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Praise the Lord. I've changed the interpretation of the beginning paragraphs of the Zohar called Bereshith. We're interpreting it because we're not working with the original Hebrew. We're working with an English translation, which I have been amplifying based upon what the Lord has been teaching me from various texts of the Kabbalistic literature. Now for those of you who may not have heard the previous tapes, let me remind you that Kabbalah is the collective name for a series of literary works. Kabbalah is the name of the collection. There are many books under the title of Kabbalah. Basically, Kabbalah is the teaching of the Hebrew esoteric doctrine of the Scripture. The Lord brought me into a text that I had not touched upon before. He just never ceases to amaze me. I believe He brought me into this message, Bereshith, because there was something that I wasn't understanding in the series, A Look At Kabbalah. In the series, A Look At Kabbalah, I was more or less looking at a book called The Tree of Life and then He brought me into the Zoar because I wasn't getting something that was taught in The Tree of Life. Now He brought me into a third book last night to help me to understand what I was trying to teach you from the Zohar. So the Lord never ceases to amaze me. He brought me into a book called The Gates of Light, which is another book under the cover of the title of Kabbalah in Kabbalistic literature.


So I guess I should really start by showing you what I didn't understand that caused the Lord to bring me into this third book, which has been such a blessing to me that I can't even tell you. I don't remember, really ever, coming into a meeting with this kind of an anointing before I even open my mouth. But it's been on me since last night. I have to tell you that I have never understood the concept of Jesus and His body the way I am understanding it now. I don't know whether it's the books or whether it's just my time to understand it. I can't answer any of these questions. I just know that something is happening to me and that my understanding is reaching a depth that goes beyond understanding. My understanding is increasing into a personal spiritual experience that I understand. The only way I can describe it to you, is an increase of the in-filling of the indwelling of the Christ in me. Unfortunately, the message in the church today is that you have an experience and that's what you've got, but it's not true. He grows in you and He expands in you. Christ has to be grafted to you and He grows in you and He expands in you and we have the potential to have the whole, or to have at least, the power of the whole Ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon manifesting through us.


You may recall a recent message, which I think was under the series A Look At Kabbalah where I talked about the dream that I had about the tall building and the reservoir. Well, I now realize that that tall building was the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon dwelling within me. Even though I taught it on the message a couple of weeks ago, it just really got inside me. The same thing happens here. I'm preaching something for years and all of a sudden, you tell me, well, I just got it. Sometimes I preach things that come out of my mind. It doesn't come out of my spirit. That tall building, that great building, can actually abide in us and we can become the holding tank or the receptacle for all the power of God, both of that which is above and below, all feeding into each other. We can be a walking receptacle of all of the power of God. Jesus talked about being the head of the body. I don't know, it just hit me in the shower this morning, that I just couldn't get over it, what He really meant by being the head of the body. The body of Christ is in several dimensions. There are human beings that have Christ, alone, grafted to them. Then there are human beings that have Christ Jesus, because Christ has matured into Christ Jesus. The body of people who have Christ Jesus in them is the head of the body of people that have Christ in them. I don't know whether they exist now or not, but there will be people who have the Glorified Jesus Christ joined to Christ Jesus in them. That's the marriage that we're all waiting for.


So it may not exist now. I don't know. But we're going to have three categories of believers in the flesh, three categories of believers and they're all going to be people. They are the people who have Christ, the people who have Christ Jesus who doesn't have a head attached to Him and then the people who have Christ Jesus, whose head is attached to them. When we see those three categories of believers in the earth, it will be the people who have Christ Jesus, whose head is attached to Him, that are going to be the miracle working people. Now this is not permanent. You don't have to believe that if you only have Christ, that you can never become a man who manifests Christ Jesus with His head. Everything is available to all of us, if you're willing to pay the price and go the way you have to go. You have to live totally sold out for God. Then of course, there are the people with the Holy Spirit who are still in their carnal mind, and this is going to upset a lot of people, but they will be lumped with the unbelievers. I know that I preached this years ago out of a scripture in Job. I can't quote it to you right now, but I remember preaching it years ago out of a scripture quoted in Job, that there will be two categories of people in the world after Christ Jesus manifests in His full power publicly.


There will be the people that have some measure of Christ and the people who don't have Christ at all. The people who are in their carnal mind, that have the Holy Spirit, will be lumped together with the nations and that will be a great humiliation to them. But the truth of the matter is that Jesus does not humiliate us and that everyone had the opportunity. By the time this happens, everyone will have had the opportunity to have had Christ grafted to them; to repent and pursue the truth and have Christ grafted to them. If they do not receive this experience, they will be lumped together with the nations and they'll have a second chance, if they can get past their pride. They will have a second chance. But somehow, I just never understood like I'm understanding this morning. Although we're not Pentecostal anymore, we're all out of the Pentecostal Church. To have this anointing that we so talked about in the Pentecostal Church, literally means to have God living on the inside of you. I've known this, but I just know it in a different dimension this morning, that is awesome. That dimension is more than spiritual power. Maybe that's what it is. I've known that Christ Jesus will live on the inside of us, but I think I've always perceived of Him as living on the inside of me as a force of spiritual power, even a force to do good, but it's much more than that. When He really lives on the inside of you, your whole nature and personality changes. You become Christ Jesus in your emotions and in your thought processes and that's what I never knew.


I've been preaching here for years that you have to get the mind of Christ and you have to think like Christ thinks. I do think like Christ thinks in many areas, certainly not in all areas, but in a lot of areas. I have a true Spirit of Counsel. You see, you can only have the true Spirit of Counsel if you understand how Jesus understands the problem. You cannot counsel somebody unless you fully comprehend their problem. You cannot determine what the answer to a problem is until you fully comprehend the problem. To fully comprehend the problem, you have to know how God sees that problem. If you don't understand how God sees the problem, you might come up with a conclusion such as, well, abortion seems good to me. So you have to have the mind of Christ and God's reactions and comprehension of the problem before you can see the solution in Christ. The solution in Christ is the Spirit of Counsel. I've been telling you all for years, not to counsel out of your carnal mind, but I've never explained it like I just explained it now. So I understand this moment, that to have Christ on the inside of me in the fullness of power is more than spiritual force and might. It is to have Christ on the inside of you in the fullness of His nature and His thought processes. It changes you and you become a whole different person.


It's just an awesome moment for me today. I just know that the Lord has been promising an outpouring of spiritual power for awhile now. I just know that it's coming soon. I can't make anybody any promises, but I know that it's really near and it has just amazed me to read these books. Let me just make this comment before I go any further. I just want to remind you that there are three different kinds of Kabbalah that I know of. What I call the Hebrew Kabbalah is spelled with a "K" and the Christian Kabbalah is spelled with a "C." I have looked at, at least, two of those books and I find them impure. I find them mixed with the doctrine of the Trinity, which I don't believe in. I find them mixed with Hinduism. I have taught from a vantage point of Hinduism, but only to make a point. I have never considered Hinduism a valid path of ascension for God's people. I would warn anybody against the two books that I've looked at of Christian Kabbalah. You could pick up a wrong spirit. That's my opinion. The third aspect of Kabbalah is called practical Kabbalah, which I understand is occult in its nature. I have not seen any books concerned with it and I do not want to. It's magic and these books teach the wielding of spiritual power out of one's own spirit, which is Satan. A lot of people are afraid when they hear the word, Kabbalah, but the Lord has led me to translations of the Hebrew books that are so profound that they're changing my whole life.


A couple of them that I've looked at are, perhaps, over my head in this hour. I don't know whether it's the timing that's right or the collection of all the three books that I've really focused on at one time. I don't know. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the books. Maybe it's just the time and the Lord is pouring out on me. I don't know. But this particular book, The Gates of Light, is not in parable form and I can understand it. At least, where I'm at, I can understand it easily. Some of the other books are in parable form and I could not understand a lot of it. But I read in this book, that in the past anyway, there were people who manifested this power of God to the point that it was a protection to them. They were protected against all physical illness and all danger of a military nature, all physical danger against being mugged, against being robbed as a nation and against being overrun by aggressive nations. That's the degree to which this power was manifested. It is not manifested in my life to that degree at this time. This book, Gates of Light, starts with a warning to not use this power for your own personal gain. It starts with a clear warning to not attempt to acquire this power or if you have it, to use it for your own personal gain. I think it was only the rabbis that had this power or the prophets before the rabbis. The rabbis came into power pretty much after the prophets passed away, which was about five hundred years before Jesus appeared.


The author talks about a rabbi that used the power for personal gain for a very understandable reason. His sister was about to be taken captive into a brothel and put into prostitution. The rabbi said to the guard, let my sister go and from that day forward, anytime you have a problem, you just call upon the God of Israel and He will help you. What amazed me in that statement was that this rabbi had the power to impart the anointing to a heathen. How do I know that? The rest of the story goes that the rabbi was punished. I don't know what that means. He must have reaped some ungodly recompense. I don't know what it was because it's not in the book. The writer of the book is saying, even though the man had this good motive to save his sister, he was punished for using the power in that magical way, in that occult way. Of course, what would his alternative have been? His alternative should have been to cry out to the Almighty to save his sister, but he took it upon himself to use what was entrusted to him to save his sister. Don't we all do that every day? We all do that every day. But what amazed me was that he had the power to impart it, even though he was imparting it incorrectly. In the church today, we can impart the Holy Spirit if the Lord allows us. As far as I know there was only one person that received the Holy Spirit from me. It was never a big part of my ministry, transferring the Holy Spirit to people. But I couldn't do it of my own. I prayed for many people and only one or two got it.


But apparently this rabbi had the power to impart this anointing to a heathen who could have easily misused it. That just amazed me. There shall be no sickness among you. There shall be no sickness among you. So to receive this kind of divine power and divine protection, which is definitely the promise of the Scripture was always known by me. I've always known that, but I always expected it to come from the outside of me. I've always expected it to descend upon me and cover me. I find out that this is wrong thinking. It has to well up from within me. That's what Jesus was talking about when He talked about that spring of living waters. It has to well up from within you. There is an anointing that comes from outside of you. It's called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the grace and the mercy of God to the heathen, to the nations, who don't know Jesus. Of course, Jesus is the One who is manifesting Jehovah to us today. But once we get close enough to the Lord, once Christ is grafted to us, the blessings stop pouring from outside of us and we're required to do our part in having it built up inside of us. You know, I always had a measure of this understanding, but I never understood completely why I waited thirteen years for the Lord to save my life. I was dying for thirteen years after I came to God. Now I'm getting better every year. From that point of view, it's a miracle, but I did not have a miraculously instant healing. The reason for this is that I'm a natural Jew.


The healing of the Holy Spirit, which comes from the outside, which is without repentance, is not for the Jew. It's for the person who doesn't understand what the Lord is teaching us now. You see, it's for the church. It's even for the people who have been in the church for a couple of years because they really don't even know or understand that Christ is different than the Holy Spirit. They're totally uneducated. They have no understanding. No one is judging their sins. There's no man in the church. But even with this, the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn in this country. The Holy Spirit will continue to go to the nations who are ignorant of Christ and of what He truly requires of His people, but in this country where we've had the Holy Spirit since the 1940's I believe, the Holy Spirit is slowly being withdrawn. Why? Because we're suppose to be moving into a place where the righteousness of God is being built into us. The righteousness of God cannot be built into you without having your sins shown to you and without proper authority being exerted in the church and it's not being exerted in the church.


The Holy Spirit is drying up and falling away. He's still flowing in some areas of the country, but He's only for a season. The Holy Spirit is the grace of God which gives you healing and forgiveness of sins so that you can be strong and sound of mind enough to pursue the Scripture, get Christ grafted to you, and switch over from the path that you're on to the path of righteousness. The people are falling away because this teaching is not in the church. So that's why I wasn't instantly healed. There were instant healings all around me and I never got it because I'm Israel. The healing is welling up from inside of me. Once Christ is grafted to you, you are Israel and your healing is not coming from outside of you. I've been telling everybody here that for years. We have all kinds of aches and pains. I've also been telling you for years that if we still have problems in our body, that it is because of sin that we haven't dealt with. If you or I are waiting for a miraculous turnaround to be healed instantly and we do not relate this healing to the dealings of the sin in our mind, we are deceived. Sickness and disease is directly related to the sin of your mind; the way you think and your dealings with the way you think. Praise the Lord.


I've read all the blessings that are suppose to be ours and I'm waiting for this to fall on me just like the church is waiting for a physical building called Jerusalem to drop out of the sky. He's got to well up from the inside of you. In order to do that, you have to be engaged in a full scale war with your sin nature, who at this time is possessing you. He still has a lot of power over me. Our great source of blessing is in Christ. The whole message is in the esoteric understanding of the Old Testament. If Israel had not sinned, they would not have seen death. Israel had everything that they needed to enter into eternal life, but they sinned. You see, you can't stand still. Either you go forward or you go backwards. The church has everything that they need to enter into eternal life, but they can't stand still. If they keep on believing that eternal life is after physical death, they're going to get physical death. They will inherit physical death. If they won't receive the truth, they will enter into death. So the same thing is happening to the church that happened to Israel. But we believe that God has a plan and that there will be a company of people who will overcome the obstacles that are internalized in their mind and in their heart. This small group of people will be the recipient of the restored relationship with Jehovah, through Christ Jesus the mediator, which will bring the power to defend the nation, to defend the church, to defend our families.


Do you know what the Scripture says? Of course, I'm talking about the church which is spiritual Israel now. The Scripture says that when Israel rises in power again, there will be Jews and Christians who have Christ grafted to them in this restored Israel. The Scripture says that their power will be so profound, they will have power over life and death. They will have supernatural power to stop wars. They will be so obviously profound that even the princes of the occult will say, let us serve them. We want what you have. Now I don't hear about that in the church today. I don't mean to be irreverent, but I see silly little children going around beating people over the head with bibles and that potential is still in this congregation. You're still out there wanting to show and tell people the way and wanting to be the big shot. But I'm telling you that the Scripture says that you will convert them at the demonstration of your own relationship with Jesus Christ and with the power and wisdom and graciousness that it brings into your life. That's how you win them.


That's what Paul said and everybody thinks he's talking about the little housewife and her husband. But that's just a parable. You will win the nation, you will win the heathen, you will win the people that think they're Christians, but are really not Christians, but are of the synagogue of Satan or the church of Satan. You will win them by manifesting the power of God with righteousness and the true love and compassion of God to them. That's what the Scripture says. They will see Him and they will fall down and say I want the same thing. So put your tracts away and put your bibles away. I mean the bibles that you're beating people over the head with. Work on yourself and forget about evangelizing unless the Lord specifically sends you. When you manifest the righteous nature of God and the power that is associated with Him, people will be chasing you around and they will be tying themselves to your doorpost, saying, let me study with you.


Okay, let's go on with this message. I do want to show you the point that I didn't understand on part 2 of this message. It has to do with the point. If you recall, on part 2 of this message, I showed you a point entering in at the top of the circle. I'm going to draw that on the board for you in a minute. I knew something wasn't sitting right with me about that, but I couldn't even get the question right in my head. I now understand that what was bothering me is that the circle is not a linear circle. The circle of the void, the circle of the empty space, it's not a linear circle. It's a sphere like the planet earth is a sphere. It's a three dimensional circle. Let me show you this on the board.


This is drawing #1. In the upper left hand corner, I've drawn what I drew in previous messages either in A Look At Kabbalah or Bereshith or probably both. The point is drawn at what I would perceive with my carnal mind to be the top of the circle. We see a line extends from the point, extends into the circle, but does not go far enough to pierce the circumference of the circle on the other side. The point is a vehicle for the light of the Infinite to flow into. If the line that extends from the point pierces through the other side of the circle, then the light of the Infinite that pours into the circle would just pass through the circle and go back into the essence of the Eyn Sof that surrounds the circle. So for this reason, the line does not penetrate all the way through to cleave to the other side of the circle. It just penetrates into the midst of the circle and it stops. What I didn't understand is that this circle is a sphere, a three dimensional circle, which means that the point doesn't have to appear where my carnal mind would call the top.


The point could appear over here, where I show you on the right side of the board. The point could appear anywhere on the surface of the three dimensional circle and that point designates the top of the sphere because there is no top to a sphere. The people here saw me take out an orange and demonstrate that there isn't a top to a sphere. So the point indicates the top. Directly underneath the top, not from a linear top to the bottom like in the upper left hand corner of the board, but a bottom that pierces through the center of the sphere and comes out on the other side. It has to pierce through the center of the sphere and that's the bottom. When we have a top and a bottom, we then can determine the four directions, north, south, east and west. So in the study of Kabbalah, we deal with six directions, north, south, east and west, top and bottom. I haven't seen any application of that yet, but this is a basic principle that we have to learn.


I've done the best that I can to show you with these drawings that the point can appear anywhere on the surface of this sphere thus designating that point as the top. It does not have to be the top as our carnal mind perceives the top because we're really talking about spiritual principles and not directions. Everything is from where you're looking at it. You've already read the notes from the message this morning and if you remember, we were talking about that which is beyond the point. This has to do with the interpretation of the Zoar, talking about that which is beyond the point as unknowable. I put my own note in the notes because I'm studying other books right now, so I distinguish between what I find in my research and what is my own comment. We're looking at the point on this drawing now. My comment was that the way it was written, I would have really thought that beyond the point meant, beyond the point into the depth of the circle.


That was what I thought when I read it. Does anybody not know what I'm talking about? That was the way I read it, beyond the point. Here's the point on the surface of the circle. When I read beyond the point, I assumed the point is coming from above or that is what I thought. The thread of light is coming from above, forms a point on the surface of the circle and then goes beyond that point. To me that means further on as you enter into the circle. Do you know what I'm talking about? But that's not what the Zoar meant. How do I know that? Because the whole phrase was, beyond that point is unknowable, the one who you cannot comprehend. Well, beyond that point, the One who is Unknowable is outside of the void. That's the Eyn Sof. He's outside of the void. So what that had to mean to me, for the Zoar to say, and beyond that point is unknowable, it had to be the entity that was inside the circle, Satan.


