531 - Part 8

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Well, Praise the Lord, I was just telling you about a dream that I had about five years ago in which I was looking out of a window, and I was on the third floor which would probably typify....I was either on the third or the fourth floor. I was either in the belly (3rd) energy center or the heart (4th) energy center, and I looked down and I saw this big tank. It was filled with water, actively swirling water like from a rapids, only it was in a big tank. I looked up and I saw that I was looking out of a window that was a part of a high rise, and there were many, many, many stories up above me. I could see people looking out of the windows in higher stories, and there was communication between the people on the different stories that were above me. Nobody seemed to be talking to me, but I did see communication on the higher levels. I prayed about that dream for years. I forget most of my dreams, but this one I never forgot.


Not too long after I had that dream, the Lord did bring forth the revelation to me about the reservoir of energy within us. We all have a reservoir of energy within us. We have to learn how to use it, we have to learn how to tap into it. In my dream, the energy was on the ground level. It was on a lower level than I was at so, therefore, technically, it should have been accessible to me because I was above it, but I knew in the dream that I did not know how to lay hold of this energy. I didn't know how to lay hold of it, and I never did find the answer until just this morning, about the building that I was in and what it meant.


We talking this morning about a dream that somebody had in which a very large high rise building descended upon this present ministry and increased us, and just a few minutes ago the revelation came forth that, that high rise building in this man's dream was the same high rise building that was in my dream of five years ago, and that the high rise building signifies the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon, while the surging water in the tank that I was above signifies the circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon consists of linear and circular Sefirot, and his linear Sefirot is male to the circular Sefirot, and the reason I was above the waters in this big tank is that, at the time of the dream, I did have some victory over Satan. The swirling waters are Satan. The personal name of the swirling waters to us here in this fallen world is Satan, and I did have some victory, some overcoming of Satan's power to be where I was and preaching what I was preaching five years ago.


I think it was about 4-5 years ago that I had that dream, but I still didn't know how to access the power. Now, the Lord has told me some very interesting things recently, and these messages are up to Part 8, and we are still short of just jumping all over the place. I hope, as of the next message, to start, well it is my intention right now, to go back to the beginning of one of the books that I'm studying, and to do a very detailed study. I've given you just a broad idea of Kabbalah up until now, but I hope to go back to the beginning and take the study in much more detail and with specific notes to teach from and to give you so that you can study and familiarize yourself with the concepts.


We are still just hitting here and there. We have been hitting all around for almost three months now, I believe, or close to three months, as I tried myself to get enough of a grasp on the message to give you a more focused understanding of it, and I do believe that, eventually, we will be translating the Scriptures using the principles of Kabbalah to help us to enter into deeper understandings of the Scripture, the end result of which will be that we will ascend into higher levels of the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon.


The linear aspect of Adam Kadmon goes all the way up into eternity, goes all the way up into infinity because Adam Kadmon has descended to us from the Unlimited One. Adam Kadmon is that thread of light that entered into the empty space which became the filter or the holding tank for the light of the Infinite to pour into. That light of the Infinite that pours out of his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and I haven't studied further enough to see if the light pours out of any other parts of his body. I have read that there are 248 parts to Adam Kadmon, and 365 veins. I have no idea what that means at this point, but as far as these studies have gone, we know that the light of the Infinite One has poured out through Adam Kadmon's eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and that the reason for this filtering of the light of the Infinite One is that the light is so powerful that it would destroy us if it emptied itself into us completely.


Also there has to be a separation between the light of the Infinite One that is outside the circle of creation, and the light of the Infinite One that is inside the circle of creation because if there is no separation between the light of the Infinite One that is inside the circle, and the light of the Infinite One that is outside the circle, the light inside the circle will flow together with the light outside the circle, and there will be no field of creation. See, that empty space, or that circular space, is the field of creation. It is the field in which creation is being formed.


Of course, as I've told you recently, Isaac Luria calls, and a lot of other teachers that teach Kabbalah, call that space an empty space, but, as far as I'm concerned, it is not an empty space. From our point of view, it is an empty space. It is empty compared to that which exists outside of the space. In other words, the light of the Infinite One inside the space is so degraded in comparison to the power of the light outside the empty space that, to our mortal mind, it appears that there is no light in the empty space. We cannot comprehend the light.


There are invisible aspects to everything. In other words, I hold up this page to you. There is an invisible aspect to this page that I cannot see because my sight is not functioning on that level. To man, the empty space, the field of creation, appears to be empty, but God knows it is not empty because God can see the grade of His own light that is in that space. So everything is relative.


We see that the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon originates in the Infinite, in the Unlimited One. Adam Kadmon is a thread of the light or a thread of the essence of the Unlimited One in His linear aspect. Adam Kadmon's circular aspects have no connection to the Unlimited One other than the linear aspect that penetrates them. The circular aspects of Adam Kadmon have no direct contact with the Infinite One other than the light of the Infinite One that flows through the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon. Is everyone OK with that?


We see that the high rise building is the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon which originate in eternity, it originates with the Unlimited One, the Hebrews call Him Eyn Sof. We can call Him God Almighty. He is the nameless aspect of God, the causeless cause. There is no one before Him, and no one that He generates from. He always was. He has always existed, and He has no personal name. He's called the Almighty or the Unlimited One.


He sent a thread of His light into the empty space, and that thread is called Adam Kadmon, and Adam Kadmon is signified by this high rise building that I see now that the building goes up into the clouds. When I had the dream, I know that I could not see the top of the building, but what's interesting to me is that I saw people. There were many people on the upper levels. They were way beyond me. They were on these higher levels of the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon, so I don't really know what that means. I have to wait for the Lord to teach me. I don't know whether they signify angels or they just signify other people that are just higher than me. They looked like regular everyday people. They didn't look like we would think angels would look. What do angels look like? They look like mortal men.


So the high rise building is the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, and the holding tank with the surging water in it is the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon. Now, Adam Kadmon has within Himself both negative and positive forces, and the positive forces are in His linear aspect, and the negative forces are in His circular aspect.


I would just like to diverge for a minute to sort of pull this deep teaching into reality. This is a mystery, but Adam Kadmon exists on an infinite number of levels, and Adam Kadmon exists in us. Today, He exists to us in the person of Christ who is the Son of the Lord Jesus Christ. Adam Kadmon exists on all of these levels. I've asked the Lord to tell me how to identify what level we are talking about, and I don't have the answer yet, because within each of these ten levels that you see upon the board is another ten levels, and within each of those ten levels is another ten levels ad infinitum. It just goes on and on and on.


So how do we distinguish which level of Adam we are talking about? I don't know yet, but I know that this is what the Lord taught me this morning, that we are Adam. That mortal men are manifestations of Adam down on the lowest level. Our world is the lowest level, and the condition of mortal man is that the circular Sefirot have completely swallowed up the linear Sefirot, and mortal man exists solely within the circular which are the negative aspects of humanity, which aspects are typified by the Fiery Serpent, and the spirilline aspects of the Dragon's world, Satan and Leviathan and everything that we have talked about in the Doctrine of Christ exists within the circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, who exists on an infinite number of levels. And as Adam Kadmon descends, He expands into more and more worlds. Each human being is a world. Each of us is a world unto our self.


