531 - Part 10

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Praise the Lord. This is Part 10 of A Look at Kabbalah, and, tonight, I expect this message, and I say "expect," because I never know what the Lord is going to do, but I expect this message to be simply a series of points of information that has not come forth in the previous parts. What's in my mind and in my heart right now is that there is not going to be any continuous theme to the whole message, but I will be bringing forth several points that have to do with Kabbalah that the Lord has shown me through my studies that did not come out in other messages. So there may be related, the points that I make, may be related and, on the other hand, they may not be related. So I will just tell you when we are heading into a new subject. Is everybody OK with that?


We are going to start with Drawing #1 which is a diagram of the ten Sefirot configured as a human, as opposed to the ten Sefirot listed as ten spheres from top to bottom, 1-10. Originally, the ten Sefirot came out in that manner. You may recall the story of the creation, that first the Infinite One contracted Himself and produced an empty space called a void, sometimes, and then the light of the Infinite entered into the empty space and brought forth ten Sefirot, ten attributes of the nature of God called the Image of God, and that these ten attributes were Keter (thought), Chokhmah (wisdom), Binah (understanding), Chesed (grace), Gevurah (might), Tiferet (beauty or glory or what the Lord has revealed to me to be merciful judgment, the White Throne Judgment), Netzach (overcoming), Hod (which the Lord has revealed to me is identity with the Mind of God, the ability to recognize and identify with the Mind of God), Yesod (foundation), and Malkhut (female).


These ten Sefirot came out in a straight vertical line, one after the other, and, after they came out, there came into existence....does anybody remember the name of the first world that came into existence?


COMMENT: The World of Points.


PASTOR VITALE: Excellent, yes, that's correct, the The World of Points. Can anyone tells us what happened to The World of Points?


COMMENTS: The vessels were shattered.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, The World of Points came forth, a series of points of light came forth, and these lights, and all lights, have an inner light, and a surrounding light, and a vessel that holds the lights.


The light that came forth, the ten points of light that came forth, were formed into the these three aspects, vessels, the inner light that was contained in the vessel, and the surrounding light which really was the excess. First the vessels were formed, and then the light of the Infinite poured into the vessels, and whatever could not fit in the vessels hovered outside of the vessel as the surrounding light, but the intensity of the light of the Infinite that poured into the vessels of The World of Points was too great for the structure called the vessels of The World of Points, and they shattered.


After that, the ten Sefirot were reconfigured in what the Kabbalists call the form of a human, which is what I have on the board here, and they call it the form of a human because they say that Keter is the head, and Netzach, Hod, and Yesod are the legs, and I believe they call Tiferet the chest. I am just giving you that to sort of help you along without really going into that in depth right now.


So this configuration with Keter at the top, and three Sefirot on each side and then three in the middle, as you can see if you look at your diagrams, is called by the Kabbalists the reconfiguration of the ten Sefirot or the reconfiguration of Adam Kadmon in the form of a human. Now these three Sefirot on the right, Chokhmah (wisdom), Chesed (grace), and Netzach (overcoming), these are considered positive or male Sefirot, and the three on the left Binah (understanding), Gevurah (might), Hod, (identity with God), they are considered female or restricting forces.


Spiritually speaking, female is negative and male is positive. So any force or any Sefirot that are considered female needs to be counteracted by a male aspect which produces a third, balanced quality. For example, the most obvious one is Gevurah, might, force. This is pure spiritual force, and when we see this force, and we see it when it is not underneath the authority of righteousness or kindness or mercy, this force alone is the force of the sowing and reaping judgment. It is force and judgment without mercy.


So, the Lord has tempered it. I should not be saying the Lord as this point. The Infinite One tempered this might with grace which is also mercy. What do we come up with? The White Throne Judgment, judgment with mercy, judgment that doesn't kill you, judgment that gives you an opportunity to repent and choose the right path.


So we see that Kabbalah is basically talking about the balance of powerful forces that are constantly limiting and restricting each other and coming to a middle path that is a positive influence on the world. Is everybody OK with that? We have to find the middle ground in everything that we do, balance and the middle ground.


I'm trying to explain to you something that the Lord showed me last night. Now when I first started studying Kabbalah, I realized and I believe that I've told you that there is something called a 32-path of wisdom which consists of the ten Sefirot and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Now I told you that, but I didn't tell you anymore because I didn't know what to do with those letters. I had some basic understanding of the ten Sefirot which we have been talking about. This is Part 10 of the message, but I did not know what to do with those 22 letters. I could not understand them, and it just hit me. Last night I just opened the book, The Tree of Life, which the Lord sent me back to.


For those of you who don't realize it, we stopped this series of messages at Part 9, and we did several messages on Bereshith, and then I think there were a couple of other messages also that sort of just developed the message, just gave us an opportunity to absorb the information in Parts 1-9 of A Look at Kabbalah and apply it and take a look at it, and maybe the Lord just gave us a rest. I don't know, because I came back to my studies in The Tree of Life understanding more than when we entered into Bereshith and the couple of other messages that came forth.


I just opened The Tree of Life, and it just hit me that these channels, these connections, if you look at the drawing, and I've shown you this drawing before. I know in another part of this message that I had this drawing on the board for you of Adam Kadmon configured as a human, and I showed you all the channels connecting all of the Sefirot, but at that time I didn't put in the letters because I did not "get it." I didn't get what they were doing there, and it didn't seem pertinent to that particular message that I was preaching, and I just opened the book last night, and it hit me that this is these channels. The reason the book shows the Hebrew letters in the channels is that this is how the Hebrew letters work together with the ten Sefirot to produce a multiplicity of grades of energy.


We are talking about grades of energy. This is spiritual alchemy. In other words, and this is not a realistic example because all I've got so far is a basic principle. I don't really understand how it is working yet. I just have the basic principle. For example, when Hod, identity, relates to Tiferet, and the two Sefirot mix together, they are connected by which letter? Whoever has the answer first? So, we see that the Hebrew letter that connects Hod to Tiferet is the Hebrew letter Samek which is the number 60. Also, I have some listing of what the letters mean, but I have a feeling we are going to be finding out they mean much more.


The letter Samek means "support." Now remember I don't understand this yet. This is just the basic principle. So I want to accomplish some supernatural feat, and the Lord tells me, Sheila, what you have to do to accomplish this supernatural feat, to heal cancer, or to make an arm grow out, or to do such a thing, the Lord says to me, spiritual alchemy, mix Hod with Tiferet, and when you mix Hod with Tiferet you should know that includes the Hebrew letter Samek. So mix these ingredients, and you will come up with a measure of the energy of God that is specifically designed to do this feat, to heal cancer or get someone up out of a wheelchair, whatever. Are you following me on the principle? Because that's all I've got. I don't know how to use it yet. I've got a gun, but I don't know how to use it yet.


So that's the principle of spiritual alchemy, and just use your imagination, you can see all of the potential. The Lord might say to me, well, Sheila, today we are going to mix a prescription, and I want you to mix Hod and Tiferet which is connected by Samek, and also let's include Gevurah in this. And what is the Hebrew letter that connects Tiferet to Gevurah? Tsadeh, 90. And what's the Hebrew letter that connects Gevurah to Hod? Peh.


We want to heal cancer over here, we want to heal liver cancer, and the Lord says to us, mix Gevurah and Hod and Tiferet, and the letters that connect them all is the Peh that connects Gevurah to might, and the Samek that connects Hod to Tiferet. What connects Gevurah to Tiferet? Tsadeh. Get all of those ingredients together, and you are going to produce a grade of energy of the Lord, just like the prescription in your pharmacy that's going to heal this liver cancer. That sounds great. The only problem is that I don't know how to do it, but I have some information. The Lord is teaching, it is definitely coming, brethren, it is coming.


According to the information that I have, and I've already shared this with you. Can anybody tell me what the cudgel is? I will tell you what that is in a minute. We are going to mix all these ingredients. A pharmacist is going to mix all these ingredients. A pharmacist has a cudgel. It is like a ceramic cup. I think it is called a cudgel, and he something that goes in it. I think that is called a pestle. I may have the wrong words. He mixes all his ingredients together, except pharmacists don't do that anymore. They get the pills from the big factories, but it used to be that way. The pharmacist would take different ingredients and mix it. Maybe it is called the mortar and pestle. I don't know where I got cudgel from. I think it is called a mortar and pestle. They mix it all in this ceramic dish, and then they give it to their patients.


