531 - Part 15

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Well, brethren, we are moving on with this very deep message. This morning I have a rather difficult aspect to teach you. To put it simply, the message is getting more and more difficult so I would like to give you an overview in my own words before we get down into the technical aspect.


What we are dealing with here is the penetration of Adam Kadmon in The World of Emanation into The World of Creation. You may recall by way of review that there are actually five worlds. The outermost world is Adam Kadmon. Within Him comes The World of Emanation, then The World of Creation, then The World of Formation , and then The World of Action where we are. The purpose of the penetration from Adam Kadmon, the outermost world, into the innermost world, The World of Action where we are, and to get to where we are He has to penetrate from The World of Emanation into The World of Creation into The World of Formation, He has to penetrate all those worlds to get to us. The purpose of this is to attach us to Himself, because through the penetration we are being attached to Him. Who is Him? Adam Kadmon who encompasses all the worlds, Adam Kadmon the primordial human, the supernatural being that encompasses, that surrounds all of the worlds and all of the beings in those worlds.


The Lord, in an attempt to join with us, which joining is through the thoughts, through the thoughts of His mind, has given this doctrine. It is called Kabbalah, and it is a high doctrine that is really beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend, but the Lord Jesus who is appearing to us as the representative of Jehovah today, Jehovah is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus today, He has granted us the privilege, if we are willing to apply ourselves and do what is required of us. Of course, confession of sin and dealing with our sin nature is a part of it.


To those of us who are willing to sit for these studies and pray and ask for understanding, He has given us the privilege of thinking the thoughts of His mind for the specific purpose of joining with us in mind, because mind is the temple of the spirit. The spirit dwells in the mind, and he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, and in that union of spirit is eternal life and all of the blessings, the peace, the contentment, the safety that we all desire in this world. We desire safety from disease, safety from death, safety from accidents. These bodies are so fragile that they break or they puncture with very little provocation. Safety of mind, safety for our children, safety from famine, safety from the elements, safety from the physical elements, safety from the spiritual elements.


Brethren, we are in great danger down here in hell. We are very vulnerable down here. So the Lord Jesus Christ who is Adam Kadmon to us today...well, I just thought you said He is Jehovah to us today. Brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ is everything to us today. He's Adam Kadmon, He's Jehovah, He's each of the 10 Sefirot, He's all things to us. Jesus Christ is the personification of the unification of the 10 Sefirot of God. So all we have to do is join with Him and we are automatically unified, we have the 10 spheres of Adam Kadmon unified in the right, proper order within us through union with Jesus Christ.


So we are talking about penetration today for the purpose of union, for the purpose of salvation, which word means safety. The Lord Jesus wants to bring us to a place of safety. We are not safe here in this world. We are not safe unless we are fully joined to the Lord Jesus Christ.


We are dealing with this doctrine called Kabbalah, and one of the basics of the doctrine is what is called the Holy Name or the unique name. Does anybody know what that might be, what the Holy Name is?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Jehovah. The consonants of the name, Jehovah, YHVH, is called the Tetragrammaton. That is called the Holy Name or the unique name that surrounds all of the worlds, and it is just another concept of Adam Kadmon and the four worlds.


Adam Kadmon is an expression of the Holy Name of Jehovah. Now I've mentioned that on other messages, and I can't re-do that whole thing now, but Adam Kadmon is Jesus Christ to us, and Jesus Christ is all things to us.


Now this Holy Name is a mechanism, at least these four Hebrew letters that consist of the Holy Name, it is a mechanism to help us to understand the spiritual blue print of our existence and the existence of the world above and the relationship. The Holy Name is a vehicle by which we can recognize the relationships between the different Sefirah and between the different aspects of the worlds, because all of the Sefirot relate to one another. All of the Sefirot within me must relate to one another to strengthen one another, to give energy, and to receive energy, and then we have relationships between people, and then we have relationships between a person and God, and all of these relationships are involving these ten Sefirot which are the basic building blocks of the creation.


They represent 10 supernatural celestial beings that I cannot comprehend. To say that they are angels, to me is an understatement. I don't know what they are, but I know that they are intelligent, that they are capable of receiving instruction from God, that they have a function, and that their function is creation. I also know that the creation is not complete. The creation that we are a part of is not complete. Of course, we are not completed because we are not attached. Why are we not attached? Because we are not penetrated by Jesus Christ who is Adam Kadmon to us today. That's why we die and get sick and have all the problems that we have, because the creation is still being formed. It is not complete yet.


So the Holy Name, Jehovah, is a vehicle by which we can understand the building of the creation and the relationships between the different parts of the creation. We have found out, in particular in Kabbalah, this message Part 12, we found out that each of the four letters of the Holy Name, YHVH, each of those Hebrew letters in itself is the Holy Name. So we have the Holy Name, Jehovah, and within that Holy Name there are four other Jehovahs. I preached this message on Part 12. One of the illustrations from Part 12 will become the first drawing for this part of this message where I show you that the way the rabbis dealt with this, dealt with what? Dealt with having four Jehovahs grow out of the original Jehovah, the Y of the Tetragrammaton equals Jehovah, and the H equals Jehovah, and the V or the Vav equals Jehovah, and the second H of the Holy Name equals Jehovah. The way the rabbis distinguished between the five different Jehovahs is to spell the letters differently. I feel I have to put this on the board for you anyway because someone here is confused.


Let me put this on the board. This is Drawing #1b. #1a is the drawing from Part 12 which shows you how we arrived at the numerical values that I have shown here, #72, 63, 45, and 52, and I will comment further on that later. What we have here is five different ways to spell the Holy Name, Jehovah, consonants only. The first way is what we are used to YHVH, and the numerical value of this word is 26, but we see that the teachers of Kabbalah who were all rabbis, they said that the Y or the Hebrew letter, Yod, alone is also equal to the whole name. So here is a second way of saying Jehovah, and we see that the numerical value of the second way of saying Jehovah is 72. This is derived from Gematria. I am going to find out how to say that word correctly. As explained to you on the exhibit from Part 12, it explains to you how the letters YHVH are spelled out in a particular way that renders the numerical value of 72.


Then the rabbis say that the H of Jehovah, the H alone, also equals the whole name Jehovah. So here is a third way of using the name Jehovah, and each of these letters, YHVH, are spelled differently when they write it out. In other words, if we were to say Y we would say, possibly, in English, YHY. The letter Y, maybe we would spell it YHY. The letter Vav is spelled Vav. So they spelled out each of these letters phonetically and drew a numerical value from each of the spellings, and the whole name Jehovah that's associated with the Y is spelled one way. The whole name Jehovah that's associated with the H or the Heh is spelled another way. The whole name Jehovah that's associated with the V or the Vav is spelled another way. They spelled the letters, YHVH, they spelled out the letters in a different way. Heh in one case would be Heh and in another case would be Hey. They spelled the letters differently, and, thereby derived a different numerical value for each of these four Jehovahs.


Is everybody OK with that? Now this first Jehovah that I totaled to a numerical value of 26, I haven't seen it used in my studies up until now. What I see used is the numerical value of the four Jehovahs that come out of the original Holy Name, and these are the four numerical values that are used. The Y or the Yod of Jehovah is associated or is identified by the Hebrew letters AB, and when the letters are spelled out the numerical value associated with....see, that is how we identify... this Jehovah associated with the Y of the Holy Name is identified as being different from the word Jehovah that's identified with the final H by these names to the right.


So the name Jehovah that's associated with the Y, we identify by saying AB or Aleph Bet, and that has a numerical value of 72. The Holy Name Jehovah that's associated with the first Heh is identified as being different from all these other Jehovahs by the Hebrew letter Samech Gimel or SG which gives it a numerical value of 63. The Holy Name of Jehovah that's associated with the V or the Vav of the Holy Name is identified by the Hebrew letters Mem and Heh or M and H for a numerical value of 45, and we know that the name Jehovah that's associated with the final H, we can tell that we are talking about this Jehovah associated with the final H rather than the Jehovah that is associated with the Y because the Jehovah associated with the final H has a unique signature called BN or the Hebrew letters Bet Nun for the numerical value of 52.


Is there anybody that needs me to say that again? Any questions about this?


COMMENT: Are you saying that the second H in the last one was BN, was it the last H?


PASTOR VITALE: This original Holy Name that I have written vertically, YHVH, the whole name Jehovah associated with the final H of the original name....


COMMENT: The fifth one, now is that H equivalent to the last H in there or the second H?


PASTOR VITALE: Come up to the board and show me because I don't know what you are saying.


(Comments not audible.)


This H is equivalent to the whole name, Jehovah. This V is equivalent to the whole name, Jehovah. This first H is equivalent to the whole name, Jehovah. So we have four Jehovahs here. How are we going to tell the difference? How are we going to tell whether we are talking about the name Jehovah that's associated with the Yod, the Heh, the Vav or the Heh?


