531 - Part 6

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I have always had a problem with this concept of a whole community of angels walking around up in heaven; individual beings walking around up in heaven. With a lot of reading that I'm doing lately, I'm starting, intellectually, to consider the possibility that this may be true. But I have not received it in my heart. I don't know why I cannot receive it in my heart. Someone just asked me if the angels were immortals. I said, well, it's starting to look like there really were angels that fell. As I've told you, this series is just really a series of discussions and what I say on these tapes may be changed tomorrow or next week or next month. It's just what I'm thinking today as I study and as the Lord teaches me and as I learn. Now this is my understanding of the fallen angels. At the beginning, the creation, as I've been teaching here, began with the Infinite One contracting Himself, creating an empty space in the midst of Himself and then sending a string of light into that empty space. That string of light being called Adam Kadmon, the primordial Adam Kadmon, the earliest of all primordial beings, the oldest of all primordial beings. This Adam Kadmon was to be and is a spiritual structure which is designed to reflect the nature of God and that this structure, when it is complete, is designed to fill all human beings. You see, there are scriptures in the New Testament talking about Jesus Christ, saying that He has filled all things. He fills all things and has ascended above all others; something like that in the New Testament.


The scripture in the New Testament that says we are complete in Jesus Christ; I never understood it to the degree that I understand it now. I always understood that to be completed by Jesus Christ, who is our mediator, means to be reconnected to the Godhead, which means eternal life. But I now understand even more than that. It's funny, but sometimes you have all of the pieces in your mind, but when you put it together, you just get a new understanding. We know that mortal man is incomplete. That's the reason we get sick and die and we have all of these needs. But I never really thought of it in these terms, that our lack of completion is the lack of a spiritual structure that is designed by the Almighty to fortify us. Every man is called to be fortified with a spiritual skeleton, if you will, a spiritual structure that would enable that mortal man to be a vessel that the light of the Infinite One flows into. Immortality is imparted to us when the light of the Infinite One flows into us. If you can think of a great ocean and a cork bottle being thrown into that great ocean, the water is all around the bottle, but there's no water inside of it. You have to uncork that bottle or penetrate the glass to get the water into the bottle.


So if we can say that that great sea is not Satan's sea, but the sea of light, the sea of light which is the life of man, we human beings, we mortals, we are that cork bottle flowing in that sea of light. But the light is not inside of us and that is why we die. So for the light to get inside of us, a structure has to be built within us and that structure has to be completed, which structure provides for the light of the Infinite, that great sea of light that's surrounding us, to enter into us in a quantified measure. You see, if the whole force of the sea of light flowed into us, we would break apart. We could not contain it. So a structure is being built in us which will quantify, which will measure, which will limit the amount of that glorious light that will flow into us, sort of like a dam. The name of that structure is Adam Kadmon. His structure is to be fully erected in us and the name of the structure of Adam Kadmon is the nature of God. So when all of the qualities of the nature of God are not only within us, but within us in the correct place, because everyone of these qualities has a place; it is a structure. It is a building that must be built according to a blueprint. Not only must everyone of the qualities of God be within us, but these qualities or these attributes of God must be related to one another according to the pattern on the mount, says the Lord.


So we have to receive the attributes of God. We have to receive them in the correct quantities. The attributes of God within us must be relating to one another according to the correct pattern which erects a structure that will allow or permit enough of the light of the Infinite One in; that light which gives eternal life. So the structure has to be built within us according to the pattern which will allow in enough of the light of the Infinite One to give us eternal life and to purify this vessel and more than the physical vessel, it's really the mental vessel. But we know that the physical body is just an expression of the mental body. We must be purified. Every aspect of ourselves must be purified by this light without breaking the vessel. What we will have will be a vessel that is filled up to its walls with the life of God and completely surrounded with the life of God on the outside of us and just a thin skin, you might say, or a thin curtain separating the light from within us from the light outside of us. Not only that, but this curtain will be porous so that the light within us can flow unto the light outside of us and that the light outside of us can flow into and mix and touch and join or marry the light inside of us. There will be a continuous flowing in and out without destroying the vessel. The benefit to the vessel is that it will receive eternal life.


So back to the evil angels that fell. At the beginning, this is how the creation started. There was an empty space. A string of light vibrated into it called Adam Kadmon; Adam Kadmon being the structure that can receive the light of the Infinite to flow into Him and when the light of the Infinite flows into Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon can be called a filter. That glorious light then penetrates out of all of the openings and apertures of Adam Kadmon. The light of the Infinite that flows into Adam Kadmon comes out of his eyes, comes out of his ears, comes out of his nose, comes out of his mouth. That's as far as I've gotten with my study. If it comes out of other aspects of his body, at this point, I haven't read about it yet. Now Adam Kadmon is not a human in the form that we are. He is called a human, but he is not a homo sapien. He is a spiritual being, a great infinite spiritual human being. The Kabbalistic teaching has imputed human form to him for the purpose of trying to understand him because our brains and our understanding are so inadequate. We must take what we're trying to understand and somehow relate those qualities or the qualities of that being to something that we can comprehend. So Adam Kadmon is not a human as we are, but we relate to him as a human because it's the only way we could understand him. But basically, what we're being told is that Adam Kadmon is a holding tank for the light of the Infinite and that this holding tank is really a filter. So Adam Kadmon holds the bulk of the energy because if all of the energy flowed into us, we would be destroyed. He holds the bulk of the energy and he just releases measured quantities of the energy into this world. I'm lacking many many details. I'm just doing the best that I can with this.


Now Adam Kadmon did not enter into the empty space of the Infinite One. In Hebrew that is called Eyn Sof. Adam Kadmon did not enter into the empty space all at once. We might even say that Adam Kadmon drew himself, like I'm drawing a picture, into that empty space. You know, years ago as I was seeking spiritual things I thought that I had found the Lord, but I made a lot of mistakes before I found God. I did get involved with an occult group thinking that it was the Lord and they gave me some books to read which were really white witchcraft. I remember reading in that book a saying, sketch an image of something or other. They were talking about my mind. I remember saying, how do you sketch an image with your mind? I could not comprehend it. Now I understand because the Lord is teaching me how to be spiritual. To sketch an image with your mind really means to imagine it with your mind. What I had in mind when someone said sketch, was to pick up a pencil or a pen and actually start a line and start drawing an image. Well I guess, maybe, some people that are in witchcraft do that, but I now know that you could do that if you want to or you could just imagine something with your mind. That was what the book was talking about. But we know that imaginations that come out of the carnal mind are witchcraft. But the reason I told you that is because when I read how Adam Kadmon was formed, it meant he literally sketched himself. I don't know whether the right word is formed or created to be honest with you. I don't know which is the right word at this point, but he literally sketched himself. He entered into that empty space which was a round empty space. It was in the form of a circle and with a single mind, he drew a circle. He went forward in a path that formed a circle in that empty space. That was the first aspect of Adam Kadmon. Let me put that on the board for you.


Now please understand that Adam Kadmon literally sketched himself into existence. But the way I'm expressing it to you is a simplification. This event happened in a very high realm of the spirit. But this is the best example that I have for you and it is the example that I've been taught. He literally entered into that empty space and traveled around the circumference of that empty space leaving a path or cutting a path as he traveled around it and created the first circle of himself. In other words, if you want to bring it down to a human level, you could use the early stages of pregnancy as an example. Let's say the heart of the baby is the first organ formed. Then all you have at that point is the formation of the baby's heart within the mother's womb. In the case of Adam Kadmon, he drew his circular parts first. Adam Kadmon has two aspects to himself, both circular and linear. The first part of himself that he drew or that he created were his circular parts. I'm thinking at this point and it's a very strong thought in my mind, that in Ezekiel's glorified man in the book of Ezekiel, it talks about the wheels and then it talks about the rings. It says his rings were very high. When I looked up these two words in the Lexicon resources that I had, I couldn't really find that there was much difference between the meaning of the word wheels and the word rings. But I now believe that Ezekiel Chapter 1, concerning this issue, is talking about both the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon and the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon. I believe the phrase that says, and his rings were so high that they were dreadful, is talking about his circular aspect and these are the rings that we read about in Ezekiel Chapter 1.


