531 - Part 9

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Praise the Lord, I have a drawing on the board for you in which I am attempting to show you the relationship between the light of The Infinite, Adam Kadmon, and the four worlds - The World of Emanation, The World of Creation, The world of Formation, and The World of Action.


Now one thing that I would like to point out to you, which I think might help you, is that the 10 Sefirot are, at least where we are in our studies right now, associated with Adam Kadmon. When we start dealing with the four worlds, we are talking about the Partzufin. So if we are talking about the Partzufin, you should know that we are talking about one of the worlds, but if we are talking about one of the 10 Sefirot we are talking about Adam Kadmon.


Adam Kadmon is linear, and the worlds are circular, but, of course, there is a circular aspect of Adam Kadmon which is the outermost circle. Within that circle is The World of Emanation, then comes The World of Creation. So there is a circular aspect of Adam Kadmon, but whether we are talking about Adam Kadmon in his linear aspect or whether we are talking about Adam Kadmon in his circular aspect, at least for where we are now, which is confused, right,? we are coming out of being confused, we will refer to Adam Kadmon by his 10 Sefirot, and as soon as you hear Partzufin, Arikh Anpin, Abba, Imma, any of the Partzufin, you should know we are dealing with the worlds. Let's let it go for that.


There are Sefirot within the Partzufin, but let's get there slowly. Does that help you? I know that it helped me to hear that when I first started on this study. Another thing that really helped me to understand that I really didn't realize right away is that all of these worlds and the layers within the world are within each other like a rose with all those petals inside of each other. I don't know about you, but I didn't understand that at the beginning. They are all inside one another, and down at the very bottom you can see we have Nukva of The Worlds of Action, and she is the innermost layer of the circular Sefirot. She is the innermost layer, and I know that I've drawn these sort of like cups, like turning upward, but nevertheless Nukva is the innermost layer.


Adam Kadmon is the outermost layer of the circular aspects of the creation, and then within him comes The World of Emanation. Within The World of Emanation comes The World of Creation. Within The World of Creation comes The World of Formation, and within The World of Formation comes The World of Action, and the innermost aspect of The World of Action is Nukva. So it is Nukva which is the layer that meets the linear Sefirot that enters in.


Think of these circular aspects as a rose, and Adam Kadmon as a spike that is piercing through right into the center of the rose. So it is the innermost layer, the Nukva of The World of Action that is being touched first by the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, and, to us, the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon would be Christ. Actually, it appears to me at this point that Nukva probably is Christ. The concept, the principle of Nukva and who she is and what she represents appears to me at this time to be Christ. We are calling her Christ. The old Kabbalists who wrote all of this doctrine are not calling her Christ. Is everybody OK with that?


Now we see the light of The Infinite pours into Adam Kadmon. Now remember, Adam Kadmon is the filter because if the light of The Infinite just poured into these other worlds, first of all they would be destroyed, they wouldn't be able to hold that much energy, and second of all, if there was not something, a wall, if there were not all these different layers or walls if you want to call them that, or vessels, to contain the light that pours in, the light would just go....this isn't the best drawing to be explaining this on, but if you can imagine that this is a circle right now, if the light poured into the top of the circle, and it just kept on going right through it would go all the way through. I can't teach you this with this drawing. We will have to get this when we do the next drawing. Let me stop here and go on.


What I am trying to show you with this drawing is that different layers...let's do this first. Here we have the 10 Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, Keter (crown), Chokhmah (wisdom), Binah (understanding), Chesed is grace, Gevurah is might or force, Tiferet I call the White Throne Judgment, it is called beauty by the Kabbalists, Netzach is that overcoming victory, Hod is identification with the nature and mind of God, Yesod is the male expression of all of these previous qualities, and Malkhut is the female expression of all of these qualities.


We see that the light of The Infinite that pours into Adam Kadmon pretty much rests in Chokhmah, wisdom. Even though Adam Kadmon has all of these other aspects to himself, a preponderance of energy rests in wisdom because the reproduction or the formation of the creation is coming forth from wisdom. It is just like I've heard it said that women, physical women, have more fat on them than men because that is necessary in the bearing of young, that you need that extra fat to have your babies, to carry your babies and to nourish the babies. At least I heard somewhere that is why we are padded, and men that are in good shape are not padded. Even if we are thin, we women are the ones that have the curves. We have the fat. Men are supposed to be all muscle.


The energy that is designed to bring forth the creation is coming from Chokhmah, and that is why there is a preponderance of energy in Chokhmah, and we see, I tried to show you this, I've drawn a little square here to show you how the reproductive energy of the light of The Infinite as it is channeled through Chokhmah goes directly from Chokhmah down into The World of Emanation. See, it passes through all the other attributes, but we might say that the sperm or the seed of the creation comes from or originates with wisdom. It originates with wisdom.


Actually, what we are showing you here is how the wisdom of The Infinite is channeled all the way down to The World of Action. It is just like a retaining wall outside of your house. It would destroy The World of Action to have all of this energy just fall right into it. The World of Action could never contain it. So all of these layers are retaining worlds.


As the wisdom which is the reproductive energy of the Almighty, as it flows down into the next world it becomes more and more degraded. It becomes weaker and weaker. The direct light of The Infinite would destroy us. So it is getting weaker and weaker. Of course, it is still great. It is great and mighty light, but compared to us, we could not contain it. So the seed originates with wisdom, and that seed passes through these other attributes of God and comes down into the highest level of The World of Emanation. The Hebrew word is Atzilut, if I am pronouncing it correctly. I keep telling you, I have no pronunciation key. Atzilut.


As you can see over here, I've shown you these dots. This is called a key. These dots signify the mediator who was present in two worlds. See, I have the dots that they are still a part of Adam Kadmon, and yet they are a part of The World of Emanation. Then, down here we have the dots that are still a part of The World of Emanation, but they are also a part of The World of Creation. So, dots mean mediator who was present in two worlds. Here is Malkhut, present in Adam Kadmon and also present in The World of Emanation.


Down here, we have Nukva. She is present in The World of Emanation, and she is also present in The World of Creation, but, let me make this clear. When I say Nukva is present in The World of Emanation and in The World of Creation, I am not saying to you that Nukva is here in The World of Emanation at the bottom, the last Partzuf, and Nukva is also present as the last Partzuf in The World of Creation. That is not what I'm saying. I'm saying, the Nukva of The World of Emanation filters down to become the head of the The World of Creation and takes a completely different name.


When Nukva from The World of Emanation filters down to the very top of the The World of Creation, she becomes Atik Yomin. In The World of Emanation, these dots represent a Partzuf called Nukva. She is at the lowest level of The World of Emanation, but when Nukva pierces through this curtain, and it is a curtain of light, she pierces through, and she becomes the head of The World of Creation, taking the name Atik Yomin.


