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This is Kabbalah study lesson # 2, reading from our notes. As discussed throughout the writings of Rabbi Chayyim Vital, in order for God to create his universe he first had to create a place for it exist. For prior to creation the light of Ayn Sof was everywhere. There was no place for a universe, an independent aspect other than God to exist. We do not say that God had to create a place for the universe outside of himself, for there can be nothing outside of God. Now that's a very, well it was a very difficult principle for me to comprehend, infinity is a very difficult principle to comprehend. God fills everything and he is infinite, there is nothing outside of him. So therefore we exist inside of God.


The TzimTzum, the empty place the circle, we exist inside of God, but I remind you that we are at the world of action which is the innermost of the five worlds. So to reach God, I guess I have to put it on the board. Drawing # 1, we've pretty much seen before, it's a drawing of the five worlds, Adam Kadmon, world of emanation, world of creation, world of formation, and the world of action which is humanity as we know it. And I've drawn that pipe that which we know to be the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, through which the light of the Ayn sof which is infinity filters down into the world of action.


Now what I have drawn on the board I can't really explain it to you as fully as I would like to, but what we know to be the universes, the planets, the physical universe out there, all of this exists within the five worlds. So we see that the Ayn Sof or the endless one, he's outside of the physical universes. What hope could we ever have of contacting him on the outside of us, no hope at all.


Our only hope of contacting him, or being contacted by him or finding him is in the very depths of humanity, as he enters into us through Adam Kadmon, which we know to be the Lord Jesus Christ. You know there is a such an opposition coming against the human manifestation of Adam Kadmon by the the Rabbis that teach Kabbalah. It was so strong on my heart today, to call up the Rabbi and say you know, no controversy, could you just explain to me why when you teach that Malkhut is inside of a man, you know and Malkhut is right here in the center of the constellation, why can you not believe that the Ayn Sof comes all the way down and dwells inside of a man. Why can't I, I don't get it, to me it's the most obvious thing as the nose on your face.


They say it's idolatry saying that a man is God, but is it because one man could never contain God. But the principles of Kabbalah as I read them right now, is that we're talking about vessels and inner light and surrounding light, that the light pours into the vessel, and when the vessel is filled up, the light pours on the outside and the surrounds it. Well that's what we are, we're the vessels, we take as much as we can, and then the light surrounds us, you know, I don't get it, I don't understand what they're, they must just, King James says they have a veil over their face. To me it's you know sometimes you have to come outside of your system of beliefs to see a simple truth, and I'm marveling today at the complicated, at who complicated these teachings are, and I was really studying just about this today and Lord willing I'll have another message on it, because that message I would want to post on the Internet, which really expands on just on this issue.


It's so complicated and to us it's so simple, Christ in you the hope of glory, it is just so simple, you know, and this was what Jesus was talking about when he said, ever seeking after knowledge, but never arriving at a knowledge of the truth. The truth is so simple that this glory that they call the Ayn Sof, or the endless one that the Jew calls the Ayn Sof, or the endless one, he comes into man, you know through this pipeline which is Adam Kadmon, and yes Adam Kadmon is light or spirit, but then he enters into a human being, and when he enters into that human being, everything I'm telling you I've read in Kabbalah. When the light enters into the vessel, it purifies the walls of the vessel until the vessel is of the same quality as the light.


I'm reading it in the book, but they can't get, they can't get it. They can't get it, it's amazing to me that they can't get it, you know! Okay let's go on with this message, I thank you Jesus that we get it, you've helped us to get it. So does anybody not understand this drawing? The Ayn Sof could not make a place outside of himself, because he is infinity, but he created this or he sketched out this empty space in the midst of himself, because there's nothing outside of him, is everybody okay? Okay.


In order to create this place for the creation to exist, Rabbi Chayyim Vital introduces to us a concept called the TzimTzum, which is Hebrew for withdrawal or contraction. He states that from the center of the infinite light of the Ayn Sof, a withdrawal of light occurred. What this center is was discussed in the previous lecture, and we were told that the center, does anybody remember what the center is?


A spiritual center is desire, a spiritual center is desire. The Ayn Sof desired according to Kabbalah, to reveal himself in a different form, to reveal his substance, there's no change of substance or nature in a different form so that he would have the, not he, it the Ayn Sof, would able to pour out his abundance upon that which he created, which is really a reflection of himself, okay.


And we too, in human beings, I've heard for years the phrase, you have to centered in Jesus Christ, but I didn't really know what that meant until I started studying Kabbalah. Our center is desire, that which is truly most important to us is our center, and our life will witness and testify to that which is most important to us, because we, whether it's conscious or unconscious, we pursue ardently that which is most important to us. Every, there are always sacrifices required for everything that's important to us. So if you want to find out where somebody is in God, you look at what they're willing to give up, and you'll know where their center is.


When the Lord sent me to the church that trained me, it was not the ideal church for my daughter. I knew it was not the ideal church for my daughter, I knew that, but I knew that I had to be there. So she did not go to the ideal church for herself. Most parents are concerned about their children, I was concerned about my daughter, but I had to be in this church, and the Lord will take care of her, and he'll make it up to her some how, some time, some where.


So everybody that left that church because it was not an ideal church for teenagers does not have God as their center. Do I condemn you? No, I'm just telling you the truth. You have to walk in the truth. So this empty space came into existence through a contraction. He states that from the center of the infinite light of the Ayn Sof, a withdrawal of light occurred. What this center, well let say this, a withdrawal of light occurred, that's what the contraction is, contraction withdrawal of light.


What this center is was discussed in the previous lecture. Rabbi Chayyim states, symbolically speaking that the withdrawal of light from the center point occurred equally and round about in a circular form.


Let's take a look at that, let's take a picture so I can draw the next one please. Drawing # 2. I've split the board into four sections, a, b, c, and d, in an attempt to show you the formation of the TzimTzum. See, all that there is, is bright light, okay, blindingly bright light, and in the midst of that bright light appears a desire of the Ayn Sof to create an other, an object upon which he can bestow and reveal his greatness, and that desire appears in this light which is everywhere as a point, that's 2a, and in 2b, we see that the Ayn Sof begins to extract or remove his light, beginning with that point forming a circle.


That's drawing # 2, the light begins, I'm sorry it's 2b, light begins to be extracted from the center point outward to form the empty space called the TzimTzum, and that empty space is, in most drawings it's drawn blackened, I just didn't want to take the time to make it all black, but it's a black circle in a white background, okay, and 2c shows us that the empty space increases as the light continues to be withdrawn, and finally in 2d, we have a full circle that is absence of the light of God, which, but there is still something left in that circle, okay even though the light has been removed, some residue, some people call it an echo of the light that was withdrawn, a memory of the light that was withdrawn, remains in the circle, because there is no vacuum anywhere in creation, and certainly not in the Ayn Sof.


There is no vacuum, there has to be something in there, and it's called black light or negative energy, that's what remains when the light is withdrawn, and here we see the introduction of negative energy that we know today to be Satan.



Okay, now that negative energy is a part of the creation so long as it's under the control of positive forces, but there was a separation, and Kabbalah would disagree with me here, but I believe that that separation was not ordained of God, it was a separation whereby the black light or the echo or the partial part whatever you want to call it, took up its own direction, and we read about that in Zechariah, I'm sorry I can never remember what chapter it is, but it says, "And the woman went off to establish her own base, see, and this is the beginning of rebellion, but of course that's another whole story as to how this separation took place.


Satan or the black energy is not necessarily what we would know to be evil, it only does evil things when it comes out from under the authority of the light, the black light is necessary for the endless one to create something other than himself, and he is blinding white light. So he created something that was the opposite of himself so that it could be seen, black light, makes sense to me. Except Kabbalah does teach that it was the Lord's intention or it was the intention of God for us to be in this condition, and I do not believe that. So the message of Kabbalah, it is so exciting, and yet it has this element woven into it that is being taught in the church today, that is just absolutely incorrect.


The Lord did not choose this for us, God did not choose this for us, and I see in Kabbalah a recognition of the fall, from what I could see so far, Kabbalah deals with the fall by saying, the sparks of light, the holy sparks of light which we know to be, who? Who are the holy sparks of light that are down here in this world? Okay, there's an answer in the congregation.




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abel, all the Abels are the holy seeds that fell down into this world of action. So Kabbalah recognizes that the holy seed is down here, and that they have to be restored to the worlds above, but from everything that I've seen so far, the teachings of Kabbalah do not relate the condition, the finite and imperfect condition whereby we're subject to disease and death, I do not see that Kabbalah relates our condition to the fallen sparks of light, and Kabbalah, everything that I've read so far shows that Kabbalah claims that we're in this condition to be perfected through good works, and our works are to restore these sparks to heaven, but it's just, they've got the whole message, except there's an essential part, and leaders in our church apparently have been reading Kabbalah for years. I would read the works in the church and say where are they getting this stuff from? They've been reading Kabbalah for years, many of the kingdom preachers, and they bought the whole ball of wax, there's a lot of good material in Kabbala, but they've bought the whole ball of wax, including what is wrong. Praise the Lord, and that's unfortunate, but praise the Lord anyway.


When the TzimTzum, when this TzimTzum of light in this circular empty space of light was complete, an empty sphere was left into which creation could be created. So we see that creation is being brought forth in a womb that consists of negative energy, that's the night of the day and night of creation, yet herein lies a serious problem, how can there be a place empty of God, this cannot be, for any place without the light of God simply cannot exist. Everything in creation and outside of creation is dependent upon the existence of the divine light for existence.


So how can there exist an existence based upon the absence of light, this is impossible, yet this too poses a difficult question, for how can we say that something is impossible for God.


Are we thereby implying that there is a limit to divine power and ability? Well we know that that's not true. There are clear answers to these questions, although the answers themselves might not be too settling. Indeed God did withdraw the light of his Ayn Sof from the center point to create a place for creation. This place for creation Rabbi Chayyim calls the Halal, the empty space, yet the Halal is not really empty. Rabbi Chayyim hints at this, but does not really expound on the nature of the Halal, that's the empty space, prior to the creation of the universes. We have to turn to others for more detailed information.


Rabbi Yisrael Sarug, the other student of the Ari'zal, introduced in the previous lecture expound in great detail about this original Halal, that's the empty space, and bases his concept, now what's the difference between Halal and TzimTzum? Let me tell you that. Halal means empty space and TzimTzum means the contraction, the actual act of contraction where the light is being withdrawn. So the Halal, the empty space is the result of the contraction is the pulling back of the light and the empty space that is formed as a result of the pulling back of the light is called in Hebrew, the Halal, the empty space. So Rabbi Yisrael Sarug expounds in great detail upon this original Halal, and bases his concept on the terminologies found in the opening teaching of parashat bereshit of the Holy Zohar. The following translation is my own, while translating, I have stayed true to the text regardless of how difficult this makes it to understand.


In the beginning of the revelation of the desire of the king... so we see that at the beginning was the revelation, in the beginning the king had a desire, and that desire was revealed and that's the beginning. You know, going all the way back, I heard people saying that there was a creation prior to the creation in Genesis 1, and I could never receive it, because in my mind, and I think that's what the people meant who were talking to me, but that there was another creation like this one. Now there was something before the creation, but I don't believe it was another creation like this one, because that implies that God didn't like the work that he made and he destroyed it, and that teaching was in the church and probably still is in the church.


No, what existed before the beginning is the time, what existed before the beginning is the existence of the Any Sof, infinity the endless life existed before the beginning, and the beginning of what, what does the beginning mean? If there's a beginning there has to be an end. The word beginning signifies time. See, there is no time in the spirit world, there is no time, there is no space, there is no distance.


I was reading in another book today how in the spiritual planes everything is in the same place, that you could, if we can ascend high enough, we could go around the whole world in couple of minutes, that's the principle of traveling in the spirit. When the mind leads the body we just think of another location and we're there, because the mind transcends distance, time, and space.


So you see there was not another creation before this one, but there was and is, there was an existence before time began, see. Does anybody not understand the difference? There was an eternal existence called the Ayn Sof, the unlimited one, before time began, and this world that we live in it's the world of action, it's the world of time, space, and distance. But these physical laws have now no power over the spirit, and there was, I do not believe there was a creation as such as this one, that the Lord didn't like it, or it wasn't satisfying to him so he destroyed it, I don't believe that.