If you're looking from up here, beyond the point is the center of the circle. But if you're standing in the center of the circle, beyond that point is outside of the circle. So everything has to do from the vantage point. It's how you're looking at it. Brethren, I've been teaching you this for years, the carnal mind has a totally different perspective on everything than the Christ mind and they are always at odds with one another. The opinion of the carnal mind is always opposite of the opinion of the Christ mind. Therefore you can never move in the higher realms of God's Spirit with your carnal mind. As I explained earlier on this message, you can never move into the legitimate counsel that comes out of Christ Jesus if you cannot evaluate the problem out of your Christ mind. It's impossible for you to manifest the counsel of God. You might have a word of knowledge for the person, if the Lord chooses to do that, but a word of knowledge bypasses your intelligence. It comes forth like the gift of prophesy.


I tell you that so that you can understand what I'm talking about. It bypasses your thinking. It's just a word. You become a messenger that delivers a word to the person. But to manifest the Spirit of Counsel requires recognition of the problem, identification of the problem as God sees it and knowledge of God's solutions for similar problems that exist in the Scripture or that have existed in your personal experience with Him. You've seen Him react in a certain way and you have a spirit of righteousness rising up in you, reminding you that this is how God thinks about this and this is how God deals with this. You have every reason to believe that the Lord will deal with this present problem the way He's dealt with previous problems that were in the same vein. You have to have all this working in you. This is all the wisdom of God, the knowledge of God, the understanding of God. This is all the Glorified Jesus Christ. This is the head. It's the top three sefirot. You have to have this working in you before you can even hope to bring forth a solution to the problem which is the Spirit of Counsel. The Spirit of Counsel is the solution to the problem.


We're talking about the circle being a sphere. Today we're talking about the nature of God and the word today is, do not expect miracle working power to flow out of you from your carnal mind. Do not expect it. It will not happen.


Whoever is listening to this tape or reading this manuscript, if you're in your carnal mind, any miracle working power that's pouring out of you is not of God unless you're overseas someplace where they've never heard of God before and the Lord happens to be still pouring out the Holy Spirit. But if you are a Christian in the church in the United States and you have seen a great move of the Holy Spirit and then you saw Him withdraw and you've perceived what you see to be a revival of that same Holy Spirit, but your nature hasn't changed, you are deceived. It is a counterfeit Holy Spirit. Does anybody not understand the difference of what I said? I'm going to say it again. For people who do not know God in foreign lands, in pagan lands, lands where the people were raised in other religions, maybe Moslems or some were in witchcraft, some were in voodoo, all kinds of idolatry; the Holy Spirit is still pouring out to those people because they have no way of understanding the Scripture or desiring to pursue the Scripture, so He gives them His Holy Spirit, which is unmerited favor, which gives them, at least, the incentive to pursue the Word of God and read the Scripture.


Of course, the Holy Spirit can pour out on this nation too, if there are some people somewhere that just never had an opportunity to turn to God. It's not impossible. But by and large, this is a Judea Christian nation. People who have been raised in Church, who have had access to a Bible all their life, seen miracles if they were in Pentecost; the Holy Spirit is not pouring out there. Only the Spirit of Christ, which comes out of the nature of Christ, will be doing these great miracles. Apparently no one is in the nature of Christ because there aren't any great miracles being done today. Here is your explanation as to why it is very possible that many Baptists and fundamental Christians will be going into the depths of Christ Jesus and will have Christ grafted to them without first speaking in tongues. They weren't raised in a Pentecostal background. They may have been raised as a Baptist where they were taught that this is wrong. Yet, they have faith in Jesus Christ and if they touch the Lord and He decides to graft to them, He will go on skipping over Pentecost because He's not going back. He's not going into the Baptist Church and pouring out the Holy Spirit. Do you hear this? He's not going into the Baptist Church and pouring out the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was poured out in this country. It is now time to move on. The fact that the Holy Spirit is not being poured out anymore doesn't mean that if you are a Lutheran or you are a Methodist or you are a Baptist and you were taught that it is Satanic to speak in tongues and you missed it; that doesn't mean you can't go on with God. He will still graft Christ to you if you pursue Him according to the channels that will make this experience available to you.


As far as I know, the only channel that will do that is the Doctrine of Christ. I could be wrong because there's a lot I don't know. But that's how I see it. The Holy Spirit is grace to the people that don't know the Scripture. So if you spend twenty years as a Baptist and you know the letter of the word and you feel the Doctrine of Christ is truth, you're being drawn to it. Your relationship with Jesus Christ, through the letter of the word, has created a strong enough manifestation of Christ, in you, to draw you to the truth of the Doctrine of Christ, so you can have Christ grafted to you and you can completely bypass the Holy Spirit. Eventually the Spirit of Christ will pour out of you when your nature changes and lines up with Christ Jesus. I think that's a very exciting word. I always knew it could be true, but I never understood it the way I'm explaining it today. I want to tell you something, what just came out of my mouth was a pronouncement from Christ Jesus to the whole church that it's not too late, that miracle working power is about to pour out. But I want to tell you that when the Spirit of Christ pours out miracle working power, it doesn't come alone. It comes with what? What does it come with? Yes, it comes with judgment. The Holy Spirit comes with grace and forgiveness of sins. You just say I'm sorry Lord; I'm a sinner and you're healed. But you cannot get healed by the Spirit of Christ without judgment. Why? Because you have to change. You see, you can get healed by the Holy Spirit without changing. To get healed by the Spirit of Christ, you have to change and you can't change until your sins are exposed. The way your sins are exposed is by judgment, judgment, judgment, judgment. I rebuke all of your carnal minds that won't see it.


There's no healing without judgment. There's no healing without exposure of sin and repentance that comes forth from the judgment. There has to be a confession that you're sick because of sin. Well this is suppose to be Bereshith, but I can't get off of this this morning and the feeling in my spirit is that we've gone through another door. Another door has opened and the Lord is moving very rapidly and what is being preached today, I remind you, is causing thought forms to be formed and to go out into the spirit. There are many that are hearing this message in the spirit. What does it mean? I don't know. Does it mean a greater withdrawing of the Holy Spirit in other areas of the country? I don't know. It might. But I know that it means the outpouring of the Spirit of Christ, but He's coming with judgment. You better not get too close if you're not willing to have your sins judged and to change. You see the healing that comes with the Holy Spirit has no strings attached to it. Come and take your healing. But the Spirit of Christ has a string attached to it.


So, I do have a whole message this morning. Let's try it again. The Lord is telling me that there are people right here in this congregation that are still hoping for healings without realizing that that healing is intimately associated with their facing the sins of the unconscious part of their mind. Right in this congregation there are people who are hoping for healing and they're hoping for it like you hope for the Holy Spirit to heal you and it's never going to come. He says, I've been telling you this for years and I don't know how to make it any clearer. It's not going to come the way you think it's going to come. It's not coming out of heaven like a dove that's going to heal you because of grace. You're past grace. The healing that you wait for, the healing that you hope for, will arise within you as you look inward and face your negative side and reject it and war against it, which will result in Christ Jesus being built in you and your healing will come when Christ Jesus builds in you. I rebuke the lie, says the Lord, I rebuke the lie that waits for a healing passively; I rebuke the lie. You have become Israel, says God. Grace is over for you. Is that a bad thing? No! It is a good thing because the healing that comes with grace leaves you vulnerable to other diseases and you die. The healing that comes from the Spirit of Christ leads to eternal life, a change of nature. Eternal life is in a change of nature. It's not dropping out of the sky like rain.


Well, I guess there's an angry spirit on me this morning. Praise the Lord. I hope somebody got helped. I just heard in my head that Santa Claus is dead. (Laughter) Praise the Lord. Grow up, it's time to grow up says the Lord. Healing should be in your mind. Healing should be intimately associated with judgment; intimately associated with judgment. Corrective judgment is the exposure of your own sin nature and the tearing down of that sin nature. To think of healing in any other terms is a Santa Claus mentality. The Lord gives gifts to children. You are not children anymore.


Okay, we are interpreting the first paragraph of the category called Bereshith, the beginning, in the Zohar. I had to make some changes. According to the translation that we're working with, I believe it says; In the beginning the king decided to sketch a vessel. Based on the knowledge that I have so far, I knew that Malkhut, the tenth sefirot, has the kingship. When Malkhut dwells in a man, he becomes a king and the bible character associated with Malkhut is King David. He was a king and he had the victory in the physical wars that he fought because Malkhut dwelled in him and, of course, the name of God associated with the tenth sefirot, is Adonay. You know, for years I've heard about people doing studies of the names of God, but I was never attracted to that study. I guess it wasn't my time. I guess I thought, in my mind, that it was a carnal study, so who cares about the names of God? I want to get the meat of the Scripture. I want to get the Doctrine of Christ out, but I now understand that a study of the names of God imparts those names to you, when you actually study the attributes of that name. I guess I never really understood the concept of the Name of God. A Name of God is a quality of the Godhead. One of each of the names of God is a quality of the Godhead, of His personality, of who He is and how He expresses Himself to us. We know that God doesn't have a personality, but He expresses Himself to us in terms of personality so that we can comprehend Him. When we fully understand what that name means and how it relates to us and what we can expect from it, that Name of God is built in us. I never understood that.


So today we will start on a study on Adonay, the Name of God which is associated with Malkhut, the tenth sefirot, which is called kingship or sovereignty.


To go along with my notes, I originally interpreted the word, king, in the Zohar in the first paragraph of the chapter on Bereshith, to be Adam Kadmon's Malkhut because that was the best I could do at that time, but obviously it was wrong. So the Lord put me in another book to explain to me that it was wrong. What's interesting is I never know why I'm reading these books. I just pick them up and start reading them. So I had to go into the Zohar, Bereshith, to understand the teaching of The Tree of Life that the empty space was a sphere and that the point could appear anywhere on the surface of that sphere. From the Zohar, I had to go into The Gates of Light to understand that I was interpreting the word, king, wrong. It is not Adam Kadmon's Malkhut who had an idea to sketch a vessel into the substance of the empty void. It was Adonay, an aspect of the Godhead. We're told in another place that this aspect is enclosed in the Eyn Sof , in the Unlimited One. So the Unlimited One, who is unified, the Unlimited One who is beyond our ability to relate to, is called "it." The books call Him "it" because He is neither male nor female. I have trouble calling Him "it" and I can't seem to get the word out because it's offensive to me. But He is asexual. God is asexual in His aspect of the Unlimited One, which is beyond our ability to comprehend.


He is so far from animal, mineral or vegetable, that we cannot comprehend Him. In that condition He is unified. He has within Him different attributes. Adonay is within Him. I Am is within Him. El is within Him. Jah is within Him. There all within the Eyn Sof, but they're undifferentiated. He's manifesting as one. The best example I could give you is a human being; myself. I am made up of trillions of cells. I have many organs; I have a heart, I have lungs, I have a liver, I have eyes, I have a nose and I have a mouth. All of these aspects or attributes of myself manifest to you as the human being named Sheila Vitale. As I preached to you this morning and teach you, all of these attributes of myself are engaged in the unified procedure or the unified expression of myself that is teaching you. My brain, my mind, my mouth, my vocal cords, my body is moving with expression as I talk to you and you perceive me as one. So the Unlimited One is one. He has all these potentials within Him. It would be as if my heart had the ability to express itself to you independently, which of course, is not the case. But if you can just imagine that my heart would have the ability to relate to you independently, you can get the idea. In fact, if I were to stand up and touch you, my arm would have a relationship with you.


Right now you're seeing all of me. I was praying for you earlier and my arm reached out and touched you. My torso touched you. So the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One, He has all of these aspects within Him, but He operates in unity or He exists. He doesn't even operate, He exists. Actually, Kabbalah teaches that He doesn't even exist because the word, existence, implies something that is recognizable and the Eyn Sof is so unrecognizable that the early teachers call Him nothing. Now when I first read that in the books, that the Eyn Sof was nothing, I had a real problem with it especially since we know that Satan is called "nothing." But the Lord showed me that everything exists on both sides, on the negative side and on the positive side. The Lord showed me that there's a difference between nothing and nothingness and that He is nothingness in that He is not manifested in His form as Eyn Sof. Even then He's not in a form. I mean they're having trouble finding words to describe Him. When we talk of the Unlimited One, He is nothingness. He is totally un-manifested. We don't even know how to recognize Him. So it means none being. Nothingness means none being, not in existence. Satan is nothing. He has no value, but the Unlimited One, He is nothingness. He's not manifested to us in any way. Out of that Unified Eyn Sof, He sent forth an aspect of Himself called Adonay. What's interesting is that Adonay is the lowest level of the Godhead known to man. It's interesting to see how God works. See, He didn't send out the highest aspect of Himself first. He sent out first, the aspect of Himself, that would dwell in mankind. Let me show you this on the board.


This is drawing #2. I'm trying to demonstrate to you how, first of all, Eyn Sof had a creative utterance; let there be. I don't know exactly what the words were that brought forth the empty space. Maybe it was let us make man in our image or let there be light. I don't really know for sure and that's why I just put the four dots there. But Eyn Sof decided to have a creation and He or "it" made a creative utterance and in response to that creative utterance, Adonay, who is presently un-manifested and a part of the unity of the Eyn Sof, vibrated forth. It's just as if my brain would say when I was sitting in that chair, I want to get up so that I could explain this drawing to you. I willed to rise up out of that chair and I stood up and here I stand before you. But there are people in a wheelchair that can will to stand up and their bodies do not obey. So there is the spiritual strength within me to will my body to stand up. Well, you say, Sheila, it has nothing to do with will power or spiritual strength. Their legs are crippled. Brethren, if they had the spiritual strength to command their legs to stand, a cripple would stand because the spirit is suppose to rule over the physical body. That is not our condition today because we are lost in sin; sin, sin, sin. My beloved pharisees; I've got a pharisaical congregation. Sin, sin, sin; you are sick because of sin. You are weak because of sin. You are in pain because of sin.


Our spirit is suppose to rule over our body. When our spirit is in full communion with the Lord Jesus, we will rule over this body and the body of others as He wills. See, we have His mercy in our life, but we do not have the fullness of His power in our life and we will never have it until we start to look like Him, act like Him and think like Him and speak like Him and approach problems with our mind as He does. So Adonay, which was an aspect of the Eyn Sof was in complete submission to the whole of whatever it is that is incomprehensible to us, called the Unlimited One, the Eyn Sof. He sent forth an aspect of Himself to manifest His will and Adonay went forth as a strand of light, we're told, and as that strand of light approached the circumference of the sphere of empty space that existed within the Eyn Sof, a point came into existence because there was a sphere of empty space and then there was a strand of light. When the two touched, there came something new. When a man marries a woman, we now have something new. We have a unity called the married couple and when that married couple come together and their seeds touch, it brings forth a child. We now have a new entity. It's called a family. When two things touch each other something new is born. That which was born when the strand of light touched the surface of the sphere was this point and the point has a name and its name is reshith.


Now please just bear with me. I will eventually get around to getting on tape the difference between reshith and bereshith, but I'm just telling you what I read in the Zohar now. They call both, reshith and bereshith, the beginning. Although there is a difference between, reshith the beginning, and bereshith the beginning, but we're not up to it yet. So please just bear with me. So the point, you might say and this is probably not accurate, but if it helps you, you might say, when the strand of light known as Adonay, touch the surface of the void, there was born a new entity called point. The reason this point is called beginning is that everything outside of the sphere, outside of the empty space, is totally incomprehensible to us. We can't see it, we can't touch it, we can't feel it, we can't understand it. We believe it by faith, but it's totally incomprehensible to us. Therefore this point in this sphere is only what's comprehensible to us. Outside of this sphere is Infinity. We can't comprehend it. Inside of this sphere is everything that's finite, which we are at least capable of understanding. Therefore, this point was the beginning of the finite world and everything that we are capable of understanding. This is the division between the Infinite, which is outside the sphere and the finite, which is inside the sphere. That which is outside of the sphere, we will never understand while we're in the flesh and that which is inside the sphere, we have a hope of understanding and we are understanding little bits of it so far.


This line or thing that differentiates or separates says, over here it's infinity and over here it's finite. This line or this thing, that's says, well you're now in a place where you have the potential, where you'll maybe understand this stuff. It's not hopeless. That which separates the infinite and the finite for us is this point. What's underneath this point we can comprehend. What's beyond this point, don't even waste your time. You'll never get it. Even worse than that, Satan might come and teach you and you'll get it wrong. So concentrate on what you have a hope of understanding. This point is called reshith, the beginning. Then this point extended down to the farthest point is like saying, for example, you can buy a plane ticket to the farthest point that you want to go. Let's say, you want to go to Africa or Australia, which is even further than Africa, and you want to start coming backwards and make stops all along the way. You want to buy a round trip ticket to New Zealand or Australia. You go there, take your twelve or fourteen hour plane ride, spend some time in Australia and then take one or two hour flights and stop in all the countries and all of the cities of Australia and all of the countries all the way back to the United States. That's what happened over here. The aspect of the Eyn Sof that He sent forth to establish the beginning was the aspect of Himself that would be the farthest away from Eyn Sof. He sent forth Adonay, who would be the tenth sefirot and she went as far as the line, that extended from the point, would go to. Then other aspects of God filled in the linear aspects on top of that.


You see, if Eyn Sof sent forth El first, El would have only gone as far as here. I think El is the fourth, if I'm not mistaken. El is associated with the fourth sefirot, if I'm not mistaken. It's I Am, Yah, Jehovah and El. I'm pretty sure, but I may be wrong. So let's just say El is the fourth sefirot. He wouldn't have gone down where Malkhut is. Why would El want to go down where Malkhut is if He sent forth I Am first? I Am is right up here at the top. Why would I Am want to go all the way down to where Malkhut is? If Eyn Sof sent forth I Am first, the line would have never extended far enough to establish Malkhut. So He sent the one who would be last, first. Now that's sounds familiar. I heard that some place before. He sent the one who would be last, first. And the one who was last, from God's point of view is the one who was first from man's point of view. He's closest to us. I'm likening Malkhut to Christ, but they're not exactly the same. We'll get into that at another time. Their function is very similar. Christ is close to mortal man. We could not have a relationship with I Am. We would die. Why would we die if we tried to have a relationship with I Am? Who can answer that question?


