550 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord this is our Kabbalah study part 2, and we are picking up at the top of page three of lesson #1, the first full paragraph. A contemporary and possibly competitor with Rabbi Chayyim Vital was Rabbi Yisrael Sarug. Rabbi Sarug claims to have been a student of the Ari'zal, now that's a name of like an affectionate for Isaac Luria, the Ari'zal, they called him the lion. Apparently, okay, I'll start at the beginning of the sentence. Rabbi Sarug claims to have been a student of the Ari'zal, apparently as some other time then was Rabbi Chayyim. Now I just found out today that Rabbi Chayyim only studied under Isaac Luria for about 2 years, which was a big surprise to me, but apparently he was a genius, they were both geniuses, Isaac luria, and Chayyim Vital, and Chayyim Vital learned Isaac Luria's whole system of Kabbalah in something like 22 months, which is awesome.


The only possibility of this happening was when the 2, the Ari'zal, and Rabbi Sarug were both living in Egypt prior to the Ari'zal's ascent to Tzfat, and meeting with Rabbi Chayyim, as I told you off the tape Sephard was a location in Palestine, which was the hub of Kabbalah in the 1500s, and Isaac Luria was teaching there, he had a group of disciples, and so we're getting a little history here. Rabbi Sarug, and I was also in another book that I was reading today, surprised to find out that Isaac Luria, that his heritage is Ashkenan, we've done some talking, I don't know whether it was on the tape or off the tape about Ashkenazi Jews, and the Sephardic Jews, and the Ashkenazi Jews are basically the European Jews, Germany, Poland, Hungary, and they are the descendants of Ashkenazi, okay. I could go into my Bible Encyclopedia, and see who Ashkenazi is the son of, but I'm not going to take the time to do it now. And Sephardic Jews, the Jews that come from Italy, the Italian Jews, the Spanish Jews and the Arabic Jews, they're the offspring of Sefad. Well I found Ashkenazi, he is an offspring of Japheth, I think one or two generations after the flood, and I could not find Sefad, so I'll have to check that out a little further. That's so interesting, the sons of Japheth. Okay Rabbi Sarug's teachings of the Kabbalah, also claim to be the teachings of Ari'zal, that's Isaac Luria now, yet his system is radically different from that of Rabbi Chayyim Vital. Rabbi Chayyim's connection to the Ari'zal is documented historical fact, but Rabbi Sarug's connection is only conjecture, that means it's speculation, it's not established, there's no proof. Nonetheless it was the teachings of Rabbi Sarug that were widely disseminated throughout Europe, and the name of the Ari'zal, it's Isaac Luria, and laid the foundation for serious differences between Ashkenazi and Sephardic Kabbalistic schools for the last 500 years, radical differences.


And from everything that I hear, the Sephardic schools are much more stable if that's the right word. The Ashkenazi school seem to have gone off and it's the Ashkenazi schools that made these golems, which we won't discuss that any further on this message, we dealt with that on part 1. Rabbi Sarug explains in his most famous work that the world of the 231 gates of the Hebrew letters exists above Adam Kadmon. Now I have read about those 231 gates but at the moment I cannot explain to you how that number is arrived at. But I do believe we'll come across it in our studies of the Tree Of Life. This series of messages will be interwoven with what we're learning with the Tree Of Life. I have to let it go for now, because I don't know how to tell you, and it has to do with Gemetria, so I'll have to show you when we come to it, how they arrived at that 231 gates of Hebrew letters that exist above Adam Kadmon, in the worlds that Rabbi Chayyim tells us is forbidden to contemplate.


Now contemplation, I just found out that I really don't meditate, that what I do is more of a contemplation than a meditation where I would just stare at the Interlinear Text and just like stare at it, until the revelation of what the Lord was telling me came to me. I knew it was a form of meditation, and that form of meditation is called contemplation.


Apparently from what the little bit that I have read about meditation so far, is that it is a different experience than contemplation, and I have told you on another message that I have experienced what I've read about as one of the experiences of mediation that I did experience it twice where I found myself in a black box, and physically I was in a deep sleep just like Daniel said he was, he was in a deep sleep, but yet he was awake, and I was in a deep sleep, I could hear myself breathing, and yet my consciousness was in a black box, and it was a very strange experience.


The first time, I didn't know what to do, and after that experience I prayed, and for the life of me I cannot remember what the Lord told me, I think because it did happen again, and I implemented what the Lord told me, he probably just told me to pray and ask the Lord to get me out.


So with my second experience and I think that is what I said, get me out of this box, a whole vision that turned me into a spiritual experience ensued but that never happened to me again, and I didn't need any of the meditative techniques that I read about to have that experience, I was just doing my translations, and I felt the Lord calling me into a deep sleep, I didn't resist, and that was what I experienced.


So what the Lord has waiting for me concerning meditation and experiences in other worlds, I don't know, but it's exciting, I just don't want anything that's not of God.



Okay, let's go on with this message, so according to Rabbi Sarug, there are worlds higher than Adam Kadmon, that Rabbi Chayyim Vital says, don't contemplate them, don't try to understand them, don't try to look into them because it's dangerous, well how could it be dangerous? My understanding from what I read that the human mind cannot deal with whatever it is that you see, on these very high planes and it's possible to go insane or be physically harmed.


So okay, Rabbi Sarug explains in his most famous work, that the world of the 231 gates of Hebrew letters exists above Adam Kadmon in the world Rabbi Chayyim tells us is forbidden to contemplate. Don't concentrate on it and try to enter into it, it's dangerous for you. Apparently Rabbi Sarug did not agree with Rabbi Chayyim on this point. He and many other European Kabbalist after him spoke about the worlds above Adam Kadmon and about the Ayn Sof itself. Now remember the Any Sof, who can tell us who the Ayn Sof is, anyone want to describe the Ayn Sof for us, who is he? Anybody, you want to try okay.