So Adam Kadmon completely encircled the circumference of the empty space and that path that he cut in that empty space is the attribute of God called Keter. It's a very high attribute. Actually, it's not an attribute. There is nothing about it that can be described. It is just the very highest aspect of Adam Kadmon. Then he returned to that same point from where he started, but he descended a little bit and then he started around the circle again. He carved or engraved another aspect of the nature of God. Keter is an aspect of the nature of God, but it is not an attribute. An attribute is something that you can identify; kindness, goodness, mercy, love, etc. So there is no identifiable attribute of Keter, but Keter is an aspect of the nature or the image of God. Then Adam Kadmon returned to the starting point, descended a little more, and started around the circle again. Adam Kadmon did this ten times and he engraved ten circles within the empty space. These ten circles are called the ten circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. After all that was completed, Adam Kadmon returned to the point of beginning and started to descend into the empty space in a straight line.


I'm sorry, but I think the Lord just corrected me. Either I said it wrong or I didn't make it clear. Let me tell you this first. Then Adam Kadmon started to descend in a straight line. He started to pierce through the circles and descend in a straight line towards the center of his circle. The Ten Sefirot have the same names; Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Crown, wisdom, understanding and grace. It's all the same names. There are ten circular ones and there are ten linear attributes of God, but it is the linear attributes of God that are called the image of God. It is the attributes of God in a straight line that are called the image of God. The attributes of God formed into the circular sefirot are not called the image of God, although they are related to the image of God. That's the best explanation I can give you at this time. I'm just teaching you what has been taught to me. Does anybody not understand what I just said? Maybe I should add to that drawing and show you the linear Adam descending into it.


COMMENT: Scientists say that the black hole is so dense that light waves can't penetrate it.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and a black hole in space is another witness to our condition down here on the earth. That is a principle of Lurianic Kabbalah, that the light inside is trying to reach or I should say the light at the outside is trying to reach the light inside. Actually, this message started about the bottle in the ocean that had no light. The Lord is creating a structure within us so that we could be a vessel that can hold the light, which is already happening because the Holy Spirit is in men and Christ is being grafted to men. So through Jesus Christ, the structure is created that will allow a quantitative amount of the power of God, a limited amount of the power of God to enter into the individual without destroying the individual. That's why the Holy Spirit comes first and Christ comes second and then He increases into Christ Jesus so that we, the personality, can mentally and physically, as well as spiritually, adjust to what is literally possession. Brethren, I have said this before. It's shocking to a lot of people, but we are being possessed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Now the average Christian thinks that God is the co-pilot and that they are the pilot, but this is not the case, brethren. We, human beings, we are containers and we are designed to contain spiritual life, to be filled up to overflowing with spiritual life. The Lord Jesus Christ fully intends to fill us up to overflowing, which is possession, which means that we must die to everything of our own will because He will be the complete Lord of our life. That is not a bad thing. That is a good thing because whether you know it or not, you, who think you're leading your own life, it's really Satan and Leviathan (pride) leading your life for you. But that's not today's message.


So just getting back to what was said about the black hole; yes, the black hole is the universal or the cosmic expression of our condition, the condition of the typical human being. No light can get in and no light can get out. Let's take it a step at a time. No light can get in except by the miracle of the Holy Spirit entering into us. Once that light enters into us, it can't get out. As I've been preaching here for years, if Christ does not overcome our carnal mind and marry the Glorified Jesus Christ, He will die when we die. He will die when the individual that is carrying Him, dies. How can God die, Sheila? This is the offspring of God, this is the son of Jesus Christ that's inside of you. Well, when the midwife dies without bringing that son to term, that particular seed dies. But all the seeds don't die. Eventually, one seed is going to so completely overcome the carnal mind that the vessel that this event occurs in, will enter into eternal life while in the flesh, not after he dies. It will happen right here in the earth and then that person will be powerful enough, spiritually, to help and strengthen his brethren, and we will see more and more people across the country and across the world entering into eternal life.


But brethren, be not deceived. Once you enter into eternal life, you will not do whatever you want to do. You will be completely under the control of the Lord Jesus. Again, that is not a bad thing. That is a good thing. But your rebellion has to go and your selfishness has to go and all of your self interests and self plans have to go because the Lord is not giving you eternal life to do your own thing. You also better believe that once you ascend into that condition, you will be in full time ministry. Don't start worrying about it if you have a husband and children or whatever, but I'm telling you that once you ascend into that condition, you will be in full time ministry one way or another. I don't know how we're going to do it because when you are possessed of the Lord Jesus Christ, you do His will every minute of every hour of the day that you're awake. I don't know if we'll still need sleep then. What He's doing is healing the sick, delivering the afflicted, preaching the Doctrine of Christ, which is the true gospel of heaven and it's also the gospel of peace and He's ministering to His people. So you will be in full time ministry. Don't think you're going to ascend into that condition and continue on as you are because you're not. But that's not today's message.


Okay, looking at the drawings that I've shown you, is there anybody that has a question to ask? So everyone understands that Adam Kadmon entered into the empty space and traveled around the circumference of that empty space, etching or engraving that empty space with the first aspect of the nature of the Eyn Sof. That first aspect was Keter, something that is uncomprehensible according to Kabbalah, but we know that in Christ Jesus, He is revealed to us. He did this ten times. By engraving the second circle, Adam Kadmon engraved the attribute of wisdom into that empty space. Everything that exists, even today, exists in that empty space. All the worlds, all the universes, everything that exists, exists in that empty space. Everything is within the Infinite One. Is there anyone who has a question or does not understand that? These are called the circular sefirot of Adam Kadmon. I believe that this is what the King James Translation is talking about when it talks about the rings in the first Chapter of the book of Ezekiel. These rings were powerful attributes of God.


We started this whole message with me telling you that I think I'm starting to believe that the Lord is (maybe) telling me that there really is a world where there are many individual angels that exist. For some reason I'm resisting this revelation. I don't know why. I'm sure the Lord will reveal it to me, whether it's Him resisting it or not. But at this point, I'm really starting to believe it, so He has to help me. I believe that each one of these attributes of God; wisdom, understanding, grace, mercy, that each of these qualities or attributes of God manifested itself as a powerful spiritual being. At least, this is the message. I seem to be receiving it intellectually, but I have not yet received it in my heart and yet here I am preaching it, so it's probably going to turn out to be true. We have to look at this abstract teaching which says that Adam Kadmon created his circular sefirot within the empty space and they were these great attributes of God; wisdom, understanding, mercy, grace and force. These were not just abstract principles, but they manifested themselves as aspects of the light of the Infinite One and they were conscious aspects. They weren't just something that you sketch on a piece of paper. Perhaps this is what the archangels or angels are. I don't even know. They were mighty spiritual beings that manifested these attributes of God. From these mighty spiritual beings, sparks of that light flew off and the creation just continued to multiply just as cell division takes place in a fetus in a human pregnancy. These original ten aspects of God may very well have been powerful spiritual beings. We'll just see what the Lord has to say to us as time goes on. He has a lot to teach us. Are there any questions or problems with this?


COMMENT: Mercy is on the board twice. I don't see how it fits in there again with the list you have.


PASTOR VITALE: There is more than one word associated with each attribute. I only put up one word for each attribute, but there are sometimes three, four or five words that identify one of the sefirot. Mercy is associated with Tiferet (beauty) and actually beauty is not really much of an explanation. Beauty has to be interpreted. You have to be told what it means. I think that's the sefirot that's mercy. To me, that is the White Throne Judgment because it is the reconciling factor between grace, which is yesod (the fourth one I believe) and Gevurah which is force. You see, force alone is the sowing and reaping judgment. Force or power, alone, is the sowing and reaping judgment. So when you put force together with grace, you come up with Tiferet (beauty) which is the White Throne Judgment. You still have force; you still have the judgment that is associated with force and you have the grace of God which is the opportunity to understand what you are doing wrong so that you could genuinely repent and hopefully change.


