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Praise the Lord, this message part 9 is the beginning of our study in lesson 4 of the notes that we are studying from. I have on the board drawing # 1, some definitions for you, a metaphor. Kabbalah is rich in metaphor, so I thought it was a good idea to define metaphor for you. Metaphor, the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language says a metaphor is a figure of speech in which a word or a phrase that ordinarily designates one thing, is used to designate another, thus making an implicit comparison as in a sea of troubles or all the world is a stage see. It's also it can be defined as, a metaphor can also be defined as, one thing conceived as representing another or a symbol. The high rise garbage repository is a metaphor for both accomplishment and failure. I don't about you, I never heard of that.


The high rise garbage repository, it's a metaphor for both accomplishment and failure, I guess in that context also saying file something under G, for garbage means in the, if you file something under G, it means put it in the trash pail. You're all looking at me, does everybody understand what a metaphor is? It's one word used as a symbol to represent something else. In other words when we talk about Adam Kadmon's spheres or his mouth or his nose, we know that Adam Kadmon does not have ears, eyes, a nose or a mouth. Adam Kadmon is pure light. I don't even know that we could call him a spirit, at the point of his inception. We cannot even relate to him in the form that he is in, he is so close to the Ayn Sof, when he first came forth, that we cannot relate to him. Therefore in order to help us comprehend him, the Lord has given us metaphors, Adam Kadmon's ears, eyes, nose, etc. And what makes it feasible is that this whole creation is fallen as it is, is patterned after Adam Kadmon, you see. We have eyes ears nose and a mouth.


We did a whole series on the world of points, where it was revealed to us that inside of the world of points is Adam Kadmon's ovary. You know, we can relate to it because we know what means to be a human woman with an ovary, and that's what a metaphor is. Any questions about that definition? Okay. The next definition on the board is a Hebrew definition, the Hebrew phrase is Yesh M'Ayin, that means something from nothing, which is referring to the creation coming forth from the Ayn Sof, because the Ayn Sof is considered to be nothing, and I've explained this many times. The Ayn Sof is so incomprehensible that as far as we are concerned, he is nothing. It's as if to say I had, let's say there was a chest of gold here worth ten million dollars but it was invisible. Someone would say to me, "Look at that chest of gold worth ten million dollars", and I would say, "I don't see anything". See it means nothing to us, if we can't touch it, if we can't lay hold of it, and if we can't use it it means nothing to us.


So Yesh M'Ayin refers to taking something out of nothing, or nothingness, okay. The Ayn Sof is nothingness, it is a substance that we cannot comprehend. Another Hebrew phrase is Barukh Hu U'Barukh Shmo, which means blessed be he and blessed be his name, and you will hear that phrase a lot in Kabbalah. Blessed be he, and blessed be his name. And as you see further down on the board, let's skip one, the next one, two definitions down, below Barukh Hu U'Barukh Shmo, is God is one and his name is one. That is a phrase that you hear over and over and over again through Kabbalah, God is one and his name is One, and what it means is, God is his name and YHVH is God. God is the Ayn Sof, the Ayn Sof is God, and his name is YHVH. The first word that the Hebrew letters inside the empty space spelled out is YHVH.


So Ayn Sof is YHVH, and YHVH is the Ayn Sof . Ayn Sof is outside of creation, and YHVH is inside of creation. God outside of the creation, and God inside of the creation. God outside is Ayn Sof , God inside is YHVH. Praise the Lord. And then we have YHVH, also known as the tetragrammaton is the revelation of the light of the Ayn Sof in creation. That's the same thing that I just said, God is his name, and YHVH is God, Ayn Sof is outside of the creation and YHVH is inside the creation. YHVH is the revelation of the light of the Ayn Sof in creation. Praise the Lord. And last, but certainly not least, we have an abbreviation, there a lot of abbreviations in Kabbalah, a lot of the metaphors and a lot of the words that are used over and over again, are abbreviated.


So here we have the A'S'Ma'B, that is a contraction of Alef, Samek, Mem, and Beth, four letters, and that is the condensed form of AB(72), SaG(63), MaH(45), and BaN(52), which are the essential building blocks of creation, AB(72), SaG(63), MaH(45), and BaN(52). They are the four differentiated forms that the name YHVH, is divided into. Why is the name YHVH divided into four names? To show it's function, to show the function of the name YHVH in each of the worlds, in each of the four worlds that are below Adam Kadmon.


So we see that the name YHVH, the yod is associated with Atzilut, the world of emanations, the Hey is associated with the world of creation, the Vav is associated with the world of formation, and the second Hey is associated with the world of action. So we see the name YHVH is spelled with four letters and each letter signifies one of the four worlds in which YHVH, the revelation of the light of the Ayn Sof in creation is manifesting. The revelation of the light of the Ayn Sof in creation is manifesting on four different levels called four different worlds, and each level and each world, each level is associated with the name of a world, and one of the four letters of the tetragrammaton. Is everybody okay? Okay praise the Lord.


So to go on with our lesson now, this is so interesting, I mentioned this on a previous message, but our author is saying, he is saying in so many words, that both Rabbi Chayyim Vital, and Rabbi Yisrael Sarug, two famous Hebrew sages, that modern students of Kabbalah study from, or that modern students of Kabbalah whose work modern students of Kabbalah are still studying. Neither one of them taught anything about the light as it operates within this high and lofty place of inside Adam Kadmon, inner Adam Kadmon, and they both claim that it is only when the light emanates out from Adam Kadmon that we begin to have the revelation that leads to the creation of the worlds as we know them. But we, those of us who are involved in bringing forth the doctrine of Christ, have received a revelation concerning the light inside of Adam Kadmon.