COMMENT: The highest supreme being, that, I can't explain it.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's pretty good, he is the ultimate supreme being, he is infinite, there is nothing that extends beyond him, okay. He is incomprehensible, he cannot be contemplated, we cannot understand him, and I will add one more thing, that he is a simple unity, he is a simple unity. Everything that we see in the world, and in the worlds that are unseen have unfolded from the Ayn Sof. The Ayn Sof can be just for the purposes of our understanding that this is a parable, I'm not saying it's true, because we don't know anything about it, and it's not a him, it's an it, it's neither male or female.


The Ayn Sof is neither male nor female. The only thing that I can think of to help us understand is a seed. You look at a little seed, and within that seed is the potential to produce a whole tree and everything that could come forth from that tree and that is what I mean when I say to, that it is a simple seed that is not unfolded, when that seed is unfolded, we see a whole tree, many leaves, fruit, and everything else that comes forth from it. So the Ayn Sof is a simple unity, he is undivided, okay, he's a simple undifferentiated light, okay. And it is impossible for us to comprehend it on any level. That was very good xxxxxx.


Okay, although the European Kabbalistic schools are full of such teachings, the Sephardi middle eastern counterparts consider such teachings forbidden. Therefore there is not much dialogue between the two schools on these matters. Nonetheless this does not mean that the Sephardi schools did not discuss the importance of the Ayn Sof, it's importance is clearly described in detail, it's just its essence that's not discussed.


So we can learn about the Ayn Sof okay, we can learn, it's importance, okay, but we cannot try to enter to the Ayn Sof. What you see into the Ayn Sof, or understand the Ayn Sof. When I first heard the expression it is forbidden, it offended me. What do you mean it's forbidden, I want to know everything, but now I understand that those words mean that it's dangerous for you, it's dangerous for us. You have to realize how fragile the human mind is. You know, we break, our bodies break, our mind breaks, we break, we're very very fragile, and according to my readings, several, I think one of three things, or four things can happen to the man who tries to enter to higher spiritual planes. Once the, I think definitely your mind can snap, I think it's possible to be physically harmed, and there was a third experience that is eluding me right now. But Isaac Luria, he entered in with impunity. He entered in and withdrew from the highest, from the high spiritual planes, and he was unscathed, he was not damaged you see. You have to be prepared, of course it has to do with sin, but all mortal men have sin, so Isaac Luria had to have some special dispensation, something that was present with him, that permitted him to enter into these spiritual planes and leave without any damage, and that's what we're concerned about here. We don't want to be damaged. I want everything the Lord is willing to give me, but I do not want to be damaged. Okay.


The meditative Kavanot system of the Ari'zal, that's Isaac Luria, and Rabbi Shalom Sharabi, focuses exclusively upon he Ayn Sof. The purpose of prayer and the performance of the Mitzvah, does anyone know what a Mitzvah is? Mitzvah is a Jewish word of a good deed, and it's a very important part of the Jewish discipline, you have to do Mitzvah's, and the believe that you enter into heaven by doing Mitzvahs, good deeds for people.


The purpose of prayer and the performance of Mitzvah they write is to release the fallen sparks of holiness that have fallen form their spiritual abodes above into these worlds below. Can anyone tell us what that's talking about? Who are the fallen sparks of holiness that have fallen from their spiritual abodes above into these worlds below. Who are they, the fallen sparks of holiness, who fell from the world above into this world, anybody know, do you want to try? Okay.


COMMENT: Fallen angels?


PASTOR VITALE: Did we ever preach about fallen angels xxxxxx? Yes.




PASTOR VITALE: Well you're close, but these are the fallen sparks plural. You have the answer? Okay.


COMMENT: Shells?


PASTOR VITALE: I guess maybe I didn't make myself clear, I'm relating this, this is Kabbalah, I'm relating it to the doctrine of Christ, in the doctrine of Christ who are the sparks of holiness?


COMMENT: Jehovah's sperm?


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's close and what do we call them, what's their personal name?


COMMENT: Abel, yes, all the Abels, that fell down, yes. I guess I didn't make it clear that I was relating it to the doctrine of Christ. Yes these, I believe that the sparks of holiness that Kabbalah talks about, are the many Abels that the doctrine of Christ talks about. Yes these sparks must be elevated above, they have to be returned the higher realms of the spirit, world above world, until they are restored to the Ayn Sof itself. In deed all prayers regardless of whatever name of God is used must always be directed to the Ayn Sof, and I don't know about you but I did get a little confused when we first started studying Kabbalah, I was confused about who to pray to, and now I feel more comfortable with it, that I pray to God okay, and God is the unlimited one, the Ayn Sof, okay, but we pray to the Lord Jesus who is representing the Ayn Sof to us today, the personalization of the Ayn Sof to the world is the Lord Jesus, you see.


And we pray Father in the name of Jesus, meaning in the spirit of Jesus that's within us, the name or the nature of Jesus that's within us, we pray, it's nice to say the word but we really, that's faking it until you make it, hopefully we're praying in the spirit, or we're praying through the Christ that's in us, and we pray to the father, and the father is, who is the father? Who is the father?




PASTOR VITALE: No, but you're close, who is the father?




PASTOR VITALE: No, you're close too.


COMMENT: Chokhmah.


PASTOR VITALE: Chokhmah is the father, yes, and who is Binah, does anyone know who Binah is? Who is Binah?


COMMENT: Mother.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Binah is the mother. So Chokhmah is the father, and we solve the mystery of the book of Romans where Paul says, and the sons are crying out Abba Father, for years I said, "Why do you repeat it, Abba means father, why are you saying Abba Father? Because we have two fathers, Chokhmah is the upper father or the higher father and the Lord Jesus is our immediate father. Christ in us is the son of the Lord Jesus. So we have two fathers, Abba, who is Chokhmah, and father who is the Lord Jesus. We have two fathers, praise the Lord. But, so prayer is always directed to the highest to the Ayn Sof, who we call God, but we pray in the name of Jesus, because Chokhmah is the father and Chokhmah is the expression of Keter and the Ayn Sof to us, and that's where the Lord Jesus is abiding in that high place.


