531 - Part 5

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Praise the Lord everybody. I have quite a bit to tell you. Please bear with me as I wait for the Spirit to fall on me and give me guidelines as to how to bring this forth. I guess the first point that I want to make is that the way I have been drawing the energy centers here for quite a few years now, since I'm preaching on the energy centers, is not accurately representing the energy centers. I know that I told you during the time period that I made all these drawings on the energy centers, that I was just drawing them in a way that was simple to make my point, but that they were not realistically represented. For example, I have shown you in the recent teachings, anyway, the serpent's timeline has a series of circles forming a circle. Is everybody okay with that? The first, second, third and fourth energy centers of Leviathan's timeline is where I've drawn each energy center as a circle and I've made a circle out of all those circles.


But the truth of the matter is that all of these energy centers are within each other. The whole creation is a series of layers just like the layers of an onion. Everything is inside of something. Everything is inside of everything else and the creation appears as a series of concentric circles. So I'm going to try to put that on the board for you and I hope to relate the four worlds that Kabbalah talks about; the World of Action, the World of Formation, The World of Creation and the World of Emanation. I hope to relate them to the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh energy centers of the righteous timeline. I also hope to show you how, in a new and more accurate way, how Leviathan's timeline relates to the righteous timeline. I will be putting this on the board for you in a moment. A heavy heavy anointing has just fallen. Did anybody notice this anointing that has just fallen. I will just have to believe that the Lord is already present and therefore He will guide me with this teaching. I really have acquired quite a bit of understanding, at least from my point of view, considering the amount of time, but I don't have it clear in my mind how I'm going to bring it forth. I just have a general idea. Well, I guess we'll start right here. I'll just put that on the board for you.


I've put a drawing on the board for you, but before I start talking about the drawing, I would just like to review a few basic points for you. I would like to remind you that according to Lurianic Kabbalah, Adam Kadmon is the oldest of all humans, even the oldest primordial human being. Of course, he is not a man that looks like us. We are in the image of an animal. But the teaching imputes human form, Homo sapien form to him in an attempt to help us, with our puny brains, to understand this great concept of God; Adam Kadmon, the oldest of all primordial human beings. Adam Kadmon is a spiritual being and he has circular aspects and he has linear aspects. The teaching that's come down here is that God is linear and the serpent's world is circular, but now the Lord is adding depth to the teaching that came down with the Doctrine of Christ and is helping us to understand that the righteous timeline has both circular and linear aspects. Also, Leviathan's timeline has both circular and linear aspects. Now if you stop to think of it, that shouldn't be such a big surprise because the linear aspect refers to the male aspect. We know that Leviathan's timeline is male and female.


We know that the Fiery Serpent is female to Leviathan and that Leviathan is the Dragon's male spiritual sexual organ, so it really shouldn't surprise us that both the righteous and the unrighteous timeline have circular and linear aspects. Now the circular aspects referring to Adam Kadmon are the aspects of soul and the linear aspects are the aspects of spirit. Now this is how the basic creation came forth. Everything outside of the circles is the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One. No one came before Him and no one or no thing is greater than He is. There is nothing beyond Him. He is a true expression of infinity. Maybe you're smarter than I am, but I can't comprehend infinity. Eyn Sof simply is a Hebrew word for Unlimited One. He is the causeless cause. He is so far beyond humanity, beyond us in greatness, that we could never comprehend Him. Therefore, He has extended an aspect of Himself towards us as a man would offer his hand in good will. He has extended an aspect of Himself towards us because there is nothing outside of Him that was initially extended to create a link between this great God. There's just no way we could relate to Him. He has extended an aspect of Himself to us in an attempt to communicate with us and have a relationship with us. The beginning of that extension of Himself towards us is a string of light called Adam Kadmon.


To review, the Eyn Sof was everywhere. There was nothing beyond Him. There was nothing besides Him. According to Lurianic Kabbalah, He contracted Himself and pulled Himself back so that an empty space appeared in the midst of Him. I personally do not believe it was an empty space. I believe that it was a space filled with substance that was of a lesser quality than the Eyn Sof. It's what the Scripture calls darkness. See, there is nothing but light. At least, it's my understanding at this point, that the substance of God Almighty, the Nameless God, is light. Darkness is just a different aspect of light. When I first heard this, it blew my mind. I couldn't get that. How could darkness be an aspect of light? Then I found out that the darkness is a degraded form of light. There are all different degrees of light. It gets darker and darker and duskier and duskier and duskier and from this point of view darkness is a degraded form of light. It is a degraded measure of the substance of God because there is nothing beyond Him. So everything that is made has to be made of light. Yet it is possible to degrade that light or to change it or to darken it to a point that, as far as we're concerned, it wouldn't be light at all; it's darkness. Doesn't the Scripture say their light became darkness and their darkness became light? So it's really talking about levels of consciousness.


