531 - Part 14

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Praise the Lord, we are looking at Drawing #1. Now before I start going over the drawing, I would like to remind you of the previous studies, especially Part 13 of this message which appears to be so complicated, and I had a very difficult time bringing that explanation forth. I would like to clarify that. What we are talking about here is the formation of the mind. That's what we are talking about, and I hope to clarify even further what I taught you on Part 13 of this message. I have a better understanding of it myself right now.


We are talking about the formation of the Mind of Christ and the covering over of our carnal mind. Remember Paul said they were awaiting to be clothed upon. The Mind of Christ is covering over our carnal mind. At first, the Mind of Christ is coming into existence, and then it is covering over our carnal mind. Believe it or not, this abstract study that we are talking about contains the nitty-gritty details of how this is happing in the spirit. As I have told you before, the reason we are studying these very difficult studies is, because as we understand it, it is happening to us. This is the explanation of the Lord to me. I cannot understand why we would need to know this. At least that is the reason He has given to me at this time for the level I am at and you are at now. As we study it, it is happening to us. Our carnal mind is being covered over by the Mind of Christ, and the Mind of Christ is being set in place in us.


Of course, the power is coming from the Lord Jesus, but it is my understanding that for the people who are in submission to me here, it is happening to you though me as mediator, that the Lord Jesus is ministering this overshadowing of our carnal mind through carnal mind in me as mediator. And as I was telling you off the tape, everybody will not have the same experience. Some people are just more fertile, more spiritually fertile than other people, and I was telling you about a young man that I am ministering to through the Internet. I have never met him, and according to his e-mails and the spirit witnesses to me that it is true, Christ is grafted to him, his whole life has changed, and he's going on. So some people have a harder time than others, but I think that whether you have an easy pregnancy or a difficult pregnancy the procedure is still the same, and that's what we are talking about here.


So let's take a look at this board, and let's see what's happening here. This is a diagram of the mind of a man that has the Mind of Christ. We see that it is in three parts, the Nefesh which is the animal sentient principle. That's what all the animals out there have. We have something in common with all the animals. We have an animal sentient principle. That means that we exist, we breathe, we are alive with the life of this world by the same principle that the bunny rabbits and all the mammals of this world exist. That is the animal part of us, our physical body, and we also have an aspect of our spiritual nature which lines up with our physical body, and that is called the Nefesh.


The Nefesh which is a spiritual aspect, the animal sentient principle, dwells in the liver. She is based in our liver, and that should not be a surprise because the Scripture says that the life of the flesh is in the blood. And we know that the blood flows through the liver.


This drawing is a little complicated. I tried to explain it to you. The squares in the innermost section, there are three squares signifying the three physical organs. You see, I have a key up here. The square equals the physical organ. The Nefesh, the home of the Nefesh is in the liver. The home of the Ruach, that's the spirit of the animal. See, we are mammals. Human beings are mammals. We have the animal sentient mature, and we also have a spirit. Animals don't have a spirit. They have the animal sentient nature without the spirit. That is what makes us a cut above the animals.


The home of the spirit is in the heart, and then those of us who do have the Mind of Christ, (everybody does not have the Mind of Christ) the Mind of Christ or the home of the Mind of Christ is in the brain and the Hebrew word for that is the Neshamah. Kabbalah calls it the intellectual soul, and nobody is born with it. You have to acquire it through intellectual study, and it is this aspect of the Mind of Christ, the Neshamah, that has the potential to understand the deep things of God. This lower mind will never understand the deep things of God. The lower mind is capable in some instances of understanding high spiritual doctrine, but as soon as this lower mind starts playing around with high spiritual doctrine it goes off into the counterfeit of the Doctrine of Christ, because the carnal mind cannot understand the Doctrine of Christ.


So this lower mind, when it is intellectually equipped enough to understand high doctrine, usually winds believing a lot of the spiritual principles of the Doctrine of Christ, but will not submit to the exposure of the sin nature and, therefore, goes off into the wrong timeline, because when you ascend spiritually with your sin nature intact, with your Fiery Serpent married to Leviathan, alive and well and prospering, you are not in the Christ timeline. You will find yourself in the Dragon's household.