So we see the same Partzuf in The World of Emanation as Nukva, and in The World of Creation becomes Atik Yomin. It is the same thing as me telling you that when you are sitting here you are Sons of God, when you go to work, you are whatever your secular job is, and when you go home, you are either a wife or husband or a mother. We all have different hats. So this same Nukva, on one side of the curtain is Nukva, and as soon as she pierces through to the other side of the curtain she becomes Atik Yomin who is the head of the world beneath her.


It is the same thing as me saying to you women, you are subject to your physical husband, but you are the head of your children. And I could even say that about a man because a man is supposed to be, in all Godly matters, in all reasonable matters, as long as the father is in right order, as long as a man is under God, he is the head of his son as long as he lives. You have to believe that the man who is under God is not going to ask his married son to do something unGodly. You are supposed to honor your parents as long as they live. You are supposed to do anything that you can to help them, to respect them, and to honor them in every way. So even a man who is the head of a family, he is subject to his father above him, but he is the head of his wife. Same human being. When I first started preaching this message 13 years ago, I called it "changing spiritual sexual roles." That's what I called it.


This is the secret, we would call it the mystery. Kabbalah calls it or at least Chayyim Vital calls it the secret of Atik Yomin. Who is this Atik Yomin? When I first read about it Atik Yomin I read that he is the soul, Atik Yomin is the soul of the The World of Creation. I said, how can a world have a soul? What is he talking about? Well, that is the way God gave him to express it, but in order to understand it I have to use other words.


So we now know that Atik Yomin, the soul of The World of Creation, means he is not one of the five Partzuf of The World of Creation, but Atik Yomin is an emanation, as aspect, a ray, a shining forth of the Nukva who has pierced through this curtain that divides the two worlds; therefore, Atik Yomin becomes the mediator. He is Nukva Atik Yomin, although the books just call him Atik Yomin. He is mediator. He connects The World of Creation to The World of Emanation. Christ Jesus is our mediator. He dwells within us, and He connects us to the Glorified Jesus Christ.


Now, when Christ Jesus within us is in union with the Glorified Jesus Christ, He is moving in a different aspect of authority and power than He is when He's dealing with us, the personality. Christ Jesus in the middle, the mediator, is moving in one aspect of power and authority when He's joined with the Lord Jesus above, and He's moving in a different aspect of power and authority when He's joined with the personality below.


That Scripture that talks about Jesus telling the adulteress woman to go and sin no more, it puzzled me for a very long time because I know that the King James Translation that says Jesus stooped down and wrote on the ground, I looked at it in the Interlinear Text, and it clearly said to me that He descended from a higher place. And I could not understand that because I believed Jesus was God at that point, and I drew an incorrect conclusion that Jesus descended into His humanity, but He did not descend into His humanity. I'm telling you this from a position where I don't fully understand it at this point, but what that says to me now, is that, I believe He was teaching a group of Jews when the adulteress woman came along or maybe He was teaching His disciples. I am not sure.


Christ Jesus within the man, Jesus, or the resurrected Adam within the man, Jesus, was one, was a unity with the Spirit of Elijah above for the purpose of whatever He was doing, teaching His disciples or talking to other people. He must have been teaching high doctrine because He was a unity with the Spirit of Elijah. Why do I say He was a unity with the Spirit of Elijah? Because the Scripture clearly says that He did not physically stoop down to the ground and draw in the dirt, brethren. He didn't. He came down, He was released from that unity with the Glorified Elijah, and came down and became one with the man, Jesus, the resurrected Adam in the man Jesus. I don't think He completely detached, but He came down from that high place of unity with the Glorified Elijah where He may have been teaching high doctrine because I am not really sure what He was doing. Does anybody know what He was doing at the time that the adulteress woman was brought to Him by the Pharisees? Well, if you are a Pharisee you can get me on this. I may be wrong.


I know that He had to be ascended and in unity with Elijah because the Scripture says that He came down. And what did He do when He came down? He took His finger, and He drew in the earth. What is the finger? Can anybody tell us, spiritually speaking? What is the finger?


COMMENT: Fiery Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: The Fiery Serpent within the individual except in the man Jesus, he's not called the Fiery Serpent any more. What would he be called in the man Jesus?


COMMENT: Christ.




The aspect of the Godhead that was personal to the human man, Jesus, would be Christ. To be honest with you, I am not sure whether it would be Christ or Christ Jesus, but you have got the idea. OK. It was the aspect of the Godhead that was dwelling personally in the man Jesus. It was Christ Jesus in the man Jesus that re-engraved the nature of this adulteress woman. In other words, we just learned something, and we learned that someone who has the power of the Son that Jesus was walking in, that Christ Jesus in that man had the strength to say to this adulteress woman, I've just delivered you from your potential to be adulteress. Go and sin no more.


So we see that, that kind of a work came out of the resurrected Adam in the man Jesus. That act did not come out of the Glorified Elijah. That act did not come out of a unity of the resurrected Adam and the Glorified Elijah. So, Sheila, why couldn't the unity of the Glorified Elijah and the resurrected Adam do that? I don't know, but there are a couple of possibilities.


One possibility is that there may have been too much power coming through however He accomplished it, however He accomplished delivering this woman from the potential to commit adultery, there may have been too much energy. If He did it while He was completely a unity with the Glorified Elijah, He might have hurt her, but, then again, there is even a simpler answer. Maybe He would not have hurt her if He did it from that high position, but God has an order, and such and such a healing is performed such and such a way, and such and such an event is performed in such and such a way.


Is God in bondage? No. He can do whatever He wants, but He does have a right order. He can change the order if He wants to, but He has a right order, and the order could have simply been that when it comes to delivering someone from adultery that this is an act that Christ Jesus in the individual son does, and that the Glorified Elijah stood back and let the young son, and Jesus was a young son compared to the Glorified Elijah, let Him practice, let Him do what He has to do.


There are lots of things that you do, you all have multiple hats here in this ministry. There are many things you do, I can do pretty much everything that you do, but I don't do it. I even made a joke when we had dinner with that other minister a couple of weeks ago, and the minister over there was suggesting that we pick up the food that we brought, and I said to her, I made a joke out of it, I said, oh well, it is the other brethren's, I don't cook, I'm the pastor. I made a joke out of, but it is the truth. I can cook. I could have done it if I wanted to. So, in my opinion, that is most likely the reason that Jesus stooped down because this was an act that was within the job description, if you will, of Christ Jesus within the individual. So the Glorified Elijah stood back and let the son do the work.