The way we tell the difference is by spelling the letters out differently, which gives a different numerical value for each one of these four Jehovahs. Each one of these four Jehovahs has a different numerical value; although, all of the names are Jehovah, and they are all the Tetragrammaton, and they all are the Holy Name, but we differentiate between the four of them by spelling the letters differently so that they get a different numerical value, because they are going to be used differently in our studies.


Is everybody OK? Any other questions?


This H is equal to the whole name, Jehovah, spelled in a particular way which renders the numerical value 52. The V of Jehovah is equal to the whole name Jehovah. It is like saying that this arm is Sheila. Look if my hand goes and takes something out of your pocketbook, is my hand going to jail? Or am I going to jail? I am going to jail. So what the hand does, the whole of me is responsible for. So we are taking this Holy Name, Jehovah, and we are saying that each one of the letters of this Holy Name is responsible for the whole name. If I kick somebody with this leg, I could get kicked in my teeth. What did my teeth do? My teeth didn't do anything, it is all me.


COMMENT: What I was doing was taking the Y of this one, the H for the first H, the V for the V, and the H for the second H.


PASTOR VITALE: OK, so you understand now?


COMMENT: Now I understand you take the whole word for each of the letters under the one.


PASTOR VITALE: It is the whole name Jehovah.



Actually how all of these are used, I'm just starting to learn that myself. It is getting very complicated, but I find that when I take it a little bit at a time I can understand it, and each step that we take brings us closer to union with the Lord Jesus. So I will go as slowly as I have to go with you. Please don't hesitate to tell me if you need me to repeat it again, because I know how difficult it is, but each thing that we learn builds on the one before so if you go forward without understanding something, you are going to get stuck.


Even if you go home, and maybe you think you understand it now, but if you go home and you listen to the tape and please come with your questions because if you don't build this foundation you will not be able to go on. Actually, that's what happened with me and my pride. When I first bought this book, I was just going to read this book, and I was reading and reading and reading and reading and, all of a sudden, I said, "I don't know what I'm reading." I had to go back to find out at what point I started to lose comprehension, and the truth is that the point at which I started to lose comprehension was when it started this deep study that I'm starting to present to you now, because the way I learn is that I read through, and I grasp whatever I can, and then I read through again and grasp whatever I can, and I intended to read this whole book, but I could not. I could not get past this foundational study with a cursory reading, but as I understand it and absorb it, I'm going at a snail's pace, going forward in the book. So please if you don't have it, if you don't understand it or if you have a question when you listen to the tape, please come and ask me because you are going to get into gridlock, and you won't be able to go on.


In other words, if we are doing a study in the Scripture, and we come across the number 52, we might say to the Lord, "Well, Lord, is this numerology in the Scripture referring to the Holy Name? We can ask that question, you see. Or if we come across the number 63, you know there are a lot of numbers in the Scripture. "And she had 63 barrels of oil," and maybe that 63 was referring to Jehovah. Also, each of these four names, Jehovah, refers to a different aspect of the heavenly man called Ze'ir Anpin who, to us, is Christ Jesus. There is a heavenly man appearing in all of these worlds. His name is Christ Jesus to us, but in Kabbalah His name is Ze'ir Anpin.


So we see that the Y of the Tetragrammaton, which is distinguished....let me say this, the name Jehovah, the whole complete name Jehovah, the Y of the Tetragrammaton is distinguished from the other three letters, each letter representing the whole name, Jehovah, but the Y is distinguished from the others by the numerical value which is 72, and also by the fact that the Y or the Yod is associated with Chokhmah, wisdom, which is the second Sefirah. So if we find the number 72 in the Scripture, we can not only say to the Lord, "Lord, is this number referring to Jehovah?" But we also might say, "Is this number referring to Chokhmah, wisdom, the second Sefirah?


See, these studies are designed to help us to understand the depth of the Scripture. These are tools that eventually we will use to go in and get a deep revelation of the Scripture, and, in particular, the Zohar. This is so difficult that every once in a while I just need a relief so I will pick up one of the other books which is more involved with the Scriptures, and I just need that once in a while. I picked up the book by Hair last week. I must have bought four or five books. I though I was going to read all these books and learn Kabbalah. Well, I found out, my pride got knocked down. You can't do that.


When I first started looking at the book by Hair, I could make it through the first half, based on my knowledge of the Scripture and the knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, I could make it through the first half of the book by Hair and get some understanding out of it. I felt satisfied, but when I went into the second half of the book I could not make heads or tails of it, and that was about 6 or 8 months ago. Well, I picked up the book by Hair the other day, and I made it through the whole second half of the book.


Now, most likely I understood it on a very surface level because we understand more and more and deeper and deeper as we go on, but from these exercises that we have been doing here for the past 6 or 8 months, I can at least read the second half of the book and not feel that I did not get anything out of it at all, and just close the book in frustration. I got enough out of it to say, "Well, it was a blessing in reading this book."


So you may not even be aware, but if you could just follow me in these lessons your mind is growing in you, and when you walk out of here it continues to grow in you. Christ is continuously digesting this, and as you listen to the tapes you are all doing great.


So we see the second letter of the Holy Name which is the first of the two Hehs, which also the Heh represents the whole name, Jehovah, and we can distinguish this Jehovah from the other three Jehovahs by the numerical value which is 63, and by the fact that it is associated with Binah, the third Sefirah, which is understanding. So conversely, if we ever see anything in the Scripture about understanding we can say "Oh, wow, now I know that word "understanding" is associated with the number 63," and understanding is also associated with the Holy Name, Jehovah, that's associated with the first Heh of the Holy Name.


Chokhmah and Binah together are the head of Ze'ir Anpin. Now the V in the Holy Name also is equal...we might say the V is an abbreviation. It signifies the whole name, Jehovah, just like my arm signifies all of me. The name the Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, associated with the Vav is identified by the numerical value 45, and also the letters M and H, you know, so if ever we see the letters Mem or Heh together, and sometimes I see those letters together as a prefix for a word, I can say, "Oh, Lord, how do you want to translate these prefixes?" "Are you telling me that this verb that these prefixes precede is talking about Jehovah or is talking about Ze'ir Anpin, the body of Ze'ir Anpin, the Tiferet of Ze'ir Anpin?" So once again, we see that when we read the Scriptures, when a mature Christian or a mature Jew reads the Scriptures, that there are many possible understandings, and it is not....I don't even think that where we are today spiritually, we can realistically say, "Well, yes there is one true understanding." All the others are true also if the Lord wants to use it that way."


Brethren, the absolute foundational depth of any one Scripture is beyond our comprehension today. If there is an absolute foundational truth, the word of God is fluid. The Lord will use it in anyway that He wants. When you make it rigid and say, "This word, this sentence must mean this and this only," you bring the word of God down to the realm of death. You bring the spiritual word of God down to the realm where everything is solid, like we are solid, and this chair is solid, and this is hell. This is hell and death, and life is in the spirit, and we ascend in the spirit by focusing on and meditating on the spiritual aspects of the word as we are capable of understanding it today. Does that make what we understood it to be last year wrong? No. It is just a different level.


I want to tell you, I picked up the Alternate Translation of the Old Testament the other day, and I read it, and it was interesting, but it was nothing compared to what it used to mean to me because I have ascended in my mind. These studies are high, they are very high. Does that mean all my previous work is wrong? No. There are people out there who are on a level who could really appreciate that work, and that is true of the books that I wrote. The first book here was published about 10 years ago, and at one point I wanted to get rid of that book because I really don't teach that way any more, and the Lord said, "No, there are people out there today who are where you were when you wrote that book. If you were on square 1 10 years ago, and today you are on square 20, there are people who are on square 1 today so that book that you wrote 10 years ago is good for them." And the Lord has to lead the people to the material so He wants them to have.


I just thank God that we are growing in this ministry. There is only one other ministry that I know of that is on TV where the preacher is growing. I actually see that preacher growing. Every other minister I've ever seen on TV or off TV, they just pretty much preach the same thing day in and day out for years. So this is a great, great blessing upon us here that we have this privilege of God's willingness to teach us these things.


So we see that the V or the Vav of the Holy Name also is just an abbreviation. Wherever you see the letter Vav as a prefix or anywhere in the Scripture, you can say, "Lord, is this prefix in this case talking about Jehovah?" I know, according to the Doctrine of Christ, the Vav means nailed, to be nailed to, and I frequently translated it "the mind nailed to that person." So what does that prefix Vav mean? Does it mean to be nailed to? Or is it an abbreviation for the whole Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, and, in particular, the aspect of Jehovah that's associated with the numerical value 45, and the body of Ze'ir Anpin?