So these are the three physical and, of course, etheric organs that the three levels....in other words, I took this out of one of the books that I'm studying, and I am expounding on it and changing it. The book says that the three levels are the liver, the heart, and the brain. I'm trying to stay with this drawing as it is. I'm jumping to my next drawing already. Let me back down.


The square represents the physical organ, the circle, the first circle around the square, represents the spiritual aspect. Like here, this is the soul. Down here, the liver. The circle around the liver signifies the soul, the animal nature. The circle around the physical heart represents the spirit, Ruach. The spirit of the soul. "Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind." It is that spirit that comes as a part of the animal sentient nature.


Now the animal nature is Cain, and the spirit of the soul is Abel. The spiritual side of the soul is Abel. So the animals of the forest do not have Abel. They have Cain, but they do not have Abel.


Then we see that there is a rectangle which signifies the whole carnal mind. The rectangle is around both the spirit and the soul, the Ruach and the Nefesh. They are inside one rectangular border, signifying the whole carnal mind. Then, there is an outer circle if you can see that. There is an outer circle around the Ruach and an outer circle around the Nefesh, and this outer circle, see the key, there is an outer circle, means the surrounding light.


So far, we have spoken about the physical organ, the whole carnal mind and the spiritual organ. The inner circle signifies the spiritual organ, the soul or the spirit, and the outer circle is what is called surrounding light. Now the way Kabbalah teaches it is that the liver, for example, would be a vessel that holds spiritual substance. In the case of the liver, the spiritual substance is the Nefesh. The spiritual substance pours into the physical organ which is also an etheric organ, and the spirit or the light is too great for the organ so it overflows. In the Occult, they would probably call it an aura. And it becomes the surrounding light which just hangs around on the outside. This surrounding light is called the life force. It is called Chayyah which is the fourth level of soul.


We have the lowest level, the first level is Nefesh, then Ruach, then Neshamah, and then there are two more that can be acquired. Everybody does not acquire it, but it can be acquired. The Chayyah is the fourth, and it is the life force. It is the life force of the higher mind. Here is the life force of the Nefesh over here, and I see that I don't have the life force of the Ruach. Here it is, the life force of the Ruach. It is the outer circle, the surrounding light. Please notice that the Neshamah, you can't really tell in this drawing too well, but the Neshamah is a different shape than the Nefesh and the Ruach. The Nefesh and the Ruach are in a rectangular shape, and the Neshamah is surrounded by a circle. See, there is no square or circle around the Neshamah. The life force, the surrounding light, is circular, and the body, actually this is the body, I should not say carnal mind there. The carnal mind is the body of the spirit, and the body that surrounds the Neshamah is circular, meaning that it is a different reality.


Within the rectangle is the carnal mind. Within the circle that surrounds the Neshamah is the Mind of Christ. It is a different reality. The carnal mind and the Mind of Christ is a different reality. I've been teaching timeline. That's the word I've been using, that's the word the Lord gave me, and I started using that word because I sort of found that word in my studies when we were doing Alternate Translations, and I was looking in other lexicons, but the more common word used in Occult and spiritual sources is reality, another timeline, another reality. It's the same thing, a different reality.


We see the Neshamah has a circle around it while the collective carnal mind, the Nefesh and the Ruach, have a rectangle around it. Two different realities. Three different physical organs but two different realities. The carnal mind has two parts, soul and spirit. They both have a surrounding light, and this is the carnal mind, and the Mind of Christ is in the brain, and it is a completely different reality than the carnal mind, and, actually, it is the complete opposite of the carnal mind. Just as a square or rectangle is the complete opposite of the circle or very, very different than a circle, they are two realities that are very, very different.


Then there is a third reality on this board, and the third reality is the Glorified Jesus Christ. The Glorified Jesus Christ completely surrounds the two other realities. Now notice that the reality of the Mind of Christ sits on top of the carnal mind. Paul said, "we are being clothed upon." Our carnal mind has to be covered, and if Christ in you is underneath your carnal mind, you've got a problem. Christ in you has to ascend above your carnal mind, and the way Christ in you ascends above your carnal mind is by judgment, by beating your carnal mind. That's the way it happens. Of course, that is a spiritual beating. It is not a physical beating.