In other words, what I draw on the board for you concerning Adam Kadmon exists inside of you on a much, much lower level, but we can learn about the greatness of God by relating it to ourselves because we all know what we go through. We all know the emotions that we have to overcome, we know the emerge of the emotions that surge through us manifesting as negative energy, the energy that is in that holding tank that have on the board, surging, raging, passions and emotions. Those of us in whom Adam Kadmon has been swallowed up to a large degree have no power over those surging emotions, and people like that wind up....people who have a minimum, most people have some control over their emotions, but there are people who have very little control. They wind up in jail, they wind up mentally ill.


So this battle is going on in the midst of every human being, and we see a lot of people overcoming one way or another, in particular in this society. It is happening more and more. We have gambling anonymous, we have sex anonymous, we have alcoholics anonymous, we have narcotics anonymous, people spending money out of control, credit card addiction, people addiction. We have all kinds of addictions because we are lacking the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon. When we are reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ, what that does is reconnect to the Adam Kadmon of a higher level.


I know I was completely devastated when the Lord found me. I was physically dying for lack of the qualities of the linear Adam Kadmon, which we know is the Lord Jesus Christ. Wisdom, the wisdom of God, understanding, knowledge, the grace of God, the overcoming power of God, identification with God, the White Throne Judgment of God which would show me what was wrong with my thinking and show me the right way. I was lacking all of these things, and I was being destroyed. Because, you see, when Adam Kadmon is present in you, He is the channel for the light of the Infinite to pour into you, for that energy to pour into you, for that positive energy to pour into you which is power to control and overcome the surging passions known to us as Satan.


So we are the manifestations of the circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon that have gotten away from our husband. We have heard this message before. It is the same message. The Lord Jesus Christ, He's our husband, and the average human being is cut off from Him. When we are married to Him, when there is a complete union between Adam Kadmon's linear and circular aspects, that man who experiences that is completely protected from the negative forces of the creation, and that man is "even," that man experiences joy and peace. I've heard a lot of talk by preachers, very well-meaning preachers on TV recently, about how we should be happy and filled with joy, but, brethren, we can only receive the happiness of this world. The happiness of this world is not the happiness that the Scripture talks about.


The happiness that the Scripture talks about is the happiness that comes from having all of our spiritual elements in their proper relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. When we have peace with God, we will experience true spiritual joy, which spiritual joy emanates from us, and is a protection against evil events in our life, because, brethren, nothing evil can happen to you if you are not open to it in your spiritual being. That is a hard word, but it is the truth.


Someone told me a long time ago that you cannot get sick, or you cannot get a virus, a cold that would come from a virus unless the virus is in your body. Being exposed to cold or damp weather cannot make you sick. There has to be a virus in your body to make you sick, and that is why some people can be exposed to cold, damp whether, and they don't get sick because their body is defensed. Brethren, we would not get sick, we would not die, we would not have financial problems, we would not have any problems in our life if our internal spiritual being was completely balanced and in right relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. So we are lacking.


Are there any questions about the drawing?


COMMENT: Yes, the high rise building actually looks like a tree with the circles around the top of it.


PASTOR VITALE: No, it is not a tree. Those are clouds. It goes up into the clouds. I could not see the top of the building.


COMMENT: Then I also felt that it might be significance as a tree, that was just my feelings.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's what the Lord quickened to you.


COMMENT: I was thinking when you were talking about Adam Kadmon being a thread of light, it gave new meaning to the saying in the world "hanging on by a thread."


PASTOR VITALE: That's true. All this wisdom in this world, and we don't know where it came from.


I have several disjointed things to talk to you about today, and I'm having a little trouble putting them together, but I think I will go forward from here by doing another drawing.


This is Drawing #2, and what I'm trying to convey to you here is that the four worlds are the creation of Adam Kadmon. As Adam Kadmon descends into the empty space, He forms the worlds. As the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon descends into the empty space, the worlds form as He passes through the empty space. Can you hear that everybody? The worlds form as Adam Kadmon passes through and into and through the empty space. The worlds form around Him. Is everybody OK with that? As Adam Kadmon descends into the empty space, the circular worlds form around Him. The worlds are circular. For all intents and purposes, Adam Kadmon is linear. He has circular aspects, and the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon are the worlds that form around Him.


We are mind, and we have a spirit. We are spirit and mind, and we have a body that's formed around us. So Adam Kadmon, the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon is signified by ten Sefirot, and, as I have told you before, each Sefirot has within it another ten, and then each one of the ten has within it another ten. Well, the way The World of Emanation is formed is that the lowest of Adam Kadmon's Sefirot, the Malkhut, descends into the empty space. She goes in first, the is the tenth Sefirot, she goes in first, and it is actually her lower seven Sefirot. Now listen, this is the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon, and all of these ten Sefirot are within the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon. Can you hear that? There are ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, and the lowest one, the tenth one, her name is Malkhut, and within Malkhut we start all over again. There are ten Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed. Within the lowest Sefirot of Adam Kadmon there are ten more Sefirot. Is everybody OK?


The lowest of those ten Sefirot that are within the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon, these last seven, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Malkhut, they descend into the empty space to form around herself The World of Emanation, and each of the worlds has within them ten Sefirot which is mind-boggling, but what helps me is to understand that the ten Sefirot in the worlds, the circular Sefirot, we stop calling them by the names of the Sefirot. We start calling the worlds by the names of the Partzufim. We don't talk about Arikh Anpin being a part of Adam Kadmon's linear aspects. The Partzufim, Arikh Anpin, Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva, these Partzufim, these personalities appear in the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon. They appear in the worlds. In each of the four worlds, we see the personalities, and we are talking now about how these worlds are formed.


I will say it as many times as I have to. Are there any questions, anything you don't understand about what I said so far?


These personalities, they are not appearing in the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon. We refer to the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon by the ten Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkhut. So as soon as you hear, well most of the time, when you hear the names of the ten Sefirot, most of the time, we are talking about the linear male penetrating aspect of Adam Kadmon, and when you hear the names of the Partzufim, the personalities, Arikh Anpin, Abba, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin, and Nukva, you know we are talking about the worlds, the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon. Is everybody OK?


Now, we know that these personalities represent the qualities of the ten Sefirot, but we are dealing with them in terms of personality which certainly makes it easier because Adam Kadmon's linear or male aspect is interacting with His circular aspects. Self-fertilization. We have many plants that are self-fertilizing, but human beings are not self-fertilizing. The Lord revealed here a long time ago that if you are looking for a natural example of how spirit operates, look at the plant world. Don't look at the animal world because spirit is not like the animal world. The circular aspects are like the animal world.


What we are talking about here is generation. We are talking about a form of spiritual sex. I think it is pretty obvious that the linear aspects of Adam Kadmon penetrating into the circular aspects is a form of intercourse. He's penetrating Himself, and the result of that or the fruit of that penetration is that first off, The World of Emanation is formed, and, then as He keeps on descending, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The The World of Action are formed.


The way these worlds are formed is that the lowest level...once we start to go from the The World of Emanation to The World of Creation, we are talking about Nukva here who has ten Sefirot within her, and the last seven Sefirot of the Malkhut of Nukva, it is enough to make you crazy, but to make it simple without getting into all these names, the lowest element of Nukva of The World of Emanation takes on a male aspect and descends and penetrates into the lower worlds and establishes these five Partzufim in The World of Creation, and then the lowest aspect of Nukva, Malkhut is always the lowest, the lowest aspect of Nukva in The World of Creation. Who is the lowest aspect of Nukva?


COMMENT: Malkhut.