But I want to stay with Lurianic Kabbalah. So we have this empty space in the midst of God Almighty and there is nothing beyond Him. This string of light called Adam Kadmon entered into the empty space in the midst of Eyn Sof. He didn't come in all at once, you see. Adam Kadmon did not enter into the empty space all at once. The first part of him that entered into the empty space took the form of his circles. The circular aspects of Adam Kadmon. See, he's light, so he flowed in. He vibrated into the empty space. Not only did his circular aspects enter in first, but they entered in one circle at a time. Let's just say that this most external circle where I have this arrow here is the ten circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. Now I didn't draw ten lines because I just couldn't draw this free hand. So I have this first circle here, this space between the first and second circle. You're going to have to just use your imagination and believe that there are ten layers or ten concentric circles from the outer layer to the next layer that I've drawn. So Adam Kadmon entered in. He came from the Eyn Sof and he entered in and then he traveled around in a complete circle and that's the first Sefirot. Then he went down a little lower and he traveled all the way around and made a second circle. Then he traveled down a little lower and traveled all around and made a third circle. He did that until there were ten circles, each one representing an attribute of God; an attribute, a quality, a characteristic of God.


The first Sefirah is called Keter. It means crown. The extent of the knowledge that I have right now is that this aspect of God is so beyond the human mind that Kabbalah does not deal with it. It is on a very high spiritual realm. However, at some point and I do not understand what that point is at this time, there is an expression of Keter. In other words, this aspect of God is so hidden that men cannot understand it, but at some point, it comes out and it expresses itself. When Keter does come out and express itself, it expresses itself as knowledge. The second circle that goes around is wisdom. I'm still hoping someday to translate those scriptures in the book of Proverbs that says I, Wisdom, was here from the beginning. The third line is understanding. The third Sefirot is understanding. I'm not going to go through all ten of them because we have that on another tape. I'm having a little trouble getting started. There's a big opposition to my preaching this message. So I'm not going to go through all ten Sefirot with you because that's not really the point of what I'm talking about now. The point that I'm trying to show you now is that Adam Kadmon, as a string of light entered into the empty space and filled that empty space with the circular aspects of his being.


I'm skipping over a lot now, but we will eventually see that inside of Adam Kadmon's circles, the worlds appear. Lurianic Kabbalah talks about four worlds, which I liken to what we've been teaching here as the four energy centers of the righteous timeline. We've been teaching them as the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh energy centers. So we see after Adam Kadmon's circular aspects, we have the circular aspects of the World of Emanation. That's the highest level. It's a very high spiritual level of the worlds. Very few human beings experience it. If they do, it's all in a meditative state. It's very abstract. Even the worlds, they have circular and linear aspects. You know I can't help getting this out of my mind. There's a Jewish top that spins. It's called a dreidel and they use in Hanukkah. What's in my mind is that maybe it's a toy for children. It's built like a top with a stick that comes right out of it and as you press that stick down, it makes the top spin. That's what's been in my mind for days with regard to this. It's the best drawing I could do. It's not a very good drawing, but ultimately the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon enters into the circular aspects of himself and the circular aspects of the world. I keep seeing the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon pumping up and down and the world spinning. We know that all of the worlds spin in their orbit. Adam Kadmon, pumping up and down, that could simply be the vibratory movement of his spirit. I honestly don't know where I found this out. I know I read it somewhere, but I don't think it was in my study in Kabbalah.


I don't think Kabbalah would disagree with this, but occult science says there is a fabric of creation. It is not visible. It exists in the inner worlds that are invisible to us. But all of creation is a fabric that continuously undulates. It continuously vibrates, continuously moves up and down. Everything is vibrating. The whole fabric of creation undulates, vibrates. That's what I see; the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, just undulating a very rapid rate of speed. It's just like when you throw a rock into a lake and you see the wake of all those circles moving out from where you throw the rock in. It's Adam Kadmon's continuous undulation, which might even be likened to the heart beat in fallen man, that keeps all of the worlds moving. It keeps them alive. Into Adam Kadmon flows the light of the Eyn Sof, the Infinite One. See, this Infinite One that is so beyond our ability to relate to Him, that it would be like us trying to have a conversation with a fly or a gnat. It is just an impossibility for us to relate to Him. He wants a relationship with us and He, the Light of the Infinite, enters into the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon and the result of this is that the Eyn Sof exists outside of the creation. He's all around the circles of Adam Kadmon, which is very far away from us. As far as Eyn Sof is concerned in relation to this physical world that we live in, He is beyond infinite space, infinite space, not necessarily the visible space out there.


There is an invisible aspect of space that occult teachers say is infinite. We know that there is an infinity that is of this world. It will cease to exist when Jesus Christ rolls up this world like a scroll and it comes to an end. All of the great minds of the ages (aside from Christian minds, I guess) somehow they just cannot comprehend that there is something beyond infinite space. That is how far away the Eyn Sof is in the outer worlds beyond infinite space. But in addition to that, the Infinite One enters into Adam Kadmon and Adam Kadmon or His residue, I suggest to you, is in every human being in the form of what I have preached as Jehovah's royal seed, also known as Abel. Abel is dead in the nations and severely unconscious in the Jews, but just flickering in some Christians because Christ has been grafted to him. Abel is the seed that has the potential to increase or to become the resurrected Adam Kadmon, the container through which the light of the Infinite One flows. So we see the Infinite One desires to be inside of man as well as outside of man. Since a relationship with this Infinite One outside of us is virtually impossible in our present condition, our only hope of restoration to a life giving relationship with the Infinite One is to have Adam Kadmon raised from the dead in us and be an open door for the light of the Infinite One to flow into. It is this light of the Infinite One that gives us eternal life. Of course, the Lord Jesus Christ, today, is the Infinite One to us. He is the Unknown God. Jesus Christ is the Unknown God revealed to human beings in the person of Jesus Christ.