Is that mind boggling. It is just overwhelming the grace and the glory and the honor that the Lord bestowed upon us. First he gave us the doctrine of Christ and now he's giving us I guess I don't know what to call it, the doctrine of Christ in Kabbalah, or the hidden parts of Kabbalah, I don't even know what to call it, I'll have to ask him. So we have a whole series called The World Of Points And The Fall, in which the Lord Jesus has revealed that the lights inside of Adam Kadmon are actually the inside of the world of points. Now remember the world of points was the first world to come forth and the world of points surround Adam Kadmon, under his navel, below his navel, and the inside of the world of points, are those lights that are still inside of Adam Kadmon you see. And that is the garden inside Adam Kadmon, and the lights inside are Adam Kadmon's ovary, and they're all the many seeds that Adam Kadmon's ovary contains, the many seeds, each of which has the potential to manifest into a human being, or manifests into a collective mankind, which is immortal.


Each one of those seeds is male and female. The male is on the inside and in this case which is the opposite of the case with fallen humanity, the seeds are all male, you see. In fallen humanity the seeds of a woman's ovary are all female, and I've told you this before, it's possible for a woman to be, for a woman's ovum to be stimulated in to cell reproduction, and to produce a child without the male seed, but it will always be a female. If there's no male seed, the offspring will always be a female. And we see in the high recesses of Adam Kadmon, the exact opposite exist. All of the seeds are male. Every member of mankind that comes forth from Adam Kadmon is designated male, male with his wife attached to him.


So the seeds in Adam Kadmon's ovary are all male and we call each of these seeds Abel, and each Abel is surrounded by a layer, or by a vessel, to use Kabbalistic terms, of light that is denser and courser than the actual seed.


Now when we taught the doctrine of Christ, we taught that the woman or the female was formed from the earth, and as of this moment, based on the two doctrines, unless the Lord corrects me, I would have to say that earth is a word used in the parable version of creation, to simplify the concept which is much more complicated in Kabbalah, which says, both the light and the vessel that contains the light are made of light, but the vessel is made of a light that is much courser and denser then the light that dwells in the vessel.


Now that's very complicated, that's a very complicated concept. So the parable version, the surface version of the Scripture doesn't go into this whole big teaching of different grades of light, it merely says, the woman was made from the earth, the doctrine of Christ says, the woman was made from the earth, and the man was made from the life of God.



This is demonstrated in the parable of Genesis, where is says Cain gave the fruits of the earth to Jehovah and Jehovah wouldn't receive it, and Abel gave of the fruit of his flock, meaning life, and Jehovah respected that sacrifice, that's how it's put in the parable, but Kabbalah says, there was what we would call a Cain and an Abel, and that Cain is the vessel, that was made out of a much courser grade of light, because you cannot have a vessel and the light that the vessel contains of the same quality, because if the light, if the vessel and the light that is in the vessel consists of the same quality, you would not be able to distinguish between the light and the vessel, the two would run together.


So the vessel is of a courser light, that's what Kabbalah says. The surface parable level of the Scripture says, that the vessel is made of earth, an earthen vessel. And if you're looking for that in the King James, you probably won't find that the woman is made from the earth, that is that came forth in the doctrine of Christ. And if everybody is saying, Oh, but the woman came from Adam's rib. That is, we preached on that in this series The World Of Points And The Fall, and if you want to hear what we say about that, you'll have to listen to the series.


Okay. So we're told in this lesson by a very erudite Rabbi that the greatest Hebrew sages say that they were not permitted, they were not permitted to receive knowledge about the inner lights of Adam Kadmon, that it was too sublime, but I don't believe that. I don't believe it's that the revelation is so high that the greatest teachers of Kabbalah couldn't receive it or couldn't comprehend it, I believe that there's a time and a place for everything, and that revelation comes or segments of revelation comes in it's order and sometimes frequently you cannot comprehend one revelation if you don't comprehend the foundational revelations that must come before it. So I don't think it's that the revelation is so sublime that God didn't give it to Rabbi Chayyim Vital, I believe that their job was to bring forth the revelation that they brought forth, and the doctrine of Christ was for another time, it was for another time. Can you see the difference, not that it's so high that they couldn't comprehend it, it was just for another time, and today is the day, this is the time, and it's coming forth.


As I have told you many times, the doctrine of Christ will unlock or activate the doctrine of Kabbalah. Kabbalah has been in print for a thousand years, about a thousand years, and as far as I know, nobody has gone into eternal life from studying Kabbalah. So something is wrong, something is wrong, and what's wrong is the key. The key is lacking, but today the key exists, it is the doctrine of Christ and the Lord Jesus is inserting the key of the doctrine of Christ into the book of Kabbalah, and there will be some people entering into eternal life as a result of this, hopefully in the very near future. Praise the Lord


Okay now we're told in this lesson that the language in Kabbalistic teachings becomes highly metaphorical. So it is important that we learn what these metaphors mean, what does that mean, that we have an understanding of what Adam Kadmon's ears mean, that we have an understanding of what his nose and his mouth mean, what they signify, in Kabbalistic doctrine, and that we get them straight and remember them because we're warned that their meanings must be remembered applied at every step or else the multiple metaphors might confuse and overwhelm one's sense of understanding.


And it does get confusing, sometimes I have to stop and just remember what each thing means. But the message is glorious.



