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Praise the Lord, we have a little lesson tonight concerning the three lower Sefirot. I am not including Malkhut because Malkhut is the female. We have nine Sefirot above Malkhut. 


Just by way of review, Yesod, which is the male foundation, is the lowest of the nine Sefirot, from one to nine, and Yesod, being the foundation is a channel, or a funnel that collects emanations  that come down from each of the eight Sefirot above Yesod. The word that Kabbalah uses is " emanations" or " the everflow." The New Testament would say "the glory" or "the power of God."


Each Sefirah has its own measure of power, and certain activities and qualities and attributes of God are associated with the emanations from each Sefirah, and all of the Sefirot are connected to one another. 


Just by way of review (I am not showing it on this drawing), you may recall that there are channels that connect all of the Sefirot. The Sefirot are all connected to one another through a whole network of channels. This is when everything is in order, when the channels are in repair, and in order, and everything is working according to God's plan.


Every one of the Sefirot is connected to every other Sefirah, even if it is through other Sefirot which are acting as mediators, and this is the intention of the Lord. When this condition exists in a human being, that every one of the ten Sefirot is connected to each other, we will not be sick and we will not die anymore. Obviously, no one is in this condition today. The Lord Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh was in this condition.


Again, just by way of review, the first of the eight Sefirot is Keter (crown). Keter is responsible for the thoughts of God, and for the will of God. The will of God for us is that we should be holy as He is holy, and we should prosper, and that we should live. That is the will of God for us, and His will comes down from Keter, which is the first Sefirot that is attached to the Ayn Sof, the unlimited one. 


Then comes Chokhmah (wisdom), and Binah (understanding). Again by way of review, Keter and Chokhmah never, according to Kabbalah, communicate in any way with mortal man, but Binah does. 


These three Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, are irrevocably attached to one another; they cannot be separated. Binah is the lowest one of the three, and Binah is the one that communicates with mortal man.


Binah is female, she has a partzuf which is called, Imma, the Hebrew word for mother, and it is Binah who has given birth to the six Sefirot beneath her. She acts as a mother to the Sefirot beneath her. She corrects, and is a ferocious fighter that is sometimes signified as a female lioness. 


The top three Sefirot are called the head of the body. Binah is the lowest of the three and she is the one that relates to every Sefirot beneath her and to mortal man on behalf of all three of the head. It is not that Keter and Chokhmah have nothing to do with us, they do. They are very concerned with mortal man, but they speak through their agent, which is Binah (understanding).


I would like to point out to you, that we did find this concept of threes in a translation we did in the Doctrine of Christ (it really does not have anything to do with this message). Before we started doing Kabbalah, when we were still working on the Doctrine of Christ, we did some translations in the New Testament which revealed that the Pharisees believed in the Trinity, and at the time, I had no idea what it meant. 


It is obvious to me now that, that was a very hidden message (in the Hebrew, it is called Sod), a very mystical message hidden behind the parable that we had translated. Sometimes when you look at a parable, some things have to be added, to actually make it into a parable. I do not think that the Pharisees ever called their studies "Trinity." 


That was a secret word that was not used by Kabbalah, but was alluded to, because there are so many triads in it. At some point, some people, I believe it was some Catholics, got a hold of Kabbalah and related it to their concept of the Christian trinity, but the trinity of the Jews has nothing to do with the Christian trinity. It simply means that this Kabbalistic philosophy deals in threes very frequently. 


We have two triangles here, the upper triangle and the lower triangle. The upper triangle, Chokhmah, Keter, and Binah, is called the upper heavens; it is also called the upper court. When we can contact this high place, we can say that we speak to the Lord face to face. Moses spoke to the Lord face to face, and we do have a Scripture from the New Testament on that, I Corinthians 13:12, can you read that for us please?


I Corinthians 13:12, "For now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face, now I know in part, but then shall I know even as also I am known."


Here is the understanding of what Paul was talking about. According to Kabbalah, our prayer starts down here with Malkhut, we are Malkhut and the name of God associated with Malkhut is Adonay. Malkhut is Adonay. Malkhut is the female Sefirah, she is known as the kingdom, she is also known as the earth, the land, or mortal man. We are the land, we are the earth. When the heavenly constellation (that is just another name for the ten Sefirot), dwells in us, Adonay is in us. 


To bring it to the New Testament, the heavenly constellation is the glorified Jesus Christ. The glorified Jesus Christ, in the days of his flesh, completely brought the ten Sefirot into the perfect configuration. He manifested the fullness of it. He did not get sick. He said no man can take my life;  he could not die, he gave up his life. 


Jesus was a living expression of what God has in store for the man whose mind is strong enough to overcome his sin or animal nature, and by concentrating and focusing on God, bring his own being into the perfect balance of the ten Sefirot, which is almost, I guess, an impossible thing to do without supernatural help from God.


Jesus Christ did it, Jesus the Christ did it because it was the spiritual man Elijah that impregnated his mother (Jesus manifested the Spirit of Elijah). Jesus was born of a woman, but he had a heavenly father.


Jesus Christ today is glorified, that means.... Let me say it this way, in the days of His flesh, there was always a possibility that Jesus Christ's mind would relax and that this heavenly constellation would fall out of balance, but after His glorification, this was no longer possible, His condition of balance is permanent.


Let me give you something to relate to. Look at the universe, we are in a universe called the Milky Way. There is a sun and there are planets that rotate around it, and it is the magnetic force of the sun that holds the planets in their orbit so that they do not go crashing into one another. 


We have a spiritual universe inside of us, and it is called this heavenly constellation. It is made up of the ten Sefirot, and it takes a very powerful mind to keep these ten Sefirot balanced so that they do not go crashing into one another, and do destruction. 


Apparently no one on the earth today, no Jew and no Christian, is able to use their mind to focus on the Lord Jesus to such a degree that every aspect of the heavenly constellation is in its perfect place and we enter into eternal life. Are you following me? Do you see what I am saying?


Jesus the Christ has made it much easier for us because He is the perfect balance. All we have to do is get into a permanent uninterrupted communion with the glorified Jesus Christ, as He is already balanced for us. It was much harder for the Jew before the Messiah. 


This is a condition of mind, and I have been teaching you all here for years that to become spiritual, it is essential to develop the ability to concentrate and to focus on the Lord Jesus. It is through that concentration, and that focusing on the Lord, through the meditation of His word, that we become spiritual. 


His word is the point of contact that He uses. Through that concentration and focus and intensity upon Him and His word, we will eventually join with Him in mind, to such a degree that, all that the glorified Jesus Christ is, will descend upon us and into us, and join with Malkhut in us (Christ in the New Testament).