Of course, the body of Ze'ir Anpin is referring to the, I think it is referring to the Ruach, the middle level of soul. So you have to take the whole verse, the whole context of what the Lord is trying to tell you, and you have to pray and meditate. And you know that these letters and these words could mean all of these different things, and the Lord will use this knowledge to communicate to you what He wants to say to you. That's what we are doing here.


So we see that there are five ways to spell Jehovah. Actually this first one, if there were a Kabbalist present, he might disagree with me. He might say, "No, Sheila, there are only four ways," but I'm saying five ways because that's how I feel led to teach it to you this morning. There is the original name Jehovah, the first way, and each one of the letters of Jehovah signifies the whole name.


Let's say we have a family of five people, a mother and a father and three children, a family of five. Well the father goes out, and he speaks for the whole family. He represents five people, yet it is the father. There are characteristics of the father that none of the other members of the family have. He is the father, but he is speaking for the whole family. Then the mother can go out, and she can say, "I commit my whole family to make a church breakfast next Sunday." Well, you are talking to the mother. You are not talking to the father, you are not talking to the children. You are talking to the mother and whoever you know that mother to be, but she is speaking for the whole family. Then one of the children can go to school and say to his teacher, "My parents have agreed that our whole family will participate in Open School Week. Well, now you are talking to the teenager, and he's not the father nor the mother. He is his own person, but he's speaking for the whole family. That's what we have got here.


So I'm telling you there are five different ways to spell Jehovah, but you are not going to see this 26 used. It's basically these four ways, 72, 63, 45, and 52, and there are five different numerical values although you don't really see the 26 used at all.


This is Drawing #2. What I'm trying to show you here...let's just go over the drawing. This, supposedly, is Adam Kadmon's head. We see that Keter is the cranium which is the skull, and that is where thought arises from, and the Partzuf or the name of the personality or the personification of Keter is Arikh Anpin. The two of Adam Kadmon's eyes signify the level of Chokhmah which is wisdom. That's the second Sefirah. Keter is the first Sefirah. Chokhmah is the second Sefirah, and Chokhmah signifies the fourth level of soul called Chayyah which is sometimes referred to as the soul of the soul because Chayyah manifests as surrounding light. Chayyah is associated with the development of ethics and morality and is associated with sight. Mortality and ethics arise out of an ability to recognize unrighteousness.


Paul talks about discerning between good and evil. If you are having trouble developing Chayyah it is because you are blind. You have to be willing to see. That's what you are struggling with, you are not really willing to see. You have to be willing to see what true righteousness is. You have to be willing to understand what a lie is, what dishonesty is. You have to be willing to see that you are not living up to that ethic before the Lord can change you, and if you believe it with your mouth, but you don't really believe in your heart that you have this problem, you won't change, and that's your problem. You are saying it with your mouth, but you don't really believe in your heart that you have this problem, that there is a lack of moral and ethical development in you.


We have Binah which is the ears. Now, the right ear...of course, Adam Kadmon is facing us, but His right ear which is on your left....well let me start with His left ear. I think I got that backwards. Binah, understanding, is the right ear so as you face Adam Kadmon's head, on your right, that's what I've designated to be His right ear, signifies Binah which is understanding which is the level of soul called the Neshamah. His left ear, I've written on the board "left ear" so there should not be any confusion, on your left, Adam Kadmon's left ear is Tevunah which means discernment. Now Tevunah is the name of Binah's Malkhut. Binah has underneath her, her own 10 Sefirot, and I'm not going to spend too much time on this now because we are going to get into it in a little while.


Binah, within her, has her own 10 Sefirot, and the 10th Sefirah, Malkhut, has its own unique name which is called Tevunah which means discernment, and it is Tevunah that descends into the world below. Then we have the nose which signifies Ze'ir Anpin which is Chesed through Yesod signifying the Ruach level of soul. That's the spirit. And then Adam Kadmon's mouth signifies Malkhut which is the female representing Nefesh, the animal level of soul.


Let me just finish the board here. I didn't have any room up on the right so I wrote it underneath. Chokhmah, wisdom, is personified by Abba which is the Hebrew word for father, so that means whenever we find the word father in the Scripture, we can legitimately ask the Lord, "Lord, how do you want to translate this word?" " Is this talking, really, about Isaac's father or is it talking about Chokhmah, wisdom?" "What are you saying?" These English words in the King James Translation are a point of contact. "What message do you want to give to me?"


If we see the word understanding for which the Hebrew word is Binah, we know that Binah and understanding are personified by the word Imma. That's the Hebrew word for mother, and we have already found Scriptures. I know I have it on another part where I found a Scripture using the word mother. Once I had this knowledge, it was obvious to me that the Scripture was not talking about the mother of the man, but the spiritual mother, Imma, who was very powerful. Imma is a very powerful force. She is the one who is giving birth to all of the Christ children in humanity. Of course, Imma, today, is an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is all of these things to us.


Then we have Ze'ir Anpin who is signified by the word Tiferet, but this confused me for a while because when we first started studying we knew that Tiferet was the sixth Sefirah, and that represented the White Throne Judgment but now we see that this word Tiferet is also used to represent the body of Ze'ir Anpin which means that the 6th Sefirah after the head. See, Chokhmah and Binah...actually Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, thought, wisdom and understanding are Arikh Anpin. Abba and Imma are all the head, and Ze'ir Anpin is the body.


Now this gets a little confusing so all I can do is give you the info and ask God to help you. There are two things that are confusing here right now. I'm talking about Ze'ir Anpin representing the body of Adam Kadmon, and the arrow is pointing to His nose. What are you talking about Sheila? Well, this gets very complicated. So we see that Adam Kadmon is represented on a multiplicity of levels. The whole of Him, His head, His body, and His female part are represented on multiple levels, and we see that in the head of Adam Kadmon the whole of the....Adam Kadmon's personification is Ze'ir Anpin, the heavenly man. Adam Kadmon's personification is Ze'ir Anpin, just like the personification of wisdom is father, and the personification of understanding is mother. The personification of Adam Kadmon on the lower levels is a man called Ze'ir Anpin. We call Him Christ Jesus, and He has a head and a body and a female part. And this Ze'ir Anpin appears on multiple levels.


Now, I'm going to stay with you until you get this because it is very confusing. I'm showing you Adam Kadmon's head, and I'm telling you that the nose of Adam Kadmon's head represents Ze'ir Anpin, Adam Kadmon's body. Well, how can His body be in His nose? Because Adam Kadmon's head is complete in itself. Now if you listen very carefully, you may be able to recognize that I'm telling you the same thing that I just said about the Holy Name, Jehovah. I said the H alone is equal to the whole name Jehovah, and I said the Y alone is equal to the whole name Jehovah. Are you with me? Well, the head alone is equal to the whole heavenly man. The head of Adam Kadmon alone equals the whole man.


I can't talk to you about the body yet because I haven't studied that yet, but I expect to find when I study it that the body of Adam Kadmon is supposed to equal the whole heavenly man, but we are the body, right? We are the Body of Christ, right? So do we equal the whole heavenly man? Are you a completed Christ Jesus? Are you a completed Christ Jesus? Neither am I. So we see that as far as we are concerned the process of creation is not completed yet, and, in fact, we are told that Christ Jesus will complete us. We are told that the man, Jesus Christ, who was a man born of a woman was completed, and of the twain He became one new man. Of what twain? Of the glorified man that brought Him forth who was the glorified Elijah, and the mortal man, Jesus, became one new glorified man, and this same promise is for us, but there is something we have to do. But Jesus wants to give it to us.


It is the desire of the Lord Jesus and the intent of the Lord Jesus, and it will come to pass because it is the will of the Lord Jesus that humanity at the end of the spiritual day will be a complete expression or as a complete expression of the heavenly man in the individual in the same manner that the head is complete. Now who is the head to us? If we are the body, who is the head? The glorified Jesus is the head. He's complete. Is He not? He's complete, but we are not yet complete. So we see that as each of the four letters of the Holy Name is complete in itself, being a complete expression of the Holy Name, Jehovah, in that same manner the head can be complete and is completed. The head of Adam Kadmon contains a head, a body, and a female, and is that not true of the Lord Jesus? Right. And ultimately it will be true of the body which is us, although it is not true right now. This is the whole reason that the Glorified Jesus Christ is reaching down from His exalted position to join with us and to penetrate us so that we too can be complete, that we can have a head and a body and a female. We are lacking.