So when we say God, we're talking bout the Ayn Sof. So that means if we pray to Christ Jesus or we pray to the Lord Jesus, we know that we are praying to the one who is the mediator to get our prayers to the almighty, to the highest which is God, which is the Ayn Sof, the unlimited one. For all the names of God are but his vessels, and the Lord Jesus, Christ Jesus, they are the vessels of the unlimited one.


It's just another way of saying what I just said, the Lord Jesus is the expression or the personification of the Ayn Sof to us. The Ayn Sof which is an undifferentiated infinite simple light that we cannot comprehend in any way, okay, has poured himself into a vessel, so that he could have a relationship with us.


So we pray to the Lord Jesus but we should know that we're praying to the almighty God, through the Lord Jesus, the one that we can comprehend, because the Lord Jesus is a vessel that is filled with the Ayn Sof, and he's so filled with the Ayn Sof that there's no difference at this time. Only the Ayn Sof is truly the essence of the creator. Anyone violating or confusing this matter is considered to be performing idolatry, and this is why the Jew has such a problem with the Christian calling Jesus God. They perceive that as idolatry.


They perceive the worship even if Jesus were Messiah, which most Jews do not believe that he was, even if he was Messiah, they believe that worshiping Messiah is idolatry, because they do not comprehend that Jesus was merely the outer shell that he was an expression, in his own words the image or the shape of the father, he was the shape of the father to us. And the father, Chokhmah is the expression of the Ayn Sof to us, because the Ayn Sof is totally incomprehensible apart from his vessels, right now the Lord Jesus. Anyone violating or confusing this matter is considered to be performing idolatry.


Recognizing the unity of God therefore, is the primary Torah Mitzvah, the primary Torah good work, Torah meaning the first five books of Moses. So the primary lesson that you're suppose to learn out of those five books of Moses is that there is only one God who is appearing to his creation in many different vessels. Well why would he appear to his creation in many different vessels? I guess this is a good place to teach this, although it's not a part of the lessons that we're studying here, but I will put this in right now, because the Lord did give me this revelation.


As I told you the Ayn Sof is a simple undifferentiated light, and in order for him to reveal his attributes, you see it's his desire to reveal his attributes, his glory, his grace, his mercy, okay, his love, in order to do that, he has to descend from his high and lofty place, because we, humanity cannot comprehend him at all, and the principles that rule descent from a higher to a lower place in the spiritual planes declare that division accompanies descent. It's the same thing as saying, the Ayn Sof is rolling out, or unfolding that which is a simple hole in the highest, highest plane, it's a simple undifferentiated light as he descends, and he rolls out his qualities of grace and mercy and kindness and love, he divides into these qualities. He divides into these qualities. Let me put it on the board for you.


See, this is the principle, we can pray to Tiferet who is Christ Jesus to us, and pray to Christ Jesus, we can pray to Keter, who is the Lord Jesus to us, we can or at least the Hebrew, is the Hebrew before Jesus or today, who doesn't believe in Jesus, can pray to anyone of these Sefirot. There's a whole study, I read an interesting book on it, the gates of light, which talks about the activities of each Sefirot, so if you're looking for a particular kind of relief or blessing from God and you have this knowledge, according to Rabbi Gikatilla, who wrote the Gates of light, you would pray to the specific Sefirot that is engaged in the function that can give you the kind of help that you need. But when we're told that the primary Mitzvah, or the primary good work is to understand that the ten Sefirot are really all one, okay, and that if you pray, for us Tiferet would Christ Jesus, if you pray to Christ Jesus, you're praying to that attribute of the whole almighty God, who is functioning on the level that you need. But we need to know that we're not just praying to Christ Jesus, we're praying to the whole almighty God that he represents to us, and this is the whole concept of mediator, that we should know that when we pray to Christ Jesus, he is the almighty ambassador to us. It's the same principle as going to an ambassador of a foreign country. That ambassador represents the government, the entire government of the whole nation.


So we are challenged to expand our mind and to know that when we pray to the Lord Jesus. We're praying to the God of the universes, the almighty, the infinite one, that there is nothing beyond him. And we need to know that Jesus is the representation to us, of the almighty God and that this almighty God appears to us in different functions, except that here in the New Testament, everything is Christ Jesus, I can't really break this down, I tried when I first started reading Rabbi Gikatilla's book, Jesus is everything to us.


Jesus is the unified ten Sefirot to us. He's all of these ten Sefirot perfectly balanced and everything that we need from God, we go to Jesus for, and he has the ability to do what anyone of these ten Sefirot would do for us. But the Hebrew before Jesus, the Jew, they did not have the ten Sefirot unified, they had to go to the individual Sefirah, to get their need met. Do you know what I'm talking about?


But in our dispensation, Jesus satisfies all of these needs, because he is he unified ten Sefirot, and he can do all the jobs of all of the ten Sefirot to us, but not so for the Jew. The Jew believes if you want a particular help from God in a particular area, you have to find out which of these Sefirot do that kind of work. So you have to have all of this knowledge to get your prayers answered, if that's true, I mean that's what I'm reading in the book. Is everybody okay? Okay, so we're taking a course from a Rabbi here, we're going over his studies, and he's saying according to Jewish law, the primary Mitzvah is to know that if you need something from Gevurah, that your mind should realize that Gevurah is not a little God, Gevurah is the expression of the whole almighty to you, in that particular aspect. Is everybody okay? Okay.