So the lowest Sefirot of Nukva, Malkhut, and her lowest aspects, the lowest seven, descend as a male penetration into The World of Creation, and we see the five Partzufim created here in The World of Formation. So she keeps putting down branches of herself. If you want to liken it to the plant world, she keeps putting down branches of herself, going lower and lower, and the worlds are formed around her, but the bottom line is that what started it all is the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon, and all these worlds are formed around Him. Any questions or comments? I'm going to go as slow as I have to. I see Xxxxx staring. Do you need more time? OK.


Now we know there are five Partzufim, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and here's this other name Atik Yomin. Atik Yomin is the mediator. These seven aspects of the Malkhut that descend into the lower world become the Atik Yomin of the lower worlds. In other words, this Atik Yomin over here. Atik Yomin is the seven lower aspects of the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon that descended into the empty space to form The World of Emanation. The Malkhut of Adam Kadmon descended into the circular Sefirot to form The World of Emanation , and that aspect of The World of Emanation, that really is still a part of Adam Kadmon is called Atik Yomin.


When the lowest part of Nukva in The World of Emanation descends into The World of Creation to establish the five Partzufim in the The World of Creation, these lower seven aspects of Nukva of The World of Emanation that descends into the lower world to establish it, those seven aspects of the Nukva of The World of Emanation that immigrates into the The World of Creation to establish it and build ten Sefirot in The World of Creation becomes Atik Yomin.


So we see that Atik Yomin, which, by the way, means Ancient of Days. Atik Yomin, where ever he is appearing, is an aspect of the world above. Atik Yomin, where ever he is appearing is an aspect of the world above. When I have a baby, and that baby comes out between my legs, whatever is in that baby of me, my blood, my tissues, my genetic heritage, aspects of me are in that baby. I have brought forth that baby, and I have given some of myself to that baby.


So the Malkhut that descends into the next lower space to establish that space as one of the four worlds to bring into existence the Sefirot and the Partzufim, that part of the world above that descended to do the work is called the Atik Yomin, and is the head of the world that it establishes. I just had a baby, I brought it into existence, I've given it my genetic heritage, my tissues, my blood, and I'm the head of that baby. Even when that baby becomes an adult, I'm not supposed to try and dominate it, but a mother is always a mother, and a father is always a father. You are the head of that baby, you brought it into the world. Atik Yomin, the Ancient of Days, is the aspect of the world above that brought the present world into existence and stays with the present world. Is everybody OK? Do you have a question?


COMMENT: So it is just like the DNA diminishing as it goes down to our physical world?


PASTOR VITALE: That is true. It does get weaker and weaker. The light does get dimmer and dimmer as it goes toward the center of the earth, but here's the catch.


If everything is in order, Adam Kadmon is descending, and the light of the Infinite will pour through Adam Kadmon and give light to the world in the farthest, outer darkness, in the world's farthest....now remember, the light is outside of the circles also. The field of creation is within the essence of Almighty God which is light, which manifests as light. So, the world in the center, our world is as far away as you can get from the light that's out there as possible, but because of the construction of Adam Kadmon, when we are having spiritual intercourse with our husband who is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus, He penetrates right down into the darkest center, and the light, all of this light that's out here that we can barely get enough of to stay alive, pours into the channel of Adam Kadmon and filters right down so that we have as much light....I'll have to qualify that.


We have the light of the Infinite inside of us, and then in further steps of the program that God Almighty has established, this light that gets inside of us. I'm sorry I said it backwards. The light outside of the field of creation starts to make overtures toward the light inside. The light outside of the most external world starts to make overtures towards the light that is inside the worlds. That's the Lord Jesus Christ reaching out towards Christ in you and me, and the Lord Jesus Christ, or the light outside the field of creation, starts penetrating these thick walls, and the light inside of us starts penetrating outward, and, eventually there is a marriage, and the light inside marries the light outside, and all of the worlds are filled with the glory of God. Totally illuminated.


This is happening on the level of the whole world, and it is happening on an individual level because we, too, are a world. This process is happening simultaneously in the world as a whole and in each individual, but everybody is not at the same place. Some people haven't even gotten started yet. A lot of people haven't even gotten started yet.


Of course, what gets us started is faith in Jesus Christ. So the people who do not have faith in Jesus Christ have not even gotten started yet. Are they going to hell, Sheila? No. Their life will continue, and their children's lives will continue as it has been going on for trillions of years, but those of us who do get started, we are started on the path to the regeneration. Does that mean we are special and they are not? Well, not from any negative point of view. Eventually, everyone will be returned to their source.


What about the people who don't believe it, Sheila? Well, one of their descendants will return to their source. There is no punishment. There is only the granting of gifts and glory to the people who follow, and those who don't, simply live the life that has been ordained for them. They will experience whatever they experience in this world which is a very harsh place, but it is not the punishment of God. It is sort of like behavior modification or modern behavior modification. They tell you, don't hit your children. Just reward them when they do something good. Well, in this fallen world the Scripture says that you have to discipline your children, but in the spirit God's not disciplining. He's not hitting you if you are not following after Him, but He is rewarding those who follow after Him, and anybody who truly seeks the Lord Jesus will find Him. That is the Scripture.


If you seek with all of your heart and soul, you will find Him. The Scripture doesn't say you will find Him tomorrow. I looked for God for 20 years before He revealed Himself to me, and I'm still trying to find Him. I get closer and closer every day. I have a beautiful relationship with the Lord right now, but I looked for Him for a good 20 years, if not more. Probably longer than that. It was 27 years before He revealed Himself to me. You don't stop knocking. Keep on knocking, and that door will eventually open. Are there any questions about this spiritual principle?


See, this is how the worlds are all connected to one another. All of these worlds are inside of us, and they are all connected to one another. It would be as if I took my hand and put my hand underneath this floor, and another Sheila appeared on the lower level, but my hand was still a part of her. Then she put her hand down to the lower level, and another Sheila appeared, but that hand was a part of her. So all the worlds are connected within the individual, and through the body of Christ, the collective subconscious mind of the timeline of Christ Jesus, all of the worlds, all of the people are connected. Is everybody OK?


The next drawing will be The World of Points. See, the first world that was established was The World of Points, and that world was destroyed and reconfigured into The World of Emanation. What I have drawn here is that the outermost world is the The World of Emanation. According to my understanding, The World of Points no longer exists. It collapsed, it broke apart, and most of the light was reclaimed and reformed into The World of Formation. So I would like to give you a drawing and try to help you to understand that. Are there any questions about this?


COMMENTS: I was just questioning about when people die, and they see this light, whether or not it was a counterfeit light?


PASTOR VITALE: I think, as we mentioned on other messages, everything is light because we are all formed from the Infinite One, and the expression of His essence is light, but there are different grades of light, and light could be degraded to the point that it becomes darkness, but there are all different grades of light which means that in Satan's world there is light also.


We were just talking about what grade of light. Now my personal feeling about these death experiences is that our spirit is under the ground of our physical body, and the light that the people see is the crown (7th) energy center as they approach. There is a physical break in our skull. It is much larger when a baby is born. There is an opening in the skull that the spirit can exit through, and the light that these people see is that they are coming out of the darkness of their body, they are ascending into the crown (7th) energy center and ascending into Satan's astral plane which is light compared to the darkness of this body, but the light of Satan's astral plane is darkness compared to the light of the timeline of Christ Jesus.


