation.


So, to me, the Scripture says that this man is made unto us wisdom, meaning Christ Jesus. So that says to me that these high attributes of the Eyn Sof, wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that are so high that most of the studies in the Kabbalah don't deal with them. They start with the fourth one down, and the fourth one down is Elohim who is the creator of the worlds as we know it, but, to us, in Christ Jesus we have an opportunity to experience the wisdom of the Most High. We don't automatically have it, but we have an opportunity, we have an invitation.


I was recently sent a dream with a request from Africa to interpret it, and this young lady who attends xxxxx's group in Lagos had a dream, and at the end of the dream she found an invitation to enter this university, and it had her name on it and was sitting on a woven basket with purple cloth. She had the invitation, you see. To me, this means that Christ, in the future, will be imparted to her.


He is our passport to the worlds above in Christ Jesus, the legal worlds above, the positive worlds above, and He is our opportunity for redemption, and for salvation and for every good thing, ascension, and everything, but it is an invitation. We have to put in the "leg work," and as you all know it is not easy. It is a life's pursuit. This is not something that you do part time. You do not pursue your inheritance part time. Maybe if you pursue it part time, you will get a part time inheritance if that is even possible which it really isn't. We do have a down payment of our inheritance. What is the down payment of our inheritance, does anyone know? We have an inheritance in Christ Jesus, and we have been permitted to have a taste of it. What is the taste of our inheritance that we have experienced? What is the gift from God?


COMMENT: The Holy Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: The Holy Spirit.


He is the earnest of our inheritance. He's a taste of the world to come, and the good word of God and the miracles of that world. He is an incentive. This is what's waiting for you. Now you've got to do your part, and He comes with gifts. If you are sick, He will heal you. If you are bound, He will deliver you, and He puts you in a position where you are capable of starting to tread the path that will lead to the true conversion, but, unfortunately, this is not taught in the church today, very, very unfortunately. Well, that's another message.


So, this is the creation of Kabbalah. Eyn Sof contracted Himself, and there came into existence a vacant space. That's what Kabbalah says. The Doctrine of Christ says that there came into existence a space filled with water and dust which is the waste product of every creative action. It is interesting because I did find in the Zohar that statement that there is a waste produce from every creative action, but I haven't read enough of the Zohar yet to really put it together for you. I am just giving you little dribs and drabs of what I read and what I absorb. Books like this, you have to read three, four, five, six times. People read them all of their life just like the Bible.


So all I can do is share with you what the Lord quickens to me, but I did see something interesting today in The Tree of Life, this book by Isaac Luria, where it says that Messiah is Adam Kadmon. So as I told you before we went out to dinner, Adam Kadmon is the primordial Adam, not the Adam that fell. I am going to show you him on the board in a little while. Adam Kadmon was the light of God that came into the empty space, and he is made up of many, many parts, and wisdom is one of his parts, and understanding and knowledge are other of his parts. And Elohim and Jehovah are in the midst of this Adam Kadmon who is really a name that encompasses all of creation, the primordial Adam, the most ancient of all beings. So I have received that revelation. We will go into it more.


So we see the contraction, and then again there is a difference in opinion. Kabbalah says there was a contraction of pulling back. The word in my heart was that Jehovah's arm went forth. He went forth. So how can we have such different opinions? As I told you, truth just hangs there, and it is really just like we have the expression in English "the eyes of the beholder." It is in the ears of the beholder. So it is a combination of what mind you are hearing with. If you are hearing with the Mind of Christ, it is a question of how much your carnal mind is under Christ's control, and then, also, how much you are capable of understanding. You are sitting here and listening to this message, and you are all struggling, and I'm struggling with this book which is an extremely difficult book, but there are people that could not even sit here. They would just get up and walk out, and say, what are you talking about? They could not even follow me.


So our mind has to be stretched. We have been in spiritual studies here for years. We have to be exercised. Paul talks about being exercised in righteousness. Well, I always thought that meant in being a righteous person and making righteous decisions and doing righteous deeds, and I am sure that it does mean that, but perhaps we have learned another dimension of righteousness tonight. Maybe it means to be exercised in the doctrine of righteousness. Your mind has to be developed to understand all this stuff, and it is the same thing in our world.


You cannot take a five or a six or a seven or a 12 year old child and put them in an advanced doctorate program in college. Of course, it has nothing to do with your age. You could not take an adult person who only had a fifth grade education and put them in college. You have to go through all the grades and all the levels that will prepare yourself and prepare your mind to be able to, at least, study and attempt to absorb the material. You have to know how to read and write. You have to know how to submit to the teachers. You have to know how to obey the rules of the school. You have to be in school on time, and there are all kinds of prerequisites and requisites that you have to be able to comply with to go to take advanced studies.


You cannot take someone off the street and have them answer an altar call and put them in one of our meetings. They could not bear it, and if they didn't make a scene they would just leave. So our mind is being stretched, and that is why one student of the gospel will have a variation of understanding than another student. But I do believe that in the end for all honest people truly seeking the truth, there has to be a coming together, a willingness to drop what you now see a higher understanding of and a reconciliation of all understandings, of the honest people, who are honestly in Christ studying the Scripture.


There has to be a coming together, a union, of ideas, and, in most cases, it is not a question of being wrong. It is just a question of going with the more mature understanding. You can't understand all this stuff right away, and a lot of the things I'm reading in this book, The Tree of Life, I say to myself, where did they get this from? They will show me a little word, and have an interpretation of it, and I say, where in the world did they get this from? And I have to answer my own question, well people say the same thing about the Doctrine of Christ, where is she getting this stuff from? It is by revelation. So I can, at least, understand having been the vessel that the Lord is using to bring forth the Doctrine of Christ, I can understand that they are getting this stuff by revelation because it is shocking to see a few little words, and they get this way-out explanation, but where in the world are they coming from? It is by revelation.


So it is not shocking me, and I can look at it and I can read it, and to the degree that I can understand it, I can ask the Lord if it is true, and, believe me, I'm not understanding everything I reading in this book, but I am getting a grasp on it, and I see that I will have to read the book several times. I will give you these little tid-bits as we go along. So is everybody OK with the contraction? A space was created. You could call it a spiritual womb. According to Kabbalah, that was completely empty and everything that exists now exists in that empty space which today is filled up with the light of, actually, Adam Kadmon.


Now what I've read so far, and I am right at the beginning of the book, there is really nothing at all said about the earth. Nothing at all said about the earth. Everything is light, but different grades and qualities of light, and the statement that I have read about the evil in the world is that...I can't say "in the beginning" because in the beginning refers to Genesis 1 and refers to the beginning of the world or the world as we know it, so I'm trying not to say "in the beginning," because, according to Kabbalah, there were worlds that came into existence before our world, and we will touch on some of them eventually as the Lord leads me, and I will give them to you.


According to Lurianic Kabbalah, the worlds or the world called the World of Points came into existence before the worlds as we know it, and that World of Points broke down. The teaching is that everything was light, and light comes in three forms. A vessel, like a cup. The light that is in the cup, and the light that surrounds the cup, but the vessel is light, different grades of light. Is everybody OK with that? A light cup, a cup made out of light, a cup made out of spirit, then a different grade or different quality of light filling the cup. Then a third quality of light, just shining over the cup.


The teaching is that the vessels of the World of Points could not contain the light that entered into them. The vessels, the cups of light, were filled with a different grade of light, like water coming into the cup, and the vessels, the cups, could not contain the light that poured into them. It was too powerful, and the vessels shattered. These light vessels shattered and fell down and became the evil that plagues this world today.