Let's go on with this study. This brings us to understand and appreciate the need for our knowledge of the Ayn Sof. In spite of our knowledge of any created world, including the realm of the Sefirot, we must always know that underlining all existence is but one unity, God is one, everything that you see in the world, and all the worlds, it's all one God, one God. Let me put that on the board for you.


I hope you can see this principle on drawing #2, underlying all existence is one unity, that means that everything you see out here, Malkhut represents the visible world, the world of action that we live in, it is all grown out of the Ayn Sof. At one point, the Ayn Sof brought forth a point from the midst of itself, and from that point an expansion went forth, an expansion in which we see a visible expression on the invisible Ayn Sof, but everything that is seen is based upon what is unseen, and that is a New Testament Scripture, Paul clearly said that.


Everything that is seen is standing and founded upon that which is unseen. So whatever we see out here, if we see a particular aspect of God, or we see God do a particular kind of miracle, we need to know that God is a unity, that's the principle we're being taught here, that outside of a miracle of healing, someone gets up out of a wheelchair, we need to know that behind that miracle is an absolute unity of almighty God, who not only raises up people out of wheelchairs, but who is a holy God, that requires righteousness and morality, and has a whole spectrum of attributes of himself that he expects his people to align themselves to.


We can't take healing and separate it from the rest of God, because whatever you see out here, if it be Tiferet, Hod, Yesod, healing, material blessings, marriage, children, whatever you want in this world, God is not doing that single thing, God is an absolute unity that is based upon righteousness and holiness, he's one God, he's not many Gods, he's not the father, and the son, and the Holy Ghost, he is one God, see. It's the error of the trinity, he is one God, not three persons of the one Godhead. I'm not going to get into the trinity now. He's one God that reveals himself in different aspects. The same God that is Tiferet is Gevurah, it's the same God, it's Sheila one day wearing my cap as mother, and the next day wearing my cap as teacher, it's the same God, appearing doing miracles, or it's the same God getting you out of debt, it's the same God, it's not a different person of the Godhead, it's the same God doing something different, if you can hear that.


Okay, let's go on with our teaching. We must take to heart and bear in mind at all times that everything in existence, and in anti-existence, all comes from one source. Can anyone tell us what anti-existence is? Okay.


COMMENT: Visible can be seen?


PASTOR VITALE: Well it's more, well that's close, okay, that's close, anti-existence is that which is not manifest you see, everything that's on the left side of drawing #2, everything that is in this undifferentiated whole that has the potential to come into the world of action and be seen you see. The word existence means to be, means to have appearance, to appear, to be in a condition that somebody can perceive you, okay. So invisible is close, is close, but it's more than invisible, it's not manifested. In other words, you might say a pregnant woman who is one month pregnant or one week pregnant, there's a life inside of her but it's not manifest. Nobody even has any idea that it's there, see.


More than invisible, unknown, unrecognized, non-being, anti-existence, non-being. So everything that is in existence, and in anti-existence all comes from one source. This source is the one true mind, heart, and soul of all. Everybody's mind and everybody's heart and everybody's soul arises out of the Ayn Sof. This is the Ayn Sof that defines all and decides all. This is the one of whom we speak when say, Shem'a Yisrael, Hear O Israel, Ha' Shem, Our God, Ha' Shem is one God. No matter what you see manifested, everything is a part of God, everything is God.


Whenever we recite a traditional blessing over a Mitzvah or over a food, when we say the words, Melekh HaOlam, which means King of the Universe, we should momentarily contemplate that God is the Ayn Sof, and that all sparks of holiness ascend up to him. And who are sparks of holiness?


COMMENT: Abel, or Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: And where are all these sparks, are they in the couch are they in the rug, anybody?


COMMENT: within you and me?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, they're within us, they're within us. Amen. As the source, the Ayn Sof also reveals to us a significant aspect of the development of the human personality. As Rabbi Chayyim Vital has written, the purpose of creation was for God to be called by his names. Indeed in the beginning of his Etz Chayyim, Rabbi Chayyim suggests that God in a way would not have been complete without creation, he needed, that's God, needed to be called by his names, in order for him to be what he is, all that God was, is, and will be exists in the Ayn Sof in unmanifest form. Do you understand that? Because I explain that when I talk about the seed and the unfolding of the seed. Everything that God is can be and will be, exists in unmanifest, invisible, unrecognizable form in the Ayn Sof.


The order of creation only manifest that which was previously unmanifest and undifferentiated. So everything that we see in the universe, the planets, the stars, everything, was in the Ayn Sof in an unmanifested form, nobody knew it was there. The roots of everything that we see was in the Ayn Sof, the human unconscious mind houses our own personal Ayn Sof. Can anybody say that in terms of the doctrine of Christ, the human unconscious mind houses our own personal Ayn Sof. How would you say that, anybody?


COMMENT: Our own Abel?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the Ayn Sof, what part of the human being is analogous to the Ayn Sof, Abel is the spark that fell down, anybody else? You want to try?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus is the unconscious mind?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the unconscious mind is correct, but Christ Jesus is not the unconscious part of the mind, you had it half right, you want to try?


COMMENT: the glorified Lord Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's true to but, yes, what go ahead?


COMMENT: Satan, our unconscious?


PASTOR VITALE: No, the human unconscious mind houses our own personal Ayn Sof, that's the unconscious part of the mind, which is the spirit of Christ. It's either the Spirit of Christ in the Christ mind, but it is Satan in the carnal mind, but we're talking about the Christ mind here. It's the Spirit of Christ in the Christ mind, and Satan, well see, I can't even say Satan, this says the human unconscious mind houses our own personal Ayn Sof. Ayn Sof is not Satan, Ayn Sof is the Spirit of Christ in the mortal man. Okay is everybody okay?


During the process of meditation, we must go deeper and deeper into the recesses of the human mind until we reach a point where our individual human mind no longer exist as a separate entity by itself. More than this we must go deeper than the collective mind, the collective mind, okay. What would we call the collective mind in the doctrine of Christ?




