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This is the Kabbalah study lesson 3. Now we have an unusual situation here, the first several paragraphs. Let me give you the exact number here. Well the first page and the actually all of the notes up in to the part where there is a rundown on all ten Sefirot, that's the first page and a half of the second page. We started, my comments on that page and a half, were worked in to a Living Epistles message called "Immortality In The Midst Of Us". So if you would like to review that, I suggest that you get that message, it's #549, and we're going to pick up after the commentary on the ten Sefirot. We are running so far behind on these lessons, and the Lord is just giving us so much material, I'm going to have to start giving you homework. I suggest that you review this commentary on the ten Sefirot on your own. If you have any questions on it, you can ask me the questions, but I just feel to skip over it and go on with the rest of the lesson, which picks up on page 7 of lesson 3.


The Auglim manifests the basic rudimentary passive form of the Sefirot. Now the Agulim of the circular aspect of the Sefirot. Remember there are not ten circular Sefirot and ten linear Sefirot, there are only ten Sefirot, and each Sefirah has a circular and a linear aspect. There are only ten Sefirot. So the Agulim are the circular Sefirot, and the Agulim manifests the basic rudimentary passive form of the Sefirot. The Yosher, that's the columns, or the linear aspect manifests the more developed active form of the Sefirot. These two forces of active and passive are a reflection of the relationship between the light of the Ayn Sof, and creation itself. The Ayn Sof is the never changing ultimate anti-reality, well what does that mean, anti-reality? This goes back to this principle of non-being anti-reality, negativity, nothingness, non-being.


This principle I struggled with it at the beginning, but I have it now, and what it's saying is that the Ayn Sof is so far beyond our ability to comprehend it, that as far as we're concerned, it is nothing, or it is non-being or it is anti-reality, it is not real to us, the Ayn Sof is not real to us. It's just as if I were to tell you that this room is filled with microorganisms, it's filled air, and all kinds of, I don't know even know myself because I am not a physicist, but this room is filled with life, with different aspects of life, but we can't see it. So as far as we're concerned, if we were to move all the furniture out of this room, we would say the room was empty. But it's not, there's all kinds, this room is teeming with life, that we cannot see.


So from that point of view the Kabbalists call the Ayn Sof non-being, meaning non-existent, because existence means that it's tangible, see. This chair is tangible, it's existent, for the Ayn Sof is not existent. I cannot relate to it in anyway. So this is the meaning of anti-reality, it means a consciousness, but not existence as we know it, non-being, non-existence, anti-reality, okay. Everybody okay?


As such it can be called passive, the Ayn Sof can be called passive, it's just, it is as far as we're concerned, it has no activity. Creation on the other hand, is dynamic, that means moving and ever changing, as such creation can be called active. Passive and active, therefore are the two primordial forces in existence. One seeks movement and the other seeks stillness. Now remember the Ayn Sof is one homogeneous simple light, but when an aspect of the Ayn Sof descends and as that light descends it unravels. If you remember in "A Look at Kabbalah", that would have been part 33, we talked about this, the descent of the light, and how that simple homogeneous light broke down into ten Sefirot as it descended into the lower plane, you see.


So, the point that I'm trying to make is that the stillness or the peace of the Ayn Sof, comes from the complete merging together of all elements, and down here in the lower planes of existence, we're all divided, we're male and female, there's good and evil, there's dark and light, there's contrast, we're divided down here in this world, but it is God's intention to make us as complete as the Ayn Sof is, in a visible form, you see.


When the elements of the Ayn Sof, or when the Ayn Sof descended and broke into ten different Sefirot or broke into ten different attributes of the Ayn Sof, some very active, some peace loving others that judgmental. The challenge was and is to weave together these ten Sefirot who are opposed to one another, they're violently opposed to one another.


The left side is violently opposed to the right side, and the challenge is to weave them together under the authority of the balancing force which is called the middle column where we have YHVH, or who we call Christ Jesus, okay. That's the challenge to weave these forces together, and hold them together in the same balance that they exist in in the Ayn Sof, therefore we too will be at peace when all of these raging warring forces within us are held together, you see.