If I could just get past this drawing, I have a very exciting drawing to show you. It's exciting to me anyway. It's something that the Lord has shown me and I just want to get past this. I'm having a little trouble here. Okay, so here's the Eyn Sof. Then we see the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon and after the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon comes first the World of Emanation. That's the farthest with regard to the worlds that are outside of us. The World of Emanation is the world that is farthest away. Then comes the World of Creation. That's the next layer closer to us. Then comes the World of Formation. These are all the circular aspects of the four worlds. After you get to the formation of the World of Action, that's the fourth world in the circular aspects, the very next layer is the linear aspect of the World of Action. Then comes the linear aspect of the World of Formation and ultimately the linear aspect of the World of Emanation. Inside that last circle, the linear aspect of the World of Emanation, are the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon standing erect. Kabbalah says standing in the shape of a human standing erect. Now it's not a human. This is a parable. We're trying to understand this. Here we have Adam Kadmon with his ten great attributes of God and here is the door that opens us to the glory of Almighty God. Of course, the glory that flows through Adam Kadmon flows through all of these layers and gives life to all of these worlds.


I'm sorry, but that's the best I could do for you tonight. I do have the book Etz Chayyim available. Their drawings are much better than mine, but I really cannot put the drawings from this book up on the internet, if ever this message goes up on the internet. So that's the best that I could do and to the left of the board, I've done the best I can to show you how, in my mind, I relate this Kabbalistic teaching to the Doctrine of Christ. I believe that the four worlds that we talked about are the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh energy centers and then each one of these energy centers has many layers. I now believe that each one of these energy centers has both linear and circular aspects to it and that each of these energy centers are worlds and have invisible worlds associated with them. I've been preaching this for awhile. The Lord is now bringing us some information about the spiritual worlds that are associated with the individual energy centers. We're still working on the basic principles. We have a lot to learn. I see that there's no way that I could just read this book and learn it. The information has to jell in my mind. It has to start to grow in my mind and I'm sure that you're going to have the same experiences I'm having. So we're going to be in the basic principles for quite awhile, although I am really looking forward to seeing how the Lord applies these principles to interpreting the Scriptures. But apparently we've got to get these basic principles down first. Here is Leviathan's timeline which I've drawn as a circle up until this point. I may have to change this later on, but this is all that I have right now, that the third, fourth, fifth and sixth energy centers of Leviathan's timeline is the negative dark shadow of the World of Action. I've been preaching, I think for almost as long as I'm preaching, that this world is not suppose to exist, that it is an extra orbit in the atom of creation that was never suppose to come into existence. The lowest energy centers are the ones here that will become a cart, the cart that carries the spiritual man, if you remember the teachings from Ezekiel and I think it came forth in another message also. The only word that's in my heart is that these lower centers are the depth of hell. The numbers may be wrong. I have to be honest with you; I don't really have this clear in my head as to what to do with it. So I've just put it up there to give you the general idea of how I'm relating the Doctrine of Christ to the universe of Adam Kadmon. Are there any questions on this?


I do have another drawing for you. I would like to remind you of what I taught on a prior message concerning the Kabbalistic teaching about lights. There's a whole doctrine of lights in this Lurianic Kabbalah which teaches that there are two aspects of light. There is the inner light and the outer light and that every light has these two aspects to it, inner and outer, and that every light has a vessel that it fills, that it rests in. As far as I'm concerned, I am convinced that the vessels are human beings. We are the vessels, even though we're dark and we're earthen. I think I made that point just a few minutes ago, that even the earth which is the by-product, which is the waste product, has to come out of the Infinite One. He is all light. So how can He produce something that is not light? I could never understand that. I just knew it was a waste product, but I did not understand that light could be degraded to the point that it becomes darkness. I know that I did hear years ago in the church that I was being raised up in, that some scientists had proven that human flesh and our organs and our blood, that it's all light that has slowed down to such a slow rate of vibration that it became solid. So we see that the earth and humanity and every substance here is a form of light vibrating at such a slow rate of speed, vibrating at such a slow undulation that it became solid and dark. Isn't that amazing?


What I'm trying to tell you is that as far as I'm concerned, what I see on the board here, is a diagram of a human being with Adam Kadmon resurrected in the midst of him. I see the human being, being the vessel of degraded light and Adam Kadmon being raised in him, being the inner light and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Glorified Jesus Christ, being the outer light or the surrounding light. I know that I talked about this on a previous message, that we are closer to the inner light because Christ Jesus, who's growing in us is very close to us. According to Lurianic Kabbalah, light is being absorbed into our flesh and our actual being, where as the Glorified Jesus Christ is surrounding us, but not that close to us to the point that He's growing in us. He's outside of us. I believe the Holy Spirit vibrates forward and touches us. I can just hear the Christians yelling, no, He's inside of you, He's inside of you. Well, I believe that He penetrates inside of us, but the point is the Holy Spirit is not growing in us. He's touching us and He's penetrating us. Yes, He's in our heart and He's flowing through us, but He's not grafted. That's why James says, you have to receive, with meekness, the engrafted word. The Holy Spirit is not grafted. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and He vibrates forth and He touches us and He penetrates our outer shell, but He doesn't join to the point that He's growing in us.