I have been talking about this principle for years. I didn't know it was a Kabbalistic principle. But I've told you over the years concerning revelation that if you think you disagree with me or you think that I've contradicted myself, please talk to me about it because, usually, what's happening is that we just need another piece of information to link those other two pieces of information which appear to contradict one another. If we get that third piece of information, it weaves everything together. Apparently this is a Kabbalistic principle of the attributes of God that balance each other out. Kabbalah calls some of them male attributes and some of them female attributes and sometimes the Kabbalah calls them just positive and negative attributes of God. So He's constantly tempering His own strength. In other words, if you want to think of it in human terms, you can think of it as an adult disciplining their child. You're not going to paddle your child with your full strength. You could really hurt him. You could possibly even kill him, so you have to temper, you have to restrain your own judgment, because of the mercy that you have on your child. You don't want to kill your child, so you restrain yourself. The force of God could wipe us out in the blink of an eye. So He gives us grace because He doesn't want to wipe us out. But He could do it without a second thought. So the Lord is always restricting and restraining Himself concerning us because He knows that we are just dust.


Okay, so we see that Adam Kadmon has engraved or created the ten circular sefirot of himself and these circular sefirot are associated with soul, the animal nature, the animal aspect, the animal existence within us. After that, Adam Kadmon entered into the empty space in a straight line and this straight line has ten sefirot also. The ten sefirot of the straight line have the same names as the ten sefirot of the circular lines and these sefirot interact with one another. They interact with one another. This interaction causes them to be dependant on one another and to become integrated with one another and eventually to be part of this structure that will fill each and everyone of us and fully equip us to receive the light of the Infinite which imparts eternal life to us without being destroyed. This is the job of Jesus Christ. Christ being grafted to us is this structure in seed form. It is a complete structure. But it has to grow up in us and it has to overcome our carnal mind and fill us completely for us to inherit all things. I'm lacking a lot of details here, brethren. Elohim attempted to fill up beings that existed the first time. I guess we would call them the Abels, if we're relating this to the Doctrine of Christ. I have a ways to go to relate everything to the Doctrine of Christ.


The beings that existed or the vessels that existed at the beginning when the light of the Infinite flowed into them, broke apart. Kabbalah says the vessels broke apart because this structure was not fully intact. Now the way the message of the Doctrine of Christ came down isn't really a conflicting message. I know that I've preached this before. The message of the Doctrine of Christ is that there were all of these spiritual beings which we called the royal seeds of Jehovah and that their collective consciousness was called Adam. Adam was the mind that ruled through all of these royal seeds. I'm thinking now that they had more of a consciousness than I realized, apparently. There was also an earthen aspect of the creation and the whole creation consisted of magnetic fields opposing one another. That magnetic field of the earthen part of the creation pulled the royal seed of Jehovah out of their configuration, which was called Adam, and the whole configuration broke apart and fell down into this world. So the message of the Doctrine of Christ is not really all that different. The vessels broke. Well, Kabbalah says the vessels broke because the vessels couldn't hold the light of the Infinite. I'm saying that the magnetic fields pulled them apart. So I'm sure that there's a reconciliatory factor there. I just don't have it right now, but I believe that the two messages will flow together at some point, more than they are now.


So Adam Kadmon created his linear aspect in that empty space. The linear aspect is male to the circular aspect. The linear aspect in a parable form, Kabbalah says, can be likened to a human in the studies and we relate to this linear aspect according to the limbs and veins of a human being. I haven't gotten that far yet in the study and I understand a little, but I can't teach you anything on that now. The message I have this morning is the fallen angels. So I'm trying to get to the fallen angels. So there is a relationship between Adam Kadmon's linear aspects and his circular aspects. These aspects are suppose to be connected to one another and feeding off of one another and that is not a bad word. The light of the Infinite flows into Adam Kadmon and it is designed to feed all of the linear sefirot and the circular sefirot. The linear and circular sefirot are to be fed and nourished and strengthened by the eternal light of the Infinite One that keeps flowing through the whole creation. So we have angelic beings, some of them female and some of them male. We have a hierarchy of authority and according to the Doctrine of Christ, we have a particular configuration that when every one of these spiritual beings is doing what he or she is suppose to be doing, the configuration or the collective manifestation of all of the spiritual beings, reflect the image of Almighty God. The church world says what happened is that the fallen angels represented by the circular sefirot fell out of their Godly relationship with the angels or the aspects of Adam Kadmon's linear self.


Now I read something very interesting last night in the book Zohar. It said that the serpent had legs at one time. That struck me as very funny because there was a preacher who preached that in the church that I was raised up in, years and years ago. I can still see him standing on the pulpit saying, well you know, the serpent had legs at one time. Right up until this moment I believed that this preacher was just naive thinking that the serpent had legs at one time. It might be true. But now I believe that he must have read this book or read something by somebody who quoted from this book, that the serpent had legs at one time. But of course, we have to understand that this is just a parable because it was not a serpent like a serpent in our gardens. I think that was all that he said at that time. He didn't give any deep revelation on it, just that the serpent had legs at one time and the serpent was punished and lost his legs. That is what I read in this book. But if he was reading that book, he was reading it with no revelation at all. So we have to ask ourself what are the serpent's legs? Let me tell you this. I've spent quite a few weeks and quite a bit of time reading some of the Kabbalistic texts and there's very little spoken about the serpent or the serpent's household. There is an acknowledgment that there is a serpent. There is an acknowledgment that there is evil in the world, but ninety nine percent of the content of Kabbalistic works is about Adam Kadmon's linear aspect.


So they don't really seem to deal with his circular aspect very much and I believe that the circular aspect of linear Kadmon is the serpent's world. The serpent became the Dragon that is manifesting herself to us as Satan today. Doesn't that make sense because the Fiery Serpent is spiralline. That's the teaching that came down here. She's circular and she vibrates in a spiralline direction, a spiralline pattern. That's what the Lord told me, that the circular aspect of the sefirot of Adam Kadmon is the spiralline aspect of the creation. Everything that we've learned through the Doctrine of Christ concerning the serpent and the Dragon and Satan, has to do with the circular sefirot of Adam Kadmon, that the Kabbalah deals with very briefly. So how did the serpent's legs get cut off? Did I say legs? I think the word is feet. The serpent had feet and her feet were cut off. Well, how would the serpent's feet be cut off? First of all, we have to find out what the parable of feet mean. To understand what the feet mean, concerning the parable of the Scripture, we have to look at the Kabbalistic relationship between the Ten Sefirot and the human being. We have to find out what part of the Ten Sefirot are the feet. I've drawn it on the board for you in the past to show you the rearrangement of the Ten Sefirot into the arrangement that supposedly represents the body of a human being. Let me put it on the board for you again, so you can follow what I'm saying.


I have put on the board for you the Kabbalistic configuration of Adam's ten linear sefirot in the form of what they call a human being. As you can see, Kabbalistic doctrine has imputed aspects of the human body to the different sefirah. As you can also see, pertinent to our discussion concerning the serpent's feet, that Netzach meaning victory. The New Testament word for victory would be overcoming. The power and the ability to overcome is signified by the right leg and Hod which is empathy or identification is the ability to identify with other people's problems in Christ, you see. I can't find it in the Scripture for you, at least, I don't know of it at this time, but I know that it is a principle of God that He will not send someone to help you who has no ability to empathize with your problem. There is a difference between sympathy and empathy. Sympathy destroys and empathy strengthens. Sympathy is when you just feel sorry for somebody and that makes them weak. Empathy says, well, I went through the same thing and I can really understand what you're going through. That is in Christ, the ability to not condemn somebody for their weakness, but to identify with them without taking authority over them and without giving them counsel that's not coming out of Christ. This is a quality of the Godhead and it's called empathy or identification. So we see that the feet of the serpent or the feet of the circular sefirot that were cut off was Netzach and Hod. Is anyone not following me?


