531 - Part 11

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Praise the Lord, we have Drawing #1 up on the board, and I see that this really should have been two drawings, but this is how it came out of me so I've drawn a line here, and right next to the number one I've put a B, and I put an A next to the drawing within the drawing, and the reason it is B next to the number one and it is A in the center of the board is because the image that you see or the illustration that you see within the borders of A is what I drew first. I sort of did this backwards, but this is what we have got. Xxxxx is making up an illustration for us so if you are hearing this tape, and you would like to look at the two illustrations that she will make out of this one drawing, you can always see that on the Internet.


We are starting with A, and the point here....well, the name of this drawing is the Five Worlds of Adam Kadmon. Now, if you have been following these Kabbalah teachings you might say, Pastor Vitale what are you talking about, five worlds? Anybody see the problem with that word, the five worlds? Kabbalah teaches, or so far we have been taught, that there are four worlds, the The World of Emanation, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action, but, according to the teachings, and we are going basically with Isaac Luria here...and, of course, Isaac Luria is the most recent great leader or most recent great teacher of Kabbalah, and he lived in the 16th Century.


So he took all of the research and opinions of the earlier rabbis before him, and he added to it with his own knowledge which is sort of what we are doing here, and Isaac Luria expressed all of this knowledge as a systematic course of study. When I say Isaac Luria, his information really includes the whole body of Kabbalistic text, pretty much so.


Isaac Luria teaches that there are four worlds. Where did you get the fifth world from, Sheila? Well, this is one of these tricky things that the teachers or the rabbis have done that I tell you all the time concerning Gematria, for example, if I am pronouncing that correctly, that the rabbis that mediate on the word of God, under the anointing, come up with all kinds of unusual practices or formulas that, when it is applied to the spirit of revelation, they come forth with revelation. Apart from the spirit of revelation, it is just plain witchcraft. Just as I have told you many times before, in the Old Testament we see the drawing of lots to decide who is going to be a leader. Well, I thought you were people of God, what are you drawing straws for? Because Jehovah is in there influencing who will pick the long straw, and in Gematria we find the same principles.


We have had a couple of messages on Gematria showing how the rabbis manipulate the Hebrew letters and come up with the same revelation that I've received from the way that the Lord has anointed me to study with the Doctrine of Christ. We are talking about points of contact to bring forth information that Jesus today wants us to understand, and I will try to explain to you how there are five worlds of Adam Kadmon.


First of all, I would like you to understand that the whole creation is called Adam Kadmon. I don't have any indication of Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot on this board at all because we are talking about the worlds right now, and I just ran out of space on this board. But you should all know that Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot is right there in the midst of these circular Sefirot.


We have the four worlds of creation, The World of Action at the center, The World of Formation around it, The World of Creation around it, The World of Emanation around it, and Kabbalah teaches that Adam Kadmon himself is the fifth world. What's the problem with that, Sheila? Well, the problem with that is that Kabbalah also teaches that the holy name, the Tetragrammaton, which is JAHV, the consonants of the word Jehovah, that's the holy name, represents the five worlds, but there are only four letters. Kabbalah teaches that the four letters of the holy name, the Tetragrammaton, JAHV, represents the five worlds, but if there are only four worlds, well that's OK, JAHV, four worlds, but Adam Kadmon isn't a world because there is no letter of the holy name to identify Him with the four worlds. So this is what the rabbis did.


We have it down right over here. We are talking about the circular Sefirot now. Adam Kadmon is associated with Keter, He's the highest, and He is represented by the tip of the Yod. That's the letter J, the English letter J. Do you see that over there? That's the Arabic letter that is associated with the Hebrew letter called Yod, and I've drawn a Yod for you over here. I think I made that a little too long actually.


If you are listening to the tape, you will have to look at your drawing where it reads "Adam Kadmon, Keter, equals the tip of the Yod of the holy name, JAHV. That Yod has a little angular line and then a straight line down. Well, the rabbis cut off that tip of the Yod. See, over here, and they said, just the tip of the Yod represents Adam Kadmon, the head. They cut the Yod in half. Listen brethren, I have to laugh. It is OK with me because I study by revelation, and a lot of people say to me, how in the world did you get that? So this is very amusing to me. I have no problem believing it at all, but it must make people in their carnal mind go crazy, you see.


Listen to this. You have to see this, it is humorous. There are four letters to the holy name, JAHV, and Kabbalah teaches there are five worlds, if you include Adam Kadmon, and we want to include Adam Kadmon. So the rabbis cut one of the letters in half. Well, doesn't that make sense? It really is funny, but it is God. It really is funny, but it is God because He does things like that. Look brethren, if He wants to tell you something He will do whatever He has to do to get you to believe it, even if it is cutting a letter in half. The first time I read this, I said, "this is insane." But, of course, that's my testimony. Through my first months of reading Isaac Luria's Tree of Life, I'm reading the words and saying, "this is insane," but it is God, and what God does sometimes seems like insanity to the carnal mind.


He needed an extra letter so He cut the Yod in half. Well, can you think of anything more intelligent than that? Doesn't that make sense? It makes sense to me. Makes sense to my Christ mind. Why not, right? So by separating the tip of the Yod from the letter Yod, we now have five letters that we can associate with the five worlds, and we can now justify saying there are five worlds within Adam Kadmon. Now these worlds are a part of Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is both His linear Sefirot and His circular Sefirot, and all of the worlds that are within Him, and we are told that there are myriads of worlds within Him.


When I first read that I could not deal with it because I was thinking about planets, like Mars and Venus and Pluto, but I now know that the worlds that the Kabbalah is talking about are people. You are a world, and I'm a world, and I've known this for a long time that the Greek word "kosmos" typifies the individual or can typify the individual. So we solved that problem, we cut the Yod in half. We now have five letters and five worlds, very simple. Praise the Lord.


So these are the five circles, five circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, and, of course, within each world there are ten Sefirot, and each Sefirot has ten Sefirot, and it just goes on and on ad infinitum. I cannot cope, my mind, my finite mind cannot cope with this, but I can deal with the basic principle that there are five worlds, that they are a part of Adam Kadmon, that there are five letters, the four letters of the holy name, one of them cut in half, each letter identifying with each world or the appropriate letter identifying with the appropriate world.


Now I have to tell you, I have not yet in my studies found an application for this wondrous work. I don't know why I'm in a joking mood tonight. I am not in any way knowing this teaching. I don't know why I'm talking like this, I guess I'm just happy, I just had a big deliverance before I went on the tape, and I think God is wonderful, and He's marvelous, and if He wants to cut the Yod in half, He can cut the Yod in half, splitting hairs, do whatever He wants to do, fine with me, just thank you for deliverance Lord.


I'm sorry, I think I just told you something wrong. Each of these worlds....well Adam Kadmon has ten Sefirot in Him, but the four worlds, each of the four worlds has the five Partzufim in them. Does anybody remember what the Partzufim are?


COMMENT: Personalities.




Each of the worlds has five personalities. Can anybody name the personalities? Want to name one of them, anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Nukva is the fifth personality. Do you know what she is called?


COMMENT: Ze'ir Anpin.


PASTOR VITALE: No, she is the female. She is the fifth Partzuf, and she is the female.


The first Partzuf is Arikh Anpin which is associated with Keter, Abba which is associated with Chokhmah, Imma which is associated with understanding, and then we have Ze'ir Anpin who consists of the next six Sefirot from Chesed through Yesod. He's the fourth, and he's the male, he is the man, Ze'ir Anpin, and Nukva is the fifth Partzuf, and she is the female. We have these five Partzufim existing in each of the four worlds, and within each Partzuf within Ze'ir Anpin, within Imma, within Abba, they all have ten Sefirot within them, and it just goes on and on and on and on. So I haven't really seen the applications of this yet, but I know that it is coming. We will understand someday the application for all of this. We are still working on basic principles. Does anybody have any questions so far?


We have five worlds, Adam Kadmon, The World of Emanation, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, The World of Action. Adam Kadmon has ten Sefirot, and all of the four worlds have five Partzufim each. Adam Kadmon is the head. The World of Emanation is Adam Kadmon's body, and then we have three worlds, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action which, collectively, are the clothing that covers Adam Kadmon.


The light of the Infinite flows into Adam Kadmon, and that light actively flows through....well, we are not talking about the linear Sefirot now, we are talking about the circular Sefirot, the light flows into the linear Sefirot and spreads out into the circular Sefirot called Adam Kadmon, the active light of the Infinite is there. The active light of the Infinite filters down to The World of Emanation. So we have the active or the actual light of the Infinite in Adam Kadmon, the head, and The World of Emanation, the body. The actual light of the Infinite does not go down into The World of Creation, The World of Formation and The World of Action.


