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As we were saying today is a very dangerous but also a very exciting day in the church. And what is happening is that the promises of God are coming to pass, what is the promise of God? Does anybody know what the promise of God is? Okay, the promise is that we will be filled with his life, that's the promise. Humanity, first of all humanity we are one spiritual woman, just my hand is one hand, but it goes into four fingers and the thumb at the end of my hand, see, when I talk about my hand, I'm talking about the whole hand, including my forefingers and my thumb. Humanity in the spiritual plane is one woman, and she extends into many individual human beings in the physical, which is what we see. We see a couple of I don't know how many people are in the earth, a couple of billion or trillion people in the earth, but we are one spiritual woman in the spiritual plane. And there are two spiritual men, actually one is a false male, but for the purposes of this message there are two spiritual men that want to possess the woman, and this is called a spiritual marriage.


In spiritual marriage there's a permanent possession, the act of spiritual sexual intercourse is an act that when the male and female come together, there is no separation. So what we see in the human marital union is really an expression of the temporaryness of this present condition. In the human relationship the man and the woman, they come together and they withdraw, they come together and they withdraw, the come together and they withdraw. This, everything in this earth is an expression of the spiritual reality, and the spiritual reality is that the marital union, the spiritual marital union is to be coming together once, and no separation. In the spirit we are to be with our husband in this flesh permanently.


We don't want him to leave us, because when he leaves us, we get into all kinds of trouble, and this world, this is called the divided age, we're presently in the divided age, and for this reason we need to have, we must have our needs sustained from the outside of us. We need food from outside of us, we need affection from outside of, we need clothing from outside of us. None of this would be necessary if our husband was permanently joined to us in our inwards parts, you see. And this is the hour of the marriage, you see, the marriage is not just for the church, we know that the book of Revelation talks about a marriage but it is not just for the church, all of humanity is coming of age, and is at an age where she will be married to one male or the other. Ultimately she'll be married to just one male, which will be the Lord Jesus Christ.


But as the marriage approaches, there is a usurper who is coming to steal the Lord's bride, coming looking just like the Lord, and the problem with the church, and the first place that the potential bridegrooms are coming is to the spiritual people, you see. Now the spiritual people that are spiritual outside of Christ, that's no problem, the Hindus, they know that god is the Serpent. I've been saying that for a long time, pick up any book on Hinduism, they know that they worship the Serpent. They're completely taken okay.


I don't really know how to relate to the Buddhists at this point, my understanding of the Buddhists is that he believes that he is God, so I don't know how the spiritual husband would approach him, I don't know what the Buddhists life is like, I don't know, but I suspect that it's very similar to Hinduism that he says I am God with a knowledge that God is in him, and that he's one with God, that's my guess. But the Christians are the ones that are at the greatest risk, because of their ignorance, because of the ignorance in the church today, and their fantasy rapture marriage, and their fantasy that this marriage is external, and that they're going to be lifted up from this world. They're totally unprepared for the spiritual truth, that the marriage is spiritual, that the marriage is internal, that the marriage is of the mind, and that there are two spiritual males, both of which intend to make us, each human being their mansion, you see.


The King James translation translates it that we are the ones receiving a mansion in heaven, no we are the mansion, we are the house, we are the physical visible house, the physical female house, or womb that the invisible male spirit intends to occupy in a form of permanent union. You see right now, every human being on the earth has some measure of union. Her husband enters in, and our husband leaves. Satan is the source of all thought outside of Christ. Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind. She generates every thought that we have. We have, the average human being, especially the one that does not develop the powers to introspect and see the thoughts arising from the unconscious part of our mind, which I can do a little bit, I'm sure that I have not, I don't know how to measure it, but I know that I don't see every thought arising at that point.


And in Christ, the Spirit of Christ is the source of every thought. The human being is the woman, that means we could be likened to the moon, we are a reflection of the one who is possessing us at the moment. We have the reflection of the one who is having spiritual sexual intercourse with us, at the moment. And that male impresses himself on us, impresses his nature upon us, impresses his thoughts upon us, and they arise into the subconscious part of the mind, and we think that they're our thoughts, and we speak them out and we act them out, you see. Now this principle of the woman having nothing of herself, it arises out of the Bible, and a lot of physical men, take these spiritual principles from the Bible and put a great bondage on their wife and upon the women of the world.


And in many societies even today, the women are told you are here to be a servant and to bear children, and the man is everything, and the woman is expected to be a reflection of the man. This is what the Scripture says, but of course the King James translation makes it sound like it's to be implemented in the natural, but that is not true, that is the spiritual reality that all human beings, physically male and physically female in the spiritual plane, and the spiritual male that we have a relationship with from second to second impresses his nature upon us, and without a spiritual man in our life, not only are we nothing, we would not even exist, there would be no existence, because all thought originates with spirit, you see. And as human beings, we are the personality, we are the soul, we are the circle if you would, and the male is the dot in the middle of the circle, you see. We are circular, the male is linear penetrating force into the spiritual female, and we are like wet clay spiritually speaking, our personality is like wet clay, and the male impresses his thoughts and nature upon us.


Aside from a spiritual male impressing his thoughts and nature upon us, we can be likened to the beasts of the field, to a herd of cattle. I don't know what a cow thinks, but I don't think that they think on any deep level, or what a squirrel thinks, and if anything, the Lord just corrected me here, what they think about, what they think about is survival. What they think about all day and all night, is food, they have to survive, that's what animals think about. And to a large degree humanity is in that condition today. We in the western world are more privileged that we have been educated, we have the opportunity to live in societies, you don't have to be in the United States, but to live in a society where, you don't have to work twenty hours a day to eat and have a roof over your head, where you can have some time to pursue the things of God, and use your mind to educate, to be educated, and live a life besides the life of survival.


We are very privileged, no matter where in the world you are, if that's your condition, you are very privileged, but there are millions of people in the world today, who live only to survive. They work all day long to have a roof over their head, and to have a piece of bread, and some broth in their mouth. And I know that's true, and of course it's true in this country somewhat, we're very privileged in the United States, but it's not that common, you know you hear all kinds of stories about people being hungry in this country. I don't really understand that to tell you the truth, but it's not very common, but in other parts of the world, in Asia, and in Africa, there are people, they just work all day just to have a piece of bread in their mouth, and some of them are sleeping on the streets, spiritually speaking, with no offense meant to these people, they are living the life of the animal, that's how the animals live, that's all they survive for. That's all they do, is to seek food. And this is the truth of our spiritual reality, those of us who are privileged, who have attained to a life higher than that, we tend to be complacent, because it's the carnal mind in man which has overcome the wound of the beast. You see the beast was, humanity was wounded, we were divided from God and cast down to this animal level, but in our carnality, we have developed inventions, and become civilized and now we live in houses and we wear clothes.