So, that could be Abel. As far as the Doctrine of Christ goes, Abel is the energy source of the Fiery Serpent. Cain is just the earth, and Abel is completely captured, engraved with the Dragon's nature and a part of the evil of this world. So it could line up. I don't hear anything about the earth at this point in the book that I'm reading, The Tree of Life, just that the light vessels broke and became evil. So, trying to weave it together with the Doctrine of Christ sounds to me like it is the Fiery Serpent which is Cain and Abel engraved with the Dragon's nature. That is the only mention that I've heard about the evil so far.


The book is pretty much dealing with some very basic principles that are needed to understand how the Kabbalist's or the Kabbalah interprets the Scripture. So we will go on. Are there any questions at this point?


So there was a contraction, and an empty space was created. On the right side of the board, you can see where the light of The Infinite entered into the empty space. So, we see that Eyn Sof, the Limitless One, completely surrounds the created worlds, and He's also in the midst of the created worlds because He entered into the circle and He went down just a little below the center, but He did not go all the way to the bottom of the circle. And this is Adam Kadmon, by the way. The light of The Infinite is Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam. That's the name of the light of the Eyn Sof that entered into the center of the circle, and everything that was made was made out of Adam Kadmon. Doesn't that sound familiar? Where did you hear that, that everything that was made was made? Where did you hear that?


COMMENT: In Genesis?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I don't think it was in Genesis. It is in the New Testament. And everything that was made, and if it wasn't made of Him, it wasn't made. I think it was John talking about Jesus Christ.


I have found a lot of references to Adam Kadmon that I can relate to Jesus Christ, and that's what Jesus said. He said, I'm the first and the last Adam. He was Adam Kadmon. The first Adam that He talks about is Adam Kadmon. He said that He was the beginning, and He was the end, and He's the light of the world. It is really amazing, when Jesus came into Judah He came to Jews that studied the Kabbalah. When He went to the rabbis of the Sanhedrin, He went to men that knew all this stuff. God only knows, I've just barely got the tip of my toes in the water. He came to men that had been studying the Kabbalah for years, and they should have known who He was, but, you see, they read it in theory, but they could not recognize it when it manifested in the flesh.


When John wrote the Gospel of John, he said, we saw this great light and we beheld His glory. They saw past the flesh of Jesus the Christ. Jesus of Nazareth, they saw past His flesh. They saw the spirit in Him, and for years I could not understand it, the Scripture where the disciples said to Him, where do you dwell Master, and He said, come and I'll show you. I think He said, come and see, if I'm not mistaken, which turns out to be a Kabbalistic term, come and see, come and see. Of course, we have that in the Book of Revelation, come and see. Right out of the Kabbalah. The whole New Testament is written right out of the Kabbalah, but if you don't know the Kabbalah, you have nothing to compare it to.


So how did these disciples know they found Messiah? He had to talk to them about this high doctrine, and explain to them how their learning and their text books that Adam Kadmon entered into the circle. Jesus of Nazareth must have explained to these disciples that each human being is an expression of that primordial circle, or that Jesus Himself, I'm sorry, Jesus Himself, was an expression of that empty space that the light of God entered into, that this abstract teaching was manifesting in a human being. I'm telling you the teaching is very difficult. I've already read the first part of it twice, and I'm going to have to read it several times to fully absorb it, but I've got the general idea. I have seen as I was reading how a lot of this abstract talk, and this light was on the outside, and this light was on the inside, and that light is trying to break through the wall, and it can't. All abstract teaching but is starting to relate to the Doctrine of Christ.


What I just sort of quoted to you, I related to the fact that the Glorified Jesus Christ is trying to get inside of us, and it is very hard for Him to get inside of us. We are too resistant, but it is when Christ Jesus grows up inside of us that we become prepared to receive the light of the Glorified Jesus Christ, and then the light from the outside comes in. Now, I'm reading all this in abstract teaching. I'm reading about inner light and outer light. It is mind-boggling, it's straining my brain to tell you the truth, and Christ Jesus is me is talking to me and saying, this book is talking about the Glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus within you, that's the light within you, Christ Jesus, and the Glorified Jesus Christ is the light without.


This paragraph said, well the light without is much stronger than the light within, but to the vessel, I'm the vessel, to the vessel, but I'm reading it in this book, it is abstract, it is some vessel that doesn't have any personal qualities. But because of the Doctrine of Christ I can relate it to myself, and the Lord said to me, you are the vessel, and the Lord Jesus Christ is outside. That is the surrounding light, and Christ Jesus is inside, and that is the inner light, and you are the vessel. The book says that the outer light, that would be the Glorified Jesus Christ, is more powerful than the inner light, that would be Christ Jesus, but to the vessel it doesn't appear that way. In other words, to the mortal man, it appears that Christ Jesus within me is more powerful than the Glorified Jesus.


Now I know, by principle, that the Glorified Jesus must be more powerful, but by actual experience, by relationship, is much more so with Christ Jesus within me than with the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is Christ Jesus within me that talks to me every day, that's there when I wake up, that's there when I go to sleep, and every once in a while the Glorified Jesus Christ comes in and talks to me. But mostly, my relationship is with Christ Jesus within me. So for that reason, it would seem to me that there is a lot of power in Christ Jesus because I don't experience the power of the Glorified Jesus Christ that often. I have at several times in my life, but every day I experience the power of Christ Jesus.


So because of familiarity, because Christ Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother, He's right here in the midst of me, I am familiar with His power, but I am not that familiar with the power of the Lord Jesus because He only comes in to visit me once in a while, although I believe He teaches through me. I believe that He joins with Christ Jesus in me to bring forth this teaching, but I have had several experiences where the Glorified Jesus Christ has come in and occupied me, and it is a very profound experience, and it has only happened a few times in 22 years. I am not even sure how I feel about it. It is just a shocking experience. Maybe I could not take it every day, maybe I could not bear it. Maybe I would go insane.


You know, I hear that people that ascend outside of Christ frequently go insane. Well, I've had the Lord enter into me and literally occupy me, literally push my personality aside and do what He wanted to do through me. Once it was a deliverance, once it was a healing for somebody. It has only happened a few times in my life, and it is just a shocking experience. Maybe it could not bear it every day of my life at this time. I have to be prepared to be able to bear it every day of my life.


So, I believe that's what Jesus said to the disciples. I believe He taught them Kabbalah, and He said, here I am, the living expression of what is in your text book, and they believed Him. It must have been the Spirit of Elijah in them that witnessed to what He was saying, and they believed Him. They came out and they said, we have found Messiah. Adam Kadmon in the flesh. Isn't that amazing?


So that is the second drawing showing the empty circle of creation, and the light of The Infinite known as Adam Kadmon entering into, not to the middle, but below the middle, but not all the way to the other side, and the reason He didn't proceed all the way to the other side is that if He proceeded all the way to the other side, it would have just let the light of The Infinite flow through, and it would have broken up the circle of creation. So He didn't go all the way to the other side. He just came a little past the center, and this way, because Adam Kadmon did not go all the way to the other side we can now have directions concerning Him. We can say the place where He entered in is the head, and the place where He descends to is called the feet, and as we interpret the Scripture we can determine North, South, East, and West and above and below based on Adam Kadmon's penetration into the circle of creation.


Of course, for those of you who will see the photograph, this little drawing underneath the right side of the photograph is what I drew when I was trying to show the revelation that I had several years ago when I did the teaching on creation. I was looking at my old drawings, it is very interesting, because at one point in the series Creation, I showed what would be a straight line of light coming in. It was a straight line, and then as I went on further a couple of years into the future, somehow, I switched to a triangle. So they are probably both correct. I did see the straight line. I didn't see the circle.