PASTOR VITALE: No, we're talking about the mind of Christ now, although Satan is the collective unconscious part of the carnal mind, but we're talking about the Christ mind here, okay. But Satan is collective unconscious part of the carnal mind. And who is the collective, well the way I've taught it in the doctrine of Christ, the collective mind, what he says here is we must go, we must reach a point where our individual human mind no longer exists as a separate entity unto itself, and I taught that that is the body of Christ, that is Christ Jesus on the subconscious plane, Christ Jesus on the subconscious plane. Let me put that on the board as a review for you. This is a reminder from the doctrine of Christ okay. The individual conscious mind is Cain, Cain is our enemy, Cain is the enemy of the spiritual man, she stands in front of the subconscious parts of our mind, and prevents us from moving in the spiritual plane. And you can see from this drawing how anyone who is abiding in the collective subconscious has an insight into the collective subconscious or into the subconscious of another person's mind.


So if you have one person down here who is abiding in the conscious part of their mind, their not at all facing their collective, they're not at all facing what's in their subconscious mind, and you have another person who is abiding in that cloud of the subconscious mind, they know what's going on in the subconscious part of other people's minds.


So it's possible for someone to know what's going on in your mind, in the back of your mind, when you don't even know it, and the truth brethren, is that that is a principle that the people of the world know about, that is a principle that lawyers know about, that con artists know about, they meet people they look right into your heart, they see your needs, they know what's going on in the mind, or in the back of the mind of a simple person and they victimize them.


Okay, more than this, more than what? Well I'll start at the beginning, during the process of meditation, we must go deeper and deeper into the recesses of the human mind until we reach a point where our individual human mind no longer exists, or we might say where the conscious part of our mind no longer exists as a separate entity unto itself. More than this, we must go deeper than the collective mind, which even Young in psychology has shown us that we all share.


Now Young was a psychologist, he was the one who at least put down in a psychological point of view, he talks about the collective subconscious. So what the author of this paper is saying, that we can go even deeper than this collective subconscious part of the mind, and what I'm saying is, that that is the collective unconscious, although that's not what the writer of this paper is saying, I'm saying it's the collective unconscious. The process of meditation must take us beyond thought, beyond thought, beyond awareness of self, and take us to a place of nullification of self.


Now, this is something that I really have not experienced except for those two times that I've mentioned at the beginning of this message. So I don't have much personal in put to give you, except that I know Hindus meditate, and Hebrews meditate, and it's being preached in the church that we should meditate, and that we should get there by emptying out our mind of all thought. But I'm here today to tell you that it looks to me at this time, that the Lord might have an experience on this level of meditation for mature believers. But based on what he has shown me so far, at least in my experience, I did not get there by emptying out my mind. You know what's happening in the church today is that Christians are emptying out their mind, and letting any spirit that passes by talk to them, and then they're reaching Satan and demons and whatever.


But I did not, those two experiences that I had, I did not get there by emptying out my mind, both times I was in a deep study doing alternate translations, meditating on the Interlinear Text. And the Lord just put me into a deep sleep, I felt him doing it, and I yielded to him. So I do acknowledge that apparently Hebrews have been meditating for thousands of years, but I'm sure that they took Mary, oh yes that was, remember what I told you earlier there are three things that could go wrong when you meditate, there are four things that could happen. Isaac Luria went in and came out unscathed, it's possible to lose your mind, it's possible to get physically ill, and it's possible to be deceived and encounter another spirit who will lead you off into heresy, that was the third thing. And the Christians today that are meditating like this, they're totally unprepared, and what would prepare you, I don't know what would prepare you as far as I know, my personal experience today, the Lord is not leading us to that kind of meditation, where you go beyond thought, see. It's happened to me twice but he took me there.


I wasn't looking for it, you see. I'm looking for Jesus, all I want is Jesus, and I want the truth of his word, and I have had experiences that he has given me, and I could not counsel anybody to seek God on this deep meditative level, I don't well I better stop talking because it looks like he may be taking me into this experience, but look at where I am, look at how many years I've been studying, look at how my whole life has turned over to him.


I'm not just somebody that reads the Bible once for an hour or two a day, and then starts meditating. And you have to look at your motive for meditating, why are you meditating? The Jew meditates because they want revelation, at least that's what I've read in the books, they meditate for revelation. Why would I meditate, look at all the revelation I have without, just with contemplation, you know, I can't even handle what he's giving me now, but my understanding and I've told you this before, my understanding of why it really looks like the Lord is going to take a very select few, I don't, it's not for the average Christian, it's for someone whose life is totally given over to God.


It looks like he's going to be giving us some experiences through the meditative state, and the purpose of it will be for warfare, and I have two witnesses to that. I told you the first time the Lord took me to that place what I was inside a black box. What does that mean? All, I was beyond my own, well I can't even say I was beyond my own thought, well I was, I don't know, I was in this black box, okay, and I prayed out and I got out, and the Lord took me down, when the black box opened, I was in an airplane, and I could see the clouds of the sky, and I was being led down out of the bottom, out of the belly of an airplane, I was being led down by something that looked like a string, I'm not even sure what that means, but this string or this wire came out of the bottom of the airplane, and I was let down, and then the next thing I knew, I was on the ground, and I knew the Lord was with me, and we were going to lair of the Fiery Serpent, I knew that was where we were going. We went into this den or this cavern, and the Lord was showing me, and I knew it was the lair of Fiery Serpent, then it was just a knowing, that the Fiery Serpent was coming, and she was very big and she was a monster, and there was fear present, and I woke up.