So, it is not really counterfeit light. It is a lower grade of light that is blinding to us because we have been living under ground for so long, and this is an excellent example of the Lord's method of teaching us through comparison. We would have to see the light of Jesus Christ plus the light of Satan to tell the difference between the two grades of light. Light is not always perceived with your physical eyes. I remember when I learned this lesson about the anointing.


I was raised up in a church where the anointing was pouring out for five years. Even the pastor said he had never seen anything like it. Every service, every single service, and one day there was a guest speaker, and I felt awful funny in my heart, in my heart (4th) energy center, in my emotions, and I was all upset, and I didn't know what was wrong. The Lord sent somebody to tell me that, that man who was preaching didn't have the anointing, and my spirit recognized the loss of the anointing, but my understanding didn't know why I was all upset.


I perceive the anointing on more than one level, but when the anointing lifts I feel distressed in my heart (4th) energy center. It is pain in my heart (4th) energy center, and again, I apologize if I get short with you. I know that I do it, and I'm trying to overcome, but what happens to me is that when your carnal mind asks me a question, or manifests itself in this spiritual meeting, the anointing lifts immediately, and it causes me pain in my heart (4th) energy center and I don't always take the victory. There is no excuse for being short with you, but that is what is happening if that helps you at all. There is actual pain in my heart (4th) energy center that tries to control me to come down out of Christ. Sometimes I take the victory, sometimes I don't.


It is hard to believe that we are sitting here with a group of believers, everybody is manifesting Christ, and one person says something out of their carnal mind, and the anointing leaves. What about the anointing in me, what about the anointing in you, what about the anointing in you, why did the anointing lift? It is just, that the only answer I have at this time, that this is Satan's world, and to have the anointing of Christ Jesus present is a miracle that it is present at all, and if Satan manifests, if Satan manages to get one of us to leave his post and obey the prompting of the carnal mind, she just overshadows the anointing in the whole meeting. I wish it wasn't so.


I'm not happy to tell you that, that I cannot resist your carnal mind rising up and cover you and put it down. That just tells you where I am. I may look like I'm high, and I may be high relative to the rest of you, but I can't even, I'm not even strong enough for Christ Jesus in me to rise up and cover your carnal mind. I do it eventually. I will rebuke you, or I'll talk to you and then I have to pray and Christ Jesus comes back up. I'm not strong enough while it is happening, while your carnal mind is manifesting to say, no. Once you get the words out. If I could stop you before you get the words out, I'm OK, but if the words get out, the anointing goes down. I'm not happy to tell you that, but it is the truth.


I know the other night we were going to pray. There was an anointing, we were going to pray, and you were about to bring up some carnal mishap, and, at least, you gave me a warning. By the words of your mouth, I knew that something wrong was coming, and I said, don't tell us now, don't tell us about some gruesome murder or whatever. I said to you, don't say it now because we are just getting ready to pray. It is going to bring down the anointing, talking about gruesome events brings down the anointing.


What raises up the anointing? Talking about the things of God or what God wants to discuss. If we are talking about people that we are responsible for that we are ministering to, as long as Jesus is in the conversation the anointing is there, but I don't think Jesus ever brings up issues of murders or anything like that. But when the word comes out before I can recognize what you are saying and stopping you, once you say it, the anointing drops, and that's the way it is until we or I ascend.


Ideally, the anointing would be so elevated in me, Christ Jesus would be so ascended in me that you would be incapable of doing that, and that is the truth, but I'm not there. I don't have it, see. Because you explain this to people and you explain it to people, and some people succeed in controlling themselves. You have a problem. I don't say that to be cruel. You have a problem, you are an open door for Satan, but the only reason that it is going on this long is that I'm not strong enough to cover you. It is the same thing as rebuking people who don't get healed and telling them they have no faith. No, it is not that the people have no faith. It is that the minister doesn't have the strength to heal them.


So at this point, I have to acknowledge that I have not been able to help you. I'm not strong enough to cover you so I pray for that strength to cover you and to help you with this problem that you can't seem to take the victory over. So I pray for both of us, that you get covered, and I am able to cover you. God bless you.


We are back from dinner, and drawing #3 is on the board. On the right side, I have attempted to show you The World of Points, and, if you read along with me, the The World of Points was destroyed when the vessels could not contain the light and shattered. Now remember, every light is in three parts. I hope, unless the Lord leads me in another direction, after this to show that to you on the board. Every light has three aspects to it. The inner light that rests in a vessel or the inner light and the outer light. The outer light is the vessel, and the surrounding light.


Remember when it says the The World of Points, it means points of light, and each point of light was in three parts, inner light, outer light, and surrounding light. The outer light being the vessel that holds the inner light, and the vessels could not contain the light that was poured into them. The light was too powerful, and the vessels broke. Sort of lines up with what Jesus said about the wineskins.


So The World of Points was destroyed when the vessels, that's the outer vessel, could not contain the light of the Infinite. Here is Adam Kadmon, here is the light of the Infinite pouring into The World of Points, and the vessels could not contain the light, and they shattered. The light of The World of Points is reconfigured into the The World of Emanation. Most of the light of The World of Points that was destroyed was gathered together and reconfigured into The World of Emanation. The vessels that were broken fell down into The World of Action, and became what Isaac Luria calls, the shells, the source of all evil in this world.


Now I have to pursue that further because we don't know what form these shells took, but the Lord has revealed to us that there are spiritual insects in the etheric plane, and we also know that there are many evil entities in the astral plane. The astral plane is likened to the sea. I don't know what these entities are like in the astral plane, and then, of course, there are immortals which is another category. I can't get into this tonight because I don't even have it clear in my head right now. The only thing that I am sure of is that there are spiritual insects in the etheric plane, and I believe the aliens, so called aliens, come from one of the invisible planes of the World of Action where we dwell. But I don't know how to relate that to the shells at this time. The Lord will have to tell me in His time.


The shells fell down into The World of Action. They are the source of all the evil in the invisible planes of this World of Action because all of the evil that exists in this visible world is merely the evil that's done in the invisible parts of this world that is acted out in this visible world. We are influenced. People have no idea to the degree that we are influenced by the invisible entities. They indwell us. It is not even as simple as saying that Satan is the unconscious part of your mind, and Leviathan is the subconscious part. It is even more complicated than that. It is very hard to take, but Jesus said, I have much to tell you, but you cannot bear it now. The truth is, we are spiritual earth, and there is all kinds of spiritual insects that dwell in us, in our blood, in our tissues, they are everywhere.


That is one of the truths that Jesus said, I have much to tell you, but it is hard to bear. Not too long ago, the Lord led me to an article on the Internet. The article was written by a scientist. The man was talking, and he was naming the worms and the insects that dwell in the blood, that dwell in the brain. I just came across it as I was cleaning my desk the other day. So we are indwelt by all kinds of, I don't want to say life forms, but creatures. All kinds of creatures live in us, just like there are creatures that live in the earth outside of our homes.


The spiritual aspect of ourselves, the aspect of ourselves that is Adam Kadmon on our level, in our world, is the Tree of Life that's dwelling in the earth, or in our case, it is Christ Jesus. Adam Kadmon is Messiah, Christ Jesus, and when He's grafted to us, when He's grafted to our spiritual earth which is the heart (4th) energy center, the Tree of Life dwells in our spiritual earth and purifies the earth. I know when I used to have a garden, I used to plant behind every tomato plant a clove of garlic and a basil plant, and I had o bugs in my garden. I also had Marigolds planted all around, but the Marigolds take a couple of years to get their scent into the soil to the degree that it keeps insects away. I had no bugs. So when the Tree of Life grows in our soil, all of the spiritual insects depart from us.