To say that the serpent's feet were cut off is to say that of the ten circular sefirot, Netzach (the seventh) and Hod (the eighth), the right and the left leg of the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon were cut off. The ability to overcome all obstacles or overcome death and the ability to identify with the linear Adam Kadmon, who is the provider of the light and the life and the power to endure, was cut off. All life in that empty space, the life of the worlds, is sustained by Adam Kadmon. All of the aspects of the linear and the circular sefirot are suppose to be interacting with one another to nourish one another. The light of the Infinite One, the life giving light enters into Adam Kadmon from the top and it's suppose to filter down and filter through the linear Adam Kadmon to all of the elements of the circular and the linear sefirot, so that everybody should be nourished and have their needs met. But two of the circular sefirot were cut off, the power to overcome death and the power to identify with the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon. I'm not sure what that means, but to me, what comes to my mind is the power to recognize Adam Kadmon as the head. That's what's on my heart right now. Surely the serpent was separated from life and entered into death. So that's what it means, that the feet of the serpent were cut off. You see, to read Scripture literally is very dangerous. We know that people have killed in the name of Jesus because they're reading Scripture with their carnal mind and they're taking it at its surface value and Scripture is deeply spiritual. It is death to read it from its surface level.


Now to get back to the point of this message. It has to do with angels. I think my problem with angels, believing that there are many angels, many individual beings, is that I don't know how to fit them together with Jesus Christ. To me, Jesus Christ is everything. He's the Glorified Jesus Christ and He's all that there is. So the only way that I can comprehend a society of many angels and I'm not saying this is the be all and end all; this is just where I am and I've been praying about it for days now. I believe that in one of the invisible spiritual worlds that are attached to us, one of the invisible spiritual worlds, we all exist as angels. If Christ Jesus is your spiritual man that you're living out of, then Christ Jesus in you exists in a parallel universe to this world, which is a world of angels. We're all the children of Jesus Christ and the Glorified Jesus Christ is bringing forth offspring. Everyone that has Christ grafted to them is a spiritual midwife who is bringing forth Christ Jesus, the son of the Glorified Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus is an angel. I believe that Christ Jesus exists in a parallel universe. We can't see Him. If you have the ability, you can hear Him when He speaks through the vocal cords of a human being, but aside from that, we can't see Him. All that we see is the personality that stands in front of Him.


So I believe that there's a parallel universe. I'm not sure what name to call it at this point, but there is a parallel universe where Christ Jesus exists and where that world is filled with angels who are the offspring of the Glorified Jesus Christ. Likewise, I believe that there is a parallel universe, now whether it's the same parallel universe or another one, I'm not even sure at this point, but there is a parallel universe where all of the offspring of the Dragon exists. They're the offspring of the Dragon that are growing inside of mortal human beings, just like Christ Jesus is growing inside of us. See, we all have parallel universes attached to us and depending on how spiritual we are, those parallel universes manifest or do not manifest. I know some of my parallel universes manifest. I'm very spiritual. Every time an event happens, I see a spiritual explanation for it. I have understanding of events that nobody would think were unusual, but I know that they are manifestations in this plane of spiritual events. That means I'm conscious in other worlds and I'm not even sure how many. I know I'm conscious on the mental plane of Christ Jesus because I understand, somewhat, the Doctrine of Christ. I'm also somewhat sensitive to the astral plane or the etheric plane, but I really don't even think I should be wasting my time counting at this point. I just know that I am conscious in some parallel worlds.


So I can understand angels on that level, that a part of me, a part of the spiritual child that I'm carrying, really exists in a world where He is prominent, you see. Well, maybe in my case, I don't even know how to measure this. I don't even know if I could tell you that in my life, that Christ Jesus is prominent. I think I would have to say no. I think I would have to say I'm still living primarily or largely out of my carnal mind. If I'm wrong, the Lord is going to have to correct me, but I think that if Christ Jesus was really prominent in my life, I would not be coming down with a cold, I would not be having pains here and there, I would not be having physical disorders, I would not be having the spiritual or emotional disorders that I have, getting angry or some such thing like that. I would have to believe that if Christ Jesus was prominent in my life and He was showing in this visible world more than my carnal mind, that I would not have the problems that I have. If I'm wrong, the Lord will have to show me, but that's how I see it right now, although compared to the average Christian in the church and compared to most Christians, I am a very spiritual Christian. Apparently, I'm not spiritual enough to be walking in the kind of victory I would like to be walking in. I'm walking in a measure of victory, but I'm not walking in the measure that I would like to be walking in. So that doesn't say very much for the church.


But we're talking about angels here. I can believe that there is another reality where Christ Jesus is prominent. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? Let me try and explain this again. In this reality the personality is prominent. We're living in a physical world. The physical things of this world are prominent. I don't have a secular job, but you all have responsibilities even if you don't have a secular job. I don't have a family here; it's just me. You all have responsibilities to your family. If you're listening to this tape or reading this transcript or if you have a secular job, that responsibility is prominent in your mind. You have to go to work. How are you going to live if you don't go to work? If you're married and you're a woman and your husband takes care of you, well then, you have responsibilities in the household. Your husband would have a right to complain if he's supporting you and you're not taking care of your responsibilities in the household. To me, that's a secular job. So this world is prominent in your life. But I believe that there is a parallel reality where Christ Jesus is prominent and the things of this world are secondary. Having food and shelter and warmth and all of the things that we need to survive in this world must be prominent in this world because we could be hurt. We could get sick and die if we're not clean and if we don't eat and if we don't have the proper shelter.


So I believe that there's a parallel reality where these things are not necessary needs, where there is no need for food or for shelter or for warmth or for cleanliness. It's a spiritual plain where the spiritual needs are primary in that world. This visible world with all of the physical needs that we have is merely a shadow. You could see an example of that in this world because we have examples of everything that's spiritual in this world. I live here in this house. I'm very privileged. I have a lovely place to live and I have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. I've never been without food or clothing or hot water to shower or a car or gas for my car. But right in this physical world, there are people who do not have enough food to eat and there are people who do not have shelter and warm places to live. There are people living on the streets here. Now I know that they exist, but they are not prominent in my mind. I don't see people like that. I know that they're out there and I pray for the homeless as the Spirit moves me and I ask the Lord to have mercy on them. I know that they're there. Every once in awhile, if I'm out, I'll see someone that looks like he may be homeless, walking along the street. See, that's a reality. That is a parallel reality. That is a parallel world. Do you know that there is a whole society of people right here on Long Island that live on the streets and they all know each other. They know how to survive and that there are places that they go to for their needs.


I can't even tell you where there's a place the police don't bother you for loitering or where there's a shelter that provides a place to sleep for anyone when they live on the streets. It's a whole society, a whole community of people that know the ins and the outs of where you could sleep safely and not be attacked and what places will feed them. It's a whole world that I know exists, but I do not see it on a regular basis, but that is an alternate physical reality. Of course, this exists all across the world and all across this country. There are people who are living a life completely the opposite of mine, people who are living a hedonistic lifestyle, drinking a lot, drugging a lot, into fornication, into wife swapping; there's all kinds of stuff going on out there. I know it exists. Sometimes I see it on TV, but I don't live that life, thank God. But these are all alternate physical realities. They are in this world. Then you have the intellectual community; people that are studying and going on very high, getting their PHD and whatever in Academia. Then you have people who are just athletes and putting all their energy into becoming a good athlete. There are all kinds of alternate realities in this physical world. Well likewise, there are spiritual alternate realities where the whole physical world is something that the angels that abide in that reality are aware of. They know about the physical world and they know that it exists, but it is not primary for them.


Now I've read about this and I long for the day that I move into it as long as it's the Lord bringing me into it. Now for a human person like me or like you, to move into an alternate reality where this physical world is secondary behind the spiritual world and into the activities of the spiritual world, we would have to be in a place where we simply serve God and do pretty much what I do, because I don't have a secular job. Most of my time is in the Scriptures or going where God sends me, but yet my food does not manifest in my refrigerator. I have to go to the supermarket and buy food. To be living in this alternate reality where the spirit is primary, I would expect not only food in my refrigerator, but I would expect to sit down at my table and have the food appear. So what am I saying? An alternate reality where the world of the spirit is prominent and any of the realities of the physical world are secondary, is a spiritual world where you or I do not have to worry or be concerned with getting food, finding shelter, keeping warm and being concerned with money in general. All of our needs would be met. Now I believe this is a reality. I don't know if any human being, today, is experiencing it. I believe it's a reality in Christ Jesus and I believe that it's a reality in witchcraft.


