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We are going to spend a little time looking at the promises of God that Kabbalah brings forth, and, of course they are the same promises that are in the Christian church because they are in the Old Testament, and they are in the New Testament, but a lot of people in the church have not experienced the promises. A lot of people don't get healed, a lot of people die, a lot of people have unsaved family members. They are going around confessing day and night, and they still have financial problems and disease. So, the conclusion is that you get your reward after you die, but that is not the truth.


The Judeo Scripture promises that the promises of the Scripture will be fulled in the flesh, so there has to be something wrong with the church, but they are not inheriting the promises. I honestly don't know how many, if any, Jews today are reaping these promises. I do know there has to be a significantly number of Jews studying the Kabbalah because all of the books are available, and they are available in Hebrew. We only have access to the few books that have been translated, but there are a lot of Jews buying the books in Hebrew all over the world, but I don't know where these Jews are.


The promises are real, they are for today, they are for us, but to gain the promises or to experience the promises we have to be filled up with God. The way the promises come to pass in our life is when we become the habitation of God. Well Sheila, don't you know that we are the temple of the Holy Ghost. Yes, we are the temple of the Holy Ghost, but we have to get filled up with the whole nature of God. The whole collective manifestation of Christ Jesus must fill the house. The Old Testament Scriptures say, "and the smoke filled the house," and we don't get filled up with the Holy Spirit. To be filled up with God means to be filled up with the nature of God, to be so filled up with His life that He lives through us, and I was talking about Pat Robertson's program today, and he said that 22% of the people in the church live just like the people in the world. You can't tell the difference.


See, you can't live like the world and speak in tongues on Sunday and expect to experience the power of God because the power of God is in God. The power of God is in God. When God lives in you to the uttermost, we will walk in His power and His blessings to the uttermost. So, if we are not walking in His power and in His blessings we must know that we are not filled up with God. A lot of people look at me, and they say, "well Sheila, you are filled up with God, listen to what comes out of you." Well, I'm not, I can't be filled up with God. I still have too many problems. I can't be filled up with God, it is not possible. Well, Sheila if you are not filled up with God what kind of a chance to we have. Well, you have as much of a chance as I have. You just have to do the work. What is the work? You have to put in the time, and I keep telling you this.


I'm not criticizing anybody, and you people that have families I don't know what to tell you. You have to see what God's plan is for you, but I know that He wants to fill us up to overflowing with His nature, with His very life, with His very life, and the way that life gets inside of us to the best of my ability is that we read about it, we study it, and as we read it He enters into us, and as He enters into us He empowers us to war against our sin nature. If we take that opportunity to use His strength to war against our sin nature, He will displace our sin nature and fill us to overflowing, and all of the blessings and benefits of His life will be ours. He is a positive spirit. He is 100% positive, nothing evil can touch you. See, that Scripture "Nothing by any means will harm you," is when you are filled up to overflowing. Things harm me, I just got harmed today. How did I get harmed today? I wasn't filled up to overflowing with God.


So we have to be very careful that we don't set our own standards. We start thinking "well we don't have it, so the promises are after death." No, if you don't have it, you have to get before God and say "why don't I have it?" It is a process, a slow process, but I am just so excited to hear these promises.


Now we are talking about the promises of God called El Chai. Does any body remember which Sefirot that El Chai is associated with? El Chai means life. Have you ever seen a Jewish person wearing a Hebrew letter around their neck. It is a very common for Jewish to wear El Chai around their neck. Actually it is two letters, Chet and then the Yod, Chai means life. This name el Chai is associated with Yesod, the ninth Sefirah, means life.


Anyone who cleaves to this attribute, Chai, will be merited with life eternal, and we see in Deuteronomy 4:4, "While you who hold fast to Jehovah, your God, are all alive today. So here is the principle. Life is in Jehovah. Jehovah is the collective name for the whole 10 Sefirot which is the nature of God, which is available to us in the Glorified Jesus Christ. That's who Jesus Christ is. He's Jehovah to us. He's the whole ball of wax. He's the unity of the 10 Sefirot of the whole Godhead. So we have to cleave unto Jehovah to live. To receive true spiritual life, we have to cleave unto Jehovah. Well how do we get to Jehovah? We get to Jehovah through Christ.


Of course, we are studying Kabbalah now, and the teaching that we are is that the way you get to Jehovah is through Adonay, and that is just a change of names. Adonay to us in the New Testament is in the role of Christ. It may not be exactly the same, but it is close enough for us at this level of study because Christ has the personality of Jesus, the Christ, mixed with the attribute of God called Adonay. Christ is the attribute of Adonay plus the personality of Jesus. There is no way that we can cleave unto Jehovah unless Christ is cleaving to us because Christ is our cleaver. He's that organ in us that is capable of receiving the fullness of God. So Christ must be grafted to us, and He must develop and mature to the point that He can receive the outpouring of the Glorified Jesus Christ into His cup. That's called the marriage, and when that happens it says in the Book of Revelation, "and the smoke filled the temple."