Okay, let's go on with our meeting. So we're saying that Rabbi Yisrael Sarug expounds in great detail about this original Halal, this original empty space, and bases his concepts on the terminologies found in the opening teaching on parashat bereshit of the Holy Zohar. The following translation is my own, okay I was reading the translation. In the beginning of the revelation of the desire of the king... So we know that the king had a desire and that it was revealed. He engraved an opening in the Tehiru lla'ah, and that is the supernal light. ...he engraved an opening in the supernal light. That means everywhere there was one simple light, there were no grades of it, it was not darker or lighter in different places, it was exactly the same everywhere, that's what the word "simple" means, no variation, no variety, just simple, the same everywhere.


And in this simple light, or the supernal light, he engraved an opening with a Botzina D'Karnu'ta, with a hard spark, whatever that means, it came forth from the concealed of all concealed which is the secret of the Ayn Sof bound yet and without form. So that spark, that hard spark that came forth, it was all bound up, that means it was one knot. There could have been ten parts or ten threads to what was bound up, that could be unfolded and revealed, but it came forth all bound up in a ball, okay.


Now I know from our studies in the Tree Of Life, that the lights that come forth from Adam Kadmon's mouth are bound, and they bring forth the world of bound lights. So that's being spoken about here, a whole bunch of lights all in one ball, with the potential to be released into a multiplicity of lights. It came forth from the concealed of all concealed from the secret of the Ayn Sof, bound yet without form, fixed within a circular ring, that's what we're talking about now, the Halal, fixed within a circular ring, not white, not black, not red, not green, not any color at all, with the great measure, many colors were made to radiate within from the inside of the Botzina, the hard spark, with the great measure, many colors were made to radiate within, from the inside of the Botzina, the hard spark, that sounds to me like that means the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon.


One stream came forth, and from it flowed forth the colors below, from the concealed of all concealed, the secret of the Ayn Sof came forth, and did not come forth his AIR which was not at all comprehended. Now that word Air, it's not the air that we know of, and I'm not going to comment on that, I know that I've read about it, but at the moment I can't recall what I read, I just know it's not the air of our world.


So I'll just go on. Ayn Sof came forth and did not come forth his AIR which not at all comprehended until the forth of the push within the breach, was revealed a single point. After this point we have no comprehension, for this reason it is called bereshit, the first of all speech. We cannot understand what happened before bereshit, that's why bereshit is the beginning, because we have no understanding whatsoever of what existed or what happened before. The existence before time began.


These are the opening words of parashat bereshit of the Holy Zohar, what this text means is debated by all the Zoharic commentaries. We do not mean to discuss all the details of this section, suffice it for us to discuss what Rabbi Yisrael Sarug said regarding this section.


One of Rabbi Sarug's major works is based entirely upon the section of the Zohar with a greatly significance difference. Rabbi Sarug's version of the Zohar differs from the printed editions that we have available to us today.


His version of the above section is twice as long and adds extremely important details which apparently were either not known, not noticed or for some unknown reason ignored by Rabbi Chayyim Vital. This deleted section of Zohar is crucial in importance because it explains the origins of the Hebrew alef bet, and the names that's the alphabet, that means ab, the Hebrew ab, abc as we would say, and the names of the ten Sefirot, something that Rabbi Chayyim does not do.


So all of the information that we have about the names of the ten Sefirot do not come from Rabbi Chayyim. Before we address the nature of the Halal, that's the empty space and his relationship to the Hebrew alef bet, I must digress here for a moment to discuss a critical detail about Kabbalah study. Let it be known, and make no mistake that although a tremendous amount of Kabbalistic texts have been written over the last 2,000 years, the real teachings of the Kabbalah remain a closely guarded secret, indeed most students of Kabbalah today, and this includes most orthodox Rabbis, even those in Jerusalem who studied Kabbalistic texts everyday, still have not grasped the essence of what Kabbalah truly is, and what exactly it is teaching.


Is that amazing, do you hear that? I'm going to say that again. Most students of Kabbalah today and this includes most orthodox Rabbis, even those in Jerusalem who study Kabbalistic texts everyday still have not grasped the essence of what Kabbalah truly is and what exactly it is teaching. It is teaching about man, about what is going to happen to man, and who we are in relationship to God, and what our future is. We are the vessels that Kabbalah talks about. In every book I've read so far it talks about vessels, we are it, we're the vessels, and the holy sparks that were lost are in us, and the shells and the husks, the demons, they're in us.


As known, there are four levels to the study of Torah, pshat, the plain meaning, Remez, the implied meanings, Drash, the allegorical meanings, and sod, the secret Kabbalistic meanings. Does anyone know what implied meanings, the plain meanings, that's on the surface, what is an implied meaning? The word I used when I taught it is inference, inference. The implied meanings are the inferences where there are certain legitimate inferences conclusions that we can draw from the information that we have, then it has the allegorical meanings, the allegorical meaning is when it's parable, and Sod, the secret Kabbalistic meaning. Just as there are four levels to learning Torah in general, so there are four levels of learning Kabbalah in specific. Most students of Kabbalah today only study the pshat of the Kabbalah.


Now that's the plain, and I don't know if I'm pronouncing that correctly, that's the plain message. What's the plain message, Thou shalt not commit adultery, that was the plain message, don't do it. Wash your hands before every meal, it's the law. Most students of Kabbalah today only study the pshat of the Kabbalah, which is the metaphysical philosophy known as theoretical Kabbalah. This is what is learned in almost all the holy Kabbalistic Yeshiva around the world, including those in Eretz Yisrael, that's the land of Israel. The theoretical Kabbalah includes the study of the Zohar and the Kitvei HaAri'zal. Learning these most sacred texts is of a measurable value, yet nonetheless, the ones learning them are still only learning theory and not practice.


Brethren this is what we're learning in our studies of the Tree Of Life. I put those gemetrical studies, you know examples or problems up on the board for you, I show you how 100 is found in Tevunah, and Binah, it means nothing. I've told you it's just an exercise for your mind, it's developing the mind of Christ in you, but it's purely theoretical, what you see is what you get, I read it out of the book, and I tell you this is what you're suppose to learn.


But I also have been telling you that I don't know how to apply it, I understand that in the later volumes of the Etz Chayyim, we are told how to actually apply these teachings that have been coming out of the Tree Of Life to our everyday life. This I've got to see, I really, it really would be amazing to see it.


So that is called theoretical Kabbalah, it's all theory and no practice. That's the same thing as me telling you when I teach you here, you're all getting theory, and then every once in a while the Lord sends us out into the field to do the lab work. When I bring up a situation, either a political situation or a situation that's happening in someone's life, and I ask all your opinions, okay, that's more or less, that's a form of lab work, okay. I'm sorry when we go out it's field work, okay, when I ask your participation to analyze something that's going on, that's lab work. I'm trying to help you to use what you've learned to manifest the mind of Christ. So we have theory, we have lab work, and we have field work in this ministry.


I don't know about you, but I don't know any other ministry that even talks like this, but that's okay, I thank you Jesus for everything we have. In our many sins by contrast, the members of the Kabbalistic cults are studying these texts, but without the necessary balance provided by Tamudic study, and the observance of the Mitzvahs. What he's saying is that theory isn't enough, you have to keep the law. That's what he's saying. Now I've been teaching you here that it really is important when you study Kabbalah to either keep the law or what? Okay.


COMMENT: Have Christ formed in you.


PASTOR VITALE: And what can happen to you if you study Kabbalah and you don't either keep the law or have Christ formed in you?


COMMENT: You will ascend in the wrong time line.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, exactly, these kinds of spiritual studies raises up your Fiery Serpent, and the Jews because of a special dispensation by Jehovah through the covenant he made with them on Mount Sinai, are protected by keeping the carnal commandments of the law, why? Because Jehovah said, if you keep these carnal commandments I'll protect you when you ascend, and Jehovah is not a man that he should lie, you see.


But today, those of us who have Christ Jesus and, let me say are living out of him, those of us who have Christ Jesus formed in us, and are living out of him, he is protecting us, or protecting us from having our Fiery Serpent ascend in the wrong time line. We do not have to keep the law, but we do have to keep the moral law. These poor misguided souls are in, and he's saying they're misguided because they're studying Kabbalah without keeping the law. These poor, and he says without the observance of Talmudic study, and the Mitzvah. I'm not sure, but I think that Talmudic study is the study of the Bible which I agree with him on that. I don't think anyone should be studying Kabbalah, unless they've been a student of the Scripture, the King James translation, and the doctrine of Christ.


We have been prepared for this. I think that's what he means by Talmudic study, but the observance of the Mitzvah is the law, there are certain, Mitzvah means a good work or a blessing, and there are certain things that you are required to do by the law. These poor misguided souls are in reality not receiving the true teachings of the Kabbalah. This is because the cult leaders are filtering and perverting the Kabbalah's true meanings and relationship to general Judaism. Unfortunately the Kabbalah cults are bigger in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, then are the kosher and legitimate Kabbalistic circles of the holy Rabbis. Members of these groups should not be called students of Kabbalah, for what they are learning is not Kabbalah at all, but rather some new age mishmash of Kabbalah coated garbage. As the old Latin saying goes, caveat emptor, let the buyer beware. Does anybody know what caveat emptor, what language that is? That's Latin, yes.


Outside of the cults and away from the academic studies of the holy theoretical schools of Kabbalah, a small number of students delve into the Remez of Kabbalah and seek the emotional effects that this type of study has upon their soul. These individuals will perform rudimentary forms of meditation, rudimentary means beginning type forms, rudimentary is beginnings. They'll sing songs and possibly dance. Their study of Kabbalah leads them to act out the joy in their hearts. Their experience of Kabbalah study is emotional and full of passion. They may or may not excel in the philosophical studies of the theoretical Kabbalah, because those of the Remez level manifest the Sefirat Tiferet, which is in the heart, all their learning is heart centered instead of head centered. Can anyone relate that to the church, what aspect of the church have I just described? Yes?


COMMENT: The Holy Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the Holy Spirit filled church, yes. Everything is emotionally centered, is that bad? No, it's something that God is doing, it only becomes bad if God calls you out of it into the head study, which is what we're in to the head study, if God calls you out of the emotional life in Christ, in the Holy Spirit, and you don't want to come out, then for you it becomes an evil thing, because you're in disobedience. The third group, the Drash of Kabbalah group, correspond to the Sefirah Binah. As such these students are rectification centered. This group works with serious mental construct meditations of he Abulafia system and, he's a famous Rabbi, Abulafia system, and the Sefer Yetzirah. Now the Sefer Yetzirah, that's one of the foundational books of Kabbalah and it's said to have been written by Abraham, and it's also said to contain the secrets of spiritual and physical alchemy, and as I've told you on other tapes, the ability to create a golem, which I'm sorry to report, seems to be commented on, seems to be a high issue of interest, at least in the writings that I've read so far.


I don't know why anyone would want to be creating a golem, to me I want the power to heal, I want the power to heal people. All these people that have been attempting to influence president Bush to approve stem cell research on living embryos, people there are people out there, you know they're just lusting and crying and begging and calling out to be healed. So I don't know, if this is a critical spirit, Jesus help me, because I don't see why anyone would want to be making a golem with that power. I want to be healing all the people that are sick, and I want to be healing their spirit, so that they can recognize and thank Jesus for the healing. And what's coming to me, is that this is God's mind, and Jesus manifested God's mind apparently at thirty years old, Jesus was a master Kabbalist, and he used the power to heal the sick and cast out demons.


Now this could be an insight, at least to one of the reasons why the Pharisees were enraged at him. He never tried to make a golem, he never tried to turn lead into gold, he didn't raise up an army to fight off the Romans, he used the power to heal the sick and deliver the oppressed, and maybe that was shocking thing for the Rabbis, I don't know I'm trying to make some sense out of this.


That's what it sounds like doesn't it? They were mad at him that he had the power, and second of all, they were mad at him that he was using it for the poor. But being a Christian, I can't imagine doing anything else with it. But apparently that was not, feeding the poor, healing the leper, and feeding the poor, was not, according to everything I've read, does not seem to be a priority of the Pharisees. And I want to tell you something brethren, when you do something that's right in front of people who are not doing what's right, even if you don't mean to harm them, you show them up, you show them up and they go into a rage.


Jesus came saying in so many words, look this is what you're suppose to do with the power. There have been Rabbis that have had the power and misused it, you've made gold out of lead, that's not what this is about. So they were enraged at him, totally enraged at him. Being that their purpose is, now we're talking about the mind people now, the people that come out of Binah understanding, that's us, being that their purpose is drastically different from that of the first two groups, okay the first group studies without, it studies just in theory, the second group is just interested in singing and dancing and being full of passion. But these people who come out of Binah, that's us, their purpose is drastically different from that of the first two groups, their methods and topics of study also differ. Those involved in Sefer Yetzirah, and Abulafian studies often do not spend much time mastering the philosophical works of the theoretical Kabbalah.