COMMENT: We would burn up.


PASTOR VITALE: Why would we burn up? Say that word. It's so painful for my beloved pharisees. Say it, say it. Why would we burn up? Say the word. It's three letters. It starts with "s" and ends with "n." Say it. Yes; sin, sin, sin.


We are unholy. We are unclean. When you enter into a relationship or when you enter into the presence of the holiness of God or as Kabbalah puts it, the Holy Names of God or the holy aspects of God, their righteousness automatically judges our sin and we would be consumed. The further away you get from the holiness of God, the names of God are still holy, but the more it is possible to come into their presence without being destroyed. But even so, brethren, those of you who know me, you know I have very mixed reactions about this, but the truth is that people who come into my life walk away under judgment. It's very dangerous to be around me and it really has nothing to do with me personally. It's really the one who lives inside of me. I mean I just hear it over and over and over again. I don't seek to harm anybody. Sometimes I don't even have to say anything. If you are truly a son, judgment is in you because all judgment is given over to the son. Now if you live a life where you meet people and you talk to them and nothing happens in their life, you need to know that the son is not living in you. Judgment falls all around me on every side. I don't have to do anything. See, a lot of people meet me and they want to get close to me because they see the anointing, but they don't know what they're playing with. Of course, hopefully it's not destructive judgment, but what determines whether or not it is destructive judgment is whether or not you repent. I pray that all men should repent. But I've seen a lot in the towns that I pass through and I'm telling you the truth, the church doesn't understand this. They don't understand judgment. The church has been under the Holy Spirit for so long that they really think they can do anything they want and there will be no consequences. Not only that, but they think the Holy Spirit will protect them. This is not true.


So did I explain this principle to you? Does anybody have a question on this principle? You know, we cannot take the name of the Lord thy God in vain. That doesn't mean don't use a curse word. Well, you shouldn't be using curse words, but that's not the depth of that commandment. The name of the Lord is His nature. When you say you're a Christian, you are carrying His name. If you take His name and you don't manifest His nature, you're taking the name of the Lord in vain. What does that mean? You took the name of the Lord. You said, yes, I am a Christian, but I don't have to manifest His nature to you. I can do anything I want to you. I can act like I'm in the world and who's going to stop me? Well, brethren, that's taking His name in vain and He will stop you. If you're blessed, He will stop you. If not, He will flee from you and Satan will stop you. Boy, this is a heavy message today. Whatever is going on, this is a heavy message today. What if you don't know how the nature of the Lord would behave in a particular circumstance? Well then, you pray for judgment, if you have any brains at all, concerning a knowledge of the Scripture.


You can be a PHD and have no brains, brethren. You should be praying for judgment, that somebody should tell you what you're doing that's wrong. Look at the Psalms. David prays for judgment all the time. Send down your judgments, oh God. Something is wrong in your life. You're praying day and night for God to help you. Pray day and night for the Lord to show you what you're doing that's wrong. The help of God is to show you your sins. You can't say that you are a Christian and live like the world. I don't mean you have to be in fornication or stealing. It could mean lack of respect for authority, whether it's your mother or your school teacher or your pastor or the policeman, you're still taking the name of the Lord in vain. You're not acting like He would act in that circumstance and specifically in your relationships with other people. Don't say you're a Christian and act like a heathen. If you don't know what a Christian acts like, you better get on your face and ask the Lord to let you know because you will be held accountable for every wrong communication. The closer you get to God, the more accountable you will be held.


Are you going to die? Are the tires on your car going to roll off while you're driving on the Long Island Expressway? No. But you will experience painful circumstances that are rightly related to your transgression. If you disrespect an elder, you're not going to crash on the Long Island Expressway, but someone who you have authority over will disrespect you. You will reap what you have sown. Every sin has its just recompense. You don't go dying because you disrespected your mother. However, if you disrespect your mother to the point that the Lord can say that you hate her, you've then become a murderer and you are subject to premature death and that is the truth. He never commanded us to love anybody because you can't legislate your emotions, but you can legislate your behavior. You can do what's right. If she was the worst mother in the world, she's your mother and God says honor your mother and father. Any questions over here?


So we're back to this interpretation of the first paragraph of Bereshith in the Zohar. I see that I didn't even type Adonay in there. In the initial stage of creation, Adonay, the king, decided to sketch a vessel that reflects the brilliant flashing light of the Infinite. Of course, why did Adonay decide to do that? Because the Eyn Sof desired it. The Eyn Sof willed it and Adonay decided to go forth to obey the Eyn Sof and go forward and sketch a vessel that reflects the brilliant flashing light of the Infinite. Of course, that vessel is Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is the vessel that holds and reflects the brilliant flashing light of the Infinite. And there issued from within the incomprehensible secret place of the mysterious Limitless One (that's the Eyn Sof) an unformed cloud of diffused matter (that means scattered, spread out matter) into the void that hung unsupported within the enclosed ring of the empty space. Of course, it was magnetism that held it up. It was unsupported, held by gravitation, which is magnetism, within the enclosed ring of the empty space. Of course, that's a three dimensional ring with a sphere. And the cloud of diffused matter was undulating (that means it was moving) almost imperceptibly. So the Infinite decided to pour its light into Adam Kadmon, the vessel that Adonay sketched. So the Infinite decided to pour its light into Adam Kadmon, the filter that quantifies and limits the light of the Infinite, and the colorless light of the Infinite which is neither white nor black nor red nor green nor any color at all, emanated forth into Adam Kadmon.


Now that's so interesting to me, the colorless light of the Infinite. We know that color relates to degrees of vibration or the range of vibration. So that means that the light of the Infinite either has no vibration or is vibrating at such a slow (it may be slow or a rapid rate of speed) that it's considered non vibrating. Are you following me? I remember when we did the Quantum Mechanics series, I remember doing a sketch of an eternal sound wave. The sound wave was going up and down, up and down, and then it went off into infinity. It was virtually a straight line. Now we know when we take a reading on somebody's heart, that a straight line means death. But of course everything in the natural is the opposite of that in the spiritual. I honestly don't know whether the light of the Infinite One vibrates so slowly that it is imperceptible to us mere humans or it's vibrating so rapidly that for all intents it disappears. I think the answer is that it's vibrating so rapidly that as far as we're concerned, from our vantage point, from where we're standing, it disappears. It disappears to such a degree that we cannot even call it white light. Of course, white light is the most rapidly vibrating light of all of the colors. So the light of the Infinite vibrates more rapidly than what we know to be white light. Probably the light of the Infinite is of such a substance or an essence that we can't even comprehend it. I don't even know enough about physics to understand about light waves anyway, so I don't know what I'm talking about.


It will be very interesting to find out how we will acquire all the knowledge of the world once the Lord Jesus is fully manifested in us and permanently dwelling in us to the point that He's permanently manifesting in us. We are suppose to have all knowledge. I can't help wondering whether we will have to go through all the books like you see in the science fiction movies, like you saw in Matrix. He was viewing all of these computer books and the pages were just turning rapidly before him. Will we learn like that? Will we have instant knowledge? I know right now I'm a mixture. A lot of things I have to study and the Lord helps me to understand the books. Then other things just come into my mind. I can't tell you where I got it from. It was just that Christ Jesus spoke it to me. So it will be interesting to see how our ability to learn changes when Christ Jesus takes up permanent residence or when the Glorified Jesus Christ takes up permanent residence in us. I don't know what the answer is right now. So we see that the light of the Infinite was colorless. It's neither white nor black nor red nor green nor any color at all. All of this light emanated forth into Adam Kadmon and Adam Kadmon distributed measured amounts of the light of the Infinite into the unformed matter in the midst of the void. The light of the Infinite differentiated into a multiplicity of gradations and each grade of light vibrated and flashed within the dark cloud of diffused matter as a unique signatory color. The color identified the rate of vibration. Each grade of the light of the Infinite engraved its unique signature upon the World of Emanation which is below Adam Kadmon.


So it looks like each color signifies one of the sefirot. At least as of today, I believe we could say that each of the Ten Sefirot can be identified by a color or by a vibration that is associated with that color. That's very interesting to me. There are seven colors to the rainbow and three basic colors. Red, yellow and blue are the three basic colors. If there are seven colors of the rainbow, then the upper or three highest sefirot could be the main colors. Red, yellow and blue would be Keter, Wisdom and Understanding. It could be red, yellow and blue. I don't know which would be which. Then the seven sefirot below would be the rainbow that came forth from them. I do know that I have read that Abba and Imma, which is Wisdom and Understanding, gave birth to the seven sefirot below. That's the teaching. That sort of fits in. It will be interesting to see if the Lord will tell us which of red, yellow and blue is associated with Keter (crown) Chokhmah (wisdom)and Binah (understanding).


Okay, let's go on. I already told you this, but I'll read you my notes. In parts 1 and 2 of this message, I amplified the word, king, to mean Adam Kadmon's Malkhut. But the Lord has shown me that kingdom is an attribute of Adonay called Malkhut. The ray of light that entered into the void was not Adam Kadmon, but this ray of light created Adam Kadmon's circular sefirot. Now what's interesting is that all of the Ten Sefirot are considered created. Adam Kadmon's circular sefirot plus the line extended by the penetrating ray of light is called Adam Kadmon. The circular sefirot and the line together are called Adam Kadmon. Adonay is the ray of light. The point is a creative utterance called Reshith, the beginning, and Adam Kadmon is the line on the circles. After Adam Kadmon was created, the light of the Infinite shown through Adam Kadmon. Adonay is the name of God that is associated with the attribute, Malkhut, which means kingdom among other things. Malkhut is the attribute of God that judges all of creation, but also acts as the great benefactor to all creatures. Now does this not sound like the Lord Jesus Christ? Does not the Scripture say all judgment is given over to the Son? Jesus Christ is the judge and He is also a great benefactor that gives great blessings. You see, the two have to go together, brethren. The two have to go together and the reason that the two have to go together is that if you keep getting blessings, blessings, blessings, and your sins are not exposed and you don't deal with them, all of these blessings with an unchanged nature will give Satan legal ground to give you great grief. You know I've read the Bible through so many times, but much to my surprise, what's interesting you at that moment sticks with you. You forget everything else. In this study it was brought to my attention a scripture in Proverbs that says, when God gives you great gifts, that you get them without suffering. That just so touched me. All that I could think about was the Kennedy Family. All the blessings that were on that family and all of the money, not that money alone is a blessing. Money is a vehicle that gives you the opportunities that people with money have. That's the best part of money. If you think the best part of money is living in luxury, you're making a foolish mistake because to have luxury without purpose and righteousness in your life is just destruction. We see that with some of the Hollywood movie stars who go on drugs. Robert Downey Jr. has everything to live for. He's a great actor. He has all kinds of money and he's a drug addict to the point that he's going to jail for six years, I believe. So money without character is disastrous. It's a curse. Money without character is a curse. So the truth about money is that it gives you an opportunity to partake of the good things in life, to not have to spend almost your whole life working so that you could provide shelter and food for yourself and your family. It allows you to have shelter and food without worry, so that you could pursue God if it's a genuine call on your life, or pursue your talents without worrying that you have to go to work. Your children can go to school and live up to all of their talents and you don't have to worry about financing it. That's what the blessing of money is, that you don't have to spend your whole life worrying about acquiring the needs of life; food, shelter, clothing, and spiritual and mental growth. That is the blessing of money. If God does see fit to give you more than you need for these things, well then you become a blessing to others. Let's say you're a millionaire and you live in a mansion, well then you become an employer. You give jobs to the maids and the groundskeeper that work for you. Somebody has to be the employer. Somebody has to be rich enough to have employees. But to be rich for money's sake is utter disaster. You're better off being poor. So when I read this, all I could think about was the Kennedy family, all that money and how they educated all their children. A son was the President of the United States. The oldest son died. He was educated and was being groomed for the presidency and was killed in the war. All the children were educated. The second son becomes President of the United States and the third son probably would have been President if he wasn't assassinated. The only son that lives is Ted Kennedy, who in my opinion, is an absolutely reprobate man. This is my opinion. Ted Kennedy is not of the stature of his three brothers. I think one of the daughters died in a plane wreck also. (End of tape 1)


Tape 2


We are talking about the Kennedy family. They used their money, at least what I could see of it, for the good purposes. They gave their children an opportunity to pursue their talents which resulted in their privilege of being public servants. You know it's a privilege to be a public servant. Not everybody, but a lot of people give up much more profitable jobs or at least they use to. The country is very jaded today. But in principle, it's an honor to be a public servant, if your heart is right towards it, and to be educated and intelligent enough to be a leader in this country. The Kennedy family employed people and did everything I just stated on this tape and the curse is still going. John Kennedy died a premature death. I mean the whole family is utterly cursed. Although it seems to be more on the males than the females. There was one daughter who died in a plane crash. It seems to be more on the males than the females. So there had to be something lacking there, but this message is not about the Kennedy family. What I'm trying to tell you is that a scripture was brought to my attention in Proverbs that says when the Lord Jesus gives you great wealth, you get it without sorrow. I had never seen that scripture before. You get it without sorrow.


So you could be wealthy and be a great blessing to other people, your immediate family or whoever you choose to bless would have the privilege of pursuing their talents and serving God or serving the nation. You would be an employer and be in a position to be a benefactor through grants and gifts to other people without having sorrow in your personal life. This just blew my mind. I never thought of it before. I never much focused on money because I grew up in the church in the prosperity era where they were preaching this prosperity message, which is really an abomination. There is a true prosperity in Christ Jesus. But I want to tell you my very strong and educated opinion. The financial prosperity that is truly available in Christ Jesus is something that comes as the fruit of His nature. See, there are gifts associated with the Holy Spirit and great wealth is not one of them. Because to have wealth without the righteous nature of Jesus Christ is destruction. How do you think the Lord can make a statement like He makes in the book of Proverbs; I will give you wealth without sorrow. How can He say that, other than to give you along with the wealth, the character that will serve God and live righteously.


So therefore, if God has promised to give you wealth without sorrow, He would be breaking His own law by giving great wealth to people whose nature is still of the world. Can anybody not understand what I'm saying? It's not enough that you got a revelation of tithing, which is good. I got an e-mail the other day. Somebody told me that the tithe is canceled. Well, you can say that if you want to, but my answer to that all the time is, if the tithe is canceled, then you're left only with alms deeds, which means you have to go by your own conscience. If your own conscience is not the conscience of Jesus Christ and you wind up hoarding your money, no good thing can come upon you. You have to have a giving heart. If you don't have a giving heart, then put yourself under the law and tithe. But you've got to give one way or the other. You've got to give for financial blessings to flow in. But for God to give you great wealth without changing your nature to a righteous nature that would deal properly with that wealth, He would be breaking His own law because if you get wealth and you don't live right, Satan will surely see that you reap what you sow and that would make God a liar, who said I will give you great wealth without sorrow. Therefore, it is impossible for our great God to give great wealth to anyone who would receive sorrow as a result of that wealth because of the condition of their mind and their nature. Now get that, whoever is hearing this tape or reading this transcript. Praise the Lord.


So Adonay is the name of God that is associated with the attribute Malkhut, kingdom, that makes you a king. A king has to have something to rule over. That doesn't mean you're a tyrant. It means that when Adonay dwells with you or when Malkhut dwells with you, you have leadership qualities. That's what it means. Malkhut is the attribute of God that judges all creation, but also acts as the great benefactor to all creatures. Of course, I'm relating this Malkhut to Christ Jesus. The difference between Malkhut and Christ Jesus is this. What man can live a life holy enough for Malkhut to abide with him? Malkhut must abide with us permanently. He cannot come and go. He has to abide with us permanently for the manifestations of the attribute of God called Adonay to manifest itself through us. One of the attributes of Malkhut who is associated with Adonay is great blessings. What man can abide this, especially since Adonay is also associated with judgment. But the man, Jesus Christ, did succeed. He was holy enough. He utterly subdued His sin nature by the Spirit of Holiness, we're told in Romans 1:4, and He overcame and He ascended and He was glorified.


His victory, the victory of Jesus Christ over the world is imparted to us, as a gift, in His seed. Because the seed of Jesus Christ dwells in us, we have in Him the ability to overcome our sin nature and live this holy life. So we see that Christ Jesus is an overcoming seed. Jesus Christ is a seed or the cutting of the one who has already entered into the highest realms possible and He's in us, when He's in us and grafted to us. He's right here with us to help us to overcome our sin nature so that these names or qualities or attributes of God can grow in us and manifest in us that we might become a vessel that will be qualified for the Glorified Jesus Christ to come down and dwell with His son who is grafted to us. So we have a much better chance of entering into these promises than the Jews did. I honestly do not know what percentage of the average Jew lived on this level. All the books are written by rabbis. Was it just the prophets that lived on this level? Was it just the rabbis that lived on this level? I know that we're told, when everybody was under Moses, that nobody was hurt or when everyone was under Joshua, that nobody was hurt in battle. But that's because they were under a great prophet that was very ascended.


So I'm inclined to think that even in Israel, the average man could never have attained to this condition of Malkhut dwelling with them to this point that great protection and prosperity and health was manifesting in their life. They were married to the great one who was living in the prophet. It was Michael who was dwelling in Moses, that was the great one and that was married to the spirits of all the common people of Israel. So the grace that was upon Moses was granted to the other people. I believe that the promise of the New Testament or the New Covenant is that every man has this ability to ascend in Christ Jesus, but until you're fully ascended to the point that you're sinless, you, whoever you are, will be put under a man who is higher in Christ Jesus than you are because this is how we're going to raise each other up. No man can go it alone. Everybody has to be under some form of authority. Well Sheila, you're not under any form of authority. Well, I guess for now, anyway, I'm the highest that there is. What can I tell you? It's nothing I did. The Lord picked me up off the garbage heap and He's my Head. But the average man in this hour will be under another man that is manifesting Christ Jesus. So I liken Malkhut to Christ Jesus, although they're not the same because Christ Jesus is Malkhut plus the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has already overcome the world. That's the best I can do right now.