The Sefirah called Malkhut, which is female, and also called the kingdom, is associated with the name of God, Adonay, which to the Gentile and to the Christian today, is called Christ, the grafted Christ. This is the grafted word that James talks about, that he suggest that we receive with meekness, which means humility of mind.


This means you are to get rid of the pride, because you do not have anything. If you have the Holy Spirit, you have a free gift which is a promise of the inheritance. It is a down payment, it is a binder on your house. Do you know how easy it is to lose your binder or to recall your binder?


The next step after you receive the Holy Spirit is to get Christ grafted to you. When Christ is grafted to you, you then have the female of the ten Sefirot. However, at that time that Christ is grafted to you, the nine Sefirot above you are not connected to you yet, you are not married. 


The connection to the nine Sefirot above is what the marriage is all about. The upper nine Sefirot, the ninth one of which is the male organ of the glorified Jesus Christ, desires to marry you, and that marriage will be consummated by the union of Yesod, the ninth Sefirah (also called the foundation) with Malkhut.


Yesod wants to come to us, to cross over this line and join with Malkhut or with Christ in you, and that is the marriage that the Scripture talks about. That is also the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven.


In this world, everything is backwards from the spiritual world. To us, a foundation is under our feet, but spiritually speaking, the foundation is coming down from above. Yesod, the male organ that can join with the female organ which is Christ in me, and Christ in you, is the foundation of all the eight Sefirot that are above him. 


He is the foundation of the eight Sefirot and he is descending into us from above, so our foundation is above. We are at the bottom of the house, and the glorified Jesus is at the top of the house. The glorified Jesus is all the way up here. He is Keter to us, He is as high as you can go, He is above all heavens. What does that mean?


Every one of these Sefirot is a heaven, and of course, we have collectively the lower heavens and the upper heavens.


The lower heavens consists of, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, and these three Sefirot are called Adam Kadmon's feet, they are called his feet. Sometimes it is just Hod and Netzach alone, and in some books they call all three Sefirot Adam Kadmon's feet. 


The upper heavens consists of the head (we talked about that already), Keter, Chokhmah and Binah or thought/knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We are down here in Malkhut and everybody has got a need. We are all needy, and everybody wants their needs met.  To get our needs met, our prayers have to ascend up to Keter, who is the Lord Jesus to us right now.


We have a connection, if Christ is grafted to us, or if we have the Holy Spirit, we at least have access to Him. He is listening to us, but we have to get through this lower heavens to get our needs met. To have our needs met, we have to get up to the top. 


If you need a job and you have some skills, you do not have to get all the way up to Keter, to the Lord Jesus, but there are three areas of life that you definitely need to reach Keter. 


There is no way anybody can merit life, nobody deserves to live, we are all under a penalty of death here. All life is a gift from God and there is nothing you can do to earn it.


Kabbalah says nobody is entitled to food. This book says, nobody deserves food, because if we deserve to die, how could we deserve food? Therefore, there is no way we can go before God and say, "For this reason you should give me food, I deserve it." We do not deserve life, and we do not deserve food.


The third thing that Kabbalah says, is that we do not deserve sons. According to this book that I am taking this teaching from, which is "Gates of Light," he is writing it as a natural son, but I know in my heart that we do not deserve the Son of God. We do not deserve Christ Jesus dwelling in us. We do not deserve Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior. 


There is no way we can go before God and convince Him that He should give us these three things: life, food, and our Savior in the midst of us. There is no way we can ask for it, other than to humble ourselves before him and ask for His grace and His mercy.


We have to get all the way up to the Lord Jesus for any prayer associated with those three categories: that we should live (which would include healing from disease, and that we should prosper in this world), that we should not be hungry (which would include that we should not be inflicted with famine, and that our needs should be met in this world), and that we should have the grace of receiving the Son of God in the midst of us. 


 Our prayers have to ascend up that high. How do our prayers ascend up? Our prayers ascend from the intensity with which we pray. A lot of Christians today, because of the false teaching in the church, do not pray with intensity. 


They ask the Lord once, and they say, "The Lord will take care of it", but I want to tell you that the desperate get their prayers answered. I have heard that in the church, and I am sure you have heard that, "The desperate get their prayers answered." That is exactly what I am saying, the desperate get their prayers answered. 


The people who put their heart and their emotions and everything that they are into petitioning the Lord to have these needs met,  are the ones that get their prayers answered. It is not because God is a respecter of persons, neither is it because God wants to give you a hard time, but the reality of our existence and our relationship with the Lord Jesus is that He is so far above us, that we have to yell loud for Him to hear us.


I thought you said that He is in the midst of us, Pastor Vitale? His son is in the midst of us. If Christ is grafted to us, the son of the Lord Jesus Christ is in the midst of us, and if all that you have is the grafted seed, he is just a little baby. Even if he is matured into Christ Jesus, the more matured Christ is in you, the greater the opportunity to access the father who has power to give you life, food, and the son that will save you.


You cannot enter into eternal life on an imputed Christ. It has to be a grafted Christ. If you have an imputed Christ Jesus in you, he is definitely an access or a help or an assistance to get up to the Lord Jesus (who is all the way at the top), so that you can then petition the Lord Jesus for the son to be grafted to you. It is the grafted Christ that will enable you to enter into eternal life. Christ in you is the hope of your glorification.


We have to reach the Lord Jesus, and pull down his power. If you (anybody hearing this message), think that just because you answered an altar call, you read your Bible, and you attend church, that you just wait and God is going to meet your every need, you are mistaken. 


The Scripture says that He will meet our every need according to His riches and His glory, but we have to go out and get it. We have to go out and get it. We have to put an effort into catching God's attention, and if that offends you I am sorry, but that is the way it is. That is why the desperate get their prayers answered.


It is not that Jesus is checking you out and saying, "If you are desperate I will answer your prayers, and if you are not desperate I will not answer yours." It does not work like that. He wants everybody to prosper, but He has set up a system, He has set up spiritual laws, and we have to do our part. 


Our part is to want what He has badly enough to pursue Him until He gives it to us, and in that process He will be showing us the sins of our heart which might be hindering us from ascending into that place.


For our prayers to ascend up to Keter, where the Lord Jesus is, we have to pass through the lower heavens, we have to pass through the lower court, and we have to pass through the glass darkly. What does "the glass darkly" mean? It means that we really do not see God as He is.


I have not found this expression, "a glass darkly" anywhere in Kabbalah, but I see a lot of talk about mirrors. Kabbalah talks about dark mirrors, and shiny polished mirrors. The upper triad or the upper heavens is a polished mirror. If you can ascend in your mind to this high place through prayer, through study of the word of God, and through actively seeking and petitioning the Lord, you will begin to see God as He is. 