Okay, to begin with we know that an aspect of the light of the Ayn Sof is revealed in creation. The Ayn Sof is boundless, he has no edge, he has no end. Creation can be likened to taking a drop of water out of the sea and putting that drop of water into a cup, the water that's in the cup at one drop, it has the same essence as the sea, but it's separated by the cup, the drop is separated from the sea by the cup. Okay. Now in Hebrew grammar, I'd like to put this on the board for you. This is just to give you an idea of where the name YHVH comes from. We're being told that the Hebrew word "to be" is Hey Vav Hey. First of all, the roots of Hebrew verbs are formed from three letters, and the root of the Hebrew verb "to be" is Hey Vav Hey, and we're being told in this lesson, and there's something confusing here to me, so I'll just give you my observation.


Well first of all the rule is that when a yod is added to a verb base, the rule, the verb is transformed from the passive to the active tense. So Hey Vav Hey means to be, and these three letters are also three of the letters of God's name, add a yod and HVH God's holy name is translated from the passive "to be", HVH, into active being or existence, which is YHVH, I'll add that to the board, YHVH. What's confusing me is my understanding that God outside of existence is non-being, non-to be, non-existent, so I don't really understand how he can say this, I must be missing something.


Does everybody understand my problem? I have been taught that the Ayn Sof is non-being, he is essence that is non-existent, creation, the light of the Ayn Sof in creation which is JHVH, is God in existence, so I must be missing something here. He's saying God's holy name is Hey Vav Hey, to be. Well he must be talking about God in creation. Hey Vav Hey to be. Okay the Lord just gave me the answer. Hey Vav Hey, "to be", is the holy name of God in creation, oh but I can't see that either, "to be", okay. To be can also be translated existence, "to be", and that is the nature of God in creation.


So when we add a yod to the Hey Vav Hey, okay, I got it. The Hey Vav Hey "to be" is the name of the light of God which is Adam Kadmon before he starts to do anything, when he first comes into existence, he just is, Adam Kadmon just is. Adam Kadmon is the light of the Ayn Sof, in the empty space, and he just is, so his name is "to be", he is just existence, everybody follow that? There was nothing else. The Ayn Sof outside of the empty space, and the light of the Ayn Sof in the empty space outside is nothingness and inside is existence. So Adam Kadmon initially is the absolute manifestation of the verb "to be" existence, but he was doing anything, he just was. Is everybody okay?


And then when you add the letter Yod, to his name, which is existence, then that existence becomes active being, or existence in manifestation, and this is where we get the name the tetragrammaton, the name YHVH from. Is everybody okay with that? Okay. Drawing # 3 shows the levels of creation or the four worlds, Atzilut is the spiritual world, and now remember all of these worlds exists in man. The Atzilut is the spiritual aspect of all human beings, and the spiritual realm is unrevealed consciousness. Now this is very important for all of you who have ever thought even one time when I revealed something, when I reveal your motives or the intents of your heart, all of you who have ever thought, I never even thought such a thing, I am communicating with the unrevealed consciousness within you. Every human being has unrevealed consciousness, and depending on where you dwell, you are either in touch with that consciousness within yourself, or not.


You see, the disciples said to Jesus, "Where do you dwell master? Show us where you dwell". When I first read that, I thought they wanted to know where he was physically living, it made no sense to me at all. They were saying to Jesus, "Do you dwell in this outer realm, do you live by what you see with these eyes, and hear with these ears, and touch with these hands, or do you dwell in the inner recesses, do you live by what you know about the motives of men's hearts?" That's what they were asking him, are you carnal or are you spiritual? So we all have a spiritual side to us. Our carnal mind has a spiritual side, and our Christ mind has a spiritual side, and if you are a person which most people who are carnal, you dwell in the outer realms.


Jesus called the place that you dwell outer darkness, which means the inner realms within you, are darkness to you, you don't even know that they're there. You don't even know what makes you say the things you say, and do the things that you do, because you're only aware of that last second of the thought popping into your mind and you speaking it out, and you're blind to the whole process of that thought being originally birthed in the unconscious part of your mind, most likely by Satan, because Satan is the author of all thoughts that arise out of the carnal mind.


That's the truth. Satan is the author of all thoughts that arise out of your carnal mind, and those thoughts, that means she literally births these thoughts into your unrevealed consciousness. Then they have to be entered into the subconscious part of your mind and I don't see any reference to that in Kabbalah, but it's in there. The unrevealed consciousness is on two levels, totally spiritual, and then there's a bridge between the spiritual and the mental, which is called the subconscious plane, and if you are not aware if you're living by what you see hear taste and smell, and you come in contact with somebody who is a spiritual person, who dwells in the spiritual realms, they can know what your motives are when you don't know, and they could know what you're thinking when you don't know.


Until you begin to understand this, you will be at odds with every spiritual person that tries to tell you something, hopefully to help you, there are evil spiritual people out there. But spiritual people can be a great blessing to you, if you're willing to listen to what they have to say, because every problem that we have in our life arises out of wrong thinking, that is the truth. Every problem that is our problem, I mean it is possible, Jesus was persecuted for righteousness sake, he was perfect and he was persecuted and crucified, but that is not true of us brethren. Every problem we have in our life is because we have not been dealing with it adequately. And we may not even be aware of what our true reactions are to the problem or what our emotions truly are, because the average person is in denial most of the time.


So if you know a spiritual person who is willing to help you get in touch with your inner self, it could be a great blessing to you, if you're willing to listen, but it can be very painful, hearing the truth about yourself can be very painful, but it's worth it's price in gold, because the truth will set you free.