Now I've read in several places that people who don't know the Lord Jesus could be lacking all 9 Sefirot above because every human being that has existence has a Malkhut which we will call Abel, trying to relate it to the Doctrine of Christ. Every human being born of a woman has a potential to have Christ grafted to them. They have Abel in them. Abel which is Jehovah's royal seed that was kidnaped by the Dragon and taken captive, and that's all they have. They are lacking the 9 upper Sefirot. Now those of us that have Christ, and I may not have these names exactly right, but please go with the principles, those who have Christ grafted to Abel within them have Malkhut. Well, in the New Testament we are calling it Christ. In Kabbalah, it would be called Malkhut. We have Malkhut and associated with Malkhut is Adonay, one of the names of God. We call it the Holy Spirit.


I may not have these analogies exactly right, but this is the bottom line. There are two kinds of people in the earth today. There are people...everyone is born with Abel, the kidnaped royal seed which is dead, our potential to have Christ grafted to us. So either you have Christ grafted to you or you don't have Christ grafted to you. If you don't have Christ grafted to you, you have none of the ascended 9 Sefirot, none of the 9 Sefirot from above are with you, and you are called an orphan and a widow and a stranger in this world. If you have Christ grafted to you, you have the potential to begin to receive. The Kabbalistic word is emanations. I think the Church word would be glory. You have now the vessel or the cup which is capable of having the glory of God poured into it, but this is a process that has to take place. And the problem is our carnal mind, and Satan who is the unconscious part of the carnal mind and Leviathan who is the pride of man does not want the glory from on high poured into our cup. Why? Because this glory filling us up will ultimately destroy, not only Satan and Leviathan, but the whole existence that is in their image.


So we must become a partner of Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus in the earth to overcome our own carnal mind, and get her out of the way so that we can receive the glory of God. It is so simple, except when you try and do it. Right? Can you understand that the head of Adam Kadmon has within the head, a head and a body and a female? The head is complete. Are you OK with that? OK.


I started to tell you about Tiferet. This is a little confusing because originally we were taught that Tiferet is the 6th Sefirah, and now we find that the word Tiferet is used to describe the 6th Sefirah from Chesed to Yesod collectively, and to call it Ze'ir Anpin's body. Now, I believe there is another word...see, when I write out for you the 6 Sefirot that represents Ze'ir Anpin's body I have Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. So we have Tiferet within and Tiferet as the name for the whole.


Now the rabbis changed that name for the 3rd Sefirah. I think it is Gedulah, but I am not sure so I don't want to put it on there right now. I think that's what they did, but I will have to add that in. This is Ze'ir Anpin's body. Tiferet is His body, and it is represented by the letter Vav of the Holy Name. The letter Yod, the Holy Name is YHVH, Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh. So the Yod of the Holy Name signifies Chokhmah, wisdom, and there is a dot on top of the Yod, on the tip of the Yod, which signifies Keter. The Yod signifies wisdom. The first Heh signifies Binah, understanding, and the Vav of the Holy Name signifies Ze'ir Anpin, the body of the heavenly man. So we are going to have to make that change and stop thinking of Tiferet as only as a single Sefirah, and start thinking of Tiferet as the collective 6th Sefirot of Ze'ir Anpin's body.


Then we have the final H of the Holy Name which represents Malkhut, the female, and she extends, we are told, from Ze'ir Anpin's Yesod if there is a marriage. So we, down here in the earth, those of us who have Christ grafted to us, I can't say that I have this exactly right, but we are waiting for Christ Jesus to join us in a spiritual sexual connection. You may recall that this can happen, that Christ Jesus in a human being who has a mature Christ Jesus in him, that the Lord has raised up to disciple you, can join you in marriage to himself, and that is what we have here.


I honestly don't know where I am. I don't know how to describe where I am, but I know that I have at least a measure of a connection with the Lord Jesus, and Christ Jesus within me has begun to join with the Glorified Jesus, and that I have the ability, a limited ability, it requires your agreement, I can't do it without your agreement because I am still mortal, and I still have sin in my mind, but if you are willing to do it, if you are willing to sit under my instruction and my exposure of your sin nature, Christ Jesus in me can attach Himself to Christ in you which we are likening to Malkhut, and that means that whatever I get from the Lord is yours with one exception. You've got to get your carnal mind out of the way. I can pour it on you, and pour it on you, and pour it on you, but you must receive it, and your job is to deal with your sin nature and get her out of the way so that you can receive.


So now all of this is in preparation for me to start to hopefully explain to you in detail the penetration of Adam Kadmon in The World of Emanation into The World of Creation. As I have told you, I don't have all the details yet. Perhaps The World of Creation in us is where Christ Jesus is. I'm not really sure, but that is a good guess, that the The World of Creation in us is where Christ Jesus is, so the Glorified Jesus is penetrating into Christ Jesus. Now if you don't have Christ Jesus, if all you have is Christ, but if you are joined to a teacher like me that has Christ Jesus, whatever comes down through me, you are going to get and, eventually, you will have your own. The Lord wants everybody, ultimately, to be glorified with Him.


This is not a situation where you have to stay under me, but you have to grow up to be equal to me, and when you grow up to be equal to me, you will probably have your own teaching ministry. But so long as you are not equal to me, you have to stay under me because if you are not equal to me, and you make yourself equal to me, that's an expression of your carnal mind. That's a manifestation of pride and possibly rebellion, and that's just blocking you from getting the glory that you have the privilege of receiving from me. Praise the Lord.


Are there any questions about this board at all?


This is drawing #3. Binah, that's the Hebrew word "understanding," the English translation. SaG or Samech-Gimel. Number 63 is the numerical value indicating that Binah, understanding, when we talk about that, we are talking about the name Jehovah, the Holy Name that is the expression of the first letter Heh, YHVH, the first H in the Holy Name. She is a part of the Holy Name. I should really say she is the Holy Name. She is the Holy Name that penetrates into the The World of Creation from the world above. Now whether or not it is Binah who goes into the worlds below that, I don't know, I haven't studied that yet.


Binah, understanding, also known as Imma, the Partzuf, Imma, and specifically known....I don't know if this is how the rabbis pronounced it or not, but I'm calling it SaG (63). Eventually, possibly this evening, we will begin our study that show the descent of SaG (63) into the world below. So this is all preparation. Everything we have talked about this morning is preparation for you to be able to follow me when I describe to you the descent of the Holy Name, SaG (63) Samech-Gimel (63) descending or penetrating into the world below for the specific purpose of creating the world below, attaching itself to the world below and pouring all of the blessings from this high place. Binah, understanding, is a high place. She is the 3rd Sefirah. She is very high. She is a part of the head, and all blessings flow down to the worlds below through her because....I'm down here at #7, Keter, father and mother, are never separated. They are Ze'ir Anpin's head, and Ze'ir Anpin is the personification of the heavenly man. To us, He is called Christ Jesus.


Keter and father do not interact with the worlds below. Mother penetrates worlds below and brings forth offspring and raises her children in the world below. See today, the Glorified Jesus Christ is all of these things to us. He's Keter, father and mother, He's everything to us, but it is the aspect even of the Lord Jesus Christ...Lord help me to explain. Even the Lord Jesus Christ represents the unified 10 Sefirot. He does not give us all of Himself. If He gave us all of Himself, He would leave heaven. He's up there. He's in the glorified world. He reaches down and sends down aspects of Himself to us. One aspect that the Lord Jesus Christ sent to the world is the Holy Spirit, and it is the Holy Spirit's job to deposit the seed of Christ, to have Christ grafted to us. Then the aspect of Jesus Christ, the glorified, that reaches down to nurture and raise up that Christ child is called mother. We know that Jesus Christ is mother and father to us. At least in the Old Testament it says Jehovah is the breasted one and brings up the young, and Jesus Christ is Jehovah to us.


So Jesus Christ is the one that is bringing forth young. He is raising up children. We are His sons. It is Christ in us who is the son of Jesus Christ, and as we fall into agreement with Christ within us, we, the personality, are the son of Jesus Christ by marriage to His son who is within us. We are the personality, we are flesh. Jesus Christ is spirit today. His flesh has been all spiritualized. So our first steps of following after our elder brother's path, and Jesus Christ is our elder brother, is that we marry Christ within us, and then when Christ within us matures into Jesus Christ and marries the Glorified Jesus Christ we are ascended with Him, and that is just the same thing, if anyone is listening to these tapes or reading the transcript, and you haven't received Jesus as your Lord and Savior yet...I'm just saying the same thing in two different ways. I'm saying that Malkhut is in us if you want to stay with strict Kabbalistic language, Malkhut is in us, and Malkhut must marry Adam Kadmon's Yesod, and then the head, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah join to Ze'ir Anpin, and we all become one. I'm saying the same thing in two different ways.