We know that in this ministry we have a vision of the Lord Jesus that is radically different than the Pentecostal or the Baptist church. This is because they are still looking at Him through a glass darkly. They know He is there by faith, but the image of Him that is in the traditional church today, is very blurred. It does not look anything like Him at all.


To ascend, our prayers have to pass through the lower heavens, which is also the lower court. What am I telling you? I am telling you, brethren, that to get your  prayers that are in the category of life, food, or the grafted son of God (who brings all blessings to you), answered, you have to pass through a judgment that will deal with the hidden sins of your heart.


I hear people screaming, "I know so and so that got healed and they did not do anything like that." Brethren, I am teaching you from Kabbalah right now. 


We do know that in this dispensation, there is a Holy Spirit that was sent forth as a free gift without repentance. The Holy Spirit was sent without repentance. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. Therefore a lot of people got healings:  healing from drugs, healing from alcoholism, physical healings, mental healings, although not that many mental healings. This is because mental or emotional illness has to do with a diseased soul, and a diseased soul is a soul that is filled with sin. I condemn you not, I just tell you the truth.


It is not likely that the Holy Spirit will come and touch your diseased soul and make you come into your right mind. This is because a diseased soul that is filled with sin requires repentance. Sin manifests in the way you think, so therefore it is not possible for the Holy Spirit to just touch you and heal you.


You have to be taught to change the way you think. That is why there is very little healing of mental disease with the Holy Spirit. To be healed from mental disease or emotional problems, you have to see the sins of your heart. 


You have to recognize them. You have to be given an opportunity to see how God thinks, and that is where Hod comes in, he is the identity of Christ. Then if you choose to change and line up with the identity of Christ, your prayers can then begin to ascend higher and higher.


The triad of Hod, Netzach, and Yesod, is called the lower court. Netzach is overcoming or might or power (we have talked about this many times on other messages). I do not know that I have ever made it clear to you, but Netzach gives us the power to overcome the carnal mind so that Hod, our Christ identity, which is on the left side, can appear. 


Netzach is on the right side, Hod is on the left side. We receive the power from Netzach on the right side to overcome our carnal mind, so that the identity of Christ can appear in us.


We see these triangles in Kabbalah all the time. We have one Sefirah on the right, another on the left, and then we have the Sefirah in the middle that balances out the two extremes. 


We would not want Netzach by itself. Overcoming power by itself would probably go to an extreme. The identity of Christ is there but it cannot come forth without the warfare that comes forth from Netzach.


When we first started looking into Kabbalah, I was very interested in these names of God, Jehovah Tzav'aot, and Elohim Tzav'aot (I may be pronouncing this incorrectly). It just really pricked my imagination. What could that possibly mean? 


I looked up the word "Tzav'aot," and I found out that it meant "host," which means "armies," but I still had no idea what that would mean. I now understand that these two names of God, Jehovah Tzav'aot and Elohim Tzav'aot associated with Netzach and Hod, are the names of God, Jehovah and Elohim, dressed for war, completely prepared for war. 


Whenever you see these names, you know that they are dealing with your sin nature. In the King James translation, we see these names associated with the Jews coming out of Egypt, but I want to tell you that there is nothing that occurs on this earth that is not going on at the same time in the heavenlies.


This study of Kabbalah has been such a blessing to me. This book talks about the Exodus from Egypt, and claims that there was a physical exodus from Egypt, but at the very same time, the warfare that was required for the physical exodus from Egypt was raging in the heavenlies. 


There is nothing that happens on this earth that is not happening simultaneously in the heavenlies. This earth is a mirror image of the higher heavens. Actually one of the books that I was reading said that Moses was engaged in an intense spiritual warfare, on a very high level, the whole time that the Jews were coming out of Egypt.


We have had our doubts here, as to whether there was really a physical exodus from Egypt. Maybe there was, maybe there was not, I do not know. I know that there was a nation of Jews, I know the Jewish people exist. Whether or not they physically came out of slavery, I do not know. 


We have this on other tapes. I have no doubt in my mind that the Jews immigrated to Egypt, and that they were overcome in their minds by the gods of the Egyptian mystery religion, and that Pharaoh existed in the minds and in the hearts and in the spirits of the Jews. They had become captured spiritually. Whether or not there was a physical exodus, I do not know. I cannot get into that message again tonight, I am going to let it go. 


Tonight, we are dealing  primarily with these two names of God, Jehovah Tzav'aot, and Elohim Tzav'aot. They are the warriors and they also have to do with judgment. Elohim Tzav'aot is the Sowing and Reaping judgment and Jehovah Tzav'aot is the kind White Throne judgment. Whenever you see Elohim, He is associated with the attribute Gevurah, which is might and power. 


There is always judgment associated with Elohim. If Elohim is not mixed with or braided together with an element of loving kindness such as Chesed, the judgment that comes forth from Elohim will totally destroy the person.


Once again, I remind you that we are dealing with spiritual alchemy here. There are negative and positive qualities... I do not think Kabbalah says negative and positive. There are destructive and kind qualities of God, and when we mix them altogether, we get a balance of the greatness of God that produces eternal life. 


When you separate all of the qualities of the ten Sefirot and you deal with any one Sefirah by itself, it can bring destruction into your life. The bottom line is, separation is destruction, and union is life. That is the bottom line.


When this ten Sefirot are separated, we die. They have to be fully joined and merged and co-mingled together, and in some cases (maybe all cases, I am not sure), they are braided together. I know we came across that term "braided" in a lot of our studies in the Doctrine of Christ. It is the balanced braiding together of the ten Sefirot that produces eternal life.


In particular, Elohim Tzav'aot which is influenced by the attribute, Gevurah, is a violent destructive power. If it is not tempered by loving kindness or mercy, it will kill the person that it is reigning down judgment on. 


Therefore if we are under a severe trial, if we are sick and we are dying, we cry out for mercy. If the Lord hears our prayer, depending on our condition, Chesed could come down, loving kindness, pure mercy can come down from Keter above, it depends on our relationship with the Lord. It depends on who is praying for us. 


The one thing that I noticed about Kabbalah that has just touched me so deeply is the mercy of God. No matter how severe the judgment is that comes down on somebody, there is always an opportunity to reverse that judgment. The Lord always has a way of escape. Is that not what the New Testament says? 


There is always a way of escape. If you can just contact God, if you could just touch God and His mercy comes down, there is no judgment that could possibly be upon you, that cannot be reversed. That just really touched me, it just gives great hope.


The judgment that is rendered down here in the lower court can be reversed by Binah of the upper court. Binah can do that. These courts really exist. I challenge you to believe that they really exist. 


When the Lord called me I did not know anything at all. I did not know anything at all about God, and I did not even understand that I had been reconciled to the Lord, I did not understand anything. 