And those of us who are privileged, we think that we're okay, but we're not okay because we could lose it in a minute. This is the carnal mind's provision for our fallen condition, that's what I'm trying to tell you. So what is coming upon humanity at this hour is the spiritual marriage, and ultimately every human being on the face of the earth will be married, you see.


Now ultimately I can prophesy to you without hesitation that every human being will be married to the Lord Jesus Christ.


But that is at the end of the war, there is a war raging, and Satan is fighting for the many membered woman. Each on of us is a member, just as I have four fingers, each one of us is a member of the hand which is called the spiritual woman. It's my understanding that what makes us, what makes us marriagable at this age, I'm not really sure, I thought at one point that it had something to do with the development of our mind, that humanity had to mature to a certain point of intellectual achievement, in order for the joining, but I don't know about that, because I believe that this marriage will go forth and take place amongst people that are uneducated, so I don't really understand it. Maybe it had to just start with people whose brain is developed to our level today. I don't really know maybe it just has to do with the ages, I don't know at this moment, I don't have that information. But this you know, people all over the world of all different disciplines, know that something is about to take place.


They're just disputing over what will take place, will it be a physical rapture, but I'll tell you that there are people that are outside of Christ that know very well what is happening. There was a movie produced, made for tv, I think it was just last week, it was called the Neanderthal, and I saw the subliminal message in that movie, the very advertisement for the movie was a visual confrontation between the Neanderthal man and the homo sapien. And the announcer said, this was the last time that two different species inhabited the earth at the same time, and this was the confrontation between the Neanderthal man and homo sapien, the end of which was that the Neanderthal became extinct and homo sapien is now the only human species upon the earth, but we are waiting for a new species, a new species of human to come into existence, and there are people outside of Christ that know this. The mystery that is not known outside of the church, because only the mind of Christ can comprehend this is my understanding is that until the war is over, there will be actually three species on the earth.


There will be homo sapien as we know them today, and there will be the new creation man, which is Christ in you the hope of glory, Christ Jesus in you developed to a point where he is permanently married to the glorified Jesus Christ, but marriage is between Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me, to the glorified Jesus Christ. Where do we come in and who are we? We are the personality. Before Christ Jesus in each of us will marry the Lord Jesus Christ, he will marry us. This is the Lord's provision to deliver us from this divided world. The world is called the divided age because we're divided from the world above, from the world of God above where all the power to provide our every need exists, we're cut off from them, as surely as this door cuts us off from the outside.


If we were in this room starving to death, and there was enough food outside to feed an army, if we could unlock this door and get outside, we would starve to death. All of humanity is cut off from the provision of the world above, that's why we need a mediator, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, you see. So this marriage is coming, but there will be three species on the earth at the same time, man as he is today, the new creation man in which Christ Jesus in you is married to your personality. What does that mean? Wherever Christ Jesus goes you go with him. Marriage is union, marriage is a joining, okay. In the spiritual as I said before, some men in the flesh get confused and of course the King James translation doesn't help any, and they try to impose all of these spiritual truths upon their physical wives, saying that the wife should not think, should not have a mind of her own, that she should be completely controlled by the man, this is misplaced spiritual knowledge. This is spiritual knowledge used by the carnal mind of a physical man to satisfy his own fallen needs, and I don't mean to insult anybody, this is our condition, and some men who have a need to dominate, maybe it's a the society that they were raised in.


The answer to all this is education. So the men who do this need to be educated, because to impose the kind of restrictions on a human wife that are a reality, and a benefit in the spiritual world, is the destruction of the physical woman. No human being could live under the kind of bondage that exists when the spiritual principle of spiritual marriage is imposed in the physical plane, no one could live under that kind of bondage you see. But the spiritual plane is the exact opposite of this physical plane. This physical plane is like the two, the two are like the inside and outside of the hand. Spiritually speaking everything has an inside and an outside. Now what's good for the inside of the hand is not good for the outside of the hand, you see. And the two are one, but they are the exact opposite. The inside of the hand is the mirror image of the outside of the hand.


So in the flesh, human beings, if we're looking for information by which we can draw analogies about humanity, when we're talking about the life out here, we look at animal life, human beings are mammals. But if you're looking for a point of contact from which you could draw an analogy concerning the spiritual life which we cannot see, okay, we are to look at plant life. See, the spiritual world is not an animal world, the animal world is on the inside, you see, and the spiritual world is on the outside.


So we draw analogies with spiritual life from plants, you see. Plants are, many plants are both male and female and reproduce from within, you see. It's the animal life where we find all the emotions, you see. So if ever you're looking, you're trying to identify attitudes from somebody, look at their emotions, or look at their emotions, or if you ever try to identify, which I'm sorry, which mind is manifesting in the person, the spiritual mind with the carnal mind, look at their attitudes or their emotions, and if they're trying unconsciously of course, to impose spiritual principles in the flesh, you know that it's their carnal mind that is in operation, because Christ is spiritual, and Christ, there is liberty where the Spirit of Christ is there is liberty, you see. There is union of the spirit, and liberty in the personality.


So back to my point, there will be actually three species on the earth, homo sapiens, as we are now, the new creation man who is in Christ Jesus, and once again, that's Christ Jesus in you married to your personality on one side, and Christ Jesus married to the glorified Jesus Christ on the other side. Now I may have the inside and the outside backwards, because when I preach like this, frequently my carnal mind gets it backwards, okay. So I'm not, at the moment I'm saying that it's probably Christ Jesus joined to our personality on the outside and the Lord Jesus on the inside, but I may have it backwards, but we're suppose to be a union of one, and Christ Jesus is the mediator. Christ Jesus if you want to look at my left hand and my right hand, Christ Jesus marries us on the left hand, grabs hold of our left hand, and Christ Jesus is married to the Lord Jesus on his right hand, and the three become one under the authority of the glorified Jesus Christ, this is the marriage, and it's a permanent marriage, it's a permanent act of spiritual sexual intercourse, and once we enter into it, he will never leave us, see once we're caught up to that place, he will never leave us from that position.


Of course the Scripture is, "He'll never leave us or forsake us", we do have the opportunity to turn our back on him, but once that union is formed, forever we shall be with the Lord. But at the same time, there is another spirit doing the same exact program today, Satan, she's doing, she's a total counterfeit, she' doing the same exact thing, she's birthing her child, in which ever human being she can, see Christ within us, that's the child, we're saved by spiritual child bearing.


And of course there are some people in the world that take that Scripture and say, "If a woman has a baby she's saved." Well I know a lot of women that have babies and they're not saved, see. It's a spiritual child, we have to bear the spiritual child, and that child is Christ, and Christ grows up to Christ Jesus in us, and then he is rejoined to his father above. Well Satan is planting her seed wherever she can today, and she's bringing forth a spiritual child. Satan is bringing forth a spiritual child that will marry the personality on the one side, and marry the primordial Dragon on the other side, so that there is a complete unity in that individual. Therefore temporarily we will have three species of human being on the earth at one time, eventually, and there will be a war between the two species, of ascended man.