The Glorified Jesus Christ surrounds the whole dual mind. James said that we are double minded. We are double minded, and our job is to arrange our carnal mind so completely under the authority of our Christ mind that this carnal mind becomes single minded, but there will always be two minds as long as we are in the flesh. There will always be two minds, but that carnal mind can be pulled in another to the carnal mind by the Spirit of Holiness as we are told in Romans 1:4. That was how Jesus did it. By the power of the Spirit of Holiness.


So once again, if you find the high spiritual doctrine that is attracting you, and you see indications that there is not holiness present, you know that you are not ascending in the reality of Jesus Christ. You are ascending in another reality if holiness is not present. If you are told that fornication is OK, if you are told that homosexuality is OK, if you are told that adultery is OK, you are ascending in a reality that is not of God.


So I think we have got it all. The name of what I call the Lord Jesus Christ, Kabbalah calls it the Yechidah. It is another reality that surrounds the collective mind in an individual, and the Lord Jesus Christ is a reality that we have nothing to compare to. According to Kabbalah, we have nothing to compare it to. It is like Keter, we have no basis upon which to meditate upon Keter because, according to the Kabbalah, we have no idea or no way to comprehend it, but today we know that Jesus Christ is the Yechidah, and we know that Jesus Christ and Him glorified represents that high realm and this other reality.


So we do have some point of contact upon which to meditate upon the highest realm of the Godhead known to man, Keter, as the part of the soul called the Yechidah, and why would we want to meditate on any aspect of the Godhead? Because, brethren, when we meditate on aspects of the Godhead, on the attributes of God, or on the aspects of the Godhead we call down that attribute into ourselves. When you set your eyes upon Jesus, when you set your spiritual eyes upon Jesus, and you truly want to be like Him, you become like Him.


If you set your eyes on the Word of God...when I first came to the Lord, I just loved His Word. I just read His Word and read His Word and read His Word, and His Word got inside of me, and after it got inside of me it started to change me, and then it started to come out of me, and the Lord gave me a teaching ministry. So whatever you pursue with your heart and your mind becomes revealed through you eventually, and if you are a very good actor or actress it may be revealed through your children or your grandchildren, but you won't be able to hide it very long.


If you are a hypocrite, if you are posing as a church person or a solid citizen, and, under the cover of night, you are leading a double life it will be revealed in due season. The truth will come out about you eventually because what you are inside will eventually be revealed to the world, and if you ever see somebody who looks like....I've seen people like this, I've even seen them on TV, they look like they have really got it together, but their life is in destruction. You must know that something spiritually is wrong with that person.


I met a young woman once. She was raised in the church. She had a spirit of righteousness, but something was wrong. She made it out of a humble beginning, there was no money in her family, she won a scholarship, she graduated Cornell Law School. She should have had the whole world in her hand, but she became sick, very sick a week before graduation, she could not attend graduation, then something happened that she could not take the Bar. When I met her, she was working as a Paralegal. Now there is nothing wrong with being a Paralegal, but this was a Cornell Law School graduate, and she had a series of problems. I don't know where she is today, but I've been preaching this for a long time - you can fix up the outside. That's what Jesus said to the Pharisees. You can wash the outside, but when the inside is dead men's bones it will affect the life in this world.


You can't look at a man and tell who he is, but if you look at two or three generations you can get a pretty good idea. If you can look at three generations of a man, his parents and his children or maybe his grandchildren, and you can look at everybody together you will get a good idea of what is manifesting spiritually in that person. This outside of us is the clay, it is Cain, and it will reveal what's inside in due season. Now, if you are in the midst of change it could take a while to show the change in the rest of your family, but it will manifest. It definitely will manifest.