I had this powerful dream where I was on a line to see the judge. There was this high desk, what the judge sits behind (I do not know what you call it). It was so high that it was up in the sky. I saw that there was a judge sitting behind it, but I could not see his face. There were long lines of people waiting to go before the judge. When I got before the judge, he told me that I had been given another chance. I had no idea what this dream meant.


Since then I have had dreams concerning other people. There really are courts where the person's condition or their crimes are heard, and the judgments are rendered and then executed. 


What I do not read in the books of Kabbalah that I am in (and I am still in the very basic books), is that these courts exist in people. Therefore I do not know whether the Kabbalists know this or not. I do not know what the experienced Kabbalists know, but these courts exist in people.


We hold courts here when the Lord calls us, and those of you who have been here for sometime (you have all been here for at least ten years), I have told you at the time, that court is being held. I do not know whether you really believed it or not, because it is really hard to see, unless the Lord is giving you that revelation yourself. It is really hard to see, if you are hearing it from me.


The court that we hold here comes from above, we have the upper court here. When the anointing comes down, we talk about what is going on, what the Lord has raised us up to talk about. Lots of times people are in sin, we forgive their sins.... I really do not want to go into it on this message because the Lord has never let us record any courts that we have held, but justice does go forth. 


We have rescued people from different situations. We have saved some people from judgment because there are Christians who are ignorant and did not know that they were calling down curses upon themselves. 


These courts exists in the minds of people, just as I tell you Malkhut exists in you, and Adonay, the name of God associated with Malkhut, is Christ to you. You know that Christ is in you. You know that Christ Jesus is in you, and Christ Jesus is the perfectly balanced nine upper Sefirot. He may be in you, but not yet married to Christ in you, but he is in you. 


If he is in you, any of these qualities could be manifesting through you. You have the power to overcome your carnal mind, and if you are using that power, and working with it, the identity of Christ is coming forth in you. 


What is the identity of Christ? It is the mind of God, it is the ability to think like God thinks. You cannot hold court with your carnal mind because any judgment that comes forth from your carnal mind will destroy the person. If you condemn them they could get sick and die. 


This kind of judgment could take ten years to manifests, do not be deceived, I have seen this happen. As far as I know, I do not know anybody today that has enough power to see a judgment  like that executed immediately, but I have seen it, and I will put it on this tape. You have all heard this, but I am putting it on this tape tonight. 


I saw an incestuous situation with a man and his daughter and I did not want to pray against it. I had a word of knowledge in my heart that, that man was going to die, and I could not hold it back. I broke the curse, I rebuked the incest and I commanded him to let his daughter go. Two years later he died, and he was too young to die. Did I kill him? No, all I did was break the curse, but some spirit of righteousness had risen up in me, and court was held within me. 


I was the building that the court was held in. The mind of God manifested in me, and made a judgment that he was going to set that girl free. I had no idea anyone would die. I had that fear, it was a fear that he would die, so it must have been a word of knowledge. I did not kill anybody.  


We have had some outstanding experiences in this ministry, looking at situations in people's lives, and analyzing them with the mind of God, and seeing what the Scriptural disposition of the case would be. 


Does Paul not say, "You are going to judge angels"? Brethren, it is a very serious thing to be a Christian. You would never believe it when you look at the church today, but it is a very serious thing to be a Christian.


We see that the lower court consists of people who have received overcoming power of the Lord Jesus, and have used it to war against their carnal mind, a result of which is that the mind of Christ is appearing in them, and the mind of Christ is the judge. 


The Scripture says that we are not to judge before the time. Do not judge with your carnal mind. It would be a disaster to judge with your carnal mind. However, when it is the mind of Christ manifesting in you, when the Lord Jesus calls the court to session, you judge. You cannot do it at your own will, the Lord Jesus is always the boss.


We see over here that there are three Sefirot that are not a part of either triangle, but please understand that these Sefirot are always feeding into one another. Chesed which is above Netzach, is loving kindness, it is influencing Netzach. 


Gevurah, which is the raw power of God that will kill if it is not tempered by loving kindness and mercy, will produce death; its judgment will produce death. Gevurah is influencing Hod, that means the power is here to stay in your carnal mind, and to judge out of your carnal mind. 


Then there is Tiferet Jehovah. Of course, Jehovah is a focal point of the whole ten Sefirot; Jehovah is likened to the tree trunk, and all these other Sefirot are likened to branches. Tiferet Jehovah, in this position here, is directly under Keter, which is the glorified Jesus.


Those of us who are down here in the land, in the earth of our personality, have to get past the lower heavens, and then we can ascend into Jehovah, as we submit our mind to this judgment. 


From Jehovah (of course to us in the New Testament, it is Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man), we have a step up, we get a leg up, and through him we have access to the glorified Jesus Christ, who has the power to answer any prayer that a man could possibly devise. 


The power is here in the upper court. I am not telling you He will do it, but once we can get to Christ Jesus, we have access to the Lord Jesus, at least He will hear our case. This sounds a lot like the Doctrine of Christ, where we use to say that you have to get to the left side of the heart center, you have to get to the airport. 


Do you remember that teaching from the Doctrine of Christ? That there is no way that you are going to get a hand up from the glorified Jesus if you are not in the airport. You have to fight Satan and Leviathan to the point that you ascend to the airport.  Basically, it is the same principle. 


We also said in the Doctrine of Christ, that Christ Jesus is in the left side of the heart center, so it is really saying the same thing from two different points of view.


Once we ascend to this upper heavens, and the upper court,  through Christ Jesus the mediator, which is Jehovah in Kabbalah, we no longer have a tarnished view of the Lord. We see Him as He is, and that is an outstanding experience. 


We are in the process of seeing the Lord as He is. I do not think I know what He is like, but I have some idea. I know that He is mercy, but He is not the mercy of the carnal mind, that makes somebody weak. I know that He has true compassion and mercy, but He is righteous, and He is just, and He hates sin.


The compassion of the carnal mind justifies sin and the person stays in death. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ has mercy that is beyond anything I could have ever imagined even a year ago, and I really believe this with all my heart. I read the Scripture but I do not think I ever believed it like I do now. 


I believed it as an act of faith, but now I know that there is always a way of escape if we just humble ourselves and tell the Lord that we are willing to do anything that He tells us to do and mean it. There is always a way of escape.


He wants us to put our carnal mind behind us and let Him be the boss, and He is willing to give us everything, including eternal life. He is willing to give us our heart's desire. He does not want us to struggle in any area.


Our problem is our sin nature, that is what our problem is. We have to do it His way. We have to follow His rules, and His rules are the complete opposite of the rules of this world. We cannot even change if we want to, that is why it is taking so long. He has to change us. 