So the Lord did not keep me there for the battle, but I believe that the meditative state in this dispensation with Jesus Christ, it will be for the purpose of going into other people's minds and fighting with the Fiery Serpent for the people who cannot do it for themselves. See, and my second witness is the alternate translation that came forth concerning Joshua, that he went into his own mind and he saw, I translated, at the time he saw Leviathan there, but now I think it should be the Fiery Serpent, and how Satan came and waged a warfare that Joshua should not be set free.


So this is my opinion for what little information I have at this time, I do not believe that Jesus is talking anyone into the meditative state today for revelation. But I do believe that he's taking a few people who are completely given over to his life into the minds of other men, to do what they cannot do for themselves. So keep in mind, everything that Jesus does is sacrificial. He healed the sick, he cast out demons, he did deliverance and now he's come to set the captive free. He healed the lepers, he came as a suffering servant, to serve mankind, and this is where I am right for whatever it's worth, this is the revelation that I have, and of course that experience that I had was a couple of years ago, it was like I feel like it was a test run, because as soon as the Fiery Serpent was coming, I woke up, it wasn't time for the battle, it was like the Lord was showing me things to come.


And there was no sound, I couldn't hear any sound, it was just all, and I couldn't see the Lord, I just knew he was with me, and it was just knowledge, it was just an awareness. Because who can overcome this monster? Who can overcome this Fiery Serpent within us, who could do it? I've had a lot of victory, but apparently I haven't overcome, I'm not standing up, I still have sickness in my body, I still have all kinds of human problems, and I've not ascended to a place of supernatural power. So who can do this, who can overcome this Fiery Serpent.


Who can live like I live, everybody isn't, doesn't have the intellect to study these studies, its going to have to be done another way. Praise the Lord.


The process of meditation must take us beyond thought, beyond awareness of self, and take us to a place of nullification of self. This is the bitul HaYesh, spoken of in Kabbalistic and Hacedic literature, and I don't know what that means, only in this place does one touch does one touch the Ayn Sof. So in meditation if you go deep enough, you can touch the Ayn Sof. At the smallest point of its touching our world.


Can anyone tell us what that means? Only in this place does one touch the Ayn Sof at the smallest point of its touching our world. Where does the Ayn Sof touch our world? Does anybody know? Not from the doctrine of Christ now, from the point of view of Kabbalah. Does anybody know where the Ayn Sof is, where does the Ayn Sof touch our world. Nobody knows, okay, let me draw it for you. So you can see that, let me read this sentence for you again, this is the bitul HaYesh spoken of in Kabbalistic and Hasidic literature. Only in this place does one touch the Ayn Sof. At the smallest point of the Ayn sof touching our world, and the smallest place that the Ayn Sof touches our world is the most inner recesses of our mind, which is the unconscious part of the mind. And the Ayn Sof is all around the outside of the border of the conscious part of our mind, but he's so far away, it is so far away on the exterior of our border that we could never hope to reach it, if we want to reach the Ayn Sof, which is the power that brought the universe into existence in the first place, we have to go in, see.


For those of you that are still living primarily in the conscious part of your mind, if you want all that God has to offer you, you have to turn your sight around, you have to turn around and you have to start looking in. The only problem is that before you get to, well the Ayn Sof to us is the Spirit of Christ, before you get to the Spirit of Christ, which is the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, you have to go through all those other realms where you have to take a look at what's inside of you, see. You have to look at what's in your subconscious and what's in your heart, and of course Satan and Leviathan are battling you every step of the way.


We have to make a start somewhere, and the Lord will be with you every step of the way, you have to go in you see, you have to become spiritual if you want to touch the Spirit of Christ, who is the Ayn Sof to us. From this place, now why would you want to touch this place, why do you want to go in, from this place the unconscious part of the Christ mind, the human mind and soul is refreshed in life, in purpose and in meaning. All life is in the Lord Jesus, life and healing, answer to every problem that you have, victory on every level of this existence is through touching the Lord Jesus. In deed the truly wise know how to come out from this place. The truly wise know how to come out from this experience differently from how they went in.


To go through all that we have to go through, and come out unchanged is a tragedy, and this tragedy is spoken about, I think it's in the book of Jeremiah, where it says the fires are burning and everything's melting, but the wicked are not plucked out. It talks about the, what do you call the guy that makes the shoes for the horses, the blacksmith's fire, the blacksmith's fire is burning, the metal is melted, but the wicked are not plucked out, what for? You know, its' a waste. If you're studying and studying and serving God and praying, and doing everything you know how to do but the wicked are not plucked out, it's all for nought.


Well I can't really say it's all for nought, you have your blessings in this life, if you're serving God with good deeds, you all have some good things in your life, but you won't have only good things, you'll have a mixture, you'll have some good things, but if you want to touch eternity, and you want to have victory over every Script that Satan has written for you and for your family, you have to do more than your good deeds, you have to do in, and fight the Dragon. Of course the Dragon is attached to the Fiery Serpent, the one within us, that we have to go in and fight is Fiery Serpent. These enlightened souls that know how to get into that secret place and get their lives changed through touching the Lord Jesus, these enlightened souls can use this change to transform the world around them, to bring rain, as did Eliyahu HaNavi, to create a golem as did the Maharal of Prague, or to turn led into gold, as did other Kabbalist.


Well I've got a, God has to help me, I don't want to be arrogant, you know, because there's a lot that I don't know, but I just have a real problem with this. May the Lord help me if I'm wrong, I do believe that when you touch the Lord Jesus in the depths of your mind, in the unconscious part of your mind, that you can transform the world around you, I've seen it happen. To bring rain, well that may mean physical rain or it may mean spiritual rain, I've been thinking about Elijah recently, and I was saying, I see a cloud that looks like a hand, I don't know, maybe they did have a physical famine, and physical rain, but I am sure that he was talking about spiritual rain, meaning the power of this spirit coming in to deliver the people. And as far as creating a golem, I just have a problem believing the Lord would protect his people with a zombie, and as far as turning lead into gold, I just have a real problem with it, I just have a real problem because to me that's what is happening in the false revival today, the gold dust and the fillings in the teeth becoming gold.