I don't know how I got on to that. I was talking about Atik Yomin. I was talking about different spiritual laws and changing spiritual sexual roles, and I was talking about Christ Jesus being the mediator, and Atik Yomin, which means the Ancient of Days, is the mediator. He exists in two worlds. That's what a mediator is. He exists in two worlds, and is the connecting force of the two worlds. He is the connecting substance of the two worlds.


Now I'm going to tell you up front that, at this time, I do not have an understanding of how to deal with the same names existing on all of these four levels. So we will wait until the Lord gets around to teaching us about that, and I believe that when He teaches us about it, it won't be confusing. Right now, I think about it, and it is very confusing, and all that means to me is that the Lord has not yet brought us into an understanding. So, let's not jump ahead of the Lord because we will never understand it if we jump ahead of the Lord, and we will just confuse and frustrate ourselves. So if that question is in anybody's mind, I exhort you to just take it slow, and let's just follow the lead of the Lord, and then we will get there. I think we are doing great, to tell you the truth.


So everybody understands the concept of mediator, and, of course, the same concept exists up here with Adam Kadmon. His Malkhut, Adam Kadmon, we are talking about in terms of 10 Sefirot while the worlds we are talking about in terms of five Partzufim. The lowest Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, Malkhut, is the Atik Yomin of The World of Emanation. It is the same entity, it is the same aspect of God. When she is a part of Adam Kadmon, she is called Malkhut, and when she pierces the curtain and she becomes the head of The World of Emanation, she is the Atik Yomin of The World of Emanation, the Ancient of Days, the mediator.


We simply see Adam Kadmon, just like reproducing Himself, just building Himself inward and creating all of these layers as a part of worlds within the void. As I already told you, the seed, the holy seed, comes forth from Chokhmah, wisdom, and descends into the next world, The World of Emanation. Now please notice that I have three arrows here in The World of Emanation, three arrows, one from Imma, one from Ze'ir Anpin, and one from Nukva. And each of these three arrows descends into one of the three remaining lower worlds.


There is no seed coming forth from The World of Creation, The World of Emanation, or The World of Action. In other words, the holy seed doesn't go below the The World of Emanation. So we see the wisdom or the energy that poured into The World of Emanation which I am told is a very spiritually high world, really beyond our comprehension. It is the closest world to The Infinite. The holy seed pours into it from Adam Kadmon, and is collected in three reservoirs, Imma, Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva, and the energy from Imma's Partzuf or Imma's reservoir goes down and enters into The World of Creation. And the energy from Ze'ir Anpin or the holy seed from Ze'ir Anpin...see, the holy seed of wisdom is broken up into three seeds in The World of Emanation, and from Ze'ir Anpin it goes down and extends the life of God to The World of Formation. Then the third aspect of the seed goes all the way down to The World of Action, and this is how the worlds are nourished.


This is how the energy of The Infinite flows into and nourishes all of the worlds, and all of these worlds and all of these Partzuf are inside of one another like the petals of a rose. Then, inside of this most inner layer of Nukva, of course, is the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon which most of the world is lacking, and that is why we are in the condition that we are in. When I talk about the world, I'm not talking about those of us who are being rebuilt in Christ Jesus. The whole world, aside from those of us who are being rebuilt in Christ Jesus, we are the broken shells that fell down.


I could give you that story, but I haven't really connected it, haven't really put it together with the whole message yet. According to the literature that I'm reading, the shells which are the personalities and the people of this world who are incomplete, who are waiting to be completed by Christ Jesus as promised in the New Testament, we are the shells that fell down. There was a world before The World of Emanation. The first world that came forth was called The World of Points, and I found this so interesting when I was studying about it the other day. The way The World of Points is described is that the...they are points of light, points of light came out, and they were separate and isolated and they didn't relate to one another, and vessels were formed from that light, and the vessels could not stand up under the power of the outpouring light because they were independent, and they did not relate to one another or strengthen or nourish one another.


The thought that came into my mind is people that, by our world standards, the most well-adjusted people are people who have warm loving relationships, that relate to others that are a part of a support system, and the most poorly-adjusted people in our societies, as far as I know, are people who are isolated and do not have close supportive relationships or a strong support network, and, usually, people in that condition that are isolated and off by themselves and not part of a support network, they are frequently emotionally damaged people, usually addictive, have some kind of an addiction, and they are certainly the least well-adjusted people in our society.


So here I see The World of Points manifesting in our world. I see what I read about The World of Points manifesting among men, and the teaching in Kabbalah is that the shells that were formed from The World of Points fell down into The World of Action and are the source of all evil here. I do not believe, from my reading so far, that Kabbalah teaches that human beings are the shells. I don't get the feeling that, that's what they teach, but I see human personality, and the more less-adjusted personalities of our society reflected in the description of the shells. I also note that the more negative a person is, the more likely they are to be isolated, the more likely it is for Satan to be very active in them with bitterness and un-forgiveness, and cruelty, and envy, and resentment and every evil work.


Of course, you take an extreme example, Timothy McVeigh who is now asking to be executed. He killed a couple of hundred people or over a hundred people when he bombed a major city building and killed a lot of people. Whatever you read in the newspaper about someone who has done something so anti-social, such as that, or asocial, such as that, the description is frequently the same. They are isolated, they don't have any friends, they feel nobody loves them.


So we see that all of the evil that the shells are doing in The World of Action is being done through men, and the only answer that I have so far, and I'm not sure that this is right, is that what has happened in the heavenlies is still being worked out or is just now being worked out in The World of Action. I know that this, to me, is a problem in the King James Translation, that many of the things that I read about, as if they have already happened, I know they have not already happened. They are written as past, but they are not past.


Unless and until the Lord corrects me, I'm taking the position that at least some of what I read in the books that I'm studying concerning Kabbalah, that they say that it is past, but it may not really be past. But what does sound confusing, though, and I haven't studied this through, I haven't found the place where I can get this information from in the early books of Kabbalah that I'm reading right now, it says The World of Points, the vessels of The World of Points fells down and manifested as the Dukes of Edom. So, I'm going to believe that, that is true unless the Lord tells me otherwise because there is a lot of wisdom in these books, and I know that the Dukes of Edom were supernatural men. They all died except the last one, Hadar, but they were supernatural men.


Well, then I am missing a link. How do I get from believing that the vessels of The World of Points fell down and manifested in The World of Action as the Dukes of Edom, how do I get from there to saying that I see the shells of The World of Points manifesting in men today. The only answer that I can see at this time, which may not be the only answer, is that somehow we must be the descendants of Edom, but I can't get into that on this tape right now. Maybe I just don't even have enough information, I don't have enough historical information, but I just have given you the facts, and if the Lord clarifies it for me in anyway, I will tell you, but I guess it is possible that some of us, or some of the people today, are descendants of the Dukes of Edom.