Does anybody know, spiritually speaking, the cup that you mix the ingredients in, spiritually speaking, what is it? Can anybody guess? This is spiritual now. Where does spirit operate? Does it operate in my foot? Does it operate in my nose?


COMMENT: In the mind.


PASTOR VITALE: In the mind. So where are we going to be mixing these ingredients?


COMMENTS: In our mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Our mind is where the ingredients are mixed.


As far as I'm concerned, I don't know how to get the ingredients into my mind, but I know that spiritual alchemy in Christ Jesus has manifested in me, but the Lord has done the whole thing. I know that He has poured, with His specific intention of helping someone, of setting somebody free, He has poured the thoughts of God into my mind. He has poured the wisdom of God and the understanding so that I could identify the problem. He's poured Hod, the mind of God. He has given me an ability to recognize the solution of Christ, how Christ would deal with this, and He has given me the Gevurah, the might, to do it, and a lot of people have been set free by me. Not so many physical healings, for whatever reason, but many spiritual healings and some physical healings. The Lord has done some physical healings, but right now that doesn't seem to be what He's working on with me right now.


Many emotional and spiritual healings have come forth through the Lord's combing these ingredients of helping me to understand, first of all, words of knowledge like came out this morning. I didn't even know you two were having problems, and the Lord brought that forth. And He brought forth grace, grace and Tiferet, correction with mercy. All of these ingredients came forth this morning. You had a powerful deliverance. Overcoming came forth.


I can understand the Sefirot much more than I can understand the letters, but before last night I had absolutely not a clue of how the letters entered into this program. Now, I have a clue that somehow when the Lord mixed all these Sefirot together to set you free today, also included were the Hebrew letters that connected these aspects that were working here, but I don't know how they added to the potion. I don't know how they did it, but I know that the Hebrew letters that we named were a part of the spiritual alchemy that came together to set you free today. Is there anybody that doesn't understand this? Do you understand the basic principles?


So I believe that the Lord Jesus wants to teach us how to do this spiritual alchemy. I believe He wants people in wheelchairs healed. I believe He wants the mental institutions emptied out. I believe He wants to set this whole country, the church, the Jews, the whole world, He wants to set everything straight, but He has a program, and the program that the Lord Jesus has is the program that the Infinite One gave Him from the beginning. And that program is that He manifests Himself to the world of ? Which world is this according to Kabbalah?


COMMENT: The World of Action.


PASTOR VITALE: The World of Action.


He manifests Himself to The World of Action and the inhabitants of The World of Action through men, through mortal men. This may be hard for you to understand. I admit, it is hard for me to understand that 18,000 people died in an earthquake today, people die every day in torment, in terrible pain from diseases, on the streets, and the Lord Jesus is waiting to set things straight until He can raise up a group of people to manifest. I don't get it. You see, my carnal mind says to me, that's terrible. But my Christ mind says, God is righteous. But the fact is, He sees things very differently than we do.


The Mind of Christ is the exact opposite of the carnal mind. It is His desire to set every wrong right, but it is going to be according to His plan, and there is no way we are going to be able to function in His plan if we cannot follow the rules in a small ministry like this. I tell you the truth. Everything I tell you here, everything I require of you is practiced for the real thing. If you can't get a piece of paper in the right box, and if you can't separate business from spiritual matters, how are you ever going to be able to manifest a spiritual alchemy that requires a particular ministration. You won't do it. I'll tell you right now that you won't be able to do it.


I read somewhere recently, can't remember where I read it, it just jumped out and really hit me that children who are not taught to obey their parents and grow up rebels cannot obey God. Children who grow up never having been taught to honor and respect and submit to their parents will not honor and respect and submit to God. So those of us who are rebels, because that was me, I was a terrible rebel. I had to be beaten in the world, and you are being beaten here. Not physically beaten, anyone hearing this tape, I can see them running to the D. A. Sheila is beating up people, cult, cult!! Spiritual beatings because you grew up rebellious. Me too.


So you can't just sit down and learn Kabbalah. It is not that easy. The whole man has to be ministered to. Kabbalah is for the spiritual man, and the discipline that helps you to overcome your rebellion which manifests, can manifest in many ways. Simply forgetting the rules is a form of rebellion. Something that's so ingrained in you, you don't have control over yourself. You are not doing it consciously any more. You are on automatic. That's all the socialization of Cain.


So the whole man is being trained to be able to be a part of this great glorious liberation of God. Do you realize what we are called to? The privilege and the excitement of it, but none of us, including me, are going in without being trained and becoming strongly disciplined in every area, because you better believe it, that whatever the Lord tells you to do, Satan is raising up to blow you off your course, and what's going to keep you on your course is discipline. Discipline in this world, discipline in this ministry, discipline in your life, that's what is at least going to help. It is a real factor that's going to keep you on your course. Of course, there is faith in Jesus Christ. That's not my point, that goes without saying. Discipline is the answer. What does that mean? That you do it no matter what, you just do it. Just do it.


So I'm very excited. I'm very excited that I see God moving in my understanding, and I now understand the basic principle of at least how the Hebrew letters relate to the Sefirot. I could not even see how they related to them, and I was looking at this diagram. Well, it is right there in the book. I've been looking at it for months, but I didn't get it. As soon as I get it, I give it to you. I think, personally, that the Lord is moving very rapidly. He's only limited by us. He's limited by our inability to understand any more quickly, and He's also limited by our rebellion, and that's why that deliverance came forth today. Apparently, you could not go on without it, or, even worse, your Fiery Serpent would ascend in the wrong channel.


This is Drawing #1, and what I have written there, all the words that I have written there are the....well, Kabbalah calls them the 32 paths of wisdom, but in one of the books that I read there is a name associated with every Hebrew letter, and the first time I went to the....the word that I want to use is eluding me. Each Hebrew letter represents an aspect of the nature of God, an aspect of ministry in man. That's what I'll say for now. An aspect of ministry for man, and when I first read every book, I bought about four books to start with, it was just mind-boggling to me, but I'm learning, and you are learning. I can tell that you are learning, so, apparently, there is no way we can rush this. We just have to walk a step at a time.


I will go over each of these names with you. I did have a revelation at the beginning that each of the name identifying each Hebrew letter suggested a doctrine. That was my first revelation. I know several years ago when I took the meanings of the Hebrew letters from Gesenius Lexicon which is a very simplified, I now know is very, very simplified. I didn't know it at the time. I found out that there was a doctrine associated with every one of the Hebrew letters, and that I don't think the Lord revealed a doctrine with regard to every letter, but many of the aspects of the Doctrine of Christ were expressed in relationship to the Hebrew letters. Almost all of them. Maybe there were one or two that I couldn't tell you what the doctrine associated with that letter is concerning the Doctrine of Christ.


So when I looked at the Kabbalah, and I saw that there was a whole listing for every Hebrew that was completely different than the meanings that I had dealt with in the Doctrine of Christ, I knew that it meant a doctrine associated with each letter, but I could not make head or tails of it. I didn't know what it meant, and, to be honest with you, the thought of having to learn 22 new doctrines, at the beginning the whole thing was just very mind-boggling until the Lord settled me down and said, slow down, Sheila, there is no way you can rush this. Because that is my personality, I wanted to run in and read the books and learn it all, but it didn't work. I was stopped dead in my tracks, and that's an immaturity. I was stopped dead in my tracks, and I didn't realize until today when I put all these names on the board for you, I had not realized that the word "intelligence" was listed in every one of them.


So I may not even be correct in my original thought that a doctrine is associated with every Hebrew letter, but I now look at it and say, but I'm not sure, I'm just growing. Now I see each letter as an aspect of God that produces a particular level of intelligence, and if you have studied the Bereshith series before you went on with A Look at Kabbalah, Part 10, which is this message, you may remember that we discussed a Scripture that was quoted in those beginning paragraphs of Bereshith which is a different translation than the King James Translation. It was a Scripture in Daniel which said, and the intelligence will shine in that day.


