Two Reactions to Sin

A respected presence in the Christian community, Pastor Sheila Vitale is founder of Living Epistles Ministries and publishes books such as "The Mind of the Spirit” and "The Seduction of Eve.” Also the founder of Christ-Centered Kabbalah, Sheila Vitale combines the teachings of Lurian Kabbalah and Christian doctrine.


In a recent blog article, Pastor Vitale took up the topic of sensitivity to sin. There are basically two reactions to sin. The first and most common reaction is condemnation and the second is forgiveness.


Forgiveness allows Christ Jesus to blossom within us and deal with sin in ways that teach the person who has sinned. In this manner, the sinner has the chance to understand where they took a wrong path and exert life changes. As Pastor Vitale puts it, the choice is between being Satan to the person and “punishing them unto destruction” and forgiving and teaching them in ways that build toward life and understanding.

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