That's what we are waiting for, the spirit of the Glorified Jesus Christ to fill Christ Jesus in us, and with Him comes all of the blessings. Now this is an interesting question. Is it possible for one to cleave to the Shekinah? Now the Shekinah, you may recall from a message that we had on Thursday, is a sub-attribute of Adonay. Adonay is the name of God that's associated with Malkhut, the tenth Sefirah, and Adonay is the lowest level of the unified Godhead. The tenth Sefirah and all of the names of God associated with the tenth Sefirah, each name signifies a particular attribute of God. They are a unity, and that unity is revealed to us, according to Kabbalah, by the name Jehovah, but in this New Testament it is revealed to us through the Glorified Jesus Christ.


The Glorified Jesus Christ is a unity. You cannot break Him up, and, according to Kabbalah, the unity is the whole ten Sefirot. But there is a sub-attribute, something that is subservient to Adonay, and that is called Shekinah. Shekinah is not a part of the unity. She is separated from the unity, and, to us, that's Christ. Christ is grafted to us, and He is the organ which receives the unity. Christ is the female organ which receives the male unity, the Glorified Jesus Christ.


So, how do you lay hold of Jehovah? How do you lay hold of the Glorified Jesus Christ? You have to have the cup that receives His spirit. You have to have Christ, you have to nourish Him, you have to reject your sin nature and minister to Christ, and then the whole Godhead in the form of the Glorified Jesus Christ will come and dwell with you. That's what Jesus said. He said, "I stand at the door, and I knock, and if you open to me I will come in. I used to look at that Scripture and say, "How do I open to You?" You have to do everything that you need to do to receive Christ and to nourish Him, and that means exposing and resisting your sin nature and study the Doctrine of Christ. Of course, you have to keep the commandments. We are still under the ten commandments, we are under the spiritual law. You have to live holy.


I am looking at this book, and it says, "Is it possible for one to cleave to the Shekinah?" And this is the answer in the book. It says, "All this is true, yet the rabbis viewed this as merely Midrash. I'm not sure, but I think that is the oral law," and they did not wish to divulge the essence of the relationship." So what is this book saying? It says that it is possible to cleave to the Shekinah or to the Christ, but the rabbis were not willing to discuss how you can do this.


According to Kabbalah, the way you lay hold of Jehovah is to live a life style that will cause Adonay, the name associated with Malkhut, to dwell in you. See when you have Malkhut dwelling in you, you have the hope of laying hold of Jehovah which is the fullness. In the New Testament when we have Christ dwelling in us, we have the hope of laying hold of the Lord Jesus who is the fullness, but Shekinah is liken unto Christ. I may have mixed this up in this message. I'm sorry, I'm not having a good night here, but let me tell you this again.


Adonay is liken to Christ Jesus so in order to lay hold of the fullness which is the Glorified Jesus Christ, you have to have Christ Jesus in you, and Shekinah is underneath the unity, subservient to the unity. I have to put it on the board, you are call confused, I feel it in the spirit.


Drawing #1 - I've drawn the 10 Sefirot for you and the names of God associated with them. Keter is associated with the I AM, the highest level of Godhead that man can hope to relate to. Chokhmah is related to the name of God, Yah. Now remember that each of these names represents an attribute of God, an aspect of God Almighty that is identifiable, that we hope to develop to such a relationship with that He becomes a part of us so that we can manifest this attribute of the nature of God.


I don't know about you, but I never understood that before this study. I understood it, but I didn't understand like I understand it now. Then comes Binah. Of course, Chokhmah is wisdom. Binah is understanding, and the name of God associated with Binah is Jehovah or the Tetragrammaton, and when the Jews pray to this aspect of God they don't say Jehovah. They say Elohim because they say Jehovah is too high to be pronounced. Then comes Chesed which is grace, and that is associated with the name of God, El. Gevurah, which is the might and power of God, is associated with Elohim who is the judge. Elohim is involved in any form of judgment, and Elohim manifested Himself to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. All judgment is given over to the Son. We are told that.


Tiferet is associated with the name of God, Jehovah, and when Jehovah is prayed to on this level of the fifth Sefirah, the Jews say "Adonay," because they won't pronounce this holy name. So when they are praying to Him up here by Binah, they say Elohim. When they are praying to Him down here, they say Adonay. I don't really know why. According to Netzach, which is overcoming, I don't know what they say, Jehovah of Hosts, Jehovah Tzev'aot, which means the God of Hosts. Maybe that is all they say, "the God of Hosts." I'm not sure.


Then comes Hod which is identification with God, which has to do with the mind of God. That is associated with Elohim, the God of Hosts. Yesod, the male aspect, is associated with El Chai or Shaddai, and the tenth Sefirah is Malkhut which is associated with Adonay. Malkhut is pretty much the subject of our recent studies because Adonay can be likened to Christ to us. Christ, depending on whether she is married or unmarried. The unmarried Adonay can be likened to Christ, and the married Adonay can be likened to Christ Jesus in us.


