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Matthew, Chapter 8, Verse 20: And Jesus saith unto him, Foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.


The Lord gave us some revelation today on exactly what the body of Christ is, and who the members of the body of Christ are. If you speak to anyone that calls themselves a Christian, they would probably tell you that they are members of the body of Christ, if they answered an altar call that they are members of the body of Christ, if they have faith in Jesus Christ that they are members of the body of Christ, if they have the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.


Well, we found out today that none of these attributes qualify a human being to be a member of the body of Christ. For a while I have been preaching here that you have to have Christ grafted to you to be a member of the body of Christ, but now it is revealed that even having Christ grafted to you is not enough to make you a member of the body of Christ. That seed that is grafted to you must mature to the point that the lower seven Sefirot, which are attributes of God, are manifesting through you to some degree. Of course, the attributes of God can manifest in us at a very low level or at a very high level, but to be a member of the body of Christ, that seed of Christ that is grafted to you must be flourishing. It must be moving, it must be functioning in you to the degree that the attributes of God called the seven lower Sefirot can be seen in you.


First of all, let me tell you what it means to be a member of the body of Christ. For those of us who are or who hope to be a member of the body of Christ, the benefit of that to us is that we receive whatever the head has to offer, the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God, and the understanding of God. It is just another way of saying, if Christ develops into Christ Jesus in you to a mature enough degree for Christ Jesus in you to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, you will become a vessel that manifests the wisdom and knowledge and understanding of God.


Now you have to understand that this relationship between Christ Jesus in you and the Lord Jesus is a different relationship from the Holy Spirit in you having a relationship with the Glorified Jesus Christ. Well, you say, the Holy Spirit is the Glorified Jesus Christ. No, the Holy Spirit is an aspect of the Lord Jesus Christ that He sent into the earth to woo carnal men towards Himself and towards the whole household of God above. The Holy Spirit is an aspect of Jesus Christ. It is not the whole man.


See, Christ Jesus in us has a relationship with the whole man, the Glorified Jesus Christ, and when the two of them join in what is called a marriage in the Scripture, when Christ Jesus in you and the Glorified Jesus Christ marry, that individual will be a walking, talking manifestation of the nature of God. The Holy Spirit does not build the character of God. The Holy Spirit comes with gifts. He has some power to help you to migrate from evil to good, but the Holy Spirit does not have the authority to bring you from goodness to righteousness, and the nature of God is in righteousness, and eternal life is in righteousness.


For us to enter into eternal life, we must have the righteousness of the seven lower Sefirot developed in us, and His name is Christ Jesus, and those seven Sefirot must join with the three Sefirot which are the head which is above. There must be a marriage for the whole of Adam to be fully resurrected in us, which experience imparts eternal life to us.


So we see that the seven lower Sefirot which I now know are the body of Christ are as follows: the first one is Chesed (grace). Well, Sheila, I thought grace was what God gives to me. I thought grace was unmerited favor, and that's what salvation is, unmerited favor. That's what I was taught in church. Yes, but if you want to be a member of the body of Christ, you and me must manifest grace. We must give unmerited favor to other people. We must minister to undeserving people, we must be kind to undeserving people, we must pray for our enemies and bless those that hate us, and if you do these things, and if you do them from your heart, a measure of the attribute of God called grace is manifesting through you.


Now if you are doing it with your mouth and hating the person with your heart, and you think that you are manifesting grace, you are just deceiving yourself because eternal life is in the reality of this attribute of God being developed in you. Lip service won't cut it. We have to develop the nature of God to enter into eternal life, and that is the miracle of the plan of salvation because who can develop the nature of God? What an impossible task, but in Christ Jesus all things are possible. You see, we enter into eternal life when eternal life is planted in us, grows in us, and is completely fulfilled in us to the point that eternal life within us is rejoined to the eternal world above.


Eternal life is imparted through union with the eternal world above. He who is joined to the Lord, who is above, is one spirit. We must be rejoined to the world above to enter into eternal life, and it is not after you die. It is here in the flesh. As mind-boggling as this sounds, our goal is to develop the nature of Christ. Didn't Paul say that we should grow up to the fulness of the stature of Jesus Christ. Well, he's talking about His nature, brethren. He's talking about His nature, and there is no way that we could manifest His nature until we know Him enough to know what His nature is because carnal people have all different ideas of what God's nature is. Some carnal Christians think God never gets mad because the Bible says that God is love, but they don't understand the love of God. The love of God is corrective judgment, that you should stop killing yourself.