What's so interesting to me is I just read a whole chapter concerning the inner light and the surrounding light. The chapter is impersonal. It's talking about light, yet it's saying, yes, the surrounding light desires to join with the inner light. Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ desires to join with Christ Jesus in me. I don't know whether this teaching is coming forth at this basic level in this abstract form for some reason that I cannot comprehend or that the teachers did not relate it to human beings. I honestly don't know. I guess I won't know unless the Lord tells me because only the first of five volumes is translated. But there's not a doubt in my mind, I recognized what I read. I read all about Christ Jesus inside of me, attaching Himself to me and penetrating me and making my tissues healthier and stronger and increasing my IQ and giving me a mind that has the ability to understand this deep spiritual truth and I recognized the Lord Jesus Christ in the surrounding light. I recognized these aspects of the Godhead that are so personal to me in this abstract dissertation on light. I also believe that this situation of lights, inner lights and surrounding lights and vessels, that everything that you see in this world exists on this very high plane, especially since Jesus Christ restored all things. So I am not saying that these circles and these Sefirot do not exist in a very high plane. They do. Do you remember what Jehovah said to Moses; make it as you saw the pattern in the mount. What we see down here is just an expression or an image of what exists in very high planes of the Spirit.


Now for awhile, I was a little confused, a lot confused, actually, although this message is coming clearer to me. I read in this message and I have mentioned this before, that before these four worlds came forth, the World of Points came forth. In the World of Points, the vessels of the World of Points could not contain the measure of energy that was poured out upon them and they broke. The vessels broke and fell down into the World of Action. Our world is the World of Action. The destroyed World of Points was replaced with these four worlds. Then I read in Lurianic Kabbalah that the Dukes of Edom were the kings (I may be using the wrong word) that came forth in the World of Points. Now you may not recall, so I'll tell you from the beginning. I've been fascinated with the Dukes of Edom for years. First of all, Edom talks about Esau and the Dukes of Edom are the descendants of Esau. It's the descendants of Esau that are the only men in the whole Scripture, because I checked this out, that are given the title of Duke. Now I noticed this years ago. I said, Lord, why is this and what does this mean? The answer that I received is that these men, these descendants of Esau were supernatural giants. I don't know whether they were physical giants or not, but they were supernatural giants, mighty spiritual men. I've had the mystery of the Dukes of Edom before the Lord for years now. I read in this Kabbalistic book that these physical men who lived and died were human. They were mortal human men who lived and died. Isaac Luria says that these men who lived and died were the points of light of the World of Points that shattered and fell down.


I said, Lord, how can that be? I'm just totally confused here. In the first chapter I'm being told that the World of Points disintegrated because the vessels that held the light broke and fell down to the earth and it's their breakage that caused the World of Action to come into existence. Then I also read in the next chapter, that the four worlds; Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action, that those worlds were created from the residue of the energy that was sent in to fill the vessels of the World of Points. I said, I don't understand it. This world exists on this very high level. You gathered up the energy and remade it into these four worlds, yet the broken vessels fell down into the World of Action and became Esau's descendants? I'm was all mixed up until the Lord explained to me that everything that happens in the high spiritual plane must be expressed in this visible world. It may take thousands or millions or billions of years, but everything that happens in the high realm of the spirit will eventually work its way down into the World of Action and be expressed here through mortal men. So what Lurianic Kabbalah is saying is that the Dukes of Edom were the physical manifestation, born of a woman, of what happened to the vessels that existed in the high realm of the Spirit called the World of Points before it was destroyed. The vessels broke and the expression of these vessels appeared in the earth and lived and died and the only reason that they could have died was because in the high realms of the Spirit, the vessels broke.


Can you hear this? Jesus Christ was the expression of a vessel of a spiritual being that existed in the high realm of the Spirit and that vessel that Jesus Christ was an expression of, never broke. How do I know that? Jesus Christ, the Son of God never died. It was the son of man who died. The Son of God never died. So you see, every mortal man on the face of the earth must be an expression of some vessel that existed in the high realm of the Spirit, that lived and died. We're born and we die. That's what Lurianic Kabbalah teaches. Isn't that the same message the Doctrine of Christ teaches about Abel; that Adam was pulled apart by the serpent's witchcraft. Adam was the collective expression of all of the seeds of all of Jehovah's royal seeds, engraved with Jehovah's righteous nature. That's what Adam is and Adam was pulled apart in his magnetic field that held all of the seeds of Jehovah's royal seed together. He lost the power of his magnetic field and the formation that was formed by all of these royal seeds broke and the Dragon captured Jehovah's royal seed and engraved them with her own nature. Who did they become? Who is the name of the collective royal seed of Jehovah, engraved with the Dragon's nature? Does anybody remember? Yes, Leviathan. Very good. Praise the Lord. To me, this is just very exciting. It's not only that I'm seeing the Doctrine of Christ in Kabbalah, but this weaving together of the two doctrines is giving me a greater depth of understanding of everything that the Doctrine of Christ has brought forth so far. Now, I guess I'm going to have to draw another picture for you to show you what the Lord showed me tonight.