So the shells, the vessels broke and became shells. The pieces of the vessels became shells, a partial vessel, the shells of the vessels, and some of the light that was in The World of Points, according to Isaac Luria, was trapped in the shells, and the job of humanity is, according to Isaac Luria, to assist the Lord in rescuing the sparks of light that were dragged down to The World of Action because they were trapped in the pieces of the vessels that broke.


But we know that the Doctrine of Christ has a different story, that the fall did not occur simply because vessels could not hold the light of God. We know that the message of the Doctrine of Christ is much more personalized, and that Adam Kadmon, that His whole configuration was held together by a magnetic field, and that the dross that came forth, the waste produce that came forth through all of this process of creation also had a magnetic field, and that there was a war, you might say, between the two magnetic fields, and Adam Kadmon's magnetic field, He could not sustain His magnetic field, and He broke into many pieces. When He broke into many pieces, He literally was pulled to pieces, and I think there are Scriptures that talk about being pulled to pieces. The many sparks of His life that the Doctrine of Christ calls Abel fell down into The World of Action.


So as we go forward, we are going to be dealing with these contradictions and seeing what the Lord would have us to do with them. I am very excited and really anxious to start next week going back in Page 1 and going through every paragraph in detail. The Lord has given me a breakthrough in my understanding, and we are going to really start digging into this stuff. I hear you saying, I thought we had been digging into it for the past three months, but I'm going to be able to explain it to you in a much better way, because I have had a spiritual breakthrough.


Now, what's interesting is that, according to Isaac Luria, and I'm told, according to many of the rabbis that have been great sages over the centuries, they say that the kings of Edom that we read about in the Book of Genesis are The World of Points. When I first read that I could not understand that at all, but this is where I am today. Everything that happens in the higher worlds eventually work their way out in The World of Action, and the eight kings, now this is me, I didn't read this in any book. This is what I feel the Lord is telling me at this time. The eight kings, the Dukes of Edom who are the descendants of Esau, they are the physical manifestations of eight Sefirot of The World of Points.


Well, Sheila, I thought you said that every world had ten Sefirot? Well, every world is supposed to have ten Sefirot, but some worlds were born incomplete. Now I am not prepared to go into the details of that right now, but I have read this, that Ze'ir Anpin, talking about the Partzuf, when he is born of the coupling of the higher aspects of Adam Kadmon, I'm not going to get into that now, I'm getting in over my head. I'll just say this. When Ze'ir Anpin comes down, he comes down with seven Sefirot. He's lacking the top three Sefirot. He's lacking Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. He's lacking wisdom and understanding and Keter which manifests as knowledge.


So Ze'ir Anpin comes down without his head so to speak, and when Nukva comes forth, she comes forth only with Malkhut which is the tenth Sefirot. She comes forth lacking nine Sefirot, and we, in our present condition, are manifestations of Partzufim that are lacking qualities of God, and that's why we need to be trained up and have these qualities built in us. We don't have them, and we will go into more detail about this at another time. Is everybody OK with that? Is anything really bothering anybody about what I said?


The World of Points was formed from the coupling, and that is the Kabbalistic term for spiritual sexual intercourse. I guess it is much easier on the ear than spiritual sexual intercourse. I think a lot of people get upset with me using that term, but it is a term that the Lord gave me. The World of Points is formed from the coupling of Adam Kadmon's Yesod, now that is His male genitalia, which is the ninth Sefirot, and Malkhut, that is the female, and the tenth Sefirot. The World of Points was formed from the male and female of Adam Kadmon, the ninth and tenth Sefirot coupling with one another. This is legal, spiritual incest, and we have been preaching here for years that incest is acceptable in the spirit, but not in the animal world.


According to the teaching, and I find this very interesting, a "white drop" came forth from Adam Kadmon's Yesod. Sounds like sperm to me, and mixed with the female waters of Adam Kadmon's Malkhut. So we now know that the Holy Spirit or the female waters of God is associated with Malkhut. Now, we are dealing with Christ and Christ Jesus in this hour, and Christ in the individual, as far as I'm concerned, is the equivalent of the Hebrew Malkhut. It is the tenth Sefirot, the one at the bottom of the ladder that indwells mankind, and Malkhut is associated with the word Shekinah which you do hear mentioned in the Christian churches, the Shekinah glory, that is associated with Malkhut, kingship. The quality of God that is called kingship. David is the physical expression or the physical example of Malkhut. He manifested the power of God and the wisdom of God. His nature fell short.


This power of God that manifested in his life made him a physical king and a man of great wealth, but, of course, he suffered in his life because of his human failures. He suffered because he had Malkhut, but he must have been lacking the other nine Sefirot. He was lacking the qualities of God that would have given him the fullness of a perfect life, and this is the condition of many people with the Holy Spirit today. They have Malkhut or some form of Malkhut, but they are lacking the nature of God. They are lacking the other nine Sefirot, the wisdom, the knowledge, the compassion, the overcoming, the identifying with the Mind of God. They are lacking all of these things, but they have the kingship, they have Malkhut, they have the Holy Spirit.


Once Christ is grafted to us, we start building upwards. We go from having the tenth Sefirot to building up to the ninth, to building up to the eighth, to building up to the seventh, we are working our way up. We are at the bottom, and we are working our way up. So the Holy Spirit is just a very, very, very beginning. You all have a lot of work to do.


Now, I find this so interesting that the Kabbalistic literature says that a white drop came forth from Adam Kadmon's Yesod and mixed with the female waters of Adam Kadmon's Malkhut which are red. The waters of Malkhut are red. I find that just so interesting because I read something very similar in a Hindu book once, and I keep thinking I am going to go looking to see if I can find it in the Hindu book to see if it really matches up, but I haven't done it yet.


I also find it interesting that Malkhut is associated with the color red, and then the Kabbalistic literature says, yes, the kings of Edom, and we know that Edom means "red." Hope everybody knows that the word "Adam" is very close to Edom, and it means "red," ruddy, of the earth. So Malkhut is associated with Edom, and I just find the whole thing, and that the Dragon is red, in the Book of Revelation the Dragon is red. I just found that so interesting, and we will see what other information comes forth as we continue to study.


So we see that The World of Points was formed from the coupling of Adam Kadmon's Yesod and Malkhut, and that world fell apart. It had weaknesses in it, and it did not survive, but The World of Emanation, that's the one that replaced The World of Points and is surviving to this day, is formed from the coupling of Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva. Now Nukva is the personification of Malkhut so that is pretty much the same. The female is pretty much the same, but the male has changed. For The World of Points it was simply Adam Kadmon's male organ involved in the coupling, but with The World of Emanation, Ze'ir Anpin includes Adam Kadmon's Yesod as well as qualities or attributes of God. Five attributes of God in addition to the seed or the white drop that comes forth from Adam Kadmon's Yesod. Chesed, grace, Gevurah, might , Tiferet, and the literature says that there is a lower compassion.