Well, this triangle was supposed to be a circle. I just didn't follow the line all the way around. So I saw the two separately. One year, I saw the straight line coming in, in the series called Creation, and then probably in the series called Quantum Mechanics I saw the circular aspect as a triangle. I didn't bring my line all the way around and realize that it was a circle. So I saw the circular aspects of the creation, and I saw the linear aspects of the creation in two different years of my teaching career and my career as a student, and I never really put the two of them together until recently. Within this past year, I was showing the Serpent's timeline in a circle, and Christ Jesus' timeline as a straight line, penetrating the circle.


Although I never understood it this way, the same message was coming forth. I expect this teaching to greatly enhance what the Lord has brought forth here already. Are there any questions on this board?


Praise the Lord. This is Drawing #3, and I have drawn the ten Sefirot on the board. I've given you the Hebrew name, and I've chosen the definition of each Sefirot that I perceive to be closest to what, we as Christians, or people listening to this tape as Christians, would be familiar with. Now, these ten Sefirot are collectively called Adam Kadmon. Now, He is not a human being like we know human beings. Kabbalah calls Him a human, but He's not a human like we are a human. He is not a Homo sapiens, He is not an animal. He is a high spiritual being that doesn't have human qualities; although, Kabbalah attributes human qualities to Him for the purposes of understanding Him because He is so high that we could not comprehend Him.


This is just the beginning of it. I will be giving you other charts as we go on. The principles here are pretty much as the principles of the Doctrine of Christ, where we talk about the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon and Pharaoh, and all of these different characters in an attempt to help us understand what we now know to be the circular or the female aspect of the creation. The Lord has given me a teaching for you called the Doctrine of Christ which imputes human type qualities, a Serpent, a Dragon, Pharaoh, so that we can have a hope of understanding the spiritual qualities and the spiritual attributes that these names signify.


All of these names, Pharaoh, Dragon, Fiery Serpent, they identify aspects of the female circular quality of the creation. Now remember, I have been putting it on the board for a while that the Serpent's timeline is a circle and Christ Jesus is a straight line which extends down from heaven into the midst of the circle. It is obviously a symbol of what we would recognize as human sexual intercourse, the male organ penetrating the female organ. Human sexuality is just another expression of the foundational spiritual reality of the creation. The creation is male and female, and the female is circular, representing the female womb as we would know it today or the opening to the female sex organ, circular, and the male organ is signified by a straight line, and the straight line penetrates the circle. That is the spiritual reality of the creation manifested in human sexuality.


So these are 10 qualities of a superhuman man that we really cannot even comprehend. We see Him in the person of the Glorified Jesus Christ. Now when Jesus was in the flesh, I'm not sure that He called Himself the last Adam in the flesh. I would have to research that, but I know that after He was glorified He said, I am the beginning and the end. Without doing the research, my inclination is to say that He did not call Himself the last Adam while He was still in the flesh.


In His glorified state, He is the last Adam. He is the entire creation, the Glorified Jesus Christ, the entire creation, the same Adam Kadmon that entered into the world that we see 10 attributes of right here in some pitiful human attempt to understand Him. Of course, the Glorified Jesus Christ is not in the same condition that Adam Kadmon was in because the Glorified Jesus Christ has had many experiences, and now has personality. Certainly Elijah and Jesus joined to Him, and possibly personalities of Old Testament saints that were in Elijah, and in the near future there will many personalities that are in Christ Jesus who will join to Him. And I don't really know what happened with the apostles.


The bottom line is that the Glorified Jesus Christ is not the same Adam Kadmon. He is the same Adam Kadmon in an enhanced state that was the life that came into the world. Adam Kadmon, the collective name for the stream of the light of the Eyn Sof, of the Unlimited, Unknowable One, that entered into that empty space that was filled with the female aspect.


I'm skipping around. I'm not laying this out to you the way it is laid out in The Tree of Life because I feel that it is just too intense. As I showed you in Drawing #2, Adam Kadmon is the ray of light of the Infinite that entered into the empty space, and the first thing that He did was to create the female elements of the creation which I am not going to show you tonight. I felt to show you the male element of the creation first.


So we see that the first quality of Adam Kadmon is called crown. Now I have no way to check the pronunciation of the Hebrew words so the chances that I am mispronouncing them are excellent. The first Sefirot is crown. In the Hebrew it is Keter, and this is the will and desire to create. This is a very high level of the Godhead, and, according to Kabbalah, we don't see much of it manifesting in the world, but we, in the New Testament, know that in Christ Jesus all elements of the Godhead exist including the crown, and I remind you that Christ Jesus is wearing many crowns in the Book of Revelation, and that we are promised a crown if what? What do we have to do to get our crown?


COMMENT: Overcome.


PASTOR VITALE: We have to overcome. It is not a free gift, we have to overcome.


So we see that the quality of Keter, this highest level of the Godhead in the creation, is available to us mere humans. That is an incredible statement for Jesus to make. Actually, John made it. To he who overcomes, and, of course, the Scripture indicates that it was the glorified Jesus teaching through John. To he who overcomes will receive a crown. Do you know what that means? It means that we will receive the ability to think and to be everything that the highest level of the Godhead is. That's what it means. We are promised the whole bag of supernatural genius. Not only eternal life.


It is like a big joke, once some preacher thought that after he died he was going to go to heaven and live in a mansion and have Italian food every night. Now that is not what it is all about. We are literally going to be and exist and live as God lives. What does that mean? I have no idea. I just know it has to be better than this. It has to be glorious, and this is what we are promised. We are promised the fullness of Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam of which all of the worlds are created, dwelling through us and becoming one with us.


It is interesting that the New Age talks a lot about becoming one with the universe. Did you ever hear that in New Age jargon? You have to become one with the universe, but they are not talking about Adam Kadmon. They are talking about Satan's universe. The universe of the fallen world, but we are promised in the Scripture, if we overcome, to become one with the universes of God, with the greatness of God. That is incredible, but that is what the promise is, that the Glorified Jesus Christ wants to inhabit us and swallow up our negative principles and make us everything that He is. He wants to join with us and mingle with us so completely that we are Him.


Everything that's not Him in us has to die. That's why we have to die to this lifestyle because if He is in your life, especially if you are praying to Him, you may not fully understand what you are praying for, but He knows what He intends to do in you. He intends to swallow up every quality in you and in me that is not of His nature for the specific purpose of so completely mingling Himself with us that we become God. Of course, there is a lot of fear in the church when they hear you preaching, we are God. Well, we are not God now, and we become God by dying to every Godless quality in our self and becoming completely swallowed up by Him. We become everything that He is. We are not going to become God in this fallen state of mind.


So the highest quality, according to Kabbalah, is crown or Keter, and that is the will and desire to create that entered into the empty space. The will and desire to bring forth the creation in the empty space, and the name in the Scripture that is associated with Keter is I Am. So we see that I Am is a very high name. I never really differentiated between I Am and Jah and Jehovah and El and Elohim. I did distinguish between Elohim and Jehovah, but I never went beyond that, or the Lord never gave me any understanding beyond that.


So we see that when I Am came to Moses, it was a very high manifestation of the Godhead. Why do you think it was I Am that came to Moses? Does anybody have an idea? Why wasn't it Elohim that came to Moses or Adonai, or El? Why do you think I Am came to Moses? Anybody? Well, I want to suggest to you that I Am came to Moses. The quality of the Godhead that was as high as you could get within the sphere of the creation, because beyond Keter is unknowable to man, because I Am came to raise Moses up to a high level of spiritual power. The highest level of the Godhead came to Moses to impart to him magical power. Now you don't hear the word "magic" in the church.


