The Alternate Translation Bible - Amplifying the Context of Scripture

A spiritual teacher, lecturer, and researcher, Sheila Vitale leads Living Epistles Ministries, a Christian materials publisher. Also the founder of Christ-Centered Kabbalah, she teaches on the Scripture and has published The Alternate Translation Bible, an original translation of Greek and Hebrew Scripture. Sheila Vitale employs translator's license in selecting non-standard definitions for many words.


Ms. Vitale’s work is a spiritual translation, and is not designed to replace traditional translations. Rather it serves as an amplified translation, which is particularly appropriate to prophecy in the Scripture, in which a number of steps that led to the events described are often omitted.


These suggested, but not stated, elements of the Greek and Hebrew text are added to The Alternate Translation Bible in ways that clarify the overall spiritual intent of the Bible. With the original translation reflecting Ms. Vitale’s own paraphrasing and definition choices, the result is a Scripture that bears witness to years of meditation, study, and prayer, as well as Christ-centered spiritual communion.

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