These souls are also not ones to be singing and dancing. As such this type of Kabbalist is usually secluded, well that sure sounds like my life, is usually secluded and very rarely make themselves know even to other Kabbalists. Let me tell you brethren, this ministry is, it's really not well known, even, I don't care how many people have our materials through the web page, me personally, and these meetings that take place here, are not well known. Can anybody not see that? I've known for years that we're in hiding, I stopped fighting it a long time ago.


The Drash of Kabbalah students excel in the practice and not just the study of the Ma'aseh Bereshit, the secrets of creation. They excel in the study and the practice of the secrets of creation, which includes knowledge of science and technology complimented by the spiritual disciplines, that's us brethren, spiritual disciplines, that's what I'm trying to teach you, spiritual discipline, which means the discipline of your mind, which includes discerning between your Christ mind and your carnal mind. This group endeavors to rearrange spiritual matters above in the heavenly spheres through the intricate mental constructs. Rabbi Chayyim states in his Sha'arei Kadusha, and the older Kabbalists gave this group a special name. They are called the Mitbodedim, the secluded ones, that's us brethren. The Lord has brought your life into a measure of seclusion, any where it's because you're a member of this group, we not only study but we practice spiritual disciplines, and we do, we have learned something of science and technology. All the computers are technology, that's for sure.


The fourth and final group of Kabbalist are the true masters, these are the ones who study and practice the true secrets of the Kabbalah. Unfortunately many, and I believe that we're entering into that now, that the Lord is giving us an opportunity to move into this final realm of degrees of Kabbalists. Unfortunately many of the theoretical schools believe the deepest levels of the their philosophical pursuits entails the Sod of Kabbalah. Sod means mysteries. What he is saying is every school believes that their school has the mysteries, therefore they are closed to learning new things. He says but nothing could be further from the truth. Those who know the Sod of Kabbalah, the mysteries, the true mysteries of Kabbalah, are the graduates of the Drash of Kabbalah level.


These are those few individuals in a generation who can descend before the Merkava, and commune daily with the angels. The Merkava is a word for the chariot, it means chariot in Hebrew, and it's basically talking about entering into the heavenly constellation, and speaking, it's talking about entering into spiritual plane and speaking to the angels. It's what we have available to us today in Christ Jesus. I talk to the angels all the time, my angel is Christ Jesus, the Lord Jesus. I talk to the Lord Jesus all the time, he answers me and solves my problems. He gives me visions, he teaches me.


So apparently I am both in the, I think it's the third and fourth level of Kabbalistic study, and to what ever degree you are involved with the Lord, let every man judge himself, you know where you are, and if you're not there, you know that you could ask for it. Because of this kind of relationship, this kind of mystical relationship is available to everyone that pursues the Lord Jesus Christ. Pant after him and you will have it too. The Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis have done their study, did I finish reading that? These are those few individuals in a generation that can descend before the Merkava, that means go deep in the spirit and commune daily with the angels. They are the masters of God's good name, the Ba'al Shem Tovs.


The Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis have done their study of philosophical works, but they are not theoretically inclined. Such philosophical theoretical pursuits are smiled upon by them for being what they are, beginner levels, beginner levels. So brethren if you're sitting in this meeting, you're at the third level, you're at the third level. The Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis share the passion of the Remez group, but rarely express it externally as do the Remez group. The Sod or the mysteries of Kabbalah Rabbis are very much in tune with and work hand in hand with the Drash of Sod group, for they are students of the Sod, that's the mysteries of Kabbalah Rabbis.


Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis no longer study Kabbalah from any teacher of flesh and blood. Okay now, I have told the Lord I don't know where this puts me, because for years, the Lord Jesus has been teaching me the doctrine of Christ and now that we're in Kabbalah, I'm learning from books, but of course the Lord just reminded me that even though he has me in books right now, I really, there are a lot of issues I could not understand if he didn't explain it to me. But I don't where this puts me because I am learning from books. But thirteen or fifteen years, I got everything from the Lord directly, so I'm not sure where I stand in this category. They learned directly from either form Eliyahu HaNavi, that's Elijah, other ascended souls, or directly from the angels. So they're saying they study either from Elijah, from the angels which I believe to be the personification of the Sefirot, or other ascended souls, the Kabbalists do believe in reincarnation for example, they believe it's possible that Isaac Luria can come to you in spirit form and teach you, and I really have to reject that unless the Lord should show me otherwise, and the only angel that I know that teaches me is the Lord Jesus Christ. So if there's something here that I don't understand, he'll have to show it to me, but I'm resisting this principle.


And also Kabbalist, they go and pray at the graves of their Rabbis that they respect and I can't receive that either. So there is a lot, a great deal of glory in Kabbalah, but there is a great deal, I don't know about great deal, but there are definitely things in Kabbalah that I cannot receive, the Lord would really have to show it to me, and of course there has to be mistakes, because they don't seem to relate the whole teaching of Kabbalah to humans, as I've told you earlier, and the fact is that they've had these teachings for thousands of years and have not ascended into perfection.


So there is definitely error in the teaching okay, and we have to be very careful to eat the chicken and spit out the bones. Many times members of this group are actual prophets, well I'm a prophet, but because of the times that we live in, they cannot reveal the nature of their unique relationship with God. The members of the Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis are very secretive bunch. You know for longest time I wondered about myself, and my tendencies to be secretive about who I am in Christ Jesus, you see, and apparently I'm, even though I didn't understand it, I'm acting like I'm suppose to be acting, and I have told you many times, I really don't particularly want anyone to know who I am. Why not? I don't believe it's only an issue of pride, I believe that when you stand up, people shoot at you, and we're only suppose to be revealed to those that the Lord is revealing us to. This is a hidden ministry, and there is no, if you're looking for the glory of being acknowledged for what you do, you're in the wrong place. The members of the Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis are a very secretive bunch, they shun publicity, and have the ability to cloud the minds of men to maintain their anonymity. So they have high mind powers.


Now I know that I have high mind power, but I don't believe I've ever done that. But what I have done, to be honest with you, what I have done is ask the Lord Jesus to shield me, and if the circumstances are right, I try very hard only to pray correct prayers, he will do it for me. The Lord has blinded people to me. They are the true masters of spiritual power here on earth. Well I cannot claim that, I believe I have some spiritual power, but I'm certainly not a master of spiritual power. And their number is very few, I have no problem with that, I have been telling you this for years, our numbers are very few, and we are the sons, we are the inheriters of spiritual power. We are suppose to be masters of spiritual power, but we're the children of Jesus Christ that are being born, and that power, at least it's not been imparted to me yet.


I have some very limited power that I can only use as that Lord leads me. Possibly only 36 souls per generation, although some say as many as eighteen thousand, who are masters of this spiritual power. The Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis are the innovators of entire Kabbalistic systems, that means they understand spiritual things, and what we're learning, the Tree of Life, from Isaac Luria, he has created a system out of spiritual knowledge, a system that explains to us the ten Sefirot, and the partzuf, the partzufim, that's what they mean by a system.


These Rabbis are the ones whom God has charged to reveal the revelations. These Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis do not just gather material from older sources, they receive innovative new material from their heavenly teachers. These Rabbis are also the ones who decide which aspect of Kabbalistic teaching are exposed to the masses and which aspects are to remain secret. The Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis included among them Rabbi Chayyim Vital. All the while that he was busy writing so many Kabbalistic works, he knew in prophetic foresight, and they have in parenthesis, Ruah haKodesh, and Ruah haKodesh means Holy Spirit. So we see the definition of the first of all, we should know that the Kabbalists believe in the Holy Spirit, and what's interesting is that a lot of Jews will say to you, a lot of secular Jews will say to you, whoever heard of a holy Spirit, secular Jews that are trying to defend against Christianity, but the Holy Spirit is even in the King James translation, if you look for it, but according to the this, to the man writing this paper, the Holy Spirit is considered by the Kabbalists, to be what I would call the spirit of revelation. He knew with prophetic foresight, the holy Spirt, that his works would eventually be studies by the masses. That's like a word of knowledge or a word of wisdom.


Even when he died, Rabbi Chayyim was buried with certain texts, they buried it in his coffin, which allegedly he never meant for public consumption. Years later a story is told that the books were dug up, and removed from Rabbi Chayyim's grave after a family member received a dream allowing him to do so. This story reveals a great secret, that Rabbi Chayyim was buried with a number of sacred secret texts. Rabbi Chayyim was buried in Damascus, does anyone know where Damascus is? Anybody? It's in Syria. And do to the present state of war between Israel and Syria, Rabbi Chayyim's grave was unreachable for decades. Now I will reveal to you two secrets, one that is little known in Israel, and the second even lesser known than the first. As part of an arrangement for the release of the Syrian Jewish population in the early 1990s, Rabbi Chayyim's Vital's body was secretly exhumed, does anybody know what that means, exhumed? It means dug up, and brought back to Eretz Yisrael, that's the land of Israel, where he was, where he was interned in a secret location known only to certain Kabbalists. Amongst the Kabbalists, many have visited his new grave sight, so this secret is not so secret. What is not known except to a very few, is that when Rabbi Chayyim Vital was exhumed there were other books in his grave, these were the, you see that's amazing to me that the books didn't turn to dust. There were the ones that were indeed not meant for public consumption and will never see the light of day.


The Rabbis who have these special texts will deny their existence even to those of their students, whom they have not yet brought into the secret inner circles. These texts deal with special holy names and practices, what some would call, Kabbalah Ma'asit or magical Kabbalah. I reveal the existence of such knowledge, only so that those who think that they know Kabbalah will question twice what it is that they really know.


Now I believe that the Lord is bringing us into this last level, I don't know to what degree he's going to bring us into it, but he's going to bring us into it at least to the degree that we need, to ascend into the brow center, where we become a supernatural person.


If it were not for my Rebbe giving me the password of certain meditations and holy names, I would never have become aware of all that which I have now written. So apparently I'm finding out that Kabbalists are very much into meditation, and that they use particular techniques to get into meditation, I've talked to you somewhat about meditation and the recent message Permanent Meditative Consciousness. I don't know that much about it because I've never done it, I just know that they use names and chants and words to catapult themselves into other spiritual planes. That's what he seems to be talking about here.


I would never have become aware of all that which I have now written, if he did not tell me these things, I would never have figured them out for myself. It is similar to a computer password, unless you given it, you will not guess it. This is why Kabbalah means to receive, Kabbalah means to receive. Reception is not done from books and the learning of books, reception is a living chain, it can only come about from another link in the chain, not just from someone who is self taught, you see.


This is the belief here, that you have to really become a Kabbalistic master, you have to be taught by a master. Well that remains to be seen, of course Jesus is the master, that is teaching us, but we're still preschool, we haven't even learned the basic yet, but we're going forward, and of course we are a unique group, we haven't even learned the basic yet, but we have the doctrine of Christ behind us, and everything that the Lord has prepared us with.


So as far as I'm concerned, it's going to be very interesting to see where we are a year or two from now, because we're not going forward like the average Kabbalistic student, we're different but I don't know how that difference is going to manifest. I do believe though that once we get caught up to the brow center we'll know all things, we'll know all the secrets that the masters know. Okay. The students of the theoretical schools of the pshat Kabbalah, that's the surface Kabbalah, the literal translation are usually never aware that such a group as the Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis exist as a separate entity. He's saying, the students or the Rabbis of Kabbalah that deal with the surface Kabbalah, just the theory of it, they don't even know that the Kabbalists that practice the mysteries, the supernatural Rabbis exist.


They usually, these are the ones that just do the theory, they usually ascribe their own teachers as being of this Sod of Kabbalah group. So everybody thinks they're the highest, that's what he's saying, the Kabbalists that just study theory, they think their teachers are masters of the mysteries because the pride of the man's mind usually doesn't want to believe that there's something higher than where they are. However this is not the way the Sod of Kabbalah Rabbis are to be identified. They do not take their students from the theoretical pshat Kabbalah groups. No Rabbi of the theoretical schools of Kabbalah can create a golem or descend before the Merkava and speak with the angels.