If you haven't received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, then believe it the other way. Well Sheila, don't you know people can't be saved if they don't accept Jesus as Savior? Brethren, Jesus is a spirit, and He reveals Himself to us through His word, and He meets you where you are if you are honestly trying to reach Him. So if you can believe His word, but you can't believe at this time that Jesus Christ is Savior, do what you can, and the Lord will meet you where ever you are, and if you are a religious Christian, and you don't like that I'm very sorry, but this is what the Lord has taught me. He takes His truth, and He gives it to who ever wants it no matter where they are, no matter what kind of false doctrine they have, no matter what kind of sin they are in. He will have a relationship with them and meet them right where they are.


Now, of course, if they continue on with Him, eventually His righteous spirit will judge the sin that they are, and His truth will convince them to leave behind the errors that they believed. We are here to teach and to be an example, and Jesus Christ by His spirit is here to convince, and we are not supposed to be strong-arming or punishing anybody because they don't believe as we believe or refusing to teach them because they don't believe as we believe or because they don't come up to the standards of our carnal mind. This is all a religions spirit in the church that is destroying instead of building up.


Let's continue because it has been a long morning, and this teaching is very difficult, and I think we are all very tired.


Back to the top of drawing #3. So we now understand that Binah, understanding, also known as mother or Imma which is the Hebrew word for mother, or Samech-Gimel SaG (63) is the Holy Name of the particular formation of the Holy Name that penetrates into The World of Creation which is below her from the world above, and her specific purpose is to join with and create and complete Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus in the individual.


#1, Chokhmah (wisdom), Abba ( father), that's four names for the second Sefirah. English word is wisdom, Hebrew word is Chokhmah. Abba is the Hebrew word for father. So we know every time we are translating in the Scripture when we see the word father, we have to ask the Lord if he is talking about wisdom, our father. Our father in heaven is wisdom unto us. This man is made unto us wisdom, Christ Jesus, this man is made unto us wisdom. So father and Binah, understanding, Imma, or mother, we are told in the Tree of Life that they are equal in length. Now remember, we are talking about 10 descending Sefirot, 10 descending Sefirot, one underneath the other, and we are told that father and mother are equal in length. Now we have drawn it on the board just a series of little half circles, one underneath each other, because they are all dwelling inside each other like the petals of a rose. They are all inside each other, and we are told that they are the same length.


We are also told that father and mother which is wisdom and understanding emerge from Keter which is the first Sefirah. They emerge or the come down from Keter together, and they are never separated. They come down together, and they are the same length. I haven't read anything about their width, but just these two pieces of information suggests to me that they have to be very, very close together, and in #3 I say father and mother must therefore must look something like this.


Now let me remind you that as I teach I receive revelation as I teach, and I decided not to remove this #3. That's what I was thinking at the time, but as I drew the two little rectangles signifying father and mother, the thought came into my mind, but I expect that they would be intertwined, not just lying on top of one another or within one another, and that they would look more like this. This is all revelation coming down as I teach, and for those of you who don't have the drawing in front of you, I've simply drawn a rectangle with something that looks like a sound wave, two lines, two sound waves just crossing over each other.


In #5, we are also told in the Tree of Life, the book we are studying from, that Keter nests, like a bird's nest, nests, and that means within Chokhmah and that is Imma. Keter nests within mother. Mother wraps herself around and clothes Keter. So the three of them, Keter, father and mother, they must look something like this, and as I drew it this is what came out of it. It looks like DNA. It looks like the double helix of DNA, the two strands, and the genes are on the strands of DNA.


Now I probably...knowing the truth about my carnal mind, or anybody's carnal mind, I probably have it backwards, but this is how I see it right now, that the two strands of DNA, I think they are called the helix, and the genes represent Keter nesting within wisdom. It says that Keter nests within wisdom, and wisdom is completely interlaced with understanding. Wisdom and understanding are inseparable. They come out together, and they never separate, and Keter nests within wisdom. So the three of them are all twisted together. We have our braid again. It takes three strands to make a braid, but what's coming down under the spirit of revelation right now is not a braid. It looks like the double helix of genealogy. So it sure looks to me like two strands of chromosomes with the genes on those strands. Praise the Lord. Everybody OK?


I have one more piece of information I would like to give you and then, Lord willing, after that I will attempt to draw on the board for you and show you the actual descent of Tevunah, because when I say here that it is Binah who penetrates into the creation below, the particular aspect of Binah that descends is Tevunah, and you may recall that Binah has her own 10 Sefirot. Within Binah she has her own 10 Sefirot, and the Malkhut of Binah or the 10th Sefirah of Binah is called Tevunah, and Tevunah means "discernment," and discernment comes out of the left ear of Adam Kadmon. So we are going to do some very difficult exercises, but I think the Lord is laying an excellent foundation here, and I am believing that you will be able to follow me. I just believe He is going to lay it out in a way that you will be able to learn it. Are there any questions?


Drawing #4. It is entitled "The Descent of Tevunah into Ze'ir Anpin." As a reminder, Binah which is also known as understanding. Binah is the Hebrew word, understanding is the English word, and the Partzuf of Binah is Imma, the Hebrew word for mother. So any of these words, Binah, understanding, Imma, or mother are all referring to the 3rd Sefirah, Binah. Each Sefirah of Adam Kadmon's 10 Sefirot have 10 Sefirot under their name alone. So Binah has ten Sefirot just under her name before we get to the next Sefirot in Adam Kadmon which is Chesed. There are 10 Sefirot that belong just to Binah, and Binah's Malkhut, the 10th Sefirah within those 10 Sefirot that belong to Binah alone has a name of its own, and it is called Tevunah. That's the Hebrew word which means "discernment."


Binah and Tevunah are the right and left ear of Adam Kadmon, ears referring to hearing which is understanding. So the right ear of Adam Kadmon refers to Binah, and the left ear of Adam Kadmon refers to Tevunah which is a part of Binah, right ear and left ear. Also, the ears are associated with the Neshamah which is the intellectual or the third level of soul. Understanding, ears, Neshamah, intellectual soul, understanding.


The first level of soul, Nefesh, animal nature. The second level, Ruach, is spirit. The third level is Neshamah, intellectual soul which is developed in you though the kinds of studies that we are doing here. So if you are reading this transcript or you are listening to this tape, and you feel that God has led you here, don't be "put off" because you don't know what I'm talking about. If you apply yourself and pray, the Lord will create within you the Neshamah, the aspect of your mind....the soul actually is your personality, the aspect of your mind, every personality has a mind, that can comprehend this teaching.


I know there is a Scripture that says, "hell hath enlarged herself." I don't know of any Scripture that says the Mind of Christ has enlarged Himself, but I know that it is true, that He will enlarge Himself within you in direct proportion to the effort that you are willing to make, and you become more intelligent from pursuing these studies.


Let me just read this to you. Ze'ir Anpin is associated with Adam Kadmon's nose, and with Ruach, the middle level of soul. In previous parts of this message, probably even in this message, I may have told you that what we are dealing with here is the descent of Adam Kadmon from The World of Emanation into The World of Creation, and I am now thinking that is not correct, that we are dealing with Adam Kadmon's head, and we did have a drawing on the board earlier showing Adam Kadmon's head. Everything we are dealing with now, the ears are Binah, the nose is Ze'ir Anpin, and the mouth is Malkhut.


We said earlier that Adam Kadmon's head is complete in itself, and this study of Adam Kadmon reveals that the head is complete. Adam Kadmon who is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus today, His work is to complete the body. That's New Testament. He wants to complete the body, but the study that we are up to right now is Adam Kadmon's head, and I don't even know where it is going because as I understand a chapter I'm teaching it to you so we are just going to stay in the "here and now."


I would like to explain to you that this drawing that I have up on the board is not complete. This principle that you see in Drawing #4, I took from an advanced chapter, but I feel that as the Lord is helping me to break this down for you so that you can be prepared to understand the difficult study we are about to enter into right after this. I felt that this would help you. I just want you to know that it is not completely accurate, and I do not intend to try to explain the whole thing to you. I just thought it was an excellent visual aid that would help you to understand that Binah's Malkhut is piercing down into the next level. Just without any of the details...I will give you some of the details, but just to start without the details, OK.


Remember, what we are doing is we are talking about the breath or the lights that come from Adam Kadmon's ears descending to Adam Kadmon's nose. Let me remind you because I'm looking at your faces, and I don't think you remember that there was some talk on earlier messages of the breaths coming out from Adam Kadmon's ears, His nose, and His mouth, and all of these breaths come out and converge together in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth to form the world of bound lights. So in order for this to happen, the breath that comes out of the ears, and there is a breath that comes out of the left ear and a breath that comes out of the right ear, that breath has to travel down and get in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth. The breath that comes out of His nose has to travel down and get in front of His mouth.


Like I told you, I'm just a couple of steps ahead of you so we are just taking this a step at a time. Does anybody have a problem with what I just said?