Drawing #2. It's really rather simple compared to #1. I'm just trying to show you how the light that enters into the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon will eventually join with the surrounding light that comes from the Eyn Sof and the whole creation, each individual and eventually the whole creation, will be completely encapsulated in the glory of God. This encapsulation of light will cause the light to flow into the negative aspects of the world. Now the Scripture teaches and this has come forth through translations in the Doctrine of Christ that this world is covering over the visible world of God like an eyelid covers over an eye. I remember the day that I taught that. It was several years ago and you may not remember it, but I know that I have it on a message somewhere going back several years. Now the bottom line is this. Now this is a very interesting point; listen to this. Lurianic Kabbalah also teaches that the physical planet, earth, is the center of the universes. Lurianic Kabbalah teaches that the physical earth is the center of the physical universe. Now science has proven that to be untrue. There's a footnote in the book that I'm studying from that says, oh well, this was just medieval cosmology that taught that the earth was the center of the worlds and now we know that it's not true. But I want to tell you that Isaac Luria was just a hair off. We are the center of the world. The earth of the individual human being is the center, not the earth of this planet earth. All of the circles that I showed you in drawing #1, they all exist around us. The World of Creation, the World of Formation, the World of Emanation, Adam Kadmon's circular aspects, the Eyn Sof, all surround everyone of us, which is a world. I've been teaching that for years; that each one of us is a cosmos. That's the Greek word.


Also, everything that's outside of us is inside of us. So each individual is the center of the universe. Everything that I've drawn on that board encircles us and exists outside of us and also exists inside of us including the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon. The circular and the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon plus the linear and circular aspects of the four worlds all exist inside of us. The circular and linear aspects of the fallen aspect of the world is separating the world of God that's inside of us from the world of God that is outside of us; if you can hear this. The Eyn Sof is outside of us. The linear and the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon and his four worlds are outside of us beyond the infinite universe and they're also inside of us. So this physical world plus the reflection of it inside of us is keeping us separated from the glory of God. It is separating the glory of God from joining the Eyn Sof who is far beyond infinite space, from joining with Adam Kadmon, the seed of which is inside of us. Something got in between us. This fallen world got in between the worlds of God. But because of the plan that will raise Adam Kadmon from the dead, which is the opening of the door through which the glory of God can flow, this glory of God will completely surround each individual and eventually the whole world and the negative aspects that separate us from God will be flooded with the life of God.


The Lord is telling me that this is the fulfillment of Revelation 14:14 which is translated, the blood will reach up to the horse bridles. There's going to be a flood, brethren. We know that Noah's flood was the flood of Satan's waters flowing in on a world that at one point was serving God. The world before the flood was the descendants of Seth. Seth was holy at one time and a whole civilization grew up out of him, just like Abraham's descendants through the twelve tribes of Israel increased into millions of people. Seth increased into I don't know how many people. They were supernatural beings. They didn't look like we look. They were not fallen to the degree that we are fallen. But then they became evil. The sons of God became evil. What happened? The world inside of them turned upside down. The negative elements got in between the aspects of God inside the man and the aspect of God outside of the man. Didn't you ever hear in this world of someone getting between a husband and a wife; someone getting in between a mother and a father; people getting in between a relationship that they're not suppose to be breaking up? That's exactly what happened. The darkness got in between the eternal light and the surrounding light. The darkness got in between. Praise the Lord. Are there any questions about any of this?


I would like to take some time to introduce you to the Kabbalistic concept of the Partzufim. I'm probably pronouncing this wrong, but I don't know where to find a pronunciation key. This is the Hebrew word that means personality. I'm going to do the best I can to transliterate the Hebrew letters. There will be a lot of talk about the Hebrew letters. I think it would be to your advantage to engage in some memorization. I know it's frustrating to me at how much time it's taking because my memory isn't the best, but I have started to work on it. There are certain Hebrew words that there will be no translation for such as these Partzufim, these personalities. I think I've mentioned them before. They're used in the same manner that we use the name, the Fiery Serpent and Pharaoh and the Vampire Bat and all of the negative aspects of the different manifestations of Satan. There are Partzufim concerning the Lurianic universe, which is what we are intent on gaining more information about, the higher energy centers in the timeline of God. We're very interested in finding out all this information about it so that it can help us to understand the Scriptures. So as soon as we take this picture, I will draw for you, just the basic concept of where these Partzufim exist and I'll give you a rundown. There are five Partzufim and the names are Hebrew. So I will give you the Hebrew names and I'm probably going to be using the Hebrew names.


Drawing #3. This is a representation of the linear aspects alone of Adam Kadmon and the four worlds; the linear aspects alone. I read that Kabbalah, in general, and certainly Lurianic Kabbalah, deals primarily with the linear aspects of the creation. We know that in the Doctrine of Christ, we received some information concerning the circular aspects. The circular aspects of the creation are soul. The linear aspects of the creation are spirit. Kabbalah teaches that there are five levels of soul. Right now we're just dealing with the two lowest levels. The circular aspects are soul. The Hebrew word is nefesh. That's the animal soul that we have. The linear aspects of Adam Kadmon and the four worlds are ruach; spirit, pretty much meaning the human breath of life. After that comes the neshamah, which is the intellectual soul, but we would call it the mind of Christ. After that comes Chayyah. I may not have the pronunciation right. That is the impartation of morality. The highest level, I believe, is Yechidah and that means unity, which we have called in the Doctrine of Christ, the marriage of Christ Jesus to the Glorified Jesus Christ. That linking together of Adam Kadmon, within the individual, with the glory of the Infinite One outside of the vessel is that union which imparts eternal life. It is the re-linking of us to eternity to the Infinite One. That is the highest level of soul according to Kabbalistic teaching. They call it the five levels of soul.