And I believe that this is what Jesus was referring to, or this is what the Scripture refers to when it talks about woven baskets, the mystery of the Scripture concerning woven baskets is the weaving together of the ten Sefirot in an individual. Now I don't know if it said that in the King James or not, but I know in some of the studies that I've done, so I must have mentioned this in some my commentaries where it says Jesus passed the basket around, and the basket had a few fish in it, and a few loaves of bread, it usually has to do, that word basket.


If you look it up, it really means woven basket, and it has to do with the weaving together of the ten Sefirot in a man, thus bringing that man into the middle column, which means he becomes a supernatural man under the direct authority of, under the Old Testament under the Keter, and as far as we're concerned, a man who becomes under the direct authority of the glorified Christ Jesus, and that is where the peace is, that's where the eye of the storm is, when we're directly lined up under the Lord Jesus. But in order to be directly lined up under the Lord Jesus, we have to overcome these wild aspects of our spiritual being, each one wanting to do in its own direction, and do its own thing.


We have to master the forces within us, which is impossible to do without the power of the glorified Jesus Christ. See this opportunity was given to the Jew, but they only achieved it for a very brief period of time through Moses. Even Moses lost it, he lost control of that totally balanced ten Sefirot, that's why he didn't enter in. They broke free, they broke free from his restraint, you see. We need help, that's what Jehovah was saying to Adam in Genesis 2, I will make a help for you, because Adam could not control the raging divided forces down on the lower planes, so Jehovah said, I will make a help for you, I will send forth a glorified spirit where the ten Sefirot are already woven together and it is impossible to separate them.


You see, in Christ Jesus, that's who Christ Jesus is, okay, he is the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom the ten Sefirot are permanently woven together. Now Christ Jesus in you or me can be killed, but Christ Jesus cannot divide into ten different Sefirot each pulling in a different direction. In Christ Jesus, the ten Sefirot are completely combined and balanced, and that's why when Christ Jesus in you overtakes your carnal mind and you live out of Christ Jesus, you will be perfectly balanced, and with your sin nature under your feet, you will, and the Lord Jesus strengthening you from above, you will enter into sinlessness, that is the rule of a savior, to do what we cannot do. And I believe that some of the prophets did it over the years, but they could not do it permanently. I believe there were great men of God who, and great Rabbis and great prophets, whoever they were, that by the power of their relationship with Jehovah, did we these ten elements together, but they didn't last, it always broke down, eventually that union broke down, they could not maintain it indefinitely.


And this is the gift, this is the grace that we receive in Christ Jesus, the power to hold all of the attributes, all of the divided attributes of the Ayn Sof together permanently in the midst of us, thereby imparting the same eternal life that exists in the realms above. So it will be beneath. Metaphorically speaking, the passive elements in creation are called female, and the active elements are called male. In light of this, we find that the first manifestation of the Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, the Nefesh level was the female form. This corresponds to the initial act of the TzimTzum, the withdrawal of the light of the Ayn Sof, which was also a feminine act. Does anybody not know what the TzimTzum is?


The TzimTzum is the contraction, the Ayn Sof wanted to, or had a desire to bring forth the creation, and since there is nothing outside of himself, he had to bring forth the creation in the midst of himself. So he contracted himself around a point and pulled his light out of that space which then became called the empty space, or the Halal.


And we're told now that that was a feminine act, the withdrawal of the light of the Ayn Sof was a feminine act. The masculine act is a driving force not a withdrawal.


Learn from this that in creation the place of the female is always one step higher than that of the male. That is just so interesting because I have always questioned so many things. I've questioned why there are so many more women in church and so many more women in this end time movement than there are men, and even the female body, any doctor will tell you is so much more developed than the male body, that if you believe in the evolution of the body, which I don't really, I'm not making that an issue, it's just a point, that it would have taken much longer to evolve the female than the male. So how could the Scriptures say that the female came out of the man, when the female body is so much more complicated, aside from evolution, the female body is so much more complicated than the male body. It didn't make any sense to me, I've been asking that question for years, and now we read that from, I'm gonna read this here, Learn from this that in creation, the place of the female is always one step higher than the male.