So we're talking about spiritual supernatural Rabbis as opposed to Rabbis who teach theory. This ministry is called to be a supernatural, everyone that's called to this ministry, you're called to be a supernatural man, to speak to the angels, to speak to the Lord Jesus, and to have supernatural experiences, some of which I have shared with you. By definition therefore, such Rabbis are not of the Sod of Kabbalah group. Therefore against such claims have to be dismissed because of a very clear lack of evidence. The Rabbis that teach Kabbalah, they're not of Sod group, of the mysteries, of the spiritual Rabbis, because they're lacking evidence. What evidence? The spiritual experiences, they're lacking the spiritual experiences, that's the evidence.


I do not say these things to God forbid diminish the value of the theoretical of Sod Rabbis. They are all holy men, and their work is crucial in that they are the ones dealing with the masses of people. Do not be discouraged because modern Kabbalistic Rabbis do not perform miracles, they are not suppose to. I reveal to you the existence of others so that you will know that the true power remains in Israel, although it is in concealed hands. Isn't that exciting, he's saying that there is true spiritual power in Israel, that's it's not common knowledge, and don't be dismayed because the Rabbis that you see don't do miracles, they're not the real thing.


And in the same manner brethren, the real thing is not out in the church world today, we are the real thing. The real thing that the Lord is working with is always hidden, always, he's always doing a hidden work. With these insights, we can now return to the discuss the teachings of Rabbi Yisrael Sarug.


Rabbi Chayyim Vital wrote most of his books for the students of the theoretical school. Rabbi Sarug wrote his books for the deeper initiates. An initiate is a word that's used for people like us that are studying the mysteries. This is why Rabbi Chayyim states in many places that the area spoken of by Rabbi Sarug are forbidden areas to the general public of Kabbalah students. All the more so to those who are not fully observant of Torah, and Mitzvah.


Remember he's talking about studying the Bible and keeping the law, and he's saying that the book that Rabbi Chayyim wrote are for the masses and not for the initiates and even more so that they're not for the people that don't keep the law and study the Bible. Rabbi Sarug on the other hand speaks about the origins of the 231 gates of the Hebrew Alef Bet. This material is essential if one is to practice the Ma'aseh Bereshit, and later the Ma'aseh Merkava. He's talking about supernatural experiences. Without knowledge of the Alef Bet, no golems will be created and no miracles will be performed.


Now when he talks about the knowledge of the Alef Bet, he's talking about a knowledge of the Hebrew letters. And we have not even started to study the Hebrew letters, we're only a couple of lessons away from it, depending on how long it takes me to teach you the next couple of pages of the Tree Of Life, we're still on Gemetria right now. But the study of the Alef Bet, it's the study of the form of the letter and what the letter means, because Kabbalah is intimately related with the Hebrew letters, and the forms, and what the forms mean. And he's saying no golems will be created and no miracles will be performed, because according to our writer here, the way miracles are performed are according to a formula. I don't understand that, you know, and he says it's not magic. To me that's magic, if you say abracadabra, or if you say Alef bet gimo dalat, and he miracle happens, I don't know what the difference is between magic and using the Hebrew letters other than maybe it's a different spirit.


I believe that it's possible that the techniques that the Rabbis used before Jesus was to say these, what do I call them, chants or I don't want to call them spells. But words, that they brought forth healing with words, today we bring forth healings by saying be healed in the name of Jesus. You see, it's not really the word, it's the spirit that's speaking, but apparently you have to have something to say to perform the miracles. So if it's not abracadabra and it's not Alef Bet Gimo, it's be healed in the name of Jesus. It's the spirit, it's the vocalization, the pronunciation or the vocal expression of the spirit that does the work apparently.


Remember I'm a student just like you are, I'm a student and I'm teaching you what I'm learning. Rabbi Sarug's teachings were for the inner circle. Although his works are studied today by many of the theoretical schools. Very few of them ever attempt to put Rabbi Sarug's teachings into practice. The reason for this is because unless they have a Rabbi with the secret password that opens them to the secret usage of the 231 gates, then all they are reading are words, and all they're learning is philosophy. So this 231 gates, this is talking permutations of the Hebrew letters, and I guess I have to show you that again. I know I put it on the board for you.


Why don't we take a picture here and I'm going to look for that drawing where I showed you the permutations. Apparently I drew you an example of the permutation of the Hebrew letters. An introduction lesson 1 part 1, drawing #3, and I'll pass this drawing around if you want to check it out, you can either take the drawing from your notes or off the Internet, it will be on the Internet shortly. We learn here that the expression the 231 gates, which we will hear from time to time, is talking about the permutation of the Hebrew letters, and apparently when you know how to do it, the pronunciation of these Hebrew letters and the combinations of their permutations produce spiritual mystical miracles, that's what we're being told here. See, I don't know I would really like the Lord to explain that to me. My guess would be, it has to be the spirit behind it you see. Either the Lord Jesus, or whoever I think it's the Lord Jesus manifesting himself to them today, they just don't understand that it's him.


Either his spirit is in it or it's the spirit of this world, and I want to tell you if they're using the permutations of these Hebrew letters to make a golem or change lead into gold, I believe it's the spirit of this world. And as I told you on a prior tape, this is a horrible thing for me, but I really believe that the Lord has told me that Hitler or that the Jews were in a position where they could be so violated by Hitler because it was the reaping of the sowing of using the word of God for magic, and for self gain, and for wrong motives. It's a horrible thing for me to believe, but I really think there is truth to it.


And again you have to ask yourself what they're using it for, you know. I mean it's, I'm still such a young student, you know, but I haven't heard anything about using it for healing, it's just blowing my mind, you know. I cannot reiterate enough that with regards to the Kabbalah, the dictum of Pirkei Avot rings ever so true. I don't know what that means. Lo HaMidrash Halkar Eleh Ha Ma'aseh, which means, it's not the learning that is essential but the practice. And I tell you that all the time, you can sit here for fifty years listening to me, you could listen to my tapes all day long, but at some point you have to start manifesting this thing, it has to start manifesting in your heart, in your spiritual being, because the only reason you should be here is because you want more of God, because you want union with God, and through union with God the benefits of the godhead.


See nobody could get in here that wants, there have people that have come in here, and they've even told me they just want to learn the message so they could go out and teach it, but no one has ever succeeded in doing it, the Lord got them out of the ministry, or they couldn't understand it you know. This is a holy word. So you can't use it for your own purposes, great evil would come upon you if you ever succeeded in doing it. If anyone ever succeeded in understanding this message and using it for their own selfish or evil purposes, great evil would come upon them. I mean I still, I'm telling you I am Jewish and this is just horrible to me to think that this is the answer to the mystery of why God didn't help the Jews in Hitler's Germany.


Well what does mean? Let me explain that to you. Brethren I have had some really bad situations in my life, aside from almost dying, I've had a lot of hard times, and let me tell you something, if you've got bad trouble in your life, and God is not answering your cries, what you have to do to get help, is to find out what you did and are doing wrong. And I could see all these terrified Jews in Germany and in Poland, crying out to God to help them, but how many said, Lord what did I do that this should, this evil should come upon me, and I want to tell you that the Jew in western Europe that fell down on his knees and cried Lord what did I do, and what correction must I make, and what must I repent of, that this evil is coming upon me, that is the Jew that escaped.


Because I know this to be true, that the man who is willing to be corrected by God, the man who is willing to look at his horrendous situation and say, how did I contribute to this? That's the man that gets delivered, and I am that man. I was sick since I was eleven years old, you would say what can a child do to deserve the life I've had? Well the Lord showed me and I didn't die.


You know the average mind can't deal with that. Someone comes to you and they're in trouble, and you say to them, what is your part in it, they say you have no compassion and no mercy. I'll help you, I'll feed you, I'll take care of you, but you want to get a healing from God, you have to find out what you're doing, did, what you have done, what you're doing now that is wrong, and it has to do with your thinking, it has to do with how you think. I tell you the truth, I tell you the truth, that most people don't want to believe.


Now back to the Halal, the empty space. The empty space left after the Ayn Sof vacated it. So we see that the writer of this work is using the words Ayn Sof, and empty space, I'm sorry Ayn Sof and light interchangeably. Remember that no space can ever really be empty of the Ayn Sof. Even Rabbi Chayyim writes that the Halal was not exactly empty. Rather the Ayn Sof left an echo of its light therein. Rabbi Chayyim calls this echo the Reshimu or the residue, the residue. The Zohar calls it the Tehiru lla'ah, the supernal light. It is within this Tehiru lla'ah, the supernal light left over from the TzimTzum withdrawal of the light of the Ayn Sof, that the letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet, first came into being. This residue of the light of the Ayn Sof, that remained in the empty space, I have called it black light, negative energy. Now the writer of this paper doesn't say that. I took, some how I get teachings from other books in my mind and they cross over.


We got that information from the book called Inner Space, by Aryeh Kaplan, from which I preached Permanent Meditative Consciousness, and the writer of this work is saying it's that residue, that black light, that negative energy that formed the Alef Bet. That's like saying the abcs the Alef Bet. The Alef Bet, the permutations of which are the 231 gates, is that the right number? 231 gates. Each permutation is a gate, a gate to what? A gate to accessing spiritual power. So we're being told that the Alef Bet, the Hebrew letters, came into being from that negative energy, or that echo of the light of the Ayn Sof, that was left in the empty space. 22 letters, from Alef to Tav, from the first alef form, I'm sorry form the first Alef Bet, then the begins the next one beginning with bet, and ending with alef, what does that mean? They have a whole chart, it goes it's bet, plus every other letter of the alphabet, and they start with the last letter and ends with the alef. I'm not going to get into that right now it's too confusing.


They have charts that show you all this. What I might do, what I might do is find a chart and make a photocopy of it, and send it out with these notes, so you could all look at it, I think I'll do that for you. Within them all are 231 letters. These then are the Ralah Sha'arim, the 231 gates of the letters through which all of creation is formed. This is the teaching of Kabbalah, that everything in creation is formed from the Hebrew letters. And the Hebrew letters are made from the black light that was left in the empty space after the Ayn Sof withdrew. I find that very interesting. This proceeds until we have an Alef Bet beginning with each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, for a total of 21 Alef Bets within them all, there are 231 letters.


Okay there are 21 permutations, but a permutation means a combination of letters, but if you count all the letters, there are 231 letters. These are the 231 gates of the letters through which all of creation is formed, this includes according to Rabbi Yisrael Sarug, the worlds of Adam Kadmon. The Ralah Sha'arim are discussed in detail in the Sefer Yetzirah, and that Ralah Sha'arim, that's the 231 gates, are discussed in detail, in the Sefer Yetzirah, that is the book that we're told was written by Abraham.


However their forms are also discussed in the opening section of the Zohar. See the forms of the Hebrew letters are very important. As I've told you, we, that's just like a few pages away in our studies in the Gates of Light, we will start studying the Hebrew letters, we haven't done that yet, the forms of them are very important, and apparently have spiritual significance.


Parashat Bereshit, that Rabbi Sarug, I'm sorry, however there forms are also discussed in the opening section of the Zohar, the part Bereshit that Rabbi Sarug had but is not included in the printed editions.


So we see, now that's going to be very interesting to see, if this part is in this newest edition of the Zohar that's coming out now, but this writer is saying all the existing printed editions of the Zohar does not have this teaching about how the Alef Bet, the Hebrew letters were formed out of that negative energy that was left in the empty space. Now while Rabbi Chayyim Vital does not speak outright about the source of the, oh I wish he wouldn't use these Hebrew words, the source of the Ralah Sha'arim, that's the 231 gates being in the worlds that exist above Adam Kadmon, he does nonetheless hint to them, in a very subtle way.


Now that's a little confusing for me because I didn't think there were any worlds above Adam Kadmon, I thought above Adam kadmon, you went into the Ayn Sof, but that's what the writer says, that there are worlds above Adam Kadmon. Throughout his works, after he discusses the Agulim or the spheres and the Yosher, the columns of light, which form Adam Kadmon. So that's talking about the circular and the linear Sefirot. Rabbi Chayyim Vital teaches that the light that comes forth from within Adam Kadmon is in the form of the Hebrew letters, TaN'T'a. I don't know how they pronounce it, TaN'T'a, stands for, and this is what those letters stand for, Ta,that's tav, nun, I don't why one is a Ta and one is just a T, and an alef, and it stands for Ta'amim cantellations, nekudot, vowels, tagin crowns, and Otiyot letters. That's in a future, that's in the next chapter from our Tree Of Life, and I'll tell you basically what they are. The cantellations, these are all marks that have to do with the letters.