Now, Malkhut is a part of this unity of the ten Sefirot. This is an unbreakable unity, the ten Sefirot, and we, if we know anything about this, desire to have this unity of God, this unbroken entity come and dwell in us because with this unbroken entity comes all of the blessings and the power to live a positive life style, and, ultimately, deliverance from death. All of this comes when this unbroken unity of God takes up permanent residence in us. Today, this unbroken unity appears to us in the form of the Glorified Jesus Christ.


So the whole problem is, how do we, mortal man, get this unbroken unity to dwell in us, to heal our physical diseases, to heal our mental and our spiritual diseases and to deliver us from the hardships of this world, including having enough money and having a life that's not a physical hardship. Not only that, but I fully believe that the Lord Jesus wants every single person who is capable of studying long hours to have enough money so that you can do that. He wants you to have enough money so that you don't have to work a secular job because everybody is not capable of spending hours in this anointing. If you are capable of spending hours in this anointing, and you are willing to do it, and you desire to do it, He wants you to not have a secular job.


Now, I don't think we have very many immature Christians listening to our tapes here, but I will put this on anyway. If you are a Christian, and you think that you read your Bible an hour a day, and you want God to provide an income for you so that you can go out prophesying in churches, preaching on street corners, it is not likely that He's going to do. It is not likely that He's going to do it. He does it for some people who He judges are responsible enough to run a whole ministry. It is very rare that you see somebody serving God just doing spiritual work. It is very rare. I spend a couple of days a week on administrative details. I wish I could just study all the time, but I can't.


So it is not likely that you are going to be a person who just evangelizes, who just preaches, who just lays hands on people, because that is the fun part. Right? And not have any responsibility that would be associated with the ministry. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? So we have a lot of people out there that don't want to work, but God has not told them to not work.


So I want to tell you that when God supports you, you work. When God supports you, you work harder than you worked in the secular world, and you make less money too most of the time, but God doesn't want it to be that way. He wants everybody to be very comfortable and have the best of everything if it is not going to destroy your walk with Him. There is no seven-hour work day with God.


I don't even know how I got into that. Well, anyway I was talking about the unity of God and how Adonay if she is unmarried is likened to Christ, and if she is married is likened to Christ Jesus. These aspects of God, whether you are saying Adonay or Christ or Christ Jesus, we must have an organ built in us that can receive this unity. That's what I was trying to say. We must have an organ within us that can receive this unity. This unity can be likened to the linear Sefirot, it can be likened to the male organ, and we must have a female spiritual sexual organ within us so that this male organ can enter into us and abide there permanently; thereby imparting by spiritual strength everything we need for a life style that will be flowing over with the blessings of God which include being totally absorbed into His word.


I want to tell you that if you are not totally absorbed into His word, that's what you need to keep this anointing in your life, and that doesn't mean you can't go to the supermarket or you can't talk to an unsaved member of your family. It doesn't mean that. That's what keeps this unity, who to us is the Glorified Jesus Christ, that's what keeps Him in us, that we think on Him a large of our life, and that He becomes a large part of our life. That's what keep Him here.


So that's our goal to get this unity dwelling in us in enough power to not only bless us but to bless our whole family because if your family is in trouble, how could you be completely happy. You try, you block it out, but that's not God's best. He wants to touch your whole family.


So this is our problem. How do we get this unity of God to dwell permanently in us? Our job is to build up the female aspect of our self, the receptacle that not only contains the Glorified Jesus Christ or the ten Sefirot, but we are told when that receptacle within us mature enough, when Christ becomes Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus in us actually moves to draw down the Glorified Jesus Christ, actually call Him down into our life and then hold Him there.


The spiritual organ that will draw down and contain what we call the anointing in the church is very important, but it is more....when the church says the anointing, they mean the Holy Spirit. I've got to make it very clear that we are talking about the Glorified Jesus Christ because He is bringing this whole unity of the nature of God, and the Holy Spirit doesn't have this. You can have the Holy Spirit and be in fornication. I think everybody here knows that. I've seen people with the Holy Spirit engaged in homosexual activity. The Holy Spirit is given without repentance.


So here is our problem, developing this spiritual organ to contain the fullness of God, and this is the program of God. He has created subdivisions of Malkhut. Now Malkhut is associated with Adonay. Malkhut is a part of the unity, but Malkhut has subdivisions that extend out of her that are not a part of the unity, and this subdivision that extends down from Malkhut, which are not a part of the unity, are called Shekinah.


I am studying Kabbalah, and I am embellishing on it, I am interpolating teachings from many books, and I am also interpolating the Doctrine of Christ. I'm also interpolating whatever wisdom and revelation the Lord gives me as I go along. So if you are listening to this tape or reading this transcript, you might be saying, "well I read all those books, and I never heard anything like this." Well, maybe you didn't. Everything is getting mixed together in me, and a creative word is coming out under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.