So Adam Kadmon's ears are associated with the Sefirot called Binah, and Binah has 10 levels within herself, 10 Sefirot within herself, and the lowest level of Binah's 10 Sefirot called Binah's Malkhut is reaching down into Adam Kadmon's nose. That's all the detail I have, but I can tell you, generally, that the ultimate goal of this breath coming out of His ears is to wind up in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth bound together with the breaths from the ears, the nose, and the mouth. Can you follow me?


If you remember that I told you earlier that we are talking about the descent of Adam Kadmon from The World of Emanation into The World of Creation, I was wrong. Can you deal with that? OK. Everybody OK? We are talking about the breaths of Adam Kadmon's ears. The ears have to do with Binah which is understanding. Binah has within herself her own 10 Sefirot, and the very last of Binah's Sefirot called Binah's Malkhut is that part of Binah that's coming down into Ze'ir Anpin's nose. Or at least into the vicinity of His nose. OK, are you with me? OK.


Now that's what these series of boxes are designed to show you, and we will be going into more detail, we are going to go back. This is a forward example and I feel led to give it to you this way. The reason it says SaG (63) up there, Samech-Gimel (63)...does anybody remember what SaG (63) stands for?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, it stands for Binah, but could you be more explicit, because understanding stands for Binah also, and Imma stands for Binah also? Can you answer that? OK.


SaG (63) signifies the Holy Name, Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, in particular, and it signifies the Holy Name associated with Binah, the Tetragrammaton, YHVH. There is a Holy Name associated with the Yod, there is another one associated with the Heh, another Jehovah, another YHVH associated with the Vav, and a fourth YHVH...these are all Holy Names spelled differently and assigned a different numerical value. Do you remember that from this morning? Are you OK, want me to say it again? OK.


The Holy Name, Jehovah, YHVH, Jehovah, spelled without vowels, symbolizes the whole of creation. It is a formula, it symbolizes the whole of creation, and each letter of the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, each letter is equal to the whole Tetragrammaton. The Y alone is equal to Jehovah spelled one way, the H alone is equal to Jehovah, spelled another way, the V alone can be used to mean Jehovah, but it is spelled another way, and each one of these four spellings of the Tetragrammaton has a different numerical value. Are you following me enough to go on?


Now this SaG (63) stands for Samech-Gimel. The numerical value of the Samech-Gimel is 63. So when we see this, it doesn't mean only Binah. It is talking about the Holy Name, Jehovah, and that particular spelling of the Holy Name that's associated with Binah. I don't really fully understand the implication of it or what we are going to do with it so if you can just follow me, that's good enough. OK.


Now this drawing on the left which is broken up into three sections. The top section says Yod and Heh, the middle section says Vav, and the lower section says Hey. The Hebrew letter, Hey, spelled Hey, with a numerical value of 15. The Hey is 5 and the Yod is 10 so you get 15. This YHVH, this Tetragrammaton, this Holy Name, is the Holy Name, SaG (63), and the whole thing is Binah. I don't want to get into this too deep. I just want to tell you that this Hey down at the bottom which has a numerical value of 15 is going to divide. If you know anything at all about microbiology, if you took biology in high school, you may have even heard me talk about it over the years, the way a one-celled organ is reproduced, the way a paramecium or an amoeba reproduces, are you familiar with those terms?


They are micro, microscopic, one-celled organisms, and the way they reproduce is they literally engage in cell division, literally they just break in half. The nucleus of the cell breaks in half and then the rest of the cell breaks in half, and it just becomes two completely identical cells. Where there was one, there becomes two, and it is something like that, that is happening here. This Hey which is Tevunah, remember Tevunah is the last Sefirot, the Malkhut of the 10 Sefirot that are in Binah, and it is Tevunah that's going to divide, like over here, it is Tevunah that's going to divide and Hey, and a third of herself is going down into Ze'ir Anpin's nose.


It is Tevunah that engages in cell division. Two-thirds of her stay above by the ears so we see that the spelling of the letter Hey has changed to a spelling that has a numerical value of 10, and part of Tevunah went down into Ze'ir Anpin's nose, the other 5. See, over here we have the letter Hey with a numerical value of 15, and over here we took this Hey and broke it up into two Heys, one with a numerical value of 10 that's still in Binah, and another Hey that has a numerical value of 5 that has gone down through the curtain into Ze'ir Anpin's nose. Any questions? Is everybody OK?


On your left, this series of boxes signifies the Holy Name, Jehovah, spelled the way it is spelled when it is associated with Binah, creating a numerical value of 63, and we divided it, we displayed it on the board, we displayed the 4 letters on the board. The Yod and the Hey are in the first section, the Vav is in the second, and the final Hey with a numerical value of 15 is Tevunah, that part of Binah which is going to engage in cell division. When a woman becomes pregnant and has a baby, her whole body is not involved in producing the child. Her ovum is involved in producing the child, her blood and other bodily fluids. I had a baby, but my arm was not involved in having the baby. The part of Binah that is engaged in the cell division is Tevunah, and you can see that by comparing the two diagrams that I have on the board, and you can see that the Hey, and the first one which has a numerical value of 15 has divided into thirds. One-third of 15 is 5 so two-thirds for the number 10 remains above the line with Binah, and one-third went down into Ze'ir Anpin's nose with a numerical value of 5. Do you understand the general principle?


The next drawing that's going on the board is going to be a detailed drawing of the 10 Sefirot within Binah, and it is going to show the actual descent of Tevunah into Ze'ir Anpin. Now I looked ahead in the book, maybe this will stimulate you because this is very dry teaching, and I know that it helps me to see it applied to some knowledge of the Scripture. I looked ahead a couple of chapters, and I read the words saying, "And this became the female waters." Now who are the female waters? What's the name of the female waters?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Satan is the female waters,


Now, I could not understand what I read. I looked ahead a couple of chapters, and I could not understand what they were saying because I'm going to have to learn the two chapters prior to it to understand that statement, but why am I telling you this? I'm telling you that as we follow this teaching through, we are going to understand how Satan was formed, and that excites me. I see it excites xxxxx. That excites me. So I hope I'm encouraging you to stick with this very difficult teaching. So we have a few lessons after this, and we are going to be shown how the female waters were formed through this code of using the Holy Name, YHVH, and the way it is being set forth we are going to see a diagram of how Satan was actually formed. I can't wait to get there myself, but I'm finding this teaching myself so difficult that there is no way that I could rush it. There is absolute no way that I could rush it. I'm spending hours in meditation on just a couple of pages at a time. I'm learning very slowly. I honestly don't know if I could learn more quickly if I had a human teacher, I don't know. Maybe not, maybe my mind could not comprehend it even if I had a human teacher, but I don't have a human teacher. I have a spiritual teacher, and the Lord has allowed me to send a couple of questions to a rabbi that has a web page. He says he is willing to answer questions on his Kabbalah page.


So I have asked him how to pronounce what I have been saying SaG (63). I've asked him how they pronounce that and the other three names, and I've also asked him how to pronounce the word that I've been calling Gematria which is numerology. I asked him a couple of more questions about Leah and Rachel which we haven't gotten to yet. But we are moving forward. Are there any questions on this board? Is there anyone who doesn't understand that Binah, the breath from Adam Kadmon's ears, the breath is descending, and the goal is to get to the place in front of Adam Kadmon's mouth where the breath... (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


My understanding right now is that the purpose of this migration or emigration of the breaths of the ears and the nose is that those breaths should join with the breath of Adam Kadmon's mouth, and they are to be bound together to form the world of bound lights. That's my understanding right now. We are being given a diagram as to exactly how this breath comes forward and penetrates into the aspect....of course, you realize that Adam Kadmon does not have ears and a mouth and a nose like we do. We are just given this example as a parable because we need something to relate to, to understand this deep teaching. Praise the Lord. Any questions or comments? From here we are going to really get into the nitty-gritty. Everything up until now was to prepare you to understand what I am about to show you.


COMMENT: Would I be "off the wall" by saying that the YHVH spelling out the Tetragrammaton of Jehovah is the same basic shoe in different sizes.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly. As a matter of fact, just before you asked that question the Lord told me something that I think is designed to help you to understand it, and this is how He put it to me which is pretty much saying the same thing that you said, that the different spellings of Jehovah or the Tetragrammaton what it is really saying is that this is four ways of saying the Holy Name, and each name has a different value. When you say "all the say shoe but in different sizes," all of these spellings and if you look at Drawing #1 which we took from Part 12 of this message, it shows you how each Holy Name is spelled out differently, that they spell out the letters.