Ultimately the people who are expressions of Jesus Christ will prevail over the Dragon and his angels, that's what Revelation 12 is all about. And Michael and his angels fought against the Dragon and his angels, that's what the war is all about, see. But the bottom line, the point that I'm trying to make is there is a new species of man, that is about to appear in the earth, and there are people who are not in Christ that know all about it, it's just the Christians that don't know what's going on, except for a very few. And I Saw this movie, Neanderthal man, and that was the subliminal message, when I saw the advertisement for the movie of the two species of human that look significantly different, their features were significantly different, they just confronted one another, this was the coming attraction, is that they had seen each other, and they were seeing each other for the first time realizing that they were a different species. I was a little disappointed in the tv movie, because the movie was mostly about the Neanderthal man, very little about the homo sapien, very little about the new race that had appeared and occupied the earth simultaneously with Neanderthal, see, and according to, if their facts are accurate, I have no reason to believe otherwise, the two races didn't war against one another. It was not a warfare that knocked out Neanderthal man, it was the homo sapiens had, I don't know if their brain was larger, but they had more intelligence operating through their brain, okay. And their language was much more developed, homo sapiens were just more mature, then Neanderthal, and their numbers spread and prospered and they pretty much took the land away from the Neanderthal, and the food, it wasn't that they were attacking the Neanderthal, they just possessed the land, and the Neanderthal eventually couldn't survive, and became extinct, because there was not enough food and survival was very hard, to reproduce. They were forced to move, they lived in caves, homo sapiens took over their caves to spread their species, and the Neanderthal eventually became extinct.


And I immediately saw the subliminal message there, there are people who have a high spiritual knowledge that are very powerful in the media today, and that was a subliminal message pronouncing the appearance of a new species on the earth, see. They don't know that this new species is going to come forth in two prongs you see, because it's really two new species coming forth, and that the new creation man in Christ, will war against the new creation man in Satan, they don't have that message, they just know that it's time for a new species to come forth. And it was a pictorial subliminal message to whoever could see it, and to whoever could not see it, it went into their subconscious mind, even the word saying, this is the last time two species confronted each other on this earth at the same time. This was the last time, well when is the next time?


What they were really saying is, already that it is already happening that a new species is in the earth, but the last time it happened, it was thirty five, well Neanderthal became extinct 35,000 years ago, so I think it was 250,000 years ago that the two species appeared, I may have my numbers wrong.


That was the message, this is the last time it happened, and now it's time for it to be happening again. See, even the Bible if you can see it, if your carnal mind will let you see it, even the Bible says in a very hidden way, that man did not always look like this. Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth did not look like we look, homo sapien came into existence five generations after Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and that is in the Scripture, all you have to do is count, well if you can see it, the book of Genesis says, can't quote it to you sorry, but I know in the days of Peleg, in the days of Peleg, however it reads in the book of Genesis, the Lord revealed to me, that it said, and they became male and female in the days of Peleg. We fell out into male and female bodies as homo sapiens. Before that I believe their were other races, there were four other races, as man fell.


See, Shem, Ham, and Japheth were in a high spiritual form, but they failed to manifest the nature of Elohim, who was manifesting the nature of Jehovah, Elohim was the mediator. When they came to the other side of the flood as you all know, Noah, well the parable is that he got drunk. The spiritual truth is that he was seduced by Satan in his mind, you see, and he turned away from his relationship with God, and formed a union with Satan, and Shem and Japheth were also likewise corrupted, Ham was the only one who stood for righteousness and sounded the alarm, but between the three, Noah, Shem, and Japheth, they killed Ham. Actually it was Noah's curse that cast Ham down. Now at this point, the Lord has told me clearly it was not even Noah cursing his own son, it was Satan risen up to such a high expression in that man, Noah, that it was literally Satan in Noah, and Ham was standing in such a high place of righteousness, it was literally a righteous expression of Adam, and the scenario of the garden was repeated in a different frame, in the garden, Satan managed to cast out Adam, did she not, that's what happened, she cast out Adam, and here what's happening again, Satan speaking clearly in Noah, saw Adam standing in righteous power and said, You won't stand, and she cursed him with enough power to cast him down, see.


So all four of them, whatever they looked like at that time, were cast down in the spirit, and from that point, they started to descend in the natural, and four generations or five generations later, homo sapien appeared, but we don't know how long those generations were. Each generation could have been thousands of years, and probably were, each one probably was thousands of years, you see. So we don't know what the previous races looked like. What I'm suggesting to you is that if you look in Genesis, each of those four generations that came before the generation of Peleg, which we are, according to my understanding, okay, we don't know what they looked like, maybe was Neanderthal, maybe one was Cro-magnon, I don't know, we don't know what they looked like, but the human race started to descend from that high place that they were in when Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth appeared on the other side, on this side of flood, see.


So, and my point is, what I'm trying to make is that the condition that the earth is in now, until the earth is stabilized in Christ Jesus, you see, the earthen humanity, we are not called to continuous change, we are called to eternal life, and there is no change in eternity. Eternity always was, is and shall be the same, eternity exists in its place. It's only time that goes forward, and time is in the fallen world. See that is how we enter into eternal life, that's how we stop dying, we ascend to a spiritual plane beyond time. Death is only in time, in eternity there is no death. Eternity always is, every provision is met. You live forever.


So there, in time, just by the physical laws of time, apparently, I'm really no scientist, but this is my understanding, after so many thousands of years, new species of man appear, we today are the fifth generation, or the fifth species of humanity to appear on this earth in this realm of time.


And the sixth race is about to appear, maybe it has appeared already on the other side, I don't believe the new creation man is Christ Jesus has appeared yet, if he has appeared on the other side, I don't know how they would describe themselves, you know, I could say to you in Satan, I don't know they would describe themselves, if he has appeared he still has not revealed himself to the world. He's not an accepted species. Homo sapien has not looked at him and said, We are now sharing the earth with another species. So if he has appeared, he's in hiding. I don't know whether he's appeared or not, but at very least, there are people who believe this teaching, they don't know about Christ, they believe there's just one new species coming forth, and they believe that he's going to be a spiritual man that will be far superior to homo sapiens as we know it now, and I believe that that will be true. I believe that that is true, that a new species is about to appear, both in Christ and outside of Christ and now both will be superior to the present human being, they will have spiritual powers that will create a situation that can be likened to the European coming into the jungles with guns.


The animals don't stand much of a chance. Well human beings as we know it now, we don't stand much of a chance outside of Christ, against this new species that is about to appear. See there are many people that are waiting for the Martians to come out of the skies, they are not coming out of the skies you see, they're not coming from out there, they're coming from in here, and they're coming in the bodies of human beings. See they're spiritual beings that are coming in the physical flesh of your neighbor, and maybe even your brother unfortunately. So if this message is scaring you, you can shut off the tape or you could stop reading the transcript, but it will not stop what is happening. And the people who can face the truth can stand a chance of maturing in Christ Jesus to the point where we can be a part of the new creation man in Christ Jesus, and have a chance at prevailing over the enemy and protecting our loved ones rather than being a victim in this world, crying out and crying out to Jesus. Well won't Jesus help you Sheila?