So this is a test. Do we manifest the grace of God to other people? Now giving people unmerited favor does not mean that we let them walk all over us, and every situation must be put before the Lord for the wisdom of how to deal with it. I have some understanding of how to deal with offensive people in difficult situations, but there is a lot I don't know, and I cannot always take the victory. So we are literally gods in the making. Now that sounds shocking to people who don't understand, but, brethren, when the nature of God swallows up your carnal nature and your new nature in Christ Jesus is married to the Glorified Jesus Christ above, we will be gods. We will be like Jesus was. We will not be above Him. He said you could be as your master, but you cannot be greater than your master.


We are not getting these qualities by the laying on of hands. We are getting these qualities by being instructed as to the true nature of God which we learned from the Doctrine of Christ, and the flushing out and exposing of our sin nature and the destruction of it so that we can live out of the nature of God.


So the second quality is Gevurah which is might. Well, brethren, we all have spiritual power. Every human being has a measure of spiritual power. Do you ever get angry at somebody and see violence manifest? That's your spiritual power. Spiritual power is manifested as envy, manipulation, control. Spiritual power is manifested in just typical human beings, in average human beings. What do we do with our might? What do we do with our spiritual power? Do we let Satan use it? Do we yield to envy? Do we yield to pride? Do we yield to rage? Do we yield to witchcraft control against other people? Brethren, everybody does.


The third quality is Tiferet or beauty which the Lord has told me is the White Throne Judgment. Are you under the White Throne Judgment? Is Christ in you throwing your carnal mind into the lake of fire? Or if you can't do that, are you at least submitted to someone like me who is doing it for you? So we have got quite a bit of that here.


Natzach, overcoming power. Are we overcoming our weaknesses? When the Lord reveals a character flaw, are we really going after it and repenting and doing everything we can to engage in the exact opposite behavior? If you do that, when the Lord reveals a character flaw in you, and you recognize it manifesting in you, what we have to do is confess it as sin and do the exact opposite thing, and then we have to attack Satan in us who is manifesting this character flaw, or Leviathan, and do the exact opposite thing, and as far as the sin in the mind goes, we have to pray for the person the exact opposite.


If we are envious of them, I pray that they should have, if the Lord is willing to give it to them, they should have everything I have. But, of course, I pray this knowing that the Lord would never leave me naked in this world, but that's my prayer. You can have it. You want what I have, if the Lord is willing to give it to you, you envious of me, take it so long as the Lord is willing to give it to you. If the Lord is not willing to give to you what I have, my prayer is that He gives it to you on your own. What have I got to lose? How are we using our power? How are we using our overcoming power? Are we overcoming our sin nature by refusing to obey her and doing the exact opposite?


Then comes Hod. This is difficult. I want to say Hod is hard! Hod is difficult. This is another word of knowledge to me, that the Sefirot Hod is identification with the mind of God. That means, can you think with the Mind of Christ? A lot of Christians read in the Scripture, we have the Mind of Christ, and they just assume that they are one of the "we." The Mind of Christ is in Christ. Christ has to be grafted to you for you to have the Mind of Christ, and then even if Christ is grafted to you, He could be underdeveloped in you, and even if He's developed we have to live out of Him.


So identification with the Mind of Christ means, not just that you have the Mind of Christ, but can you identify the two trains of thought in you? In any given situation? Can you identify the reasoning, the counsel, the logic of the Mind of Christ, and the reasoning, the counsel and the logic and the ethics of your carnal mind? Can you recognize the difference? The only way you will know that you can identify with the Mind of Christ is if you can also identify the thoughts and reasoning of your sin nature. You have to be able to see both. If you can't see both, you are in your carnal mind.


Next is Yesod. Yesod is translated foundation, but what it really means is that it is the collection of all of the above manifested as male authority; grace, might, White Throne Judgment, overcoming power, the ability to identify the Mind of Christ, manifesting collectively as male authority.


Last, but not least, is Malkhut, kingship. We know that the Scriptures tells us that we are kings and priests. Are you exercising authority in Christ Jesus? Has He given you legitimate authority over other people? And you don't have to have a formal ministry like this. It can be just one person in your life, but the question is, is it truly the collective nature of God, the body of Christ manifesting through you because the head has assigned this person to you. And when you deal with this person that you are a king over, are you manifesting Christ to them? A lot of people have disciples, but it is not in Christ.


If the Lord gives you a disciple, He will manifest Christ to that disciple through you. So if you have a disciple or you believe you have a disciple, and you are not willing to give them favor that they don't deserve. Let's say they are a rotten disciple, let's say they are aggressive, they are disrespectful, they are hateful to you, are you showing them the grace of God anyway? Are you suffering long with them? Are you bearing with them for no reason other than the Lord has assigned you to them, and that you are a vessel of the grace of Jesus Christ to them?