It really seems to me that it's a wrong spirit that got in there. It is only by our recognizing that there is a universal constant that transcends the universe itself, that enables us to truly know ourselves and our places in existence. There is a universal constant that means it's in you, and it's in me and it's in every human being, a universal constant, everybody has it, if you can get in deep enough, if you can get in deep enough to everybody's root, it's there. And that getting to know this universal constant, while it transcends the universe, the Ayn Sof is beyond the universe, it enables us to truly know ourselves. Well we know ourselves because it reveals all of our flaws to us. Also, God reveals all of our flaws, but also helps us to understand who we are in him.


See, you can't have one without the other. You can't really know who you are in Christ Jesus without knowing who you are in your old man, because you have to choose you see, you have to choose. How can you choose if you don't really know what you are? You see, if you think that you've arrived in your present fallen condition, how will you ever choose Christ?


Okay, it is as if there is an unwritten book of creation that existed prior to the first act of creation. It is if there is an unwritten book of creation that existed prior to the first act of creation. I have no problem with that, believing that there was a plan that the Ayn Sof had a plan, it wasn't written down, but he had a concept of what we would be like, what this world would be like, and he had that plan before the first act of creation. The Sefer Yetzirah, that is the Hebrew book that is attributed to Abraham, and it's one of the foundational books of Kabbalah, the Sefer Yetzirah writes that God created his universe with three things, the Sefer, meaning book, the Sapar, meaning reader, and the Sippur story, saying God created the universe with a book, someone to read the book and a story that's in the book.


Although there are variant readings, this is the oldest and most correct. The first thing that God used to create his universe was the book, the Sefer. This book is the Ayn Sof, the Ayn Sof himself is the book. It's like having a book or having these sets of notes and you have no idea what's in them until you start reading. So the Ayn Sof is the undifferentiated simple light, he's a book, we didn't know what's in the book. This book is the Ayn Sof, herein was everything written and everything included, what everything? Everything of what the worlds would be like, everything that would happen from the beginning to end, everything was written in the book that is the Ayn Sof, yet unlike other books, this one was closed and unread, it required a reader who could read it and embellish the reading with passion and emotion.


Now that's sort of what I'm doing tonight, I'm reading this reading for you and I'm embellishing it, I'm explaining it to you, and I'm explaining it with passion and emotion, I'm putting feeling into my words because if you don't have someone sitting here putting feeling into these words then they're just words on a piece of paper. From this unique style of reading the book comes to life, prior to this, the book is just a mumble jumble concoction of letters without rhyme or reason at least to our eyes, in other words it makes no sense to our eyes, until someone reads the book to us and explains it to us. Well that makes sense because we're doing that tonight.


The existence of the Ayn Sof therefore explains to us the true nature of God, it reveals to us the ultimate and essential unity of all creation. Now I showed you that on the board earlier, the ultimate and essential unity of all in creation, that means all men at our most inner most root, we have that in common, we're all one at our most inner most root.


It is the source and power of all, the Ayn Sof is the source and power of all, without it nothing could exist, it's very important that we know that, without it nothing could exist, and the Scripture tells us Jesus is that foundation, that without that foundation, that immortal foundation, or that there is no other foundation upon which man can stand. The foundation that we come into the world with today is a mortal foundation and that's why we die. Jesus Christ is the immortal foundation, when he becomes our foundation we will live forever.


Achieving a connection with it, with the Ayn Sof in meditation is the goal of Kabbalist. Can you hear that? This is the goal of the Kabbalist, they go through all kinds of rituals to get in touch with the Ayn Sof, and meditation, and we can call on the name of Jesus and he's right here. I don't think the church really, I don't even know that I understand the real depths of what the Lord Jesus is to us. We would have to have experienced trying to reach him through the methods that are given to the Jew, to really understand the degree of liberty that has been granted to us in the church, however, no Kabbalist can ever be aware if such a connection is made. Well maybe that's true with the old order methods, but I know when the connection is made. I know when Jesus is with me and once he left me and I knew all about it, it was the worse thing that ever happened to me.


But we're told by a knowledgeable Rabbi writing this paper, no Kabbalist can ever be aware of such a connection is made. The reason is that the Ayn Sof exists worlds above the limitations of even the greatest minds and souls, human and non-human. No created thing can be cognizant, that means aware. No created thing could be aware in the face of the Ayn Sof for in it all things are nullified. Now I don't have any personal experience on this, the Lord is going to have to teach me. I know the Scripture says that they saw God and they fell down as if dead, well I'm having some kind of an experience where I see God a lot and I don't fall down dead.


Although maybe what they're talking about is what I experienced yesterday. I told you off the tape that I was reading a very deep aspect of the Zohar and all my strength left me. I was just like passing out from exhaustion. Maybe that is what they're talking about. I'm not sure. Maybe they're talking about an experience that I haven't had yet, because I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, he goes with me wherever I go, he's in the shower with me, he goes to sleep with me, he's on the train with me, he's in the car with me, so I don't have any problem reaching him, unless the Hebrews are talking about reaching him on this deep meditative level that I did experience through the black box. But even that experience that I had in the black box, it was the same Jesus Christ that's with me, everyday, that's with me right now as I'm preaching.


So it's possible that this Rabbi is talking about something that I have not yet experienced but then again on the other hand it's possible that in Christ Jesus, we have the precious prize of meditation with us on a regular basis. One who says that he has touched the Ayn Sof is by definition, self deceived. But you see the Bible says, Jesus said, who touched me? He said, Who touched me? Somebody touched him you see, and you know how that happened? That woman, that woman who had the issue of blood that touched Jesus, do you know how she touched him? She went in within her own mind, she went in with such emotion that she touched the Ayn Sof within her, and Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus the Christ, who was a man, a human form, but who was aware of the unconscious part of his mind while he was walking down the street, he was asleep and awake at the same time. His conscious mind, he was aware through his conscious mind and through the unconscious part of his mind at the same time.