Brethren, Jesus will help you, the way Jesus will help you is by sending into your life a human being that Christ Jesus is mature in, who has the ability to defend you against the other species, that's how Jesus will answer your prayers, and I want to tell you that if there's only two or three people in the world that have matured to that point, maybe you'll get covered and maybe you won't, and that is the bottom line. So those of us who have the ability to hear this message and not shut it off, and not say, this is crazy, and not say, I don't want to believe this, that's denial, and those of us who are not, the ones that say they don't want to believe it, they are in denial, and then others will believe it but they will run because they are afraid. If you are one of the people who can bravely face this message, and follow this program because it's not an easy program to ascend into spiritual power in Christ Jesus, to ascend in to spiritual power in Christ Jesus, we have to die to every aspect of our carnal nature that does not glorify God.


It's a heroes life, it's very hard, but at least we will be in the fight. The Scripture says clearly that there will be very very few at the beginning, I believe at the time which is coming very soon, I believe at the time that the new species will appear, so obviously that no one on the earth could deny it anymore, there will be many more people scampering to be trained under the sons of God, to attain to spiritual supremacy, to save their life and the life of their loved ones. But unless things change, and there's so much I don't know, there is more that I don't know then I do know, but unless things change radically, it seems to me it's taking a whole lifetime to be trained to be an ascended son of God. If it's taking me, I'm at this twenty three years already, but of course we have not entered into the season yet. What does that mean?


It means as far as I know, nobody is manifesting this greatness yet, see, and it has nothing to do with me or with you, we are personality, it's the greatness that will come to dwell in us through the union of Christ Jesus in us, and the glorified Jesus Christ. And in order for us, the very first thing that we have to do to qualify for this privilege of having this spiritual royalty dwell in us, is that Christ must be grafted to us. Christ must be grafted to us and mature into Christ Jesus, he is the vessel, the spiritual vessel within us, that the glorified Jesus Christ can lock on to, see. The Lord Jesus Christ is truly coming to rescue us. Do you remember when you first came to the Lord and they taught you what salvation meant, what does salvation mean? To be rescued, the Hebrew word translated "salvation", one of its translations is to be rescued, well rescued from what? Rescued from drugs, okay, rescued from prostitution , okay, rescued from physical or mental illness, okay, but that is just the surface.


The Lord Jesus Christ has come to rescue us from a spiritual force that we have no power against, and we're completely blinded and deceived if we think we're okay, because we're comfortable in this world right now. Brethren the days of the flood are being repeated, the warnings are everywhere, nobody wants to believe it, you see. Build your ark, you know there was someone that the Lord sent to this ministry, people, they're just blinded their carnal minds are just the truth is just blotted out of their mind by Satan. Someone sent, the Lord sent someone to this ministry, for training, this ministry is a recruiting station, you see, the people that the Lord is calling in this hour are people with a high spiritual potential, is the Lord a respecter of persons?


No, but he's raising up an army and he's starting with the most strong spiritual people that he could find, he's not starting with the weak people, because we're out of time. So, well there's two reasons why he's going for the highly spiritual people first, okay, and I'm not putting them in the order of importance because I don't know how the Lord sees it. First of all, the more spiritual you are, the more likely you are to be targeted by Satan, why? Because of your high spirituality, you are more responsive then the other people to this spiritual marriage, you see. If you're highly spiritual, you're attracted to spiritual things, your mind is attracted to spiritual things, you're attracted to the spiritual male that wants to join with you, and after he joins with him he wants to come and live inside of you permanently, and impress his nature upon you and you will become everything that he is, see.


So if you're spiritual you are the most likely one to be married by Satan, so the Lord Jesus wants to get in there first, and the other reason is that the Lord Jesus himself is raising up an army, and he's not going to the people that he will first have to develop spirituality in, he's going to the people who are already spiritual to be in his army, so I think both reasons work together. So you're in danger you see, if you're a highly spiritual person, for your own benefit you should be rushing for this training program, because you are most likely to be amongst the first to be apprehended by Satan's manhood, and that's just the truth.


So the Lord sent somebody to this ministry once, a highly spiritual person, and she came in here one day and she said, you know Sheila, I was walking by your house, and the Lord said to me, that's Noah's ark, that ministry in there, that's Noah's ark. See, the Lord was telling her, this is where you, now the ark is not this house, the ark is in each of us, it's a spiritual internalized ark. What the Lord meant is the ark is being built here, if you come into the ministry, you'll be instructed on how to build the ark within yourself, that you should rise above Satan's waters, you see.


And this person stayed around for a couple of months and well her behavior was so unacceptable, that I couldn't let her stay, but she wouldn't yield to the ministry, you see, she wouldn't yield to the ministry, and she forgot everything that the Lord told her. It didn't matter that he said this was Noah's ark, and I explained to her what it meant at the time, see, but her carnal mind was so strong that she lost this opportunity, and this is the condition of the people of the world today. So the Lord is taking whoever can hear him, whoever is strong enough spiritually to hear this word, and not have their thoughts blotted out by Satan, whoever is willing to follow him, he will work with you on every level, I've never seen such mercy, I have never seen such forgiveness towards the people that are doing the best they can to follow this program, we fall down and he picks us up, we turn in the wrong direction and he straightens us out. You know it's not that he doesn't love us personally, but this great mercy is arising at least at this moment, out of our effort to follow him, because this army has got to appear, or the whole world will be annihilated.


The army of the Lord Jesus who, and this is Jehovah appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus, Jehovah the Lord of hosts, and "hosts" the Hebrew word translated "hosts", it means "armies". Well Jehovah, you know he's a general without an army today, or at least his army is not operating on the level that we need to be operating on. So he's raising up an army, and if you can hear this message, you are invited to be a part of this army, he's not going to force you, but I will tell you this, if you're a highly spiritual person and you're called to this message and you choose to reject it, when you walk away from it, Satan will get her piece of flesh. Jesus will not punish you from walking away from him, but with this call on your life, as long as Satan knows that you the potential to be a member of the Lord's army, she will do everything she can to destroy you, and the safest place that you could be is in the eye of the storm training for this experience, being close to Jesus, studying the doctrine of Christ, being willing to introspect, to look at Satan and Leviathan within yourself, to locate them, to deal with your sin, to war against them, and to cleave to Christ Jesus. As hard as the life is, that's the safest place that you could be.


So we wait, we wait for this event. The whole world is waiting for this event, for the new species to appear. And it's sort of hard to take, for sophisticated people you see. Unsophisticated people, simple people, you know, what the world would call primitive people, they would probably have no problem believing you know primitive peoples that worship demons, worship God, they would have no problem believing that these gods want to come and live in them and possess them. There are workers of magic and witchcraft in different forms of occult practices that literally invite the demons to enter into them, because they have a knowledge that when the demons enter in they have power, you see.