We all know what vowels are, cantellation marks are marks that you don't usually see, at least I have not usually seen them, but in the Hebrew texts, they tell you where the intonation is, where the inflection is, so that you can sing the word, that's what a cantellation mark is, and the crowns are little crownlets the Scribes write on top of the letters and they all have spiritual significance which we will go into, I'm going to wait for the Tree of Life to go into that, because I haven't really studied it myself yet. In other words, the light that comes forth from Adam Kadmon, is already in the form of letters. The light that comes forth from Adam Kadmon is already in the form of letters, because the letters are formed above the place where Adam Kadmon is.


So the light that comes forth from Adam Kadmon's linear Sefirot is in the form of letters. Yet no where does Rabbi Chayyim discuss from where did these letters originate. Therefore we see that his subtle omission of the origins of the letters signifies their higher origins in worlds about which Rabbi Chayyim would not discuss. Now I would like to know where these worlds are. I guess they're, you know I look at the drawing, I'm thinking of a drawing that I see in a book that I'm reading right now, and there is what I see, let me show you what I see. Now it's interesting because the drawing that I have on the board is a simulation of a drawing that I just saw today in the latest book that I'm studying which is ten luminous emanations volume 1, and this is what I saw, and I was wondering what these double lines were, and I just realized, I just thought well, these not double lines, but these thin rims between the different worlds, that the artist was just drawing it that way to indicate the separation of all of the five worlds, and I thought it was that particular artist perception of the five worlds, but now as I see that there are worlds above Adam Kadmon, which means there have to worlds between Adam Kadmon who is the first, concerning the second Sefirot, concerning the circular Sefirot, Adam Kadmon is the outer most ring.


And so for there to be worlds above Adam Kadmon, but yet below the white light of the Ayn Sof, that would have to be what this very narrow ring is.


So I'm now going to draw an inference, okay, because now I'm going to receive this as a truism that there is a thin rim of light between each of the five worlds, and the highest rim separates Adam Kadmon from the Ayn Sof and not only does it separate Adam Kadmon from the Ayn Sof, but that this spiritual activity in this thin rim, which are called the worlds above Adam Kadmon. So now I'm going to draw an inference. Well what about this rim that separates Adam Kadmon from the world of emanation? What is different about the worlds that exist in this rim and the actual world of emanation, is anybody not following me? Anybody need me to say that again? So that's a question, I don't know the answer to it, you see.


And apparently the writer or the artist that drew the drawing in the other book, in the book the Ten Luminous Emanations, must have some knowledge that there are circles of black light because everything in the empty space is black light, that there are degrees of black light, that's what I have written up over here. There are degrees of black light, what does that mean? You can have ten shades of black light, going from black to dark grey. See, there are degrees of black light, but there are no degrees of white light. All of the white light of the Ayn Sof is the same, no degrees whatsoever.


So we see that there are worlds that exist between the worlds perhaps, but I'm going to stop here because I don't know. The only thing I know for sure, if I can say I know it for sure, is that this rim between the circular Sefirot of Adam Kadmon and the Ayn sof contains worlds, in which the Alef Bet were formed. Is everybody okay? This thin rim of a different grade of black light then the grade of black light that is Adam Kadmon's circular Sefirot...


Tape 2


...about spiritual alchemy. Now at the beginning, the creation was on the level of spiritual, of light and spiritual sound, both of which are recognized with vibration, see. And the next thing that came into existence was form, form representing these spiritual vibrations that are so powerful that they are creative. In other words someone with that kind of power would say, chair and a chair would appear in front of us. So we will find out that the Hebrew letters, some of them are simple and some of them are compound, the Alef for example is a compound letter, because it can be made from a vav, and two yods, I can't get into that now, it's much too late, that's coming in our look at Kabbalah series. So this is a very interesting concept and we're told that Rabbi Chayyim Vital, does not talk about the worlds above Adam Kadmon. The worlds in this think rim, yet that is where the Hebrew letters were formed. It took me a while to get it, the Hebrew letters are the expression in form of the spiritual light which became spiritual sound, which became the Hebrew letters of which everything that is made is made. Streams of spiritual power, streams of spiritual power that poured in to the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, and literally laid hold of this black light and formed it.


Praise the Lord are there any questions about any of this? Okay we're going to pick up with the same tape next Thursday. Praise the Lord, this one week since the beginning part of this tape, we will finish up lesson 2, Lord willing we'll finish up lesson 2, continuing on the same tape from last week. We're on five, page five of the notes of lesson 2. Any discussion about the primordial letters must include an understanding of the Botzina D'Karnut'ta, the hard spark which God engraved into the primordial Tehiru, and that word Tehiru means the supernal light. That's the light of Ayn Sof that entered into the empty space.


Remember that the light of the Ayn Sof entered into the empty space and then contracted, and was drawn out, okay that's what this is talking about. The entire concepts of TzimTzum, does anybody remember what the TzimTzum is? Yes. Okay.


COMMENT: The contraction of the light.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the contraction of the light which caused the light to be withdrawn from the empty space. The entire concept of TzimTzum, a withdrawal of light, signifies an aspect of what would later become known as God's judgment as opposed to God's grace. Now what that means is that when the light was contracted, and the only thing that was left in the empty space was an echo of that light, that echo was what ultimately came to be what today we would call Satan, and that is how it became God's judgment.


Now I am reading some very interesting, a very interesting study concerning the details of the contraction, which Lord willing I'm going to preach as a separate message, and I don't know what that message would be called yet, but if you're hearing this tape and you would like to listen to the message that I haven't preached yet concerning the details of the contraction, maybe I'll call it the TzimTzum, if the name is not available in our tape listings, you can just contact the ministry and I'll tell you or someone here will tell you what the name of that message is. But for now we're going to finish up with this study.


So does everybody understand that after the light was withdrawn because of the contraction that the echo of that light that was left is what we know today to be Satan, God's judgment. Satan is the executor or the enforcer of the sowing and reaping judgment. And who is Satan, that's the question, let's do this in this place here, who is Satan? Now, it's a big problem for me, or it was a big problem for me relating evil in Satan to the ten Sefirot, but this is the understanding that the Lord has given me. In the highest spiritual realm where the Ayn Sof exists, the Ayn sof exists in perfect unity. It the Ayn Sof, it is a simple light of perfect unity. That means that there are within the Ayn Sof, many different attributes which are not manifest. You can't see them, they're not acting out, okay, they are in a state called potential, they're in a potential state, just as a woman is a potential mother, because she has within her so many eggs. And as the Ayn Sof descends, well the Ayn Sof descends to the degree that it enters into the empty space and forms Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon is just another name for the highest Sefirot called Keter, Adam Kadmon and Keter are the same. And it's important that we understand that, that what we're dealing with, all that we've been learning and studying up until now, are the worlds of Adam Kadmon, what's going on within Adam Kadmon. He and Keter are one, and they are just one little bit lower than the Ayn Sof.


Keter is very high, he, Keter is incomprehensible to man, to humanity, the mind of man cannot comprehend Keter at all. Keter is still undifferentiated, he's undifferentiated, that means everything, the essence of Keter is unfolded, unrevealed, still simple and one, the whole ten Sefirot are within Keter, yet unfolded. The potential for the ten Sefirot are within Keter, but unfolded okay, unrevealed, okay, there in one sack, just like an atom before it's divided. And let me tell you this also, the light of the Ayn Sof, does not go below Keter, Keter wraps himself in Chokhmah, wisdom, wisdom inclothes Keter, and that's as far as the light of the Ayn Sof goes. Everything from that point downward, that means starting with Binah, everything from Binah downward is an expression of Adam Kadmon, or an extension or an emanation of Adam Kadmon. It's no longer the Ayn Sof itself.


Let me put this on the board for you. Okay drawing #1, first of all let me show you that this outer most rim which I've tried to draw smaller than the lines showing the Sefirot, the circular Sefirot. This outer most rim is a rim of light that separates the Ayn Sof, the Ayn Sof is out here all around, all around the outer rim and this rim of light separates Ayn Sof from Keter who is Adam Kadmon, and that's the first circular Sefirot. See there has to be something that is going to separate Keter from the Ayn Sof because Keter is receiving all the light of the Ayn Sof, and if there's nothing separating them, there would be no circle. The light of the Ayn Sof is pouring into keter and there's no rim in the empty space, the empty space will cease to exist when it fills up with light. Is everybody okay with that? Okay.


So this is the rim and if there, I'm sure there's a Hebrew name for it that I don't know right now what it is, and the first circular Sefirot is Keter, and the Ayn Sof is on the outside, and we see the light of Ayn Sof pouring into the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, and going as far as Keter, the first circular Sefirot, and if you could see what I've drawn here, I've shown you the line where Chokhmah is, and Keter is as if an envelope filled with water, let's say, he just, I can't think of the word to describe it, if you have a rubber sheet filled with water, the sheet hangs down because it's filled with water. So that's that, the rim of the sefirot of Keter is weighted down under the weight of the light of the Ayn Sof, and rests on the border of the circular Sefirot called Chokhmah. So it looks like, you know depending on what principle the Kabbalist is trying to put forth or what point he's trying to make, we can say the light of the Ayn Sof that enters into the linear space, goes down as low as the level of the circular Chokhmah, but it doesn't enter into Chokhmah, because Keter is enclothed with Chokhmah. Chokhmah supports or is underneath Keter. Can everybody see that? Did I make my point there? Okay, so the light of the Ayn Sof only goes as far as Keter, if you want to think of Keter as a barrier, but that barrier itself descends under the weight and goes down to the level of Chokhmah, but yet it's still only in Keter.


That's as far as the light of the Ayn Sof goes. Everything lower than Chokhamh, and that's starting with Binah all the way down, is an emanation from Adam Kadmon, it's himself, that is to say for example, I receive revelation from the Lord Jesus. When I give you that revelation, it's not pure revelation from the Lord Jesus, it comes into my mind, it mixes with my thoughts and it's preached through my personality, its' a different product as the light that comes directly from the Lord Jesus to me.


So that is the difference between the light of the Ayn Sof and the emanations of Adam Kadmon, the emanations of Adam Kadmon, you have passed through and probably mixed up and picked up aspects of Adam Kadmon.


So they're in a different form, the light below Chokhmah is in a different form then the light of the Ayn Sof, a very small difference but a different form. The light itself of the Ayn Sof goes no lower than Keter. The light Ayn Sof does not descend below Keter and Keter enclothes himself with Chokhmah, which means that the light in Keter rests in Chokhmah. Everything lower than that is an emanation of Adam Kadmon. Is everybody okay?


Alright we'll go back to our message. So we see that the constricted light is God's judgment, or the echo that's left after the light constricts, is God's judgment, and the free flowing light that comes from the Ayn Sof is God's grace. And as I said, I have a more detailed study on that for you, Lord willing we'll do that another time.


With the formation of the Halal, does anybody remember what the Halal is? Okay.


COMMENT: Empty space.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the empty space. With the formation of the Halal and the manifestation of the Tehiru, does anybody remember who the or what the Tehiru is? Okay.


COMMENT: The supernal light.


PASTOR VITALE: The supernal light, yes, so with the formation of the Halal, the empty space and the manifestation of the Tehiru, the supernal light, God in essence created an other, something opposite, an other, something that was other than himself, and although this other is and always will be nothing more than an aspect of God, you see. The bottom line is this, God is the Ayn Sof, the creator and he is all that there is. The only thing that can come forth from him is something of himself in another form, because the essence of all life, the foundation of all existence is the Ayn Sof, there would be nothing without it. Okay. Therefore everything that comes into existence, this other that came into existence, it is still the Ayn Sof in a different form. And this is a mystery in the spiritual planes, there are no space or time or distance, okay.


So when we talk about being close to somebody or being like somebody, we think in physical form, okay well you look like the person or you feel like that person, or you act like that person, or you think like that person, the Ayn Sof is beyond mind. So the word think does not apply to the Ayn Sof. So in what way could you be like Ayn Sof, and yet we're told that we're made in the likeness and in the image of God.


So in what way can we possibly like him, okay. We can be similar to him, similar and we did have a lesson in A Look At Kabbalah on similarity. I explained to you the difference between equal triangles and similar triangles okay. So the way we are close or are in the likeness of spirit, and the Kabbalists don't even call the Ayn Sof spirit, they call it light, so I'm going to stay with that. The way we can be close to or in the likeness of the light of the Ayn Sof is to have at our very foundation his essence.


We are made from his essence, the same essence as the Ayn Sof, but we are in a different form, that is the only, and this is the spirit, this is the similarity of spiritual, I don't even know what the right word is, spiritual entities, similarity is in essence, the essence the very foundation of our being. We had a recent controversy in this country over stem cell research, and issue was, are these fertilized embryos human beings.