The neshamah, the intellectual soul, or the mind of Christ, we're told, must be developed in you. This is what Kabbalah teaches. It's no surprise to me because I know that the intellectual mind that I have received in Christ Jesus, had to be and is still being developed in me. I could have never understood any of this or any of what I've been teaching. I've actually been teaching it for the last few years. I was not capable of even understanding it, let alone teaching it ten years ago. So after many years of study in the Scripture on the level of which I was able to study it, I think it was only about four years ago that the Lord brought us into spiritual studies. I think that we have moved very rapidly into spiritual studies for four years. So you have to study to ascend in Christ Jesus. It requires deep commitment and application and discipline of your mind because spirituality is of the mind and it requires a disciplined focused committed mind. If you want to ascend spiritually without focusing commitment, it is dangerous. Why? Because what part of us ascends spiritually? Our Fiery Serpent ascends spiritually and we must reign her in and control her with the power of Christ as she ascends or she will make us unstable. An ascended Fiery Serpent that is not under discipline is unstable and can throw you off keel and cause you to engage in sinful thoughts or sinful activities. At the very least, she will cast down Christ Jesus, if He's in you and possibly kill Him. So it's very important that we lead a disciplined focused life. Praise the Lord.


The board is separated into five sections. One for Adam Kadmon and one for each of the worlds. I have written in the Hebrew name of the worlds for you under the English name. I do not know their pronunciation, but I've given you the spelling. Now you'll see that in the section for Adam Kadmon, there appears the Ten Sefirot. I've given you the Hebrew names and the English, or at least a one word English translation. Usually these names have more than a one word translation, but I've given you the key word. But each of the four worlds only has five layers or five levels in it. I've written next to the World of Emanation a name for each of those five levels. Those same names appear in the five levels of the World of Creation and the World of Formation and of the World of Action. I have not written in the names each time. Actually there are six levels there and I will explain that in just a minute. There are only five partzufim; partzufim meaning personalities. Okay, I will explain what Atik Yomin means briefly. I would just like to explain to you why there are only four levels in the four worlds when I've already told you that there are Ten circular Sefirot in the four worlds and Ten linear Sefirot in the four worlds.


It's my understanding, to date, that this has been done by the people who developed Kabbalah, to simply put these levels of the Godhead into a form that would be more easily workable for the purpose that they devised, which is to help us discover the deepest mysteries of the Scripture. What they have done here in each of these worlds is taken the Ten Sefirot and condensed them into five partzufim. On the next drawing I will show you how they condensed the Ten Sefirot into five partzufim. Well, I'll tell you this briefly, but I will also put it on the board for you. We won't talk about Atik at the moment. Arikh anpin, if I'm pronouncing it right, means the Patient One. Arikh Anpin lines up with Keter, the crown. Chokhmah means wisdom. Abba is the Hebrew word for father. We should all know that because it's transliterated into the New Testament. Abba lines up with wisdom and Imma lines up with understanding; wisdom and understanding. Ze'ir Anpin, the Impatient One encompasses or is a condensation of grace, force, beauty, overcoming power and empathy. I think it includes Yesod also, making it six. So this Ze'ir Anpin, the Impatient One is a condensation of grace, force, beauty, overcoming power, empathy and the spiritual male organ, Yesod. They condense all those attributes of God into one partzufim, into one personality and His name is Ze'ir Anpin, the Impatient One. He's male. Some of these are female.


The fifth partzuf is Nukva which is the personification of Malkhut, the lowest or the last sefirot. So basically, the developers of Kabbalah have taken the Ten Sefirot of the World of Emanation and out of those Ten Sefirot, they have condensed grace, force, beauty, overcoming, empathy, and Yesod, the male organ into one personality, one partzuf and they've called it Ze'ir Anpin. This is how they have shrunken the Ten Sefirot of each of the worlds into five personalities. It's my understanding and I haven't gotten to that part in the book yet, but that these personalities have relationships with one another. An understanding of these relationships will help us to understand the deep mysteries of the Scripture. I do have an understanding at this time that there is spiritual marriage in Kabbalah which I have to chuckle over because when the Lord first started giving me these concepts in the Doctrine of Christ, of spiritual intercourse and spiritual marriage and spiritual offspring, I was severely criticized. I had no idea or understanding whatsoever of the quality of the message that the Lord Jesus was bringing forth in me and I find out that just about everything that I've taught is present in Kabbalah. Everything that the Lord gave me to teach you is present in Kabbalah, perhaps in a different form, but conceptually it is there.


So according to Lurianic Kabbalah now, Abba and Emma, which is wisdom and understanding, have a spiritual sexual union and they give birth to Ze'ir Anpin, which is male and Nukva, which is female. All of these qualities, grace, force, beauty, overcoming, empathy, and the spiritual male genital are the offspring of the marriage or according to Kabbalistic terminology, the coupling, the spiritual intercourse of Abba and Emma, wisdom and understanding. Wisdom and understanding produce grace, force, beauty, overcoming, empathy and the male organ which we know to be Christ Jesus. I believe that Malkhut, the female offspring of the coupling of wisdom and understanding, is Christ Jesus in the individual. Probably, Yesod, the male organ is the collective Christ Jesus, the body of Christ, just like Leviathan is the collective consciousness of all of the Fiery Serpents. We have a collective body of Christ, the collective body of all of the manifestations of Christ Jesus in all of the human beings where Christ Jesus is being born. That collective consciousness on a higher level is the body of Christ and would be Yesod, the spiritual male organ. So this is what we have. Now also, you can see that I drew these little lines over here and the reason for this is that, according to my understanding, each of these worlds have to be connected to one another. They have to be connected to one another and there is a spiritual aspect that connects them as the aspects of Adam Kadmon flow into the World of Emanation. As the World of Emanation flows into the World of Creation, there's a spiritual aspect that connects them.