Jesus said the truth will set you free, he was talking about the truth about yourself, not the truth about your husband, not the truth about your wife, not the truth about anybody else, but the truth about yourself. Everything that you're doing wrong, everything that you could be doing differently to make problems better in your life, because of course there are other people involved in problems, but our reaction to the problems is controlling. What does that mean, it's a positive controlling, our reaction to the problem controls the problem.



Our godly reaction to the problem will control the problem.


If our reaction to the problem is ungodly the problem controls us, if we respond to the problem as Jesus Christ would respond to the problem, we will control the problem in a godly control and have the victory. Even if you cannot change the other person, they will utterly fail to bring chaos into your life. If you deal with the problems as Jesus Christ deals with the problem. And you can't deal with the problem adequately until you really see what's going on inside your own heart. Until you really see how you really feel, what you really think, until you strip away the denial, and really see your true reactions, you can't deal with the problem, and it's the human tendency to think it's always somebody else. It's always somebody else's fault, or every time there's any kind of conflict, I ask the Lord what I may have done to contribute to it, or what I could do to get out of it, to make peace in this crisis.


So we see that our relationship with God is an invitation to know ourselves, to know ourselves from our inner most being and therefore have a change of nature from our innermost being, that is the ultimate fruit of our relationship with Jesus Christ, because that change will make us like him. Well you can't change until you look at yourself, and while you're blind, while you're still blind, the Lord Jesus will send faithful people to show you your motives without condemnation. If you are brave enough to look at them and believe that it's true. Praise the Lord, that is Atzilut, unrevealed consciousness in the mind of Christ in you, that unrevealed consciousness comes from the glorified Jesus Christ. He abides in your brain.


Beriah is the revealed consciousness, thought. You see, unrevealed consciousness is beyond thought, it is beyond thought. I even have trouble conceiving of what it means to be beyond thought. See the person that has discernment that can look into your heart, the Lord Jesus Christ has to translate that unrevealed consciousness into understanding. When I get a discernment on your motive, that unrevealed consciousness is brought down to a lower level which is called understanding where I can comprehend it. It has to come down to Beriah in my mind for me to understand it, and that is a miracle of Jesus Christ.


And of course that is the mental plane. Beriah is the plane of mind. The spiritual world is beyond mind. Yetzirah, the emotional plane, we've studied that world as the astral plane, that is where the feelings are, and we know that that is a world to be conquered. The emotions are to be conquered. Your emotions are not your friend. And the fourth world Asiyah is the world of form, this physical world, the world of Asiyah.


Those are the four worlds, sometimes we're told there are five worlds, Adam Kadmon himself is a world, and these four worlds come out from him. They emerge from out of him. Adam Kadmon is a metaphor, he is a metaphor for the beginning, for the light of God, I don't know about the beginning, for the light of God that enters into the empty space, Adam Kadmon is a metaphor, and he had inside of him, the Hebrew letters, actually before Adam Kadmon comes into the empty space, the Hebrew letters exist in the empty space, and the Hebrew letters signify streams of power, packets of energy, that are fully equipped to bring forth the Ayn Sof's will in the form of a creation.


So the first word that the Hebrew letters formed, they formed inside of Adam Kadmon, and they formed the name YHVH, they formed the tetragrammaton.



This tetragrammaton was inside of Adam Kadmon in the form of, or it is inside of Adam Kadmon in the form of lights, and these lights began to ascend because they were down in the, I believe in his belly, on the inside of his belly, and they began to ascend, these lights and come out of Adam Kadmon's ears, nose, mouth, and eyes. And as I told you before, the great sages tell us that there's no knowledge available about the remaining lights that stayed inside of Adam Kadmon, but we now know that those remaining lights comprise the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, which is the garden of Eden. The Genesis of creation.


Any questions about this? Okay, let's go on, praise the Lord. Now these worlds are not physical places or locations, okay they're four levels of consciousness. Prior to anything taking on a physical form, it must first exist in the concealed realms, it must first exist in the concealed realms. There is no such thing, listen to me, there is no such thing as a thought just popping into your mind out of the blue. There is no such thing as a thought just popping into your mind out of the blue. It had to start, it had to have a birth, it had to have a genesis, and it had to travel from the unconscious part of your mind to the subconscious part of your mind to the conscious part of your mind, and then you have to let it in. And after you let it in, you have to agree to speak it out. And those of us who are in Christ Jesus are responsible for every word that comes out of our mouth, which means every time a thought enters into our mind we are suppose to confront it and say to that thought, are you friend or foe, are you from my carnal mind or are you from my Christ mind? And I will not speak you out until I believe you are from Christ.


That's our job. Praise the Lord, it sounds like an awesome task. It is but you have to start somewhere, and the best way to start is to start speaking less and less and less. Just train yourself to not speak, don't babble on. The more quiet you are the more likely your Christ mind will be able to rise in you, because it's not Christ that's talking out of turn, that's your carnal mind that's taking full control of your mouth.


So if you just practice talking less, you're already putting a harness on your carnal mind and weakening it. It's a discipline, it's a discipline, you could do it, you all could do it. And believe it or not I still speak out of turn too, it doesn't seem to happen in these meetings, it's very rare, but in other occasions, I find that when I'm nervous, if I'm in a circumstance that makes me nervous, my tendency is to talk out of turn, but I go in there and I pray, and I know if I'm going into a situation where I might be nervous, I pray and I ask the Lord to silence my tongue, and to not let me carnal mind speak, and I'm very aware that I might speak out of turn, and I do the best I can to not do it, asking God to help me you see.