Our pride is our biggest problem. Our job is to ask Him to help us to humble ourselves, and we really cannot even do that. We cannot even do that until we are willing to recognize the manifestation of pride within us.  We have to be taught what thoughts and what attitudes constitute pride because we do not think that there is anything wrong with what we are doing.


Brethren, if you have any sickness in your body at all, you are not fully touching the Lord Jesus, and He is not holding anything back from you. You have not yet learned what you need to know to get up there. 


We have to study to show ourselves approved, but we can only learn at a particular pace. I wish I could just take in everything that I am reading, but I am remembering just a fraction of it. 


Therefore all  that we could do is study to show ourselves approved, and ask Him to reveal our sins and to help us, and to do good to other people, and take it a day at a time. That is all that we could do.


I do not think we read this second Scripture here. Did we do II Corinthians 3:18?


II Corinthians 3:18, "But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord."


We see that in order to be changed into the image of the Lord, it is necessary to see him face to face, and to see him face to face we have to start down here in Malkhut. When Christ is grafted to us, we have to start with the exposure of our carnal minds, so that the mind of Christ can appear in us, so that our prayers can ascend to the Lord, so that we can see him face to face, so that we can at least get an idea of how we are different from Him, and everything that is different from the Lord has to change.


We see Elohim Tzav'aot is the sowing and reaping judgment; anything that has to do with Elohim is harsh judgment. Jehovah Tzav'aot is the kind White Throne judgment. The Lord gave me that revelation when we first started doing Kabbalah, but we now see that there are Scriptures that talk about Jehovah Elohim Tzav'aot, in other words the two judgments braided together. 


You may read in the King James translation, Scriptures where it says, Jehovah Elohim Tzav'aot (it is hard to see because we do not read Hebrew, but if it is ever pointed out to you, you would see it). Jehovah Elohim Tzav'aot is both judgments manifesting as the lower court. They are braided together. 


When we talk about either the sowing and reaping judgment, or the white throne judgment alone, it refers to the enforcement of the judgment, the execution of the judgment. 


However, when the two judgments are braided together, they become a court that actually hears the case, and decides whether or not the person is guilty, because if you are holding court under the auspices of the Lord Jesus, the word of knowledge is there and the motive of the person is revealed. It is a real court, and a judgment is rendered, depending on their motive and their intent, and the judgment is executed. 


We see in the lower court we have overcoming power to overcome the carnal mind, we have the mind or identity of Christ appearing and we also have Yesod, the male foundation, the Sefirot that manifests the power of Christ Jesus to Malkhut. We see that although Jehovah is not within the triangle (this is how I felt led to draw it), Jehovah is influencing this lower triangle, and this would be the braiding together.


In order to say that the name of God associated with Netzach is Jehovah Tzav'aot, it has to mean that the influence of Jehovah, is coming down. In order to say that the name of God associated with Hod is Elohim Tzav'aot, it means that the influence of Elohim, in the form of Gevurah is coming down because Gevurah is the attribute associated with Elohim.


I drew this triangle to show you the lower court, but the other Sefirot are definitely influencing it. Once again, these names, Jehovah and Elohim Tzav'aot, are names of war, and the war is against the enemies of God which is Satan and Leviathan, the carnal mind of man. 


In some places it said that Jehovah and Elohim are wearing the garments of vengeance, vengeance against who? God is not taking vengeance against people, the enemy of God is Satan and Leviathan.


If you are a person who is manifesting Satan and Leviathan, you will feel the brunt of the judgment, but it is not the Lord's intention to destroy you. It is the Lord's intention to liberate you, but if you are completely captured by the enemy, you will partake of the enemy's judgment. 


Therefore says the Lord, "Separate from the enemy in your mind, come out from among them and I will receive you. Agree with the mind of Christ, and although you will still feel the judgment it will not be nearly as severe."


These courts are real. Are there any questions or comments about what I said tonight? These courts are real. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: When you started drawing those three things, I first of all thought of the three fold cord. Then  Daniel popped into my mind. He prayed for twenty one days, and I kept on thinking, seven, three times, is twenty one. It took twenty-one days for him to get up there and then Michael came down. It made me think of that.


PASTOR VITALE: Michael is the angel associated with Yesod. We learned that on a recent message, "The Archangel And The Household Of God." Michael is associated with Yesod.


Much to my surprise, I just read in this book, "Gates of Light" that Daniel is not a prophet. At least, according to this Rabbi Gikatilla, he says that Daniel was not a prophet, so Daniel had to wait for Michael, which is a personification of Yesod, to come down and join with him, because angels or spirits speak to us by joining themselves to our mind. 


Would it not be interesting if the Prince of Persia, was Daniel's carnal mind right over here, where Hod is?  If I am not mistaken, those Scriptures in Daniel say that when Daniel prayed, he confessed his sins and repented. 


We now know that the Prince of Persia was Daniel's carnal mind, therefore if it took twenty one days for Michael, the personification of Yesod, to respond to Daniel's prayer, it means that it really took twenty one days for Daniel to overcome his carnal mind. 


That is what it means. It took twenty one days of fasting and praying for Daniel to push his carnal mind down, and for the Christ mind to appear. Then the Christ mind appeared, but spoke to Daniel through Michael who was the personification of Yesod.


I just want to make sure that I made it clear to you that this name, Jehovah Tzav'aot, is associated with Netzach, and it really is a mixing or merging or co-mingling of the Sefirot Tiferet (which is Jehovah), with Netzach. 


It is Jehovah manifesting as this court. It is Jehovah manifesting in the form of judgment, of vengeance, the vengeance of God against the carnal mind. Once again, I am just hoping that you understand what I am saying, that there is a continuous mixing and merging and melding of the emanations of the various Sefirot. 


If no one else has any questions or comments, I would like to just comment on a couple of points of information that I came across as I studied the chapter in the "Gates of Light" on Jehovah Tzav'aot and Elohim Tzav'aot. One point of information was associated with I Corinthians 13:13.


I Corinthians 13:13, "And now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three, but the greatest of these is charity."


I would like to comment on that, because I have been hearing that Scripture quoted in the church for twenty three years, and I now believe that I never understood what it said. 


The King James translation says to me that there are three separate qualities or three separate attributes of God. There is faith, then there is hope, and then there is charity, and that charity which we know is Agape love, is the best of the three of them. 


However, I am convinced that, that is not the intention of the Spirit of God, because this is now my understanding. 


The person who does not have Christ grafted to them has hope that Christ will be grafted to them. If you are a married woman and you are not pregnant, you hope for a child. Your hope is that you will conceive that child. Hope comes from the personality that may have the Holy Spirit or the personality that may have an imputed Christ (even though most of the time the personality will not be able to say, "I have an imputed Christ, or I have the Holy Spirit"). 