So this is the description of the man who has the Mind of Christ. Actually, this man has all five levels of the soul. He has the Chayyah, and the Chayyah has to do with moral and ethical development. You know, there are some people and more and more in our society today, there are people who simply don't know what's right. They simply don't know what's right. I have to tell you that there was a time that a lot of the things that I know are right now, I always knew it was wrong to steal, it was wrong to murder, but little things that the Lord has taught me, I was reprobate in these areas. I did not know that it was right if you get somebody's mail by mistake that you are supposed to give it to them. Do you believe that I didn't know that? I stand here and tell you that. I didn't know that, and the law says that if it is delivered to your house you don't have to give it back, so why should I give it back?


Well, I am so grateful that today I know you are supposed to be a good neighbor and deliver it to your neighbor. I think it was last year, you may recall, we ordered a microphone, and it was delivered to my neighbor's house, and they wouldn't give it back. Do you remember that? They got a package with my name on it, and I must have gone over there three or four times and they would not return it. They finally did return it. Once I made a mistake, actually I sent something uninsured, some jewelry to my daughter through the mail, I sent it to her old address, and the people opened the package and kept it and would not give it to her.


Well, the other day I got somebody else's mail. I was so grateful that I knew that I was supposed to send it back, and I went running over to my neighbor to deliver it. So grateful that I knew that. So there is a big plague in this country today, people don't know what's right. They simply don't know, and that is a curse, brethren. So obviously, they do not have any Chayyah operating in their life. That is something that can be taught. It can be taught, but there are cases of people who were brought up in a highly moral and ethical surrounding and because of a family-line curse they fall away into some kind of immorality, something spiritually wrong. But you can be born with Chayyah, and if you are not taught properly it will just deteriorate within you and dissolve. It has to be fed. Everything has to be fed, and then, every once in a while, somebody appears who seems to be incapable of being taught mortal and ethical behavior. They are called sociopaths. Something is lacking in them, something is twisted in them.


So Chayyah is our vehicle to acquire moral and ethical thoughts, inclinations, and behaviors. Then, of course, Yechidah, that's the one that is the Lord Jesus. This Yechidah, this Oneness that surrounds the mind, He is a light, He is a vibrating light, and He, the Lord Jesus, wants to communicate with Christ Jesus. He wants to communicate with the brain, He wants to communicate with the Neshamah, and when the Lord Jesus who surrounds us makes a permanent connection with Christ Jesus we become energized, and regenerated, spiritually regenerated, and our emotions start to heal, and our mind starts to heal, and our physical body starts to heal. If the process continues to proceed, at some point we are supposed to stop dying.


Now I know that on another part of this message I told you about a chapter that I read in this book that was such an abstract chapter, about the light outside longing for the light inside, and it was so obvious to me that it was the Lord Jesus trying to join with Christ Jesus in the individual, and this book is so highly abstract, it is just amazing to me, we are so blessed that the Lord has given us the Doctrine of Christ with all of this understanding. At least to me, it is on a simpler level. I've heard a lot of people tell me how difficult the Doctrine of Christ is, and they have trouble studying it, but it surely has to be easier for me to tell you that the Glorified Jesus Christ is a spirit man, and He is a bright light that's trying to communicate with the candle. You are the candlestick, I am the candlestick, and He's trying to communicate with the light within us. Surely that is easier to understand than me talking to you about the inner light and the outer light and the attraction.


When you personalize it, when the Lord Jesus puts personality in it for us, it is easier to deal with - the Lord Jesus, Christ Jesus, marriage - it is much easier. Are there any questions on this board?


This is our hope that our mind will come into this condition, that Christ Jesus will be formed in us, that our soul, our animal sentient nature will be surrounded by the surrounding light which is a light which gives us morality and ethics, and that the Lord Jesus will surround the whole of our mind and, even more than that, communicate with the spiritual life within us so that we should become a fountain of infinitely circulating living water, nourishing and refreshing, cleansing and purifying, and keeping safe every aspect of our being, spirit, soul, and body.