The people, a lot of Christians, are afraid of that word, but magic simply means the wielding of supernatural power, and if the supernatural power that you are wielding is God, then there is such a thing as magic in God. Moses was a magician. He did great feats that he brought forth by supernatural power. Moses was a magician. If you want to believe that he physically went into Pharaoh's court and dropped his rod, and it became a snake, that's an act of magic. If you want to believe the esoteric understanding of that which I don't remember off the top of my head, but I am sure it had something to do with the overcoming of the satanic principles within himself and within the Hebrew children that were manifesting Pharaoh. He was a magician. If you wield spiritual power, you are a magician, by definition. Just because the church doesn't use the word, that doesn't mean it is not real.


That's why I Am came to Moses. He didn't come just to talk to Moses. See, we have to start to understand that when the Scripture says that I Am spoke to Moses, He did not just have a conversation with him. When God comes to talk to you, He gets inside of you, see. He doesn't just talk to you. He says what He has to say, then He gets inside of you. So when I Am said to Moses, tell them I Am that I Am, and in his heart Moses said, amen, I Am went right inside of Moses, and that was the power that Moses received to go to Pharaoh and work miracles. I Am spoke to him, and I Am got inside of him.


I had a similar experience. Of course, I am not saying that I have ever had the power that Moses had, although I have been given power on one or two occasions for a specific healing. Whether or not that was equal to Moses' power, only God knows. I don't know. I know I was caught up pretty high, but when the Lord first came to me, He scared me half to death. He spoke to me from outside of myself when I was driving a car. It is amazing I didn't crack up the car, and He said, I am the Lord your God who has brought you out of the land of Egypt, and you will serve me. Scared me half to death. Went home and was afraid to tell anybody, and I never heard that voice outside of me again because, for years, I said, Lord how come now you speak from inside of me? And only that one time you spoke from outside of me? And finally I received the understanding that after He said that to me, He got inside of me, and He really didn't give me the opportunity to say no. Not that I would have wanted to, just to make a point.


Some people have the opportunity to say no, but others people don't have the opportunity to say no. It depends on who you are, and I fully believe I was specifically incarnated to do this job, and I did not have an opportunity to say no. Not that I would have, but it was upsetting. Can you imagine hearing a booming voice out of nowhere when you are driving a car telling you that?


So we see that I Am represents the will and desire to create and also the manifestation of the highest level of supernatural power that man could possibly be capable of in Christ Jesus or in the Godhead.


The second attribute or the second Sefirot of Adam Kadmon is called wisdom. The Hebrew word is Chokhmah if I am pronouncing it right, and she represents the first creative activity. First, the Godhead desires to create, and then there is movement to create. Lord willing, I know I have mentioned it several times, I really would like to translate the Scriptures in Proverbs where wisdom says, I was here from before the beginning. I looked it up to see if that was what it really said in the Interlinear Text, and that is what it really says in the Interlinear Text; therefore, this is my witness that these qualities of the Godhead came before Elohim because Elohim is the beginning.


We hear about Elohim in Genesis 1:1 or 1:2. Elohim is the beginning of the worlds as we know it, but wisdom was there first. I never knew what that meant. I never really addressed it, and it didn't make sense to me at first, but I realize now that this Chokhmah is a high quality of wisdom. See, we have to understand that all of these qualities, all ten of these qualities exist on descending levels. Each of these qualities exist in all of the worlds. Now, just for this conversation, there are four worlds. There is the World of Emanation, the World of Formation, the World of Creation, and the World of Action, which is where we are, in the World of Action, this is Kabbalah now.


And there is a Keter and a Chokhmah. There is everyone of these qualities in everyone of these four worlds, and the wisdom that exists in the highest world, the World of Emanation, is much more powerful than the wisdom that exists in the lower world where we are, in the World of Action. I'm trying to make this as simple as I can. I am telling you, the book is really hard. Does everyone have this? Does anyone want me to say it again?


There are four worlds, four spiritual worlds. This physical world is the World of Action, and it this is the least spiritual; although, we have a spiritual side to us called the etheric plane. According to Kabbalah, there are four worlds which we will look at, at another time. The World of Emanation is the highest, the World of Formation, the World of Creation, and the World of Action where we are down here, the lowest place you can get. Each one of those four worlds has these ten qualities. So wisdom in the highest World of Emanation is much more powerful than the wisdom that comes in the World of Action, down here. Did you get it?


So I realize what was confusing me. How could wisdom be higher than Elohim? Elohim created the worlds. He was there in the beginning, but with this additional information from Kabbalah, I now understand why in the Book of Proverbs wisdom can say, I was here before the beginning. So, apparently, there is a lot of revelation in Kabbalah that is certainly not in Genesis. I have found that there is a lot of hidden information in the Scripture, but it is not in the place where you would expect it to be. I've found hidden information about the beginning in Psalms, in Proverbs, in the Prophets, but it is not in Genesis 1:1. You have to really dig it out, it is really hidden. Apparently, there are Hebrew books that have not been available to the church at large, and most of them are not even translated. They are in Hebrew.


So the Hebrew rabbis and the Hebrew teachers who have been studying this word for centuries, actually it is 3000 years, but, of course, all this wisdom came forth by the 16th Century. It is still a couple of thousand years that they have been studying these Scriptures since they received it from Moses, and, apparently, they have got a lot of information that is probably very largely accurate. The least accuracy that I see in it is the areas where it is already manifested to us through the Lord Jesus Christ, and they don't have that revelation.


For example, they will tell you to forget about Keter, that is so high, man can't really even deal with it. We won't even deal with Keter. It is just too high, we could never comprehend it, but we are told in the Scriptures that we are going to get a Scripture, that this level of the Godhead is available to us. Another misunderstanding that I have come across, and, again, I've just started to study, is that according to Isaac Luria, he teaches that this physical world is the center of the universe, and there is a footnote in the book from the translator that says, at the time that Isaac Luria lived which was in the 16th Century, that was the common belief, that the earth was the center of the universe, but now science tells us that this is not so.


I wonder, if it not true in the physical, it may be true in the spirit. The physicists, the astrophysicists claim that it is not true in the physical world, but I tend to have my doubts that if this man, Isaac Luria so deep into the Word of God that there is a good chance that he heard the truth of the Lord, and that he did not make his opinion based on the scientists of his day, but that he heard from God. But, then again, it is possible, and I'm sure that the man's doctrine was not perfect. As excellent as it is, it is not perfect. So again, this is not a life and death issue.


Is the physical earth the center of the universe? I don't know about you, but I hear scientists changing their minds all the time. First, you should eat eggs, then you shouldn't eat eggs, that you shouldn't eat this and you shouldn't eat that. Scientists change their minds all the time. You should breast feed your babies, no you shouldn't breast feed your babies, oh yea, now in this generation, it is good to breast feed your babies. Scientists change their minds all the time.


So if the Lord told Isaac Luria that the earth is the center of the universe, if that truly was a revelation from God, then it is just a matter of time until the astrophysicists turn around again and say, hey, look at that, they were right the whole time, but I don't know. I don't know if Isaac Luria got that revelation from God or he was just flowing with the scientific revelation of the day. I don't know. Praise the Lord.