This order was reversed do to the breaking of the vessels, that's talking about the breaking of the vessels of the world of points, and the corresponding sin of Adam, but we will discuss these things in their time and their place.


So we see that since the fall, and I'm calling this a fall, but this same writer tells us in a further lesson that he says there is no fall, but what he's talking about here, the breaking of the vessels and the sin of Adam. Okay, that resulted and I call it the fall, that resulted in the male being placed higher than the woman, why? Because everything was reversed, everything was reversed in the fall, praise the Lord. Okay, although Rabbi Chayyim, he's talking about Rabbi Chayyim Vital does not discuss much about the Agulim aspect of the Sefirotic manifestations, that's the circular aspect, and we're told that all through Kabbalah there is very, very little taught about the circular aspect of the Sefirot, that knowledge has been brought forth through the doctrine of Christ, which the Lord has done in this present age.


So although Rabbi Chayyim does not discuss much about the Agulim aspect of the Sefirotic manifestations, we must seek a deeper understanding of their relationship to the Yosher or the linear aspect. For in order to understand ourselves, and our roles as sexual human beings, male and female, it is important for us to understand the nature and relationship of the primordial forces that make us what we are. In order to understand Adam Kadmon, we must understand the Sefirat Keter, for they are one and the same, okay, does everybody got that? Keter and Adam Kadmon are one and the same.


Where people get mixed up, or where I got mixed up at the beginning, is that what we're learning about in A Look At Kabbalah, is the ten Sefirot that are under Adam Kadmon. Here let me show you this on the board. Okay, this confused me a lot, at the beginning, I'm just marveling at the degree to which I'm starting to really understand this whole principle of Adam Kadmon in the four worlds. Now as you can see with drawing # 1, when we talk about the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth of Adam Kadmon, when we talk about the tetragrammaton Yavayah, which is inside of Adam Kadmon, we're talking about the ten Sefirot that are Adam Kadmon, and the four worlds were formed from Adam Kadmon, as if a woman carries a child, or as if a child is formed within a woman from the flesh and blood of the woman, the four worlds that came out from Adam Kadmon were formed from his substance. And all that we've been studying so far, when we talk about the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, we've been talking about Adam Kadmon himself, this first ten Sefirot, okay, this first ten Sefirot.


And it is not until after Adam Kadmon is completely formed, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, okay, that the world of points comes into existence, and then as you may recall the world of points came into existence in a formation or a configuration that could not stand, and shattered, and the light that formed that world of points was reconfigured into the world of emanation. So this is my point of drawing # 1, that all that we have been discussing so far for this whole past year almost, is all within Adam Kadmon. The ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, Keter, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod, Yod, and Malkhut. All, it's all a part of Adam Kadmon, it's as if to say, I am all Sheila, not only my head and my voice, but my arms my legs, my torso, my feet, and my toes, it's all me, okay.


Okay, this is the point I'm trying to make, Adam Kadmon is Keter. Now I don't know about you, maybe you understood it right away, but it took me a long time to understand this, Adam Kadmon is the same thing as Keter, how can you say that Sheila? Because I have it on the board here for you, what we have been working with the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, that's all under Adam Kadmon, and when you take Adam Kadmon and the four worlds altogether, Adam Kadmon is Keter, we're talking about the circular Sefirot now, Adam Kadmon is Keter, the world of points, or the world of emanation, it's really the world of emanation, is Chokhmah, the world of creation is Binah, and the world of formation is Zeir Anpin, and the world of action where we are is Malkhut Nukvah. So therefore Adam Kadmon and all these ten Sefirot within him, his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and the tetragrammaton, YHVH, are all equal to the Keter of the circular Sefirot.