Lurianic Kabbalah calls that spiritual aspect Atik Yomin and he's also called the Ancient of Days. Now when I first read about this Atik Yomin, I couldn't figure out who or what he was. The book that I'm reading says that he is the soul of Arikh Anpin. I'm saying "Atik Yomin, Arikh Anpin." I was going bananas there for a couple of weeks until the Lord gave me a breakthrough. I couldn't understand how Arikh Anpin, which is simply wisdom; how could wisdom have a soul? What are they talking about? Then I looked at one of the illustrations and the Lord just spoke to me and He said, it's the mediator, it's Christ Jesus. It's the mediator connecting all these different aspects of us together. All of these worlds are in us. Adam Kadmon is in us, if Abel is resurrected in you because Christ is grafted to him. All of these worlds are in us, but we don't even know that they're there because we're just living out of the darkness, the eyelid that's covering over this world that we see on the board here. We're living out of the eyelid instead of the eye. We're living out of the darkness that's covering the world of God or at least the potential in seed form of the world of God for us. If Christ is not grafted to you, this world, both physical and mental world that we live in, is covering over our seed potential for Adam Kadmon to be resurrected in us. If Christ has been grafted to you, then this world exists in you. Adam Kadmon exists, the World of Emanation, the World of Creation, The World of Formation and the World of Action all exist within you, but are covered over by the world of the eyelid. The eyelid that covers over the worlds of God is called the carnal mind.


Drawing #4. Actually, it's all words. It's not a drawing. I've given you a description of the five partzfumin, if I'm pronouncing it correctly. Arikh Anpin corresponds to Keter or the crown sefirot. He is called the Patient One. Now basically, what's happening here is that this body of teaching has imparted personality to the attributes of God. Compassion, understanding, mercy; those are impersonal attributes or qualities of God and the body of Kabbalistic teaching has now imparted personality to the qualities of God. My understanding, from where I am, is that this will assist us in understanding the deep mysteries of the Scripture. That's the only answer that I have right now. So we see that Keter, which is the crown sefirot, which remember is so high that we cannot even relate to it, but at some point, Keter comes down closer to our level and manifests as knowledge. We now have a personality imputed to this quality of God. His name is Arikh Anpin. He is male and he is characterized by pure compassion. Now when I read this, brethren, all I could think about is how many times the New Testament says that Jesus had compassion on them. The thought that came into my mind, brethren, is that this repetition and this common usage of this word compassion and, in particular the usage of it in direct identity with Jesus Christ, says to me that this was a hidden message in the New Testament to everyone and anyone who knew anything about Kabbalah at all, that the man, Jesus Christ, was an expression of Arikh Anpin, the highest level of the Godhead within man.


This man, Jesus Christ, was ascended to the highest level of the Godhead within this empty space that Adam Kadmon fills. It was a secret way of saying this is Messiah. To say He had compassion was a secret way of saying He was Messiah. I just found that so interesting. Abba, which means Father in Hebrew, is the personification of Chokhmah, which means wisdom, the second sefirot. We now have personality imputed to wisdom and when personality is imputed to wisdom, he takes the name Abba. Wisdom is a male characteristic of God. The Almighty is both male and female. Then we have Emma, which means mother in Hebrew. The personification of Binah, which means understanding, the third sefirot is personified in a female personality called simply Emma, which means mother. Abba and Emma, wisdom and understanding, the personification of wisdom and understanding, are a married couple. They are never found apart from one another. Now that puts a question in my mind. The King James Translation says, well, get wisdom, but that's not enough by all means, get understanding. So one day, as the Lord allows me, I will have to take a look at that scripture in the Interlinear Text because I am now told that wisdom is never apart from understanding. If you have wisdom, you will have understanding. Now remember, Christ Jesus, this man Christ Jesus, is made unto us wisdom.


So when Christ is grafted to you, brethren (now not the Holy Spirit)that man, that spiritual man, Christ Jesus, when Christ is grafted to you and He grows up into Christ Jesus, you have wisdom in your inward parts. When you have wisdom in your inward part, you will have understanding. If you don't have wisdom in your inward part, you'll never have understanding because our carnal mind cannot understand this stuff. Maybe yours can, but mine can't. I'm just not that smart. So wisdom and understanding are always married and they're always found together. They are an inseparable couple. Their function, when they appear in you, is to bring a continuous flow of positive energy that sustains and nourishes the worlds within you. When Christ Jesus is grafted and manifesting through you, you have a source of additional energy. We've been teaching that for a long time. Well, the Holy Spirit is also a source of additional energy, but in this case it's wisdom and understanding, so we know it has to be Christ Jesus. There is a source of continuous flowing energy that will sustain your life on every level and the life of the worlds within you. When he becomes mature enough, he will flow out of you and become a source of life sustaining energy for other people as well as yourself.