Hope comes for healing. I know when I came to the Lord, I was dying, and I had the hope that I would receive a miracle, because I should have been dead, even years before the time that I came to the Lord. My hope was that I would be healed. I did not understand that in order to be healed, I had to have Christ grafted to me. 


Anyone that has a problem and has hope in God, whatever it is you are hoping for, the answer is the same, you need to have Christ grafted to you. I have been preaching this for years. It does not matter what your problem is, you need to have Christ grafted to you, and you need to either mature into Christ Jesus or Christ in you has to have a relationship with Christ Jesus in another man. 


You have to make contact with Christ Jesus, so that your petition can reach the glorified Jesus Christ who has the power to grant you anything that your heart desires, if He decides to do it.


Therefore, the person that has hope, whatever they are hoping for, whether they know it or not, what they are really hoping for is that Christ will be grafted to them. That word "hope" is associated with Malkhut, or, in the New Testament, the personality that does not yet have Christ grafted to them. 


You may have the Holy Spirit, you may even have an imputed Christ, but Christ is not yet grafted to you. That means, whether you know it or not, you are still hoping for Christ to be grafted to you, even though you cannot identify it as that.


Once Christ is grafted to you, you now receive faith, because the only faith that has any value at all, is the faith of the Son of God, and the faith of the Son of God is associated with Yesod, the male foundation. Yesod is the Sefirot that manifests the power of Christ Jesus to Malkhut. 


Let me take that slowly. Christ Jesus to us is up here with the Sefirot Tiferet, associated with the name of God, Jehovah. That is where Christ Jesus is. Remember there is a middle line, with Malkhut at the bottom, Yesod on top, then Jehovah, and then Keter. Christ Jesus, who is in Tiferet, which is associated with Jehovah, the name of God, Jehovah, pours down his emanations on to Yesod. 


Remember I told you, all the Sefirot are interconnected through channels, and all of the emanations and everflow and glory of God eventually filter down to Yesod which can be likened to the penis in a human male. Yesod then gives everything he has to his beloved, the personality.


Of course, Yesod really connects with Adonay, which is Christ. Therefore, if you do not have Christ grafted to you, there is now no way that you can get the emanations that come from any of the nine Sefirot. Malkhut is associated with the name of God, Adonay, Christ to us. If Christ is not grafted to you, there is nothing for Yesod, the male foundation to give himself to. If he should give the glory that he contains to you, a personality that Christ is not grafted to, you would have nothing to hold it in. 


That is the condition of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is likened to water. The Lord can pour out the Holy Spirit on you and it just flows down over you and it disappears. 


I have been caught up very high with the Holy Spirit for the purposes of praying healing for somebody, and then that anointing just flowed down over me and it disappeared.  It was not contained in me (at that time anyway), and the reason I could not contain it, was that I did not have the spiritual organ that would contain it. Christ was not grafted at the time. I did not have the cup in me.


The power flowed over me, and I did the job I was called to do, and I cried when that anointing evaporated of me. I cried, because I was caught up very high to save my pastor's life, and it was wonderful, but there was no spiritual organ in me to contain that glory. Actually it was so powerful that it lasted for two weeks, and then it just evaporated, it left me.


We have to have Christ grafted to us, Christ is our spiritual womb that Yesod, the male foundation enters into, and the foundation contains all of the everflow from the eight Sefirot above him. 


The personality has hope for Christ to be grafted. When Christ is grafted (Christ is likened to Adonay), we now have the faith of the Son of God, and the male foundation comes down and joins with Christ in us, and what do we have in that union? Does anybody remember?


COMMENT: The Sabbath Day?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Sabbath day, and in the Sabbath Day, great miracles and blessings come forth and Kabbalah tells us that new souls are born. What that means practically to me is that new souls in Christ come forth.


Everybody does not have a Neshamah, an intellectual soul, a soul that has the ability to understand Kabbalah. Everybody here is blessed out of their socks. Do you realize that we have been promoted, that we have been granted the privilege of studying Kabbalah? 


I do not know what is going on today in the Jewish community, but in the past, first of all, you had to be a man to study Kabbalah (women were not allowed, they were not even considered), and I have read that you had to be forty years old.  


The Jewish communities put their children in Yeshiva at three years old. That means you had to be studying the Scriptures for 37 years before you would be granted the privilege of studying Kabbalah, and I suspect they did not take everybody.


Do you realize how honored we are, how incredibly honored? Not only that, but the Lord has enlarged our coasts. He has given us the ability to understand what little bit we are understanding, and it is growing every time we pursue it. This is a great honor.


We see that we, the personality, have hope, Christ in us has the faith, and when Yesod, the male foundation associated with the name of El Chay, comes down and joins with Christ, it produces the love of God, the Sabbath Day, which expresses itself in miracles and the formation of the higher levels of soul.


The Scripture is not saying, we have faith over here, and hope over here, and charity over here, and charity is the best. What it is saying is that the union of the previous two, hope and faith, is the love of God, and it is the best. 


Charity, agape love, is produced through the union of faith and hope. Charity is not something separate that you can say, I choose charity because it is better than faith. Charity includes faith and hope; it is the union of the previous elements. Charity is the whole. When you get charity, you get faith and hope with it.


You have hope, you have faith and the male foundation joins with you and you receive the love of God, which is the Sabbath Day, and all of the good things that come forth with it. You cannot receive the male foundation unless you have faith and hope. Can you see what I am saying? 


The impression that you get from the King James is just completely wrong. I have even heard people say, "Do not pray for faith, pray for charity because that is the best." Do you understand what I am saying? Charity includes faith and hope.


What Paul is saying is that, it is good that you have hope, and it is  good that Christ is grafted to you, it is good that you have faith, but do not stop there. Do not stop there, do whatever you have to do to have Yesod, the male foundation, come down and join with you, because charity is your ultimate goal. Do not stop with hope.


All you people out there in the church that do not have Christ grafted to you, all you people who are content with what you have and Christ is not grafted to you, do not stop there, get the faith of the Son of God. Do whatever you have to do to have Christ grafted to you. All you people that have Christ grafted to you, do not stop there. 


It is a progressive experience with God, it is not three separate experiences. Go higher, go higher, do not stop there. Do what you have to do to have Yesod join with you that you may be the Sabbath Day, that you may be a source of blessing to God's people, a source of miracles, a source of instruction, a source of new life. 


It is impossible to have charity and not have faith and hope. "Complete the experience," Paul is saying, "and do not stop until you complete the experience."


Are there any questions or comments on this little exhortation? 


One other thing I would like to mention is that as I studied this chapter on Jehovah and Elohim Tzav'aot, there was a paragraph on the Hebrew word "cana." Rabbi Gikatilla says the Hebrew word "cana" means "jealousy." 