I know that the Lord has told me, and there may be a spiritual descending as well as a physical descending because I know that the Lord has told me that, spiritually speaking, I am a descendant of Ham. I had a black person who studies with us laugh at me when I said that. How could you be a descendant of Ham because I'm not black? I am Caucasian. And I said, the Lord told me that I am, spiritually speaking, a descendant of Ham. I'm spiritually powerful, and I have a spirit that just loves God. So, we do have a spiritual heritage.


Now from that point of view, I can see that the negative people of our society are spiritual descendants of the Dukes of Edom. I could receive that, and I just wait. If the Lord gives me more information, fine. If He doesn't, that is just fine too. Why wouldn't He give me more information? Because I am a finite person, and I'm subject to a 24-hour day, I'm subject to how much my mind can learn at one time, and, perhaps, the Lord has made a decision that it is more important for His plan, of which I am a part, to learn other things right now. My personal desires are secondary to the plan has for my life, and everyone that is truly in the service of the Lord really must think of themselves that way, because that is how the Lord thinks of us.


He provides our needs, and He provides for our families, but He has a plan, and we are a part of His plan. He will take care of us just like an army feeds and clothes the soldiers, but once He has received you, as far as He is concerned, your life or the aspect of your life that is the most important thing, is what you are supposed to do for His program. That doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be ministering to another human being, and if you are not ministering to another human being, then you should not say, well, the Lord is not using me now. That's wrong thinking, because if you are in a program of study or in a program of preparation or in a program of having experiences that are breaking your pride and your rebellion, you are in the exact right place where Jesus wants you. You are being prepared for whatever your role is in His plan.


So we should pray all the time that we should be in the right place, that we should be in the place that Jesus wants us to be in today, and it is error to think that we are not being used if we are not ministering to other people. I have been preaching this for years. Once Christ is formed in you, your ministry is to the child that you are carrying. That means your ministry is to study and to work on facing your sin nature and work on changing into the nature of God. From the minute Christ is grafted to you, and, then, as the Lord wills, He will bring ministry to other people, but that is secondary. Ministry to other people is secondary, and beware of any Pentecostal evangelical concept in your mind that you must be out ministering, because this is not true for the believer who is carrying the Christ child. You are pregnant, and you have to take care of the Christ child.


So we talked about Adam Kadmon, we talked about The World of Points, and, of course, let me finish up that aspect of The World of Points. So The World of Points, the light that came forth that's called The World of Points, some of that light was used to form the vessels that were supposed to contain all the other aspects of creation. It was the vessels that broke. According to the Kabbalistic literature, the majority of the light that was in the vessels was saved.


Now remember, this was in our last message. Every light is in three parts or really in two parts. There is an inner light and an outer light, and the inner light resides in a vessel. So the vessel is broke. That means there was still inner light and surrounding light. According to the Kabbalistic literature, most of the inner light and the surrounding light was gathered and reconfigured into The World of Emanation, but the light that formed the vessels, which is thicker light, fell down into The World of Action, and some sparks of the inner light fell down with it.


We have compared that testimony to Adam being torn apart and becoming all of the Abels that comprised His collective identity becoming isolated, what we might call the same description as The World of Points, and falling down into this physical world and becoming a spiritual aspect of the physical human beings that have evolved here. That's the Doctrine of Christ concerning the fall of Adam so they seem to line up.


So we see that the seed of God, the basic seed, does not go beyond the The World of Emanation, that the life of the seed, the life of the energy is filtered down to The World of Creation, The World of Formation, The World of Action, but the The World of Emanation, the world that is next to Adam Kadmon, that is a very high place, and the seed is retained there.


Now when I talk about the Adam who fell, I am not talking about Adam Kadmon who is at the top of the list there. I'm not talking about Adam Kadmon, the vessel or the filter through which the light of The Infinite flows into. I have not seen the Adam who fell in the Kabbalistic literature so far, except the literature that says he was a lower Adam. So I don't know how to fit him into our teachings yet, so we will just leave that on the shelf. But the thought that did come to me as I was preparing this message is that the nourishing energy of God only comes down as low as the curtain of The World of Action, and then from here it is supposed to filter down and feed all of the worlds within The World of Action.


And we have here, wisdom nests in Nukva. That is something out of the Kabbalistic literature. I could not find the exact Scripture that says this because, most likely, the King James Translation is not translating the appropriate verse with the word "nests." It must be a different English word, and I, therefore, cannot find it with my search engine in the King James Translation. But I did look through all of the words that I had, and the closest Scripture that I could find that would indicate that the wisdom, Chokhmah, of Adam Kadmon has funneled or filtered all the way down to Nukva of The World of Action through this process; yet, the original reservoirs of power do not go below The World of Emanation, but the nourishing power has filtered down into the Nukva of The World of Action. The closest Scripture that I can find to that is Isaiah 33:6. Will somebody read that for us?


COMMENT: Isaiah, Chapter 33, Verse 6: And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of your times, and the strength of salvation; The fear of the Lord is His treasure.


PASTOR VITALE: That is written to the people down here in The World of Action, and we know that the foundation, the incorruptible foundation that we have been given, thank God, is Christ Jesus. This is the foundation. The wisdom from on high rests in us, in the man Christ Jesus, but, of course, it is not in everybody because this world consists mostly of shells who are incomplete.


The more spiritual you are, the more you tend towards the evil side if you don't have Christ, you see. Why? Because it is the same energy. It is the Gevurah, it is the might, it is the might, the power, the energy that we are born with, and it has to be controlled. It is just like driving a car. You don't let the car drive itself. You could kill somebody with a car. You have to control it. Well, we are born with energy. Some people more than others, and that is why people take their children to church or to synagogue, to teach them what is right and what is wrong because if children aren't taught, or adults aren't taught to restrain themselves, if we don't have a sound knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, the energy that we are born with...


Wisdom has generated all the worlds that come after and all the aspects of Adam Kadmon that come after her. Wisdom, is the great father, I believe, father-mother. Binah, understanding, is mother. Chokhmah is father. That also strikes me as interesting. We are told to pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus. Well, who are we praying to? We are praying to the wisdom of God. And this man, Christ Jesus, is made unto us wisdom, and through Christ Jesus we have access to the highest level of wisdom of The Infinite One. Praise the Lord.


Also, all of this collective power is to be displayed in The World of Action. We are The World of Action. See, The Infinite One, He determined to have a visible world. That's what this is all about. He willed, and, according to the literature, He's not a "He." The Infinite One is an "It." "It" is totally asexual. The Kabbalistic literature calls The Infinite One, It. Totally asexual.