This information that I've written down underneath Malkhut is not accurate. I have not finished my own studies yet. I haven't finished praying about it yet. I've just given you what I have so far so that we can have this message tonight.


I know that Kabbalah teaches that Shekinah is a sub-attribute under Malkhut. That is not a part of the unity. What does that mean? It means that Shekinah, once grafted to the individual, never leaves. The unity can leave. The unity is the male organ, and the Shekinah is the female. The female organ or the female cup can be left empty. If we sin and the Lord departs from us, what departs from us is the unity. The male organ departs from us. The female organ stays with us, but she becomes an empty cup because all of her power is in the male when He occupies us.


Now, the Shekinah is what was given to Israel on Mount Sinai. I've been preaching here for a long time that the Jews got something on Mount Sinai that made Abel conscious, and Abel is dead in the whole world. Every human being alive is born with Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel are a part of the carnal mind, but, in the whole world, Abel is dead. The Jews got something special from God on Mount Sinai something like 5000 years ago, and I didn't know what it was, but something quickened in Abel so that when the Holy Spirit comes along, or when the Spirit of Christ comes along the Jew is going to be more responsive than the Gentiles, everybody that is not a natural Jew. So the Gentiles need us to have Christ grafted to them, and when Christ, and when Christ is grafted to you, you will be as responsive as the Jew that has the Shekinah grafted to them.


It's probably, basically, the same seed; although Jesus didn't exist on Mount Sinai, and Elijah didn't exist yet either, so what we had on Mount Sinai, based on everything I know today, is Michael. Based on the knowledge I have today, I would have to tell you that Michael was grafted to Abel in the Jew on Mount Sinai, and we do have some witness to that. Does anybody know what witness we have to that? We are told in the Book of Jude that it was Michael struggling with Satan within Moses, and we know that the esoteric meaning of that verse is that Michael was the Shekinah that was grafted to Abel in Moses, and that Michael was struggling with Satan, Moses' sin, nature to overcome sin nature. And he failed. Why did he fail? This is the whole crux, the foundation of this whole message, why Moses didn't enter into Life. He had Michael fighting Satan, but he didn't enter in because Moses would not face his sin nature. This is the esoteric understanding that the Lord has given us.


We have Moses saying, "it's not true that I don't honor the Lord, it's not true, I'm innocent, I'm innocent, and Michael failed to overcome Satan within that man, and then Michael took on a personality called Elijah, and Elijah was glorified so Michael, from that point forward, was called the glorified Elijah, and then the glorified Elijah incarnated in Jesus, and Jesus was glorified, and now Michael is called the glorified Jesus. So it really was the same seed, and that it was Michael in Moses, it was Michael in the Jew, and it is the glorified Elijah in the Jews today, and it is the glorified Jesus in the Christian today.


So, for all intents and purposes, we can say it is the same seed, but it is not really the same seed because we have personality added to the seed, but the foundation of the seed is the same. It is Michael, and Michael is the personification of Elohim, the power of God.


So the Jew has the Shekinah, even the Jew today, the Jew that's not following after God has Shekinah. The male aspect, the unity has departed from the Jew today who is not walking with the Lord, but he still has Shekinah because Shekinah doesn't really die. It goes into dormancy. It is like a tree whose fruit has fallen off, but if it just comes in contact with the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ, Shekinah will blossom again, and that is what happened to me. Most Jews today don't even know they have her. Shekinah goes with the Jew when the Jew goes into exile, but she is powerless and as good as dead until she is touched by the man or by the spirit of the man.


So the Jew has Shekinah and the Gentile has Christ, and the difference is this: The Shekinah is genetically inherited. I think every Jew has it unless I'm mistaken, I thing every Jew has it. Christ has to be grafted to whosoever asks. You are not born with Him. These are some of the qualities that either Christ or Christ Jesus will give to us when they are married to the unified male. I'm still doing a study on this, and I am also guessing that there are I don't know how many aspects there are. The Lord gave us a word of knowledge that when Adonay marries Ze'ir Anpin that she gets the double portion and then is called the Sabbath.


I was very excited when the Lord reminded me that we did a translation a year or so ago in the New Testament where Jesus is telling the Pharisees, "when God comes to dwell in you." The Pharisees were rebuking Jesus for working on the Sabbath day, and I remember when I brought forth that translation, and Jesus was telling the Pharisees, "well when you serve God in the fullness, you become the Sabbath day, and I looked at it, and I said, "Lord, is that really the translation." And the Lord said, "yes" so I put it in, but I did not know what it meant, and now that we are studying Kabbalah we know what the Sabbath day is.


The Sabbath day is when Malkhut or her personification which is Nukva marries Ze'ir Anpin, and what does that mean? It means when Malkhut marries Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiferet, Gevurah, and Chesed. We don't have the full unity of the ten, but we have the seven. Are you following it at all? OK.