A few months ago, the Lord said to me, one day He said, you are a king. And I said, oh I don't know if that is Jesus telling me that. What does that mean? And that was what He told me, that when you have authority that is truly given to you by the Lord, and it is this body of Christ manifesting in you to that person, it can be one person or people, you are a king in Christ Jesus. Now the Scripture says we are kings and priests. Obviously, everybody is not going to have a big ministry, so it has to mean something other than that.


What being a king means is that you are manifesting the male authority, which is a collection of all of the qualities we just went through, to at least one person in your life. You could be a king, and you could be manifesting the body of Christ to the people at work, to your employer, ministering the nature of God, and that is not the Holy Spirit. It is a different manifestation of the Godhead than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes in gifts and power, He comes in goodness, you might say, but does not come in the righteousness of God.


So we see that the Scripture that xxxxx read at the beginning of this tape was Jesus saying, here I am, I am Arikh Anpin, Abba and Imma, and I am looking for Jews, Jesus went to the Jews, who have been in the Scripture, who have studied Kaballah, they have been studying since they were 3 years old. Jewish males go to school starting at 3 years old, and I have not found one man, one Jews who is manifesting the seven lower Sefirot. I have no place to lay my head, there is no one that I could marry. Because, you see, the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God literally marries and joins with and flows together with grace, might, beauty, overcoming power, identification with God, and male authority.


So what He was saying is, I'm looking for somebody who is moving in the power of the lower Sefirot, and I want to complete them. I want to give them everything I have so that between me and that person, we can be a full expression of the nature of God and do great works, and He could not find one Jew, so the Scripture says, who was manifesting the nature of God. Can anybody tell us the reason why? Why were none of the Pharisees manifesting the lower nature of God? What were they refusing to do?


COMMENT: Failing to confess their sins.


SHEILA: That is the first part of it, and then what? What do you do after that?


They were not willing to war against their sin nature. They loved their sins too much. They wanted to believe that they could move in the power of God and stay with their sin nature. They did not want to face, they did not want to smoke out, flush out, face and destroy their sin nature. They wanted to ascend without that, and we see the same situation in the church today. They were all studied up, but Christ wasn't showing. Why? Because Cain and the whole household of the Dragon was laying on top of Abel within them. He couldn't get out.


So this is the mystery or this is the secret of the Scripture or of Jesus saying that there is no place for the Son of Man to lay His head. He could not find anybody that was fully prepared for an intense spiritual relationship with someone who was as fully manifested as He, Jesus, was. Another way we could put it is that He had no friends. He had disciples, but there was nobody on His level, and not even on His level, there was nobody even prepared to have a relationship with Him because, you see, once the head of Christ joins with the body of Christ, you go up to that level.


You go up to the level of the head, and, eventually, you manifest the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God yourself, but, until that time, if the Lord puts you in a spirit tie with a teacher that is manifesting the headship of Jesus Christ, the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of God, then the two of you together are one whole man. If you are truly under that teacher, that wisdom, knowledge and understanding is available to you, and you become whole in Christ until you can do it yourself. Any questions or comments on this?


We are going to take a picture of this, and we are going to do one more Scripture, and this will be a short message for tonight.


It is just so exciting to know what Jesus was talking about, and, to me, this is just one more witness that He was talking to Jews who were schooled in Kabbalah, and, to fully understand the New Testament, you have to understand where Jesus was coming from, and He was coming from a man who was instructed in Kabbalah. That's where He was coming from. I always had the general idea that Jesus didn't know where to lay His head, that He didn't have faithful people that would join with Him, but this is the truth of what He was talking about, and He was saying this even about His disciples apparently. There was no one that was fully prepared to be joined to Him as Elisha was joined to Elijah. I always knew it was an indictment, but this is the truth of it. He was speaking Kabbalah to the people.


COMMENT: Matthew, Chapter 23, Verse 37, Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing!


SHEILA: Well, I always wondered about that. See, the first Scripture that we dealt with, Jesus had no place to lay His head, I pretty much understood what that meant, but today we saw it in much more detail.


But this Scripture that xxxxx just read, I could never really make any sense out of it, to tell you the truth, but the Lord gave me that Scripture tonight, and I understood what it meant because there are many that He's calling in this hour, and they just won't come. He's calling people in the church, He's calling them unto come. They don't want to come under authority, they don't want to be involved in studies, they don't want the commitment, they don't want to give up the pleasures of this world, whatever their reason. They just won't come, and there is a lot happening in the spirit. This is really the end of the age. This year is the end of the age, not last year, and there have been several people that I have run into that the Lord is calling, and they are won't come.