We have fight this thing, we have to fight this carnal mind. And there is no such thing as a holy place where the carnal mind cannot manifest. It has nothing to do with your being in church. Okay, so this is the rule of existence prior to anything taking on a physical form, it must first exist in the concealed realms, that has to do with thoughts and that has to do with babies being born, and it has to do with everything that manifests in this world of forms. It exists in thought, which is then joined to emotion, to arouse the thought into making the thought something tangible. First thought, then emotion, and then the form comes into existence. What does that mean, first the thought comes and the emotion is that within you which wants this thought to take on form.


So here again this is a hard word, this is a hard word, but believe it, there is no such thing as a thought just popping out of your mind.


Some part of you wanted to say it. If you can hear it, something that you are not aware of. I'm not telling any of you that you're sitting here plotting, and trying to do these things. We are exposing the unconscious and the subconscious parts of your mind. There's no such thing as a thought just popping out, something in your personality wanted to say it, and here we come to the motive or the intents of your heart. If you have said something wrong in a spiritual situation or in any situation, Satan generates the thought in your mind and something in your personality agreed to say it. And the sooner that you could face this, the sooner you will start policing your own thoughts. It's a tremendous responsibility.


Once you find out how important it is that you police your own thoughts, once you find out the degree to which all the evil in the world comes from the minds of men, it's a tremendous responsibility. There is no such thing as an accident, car accidents, there's a fruit of evil thoughts of accumulated evil thoughts. It's all a curse, you've got to hear this. There are no accidents in this world, what happens in this world is the outplaying of something that has happened in the concealed realms. This is a violent world, it's penal colony, it's a spiritual penal colony. The Lord showed me that one day, I was sitting in a restaurant where the walls were all plate glass and I was looking out on to the street, and a policeman walked by with a gun and on his hip, and the Lord said to me, "Look at that police officer, look at that gun on his hip", he said, "You are living in a criminal world, you don't have police officers walking around with guns on their hip in a world that's not a criminal world." And everything that exists here is the outplaying or the manifestation of what exists in the spiritual and the mental planes, and both the spiritual and the mental planes exist in men. It's a violent world.


The mind of man is violent, and it causes storms and tornadoes and car crashes, yes, this is true, the powers and principalities that generate this world, exist in the minds of men. This is true, praise the Lord, I tell you the truth.


Okay, this is the nature of being, this is the essence of existence. So we see that the name YHVH, represents not only four letters, but each letter represents a level, it represents four levels, each level representing on aspect of the whole, four worlds all a part of one whole creation. And at the same time, each individual part contains a whole within it, this gets confusing, but each part, each letter of the name YHVH, is a whole world in itself, and therefore we have what we call a general YHVH, that's the YHVH that starts out inside of Adam Kadmon and this general YHVH, unites all four levels, and each of the specific YHVHs one each to signify one the four levels.


So if you ever see the expression the general YHVH, that is the original Jehovah that is inside of or at least started out inside of Adam Kadmon, and we distinguish between the four worlds by the names, AB(72), SaG(63), MaH(45), and BaN(52), and we get these names from the numerical value of each world, as of, we get these names, well let me tell you this first, each letter of the Holy name represents a world and each world is also called YHVH, it's also called YHVH, just like the general YHVH that is inside of Adam Kadmon.


So each of these four worlds and the name YHVH associated with each of these four worlds is spelled differently, so as to distinguish between the four worlds, and after we spell each of these four YHVHs differently, we total up the numerical value, values of 72, 63, 45, and 52, and then the Kabbalist chose Hebrew letters that represented, or that represent that numerical value, and that's where we get the four names.


And these four names are together when we're talking about the whole of the four worlds, we call them A'S'Ma'B, the essential building blocks of creation, and that name is on the first drawing # 1, with that definition A'S'Ma'B, the essential building blocks of creation, the four YHVHs that emerge out of the general YHVH. The A'S'Ma'B is a condensed form of capital letters, the A'S'Ma'B represents that A, for AB(72), the S, for SaG(63), the Ma for MaH(45), and the B, for BaN(52). And that's the abbreviation signifying all four worlds.


Now spelling the letters of YHVH represents the letter of the spiritual world of Atzilut. Spelling the letters of YHVH as follows, represents the level of the spiritual, the world of Atzilut, which corresponds to the Sefirot Chokhmah. Well I'm not going to spell this whole thing out because we have had this study spelling out the four different YHVHs, we through this in A Look At Kabbalah series, and I don't think I'm going to do this here. We'll go on to the next paragraph. Spelling the letters of YHVH, as follows represents the level of the mind, the world of Beriah, which corresponds to the Sefirot Binah. Yod is again spelled Yod, Vav, Dalet, for the same reason as above. I think I'm going to skip some of us.


Now for most of us this is really a review, we're doing two Kabbalah studies side by side, one called A Look At Kabbalah, which we're teaching out of the Chayyim Vital's book The Tree Of Life. And this is a series of notes that we're studying with a, which have been put together by a Rabbi that we have become acquainted with, and to be honest with you when I did lesson 4, I could have never understood this if we hadn't done the Tree Of Life first. So I'm not going to really get into these technical details, if anyone's hearing this message and you're interested in the technical details, check out our other series, A Look At Kabbalah. What we're being told here is that there's something TaN'T'a, that's an abbreviation for Ta'amim, Nekudot, Tagin, and Otiyot. The Ta'amim or the cantellation marks, cantellation marks signify the tones, they tell you how to sing the Scripture, the Nekudot are the vowels, the Tagin are the crowns, and I really don't know how to use the crowns, we haven't learned that yet, but apparently in some Hebrew writings, the Scribes extend little crowns from the tips of the letters.