Now for the people who have the Holy Spirit, they have the Yechidah, they have the Lord Jesus, but they don't have Christ Jesus. You see, we are going backwards here. In the church today, we are going backwards. According to the Kabbalah, and maybe this is true for the Jew, I really don't know, you are born with the carnal mind, and you build up....unless I'm wrong. I'm still on the very basic books of Kabbalah, and I may not be even understanding it properly. Then you acquire the Mind of Christ, and then you acquire that Oneness. That's my understanding of Kabbalah today. The world today is offered the Lord Jesus Christ, we are offered Him first. Why? Because we could never get into this condition. We could never get out animal in right order. We have no way fo acquiring a Neshamah.


You see, the Jew is born with the genetic potential to develop the Neshamah. The Jew received the genetic potential on Mount Sinai. So the Jew that submits himself to the Scripture, to study the Scripture, has every right to expect the Mind of Christ to develop in him, but the Gentile has to have Christ grafted to him. The Gentile is not born with the potential to understand or the potential to develop the Mind of Christ. Praise the Lord.


The Jew has the potential. How many Jews today have it, I really don't know. I would really like to know, to tell you the truth. I would love the opportunity to meet a Jew today, I would love to meet the people who translated The Tree of Life, I would love to meet them and talk to them and just hear what they have to say and try to discern where they are. The only thing that I do know is that I did have a two year dialogue with a Hasidic rabbi who had a personal relationship with the head rabbi at that time. He has since died. A lot of people thought the man was Messiah, and this Hasidic rabbi would bring me the material of this great rabbi. He was the leader, he was in Brooklyn, and I think he was the leader of the Hasids all over the world if I am not mistaken.


He would preach on Saturday, and they had a whole network set up. The man's message would be transcribed and printed and faxed all over the world, and I had the privilege of reading a couple of those teachings. Brethren, they were dead. I'm not saying anything against the man, this was a highly respected rabbi in the Hasidic community. The rabbi that I had a dialogue with told me that many thought he was Messiah, but that the man, himself, never claimed to be Messiah. So I am not disrespecting him, but I read his material, and, in my opinion, it was spiritually dead. I would, however, like to meet the people that translated this book. Maybe, I will even write to them and ask if they will write back to me. I don't know if they will or not, but I just might do that if the Lord lets me.


I would like to know, is there a Jew anywhere that has an anointed life because of their studies? Has the study of the Scripture on Kabbalah raised up an anointing in a Jew anywhere? I would like to know, I'm curious. See once you tear down the structure, how do you get it built up again? It is the same principle as what I've been saying about this country, what's going on in this country. The moral fiber of this country is rapidly deteriorating, and not only this country, well, I guess it is our society. Once the moral fiber is torn down and the young people don't know how to live a healthy, holy, righteous, civilized life, and they grow up and these people become the parents, when we have a society of parents that don't know how to raise these healthy, righteous children, then all the children that come thereafter do not stand a chance because children have to be taught righteousness, they have to be taught what is right and what is wrong, they have to be taught, not only taught goodness, they have to be taught to prefer goodness over evil, and if all the parents in the world are drinking and smoking and drugging and going out and not taking care of their kids all the time, the society enters into a cycle of destruction that can only be corrected if somehow a righteous example is restored to the society.


Step #1, a righteous example must be restored to the society and Step #2, the society must come to a place where they are in so much pain that they submit to the righteous example. Two steps. Now the first step is in play. Today, the primary cutting edge work of the Lord Jesus Christ is to provide a company of righteous men as an example to the church, to the Jew, and to the world that this is what a man can be like when he is a unity with the Lord Jesus Christ, and as soon as that happens, and actually while it is happening, simultaneously judgment is falling in various areas of the country and the world in preparation to bring the people to a place where they will submit to the righteous example, thereby restoring the whole of humanity to righteousness. But this does not happen without pain, brethren.


So I was talking about the Jew. So if you have a community of Jews where the Mind of Christ is torn down, how do you raise it up again? My understanding, for whatever it is worth right now, is that a leader has to arise whose mind is intact as we see on this board, and then that leader has the ability to impart his life and his mind and his spirit to the people that study under him. The hardest part is getting the one person risen up, the one person who is restored, that's the hardest part, and Jesus came and Jesus went, and the Jews don't recognize Him. So is it possible that there is a Jew out there with this revelation. Maybe yes. I don't know. I would like to know.