In other words, we could see that the Hebrew letter Heh could be spelled Heh or could be spelled Hey. So one time for each of the four letters of the Holy Name, the Holy Name is spelled differently. The Holy Name, the Tetragrammaton, is spelled out one way to represent the Yod, the first letter, and it is spelled another way to represent the Heh. It is all the Tetragrammaton, it is all Jehovah, but spelled four different ways, and then the numerical value of each spelling is computed; therefore, we can distinguish between the four different Tetragrammatons. It is all the Holy Name, it is all the Tetragrammaton, but spelled differently, and have a different numerical value. The problem is that I really cannot explain to you what the purpose of this is right now because I don't understand it. So this is the best that I can do. It is four different ways of saying the Holy Name.


Instead of saying "well I want to say the Holy Name that is spelled out in one way," that is totally impractical to say I'm talking about the Holy Name that's spelled out and then you have to say all the four letters. That makes no sense. So they identify that particular spelling with a numerical value of the letters that are spelled out. Is everybody OK? Apparently this is something that the rabbis do. I find it mind-boggling myself. I'm just recently becoming comfortable with it, and as I just told you when the tape was not on, when I first saw this concept of spelling out a letter, spelling out the letters and then tallying the numerical value of all the letters it was so confusing to me, I went past it. Actually, I didn't even want to learn it myself or teach it myself, but the Lord gave me a month or a few weeks or whatever it was, and He told me that I had to go back and learn it because I had to teach it to you because this concept is a basic foundational principle that will be built on as we continue.


Apparently, this is what the rabbis do. To me, it is just mind-boggling that you take a word in English..let's just take an English word just to practice. This is Drawing #5, and I am attempting to show you in English the Kabbalistic principle of spelling out a word. We are using the word "mother," and we are spelling out each one of the letters of "mother" to demonstrate this Kabbalistic principle. The "m" of mother,we are spelling "em." This is just the phonetic spelling out of the letters. The "o" of mother,we are spelling "oh." The "t" of mother, we are spelling "tee." The "h," we are spelling "ach." The "e," we are spelling "ee," and the "r," we are spelling "ar."


So for the letter "m" that we are spelling "em," the "e" is the 5th letter of the alphabet so we are making it equal to 5. The "m" is the 13th letter of the alphabet, so we are going to say the letter "m" spelled out is equal....I should have written 5 plus 13. So the numerical value of the English letter "m"...actually, it is the arabic letter "m" is 18. According to this Gematria, according to this principle in Kabbalah, of the using of numbers, the arabic "m," the English letters consist of arabic letters, the arabic letter "m" is the equivalent of the number 18. The English letter "o" that we are spelling out "oh" is the 15th letter of the alphabet, and the "h" is the 8th letter of the alphabet, so the arabic letter "o" is equal to 15 plus 8 which is 23. The arabic letter "t," we are spelling "tee." The "t" is the 20th letter of the alphabet, and the "e" is the 5th letter of the alphabet. We have two "e's," so the arabic letter "t" is equal to 20 plus 5 plus 5, "t" is equal to 30. The "h" of the word "mother," we are spelling it "ach." "A" is the 1st letter of the alphabet and is equal to 1. "C" is the 3rd letter of the alphabet, and "h" is the 8th letter of the alphabet. So the arabic letter "h" is equal to 1 plus 3 plus 8. "H" is equal to the numerical value of 12. The letter "e," we are spelling it "ee," and "e" is the 5th letter of the alphabet. So "e" is equal to 5 plus 5. "E" is equal to 10. The final letter of the English word "mother," "r," we are spelling it "ar," "a" is equal to 1, and "r" is equal to 18, the 18th letter of the alphabet. So the arabic letter "r" is equal to 1 plus 18. "R" is equal to 19.


We add up 18, 23, 30, 12, 10 and 19, the values of all the individual letters in the word "mother," and we get a total of 112. So the numerical value of the English word "mother," according to these principles is 112, and the rabbis or the Kabbalists used this method in their calculation and their machinations which are a point of contact through which they have received intense revelation from the Lord above. Is there anybody that doesn't understand this? OK. It is exactly this principle that the rabbis used when they gave a different numerical value to each of the 4 Tetragrammatons. There are 4 letters to the Tetragrammaton, Yod, Heh, Vav, and Hey, and each letter by itself equals the whole Tetragrammaton, but each of those 4 letters each of which equal the whole Holy Name, the Tetragrammaton or the Holy Name, each one of those Holy Names has a different numerical value because the rabbis spelled the letters differently.


For example, they spelled the first Heh...well I don't know if this is accurate. In one instance, they spelled the Heh, Hey, and in another instance they spelled the Heh, Heh, giving it two different numerical values, and the purpose of this is to distinguish between the Holy Name that's associated with the Yod, and the Holy Name that's associated with the first Heh, and the Holy Name that's associated with the Vav, and the Holy Name that's associated with the second Hey. There are four Holy Names, and they are spelled all YHVH. So the rabbis came up, and I'm sure it was under the inspiration of God, to spell the letters differently, just like we have spelled out all of these letters here, spelled the letters differently in each instance so that each Tetragrammaton can be identified with a different numerical value. Does this help you? OK. I'm glad that helped you because the next thing I have to teach you is the same principle, and we are going to do it with a Hebrew word.


Drawing #6. My main purpose here is to show you the 10 Sefirot that are underneath Binah, and, as I have told you before, these sub-Sefirot go on ad infinitum. Under Binah, we have from Keter through Malkhut a full set of 10 Sefirot, and under each one of these, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, is another 10 and it just goes on and on and on and on. We are only dealing with this one sub-set at this point. So we have a sub-set of 10 Sefirot that are all Binah. So when we are looking at Gevurah, for example, as a sub-Sefirot under Binah, this Gevurah is really a part of Binah. Netzach is really a part of Binah. All of these 10 are Binah. They are like cells within her body or organs within her body.


Now, we see that the Sefirah Keter is associated with the name of God Ehyeh. The English of that is I AM. Then comes Chokhmah associated with the name of God Yah, and Binah is associated with the Tetragrammaton, Jehovah, and we also know that this Jehovah that's associated with SaG (63). So we see that Binah is associated with the Tetragrammaton which is associated with the numerical value of 63, and we see that underneath Binah there is a full set of 10 Sefirot. There is another Binah down here. There is a Binah under Binah. So we have a Binah above and a Binah below, and the Binah below is the same Binah. She, too, is associated with the Tetragrammaton that is identified by the numerical value 63. So the Binah below is SaG (63) or Samech-Gimel (63) as well as the Binah above. They are both Samech-Gimel (63).


So we have the same value below as above. It is the same thing as saying in algebra, for example, we can say the unknown value x is equal to the #5, and the unknown value y is equal to #5; therefore, x must be equal to y. If x is equal to 5 and y is equal to 5, then x must be equal to y. Now, we have an algebra example here. I said x equals 5 and y equals 5; therefore x must equal y, but I spelled it out for you. "X" is a different form of 5. "X" is an unknown number. We don't know what it means. It is called a variable, you don't know what it means, but there is an equal sign after it so now we know what it means. "X" equals 1 plus 4. Now y is another unknown variable. "Y" equals 3 plus 2. So we see two different sets of numbers, 1 plus 4 and 3 plus 2. So how can you say that x is the same as y? "X" is equal to 1 plus 4 and y is equal to 3 plus 2. They sound totally different to me until you total them. One plus 4 equals 5 and 3 plus 2 equals 5; therefore, the two different sets of numbers, 1 plus 4, and 3 plus 2 equal each other because they both, when they are totaled, equal 5. Therefore, we can say that x equals y even though x equals 1 plus 4 and y equals 3 plus 2, we can say that x equals y because when we total the two sets of numbers, both x and y equals 5. Is everybody OK? Back to Kabbalah.


Binah above is SaG (63). Binah below is not the same as Binah above because Binah below is a sub-Sefirot of Binah above, but we are told in the Tree of Life, our text book that Binah below is also SaG (63). So, therefore, Binah above is equal to Binah below because they are both equal to the Tetragrammaton that carries a numerical value of 63. Can you understand the principle?


Now this is still in preparation for the main point that I want to teach you which I will not do tonight. Remember, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah are inseparable. Remember the previous drawing where Keter, Chokhmah and Binah are appearing as the double helix of our DNA. They are never separated. Chokhmah and Binah are father and mother. They come out together, they are the same height, and they are never separated, and Keter nests in the midst of them. How do I know that? My text book tells me that. We are studying Isaac Luria's Tree of Life.