And the Otiyot are the letters themselves. The Ta'amim, the cantellations are associated with AB, the Nekudot are associated with SaG, that's the vowels, the Tagin, the crowns are associated with MaH, and the Otiyot the letters themselves are associated with BaN. And AB, SaG, MaH, BaN, are called the A'S'Ma'B, and the Ta'amim the Nekudot, the Tagin, and the Otiyot are called TaN'T'a. Okay, any questions about that? Okay.


Okay now this does get a little tacky as you get into deeper Kabbalah, you'll find the writer speaking about the SaG of the AB, or the MaH, the SaG of the AB, and it's very confusing, don't let it get to you okay. Just get whatever you can out of these lessons and go forward, but you need to know that it does get pretty complicated. The first time I heard that it was confusing, but I really did start moving in that concept of the SaG of the SaG of the AB, or the SaG of the AB, of the SaG, of Adam Kadmon.


But don't worry about it, just take it slow, whatever you can learn you're ahead, and remember although it's a good thing to acquire knowledge, and we all love knowledge here, what we're really doing is stretching our Christ mind, we are stretching our intellect, and that is the most important thing. That if you are disciplined enough to study these lessons, you are doing severe damage to your carnal mind, and you are feeding Christ what he needs to come forth.



If you can't understand it today, when Christ matures in you, you will then understand it. So keep everything in perspective. Praise the Lord, okay. The spiritual is Ab, the intellectual is SaG, the emotional is MaH, and the physical realms is BaN. But everything begins with Adam Kadmon, now the spiritual realm of AB, of Adam Kadmon, is in Adam Kadmon's head, and we know that the realm of AB, refers to the spiritual. Therefore the spiritual lies in the unconscious. The unconscious is concealed, it's always concealed, because everything in the unconscious is by very definition not known, it's unconscious because it's not known. So if you have an unconscious part to your mind, there are thoughts in the unconscious or the beginnings of thoughts or the genesis of thoughts in your unconscious that you are not aware of. You have to be a spiritual person to become aware of them, or you have to go under hypnosis, I'm not recommending hypnosis, I'm saying people in the world to find out what's going on in the unconscious part of their mind sometimes go into hypnosis, or deep psychotherapy. And of course as I've told you many times what we do here is very close to what psychoanalyst do.


I've never been in psychoanalysis so I don't know exactly what they do, but I know that the fruit of their ministry or the fruit of their treatment to their patients is to put them in touch with the unconscious part of their mind, why? So that they could deal with problems. You see we all have problems arising out of the unconscious part of our mind. But we don't realize that the problem, well sometimes we don't even realize that we have problems in our life. Okay, then once we realize we have problems in our life, most people do not realize that the roots of these problems lie in the unconscious part of the mind.


So some people spend thousands of dollars going to psychotherapists so that they could get in touch with their inner self. This is a big thing in our society today, pop psychology, get in touch with your inner child, has nobody heard about this? Get in touch with you inner child, get in touch with the unconscious part of your mind, and find out what is causing the problem out here in the world of action, and deal with it. You can try to solve your problems out here in the world of action, and either they'll fail, or they'll come back, or you'll get another problem.


See, it's the same principle as with healing, you can have a cancer, go to a doctor and he will cut that cancer out of you, and if unfortunately this happens to you, it's very possible that cancer will arise in another part of your body or it will come back into the same part again. Because the medicine of our world deals with a physical body that is generated by spiritual forces in an unseen realm. The healing that comes from Jesus Christ comes by dealing with the root of the disease which lies in an invisible plane. That's why when Jesus Christ heals you you're healed. It's the same thing with emotional problems, intellectual problems, and problems in relationships. It's the same principle as physical illness. It roots in the unconscious plane. And the healing to be permanent and full, must take place in unconscious plane, otherwise you're dealing with a dandelion. Do you know what it's like pulling a dandelion out of the ground.


The next day it grows back and there's five more, you have to turn over that ground and rip out the dandelion roots, which are very deep and strong. All human problems are generated in the unconscious part of the mind, no matter what is wrong with you. No matter what you're seeking deliverance from, your answer is in the unconscious, that's why the Lord Jesus Christ is our savior, he deals with our troubles in the unconscious plane. You read in the Scripture that the Lord caused Joshua's son to stand to still, the Lord didn't cause the sun in the physical sky to stand still.


I've been challenged by several non-believers over that Scripture, who were trying to prove that the Bible is not valid. Jehovah did not cause the physical sun to stand still, the Lord caused Joshua's spiritual sun to stand still. In another Scripture where someone was granted I think another fifteen years of life, I think the Scripture says, and the sun dial was set was back, or somehow time was set back. That's something that happened inside the spiritual or the unconscious part of the man's mind. The sun can't stand still in the physical sky the whole planet would go hurdling out of it's orbit. Praise the Lord, it's grow up time. Let's face it so we can overcome it and go on with God.