Is everybody okay, you okay, you got it? Okay. So let's go on with this study then. You're all very smart, it took me a long time to get this. Okay. In order to understand Adam Kadmon, we must understand the Sefirot Keter, for they are one and the same. Keter the first Sefirot, manifests the kernel of the life, like the Ayn Sof, Keter is incognizant to any thing underneath it. Now that's a spiritual principle, that we're going to have to swallow, okay. Adam Kadmon is not aware of anything underneath it. This is what we're told. Adam Kadmon is not aware of the worlds underneath it. But we know that at this point, well I'm not going to say that now. Adam Kadmon, let's just see what the next sentence is of this teaching. Adam Kadmon is the kernel of life, like the Ayn Sof, Keter is incognizant, unaware of anything beneath it. This is because all aspects of mind and consciousness come forth from the Keter, therefore Keter is above them, okay.


Mind and consciousness come forth or are unfolded from the Keter. In other words, there is no mind, on the level of Keter, mind does not exist, Keter is above mind.


So we're told until the Lord Jesus tells, or unless the Lord Jesus tells me otherwise, I'm going to accept this teaching, that the Keter, at least before Jesus okay, was unaware of everything that was underneath him, but we know that that's not true today, because the glorified Jesus Christ is the partzuf, is the personification of the Keter to humanity.


So I don't know what happened at the beginning, but I know that today, and for the past 2,000 years, the Keter is not only aware of that which is beneath him, but has an intense relationship and desires to have an intense relationship with that which is beneath him. Not only with the mind which is on the level of creation and formation, but the Lord Jesus intends to have or desires to have an intense relationship with those of us in the world of action down here in the lowest level, on the farthest distance away from him.


Now according to the teaching of Chayyim Vital, who was the student of Isaac Luria, we are told that there are no partzuf in the realm of Adam Kadmon, there are no partzuf in the level of Adam Kadmon, that the partzuf just start in the world of emanation. But I don't know what the situation was at the time that Isaac Luria was being given this doctrine, but I know that today there is a partzuf on the level of Keter, there is a partzuf on the level of Adam Kadmon, and that partzuf is Jesus the Christ. Okay.


And I do know that before that, the partzuf that was on the level of Keter was Elijah, see. So I guess I have to say then, that in this aspect, you see nobody's doctrine is perfect, I am sure that my doctrine is not perfect, every day the Lord corrects errors in my doctrine, but by in large, overall the doctrine of Christ was given to me by God, by the Lord Jesus, in the same way that this doctrine of Adam Kadmon was given to Isaac Luria. He claims by Elijah. And I have no problem believing it because the Lord Jesus gave me the doctrine of Christ. But I know that the doctrine of Christ is not perfect, I don't have it down to the last detail, and apparently, Isaac Luria either didn't get this truth that Elijah himself who was teaching Isaac Luria, the spirit man Elijah who was teaching Isaac Luria, was the partzuf on the level of Keter, either he just didn't get that, or he wasn't taught that, I'm not sure.


You see, those of us that bring forth doctrine, all we can do is bring forth what's given to us. If there's an element of the doctrine that's not given to us, we cannot bring it forth. So, and it really doesn't matter whether Isaac Luria just messed up on this one point that the very Elijah who was teaching him was the partzuf associated with Keter, or whether Elijah didn't give it to him. It doesn't really matter for us right now.


Now the Lord is speaking to me here, and he's asking me to remind you first of all that it was Elijah who incarnated Jesus of Nazareth, and remember that the personality of Jesus of Nazareth was added to the spiritual man Elijah. So the glorified Jesus Christ consists of Moses and the spiritual essence of Moses and the spiritual essence of Elijah, and the partzuf that is appearing to humanity today that covers the spiritual essence that was in both Moses and Elijah, which is the same spiritual essence, is the name of the Lord Jesus, okay.


Elijah is within him, and Elijah also appeared as Moses, and the Lord is telling me right now, that Elijah did tell Isaac Luria, or he did try to teach Isaac Luria, that he was the partzuf of the Keter, but in order for Isaac Luria to understand that the very angel that was, I'm sorry, I shouldn't call Elijah an angel, that the very spiritual man that was teaching him, was the partzuf of Keter. In order for Isaac Luria to believe that, he would have had to have believed that this whole configuration of the spiritual man that he's teaching can appear in a man, because Elijah did appear as a man, you see.