Okay, Malkhut is referred to as kingdom because all that concerns God and His creation occurs within her jurisdiction. You see, brethren, everyone who has Christ Jesus manifesting in them, you have authority. If you see something wrong going on in the supermarket, you have authority. Now that doesn't mean that you physically go over and intervene because you'll probably get booted out of the supermarket. But you have authority to pray and you will be shocked at what happens when you start moving in this authority when your motive is right. I have even spoken in the spirit to children who were disrespecting their parents and seen a positive change. All authority is given unto us in the spirit; in the spirit, as long as we are in the mind of Christ. If you're doing this in your carnal mind, if you're doing this to make yourself feel good or to build up your ego, you are not in Christ and it is witchcraft. That is the truth. All authority is given to Christ, brethren. All authority is given to Christ. Malkhut is referred to as kingdom because all that concerns God and His creation occurs within her jurisdiction. We have the right to pray about everything that we perceive to be wrong as long as we've placed ourself before the Lord to have Him assure us and He has assured us that we are in Christ, that there is no personal motive, no motive of personal gain, that has called our attention to this issue.


The name Adonay actually means ruler and witnesses to how the power and the energy is received from the highest name of God which is Ehyeh, YHVH. See, I say Jehovah when I see the Tetragrammaton YHVH. The reason I'm spelling it YHVH here instead HVYH is because I'm in a different book. This author is spelling it YHVH. The other book that we were in spelled the Tetragrammaton differently. The whole concept of this Tetragrammaton with its four letters is HVYH in the other book, is that this name is suppose to be unpronounceable. What I read is that nobody knows how to pronounce this name. Well, we could say Jehovah, but that's not the correct pronunciation of the Name of Power. Nobody can say that name and when I see these four letters, I say Jehovah, because it's easiest for me. The principle behind it is that there is such power in this name and the correct pronunciation of it has been completely lost. But you have to understand that this is a spiritual principle and that the person who ascends high enough in his mind, the person in whom the mind of Christ dwells permanently, on a high level, will automatically be expressing or manifesting this name. It's not a verbal pronunciation; is it Jehovah or is it "Jeheva." That's not it. It's an expression of the nature of God associated with that high level. Apparently, it's such a high level that nobody around is expressing that nature anymore.


So the name Adonay means ruler and witnesses to how the power and the energy is received from the highest name of God, which is Ehyeh. That's translated I AM Jehovah. I have an asterisk there. Well, I've really been struggling with this message. I don't see any comment with an asterisk on it. So let me just continue to read and I'll see if I can find out what that asterisk means. Obviously it's an explanation as to why I'm saying Ehyeh Jehovah because if you look at the charts that I've given you, Jehovah does not appear until the third level, understanding. I've never seen Ehyeh or I AM associated with Jehovah. So let me just read my whole statement and see if I can answer this here. The name Adonay actually means ruler and witnesses to how the power and the energy is received from the highest name of God, Ehyeh or I AM-Jehovah. But Malkhut specifically refers to the way the world is governed through judgment. The Hebrew word for judgment is Din, but Malkhut specifically refers to the way the world is governed through judgment, brethren, righteous judgment. The world is governed with judgment. There cannot be any manifestation of Christ without judgment because everyone is fallen and Christ is correction. He is correction personified. So the world is governed through judgment, whose power emanates from the name or the aspect of God called Adonay. So Malkhut is an attribute of God. Malkhut describes certain aspects of how Christ Jesus will manifest Himself to us and in us to other people.


The way He deals with people is through corrective judgment and the power to do that emanates from the aspect of God called Adonay, which is the lowest aspect of God. It is the aspect of God that is closest to man. Malkhut clave to David and David ultimately received the kingdom called the kingdom of the house of David. You see what this is saying, is that David never could have been a physical king if he didn't have this aspect of God cleaving to him. We cannot do anything in the natural if we are truly living for Christ unless the associated aspect of the nature of God dwells in us. We, the personality, must be following after the Christ Jesus that's dwelling in us. That's why if you have a ministry or if you desire a ministry, you must ask for it. You cannot go out and do it yourself. I am amazed at how from time to time, someone will come to me and ask me how they could start a ministry. Brethren, I never started this ministry. I didn't even want it. God had to come to me two or three times. Does that mean I'm great and He was begging me to do it. No! He just knew that I thought I couldn't do it. I was physically ill and very weak. I just didn't think I would be able to keep my commitment. So I kept saying no. But you can't say no to God for very long. Why would He come back? Because He knew my motive wasn't evil. It wasn't rebellious. I didn't think I could do it. You can't start your own ministry. The closer you get to the Lord, the less you even rule your own life. You can't even rule your own life. If you want the solutions to the problems in your family solved, your best bet is turning them over to the Lord; your job, your finances, your personal life. The closer you get to Him, the less you have to say about it.


I perceive Malkhut to be manifesting to the church. Well, here I have written Christ Jesus, but I'm thinking it should really just be Christ. You see, all of these books that comprise Kabbalah, they're written in different centuries and the names that they use don't always jive. One book will say the Unlimited One or the Limitless One. The other book says the Eyn Sof. One book says JHAV. The other says YHVH. In their foundations, they all pretty much agree with one another. But I find the teachings of Isaac Luria a great help and when I was putting this issue before the Lord, I asked if Malkhut is Christ or is Malkhut Christ Jesus. This is what the Lord told me. He gave me a deeper understanding than appears in this book, The Gates of Light. He told me that Malkhut has a personification. Does anybody remember the name of the personification of Malkhut? Yes, the personification of the attribute of God called Malkhut, kingship, the personality associated with that name is Nukva. Nukva has certain powers when she is unmarried and other powers when she is married. Now the book, The Gates of Light doesn't make that distinction. But as you read through the book, I can see those distinctions as I read through the book, that Malkhut has different functions. I'm going very slow today, but we will get to it eventually, either in tonight's service or next Thursday. Adonay has all different functions and I don't think the author of The Gates of Light really distinguishes the circumstances under which she has different powers.


But when I questioned the Lord, this is what He said to me. She has the lesser powers when she is unmarried and she has the greater powers when she's married and who does Nukva marry? Does anybody remember who Nukva marries? Who is her husband? I shouldn't say that; I'm sorry. She is married. Nukva is married, but she isn't always living with her husband. When Nukva couples with her husband, what is the name of her husband? No, Jesus is pretty close, but in Kabbalah we use a different name. What's the name? Yes, Ze'ir Anpin is the husband of Nukva. They are separated, according to Isaac Luria, on the weekdays and they come together and couple or have spiritual sexual intercourse on the Sabbath. When Nukva and her husband, Ze'ir Anpin couple, great blessings go forth. That's the teaching from The Tree of Life. So here we really see the same thing with less of a separation between the two functions of Adonay and Malkhut. See, all these names are enough to drive you crazy, so I'm going to try to not go back and forth too much. So we're talking about Malkhut and when I put these issues before the Lord, I realized that, basically, I have to say Malkhut is manifesting to the church as Christ. But when she couples with her husband, Ze'ir Anpin, she manifests Christ Jesus and she receives more power. This is where I am right now. Malkhut is manifesting to the church as Christ and when Christ in a man is married to Christ Jesus, that is the marriage that increases the power.


Now there's a group of people in the flesh that have Christ alone. There's a group of people in the flesh that have Christ Jesus. Christ in you is married to Christ Jesus in me. I've told you this before. So you have available to you all the blessings of Christ Jesus through this marriage, certainly, every time we come together. It seems to me that we're permanently joined. I'm not always physically with you, but you're always in my heart. So as far as the relationship goes between Christ in you and Christ Jesus in me, I think the marriage is continuous, but I don't know. I don't want to get into areas that I don't know, that I really am not sure about. But certainly, when we're in service like this together, the power of the coupling of Christ or the power of the coupling of Nukva and Ze'ir Anpin go forth. I've told you many times that we are a body of Christ, that we are a collective unit and when I preach, even though I'm preaching and you're listening, the power that is resident in Christ in you is rising to the surface and a cloud is formed over this meeting. We are a collective unit which produces and manufactures thought forms that the Lord Jesus uses to help the members of His body even on the other side of the world. I've been telling you that for years and here we see we have an example, a personal example, of the coupling of Nukva and Ze'ir Anpin as Isaac Luria expresses it. When we gather together, this collective body that I've been telling you about for years; it's the Sabbath Day and it's the coupling of Ze'ir Anpin in me and Nukva in you. Christ Jesus in me and Christ in you; together we exert and manifest more power than anyone of us would manifest on their own.


Okay, we're going to do a study on Adonay, the name of God that is associated with the tenth sefirot, Malkhut. But before we start I want to explain Jehovah's importance and preeminence amongst the names of God, which I have been unable to explain up until now since Jehovah appears as the third, not the first most important name in the tenth sefirot and Jehovah is associated with Binah, the third sefirot. So when you look at that list of ten sefirot, Jehovah is the third one down and I have not been able to explain to you how there are two names of God that are higher than Jehovah and yet all of us who have been reading the Bible for years know it's obvious to us that Jehovah is preeminent in the Old Testament. I've preached it for years that Jehovah is God and Elohim is under Him. I was shocked, myself, to find out that there were two grades of God higher than Him, but I felt the Lord was telling me that it was true. So here we have an explanation that has really satisfied me. All the names of God are intrinsically tied to the Tetragrammaton which is the YHVH. That's the abbreviation of the name of this very high aspect of God, Jehovah. Even though many would argue that the name Ehyeh, which is I AM, which is associated with the first sefirot, Keter, is the highest name of God. That's the first sefirot. That's the highest name of God. Well how come Jehovah is mentioned throughout the whole scripture much more than I AM. Here's the answer why. The answer to this puzzle is that the Tetragrammaton is like the trunk of a tree from which the branches grow. The branches grow out of the trunk and the name Ehyeh, which we know to be I AM, is like the root that other roots grow out of.


So we see that Ehyeh, I AM, produces roots and the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, produces branches. Yet, it is the trunk of the tree that nurtures the branches which are the names of God, each one of which bears a different fruit. A name of God is an attribute of God. Each attribute of God bears its own fruit. So we see that Ehyeh, that's I AM manifesting as Keter and Yah manifesting as Chokhmah, are roots. That of course, is the crown and wisdom. Keter is the highest level, crown, and yah manifesting as Chokhmah, is wisdom. They are roots. The crown and wisdom, they are roots. But Jehovah who manifests Binah, understanding, is a tree trunk. She is the trunk and that the remaining seven sefirot are branches that grow out of the tree trunk. We're looking at an explanation of mediator-ship here. What this is really saying is that the reason that Jehovah is more prominent or more involved with the seven lower sefirot, which are in men, is that Jehovah is the mediator between mortal man that's manifesting some nature of God and the aspects of the Almighty that are so high that we could never relate to them. It's as if the Eyn Sof is manifesting Himself as I AM and Yah and He said to Jehovah, you are the general that I am sending to mortal man. Yes, you're a two star general and there's a three star general and a four star general above you, but you have the sole responsibility, Jehovah, of dealing with humanity. You are going to be my emissary to humanity and yes, there are two higher than you, I Am and Yah, but you're the one that's dealing with these people. The Bible is written to us. The Bible is God's message to humanity. Therefore Jehovah is mentioned preeminently in the Scripture because He is the general that is sent to deal with us. We couldn't relate to anyone higher.


So we see that Jehovah is in a position of mediator between mortal man who has the potential to manifest the seven lower sefirot. We have that potential to manifest grace and overcoming power and victory and the mind of Christ and all that, down here. Many of us are starting to do that, which gives us the ability to relate to Jehovah, but we could never comprehend the I AM. He's too high. But as we ascend and we become a part of the tree trunk, eventually, we will relate to I AM also, because, eventually, the whole creation will be swallowed up into the Father. So we see that Ehyeh, I AM, manifesting as Keter and Yah, Chokhmah manifesting as wisdom, are roots, but that Jehovah who is Binah, understanding, is a tree trunk. So the greatness of God has sent us understanding. The remaining seven sefirot are branches that grow out of that tree trunk. The lower seven sefirot which are the seven days of creation, we're told, are branches that grow out of Jehovah, the tree trunk. Therefore, the seven lower sefirot are more intimately related with Jehovah, the tree trunk that generates them, than they are with the roots of the tree. It is the tree trunk that nurtures the branches that carry the other names or attributes of God, each one represented by a different fruit. So you see, our proof that we're manifesting any particular attribute of God is the fruit or the expression of that attribute. Anybody could say that they have the nature of God, but you have to put your behavior where your mouth is and of course, your behavior has to arise out of the nature of God. We have some people who are phonies. That is the definition of pharisee. They have all the moves and they know how to act, but their heart is not manifesting the true nature of the Almighty.


Each of the names of God has descriptive attributes associated with it. For example, some descriptive attributes for the Tetragrammaton, the Hebrew word is NORA, which means awesome. I love that song, He's An Awesome God. The Tetragrammaton, YHVH, He is also the remover of sin. He's the one who takes the sin away. You see, the Holy Spirit forgives us by faith, but Jehovah, who is manifesting Himself to us as the Lord Jesus today, removes the sin. We should all know here that sin is removed only after it is exposed, confessed, and repented of. Sometimes we have to repent and pray for a long period of time before the Lord Jesus removes our potential to do that sin. The remover of sin means that the potential is removed. You become incapable of it. He's also the one who ignores sin. If He wants to, He can cover your sins. The name of God called EL, is Chesed, wisdom. Gadol is one of His attributes called great. He also shows mercy and pardoning. For Elohim, two of His attributes are mighty and judge. So we see that judgment is associated with Elohim. I have been preaching for a long time that Elohim is at the foundation of our nature in Christ. Elohim sent Michael. Michael manifested as Elijah. Then Elijah manifested as Jesus. Elohim is at the root there, is at the foundation there. Elohim is the aspect of God that enters into judgment. Of course, all judgment is given over to the son. That means we must be an aspect of Elohim. In the same way that the Tetragrammaton EL and Elohim have descriptive attributes, each descriptive attribute has its own descriptive attributes, until all the words of the Scripture are interwoven into a tapestry of God's descriptive action, all of which are tied to God's names, which, in turn, are tied to the unpronounceable Tetragrammaton, YHVH.


Now remember, we're not talking about words here. I've tripped over this for a long time. We're not talking about the verbal pronunciation of words. The spiritual pronunciation of a word is to express that quality of God. To say the Tetragrammaton is unpronounceable means that nobody in the earth today has the ability to manifest the nature of God on the level designated at or identified as Tetragrammaton. You see, Elohim signifies judgment. I manifest the nature of God as Elohim, frequently. Every time you're here, I'm judging your sins. I'm manifesting the name of God called Elohim. I'm manifesting Elohim to you every time I tell you that that was not Christ, but that was your sin nature that spoke out from you. I am manifesting Elohim to you when I do that. Jesus said to the disciples, you've been with me these three years and you still don't know that I am the Father? Jesus manifested the name of God or the attribute of God called the Father to the disciples. So we see, that every word of the Scripture is ultimately tied to Jehovah, which makes Jehovah the mediator between the entire counsel of God as represented by the seven lower sefirot and Ehyeh (I Am) and Yah (wisdom) the roots of the tree. Jehovah is the mediator between the counsel of God that's in the earth and the roots of the tree, the high manifestations of God. Therefore, we can now understand why Jehovah rather than Ehyeh (I Am) and Yah, takes the preeminent role in the Scripture, which is God's message to mortal man. The Scripture is God's message to mortal man.


So we're about to enter into a study on the name Adonay, where we will talk about many attributes. I hope we can cover all, but I can't honestly tell you that we'll do all, but we're going to talk about the way Adonay manifests through men and to men. Adonay is the aspect of God who manifests in the attribute called Malkhut, kingdom. When you see me manifesting authority to you, that's Malkhut who is manifesting in me as Christ. When Christ in me is married to the Lord Jesus, which I'm sure is the case when I'm preaching, I'm manifesting Malkhut plus all of the six sefirot above her. I feel like I'm really confusing you. I'll put this on the board for you and then we'll call it quits for today. It's time for dinner. I'll just put this last item on the board for you. Okay, I know this is getting confusing, but this is what we've got. Part of the problem is that we're dealing with Kabbalistic works from different centuries, from different authors, that don't always use the same names. But all the names are valid. We're dealing with Adonay, an aspect of God. Now that name is in the Scripture. Adonay is an aspect of God. Adonay manifests itself to mortal men as the tenth sefirot called Malkhut, the lowest sefirot of God, the closest sefirot to us. It is the first sefirot for us and the tenth sefirot from God. Is everybody okay with that so far?


Malkhut is an attribute or an expression of Adonay. The best example that I have I am going to repeat because I think you can understand it the most. I manifest Elohim to you when I correct you or when I expose your motives as being the motives of your carnal mind. When I correct you and tell you that you are doing something wrong, I am manifesting Elohim to you. How do I know that? Well, I've been taught that one of the attributes of Elohim is judgment. So that's how I know it. If you do something wrong to me and I truly forgive you, I'm manifesting Yesod to you. That's the fourth sefirot. How do I know that? Because I'm taught that the expression or the attribute of Yesod is mercy, which is the forgiveness of sins. So to say that we have an attribute of God, but not be able to express it means that we're a phoney. The New Testament tells us love without works is dead. Isn't that the Scripture? Love without works is dead. So you tell me that you love me, but you don't act like you love me. Therefore, even if you do really love me, if you don't show me the expression of it, it's the same as if you didn't love me. As far as I'm concerned, it's the same as if you didn't love me. So we have aspects of God and then we have the expression of that aspect. It's by the expression of that aspect, which the New Testament calls fruit, that we know whether or not we're really manifesting any particular aspect of God. Well I have the love of God. You do? How does it show? Are you forgiving the sins of people who have truly violated you? You see, now here's where you get into trouble. It cannot be a religious work. You have to be able to judge whether or not it's true forgiveness. Unless you're very mature in Christ, you may not be able to do that. You may have to get a witness from someone else, from an elder in Christ, if you can't do it for yourself. You, especially, think you forgive people and you're convinced that you do, but the Lord has shown us that all you did was put Satan in the pit and she's just manifesting all over the place. She hasn't really forgiven. You've just locked up that quality of yourself, but you haven't really stopped her. So Adonay is the aspect of God called a name of God. It's one of the names of God. Adonay expresses itself to us as the sefirot called Malkhut. Malkhut is an attribute or an expression of Adonay. Every name of God has attributes. Every name of God is an aspect of the nature of God which is recognizable when it is manifesting. Every name of God is an aspect of the nature of God and every aspect of the nature of God is recognizable if you know what to look for. It is recognizable when it is manifesting. You can't say you have the nature of God or that you're in the image of God if you're not manifesting or expressing this nature. You see, even if it's there, if it's covered over, it's fruitless. You're a dead tree.