Here are some of the qualities of Shekinah or Christ, and Shekinah is a sub-attribute of Malkhut. Malkhut is a part of the unity. Shekinah is not a part of the unity. When the person sins, the whole unity departs including Malkhut, but Shekinah remains, the seed buried in the earth. Some of the qualities of Shekinah when is contact with the higher world is that she is a well of living waters. Of course, that's what Jesus said to the woman at the well. If you knew who you were talking to, you would ask for living waters to flow through you.


Shekinah is a sea of wisdom. So we are finding out that the qualities that we have identified with Satan also exist in the world above with a positive aspect. I've been teaching the Doctrine of Christ for years, and, to me, the sea signified Satan, but I now find out that there is a sea of wisdom that exists in the world above. Everything that exists down here exists above in a positive attitude. So you have to look at the whole verse or the whole chapter, and you have to pray and ask God whether it is talking about the sea from above, the sea of wisdom, or the polluted waters of the sea from below.


Shekinah is also a stone signifying the genetic potential, and that is exactly what Christ is. Christ is that stone, the genetic potential to have the whole nature of God developed in you, and then I also found a paragraph saying that Shekinah is the holy temple. As I said, this is not fully accurate as I haven't really completed my study on it.


Then we see the Shekinah that doubles up when she marries Ze'ir Anpin, and now takes the name "Sabbath" for the Sabbath day, and that is what Jesus was talking about. One of her names is "All," meaning that she now represents the whole seven lower Sefirot.


Another of her names is "righteousness." The Sabbath is involved in righteous judgment, and we did a whole message on this Thursday night which was just stupendous.


She is also called the Tree of Life and the Book of Life. I haven't spent too much time on that. I spent more time on an attribute of the Shekinah called Zot, and as I studied it, I found it to be talking about the Mind of Christ. Is everybody OK with this? I really just started a casual message tonight, and I wanted to point out to you some of the promises that are associated with cohabiting with God to the point that He's so filling you that you start receiving all of these blessings.


We see in Deuteronomy 33 which says, "then Jehovah your God will restore your fortunes and return to you in love." So when we depart from God, we lose our fortunes. So when He returns to dwell in us, all of our fortunes are restored, and that's spiritual fortunes and physical fortunes. And that is associated with the marriage. The Song of Songs says, "from Lebanon my bride will come with me."


See, you don't get all this by answering an altar call, and you don't get all this by prophesying or speaking in tongues or casting out demons. That's just the truth. There is all of that or gifts which are associated with the Holy Spirit, which is the power of God alone, and the blessings and life eternal is in the nature of God dwelling in you, and the promise, brethren, is eternal life. The promise is divine health and eternal life. That's the promise, and it is not after you die. It is after you repent and confess your sins, and the Godhead actually returns to dwell in you. That's when it comes. I hope that it is coming really soon. Praise God.


Looking for a few points to make to you here. Here are some comments on what happens when the male aspect or the unity departs from us. It says that Shekinah is like a tree whose fruit has fallen off, and then Israel, for us this is spiritual Israel, is too meager, low, shamed, dangling, near disgrace and derision for when the Shekinah or when Christ does not receive nurture from above it cannot nurture spiritual Israel. So it is not even enough to have Christ grafted to you. Do you hear what this is saying? It is not enough to have Christ grafted to you. Once Christ is grafted to you, He has to be nourished from above, and how does He get nourished from above? Well, you have to be nourished by somebody that is in contact with the world above. You need a teacher whose Christ is at least, if not filled, with contacting the Lord Jesus above.


When Shekinah is dry and wanting and Israel too is hungry, thirsty, naked, and totally deprived, for Israel is like the leaves, and the Shekinah or Christ is like the trunk of the tree. Sometimes it is rich, and sometimes it is lacking, sometimes it is full, and sometimes it is empty. So you can have Christ and be severely lacking. I think that's the condition of the church, and that's what Jesus meant when He said," the fields are white to harvest, but there are not laborers."


I think a lot of people have an imputed Christ that's built up by the Holy Spirit, but if that Christ is not connected to a root which is the Spirit of Christ, it will die because the imputed Christ is the branch of the tree. It is just the power, it is a gathering together of the power, and you have to get the seed grafted to you or the root grafted to you. The root is righteousness. It means you have to start living holy, and you have to start dealing with your sin nature to get the root grafted to you or you won't be able to hold on to the branch, but, unfortunately, the church doesn't even hear this message.


We will go back now to where I was before I put the drawing on the board for you, and I was reading a statement in one of these Kabbalah books which asks this question. Is it possible for one to cleave to the Shekinah? And the answer is that according to the oral Torah, you can, but the rabbis are very reluctant to talk about it which means it is not in the written Torah. You see, there is an oral Torah, and the Torah is the first five books of Moses, the five books of Moses. There is an oral Torah and a written Torah, and the oral Torah is the real thing. It is like the written Torah is just the Scripture, and the oral Torah is the whole esoteric understanding of the Scripture which the church is completely lacking in, totally living out of this book, and that is why they are dead.