Elijah was the glorified man that was sent to Israel, Elijah was to Israel as to what the Lord Jesus is to the church and to the world. So for Isaac Luria to believe that Elijah, the spiritual man who was teaching was the partzuf of the Keter, then Isaac Luria would have had this whole revelation that the end of all of this teaching, is for the balanced ten Sefirot to appear in a physical man.


But apparently Isaac Luria didn't have that revelation, but the Lord is telling me that it was offered to him, that that revelation was offered to him, okay, but his mind could not receive it, you see. At that time his mind could not receive it.


Praise the Lord, so we're just trying again in another generation, the Lord just comes back in another generation, he just keeps coming back you see. For me, to be bringing forth the doctrine of Christ and to be interweaving it with Kabbalah, the same essence that was in Elijah, and the same essence that was in Isaac Luria, the same essence that was in Paul, it's that same aspect of Christ Jesus, that same aspect of Christ, the anointed one of God which the doctrine of Christ says is really Michael building personalities upon himself. He just has taken on another personality with me, and he is just completed his doctrine.


It's just he brings forth a little bit of it in one generation, and a little bit of it in another generation, and another Rabbi brought forth the Zohar, and because no one man could do this great work, certainly not in a short life time. But from what I could see, in the case of the Rabbis that died young, why did they die young? They died young because they had this great revelation, but they didn't seem to be equipped or able at the time to wage to distinguish between their carnal mind and the Christ mind and wage the warfare, so they invariably went off into false doctrine, and I believe that is why the Lord took them.


Because one of the biggest strengths of anti-Christ is that anti-Christ in a man will bring forth truth, a man could be teaching truth for twenty years or ten years, and then all of sudden he goes off, we saw it happen in the church. A man who was a great preacher and the unofficial leader of the kingdom church, suddenly started preaching false doctrine, which I now identify as Kabbalah. Kabbalah without the doctrine of Christ is anti-Christ. Okay let's go on here. Now our notes talk about the kernel of life, and I want to suggest to you that this kernel of life is the very seed of the life of Christ, you see. Now Jesus did not exist prior to his human birth, but the Christ existed, the word Christ merely means the anointed one of God. The anointed one of God, that's Adam Kadmon, the anointed one of God.


So the, Adam Kadmon was the very kernel of life, and out of him unfolded the four worlds that were beneath him. So according to this teaching of Kabbalah, the Ayn Sof was incognizant to the world beneath it, but I severely question that since I know that Jesus is very much aware of us, and that Elijah was very much aware of the worlds beneath him because he was the one that was teaching Isaac Luria. So the question is, was Michael, now remember Michael, the archangel Michael is the foundational aspect of God that started to incarnate in men, it was Michael who incarnated in Moses and who acquired the personality of Moses, and then Michael who was now appearing as Moses, as we saw on the Mount of transfiguration, and then Michael took on the personality or married the personality of Elijah, and now Michael has married the personality of Jesus and they're all in there together.


The glorified Jesus Christ is Michael, the essence that was Moses and the spiritual essence that was Elijah, they're all in there, in the name the glorified Jesus Christ. And the question is, was Michael cognizant of everything that was beneath him, that's the question. This Kabbalah teaching, the notes that we're studying are compiled by a man who has gathered his information from all of the classic Kabbalistic sources, and I believe that he's accurate concerning the classic Kabbalistic sources, and we are testing Kabbalah in the light of the doctrine of Christ.


Why are we doing this, are we doing this to bring down Kabbalah? No, we are doing this to separate that of Kabbalah which is the truth and that which is the error, and to join the truth with the doctrine of Christ, that's what we're seeking to do.