We talked on the last message how Arikh Anpin manifests the compassion of God, but every quality that exists, it exists above, and it exists below. It exists above, and it exists below. It exists in the heaven, and it exists in the earth. Everything that exists in the earth, we can find the counterpart in the heaven, and everything that exists in the heaven is reflected in the earth. We mentioned this on a previous message, that Ze'ir Anpin is the Impatient One, and Arikh Anpin is the Patient One. Ze'ir Anpin is a manifestation of some attributes of God that are not as mature as the Patient One. Remember that teaching? No, everybody's looking at me!


The Patient One manifests compassion that has the power to heal, wisdom and knowledge. The Impatient One is the human being that is manifesting the nature of God but on a lower level, and there is a compassion on a lower level, but it really doesn't have the power to heal. When Jesus had compassion on you, you were healed of leprosy. That was a powerful compassion. The compassion that comes forth from Ze'ir Anpin can have a good effect on the person, but it doesn't have the power to heal leprosy. I have compassion on a lot of people, but I haven't healed cancer yet by having compassion on anybody. It is compassion existing on a lower grade. Is everybody OK?


The first time Adam Kadmon's Malkhut got married, she married Adam Kadmon's Yesod, and she brought forth The World of Points that did not survive. The second time Malkhut got married, she was in the form of the personification of Malkhut called Nukva, and she married more than Adam Kadmon's Yesod. She married Adam Kadmon's Chesed, that's grace; Gevurah, that's might, force, and power; Tiferet, which, in this case, is compassion. I've been saying the Lord told me that it is the White Throne Judgment; Netzach, overcoming power and victory; and Hod, the identification with the nature of God.


So when Malkhut got married the second time, she married more than a sperm. This is true in the world. I've told young women, you've got to get married for more than sex appeal. The man has to have character, the man has to be able to support you. Malkhut married just a sperm the first time. The second time, she married a sperm that was attached to overcoming, strong qualities, attributes of God, and her offspring, Malkhut's second offspring, The World of Emanation, survived; therefore, The World of Emanation endures to this day while The World of Points did not survive. Is everybody OK? Any questions?


COMMENT: So, in the natural, we have all these building blocks and enzymes and minerals and all that to build a physical body, all of these things have to be done spiritually to form some expression of the image of God?


PASTOR VITALE: That's very interesting, what you just said. Can I sort of reiterate it, the way the Lord showed it to me?


Now remember, in the spirit, things are the opposite than the way they are in the flesh. In the flesh, a woman receives the man's seed, and her body provides all the blood and tissues and enzymes and hormones and everything that produces the child. So, we could say in the first coupling between Yesod and Malkhut, it was just the sperm with no substance with which to build a strong healthy body, but when Malkhut, in the form of Nukva married Ze'ir Anpin, it came with the male seed what would be the equivalent of the blood and the tissues and the enzymes and everything necessary to build a healthy world. Only, in the flesh, in the natural, the building material comes from the woman, but, in the spirit, the building material came from the spiritual male.


So in the natural, we could have a fertilized ovum, and if the woman's body is not capable of providing all of the necessary blood and tissue, the baby may be born but won't survive, and that is what happened over here. Excellent example. This is a perfect example of body ministry. Xxxxx could not fully express what she was saying, but she said enough for the Lord to quicken to me what He was trying to say. Is everybody OK?


COMMENT: I watched a program the other day, and the scientists were talking about that there was the initial big bang theory that they speak about, and they said there was another one after that, that brought forth organisms. They said that the whole earth was completely iced, frozen, and that from within this ball geysers or volcanoes began to heat up, and they began to erupt and made this ice ball melt down, and what really amazed me was in the geyser-type waters that were boiling, that were really seething, there were microscopic organisms that were alive in this boiling water.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting.


First of all, I think we should know that there is always come kind of organism that will be adapted to a particular condition. There will be organisms that will survive in the cold, and there will be organisms that will survive in the boiling heat. That doesn't surprise me at all.


But what did touch me that would connect what you said to the Doctrine of Christ and to Kabbalistic doctrine is that the Lord told me the other day that spiritual alchemy, and I think I have this on a previous part of this message, spiritual alchemy consists of many explosions. Spiritual alchemy consists of different grades of God's power or of God's light impacting one another and exploding. When they impact one another, they crash into each other, and when they explode they discharge energy, and I believe that I've seen some pictures of the activity of atoms, and they are constantly bumping into each other. It is called interference. It is either constructive interference or destructive interference, but they are continuously bumping into one another, and sometimes they explode one another and give off energy, and this is the basic principle behind spiritual alchemy.


I believe that in Christ Jesus we have all of the grades of the Godhead in seed form within us, but they have to mature enough to interact with one another. I don't think I put this on a tape. The Lord gave me a whole teaching on this. I questioned Him on the alchemy of God, and I was telling Him that on spiritual alchemy I just could not comprehend it, that I would not know how to mix the different grades of the Godhead, and, aside from that, I am limited.


Kabbalistic doctrine tells us that there are 32 grades of the Godhead consisting of the 22 Hebrew letters and the 10 Sefirot, 32 different identifiable grades of the power of God. So I told the Lord, I can't even cope with that. All I could think about is the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, Christ, Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus, I am no where near 32, but just as I was speaking right now, I heard the Lord saying to me, yes, the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth. Every phrase that identifies God that differs from another phrase is a different level of the power of God.


So, I said, OK Lord, even if I can't think of 32 different grades of the Godhead, and I think Paul talks about the spirit of revelation, and the spirit of might. Of course, that is the tenth Sefirot, the spirit of might is one of the ten Sefirot. I said, Lord, I don't know what to do with this. I would not know how to mix the power of God, the different grades of God within me, and He told me something so interesting. He said, Sheila, you are already doing it, and I said, really, I didn't know I was already doing it. And He said, to me, look, when you had only the Holy Spirit, you engaged in certain activities. I was very involved in the casting out of demons and praying healing for the sick, and on that level I helped people, but the Lord said, now....well, let me tell you this about myself and the power that I manifest today.


I have some power to heal and deliver, but I am not nearly satisfied with the degree of power that comes forth from me. There are people here suffering from arthritis for a long time, and there seems to be nothing that I can do for you. I have physical ailments myself that I still walk around with, but I have a lot of power in life situations. I know that I have a lot of power in life situations because the situations change after I pray, and change radically. You have to have spiritual eyes to see it. I prayed for this marriage where the woman was actually walking out the door, and I prayed with my mouth in my heart. I didn't know what I could do for these people, but I prayed in faith, and they are still together.


Somebody else I prayed for, there was an interference with their marriage. Another couple was doing damage to their marriage, and that couple moved to Florida. So I know that I have a lot of power to change situations in people's lives, and the Lord said to me, how does this power manifest? How is it different than Holy Spirit power? And He said to me, look, to wield the kind of power that I now have, and that I wield today, first of all, I have to have the wisdom of God. I have to be able to identify the problem. I don't just go up to somebody and say, be healed of eczema, boom.


I prayed for somebody once, a 35 year old woman, that was completely bald and her hair grew back. It is not a single power that goes forward and lays hands on the person and taps the head and says, be healed, and they are healed. The kind of power that I wield today requires an ability to identify the problem. That's the wisdom of God. Then, what manifests in me, is an understanding of what's needed to solve the problem. We now have wisdom and understanding operating. Then, what comes forth in me when it manifests in this way, is the solution to the problem, and a knowledge of how to pray to move the power of God.