To be honest with you, if you were to ask me, I would have to tell you it's much more likely, if it does exist today, it exists in witchcraft. If any human being is dwelling in a spiritual plain of alternate consciousness to the degree that every physical need is met, so that they don't even have to spend any time even thinking about this stuff; sleeping, eating, showering, anything, because everything in this world is automatically taken care of, it's because their mind is stayed on the spirit to that degree. I would have to tell you that my opinion would be, if it exists, it exists in witchcraft. I don't think anyone is doing it in Christ Jesus yet. Maybe that's a naive remark on my part, but that would be my guess, that it might, that it might exist in witchcraft, but that it has not yet manifested in Christ. But it will manifest in Christ. You see, we have to understand that to attain to that realm, we must be willing to subordinate every physical aspect of our life to the Spirit. Everybody can't do that. Now if you can't do that, don't be condemned. I'm just telling you the way you get into an alternate reality where your every physical need is met is by staying in the Doctrine of Christ. Every spare second that you're not eating, sleeping, shopping, cooking, cleaning, bathing or working a secular job, you must be in this Doctrine of Christ. Why? Because it is your mind that creates the world that you live in.


So if there's any hope of getting into such an alternate reality in this day and age, it would be the result of spending so much time in the Doctrine of Christ that your physical world starts to automatically take care of itself. I haven't experienced it yet. Well, I've experienced just little tips and dots of it, and this is how I've experienced it. When I've been very busy with the things of God, the Lord will remind me of something that I needed to do to eliminate extra time and work. He may have someone do something for me that I hadn't even thought of. I mean that's just like the tippy tip of your toe in the water. Is anybody not following me? It's just little supernatural things that the Lord is doing for me because He knows that I'm doing the best that I can. Eventually, the structure that He is in the process of building here will be completed. It's no secret that we don't have enough help here and there's a lot more to do than I could do. There's so much I would love to do and I can't do it. So He's helping me out in tiny bits, recognizing that the work is not complete here and that I do have these needs. I still go to the supermarket and I stand on line and I do whatever I have to do. So another reality is really not manifesting here.


But it's a very exciting thought that there is another world reality. You see, if you or I or anybody would enter into this world where this physical world became secondary and the spiritual world became primary, then I would be an angel. In fact, to whatever degree Christ Jesus manifests through us, we are angels. When it's really one hundred percent Him and He's manifesting, we are an angel. We are the messenger or the carrier of the angel. I believe Christ Jesus has activities where I am His base. I believe that Christ Jesus that's growing in me, that I'm carrying as a midwife, has ministries that He does for the Lord Jesus that completely bypasses my consciousness. A lot of it, He shares with me. He lets me enter into it through prayer and spiritual experiences, but I know that He has experiences and He engages in ministry that completely bypasses my consciousness. I could deal with a world of angels on that level.


Just the other night, I did read in one of the Kabbalistic texts something really very similar to this. The book was talking about shells and shells is the word for vessels. We are the vessels. It said that there are vessels associated with the World of Emanation, but they're not in the World of Emanation. They're down here. Now the World of Emanation is the most spiritual of the four worlds of Kabbalah. There is the World of Emanation, the highest, and the World of Creation where they say the archangels are, the World of Formation where they say the angels are and the World of Action, this world. So, they're saying there are shells or vessels associated with the highly spiritual World of Emanation, but they're not appearing in the World of Emanation. They're appearing down here in the World of Action. So that's pretty much what I just said to you, except that it's backwards. I said that Christ Jesus is here in us and He's appearing in a parallel universe. I just read in a Kabbalistic text that there is a spiritual vessel in the high World of Emanation, but it's appearing down here in the World of Action.


So we're really saying the same thing or a very similar thing, that it's possible and I believe that it's a reality, that there are aspects of ourself that exist in all of the different worlds and in many plains of consciousness and the question is, which aspect do we live out of primarily? That is the question. A physical example of that is you and I are human beings. Maybe you have a secular job. Maybe you have a wife or a husband. Maybe you have children. Maybe you're a volunteer fireman. You are all of these. You are a father, you are a brother, you are a son or a daughter. We're all of these different roles. Which is our primary role? Well, from the day you get married, your primary role is no longer being a son or a daughter in your parent's household. Now your primary role is being either the husband or the wife of the person that you married and the mother or the father of the children that you're raising. So we are many many spiritual things or we have the potential to be many spiritual things. We have the potential to manifest every one of the Ten Sefirot. In Christ Jesus, we have the potential to manifest the wisdom of God, the understanding of God, and we have the potential to engage in all of the activities that the sefirot engage in and there are many activities. I've just barely started to look at the book, but apparently they're interacting continuously and they're passing the energy along the light of the Infinite. The Kabbalistic term is suckled; that they suckle from one another and get the energy.


Also, there's a lot of talk about offspring. The second and the third sefirah, Chokhmah (wisdom) and Binah (understanding) are the parents of all of the sefirah that appear underneath. So there is talk of coupling and of marriage and coupling and birthing new sefirah and birthing worlds. So apparently there is a great deal of activity that goes on in the spirit and what we see down here in the World of Action is merely the final result of all of this activity in the spirit. But I have to tell you that although I could receive what I just shared with you concerning a parallel reality with angels, it's my understanding, according to what I read in the Kabbalistic literature that that would merely be the World of Formation, the world right next to this world. I don't know what to tell you about archangels, the next world where the archangels are suppose to appear. I don't know how to deal with that. I guess that's the reason that I can't receive it in my heart because I don't know how to deal with it. All I know is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I don't understand how there could be a Jesus Christ and all of these angels except the thought that just came into my mind, if it's correct, is that Jesus Christ is now one with the Infinite One, the Eyn Sof, and He's even higher than all of the angels. If this is all true, the Lord is going to really have to deal with me on it. Maybe, my problem is that I just don't understand it.


Kabbalah names angels. They talk about Michael and Gabriel and then there is a Uriel and a Raphael. I have to say, well, why aren't these angels in the Bible? Then I say to myself, well, it's possible they were just cut out of the Bible. All that I could tell you, is that I'm considering all this, but it has not touched my heart yet. I do not have it in my heart that it's true and I'm limited as to my understanding, but that I'm thinking that, maybe, it might be true. Also, another principle is that everything that happens in these other worlds are played out in this visible world. Kabbalistic literature talks about the destruction of the World of Points and the reconfiguration of the energy or the light of the World of Points into the four worlds; Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action. The literature talks about the reconstruction as if it's complete. Well maybe it's complete in the spirit, but I don't think the reconstruction was completed or even began to be completed in this world until Jesus Christ appeared two thousand years ago. I look around me and I see the reconstruction or the configuration of the World of Points going on right in this world. Well maybe it happened in the spirit two thousand or a million years ago; I don't know. But it's just happening here now. This is one problem that I have with the King James Translation. In my opinion, a lot of the tenses are wrong. In the King James Translation it talks about many events as if they are already accomplished and they're not already accomplished.


Many people in the church believe that they're living out of the mind of Christ because Paul says we have the mind of Christ. I don't even know what that says in the Interlinear Text. First of all, everybody doesn't have the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is in Christ Jesus. If all that you have is the Holy Spirit, you do not have the mind of Christ. So this is a big problem with the King James Translation, that people think they have what they don't yet have. I am suspecting that the same situation exists with the Kabbalistic literature. It's written as if this reconfiguration already happened and the four worlds are in existence. I cannot relate what the literature is saying to what I see going on in this world. But I can relate the Doctrine of Christ to what I see in this world. But the reconfiguration or what Jesus called the regeneration, I believe is the reconfiguration of the World of Points that was destroyed. But the Kabbalistic literature says that it happened already. Now it may have happened in the spirit, but if the people who write the Kabbalistic literature know that it happened in the spirit, but it hasn't happened in this physical world yet, if they know that, they have not made it clear. To me, the impression that I get is that the reconfiguration already happened and we're just down here because there's just some problem that we have to be purified or some such thing.