So the third quality of Adam Kadmon is understanding, and the Hebrew word is Binah. We are told that understanding typifies the development and unfolding of the germ of creation. So we see there is a will to create, a vibration that goes forth. The first creative activity is a vibration, and then the germ seed begins to unfold and develop.


I'm sorry, I didn't comment on the name of God associated with wisdom. That is Jah, and I've seen that in the Hebrew Scripture, and I've translated it Jehovah. I didn't know that it meant a different level of power in the Godhead. So, we see that creative activity is signified by the name Jah. It is one God, brethren, one God, but in His different functions He takes different names in an attempt to help us with our pea brains to understand it.


The third quality is understanding, Binah, talking about the development and unfolding of the germ of creation, and the name of God associated with understanding is an abbreviation of four letters HVYH. That is the Hebrew letters Heh, Vav, Yod, and Heh. This is called the Tetragrammaton. It is called, also, the sacred name, and it is a name that was arrived at by some form of computation and numerology. It secretly represents the whole 10 Sefirot, or another way to say it is that it represents Adam Kadmon. It is the name of the totality of the Godhead within the sphere of creation.


The Kabbalist's do all kinds of work with this word. I will continue to read the book. I know the Lord told me to read this book, and I will read it as many times as I have to, to understand it. So as the Lord leads me, I will comment on it at some time in the future. I have not really understood myself what they have done with it. I just understand basic that they spell it four different ways, that they are mixing and matching the letters, and when they move the letters around, somehow they get it a different numerical evaluation of the name, but I don't really understand what they do with it yet, so I have a lot more reading to do. But we do see that name three times on three different levels of Adam Kadmon, and the Jehovah that exists on the level of Binah is always seen with Elohim. Jehovah and Elohim are always seen together, and they represent this high level of Adam Kadmon, because the first three qualities or the first three Sefirot are very high, crown, wisdom and understanding, and they are frequently considered as one.


I believe the Lord has told me that they repesent the mental plane, the mental plane that I talk about, the mental plane that I tell you that Christ Jesus is on that we are invited into to understand this doctrine. We are invited into the crown, the wisdom and the understanding of the Glorified Jesus Christ when we submit ourselves to the difficult study of His Word. That is the mental plane. It is a special place, it is a secret place in Christ Jesus, and it is the place where the Glorified Jesus Christ comes in and meets Christ Jesus in you.


I don't want to overload you tonight. I will just leave it at that, that those three are frequently dealt with as one. We will see it sometime in the future. I am just going to go through this, and I will end it because you all are having a hard time with it.


These 10 Sefirot are broken up into five, five qualities that can be attributed to a human being, in the same manner that we talk about the Fiery Serpent and Pharaoh and the Dragon in an attempt to help us understand this very difficult study. This is just an introduction, I am not going to go into it tonight. These 10 Sefirot are broken up into five, they are called personalities, five personalities, just like a Fiery Serpent is a personality and Pharaoh is a personality, and the Kabbalah deals with them just as we deal with the Fiery Serpent and Pharaoh, and just as we deal with Christ Jesus and Abel.


I have known for a long time that I didn't have as much of an understanding of the names of Christ Jesus as He ascends as I have had of the negative household, and here the Lord is coming in and He will give us more understanding of the family of God. Is everybody OK?


Number four now begins the second category. The next category down is Chesed, the next quality or the next Sefirot, the next quality of Adam Kadmon is loving kindness. The Hebrew word is Chesed, and we can relate that in the New Testament to grace, the grace of God without regard to your merit. The grace of God is available to all. You don't have to deserve it. All you have to do is ask for it, and the grace of God is available to you. The Hebrew name of God associated with grace is El. The Hebrew says it is loving kindness, but we know it to be grace.


The next Sefirot is Gevurah or strength, and in the New Testament the word usually used to describe it is might, and it is the force or the power of God. It is also called judgment, and what I find interesting here is that the Hebrew name associated with it is Elohim. But, of course, Elohim does work His way into human beings, and all judgment is given over to the Son, so that does make sense. Elohim is the root of Jesus Christ, and all judgment is given to the Son so that makes sense.


Now what is interesting about this Hebrew Gevurah is that it is also called force, and I know that Satan is the God of forces, and Satan is also the sowing and reaping judgment. So we might say that Satan is the Gevurah or the strength of the Godhead. She is the strength of the Godhead, and she is. She executes the sowing and reaping judgment. She is the enforcer, but look at how this plays out.


The next Sefirot is called beauty, and that has always been a question mark in my mind. There is a Scripture either in Zechariah or Ezekiel, it is probably Zechariah, where the Lord is saying, take that band called beauty and break it, and then takes the other rod called bands and break it, and that's when judgment is falling upon Israel, and I always said, what kind of a thing is that to say, take that band called beauty, and I knew it represented the Tribes of Israel, why would you call one beauty and one bands. So it was a great blessing to me to find this in the book that we are dealing with, The Tree of Life, to find out that there is a quality of Adam Kadmon called beauty, and it can be likened to the New Testament word "glory." And glory harmonizes judgment with grace, so we might say that this beauty, what we know in the New Testament to be glory, is a combination of the loving kindness which is grace without merit, and the strength of God called judgment.


This glory, I suggest to you, is the White Throne Judgment. You see, the strength alone, the might alone, is the sowing and reaping judgment, but the White Throne Judgment is the might to judge plus grace without merit, translates into the White Throne Judgment. The sowing and reaping judgment is "you reap what you sow," even if you are not aware that you are doing evil with your unconscious mind. We reap what our unconscious mind sows.


Brethren, that is bondage, to reap what our unconscious mind sows, and Satan comes faithfully and recompenses us or our children or our grandchildren in kind. But then, right before that, comes grace without regard to merit. No matter what you have done, you are eligible for the grace of God. You see, you can't get away from the judgment, but you can have judgment with grace which is called beauty or glory, and that harmonizes the force of the judgment with the grace that says, look, I'm going to explain it to you, I'm going to give you the opportunity to repent, I'm going to give you the opportunity to humble yourself before God and petition Him for the power to divert a very destructive judgment away from you.


You see, there has to be some form of judgment, but it could be unto death with Satan, and with the White Throne Judgment it is unto life because no matter what you have to experience it turns out for your good, and your heart changes, and you become a new person in Christ Jesus. So, the Lord takes this judgment that is designed to destroy you and uses it for your good. He uses it to teach you and to build you in His own image, and that's what beauty means. That really blessed me.


The Hebrew name of God associated with beauty is again, Jehovah. See, the Jews never pronounce the holy name. They don't say Jehovah. They either say Elohim if they are dealing with understanding, or they say Adonai if they are dealing with glory, and it appears again with endurance. They consider it a sacred name, and they do not pronounce it. Now only do they not pronounce it, but, according to what I read, the pronunciation of the name, the correct pronunciation of the name, and we talked about that this morning, about how there is power in pronunciation, apparently the correct pronunciation of the name produced great power to the degree that only the high priest could pronounce the name once a year on the high holy days.


I asked the Lord what that meant, and what's in my mind is that the high priest pronounced it on the high holy days to call down the power to forgive sins. What does that mean, to forgive sins? To call down the power to turn Satan's destructive sowing and reaping judgment for all of the sins of their unconscious mind into the White Throne Judgment, to divert that destructive judgment. It is the same principle as the scape goat. The priests laid their hands on the scape goat and turned the goat out, I think they just turned it out into the forest, I don't know if they killed it or not, and all of the sins of the people were supposed to be transmitted to this goat.