The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action are illuminated by the light of the Infinite that is in The World of Emanation, but the light of the Infinite goes no lower than The World of Emanation, Adam Kadmon's body. Adam Kadmon's clothing does not contain the actual light of the Infinite. Everybody OK?


Now I would like to read what I've written here relating each world to one of the letters or one of the partial letters as in the case of the Yod of the holy name. Does anybody have any problem with this holy name? I would like someday on a recent tape to explain how the rabbis arrived at this name, and I know that I've read it, and I can't find the place where I read it.


Basically, what they did is they took a Scripture out of what we call the Old Testament, they call it a Scripture, they took a Scripture that exalted God, and they took the first letter of every word of that verse, they baked it, they cut it, and they chopped it, whatever they did with it, and they came up with JAHV under the anointing. It is all legitimate. That's how they came up with it.


Now, I have written down here JAHV, but you should know that I have not yet seen a book of Kabbalah that prints the name that way. The ancient teachers and, perhaps, the modern teachers also think that it is wrong to even try to pronounce the holy name. Apparently, the pronunciation of the holy name is a spiritual secret.


Well, the Lord just explained something to me. I know I've told you this before, that the pronunciation of the holy name has been lost. It used to be pronounced once a year by the high priest when he entered into the Holy of Holies, and the purpose for his pronouncing it was to bring down the forgiveness of sins upon the people of Israel. The people of Israel were laying their hands on the scapegoat, if you know anything about the Old Testament laws, and they were getting ready to send that scapegoat out into the woods, and the high priest was in the Holy of Holies pronouncing this holy name. The Lord just said to me that the reason the pronunciation has been forgotten is that the correct pronunciation of this high holy name could only be spoken from a high level Sefirot speaking through the priest. I don't know, maybe Keter. Maybe only Keter knows the pronunciation of that name.


Now if that is true, if I just heard from God, then what He's saying to me is that there is no one, there is no natural Jew today who is manifesting Keter. Now, who is Keter manifesting to us as today? We in the church, who is the manifestation of Keter?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: No, but you are close. It is the Glorified Jesus Christ. Does anybody know what Keter represents to us? I just started telling you that recently, do you remember?


It represents the thoughts of God. Keter represents the thoughts of God. It is the highest manifestation of God to mortal man, and the high priest, at the time that this name was still being pronounced, was manifesting....once a year, Keter was manifesting through, does anybody remember? Who do the higher Sefirot manifest through, does anybody remember that? Who is the chameleon? Which Sefirot is the chameleon that manifests any of the other nine Sefirot at the will of God?


COMMENT: Malkhut.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Malkhut is the chameleon.


Malkhut is the empty cup. She is the female, and whichever of the other nine Sefirot that are above her descend to manifest through, that's who she is for that moment. If Elohim is manifesting through Malkhut, Malkhut is Elohim. If Jehovah is manifesting through Malkhut, Malkhut is Jehovah. How do you manifest through Malkhut? When Malkhut is doing, or Nukva, I'm not sure whether to use Malkhut or Nukva. Nukva being the personification of Malkhut, I don't know when to use which one yet. If Malkhut or Nukva is doing what Jehovah does, at that moment she's Jehovah to you. This is the same principle as me saying to you, mortal and infallible and with all the problems that I have, if I am speaking the word of Christ Jesus to you, at that moment I am Christ Jesus to you.


The whole church is stumbling, waiting to hear a personal word in the spirit from God which He may give to you, but if, at His will, He chooses to speak through a man, for you to say I'm not going to take that word from you because you are mortal and imperfect, and I want Him to speak to me in the spirit, you are going to wait one long time because you can't tell God what to do, and you are responsible to take that word from an imperfect man, take it home and pray about it and say Lord, if it is not true, set me free. Definitely. But at the moment, if the name is a man of God, has witnessed to you that they are a man of God, you are required to take that word, believing that God will set you free if you have been deceived. Your faith is in Christ Jesus, not in the man, you see? If I tell you something, and it is not God, and you are sold out to God, and you are living your whole life for God, do you really think He's not going to come to you and say to you, that wasn't me? You don't think He's going to do that for you? He's going to do that for you. He's going to do it. He's not going to let you follow after another because you have believed your teacher, and your teacher made a mistake. You think He's going to let you go with the mistake? Not a chance.


So we see that the holy name is spoken when Keter descends into Malkhut, and the personality pronounces that holy name, the knowledge of which pronunciation is in Keter. Now, we have just been told that Keter is expressing Himself to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ, and what the Lord just told me while I was waiting to hear this tape rolled back because I had forgotten my main point, was that the man Jesus, the mortal man, Jesus, is another Partzuf. He is an expression of the entire ten Sefirot. He is complete, all ten of them, so that means within the glorified Jesus are all of these other...everything that we have on the board, all of these other Partzufim, Sefirot, everything. The Glorified Jesus Christ encompasses them all.


Just like Ze'ir Anpin encompasses six Sefirot, the Glorified Jesus Christ is the whole ball of wax to us, so when the Glorified Jesus Christ comes down and communes or has dinner with Christ in us, we have the whole ten Sefirot and all of their manifestations and all of their aspects. That means that in Jesus Christ, glorified, we have the potential to speak the holy name. I believe the holy name is more than Jehovah. I believe the holy name is the Doctrine of Christ as it is coming forth today, I've told you that on another tape.


The holy name is a symbol that represents the nature or the image of God, and I believe, today, Jehovah is being sounded, that holy name is being sounded as the Doctrine of Christ. I believe that. I believe the Lord has told me that.


We have this holy name, but we are studying Kabbalah right now so let's just follow along in our basic principles and I believe that, eventually, the Lord will put it together for me because I can't tell you right now how we can get from JAHV with splitting the Yod in half to the Doctrine of Christ. I don't know how to connect the two right now. I am missing some information, but as we pursue Him, as we follow His lead, we have to follow the leader, the day will come that He will make this connection for me, and I will be able to explain it to you.


Back to Kabbalah. Jesus Christ, being the whole ten Sefirot and the whole five worlds and everything, Jesus Christ, glorified, being the fullness of Adam Kadmon, is an advanced concept. We learned the advanced concept first. Now we have to learn the principles of the basic concepts, and He will fill in the middle. That is interesting because I have a habit of reading from the end to the beginning, which isn't always the wisest thing to do, but I do have that habit.


Adam Kadmon who is identified with Keter, the thoughts of God, the highest attribute of God available to humanity, and, even then, very unknowable. We don't really understand the Glorified Jesus Christ. We just have an inkling of Him, and we have been studying here for years, and we have the slightest knowledge of His thoughts. I told everybody here that I had a tough day yesterday, and I said to the Lord, say something to me, anything, just say anything to me, just talk to me, and He dumped revelation on me that I probably have enough for God only knows how many messages.


Jesus Christ talks the Doctrine of Christ, that's His language, you see. To have a knowledge of the whole holy name, JAHV, what that says to me is to have a knowledge of the whole Doctrine of Christ, and I don't think my mortal mind could contain that. I think you have to be perfected, you have to be ascended, you have to have a permanent connection with the Glorified Jesus Christ and, even then, the whole word of God, the whole Doctrine of Christ is infinite. It is infinite. I don't even know what that means. Does that mean, Sheila, that you never reach a place where you understand the whole thing? I don't know what it is going to be like after there is no more death, and Jesus Christ offers the kingdom up to His Father, and there is no more mediator. I have no idea what it is going to be like; although I would think not because when we get to that point that we are glorified, everything exists, but, of course, infinity has no boundaries.


So if infinity has no boundaries, that means it is not possible to ever know the whole Doctrine of Christ. It means the Doctrine of Christ is ever expanding, and I am going to stop because I can't even deal with that concept. It is too much for my brain.


So let's get back to the symbol of the Doctrine of Christ, JAHV, and I was telling you that I have not really seen those four letters in any of the ancient Hebrew books. They always mix the letters up as a sign of respect, as a sign of saying that they wouldn't even try to pronounce the holy name. In Isaac Luria's teachings, it is HVJH, and in an earlier book that I had read the H is an I. I'm saying JAHV because we are confused enough with this study, so we are going to keep it like that for the time being.