See he was out in the crowd looking at the people, talking to the people, but he was also in heaven and earth at the same time. He was aware in the unconscious part of his mind at the same time, and when that woman prayed in her heart, she said Oh God if this man is really the son of God, let me be healed Oh God. Jesus heard it, you see, cause her prayer penetrated the depths of her being where the Ayn Sof was, and Jesus who abided always on that high spiritual plane heard her prayer, and he said, who touched me?


She didn't touch him from the outside, she touched him from the inside, and I've known for a long time that I hear people's prayers, not all the time, when the Lord opens my ears, I'll hear somebody's prayer, when the Lord is prepared to pray through me a prayer that will meet their need, I will hear people's prayers, that's what this experience is about. And here we're reading from an educated well meaning fine man who is a Rabbi who is amongst a people who for 2,000 years have been deprived of the fulfillment of what they've lived for for 5,000 years. I pray that their eyes should be opened, that they should move on and experience what they already know about.


All one can do is seek nullification of self, focus on restoring the fallen sparks of holiness to their source in the Ayn Sof, and then God in his grace, will do the rest, above and beyond any intent or awareness of ours, he's saying, you know sacrifice yourself, don't think about yourself, focus on restoring, well I don't know how they focus on restoring the fallen sparks of holiness, I don't know what that means, you know to Kabbalists, but I know that I was dying, and God said to me, don't think about yourself, but feed my sheep and serve my father, pray for the sick, I cast out demons for 5 years, serve my people, and I in my grace said the Lord, will do the rest, see. That's what this means to me. Except according to this teaching, it's something that happens beyond our intent or awareness but in my case, I was very aware of what the Lord has done is doing, and will do.


The process of creation has been discussed in many places. This is the concept of the TzimTzum, when God withdraws his light from the center of the Ayn Sof, does anybody remember what the TzimTzum is? Nobody remembers what the TzimTzum is? Okay we've got a taker over here.


COMMENT: The empty space?


PASTOR VITALE: The empty space, and the doctrine or the concept of the TzimTzum is the explanation of how the empty space came into existence and here's the reminder right here. God withdraws his light from the center of the Ayn Sof and thereby creates a place for a universe, an other to receive from him, to exist. Do you remember God started at his center and he contracted himself and pulled himself back so that an empty space appeared in the midst of him, because he's infinite, nothing can appear on the outside of him. So he wanted to bring forth an other, an other, who would receive from him, okay.


You might say a reflection or the complete opposite of himself, so that he could give all of his goodness to them, and so he withdrew his light from the center, and created this empty space which is a circle. The TzimTzum however is not many believe it to be, for there can never really be an empty space, a vacuum void of the presence of the creator. And you may recall that when we first started studying Kabbalah, I had a real problem with that, I read that in the Tree Of Life, that the space was empty, and I said I can't believe that it's an empty space, and last week, we had a message, what did we call that message? The permanent meditative state, okay, where we learned about black light and negative energy.


We found out that the empty space was filled with the black light and negative energy which is a contrast to the white light of the Ayn Sof. The TzimTzum however is not what many believe it to be, for there can never really be an empty space, a vacuum void of the presence of the creator. As we shall see in or next essay, the TzimTzum and what was in it is a many detailed thing. These are echos of light, echos of light, the black light you might say is an echo of light. Okay it's not light, it's not what we would call light, it's an echo, it's what's left over after the light leaves, that's what black light is, it's what's left over after the light leaves. So when the Ayn Sof withdrew from that empty space, what was left in that empty space was an echo or a reminder or a corps you might say of what was in there previously, an echo.


These are echos of light, the creation, are you all okay with that echos of light? When you're in the Swiss Alps, and you yell yahoo, however they yodel, and then you keep hearing the yodel repeated over and over and over again, but the man only yodeled once. So it's not really the man's voice that you're hearing the second and third and fourth time, but it's sounds like the man's voice, but it's not the man's voice, he only yodeled once, and that's what an echo is, it sounds like the real thing but it's not really the real thing, that is what was left in the empty space, an echo, a shadow of what was previously there.


These are echos of light, the creation of the 231 gates of liters, I don't know what that means at this time, I can't teach you on that, Olum HaMalbush, the world of cloaking, and the mysterious Tehiru. I cannot teach you on that yet either. Although he hinted at these worlds, Rabbi Chayyim Vital never discussed anything about them in any of his writings. Therefore we will have to go to other more esoteric sources to understand the formations of the primordial universe, prior to the manifestation of Adam Kadmon. However this is another lecture.


Let me tell you that again to make sure you've got it. The Rabbi who wrote this paper says that he's going, that he knows of writings and books that will give us information about the formation of the primordial universe prior to the manifestation of Adam Kadmon. See the our textbook The Tree Of Life, begins with the creation of Adam Kadmon. So we'll see what this course that we're taking has to say. It has a lot of interesting stuff. He knows, the man who is writing the course, he knows the reference books to go to to get all of this information. So in essence the Lord told me today what's happening with this course is that this very learned man is making the notes, putting together the notes from which I'm teaching you.


See when we learn the doctrine of Christ, I created the notes myself, I did all the research and created the notes, for this on line course that we're taking, will be the notes, they're being prepared for me, and because of what we're learning in the Tree Of Life, I am able to teach you from these notes, except that the words that he just used, I don't know. But I'll do the best I can, I think this has been very edifying. Although I must tell you it's taking longer to get through one lesson than I really expected it to. I will have to see what the Lord wants me to do because I didn't want to cut back on the Tree Of Life, but we'll see what the Lord says. Are there any questions or comments? No questions so we'll say goodnight, God bless you.




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