Now to the carnal mind that's ridiculous, it's a microscopic mass of well I think less than five cells, see, but the issue is not what the embryos look like, the issue is not what they look like, and the issue is not, someone called me up and said, but they're not conscious, how do we know whether they're conscious? The issue is not consciousness. If you have a person in the hospital that's unconscious, does that give you legal grounds to pull the plug on them. The issue is not in consciousness, the issue is in essence, you see. That embryo is a human being, that embryo is made out of the same substance, the same spiritual essence that we are made out of. The only thing that's different is the form, its form is different. It is just as human as we are in a different form, and in this manner we are made out of the essence of the Ayn Sof, but we are in a different form.


And as we get into the study of the Hebrew letters, it's very interesting to see how one Hebrew word with its letters switched around means the exact opposite. Let me give you an example of this. This is drawing # 2 and I wanted to show you the principle or demonstrate to you the principle of how the Kabbalists use the Hebrew letters. Now we're at a disadvantage because I am at a disadvantage because I don't know Hebrew, but I'm starting to get very excited when I see what they do, and once again you have to understand that they do this under the anointing. They play with these Hebrew letters because these Hebrew letters are living things that can be manipulated and moved around under the anointing, and there are certain rules and guidelines that the Kabbalists go by. And basically they're saying no matter what form you put the letters in, the word has the same numerical value, like just to jump ahead of myself, the word neset is the same as Satan, they took the s, they made the e, the vowels e, and a, are interchangeable in Kabbalistic Hebrew so they made neset, nasat and they changed nasat to Satan.


And the basic principle here without going into the whole teaching is that, the word neset came out of the word veshet, which is the Hebrew word for esophagus, which is a positive word. It's the spiritual esophagus that consumes the spiritual food. I've known for a long time, I've preached for a long time that we're always offering up spiritual sacrifices to the Lord, that when we choose his mind we sacrifice the carnal mind, we sacrifice Satan to him, and when we choose to agree with the thoughts of Satan we sacrifice Christ, and when we sacrifice Christ the Lord doesn't receive that offering you see.


Have you heard that in the Scripture, don't receive his offering? That's in the Old Testament, don't receive his offering, maybe it's in the New Testament I don't know, don't receive his offering. Well I really to be honest with you, well I knew that it could have meant a physical sacrifice, and that basically it meant you know, don't receive his prayer, but it's much, much deeper than that, okay. When someone says, Don't receive his offering Lord, it means it's coming from an evil motive, and when we offer something from an evil motive, whether we know that we're doing it or not, it's Christ that's being sacrificed, you see.


So there is a spiritual sacrifice going up continuously. Didn't, in the Old Testament, didn't they have a continuous sacrifice? There was a continuos burning, okay. We have a continuos burning, every time we think, and we think continuously, the sacrifice goes up continuously, either our carnal mind or Christ. But the whole reason that I put this on the board, I just way late here, the whole reason that I put this on the board is to show you the manipulation of the Hebrew letters which is a legitimate practice under the anointing. The Hebrew language is a supernatural language. So up at the top of drawing # 2, we see the word Ayn, means nothingness, not nothing now, not no value, nothingness, something that is incomprehensible which is Keter and the Ayn Sof, so incomprehensible that to us it's nothing. This room is filled with air and all kinds of airborne microscopic life, but as far as I'm concerned, this space that I'm moving my hand through right now, there's nothing here, because I cannot see it, I cannot comprehend it, I cannot relate to it, so it's not there, for all intents and purposes, it is not there.


That is the kind of nothingness that is Keter, and you just switch the letters around and you switch it from Ayn, to any, and any means I, which is the word for Malkhut. And Malkhut is the full revelation of the incomprehensible Keter. So you just switch the letters around and they can mean the exact opposite. But of course the numerical value of both Ayn and any, they're the same.


And this is the way it's suppose to be that Malkhut is suppose to be the full explicit revelation of Keter, but she doesn't always live up to her name, see. And then the second example that I gave you which is a very complicated example, it just came to me to put it on the board, veshet, the spiritual esophagus is spelled vav shin tet. What are we talking about here? The manipulation of the Hebrew letters. When I first saw it, it was total confusion to me. I'm starting to feel an excitement about it, and I have to believe that the Lord will make a way where there is no way. The Lord knows that we don't speak Hebrew, he knows that, you know, but I have to believe that he's going to start doing this with our mind, that Christ Jesus is going to start doing this. He's going to start manipulating spiritual principles once they get into our mind, somehow it's going to have to bypass the Hebrew language, because we don't know it, and he's going to show us spiritual truth though this technique. I just know that in my spirit.


And as I told you all, I picked up I think it was my Bible last week and it clearly said King David, and I know it was a supernatural experience, because I've experience, because I've experienced it before. The mind of Christ completely took over and I read David King. And the only thing that I have from the Lord, was that it was a practice manipulation, Christ Jesus was practicing in me because I couldn't see any reason for it at all. I was fully aware that another mind, the mind of Christ overshadowed the mind that I was reading with.


Now either it was, if I was reading with my Christ mind then it was the glorified Jesus Christ that came and did that manipulation, something like that, it was specific manipulation of what I was looking at. The spirit that was upon me changed what I was looking at, and it was right in front me as I looked at it. So brethren we're on a very exciting journey, who knows where we're going from here, and I'm reading and studying as fast I can.


So this is the principle, I just got all carried away and put this on the board for you, I can't teach this whole thing now. I don't even know if I'm ready to teach it. But here's the principle, the spiritual esophagus is a positive thing, it consumes the spiritual sacrifice that we give up to the Lord, and that spiritual sacrifice is Leviathan and Satan, we're suppose to be sacrificing them everyday.


So the spiritual esophagus is the good thing, and there is a whole teaching in the book that I can't go into it now, but Netzach and Hod, Netzach on the right side and Hod on the left side of the heavenly constellation. Remember the Sefirot on the left side are always restricting the Sefirot on the right side and the ultimate goal is for all ten Sefirot to be perfectly balanced, okay, perfectly balanced, so they war against one another, so that they restrict one another and be perfectly balanced, okay. And in this perfect balance, Netzach and Hod are the spiritual esophagus warring against each other to bring forth that perfect balance, okay. And when something goes wrong with that process you see, the Hebrew esophagus, veshet becomes Satan. Can you hear this Netzach on the right and Hod on the left, constantly war against one another. Netzach is victory, okay, is a good thing, and Hod is the mind of Christ okay, when the carnal mind is covered over. Where Netzach and Hod war against one another, and Netzach is victorious, Hod manifests the mind of Christ, but if Hod is stronger than Netzach okay, then Hod manifests the carnal mind. So they constantly war against one another, and the balance, the perfect balance is that the mind of Christ comes forth, but when Hod is too strong for Netzach, okay, we no longer have esophagus, but the esophagus which is positive, the esophagus which brings forth the mind of Christ, when Hod is too strong, that word changes into Satan.


Satan is merely the unbalanced left side of the heavenly constellation. But the purpose of this drawing here, # 2, it's to try to familiarize you with the manipulation of the Hebrew letters because it's shocking to the carnal mind that you would take a word and radically change the meaning of it. And even when the, if you want to say that the vav becomes a nun, and the reason this vav becomes a nun, if you look at the vav and you look at the nun, you see that they look like the same letter except that the nun is elongated, and the fact that this nun is elongated, it's just a way of saying that it's the Hod and Netzach together, it's like a double vav you might say. But when Hod gets too strong, that's what happens, the vav becomes a nun, and veshet becomes neset and all of the sudden it's Satan.


So I'm just trying to familiarize your mind, I'm trying to prime your mind to get ready for this kind of thinking. It doesn't go with logic and to some people it could be very frightening, I'm not frightened by it now, but I do know that God was trying to show this to me when I was still bringing forth the doctrine of Christ, and I didn't think it was God, I didn't even pray about it. I saw my mind trying to do things like this, and I completely rejected it. So we're taking off, we're going up, and we're going into very mature spiritual studies which will require our letting go of a lot of rules that we have been applying for many years. Is everybody okay? Okay.


So we're dealing with a sentence that talks about God creating an other, something other than himself, and I've put this on the board to show you how that happens, how the very same word or the very same name, when it becomes unbalanced, becomes the exact opposite, and it's the same letters which means the word has the same numerical value, just the letters placed in a different order, and brethren this is what has happened to us.


We are made out of the essence of the Ayn Sof. You know I've heard this for years, but I never believed it like I believe it now, just be careful that you don't get all carried away with pride. We are gods, but our letters are switched around, and we became evil, but brethren the exciting part of it is, that if this is truly our condition, that we are made out of the essence of God but our letters got twisted, well then surely we can get untwisted. And this is what the Lord Jesus is come to do, to come put the letters back in the right order. So that we can be sons of God and manifest the primordial power of God, and enter into eternal life to return to our first estate and be a part of the team that will be working, and that already is working with all of humanity, to regenerate the creation. What does that mean to regenerate creation.


When the Lord first showed me that Scripture, he pointed that Scripture out to me when I was brand new in the church and I didn't even know what it meant. Brethren we have been cut off from the source of energy. And the reason we're, you know, the reason the creation has fallen, or you might say people are living longer than twenty years ago, but we're not living 800 or 900 years anymore. We're not in eternal life anymore, the creation is dying because we are trapped with a specific measured amount of energy. There is no new source of energy coming in, that's why we get sick and die, and then we're recycled, and that is the hard truth.


So Jesus is come to regenerate us, to reconnect us to the endless source of energy, we're not suppose to die, and it's not the will of God that we die. So with the formation of the Halal, the empty space and the manifestation of the Tehiru, that's the supernal light, in essence God created an other, something different from himself, but different only in the form, because as far as essence goes, there is nothing other than God.


There is nothing other than him, but he can produce something in an other form. In other words all apparent separations and distances from God, are only from our personal point of view, there is no distance in the spiritual plane. From God's point of view all is still one and within him. We are within God and we are one with God, it is only our sin that separates us from him. As far as he's concerned, that separation doesn't even exist. Nonetheless, the concept of withdrawal is the opposite of the infinite expansiveness of the Ayn Sof.


The Ayn Sof, well we're not suppose to know anything, okay, we don't know anything about his essence, but we do know something about the, we do not know anything about his essence, but we do, we can draw some inferences about it, the Ayn Sof, and that is that it is infinitely expansive. Just like our universe, scientists now tell us that outer space and the universes are infinitely expanding, and all of the universes are within the Ayn Sof. The universes okay, which are the echo that was left in the empty space after the contraction, are doing the same thing that the Ayn Sof does, infinitely expanding, even humanity is expanding, infinite expansion. And of course the infinite expansion of the universes as we know them, is only for this age, when this age comes to an end that infinite expansion will come to an end. So it's only our personal point of view that we are far from God. God is not far from us, he is very near, I believe Paul said that, he's very near, even in the midst of us, and in every pore and cell of our being.


Nonetheless the concept of withdrawal is the opposite of the infinite expansiveness of the Ayn Sof. As such God now has two opposing forces that express his essence. See, both expansiveness and contraction are made of the same essence, but they're opposites of each other. God exists in the expansive Ayn Sof, in the form of the well no the Ayn Sof has no form. God exists in the expansive Ayn Sof, and he exists in the contractive Tehiru of the Halal, in the contractive supernal light of the empty space. So we see that God, they Ayn Sof exists, I don't know what the right word is, in two different states, or just as opposites, he exists as opposites.


This dichotomy of light is essential for Kabbalists, does everyone understand what I mean by dichotomy? The light has been dichotomy, the prefix di means two, and chotomy means to divide. The light is now divided in two. It was all the same, it was just simple light of the Ayn Sof, and now some of that light is expansive and some of that light is contractive. The dichotomy of the light is essential for Kabbalists to understand, for just as one can create a universe, so can one uncreate it. For I failed to mention earlier that just as there are 231 gates in the forward positions from Alef to tav, so there are 231 reverse gates, from tav to Alef. Does anybody remember what the 231 gates are? Nobody? The 231 gates are the letters of all of the permutations of the Hebrew alphabet. Each one, each letter in a different position is a gate to a different aspect of the spiritual power of God, and it is the spiritual alchemy, the mixing and matching and the manipulation of these different streams of power, that can produce the manipulation of matter in our world.