So Adam Kadmon who is associated with Keter, His identification with that holy name, JAHV, is the tip of the Yod. The rabbis cut the Yod in half, and if you have the drawing or if you are looking at the Internet, I've drawn a little Yod for you. I've shown you the tip, and that is the letter or the aspect of the letter of the holy name that associates the holy name with the five worlds, and Adam Kadmon is the head of the five worlds. Of course, we know that Jesus, glorified, is the head of the body. Right?


Now this is interesting because the next world is The World of Emanation, and we are told that The World of Emanation is Adam Kadmon's body. Now The World of Emanation is very high, brethren, and I want to suggest to you that there is no way that Adam Kadmon's body or the body of Christ Jesus is this physical body that we dwell in. This physical body is the clothing, so that means there has to be something internal within us that can be likened to The World of Emanation, Adam Kadmon' s body or the body of Christ.


We know that it is the Mind of Christ within us that is a part of the body of Christ. So we can say that there is a drop of The World of Emanation in all of us. Actually, the teaching that I'm bringing forth indicates that what I am showing you on the board exists in all of us. All of these worlds exist in all of us. They may be in a perverted condition right now, which they are because we are fallen, but all of these worlds exist within us. So we can say that the Mind of Christ must be likened to The World of Emanation. That is very exciting to me, brethren, because The World of Emanation is very high, and The World of Emanation has the direct light of the Infinite. That's why the Mind of Christ is a very valuable mind because the carnal mind is limited. It is finite, but the Mind of Christ is infinite, and it is illuminated by the light of the Infinite Itself.


The Mind of Christ will expand in direct proportion to the effort that you put in, so do not be discouraged. If you think you are behind the others, or if you think you are not as smart as the others, this mind that's been given to you is your potential to be intelligent in direct proportion to the effort that you put in to destroy the mind that presently lives through you. So this effort that you must put in is two-fold. It is not only studying to show yourself approved, but it is also the effort that you put into the destruction of the finite mind that refuses to move over and make room for her husband or the new mind, the Infinite mind that will make you intelligent. Praise the Lord. Any questions on Adam Kadmon, the head, the first world?


The second world, The World of Emanation, the remainder of the letter Yod, the letter Yod with no tip. It really makes me laugh. The World of Emanation is associated with Chokhmah which is wisdom, and The World of Emanation is Adam Kadmon's body. The World of Emanation contains the direct light of the Infinite, the head and the body, Keter and Chokhmah, the thoughts of the Infinite and wisdom. Adam Kadmon and The World of Emanation contain the direct light of the Infinite.


Then we have the three, I'm showing them as inner worlds, but in our condition because we are fallen, it is the outer worlds because this is our physical body. This is talking about, I believe, and I may be wrong, and we will go into this later, but I believe these three worlds, Creation, Formation, and Action are talking about our physical and our etheric body and our astral body. We will get to that later. I don't know if I will get to it today.


So we have The World of Creation which is likened to the first Heh. I try to make this easy for you by making it JAHV, but I see it is not going to line up with the teaching. I am going to have to change it, I'm going to have to give you the letters as Isaac Luria spells them out.


I've put in both spellings. Isaac Luria's terms are HVYH and I've put JAHV in parenthesis because I realize that I'm associating each one of these letters, HVYH, to the five worlds so I had to do that. Are there any problems with this, anybody have a question?


What is confusing is that Isaac Luria's teaching says, HVYH, and we are talking about Adam Kadmon being the first world, and Adam Kadmon being the Yod which is the third letter of this spelling, and that was why I put this JAHV in there. So I should have made it a Y. I've got you all confused here. Now that I've got you all confused, I'll try again.


The spelling of the holy name that Isaac Luria uses is HVYH, but I thought that would be confusing to you because when we associate these letters with the five worlds, the first letter should be the Yod because Adam Kadmon is the tip of the Yod. So I tried to make it easier for you, and it didn't work out so I have the holy name written here, HVYH, and in parenthesis I've changed the J to a Y which it should not have been a J, and made it YAHV so you can at least see that the Yod is the first letter associated with Adam Kadmon, and The World of Emanation. The reason Isaac Luria and other Kabbalistic writers confuse and mix up the letters of the holy name is because they think it is an offense unto God to place the letters in their proper order. We are not even be trying to pronounce this name, according to Kabbalah. I don't have any problem with saying "Jehovah."


So The World of Emanation, that's the remainder of the Yod, and now we have Adam Kadmon's clothing, three worlds, Emanation, Creation, and Formation. The World of Creation is the first Heh, that's like an H, that's this letter over here, the first letter, the first Heh, of the holy name which relates to Binah, understanding, and that means that The World of Creation relates to Binah, understanding. Then we have The World of Formation, which is aligned with the V or the Vav of the holy name. There it is right there, V. The World of Action is the second Heh, HVYH, the second Heh of the holy name. All three of these worlds collectively are Adam Kadmon's clothing to cover Adam Kadmon.


See, to me that is confusing because I would think clothing would be on the outside here. But, of course, what we are talking about here is the clothing to the linear Sefirot. Now remember, I don't have it drawn on this board, but there is a line that would be going right here in the middle of The World of Action. For those of you who are listening to the tape, I'm taking my pointer and I'm pointing it right into the center of #5 where it says The World of Action. So Adam Kadmon's linear aspect is penetrating a woman here, see, like a man penetrating a woman, going right into the center. This World of Formation is wrapped right around Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot. So we see that The World of Action, Formation and Creation can be the clothing of Adam Kadmon even though Adam Kadmon's circular Sefirot are far away. Does anybody not follow that?


Remember, Adam Kadmon has linear and circular Sefirot, and Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot is His male aspect, and His circular Sefirot is His female aspect. So the circles we have on the board, known as the worlds, are the circular female aspects of Adam Kadmon, and then He penetrates Himself. He's like a plant, He has both male and female organs, and the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon penetrates His own circular aspects, and when He penetrates right into the middle, He penetrates right in the midst of The World of Action, and then He's surrounded by The World of Action, Formation, and Creation, and that's how they are His clothing.


If you look at Adam Kadmon out here as the first circle, how can these three worlds be his clothing when they are within Him? They are clothing to His linear aspect. Praise the Lord.


Let's go on to 1 B. This is the five worlds of Adam Kadmon, this is for both A and B. I'm trying to show you Adam Kadmon's clothing. So I've given you a key, I'm talking about the circle on the left now, and those of you that have the black and white photograph, you won't be able to see this, but maybe we will get this up on the Internet as soon as possible. If the people listening to the tapes want to, they can call up the drawing on the Internet.


So we see that black is The World of Action, that's likened to The World of Action on our A drawing, and red, surrounding the black, is The World of Formation, and the blue is The World of Creation, and each one of these worlds has their own ten Sefirot. Well, Sheila, I thought you just said that they have five Partzufim? Now you are talking about Sefirot. Well, brethren, for there to be five Partzufim, there has to be ten Sefirot. It is the same thing. I don't have a board to draw this for you right now, but the ten Sefirot equal the five Partzufim. What do you mean? There are ten Sefirot. The first one, Keter, is equal to the Partzuf, Arikh Anpin. The second Sefirot, Chokhmah, is equal to the Partzuf of Abba. The third Sefirot, Binah, understanding, Chokhmah is wisdom, Binah is understanding, is equal to the third Partzuf, Imma, and then we have Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod. The next six Sefirot are equal to one Partzuf, Ze'ir Anpin, and the tenth Sefirot is equal to Nukva.


So you have ten Sefirot. It is just a question of whether you relate to them as individual Sefirot or you relate to them as five personalities. Well, when do you do which, Sheila? Well, I don't know. I'm waiting to find out, just like you are. So let's learn the basic principles, and God will teach us. This is so exciting to me because He has me going back and forth right now between three books. I don't know how far we are going to get today. As a matter of fact, what I just had in mind, I didn't even print out on the notes yet because I don't think we will get to it today. But in this study, we are going to have something from the Zohar, from Bereshith also. He's just weaving everything together. It is wonderful to have a teacher. Are there any questions about this?


I've taken these three inner worlds, Formation, Creation, and Emanation, and I've repeated them over here, and I've shown them in three colors so that you can see that each world has within it ten Sefirot. Any problems with that? OK.