You could do that all if you want, but if you don't have the Lord God honoring your efforts, and sending the power to turn Satan who is right there ready to recompense you, if you don't have the Lord God there to turn Satan's power away from you, what good is laying your hands on a goat and putting it out into the woods? That is just your act of obedience so that God Almighty comes down and says to Satan, you can't touch those people, they are clean in my sight.


So according to the Tree of Life, the book that I'm reading, the true pronunciation of the sacred name has been lost, if that is true. If it is not true, there are very few people who know how to pronounce it, if any, but as I told you this morning speaking by Christ Jesus in us is my understanding of the pronunciation of the sacred name. When Christ Jesus is mature enough to call down that power. I don't know, maybe those of us who speak in Christ Jesus are doing it now. I told you this morning, I know that I have a lot of power when it comes to righteous judgment. I don't have the degree of power I would like to heal our bodies, but in righteousness there is a lot of power in this ministry.


Is it the same degree of power that the high priest had pronouncing the name of Jehovah? I don't' know. Then, we might say to ourselves, well, either the name is Jehovah or it is not Jehovah, what is the pronunciation of the name? Well, apparently, every syllable has to be pronounced in a certain way to bring down the power.


It seems to me, now I could be wrong, I could be naive about this, it seems to me that, that doesn't make any sense, that you have to say the right intonation. I don't mean to mock the name, but you have to have the right intonation to call down the power. It has to be that God is honoring your efforts. That's what it seems to me. It has to be that you do it according to the specific way in, and the days that the Lord was working with Israel, in that manner when the high priest pronounced the word correctly, the power of God fell down because it was a covenant, and Jehovah said, you say my name this way, and I'll do that, but today the covenant is in Christ Jesus. It is a spiritual covenant today.


If you are in Christ Jesus, you don't have to pronounce words in a particular way. What you have to do is pronounce the words of Christ Jesus. You and me, the personality, we have to be in agreement with the Mind of Christ within us and pronouncing His words, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit for the people. We are supposed to be judging the sins of the people. That means when there is a controversy between two people or if you see somebody in sin, and they can't help themselves, we are supposed to be intercessors, and when the Mind of Christ arises in us concerning other people that the Lord has directed towards, He honors our words and deliverance comes to them.


So, I don't think it is any accident that the secret pronunciation of the word Jehovah is lost because the Lord is doing it a different way today. He's moving in a higher realm of the spirit. He's moving in Keter, you see. He's moving in the crown, but you have to have Christ Jesus inside of you. Probably, the high priest had to have a manifestation of Christ inside of them, but the Lord is not doing it that way any more; therefore, there is a good chance that whoever is ascending in Kabbalah today, if they are doing it in Christ Jesus, they are ascending in the Serpent's timeline. Praise the Lord.


Now, there will probably be a lot of people mad at me for what I am about to say, but this is my opinion. I'm not saying that it is the gospel truth. I believe there is some measure of the spirit of God with orthodox Jews that read His word day and night and do the best they can, and they are following the law because that is all that they know.


I believe, and I've read testimonies that the spirit does move in their Shabbat services and their Saturday services of the Hassidim, and I believe there is a spirit there that could be likened to the Holy Spirit in their midst, but I would be very, very surprised to find a manifestation of the Godhead moving in magical or high spiritual power that would forgive sins and judge righteous judgment and bring deliverance and doing all the things that Christ Jesus is doing, I would be very surprised to find that kind of power in Israel today because the God of Israel has moved on. He's now manifesting as Keter, he's now manifesting as the crown through Christ Jesus, and you have to get up where He is to attain His power.


Just like I told you, I Am came to Moses to impart His power. I Am came to Moses. Well, if you want to exercise the magical power of Christ Jesus, you have to get up where that power is, and our passport to ascension is we start with the Holy Spirit, and then we get Christ, and we have to ascend into Christ Jesus, but Christ is the door. So, if you are trying to get into that high place, if you are trying to manifest that power of old through the teachings of Kabbalah, in my opinion I don't see how it is possible, and you could very likely ascend in the Serpent's spirit and wind up exercising spiritual power out of witchcraft which would make you a witch. You have to go through Jesus Christ to do that.


See, because the Lord loves everybody, and the Jews that honor Him to the best of their knowledge, studying the Scripture and keeping the law and honoring the Passover, and reading His Word, and praying, He loves them. So, I believe that He's given them the Holy Spirit. In the areas where the people claim that the spirit is moving, and I've heard that the spirit moves in Hassidim ultra-orthodox circles. The spirit is there. I know that the spirit was in the synagogue where he touched me at 10 years old. Obviously, the spirit of God was there, but the quality or the level of God that was there is like unto the Holy Spirit. Not like unto the high manifestation of magical power that we saw manifesting in Moses through the I Am.


The Holy Spirit moves through a lot of different kinds of people. We saw the Holy Spirit move through the Catholic Church 20 years ago. There was a revival in the Catholic Church. He came and He went. It could not surprise me if one day the Holy Spirit moves through the Jehovah's Witnesses. He will move anywhere where His name is honored. You read the Bible, you read His word, you pray to Him, if you will just give Him a chance He will come in. But what comes in is the Holy Spirit. He doesn't bring His magical power to people that are all "off" in their doctrine and can't tell the difference between their left hand and their right hand, which is their Christ mind and their carnal mind. He's not giving magical power to you if you can't recognize Satan in your own mind.


So we are up to beauty, called Tiferet, if that is the correct pronunciation, and I perceive that to be the White Throne Judgment. The New Testament calls it glory, and it is judgment with grace. Judgment with the opportunity to repent. The name of God associated with that is Jehovah, but the Jews in their prayers when they come to that name they say, Adonai. They don't say Jehovah. They say Adonai.


Next comes endurance. That quality is called Netzach in the Hebrew, and it is called victory or patience in the New Testament. The first time I read about patience in the Book of Revelation I was livid because, at the time, my life was very hard. I've had a multiplicity of miracles. It is amazing that I am alive, and that I'm living the life that I'm living. It is just the grace of God. And at the time, my life was very, very hard, and I was really offended when I read that we are supposed to have patience. And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and patience, but then I did a study on the word "patience," and I found out that it meant, according to the Greek, that same Greek word meant endurance. And I said, well, I can deal with that, you have to endure, you have to hold on, but don't tell me to be patient when I am tortured every day of my life and sick and dying. How can you tell someone to be patient. That is cruel. In my opinion, that is cruel anyway, but I could see you telling me "be strong, endure, stand to the end." I could take that exhortation. And that is Netzach.


The seventh Sefirot, the name of God associated with that, again, is Jehovah. The word Tzev'aot, if I am pronouncing it correctly, is underneath Jehovah in that category. It means "hosts." Jehovah, Lord of Hosts, which means "armies."


The eighth Sefirot is called majesty. The Hebrew word is Hod, if I am pronouncing it right, and the closest that I could find in the New Testament is splendor. I think we do find the word splendor in the New Testament. I haven't really researched it yet, but, according to the Hebrew, it means empathy. Not sympathy now. Empathy. The Lord just told me that what that means in the New Testament is compassion, and Jesus had compassion. That is the compassion that heals.


Sympathy doesn't heal, and if you are not careful, it will make the person weak. Empathy heals. Empathy means you experience what the person is experiencing, and your compassion for them brings healing. The name of God associated with empathy or compassion is Elohim, and we know that it was Elohim in Jesus, and He had compassion on the people.