I have always been fascinated with the account in the book of Numbers, about the jealous husband, that says if you think your wife has been unfaithful, you take her to the priest, who prepares something for her to drink, and (I do not think this ever happened in the natural), if she drinks it and her belly swells up, you know that she was adulterous. 


It has to do with jealousy, the word jealousy is used. Also there is a phrase called "the image of jealousy," which is the carnal mind, and all I could think about was the marriage of Cana in the New Testament. What it said to me was that the marriage of Cana  was the marriage of jealousy.


The mind of Christ is joining with the carnal mind. The mind of Christ is joining with the carnal mind and in that union the destructive elements of the carnal mind will be destroyed, but the root of the carnal mind, the spirit of the mind, is marrying the Christ mind.


I have a message on the marriage at Cana, and at the time that the Lord gave me that message, I saw it as the putting of Leviathan under the Christ mind. That was my revelation, and that was several years ago. To me this is a witness that, that is really what happened at the marriage of Cana. 


It had absolute nothing to do with the parable, I do not think the parable ever manifested physically. I do not think that Jesus went to a physical wedding. It never made any sense to me, that his first miracle was the marriage of Cana, where He changed physical water into physical wine. I never could receive that.


If the Scripture or if somebody told me that at some point in His ministry Jesus turned water to wine, I would say, "I do not think He did anything in the natural but maybe He did," but to say this was His first miracle, that He changed water to wine, that the Scripture should make a point of it, when He grew out withered arms and He healed the blind and He raised the dead, does not make sense to me. 


Why would His first miracle be to change water to wine? That just makes no sense, I am sorry that just makes no sense at all.


Then one day, the Lord let me look into the Interlinear Text. As I tell you all the time, the Greek is very difficult to work with, much much more difficult than the Hebrew. I cannot do with the Greek what I can do with the Hebrew, but I did get out of it that, that marriage was the putting of the spiritual woman under His authority. He put Leviathan under Him. 


Now I see that the word for "jealousy" is "Cana," spelled K-a-n-a in the "Gates of Light." I am now convinced I have my witness to what was in my heart the whole time, that the marriage of Cana is the marriage of jealousy, and the jealous one is Satan and Leviathan and the carnal mind. They were remarried to their husband.


Let me put it to you another way. There was the tree of life and when the tree of life was whole, the partial tree was within the tree of life, remember that? Then the partial tree separated from the tree of life and went out to form its own base, we are told in the book of Zechariah. 


The tree of life can live without the partial tree, but the partial tree could not live without its husband, and therefore humanity died. Are you all following me, do you remember me telling you this in the Doctrine of Christ? 


What the Lord is telling me right now is that this is just another way of saying something that we have studied in "A Look At Kabbalah." You may recall that in one message, I said that the first two letters of the Tetragrammaton, the YH could exist by itself and when the YH exists by itself, the vowel "a" is put in and we talk about Yah, the name of God, Y-a-h.


However, the second two letters of the Tetragrammaton, VH, go into destruction when they are separated from the first two letters. It is the same principle here. The partial tree is evil; it dies to righteousness when it separates from the righteous part of the tree.


The marriage at Cana, the marriage of jealousy, was the fusion of the tree of life with the rebellious partial tree that had parted from the tree of life. This fusion or this reunion took place in the man Jesus, and Lord willing, will take place in every one of us, Lord willing very soon, and that was the marriage at Cana. Do you want to say something?


COMMENT: I was just thinking of a few Scriptures that say our God is a jealous God, and when you said that Leviathan is jealous.... 


Pastor Vitale: No, Leviathan is the object of jealousy, she is the image of jealousy that the Lord wants back. She is His, the whole creation is His, and the Lord wants the creation to be whole. 


Satan and Leviathan are the image of jealousy. In other words their separation from the whole tree of life is what causes the jealousy.  Going back to the book of Numbers, if a man thinks his wife committed adultery, he does a ritual. He is jealous because he thinks his wife committed adultery, and the image of jealousy is the belly, it is the expression or the visible sign of the reason for the jealousy. 


I am really having a good time with this Kabbalah.


COMMENT: But it is true that God is jealous of us, we belong to Him and He wants us back. Is that another way of looking at it?


PASTOR VITALE: It is just another way of looking at it. He is jealous of us. He would not be jealous of us if we did not depart from Him. Is there any jealousy if a man has a wife and she is home all the time, and fulfilling his fantasies, shopping, cooking, cleaning, giving him back massages, and totally fulfilling his fantasy? 


Is he jealous of her? No, she is home all the time, but if she goes out, then he gets jealous. Some men are very jealous if their wife goes to the supermarket; they get jealous. I have seen men get jealous that their wives want to get a job. They do not even want them out in an office.


When she is home just taking care of them, they are not jealous. There has to be something that makes them jealous. If she is completely devoted to him, there is no reason to be jealous. The jealousy manifests upon separation, or upon departure, and the image or the expression of that jealousy is the wife apart from the man. 


Are there any comments or questions? Praise the Lord.


There is one more thing I would like to put on this tape. Rabbi Gikatilla, the author of the "Gates of Light" says that the Hebrew prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, prophesied through the lower court or the lower heaven. They got their word from the Lord.... He says all prophecy comes from Jehovah. Jehovah was in the center, He is the trunk of the tree, He is in the place of Tiferet. All prophecy comes from Jehovah. 


I should put that point on too, because some Scriptures talk about an angel talking to people, so I want to clarify that also. 


He says all prophecy comes from Jehovah and for the prophets, this prophecy has to pass through the lower court. What that says to me is that it has to pass through their carnal mind.


I have really been talking about that for years, that you should be very careful when prophecy comes down from the Lord, because it passes through your carnal mind, and you have to be very careful not to interpret it unless you are sure you are interpreting the prophecy with the mind of Christ. 


The carnal mind has the tendency to either interpret the prophecy or to latch its own opinion on to the end of the prophecy. You have to be very careful.


However, we are told, Moses did not receive prophecy through the lower heavens, Moses spoke to the Lord face to face. Apparently his carnal mind was so overcome, and the mind of Christ was up continuously, and Moses saw the Lord face to face and the Lord spoke plainly to him. It did not need to be interpreted. This condition that Moses was in, is available to us in Christ Jesus. I know because the Lord speaks to me face to face.  


What happened to the Hebrew prophets is they got the prophecy as a parable, and we are told in one of the books of Peter that even the prophets did not know what the prophecies were all about. They have no understanding. 


The sign that you are getting the word directly from the Lord, without it passing through your carnal mind, is that you understand what the prophecy is. Remember, I have told you that my world is turned upside down, and most of the time I default to the mind of Christ. I default to Christ Jesus most of the time.