Now this is what we say. Adam Kadmon's clothing, the worlds of Creation, Formation and Action collectively, that means all three of those worlds taken as one, collectively as one entity called Adam Kadmon's clothing, has ten Sefirot. So these 30 Sefirot here, ten for The World of Action, ten for The World of Formation, ten for The World of Creation, these 30 Sefirot are reconfigured. They are reordered. They are broken down into different sizes. I'm sorry, they are not broken down. They are condensed from 30 into 10. Can you understand condensation? They are condensed from 30 Sefirot, 10 in each world, to only 10 Sefirot which comes to three and one-third Sefirot from each of these worlds.


So the 10 Sefirot from The World of Creation is condensed into three and a third Sefirot, and the 10 Sefirot from The World of Formation is condensed into three and a third Sefirot, and the 10 Sefirot from The World of Action is condensed into three and a third Sefirot. They are reconfigured, and this is the reconfiguration up here. This is Adam Kadmon's clothing shown as 10 Sefirot, and over here I explain with these dashes, because I didn't know how to show you a half a Sefirot, so for each color, blue, red, and black you are going to see three circles, and one dashed circle to show three and a third Sefirot from each world collectively forming one entity forming Adam Kadmon's clothing reconfigured as one world or one garment with 10 Sefirot. Got that? You should see the look on your face. Does anybody want me to say it again or do you just want to think about it?


COMMENT: I just want to ask why is it condensed to three and a half Sefirot from 10 Sefirot?


PASTOR VITALE: The purpose of it is to deal with these three worlds, Creation, Formation, and Action, to deal with these three worlds as if they are one entity.


In other words, I have a heart and lungs, physically speaking I have many organs, but I am one person. Even my mind is in three parts. My carnal mind is in three parts, my Christ mind is in three parts, but I want to deal with you from my Christ mind. My Christ mind has three parts, but it functions as one when I'm teaching. The glorified Jesus is the unconscious part. He's definitely a part of this teaching. The subconscious part is Christ Jesus within me, and then the third part is Christ in me or Abel. I'm not even sure what to say, but that part, that seed that is in me that's manifesting as my personality that's preaching to you what the glorified Jesus Christ is saying to Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus is saying to Christ in me, and me the personality is telling you what Christ is saying.


So they are functioning, these three aspects are functioning as one mind, and I may have just heard from God, Xxxx, because I didn't know this before you asked your question. My answer to your question is, so that these three worlds can function as one entity. Do you understand that? And I'm wondering if that one entity isn't the mind because there are three parts to it. So wouldn't that be interesting? I don't know. We have to wait to hear from the teacher. But that was a good question, thank you.


One thing that I find in these studies is that they are so abstract, that if I didn't have the Doctrine of Christ for a foundation, I just wouldn't know what to do. I wouldn't know what to do with this stuff, but a lot of my reading, I say, oh wow, that's what the Doctrine of Christ is talking about. This is my perfect opening to my next point which I will just give you an introduction to, and I'll let you go. We are late today.


The next thing I am going to talk about, or one of the next things I'm going to talk about is how The World of Points, you may remember that the vessels of The World of Points broke and fell down into The World of Action and became the evil shells. And, according to Kabbalah, according to Isaac Luria and other teachers, The World of Points whatever was salvaged from The World of Points, the light that flowed into the vessels that broke was reconfigured into The World of Emanation. Does everybody remember that?


The World of Points was the first world that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes, and He came out in three parts: vessels, light, and surrounding light. Or just vessels and light, I think we could say. And the light was too powerful for the vessels. It broke the vessels. The vessels could not contain the light, and the vessels fell down into The World of Action and became evil, and some sparks of the light fell down, but most of the light was gathered back up into the head of Adam Kadmon, wisdom, and Keter and was configured. Whatever was salvaged from the breakage was reformed into another world called The World of Emanation.


I will review that more deeply after dinner. Well, I believe that the Lord has told me that this World of Points where the vessels broke, that is where the Adam who fell dwelled, that World of Points is the Adam that fell, because I haven't been able to figure out who is the Adam that fell. Did this great Adam Kadmon fall? I don't think so. So do you hear what I'm saying? This is so abstract, but I got all excited when God told me that The World of Points is the manifestation that we know as Adam who fell, and the Lord also told me that Adam Kadmon reproduces....well, I sort of had that knowledge before, but I didn't have it like I have it now, and I can't go with this. It is just too late. But Adam Kadmon reproduces Himself on every level. Did you ever hear that we have seven layers of skin. We have seven layers of skin, and each layer is skin, but yet it is not the same.


Adam Kadmon appears as Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon appears at The World of Points, Adam Kadmon appears as The World of Emanation, Adam Kadmon is appearing as The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action. It is all different layers of Adam Kadmon, and the part of Him that broke and fell down was The World of Points, but that's the story that's the parable in the King James called Adam and eve, and we learned a lot about that fall in the Doctrine of Christ. And everything that we learned is concentrated into three words, The World of Points. Isaac Luria says that The World of Points lived and died.


I don't know about you, but I got all excited when the Lord explained this to me, that Adam Kadmon exists on every level of all these worlds, and He also exists on the interim level. He exists on the level of every Sefirot in every world that goes on, infinitely. Adam Kadmon is infinite. We are just a few of the worlds that exist within Him, and that's what Jesus was talking about when He talked about the wine skins breaking. He was talking about The World of Points that could not hold the light. We will talk more about this tonight unless someone has a question. Anybody?


COMMENT: I noticed the three top names, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, you have on the board, but sometimes Binah is used as Imma, and I don't know which is the personality.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think you must mean that you know which is the personality, you just don't know when to use which one. I am sure that's what you mean because this is very self-explanatory.


These are the names of the Sefirot. Keter is the Sefirot, and Arikh Anpin is the Partzuf or the personality. So this is self-explanatory. You just look at the list. So you must be wanting to know when you use the personality and when you use the Sefirot. Is that what you are asking me? OK.


I don't necessarily know. The only information I have at this point is that we use the Partzuf or we use the personality when we are dealing with the worlds which is the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon. That's when we use the Partzuf, and I thank God for that; otherwise, it could really make you crazy because if you are dealing with the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, and you are dealing with the names of the Sefirot, and then you are dealing with the names of the Sefirot in the circular aspects of Adam Kadmon, it would be very confusing. So that is the only thing that I can see at this point, that the personalities are associated with the four worlds which are Adam Kadmon's female aspect. With Adam Kadmon Himself, either in His linear aspect or in the first world, the first circular aspect which is Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon Himself is only known by the ten Sefirot. It is the female aspect that appear as personalities, and there are male and female personalities, but it is the circular Sefirot that seem to me to be broken down into personalities. Does that help you? Does anyone else have a question on this?


I will just go over what's on the board and then we will go on with today's message. Keter, the first Sefirot, is associated with the Partzuf, Arikh Anpin, and the name of God that's associated with Keter is Ehyeh which is the Hebrew, and it means I Am. The second Sefirot is Chokhmah. Now Keter means thought. The second, Chokhmah, is wisdom, and it is associated with the personality, Abba, which means Father and associated with the name of God, Jah. The third Sefirot, Binah, understanding, in Adam's linear Sefirot is called Binah, but in Adam's circular Sefirot is called Abba, Father. The name of God associated with Binah is....Jehovah is the Tetragrammaton which is never pronounced. When speaking about the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, associated with Binah, the rabbis say the name of Elohim.


Now what I've read in the books is that the reason that they do this is because the name is too holy to be pronounced, but I don't think so. Not that, that is wrong. You have to understand that a lot of what is written in the books is just the surface of Kabbalah, that the real depth of the Kabbalah is hidden, and it is conveyed by word of mouth from teacher to disciple. Everything is not in the books. We have a teacher, the Glorified Jesus Christ, and what He is telling me is that the reason Jehovah or the Tetragrammaton is pronounced Elohim on the level of Binah, mother, is because Binah, her role, her function, is warrior. We even read that off the tape this morning in Jeremiah 15 or 16, that the mother was going after, was fighting like the female lioness, was fighting on behalf of her son. Do you remember that?


So Elohim is Gevurah, the power of might, the force of the creation; therefore, Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, in his association with Binah, understanding, is in a warfare role and, therefore, he's called Elohim. That's what the Lord is telling me. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


This mother, this Binah, understanding, she fights on behalf of her children, and she will fight with Leviathan, and whoever else. I don't have all the details yet, but Binah brings judgment. Binah brings a high level of judgment. I'm still lacking so much of the information, but there is a higher mother and a lower mother. Binah is the higher mother, and Malkhut is the lower mother, and Binah is a ferocious lioness that wages war, and she wages war that manifests as judgment. When that judgment lands on you, the result of the whole thing is that you get understanding. We had that off the tape this morning. Binah wages war against Leviathan and Satan who are plugging up your ears, and after she destroys Leviathan and Satan then you understand because Leviathan and Satan are covering over your spiritual ears which is Christ.