Actually, I got that Scripture as I went to the gym today. I walked right into somebody that I had not seen in a year who was called to this ministry and walked away, and, to be frank, they reeked of liquor, and I walked into the gym as they were leaving, and I walked in, and that's what I heard, that's what Jesus said to me. He's called this person, called her and called her and called her, and she has walked away. In His making that statement to me, I understood what this Scripture meant.


Now I looked at the Interlinear Text, and what the Interlinear Text says is that these people who won't come, these believers who call themselves Christians but won't come, they are killing Jerusalem. They are the prophets of Jerusalem that are destroying their own spiritual city. Jerusalem is the spiritual city that the prophets dwell in. It is just another way of saying, the timeline of Christ Jesus. If you don't build Jerusalem, it dissolves. It doesn't stand still. You either have to build it or it is going to be destroyed. It is going to be laid waste.


So if you don't pursue the Doctrine of Christ, and if you don't pursue your sin nature, facing it, and warfare against it, the Jerusalem which is Christ in you is going to be destroyed. If you don't use the talent, it will be taken from you. Not as a punishment. Satan takes it from you. I got this first-hand understanding as Christ Jesus in me just rose up and made this very sad statement.


Anyway, I was talking about the Interlinear Text. It says it is not Jerusalem killing the prophets, it is the prophets killing Jerusalem, and those last few words where it says, I wish that you would come, but you would not. I just wrote down a couple of words here. The word "and" can easily be translated "but," the word "not" will translate "Satan," and the Greek word translated "would ye," Strong's #2309, means "to prefer." He said, I would have gathered you unto me, I would have been your head, and I would have connected with Christ in you and given you all of the glory of the Godhead, but you preferred Satan.


You want to know something? I went into the gym which was a couple of hours ago, and I got on the treadmill, and it wasn't until I started preaching it right now that I realized that the Lord was talking about this person that I ran into. I thought that He just gave me a Scripture because of something that happened last night which I will tell you about off the tape, another person that doesn't want to come, and I didn't realize it until right now that, that Scripture that He gave me was specifically directed to this person that I ran into. And the answer is, whoever won't come prefers Satan.


That is a hard word, but you have to understand who Satan is. Doesn't mean that you prefer being a witch and boiling frog legs and toads and things like that. This whole world is Satan's world. If you prefer to go ice skating when the Lord is giving you an opportunity to be with Him, you prefer Satan, and there is no condemnation in this. The Lord is just speaking the truth to us. He's not condemning you, and I'm not condemning you, He's just speaking the truth to you. Whoever you are that's going to hear this tape, but even for me and anyone of you here, if at any given moment He's calling us to do something, and we go and do our own thing, at that moment we prefer Satan.


But everybody has to look at their overall life. All of you here are putting in all of this time here, I really could not say you prefer Satan. We all have our moments, but He's talking about the people that just walk away from the ministry that He directs and the path that He directs them to, and they don't even think about it. This particular person that I just ran into, the Lord actually told her that this is the ark. The ark is being built here. In other words, what does that mean, the ark is being built here? You are safe. The ark is our place of safety. Evil is descending upon the world, and this person is highly spiritual. She actually heard the Lord tell her that this is the ark here in this house. The ark is being built, but she's spiritual with no wisdom and with no understanding, and not with any of the other qualities of the lower Sefirot either that I can see. What does that mean? Is she bad? No, she's a carnal person.


From this point of view of ministering either out of the seven lower Sefirot or out of the three higher Sefirot, does anybody remember the name...I'm not even couching the question right so let me just tell you. Let me just remind you that Arikh Anpin which is Keter which sometimes appears as knowledge and wisdom who is Abba, father, and understanding, who is Imma, mother, collectively are called the Long Face. Did I say that wrong? I think it is just Arikh Anpin who is the Long Face. I'm sorry, it is not Abba and Imma. It is just Keter, Arikh Anpin is the Long Face, and the seven lower Sefirot are the Short Face.


I am told that what that means is that Arikh Anpin is the Patient One, and the man who manifests Arikh Anpin is patient with all of the people who are doing things wrong and relating to him incorrectly, but the people of God....you could be a member of the body of Christ and manifesting the lower seven Sefirot, and you are called the Impatient One, Ze'ir Anpin, the Impatient One, which means the members of the body of Christ who are in training, who are developing the nature of God, but I will tell you, brethren, when you start seeing the nature of God, and you start manifesting the nature of God, it is very hard to be patient with people that are relating to you incorrectly continually. It is difficult.


So another way that we can judge where we are if we feel that we have some of the attributes of God, are we patient with others who are not where we are? I did want to put that in. I guess that's the message the Lord gave me for tonight. His heart is really crying for this one person apparently so we will pray for her when we stop the tape.


Does anybody have any questions or any comments?





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