So that's where I am on the fallen angels. Just in case I didn't make it clear, let me give it to you again. I believe that each of the circular sefirah represents a high spiritual being. Maybe each category, wisdom, understanding, grace; maybe they all represent a multitude of spiritual beings. I don't know, but there were some of those circular beings who had their feet cut off because they related to the linear sefirot in a wrong manner. They had their feet cut off and they lost their connection, lost their victory, lost their overcoming power and they lost their power to identify with God. I guess that's what they lost, their power to identify with God. They lost the nature of God. So there's a breach in the creation that may be reconstructed in the spirit and I believe in Jesus Christ it is reconstructed, but it's certainly not reconstructed down here. So what we are waiting for is Adam Kadmon and I actually found a statement in one of the books that I'm reading that said Messiah is Adam Kadmon. Messiah is Adam Kadmon. So that's just another witness to me, saying that Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon. He came into the world to the Jews who studied Kabbalah. Every day I'm finding statements in the Kabbalistic literature that's in the New Testament right down to Prince of Peace. So these Jews were suppose to have recognized Him. There had to be something really wrong that they didn't recognize Him, although, we know that some recognized Him like Joseph of Arimathaea.


But the ones that didn't recognize Him, there had to be something really wrong there for them to not recognize Him, especially the members of the Sanhedrin and all of the rabbis that studied Kabbalah. It's impossible for them to have not recognized Him. There had to be something wrong with their mind. I think what was wrong with their mind was that they were completely given over to their carnal mind and possibly something very similar to what's going on in this country today. For politicians and people who are responsible to the people of this nation, to look right into a TV camera and lie right to the face of the people, a lot of them believing their own lies, there has to be something wrong with their mind. I think that was the condition of Judah when Jesus appeared. There was no logical reason for them not to recognize who He was. Even the scripture where Jesus says, I have no place to rest my head is a teaching in the Kabbalistic literature. It says the first three sefirah, Keter (the crown) that's the hidden part, Wisdom and Understanding are the head and everything underneath that is the body; grace, beauty, force or strength, victory, overcoming, identification with God and the spiritual male and female.


When Jesus said I have no place to rest my head, He was saying that I have arrived here in Judah and I'm your head. I'm the head and I cannot find any of these attributes of God in Judah. Wisdom and Understanding and Keter, the hidden aspect of God, manifests as Knowledge. So Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding came to Judah in the form of Jesus of Nazareth and He said, I could not find the rest of my body. He could not find grace, could not find the White Throne Judgment, which is beauty or Tiferet, could not find the force or the power of God, could not find overcoming power, could not find identification with God and neither could He find the male organ or the female of God, which is what the Hebrews call the Shekinah and we would call it Christ Jesus. He couldn't find Christ in the people. So the head came, but the body wasn't there. That's what He meant. So I'm finding that I'm understanding the New Testament more and more as I read these very informative statements and opinions in Kabbalah. One thing that I do really respect about the Kabbalistic literature is that it is very common for it to say, well, what does such and such a scripture mean and give an explanation of that scripture. Then it says, and yet another opinion is, and it gives another explanation of the scripture. Sometimes it even says, and a third opinion is, that this is what this scripture means.


There is not one interpretation that is being forced on everyone. There is a lot of liberty in Kabbalah, but on the other hand, to pursue Kabbalah without being convinced that it is the Lord that is leading you could be very dangerous. I read about one rabbi who was so aware of this that he would not even open his books without praying that the Lord protect him against error and deception. As soon as you start getting spiritual, the danger of error is there. But are you so afraid of being spiritual that you're going to die in your carnality? You have to take your chances, but know this, if you're hearing this tape or reading this transcript, your life has to be morally and ethically pure. If your life is not morally or ethically pure, if you are in fornication, which is accepted in this world today, or any other kind of unethical activity, you need to know that you're in great danger pursuing spiritual studies of any source. So your life has to be as pure as it could be in your behavior. You have to be pursing righteousness and the Kingdom of God with all of your strength and then if you feel He's leading you, you follow Him. It's better than just dying because of the death in carnality. Are there any questions or comments on this message today?


COMMENTS: I was just thinking that the Catholic Bible mentions the Angel Raphael. I'm not certain about the other one.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, one book that I picked up (I'm not even sure which book it was) they must have had ten different angels listed. Like I'm telling you, for some reason it makes me uncomfortable, but I don't know why. We will find out. I'm sure the Lord will reveal it to me, eventually. Just in case I didn't make it clear, you had asked me at the beginning of this message, did I think that the immortals were angels? I think that they are. I think they're the angels of the spiralline sefirot that had their feet cut off. To have your feet cut off means to lose your identification with God. I remember for years, I would hear it preached in the church in Revelation Chapter 12 about the angels that fell and I would say, where do they get this stuff from? Well, apparently some people have read some other books that talk about these fallen angels. So I guess the concept of fallen angels is a reality, but we'll see what the Lord has to say to us about it.


What this looks like is that the circular sefirot, when they're in right relationship with Adam Kadmon's linear sefirot, that they are the serpent who is protected and in right order. I've been saying that all this time, that the serpent is not being destroyed. Satan is being destroyed because she is an evil sea that is an evil influence and Leviathan has to be consumed, but the basic serpent, the dark side of the creation, is not going to be destroyed because the creation is a creation of darkness and light. Nevertheless, I don't see this in Kabbalah. Maybe it appears in other books. I have several books here. I don't see really very much talk at all about the darkness. But the book of Job does say that there was a day that the sons of God fell.


I would like to go to a completely different subject right now and show you something that the Lord showed me. Actually, it is the exposure of an error in Kabbalistic doctrine. I want to tell you that this is very disconcerting for me to be reading books written by acknowledged great sages of several centuries and to be telling you or pointing out a mistake that the greatest of all these sages has made. But the Lord just told me and confirmed it to me that He is not so much pointing up errors (and He is pointing up errors) but His purpose is for perfecting the doctrine that will set His people free, which will be a combination of the Doctrine of Christ and Kabbalistic theory. The Lord Jesus wants to set His people free. Now I told you on this very message earlier, that my understanding of the whole purpose of Adam Kadmon is to create a structure in mortal man that will be able to receive the power of the Infinite, the light of the Infinite. When that light of the Infinite enters into us, it imparts eternal life to us. Okay, I told you that. This structure is being created in us. The Lord Jesus Christ is the completed structure, the entire Ten Sefirot, and all of the internal workings of the Ten Sefirot. Also, according to other messages that I've given you, the Ten Sefirot are in us, completed in Jesus Christ and the four worlds are within us and all of the Partzufim of the four worlds are within us in Jesus Christ because He is complete.


So we receive the seed of the completed One and as we pursue the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, that seed develops into a reproduction, a living reproduction of the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of His Son, Christ Jesus, the hope of glory, in you and in me. Therefore the Lord said to me, Sheila, yes it's very possible that I could be manifesting through you to bring forth the correction in Kabbalistic doctrine because none of these great sages were completed. They had a relationship with Almighty God. They had the word of God. They had revelation. They had a great deal, but none of them was completed. I'm not saying that I am completed, but I am saying that the completed One is preaching through me. Therefore, it is rational and very possible that the Lord Jesus is bringing a correction to the doctrine of a great teacher who was not complete. So I feel better about that and now I would like to point out a contradiction between the Doctrine of Christ and Isaac Luria's Kabbalistic theory. I believe, not just Isaac Luria, but perhaps all of the earlier sages believe the same thing or perhaps Isaac Luria just brought this forth. I really don't know.