Then we have Chesed, the fourth Sefirot, loving kindness or grace, and, of course, we are talking about the Partzuf now. Chokhmah and Binah are a permanent married couple, you may recall, and Binah gives birth to the next six Sefirot, and together they are known as Ze'ir Anpin. We have Chesed, loving kindness or grace associated with the name of God, El. Gevurah, might or force, associated with the name of God, Elohim. Tiferet, beauty, or the balance between might and loving kindness, which means kind judgment, which we know to be the White Throne Judgment, and Tiferet is associated with the name of God, the Tetragrammaton, pronounced Adonay in the worship, and the reason it is pronounced Adonay is that, now again this is what the Lord has shown me, according to Isaac Luria, the Tetragrammaton, is too holy to be named, but I see it differently. I see when the Tetragrammaton, associated with Tiferet, with White Throne Judgment, manifests Himself to us, He descends into Malkhut, and manifests as Adonay.


Remember me teaching you that Malkhut is the female? She is the cup, and whatever Sefirot descends into her, she's the chameleon. That's what she is, and it is the habit of the Tetragrammaton, associated with Tiferet, which is the White Throne Judgment, to manifest Himself by descending into Malkhut and manifesting as Adonay, the name of God that's associated with Malkhut.


So sometimes, when Malkhut is manifesting the Tetragrammaton she can be called Adonay or she can be called the Tetragrammaton, Jehovah. Sometimes when you are talking about the Tetragrammaton, associated with the judgment, you can say Adonay instead of Jehovah. My personal feeling is that this practice of saying Adonay instead of Jehovah, because Jehovah is too much of a holy name, I personally think, either there is a hidden message there, and for whatever reason that's how the rabbis put it down on the surface, or the real reason for saying Adonay instead of Jehovah has been lost, but this is what the Lord has told me. Does anyone not understand what I just said?


Then we have the next Sefirot which is a part of Ze'ir Anpin. Netzach which is overcoming or victory, and that is associated with the holy name, Jehovah, Tzev'aot, which means God of Hosts, Jehovah as the leader of the army. Then we have Hod which is the Christ identity, or the ability to identify Christ, associated with Elohim, God of Hosts. Then we have Yod who is the foundation, the male, associated with two names of God, El Chay and Shaddi, and all of these six, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yod make up Ze'ir Anpin, one Partzuf. The tenth Partzuf is Nukva which is the Partzuf of Malkhut which is associated with the name of God, Adonay.


Now the name of this message is The Twelve Foundations, and I see that I'm gong to have a couple of messages, well at least one message before we get to the foundations unless we get to it late tonight, but I don't think so. We are having introductory messages to prepare you to understand what I am going to tell you about the twelve foundations.


When the Lord was giving me this message, I said to Him, well, Lord, if there are twelve foundations, I believe in Revelation 21 it talks about a name in each foundation. I said, well where are the twelve names, I only see ten names? That's the question I asked the Lord, and then I looked at my list, and this is the answer that I got. There are two names associated with Yod, two names of God associated with Yod, El Chay and Shaddi. Two different functions of Yod, requiring two different names of God. I have read the literature on it, but, to be honest with you, I don't have it in my mind to give it back to you right now, and that's another message. If it were tonight's message, it would be in my mind.


So we are still missing one name of God. Did anybody see where there is a 12th name of God?


COMMENT: Ehyeh and I Am.


PASTOR VITALE: Well actually, I Am is the English of Ehyeh, but you are still right.


You will recall from I Am's communication with Moses that He names Himself twice, I Am that I Am. That's a mystery, I Am that I Am, and the mystery is that the 12th Sefirot is the second I Am. I have an explanation as to the second I Am which I have taken out of the Zohar, out of Bereshith, which would be Part Five of Bereshith. I don't know if we will ever go back to that. I'm listing all these messages on the Web page chronologically as I preach them because it is really getting to be very confusing. Anybody hearing this tape, if this is the only tape that you hear, if you really want to follow along with this study you can't take the whole series, Kabbalah, or the whole series Bereshith. You have to take the messages as they are preached because they are all being woven together, and I have to give them different names or we will have a hundred messages under A Look at Kabbalah which doesn't make any sense at all. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


The 12 names associated with the 12 foundations or the 11 names of God that appear next to the 10 Sefirot, I Am, Jah, Jehovah Elohim, El, Elohim, Jehovah Adonay, Jehovah Tzev'aot, Elohim Tzev'aot, El Chay, Shaddi, and Adonay. We are missing one, and the name that we are missing is the second I Am. We touched on that a little bit in Part 4 of Bereshith. When we get up to that part in our message, you don't even have the notes on that yet, but when we get up to it I will talk to you about it. Did I answer your question? Are there any other questions on this issue?


Praise the Lord, we are back from dinner, and we answered Xxxx's question. We will now go on with the message from this morning. I have some notes concerning the introduction that I want to give you before we start dealing with the stones in the wall of the holy city, and if the Lord lets me I have it in my heart to translate the whole chapter of Revelation 21. I would really like to do it. If He lets me, He hasn't let me translate anything since we started studying Kabbalah.


Just to go down my list, I've taught Adam Kadmon's clothing. I don't know that I made a point to tell you that there is a heavenly man and his wife, and that is Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva. So the heavenly man, Ze'ir Anpin is the bridegroom and Nukva is the bride. This heavenly man and woman exist on five descending levels. Now, I mentioned that briefly before we went out to dinner. It is Ze'ir Anpin...see, Adam Kadmon is whole. He can never be destroyed, but that's his linear aspect. Adam Kadmon's linear aspect is immortal and is in infinite, and his linear aspect is male in relation to his circular aspects. Adam Kadmon has circular aspects, and the whole of the linear and the circular Sefirot are Adam Kadmon. The whole of everything that exists in the empty space, both linear, Adam Kadmon, and the circular Adam Kadmon, who is one of the five worlds in the empty space. They are all Adam Kadmon, just like we have arms and legs. It is all me, I'm all Sheila.


The circular aspects of Adam Kadmon are female except for the first world which is Adam Kadmon. I think he's still male. I'm not really sure about that, but I don't see how he could ever be female, but the other four worlds that exist in the empty space are the female aspects of Adam Kadmon, and Ze'ir Anpin is the heavenly man, and Nukva is the heavenly woman, and we....see, I'm constantly trying to relate these abstract studies to us. It has not been easy. These studies are very abstract. I've said that several times, but the Lord has told me that at least the four worlds of Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action are the worlds that represent, or that we can relate to, that represent humanity, that represent the myriads of worlds that the linear Adam Kadmon has brought forth. Uncountable numbers of worlds, that's what the book said.


I don't know whether that is including the beings that exist on other planes of consciousness or if it includes being that have not come into existence yet, because we can count the beings on the planet today. But, of course, I don't know if anyone has ever tried to count all of the human beings that have ever existed from the beginning of time. Maybe that would be uncountable. I don't know.


When Genesis 1 speaks about the heavens and the earth, the early rabbis who brought forth this doctrine called Kabbalah, tell us that is speaking about the heavenly man and woman, that the heaven is Ze'ir Anpin, and the earth is Nukva, and when you take them together they make the heavens plural, because the man never comes forth without his mate. This is what I read in the books. The man never comes forth without his mate; therefore, the word heaven is plural. Heaven. Because it is the heavenly man plus his mate.


You say, how can the mate be the earth if she is one with the heavenly man? Because she is in two places at one time. The wife of the heavenly man, the mate of the heavenly man is in two places at one time. She's the earth, and she's also joined to the heavenly man which makes him a plural. It is the same position that we are in right now, brethren. We have a carnal mind, and we have a Christ mind, but we have a personality, and which ever mind or personality we cleave unto, that's the mind that has power over us. Right now, we are divided. Part of Christ in us is cleaving to the Mind of Christ. Christ in us is cleaving to the body of Christ which is beyond Himself, and Cain is cleaving to Leviathan's body. So we are a divided person. Sometimes our thoughts are of Christ, and sometimes they are of Cain or Leviathan or Satan, and sometimes we are aware of them, and sometimes we are not aware of what we think.