But a permanent thing, I do not have a sense of knowledge about different forms of witchcraft, but I have some knowledge that people that practice this discipline will engage in a ritual that will invite a demon or demons to enter in to them and then they're spiritually powerful, for as long as it lasts, but it's not permanent.


See they do, they accomplish what they have to accomplish, and the demons depart from them, and their power departs. And then there are some people that practice this so much that they're at a high level of power almost continuously, and of course it's the same principle with Christ Jesus. The more we practice the power of God, the more joined to us he becomes, the deeper he penetrates us, and the more his power abides with us, even if we're not engaged in spiritual activities.


You see, the principle is that it's the power of God or any spiritual power, you see, a lot of Christians would be offended at what I'm saying, but the issue is not whose religion is best, or which side is winning, the issue is spirituality, the issue is which spirit is producing your spirituality, but aside from that, spirituality is spirituality. We're hoping that, and of course it's true for us, that Christ Jesus is our spirituality, but when you teach about spirituality, it's the same thing for the people that are spiritual outside of Christ, as the people who are spiritual in Christ, we have the same experiences.


And this is the issue, that human beings are spiritually empty, we're negative, and the more destruction that there is in your life, you should know the more negative you are. Am I insulting you? No, the truth will set you free. So what we need is to be filled up with spiritual power. We desire to be filled up with the spiritual power of Christ Jesus, but there were people all over the world that were filled up with spiritual power that's not Christ Jesus, but their goal is to not be negative. Their goal is to not be a victim. Their goal is to emit power so that ungodly power will not possess them. I don't think I made that clear, let me try again. When you're not emitting, like a generator, when you're not emitting a spiritual power, if a man with spiritual power comes along, you can get caught in his gravity field, this is how people form ungodly soul ties, this is how some young people get involved in cults, follow after a cult leader like Charles Manson, have you heard of him? Evil men that capture weak young people. Spiritually speaking, Charles Manson, do you know who Charles Manson is? He's still alive, he's in jail. You should see the man's eyes, he was totally insane, and he was loaded with occult spiritual power, and he gathered around himself a group of young drug addicts and controlled them, and eventually told them to go out and murder somebody, and they went out, and they, this group of them, and they slaughtered, they went into a house and they slaughtered several people. It was really very bazaar. They didn't just kill them, they slaughtered them.


And they all went to jail, and we've seen pictures of Charles Manson, he's totally, you should see his eyes, they are totally possessed, and there were stories that he astral projects out of the jail continuously, I mean there's nothing anybody could do about that. I don't know if that's true, but that's what we hear.


So, this man is emitting, he's not negative, he is sending out spiritual power that captures people. Now on a less severe note, you could just be a weak person, maybe you're a woman that doesn't have much resolve and some unscrupulous man lays hold of you, and you can't get away from him, and you get engaged in a premarital or extramarital affair, both of which are destruction, and you can't get away from the man, or maybe it's a friend, maybe a friend of the same sex just controls you all the time. You have to be negative you see, you have to be a flickering coal to be captured like that. The person that is emitting the spiritual power is the person that is in control, see, but in Christ Jesus, see everything is control, there is a godly control. For example, I emit a lot of spiritual power, not as much as I'd like to, but I emit enough spiritual power at least at this time to not be controlled by other people, and to deal with all attempts to control in a godly manner. A lot of people attempt to control and their not aware that they're doing it, you see.


All control is not as evil as Charles Manson. Control can be as simple as the Lord telling you to do something, and your well meaning friend saying, "Oh did God really say that to you, oh that couldn't be God." Which thought will you follow. And as we are trained in Christ Jesus I find that the subtlety of the control that the Lord shows me is mind boggling.


It's just mind boggling, and if we're not aware that people's thoughts can control us, if there is not enough energy flowing out of us to resist, we will be controlled, see, and even to this day sometimes other people's thoughts turn me away from what the Lord tells me to do, and I want to tell you I'm not happy to report this to you, see. I just found out the other day why I didn't do something that the Lord told me to do. And the answer to me was amazing, although it's not the first time that this has happened to me. I was trying to help somebody prepare travel arrangements, and I was looking, I was on the Internet looking at all the options, and the thought came into my mind, a particular means of travel, a thought of it came into my mind, and I did not follow through on it, I did not get the fares or look up, or see if it was possible to travel that way, and the thought was very prominent in my mind, I did not act on it. And the travel arrangements that I found were very impractical to the extent that I didn't know that the people would even want to accept them. And we had a meeting here at this ministry, and one of the brethren came forth with a suggestion that was the same thought that was in my mind that I refused to act on, and at first I was almost ready to reject it a second time, but Christ must have risen in me in strength and I said, "Well let me check it out", and it turned out that this was the most efficient and palatable way to travel.


Well I went before the Lord, to be honest with you I was very distressed, I said, "Lord I know that was your thought in my mind telling me to pursue that course of travel, why did I not even check it out? Was it rebellion, disobedience, why in the world would I not even check it out?" And to be honest with you I was really disturbed about it. The Lord answered my question and this is what he told me, that the person that I was trying to help, not intention, wasn't doing anything wrong at all, but had it in their mind that the way to go was that they would travel into New York, into Manhattan, they would travel into New York, and they had to get from New York out here to Long Island. And that person's mind was so strong that it actually opposed the Lord's thought in my mind that said, "No the best way to travel is not to go directly to New York, the best way to travel is to go to Connecticut and take the ferry across. That's what the Lord was telling me, but the other person's mind was so strong, and they didn't know anything about this at all, but they had it in their mind to set their plans, and that this is what they were going to do, they were going to travel into New York, that the two thoughts actually had a war in my mind.


And I am not happy to report to you that the other thought held off the thought of the Lord in my mind, he had to tell another person for me to get enough strength in the midst of a room of several believers for me to get it, because Christ Jesus in me for whatever reason could not fight off that other thought. The person had a very strong mind, not even wishing, as far as the other person was concerned it was not even a contest, it was just that they were set, this is what they had to do. I don't know about you, but that is very disconcerting to me. However I thank the Lord, who understood and has not held this against me, but raised someone to help me, raised up someone else to say the word. So he knows when we need it, it's true, but that's not very flattering to me, but it happened to me, and I'm giving this to you as an example. It happened to me, and it was outright disobedience to the Lord, and the reason that I was disobedient, was that there was another thought present that was controlling me, see.


Now if I had any knowledge at the moment that I was in a warfare and that there was a thought from another mind controlling me, I would have immediately preferred the Lord, but that lack of knowledge sort of lulled me to sleep, I didn't know I was in a warfare. It was a seduction you see, it was a seduction in my mind. And that is from somebody that wasn't trying to get me to do something that I wouldn't want to do.


Can you imagine if it was somebody that was dead set to change my mind about an important issue? This was not the case. So this is what we're up against.