Okay, now we're on the right side of the board. Now here's where we ran into a problem with this book, The Gates of Light. If I hadn't studied Isaac Luria, I would never be able to understand from The Gates of Light that Malkhut is both married and unmarried and that she manifests more power when she is married than when she is not married. What I got out of The Gates of Light we'll go into in this study. He's talking about all the different expressions of Adonay. As he goes on in his book, he gets to an expression or an attribute of Adonay called All. Well, why would he call her All? I didn't know. The Lord had to tell me. The author of this book is Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla. He's dead, of course, and I don't know offhand when he lived, but I think he was a part of a community. This central text of Jewish mysticism was written in thirteen century Spain. He was in Spain where Kabbalah flourished. I guess it was before the inquisition when they all fled. This book is considered to be the most articulate work on mystical Kabbalah. Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla goes into the names of God and he goes into the many many attributes of Adonay who was relating to humans as Malkhut. Are you okay with that?


Adonay is the aspect of God who relates to us as Malkhut, the tenth sefirah. Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla goes into all the different ways that Malkhut relates to us. I'm sort of ahead of myself with this except that it seems appropriate now. He starts off by explaining the way that the unmarried Malkhut relates to us. She has a certain measure of power and we'll go into that after dinner tonight. But then he gets to the point where he says, yes, the word, All, is also an attribute or an expression of Malkhut. Then he goes on and gives all of these examples of how she behaves and the things that she does when Malkhut is manifesting to us as the All. The Lord had to explain to me that starting with that attribute of All, Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla is starting to talk about the way Malkhut expresses herself to us when she's married. Before the All, everything in that book was a description of how Malkhut relates to us when she is alone, when it is somebody that just has Christ in them. After Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla introduces Malkhut, whose attribute is the All, that is the beginning of all the things and all the ways that Malkhut will express herself to us when she is married. Now I'm taking this very slow. I really don't want to confuse you. I want you to get this. Now we learned from Isaac Luria that Malkhut has a personality. She has a name that makes her into a personality. She's not just loving kindness. That probably doesn't associate with her. I just can't think of an aspect of Malkhut right now. She's not just a king. She's king "so and so." She has a personality. That attribute is tied to a personality.


Isaac Luria developed this whole system of partzufim, personalities, to help us to understand the nature of God because this is very complicated. So is anybody struggling right now with me saying that Malkhut is the expression of the nature of God or the aspect of God, Adonay, and that Nukva is the personal expression of Malkhut? Are you okay with that? So now the Lord is bringing the teaching of Isaac Luria into our study with Joseph Gikatilla. I think this is wonderful, personally. This is very exciting. I now can understand that the expression of Malkhut to us as the All is talking about the married Nukva. You may remember this. We took a lot of time on how Nukva marries Ze'ir Anpin, how they are a married couple, but that they're not always living together and that when Nukva marries Ze'ir Anpin, when they couple together, when they have spiritual sexual intercourse, great blessings go forth and new souls are made. Remember that teaching? So let me just review Isaac Luria to you. Ze'ir Anpin is a partzuf, is a personality that expresses six of the sefirot. Ze'ir Anpin expresses six of the seven lowest sefirot. The top three sefirot are called the Head. Keter is called crown. Wisdom is called father and understanding is called mother. They're very high. The people who have Christ in them are just beginning on their path. We don't have all that much to do with them. They would be expressing themselves to us as the Glorified Jesus Christ. See, once Christ is grafted to you, we're pretty much relating to Christ in ourself. The Glorified Jesus Christ, He's just up there watching over His son. He only comes in when there's trouble. Can everybody say okay to that?


Once Christ is grafted to you, Christ is your Savior. Christ grafted to you is your Savior. The Glorified Jesus Christ is only watching over you like a mother hen. He's only coming down to intervene when Christ in you can't handle the job. Are you okay with that? We're taught that the seven lower sefirot are related to the seven days of creation. What does that mean? It means that the seven lower sefirot are closer to the heart of mortal man. We can't really relate to those high sefirot, crown, wisdom and understanding. That's really high. We're just trying to make it where we are. The seven lower sefirot are closer to mortal man. We stand a better chance of moving in and acquiring these attributes of God. One attribute of God is grace. You know, this is not just for us to receive, this is for us to give out. Grace includes forgiveness of sins. Are you really forgiving your enemies? Gevurah, which is might; we manifest that with the Holy Spirit. Everybody here has manifested the might of God and Tiferet, which is a combination and a balancing of grace and might. You know, we've talked about this so many times, if you just stop to think about it. I'll either tell you, now don't baby that person or don't talk to me like that. Don't make me feel bad, don't say, oh, I'm so sorry that happened; don't make me weak. I've rebuked all of you for doing things like that. That's overdoing the grace and the might would be someone who's too tough.


I just heard that last week. Someone's wife just had a mini stroke and there was this young twenty five year old woman. She's very nice, but all young people think they know it all. Here's the man in pain and she's saying oh well, she'll be alright. In other words, what are you even talking about it for? Well, the man needed to talk about it. This balancing of mercy and toughness is called Tiferet. I call it merciful judgment because it tells the truth. Not many people have this. Either they're too tough or they're too soft. So this Tiferet is being developed, at least in this fellowship. I don't know that anybody really has this in this fellowship. Then comes Netzach which is victory or overcoming. Well, everybody here is an overcomer. You've all overcome a lot of things in Christ Jesus and you're all in the process of overcoming your carnal mind. You couldn't be sitting here if you weren't overcoming your carnal mind. Then comes Hod, the mind of God. Well, you're moving in, but no one here is really manifesting the mind of God. I can't say that is happening here in New York. But you're getting there. We have examples of how God thinks. What do I mean by the mind of God? How God thinks, how God views a situation, how He identifies it, how He analyzes it and how He relates to a problem. The thought processes of Christ; we're working on developing that here. In Hod we have male authority. You don't get the male authority until you have the mind of God. You get the mind of God when you acquire these other qualities. So everybody here has grace. Everybody here has might.


We're waiting for you to put it together into merciful judgment because nobody here really exercises righteous judgment. Either you don't want to show the person their sins because you're too soft or you're showing them their sins in an ungodly way. So that's pretty much where you all are now. We're trying to balance these two qualities. Then when you balance them, you have the victory and the mind of God will start manifesting through you. You have to have these four qualities before the mind of God really starts functioning in you. So all of these six qualities; grace, might, merciful judgment, victory, mind of God in male authority; Isaac Luria put them all together in a male personality called Ze'ir Anpin. We know Him to be Christ Jesus. If you think you're manifesting Christ Jesus, then every one of these six qualities have to be expressed through you. If they're not, you're not manifesting Christ Jesus. Now in spiritual things, it's not going to be that first you'll express grace and then you'll express might. It's not linear. All of these qualities are being developed in you simultaneously. You may have one quality manifesting with more strength than another quality. But unless you can honestly say that you have seen all six of these qualities manifest at once, at any one time, you're not yet manifesting Christ Jesus and that's okay. You should know where you're at. But you are all married women because everybody here in this fellowship is the unmarried Malkhut, which is Christ and Christ in you is married to Christ Jesus in me.


That means that everything that I've got is yours for the taking. As you sit here in submission to me and as you confess your shortcomings, you will be everything in Christ that I am in Christ, someday. But when you stand up to me and I'm not pointing at anybody right now (this is really for the tape) and insist that you're right when it comes to issues of identification of problems or how to deal with problems or issues of authority or how you relate to somebody, I'm always right. You're never suppose to talk back to me. You're suppose to go to the Lord and say, Father, I think Sheila may have made a mistake. If I'm wrong, correct me, but if she was wrong, correct her. But in any event, straighten my heart out, because if I think that she did something wrong to me, there is something wrong in my heart and I can't live like this. So either fix me or fix her. There's never suppose to be a controversy here and I'm not talking about what happened to you last week. That was a genuine manifestation, which I see as very positive, that repressed emotions were coming out. So as long as you stay in submission to this imperfect person here with God as the ultimate judge, everything that I have is standing ready to flow into you as soon as you get all the dirt out of your channels. Everything I am in Christ, it's yours, but you have to unplug the channels. You've got dirt clogging up your wells. That's just the truth. God wants you to have everything and I want you to have everything. I'm not holding anything back from you.


So we see that we're reconciling Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla's teachings with Isaac Luria's teaching and that Isaac Luria's teaching is helping us to understand Rabbi Gikatilla's teachings. We now understand that Christ can be in us in two forms. All of you, to whatever degree you're manifesting Ze'ir Anpin when you're around me, you have an imputed Ze'ir Anpin. Maybe my mind is affecting you. Maybe you're doing things my way. That's okay for a season. Eventually, it has to grow out of its own root in your own heart. So getting back to Rabbi Gikatilla, we have an unmarried Malkhut which is likened to Christ in us and a married Malkhut, which is likened to Christ Jesus in us and Rabbi Gikatilla calls his married Malkhut, All. When Malkhut is married and she manifests as the All, she has powers that surpass the single Malkhut. After dinner we will go into some of the different attributes of Adonay and we'll have an opportunity to see what she does when she's manifesting as the All and what she does or can do for us and for other people through us, when she's manifesting as other attributes. Now did you get that? I think I explained this. Are there any questions? Are you all okay?


This is very hard, but I feel that you've all got it. You weren't getting it when I was talking from my chair. This is very hard. Listen, you know you've got to be right down the middle on this. Don't be too hard on yourself and don't be too soft on yourself. This is very hard. Not only are you learning Kabbalah, but now the Lord is interpellating Kabbalah from different centuries with different words. He's interpellating them. He's mixing them together, Rabbi Gikatilla with Isaac Luria's teaching. This is very hard. So whatever you're getting, you're doing great. Just keep hanging in there and submitting to the teaching and you will have a breaking through. You will have a piercing through. Is there any question I can answer for you now on any issue that we spoke about today?


COMMENT: I have a question about the I AM. The Scripture says that Moses answered to I AM in all of his contacts and you say I AM is unapproachable.


PASTOR VITALE: It's not that He's unapproachable. I don't know if I would use that word, although perhaps that's correct. But what happened with Moses is really expressed in a drawing from a previous message. Let me see what I could say to you right now. When Malkhut is in us, when Christ is grafted to us, she becomes a receptacle for any manifestation of the Godhead, for any of the sefirot that want to come down.


So let's put it this way. This may not be completely accurate, but I'm going to try to explain it to you this way. The I AM is up there and He's left the whole care of mortal man to these lower sefirot. But Moses was given an assignment to deliver the Hebrew children from Pharaoh and he needed great strength to do it. Therefore, I AM came down, descended into Moses' Malkhut and spoke to him. He came down. The higher grade of the Godhead came down. Malkhut, she's the female. We're the socket that the ball goes into. We're female. We receive. Malkhut receives. Any aspect of the Godhead that wants to, once Malkhut is cleaving to us or once Christ is cleaving to us, any aspect of the Godhead can come down. That's why it is so important that Christ is grafted to us, because unless Christ is grafted to us, we do not have the vehicle for the Lord Jesus to come down and cleave to us. This way, once Christ is grafted to us, the Glorified Jesus can come down whenever He wants because He's got His point of contact in us. But the Glorified Jesus Christ has a plan and His plan is that before the Glorified Jesus comes down and dwells in you, first He wants you to be Christ Jesus and He wants you to be married. If all you have is Christ, if you're just starting, He wants you to be married to a man or a teacher or a pastor that will disciple you, that will give you everything they have in Christ Jesus and then as Christ in you matures, eventually, the Glorified Jesus Christ will come down into you.


But in the case of Moses, it was like an emergency. Moses was sent on a mission and he needed that power. If I'm not mistaken, the time at which I AM came to speak to Moses was when Moses didn't want to go and he was troubled. I'm thinking it was when his son wasn't circumcised, but I could be wrong about that. But the bottom line is that the highest level of power came to Moses as an indication that Moses was going with the power of the full Ten Sefirot, the full miracle working power of the Ten Sefirot. That was when that commission was given to him by the highest general. Does that help you at all? He can come down whenever He wants, you see. Let me give you a more natural example. Let's say you have a child in the first grade and he's starting to learn math. Well, let's say his father is a PHD and teaches physics or teaches calculus in college. The father can come and teach math to his first grade son. He could do it if he wants to, but there's no practical reason for him to be doing it. He provides first grade teachers for his son. But if there ever was some kind of emergency, let's say the little boy was failing the class, the father with the PHD in calculus could come down and help him to learn how to subtract, if he wants to. But the Lord is very economical. Everything is in order. He only comes down when He's required.


That's one of the biggest problems in the church today. Everybody wants to get their needs met from God according to their way and the Lord is bringing the church into a discipleship program and the church is filled with rebellion and doesn't want to disciple. They want to be in charge of the pastors. They want the freedom to come and go from church to church as they please and they don't want the correction. But in due season they will all come under correction because the Lord is moving, at least in the church in the United States right now. He is moving us out of kindergarten. The Holy Spirit is pre-school, not even kindergarten. The next step up is discipleship. You have to go to the church where God puts you. But of course, before God can do that, He has to manifest the teachers. The only reason the church is not under full discipleship or under full judgment yet is that the teachers haven't manifested. Right now the Lord is raising up the teachers and you can't be a teacher unless you've been through the White Throne Judgment yourself. How long is this going to take? I don't know. God has all the time in the world. But it's started. We know that it's started and that's very exciting.


Does anybody else have anything to say?


COMMENT: You no sooner wrote down on the board, Christ in one man marries Christ Jesus in another man and two scriptures immediately popped into my head. How can two walk together unless they be in agreement and the other scripture was, if two agree in prayer.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, well I've always known that. To start with your second scripture first, I've always known that that did not mean if two carnal minds agree in prayer, anything will be answered to them. I've always known that it didn't mean that. It has to mean the agreement of Christ. It has to mean, at the very least, Christ in you and Christ in me, in agreement. It may mean something more than that. It may mean Christ in one person and Christ Jesus in another person. That's really true. I never thought of that. How can two walk together if they're not in agreement. How can the disciple and the student walk together if they're not in agreement. The only way we're going to be in agreement, when we're still as mortal as we are, is for the person who's under the authority to submit. That's true of your natural husband and it's true of your spiritual teacher. Submit, submit, submit. Do whatever you're told or asked to do and if it's really bothering you or it doesn't even have to be bothering you, just put it before the Lord. But make sure you put it before the Lord with a submitted heart. I'm going to accept it, Lord. I'm going to accept what Sheila said, I'm going to accept what my husband said, unless you intervene. I'm going to assume that it's right unless you move to make a correction. There's going to be peace in this house. It's the only way you can walk together. It's the truth. Anybody else? Praise the Lord.


Praise the Lord. We're back from dinner and we're just going to review some of these terms because these names are confusing a lot of people. I exhort you all if you're having trouble with the names, don't worry about it and just sort of lean back and let the message flow over you and just let whatever the Lord wants to quicken to you be quickened to you. Adonay is one of the names of God. We're dealing with the names of God, a name of God signifying an aspect or an attribute of God. It's like I am the whole person, Sheila, but this is my right arm and this is my left arm. This is the left arm of sheila. This is the right arm of Sheila. All of the names of God are collectively called the Tetragrammaton that no one knows how to pronounce. I'm going to say Jehovah, JAVH. All of the names of God are inclusive in that one name, Jehovah. Adonay is the lowest level of the names of God. She is the level that is closest to man. Adonay, one of the names or aspects of God expresses itself as Malkhut, the tenth sefirah. Malkhut is an attribute of God called king.


If Malkhut dwells in you, you have a spiritual potential to be king over your family. King means leadership. That means you have leadership qualities and that Adonay goes forth and defends you and fights your battles because associated with kingship is militarism. Every kingdom has an army because this is a hostile world. So if Malkhut dwells in you, if she cleaves to you, you have leadership qualities and of course, leadership qualities are on the masculine side, which means you have male strength and leadership qualities. You have the defense of yourself and the wherewithal to win your battles. Your legitimate battles have to be legitimate in Christ, so we talk about that in terms of being a son. I've been telling you all here for a long time that if you're a housewife and you've been a housewife for all of your life, you may find it a little more difficult. You may have more trials in training to go through to be a son of God than a man who has been an executive for twenty years who's used to ruling over an organization and managing people. But you're not going to jump from being a frightened little housewife, who can't make a decision without asking her husband, to being a son of God manifesting authority in the Kingdom of God. If that's what you think, you're deceived. It's a journey.


This kingship, this authority, has to be built in you little by little; the manifestation of authority. To have a position in this world where you are a king, where you manifest leadership qualities and authority involves being responsible, doing what you say you're going to do, being responsible to remember what you say you're going to do and to do it excellently, to be reliable. So if you have those qualities when you first start on this program, well, you're ahead. Praise the Lord. You can work on something else. But if you come in here and you don't have those qualities yet, you need to know that those qualities must be developed in you because you cannot go on with God until the foundational qualities of a son are developed in you. If you're looking for eternal life and you can't remember to do what you said you were going to do, you're going to be bitterly disappointed. Eternal life is the final reward of developing all of the attributes of the nature of God and God doesn't forget what He says He's going to do. He doesn't say it and forget to write it down and then forget all about it and think nothing of it. So you have to be realistic. To expect eternal life and think nothing of not being able to deliver a true analysis of what you've said, you're completely out in left field. It's not going to happen. That's the truth.