So the heavenly man is Ze'ir Anpin, and the heavenly woman is Nukva, and they exist on every level. They exist in each of the worlds and in each of the subdivisions of the worlds, and I know that one of the first questions I asked the Lord when we started studying Kabbalah was where in all of this teaching and all of these diagrams, where is the Adam of the Garden? What is interesting is that what I have read in the Tree of Life which is Isaac Luria's teachings put down by Chayyim Vital, one of his students, is that it was a "lower Adam" that fell. Now, I have a gift that I can try the spirit on the written word, and I perceived contempt on that Adam that fell. He was just a "lower Adam," and he came into....the Lord just told me something, isn't that interesting? That "lower Adam" came into existence to restore the condition of the world after The World of Points fell apart, and He messed up the whole thing, that's what I have read in the Tree of Life which is Isaac Luria's teachings.


Now what the Lord just told me....I know the Lord told me yesterday that The World of Points is what we would know to be the Garden of Eden, and that was where the Adam and Eve of the parable existed, The World of Points that lived and died. We know that all contempt is a spirit of pride, so unless I completely misunderstand what I read in this book, I found a wrong spirit in one small area of this excellent, excellent Godly book. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about?


Now let me review The World of Points for you. Can anybody review The World of Points for us? Remember, Adam Kadmon is a filter. He came into existence after the Eyn Sof contracted Itself and an empty space was formed in the midst of the Eyn Sof, and then a string of the essence of the Eyn Sof, a string of light entered in and became the linear Adam Kadmon. And then, Adam Kadmon drew the circles of his female side, of the circular Sefirot. Of course, we did learn in Bereshith that the very beginning of Adam Kadmon was Malkhut, Adam Kadmon's Malkhut appeared first and sketched out or created the circular Sefirot. Then after Adam Kadmon was established, the light of the Infinite flowed into Adam Kadmon's linear aspects. Adam Kadmon is a filter. That means He has openings in Him so when the light poured in, measured amounts of light would emanate through the openings of the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon and flow into the circles or the female aspects of Himself. Is everybody OK?


The first light that came out of Adam Kadmon as a filter came out of His eyes. He did not have eyes like we have eyes, but there is some spiritual aspect of the primordial Adam Kadmon that the parable likens to eyes because we could never understand what the Lord is talking about. So we are going to say the first light, the light of the Infinite that poured in great power into Adam Kadmon was measured and quantified, and only a little bit was allowed to seep out of a certain aspect of Himself called "eyes." These lights came out as a series of points which, in my spirit, I see the stars in the sky. They came out as a series or an amount of points of light, and these points of light came out, and each one of them had two parts. Out of the light that came out, part of the light formed into a vessel, a cup you might say, and then the rest of the light filled the cup.


So we had a series of points of light that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes that is called The World of Points, and the vessels shattered. According to Isaac Luria's theory, the light was too powerful for the vessels. I don't know what Isaac Luria said in private to his disciples, I can't talk about that. All I can talk about it what I read, and in this beginning introductory volume to Kabbalah by Isaac Luria which is restated by Chayyim Vital, his student, because Isaac Luria never wrote anything. The writer is Chayyim Vital. He claims, as Chayyim, that the vessels just broke, that they were not strong enough, nothing about sin, nothing about error, nothing personal. It is just an abstract theory.


Now the rabbis relate The World of Points to the Dukes of Edom which are the offspring of Esau, and I've known for a long time that, that word "dukes" signifies that they were men of high spiritual power. There were eight of them, eight Dukes of Edom, seven died, and one didn't die. I am not sure what that means, that seven died, and the last one didn't die. We have no record of him dying. So what does that mean? There is an immortal in the world somewhere? I don't know, could be. I don't know.


I don't understand this. I've been asking the Lord for quite a while now how to relate the breaking of the vessels of The World of Points to the Dukes of Edom. I now understand that the proverbial, the parable of Adam and Eve in the King James Translation is the parable account of what happened to The World of Points, and we have all of this detail that's come forth in the Doctrine of Christ, and I think it was Part 2 if I'm not mistaken of A Look at Kabbalah where I go into this in detail, but I don't know how to relate the breaking of the vessels of The World of Points to the Dukes of Edom. I guess I don't have enough information. I know the Lord wants to answer my every question, so if He has not answered me that means I'm not capable of understanding it. Either I am not capable of understanding it at this time or the Lord has a specific order which He desires to teach us, and He's not up to that yet.


Can you recall many times that you asked me a question, and I will tell you that we are not up to that yet, just hold on, I have to built my foundation, I have to built up to the point where I am going to answer that question. Remember me saying things like that? So, it is one of those two reasons. Either I can't understand it yet, or answering that question now would interfere with the Lord's designed pattern as to how He's going to teach us. So, I just feel set free that I can relate the parable of the Garden of Eden to this esoteric teaching. That really is background. I talked a lot about that in other messages.


That's the heavenly man and the heavenly woman, and we need to know that if we will be translating Revelation Chapter 21 because it is talking about the bride and the bridegroom. Now, we have told you that Nukva is the female, and she waits to marry Ze'ir Anpin, to have marital relations with Ze'ir Anpin which happens only on the Sabbath. Remember that, that Nukva has relations with her husband, spiritual sexual relations, only on the Sabbath, but there is a spiritual Sabbath day. That Sabbath day is in Christ Jesus. Al we have to do is get into Christ. See, Jesus of Nazareth is representing....He is the Sabbath day, and the glorified Jesus is the permanent glorified Sabbath day, the permanent marriage of Nukva to Ze'ir Anpin.


So when the Glorified Jesus Christ touches Christ in us, it is the Sabbath day. I'm in the Sabbath day most of the time, but there are different degrees of the Sabbath day, but I'm pretty much in touch with the Lord continuously. Not only sin separates you from Him, but aggravation, grief, carnal thinking, separates you from Him, and it is just happening less and less with me, but it still does happen.


So that is the bride and the bridegroom of the Book of Revelation. Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva, and that's us. All of these worlds are inside of us. See, Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva we are talking about The World of Action, The World of Formation, The World of Creation, and The World of Emanation. They are all inside of us, and we are told that the holy name, the Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, surrounds all of the worlds, and that goes on inside of us.


Now remember, the world exists outside of Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot and inside His linear Sefirot. I know it gets confusing, but He's inside and outside, and that's another message so I really don't want to review it now. I really want to get into these foundations.


The World of Points, I told you about that. There is one other foundational principle that I want to give you, and then if we have time tonight we will start on the stones. If not, Lord willing, we will do this Thursday, and I only have done four of them anyway. Let me put this on the board for you.


Drawing #3, The Twelve Foundations of the Holy City, which I suggest to you is a diagram of perfected humanity, and I realize now that I forgot to tell you something that really should have come before this, that the five worlds are associated with five aspects of soul. We know that soul is the personality. I really should have put that on the board first, but it is too late now. We will deal with this drawing.


So, this holy city, Jerusalem, is us. It is talking about the saved personality, the renewed personality, the personality that is renewed in the image of God because we were at one time in the image of God, but our image was marred, and we are now in the image of the Dragon. If you look at this drawing, you will see that there are twelve circles and that the inner most circle is the inner most part of man. What's interesting is that in that inner most circle which is the negative counterpart....see, the first six circles are in black, and the outer six circles are in blue. The inner circles are the lower world or the female world or the negative world that are completely incased with the spiritual world of Adam Kadmon. The male is completely surrounding the female in this case, and, therefore, all of the negativity of mortal man is dealt with in the inner most part which is even deeper than our heart. You see that the heart center is 7 and 8 layers up, but we are like an onion. All of these layers are in our spiritual being, but, of course, we don't have the whole 12 layers now because we are not perfected yet, but mortal man has these first 6 layers.


The first six layers are the soul of the fallen man, and we are being saved by having the aspects of Adam Kadmon and His four worlds or the five worlds together, with Adam Kadmon it is five worlds, and they are being added to us. This principle is in the Scripture. It was one of the first things that the Lord showed me, that when the soup was spoiled in Elisha's school of the prophets, when the soup or the stew was poisonous, something was added to the stew to make it whole. We are lacking, we are deficient, there is something missing from us, we are evil because righteousness was removed.


Brethren, I tell you, we struggle with our sin nature or at least you should be struggling with your sin nature on a daily basis. We will stop manifesting the sin nature when righteousness is added to us, and righteousness is being added to us a drop at time because we would break, we would die just like the vessels of The World of Points, we would die if the Lord Jesus poured His righteousness into us. We, the vessels, could not contain it, and our preparation to receive the righteousness or the Divine Light is the expansion of our mind. First of all, the grafting to us of Christ, the formation of the Mind of Christ, and the expansion of this mind, and our mind is being expanded through deep spiritual study. And, of course, dealing with our sin nature. This is our preparation to be filled with righteousness which is salvation. We are not going to be saved in this fallen condition.