We are talking about the three top Sefirot, wisdom and understanding and Keter manifesting as knowledge. The Lord said to me, Sheila, you are already engaged in spiritual alchemy. As far as I know, it has to be somebody serving God. It has to be somebody coming and asking Jesus for help, asking me to help as a minister of Christ. I usually show you your sins. You all come to me with a problem, the first thing I do is tell you what you are doing wrong. Is that not true? The second thing I do is teach you, and tell you the way it should be in accordance with God's path, with God's lifestyle. I give you an understanding of what you should be doing, and then I give you knowledge of what you have to do to straighten this mess out, and then, if you agree, I will pray for you along those three lines.


I've known for a long time that my whole ministry here has change over, but I never understood it like this. I had someone come in here a couple of years ago virtually hysterical. She was being tormented in her mind, and it had been going on for a long time, and she was coming here for old order deliverance. I didn't have old order deliverance for her. I sat down, and I talked to her for two hours. I identified her problem, I taught her, I gave her understanding, and I showed her what her options were. I gave her knowledge.


She walked out of her. I think I just prayed a general prayer when she left. I don't even know if I prayed, must have prayed a brief prayer, and she was delivered. She spent two hours with me being instructed, and she walked out of her delivered from the torment in her mind, and I didn't cast any demon out of her, but I manifested a grade or level of power that resulted from the mixing of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.


I also know that I have tremendous power through compassion and the forgiveness of sins to help people. People who, right now, there is someone, a couple of people this has happened recently. Compassion is increasing in me as the understanding increases in me, that it is the only way to go, to forgive sins, to forgive people, to pray for them, and for good things for them no matter what they have done towards me or feel towards me or are doing towards me today.


That it is the only way to go for me to stay in right standing with God, is to completely forgive them and have mercy on them, and as this ability grows in me, just recently, I found myself repenting of situations where there was hostility towards me, and I never prayed for the people. I didn't attack them, but I never prayed for them, and I started praying for them, and my motive was simply that I believe this is how God wants me to live my life. It was within a couple of weeks that two people that really had been my enemy completely turned around and blessed me so that I was in complete shock that it happened, and the only thing I can relate it to was that my attitude towards them changed.


Brethren, that's power. That is the power to affect the way people feel about you, to affect the way people treat you. That is power, brethren, if you can't hear it pray about it, but that is power. You can't do that with the Holy Spirit. The grade of power that the Holy Spirit manifests does not change people's hearts. The Holy Spirit may affect somebody in their behavior towards you in a particular situation, but doesn't permanently change people's hearts toward you, may give you favor. The Holy Spirit may give you favor in a particular situation.


So I see that there is power in manifesting the attributes of God, and when you pray for people that are hostile towards you, that is showing them grace. It is also showing might, the power of God, showing the compassion of God. All of these qualities are mixing to produce a grade of power that is greater than the sum of the whole. If you manifest wisdom, understanding, and knowledge, and let's say each of those attributes of God are equal to one point of power, when you manifest wisdom and understanding and knowledge, remember that knowledge is the manifestation of Keter, you have more than three grades of power. It is multiplied. You have much more than three grades of power. You have an explosion. Those three attributes of God impact one another and release an energy that goes forth.


So as the Lord continued to talk to me along these lines, I came to believe that, at least on some level, I'm manifesting every one of the ten Sefirot, on some level, obviously not to the fullest potential of it, but I'm manifesting every one of the ten Sefirot on some level. Where I fall short is that I don't understand the grade of power associated with the 22 letters. So that is what the Lord is going to have to teach me.


Now, I have some knowledge associated with the 22 letters. I have a whole message on the doctrine of the ox which has to do with the olive; although, Kabbalistic literature has a whole different esoteric doctrine on the olive which I haven't really gotten into yet. I know that I've talked a lot about the doctrine that's associated with each of the letters. I know that the Hebrew Nun means "fish," and we have associated that to Leviathan. We have a whole doctrine concerning Leviathan. So I have brought forth under the anointing the esoteric doctrine associated....let me say it this way. I brought forth the esoteric doctrine associated with many of the letters, at least from the point of view of the circular Sefirot.


At this point, I do not understand how to use those doctrines to manifest power; although, I think the Lord is talking to me right now. I have had a couple of supernatural experiences where I have prayed about a particular matter, and He has shown me that situation, the foundational principles of that situation, of that problem, He has shown it to me in the Scripture, and I have actually written people letters saying, look, this is your condition, and, according to the Scripture, this is what's going to happen as a result of that condition, and when the letter went to the person it manifested power in their life to break the yoke. I guess I've been doing it all along on some low level. I know I can't be doing it on a high level because I can't heal somebody's cancer, and I can't heal your backaches and all of your pains, but, at least, I now am getting an understanding of what the spiritual alchemy is.


I was think if it in terms of the occult. Well, you have to lay hold of it and mix it together, and I didn't know how to do it, but it is not that way at all. It is the nature of God, it is the attributes of the nature of God coming forth within you as you develop them within you, and as you evaluate the situation and manifest the reaction of God. One of the things we have been doing here for years is that I've been trying to help you to understand what Jesus would do in a particular circumstance, how the Mind of Christ sees this issue, and how the carnal mind sees this issue, and I've been encouraging you all and instructing you all to look at things with the Mind of Christ because there is deliverance for the purpose or for yourself by looking at the situation with the Mind of Christ.


I have found that there is healing and deliverance in just looking at the situation and evaluating it according to the Mind of Christ. There can be deliverance and healing simply in that, and that would line up with Hod, identification with the Mind of God, thinking with the Mind of God. So I have a much better understanding of the spiritual alchemy of the ten Sefirot than I do of the 22 letters, but the Lord is teaching me pretty rapidly, and the only answer that I have right now for the power associated with the 22 letters is to understand the esoteric doctrine associated with the letter and, somehow, relate that to present situations, but it has to manifest on a much deeper level because we are really waiting for the power to see people get up out of wheelchairs and have all kinds of miracles. But I think that we are on the right track. There was a time not too long ago that the term spiritual alchemy absolutely stymied me. I didn't know where to begin. I now have a general idea and understanding of what it means. It is the mixing and matching and impacting of the different attributes of God, and also, the different esoteric doctrines.


Years ago, when the Lord first started giving me the Doctrine of Christ, there was a lot of opposition in the church that I was raised up in, and I remember one woman who really did not like me, and I was at a gathering, a fellowship, and some revelation did come forth, and I heard her say, well, so what good is that, so she knows that, so what is that going to get her? And for years, my answer has been, it is life-giving food to me. Then, we found out that the study of the Doctrine of Christ builds Christ in us, and we need Christ built in us to go on and to be delivered from hell, and now I see even another reason, I don't want to say a better reason, every reason is important, even another reason for learning the esoteric doctrine. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


Because there is deliverance and healing in applying the esoteric doctrine, and the consequences of the situations that we read about in esoteric doctrine to present life-style. The Lord just reminded me that I just did this last week. I just mailed somebody and said to them, I referred to them to a particular Alternate Translation that we worked up, and I said, this is your situation. This Alternate Translation of some verses in the New Testament, this is your condition, and I just copied the Alternate Translation out of the alternate New Testament, and I said, if you want to pursue this, the notes are up on the web page or you can request the tape, but this is your condition. This is your situation, and the Alternate Translation also reveals Jesus' reaction to someone who was in that condition.