So Adonay expresses itself as Malkhut, the tenth sefirah, which is an attribute of the name of God, Adonay. Every name has a manifestation. Anger has a manifestation. Everybody knows what anger looks like. Rage has a manifestation. Everybody knows what rage looks like. Most people can recognize compassion. A lot of people can recognize fear although a lot of people manifest fear in a very subtle way that hides it. But if you're honest with your fear, that's recognizable. Well, in the same manner, the attributes of God are recognizable. Male authority is recognizable. Identification with the mind of God, thinking like Christ, is recognizable, but only recognizable by other people who think with the mind of Christ. Victory is recognizable. Everybody loves a winner. You can recognize a winner. When they walk into the room, you can recognize a winner, people who just succeed at everything they put their hand to, just like everybody recognizes a loser. You could recognize an athlete when he walks into the room. You just have to know what you're looking for. So Adonay is a name of God that has an expression that is a recognizable expression to those who know what they're looking for. Adonay expresses itself as Malkhut and the personification of Malkhut is Nukva according to Lurianic Kabbalah.


Nukva has two manifestations. She acts one way when she's a single woman and she acts another way when she's married, although that's not really accurate. She is married, but she's not always living with or coupling with or engaged in intercourse with her husband. So, I'm going to call her single when she's not with her husband. Nukva, when she's an unmarried woman, she is a receiver. She is a recipient. She is a collecting tank. She's receives the emanations, the energy and the power and the blessings from the attributes of God that are above. The unmarried Nukva is Christ to us in this generation. If you don't have Christ and the blessings from above fall upon you, whatever you can catch at the moment stays with you when everything else is lost. It's sort of like the manna in the wilderness. You see, that's like the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit really doesn't accumulate in you. It's like water. The Holy Spirit is likened to water. When it pours out, if you're in the midst of it, grab your healing, grab your blessing, grab your gift, and then the anointing goes, and what do you have? You don't have anything. He's gone.


Now I'm all for going to church. So don't misquote what I'm going to tell you. But people that are hung up on the Holy Spirit, can become Christian addicts. Do you know there are self help groups all over the internet for people trying to be de-programmed from Christian churches where they're in bondage to the pastor? It's true. So when that outpouring comes from the Holy Spirit, you would do well to catch something that's going to remain with you, so that if you can't get to church or God forbid, your pastor dies or the church shuts down, you are not without comfort. The ultimate goal of the Holy Spirit is to impregnate you, to graft Christ to you. When Christ grafts to you, you start studying the Word. When you start having an intense relationship with the Word and studying is gratifying to you, if God forbid you find yourself without a church, you are not without comfort. Once that word gets inside of you, if God forbid you should lose your bible and not be able to purchase another one, that word is inside of you. You can talk to Him. He can teach you. I believe if I were lost on a desert island, God forbid, without a Bible or any of my tools that I work with, that Jesus Christ would teach me intensely by the Spirit. He would not leave me ashamed. Now that doesn't happen with the Holy Spirit, brethren. So you see, we must have a receptacle inside of us that catches the rain.


I think the Lord just gave me some interesting revelation. Did you know that the Hebrew word that's translated manna in the Old Testament (relating to the Hebrew children in the desert) means Elohim? The word is Elohim or very close to Elohim. I think the word may even be Elohim. It can't be exactly Elohim. It has to be very close to Elohim. I don't remember exactly what I found in the study. I said, well, I know that Elohim was feeding the people, but what is this that you have to collect only enough for the day because it rots after that? The Lord just told me that the manna that the Hebrew children received in the desert was the Holy Spirit. It's no good the next day. You can't take it home with you. But if I teach you something, if the word touches you and something grabs your mind and you say, oh wow, listen to that revelation; that you take home with you. You go to sleep with it. You wake up with it in the morning and if you want to, you could chew on it for a whole week. But not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sets your feet to dancing. You get your blessing. You walk out of there and if not in an hour, but certainly by the next morning, it is gone. So the manna that the Hebrew children received in the desert was the Holy Spirit. Compared to the witchcraft activities that they were involved in, in Egypt, the Holy Spirit is light bread. Isn't that interesting?


Okay, so the unmarried Nukva is a receptacle. She collects the emanations that pour out from above. That means once Christ is grafted to you, you can start collecting food. You can start collecting knowledge. You can start collecting wisdom. You can start collecting understanding of the Word and it cleaves unto you because it's collected in Christ within you and it endures. The word endures in you and it builds up and Christ will increase in you. So that's the unmarried Nukva. That's Christ in you. She's a receptacle and catches all the glory that pours out. Now when I say Nukva, remember we're talking about Malkhut, which is the attribute of the name of God, Adonay. They're all the same. For where you are right now, they're all the same. Don't knock your brains out. Just know they're all the same. Nukva, Malkhut and Adonay and Christ, for now, that's where you are; they're all the same. There are very subtle differences between them. But the married Nukva, when she marries her husband, Ze'ir Anpin, who represents the sixth sefirot above Nukva, she changes. We had that on the board in drawing #3. When Nukva marries all of the six qualities of her husband, Ze'ir Anpin, she changes. Her nature changes and she both receives and draws down from her husband above. She calls forth on behalf of the personality, calls forth to the Lord Jesus above and actually draws energy and power from above down to the personality.


The reason that Nukva can do this, that she can call forth and draw down as well as receive when she's married is because when she's married, she acquires six more aspects of God. She acquires mercy, she acquires power, she acquires judgment, she acquires overcoming power and victory. She acquires the ability to identify the mind of God, to think like Christ and she inherits male authority. When she marries, she acquires male authority. So we see the married woman is both male and female. The single Christ is female. She receives only. Christ is a child and receives only. When Christ ascends into Christ Jesus, He becomes a man and He receives and He also intercedes, calls forth, and draws down from above. Now here's a jackpot question. Who does Christ join with to become Christ Jesus? Who does Christ join with to become Christ Jesus? Now remember, to become Christ Jesus, she has to acquire all these extra attributes of God that will make Christ, who is a child, become a man. So the child has to acquire attributes of Christ Jesus.


COMMENT: She has to acquire Christ Jesus by associating with a person that has Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's true. That's true that Christ in a man can marry Christ Jesus in another man. But there's also another aspect that I don't see. Did everybody understand that? Okay. Christ in any individual can form a spirit tie, can marry Christ Jesus in a human being that has all the attributes of Ze'ir Anpin.


You are married to me. Christ in you is married to Christ Jesus in me. Now there's all gradations of these attributes. I'm certainly not manifesting them highly because I know that I don't manifest that kind of miracle power that I would be manifesting if I were manifesting the six attributes of Ze'ir Anpin on a high level. I would be a very powerful person. I have some power, but I'm limited in my ability to heal and to even help myself in many areas. But I am manifesting all of the six attributes of Ze'ir Anpin on some level. They're all there. All six of them are there. So Christ in a man can marry Christ Jesus in another man that is already manifesting the six attributes of Ze'ir Anpin. Do you understand that? So we see that Christ Jesus, if we're talking about His attributes, if we're trying to identify Christ Jesus in a believer, Christ Jesus is manifesting the seven lower sefirot. A man who is manifesting, on some level, all of the seven lower sefirot, you know is Christ Jesus; grace, might, judgment, overcoming power, the mind of Christ, and male authority. If you know somebody who's manifesting each of those six qualities on some level and you have reason to believe that it's in Christ, that person has Christ Jesus. That's how you identify Christ Jesus in a man. But there is another factor that I have not seen expressed in any of the Kabbalistic literature. I know that the Doctrine of Christ teaches us that when Christ abides in a man that the energy of that man is under the dominion of Satan. All mortal men are fallen and our energy is possessed by Satan. Christ has to war against Satan within that believer and acquire the energy of the believer and bring it into the household of Christ Jesus.


So yes, you can have a spirit tie with Christ Jesus in a man, but there's something that you have to do too. How do you acquire the energy within yourself that is possessed by Satan? Does anybody remember? How would you do that? How do you acquire the energy within yourself that Satan is possessing and manifesting? She's laying hold of your energy and manifesting it as envy, as pride, as unforgiveness and hate. How do you get that energy back from Satan?


COMMENT: Constant confession of sin and repentance.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, confession of sin and repentance and you must war against her. You must take it back. You have no power to war against her if you're not engaging in confession and repentance. But once you engage in confession and repentance, then all the power in heaven is on your side. The power of Christ in you and the power of Christ Jesus, in whoever the Lord has joined you to, is on your side to war against Satan within you and take that energy from her. When you do that, you ascend into your heart center and in your heart center you manifest Christ Jesus. You can manifest Christ Jesus, based on your relationship with another man who has the nature of Christ Jesus, just long enough until you get strong yourself in that area. You're not suppose to stay dependent, but if you have to be dependent for a season, which almost everybody does, that's okay, as long as your teacher is not capturing you. You cannot capture your disciples. You have to strengthen them and release them to God, because you will go down and your disciples will go down, if you try to hold on to your disciple to comfort yourself in any way.


So we see that the unmarried Nukva, she can also be called Malkhut or Adonay or Christ. She and Christ, the one who is grafted to you, is a receptacle. She receives only. The married Nukva, Malkhut or Adonay or Christ Jesus; the married Nukva is called Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus ministers to the personality. You see, Christ Jesus is the mediator and ministers downward to the personality and ministers upward, calls forth help from the Lord Jesus above and draws energy from the Lord Jesus on behalf of the personality that Christ Jesus dwells in and, also, as soon as you're mature enough to do it on behalf of other people. So we see that Christ Jesus, the man, is the mediator and He faces in both directions, upward and downward. As I told you on the message this morning, we're going to be dealing with the different names or the different aspects of the name Adonay because Adonay, who is one of the names of God, has many names or cognomens. I looked this word up in the dictionary, cognomen, and it means nickname. But I thought that nickname was just a disrespectful word to call the names of God. Simply, it means alternate names. So there are many names. (End of tape 2)


Tape 3


Cognomens, I don't want to turn on my computer and look up the word again, but there are aspects of each name of God. As I told you this morning, in the book that we're studying from right now, we're going to follow along with our study of the different aspects of the name of God called Adonay. When He gets up to the cognomens, the nickname or this other identity of Adonay is called All and we see that the function of Adonay becomes much richer and receives much more depth. Starting with the cognomen All, Adonay, Malkhut, becomes the married woman and she stops receiving only and becomes male and starts giving as well as receiving. Is everybody okay with this? If you are, we're going to start going through some of these different names and remember the purpose of this study is that we can recognize Adonay when we see her manifesting or see it manifesting in another human being. You know, I asked the Lord when I was inside studying before the meeting, Lord, as far as I know, everything is Christ to me. Either I'm praying to Christ Jesus within me or to the Lord Jesus who is above. To tell you the truth, when I pray Jesus, I'm not even sure who I'm praying to, whether it's Christ Jesus in me or Christ Jesus above.


What are we going to do with all these different names? How does that fit in with the Christian believer? This is what He said to me. I don't perceive any suggestion that we should start praying to Adonay or to the I AM or to Jehovah. We shouldn't be doing any of that, but the Lord told me that when we pray in the name of Jesus we should have a knowledge of how to pray. I know He's given me in many areas a knowledge of how to pray. I'm having trouble expressing this. In other words, we don't pray with the name Adonay or I AM because that's what Kabbalah teaches. You have to identify whether to pray to Adonay or to pray to Shadday, depending on what your need is, you have to pray to the specific aspect of God. That's what this book, Gates of Light is teaching. That was when I said, Lord, how do we do that? We always pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. The Lord said to me, it's how you approach the Lord. It's in your approach to the Lord. You're not naming, for example, that aspect of Adonay or I AM. I'm not getting through to you and I'm starting to pass out in the spirit. Let me try it from the other end. Let me say it this way.


I remember being at another church service, more than a few years ago, and somebody had a problem very strong on their heart. They spoke out in the group and said, I don't know how to pray. I don't know how to pray to deal with this problem. Then I know that I rose up and I prayed. I know that I prayed the right prayer. So somehow, somewhere along the line, I acquired a knowledge of how to pray in certain circumstances. Now I don't always know how to pray, but as I told you earlier on this message, this ability of knowing how to pray is intimately associated with the ability to identify the true problem. Lots of times a problem is covered over with a smokescreen with all other problems that seem to be the main problem, but they're not the main problem. You've got to get to the root of the problem. You have to perceive the root of the problem. You have to identify it. Then you have to look at it with the mind of Christ and see how Christ sees it. Then you have to have some idea of how Christ would deal with it.


We have a similarly in our Lord. It's called precedent. If you want to bring a case before a court of law, you need a precedent. You have to say, on such and such a day, such and such a judge tried such and such a case and the issue was the same and this is how such and such a judge found. Well, when you can do this in Christ Jesus, you identify the problem, understand how God sees it, understand what the harsh judgment would be, what the sowing and reaping judgment would be and understand what Christ would prefer to do. When you have all that within you, then the prayer, the right prayer, comes forth that will break the person's yoke. I don't know how I acquired this, I have to tell you the truth, I don't know where it came from, but I just have it. Somehow, the Lord is telling me that when we pray this way, when we pray under the anointing, when we pray through the mind of Christ, all of these things that I just set out for you, determine whether or not we're praying to Adonay, Shadday, or whatever our other choices are. Did I make that clear? Does anybody not understand what I said?


So, as far as you're concerned, how do you learn to do all these things? The only answer I have for you is to do what you're doing right now in our meetings. We have a lot of meetings off the tape. We talk about issues. We talk about ethics. We talk about morals. We talk about family problems. I usually give everybody a chance as to what you think and I tell you whether that's your carnal mind manifesting or whether that's Christ manifesting in you. Through these practice sessions, I am hoping to stir up Christ in you, because you all have Christ, you see. So in these sessions, if you take what I tell you seriously, Christ will grow. If you sit back and say I was wrong and forget all about it, you may not get anything. But if you desire to think like I think, if you're told that that was your carnal mind and you want to acquire the manhood of Christ, if you want to move into Christ Jesus, you have the option to say, Lord, why didn't I come up with that? Why didn't I see like that? I would like that ability, Lord. That's what you're suppose to be doing, anyway. I'm not correcting you so that I could feel good. I'm correcting you so that you should start functioning; function, function, function. I want you to function. I want that man to stand up in you. So every time you think with your carnal mind, you should be saying, Lord please, I don't want to think with my carnal mind. Turn me around. Raise up the mind of Christ in me. Raise up righteous judgment in me. That's why we talk about all these things. That's why I give you so many testimonies about my life and how I deal with problems, so that Christ in you should start functioning.


So that was His answer to me. We, in the New Covenant, we pray to the Father in the name of Jesus. But there's much more power and we have the opportunity to pray and say, Lord, just help them and deliver them. He will respond, but to what degree He will respond, we don't know. But He will respond in great earth shattering power, if we have the ability to do what I just described to you. If we think with the mind of Christ and identify the problem and pass the judgment and say what He would say in the same place, not one word falls to the ground and He moves with lightning speed. That is the equivalent of knowing whether to pray to the Shadday or pray to the Adonay, which is what Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did. Is everybody okay with this? We're going through this study because however it's working, it's building Christ in us. Everyone here is witnessing to the intensity of the anointing as we go forward with these studies, but we have to realize that we're not going to do everything that's in these books.


In another place I read in this absolutely wonderful book called The Gates of Light, that to be in right standing with God, to have the power manifesting through us, we have to recite one hundred blessings a day. I said, now Lord, I know that's bondage. I don't even have to ask you about that. I know I'm not suppose to be reciting a hundred blessings a day. Maybe they had to do it under the Old Covenant or it's a parable and the truth of it is not in the book. Two thoughts came to my mind and that is that Christ Jesus in me prays without ceasing and He blesses without ceasing. Another thought that came to me is that the number one hundred is the number of the brow energy center and the thought occurred to me that that might be a parable because I can't believe such a spiritual man who would write this book would really be telling people that they have to recite a hundred blessings a day. That's a lot and it's bondage. So the other thought was that he was really saying that you have to ascend into the brow center at least once during each day. Now I could see that, because that's just another way of saying that you really have to touch God every day to really get a hold of God. You have to get into the Spirit at least once a day to sustain this anointing on you because you could lose it. If you don't use it, you lose it.


You have a question before we start to look at those names of God?


COMMENT: So when we pray, we just have to make our request, send it out and it will go to the department that it's going to be fulfilled in?


PASTOR VITALE: No, that's not correct. That's what we do in Pentecost. There is power in Pentecost to make our request known and the Holy Spirit has a lot of authority to answer prayers. But every request that we make in Pentecost is not answered. To move from Pentecost where we have the Holy Spirit, to becoming a spiritual man, who is Christ Jesus, we have to know how to pray. The way our prayers go to the right department, so to speak, is when we exercise the identification of the problem. You have to tackle that problem, identify it as God sees it and look at it as God sees it and think it through and understand what the correct response in God is and then pray accordingly in the Spirit. Then every prayer is answered and nothing falls to the ground. But it does not automatically go to the right department. So there are different degrees of responses. Let me try it this way. It's not at all uncommon for people in the Holy Ghost to pray for a particular job. I knew two men in the same church that had cleaning businesses and they were both praying for the same contract and binding and losing against anyone else who would try to get the contract and they were cursing each other.


So you can't say that you just pray and it automatically goes to the right department. If you pray and you pray a wrong prayer or you pray incorrectly, your prayer may not be answered at all. To say, Lord, give me that job is an incorrect prayer because maybe the Lord doesn't want you to have that job. We have so much error in the Pentecostal church. You can pray, God, I need a job. God, I would like that job, but I really want whatever your choice is for me. So your prayer definitely does not go automatically into the right department. Your prayer only goes into the right department when you are praying out of mature wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This does not come with the Holy Spirit. This comes with Christ. You have to pray with the wisdom of God, if you want your prayers answered. Did I make myself clear? Did you understand that? God is very merciful to people that have the Holy Spirit or who are praying out of the Holy Spirit. You can have Christ, but if you're still praying like people pray in the Holy Spirit, in that area, you're still a baby, and God has great mercy on the babies. You're praying wrongly if you say, Lord, I want that job and I'm binding and losing on that personnel manager that she will never hire anybody but me. Unless the Lord Jesus reaches a decision that you should know better, He's having great mercy on you.