So, if there are 231 reverse gates from tav to Alef, it's almost like saying there are 462 gates, that's what he's saying. Both of these forms manifest the essence of God, one in expansion and one in contraction, they're both the essence of God, one expanding and one contracting. Together these gates form what Rabbi Sarug calls the alum Hal Malbush, the world of the garment. For the letters of the Alef Bet, are the cloak of the light of the Tehiru. So we're told in our study that the letters of the Alef Bet are the cloak of the light of he Tehiru. I don't see an explanation for this in this study, but what I think the Lord is telling me, is that of the supernal light that was left in the empty space after the contraction.


There was a surface amount taken off, as if you would skim the scum off of a boiling soup, you would skim, when you boil corned beef, you skim the top off, okay, there was some manifestation of separation. There was the surface part of the light that was left, it was formed into the Hebrew letters and that covered the light that was left, I think that is what the Lord is telling me. Is everybody okay with that, cause he really doesn't make it clear here. The Sod of Sod Kabbalists, find the information provided by Rabbi Sarug to be most valuable. They apply his lessons in a special manner known to them, in order to descend before the Merkava.


Now the Merkava is the Kabbalists name for the vision that Ezekiel and which is written up or reproduced, well not reproduced but written about in Ezekiel chapter 1. According to my readings, the Hebrew prophets that ascended into the world of creation which is called Beriah, or the universe of Beriah, when they ascend to that place, this is the vision that they see, the vision that Ezekiel describes in Ezekiel chapter 1, and this vision, my understanding is that it's the workings, it's the foundation of this creation that exists in the spiritual planes. He saw all of the angels. Now try to understand, this is mind-boggling, but this is what I'm believing, I'm reading and I'm believing it, everything in this world, everything, you, me, this table, this shoe, everything that exists here, has a root in the spiritual plane, everything. We are just the image of what exists in the spiritual plane.


The example that comes to me now is a seed. There's a seed, you put it under the ground, and a plant comes forth, the seed continues to exist underneath the ground and it's the ground that is the veil that separates the seed which is now become a root system from the plant. Well that's what we are, we're the plant, we're that which is physical, but there is a spiritual seed behind this... the veil or the ground, the veil that can be likened to the ground that separates the seed which becomes a root system from the plant for us, we are the plant, and the ground or that solid part that separates us from the root system, is the carnal mind and the physical body.


We're in that same condition, everything that you see, and everything that you don't see has a root in the invisible plane. We are the image, that's fascinating to me, I really receive that revelation. So the Hebrew prophets even today, those who meditate, seek to attain or gain entrance to the universe of Beriah, which is the world of creation where they could see the spiritual reality of which we are an image. This is what it means to descend before the Merkava, and I don't know why he says descend instead of ascend. There they are introduced to this most sublime and concealed of worlds, for here before the Merkava, the Sod of Sod Kabbalists, are given the keys to the structure of the universe. Does everybody know what the word Sod means? Sod, that's the deepest level on which we can understand the Scriptures, and it means the mysteries. So it's talking about the deep, the mysterious worlds that are not, they're not know to us without a special dispensation. So according to what I'm reading these Sod Kabbalist that go, that meditate, and I don't know that anybody is doing it today. Well he says there are people doing it today. They go into these deep trances and they penetrate into the world of creation, from where they influence the world.


Now, well I'll comment on that when I get to it, where they are given the structure of the universe, and I find that phrase so interesting, the structure of the universe because I remember when the church that I was raised up in started to fall, I was very naive in those days, I just knew something was wrong and I didn't know what it was, I was very upset, and the Lord gave me a dream about the pastor of that church, and he was building this monstrosity. When I prayed about the dream, the Lord said to me, he's building a structure.


So, I now understand that means is, the pastor of that very anointed church was building a structure other than the structure of the universe that the Lord had raised up in that church. He was building his own structure, he was using his carnal mind in that church, it fell spiritually, it still exists physically.


With these keys, these secret Kabbalists act as God's agents, his messengers, his angels here on earth, and they manipulate the forces of nature, mankind and history to bring about God's plans. Now I have no problem believing that, because since I've started to study Kabbalah, I have had two mystical experiences whereby the Lord has influenced international events. I just, he did it through me and I was just a witness, but he did it through me, and that's only since I started studying Kabbalah. So I have no problem believing this, but from what I'm reading here, these Kabbalists influence history on a much, maybe perhaps a much more participatory measure, maybe there was more for them to do. Both times there was nothing for me to do, I just witnessed it in the spirit, what the Lord was doing through me. And also, I realize now that God can influence the future by going in to the past.


You know, this, I had another testimony off the tape that I forgot to give to you so I'll put it on the tape now. I am trying desperately to rearrange my schedule so that I can have long blocks of time, long periods of time to study because as I spend time in the studying, the spirit builds and I'm more likely to have a spiritual experience. Well something happened that through my plans off and I really was very hungry to spend a long period of time with the Lord yesterday, and I had a scheduled a serviceman to come to the house at 1:00 in the afternoon which would have been right in the middle of my day, and I said Lord please, would you please, well the details aren't important, I asked the Lord to please have that man come at a particular time, I had a time period of from 1:00 to 4:00pm he would be there. I said please have him come at 4:00pm so that I could run out, and I just was trying to congeal activities and put them together. Well this man knocked on my door at 9:00 in the morning. I was asking for the Lord to have him come I don't remember whether, the time period was between 1:00 and 4:00. I was either asking, I think I was asking the Lord to have him come at 4:00, so that I could have all that time before 4:00, and then put him together with a couple of other things, well the man showed up at 9:00 in the morning and I got everything done and was in my studies by 2:00.


And I realize now for the first time, I've had, I've experienced supernatural manifestations like this before, but I never understood it like I understand it now. If I were to tell this to a carnal person, they would say Sheila how can say this is a miracle. The company schedules these visits probably at the very best twenty four hours before. Well brethren God goes back in time. He is beyond time, so when he heard that prayer, he just went back in time and changed the schedule. He influences time. Everything is within him, he's higher than everything. And when we get to this place, I don't know for sure what's waiting for us. I do have an opinion though that we will be used, I believe we will be used to influence a political and national events because I've already seen that twice, but I also believe that we will be used to literally penetrate into the spiritual being of people and help them to overcome their carnal mind. There's going to be a warfare against the Fiery Serpent in people who cannot overcome their carnal mind. That's the word in my heart, I believe we will be doing that also.


And also, I've been telling you for years, a lot of things if not everything that's happening on the political scene, don't think it's just an accident.


Don't just sit down and say, well it's just happening, there's nothing you can do, there are people who are not in Christ, who are influencing our political destiny, I have know this for years, I don't know who they are, and I don't even know the details of what forces are operating through them other than it has to be Satan, or immortals on the other side of the veil.


But there are powerful forces moving to bring down this country, and the whole western world right now. But at the exact right moment the Lord Jesus Christ will make his move and I want to tell you when he makes his move, he's not coming down in the visible sky, he's going to make his move in a high spiritual realm, through the sons of God who have ascended to that place, and in one swift moment, suddenly, he is going to undermine all of the wicked works of the representatives of Satan that have been seeking and working and actually accomplishing the destruction of this nation for years. In one fell swoop he's going to bring it all down, why? Because he will bring his sons to a higher place in the spirit then the men that Satan is working through.


We will ascend into the kingdom of God which is higher, which is beyond this world, it's like the Supreme Court, it's beyond this world. And in one fell swoop we will bring down the whole wicked system and all the evil that's done, but don't be naive, there are people being hurt from this system everyday, and the people who are hurt are hurt, the individual people are hurt, there may be help for some of them and there may not be help for others, but the whole nation, the whole western world, all of Christendom will be delivered, if you can hear what I'm saying.


Okay, so he says therefore all of you who think the course of nature mankind and history, I'm sorry, the course of human events is haphazard and happens by chance, you are wrong. Human events are most definitely guided on a collective and individual basis by those so changed by God, or charged by God to perform these tasks. And what he's saying is that our individual lives are influenced also. If we learn how to pray correctly and if we're walking in right standing with God, and we learn how to pray correctly and I believe it's essential to study Kabbalah to bring the power into your life, we change the course of Satan's plans for our lives. The existence of these worlds therefore need only be known by those who need to access them.


Do you hear that? Those who need to access them, nobody is going to get to know these worlds because they weren't some kind of thrill, okay, now who will need to access them? Those who are commissioned by the Lord Jesus to do deeds and execute feats that require this kind of spiritual ascension. For the rest of Kabbalah students, they have no need of this knowledge, they'll just get into trouble with it, therefore Rabbi Chayyim Vital writing to the masses of Kabbalists, forbade the study of matters in these areas, even the great Kabbalist, Rabbi Chayyim David Azulai H'Y'D'A (Hida), in the eighteenth century wrote disparagingly about a European Kabbalistic text called the Emek HaMelekh. HaMelekh is king and I think Emek, Emet is truth, I don't know what Emek is. Because he text was based upon the Kabbalah of Yisrael Sarug, Rabbi Azulai's disparaging words might have been nothing more than a smokescreen to keep the curious away from the sacred, Emek HaMelekh text.


But remember the Rabbi Sarug, his followers were in Eastern Europe, and that is where Hitler rose, that is where Hitler arose, so I'm of the opinion right now that there were a lot of people going into studies that, a lot of Kabbalists going into studies that should not have gone into. And that was, Hitler was a horrible reaping and sowing, horrendous. Thus we have learned that God withdrew his light from the center point of the Ayn Sof, however the light was not really withdrawn, it merely changed from expansive to contractive. Can you hear that, the light was not really withdrawn, you just, that which was pouring forward, pouring forward, pouring forward started being withheld into itself. That is what he says. It changed from expansive to contractive.


Okay. At this point the first aspect of God, to manifest in the empty space was the Tehiru Lla'ah or the Reshimu of the light of the Ayn Sof, that's the residue, the residue, the supernal light that was left in the empty space was the residue of the light of the Ayn Sof. What residue? There was a residue because that light which was pouring forward reversed, it started going backwards. So that which was left there is called the residue. Rabbi Sarug teaches that this light was the essential manifestations of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet. And what they first formed, well let stop there. This residue, Rabbi Sarug teaches was the essential manifestation of the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alef Bet. Now understand that these letters are supernatural or supernal streams of energy out of which the whole creation came forth. They were not letters on a piece of paper, they were, they had, there were, I don't know what word, they had consciousness, and they were existing spiritual powers, and what these letters formed first was the ten essential names of the ten Sefirot.


These living streams of power called the Hebrew letters, the 22 Hebrew letters formed the names of the ten Sefirot. Now remember, they didn't just form the name, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, when we talk about a name we talk about attributes and qualities and everything that these supernal Sefirot are. They were formed out of these 22 letters which were formed out of the residue of the light of the Ayn Sof that remained in the empty space.


Yet, between the Halal and the light of the Ayn Sof surrounding it, there had to be some type of border. Now I've already shown you that on the board. In order to prevent the light of the Ayn Sof from seeping back into the empty space and filling it up again. Therefore, surrounding the empty space was an aspect of the light of the Ayn Sof that also contracted further into itself.


So we have two different degrees of contraction. See, the Ayn Sof in its expansive state, there are no grades, there are no grades of expansiveness, you can't say, he was expansive, more expansive under in this condition or less expansive over there, in its expansive condition, the Ayn Sof is a simple homogeneous light, no separation, no division, okay.


But in the contraction there are degrees of contraction, if you can hear that. This aspect, this little rim, this aspect is called the Olam HaMalbush, the cloak spoken of above. Okay we're getting some more information now. This boundary, that is what the cloak is, this aspect, this boundary is called the cloak, spoken of above. Without this boundary, the Halal would not have maintained its integrity, the Halal is the empty space, it would not have remained an empty space. The light that was outside of it would have flowed into the light that was inside of it, and the empty space would have disappeared. While Rabbi Chayyim Vital discusses this concept of maintaining the boundary, he says that only a small empty space exists to separate the two. Rabbi Sarug goes into more details to explain this. The empty space had therefore had within it, the supernal light of the echo of the Ayn Sof. Remember that? The light was contracted withdrawn or contracted and that which was left in the empty space which is not really empty is an echo or a residue of the light of the Ayn Sof.


The Hebrew for light is Ohr, spelled Alef Vav Resh. If the letter Yod representing the ten Sefirot is added to the word Ohr, which means light, we then have Alef, Vav, Yod, Resh, which spells Avir, the Hebrew word for Air. This is the primordial air spoken of in the passage quoted earlier from the Zohar, we did that last week. The Hebrew word for light is Ohr. If the letter Yod representing the ten Sefirot, can anyone tell us how the letter Yod represents the ten Sefirot? How does the letter Yod represent the ten Sefirot? Anybody? Who does the letter Yod represent? And the tetragrammaton, YHVH, who does the letter Yod represent? You want to try that?