The Eyn Sof, The Unlimited One, does not take on sexual aspects until It manifests through Adam Kadmon as the ten Sefirot, and there are male and female Sefirot. Keter is male, Chokhmah, wisdom, is male. Binah is female, Chesed is male, Gevurah is female, Tiferet is in the middle, I'm not sure, there are three in the middle. Netzach is male, Hod is female, Yesod is male, and Malkhut is female. So there are female and male aspects of Adam Kadmon, and that is the point at which the light of The Infinite takes on sexual aspects. But the Eyn Sof is so beyond animal life, and so beyond what we know to be existence that we cannot comprehend Him. He is male and female. Well, I shouldn't even say that. He is asexual. That's where I am right now.


He manifests Himself to us as Adam Kadmon where we can begin to possibly, just a little bit, understand the qualities of wisdom, understanding, etc., but The Infinite One is supposed to be so beyond human ability to comprehend that we have no basis upon which to even recognize It or identify with It. It is just so far beyond even our ability to imagine. That's what the literature says, that the Eyn Sof is beyond our ability to even imagine, let alone relate to It.


Of course, these are curtains separating each world, and these curtains are made from thickened light. Everything is light. The whole creation is made from light because the substance that we originate from is the light of The Infinite One. That's all there was, light. Even the dross that comes forth is the result of the light. The dross comes forth from the light. When the light is refined or transformed or changed, there is a byproduct, but even the byproduct came forth from the light.


I told you about the dots, and the grades here that are filled in. I didn't fill them in completely, I didn't want to take the time, but the darkened sections merely indicate that these grades are holding tanks or reservoirs of power from which the energy to nourish the entire creation passes through, and I see an image right now of this energy just dripping through like it is coming through a filter. I know that is a Scriptural principle, drops of the blood of Jesus just oozing through. The energy that the worlds need to survive just oozes through.


This concept is inside everyone of us. We have both circular and linear....every human being in the world has the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon and the four worlds within them and outside of us. Within us and outside of us, and some of us, Lord willing, and praise God, have some aspects of the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, but, at the very least, if Christ is grafted to us, we have the potential to have all of them, but they may not have developed in us yet.


Now the ten Sefirot refer to Adam Kadmon, the five Partzufim in each of The World of Emanation, Creation, Formation, and action, that's where the Partzufim are, and each Partzufim has within it ten Sefirot when it is completed, but these Partzufim, according to the Kabbalistic literature are born. They are born of Abba and Imma of The World of Emanation. Abba and Imma of The World of Emanation are the parents of all the Partzuf that come after them. Abba and Imma are the father of Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva.


Now Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva are not born complete. Ze'ir Anpin is born without the top three Sefirot, and the top three Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, are called the head. So Ze'ir Anpin is born without his head, but, you see, when he is completed, actually these upper grades become his head. When the whole creation is working and functioning and communicating with itself properly, Ze'ir Anpin's head are the grades above him. And Nukva is born missing the whole nine Sefirot above her, but when she is connected properly she is satisfied by Adam Kadmon and the worlds above.


In other words, Nukva is dependent on her spiritual nourishment from Adam Kadmon and the worlds above. That is why so many people are dying in this world, not only spiritually dying, but people are physically dying in this world because, on the spiritual plane, Nukva is not completed by Adam Kadmon and the worlds above. Every condition that we have in this world is the visible expression of our spiritual condition, and there are whole nations with people dying. That is an expression of the spiritual condition of that nation, and where ever you go, if 99% of the people are dying you are going to find some people that are making it. Some people that are healthy, some people that have money, some people are just making it in every day no matter how bad the conditions are in the country. There is always somebody that's making it, and it has to do with who you are and your spiritual condition. Who you are spiritually and your spiritual condition.


Right here in this country, I understand there are 40,000 people homeless at this time in this great nation, 40,000 people homeless. That is not counting the addicts and the alcoholics sleeping on the streets and all other kinds of degradation that is going on. These are spiritual problems, brethren. It is spiritual problems, and you will never help these people by just feeding them and giving them money. They have spiritual problems. They are lacking the Lord Jesus Christ, and the blessings that come on the family line from a knowledge of Him, from a relationship with Him. So to see somebody in very bad straits, you would say well, there Nukva is lacking the whole nine Sefirot, she is lacking wisdom, understanding, knowledge, power, overcoming strength, identification with God. That person is lacking all of these things.


Well you say, they are a Christian, they name the name of Jesus. Are they identifying with the mind of God? Do they have wisdom? How did they get in this condition? Of course, it could happen. Well, I don't even believe it could happen to anybody. I've seen on TV, one woman was a school teacher and she had a decent life, and she lost her home and she couldn't get back on her feet, and she was homeless. Well, you just have to ask yourself, why? I am not condemning anyone. I am just telling you that people that are serving Jesus Christ in wisdom....the New Testament says in spirit and in truth, well in what spirit? If you are serving Jesus in the Spirit of Christ, if you are in His wisdom and in His understanding, and if you are dealing with your sin nature, this really should not be happening to you.


I'm not condemning anybody, but I am sure that if I were to talk to this woman, what I would find would be heavy curses on her family line, and that she was very possibly the first generation that made it to a profession that she went to college and became a school teacher, and that the family line curses of mismanagement of money, and lack of wisdom in other areas over took the education that the secular world gave her. If I was a betting man, which I am not, I would put money on it that, that is what happened to her because I know that, and I've known that for a long time.


You can fix up the outside, brethren. I met a woman once at a law firm that I was working for. She was a Cornell Law School graduate, and she had made it up out of some pretty heavy poverty. She was very bright, she won a scholarship, but she was sick. Just as she was graduating Cornell Law School, she was sick. So she lost a year, and she went back anyway, and she lost this opportunity, but she got another opportunity, and she kept fighting and fighting, but she went down. She made it up out of that poverty, graduated Cornell Law School, and the curse overtook her in another direction with her physical health and other circumstances of her life. I know what I'm talking about.


The only way a human being can overcome these deep curses that keep people in poverty and make them homeless and keep them sick for their whole life and have all kinds of serious problems, your only hope is to turn to Jesus because those are family line generational curses. So is everybody that's poor under a generational curse? Not necessarily, but here is the test. You have been poor for ten generations, you worked your fingers to the bone, and you sent your kid to college, did he make it? If he made it, then maybe there were other factors. Maybe there were circumstances that made you poor. Immigrants came to this country in the 30s and in the 40s that were dirt poor, and the very next generation the kids went out, they worked, they got jobs, some of them went into business, some of them went to school, and then the next generation the whole family was "up and running." Those people were under circumstantial poverty.


Do you understand what I am saying? They were under circumstantial poverty. As soon as the opportunity to improve presented itself, the whole family went up. With heavy family line curses, even the opportunities presenting themselves will not raise you up.


I was in Illinois a few months ago, I met a man who was a doctor who wasn't practicing, who is an alcoholic, a young man, lost his practice. Went through medical school, he was an Ophthalmologist. That is a curse. His life was wrecked, he was divorced, he couldn't see his kid, whole big story I heard from him, the total story. It was hard to believe the man was an Ophthalmologist. You see, he made it through the education because he was raised by parents that impressed education him, how important it was, and he made it all the way to be a practicing Ophthalmologist, but the emotional condition within him, the spiritual condition within him, overtook all the education. He rotted from the inside out.


Spiritual problems must be dealt with, with spiritual solutions, and Jesus Christ is the only solution. There is no other spirit or no other religion that is going to turn around a curse like that. You can be as religious and devout as you want, but there is no spirit in existence other than that of Jesus Christ that will turn around a curse of destruction like that. So somebody is saying in the spirit, doesn't mean that somebody here is saying it, somebody in the spirit is saying, well that family was OK, that family was strong, that family was prospering, and in such and such a generation a terrible thing happened to them. Well, why don't they get back to the way they were before the terrible thing happened to them?


Because, brethren, once you fall down, you can't get back up again without a spirit that is strong enough to get you back up again. Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together or up on the wall again. So once you fall, you need help, and there is no religion and spirit other than the Lord Jesus Christ in this whole universe that can help you when you fall like that.


Well, I think we have covered everything on the board. Are there any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I was looking at the Scripture Hebrew 10:32, and it says, But recall the former days in which, after you were illuminated, and it made me think of all the insight they were given by a fall, and I wonder if it was even some of these Kabbalah teachings. It also made me think of the Illuminati out in the world, whether it be a kind of counterfeit of some of this?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is interesting. Xxxxx, thank you for that.


I think I forgot to read that into the tape though. Paul called the The World of Action a gazing stock, and that is Hebrew 10:33. That is how Xxxxx got to that Scripture that she just read to us. There are two references, I think there are two references...well, there is one reference to the world being a gazing stock in the Old Testament, and there is either one or two in the New Testament, and all these references are negative, that you are being played out so that the whole world can see your shame. And I declare to you that, that is a witness that this whole world of action that we live in now is an expression of the shame that exists because the female or the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon have departed from their husband, and that the female aspects have fashioned a male organ out of her own substance to replace her husband, Adam Kadmon, and this whole world is a visible expression of this shame.


Now, if this is the first tape that you are hearing, we are talking about spiritual principles. I have no problem with female women. I am a physical female, and I am doing something that, usually, men do. So these are spiritual principles of the spiritual male and the spiritual female, the spiritual female who waged war against her husband and departed from him. So somewhere in this diagram, there existed a lower Adam, which the Kabbalistic literature calls a lower Adam, and he must have existed somewhere in these lower worlds, and he is the one who could not hold his world in the image of Adam Kadmon.


Remember, every world, all of these worlds, there are magnetic fields existing in all of these worlds. Just like the principle of gravitation keeps all of the planets circling the sun, keeps all of the plants and everything in its proper orbit, and spinning on its orbit. I don't know if it has the same name or not, but there is a parallel principle existing in the spirit. There are negative and positive forces that cause tension against each other to keep everything in its right place. One force pulls one way, and the other force pulls the other way, and the planet spins on its axis and stays in its orbit.


Well, there is what the Kabbalistic literature calls the lower Adam. I don't know which world he existed in, but he lost control of the magnetic balance of his field of creation, and he was pulled to pieces by the negative forces, and those individual pieces are called Abel. And this story lines right up with the account of...well, it doesn't line completely up with it, the account of The World of Points. The account of The World of Points says, well, the vessels just broke. In other words, God didn't know how to make a vessel. He wasn't enough of an engineer to know that these vessel couldn't contain this light, and they just broke.


Well, I can't buy that. The reason that they broke...there is a reason that they broke, and that is because these were not just abstract vessels. These were vessels that were personifications. These vessels were superior spiritual beings, and, at some point, and I can't fit it in right now, this superior spiritual being was called Adam, the lower Adam, the Adam of the garden, and he was the vessel. He was The World of Points appearing on some lower level, and he could not hold his configuration, and this is shown to us in Daniel, Chapter 8. It specifically reveals in the Alternate Translation that he could not keep the image of the Garden of Eden in his mind. The goat attacked him and changed the whole image of this visible world.


I trust that as we continue in our studies, we will get more information along this line and be able to weave the Doctrine of Christ together with Kabbalah even more. I have, I think, two more basic principles that I want to show you concerning Kabbalistic principles, and then the Lord has started me with an alternate translation of Genesis as it is presented in the Zohar which is very exciting to me because, at least the section that I'm looking at right now, it is really talking about events that are pre-Genesis 1:1, and I hope to get to that tonight.


This study has shown me where the water in the deep came from. I always said, well, where did this water come from that we read about in Genesis 1? So I now have an answer for that, and we will get started with that, hopefully, tonight, but I do have two more principles. I would like to see if I can do it this morning. It is getting a little late, but we will try.


There are two more principle points that I would like to make, and one is that I already told you that each of these layers is inside the other layer, but that each of these Partzuf, now remember they are personifications, and they have body parts, arms, nose, head, the whole thing. All of their feet stand in the same place, so the only way we can tell the difference, the only way we can distinguish them is by their heads. So when we see these little, like you were saying off the tape, they look like little shelves or drawers, this is actually the head. In other words, right here, this is the head of Arikh Anpin because the rest of his body is inside these other layers. Do you see what I'm saying?


I just wanted to make that point. I don't know what to do with it yet, but I did feel to make that point to you, that each one of these are personifications. They are like people, and we can't see their feet or their body. Each one of these grades signifies the head of one of these Partzufim, and they are all inside of each other. I can't wait to find out what the practical application of that is. According to the literature, it says, well, the heel of one is touching the ear of the other, and I don't know what to do with it yet.


As I told you earlier, I don't know what to do with the Partzufim existing on all these different levels. I don't know what to do with it, but, in due season, I am sure the Lord will explain to us what to do with it.