There are aspects of the Kabbalah that are very important to the whole doctrine that the Lord wants to bring forth, which doctrine is involved in our ascension, okay. So apparently classic Kabbalah says that Keter at any time is unaware of that which is underneath him. Now we know that the Lord Jesus is aware of that which is beneath him, and we now know Elijah is aware of that which is beneath him because Isaac Luria claims it was Elijah who taught him. So the question now is Michael aware of that which is beneath him, and the reason I ask this question is that Michael is the archangel who acquired the personalities of Elijah and Jesus, okay, Michael is the foundation of the spiritual man, can anyone answer that question, was Michael aware of that which was beneath him? Who knows the answer to this question? We're told in the book of Daniel, that Michael spoke directly to Daniel. He said no one would believe this story except the man who has the spirit of truth.


Michael spoke to Daniel. So we know that Michael was aware of that which was beneath him and therefore asking, most humbly asking the Lord to correct me if I am wrong, and if he tells me that I am wrong, I will come back and tell you, but in view of what's come forth under the anointing tonight, I have to say that this is an error in Isaac Luria's doctrine, okay. It is not true that Keter is unaware of that which is underneath him, okay. Because Keter is manifested to us through Michael, Elijah, and the Lord Jesus, all three of which are very much aware of us. And if I'm wrong let the Lord correct me, I will tell you the next time I see you that he corrects me. Okay. So like the Ayn Sof, Keter is incognizant to anything beneath it, this is because all aspects of mind and consciousness come forth from the Keter, therefore Keter is above mind. I have no problem believing that Keter is above mind, Keter is the raw force of life, where everything exists in its most basic rudimentary aspects.


Unlike the Ayn Sof, which is unmanifest potential, the Ayn Sof is unmanifest potential, in active not functioning, just dormant potential, that's the Ayn Sof, unlike that, Keter is manifest, he's potential in action. Yet, in Keter the manifestation is just beginning, the action is just beginning, Keter is the highest because it is the first. Keter is the essence of unity before all the different parts divide and develop independent identities. Now remember what I told you that the Ayn Sof is a simple light, a homogeneous whole within the Ayn Sof, or at least the ten attributes that we, that have been revealed to us, where they are so completely interwoven with one another that there is total peace in the Ayn Sof, and as the light of the Ayn Sof descends into the lower realms, and why is it descending into the lower realms, because the Ayn Sof desires a visible creature, and the light becomes more and more visible as it descends. Okay that simple light of the Ayn Sof unravels okay, and becomes ten separate attributes, each with its own specific identity, all of which war against one another.


So we see that perfect peace has unraveled into a warfare. Now remember that the Lord Jesus promises us perfect peace. Well if the perfect peace is in the Ayn Sof, and warfare ensues when the light of the Ayn Sof descends, what will it take for us to come into perfect peace? Nobody knows? Let's put it on the board. Okay we have our little exercise in logic here, drawing # 2. If the Ayn Sof is many attributes woven together, so completely as to be unrecognizable as attributes, and therefore is perfect peace, and if as the light of the Ayn Sof descends, it divides into ten attributes with distinct identities that war against each other, and if according to James, our members war continuously, and if Jesus promised us perfect peace, then we will acquire perfect peace only when the attributes within us are completely woven together.


And also the two categories of attributes within us, are the circular aspect of the Sefirot called the carnal mind and the linear aspect of the Sefirot, which is Christ Jesus who is completely, who is the completely balanced linear aspect of the ten Sefirot. Is everybody okay, okay, now as I just told you off of this tape, I have to end this here because I have a problem. Now we're remember we're studying this Kabbalah from the point of view of the doctrine of Christ, actually what we're doing is making a correction to Kabbalah, and I have a question in my mind that I do not have the answer to, I hope I will have the answer by the next time we come back to this message and the answer is, if the true warfare is between the circular and the linear aspect of the Sefirot, is it really true that the ten Sefirot, or that at least the two sides, the left and right side of the Sefirot are warring against each other, or did Isaac Luria, I'll put this on the board for you because I don't the answer to this question, okay, so we're going to do one more drawing and I'll put the problem on the board for you.