You may get the job, you may not get the job, but if you don't get that job, you'll get another job. Jesus knows that you need a job and that you were praying out of ignorance. If you don't have enough money to pay your bills and you're saying, Lord, give me overtime, give me overtime; take the overtime away from everybody in my job so that I can get all the overtime, you're praying wrongly. Well, you may get the overtime and you may not get the overtime, but the Lord will give you an opportunity to do some legitimate work to make money. Maybe He'll give you a second job. I don't know. That's praying in ignorance to a God that loves you as if you were a very small child. But for someone who's been in this ministry for nine or ten years, as you all have been, to pray like that could be really dangerous. Personally, I think that you all still do it. You should know that at some point, you're going to come under judgment for it, if it hasn't happened already because you should all know how to pray by now. What I'm telling you now, I've been telling you for years, that you can't pray like that. There was a time you were praying for your son to come back, after being here for several years. I'm very sorry that your son is estranged from you, but you were praying right out of witchcraft. I know you don't do it anymore.


So I'm not really asking any of you, but I just feel in my spirit, that the three of you are still praying like that. You're praying your will. You're praying what you think is the solution to the problem, but your solution comes out of your carnal mind. At some point, because you're all called to ascend, you're going to start coming under judgment for doing this. At some point, if you don't give this stuff up and start praying in Christ, you're coming under judgment. If you don't know how to pray in Christ, call me and I will pray in Christ and give you an example of how to pray in Christ so that you could learn. But, if at some point, if it hasn't started already, you're going to make some big mistake praying your carnal mind on somebody. You're going to reap a peck of trouble. I'm telling you the truth. You should develop a healthy fear of praying incorrectly, a healthy fear of praying incorrectly, which means that you give up this manifestation of pride that we all had in Pentecost that says, oh I'll take care of it, I'll pray. I know what I'm doing. Do you really? I want to tell you that I don't pray unless it's Christ Jesus praying in me. If I cannot do what I outlined for you, if I cannot identify the problem, and sometimes I can't identify the problem, I don't pray. I see the manifestation, I see the symptom, but I don't really know what's wrong or if I can identify the problem, but I cannot identify with the mind of Christ concerning this problem, or if I don't know what Christ would do in this circumstance, I don't pray.


If I can't take the problem all the way through, identify the problem, see it as Christ Jesus would see it, see it as the Lord Jesus would see it, have a knowledge and an understanding of how the Lord Jesus would respond in this circumstance, I don't pray. Then, of course, I really haven't even mentioned this before, all this has to be out of Christ Jesus. If I cannot fulfill all of these criteria, I will not pray. The only prayer that my carnal mind has, if Christ Jesus in not manifested in me, is Lord, bless them, have mercy on them. I forgive their sins and I pray that you do good to all men even those that hate me and despitefully use me and those who are my worst enemies. I have the same prayer for everybody. Then in the event, which happens frequently, but not one hundred percent of the time, that Christ Jesus arises in me to pray the right prayer, I pray it and yokes are broken. But I don't pray for people's lives. I haven't prayed for people's lives in years. I don't know if I ever did; maybe years ago. How do I know what to pray for them? People have come to me and asked me to pray specific things for them. It's nobody here. I've told them I can't pray that. I have a particular man in mind who I told I can't pray that you're granted disability so that you could go to school while you're on disability. I can't do that. I will pray that God makes a way if it's His will that you should go to school. But it may not be His will that you go to this school.


What's your problem? Do you need more money? I pray that the Lord increase you, however He does it. You're not happy with your job? I pray that the Lord gives you a job that will glorify Him in your life, but I'm not telling God what to do. So we have some people here who are really fighting coming out of Pentecost. We have some people here that don't want to grow up because I've been preaching this for a long time. Does anybody have anything to say? You see, the Lord told you a few months ago, that none of you are ready, but He's going on without you. I hope you know what that means. It means that He's going on without you, in you. He's going on in you. Christ in you is going on. That means if your personality doesn't follow closely behind, most likely you're going to come under some painful judgment. Are you going to die? No! Are you going to be in a car wreck? No! But you're going to have some painful experiences that are going to cause you to say, now Lord, why did this happen to me? Because the higher you ascend, the closer you get to judgment. See, the closer you get to God, the more powerful the judgment. You have to be pure to go. The higher you go, the more pure you have to be. Either you judge yourself or the names of God that are in the plains that you're ascending into will judge you. It's not a condemning judgment. It's when you come in contact with them that judgment falls.


I told you on this same message this morning, a lot of people come under judgment, just by having a conversation with me. So the Lord is taking you up. So you either go the easy way or you go the hard way. I'm not passing judgment on you here today, to say that you're not doing something that you could do. I'm not making that judgment. Maybe you really can't make these changes. Well then, you have to go the hard way. You'll survive. I went the hard way and I survived. You'll survive. The good news is that He's taking you, anyway, even though, in ten years of hearing me badger you with all of this stuff, you've made minimum changes. I mean, the truth is, other people would have changed more quickly. That's the truth. Am I condemning you? No! But you should know that probably some form of judgment is coming. Something has to happen to change you because you all have a high call on your life. You're all called to manifest the power of God and the kingdom of God and to be saviors to people who don't know how to get to God. That's your call. So somehow you have to change. I'm not going to lie to you, it's not going to be at an altar call with a tap on your head. If you can do it yourself, great. If you can't do it yourself, He's going to do it for you somehow. Whatever it is, you will survive. Believe me, you'll survive. If you're in fear, you have to rebuke it. It's never as bad as you think it's going to be, but don't be surprised when it happens. Don't be surprised when the fiery trial comes upon you. Praise the Lord.


Okay, we are doing a study on the names of God. Obviously, we're not going to finish this tonight. There has been a lot of exhortation today, which exhortation is in preparation for the great move of the Spirit that is revving up and coming forth with more power each and every week here. So I did run ahead and we're talking about the attributes of Adonay. I think I made a mistake in something that I said earlier. I won't try and correct it; I'll just go from here. We know that Adonay signifies Malkhut, who is Christ to us, who is the mediator to us. We pray to God in the name of Jesus. We don't pray to Adonay or to Shadday and the Lord is not telling us to do that. I have made incomplete notes on several of the attributes of Adonay, who is Christ Jesus to us, the mediator. These notes should help us learn how to pray. Just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, one of the cognomens, if I'm pronouncing that right, means nickname, but that word is just too disrespectful for me. One of the cognomens of Adonay is blessing. When we pray for a blessing, when I say, Lord, bless that person and I mean it, that means that I am asking for the aspect of Christ Jesus called blessing to go forward to that person. I know that one of the things that Christ Jesus does is bless people. So I'm asking for the aspect of Christ Jesus called blessing to go forth and bless that person. But I'm not telling God how to bless them. I'm not telling Him to give them money. I'm not even telling Him to give them salvation.


Do you know that the Lord Jesus can bless somebody that doesn't know Him, in a manner that's not salvation? You know a religious person wouldn't believe that, but He can. The Lord Jesus knows when that person is ready to enter into a relationship with Him. If somebody who carries Christ Jesus asks for blessings upon that person and the Lord Jesus knows they're not ready to receive Him, would you believe He'll bless them anyway. He will. I know, because I've seen it happen. He'll turn their lives around and it won't have anything to do with the salvation experience. You see, if somebody asks me to pray for a healing for somebody that doesn't know the Lord, I'll pray. I'll tell that person I don't know what the Lord will do because the person is not reconciled, but I'll ask Him. I'll curse the disease and I'll ask the Lord to bless you. Maybe He'll heal you and maybe He won't. I can't promise you anything. I can't even promise you that He'll heal you if you're in Christ. But I will ask blessing upon you. I will ask for that aspect of Christ Jesus called blessing, which goes forth and wars against curses, to manifest in your life. The second aspect of Adonay, which is Christ Jesus to us, is to be a well; to be a well. The significance of that aspect of Christ Jesus is to receive all the blessings from above, all of the power and energy and wisdom and everything that comes from above. If I see someone whose life is just a total disaster, I can pray, Lord, let them be a well. You know what that means? It means, let Christ be grafted to them because Christ is the well.


Maybe that person is reconciled and they just can't get on their feet. Their life just doesn't straighten out. Based on the knowledge and the experience that I've had, that that person is reconciled for ten years and they're still on and off drugs or they're still having marital problems, I can say, Lord, I think I'm going to pray that Christ be grafted to them. Based on the knowledge that you've given me, I think they need Christ grafted to them, Lord. See, the Lord will never say no to a prayer like that. The third aspect that I find is that Adonay or Christ Jesus or Christ is a sea. These three are all Christ. They're not Christ Jesus yet, blessing, well and sea (a sea of wisdom.) Let them be a sea of wisdom, let them receive wisdom. I don't know what your problem is. I don't know why you can't get off drugs when you're reconciled for ten years. I really don't know. But may that person receive wisdom, oh God, may wisdom be manifested to them that they should find the key to the deliverance from their problem. It is not true that God will not heal them. God wills to heal the whole world, Jew, Christian and Gentile alike, even an idolater and Satanist priest. He wants to do good to everybody. But as He draws near to you to do good, your sins will be confronted by righteousness and judgment will fall. So I know somebody who's reconciled and his life isn't good and I know someone who's not reconciled and his life isn't good. My prayer is the same. Lord, bless them. Bless them, Lord. Let them be a well, that Christ be grafted to them, that they might receive nourishment from above and let them be a sea, Lord. Let wisdom be imparted to them that they might stand up on their feet and lead a decent productive life.


The next attribute, according to Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, is All. Adonay has an aspect called All. This is when Christ becomes Christ Jesus. There's really no distinction in the Kabbalah, it's still called Adonay. But you see that there is a progression as the attributes of Adonay are laid out. You see that they intensify and they become more and more powerful. As I explained to you this morning, Isaac Luria, the Lurianic Kabbalah, unlocked this mystery as to why the attributes of Adonay get more and more powerful as they progress. That is because Adonay, who is Malkhut, who is Nukva, marries Ze'ir Anpin and acquires six of the attributes of God. Now Malkhut or Adonay, whatever you want to call her, who was just one attribute of God, the female, now has seven attributes of God after her marriage or her coupling with her husband. Now she not only is a receptacle, she has enough energy and wisdom and all of the qualities of God to give out, to intercede for the personality, to give out to others, to call forth strength from on high. Even though she is still a female attribute of God, she starts manifesting male authority. We know that physical women in the church can manifest male authority, not over their physical husbands, but they can manifest male authority as the Lord Jesus assigns it to them and as they humble themselves and overcome their arrogance and their pride. So once Adonay starts manifesting as the All, she has enough to give out. She has enough energy and enough of the qualities of God to give out to others.


Now if I could just read my chicken scratches, we'll go the rest of the way. I can't read my own handwriting. Once Adonay or Christ increases into the married woman or into Christ Jesus in our covenant, that personality that carries Christ Jesus will find that he has enough energy and strength and power in Christ Jesus to not be exhausted when He ministers. You see, when we minister to other people, we must be replenished. We must have a connection with the Lord Jesus that will replenish us when we minister. I used to minister and be exhausted. Remember when we had the meetings at your house, I couldn't even drive home and I had to sleep over your house. Of course, I had a physical problem in those days also. But I don't get exhausted now. I was all energized this morning. I didn't know what to do with myself. I couldn't rest or lay down. I couldn't read and I didn't know where to go. I was all energized. So as much as I gave out this morning, after about three hours of preaching, I was all energized. See, you shouldn't get drained if it's Christ Jesus in you ministering. You don't get drained; you get energized. Because as you give out, the Lord Jesus pours into you from above. Does that mean you should be condemned if you get exhausted when you preach? No! Everybody is where they are. But we're all seeking to increase, to improve and to mature because nobody has arrived yet. But this is a sign that Christ in you is no longer a child, but has become the man, Christ Jesus.


There's enough energy to minister to others and not be depleted and made vulnerable Himself. That's all under the cognomen All. The next cognomen that is under Adonay, the next attribute of Adonay or to us, Christ Jesus, is that she's a stone. It's a stone. Now this is interesting because I've known from my studies in the Interlinear Text that the Hebrew word translated stone means family building block or scion. It's talking about the foundation stone of the family line. But I never really related stone, cornerstone and rock. We see that Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla relates stone, cornerstone and rock and that the three titles are a progression of increasing power of cognomens of Adonay, sub-names of Adonay and we could say sub-names of Christ Jesus. First He becomes a stone and according to my chicken scratches here, the stone does not just take but engages in righteous judgment because He also draws from above. I had that on the board. He draws from above, down into. Now remember, Christ Jesus is both male and female. The male aspect reaches up to the Lord Jesus and draws down power and energy and wisdom and knowledge, draws it down into the female aspect of Himself, which is the container that retains all of these energies and emanations and blessings of God. Then Christ Jesus sustains it in the individual. In other words, He stands guard. He's an army that stops Satan's hordes from stealing what He has called down on your behalf.


I can't tell you how many people I see lose their blessings. They lose their blessings because they don't even realize that they have blessings. They just turn around and walk away from them because of blindness and spiritual ignorance. Also, the stone is a mediator between above and below. Okay, I have that on the board. Let's switch to the yellow pad here. So the stone is the scion, the foundation stone of the family line and these are all names, these are all attributes of Adonay, sub-attributes of Adonay, who is Christ Jesus to us. He goes from being a stone to being a cornerstone. He becomes the head of a family. First He's just the family name. Then He's the head of the family. He rules the whole family within the individual plus He'll be given authority. Maybe you just have one disciple, maybe you have authority over a family, maybe you have a group like this. That's the cornerstone. You go from being just a beginning stone which is really a seed, to being the head of a family and then this attribute of Christ Jesus goes to become a rock. When He becomes to be a rock, when Christ Jesus is a rock in you, He desires and yearns and is intent upon another stone that dwells on a higher plane. Now this is out of a Kabbalistic book. That's Christ Jesus in you, yearning and intent upon another stone. It could either be the Lord Jesus above or it could be Christ in another man. A spirit of intercession could raise up in Christ Jesus, yearning and crying out for someone who is in trouble in Christ.


But I think mostly, is that He desires the Lord Jesus who is above. Oh, I see, desires and yearns and is intent upon another stone that dwells on a higher plane. So that's Christ Jesus in you yearning for the Lord Jesus above. We're talking about the rock, Christ Jesus in you, and the stone that's above. Now I know that there's a stone that's above because in my studies in the Interlinear Text years ago, I discovered that there is an upper millstone. I always identified it as the Spirit of Elijah. That was how I identified it. Adam was the rock beneath or the stone beneath and Elijah was the upper millstone and the two rocks when they ground together produced judgment that ground the wheat. When you grind the wheat, Christ comes forth. So we're talking about the White Throne Judgment. We're talking about righteous judgment, not judgment that destroys you, but judgment that gets rid of the chaff, that mills the wheat, that gets rid of the chaff and brings forth Christ in His strength and His glory. So we see that there are two stones. Christ in you is the lower stone and the Lord Jesus above is the upper millstone. That means when you've got these two stones together, that judgment proceeds forth from you. There's judgment that comes forth in this meeting, in this fellowship, all the time, but there's also other kinds of judgment that goes forth in the silence of my office. Nobody hears it unless they can hear in the spirit and things change. Things begin to happen.


I will tell you this, that the Lord has me more in the forgiveness of sins than in judgment these days. He very much wants to forgive His people, but you see, to forgive the sins of people, what will that do? Forgiving the sins of people, what will that do? It will give them an opportunity to repent, but then if they don't repent, judgment will fall. It is corrective judgment that will change the person's mind. So we see these two stones together. They are Adonay and Jehovah. So we also see when we are talking about an aspect of Adonay, which is the rock or the stone, depending upon how the Scripture reads or how the commentary reads, that word, stone, could be interchangeable with Adonay. Stone is like a hidden word. If you don't know that stone is talking about Adonay or that stone is talking about Christ Jesus, if you don't know that, then you won't be able to open up that scripture to your understanding. But if you read Christ Jesus, you know who you are talking about. Remember, this study in Kabbalah is largely to help us to unlock this esoteric understanding of the Scripture. We want this Scripture to get inside of us. We want to break it down so that we could understand it, so that it becomes a part of us, that it becomes a living part of us, that it thinks through us and breathes through us and lives through us and then we ascend to a place where nothing by any means can harm us. We also come into a position where we can help many. But we have to line up with it. It will not line up with us. Christ Jesus will not line up with us. We must yield.


We're going to go back to our notes right now. What I've been teaching you since we returned from dinner were just additional notes that I made while I was resting between services. We're going to pick up on our notes on page 2 down at the bottom of the page where it says, Adonay. Adonay is called the tenth sphere. That's just another way of saying the tenth sefirah. I remind you that all of the sefirot are spheres. This is the tenth sphere as descending from the first sefirah. What I have written here are a lot of notes that I have taken from the book, Gates of Light. What you see in parenthesis are my comments on what the author has to say. So Adonay is the tenth sphere and my comment is, as descending from the first sefirah, Keter, Adonay is the tenth sphere. But down here for those of us in the earth, Adonay is the first sphere or the first sefirah. She is the closest one to mortal man. She is the first gate. Adonay is the first gate concerning the escape of mortal man from this fallen world. There is no way we could jump from our mortal condition to Keter, the first sefirah. Adonay, or to us, Christ Jesus, is the first gate.