Now I see that all of these identifications of the Hebrew letters have to do with intelligence, and there is one person who is studying these tapes, these messages, who called me up after a few weeks of listening to the tapes, and said to me, you know, I just be imagining this, but I think I am more intelligent since I am listening to these messages, and I said, well, it is definitely possible. I know that I am more intelligent than I was when I first started studying with God, and when I first started studying the Doctrine of Christ or preaching it. As I have told you on other messages, the Mind of Christ is designed to expand infinitely so that we can become intelligent ad infinitum, to the fullest degree that we put in the time and the effort and that we believe that we can understand it, and we ask God to help us, to that degree we will understand, indefinitely.


The Mind of Christ will expand. The Scripture says, hell hath enlarged herself. Well, today I declare unto you that the Mind of Christ has enlarged Himself, and will enlarge Himself in direct proportion to your willingness and to my willingness to confess our sins, to confess the sin nature of our carnal mind, and to reject that mind, to reject that husband because we are all married to our carnal mind, to the fullest degree that we are willing and determined and fighting to break that ungodly marriage, the Mind of Christ will exalt Himself and expand Himself in us, and as the Mind of Christ expands, the carnal mind will shrink, but not without a war, and not without a fearless journey into the truth of our own heart.


Are there any questions on what I have said so far? We are still on Drawing #1 here. I would like to read off the different kinds of intelligence associated with the different Hebrew letters, and the book that I took this out of does have a sentence or two that is not on the board, a descriptive sentence or two which I will read to you, but unless the Lord gives me revelation as I am reading it, I just have maybe the slightest idea of what it means, but this is a step forward today. We've got a step forward today.


So let's take a look at those different kinds of intelligence that the Lord is promising us. Even tonight, this is a personal promise to everyone in this ministry and everyone who is faithfully pursuing this word. It is a personal promise. Now can I say it is a personal promise? Because this is the message that He is bringing forth by His anointing tonight; therefore, it is a personal message, a personal promise to us. But, remember, it is a conditional promise. We have to do our part, and you can't fool anybody. You may succeed in fooling me, but I'm not the one that's going to fulfill the promise to you. I am just His mouthpiece. I'm just the personality, the face, that He's standing behind.


The name of this book, for your information, is The Sefer Yetzirah. Translation: The Book of Formation. The name of the chapter is the 32 paths of wisdom.


The first path is called the admiral or the hidden intelligence. This is the highest crown. We know that is speaking about Keter. This must be a letter associated...see, it doesn't say, it doesn't name the letters, but first of all it says, the 32 paths of wisdom. So we know that it is talking about the 10 Sefirot plus the 22 letters. So this is probably the first Sefirot which is Keter. It is called the admiral or the hidden intelligence. It is the highest crown. For it is the light giving the power of comprehension of that first principle which has no beginning, and it is the primal glory, for no created being can attain to its essence.


I have some understanding of the ten Sefirot so I guess these first ten are not going to be a problem, but the point is that to access any of these 32 paths is to increase in intelligence, and, remember, when we access these paths we only touch them. It is an ever increasing journey into that path. I believe every one of the ten Sefirot, I don't know about the letters because I still don't understand them, is manifesting in me to some degree, but these qualities of God can increase in us ad infinitum, without end.


So if you see these qualities in yourself, it is not enough to say, oh boy, I have it. Well, maybe you just have just the basic thread of it. We want to acquire these qualities to the point that we manifest eternal life, that we enter into eternal life. Brethren, eternal life is imparted through mind. We will march into eternal life as the Mind of Christ matures in us, and for the Mind of Christ to mature in us He has to get the right food. The Mind of Christ is Christ Jesus in us. Christ Jesus is the whole man, and the mind part of Him is Christ. Christ Jesus, the whole man, has to fully mature in us, and His mind, the Mind of Christ, which is the mind of Christ Jesus, the whole man, must mature in us, and the food that He needs to mature is this information that the Lord is teaching us today. He has to grow up in us. When Christ Jesus is fully mature in us, we will no longer die, but, brethren, He is not going to grow up in us on good works. We can do all the good works in the world, and that's not going to mature Christ Jesus in us. And neither is speaking in tongues and casting out demons and laying on hands on the sick going to mature Christ Jesus in us.


Those are good works, but there is no eternal life in those good works. Eternal life will appear in us as we acquire and absorb and manifest the knowledge of God. I don't know about you, but this is a new revelation for me. When you first come to the Lord, you have to work on yourself, you have to work on your morality, you have to clean up the obvious behavioral sins in your life, the obvious sins in your life, and then the Lord challenges you to deal with the hidden sins of your heart, and then you are qualified to do this deep study. You have to be totally sold out to God to ascend in Christ in this deep study.


So first you have to purify yourself minimally. He who has this hope purifies Himself, Paul says. What hope? The hope of eternal life. You have to purify yourself, and after you purify yourself, of course, not completely, but God knows. You purify yourself to the point that you can sit in these studies and tolerate these studies. Then you start feeding Christ Jesus in you, and when He gets enough to eat and He grows up into all that He can be, He will reconnect with the Glorified Jesus Christ, our anchor, to the world above and we will literally study our way into eternal life. But there must be a continuous, simultaneous dealing with our sin nature, or you are going into the wrong plane. We see that the impartation of this Mind of Christ and the expansion of this Mind of Christ in us has to do with intelligence.


Brethren, the whole world is retarded. The most intelligent mortal man in this world is retarded compared to many of the spiritual beings that surround us, and certainly compared to the Lord Jesus. We are retarded. So, we see that it is the will of God that we should become intelligent and, therefore, every one of these 32 paths of wisdom are designed to impart the intelligence of the Lord Jesus to us in different areas.


So we see that the first intelligence is the light giving the power of comprehension of the first principle which has no beginning, the ability to understand that human beings, that humanity and all of the worlds came into existence from a spiritual principle that has always existed, has no beginning. That means you have to believe in God. That may sound strange to you, but there are some people who don't believe that, who can't believe it, or who don't want to believe it. But if you seek, even though you can't believe, when you receive of this first principle you will believe that everything that exists came into being because of the will of the One who had no beginning.


The second path of wisdom is that of the illuminating intelligence. It is the crown of creation, the splendor of the unity, equaling it, and it is exalted above every head and named by the Kabbalists, the second glory. The splendor of unity. Does anybody know what unity in the sense of Kabbalah means? Does anybody know? We did talk about it. OK, I will remind you. Unity has to do with the unity of the ten Sefirot. Remember, that the tenth Sefirot, Malkhut, abides in the individual, and when Israel goes into captivity, Malkhut stays with Israel. For the Christian, we are talking about the grafted Christ.


Remember, that Malkhut is female. She is a receptacle, and she receives the unified other nine Sefirot which enter into her as the spiritual male, and when Malkhut, that's the grafted Christ, is fully connected to the other nine Sefirot which are the male structure, which comprise the male structure, it is called a spiritual marriage which we are told about in the Book of Revelation, and in the Old Testament in many place. In that event, when Malkhut is occupied, when she is filled with the male structure, Malkhut in the individual human being then has the potential to manifest every quality of the ten unified Sefirot.


So unity, the term unity concerning Kabbalah has to do with the Malkhut or Christ in the individual being married to the male structure which is the other nine Sefirot. Keter, the thought of God, wisdom, understanding, grace, etc. That's the unity we are talking about, and humanity and Israel and the church does not have this unity. I do not have this unity. I think I have it in a measure, but I don't have it to the degree that I have eternal life. So I don't know what to call it.


I am reluctant to say to you, I have this unity because I know I don't have eternal life; yet, I know that I have something special because of what the Lord has done through this ministry and is doing, the teaching and the revelation that's coming forth. I don't know how to describe what I have so I say that it is a measure of this unity, but the fullness of this unity produces eternal life, and that I do not have at this time. I look forward to it in accordance with the will of the Lord.


So we see that the second path which is Chokhmah, wisdom, is called, at least according to this book, the crown of creation, the splendor of the unity, equaling it. What does that mean? Equaling the unity? It means that when Malkhut is married to the male structure, and the ten Sefirot are a unity, Malkhut, the aspect of the Sefirot or Christ, that aspect of the Godhead that is grafted to man, becomes equal to the unity of God. She's carrying the whole thing. She is filled up with all of the power of God. We, you, me, mortal man. First Christ has to be grafted to us, and when Christ is filled up through Christ Jesus with all of the aspects of God, with the unified male structure of the Godhead, then Christ in you when you have that experience, you will be equal to the Godhead. That's just another way of saying, Ye shall be gods.