So we see that AB, lies concealed in Adam Kadmon's head, and of course that is a metaphor, we know that Adam Kadmon does not have a head. Okay, now when that which is in the unconscious part of the mind becomes conscious, then it is no longer unconscious, and it's no longer dealing in Keter. AB, is Keter, the first Sefirot, and when it starts to become conscious, it comes down in to Chokhmah, which is probably the subconscious, and then it becomes Binah, at which place we can understand it, that's why Binah is called understanding, Binah is the place of the mind, where that which begins in Keter and passes through Chokhmah becomes understandable to us. Intuitive wisdom has been perceived and has become understandable information. Do you hear this, intuitive wisdom, now it's time for everyone hearing this tape or reading this transcript to start facing the reality of what it means to be spiritual, it means to have intuitive wisdom, it means that you know things that cannot be seen with your physical eyes, your physical ears, or perceived with your nose or your mouth or your touch.


It's time to start living by your spiritual senses or at the very least not opposing the spiritual person who is trying to impart knowledge to you, by spiritual senses, because it's possible to make a mistake if you're an immature spiritual person, it's possible to make a mistake, but the general rule is the knowledge that comes by way of the spirit is much more reliable than the knowledge that comes from your eyes your ears your nose and your sense of taste and touch. You can have five people hear something and they're all hear it differently. You can have five people see something and they'll all see it differently. But you see that's why this world is called a lie, and that's why the carnal mind is called a lie, it can't get it straight. But that intuitive knowledge which comes forth from Christ, is true, and if you have five people in the same room and they all truly have the true intuitive knowledge that is in Christ Jesus, they will all have the same opinion.


Now that doesn't mean that you're a robot, you could have the same opinion and express it differently, you can have the same opinion and express it from a different point of view, from a different aspect, one person saw it from the left side of the room, the other person saw it from the right side of the room. Or you can receive the revelation from an experience that you have had in the past. But by in large if everyone is in Christ, there will be agreement, just as the different instruments of an orchestra all agree when they are playing together.


When you're in a conversation and you come to a deadlock because two people are speaking from two completely different aspects so that the conversation comes to an end, you know that at least one person is not in Christ. That's the woman speaking in the church shutting down the anointing. So we see that the realm of the AB, of Adam Kadmon is concealed, that's the unconscious. No light manifests from the AB, from Keter. This realm is very high and it is a mystery to us, and this author says, apparently to every other creature in creation as well, the AB, of Adam Kadmon. So if we have any information about the AB, of Adam Kadmon or his skull, or his brain, I don't know about it yet.


I am very curious to find out about that, because I know that my head tends to very hot when I study the doctrine of Christ or Kabbalah. If the Lord has taught us anything about that realm in the doctrine of Christ, I can't think of it right now, and perhaps he hasn't, but I do look forward to the Lord giving us that revelation, and I believe the Lord wants to give us that revelation. I believe he wants the whole world, well certainly the church world and the world of Jewry to have the whole revelation, the people who are truly pursuing him, he wants us to have the whole revelation. The people who are truly pursuing him, he wants us to have the whole revelation, but it has to come out in right order, every revelation in its place.


We have to be able to handle it, we have to be able to cope with it. If the Lord knows that Satan will bowl us over as a result of bringing forth a revelation, he's not going to give it to us if we're not ready to deal with it. So I'm sure in due season, since we now know that this is the hour that the Lord wants there to be a full revelation of his word, when we are equipped, and it is the right time, the Lord will bring forth the secret of Adam Kadmon's head, just as he brought forth the secret of Adam Kadmon's ovary. Praise the Lord, that's exciting. The lights that exist within Adam Kadmon begin to come out from within him, from the inside to the outside starting with the light of SaG, and of course this makes sense because SaG has to do with conscious thought. She is the beginning of the lights that emanate out from Adam Kadmon, the beginning of the creation of consciousness, and SaG, the lights of SaG come forth from Adam Kadmon's ears.


And of course Adam Kadmon's ears have to ears metaphorically speaking, ears suggest understanding, intellect, and consciousness. Okay. As I told you earlier it has been revealed that at the very beginning, and I don't know if beginning is the right word or not, in the empty space, I don't know if this considered the beginning or not, in the empty space, the first thing that was found or the first things to manifest were the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, called the Hebrew Alef Bet, but this is very interesting, at this high level, the Hebrew letters had no form or shape.


Now remember the Hebrew letters are power sources, they're streams of energy, and there were streams of energy that did not yet have form or shape. I'm still struggling with that because these energy forces are conscious, they're conscious entities. Remember the 22 letters and the ten Sefirot are the 32 paths of wisdom, the 32 energy, or the 32 aspects of the energy of the Ayn Sof, which are designated to bring forth creation, as the Ayn Sof wills it to be, okay. So they are conscious beings, yet they have no form or shape. I believe humanity and this world, we're filled with conscious beings, and the only way they could possibly inhabit humanity is by having no form or shape. So to me I'm still struggling with that, I believe it, but it's really mind boggling to think of a breath, as a fully conscious being, but I'm working on it, so we'll get there.


So the very first manifestation in the empty space were the Hebrew Letters which did not yet have any form or shape. They were spiritual energy sources, they had essence, they had substance, but they had no form or shape, all they had was sound, they were sounds. I remember several years ago, I started hearing about the sound of God, but the first place I heard about it was from an occult source, because before the Lord brought us into Kabbalah, I was thirsting and desperately hungry for spiritual things, and I was looking in occult sources because I was not aware of Kabbalah, and I believe that I had to spend those several years looking in occult sources because this ministry was called to bring forth the doctrine of Christ, which has to do which is really the doctrine of the circular Sefirot, which is manifesting in this world today as the Fiery Serpent.


So the Lord brought forth this doctrine of Christ concerning the circular aspect of the Sefirot by leading me through some Hindu and theosophical doctrines which he guided me through, and pointed out to me what he didn't want me to absorb, and what he did want me to absorb, and I had heard about the sound of God, and I said, "Lord what is this sound of God?" It just intrigued me so, and it took a while before the Lord got the information to me, but little by little, he did get it to me, and I now know that the sound of God was the first manifestation in the empty space, sound, even before light was sound.