So when we talk about spiritual marriage, we're talking about possession of our personality, that's a frightened word, the word possession it really frightens me, but the key to overcoming this fear is a knowledge that we're really already possessed by Satan's mind. See, the carnal mind is Satan's mind. When the Lord first comes to us, all of our thoughts originate with Satan, both good and evil thoughts, this is what people need to understand. There are good and evil thoughts that originate from the carnal mind, and Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


So most people have trouble believing that their good thoughts come from Satan, but they do. So when Christ Jesus comes to possess us, he wants to possess us in our thoughts, he doesn't want to be resident in a personality that is following after the commandments of their carnal mind even if those commandments are good, you see.


Just by way of example, let's say we have a choice of going left or right, Satan tells us to go left, and Jesus tells us to go right, and both ways lead to our destination, there are two doors, both doors will lead to the place that we're going, but maybe if we take the path that Jesus puts us on, there's someone that he wants us to minister to on the way. See this is the challenge, most of will reject evil thoughts, those of us who are following after Christ will reject evil thoughts. The challenge is to discern between the good thoughts of the carnal mind and the thoughts of Christ Jesus that is the challenge. That is the challenge, because the thoughts that Satan gives us, they appear to be good, even thoughts such as, well surely I'm the Lord's and I'm going to be safe, and I'm going to be raptured or whatever you believe, because I go to church every Sunday, because I cast out demons, because I heal the sick, because I tithe, none of these things are true, they're all lies, and you might have all of these things, all of these things are good things you see. Here's the issue, every good thing that you do in this world, you will reap every good thing that you sow, every good seed that you sow, you will reap fruit, you will reap good things in this life.


Your children will reap good things in this life, you will have a good life in this life if you do good things, but you will not inherit eternal life from doing good things. Some people might say to me, "Well Sheila if this message is true, I can do anything I want in this life. No, you'll reap what you sow, if you fornicate, you could get aids. The Lord is not going to get you out of that one. No, you have to follow the spiritual law of God, you have to live holy to have a good life here in this world, and then in addition to that, in addition to your goodness, which comes through the efforts of your carnal mind, you see, living a good life means, the personality, making a decision between following after the good or evil thoughts of the carnal mind. If you choose the good thoughts, you will have a good life here, and if you do that, then you get a bonus, you can get a double portion, and the double portion is that if you're willing to follow after Jesus, you can also inherit eternal life, see.


But before you can enter into eternal life you have to pursue the good life in the flesh. You cannot jump from a life of evil, from a life where you're dishonest and you're cheating people for example, an ungodly lifestyle, a physically ungodly lifestyle, fornication, adultery, the practice of homosexuality, that all has to be given up, but also the hidden sins of your heart, you have to deal honestly with people.


And before you can deal honestly with people, you really have to know what's in your own heart, you have to know when you're being dishonest, to deal honestly with people. And all this is the pursuit of the good life that arises out of your fallen humanity, which is your carnality, and when you do that with sincerity, you have to opportunity to pursue the spiritual life, which will impart eternal life. But goodness in this life does not, sowing goodness in this life, you will not reap eternal life. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, you do good to people, good will be done unto you, okay, but you do not inherit eternal life from it.


You inherit eternal life by dying to this good life, you see. Everything is an exchange, you reap what you sow, you do good, you receive good. Well, the finest act that you could do, but you can't do it of your own accord, it has to be under the control of the Lord Jesus, the finest act you could do is lay your life down for a friend, and who is your friend? Aren't we the friend of God? Okay, God is our friend, if we're close to him God is our friend. See Abraham was considered the friend of God because of his faith, what does that mean? Abraham followed the Lord when he had no idea what was waiting for him. That was what identified him as the friend of God. So when we lay down our life for our friend, when we give up our desires, and follow after the desires of the Lord Jesus, not knowing where he's taking us, we become God's friend, and when we lay down this life, we become, we enter into eternal life, we receive what we sowed into you might say.


It's life investing is something blind, let's say if somebody that you really love comes to you, and your children, or your relative, and say "Look, I have this new venture, would you invest with me, I really I can't make it without you, and I know if you want to do it, that you do have the money, would you trust me, would you believe in me, would you make this investment even though I can't give you any proof that any responsible investor would want. Any responsible investor would want certain evidence that they were get a return on this, and I can't give you that, but I'm your friend I'm your relative, will you take a chance on me? You see, and you put your money in and the man makes it, you see, and you're going to reap what you sow, you have faith in him, and you have trust in him, and you loved him and you were willing to support him without any sure guarantee, and you reap what you sow. Well that's what we're called to, to enter into eternal life, you have to throw everything in, because we're not capable of comprehending what we will reap in the future, but because of faith in Jesus Christ, because we trust him and we believe in him, we will reap eternal life, that's what you have to do to get eternal life, you see.


And what's amazing to me as a human you see, I keep telling the Lord, I would really like to understand how he relates to other people, because you can't be like him until you understand how he thinks towards other people, so I'm very interested in the Lord's reactions to other people, and he never ceases to amaze me. See getting a vision of him is changing me, see, how he meets people where they are. He'll go with you as far as you want to go, you know, if all that you are willing or capable of doing is doing good things in this life, he'll be very happy to help you to reap good things in this life, and he'll invite you to go further with him, and if you don't come, he'll just go to somebody else, you see, and that's the exact opposite of human nature, you know.


You always want your loved ones to go with you, and you feel a pain if they don't go with you, why? Because you don't want to separate from them, you see. But Jesus isn't like that, he'll meet you wherever you are, and if you say no, it's okay with him, he won't force you. Now if you say no, you may go out and have some experiences with Satan that will drive you back again, but that's not the Lord punishing you.


You may just find out what this world is like apart from Jesus, and you may come back. But it's quite an experience finding out how the Lord thinks. I know before my mother died, I took her to a service, and a woman that I never saw in my life came over and prophesied to my mother personal prophecy, she walked half way across the church to her, and in so many words which she said to my mother, see my mother could not come to the Lord, she could not do that and still live with my father, she couldn't face that kind of separation, or she was afraid of his rejection, I don't know, but she couldn't separate from him and do something apart from him, my father wouldn't come, and the Lord actually said to her, told her that he loved her and if she ever changed her mind, she would welcome with him. I couldn't believe it, that this woman, she didn't know who my mother was, had never seen her, it was the only time my mother was ever in a church, and this woman said that to her.


The Lord, well she was, you know she must have been in her 80's already, in her late 70's or early 80's, and that was what, you know she was a woman that was on in years, and that was what the Lord said to her, if you change your mind I'm here, if you don't that's okay, I love you. It blew my mind. That's what the Lord is like you see. So he's looking for people who want him, and he's looking for people who need him, but education is very important because there are a lot of people in the church today and in the world that have deep spiritual needs and they don't understand that what they need is the Lord Jesus. They don't understand this message that is being preached today, okay.


If you are a highly spiritual person, you are about to be drafted and if you are not drafted by the Lord Jesus, you will be drafted by Satan. This message it's a very important message you see, and those who believe it have the opportunity to be trained for this warfare and become the defender of the people who are spiritually or who are not spiritually equipped who cry out to Jesus for help. You've got to get this message you see. The Lord Jesus today is a spirit, he's a spiritual man, but to us he's a spirit, he's not a human being in the flesh, he's manifesting himself through people in the flesh, you've got to get this. A lot of people, they have this problem, they don't want to deal with human beings that Jesus Christ is manifesting himself through, because their pride is so strong and their fear of being controlled and their own control is so strong, they want to get every deliverance and every answer from the Lord Jesus themselves, and he's not working like that today brethren, Jesus works through people.


And there are some things that he'll deal with you with personally, some things, some questions he'll answer personally, we always have our personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, but when it comes to education, and to the revelation or the exposure of our sin nature, he's working through people that he raises up and trains to do this job, he's not teaching everybody the doctrine of Christ in their own house. He's teaching through ministries, eventually there will be more ministries, right now there's only a few. You've got to find where it's being taught to get it. The Lord Jesus is not tutoring you specially because you don't want to submit to the ministry that he's raised up.


So this is the situation in the church, listen let me put it in another way, the Lord Jesus is bringing the church into a condition of discipleship, which does not exist right now in the church. And in the past there have been efforts to bring a discipleship movement into the church, which have not been initiated by the Lord Jesus and they have turned into disasters, they have turned into control situations, where the person that raises himself up, or Satan raises him up, to be the head of this discipleship movement.


It weakens the people and crushes them, and makes them dependent upon him. This is not a movement of God, Jesus Christ makes you strong, he teaches your arms to war to pull the bow, he teaches you to be independent and powerful, and know how to fight Satan and Satan's army. Satan, just as Jesus is appearing through people, Satan is appearing through people, and we have to be able to recognize what spirit we're talking to behind the mask of the physical face and personality. We have to look at somebody and find out what spirit is in this house, what spirit is in this house? Well Sheila do you want me to be paranoid and walk around and look for evil in every person that I meet? No, there is a middle line in Christ Jesus. Policeman live that way, lawyers live that way, under cover agent soldiers live that way, everybody you meet you don't have to be paranoid, but you need to be aware that there is a spirit living in that person, and you need to know what spirit it is. Most people have the two spirits, but you need to know which spirit is predominate in that person. Are they Satan's agent to you, or are they Christ's agent to you? But in the world today, there are a lot of people that are still neuter, you see, spiritually developed people that are expressions of Satan, they are called spiritually female, and spiritually developed people who are agents of Christ Jesus, they are called male, but most of the people today, most of the people, well a lot of the people today anyway, they are not spiritually developed, well I won't even say most, the people who are not spiritually developed, are spiritual children, it is not yet evident whether they are male or female.


But listen brethren, this is the key, the spiritual children of the world today that it is not yet evident whether they are male or female, they default to female because we are born with a carnal mind and Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind. What does that mean? That means they could be descent people, but if Satan wants to manifest through them, these people have no defenses to shut her out. You see, Satan arises in our mind, and this principle is very strong in this Scripture, I talk about it in one of our messages, the Serpent's Triangle, I did go into one account in the Scripture, and show this whole principle, if you can hear it, it's there in the Scripture, it's under the surface, it's not written out in plane language like I'm saying it now, but it is a main principle in the Scripture.


There is a door inside of our mind you see, Jehovah said to Cain, if you do right things will be well with you, but if you don't sin lieth at the door. What Jehovah was saying to Cain was, right now you're doing okay Cain, because I placed Abel over you, I placed protective godly authority over you, but if you choose to reject this godly cover, and agree with the thoughts of Satan that door is going to open and Satan is going to come in and she's going to cover you. You see, either the Lord Jesus or Satan is going to be our cover. This is what is hard for people to understand. We are female and we cannot exist without a spiritual male, it will be one or the other.


You may be spiritually infantile right now, not particularly manifesting one or the other, or manifesting your carnality in a harmless way, but you will be one or the other, because the hour of the marriage is at hand, the hour of the spiritual maturity of the human race, of homo sapiens is at hand, you see, and we're about to reproduce, and the child that we bring forth will be the spiritual child that will exist within us, and that spiritual child will determine our spiritual sexuality, and our spiritual maturity. Praise the Lord, this is the message of the hour.


No matter how devoted you are to the Lord Jesus Christ, you need to be trained to recognize the thoughts of your mind, and you don't, you don't have to be paranoid, you don't have to be afraid of people, but you should be aware that whoever you meet, you should say, "Lord, who is this person? Is there ministry for that person, is this a person you want me to fellowship with? They look okay, is there something that I can't see? Is there any danger for me here? We should be thinking these thoughts and asking these questions. Every relationship that I'm in, do you want me in it? I'm I rightly related to that person? Maybe it's a member of your family that you really cannot depart from, well Lord make that relationship godly. If it's an ungodly soul tie, break it, and make that relationship godly, get me in right order. Don't let anybody between me and you. You see, an ungodly soul tie places another human being between you and the Lord, and that means the thoughts of this person that you have an ungodly soul tie with, are more influential upon you then the thoughts of the Lord Jesus. And that's a dangerous place to be in, because the only protection in this world, is to be manifesting the thoughts of the Lord Jesus.


If you are doing what he's telling you to do, and you are going where he tells you to go, he is then protecting you wherever you are. He's sending you information about people in your life that are producing that danger could arise out of that relationship. If you're seeking to align yourself with his will for your life. You know a lot of people, they hear about his will for your life, and they think, Oh well he wants me to be a doctor, or you know, he wants me to marry this person, no, well it's not that that is not true, but that is not the primary meaning of that concept, the Lord's will for your life. His will for your life is second by second, where he wants you to be at every moment, who he wants you to help, which street, whether he wants you to go left or right, because there's someone on the right side that he wants you to minister to.


When you live a life like that, there is protection for you and for your family. And one of my favorite stories, and I heard this from a preacher down south, I would like to repeat it to you, he was praying in the morning, it was 7:00 in the morning and he heard the Lord tell him to go stand on the street corner, he thought over the thought that had come into his mind and I don't know whether he honestly decided it wasn't the Lord or not, but he decided not to go, he decided it was 7:00 in the morning, and that this was crazy, and he was not going to do it. Later that day he went to the post office, and when he came out of the post office, this little old lady confronted him on the steps of the post office, she went right for him, and she said, "Son, I'm having a heart attack and you have got to lay your hands on my heart and pray for me, because the Lord said, you are the man to pray for me. And his reaction was to not do it for whatever his reason, maybe how she confronted him, maybe her expression, I don't know he decided not to do it, and she said, "Son, you have got to do this, because the Lord told me to stand on that street corner at 7:00 this morning and that he would send someone to lay hands on me and heal me from this heart attack and that guy never showed up, and now the Lord sent me here to the post office and you have got to do this. And when he heard that and he realized that he was the man that was suppose to be on the street corner at 7:00 in the morning, he laid hands on her and she was healed.