So when I said to the person, what I was saying was, this is your condition and here is your hope that Jesus will have the same reaction to you in your present condition that He had to these Jews in the New Testament because if you are in the same condition as these Jews in the New Testament, then you have every reason to hope, especially if the Lord is directing me to give you this Alternate Translation, you have every reason to hope that Jesus will react to you in the same way that He reacted to those Jews in the New Testament.


So here we see healing coming forth from the impartation, from the association of esoteric doctrine with a human being's present condition, and that working together with compassion brings forth a spiritual alchemy, a mixing of the powers that can produce healing, but the most important thing that we have to understand here is that spiritual alchemy can only be manifested when the substances that are mixed together are present in the individual. Magic goes to an herb store and buys a bird's claw or a frog's leg, at least that's what I read about that witch's do, I don't know if it is true or not, but I read about it, and they mix it together, and they boil it, and they cook it, and whatever they do with it, maybe they drink it, whatever they do with it, that's physical alchemy. But spiritual alchemy is the impacting and the combining of spiritual substance, and you can only manifest spiritual alchemy if the spiritual substance is within you.


It is a maxing together of the different qualities and knowledge and aspects of God that you contain; therefore, to manifest spiritual alchemy on a high level we must first work towards the development of the 32 paths of wisdom within us. We must work to develop the nature of God as evidenced by the ten Sefirot, and we must work to understand the esoteric doctrine as indicated by the 22 letters of the Hebrew language. Now concerning the 22 letters, I think we have a long way to go. I think we have a very long way to go. I have a long way to go, I have a lot to learn, but we can see that the Lord wants to give us this grace because He's bringing us into the deeper doctrine so that the esoteric doctrine of the 22 letters can be revealed to us so that we can mix the compassion, the wisdom, the knowledge, the grace, grace is forgiveness, the victory, the identification of God, and the male and female powers of the Godhead with the esoteric doctrine, mix them together and impart great power into people's lives for good. Not only physical healing and deliverance, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and deliverance. Now that really excited me.


The Lord is so faithful. He answers every question, but you can't give up. You have to keep knocking, you see. It is just such a blessing to have Him to be this close to me to answer questions like this, and if you don't get an answer right away, it means that you are not capable of understanding. He wants to teach us everything, but we have to study so that we can be prepared to receive His answers. So I now have a peace about spiritual alchemy. Is there anybody that doesn't understand what I just said or has a question about spiritual alchemy?


COMMENT: This is the second time you were talking about things like this, and even before you used the word mixture, and I keep hearing where in the Scripture where the Levite Priests would take the flour and mix the ingredients together, and I think it has something to do with this. Also, I keep seeing different strands in front of me, and it is all different colors, red, green, I saw the colors of the rainbow, and I know telephone men have different wires, different colors, connections, and I think even scientists when they see the DNA they have a different color for every strand of the DNA.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Praise the Lord that's a very good natural witness for anybody hearing these tapes or reading the transcript that needs a Scriptural witness to what I'm saying, you just got it, both a Scriptural and a natural witness to what I'm saying. Praise the Lord.


While the tape was off, somebody said something about spiritual alchemy, and I liked the way that I answered them so I want to put it on this tape. The creativity of Christ Jesus just continues to flow forth, and what I said, or what He said through me, off the tape was that the basic principle of spiritual alchemy that we all must know is that the ingredients that we mix together to form spiritual power or spiritual gold must be developed within us. The ingredients that we mix to produce the spiritual power or the spiritual effect that we are looking for, the ingredients must be within us.


We are not mixing external ingredients. We are mixing the qualities and the grades of the power of God, and they must be present in us for us to manifest them, and then when they are present in us, for us to mix them they must manifest in us. If you want to mix compassion with power, the compassion of God must manifest in us and must come forth in us in specific response to a particular condition. That's how we mix the powers or the grades of the power of God. We have to manifest those attributes of God.


Drawing #4 - I'm trying to show you that the circles that I've put on the board heretofore, the ten concentric circles within one another, are really for us to get a general idea, but the reality is that each of the ten Sefirot is a sphere that circles in an orbit, and it is just mind-boggling because each of the ten Sefirot have ten Sefirot within them, and I cannot even cope with it so I've just given you a general idea to show you that they really are spheres.


Our natural example is our universe, our own planet earth. It is spinning on its own axis, and it is also in an orbit around the sun. Now the sun, although I didn't show it in this drawing because I really didn't know how to do it, that all of these spheres, these ten Sefirot, are orbiting about is Adam Kadmon, the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, who penetrates them right through the center. He is the innermost aspect, Adam Kadmon is the innermost aspect, and within Adam Kadmon rests the light of the Infinite One who is really the most innermost aspect of us if He is in there.


That is very interesting because I've known for a long time that Jesus Christ is our spiritual sun, and that we read about that in Malachi. I've also known that human beings where Jesus Christ is not present, that Satan is the sun of that person. It has always been an abstract teaching to me, but now I see how each of us is really a spiritual universe. I've been teaching that too, but I never quite saw it the way I'm seeing it now.


Each of us is a world or a spiritual universe. We have all kinds of qualities orbiting within us, and if Jesus Christ is not our sun, Satan is our sun. Simply what that means is again, what I've been teaching for a long time that when Adam fell, the negative elements of the creation were formed into linear Sefirot. See, Adam Kadmon is the male, linear aspect, and the circular Sefirot is the female aspect of the creation, and Adam Kadmon is the creation.


So when Adam fell, the circular Sefirot reconfigured themselves into a linear and circular aspect, and Satan became the god of this world. She became the sun of this world. She manifests to people and to us too. We have two worlds within us. Satan's world still exists. Satan is manifesting herself as the linear Sefirot, and she penetrates the circular Sefirot within us and, therefore, she is the sun of the counterfeit timeline within us. So we have two worlds like this inside of us, and we are unstable in all of our ways. Both worlds are trying to prevail.


This really shows me how Jesus Christ is the Sun of Righteousness. He would come in right here. I'm not too good at this drawing, but He would come right into the center over here, the linear aspect piercing the circles. If you are listening to this tape, and you can't understand what I'm saying, just take a piece of paper and draw these circles on a piece of paper and then take a pencil and hold the pencil perpendicular to the paper and point it right to the center of the drawing, and you will see that is how Adam Kadmon or the Lord Jesus Christ enters into and exists in the very mix, in the very center of our own spiritual universe, and, therefore, He is called the Sun, S-U-N, and He is the Sun of Righteousness.


So that means we must have a sun of unrighteousness. If there is a Sun of Righteousness, well the Scripture calls him the son of perdition, but that is just another way of saying, there is a sun of unrighteousness. Satan is the sun of unrighteousness or the son of perdition; although, the phrase son of perdition in the New Testament is son, but Malachi talks about an SUN of Righteousness, so there must be a sun of unrighteousness, and that is Satan. The unrighteous sun is the one who is in the male role, but does not have the male qualities of God. She is a thief.


On the left side of the board, I've tried to show you how every light, every point of light or every spark of light has three aspects. Well, it is really two aspects. Inside and outside are inner light, and I should really say outer light over here. So every light has two aspects, inside and outside, inner light and outer light. Some of the light forms a vessel. At this time, I don't know which part of the light, the inner light or the outer light that forms the vessel. I don't have that information at this time, but each point of light forms itself into a vessel to contain the light that is pouring in from the Infinite, and that light always is greater than the vessel's ability to contain it, so the light that cannot fit into the vessel just hovers around the outside and becomes the surrounding light. Praise the Lord. 





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