Now, we know that according to the Doctrine of Christ, Adam, who we know to be Adam in the garden, was the collective consciousness of all of the royal seed of Jehovah, that was imparted to the creation. We know that that Adam died and when he died, the collective consciousness of all the royal seeds broke apart. The seeds separated. They were no longer functioning as one mind or as one man. When they broke apart, those seeds were captured by the primordial serpent, covered with earth and engraved with the serpent's nature. When the primordial serpent acquired the spiritual seminal fluid of Jehovah, with both the waters and the seed, she became the Dragon. As soon as she acquired the power of the creation, the serpent became the Dragon, the male of the creation that the primordial serpent formed after she stole the primordial substance. She broke Adam apart, stole the primordial substance and reformed the creation in her own image. The result of it is, or the physical manifestation of that, is this world that we are living in right now. Now I'm going to take you a step at a time, and I'm going to apply that doctrine, the little bit of the Doctrine of Christ that we just talked about, to Kabbalistic theory. Now I remind you that Adam Kadmon is a being, the oldest primordial being whose person consists of both circular and linear sefirot. The sefirot represents the attributes of God.


I have drawn on the board just two of the circles. You may recall that the most outer circle is Adam Kadmon and the next circle inward, going towards the center, is the World of Points. Now I don't know if I gave you this drawing before. I may have given you a drawing in the previous part where I show the World of Emanation, the World of Creation, the World of Formation and the World of Action. According to Lurianic Kabbalah, the World of Points was the first world to issue and the World of Points issued from Adam Kadmon's eyes. It was from his eyes. A series of points came out, points of light that were not relating to one another. They came out from Adam Kadmon's eyes. They took the form of the next circle in Adam Kadmon's circular aspect. It was when that World of Points was destroyed that the light that formed the World of Points was reconfigured into the four worlds; the World of Emanation, the World of Creation, the World of Formation and the World of Action. In the previous part of this series that we're doing, I showed you concentric circles with Adam Kadmon in the outermost circle and those four worlds. Today, I have concentric circles showing Adam Kadmon and then the World of Points. I don't think time existed then. We're talking about a different configuration of the creation. We're talking about an earlier configuration of the creation.


First the World of Points was formed. The World of Points was broken. The vessels of the World of Points was broken and the essence or the light that was contained in that world was reconfigured into the four worlds that you see in the diagrams from the previous message. I would like to suggest to you, that according to the Doctrine of Christ, Adam, the living soul of the Doctrine of Christ (if we try to relate him to one of the aspects of Lurianic Kabbalah) we would have to say that the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon is the counterpart in Kabbalah theory. Why do I say that? Because Lurianic Kabbalah says that the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon is what is called the image of God. The nature of God is not revealed in the circles. The nature of God is revealed in the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon. Lurianic theory also says that the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon are called soul. The Hebrew word is nefesh. That's talking about the animal life and the animal nature, the animal essence. The linear aspects of Adam Kadmon are called ruach, which is spirit. Now going back to the Doctrine of Christ for a minute, we're told that Adam was a living soul. He was a nefesh that was alive. I honestly don't recall at the moment whether it's nefesh or Kiya. Kiya means life and nefesh means soul.


According to the Doctrine of Christ, Adam the living soul, the one that broke apart and died because he was overcome by the serpent is corresponding to Lurianic Kabbalah as the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon. Why do I say this? Because the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon, we're told, in accordance with Lurianic Kabbalah, is the image and the nature of God. According to the Doctrine of Christ, we're told that Adam the living soul, is in the image and the nature of God. So we're drawing a correspondence. 


We're drawing a correlation, we're drawing a relationship between Adam, the living soul of the Doctrine of Christ and the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon of Lurianic Kabbalistic theory or Kabbalistic doctrine. What do these two Adams have in common? Adam, the living soul and the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon; what do they have in common? Can anyone answer that question? Okay, I'll tell you again. What they have in common is that we are told that they both have and express the nature of God. Now Lurianic Kabbalah tells us that Adam Kadmon's circular aspects do not reflect the nature of God. We're told that those circular aspects are nefesh, soul alone, not living soul, just soul. That soul lines up with the ox of the Doctrine of Christ. Remember we're told that Adam, the living soul, Adam who was in the nature of God, was married to or joined to a spiritual ox. Well, according to Lurianic Kabbalah, that spiritual ox would correlate with the circular sefirot of Adam Kadmon because we're told that the circular sefirot are nefesh. Adam was a living soul. The part of him that was alive was the spirit and then he was joined to an animal nature called an ox. In Lurianic Kabbalah, the linear Adam Kadmon is the spirit and the circular sefirot are the soul.


So what we have here on the one hand is the Doctrine of Christ. We have a parable talking about what most Christians believe to be a humanoid man. Then I come along and start teaching he's married to a spiritual ox. Some people have a problem with that. But in Lurianic Kabbalah, we see that it's no longer a parable, although it's still a parable, but it's a parable on a higher level. We don't see Lurianic Kabbalah saying Adam Kadmon is married to a spiritual ox. We see Lurianic Kabbalah saying the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon, which are the image of God is joined to the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon, which are soul. See, it doesn't say spiritual ox; it just says soul (nefesh)animal nature. But it's really saying the same thing. The image of God, the nature of God is joined to nefesh, the animal nature. The image of God, spirit (ruach) is joined to nefesh, animal nature. The Doctrine of Christ says, yes, Adam was joined to a spiritual ox; same thing, if you can hear it. Now here's the problem that I have. Are there any questions about this? Is everybody okay? Now here's my question or here's my point.


We know that the Doctrine of Christ says that Adam, the living soul, was the collective consciousness of all of the royal seeds that came forth from Jehovah in the form of His spiritual seminal fluid. It was the beginning of the creation and that the collective consciousness of Adam, the living soul, by his magnetic force held all of those royal seeds in proper relationship with himself and the creation was righteous. The creation had an imputed righteousness because Adam was holding all of the royal seeds in right relationship with himself. Adam, himself, was in right relationship with Elohim, who was in right relationship with Jehovah. The whole creation was in right relationship with Jehovah and an imputed righteousness existed. That's what the Doctrine of Christ says. Now Lurianic Kabbalah says the same thing, if you can hear it. Lurianic Kabbalah says that Adam Kadmon created his circular aspects first, that were nefesh, animal nature, and then he created his linear aspects and that the linear aspects are the image of God. The circular aspects are just soul and Adam Kadmon in his linear nature is the channel that the light of the Infinite flows into. Adam Kadmon in his linear aspect is the receptacle for the life giving light of the Infinite One, which flows into Adam Kadmon and nourishes all of the circular sefirot that are not in the nature of God. So if you can hear it, we're saying the same thing in two different ways. Is everybody okay?


Now here's the contradiction. The Doctrine of Christ says that the ox that Adam was married to, which was formed from the earth, is the substance that the serpent is made of. That ox was seduced by her earthen nature and was pulled by her earthen nature to resist Adam's magnetic hold on her. When that ox that Adam was married to, pulled away from Adam's magnetic field, she broke or the magnetic field broke that was holding all of the seeds together. When that ox pulled away, when she agreed with her serpentine nature, when she agreed with her circular nature, rather than with the righteous nature of Adam, the whole configuration of the collective being called Adam, broke apart. It was Adam, the living soul, that died. We fell down into this world and we became mortal. Every human being on the face of the earth today is a physical expression of one of Jehovah's royal seeds that fell into the earth, that was covered over by the earth and became an earth worm. That royal seed, which is spirit, now lives under the earth of our personality and the earth of our carnal mind. We, the personality, are manifestations of that spiritual ox that is covering over the royal seed which is suppose to be our husband and our opportunity to receive the life giving light of the Eternal One. That's what the Doctrine of Christ says. Adam, the living soul, died.


Now we go to Lurianic Kabbalah. Remember now, it says that Adam, the living soul, can be likened to Adam Kadmon's linear sefirot. We already established that because they're both in the image of God. Now Lurianic Kabbalah says, oh no, Adam Kadmon didn't die, but the World of Points died. The next circle after Adam Kadmon in the circular sefirot is the World of Points. The points of light that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes is the world that died. That's the world that broke apart. Every world comes in three parts. It has a vessel, the light that the vessel contains and then a surrounding light. So we're told that all of the vessels of the World of Points could not contain the light that was poured into them. You see, that World of Points is right next to Adam Kadmon and the light of the Infinite flowed into Adam Kadmon, so the World of Points got a heavy dose of that light. They were right next to Adam Kadmon in his circular aspect. Those vessels of the World of Points could not contain the light that poured into them and they broke. You see, we see nothing about evil, nothing about a magnetic field breaking apart, nothing about good and evil. It was simply a case of the vessels not being able to contain the light. They broke and they fell down into the World of Action where we are and became the evil beings of the World of Action.


