The Spiritual Meaning of Lot’s Wife and Daughters

As pastor and Living Epistles Ministries founder, Sheila Vitale leads a teaching ministry that also publishes Christian books. She is also founder of the Christ-Centered Kabbalah and presents alternative translations of the Hebrew and ancient Greek Scriptures through The Alternate Translation Bible. In one recent blog article on the Christ-Centered Kabbalah site, Sheila Vitale explored “The Mystery of Lot, His Wife, and His Two Daughters.”


Lot's wife, daughters, sons, and sons-in-laws are not named because they represent elements of Lot's ungodly personality. Lot's wife represents his fallen soul (the soul of humanity is fallen) that did not want to leave Sodom. Lot preferred the comfort of the status quo and only left Sodom because the angels forced him to. Perhaps he did not even believe the words of the angel, that Sodom was to be destroyed.


The significance of Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt is that he lusted for what God was destroying and his soul, which is likened to water, dried up and died. Salt has a preservative nature that is subsumed within the “ground of Lot’s humanity.” This is embodied in Lot not wishing to progress beyond the soul’s nefesh emotional grade, and choosing to live as a priest to those of Sodom, rather than marrying Righteous Adam.

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