The second thing that I wanted to tell you before we stop this morning is just something that I read in the literature, that I had so much trouble understanding it. I think I must have read it 15 times, and I could not get what that paragraph meant, and I went away and came back a week later, I read it another 15 times, and I understood it. Basically, this is what it is saying. That each of these worlds has a head. Each of these worlds Atik Yomin, Arikh Anpin. I guess Atik Yomin is the head, and each of these worlds has a head, and we are forbidden to investigate into the headship of The World of Action. After I read it about 30 times, that is the message that I got, that we are forbidden to investigate or learn about The World of Action. And this is what the Lord told me, that the headship of the The World of Action is who? Satan is the god of this world, and we are not supposed to be investigating or seeking knowledge in her spirit.


Now, being the person that the Lord is bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ through, I know that we are not forbidden from learning about her devices. Paul said, we are not ignorant of her devices as long as the Lord is leading us into the study, and, as long as associated with this study, is our own willingness to look into our own heart and see Satan in the midst of us. You see, motive is everything. We have been criticized severely by other ministries for being a negative ministry, talking about Satan too much. I've been told that, that we are a negative ministry. Of course, that is the same criticism that is levied against deliverance ministries. You are just dealing with the devil all the time. Well, I was in deliverance ministry for five years, and I had demons cast out of me for five years, and that experience prepared me to receive this great calling on my life, you see.


Now, we don't cast out demons any more. I could if the Lord would anoint me to do it, but that is not what we are doing right now. We are into deep studies that require the investigation and the penetration into our own sin nature to recognize her so that we can destroy her. So you see, motive is everything. What that prohibition means in the Kabbalistic literature, there is no doubt in my mind, being who I am and being the one who has gone through what God has taken me through with this doctrine for as long as I'm teaching it, I know that, that caution does not mean that we are not to investigate Satan and Leviathan within ourselves. That caution means that we are not to investigate Satan for the spiritual power. We are not to investigate Satan to gain her spiritual power in this world. That's what is forbidden, you see.


We are not forbidden to look at Satan within ourselves so that we can destroy her, and you may recall we did a translation concerning Judas and his relationship with the Pharisees, and we found out that some of these translations, right out of the King James Translation, that they were seeking....let me put it on the tape. I could not find the Scripture, but we did do some Alternate Translations which reveal that the Jews, not knowingly worshiping Satan, but they were preferring their carnal mind. That is the bottom line. They were preferring their carnal mind to the true spiritual truth, and these were Pharisees that were schooled in the Kabbalah, but they could not see the truth of Jesus, that Jesus was Adam Kadmon, that Jesus was Arikh Anpin. They could not see it, and they preferred their religion, not the spiritual truth of the Kabbalah, but they clung to their religion which is the Serpent's religion.


The translation came forth that they clung to the trinity, and when we first started studying Kabbalah, I see that a lot of the teachings of the Kabbalah come in threes, if that's what it means, I'm not really sure, but that's what the King James, that was the best that I could do with the Greek text to reveal that the Pharisees clung to the trinity. It was the false understanding of Kabbalah. See, we are studying all of these deep things, and Kabbalah is very exciting to me, but I know that Jesus Christ is God, and I know that I have a sin nature, and that I have to deal with my sin nature.


Just like is happening in the church today, a lot of the Pharisees could not see the spiritual aspect, they could not see it, this Kabbalistic study, they could not see it manifesting spiritually in front of their eyes. They just loved their studies, and spiritual studies make you feel good, but they weren't looking at their sin nature. So to pursue spiritual studies and not look at your sin nature means, at least in God's eyes, that you prefer the Serpent's religion. You prefer the lie. You prefer to feel good with your spiritual studies, but you ignore the sin nature within you, and this is sin.


So that was the warning in the Kabbalah, to not pursue Satan's knowledge and wisdom and power, and that, that would happen if you studied spiritual things without facing our sin nature, but it was stated in a very hidden way. I guess that's the two things I wanted to tell you, and we are going to finish up here. Yes, that was it.


Now when we come back tonight, Lord willing, unless He changes my plans, I will start teaching on the first couple of paragraphs concerning what I call pre-Genesis in the King James Translation, and that will be under another name. We will start a series called Zohar because we are going to have to break this up somehow. I don't want to have 100 messages on Kabbalah. Are there any other questions or comments? Would anybody like to contribute? Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: When you were talking about each of those cups fitting one inside another, when you said when you get down to the bottom which is wisdom, which in a rose that is the very last part of the petal, made me think of Hinduism and the lotus flower, when you said when you look from above each one sits inside one another....


PASTOR VITALE: Right, that was the heart (4th) energy center becomes the center, like in a daisy where you have that yellow center and the white petals. The heart (4th) energy center becomes the center or the nucleus, and the crown (7th) energy center surrounds it.


Yes, spiritual truth is spiritual truth. Either we look at it through the mind of Christ or through the carnal mind, but, even then, there are a lot of similarities because spiritual truth is spiritual truth. Amen. That is very good that you remembered that.


COMMENT: I was looking at that picture, and it made me think of hanging garlands (comments unclear).


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord.


COMMENT: When you were doing a word study, did you ever think about what the word Edom means?


PASTOR VITALE: The word Edom means "red," and, according to the Kabbalah literature, it refers to what is called the red drop.


I find this so interesting because I heard I heard this same phraseology in a Hindu book, and I keep saying I am going to go looking for that Hindu book, and I have never done it. I don't even know if I could find it, but so, apparently, both Hinduism and Kabbalah talk the very, very, very beginnings of creation emanating forth from a white drop and a red drop. The white drop signifying sperm, but, of course, this is on a very high spiritual level. The white drop signifying sperm, and the red drop signifying, according to the Kabbalistic literature, the female waters.


And we know, from our studies on Jacob and Esau....did you know that Edom means Esau? Edom and Esau are related. Esau is Edom, the Scripture says. Esau is Edom, and the Dukes of Edom are the descendants of Esau, and you may recall from our studies of Jacob and Esau that Esau was very great with spiritual power, and that he was using that spiritual power illegally. Jacob typified the righteous seed, and Esau typified the spiritual power, and the righteous seed is supposed to always be the head of the power. If the righteous seed is not the head of the power, the power goes negative. At least this is our condition in this fallen world. You may also recall that, according to the King James Translation, Jacob's mother got him on the side and told him to deceive his father, and we have two very outstanding messages on that.


I mentioned this on another tape of Kabbalah. I now know that it wasn't his physical mother. At the time that I did the translation, I felt his mother was, and who is Jacob's mother? Rebecca, right. That she was just manifesting as a prophet, that she was manifesting the resurrected Adam to him, but now I don't even think it was his physical mother. I think it was Imma. I think that Jacob had the righteous seed, and he had Chokhmah, wisdom, and Binah, understanding, and that it was Imma talking to him on behalf of Adam Kadmon, on behalf of the righteousness of God, telling him that your brother, who is manifesting the Gevurah, the might of God, that is the spiritual inheritance of all of Israel who are supposed to be the Saviors of the world, and he's using it incorrectly, and your father, Isaac, is completely seduced and enamoured with Isaac, and you better get in there and take authority.