Are there any questions or comments about this board?


COMMENT: I was just looking at the inner circle of the outer circle, and it made me think of, I was relating it to the inner court and the outer court.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I am sure that is accurate. Everything that we talk about in Kabbalah has an inside and an outside. As a matter of fact, this drawing is really not complete because every reality that I have drawn here for you has both an inside and an outside, and I've just shown you the outside which I think is complicated enough for now. Everything has an inside and an outside.


Now the way this surrounding light is formed, the way this whole mind is formed, is that, we are told in parable form, that breaths come out from Adam Kadmon. This is talking about the creation, we are back at Bereshith talking about the creation, and breaths, from what I can see, is equal to light. Lights came out from Adam Kadmon's eyes, lights came out from his ears, from his nose, and from his mouth. These breaths, they came out as breaths from his ears, nose and mouth. Sorry, lights did not come out from his eyes. Only a look came out from his eyes.


Now you may recall that originally lights came out from Adam Kadmon's eyes, and that was called The World of Points which we are told the kings of The World of Points ruled, and they died. We have one message on that in this series. I believe that is a very condensed form of what the Lord has taught us about the fall. The energy or the light or the breath that was recovered from that wrecked World of Points was reconfigured within Adam Kadmon, and now the lights did not come out of His eyes any more. The lights came out of His ears, His nose, and His mouth, and they all converged together in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth. The breaths or the lights from the ears traveled downward, and from the nose they all centered in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth. Some of the light or the breaths went off to the side, and the light that stayed in front of His mouth was the inside, and the light that spread to the outside of Adam Kadmon is called the outside. These lights were bound together in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth, and this is called the World of Bound Lights which we will study more about later.


So we find that the breaths that came out of Adam Kadmon's ears are associated with the brain and the Neshamah, and they are also associated with the cranium, that the skull over the brain, and the eyes and the ears. The reason I say that is because the breath that came out of Adam Kadmon's ears, I hope that's what I said before, are associated with the formation of the Neshamah and the vessel that the Neshamah is in and the surrounding light. The reason I add the eyes and the cranium is that I know that it is Binah that's associated with the ears. Binah is associated with the ears. She is understanding, and she is also the second letter of the Tetragrammaton. The first Heh is Binah, understanding. You may recall that Binah is never separated from her husband. Binah's Partzuf, the name of her personality, is mother, Imma, mother, and mother is never separated from father who is Chokhmah, wisdom, and Chokhmah, wisdom is never separated from Keter who is crown or the thought of God. That's why I add eyes and cranium to the ears, the breath that came out of the ears that form the Neshamah and the surrounding light of the Neshamah.


We find that the breath that comes out of the nose of Adam Kadmon forms the spirit, takes up residence in the heart, and the breath that comes out of the mouth becomes the Nefesh, the animal sentient nature and takes up residence in the liver. We could also assign the letters of the Tetragrammaton to this diagram. The first letter of the Tetragrammaton is Yod, and we know that the tip of the Yod is associated with the cranium. The Yod is associated with sight, with the eyes, with Chokhmah, wisdom, and that the first Heh is associated with the ears, Binah, understanding, and then the Vav, YHVH, the Vav is associated with the heart center, and it is the nose, sometimes called Ze'ir Anpin. The final Heh, Malkhut, is associated with the mouth and with the Nefesh.


This whole principle of dealing with the Tetragrammaton, my understanding at this time anyway, is that at least one of the purposes of it is to show the wholeness of God in any area of our spiritual being at any one time. The whole ness of God in that area can be demonstrated by the presence of either the whole Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, or the name of God associated with wisdom, Chokhmah, which is Jah and indicates the presence of the wholeness of God in that area. Are there any other questions about this board?


Now according to the teaching of the Tree of Life, no breaths came out from the eyes because those breaths would be too powerful. See the higher you ascend, the more powerful the breath is because the higher we ascend in the mind the closer this breath is to the Eyn Sof, to the Unlimited, and, of course, Keter which is associated with the cranium is the closest Sefirah to the Unlimited One, which is Eyn Sof. So when you ascend up to the eyes, the spiritual power is very great, and you may know that traditionally or in mediaeval art they would show spiritual people with light shining out of their eyes or with a halo around their head. So that is talking about the higher level of breath being in the brain, and that is the one that we would see shining around the head or shining out of the eyes. That is associated with Chokhmah, wisdom. Spiritual wisdom shines in the eyes.