When we are filled up with the fullness of God, we are female. Christ grafted to us is female. When we are filled up with or occupied by the male structure of the Godhead, we shall be equal to God. Jesus said, you can be equal to your master, but not greater than Him, and everybody who is listening to this message or reading this transcript and manifesting, please understand that you cannot be filled up with the fullness of God and still be actively manifesting the evil of your carnal mind. Because to be filled up with the fullness of God is synonymous with the total repression and paralyzation of your carnal mind which includes the evil inclination that is present in all mortal men.


To be filled up with the fullness of God means to be fully controlled by the righteous nature of the image of God, and when that happens to you, you shall be God, because God will be fully occupying you, possessing you, and living His life through you, and you will be one cell of His body. Does anybody not understand this? People tend to panic when they hear that. How could we be as God? What presumption, what pride. That's what it says. It says it in the Bible. Jesus said, you can be as your master, but not greater than Him. Praise the Lord.


We are talking about Chokhmah now, wisdom. It is exalted above every head. I am just so excited because I could never know what this means if it wasn't for what the Lord has taught us so far. It is exalted above every head. Wisdom is exalted above every head. I don't really have room to put this on the board now, but you may recall that we did a series of drawings where I showed you how each of the Sefirot and then each of the Partzufim are inside each other. They are like cups sitting inside of each other. Do you remember that? If you are listening to this message, please get out your notes from the other messages and you will see it.


According to Kabbalah, if you look at that drawing you will see a series of rims. It is like a series of cups sitting inside each other, and all that you can see is the rims or the tops of the cup, and that is what this means. That's what the word "head" means. Wisdom is exalted above every head. So we see all of these cups, all of these Sefirot sitting inside one another, all of these Partzufim sitting inside each other, and the greatest of all of them, of all of the heads, of all of the rims of the cups that you see, the highest is Chokhmah, wisdom. That's what it means. Praise the Lord.


According to this book, Chokhmah is called the second glory. I had not heard that before, but that's OK with me. What's the first glory? I don't really know. I know that, according to the charts that I have seen, Tiferet is called glory, but I'm not sure. I had better let this go because I am not sure what that means. I don't see how Tiferet would be higher than Chokhmah. I don't see how that could be. So when I said, what's the first glory, I was thinking about Tiferet because you can see it on the board, Tiferet is glory, but I don't see Tiferet to be higher than Chokhmah. I will let that go because I don't know what it means.


The third path is called the sanctifying intelligence. We are going to be very smart, brethren. God wants us to be smart, you see. There is no retardation in God's world. There are no stupid people in God's world. Smart people, intelligent people. We are talking about Binah now, understanding. Of course, none of these names are in this book. The third path is the sanctifying intelligence, and is the basis of foundation of primordial wisdom. Primordial wisdom. I'm not really sure what that means. It goes on to say....unless it means the wisdom that existed at the beginning. Well, that is exciting, brethren. We are going to have the wisdom that existed at the beginning. We are going to know all things. I can't even contain myself, I get so excited. Which is called the former faith, the former faith. The primordial wisdom is the former faith and its roots. Amen.


Now that is interesting because I was reading The Tree of Life about roots, how when the lights first came out from Adam Kadmon, they came out as roots, points of light that were roots, and the light emanated or flowed forth from them. That may be what's being spoken about here, but I'm not sure. The former faith and its roots. Everything comes out as a root and grows, everything comes out as a seed and grows. Then it says, amen. And it is the parent of faith, we are talking about Binah, understanding, now, called the sanctifying intelligence. It is the parent of faith from whose virtues doth faith emanate.


Now I do know this from our studies, that Binah, understanding. You may recall Binah is called Imma, and Chokhmah, wisdom, is called Abba, father and mother, wisdom and understanding. They are a permanent married couple, and they have produced the next seven Sefirot. Imma, mother, which is Binah, understanding, gave birth to the seven lower Sefirot. When we talk about Partzufim, we are talking about Ze'ir Anpin, the lower seven Sefirot. Of course, that is the world of emanation. In Adam Kadmon, each Sefirot keeps its own name.


We are talking about Binah, understanding. It is the basis, the foundation of primordial wisdom which is called the former faith, and its roots, the roots of that faith, and understanding is also called the parent of faith from whose virtues, Binah's virtues, doth faith emanate forth. Now, I don't know exactly what faith would mean according to this book, but based on what I just told you that I've learned from other books that wisdom and understanding have given birth to the seven lower Sefirot, it seems to me that this present book, according to this present book, faith would be the seven lower Sefirot. When the seven lower Sefirot are in you, you will have faith. This is a message I have been preaching here for a long time.


Fallen man cannot have faith. Your carnal mind cannot have any faith. We can only hope that the faith of God will dwell in us. So this seems to be saying to me that if the seven lower Sefirot abide in you, if loving kindness, mercy, and might, and White Throne Judgment, and victory, and identity with God, and the foundation of God, and the Malkhut of God, the part of God that grafts to you, if all of that dwells in you, you will have faith. According to the New Testament, that is the faith of Jesus Christ dwelling in you. Your carnal mind doesn't have any faith. It just has hope. It is capable of having hope. There is no faith in the carnal mind.


The fourth path is named measuring. This is the only one that doesn't say intelligence. The fourth path is named measuring, cohesive or receptacular (spelling?). I didn't look that up, but it sounds like it means that it receives. Measuring, cohesive, or receptacular. It is so called because it contains all the holy powers and from it emanate all the spiritual virtues with the most exalted essences. They emanate one from the other by the power of the primordial emanation, the highest crown. Now, this sounds to me like Malkhut. I don't know why that would come up as the fourth path, and, according to our studies, the fourth path would be Chesed, the grace and the mercy of God. It contains all the holy powers and from it emanate all the spiritual virtues with the most exalted essences. They emanate one from the other by the power of the primordial emanation.


Now I know that Malkhut, when she's filled up with the male structure, she manifests all of the power of the highest crown. So I don't know what to make out of this. I'm just giving you my comment, that this sounds like Malkhut to me. I don't know why it would be here where Chesed is, but it is my understanding that the teaching of Kabbalah have changed over the years, that different rabbis have made changes in it, and there are differences of opinion. This book, The Book of Formation, the Sefer Yetrizah is supposed to be the oldest book, and it is said, I don't know whether it is legend or not, I don't know how it could be fact, that this book was written by Abraham as God gave him this information after the covenant was entered into.


Let's just keep on reading it, and it will be interesting to see what this treatise has to say about the tenth Sefirot which is Malkhut. Does everybody understand what I'm reading here, the fourth path? It sounds like Malkhut to me. Why don't we just jump ahead and see what it says.


The tenth path is the resplendent intelligence because it is exalted above every head and sits on the throne of Binah. I just read something about that in the Tree of Life, but I don't remember what it says. And sits on the throne of Binah, the intelligence spoken of in the third path. It illuminates the splendor of all the light and causes a supply of influence to emanate from the prince of countenances. Now, I don't know what they would mean. The resplendent intelligence because it is exalted above every head and sits on the throne of Binah. Would you put that on hold please. I want to look that up.


This is very interesting because it really appears to me that, according to the Sefer Yetrizah, the Book of Formation, the fourth path is what the Tree of Life in all of the more modern Kabbalistic books are referring to as the tenth Sefirot, Malkhut, and the tenth Sefirot, according to the Book of Formation, sounds like it should be the fourth Sefirot. So the tenth path, according to the Book of Formation, says, it is exalted above every head and sits on the throne of Binah.


In the Tree of Life, we see the phrase, this is the secret of Binah nesting on the throne, and this is what Isaac Luria says that means if we can understand it. The lower seven Sefirot of the Binah of The World of Emanation en-clothed themselves within the Malkhut of The World of Emanation. No one is going to know what I'm talking about. And came down through the curtain to be enclosed within the tenth Sefirot of The World of Creation. This is the secret of Binah nesting on the throne. So nobody knows what I'm talking about, and I don't know how to explain it easily at this point.



Just for your information, if you are not following me don't worry about it. According to the Book of Formation that we are going through right now. We are going through the 32 paths of wisdom. It appears to me that the fourth and tenth path are reversed, and maybe it is true. Maybe the more recent Kabbalists deliberately reversed them. That is probably what happened.