So what this is saying here is "yes, there is an answer to this question, but you have to get it from the rabbis, you can't get it from a book, and the rabbis obviously only teach their disciples, but I believe I know the answer to the riddle because the Lord has taught me. Can we cleave to the Shekinah? Now remember, the Shekinah is the sub-attribute of Malkhut, and we are commanded to cleave to Jehovah, and the way we cleave to Jehovah is by living out of Christ or Shekinah and doing everything we can to call down the life of Jehovah today through the Glorified Jesus Christ into our life.


So how come we cleave to Christ? The mystery is that the personality must cleave to Christ, and then Christ cleaves to Abel in us and must overturn Cain. That's the whole message of the Doctrine of Christ. Maybe the rabbis had it, but it is not in any of the books that I've seen. Maybe it is in some of the advanced books. I don't know. Maybe they have that message. How do you cleave to the Shekinah? How to you cleave to the part of God that's in you that's not a part of the unity? How do you do it? You have to overturn Cain. They don't want to put it in the book.


So we were talking about positive promises in Kabbalah. So anyone who cleaves to this attribute, Jehovah, will be merited with life eternal which one can see hinted at by the verse, "while you who held fast to Jehovah, your God, are all alive today." This is talking about spiritual life, brethren. Talking about spiritual life.


Now here is something that goes right along with purifying yourself. I think Paul said at one point, "he who really seeks the promises will purify himself." Something like that. We know that means the exposure and the warring against your sin nature. So here we have it in Kabbalah. "Know and believe that there is a special quality to the essence of the purity of limbs." Now this is a parable that they are calling our mind and our emotions which need to be purified, soul and spirit need to be purified, the author of the books is calling them limbs. So if you don't know what he is talking about, you would never get this. " Know and believe that there is a special quality to the essence of the purity of limbs that allows for a man to hold fast to the Shekinah or to Christ even if it is a consuming fire."


We see in the New Testament, "our God is a consuming fire," and here in Kabbalah we read that Shekinah is the consuming fire, and that you can only hold fast to her if you are purifying your limbs, if you purify your mind and your emotions. What I just said a few minutes ago is that Abel had to get on top of Cain, that's how you could hold fast to her, but Abel can't get on top of Cain unless you are purified, your emotions and your carnal mind. You have to purify your motives, our emotions and our motives.


Here, we see an attribute of the Shekinah is the Book of Life, and this Kabbalah book tells us that it is Shekinah manifesting as the Book of Life that is a storehouse from where life is drawn from the upper life which is known as life in the world to come. The whole message here is that all the power is in the world above, and, somehow, we have to draw down and get it down.


I don't feel that this message is going along too well tonight, but I do just want to read you some of the promises, so let me do that and then if the Lord doesn't give me anything else I am just going to stop.


This is talking about the attribute called Zot which I perceive to be the Mind of Christ, and it says "it is through Zot that the great good," this is where the great good comes from, from where we enter into the life of the world to come, through the Mind of Christ. Zot is the inheritance of those who serve Jehovah, and that is Isaiah 54:17. Zot is the land that will be yours to inherit, Numbers 34:2. I believe that Zot is the Mind of Christ. Maybe the Lord will let me give you a message on it. I told you that I am not really prepared tonight. I don't know I will even publish this or not. I'm just sharing a few little things with you.


Zot is the attribute which is specific to the kingship which Judah merited, and we talked about being a king this morning. We talked about that off the tape, and I explained to all of you that what the promise that we will be kings and priests really means to us today. This is manifesting today. We are priests when we feed the holy food to people. That's when we are priests,when we teach this holy word, so we are priests to other Christians. This holy word is not preached to non-Christians. It is preached to a Christian only.


So our priesthood is only to the body of Christ, but our kingship is to everybody that touches our life. Our kingship is the administration of the law. That's what Solomon did. It is judging righteous judgment, and we can do that to other Christians, we can do that to our families, and we can do that to strangers that we meet at airports or on the street as the Lord leads us, and that is not talking about what the church calls "witnessing."


If Christ rises up in you to right a wrong, you are manifesting kingship, and I told you off the tape this morning how I was at this secular meeting that I go to, and someone was really out-of-line, and nobody in that meeting really straightened that person out, and Christ manifested in me in a powerful correction that was directed towards the whole group. It wasn't even directed towards the person that was out of line, and it was so powerful that no one was offended. It came forth in a way that I wasn't out of order being in a secular group, so I manifested the full authority of Christ Jesus, and I wasn't out of order being in that secular group. I manifested kingship to that group. Jesus Christ corrected a wrong, corrected an injustice that was done in that secular meeting.


I also gave a testimony off the tape this morning about how once I was in the supermarket, and I saw a little girl with her mother, and she was misbehaving. I don't know whether the woman was a Christian or not, but Christ rose up in me, and I just looked at the little girl and indicated she was out of order, and she completely stopped her unGodly behavior. She completely responded to me. You just have to make sure that it is Christ because if it is not Christ, you are going off into witchcraft.