The church is believing a terrible lie. It is just not true. We have to be converted. If you are evil, everyone is not equally evil in this world, we are all evil and good, some people are more evil and some people are more good. We have to go from evil to good, and then from goodness to righteousness, and going into righteousness involves turning against and literally dismantling and tearing apart our sin nature. And this is how we become prepared to receive the Divine Light which brings eternal life unto us. It is a big fallacy, well, we will just receive the eternal life in this condition, we would die. We would break just like the vessels of The World of Points. We are the residue of the vessels of The World of Points.


Now, I did a cursory study, I went through all of the stones, all of the precious stones that are associated with the 12 foundations, and it was that study that gave me this drawing. Of course, the drawing is not complete. We will go through each foundation and each stone, and I will show you how I got all of these categories for each of the 12 foundations. But, basically, I want to give you this general idea before I start talking about the different stones, that what the renewed soul or the renewed personality will look like, and this was what Paul was talking about when he talked about being clothed upon. Nothing is being taken away. We are dying to our sin nature. All that is, is a reconfiguration, nothing is being taken away, just reconfigured. We are being brought into the right moral order. It is just clay being reshaped into the righteous image of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nothing is leaving us, just reshaped and reordered.


So the first six foundations are here. That's what we have now, and the lowest one can be likened to the Adam Kadmon of the last foundation, the 12 foundations, Adam Kadmon. I have this terrible feeling that I just got this backwards, but I am not doing the whole drawing again tonight.


We read in Revelation Chapter 21 that the first foundation is something that when we look it up and analyze it, comes out to mean "drunken," and I really think that I got this backwards. I'm not having a good day today. Well, I had a good morning, I'm not having a good evening. Adam Kadmon should be one in the center, and it should go out from there. I'm not sure, I'm just going to leave this because I'm going to have to pray about this. To be honest with you, I am a little confused. I have been confused from the beginning about the circles, and the inside and the outside so I'm just going to go forward with this, but I'm telling you right now that I may have gotten it backwards, and what I have as the outermost circles possibly should have been the innermost circles. Do you understand what I'm talking about? For now, I'm going to go with my drawings.


In the innermost circle, it is the aspect of our personality, the fallen aspect of our personality that can be likened to Adam Kadmon of the righteous personality. You see, what you see here is a combination of the fallen personality and the righteous personality. Actually, this is the Tree of Life, together with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is the whole man. We are half a man right now.


So right here in the very center we have that aspect or that layer or that level of foundation, whether it is the first one or the 12th one, we will find out, I probably got it backwards, but I'm saying for now that this is the first level of the first foundation that is the negative aspect of Adam Kadmon. It is the highest, and it can be likened to the root energy center in fallen man, and we see that the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon are both in the root (1st) energy center. It is the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon forming a circle. The Dragon has the Fiery Serpent in her mouth, and that's the highest level. The Fiery Serpent is the root (1st) energy center, and the Dragon is the crown (7th) energy center, and they formed a circle. So actually, what we are saying is that this inner circle right here is really the personality of fallen man, and it all exists in this space here, the carnal mind, the conscious part, our conscious life. This exists right in here at the bottom.


Surrounding that is the negative World of Emanation which is Pharaoh, the one who engraves his nature upon the man that he exists in. We are talking about the mind, brethren, we are talking about the mind, and the mind can be related to the energy centers. I have told you that Pharaoh is beyond the mind of mortal man. Pharaoh is like the body of Christ. I have explained that to you in the past in many messages. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


Do you recall that teaching, that Satan is the collective consciousness on the unconscious plane of all of humanity, and Leviathan is the collective consciousness on the subconscious plane which is beyond the individual? Well, this is what we have here, and I may not have it exactly lining up to what I taught you in the past. This is what the Lord gave me. He usually builds on it. This is my first understanding of it.


Right here in the center, that's what we have. It is the negative aspect or the negative reflection or the shadow of Adam Kadmon, and it is the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon. Then surrounding this first foundation comes the negative World of Emanation, and the gem that's associated with that foundation suggest nature. When Pharaoh was manifesting in an individual, Pharaoh engraves us with the Dragon's nature. Of course, this is all ameliorated. When you look at the holy city perfected, Pharaoh's nature is covered. See, over here we have judgment. As soon as the Tree of Life is added to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, this nature is overwritten. Pharaoh's nature is overwritten. It is still there, but it is overwritten. Remember, God is coming upon us. He's clothing upon us. He's adding to us.


Then comes the negative World of Creation which is Leviathan, and the gem associated with that foundation means "copper." Now I don't really have an answer on that yet because, to me, copper is a snake, not a Dragon, but that's the closest I can get, and we will see what comes out as we develop this teaching.


Then we have The World of Formation which the gem associated with this foundation is talking about "healed waters." So I interpreted that, and I said, well this must be a astral plane over here, it must be Satan. Then, we have The World of Action, the negative World of Action, which the definition of the gem associated with that made me think of the etheric plane. It all seems to be lining right up, the astral plane, the etheric plane seems to be lining up.


Then we have the lower heart center which is the physical visible world, and, of course, the etheric plane is spiritual-formed, made of earth, that are unstable. That means they change, they are not permanent, permanent formations yet. Now, we go into the Tree of Life that's added to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We have the upper heart center which is the visible spiritual world, and the gemstone associated with this foundation means "to be provided for," and we know that when we get into the left side of the heart center or the upper heart center we are provided for by Christ Jesus. Thank you Lord.


The next foundation is the positive World of Action. That's coming from Adam Kadmon, and here we have stable spiritual forms as opposed to the etheric plane where we have unstable spiritual forms. They are spiritual forms that are going to remain formed. That's all a part of us not dying. When we die, our physical body dissolves, and our etheric body dissolves. So those forms are not stable.


Then we go to the positive World of Formation, and we have incorruptible forms. Now these are all the....I got all of this from the gemstones, from the definition of the gemstones associated with these foundations. Then we go to the World of Creation, and this is where the supernatural provision originates, in Adam Kadmon's World of Creation, the positive World of Creation. That's where the supernatural provision comes from, and it filters down, and the person who is over here in the upper heart center is the one who is provided for.


Now we have all this in the Glorified Jesus Christ, but we have to get connected to Him to get it. We have to have Christ grafted to us, Christ has to grow up into Christ Jesus, either that or until that happens you are under a teacher who manifests Christ Jesus, and the Glorified Jesus Christ just comes down and flows to everybody. We are the cup, we are the vessels, we are being prepared to receive the supernatural provision that will result in eternal life. Why has it taken 2000 years, and we are not prepared to receive it? It would kill us if He gave it to us, and I remember when the Lord told me that I was going to be a teacher, right after that my life got just harder and harder and harder. It got very hard, and I cried out to Him one day, and actually what was happening was that He was destroying my career. I didn't really understand anything in those days. He was crushing my career. I was having trouble holding a job after many years of never having trouble holding a job, and I said to Him, Lord you said I'm going to be a teacher, why don't you just make me a teacher, I'm having all these problems? And He answered me in an audible voice, and He said, you would be destroyed if I made you a teacher now, at this time, you would be destroyed. That's what He told me.


So you see, if the Lord Jesus tried to pour the light into us that is designed to give us eternal life before we are prepared, that which is designed to give us eternal life would kill us. So how the Lord Jesus is going to get this church and these carnal, rebellious, stubborn people to submit to this kind of teaching is beyond me. It is beyond my ability to comprehend it at this time, but I just know He is going to do it, and maybe they won't have to sit through this kind of study. Based on everything that I know now, I don't see how not because that which expands our mind is this teaching. So my carnal brain figures this out, and somehow He's got to get that mind of Christ, and then He's got to do something that going to give them a hunger for this word; otherwise, they will just never sit for it. So something has to happen that will give them a hunger, they have to be hungry enough to be willing to sit for this kind of discipline and this kind of instruction. Can you imagine young people....we are not a young ministry. We have a couple of young people, but we are mostly mature people here. It is going to be something to see Him do this.


Then we go to The World of Emanation, Adam Kadmon's body. Remember The World of Emanation is Adam Kadmon's body? Over here, this is where the reproductive structure comes forth from. The reproduction of what? Does anybody know? Reproduction of Adam Kadmon. He's having children. Remember, Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon. The Kabbalah books distinctly say Adam Kadmon is Messiah. What I personally find so exciting about this particular drawing is that the gemstone that's associated with the 12 foundations means drunken. We are going to go over this in more detail. It means drunken.