The ninth Sefirot is called foundation. In the Hebrew it is Yesod, and this is a collection of all of the preceding forces, all of the preceding forces. So when we talk about Yesod, if Jesus has Yesod, He has Keter, Chockhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, and Hod. He has the crown, the wisdom, the understanding, loving kindness, strength, beauty, endurance, and majesty. So when someone says to you, He is a foundation, we know what it means. Of course, Jesus is our foundation. So when Jesus is our foundation, we have the potential to develop all of these qualities. Now, you don't get them automatically. They have to be born in you, but Jesus is the foundation that is the potential to develop all of these fine qualities which is the life of God within you.


Yesod is likened to the male organ. Now, we will find out in another time that all of these years that I've been teaching, I've been saying that Christ Jesus is the male organ, and the female organ represents the Dragon, but we will find out that there are female aspects to the Godhead. 

I have been teaching for a long time that Christ Jesus in the mortal man, in us, is female in relationship to the Glorified Jesus Christ. So, there is male and female in the Godhead, and when I first started preaching the Doctrine of Christ, years ago, I taught about changing spiritual sexual roles. Christ Jesus in you or in me is female to the Glorified Jesus Christ, but Christ Jesus is male to the Fiery Serpent and is male to the whole Serpent's household. Christ Jesus is female only to the level of the Godhead that is above Him.


I found something very interesting in my readings today. Because, what is to me a new revelation that the Lord has brought down only recently, is that what these evil entities in the other planes want from us is our energy, that they are looking for food, and we did the teaching on the Woman in the Well. It was during that teaching that the Lord revealed that the woman at the well is the Fiery Serpent, and that what ever entities enter into us from the other planes of consciousness, they are looking to feed off of us. I've been preaching that for a while, and a foundational teaching in Kabbalah is feeding.


I just found that so interesting, and, as the teaching comes down, it talks about a mother and father in God and how the different elements of the different Sefirot feed off of one another, how they feed off of one another. The bottom line is that, I didn't read this in the book, but I hear God telling me, that the Sefirot as they descend, and they descend through all four worlds, the last of which world is in us, they form, more or less, a link chain, you see. They feed off of each other, and the bottom line is that the power and the energy that is outside of the creation is spread through the whole creation that's in the empty space because all of these elements, all of these Sefirot, feed off of one another.


In other words, crown over here has access to the Unlimited One, and He's feeding off of the Godhead, and wisdom is feeding off of crown, and understanding is feeding off of wisdom, and loving kindness is feeding off of understanding, and you go all the way down, and you see that sovereignty is feeding off of foundation. And this goes through all of the worlds, and they are all feeding off of each other, but this is legal feeding off of each other, and because of this chain of command the power of the Godhead is getting down into the lowest world which is where we are.


So if we have Christ Jesus in us, and Christ Jesus has a relationship with the Glorified Jesus Christ, the Glorified Jesus Christ is up here. So that means the energy of the Unlimited One is funneling into us. That's how I'm alive, and I'm not dead. I should have been dead years ago. Because Christ in me is in touch with the Glorified Jesus Christ who is in touch with the energy of the Unlimited One, Eyn Sof, Almighty God. So I'm being fed, and my body, very slowly, is being restored, and my mind is being restored.


It is such a foundational teaching in the Kabbalah, this concept of feeding, and as I leaf through the book, I always do this, I leaf through the back of the book, but with a book like this I really can't understand it. You have to really read the beginning before you read the end, but I found a couple of paragraphs talking about the shells which is the name for the evil forces in our world, how they want to come and suckle off of us. That is the word. They don't say feed. They say suckle, and they talk about the female Sefirot and the male Sefirot and how they marry each other and produce children, and how the children suckle off of each other, how majesty suckles off of endurance and endurance suckles off of beauty, and how these shells come and they want to suckle. And we have to shut them out.


So it is just such a witness to the Doctrine of Christ, this whole concept of spiritual sex and spiritual marriage and spiritual birth and spiritual feeding. To me, it is just very exciting to get this witness to what the Lord told me by revelation, and we will go into that in more detail in the future, the Lord willing.


I know I said I wasn't going to another tape, but the Lord wasn't finished so I kept on going, and I just want to see if there is anything else He wants me to say about that sucking. That is basically it. These shells that have fallen off from the Godhead and become illegal need food, and they try to suckle off of the human beings of this world, and they do. They drain the energy of the human beings of this world. But, apparently, and, of course, we know this, as we get closer and closer to God we shut them out so that they cannot feed off of us, and that is why those of us in Christ get healings, and we get well, and we get healthier, and we are all looking for that surge of energy that will catch us up to immortality. We are all hoping and waiting for that in our lifetime.


So, Yesod, or foundation is the male organ of God in relation to the last Sefirot which is sovereignty which is the female organ. Now, the whole 10 Sefirot, the whole Adam Kadmon, is the male organ of God in relationship to the soul which is female. The whole Adam Kadmon, the whole primordial Adam, which is comprised of the whole 10 Sefirot is male, the male organ to the female soulish elements of the creation, but within Adam Kadmon he is male and female. God is male and female.


So the ninth Sefirot is the male, foundation, and we know Jesus is the foundation, and the 10th Sefirot is the female, and the male and female within Adam Kadmon have a marriage. That's just another way of saying, Christ Jesus in you has a marriage with the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Their offspring, now I have to read this book. As I said, I'm teaching you as I go, but it is really very exciting for me. I hope it is exciting for you too to see this strong witness to many of the basic principles that the Lord has brought forth here strictly by revelation. I've had people tell me, what are you talking about God having sex, what are you talking about spiritual sexual marriage? I've had someone actually rebuke me telling me that. All I could say is that is what God gave me. I had no support for it anywhere. This is just a great, great blessing to me to get this witness.


The whole message of the creation, the whole foundation of the creation is a relationship or talks about relationships between the different Sefirot, and they are all feeding one another, and they are all intertwined. Just like we said on an early part of this message, the message that you hear in the world is that we are all one. Well, we are all one in the Dragon, but, thank God, that Adam Kadmon in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ has come into this world to put us in another timeline.


I don't want to be one with the Dragon's world, but, you see, the same thing exists in Christ Jesus. There is a fabric in Christ Jesus. There is a unity in Christ Jesus. It is the truth of the Body of Christ, and when a human being, like you or me, has a manifestation of Jesus Christ flowing through them, the 10 Sefirot flowing through them, they become a feeding station for other men where Christ Jesus is not yet developed. See, this is a feeding station right here. So all of these qualities feed off of one another, but they are all, when you take them collectively, they are Adam Kadmon who is in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ to us today, who is manifesting to us as His Word.


So we see that if we study His Word, and if we sit under a preaching where it is Christ Jesus preaching through a person, when we sit under this anointing we are receiving all of these qualities. We are not just listening to a teaching, but we are soaking up the spirit that is teaching, and all of these qualities are at war with the qualities within us that oppose them. The aspects of our carnal mind that are the direct opposite of these qualities are being attacked by Christ Jesus every time you sit in a meeting like this or listen to a tape, but in particular in a meeting like this because the anointing is much heavier at the meeting than on a tape as we can all tell because everybody is passing out here. They can tolerate the tapes, but it is very hard to sit under this anointing and not pass out under this anointing. Praise the Lord.


So we see that the foundation, the ninth Sefirot, is the male organ which we would liken to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the final or 10th Sefirot is the female organ, and she is known as the Shekinah. Now I've heard in the church world about the Shekinah, and I've read in occult books that the Shekinah is female, and that disturbed me. When I found out that the Shekinah was female, and I even looked it up, and I saw it was true in the Hebrew that the Shekinah was female. At the time, I had the revelation that the Shekinah was Adam or Christ Jesus within us, and I didn't understand it, but now I understand it, that she is one of the female aspects of God.