The fifth path, this is the fifth Sefirot is called the radical intelligence. We are going to become radically intelligent because it is, itself, the essence equal to the unity. Now can anyone tell us what the fifth Sefirot is? What's the fifth Sefirot?


COMMENT: Gevurah.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Gevurah.


Gevurah is called the radical intelligence because it is, itself, the essence equal to the unity, uniting itself to Binah or intelligence which emanates from the primordial depth of wisdom or Chokhmah. It makes itself equal to the unity. Well, I really don't have anything to say about that, although I know that Gevurah is very important, that Gevurah is associated with Elohim and manifests itself through Malkhut frequently, and, according to my studies, the Kabbalah seems to say, and this is a little confusing, that the Elohim that is spoken about in Genesis 1 as etching out or bringing forth the creation, is really the Gevurah that came down and manifested itself through Malkhut. It was Adam Kadmon's Malkhut that was doing the creating in Genesis 1, but Gevurah, which is associated with Elohim, the name of God, had descended into Malkhut.


Remember now, we talked about this off the tape the other night. Malkhut is the chameleon. She is the tenth Sefirot, she is the cup, she is the receptacle, she is nothing by herself, but which ever one of the other nine Sefirot pour into her, that's what she becomes at the time. Elohim poured into her, Elohim associated with Gevurah poured into Malkhut, and, for all intents and purposes, she became Elohim. And in the same way, wisdom can pour into Malkhut and to bring us up to date, it is Christ. Malkhut is Christ in us. If Christ is grafted to you, any aspect of the nature of God can pour into you, and you will act like God in that area. So long as the Lord is manifesting through you, you will act like God, whether it is to bring a rebuke or to bring a teaching or to bring counsel.


This is just like saying if the spirit of God fills you with the spirit of counsel, you become a counselor. If the spirit of God fills you with wisdom, at that moment you are a prophet. If the spirit of God fills you with judgment, at that moment you become the executioner, the angel of death. Death to your carnal mind. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about?


So Malkhut or Christ is the chameleon. We found this word when we did a translation, one of the three chapters that we translated concerning Samson. Satan called Samson a chameleon. At the time that I translated that, I did not understand it.


According to the books that I've read, the other Kabbalistic books that I've read, it was not really Elohim doing the creating in Genesis 1. Elohim never left His place as the fifth Sefirot, but sent an aspect of Himself down into Malkhut, and Malkhut, for all intents and purposes, became a reproduction of Elohim, an emissary, an ambassador, an expression of Elohim, and Malkhut went forth as Elohim and did the creation. It is the same thing as saying, God came down and filled you with a message, and you went forth to give a prophecy in a church. You went forth to give the message of God to that person. For all intents and purposes, you are Him.


In the secular world, when an ambassador, if an ambassador of the United States goes to another country, he delivers his message to another government. That ambassador speaks for the president of the United States. So Malkhut is the ambassador, and whichever aspect of God fills her, that's what she is for the moment.


This, we are told in the Sefer Yetrizah, is radical intelligence. Now, this I could relate to as I've experienced this. I've experienced God filling me for a variety of reasons. So, I can say I have experienced radical intelligence, at least to some measure. I know in one case, my pastor was having a heart attack, and the whole church prayed, but I was the one that was filled with radical intelligence. See, this is very interesting because, to me, intelligence means intellectual intelligence, knowledge, but when I look back on that time, when the Lord filled me up with power to be the representative of God to heal this man, I did not have any intellectual intelligence. I was filled up with healing power, and the only way that I could relate to intelligence was that I submitted to God, and I know that I didn't want to approach that man because there was a whole lot of people around him, and, if I remember correctly, just about nobody was moving in the spirit.


Certain people had gone up to lay hands on him, and they were not the ones that were anointed to lay hands on him, and I didn't want to go up there. I didn't want to have to fight my way through to him because all of these other well-meaning people whose carnal mind and pride had sent them up there to lay hands on him, instead of sitting in their seat and praying around him as he had asked for, were in my path, but the Lord told me to go up and lay hands on him, and I didn't know that I had the radical intelligence on me at that time. So I walked up, I risked being rebuked, and I got in there, and I laid hands on him, and my whole mind's eye filled up with green, and I knew that he was healed. And, apparently, he knew it too. Whatever his response was, he knew it too. He knew that he was healed.


I now understand that this radical intelligence was not an intellectual intelligence. It was simply the in-filling of the power to heal. So, maybe we are even using the right definition of intelligence here. So we see the Lord has already brought a correction. The word intelligence is simply being used, but what is meant here is that as the Lord provides, we will be filled with these qualities of God.


The sixth path is called the intelligence of the mediating influence, and that is Tiferet. Tiferet is the mediating influence. That's why Tiferet is one of the Sefirot that's in the middle. He is a mediating or a balancing influence, because in it are multiplied the influxes of the emanations. You can see if you look at your Drawing #1, you can see that all of the influences dump into Tiferet. All the influences above him dump into Tiferet. For it causes that influence to flow into all the reservoirs of the blessings with which these themselves are united.


So we see all the Sefirot above dump into Tiferet, and, then from Tiferet, everything is imparted to Yesod and Malkhut, and that is so exciting to me to see the word reservoir used because of that dream that I had with the reservoir in it so many years ago. I didn't know what it meant. Reservoir is just another word for the Sefirot. Each Sefirot contains power. They are holding tanks for power, and here it is called a reservoir.


So the seventh path now which we know to be Netzach, according to the Book of Formation, is called the occult intelligence because it is the refulgence splendor of all the intellectual virtues which are perceived by the eyes of intellect and by the contemplation of faith. So here we see a reference to intellect, so this must be the ability....occult intelligence. I really should not be guessing, I'm not really sure what it means. But we know that Netzach, according to our studies, means overcoming power and victory.


What we are doing is we are interpolating all of these different authors, all of these different teachers of Kabbalah, I'm taking all of this information in and interpolating them, mixing them all together, and coming forth with a creative word from Christ Jesus. We are now taking the information from another book that the seventh path is Netzach which we know to be overcoming, and in the Book of Formation we are reading that overcoming is the occult intelligence.


It is the refulgence splendor of all the intellectual virtues which are perceived by the eyes of intellect and by the contemplation of faith. What that means to me, based on my personal experience, because that is all I can preach out of, is that in order to overcome you have to have an intellectual understanding of the word. You have to have an intellectual understanding of it, a spiritual understanding of it, and your intellect definitely does come into play when it comes to overcoming. So that seems to fit.


The eighth path which is Hod, and that's what the Lord has revealed to me as the identification of the Christ mind. Let's see what the Book of Formation has to say about it. It is called absolute or perfect because it is the means of the primordial which has no root by which it can cleave nor rest except in the hidden places of gudula (spelling?). I've read what that means, but I don't recall what that means. Oh, magnificence. It tells you right here, magnificence. Which emanate from its own essence. Now I don't know what that means. It has no root by which it can cling. I'm just going to go on.


The ninth path which we know to be Yesod, foundation, or the male, is the pure intelligence. So called, because it purifies the numerations, it proves and corrects the designing of their representation, and dispossesses their unity with which they are combined without diminution or division. What does that mean? It purifies the numerations. I'm not sure what that means. It proves and correct the designing of their representation, and dispossesses their unity with which they are combined without dividing them. I don't know what that means. So I guess I have a problem because I don't know what numerations means. So we will just go on.


The tenth path is the resplendent intelligence because it is exalted above every head. Now remember what head means. That's the rim of every Sefirot that's inside all the other Sefirot. It is exalted above every head, and we know that Chokhmah, wisdom, is the highest head, but we see that the tenth path is exalted above every head and sits on the throne of Binah. I've already told you that, according to the more modern Kabbalistic studies, apparently the fourth and the tenth Sefirot are reversed. This is really the fourth which would be Chesed. Sits on the throne of Binah. It illuminates the splendor of all the lights and causes a supply of influence to emanate from the prince of countenances. I don't know what Kabbalah would say. To me, that would be the Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace. I don't know what Kabbalah, at this point, would be calling prince of countenance.


Now I think we are going to stop here on this. We have completed the ten Sefirot, and on another message we will do the letters. I would like to comment on the second drawing, and then I think we will call it quits. It has been a very stressful day for me, and it is 11:30 at night, but I would like to comment on that second drawing, and then we will call it quits.