So we see that the initial revelation of the Ayn Sof into the Halal, which is the empty space, was sound. Sounds are the fundamental building blocks of creation, and monophysics recognizes that, that the most fundamental subatomic particles are actually strings of sound. And this is called this knowledge that the most fundamental particles are actually strings of sound, this is called the super string theory. So now we see why Hindus and Buddhists are always sounding the om, and why they're chanting, they're trying to reproduce the original sound that brought creation into existence. I don't know exactly how Hindus and Buddhist see it, but what comes to mind when I hear this, is that there is a revelation on some level that this creation is dead. And by their trying to reproduce the original sound that brought creation into existence, they're trying to raise the creation from the dead by duplicating the sound of God.


But what's interesting is every time I hear the chanting of Hindus or Buddhists, those are the religions that I'm familiar with that chant, especially the Buddhists chants, they're always very deep, and on a very, very low notes and we have been taught that the Lord Jesus Christ is the high note, he's the high note, he's the high note and he's melody. See, if you ever could enter into a synagogue, they sing the Scripture, the whole service is sang, the whole Bible has cantellation marks every single word, every phrase, every verse in the Bible has note imputed to it, so that you could sing the whole Bible and the melodies are beautiful, they're absolutely beautiful, but I hear a Buddhist chant and it's very low, to me it's sounds like death. I'm not mocking this religion, I'm not, I'm just telling you the truth as I see it, you know.


So to spend this time trying to reproduce the sound that brought creation into existence, some how in my opinion these other religions are way off, using the sounds that they're using because I believe that the truth is in the Scripture as it's been given to the Jew, on Mount Sinai and there is as radical a difference between the chanting of the Jews and the chanting of Buddists and Hindus, as there is of day and night. And I'm going to go with the God of the Bible.


If there is anything to this concept of reproducing the original sound of God, through sound, then I'm going to go for the melody, which I find in the Jewish worship services. But I don't personally think that that's the answer. I think that sound is very important because spirit moves in sound, and spirit affects the human heart very well, but the only thing that is going to restore us to the original estate, before the creation fell is the Lord Jesus Christ, because there is no way to get back up there. Let's be realistic about this, this original sound of creation was sounded by the highest, highest I think it came out of the Ayn Sof, it emanated right out of the Ayn Sof, how could mortal man ever hope to duplicate that sound?


Maybe I'm being naive but I can't even see how anyone would even be able to think that they might stand a chance of doing it. It's almost like we hear about people trying to contact beings in outer space and they keep sending out signals to outer space, that's what I see this chanting and this sounding of the Hindu letters. Being that they're trying to make contact with some force on the other side of the veil that will deliver them. But I think that the chanting of the Scripture of the Jew, is just it's just an exercise in joy. I don't see as an attempt to contact some savior on the other side. It is a communication with God, but not for the purpose of restoring the creation to its pristine estate, at least that's what I think, what do I know, I could be wrong. So we see that sound is the first revelation, sound is the form of will, and these words, you know it's gets very hairy with these definitions, what is will? Will is something very spiritual, I don't even know how to describe it to you.


It's not a desire, a desire is that you want something, a will is to something, a will is a determination, it's very different than desire, and so we're being told that the will of the Ayn Sof arose and manifested as a sound. The will of the Ayn Sof, to have a visible creation, manifested as a sound, and that very sound contains the seed of the essential essence, which is the Keter, and the Ayn Sof is within the Keter. Keter is the highest Sefirot, Keter is the very essence of the Ayn Sof within a border, so we're told that the Ayn Sof is within the Keter. Now the manipulation of sound, if one knows how to manipulate sound, one can influence and change all properties of time, space and matter, and that's awesome to me. And here I am going on and on about chanting, and very possibly Kabbalists are doing very similar chants to the Hindus. I really haven't gotten that far in my studies, so, but that doesn't mean it's, well I'm going to stop right here because I'm in over my head, okay.


Through the manipulation of sound, one can influence and change all properties of time, space and matter. The question is, does God want you to do that. I believe that Jesus Christ was a Kabbalist, I believe he did that, that he was able to change the properties of time space and matter, see. That was how he had supernatural manifestations and supernatural healings. Now I'm told I read by this same author, I've heard him say that there are methods to doing this, that it's not magic if, anyone that has the formula can do it. I really have a problem with that, if it seems to me that anyone that has the formula can do it, then it's not of God. Because God doesn't give his power to just anybody, and it's not a question of just having a formula to call forth the power of God, any power called forth because you're using a formula to me it magic, yet he says it's not magic.


So I don't really know where he's coming from, maybe I don't understand what he's saying. It may be, I'm thinking maybe I was very naive just a few minutes ago about this chanting, because I think the Lord is telling me that the Kabbalist do the same kind of chanting. See I had in mind the melody of the Hebrew service, but I think the Lord is telling me that the Kabbalist when they're alone with their God that they chant just like the Hindus and the Buddhists do, and the purpose of the chanting is to influence and change time space and matter, and as a combination of the words and the tones and the spiritual power that comes forth from the individual.


That's very interesting. So we're told that sounds are the most elemental forms in creation. So it's not surprising that the first thing that came forth from Adam Kadmon is sound, and sound is associated with the ears. So we can say that the first light that came forth from Adam Kadmon came forth out of his ears, see. