ADF Combines Legal Training and Christian Commitment

Over 25 years ago, Sheila Vitale founded Living Epistles Ministries (LEM), a teaching ministry that also publishes and distributes free Christian literature based on its teachings. Through LEM, pastor Sheila R. Vitale has provided support to various religious cause-oriented organizations including the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF).


ADF was established in 1994 by Christian leaders who saw the need to unite against increasing encroachment on religious freedom before it became too late. Founded on moral and Christian values, the legal system had been consistently averse to marriage and family, religious freedom, and the paramountcy of life. Through advocacy, funding of cases, and training of lawyers, ADF has been turning the tide.


Among its training programs is Alliance Defending Freedom Academy which provides legal training fused with steadfast dedication to Christian morals. Participants include Christian attorneys from all over the world, both in private and public practice, who interact with acclaimed faculty analyzing issues such as worldview development and natural law principles. Daily worships and devotions are incorporated in the program that has seen the participation of over 1,900 lawyers since it was launched in 1997.

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