So the three are inseparable. Keter and Chokhmah have no relationship with the Sefirot below so we are told. We know in Jesus Christ, He has a relationship with us, but maybe it is going to turn out as the Lord teaches me that Jesus Christ is expressing all of these different attributes to us. Maybe the highest attribute of Jesus Christ doesn't communicate with us. Believe me, there is more that I don't know than I do know. I always wondered about that Scripture with Jesus setting the adulterous woman free saying, "Go and sin no more." The Scripture says, "And He stooped down, and He wrote on the ground." Of course, most people think that He physically bent over and played in the earth with His finger, but I know that it didn't mean that, but I only now fully understand that Jesus must have been abiding in one of the high attributes so that when He wanted to help this woman, the ground that He wrote in with His finger, His finger was Christ. Christ in Him was His finger. Christ in us is the finger of the hand of God.


So when Jesus wanted to write on the heart of this adulterous woman, He wanted to change her nature, He wanted to reprogram her. You see, she had a spiritual gene in her that said "adulterous." Weakness, adultery, inability to stop committing adultery, inability to be faithful to be faithful to your husband. It was a spiritual gene in her. You all have spiritual genes. That's why some people are drug addicts, some people alcoholics, some people are over-eaters, some people are compulsive talkers. We all have character flaws, and we have them because of the spiritual genes that we inherit which are either reinforced or diminished by our upbringing, but we are all born with a full slate of physical and emotional and spiritual genes. So Jesus reprogrammed her. He wrote in the earth of her personality. He changed the programming of the gene that she would no longer be an adulterous, and, apparently, for that particular job, He had to come down to one of the lower attributes of God within Himself.


See, I don't know how to do it. We have a couple of messages on this, and I definitely know that I addressed this. I don't know how to do it, but I know that I ascend and come down to some degree, but I have no control over it. Depending on what the Lord Jesus wants me to do, I either am in a higher attribute of God or a lower of attribute of God, and I've been doing this for years, but I don't know how to do it.


I know that if I want to ascend for the purpose of understanding doctrine or for the purpose of asking the Lord to help me or to help somebody else in some way, I have a general idea of what to do. It works most of the time, but it only works because the Lord cooperates with me. I know, for me, studying deep doctrine will bring me up pretty much as high as I can go, but, of course, if the Lord wants to catch me up for His own purpose I don't have to do anything. He will just drop His anointing on me if He wants to do something through me.


So, to the fullest degree that I have control over what level of the Godhead I'm at is to apply myself to this deep doctrine, and even then sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The Lord has to honor my efforts. So I don't know which attribute of God you have to be in to reprogram somebody's genes. It seems to me you would have to be in the highest place. If you ask my opinion, I would say that you have to be up in Keter to do something like that, but the Scripture says that Jesus stooped down. Well, the Lord just corrected me on that. It wasn't that Jesus had to come down into one of the lower Sefirots to do that job. It was that He had to stoop down to where she was to rewrite her genes. Her genes were on such a low level, her spiritual genes were on such a low level that He had to stoop down to where she was in order to help her.


So Binah expresses the attributes of Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah to the Sefirot below her. Keter and Chokhmah do not relate, at least according to this teaching, to the Sefirot below or the beings below. It is Binah....now remember the three are all completely interwoven together, but it is the thread of this union or the thread of this braid called Binah that reaches out to and actually brings forth the Sefirot below her. Binah, understanding, is the mother that is above. She is a female lion that will fight to the death for her children, and that was Binah speaking through Jesus when He said, "I desire to gather you to me as chicks as a hen gathers her chicks to herself." That was Binah speaking through Jesus saying that, speaking about Christ in Hebrew. "I wanted to gather you unto Myself."


You know, I never understood that Scripture, but this is the same thing as saying as we said on this very message earlier that for the Sabbath Day to come into existence, I don't even know if we put that on the tape, we may have had that discussion off the tape, for the Sabbath Day to come into existence, the Yesod of Ze'ir Anpin or the Yesod of Christ Jesus has to join with Christ in the individual. The Yesod has to join with Malkhut, and that is Christ Jesus with Christ. There has to be a union of the two sources of the power from on high that brings forth the blessings and the power known as the Sabbath Day.


So Jesus stooped down...not that Jesus came down from the high place that He was at, but He came down to the low place where she was. He met her where she was because there was no way she could come up where He was. He joined with her and reprogrammed her and poured out all the blessings of the power from on high. It is Binah, understanding...I know what I was talking about. I was explaining what Jesus meant when He said, "As a mother hen I would gather you unto myself as chicks." He was saying to the Hebrews that He wanted to have spiritual sexual intercourse with them. He wanted to gather Christ in them unto Himself and join with them in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse that would impart ti Israel all of the power that He had. But it is not that easy because the sin nature gets in the way, and the Pharisees that He wanted to join with tried to kill Him. He did join with some of the common people, and whoever He joined with received power.


So this is my principle here. Binah expresses the attributes of Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. Binah is the one that expresses the attributes of all three to the Sefirot below her; therefore, and this is a principle from Isaac Luria's Kabbalah, Isaac Luria says that Ehyeh, the Holy Name associated with Keter, we can say under certain circumstances the Holy Name, Ehyeh, is the name of God that is associated with Binah. Now I know that this gets very confusing. The Holy Name, Ehyeh, is associated with Keter so how can we say Ehyeh is associated with Binah? Well, all three are one. So that means we can say that Ehyeh is Binah, we can say Yah is Binah or we can say Jehovah is Binah. Now is that doesn't confuse you, I've got another one for you.


This is the truth, if you can hear it, of all of the Sefirot. It is very confusing. Sometimes Jehovah manifests....see, there are combinations. Sometimes Jehovah manifests with Gevurah, sometimes Jehovah manifests with Chesed, sometimes Jehovah manifests with Netzach. It is all combinations, and this is what we were studying about when we talked about the Hebrew letters in the channels of the figure of Adam Kadmon configured as a human. We showed Adam Kadmon configured as a human and the channels connecting all the Sefirot, and each channel had a different letter in it, and I explained using the computer to explain to you that in computer-land and in computer-heaven that if you press the control key and press an A key at the same time, that computer or that program will perform a certain function, and if you press the control key with a B that program will do a different function. We are talking about the combination of powers.


So sometimes in the Scripture we will see the name Elohim, but it will really be Jehovah manifesting through Gevurah attribute because Gevurah is the attribute associated with Elohim. Now I don't want to waste too much time on that because that's not my message tonight, but we see...this is my principle, we see the Sefirot mixing and matching, combining in two's and three's and maybe they combine more than that. From what I've seen so far, they combine in two's and three's, and there is usually one name of God predominating depending on what the purpose of that union is.


So what conclusion should we draw? I took this right out of our text book, the Tree of Life, that Ehyeh is sometimes associated with the name Binah. So we know that it happens. So what that means is that since Binah is the only one associated with the Sefirot beneath that Keter and Chokhmah do not associated with the Sefirot beneath, for Binah to be expressing the Holy Name, Ehyeh, meaning I AM, it must mean that Keter or one of the functions of Keter is being revealed through Binah. What is Keter? Keter is the realm of absolute mercy.


So we see that for Binah to be expressing the Holy Name, Ehyeh, Binah, the only one who will deal with the Sefirot below, Binah, understanding, the one who deals with humans, when she is expressing the Holy Name, Ehyeh, it means she is expressing the absolute mercy of I AM who is completely intertwined with her. Did you get that? OK. That is the whole purpose of this drawing because the next thing that we are going to do which we will not do tonight is we are going to talk about Binah that's below. We would like to distinguish between this Binah below which is equal to SaG (63) and the Binah above which is equal to SaG (63). How will we distinguish between the two of them when we are talking about them? Of course, we could say Binah above or Binah below, but there is a Binah that is even below this, and a Binah that's below that so just like we give the Malkhut of Binah a specific name called Tevunah, we have a subset of 10 Sefirot under Binah, and the last Sefirot under Binah, Malkhut, has her own name. She is called Tevunah. It is the only Tevunah out of all the Binahs that appear ad infinitum, this is Tevunah.


So in the same way, we want to give Binah that is below a special name so that we can distinguish between the Binah that's below and the Binah that's above, and the special name that Isaac Luria gives this Binah that's below, since Binah has the authority to express Ehyeh, when she is dealing in absolute mercy to the people below, Isaac Luria says that we can say that Binah below can be identified by the name Ehyeh spelled out just like we did in the previous drawing. I'm not going to go into that tonight because you are all tired, and this has been just a very draining afternoon. We have accomplished a lot today, but it has been exhausting. Lord willing, we will do that, and I will show you that if the Lord allows it next Thursday. If not, next Sunday. Hopefully next Thursday.


Are there any questions on this board or on anything that I've said before we close for the evening?


COMMENT: The Scripture that talks about the three-fold cord, is that ever applied to Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know, but it sure is a good question. I'm inclined to agree with you that, that is the three-fold cord. Very inclined to agree with you. Very interesting. Anybody else? Any other questions? OK, God bless you all.





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