Our kingship is to the whole world. Our priesthood is only to the disciples of Christ. What is the priest according to the Old Testament? The priest intercedes on behalf of the people towards God. The priest makes the sacrifice God. The man in the street cannot make the sacrifice. A priest must make the sacrifice for him, and the prophet brings the word of the Lord to the people. So in the Old Testament, we had prophets, priests, and kings. The kings were the secular rulers, the prophets brought the word of the Lord to the people, and the priests brought the sacrifice of the people to God.


So the son is a prophet and a priest and a king. The prophet aspect of me brings the word of the Lord to you, and how am I a priest to you? I offer the sacrifice for you to the Lord. How do I do that? Can anybody tell us that? I offer the sacrifice on your behalf to the Lord. I offer up Leviathan in you when I tell you that, that was your carnal mind and not Christ, and you receive that correction, I have just helped you to offer your sacrifice to the Lord because the sacrifice is Leviathan. Leviathan is the cooked fish that the priest eats, and I know there is no fish sacrifice in the Old Testament. Leviathan is the animal. There ate animals that live in the sea, so I guess I should not have said cooked fish; although, sometimes Leviathan is called a fish. The whale is an animal and the dolphin is an animal that lives in the sea. When I preach to you like this or, when you are in a ministry with me like this, I am both a prophet and the priest to you, and I am also a king. I am a king simply because I run the ministry, the headship of the ministry and the office of the ministry. The Lord just showed me the division. When I show you your sins, I am offering up your Leviathan as a sacrifice to the Lord, but it is a totally different aspect of the ministry when we just talk about righteous judgment in circumstances. We talk about circumstances of your life or other people's lives, and we talk about what the righteousness is in the situation, and that is the manifestation of the king, the righteous judgment, not the office, I'm sorry, I had that wrong.


So I think I'm going to call it quits. It has not been a good day, and I'm stumbling all over the place here, but I will probably publish this anyway because anytime I decide not to publish something the Lord rebukes me and says there is enough on there to help somebody so publish it anyway. So I am going to publish the tape. Any questions or comments before we end?


COMMENT: A while ago, you spoke about the Holy Spirit is given without repentance and going back a number of years, and for a number of years afterwards, I used to believe that the Holy Spirit was given to people and God didn't change His mind about it even though they went off into some kind of sin. Now, I realize that it means that it is given to us when we don't repent of our own sins.


PASTOR VITALE: Specific, personal sins, yes.


COMMENT: I didn't understand that.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you get the Holy Spirit when you answer an altar call, when you repent to the degree that you say, "yes, I confess that I was not serving God, and I want to serve God, and I, therefore, repent of not serving God. " That will qualify you to get the Holy Spirit, but that is not really confessing your sin as God sees it. People say, well I was a drunkard and I was a drug addict and I was in fornication or I was in adultery, but, basically, when the Lord talks about specific sins He's talking about the hidden sins of the heart, and He's really talking about pride.


Anybody that's in fornication knows that they are in for fornication. If you are a thief, you know that you are a thief. If you are a drug addict, you know that you are a drug addict, but the specific sin is the hidden sins of your heart, what I call the socially acceptable sins, envy, and all the manifestations of pride that manifest in people everyday and in this society more than ever. They manifest in the way we relate to each other, and, of course, witchcraft control. Envy, witchcraft control, and pride are the social sins, and they are known as character flaws in the world. They would be called character flaws, and they are not acceptable to God. See, character flaws are not acceptable to God.


We are supposed to be healed of our character flaws. We are supposed to be taught the right way to do things, the right way to relate to people, and then we are supposed to change and start doing it because that is how we change from glory to glory. That's how we change from the carnal mind into the Mind of Christ. You have to be shown that you are doing something wrong, and then you have to be shown what the right way is, and then you have to fight the war until you are changed. You fight the war to change your behavior and then Christ fights to change your heart. That is a message that is not taught in the church, and I just get so sad when I look at the condition of the church, but I'm having a hard enough time doing my job, so I'm going to keep my eyes on myself.


We have just had many words that we are just waiting for the flood gates to open. We are waiting for the Spirit of Christ to pour down with all the miracle blessings for the people who are not yet in this exalted position. What exalted position? That the Glorified Jesus Christ is descending from heaven to marry His bride, Christ Jesus in me, and Christ Jesus in you, and that union will be the Sabbath Day.


I guess we can experience the Sabbath Day in degrees because when we did that whole study on the Sabbath Day in the series called A Look at Kabbalah, the teaching was that when we gather together like this, we are in the Sabbath Day because Christ Jesus in me is joining with Christ Jesus in you, and this wonderful anointing and this wonderful teaching is coming forth so we are in the Sabbath Day now, but there must be degrees because that's true. We are in the Sabbath Day now, and I believe the Spirit of Christ is here, and I believe that the anointing is here, has grafted itself to you all, and that you all are manifesting Christ because of your submission to what God is doing here and has been doing here, but that He's coming in greater and greater waves.