So it was a look that came out of the eyes. When I first heard this, it sounded way out to me, but I have really received this. It was the look that came out of the eyes that was a living thing. It wasn't a breath, but it was a look, and that look came out and it impacted the breaths and actually formed them by the impact, just as if you would hit a ball of clay and hallow it out to make a vessel, the impact of that look formed the vessels. These are vessels here. Here we have the soul, the circle is the soul, and it is in a rectangular vessel here. The circular soul and the circle of the spirit are inside of a vessel. All light has a vessel. There is inner light, the vessel that it is in, and then the surrounding light. The surrounding light is the overflow of the inner light. There is an inside and an outside of everything, and every light has a vessel.


So we are told that this look came out and impacted the breaths that were hanging in front of the mouth of Adam Kadmon, forming the vessels. When I first heard that I said, Wow, this whole book is blowing my mind, until I got the revelation that this is just what you see in the science fiction movies. I remember a Star Trek episode where these two people were spiritually ascended, and they just looked at something, they always dramatize it when you are on TV, they emphasized the look by moving the whole head, they just looked at something, and the table elevated or the food appeared or the house was built, all from a look. That look that came out of the eyes of Adam Kadmon, it impacted the breaths and formed them into vessels, but what's more, we are told, that the breaths struck back. Well, that sounds way out to me too until you think about...I can't think of the word right now, but if you impact something, depending on the substance, it will spring back at you. I think that is a principle of physics.


So the look impacted the breaths, so, apparently, the look was stronger than the breaths and formed it into a vessel, but the breath struck back, and the result of the breath striking back was that the light was impacted and turned around upward again. So we see that the spirit and the soul and the Neshamah are completely surrounded with vessels because the light that came out of the eyes, or the look that came out of the eyes, was turned upward and completely enclothed the spirit, the soul, the Nefesh, the Ruach, and the Neshamah.


So we see that the look of the eyes impacted the breaths, and the breaths springing back impacted the look, and to me that was just really enlightening to me, to understand that there is spiritual power in a look. I am amazed at myself because, as I've just said, I've seen it on Star Trek, and I've seen it in science fiction movies, that they just look and something happens, but you know, we can be reading things and looking at things for years, and it never entered my mind that it was a look that caused that food to appear on the table or whatever that person manifesting witchcraft did with that look. It just never clicked. I guess I thought it was their mind or something coming from within their mind, but I never thought of it in those terms, that it was that look that actually caused something to happen, and this has to be my carnal mind. If you can tell me somebody breathed on me and something happened, I could deal with that. We know Jesus breathed on the disciples, and they received the Holy Ghost, but a look, in a million years, just never occurred to me that a look had spiritual power. And why not? I have been hearing about the evil eye for years, and there are a lot of cultures that believe in the evil eye. I've even seen it on the X-Files where a demon, this highly demonized young man was being tied to the bed, and I think Mulder was there, and the elders who supposedly knew what they were doing said, don't look in his eyes, don't look in his eyes. There is power in the eyes, but somehow it just never clicked in my mind, and I got so excited when I understood that because, to me, I guess when I watched all these programs...of course, you never hear about this in God, you only hear about it when it is associated with witchcraft, and I guess I never thought of myself manifesting that kind of power.


I guess that's the answer. I knew that there was witchcraft in the eyes, but it never occurred to me that the spiritual power of God...well, even that's not true that the spiritual power of God would not manifest through the eyes because I've had at least two experiences where I have stared in someone's eyes, and I know that Christ has been imparted, but that, to my carnal brain, anyway to my carnal mind, being used by God to stare into someone's eyes and know that Christ was imparted to them, that is not the same thing as using a look to be creative, if you can hear that.