Now that is the third partzuf. Then the fourth one is Ze'ir Anpin, which means the Impatient One. To be honest with you, I don't understand why one is called the Patient One and one is called the Impatient One. I do not understand the significance of it. Ze'ir Anpin, the fourth partzuf is a condensation of the sixth sefirot from Yesod grace to Yesod and that is the male. Now when I say condensation, maybe I'm using the wrong word. They're not condensed, but they are grouped together. Let me change that. See, Ze'ir Anpin is the grouping together under one personality of the sixth sefirot from Yesod, which is grace down to Yesod, which is the male. These six attributes of the Godhead are the offspring of Abba and Emma, wisdom and understanding. It's really talking about manifestations of the fruits of the Spirit. I think I checked the Interlinear Text briefly. I don't know how well they line up with Paul's fruit of the spirit, but I know that it's the same principle. When you have wisdom, when Christ Jesus is manifesting in you and growing out of you, you will get understanding and once you get understanding, you will receive grace. Because when you get understanding, you're going to repent and do everything you're suppose to do. You're going to come under obedience and unto submission and when you come under obedience and submission, you will receive the grace of God which is the forgiveness of sins, the reality of the forgiveness of sins.


When you have the Holy Spirit, you receive the forgiveness of sins by faith, but your sins really aren't forgiven. Why? Because you're doing the same thing every day. But when you receive grace, the grace that comes forth from wisdom and understanding, you will receive the reality of the forgiveness of sins, the ripping out of the potential to sin. So then you don't have to tread that sin under your feet anymore. You can rest. The potential will be gone or at least it will require such a little effort that it won't be grievous unto you. So we have Yesod. It's only one o'clock in the morning and my mind is slipping as to what these six sefirot are. We have grace and then we have Gevurah, which is force and then we have Tiferet, which is beauty, which is the White Throne judgment. Then we have Netzach, which is overcoming power or victory and then we Hod, which is empathy. There is a difference between compassion and empathy. This compassion is the compassion of God that heals. Empathy is identification. You can identify with the person. You really can't help people very much if you cannot identify with them. So that is a quality of God that allows us to identify with people and their trouble. Then we have the sixth sefirot, which is Yesod, which is the male. Those are all under one name, Ze'ir Anpin, under one personality. Then we have Nukva, the female, which is the personification of the Malkhut, which is the Ten Sefirot.


What I understand about Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva is that they are another married couple. Okay, so we see spiritual incest here because both Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are the offspring of Abba and Emma. Yet they marry each other. You may recall the teaching here, that in the spiritual planes, incest is not only acceptable, it seems to be the way to go. But this is the negative reflective image of the spiritual world and it is not acceptable to God here in this world. Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are a married couple, but they are not permanently coupled. They separate during the week and they come together again on the Sabbath. Now we've had a teaching here on the Sabbath and we understand that the meaning of the Sabbath really is intermission. It's talking about the intermission, the space of time during which Christ Jesus, in us, is separated from the Glorified Jesus Christ; the period of time that Adam Kadmon within us is separated from Eyn Sof outside of us. For us here in the earth, the practice of the Sabbath, because this has been the common understanding of the word, it is a day of prayer and it is a day of spiritual activity in a reconciliation of the Godhead within us to the God outside of us. That is why the Sabbath day is suppose to be devoted to prayer and the pursuit of spiritual things. The Sabbath is a testimony. It is a Godly rebellion against this world that we live in that separates us from the life of God.


On the Sabbath we say we will live as if we were fully reconciled with God in all aspects. We live that way for one day. So spiritually speaking, to say that Ze'ir Anpin are separated during the weekdays and united on the sabbath is a parable. What I believe it to mean is that it is a prophesy of the marriage between Christ Jesus within us and the Glorified Jesus Christ. It is the promised marriage of the New Testament. Then we are told that when that marriage occurs, new souls are created. I believe that when this marriage takes place on a high spiritual plane, Cain is reformed into new beings. Cain is reformed. That means that babies are born and people come into the world. But I don't have any more information on it right now. That's what the Lord told me when I questioned Him about it; that these new souls being formed is not talking about the immortal aspect of the soul, but it's talking about the mortal aspect of the soul. It's the reformation of Cain. The meaning could depend on what level this is happening. If it's happening on a very high level, we could say Cain is being reformed and babies are being born. If it's happening on a level close to our heart, it could mean that a new personality is being born in you and in me because when we come to the Lord, we go from evil to good and then to righteousness.


This could simply be a prophesy of being born again. We are born again many times and on many levels. The ultimate born again experience is the rebirth of Christ Jesus in us or the rebirth of Adam Kadmon in us. But when we go from evil to good, we're born again. When we go from evil to good in any one quality of ourselves, we're born again in that quality. So we're born again all the time. But we don't say that we're born again because that's too confusing in this ministry because we know that you're not really born again until you're born again into the spiritual world of God and you stop dying and you enter into all forms of eternal life and perfect health, etc.etc. But in any event, the union of Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva bring blessings into the world. So when Christ Jesus is growing in you and you're living out of Him and on a night like this, when Christ Jesus, in you, reaches up and the Glorified Jesus Christ reaches down and touches us, this is the Sabbath day for us. Whenever the anointing pours out, it is the Sabbath day for us. It is the reunion, the rejoining, of the Godhead within to the Godhead without.


Since I have lost my whole congregation here, I will just say are there any questions. I doubt it because everybody is passing out here. Well, praise the Lord. I think it was a pretty good lesson. We made somewhat of a dent in this body of information that we have to learn, so that we can be prepared to receive deep study in the Scripture. God bless you and goodnight.




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