PASTOR VITALE: Well that's not wrong but that is not pertinent to this question, okay Ab72 is associated with the Yod, but more specifically, how do I phrase this. Well I'll just tell you, it's Keter, Keter, and the "H" is Binah, and the Vav is Zeir Anpin and the second "H" is Malkhut, okay. The first, the Yod of the tetragrammaton signifies Keter, and Keter has within him the whole ten Sefirot. Keter has within him the seeds of the whole ten Sefirot, they unfold out from him. So what our notes are saying, if you add the letter Yod, representing the ten Sefirot cause they're all in Yod, all ten Sefirot are in Yod in seed form. If you add that to the word Ohr which means light, we then have Alef Vav Yod Resh, which spells the Hebrew word for Air.


So light when you add the ten Sefirot to it, becomes Air. The supernal light that's left in the empty space, when you add the ten Sefirot, when the ten Sefirot come into being becomes Air. So we see that Air arises out of light, but of course this is the primordial Air spoken of in the passage quoted earlier from the Zohar, let me see if I could find that for you. From the concealed of all concealed, the secret of the Ayn Sof came forth, and did not come forth his Air, which was not at all comprehended. Okay, so talking about coming forth, it means manifestation okay, okay, and we're being told that his Air was not comprehended. Something that arose out of the light, a reformation of the essence called light was reformed into Air, but it did not come forth.


As with all aspects of Kabbalah study, unless the material can be understood correctly, and applied to the human psychological experience, okay, Kabbalah is to be applied to the human psychological experience, because the study of the ten Sefirot and the heavenly constellation, is the study of the mind of man, see. And what happened, thousands of or millions or trillions of years ago is still happening today. I read a lot about these ten Sefirot, and I can relate it to what I read about, to what's happening to me today you see, and from God's point of view, we exist in the same place that whatever happened trillions of years ago, or I don't know what the numbers are, we exist in the same place, and that, it really took me a long time to understand that, and I don't think I understand it completely.


All that I know, is I read these Kabbalistic principles and I have had and am experiencing them now, me, I am the vessel, and when I read these Kabbalistic principles about the light that is entering in to the vessel, and the reaction of the light, and whatever else I'm reading, I can relate it to me, it's happening to me, and that means it's happening to human beings.


As with all aspects of Kabbalah study, unless the material can be understood correctly and applied to the human psychological experience, its potency will be lost and all that will remain will be theory. So we don't want to just be theorists we want this study to effect us psychologically, we want it to effect our carnal mind, and we want it to bring forth, well the carnal mind has to be constricted. You see, the carnal mind has to be restricted, and constricted so that Christ can come forth in us. Rabbi Sarug's revelation about the lofty source of the Hebrew letters enables the more advanced Kabbalists to access to higher forces of meditative experience and power.


And as I've told you many times, I will report to you as the Lord leads me, and pretty much I share everything with you here, what spiritual experiences I have, but I am not at all led to meditate in the way the Hebrews meditate. I have my spiritual experiences by deep study, by just spending hours, locking everything else out and just concentrating on my studies. So far that is all that he's required of me. And of course when I read about the methods of Kabbalistic meditation, they talk about thinking about the goodness of God, just concentrating and focusing on the goodness of God, or pick some subject, but the Lord has not given me this, to take one, to me that is a simple concept about the goodness of God and meditate on him. I know that my mind would never focus in on something like that. For whatever reason my mind can only focus in and concentrate on these deep Kabbalistic studies, or in the past the doctrine of Christ, that's how I get into a trance.


So I don't know what he'll be doing with you or with others, I do know that in this ministry, he's called the disciples here to transcribe, and that's when you get into your deep meditative states. I think it has to do with the degree of concentration, I'm not sure but perhaps everybody cannot concentrate to the degree that I can. I know that not everybody can spend 12 hours in studying Kabbalah which is what I did the other day. So depending on your ability to concentrate, the Lord will put you in an activity that will enable you or give you an opportunity to concentrate as much as you are able. Right now the disciples are transcribing.


This helps the members of that group to expand their consciousness, well let me read the sentence before. Rabbi Sarug's revelation about the lofty source of the Hebrew letters, enables the more advanced Kabbalist access to higher forces of meditative experience and power. This helps the members of that group to expand their consciousness and thus to effect the collective unconscious of the entire Jewish people, do you hear that? I'm going to say it again. This meditation helps the members of that group to expand their own consciousness and thus to effect the collective unconscious of the entire Jewish people. And I have been preaching here for years, that simply our gathering together for our weekly meeting tonight, we are effecting the whole world, or at least, the Lord told, I thought the Lord told me the whole world, he's saying the entire Jewish people. I believe the Lord told me the whole world.


When we gather together and we're of one mind and one accord, when you're in submission to me and you're following after me as I follow after the Lord, we are effecting the whole world. When the Lord first told me that, it amazed me. He told me that when I preached the message that he gave me, I was causing, that things were happening in the heavenlies, that's what he told me.


Well this helps a great deal, there are also important lessons here for us. We too must understand that everything in existence has a pre-existing form in the mind of the creator, that's similar to what I told you earlier. Everything that you see here has a root in the spiritual world, and that root, the initial root, everything exists initially in the mind of the creator, and that's why we're told in the Old Testament, when the Lord forgets about you you're dead, what that means is, when the Lord forgets about you, what that means is that you're out of his mind, and when you're out of his mind, you're dead. Because this whole creation exists, well the creator, it doesn't have a mind but exists in him.


His mind as far as I know is Chokhmah, I believe Chokhmah, mind begins with Chokhmah if I'm not mistaken. Instead of seeking to change things in life, to conform to our limited ways of thinking, we should instead seek out the divine wisdom that ordains things to be the way they are. This in essence is the purpose of Kabbalah, I have been telling you this for years. As spiritual people we are just spinning our wheels getting ourselves upset and wasting our time trying to change things in this plane. If someone that has authority over you is giving you a hard time is unfair to you, is arguing with you, the thing to is submit, withdraw and pray, and you will be amazed once you pass over the line, when you start living your life with this mechanism, you will be amazed at how, at the victory that will come your way, its just an education, it's just a matter of choice of how you will deal with the problem.


We must learn to accept that there really is a guiding hand over all things in creation. It is true, here on earth and everywhere else. Regardless of the galaxy or dimension, God's hand ordains all things in accordance to the pattern of the 22 Hebrew letters and the ten Sefirot. Now remember these are spiritual forces. Therefore a theoretical understanding of them, of the letters, the 22 letters of the ten Sefirot is essential. Does anybody remember what the collective name of the 22 Hebrew letters and the ten Sefirot are? The 32 paths of wisdom. However all the discussion about their makeup, rules and parameters is futile speculation unless it is backed up by meditative experience.


So what the writer of these notes is saying, once again, is don't get stuck on theory, he says you're suppose to be using this information to meditate and according to him the purpose of meditation is to get closer to God , and to receive revelation from God. But as of now, I have no instructions from the Lord to meditate other than to contemplate. There's a difference between contemplation and meditation. Contemplation is focusing with deep concentration on the word. Well as far as we're concerned it's on the word, but the word contemplation means, you could contemplate on that point on the wall, that's how people in the occult go into a trance, see. They just focus on something, it's called contemplation, just looking at something and staring at it until you go into a trance. I found out that I have been contemplating all of these years when I did my translations in the doctrine of Christ.


It was contemplation not meditation. And of course contemplation is a form of meditation, but meditation is specifically designed to catapult you into the other world. When I did the doctrine of Christ, well I guess I did go into other worlds to get the revelation, but I didn't have any of the experiences that they're describing here. So it was, contemplation is a more shallow level of meditation, that's my understanding today. And I am not recommending that anybody meditate in this old order way.


Unfortunately one state of emotional imbalance or lack of proper intellectual insights often taints meditative revelations.


Well all that's he's saying is, if you meditate by just concentrating on some object, you can contact your carnal mind, that's what he's saying. Theoretical studies, you see, when you contemplate, when I contemplate the word of God, I don't contemplate one phrase, I don't focus on one phrase, I focus on understanding what I'm studying, and if you're focusing on understanding a teaching, it's not likely that you're going to get your carnal mind, but if you focus on a spot on the wall or one thought about what you think the goodness of God is, your carnal mind can rise up and catapult you into a trance.


But it's not likely it will be your carnal mind, if you're actually trying to understand a Scripture with your contemplation. One's personality must be refined. Now brethren that's what we're doing here. If you're going to go on with this kind of a study, your personality must be refined. If you're to go on with safety. Rabbi Chayyim Vital's guide to prophetic meditative ascent, his Sha'arei Kedusha, that's a book, states emphatically that unless one banishes from oneself all negative personality traits, one will never ascend beyond speculation to experience real spirituality. You have to get pass your carnal mind brethren or you'll never experience the real thing.


Sha'arei Kedusha is an excellent work to study. I have recorded lecture series of 34 hours that cover the text for any, now this is not me, this is the writer of these notes. Once one has studied well and worked hard to refine their personality traits. You know I've read so many books, I don't have time to tell you about everything, but I will tell you this, that everything that I have been teaching you here is in the Kabbalistic text. And I just got it from God, and the Kabbalist know all about it, you have to refine your personality traits, and if you can't see your personality flaws yourself, then someone has to show you and I'm it.


Only then can one begin the ladder of ascent through the holy Hebrew letters. There are many techniques to doing this, most are discussed in the first chapter of the Sefer Yetzirah. I've read some of these books and I'm telling you I don't recommend them to anybody in Christ. The Lord has not released me in any way to recommend that to anybody. Just study the word, study the word, and transcribe if that's what you're doing. One cannot change the way of the world, one can only surrender to the higher hand that guides the world, surrender, that's the answer. The ones who wish to change the face of the earth, and in the inner workings of mankind will eventually bring the mighty power of the Botzina D' Karnuta, the source of severity, down upon their heads. And It was last week that the Lord gave me that word for the people studying Kabbalah with us. Get your carnal mind in order, start dealing with your sin nature, ask the Lord to expose all the errors of your ways, because if you don't do that, you're going to bring down severe judgment upon yourself, and this judgement can be so severe that it, this judgment is so powerful enough to wipe out one's existence from even the memories of those who will survive.


Well that's sounds like the holocaust to me, man. To me this is another witness of what I believe, I can't tell you God told it to me, it's just something that came to me, with all of these studies that that horror of the holocaust is what I just read to you here. The Botzina D' Karnuta, the source of severe judgment that comes into one's life when one studies the Kabbalah without purifying their personality. I'll add something to it. When one studies the Kabbalah with impure motives. When one goes on without the guiding hand of God, and as a Jew that is a horrible, horrible thing for me to face, that the holocaust could have been a reaping and sowing for misuse of spiritual power by the ancestors of the Jews who experienced it. And that's something some day, I still have a problem dealing with it, that's it's our children who pay the price.


All of those Jewish Rabbis that were into witchcraft making golems and whatever they were doing, it was generations later that went under Hitler's hand, it wasn't the men who did it. And the Rabbi who wrote these notes says, I have elongated this essay and included within it many important lessons, get the message, don't go on without purifying your personality, that's what he says, get the message. And of course purifying your personality includes doing the right thing in accordance with God's provision. If you're not tithing you really are taking a big chance by going on with these studies. That's a simple thing, money is a simple problem, seeing the hidden sins of your heart, that's not so simple, but at least get the carnal things right. At least get right with your money, and get right with your relationships with people. It's very important how you treat other people that you are fair and descent and honest in everything.


If you have employees that you go the extra mile to be good to them, if it's you keep the dollar or they get the dollar, give them the dollar, it's not worth it because you will bring down harsh judgment on yourself. With these understanding of the primordial essence of the universe in our next essay, we shall discuss the original formless form through which all became manifest, the formless form. This is the level of Adam Kadmon, the blueprint of all that is to come. Are there any questions or comments, this is the end of the lesson 2. These lessons are going very slow, I had thought we would start lesson 3 tonight, but it's 11:35pm, so we will not be starting lesson 3 tonight. Any questions or comments about anything. Okay, Lord bless you.


COMMENT: Just one thing about the echo that you said was Satan, and I see that the name of it was Reshimu ari.


PASTOR VITALE: That means residue, yes. Well if I said it was Satan, that's incorrect. That residue ultimately became Satan, but it was not Satan at the time of the formation of it, you know. After the fall in our present world, that residue is now in the form of Satan, but not at that time, okay.





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