You, Jacob, who have the righteous seed, and that was actually the righteous seed within him talking to him, manifesting as his mother, saying, you had better get in there and take authority over, not only your brother, but over your father. Who would deceive their father. That is a horrendous thing, but I want to tell you something, when your father has gone over to the other side, you have to do it. That's what happened to Noah. That's what happened between Ham and Noah. If the day ever comes that I am so completely off, you have to tell me. First, you go to God and you pray about it. What happened to Sheila? Help her Lord. And then you have to do whatever God instructs you to do. That is the body of Christ. That's what happened in Hitler's Germany. You don't follow your leader to become a murderer. You have to take a stand at some point that this is wrong.


So, we might say, in the language of the church today, you might say, well it was a spirit of righteousness that rose up in Jacob and said, I see what my brother, Esau, is doing, and my father, Isaac, is completely seduced by his son, and when we did the translations, it looked as if what was influencing Isaac was his fear of dying, that he wanted to....I don't want to preach on this, I don't want to preach incorrectly, but he was concerned with dying, and he was of one mind and one accord with his son, Esau, to obtain illegal energy for him. And Jacob went into the tent, and he deceived his father, and, you know, the point at which my translation broke down, I stopped translating because I couldn't get the revelation.


When Isaac realized that he had blessed the wrong son, in his mind the wrong son. Well, in the physical world, he was supposed to bless the older son, Esau. When Isaac realized that he had blessed Jacob, he started to tremble, and I could not understand why he was trembling, but I did read in the Zohar, for whatever it is worth, God didn't tell me it is not true, the interpretation of someone writing in the Zohar said that the reason that Isaac started to tremble was when he realized that he had blessed Jacob instead of Esau, in order for that whole scenario to actually come to pass Jacob had to be under the anointing of the Shekinah.


Now remember, the Shekinah was associated with Malkhut, and we are associating Malkhut with Christ Jesus. Everybody OK? That when Isaac realized what happened, he knew that Jacob could never have pulled that off, that the Shekinah was not with him, and he sent the presence of the Shekinah, thus realizing that he was in sin, that his whole ungodly soul tie with his son, Esau, that he was so "off" that the Shekinah, or, we would say, the Lord Jesus had to rise up and take the younger son to do what would be an act of rebellion if it wasn't God telling him to do it, and when Isaac realized that, he started to shake, that he came so close to destroying the heritage that he was carrying which was for the salvation of the world.


So I had to read that in the Zohar. It makes sense to me. All I know is I had to stop the translation because I could not figure out why he was trembling. Praise the Lord. Anybody else?


Edom means the red drop, the female waters, and the female waters are the waters without the seed. The female waters are the waters without the seed. When the white drop mixed with the red drop, now I didn't read this in the literature, this is what I'm saying, when the white drop mixed with the red drop, it became the male waters. The Holy Spirit is the female waters, but the waters mixed with the seed, that is the Spirit of Christ, that's the male waters. The power is under the control of righteousness. Praise the Lord.


To be honest with you, I didn't know this myself before we started studying Kabbalah, why even the Scripture would make such a point of saying that Esau is Edom, and I looked up Edom, and I saw that it meant "red," and I just didn't know what to make of out of, but now I understand. It is just another witness of the understanding that the Lord brought us into in another way. Esau was just filled with spiritual energy. He was the living manifestation of the female waters, and his father, Isaac, was supposed to be his head. See, the authority of Isaac was supposed to be keeping the spiritual energy of Esau in the right direction, but Isaac was seduced by his own son and was not functioning as the head.


Now, brethren, I have talked so much about this, not recently, but I've talked so much about this, how every one of us, we have to know where we have legitimate authority, and we must wield that authority because when we give our authority away we not only hurt ourselves, we hurt the person that we are giving our authority away to, and we hurt everybody that is under that false authority, and on top of all that, we mess up our relationship with God, and whatever plans God has for us and all the people that we are supposed to minister to that we don't even know about. Now giving away your spiritual authority is a very serious, serious wrong. It is not a light thing. It is very serious to give it away.


This is the underlying spiritual issue concerning a lot of physical male's reaction to homosexuality. Somebody asked me recently, I don't think it was on a tape, what is it with these men that they are so homophobic? That a lot of men just freak out when they are around homosexuals, and this is the answer. They may not understand the answer with their mind, but it is like built into all physical men, it is built into them, that you give away your manhood, that is just a very wrong devastating thing to do, to give away your manhood. I've heard people knock physical men, oh you are just afraid, you are a homophobic.


Well, the bottom line is, and I'm telling you from a position of someone who has wielded authority in Christ for 13 years now, that the seductions come all the time to pull you down, and the worst part of the whole thing is that the seductions come from people who don't know that they are doing it, from people who love you, and would never knowingly hurt you. It is easy to resist someone who you know is your enemy, but it is very difficult to live with someone or have a close relationship who you know would do anything for you, and yet you have to be on your guard against them because they are still ignorant in these areas of attacking your authority. I have this knowledge. Anyone that even comes near me with a thought, and I hear people's thoughts, of putting me under them, I'm ready. I'm not hostile, but I'm ready to stand my ground. It is a terrible thing to have authority in Christ and give it away.


It is all in the mind. You can have someone, and we talked about that over breakfast this morning, we had breakfast together this morning, we talked about that, how another preacher tried to put me under somebody with their words, but it is how we receive it. I didn't receive it, and you can't be passive, and say, oh she didn't mean it. I'm telling you, if that is your reaction, oh she didn't mean it, if that is your reaction that is like a curse that comes at you. You must resist it. You must know in your mind without condemning the person, you must know in your mind that this is really wrong, that, that minister, from the pulpit tried to put me under a young woman that had no authority over me whatsoever in any area, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she didn't mean it, that she did it in ignorance.


Now I am sure that there was some ungodly motive coming out of her heart, but I don't think she ever sat down and said, I'm going to take down Sheila Vitale. No, not at all. Personally, I think it rose up out of a spirit of envy, but the whole point is she didn't even know what she was doing, and a few months later I rebuked it. I didn't condemn her. I rebuked what she did. I never said a word to her, and three months later somehow the Lord told her she was wrong doing that. I know because it was witnessed to me that the Lord told her she was wrong doing that. It was like sort of, she didn't say, I apologize, but it was really an apology what she said to me. So you have to stop it, not necessarily with a face-to-face physical confrontation, but you have to catch that ball in the spirit before it hits you between the eyes. When someone does that, it is a curse.




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