Do you remember about a year ago or two where we found out what drunken means? When the Lord revealed to us that when Peter stood up on the day of Pentecost and said, these apostles, these men, they are not drunken, but this is what Joel prophesied. The Lord gave us the revelation here a couple of years ago that Peter never thought they were drunken on wine, and neither did the people who were thinking the apostles were drunken think they were drunken on wine. The people that were visiting from all the countries that saw the apostles, what they saw were men manifesting a high level of spiritual power. You have to realize, brethren, that this country and the western world have been weaned off of, especially the Christian church, and the Jewish church, we have been weaned off of the spiritual life because the Lord Jesus wanted to dry up witchcraft in us, but, for whatever reason, because the teachers weren't doing what they were supposed to do or whatever reason, the witchcraft dried up in the church and in the synagogue, but the righteous spiritual power of Jesus Christ has not come off, and it is hated and resisted and killed whenever it tries to appear.


But 2000 years ago, when the apostles were speaking in the languages of the visiting people, witchcraft was very common. Everybody knew about spiritual power. So these visiting Jews thought the apostles were manifesting witchcraft power, and Peter stood up and said, no these men aren't drunken on spiritual power. This is what Joel spoke about, they are drunken on the power of God. Do you know to be drunk on power is a literary phrase. I would not be surprised if I looked up the word drunken in the dictionary that one of the idioms that's shown in the dictionary is drunken on power. We are so carnal. For years, I thought the field that Genesis 1 speaks about was a field where you grow corn. I could not figure that out for years. Now I know there are energy fields, there are magnetic fields, there are all kinds of fields. There are mathematical fields, there are all kinds of fields.


We are limited by our mind. We are dead in our mind. The way we think is death. So if you want eternal life you have to give up these thought patterns. Death is in your thought patterns. You must change your way of thinking. Well, I wish it was easy, I wish I had to just go up and answer an altar call and have someone lay hands on me and receive eternal life. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, if I can't get it that way, the next best way is to die, you know, I will just die in my sleep without any pain and I will wake up in heaven in my mansion. What a pipe dream. What a total pipe dream.


Judgment is in the flesh, reward is in the flesh, and it is a process. Salvation is a process that is very difficult, but we can do all things in Christ Jesus. I'm telling you, the change is in your mind. Your body that is dying every day will change as your mind changes. Now that is not talking about going from evil to good. That's talking about going from good to righteousness. It is the Mind of Christ in you. Your mind must be renewed, and then it must come into the formation of the Mind of Christ, and then your body will follow.


So that just excited me when I saw that Adam Kadmon means drunken. What Peter was saying on the day of Pentecost was, these men are manifesting the power of Messiah. That's what he was saying. This isn't witchcraft. This is the power of Messiah, and I want to tell you that when we manifest the power of Christ Jesus we are Messiah. He is a many-membered Messiah, and we have to have our eyes open everywhere because He is manifesting today through imperfect men. I don't know about you, but I would not want to miss one word that He has to say to me. I would not want to miss one opportunity that He has to say to me, and He can say it to me through whoever He wants. Personally, I don't believe He speaks through animals. I think that's a parable, I think Baalam's ass was a parable. The ass was Baalam, Baalam's personality. But He will speak through any human being that He wants to speak through, and it is our responsibility to recognize His voice, recognize if the Lord is speaking to us.


So here we are, that's the 12 foundations of the city. I will put it before the Lord, and I fully expect Thursday night to tell you that Adam Kadmon was supposed to be at the bottom because everything in the spirit is the opposite of the way we see it here in this world, and, besides, the Scripture says the woman shall surround the man. But, of course, I will pray about it.


I guess with Adam Kadmon at the center, the light of the Infinite will flow out to the lower nature which will be on the outside and preserve it, and, of course, that's the message that the Lord gave me in Ezekiel Chapter 1 years ago when we translated Ezekiel. We translated that years ago. Part of the translation towards the end of the chapter is that Adam, I didn't know it was Adam Kadmon then, but I believe I knew it was Adam, that the anointing of God would be intensely powerful within Him, and from His center, thinking of Him as a man, from His heart center, the anointing will shine all the way up to heaven and all the way down to hell. I knew that the Lord taught me years ago that, that meant that the burning fires which are really the preservative fires...see, when our sin nature is in the fire and preserved, we will have eternal life.


So that burning fire, that judgment of Adam Kadmon, would burn all the way down to the lowest energy center and prevent that sin that comes into us from the unconscious part of our mind, would burn it, keep it in the lake of fire. You see, the false prophet and the Dragon and whoever else is said to be thrown into the lake of fire in Revelation Chapter 20. They are not going to die in the fire. They are going to stay in the fire forever. They are going to be reconfigured in the fire, and they will burn. This whole concept of burning in hell forever, you have to understand that it is not painful. We will abide in the fires of God forever, and those fires will preserve our life.


Remember, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went into the fire, and the only thing that happened to them was that their bands burned off. Nobody is going to be in eternal torment, the fire is preservative. Even Satan is not going to be in torment. I believe Satan will be dissolved, and Leviathan will be dissolved, but our negative principles will not be in torment. The lion will lay down with the lamb, and all will be at peace in His holy mountain, and we will abide in the preservative fires of God which are judgment.


As soon as a sinful thought dares to present itself in the depths of our unconscious mind where we may not see it for years, the preserving fire of Jesus Christ will go right down there and burn it up. That's what we are looking forward to, that's our hope. That is the destruction of the sin nature, and the continual weeding of the garden which the Adam of the parable, the Adam of the Garden of Eden, was supposed to do. He was warned to guard the Garden, burn up those seeds of sinful thoughts, because if you don't burn them up they grow up into a big tree that will destroy your righteous potential, will destroy your righteousness, and reshape you and remold you into the image of the Dragon which is exactly what happened. Praise the Lord.


Are there any questions? I really would like to relate the five worlds to the different levels of the soul. I will do one more, and we will call it quits for tonight.


COMMENT: Looking at the drawing makes me think of a well that goes very deep, the Eyn Sof all around it, and it goes right down to where the Fiery Serpent and the Dragon is, and I thought of the priests with oil going down from the head to the feet.


PASTOR VITALE: That is very interesting, and, of course, that's a very good point, and there's that Fiery Serpent right at the bottom of the well. She is the woman in the well. Very interesting.


COMMENT: I thought of what you had taught us going back a couple of years that everything is a mirror image....and I see it up in the higher realms of God.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I think I see a couple of problems with this drawing, but I will go over it, and we will do it again if we have to, but this is the general idea.


I tried to translate Revelation Chapter 21 in the past. For the life of me, I could not figure out what those 12 foundations meant or what the stones or any of that meant, and, as I told you earlier, there are 12 names of God that are associated, one name with each foundation. When the times comes, God has the answer. This is just so exciting to me. We haven't really done any work in the Book of Revelation in years, and I always wondered why. I should have known that it was that we just didn't have the revelation yet. I don't know about Chapter 22, but I would like to finish out that Book of Revelation if the Lord would let me, and we will see.


COMMENT: Looking at that word "foundation," I thought of "we were lost, and now we are found," and it made me think of the Lord is restoring the foundation.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, He is. Definitely.


The Glorified Jesus Christ is all 12 foundations, and that's why the Scripture says that He is the only foundation, that there is no foundation that is laid other than Jesus Christ that can give us eternal life. We simple cannot get up there by ourselves. We are hopeless, brethren. We are a hopeless case of sin. So should you be beating yourself? No, but the truth will set you free. We are hopeless. We can get better, we can improve, but we will never be without sin unless Jesus Christ completely covers us, and ameliorates all of our potential to sin. We have to deal with the roots of sin, and the roots of sin are in the unconscious part of the mind which the average person can't see. I see into the unconscious part of the mind a lot, but I know I don't see all of it. Why? Because I'm still mortal, and even if I could see into the depths of the unconscious part of my carnal mind, I don't see all the time. I sleep. Satan is very active when we sleep, because we are not there to police her.


I don't feel I am equipped to do this drawing or to explain it tonight so, Lord willing, we will continue with this teaching Thursday. This will be a multi-part message. It will be at least two, if not three, parts, and I hope that the Lord will let us translate Revelation Chapter 21. Are there any questions before I close the meeting? God bless you.


3/16/01 ab



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