How to Make Your Own Pasta

As the founder of a Christian publishing house in 1988, for the last 30 years, Sheila Vitale has also acted as a pastor and teacher at Living Epistles Ministries. When not translating the Old and New Testaments, Sheila Vitale enjoys cooking and making her own bread and pasta.


Making pasta from scratch is easier than it looks, and you can use as little as three ingredients to pull it all together. If you have flour, eggs, and salt on-hand, then you can mix it all together and create pasta noodles out of dough. It’s easiest to use a pasta-slicing machine to make uniform noodles, but they can be hand-cut as well. Then you can hang the noodles on a drying rack and use them right away, or within a week. Other recipes call for mixing a bit of olive oil and milk with the eggs and then wrapping the dough and letting it stand for 15 minutes before rolling and cutting it.

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