We had a deliverance session here today. It was new order deliverance. It was not old order deliverance where we gathered around somebody and rebuked a particular quality of the carnal mind and commanded it to come out. It was a deliverance that came forth by the very strong impartation of truth under the power of the anointing, and the brother here that received the deliverance after the power of God broke forth in her mind and in her heart and repentance was coming forth heard the word "Chesed" spoken twice. Or heard that twice, right? Chesed, right? And I would like to try and explain that to you through this drawing that I have on the board.


As you can see, Chesed is the fourth Sefirot. It appears in the configuration of Adam Kadmon as a human. It appears on the right side, on the male side, and it is connected to Tiferet which is the White Throne Judgment, known as beauty or glory, but the Lord has revealed to us that it is the merciful judgment of God, the judgment that kills the carnal mind and exalts Christ. The sowing and reaping judgment kills the carnal mind, but it kills the body with it. You ultimately die from the sowing and reaping judgment. The White Throne Judgment kills the carnal mind and imparts Christ to you so that you can live.


It is just like saying that you have a damaged lung, a cancerous lung, the doctor can cut out the cancer, or a bad heart, the doctors can cut it out and give you a new heart so you can live. That's what the White Throne Judgment is.


So we see that Chesed, grace, is attached to Tiferet, beauty, and we just read that Tiferet is the mediating or the balancing Sefirot and all of the powers of Keter and Chokhmah, wisdom, and Binah, understanding, and Gevurah, might, falls into Tiferet, but I have just shown you the connections on the right side, and I will tell you why eventually if I can get it out. We see that Chesed pours into Tiferet, and Tiferet pours into Yesod, the foundation, the male aspect, and Yesod ultimately collects all of the emanations and the powers of God from above, and Yesod is the tip of the male structure that marries Malkhut.


Remember, Malkhut to us is Christ. Christ is the aspect of the Godhead that is grafted to us. Christ in Malkhut is female in relationship....well, Christ is female in relationship to the Glorified Jesus Christ. There is going to be a marriage. Christ is female, Malkhut is female in relationship to the male structure of the Godhead. Malkhut is a cup waiting to be filled with the power of God, and Yesod is the tip of the male structure that marries her.


According to my studies so far, Yesod produces....well, let me tell you something else first. Let me remind you that the first ten Sefirot produced The World of Points, and The World of Points lived and died. The energy and the light that came forth to form The World of Points was then reconfigured into The World of Emanation, and the way this happened, the way The World of Emanation came forth was that wisdom and Binah coupled. Wisdom is male, and Binah is female. They are a permanently married couple, and they coupled, they had a form of spiritual sex, and they produced The World of Emanation.


So we see that there is a big difference between The World of Points and The World of Emanation. The World of Emanation was literally born from wisdom and understanding. The World of Points is ten separate points of light that came forth, and each aspect had only its own strength, but The World of Emanation came forth with the strength of wisdom and understanding. It came forth with the strength of their parents, and this is the whole major principle of this tenth Sefirot. I don't know if I've made it clear to you yet.


Christ grafted to us is not strong enough to keep us. He has to be filled with all of the powers of the Godhead, all of the powers of the glorified Jesus Christ. According to Kabbalah, Malkhut is not strong enough to keep the man. She has to be filled with all the powers of the Godhead right up to Keter. She has to be filled with the fullness to impart eternal life. That's the whole point of it. Malkhut or Christ is the aspect of the Godhead in man. We have to be connected to immortality. So we see the church is just lacking, extremely lacking in knowledge.


Not only is the Holy Spirit not going to give them eternal life, but even Christ doesn't give you eternal life until Christ is married to the Glorified Jesus Christ who is eternal life. So you must be married to eternal life to inherit life. I can't get eternal life because I know the guy that has eternal life. I have to be injected with it.


Sorry about that. I just got that wrong. Let me make a correction here. The coupling of wisdom and understanding of Chokhmah and Binah, that produced the seven lower Sefirot of Adam Kadmon. That did not produce the reconfiguration of The World of Points into The World of Emanation. Let me say it again, the coupling of Binah and understanding produced the seven lower Sefirot. They did not produce The World of Emanation. After the full ten Sefirot came forth, and The World of Points lived and died, Yesod coupled with Malkhut to produce The World of Emanation.


According to the Tree of Life, Yesod produced a white drop. That's the words. White drop. And mixed it with Malkhut's red drop, and what is so interesting to me is I read something very similar in a Hindu book several years ago, and I was just inside looking for it. I could not find it. I would really like to compare what the Hindu book said to this, but I know that I read about it, a red drop and a white drop. There is no index in that book, and unless the Lord shows me how to find it, I won't be able to do it. I can't be going through the whole book, re-reading the whole book, but it was the same exact terminology, white drop and red drop. I find that so interesting because semen is white, and menstrual fluid is red. I find that so interesting. These things, I just love it.


According to the Tree of Life which is the most concise production of Kabbalistic theory, if that is the right word, the most modern one. It was written in the 15th century, and after the 15th century, maybe it was the 16th century there have been no great contributors to Kabbalistic literature after that. That's the classics, the classic founders of Kabbalistic literature. The last of the great founders, Isaac Luria, existed in the 16th century, and this is what he says. That Yesod which is the male. We all know Yesod is the male and Malkhut is the female. Yesod brought forth a white drop, and he dropped it into Malkhut's red drop, and then he said Malkhut's red drop or the female waters. Who are the female waters according to the Doctrine of Christ?




PASTOR VITALE: We are calling her Satan. Today in this modern world, she is called Satan. In primordial times, she was the Primordial Serpent. The Lord is changing these names. I'm all mixed up myself.


I think she was the Primordial Serpent in those days, but during the teachings, as the teachings came forth here, we have called her Satan, and in this day and age the female waters are Satan. She is the spiritual urine, and the Spirit of Christ is the spiritual semen. Here we are, this is what happened in the primordial....it was before time began, at the beginning. This was even before Adam ever came forth, the Adam of the garden came forth.


This is Adam Kadmon's Yesod, produced a white drop, and it dropped on to Malkhut's red drop. So we see that the The World of Emanation came forth from an act of spiritual sexual union from two aspects of the Sefirot which were, themselves, produced from the spiritual sexual union of wisdom and understanding. So what does that mean? It means that The World of Emanation is a second generation. Yesod and Malkhut were produced from the coupling of understanding and wisdom. That means Yesod and Malkhut both have qualities of their parents.


Remember, in The World of Points it was ten separate Sefirot. Malkhut was Malkhut. She had nothing of wisdom in her, she had nothing of understanding in her. Yesod was Yesod, had nothing of wisdom in him, had nothing of understanding in him, but in The World of Emanation we have the coupling of Abba and Imma producing...I'm sorry, I think I said it wrong again. I'm really tired tonight.


Even in The World of Points, Yesod and Malkhut did have some qualities of wisdom and understanding because it was the coupling of wisdom and understanding that produced the last seven Sefirot. But when it came to the reconfiguration of The World of Points, it was the Yesod and Malkhut coupling that produced The World of Emanation. So The World of Emanation, as opposed to The World of Points, had the strength of parents behind them, the strength of the union of the foundation of Yesod. I am sorry I've very tired, but I really would like to finish this message. Please bear with me. I am going to try again.


When The World of Points came forth, it was brought forth without a coupling. It was just independent lights that came forth, and they were not relating to one another, but in the reformation in The World of Formation , I guess I had better give up, in The World of Emanation. Am I confusing you, should I continue or should I just drop this?


In the reconfiguration of The World of Points, when the The World of Emanation came froth, it did not come forth as just independent points of light. It came forth as something that was born from the coupling of Yesod and Malkhut, and it came forth with genetic strength that The World of Points did not have. I'm sorry about this, but I think I just explained it.


So what does it mean, why did God tell this person who was delivered today, Chesed? That's the whole message of what I'm trying to tell you. Why did God speak "Chesed" to you? Before I answer that question, I want to talk about the other things that are on the board. I have also read in my studies that what made the world of emanation survive as opposed to The World of Points that did not survive, the way it is expressed in the Tree of Life, written by Isaac Luria, is that Chesed was added to the female waters.


Now, according to my understanding, The World of Points came forth. This is how it came froth. I'm going to try again. First the head came forth, Keter (wisdom) and understanding came forth of Adam Kadmon. Wisdom and understanding coupled and produced the last seven Sefirot, and Malkhut, that tenth Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, brought forth The World of Points all by herself. She did not have a man.