I cannot tell you for sure, but in my educated opinion, the only time that my carnal mind is on top is if I am under some kind of an attack. If I let myself get angry at somebody, or I let myself get upset (which I resist with all my strength, because I know that it pushes the Christ mind down under me), then my carnal mind comes on top. However, if I am just walking along having a normal day, Christ Jesus is up in me all the time.


The book, "Gates of Light" says, the reason why the prophets are always saying, "Thus saith the Lord...." is because the prophecy is coming through their carnal mind, and that is what we hear today in the church floor with the gift of prophecy, "Thus saith the Lord...."  


I would say it another way. I would say, they say, "Thus saith the Lord...." because they are channeling, because they do not understand what they are saying, they are just an open channel for the word of the Lord.


According to Rabbi Gikatilla, Moses, who was higher than the prophets that are in the Old Testament, never said, "Thus saith the Lord....", because the Lord had complete access to him. The Lord  just spoke through him at will, and Moses had an understanding of what He was saying. 


I have been telling you this for years, from the Doctrine of Christ, that I do not say, "Thus saith the Lord...." and that it is a very great challenge and a very difficult thing to hear prophecy from someone who is in Christ most of the time, because I never say, "Thus saith the Lord...." 


You are challenged to recognize when the Lord rises up and speaks to you through me in a conversational tone, whilst you are having a conversation with me. I found out that most of you cannot do it, that is why I have taken to saying to you, "Did you know that was the Lord that just said that to you?" 


I will say to you, "Did you know that the Lord just rose up in me and said that to you?" because most of you cannot tell.


What am I telling you? I am saying that we, in Christ Jesus, have the opportunity to have a Moses experience, actually a greater than Moses experience. We are not restricted like the Hebrew prophets were. 


The Spirit of counsel, we are told, comes out of Binah (understanding). I am manifesting a lot of the glorified Jesus Christ. I have the spirit of counsel. I do not say, "Thus saith the Lord...." I understand the counsel that the Lord is giving you, and the benefit of that is that I can say it in a way that you understand. 


I can recognize that maybe you do not understand it, and I can say it in another way. In the person that is channeling the Lord, that is saying the words without any understanding, whatever comes out, comes out, that is it.


In Christ Jesus we have the opportunity to have our world turned upside down so that we default to Christ Jesus. The head of the body is appearing in us. That is what it means to default to Christ Jesus. He is the head of the body. 


There will be a man company, a bridegroom company, that will minister to the bride church the mind of God, the mind of the Lord Jesus, from Keter, wisdom, and from Chokhmah, the thoughts or knowledge of God, and Binah, the understanding of God. They will minister to God's people this glory through a knowledge and understanding of what they are saying, and they will meet them on their own level.


We are higher than the prophets, We are even higher than Moses. Jesus is higher than Moses, because Moses and Elijah are a part of Jesus, just like faith and hope are appearing in charity. We saw in the mount of transfiguration that all of the qualities of Moses and Elijah were present in Jesus. 


In Christ Jesus, we have everything that Jesus was. That does not mean that we are Jesus, but we have the potential to grow up into everything that He was. We have the potential to know everything that He knew, but we have to grow up into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. You do not have it because you answered an altar call.


This is what the "Gates of Light" says about angels delivering messages to individuals. Rabbi Gikatilla, the author of "Gates of Light," says that this is a misunderstanding, that it is not true that angels prophecy. He did quote a couple of Scriptures where it says, "The angel called to so and so and said...." That is the way it comes forth in the Scripture, but he says, do not be misled, Jehovah, Christ Jesus to us, is the only source of prophecies. Angels do not prophesy. 


He says, if you look at the Scripture carefully, what it is saying is that the angel called, and then the speech gave the message. The angel called and then the speech gave the message. That is what he said. The angel called to the man to get his attention. The angel called to get the person's attention, and then the speech spoke.


That sounds way out, what do you mean the speech spoke? Does anyone remember learning anything about speech, from "A Look At Kabbalah"? Do you remember? Yes, it is Rachel that is the speech. 


In accordance with our studies in the "Tree Of Life," Rachel is the speech, and Leah is the voice. Rachel is the speech, and speech does not necessarily have to be verbal. Speech is a form of thought, which sometimes is expressed vocally, but not always. 


"Gates of Light "says that the angel called to the person to get their attention, and then the speech came forth, which is Rachel, and you may remember that Rachel is a root that comes out of Sag 63, the name of God, Sag, which is, who?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Sag is the name of God that arises out of Binah. 


What does that say? The angel called their attention, Rachel the speech spoke, and Rachel arises out of Binah, which is Jehovah. The name of God associated with Binah is Jehovah. 


The author of  "Gates of Light" is saying that all prophecy comes from Jehovah, who is appearing to us today as Christ Jesus. No angel gives prophecy. The messenger calls to the person and Jehovah gives the prophecy.


Another point that he made is that angels do speak to people but not to give forth prophecy. Let me make that distinction. Prophecy comes from Jehovah, Christ Jesus, but angels do call, and he quoted a Scripture where the angel called to the woman that was crying out, that eventually conceived Samson.


An angel did speak to her, but angels do not speak to prophets. Prophets bring forth the word of God directly from Jehovah, Christ Jesus, but an angel will speak to a person. On this basis, he said that Daniel was not a prophet, because it was an angel that came to Daniel. That is his point of view. 


Do you understand what I said? In the book of Daniel, it was Michael and Gabriel that dealt with Daniel, and on that basis, it is Rabbi Gikatilla's opinion that Daniel was not a prophet, because the word of God to the prophet comes directly from Jehovah, there is no mediator. 


That is his opinion, there may be another scholar that says otherwise. I do not have any problem with it, and it is okay with me, unless the Lord tells me he has another idea. 


It is interesting, is it not? That is just good to know, and it is just so exciting when he talked about the speech and I knew it was Rachel. 


Let me say it again. Rachel is a root that comes out of Tevunah, which is the Malkhut of Binah, and the name of God associated with Binah is Jehovah. Rabbi Gikatilla says, if you are a true prophet, the word of the Lord comes directly from Jehovah, or to us, it would be Christ Jesus.


If an angel is speaking to you, it is not a prophecy and you are not a prophet. Did you get it, or do you want me to say it again? 


Praise the Lord. God bless you. Goodnight.


COMMENT: So he believes in angels?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I think most of the Kabbalistic writers believe in angels.


COMMENT: What is his definition of an angel?


PASTOR VITALE: I have not read any definition of an angel from the author of "Gates of Light," but we did do a message called "The Archangels and the Household of God," and according to that teaching the archangels are the personification of the Sefirot. There are ten archangels.




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