This is drawing # 3, I've shown you the linear aspect in the midst of the circular aspect, and this is the question that I have before the Lord. If the warfare is between the circular aspect which is soul, and the linear aspect which is spirit, and that's what we're told by Kabbalah, are the linear attributes really warring against each other, or did Isaac Luria mistakenly place the warfare between the left and the right sides of the linear, rather than the circular as opposed to the linear. We know that the soul wars against the spirit, so if the left side of the linear wars against the right, then we have a two-fold warfare between the circular, the two-fold warfare would be the circular fighting against the linear, and then within the linear, the left fighting against the right. Now this may be true just as the planets spin on their axis and also orbit around the sun, but is it true that there are two warfares? And as I write this up I think not, but I will have to hear from the Lord about this, because this is just going to rip this whole teaching of the Tree Of Life, which has been around for hundreds of years, it's just going to rip it to pieces, so I have to really hear from the Lord, what he wants me to say about this and what he has to say about the ten Sefirot and their relationship to one another, and the whole teaching in general. I have to hear from him so I have to stop the message right here until I hear from him on it. Does anyone not understand what the problem is? Do you want to try to explain it?


COMMENT: There's two wars according to this because the, there's a war in the linear aspect, which you see in the center there where it has the war against the right and the left, and then it is also a war between the circular aspects and the linear aspects. So there's two wars, there's two wars.


PASTOR VITALE: Well the only reason there is two wars is because I'm trying to merge the doctrine of Christ with Kabbalah, that's why there is two wars okay. Kabbalah says the war is strictly in the linear aspect, left against right, but from the doctrine of Christ, I know that the soul, the King James says the flesh lustest against the spirit, that's the same thing as the soul. The doctrine of Christ says, the soul which is the circular wars against the spirit which is the linear. So I don't think that both could be correct, I don't think that both could be correct, and I believe that the doctrine of Christ is correct. So since our job is to merge the doctrine of Christ with Kabbalah, I now have to wait to hear from the Lord as to what he wants me to do with this whole teaching of the ten Sefirot fighting with one another. And this whole concept that I just have right on this very tape, on this very message that as the light of the Ayn Sof descends, it unravels into ten distinct entities that war against one another.


Well that's what Kabbalah says, but when I put it up against the doctrine of Christ, something's just not gelling here. So rather then go on when I don't really know what I'm talking about, I'm going to end the message for tonight, and hopefully by the time we get back to this to part two of lesson 3, I'll hear what the Lord has to say about this. Do you understand it now. Okay any questions? Okay we're going to call it quits for tonight then, God bless you. We have a question.


COMMENT: Sheila I'm not sure, I'm looking at this drawing on the outside, it says the circular aspect is the nefesh animal level of the soul, and that's right on the edge of Adam Kadmon, I thought that would be like in the world of action.


PASTOR VITALE: The whole creation is Adam Kadmon, both circular and linear aspects, it's all him, just like our heart, and our spleen and our lungs, it's all us, but to tell you the truth, that that has me confused too, okay, and when I wrote up there the Agulim is the circular, the circular aspect is the Nefesh or the animal level of soul, I looked at that too, that Adam Kadmon on the outside, and I don't know what to make of it. So I may have the answer by the time we get back to this, or I may have to wait until the Lord gets the answer to me, I can't put it together right now. But that's a good observation, okay. As I end this message I am thinking that it is a double warfare, and really what chance do we stand if our own right side isn't lined up together. And the natural example that the Lord is giving me is even this country as aligned as we with the crisis that's going on, there are still elements in this country that disagree.


I saw an interview show, and there is a great disagreement as to how we should respond or what we should do, you know from a political point of view. So the right side is all divided right here in this country right now, you know. This tape is being made as the world trade center was bombed, so we have this country pretty much and ready strike back at the people that waged war against us, but the country is not 100% aligned. There's all different opinions, all different ideas going on in the country. So I guess it's true, the warfare is on a double, it's a double warfare. What chance does a human being have, you know, when your own right side is all at odds with each other. And that is why we need a savior because in Christ Jesus, our right side is fully and completely aligned and in order, and we're therefore equipped to fight against the circular aspect of our being, which is our soulish nature. Isn't that interesting. See I believe that the seed of Christ was given to Israel on Mount Sinai, they were given the whole thing, you know, they were given a balanced right side, they were given a balanced linear aspect, was added to them.