He's coming in greater and greater intensities and just as I showed you in the series called Bereshith, I showed you how the linear aspect enters into the void in a series of penetrations and withdrawals which is like unto the human sex act. In the same manner, the Glorified Jesus Christ is penetrating into us. He enters in, and then He withdraws. He's not as fully manifested in me all the time. He rises and falls in me. So, as He rises and falls in each of us He's penetrating deeper. Each time He penetrates, He's penetrating deeper and deeper into us, and perhaps that was what you saw in a vision today, that drill going into the wood. Every time He penetrates into us, He's pounding us, He's pounding into our spiritual being, and we are liken to wood, our personality is liken to wood, and He's just doing deeper and deeper and deeper.


He's literally digging a well in us. That's what He is doing. He's hewing out a well in us, He's preparing us to receive His fullness. That's what He's doing, and as soon as we are prepared to receive it, He fully intends to fill us up and abide permanently. So it is true that we have the Sabbath Day here when we gather together like this, but the Sabbath Day exists on a multiplicity of levels, and we have not yet experienced the Sabbath Day to the degree that miracle working power is pouring out. We haven't experienced that yet. We experience power in the word and power to develop Christ in us and power to create thought forms that the Lord can use to help other people.


What I'm saying, in other words, is that the blessings of the Sabbath Day that have come forth here are the blessings toward the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Our mind has been blessed, our emotions have been blessed, but the power to heal this physical body has not poured out yet. Our spirit has been affected, and dour soul has been affected by the Sabbath Day that's manifesting here, but we need a greater level and a greater depth of the Sabbath Day that is powerful enough to heal the physical body, and that's what we are waiting for. We don't have the fullness, but we have experienced the Sabbath Day - definitely!


Well, thank you for saying that. The Lord always uses you that way so we have another 15 minutes on the tape. You have something else to say, OK xxxxx.


COMMENT: While we were sitting here, the Lord brought that image of the drill back to my head, and He said, "it is like drilling a hole in your head," and it made me think of those people in the world who are literally drilling a hole in their head, and I understand it is a practice going back a couple of hundred years where, supposedly, it makes their consciousness raise, and it gives them, supposedly, more wisdom, and a few moments later you spoke about animals in the sea, and you talked about a whale. One of my grandsons showed me a picture the other day of a blue whale, but the water was coming out of his head, and, at that point, I thought about a hole in the head.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting. That is very interesting. I have no problem believing that. I know that our God wants us to be filled with His power more than we do, so the problem has to be us, that we are not adequately prepared, and that to adequately prepare us any more quickly would destroy us, and this is what's holding the whole works up, that we are so fragile that we break so easily that it is taking this long to prepare us to receive Him. I've had that revelation for a while, I've had that revelation for a couple of years now how fragile man is. It is pitiful.


Do you realize that if you just cut yourself, if you take a knife and cut yourself, and you don't take care of it that you could get an infection that could ultimately kill you if it gets into your blood stream? That's how vulnerable we are. A car hits us, and we break, we get diseases and collapse, and some people can't walk. This isn't normal. Do you think God made us like this? What kind of a God do you think He is that He made us like this? The whole church believes He made us like this. We are an abomination. He didn't make us like this, this is Satan's handiwork or the Dragon's handiwork, very inferior work.


What we are lacking is the energy of God, that's what we are lacking, and that's what He wants to give us, the energy of His life because He cannot be depleted, you see. He has so much energy, He is a self-generating dynamo, and He has enough energy to give the whole world eternal life and not lose anything. He's not withholding Himself from us. We just fell down so far that He's having one time getting us prepared to receive Him, and the Lord just gave me a memory of when I went into the hospital ten years ago, thinking I was dying, and I was dying, but I didn't die, and I was so run down and weak and close to death that I had to stay there three months before they could operate on me.


You know the reason I stayed there three months was that it took them a couple of weeks to give me all of the tests. It was the very last test that they gave me that diagnosed me. What I had was the last think that they thought that I had. When they couldn't think of any other test to give me, they gave me those tests, and they found out what was wrong with me. So that could not have taken more than a couple of weeks, but then when they found out that I needed surgery I was too weak for them to operate on me. That's why I was there most of the time. I was only there, I think, a few days after they operated on me. A week, tops, if it was that long. They just wanted to get me out of there fast. So they had to prepare me to receive the operation, and that's the condition that the church is in. We can't receive Him, it could kill us if He poured His life into us.


Remember, we are the physical manifestation of The World of Points, the vessels that were broken when the light of the Infinite flowed into them. So Jesus isn't going to do that to us again. He's preparing us to receive Him and to live, and that's what this is all about. It is going to take a total miracle. I can't wait to see how He does this, for us and then for the other people who aren't even interested in pursuing Him. We are an immature group here, but we do have a couple of younger people, but I really believe that someone who is even in their 30s or 40s have to have a special call on their life. We are all on in year. We are mature people. Who is going to sit for this kind of studying for hours and hours? We are not typical.


Well, do you have anything else to share with us, my friend? No, that's it. Does anybody else?


God bless you.





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