Now I know how to be creative in Christ. I can go before the Lord and say that I have a need, and I can pray spiritual warfare, and I can beat off Satan and ask for God's will and cancel all of Satan's plans to deprive me of what the Lord has for me. I know how to try to acquire something in God, to ask His help, and to defeat my own carnal mind that might be shooting me in my own foot. I know how to do that, but the thought of trying to acquire or accomplish something by looking at it just never occurred to me on any personal level, and I read this chapter in the book, and I said, Oh, wow, can you imagine that is one of the things in store for us, for those of us, who really ascend in Christ Jesus? To provide food or healing for the hungry with a look, and I remembered when I studied the word Ayin in the Hebrew, pouring through my lexicons, that one of the definitions is a side glance, and I've known for many years that the side glance indicated witchcraft.


I never thought of it as legal spiritual power. I always thought of it as witchcraft power. I never associated a look from the eyes with the positive power of God, but I read this chapter in the book, and I just got to so excited where I read, and the look that came forth from the eyes of Adam Kadmon, it struck those breaths, and it formed the vessels for the breath. Remember, the breath is light. So part of the light that came out of the ears, and nose, and the mouth was taken and made into a vessel. Part of the light, part of the breath was formed into a vessel that contained the rest of the light, and the rest of the light that didn't fit in the vessel flowed over, and was the surrounding light of that vessel which contained the breath.


What are we talking about? The Nefesh, the Ruach, and the Neshamah, that's what we are talking about, the formation of the soul, the vessel that it rests in, and the surrounding light. I now know that....I have to tell you that I sin just like the rest of you do, I just deal with my sins, when I perceive any envy or pride rising up in me I just rebuke it and curse it, and I bless the person. Well, something caught my eye the other day, and I'm not proud of this, but I just want you to know that I'm one of you, I'm just dealing with it, and I believe it was a spirit of envy, and I was looking at somebody across a room when I became aware that I was staring at them, and I that it was a spirit of envy; whereas, in the past I would have just cursed the envy and blessed the person and asked the Lord to give them everything that He wanted to give them, just don't let me be in sin. That's how I deal with it. But after reading this chapter, I became so aware that the look coming out of my eyes could be doing them damage that I repented immediately, and I just took it much more seriously than I would have any other time that I had manifested envy. I realized that look coming out of my eyes was dangerous, and we should know that if we ever see anyone staring at us like that, that we should be breaking curses.


The evil eye is real, and something is coming to me right now, I think it is in the New Testament, it may have even been Jesus who said it. Talking about a person's good eye. If your eye is good towards your children or if your eye is good toward people. So there is a good eye. What would the good eye be. It would be the eye that imparts the power of Christ Jesus. It would be the eye that imparts the power of God, it would be the eye that looks into the heart of a person and sees their need and has compassion and brings healing. So you see, all of you people who are listening to this message who are still having a problem with the discernment that comes forth in Christ Jesus when looking at the sins of people's hearts, I've been telling you for years that you can do something good with it. Maybe in the past, you would use it to condemn them or gossip, but in Christ Jesus we use this ability to have mercy and compassion and to pray in accordance with the will of Christ Jesus to help the person.


So that eye that looks right into the heart of people and knows who it sees, that's the good eye of Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord. So we see that sight comes from the eyes, that look comes from the eyes, and it is associated with Chokhmah, wisdom, and we are told that the eyes actually are a curtain. See, the breath comes out of the mouth, you open your mouth and the breath comes out. The breath comes out of your nostrils. It is not passing through any curtain. The breath comes out of the ears, there is an opening in the ears, but there is no opening in the eyes. So the look that comes through the eyes can be likened to passing through a curtain. The look that comes through the eyes is so powerful that if it did not come through that curtain, it would have destroyed all of the breaths from the ears, the nose, and the mouth.


We are talking about Adam Kadmon now. You may recall that Adam Kadmon is the outermost circle that surrounds all of the worlds. There are four worlds plus Adam Kadmon. The outermost circle is Adam Kadmon, then comes The World of Emanation, The World of Creation, The World of Formation, and The World of Action where we are. We are going to end this message tonight. We will pick up again, Lord willing, next week. God bless you.





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