I don't see that word "sovereignty." Oh yes, the Lord just told me that, that word sovereignty, I took that out of the book, but it really means king. So when we see the word king in the Scripture, that's what it is talking about. It is talking about the 10th Sefirot. The name of God associated with her is Adonai, and Adonai can be translated "Lord." We do have a revelation that the word "Lord," if it is not followed by Jesus, if it is not Lord Jesus, if it is Lord alone, that it is talking about Adam.


So the final Sefirot, the female Sefirot is Adam. Adam has to get married. Adam is female in the family of God, but He is male to us. The word "king" is the final stage of the creative force, and it means the fulfillment of the divine presence. Of course, that is very interesting because the first Sefirot is crown, and the 10th one is king. So we see that when the king is crowned, he has all those qualities, wisdom, understanding, loving kindness, strength, beauty, endurance, majesty and the male organ on top of him.


Christ Jesus in us would be the Shekinah, would be the female organ, and when the Glorified Jesus Christ is in relationship with Christ Jesus in us, He brings all of the nine Sefirot to Christ Jesus in us. The Glorified Jesus Christ is the male organ. He's got the crown, and He brings all the qualities 1-9, to Christ Jesus in us when He marries Him. We receive all of that.


I'm not really sure, I have to go read that book and find out what kind of children they have because the revelation I'm walking in now is that the Christ child rose up into Christ Jesus and marries the Glorified Jesus Christ. Now, I know that there are children that come out of this union. I know that when Christ Jesus in you is married to the Glorified Jesus Christ, you will have, at least at some point, you will have disciples, and they are human children. The children are Christ in the human beings. Christ is being raised up in the people of this ministry.


I thought that I read in the book, The Tree of Life, that there are offspring within the individual that has the whole 10 Sefirot. Jesus said, we are complete in Him. This is what He meant. The best we can hope for ourselves is Christ Jesus. When the Glorified Jesus Christ comes down, He completes us and brings all of these qualities and connects us to the Godhead above.


So we will see. I will continue to read faithfully, believing that God will help me to understand this book, and it is a very cryptic book, but, apparently, I'm getting quite a bit of understanding out of it. It has been a great blessing, and I believe that the Lord has told me that it is time for ascension, that He wants to raise us up, and these high spiritual studies will do it. Personally, I feel that comparing it to the Doctrine of Christ makes it very tolerable, makes it very tolerable.


Are there any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I'm seeing this as like a spiritual food chain, like a smorgasbord, and I'm thinking of Jesus who said, I am the bread that came down from heaven. Also, in the Old Testament, the priests mixed a certain blend of flour and whatnot, and for some reason I'm connecting it with that, and I don't really understand it.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, if that's what the Lord is telling you, I don't have any response to it right now. Except, well, they mixed the flour with oil. I believe they mixed the flour with oil, and oil typifies the anointing, and the flour is...we are the bread. All kinds of ingredients? Well, maybe that is what it is. Rich bread, not the matzah which is just flour and water, but rich bread. Amen. Very, very exciting.


I will just say a couple of works, though, about the Lurianic vision of redemption. The Lurianic vision of redemption, I don't see anything in the book about repentance. Let me read you what he says.


I'm going to read to you from this book, The Lurianic Concept of the Fall and the Redemption, and then we will call it quits for tonight.


This is the Lurianic concept of the fall, the breaking of the vessels. What he's saying here is that the fall occurred before Adam fell in the garden. He's saying there was a fall prior to that. Because the 10 Sefirot of the World of Points are isolated, independent entities with little or no interaction between them, their vessels unable to contain the great light flowing into them, shatter and break. What he's saying is that before the beginning, these 10 Sefirot had no relationship with one another. And because they had no relationship, there was no interaction between them when the great light flowed into them.


When the light from God flowed into Adam Kadmon, they were not able to contain the great light, and they shattered, and they broke. The first three vessels were merely damaged. That is crown, wisdom, and understanding were merely damaged, but the broken shells of the lower vessels fall down to the lowest of the four worlds which is our universe where they take the form of material substance. That means they became solid, and are also the source of all the evil that we experience in this world. Well, if they take the form of material substance, they are not likely to be on the astral plane. They are more likely to be on the etheric plane, I would think, according to my present understanding. They could be material on the astral plane also, but of a finer grade than the etheric plane.


Most of the divine light from the damaged and broken Sefirot, the vessels that broke. Remember, I explained to you that the cup was made out of light, and the liquid that went in the cup was made out of light, and then there was a light shining on the filled cup, and there were three different grades of light. So, the light that would be likened to the coffee poured into the light that could be likened to the cup, and the cup broke because the coffee was too hot.


Most of the divine light from the damaged and broken Sefirot returned to its Emanator. That's the one who sent them in. But some of it's sparks, trapped among the remains of the broken vessels, fall with them into the lowest world where they remain scattered and hidden among the evil shells. And these are our enemies, these evil shells, entities of the etheric and the astral plane and maybe even beyond that. And this is the Lurianic concept of redemption, the restoring of the world. A cosmic process of correction, bringing the worlds to their originally intended harmony and balance, begins in the higher realms, starting with the World of Emanation where the 10 Sefirot are reconfigured as personalities. I mentioned that to you. We will go into that another night.


See, first there were 10 of them, and they weren't interacting with one another, and they were shattered. So God picked up the pieces and reconfigured them as personalities, and I told you there were five personalities. We will deal with that another time.


Because the personalities continuously interact with each other, both giving and receiving, they can achieve the dynamic and harmonious equilibrium, that means a balance, that was missing in the World of Points. That's the world that was destroyed. And their vessels are able to contain and transmit the light flowing from the Emanator without breaking. The restoration continues in the material universe with the creation of the first human being formed like the primordial Adam Kadmon, in the image of God. This lower Adam was created in order to complete the process of repairing the broken universe. Instead, he brings about mankind's exile from his ideal state in Eden into a world that is made up of a mixture of good and evil in which the sparks of divine light remain hidden among the shells of the broken vessels.


Now, scattered like them throughout this world, our mission in life is to seek out those hidden sparks of light, liberating both them and ourselves from the shells around and within us. We accomplish this by the performance of keeping the commandments, by prayer, study, and acts of kindness. Actions that help unify the lower and the higher worlds. So, we know that the only unity is between Christ Jesus and us, and the Glorified Jesus Christ. There is no unity without Christ Jesus, but this is what Kabbalah teaches, that by keeping the commandments, by prayer, study, and acts of kindness which are actions which help unify the lower and the higher world, thus hastening the Messianic era in which perfect harmony, balance, and peace will reign in all the worlds, both seen and unseen.


Nothing about sin, nothing about repentance, nothing about a change of nature. So, I see that to be the weakness of Kabbalah, and so we see why the Jews rejected Jesus, because He came with a different message. He said, that's not right, you have got to face the fact of your sin nature, that it not just that these evil shells are in you, but that you are the evil of the fallen world, and you have got to switch timelines. You've got to cross over, and they would not hear it, and they crucified Him.


We have the same situation in the church today, but this time the Lord is going to do it. Somehow, He's going to gather up the Jews and the Christians, and He's going to bring them into His nature. I don't think it is going to be all of them. There will be a remnant from each group. But this is the hour, and we are existing at this exciting time. The war is raging, and it is manifesting in the flesh. It is manifesting in our political system, it is manifesting in this nation which represents Jesus Christ. It was dedicated to Jesus Christ. So we are living in an exciting time. Can't wait to see what happens. Any comments before we close? Good night, God bless you.





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