So when you live this kind of life of obedience, there is defense for you, and hopefully for your family against all of the evils of this world, you become a force, you become a force, a generating force, that energy is propelled out of you, and when energy is propelling out of you, there is no opening, you are no longer negative, there is nothing for any ungodly spirit, or any ungodly mind to lay hold of you, and capture you, you see.


And our primary relationship is to be with the Lord Jesus, and then he arranges and makes godly relationships with our family, and tells us which friends and people to have in our life. He has to be first, you see. He must be first. Praise the Lord. Any comments or questions on this message?


Actually it's a very exciting word, if we can just get past our fear, but today we are Abraham, and we are being called to go into a far place, we know not where, we don't know what it means, we're being asked to give up everything in this world, as the Lord takes it from us, we can't give it up in a religious bondage, and besides at this point, he's not really asking you to lay down your physical things, it's spiritual at this point, although in my case because I was called to the ministry, I lost a lot. I lost a lot physically, but most of what I lost was spiritual, all of my plans for my life, he just turned me in a totally different path.


I had no idea where I was going, and it's been very difficult, at one point I had a dream, and in that dream, and I believe it meant the people of the church, they were putting all of their valuables in like a little mesh case, mesh that water could get through, and they tied a string to that mesh case, and they were throwing their belongings into the sea, and then they would pull them out with a string. But I, this was my interpretation of the dream, I believed everything I heard in the church when I came to the Lord, and threw all my valuables in without a string, and I was, in my dream, I was getting very upset because nothing was coming into my life to replace my valuables, and I was panic stricken that I had made a wrong choice, that I had been deceived, and here I was in this world without anything, I lost my career, I lost everything, but it wasn't true, and in the dream the Lord was telling me, just wait, it takes time for you to reap what you've sown, and he was confirming to me that I had thrown everything in, I had heard the message, I had believed it with a child like faith, threw everything that I had into the sea of the Lord, the sea of light, the spirit of God, and it was just taking time for me to reap what I had sown, but that I was okay, and everything would be okay. And little by little everything in my life has straightening out, but it is taking a very long time, I have to tell you that.


But perhaps that was just me, you know maybe my life was so messed up at the beginning, I was dying when I came to the Lord, I don't know. Maybe it has something to do with the intensity of this ministry, that Satan's opposition to what God is doing in this ministry is so fierce that we're growing slowly. And another possibility is that the Lord told me that if he had moved me faster, any more quickly that I couldn't borne it, the retaliation from Satan would have destroyed me. Either that or my mind couldn't comprehend the growth, something like that. But that's what we're being invited to do, we're being invited to be the Lord's friend like Abraham was, to follow him where he's leading us, without a comprehension of what that place is.


And the spiritual riches of Abraham are awaiting us. But it's no easy path, but it's exciting to me to know we're just waiting at any moment, the new creation man will appear on the earth, and of course the new man on the other side will appear. See it's going to appear suddenly, the whole world is just, they're just eating and drinking and marrying, and pursuing their careers, not that there's anything wrong with that, but people just go on and do what they have to do because, what could you do, you know.


I hear that they're making slaves of the Christians in the Sudan, see, you give some money and you free a slave, and I mean what more could you do, are you suppose to be up all night worrying that these people are being mutilated, and enslaved, you can't, you know, that doesn't glorify God to do that. So you just go on with your life, you do what little bit you can, and you go on with your life, and you tend to just focus on the goodness of your life, because there's nothing you could do for these people anyway.


You know you do your little bit, you send your donations to help them out, you feed somebody here or there, and you just focus on your life, because that's the only way the mind can cope with it, what more could you do, you can't save the world, see. So we get all caught up in this eating and drinking and not thinking about what's coming, but suddenly, you see, suddenly there is about to appear, visibly appear in this world, the new creation man, and all of humanity will have to be faced with it, will have to be faced with this reality, see. The reality exists right now, it's not developed to its full maturity, but it exist right now, but people don't believe it. Maybe the people that are right in it believe it.


Somebody was telling me the other day about a form of spiritual warfare that's going on in certain places of Africa, where they're praying prayers against one another, and fires are breaking out spontaneously. They're praying witchcraft prayers, and fires are literally just spontaneously breaking out in people's houses, destroying all of their possessions.


So the spiritual warfare of the new age is already happening, but the people that it's not happening to say, oh well that's just an exaggeration, it's not even true, even if it is true, well it's just over there with those people, I mean that would never happen over here. And the whole world is in denial, that the whole human race is entering in to an age of spiritual warfare, where the only defender of the people will be Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus manifesting through human beings, possibly still imperfect human beings, I don't have the details, maybe we'll still be imperfect, I don't know. But it will come to such a point that people will have to lay down their pride, and go to the man of God that has the power to help them.


See, especially in this country people are very proud, people are very proud, they want to be independent, they don't want to be beholding to anybody. Not that you should be beholding to the man of God, the protection of the Lord that comes to you, cannot be bought, and it should not be paid for, see. And we should not think in terms of paying for that, because that is free to everyone that the Lord sends you to.


I know I helped somebody a couple of weeks ago, and she just wanted to give me something, she was taking food out of her refrigerator, and I said, I can't take it. You can't pay somebody for praying for you, see. You can't buy that, not that she was trying to buy it, it was just a lack of understanding, you can't do that, you know. If you should decide to support a ministry, that's a whole different attitude coming out of you, if you feel the Lord is leading you to support a ministry because of the work that the ministry does, that's one thing, but you cannot pay for having someone pray for you. It's an abomination to God, you can't do it. Praise the Lord. I guess the name of this message is the age to come. I guess the name of this message is the New Creation Man, Homo Sapien is about to confront the New Creation Man. Okay we saw Neanderthal seeing Homo Sapien, and Neanderthal was completely shocked. Well Homo Sapien is about to be completely shocked, because it will happen suddenly, you see.


And of course that word suddenly, nothing happens suddenly okay, this is the concept of thresh-hold, it's been happening for a long time, in a plane on the other side of the thresh-hold, and if your sight is only focused on this side of the thresh-hold, when that happening pierces through and it appears in this world, it happens suddenly, you see. But in Christ Jesus, we're suppose to see on the other side of the thresh-hold, nothing is suppose to surprise us in Christ Jesus, we're not suppose to have any surprises.


We're suppose to know what's going on in people's hearts, in the mind of the whole, all of humanity, we're suppose to have full knowledge, nothing is suppose to shock us, not evil in people's hearts, not good in people's hearts, we're suppose to be fully knowledgeable and use that knowledge to defend the innocent and sustain the Spirit of Christ in this earth, that's what we're called to.


I don't think I'm suppose to go to a second tape this morning, so I'll just say goodnight.





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