So we see that Kabbalah recognizes that there's evil in the world and they recognize that there are evil beings in the world. Lurianic Kabbalah also says that some sparks of the light that were contained in the vessels also fell down into the World of Action and are trapped down here. Therefore, it is the job of mortal man to assist God in seeking out these sparks of life or sparks of light and liberating them and purifying this fallen world. So far, I have not heard anything in my readings where any of the books of Kabbalah claim that it is man who is evil. We are good and evil. Man fell down from righteousness into good and evil according to the Doctrine of Christ. But according to Lurianic Kabbalah, it wasn't the man who fell down; it was the World of Points, which Lurianic Kabbalah tells us is nefesh, soul. So what Lurianic Kabbalah is saying is that it's the ox that fell. The soul broke apart and fell down. It doesn't say anything about the spirit man breaking apart and falling down and on the contrary, tells us that the spirit man, Adam Kadmon's linear aspects, were not touched. It was just the World of Points, the animal nature, that fell down.


So we see here a contradiction between the Doctrine of Christ and Lurianic Kabbalah and it is a contradiction that points up a major problem in the doctrine. There is no exhortation that I have yet seen, towards the people who are pursuing God through this Kabbalistic doctrine to expose, to face or to deal with the negative aspects of the creation that dwell within mortal man. So we see a lot of truth in this doctrine, a lot of high spiritual truth, but there is a major fault here. The major fault is that there is no instruction or revelation as to the fact that we, mortal man, are the vessels that fell down. We are the ox. We are the present day manifestations of the spiritual ox, the vessel that held the spirit of Adam, the living soul. The very serious problem here, is that to pursue this kind of high spiritual doctrine without a knowledge and an understanding that evil forces are present in all mortal men is dangerous. When we start to ascend spiritually, this kind of doctrine will stir up our spiritual potential for ascension. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual potential for ascension. If we start stimulating that Fiery Serpent to ascend without simultaneously dealing with her and moving to control her through the recognition of our own sin nature, we will ascend in the serpent's timeline. You see, when the Fiery Serpent ascends, Satan ascends with her and Satan is the unconscious part of our carnal mind, which generates evil thoughts and evil inclinations.


So as we studied this high doctrine, the doctrine, itself, is mostly clean from what I've seen. I did see one notation about meditating on the universe which I do not believe is of God. But by and large, there is some excellent revelation in these books. It's really blessed me. But there's no acknowledgment that I have yet seen that it is dangerous to engage in the study of a high spiritual doctrine that will surely result in the stimulation of your Fiery Serpent. Causing your Fiery Serpent to ascend without simultaneously recognizing that when she ascends, Satan increases within you and wars against Christ and it is a serious problem. Satan must be exposed, recognized and warred against if you want to ascend in the timeline that leads to righteousness with God. So here we have the perfect explanation as to why so many Jews went off into witchcraft, so many, to the point that modern day Jewish rabbis will not touch this teaching because there have been many disastrous results, sometimes even mental and physical instability. So here we see the Lord is exposing a major error in the doctrine claiming that the soul, not the living soul, the animal nature, what we would call the ox, fell down, but that the spirit man didn't fall down. Yes, the soul fell down. The ox fell down. We are the present day manifestations of the ox, but the spirit man fell down also.


It was just a question that I put before the Lord and this is what came forth, that it's an error, because I saw the contradiction. It's a foundational error. Now I'm waiting for the Lord to show me how I could explain the fall in terms of the Doctrine of Christ and Lurianic Kabbalah. I guess I would have to say that it was that linear aspect of Adam Kadmon that was somehow swallowed up by the circular aspects. We will see what additional information the Lord gives us about that from the Lurianic Kabbalah point of view. I would just have to say that the linear aspect was swallowed up and that the spiralline aspect took over the whole being. What I don't know and what I would like the Lord to show me, from the Lurianic Kabbalah point of view, is how the sefirot of the World of Points reconfigured itself for the spiralline aspects to start to appear as the linear aspects. Each world has ten sefirot within it. See, from the Doctrine of Christ, we know that when the serpent destroyed Adam, she then made herself into a spiritual male and took over the male role. We'll have to see what the Lord will show me here and how He would have me express this reality from a Lurianic Kabbalah point of view. At the moment it's not coming to me. I don't see how to do it. But we do know that we did speak earlier on this message about the fact that the serpent's feet were cut off. The Lord did reveal to us that that means that the serpent or the spiralline aspect of Adam Kadmon lost its identity with the nature of God.


But I don't see anything that would indicate that the aspect of Adam Kadmon that was in the nature of God was destroyed. From there, Lurianic Kabbalah goes on and offers a very interesting study on the formation of the linear aspect of the sefirot and how they support one another and relate to one another and become a strong structure for the dispensation of the life giving light of the Infinite One, which is very interesting. If the Lord lets me, I will share that with you and then we have to find out what the Lord wants us to do with all this information. Maybe, He just wants us to go back to translating. I'm not sure. I'm just taking it a day at a time. Any questions or any comments?


COMMENT: I was just wondering if the Kabbalah people ever mention the Bible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, do you mean the Scripture or the Bible as a book? Most of the Kabbalah is a spiritual commentary on the Scripture, so they're very much involved with the Scripture.


What we're dealing with now is a foundation for interpreting the Scripture. They do a lot of work with the Hebrew letters. I don't know to what degree the Lord wants us to go into that. It's just very complicated and they have all of these formulas that they use with the numerical value of the letters. The following is my personal feeling and it could turn out that I'm wrong and I don't mean this in a bad way because it worked for them. With all of these machinations, they wound up with deep revelation, giving the numerical values of the word, spelling out the holy name, the abbreviation, the Tetragrammaton of the holy name and all of these details and calculations, but I think that they largely come up with the same revelation that we're getting through the mind of Christ. Now if I'm wrong, the Lord will have to show it to me, but that's really what I'm thinking. I even noticed as we read the Alternate Translation of Judges 16 before I started preaching this evening, that I was referring to King Adam and I realized that yes, I do that a lot in my translations. I now understand that the title king is referring to the tenth sefirot and it refers to the manifestation of the nature of God in mortal man.


So, a lot of the revelation that is evident in Lurianic Kabbalah has been coming forth, but coming forth very slowly. I have to work it up. I have to study and it's a very slow process. The Lord had shown me a long time ago that once He has information that's written down in a book, He just doesn't take up the time of His saints because He has other things that He wants us to do to start working up our own revelation. Once it's in a book, He gives me the book to read. This is the same principle that goes for other people concerning the Doctrine of Christ. There are a lot of Christians out there filled with pride that don't want to study with this ministry. They want God to give it to them directly. Well, He's not likely to do that because once it's in a book, once it's preached, He doesn't go teaching the other people coming along. He sends you to the book. Apparently, this Hebrew book was just translated into English last year in 1999 with all this revelation and how the parts of the body relate to many scriptures. He talks about the breath of His mouth and the anger of His nose. I never knew how to interpret those words. So now I know. Within a year after the book was published, He put it in my hands so I could start to get this revelation. It might have taken me five years to work all this revelation up. He's moving us; He's moving us forward.


Only time will tell how far He wants us to go with Kabbalah, but right now we're working on this book which is teaching foundational principles for interpretation of the Scripture. We'll just take it a day at a time or a service at a time and we'll see how far He wants us to go. I have no inclination to be teaching on all of this manipulation of the Hebrew letters. To be honest with you, it gives me a headache when I try to think about its intricate details. But I don't hear any word from the Lord whether to teach it or not teach it. All I know is that He has put me in this book and I will read it until I finish it or until He tells me to stop reading it. We'll take it a service at a time. I think He's fed us today. I think it was a good message. Any questions or comments? Okay, God bless you.


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