Should I say it again? When Adam Kadmon was formed, first His head came forth, and the head of Adam Kadmon is Keter, wisdom and understanding. Then wisdom and understanding coupled and brought forth the last seven Sefirot, and the last Sefirot, which is Malkhut, brought forth The World of Points. She brought forth The World of Points without having any sexual relationship with a man. She did it by herself, and The World of Points came forth as an inferior, well the word in my heart is inferior world, but it was the vessels that were inferior that could not contain the light, and the world lived, it came into existence and it died. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


Then a decision was made, a spiritual decision was made, I think the Lord is telling me that it came forth from Keter. Keter representing the Infinite One in the ten Sefirot, the force of God. A solution to the problem came forth that Malkhut should not bring forth a world by herself, that the female, Malkhut, the female, should not bring forth a world by herself. She should have a husband, that the birth of a world should be the fruit of a coupling; therefore, Adam Kadmon's Yesod in response to the thoughts of Keter produced a white drop that mixed with Malkhut's red drop, and The World of Emanation came forth. But in addition to that, Isaac Luria says that this is how Chesed was added to the world. The World of Points was harsh.


Now the learned Kabbalists relate The World of Points to the Dukes of Edom. I know I mentioned it in a previous message. Personally, I don't understand how, except they must have gotten a revelation. Everything that manifested in the early stages of the creation eventually played or is playing itself out in The World of Action, and the rabbis say that, that World of Points manifested in The World of Action as the Dukes of Edom. God hasn't told me otherwise, so it is probably true. The Dukes of Edom were supernatural men. There were eight Dukes of Edom, seven died and one did not, according to what I read.


So they were able to die, they were capable of dying, but I've known for a long time, before I ever started Kabbalah, that the Dukes of Edom were supernatural men, that they had supernatural powers, and they were cruel. These were the descendants of Esau, and we have studied about Esau. We have done several messages on Esau, how he manifested supernatural power without righteousness. We have done several messages on that. So the Dukes of Edom were Esau's descendants. Esau means Edom, and Edom means red. Isaac Luria says this red drop is Edom.


So we see that The World of Points produced a harsh, spiritually powerful but merciless world that was destroyed. So the suggestion is or the inference is that in The World of Points, the vessels broke, but here is a subtle suggestion that the reason the vessels broke was because there was power without mercy. I don't see how you can have....to me, to have power without mercy means power without righteousness, because righteousness includes mercy.


So The World of Points came forth as a harsh world. So it is very nice to say, oh the vessels broke, but as you all know, or you may remember, I have a problem with that theory that the reason The World of Points fell apart was because the vessels just happened to break, because, according to the Doctrine of Christ, the reason that the vessels broke was because of sin. But here, we see a subtle suggestion in Isaac Luria, in his Kabbalah, saying, well the Dukes of Edom are The World of Points. Look at the puzzle here. Can you see the puzzle here? The vessel didn't just break. If the vessels manifested as the Dukes of Edom, and we have the knowledge that the Dukes of Edom were cruel, then here is a clue that the reason the vessels broke....we are told the vessels could not contain the light. Well, why couldn't they contain the light? Because they were cruel.


Look, today, human beings are the vessels that are being filled with the light of God. The light of God is pouring into us. Why did Jesus say that the wineskins might break? Jesus warned us, old wineskins with new wine might break. Well, that is a parable. You can't put righteous power into an old sin-filled mind or personality. So it is a hidden, hidden message for those who can hear it, and this is a relief to me because this is coming out under the anointing, and this is the first that I have been able to recognize as the Lord reveals it to me that the rabbis did know that the vessels broke because of a lack of righteousness. They do know that, but it is not for everyone. I'm told that these books on Kabbalah are deliberately written in a hidden form. You have to have a teacher to really understand it, and we have a spiritual teacher. Is everybody following me? It is very late, and we are all very tired.


So this is why the Lord spoke Chesed to you. He was telling you that you can be likened to the Dukes of Edom. You have this harshness in you. OK, it is a spirit of witchcraft, right? And what He's doing for you is He's adding Chesed to you. That's what He was telling you so that you won't be The World of Points that are going to live and die. That's the testimony in Isaac Luria's books. The Dukes of Edom, they lived and they died, and that's not your testimony any more. Your testimony is that He's added Chesed to you, that you are not going to manifest The World of Emanation, eternal life. That's my understanding of what He meant to you.


Jesus has to help me, giving me this message to preach. Well, I'm going to put it on the tape, brethren, and I just saw an image. You have to get this. God is very earthy, and this message is very sexual, but it is not physical sex. It is a spiritual sex of the Mind of God, but He talks to us in images that we can recognize, and as I was speaking to this sister here and encouraging her, she had a very hard deliverance today, she faced something very painful about herself, I just saw an image of the male genitals, and I believe that this was a witness to what I was telling you, that when you heard the word Chesed the Lord was telling you that you are the female waters, that you are a manifestation of The World of Points, of the Dukes of Edom who are harsh, who manifest high spiritual power without mercy or without righteousness, and, in my opinion, that's true of you.


You are sitting her shaking your head yes. And the Lord says to you, it is not going to be that way anymore because the male is presenting himself to you. Yesod is giving you his white drop, and your spiritual power will be tempered with grace and mercy. Remember that Chesed is attached to wisdom, and wisdom is attached to Keter so you are going to be getting the whole thing. Praise the Lord. You must have truly repented.


Just to finish up this message, I will go over the numerology that I have put up here. Since the beginning of this message, we were talking about the letters and that each Hebrew letter has a numerical value assigned to it, I just followed my nose, and this is what the Lord gave me. The letter that connects Chesed to Tiferet, and why would I even put that in? Look, this is how Chesed gets down to Malkhut. We are Malkhut, you are Malkhut, we are all Malkhut. We have Christ grafted to us, so if Chesed is up here, Chesed has to get down to Malkhut, and this is what I saw in the spirit, and this is what I did.


Chesed is connected to Tiferet by the Hebrew letter Chet which means hedge. It is the number 8, so when Chesed is being imparted to you a hedge is being imparted to you. That is a protection. That's the #8. The letter that connects Tiferet to Yesod is the Resh, the Hebrew letter Resh which means head, and that's the number 200. Now this is the head up here. Keter, Binah, and understanding, that's the head. Keter comes right down to Tiferet, and Keter is connected to Tiferet with the Hebrew letter Dalet which means door, the door to righteousness, which is the number 4. Yesod is connected to Malkhut with the Hebrew letter Tav which means mark, which is the number 400.


I just put up the four of them, I added the whole thing together, Dalet (4), Chet (8), Resh (200), Tav (400), and it comes up to 612. 600, you may recall when we did the energy centers, 100 signifies the brow center, and 6 is the number of man, so 600 is man in the brow center, and the number 12 is the government of God. So 612 would be man in the brow center of the righteous timeline. If we didn't have the 12, it would mean man in the Serpent's timeline, and that is the numerical value of the letters that are connecting Chesed to Tiferet, Yesod, and Malkhut.


Then over here on the left side, I just wrote it out for you, this is what Chesed is. We've got that word Chesed. This is what it is. It is the hedge, number 8, that's around the head or the mind that bears the mark, that's the Tav down here, of God. Chesed is the hedge around the head that bears the mark of God which is the door, number 4, to the thought processes, Keter, that produces immortality, eternal life.


Now, this definition here is not Chesed alone. This is the Chesed that is added to Malkhut. See, they have to mix to get the value we are talking about, that's spiritual alchemy again. Chesed does all this when she is connected to Tiferet and Yesod, and when Yesod is coupling with Malkhut. So the Lord wants to have spiritual sex with you. Any questions about this?


COMMENTS: In lieu of what you just spoke, I don't know how I could have gotten the other word unless it was the occult part of it. When you said, the red drop, I got the word "Indian women" which has the red dot on their forehead so I don't know what that would have to do with Malkhut.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't really think that it does. I don't know why you would get that word, but it is a very interesting thought, that's why the Indian women wear a red....well, it is not the Indian women.


