Stand for Israel Stimulates Support for Israel and the Jewish People

A pastor with three decades of experience in Judeo-Christian ministry, Shelia Vitale founded Living Epistles Ministries to further spiritual and biblical education through the distribution of literature, audio recordings, and other learning materials. Shelia Vitale also supports the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which encourages followers to advocate for Jewish liberties through its Stand for Israel initiative.


Stand for Israel stimulates spiritual and political engagement in uniting Christians against anti-Israel bias while supporting the Jewish people and their leaders. The program focuses on transforming commitment into action and promotes activities that strengthen the bond between America and Israel, regardless of scale. From fighting bias in the media to using leadership positions to create city-wide campaigns, Stand for Israel highlights a number of approaches for advocacy efforts.


Individuals who join the program receive the necessary tools and resources to become effective advocates for Israel and the Jewish community. Resources include actionable strategies and suggestions that help people from all walks of life play a key role in supporting the Jewish state.

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Christ-Centered Kabbalah is a part of Living Epistles Ministries, a not for profit corporation. As such, we do not: 1. Endorse or oppose either directly or indirectly any candidate for public office. 2. Donate or contribute to any candidate's campaign. 3. Participate or engage in political fundraising events, or otherwise solicit contributions for any candidate's campaign. 4. Distribute statements for or against a particular candidate. 5. Engage in any other activity that may favor or oppose a candidate.