What we see happening in the world today, is that many people are trying to do away with the mediator. You cannot escape from this world or overcome the evils of this world without a mediator. Only Satan will tell you that lie. If you take Satan's way and you do succeed in having your energy or your fiery serpent ascend into the higher energy centers, you will just eventually have that energy blow out of your nose. That energy will not make it to your brain. You see, our whole purpose is to gather in all of our energy into a focused point and ascend with that energy into our brain. We want our energy to get to our brain. Everyone has spiritual energy that we are wasting, pouring out on the ground, by being angry, by being filled with pride, by lying to cover our sins, by being in denial. That is the work that our energy is put to by Satan. We are trying to gather in our energy and use it to ascend to our brain. We want the energy in our brain. That's the seventh energy center, at which point we will ascend above all of the powers of this world. But we must fall out of agreement with Satan and Leviathan to get our energy up to our brain.


If you think that you can ascend without a mediator, you will have an experience that will feel like you're ascending, but you will be ascending in the serpent's timeline and your energy will blow out of your nose before it ever gets to your brain because you're in the wrong channel. The name Adonay is the name that is closest to all those who have been created. Apparently, according to Kabbalah, all of the Ten Sefirot are created. Without Adonay or Christ Jesus, to us, no creature may enter into the court of the king. I'm not really sure what that means. Of course, that should be Christ instead of Christ Jesus. I don't know what the court of the king means to this rabbi. Without Adonay, no creature may enter into the court of the king. I suspect that it means that you cannot enter into the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon unless you have Christ grafted to you.


Now this is my comment in parenthesis. This is the principle behind Jesus' statement; Unless a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. We cannot enter into the court of the king unless the court is within us. All spiritual doors are within the mind and we cannot see the kingdom of God until we're born again because the kingdom of God is not fully within us until we're born again. You're not born again when you receive the Holy Spirit. So when you receive the Holy Spirit, you don't have the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the mind of Christ. To see the kingdom of God, you must be looking with the mind of Christ. You must open your eyes and say, oh boy, I'm here. I'm in the kingdom of God. You can have the mind of Christ and still be living out of your carnal mind. But you cannot see the kingdom of God until you are born again into that kingdom, which means you start living out of the mind of God.


Jehovah expresses the essence of the Creator to us and everything is subordinate to it. Everything is subordinate to Jehovah. Jehovah is the mediator. He expresses the essence of the Creator to we mortals. The name Adonay is the key to the entrance through the first gate. The first gate to what? The first gate to the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon. We're going to try to climb up that ladder. Adam Kadmon in the tenth sefirah must be Jacob's ladder. We're trying to climb up out of this fallen world. The name Adonay is the lowest level of God's names. Adonay is the uttermost foundation of unity. Now the Lord started talking to us about unity in this ministry several months ago before we started Kabbalah. There is power in unity. Salvation is in unity. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. God seeks unity between Christ Jesus in you and the Glorified Jesus Christ. But even in that unity, we will not be delivered from this world until Cain, within us, is severed from Leviathan and comes completely under the dominion of the whole household of Christ Jesus. Adonay is the uttermost foundation of unity. That means, if Adonay is Christ to us, below Christ, you're not in unity with God. Brethren, that means the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not bring you into unity with God. The Spirit of Christ brings you into unity with God. The Spirit of Christ is in Christ. Christ must be grafted to you or to me for us to even have the hope of unity with God. See, if you have the Holy Spirit, that power can descend upon you, can rise up within you, but it's only temporary. Unity is permanent.


Unity speaks of permanence, like in marriage; union. To have a permanent union with God, you must have Christ grafted to you because Christ in you is what the Lord Jesus latches onto. Christ in you is the one that the Lord Jesus marries. You cannot have unity or permanent connection with God unless you have an outlet in you. There has to be something in you that He latches onto and He's not latching onto your carnal mind. You have to have Christ formed in you. Adonay is the uttermost foundation of unity after which comes the other world, the world outside of the divine hierarchy. Now here comes my comment in parenthesis. I have been preaching for a long time that this physical world is an illegal world. It is an extra orbit on the atom of creation that should never have come into existence. Here we see a witness to this, that this world is the world outside of the divine hierarchy. I have taught you that it was the Dragon and his hordes that incarnated this world. God never intended us to be in this form. What form? How are we formed? We are formed like animals, brethren. This was never the intention of God that His sons should be formed like animals. The reason that we're in this condition is that the Dragon has arranged for this world and for the process called reincarnation. The hard cold truth is that we are cattle being raised so that the entities in the other plains can have nourishment. They feed off us and that is why we die. Jesus!


There is an attribute of God called shekinah. Now the shekinah is subordinate to Adonay, which is the lowest level of the divine Oneness or unity. Now this starts to get confusing, but as I told you several times already, resist being confused. Just understand what you can because this is mind boggling. This subdivision goes on ad infinitum. It's just like saying each of the Ten Sefirot have ten sefirots within them. Let's take Keter, the highest sefirah. Keter has ten sefirot within Keter. Then if you look at the Keter that's within Keter, there's ten sefirot within that. It just goes on and on and on. I cannot cope with it myself. But here we see, that Adonay is an aspect of God. Adonay is the lowest aspect of the unity with God and yet there are four subdivisions under Adonay. Now all the other names that we've spoken about, Rock, Sea, and all that, those are just cognomens. They're nicknames. They're hidden ways of expressing Adonay, but they're still Adonay or Christ, to us. Now we see that Adonay has four subdivisions which Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla likens to the four rivers coming out of Eden.


I have not been able to find, so far with my readings, what the four aspects of shekinah are. I have just found two of them. The first one draws from above and is pulled toward that which is above. The second manifestation of shekinah that I found in my readings, (if I have it right) is the great stone or the millstone that rests on the mouth of the well. We talked about that this morning. We talked about Revelation Chapter 20 where the angel comes down with a great chain in his hand and lays hold of Satan and casts her in the pit and puts a seal over the pit. We read about this in Rabbi Gikatilla's book, The Gates of Lights. He says that it is a manifestation of shekinah, which is a subdivision of Adonay that does this. Not only that, but he says that shekinah does this to Israel and we're Israel. The church is spiritual Israel. That is the shekinah that comes down and puts a seal over Satan in us and covers over Satan in us. The way we've taught it in the Doctrine of Christ, is that Christ Jesus puts our carnal mind under His feet and covers her over. In our Alternate Translation of Samson, we found this procedure called Samson's love. First Samson loved his disciple and then he married his disciple. First he covered over their carnal minds and then he completely joined with them.


So we read that this activity of the shekinah is that she bottles up our sin nature. Now remember, what are we doing this study for? We're trying to learn how to pray. That person can't stop taking drugs, Lord. May an angel come down, O God. May Christ Jesus come down with a great chain and put Satan in that person in that pit and put a seal over that pit. We know that Christ Jesus does this kind of thing. You see, we can ask Christ Jesus to do any of His legitimate activities. Now if you say, Christ Jesus, give me that job, that's not one of His legitimate activities. But we could say, Lord, if there's anything in my sin nature that is keeping me unemployed, dear God, come down with a great chain and lock it up and put it in a pit and put a seal on it that I might go out and get a job. You see, we really should not be telling God what to do, but we can request that He do or that he engage in activities that we are taught that He engages in. You see, you can call me up and say, Sheila, will you pray for me because you know I will pray for you. I engage in the activity of prayer. But if you call me up and tell me that you're having a bad day and would I watch your children, which somebody did to me once, I will have to tell you, no, because I have responsibilities that lie elsewhere. So let's find out what the activities of Christ Jesus are and let's ask Him to do those activities for us or for other people.


Don't tell Him what to do. Don't tell Him what you need. Don't tell Him what your carnal mind thinks the solution to the problem is. If you can't do all the things that I've named today, at least tell Him what the problem is. Don't tell Him what to do. Everything I'm teaching you, I pray the same way. Lord, so and so has a kidney problem. I'm praying this way right now for someone in that secular meeting that I go to. I ask a question. I say Lord, what are you willing to do for this person? I know they believe in God, but I really don't even know where they are in their walk. They believe in God; they believe in miracles. What are you willing to do for them? That's my question. I've been praying that prayer for several weeks now. Christ Jesus has not risen up in power to pray for the healing. But I ask the question. Lord, what about so and so? They're on my heart. What are you willing to do for them? Now He may not do anything and if He chooses not to do anything, it's not because He's withholding His grace from any one person. But there has to be a problem with that person's personality that I'm not aware of. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to bless every man, woman and child on this planet. He only withholds Himself for a very legitimate reason and that His ultimate motive and His ultimate goal is good, for the good of the person and for the good of the whole world and for the good of this country. If He withholds Himself, there's a reason and the reason is in the person.


So Shekinah has four divisions and these are the only two that I'm aware of. I'll repeat them. She's the upper millstone. She draws from above and pulls toward that which is above. She draws from above and is pulled. In other words, shekinah is the aspect of Adonay that is pulled by the Lord Jesus above. So you should know if that is manifesting in your relationship with the Lord Jesus, that Christ Jesus in you is not only reaching towards the Lord Jesus above, but is pulled by the Lord Jesus above, that the shekinah is manifesting in you. What are you talking about Sheila? What does pulled from the Lord Jesus above mean? Are you called into ministry? Are you sent? Does the Lord Jesus above catch you up into spiritual power to pray for somebody who is sick? If that happens to you, that's a manifestation of the shekinah. You can pray and say, Lord, so and so is sick. Maybe they're dying. Would you do this for me? Would you raise up this expression of yourself because Christ Jesus is all of these things. Christ Jesus is everything that Adonay is. Everything that we're studying, it is Christ Jesus to us. Christ Jesus, would the Lord Jesus above reach down and pull you up to manifest this kind of power to heal somebody? You can ask that question. You can ask any question you want. He may say no, but when are you going to stop telling Him what to do and start asking Him? The more intelligent your question and the more in line with His lifestyle that your question is, the more likely you'll get a positive response. If you say, Lord Jesus, get that man out of my life; I can't stand him. He may not do it. Maybe the problem is you. But if you say, Lord Jesus, will you help me to see my faults? Will you help me to change? He's there fast; fast, man, fast.


I've never seen Him answer prayer so fast as when I go before Him with a character flaw and ask Him to help me to change. I've never seen anything like it, how fast He moves. So the shekinah, the activity of Christ Jesus in us that associates Him with the shekinah, is that He will draw from the Lord Jesus above and that the Lord Jesus above will call forth Christ Jesus in me or in you to manifest the power of God for the benefit of someone who was crying out day and night for deliverance. Let me say that again. If the attribute of Adonay called shekinah in the Old Testament is active in you, one of the things that she does is that she is on call for the Lord Jesus. It means Christ Jesus in you is on call and the Lord Jesus can send you forth on an assignment and you will never say no because if you say no, when God calls you, He may wait a while before He calls you again. But if Christ Jesus, in you, is on call and you're willing to go anywhere that you're sent, that means you're eligible for the Lord Jesus to reach down to connect with Christ Jesus in you and to raise you up to a level of power that is necessary to meet the need of a believer who does not have this attribute of Christ Jesus manifesting in them. It may be a healing. It may be a deliverance. It may be instruction. Maybe all they need is power. Maybe all you have to do is go and bless them and the Lord will take it from there. So we see that we can pray, Lord Jesus, will you manifest in supernatural power and help that person? Don't tell the Lord what to do. Don't even ask Him to heal them. Say help them. How do you know what He's going to do? Maybe they have to be reconciled before the healing. Not always, but maybe. Don't tell Him what to do.


Then also the shekinah manifests as the great stone who I call the millstone that rests upon the mouth of the well. That means if Christ is in you, Christ is grafted to Abel, but Cain and your whole carnal mind is still on top of Christ, that means the Lord Jesus, the upper millstone. Did I get that right? Well, it would have to be in somebody else that the shekinah, the upper millstone in another man would come and join with you and cover over your carnal mind so that Christ in you can escape from underneath that authority that's crushing you. He'll crush that carnal mind between Christ underneath and Christ Jesus in another man on top. We've experienced that in this ministry. I can't judge your sins alone. Christ has to be in you agreeing with what's happening here. Then the Lord Jesus comes and gives you your second witness. What does that mean? I can't judge your sins if you're not going to listen to me and take me seriously. That's what that means. So Christ in you is the stone. Christ Jesus in me is the upper millstone. Christ in you is willing to listen to me and then the Lord Jesus comes and consummates the whole deal. Praise the Lord.


The name Adonay is a storehouse for the many emanations of all the different entities that draw sustenance from Jehovah through the network of channels in the configuration where Jehovah is above Adonay and Ehyeh (I Am) is above Jehovah. I'm going to draw this on the board for you and then I think I'm going to stop after that. For some reason I'm very tired tonight. But I'll do this one last drawing and we'll call it quits for tonight. The name Adonay is a storehouse for the many emanations of all the different entities that draw sustenance from Jehovah through the network of channels in the configuration where Jehovah is above Adonay and Ehyeh (I Am) is above Jehovah. I'll put this on the board for you. This is the configuration. Does anybody recognize this configuration? What is this called? This is the configuration of Adam Kadmon configured as a human. I've just put in the names of God rather than the names of the sefirot. As you can see, Adonay, which is Malkhut, and Christ Jesus to us, is down at the bottom, the receptacle, the recipient of all of the emanations or energies or powers of God. According to the teaching, all of these sefirots are spheres and they're all in constant motion and they're all constantly generating energy and relating to one another. All of these nine sefirots that are above Adonay are constantly relating to one another, giving energy to each other and receiving energy from each other.


Of course, Ehyeh (I Am) which is in the place of Keter, the highest sefirot, is at the top and Keter or I Am draws sustenance from the Eyn Sof, the Unlimited One. They're all nourishing, giving and taking, from each other. The collective or the collaboration of all of the energies of all these sefirot dump into Adonay when Adonay is underneath Jehovah and Jehovah is manifesting as the sefirah Tiferet, which the Lord has revealed to us to be the White Throne Judgment. So when Christ Jesus in the individual, who is Adonay (now we're mixing Kabbalah with the Doctrine of Christ) when Adonay, who is Christ Jesus to us, is underneath Jehovah, in the configuration of Tiferet, which is the White Throne Judgment, and Jehovah is under the I Am, this Christ Jesus in this human being, in this mortal, all the way down here, is receiving all of the powers of God manifesting in the upper nine sefirot and depending upon how mature he is, is giving a lot of it back or giving a lot of it out. This person is an undefeatable man. Now Jehovah, manifesting as Tiferet, has to be under the I Am. Now that's no problem because this Jehovah over here, you see, I put it on the side for you over here. This is the configuration. I Am on the top. Jehovah, who is the Lord Jesus to us, underneath, and then Adonay, who is Christ Jesus to us. Now the Lord Jesus is under I Am. The Lord Jesus is not budging. The Lord Jesus has overcome the world and is permanently in right relationship with I Am. That's no problem.


The second thing that we need to be a recipient of all of the powers of the Godhead is that Christ Jesus in the man has to be underneath the Lord Jesus. Here, look at it over here. Christ Jesus in the man has to be under the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus is under I Am. He's not going anywhere, but Christ Jesus in the man has to be under the Lord Jesus. Now why is that a problem? Why are we not all overflowing with the power of God? Because Christ Jesus in us is in a daily battle with our carnal mind. Sometimes He's on top and sometimes He's not on top. We're dealing with spiritual things. Christ Jesus in us may be on top, maybe a portion of Him may be on top permanently, but I know that all of Him is not on top of my carnal mind because I wouldn't be in the condition I'm in if He was. So we see, that in my case, Christ Jesus is not completely under the Lord Jesus. Sometimes my carnal mind gets between the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus in me. Actually my carnal mind gets between the two of them a lot. Therefore, I do not manifest the fullness of the power of God. Now these channels here, these channels indicate how the different sefirot interact with one another. According to Kabbalistic doctrine, each of these channels is assigned a Hebrew letter and I didn't put it in because we really haven't gotten to that place in our studies yet where we're really dealing with what each letter means. So I don't want to push us any harder than we're going. I think we're doing pretty good here and we're just going to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. (Should be lead of Christ Jesus)


But each of these channels represents a letter which represents an aspect of the power of God. Now the reason I showed you all this is because we're dealing with a teaching coming from The Gates of Light that says, the name of Adonay is a storehouse for the many emanations of all the different entities that draw sustenance from Jehovah through the network of channels. So we see that Adonay draws sustenance from Jehovah. Jehovah is the place where all of the energies from above all funnel and channel into Jehovah and then Adonay draws sustenance from Jehovah. So these channels are very important in Kabbalah because the channels are the means by which the different sefirot relate to one another and exchange energies. You may remember that at the beginning, Adam Kadmon first formed the World of Points, which were a series of points of light that did not relate to one another at all. Eventually, the vessels of the World of Points broke and fell down to this world where they became, what Kabbalah calls the shells, the source of all evil in this world. We read, at least in Lurianic Kabbalah, that the reason for this breakage and the reason for this loss and the reason for this fall was that the individual points of light of the World of Points did not relate to one another or strengthen one another. But in the reconfiguration, which we see here on the board, all of these channels of communication were set up and the four worlds, well the World of Emanation replaced the World of Points and then the World of Creation, Formation and Action were formed.


All the three worlds of Creation, Formation, and Action are nourished by the World of Emanation and by Adam Kadmon. So that's the purpose of the channels. The channels are channels of communication between the sefirot which are preventing the same kind of destruction that fell upon the World of Points. This is just a tidbit from Lurianic Kabbalah that I'm closing with. Lurianic Kabbalah says that it was not Adam Kadmon that fell and that it was a lower Adam that fell. But Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla says it was the primordial human that fell. We know that the primordial human is another name for Adam Kadmon. So we see that different Kabbalistic teachers have different opinions. I don't really have it straight in my heart yet, what the Lord is telling me about that. We'll get to it when we get to it. Any questions or comments here before we close tonight? It's been a very powerful day.


COMMENT: I don't understand where these Kabbalistic men got their information from if they didn't have any kind of a personal relationship with God.


PASTOR VITALE: They did have a personal relationship with the Spirit of Elijah, the Savior of Israel.


COMMENT: Just a few moments ago you said you were following the lead of the Holy Spirit. Did you intend to say that?


PASTOR VITALE: I said that? Yes, we rolled the tape back and this exhausted preacher did say I will follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. I stand corrected. I will follow the lead of Christ Jesus. Thank you for pointing that out. God bless you all and goodnight.




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