The balanced linear aspect was added to them, I believe that, but because they could not seem to distinguish between their linear and their circular aspect which is the carnal mind and the Christ that was added to them. The circular aspect which was their carnal mind just utterly sent their linear aspect into all ten different directions, and they fell. See, I got that revelation today, I emailed it all to you, but I guess you didn't read it yet. This Scripture where Paul says that Israel did not enter in because of unbelief. You know I could never understand that all these years, that you don't enter into eternal life because you don't believe the doctrine, you know, it never sat right with me, and today the revelation came to me, that Israel did not fail to enter in because they didn't believe that Jesus was Messiah, that is not why they didn't enter in.


Israel did not enter in because they didn't believe that they had an evil nature. They didn't believe their nature was evil. You see, they knew about the evil inclination, see, but they didn't believe that at their root, at their core, they were evil, you see.


Because when the creation fell our consciousness moved in to the circular Sefirot, this whole world is a physical expression of the circular Sefirot which is the soul realm, see. And our salvation means to translate our consciousness from the circular Sefirot into the linear Sefirot. But so that which was given to Israel was the power to emigrate from a consciousness, from an animal consciousness in the circular Sefirot into a spiritual consciousness in the linear Sefirot. And that was the travel in the wilderness to get from that circular consciousness to the linear consciousness, see. But they failed because of unbelief, they failed to translate from the circular consciousness to the linear consciousness because they couldn't or wouldn't believe that they were rooted and grounded in the evil nature, see.


It is the same argument that you hear in the church today, well a Christian can be obsessed but cannot be possessed, you can be harassed by a demon but you can't be possessed by a demon, it's the same argument you see, they knew that there was evil inclination. The Jew knows that there is an evil inclination, and but they think that they are righteous, and the evil inclination harasses them to try to make them fall out of their unrighteousness. They did not enter in because they did not believe that the root of their nature, is evil, and that we have to translate from evil to good to righteousness. Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about here, do you understand that? I just got that revelation today. Because I could never believe that they didn't enter in because they didn't believe Jesus was the Messiah, because I see God, I have been praying for years to get an understanding of God's mind and how he operates, and I see the Lord, how patient he is, you know, with people who don't understand what they have to do to get close to him. The patience and the longsuffering concerning all his rebellious children that don't come to the ministry that he calls them to, that don't make the changes that he tells them to make, okay, and he just keeps going after them.


I've never seen him get mad at anybody, that walks away from what he's telling them to do, he just goes after them, like the lost sheep, he just goes after them, and tries to woo them back with love. So how can a God like this cut off a whole nation of Israel because they didn't believe that Jesus was Messiah, it does not, that does not jive with the nature of my God, it doesn't jive. So now I understand that the Scripture that says they did not enter because of unbelief, we in our carnal mind draw the conclusion that the Lord said, you can't enter in, you're punished. No, they didn't enter in because they failed to discern the evil consciousness within them, they failed to discern that they, that the evil consciousness was them, and therefore because they didn't believe that at their root foundation, they were the evil consciousness, they never entered into the warfare, that would put that evil consciousness under the Christ consciousness in them. Therefore they did not enter into eternal life, because they didn't believe who they really were.


They thought that they had already arrived, the same position that the church is in today, the same exact position, and the same exact attitude and mentality that the church is in today. Isn't that something else? I thank God for that revelation, and also the Scripture says that they were branches that were broken off of their own tree, so that means that they had to be a part of the tree, they couldn't have just had an imputed anointing which is what I've been saying lately. Israel had to have a full grafted experience with Christ Jesus or with Jehovah, the tree of life, because for the branches to be broken off they had to be fully grafted into the tree, they had the whole thing, and they lost it because they were overtaken by their carnal mind because they didn't believe the truth that at their very roots they did not have the foundation of Christ, they had the mortal foundation, that is Satan. Isn't that something. Anybody have anything to say, or any questions?


We just had a little exhortation here tonight at 12:00 midnight, okay God bless you all goodnight.




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