The dot that Indian women wear signifies their class, and the reason that most of the Indian women that you see, if not all of them, that have a red dot is that is the priestly class. They are the ones that are educated and the ones who come to America, but if you were to go over to India, you would see people with different color dots which tells you what class they belong to. That's interesting that the red dot is the sign of the priestly class because what we are saying up here is that the hedge around the head, that there is the mark of God, and it probably means the red dot of spiritual intercourse, meaning that....you see, they have good and evil in India, in Hinduism. They know all about good and evil.


I had an Indian woman say to me once, and pretty much everybody in this country is from this high priestly class of India. The others don't get over here. She said to me, yes make sure, let's make sure that we stay with the good people. They've got a revelation over there that there is good and evil, and I'm not in any way justifying or saying that the class system is good over there, but I'm telling you that's what is behind it, that they have the revelation that the people that they....although I head that's been outlawed, at this time anyway. They have outlawed it, but it still exists unofficially.


The people who are called the untouchables, they are really cursed people. The people who are prosperous in India don't want anything to do with them. They are afraid it will get on them, and also, I believe, that what this woman was talking about is that where ever you go, where ever there is spiritual activity, and this country is becoming more and more spiritual, there is good spiritual activity, and there is bad spiritual activity, and I suspect that there is what we might call black witchcraft operating in India. She might have meant either one of those two things. "Let's just stay with the good people," which implies that there are bad people.


So if the Hindu perception of the red and white drop is the same as that of Kabbalah, which is probably is, I would be surprised if it were different, that red dot is probably saying, I've got the mark of the couple. I am not a product of The World of Points, I am a product of the fertilized Malkhut. I would think it would mean something like that, but I don't know, and I don't know why you got that. It could have been your carnal mind just bringing that memory into mind. I don't see how that would have come from God, personally.


COMMENT: When I was looking up at the Dalet by Keter, underneath thought, I thought of Dalai Lama, and I associated Lamed, Dalet, and Lamed with thought.




COMMENT: You said white drop and red drop, and it brought to mind the white corpuscles and the red corpuscles.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that's interesting too. I know the white corpuscles, aren't they part of the immune system? I don't know what the difference is between the white and the red, but that's very interesting.


COMMENT: This morning when Sheila was ministering to the sister, I saw the sister in a cave. She was coming out of it, and a bright light was shining, and you know how when you come out of a dark place and you come into bright light, it is very painful to the eyes, like needles going into her eyes.


PASTOR VITALE: I find that so interesting because I really haven't taught you on this section. I don't think I did anyway, but I know that the lights for The World of Points came out of the eyes. I may have mentioned it to you once. I know that this is an advanced chapter where it talks about the lights that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes, out of his ears, out of his nose, and out of his mouth.


I know that the lights that formed The World of Points came out of his eyes. I cannot tell you that the light for The World of Emanation came out of his eyes also because I'm not sure, and I'm not ready to teach on that yet, but when xxxxx saw the lights going into your eyes, all that I could think about was that this Chesed is going into your eyes, and perhaps the lights for The World of Emanation will come out of our eyes. It is all in the eyes.


So that's what I thought of. Xxxxx saw this vision while this deliverance...this deliverance, this correction, went on for a couple of hours, and that was when she saw that. It is also interesting that you are having trouble with your eyes. So, we will see what's going to happen to you, but I do believe that if you are really called that the Lord has to fix up your body to do what we have to do. So we will see what will happen. That is a very exciting word. It is exciting that it fits in with everything that we are learning.


So xxxxx saw the lights, points of light, going into your eyes so that they could come out again. In other words, those lights typify the white drop going into your eyes so that the lights may be for your The World of Emanation coming out of you. Did you all understand when I said that xxxxx is a manifestation of The World of Points? That she is a manifestation of one of the Dukes of Edom that lived and died? Do you remember me saying that? That she has high spiritual power that's not been used correctly in her lifetime, and that the white drop was added to you so it went into the same place that the lights for The World of Points came out? It went in, so I would guess....we will find out when we get to that point in my studies, that I would expect that the light of The World of Emanation came out of the eyes.


So it is something that's happening in the spiritual aspect of the eyes that produces these worlds. Now, let me just tell you this, that The World of Points and The World of Emanation is talking about the formation of soul in you. It is talking about the formation of the soul. I am really not fully prepared to teach on this yet. I just read the chapter, but I really have to read it again.


Now, according to Kabbalah, and I don't understand this at this point, I hope to understand it soon. The fetus receives....well, first of all, there are five levels of soul. I know I've told you this, but let me just remind you. There is the lowest level of soul, which is Nefesh. That is the animal principal. It is the same principle that keeps animals alive. It is the basic, what we would call, human life. It is called Nefesh. Then cones the spirit, Ruach, and then comes Neshamah which is called the intellectual soul, which, according to the Kabbalist, only Jews have, but, of course, that's the Mind of Christ. What it is, is the Mind of Christ, but today the glory that was in Judah is not available to Christians because of the Glorified Jesus Christ.


So Neshamah is talking about the Mind of Christ, and then there are two more levels of soul which I won't go into now. The names are Chaya which has to do with the development of morality and ethics, and Yechida which has to do with unity, the unity of the whole five levels of soul operating in you.


So, this discussion about the formation of The World of Emanation and The World of Creation and The World of Formation in us is really talking about the development of these different aspects of soul. According to the Kabbalists, the Nefesh is imparted to a fetus at some point during gestation, but the second aspect of soul, the Ruach, which we call the spirit, is only imparted after birth if the person is worthy. I don't understand that. God has to explain that to me, how someone cannot be born with a spirit.


I am definitely lacking some information, and I've very tired, and I don't want to go into it, but I just want to tell you that when we talk about The World of Points and The World of Emanation coming forth in you, what we are talking about is the development of what the Kabbalists, call your soul. I hope that will hold you. We will have to wait until the Lord explains it more, but you are in the process of having a higher level of soul built into you, both the Ruach, the spirit, and the Neshamah, the Mind of Christ, the ability to understand all this teaching.


So perhaps by the next message, the Lord will give me more information. I don't know, but I wanted to explain that to you, and Lord willing we will go over, or at least we will do a few of the paths of intelligence in the next few messages. We have 22 more letters to do. We will see what ever God gives us. Any other comments or questions?


COMMENT: We were talking about the red dot before, and what Sheila had said, and it made me think of chicken eggs. Some of them have that red dot in them which means that potential chicken has been fertilized.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and also the nucleus of the chicken egg is white. Every chicken egg has a nucleus, and if you would crack a chicken egg into a bowl, in the white part of the egg, you will see that it is just a small section of white that's thicker than the rest of the white, and that is the nucleus of the egg, and it is probably the white drop. Isn't that interesting? And some eggs when they have the red drop, it means they have been fertilized. So every egg, as far as I know, has the white drop, but if there is a red drop also, it means it is a fertilized egg. Isn't that interesting?


What that says to me, because I really didn't want to get into it too much talking about the Hindu woman because I know that I'm not at my best right now, but the thought did occur to me that everybody has the red drop. It is just the white drop that we want added to us, so why would the Hindu woman put the red drop on her forehead? Shouldn't it be a white drop? But with you bringing that up about the chickens, I realize that everything is backwards in this world. Like I just told you about the chicken egg. Every egg has the white drop. It is when the red drop is added to it that the egg is fertilized. So probably, the same thing is true spiritually.


What I'm talking about here was the white drop and the red drop, that happened before time began. This was in the primordial age. So now that we are fallen, and everything is turned upside down, it is probably the exact opposite, that everybody has the white drop, and we are waiting for the red drop to be added to us, and that's why the Hindu woman has red on her forehead, saying I have the red drop, I'm fertilized, I have the righteousness as well as the spiritual strength, probably something like that. Either that, or the Hindus have it opposite of the Kabbalah teaching, one or the other. Everybody OK?


COMMENT: I thought it was unusual too because the red drop is put on the brow center, not somewhere else, not on the throat.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, and we see, according to our definition of Chesed, it has to do with the....well, not according to our definition of Chesed, but, according to our numerology, we have the number 600 and 12, the government of God in the brow center of mortal man so we know that it is in the brow center. Very interesting.


Of course, the brow center in the Scripture is referred to as the place between the eyebrows. There is no word "forehead" in the Scripture. It is called the place between the eyebrows, so I can really see how the power of God would go into the eyes to get to the place between the eyebrows. Very interesting. We had a miracle tonight. Did you know that? We had an outstanding miracle. God bless you all.





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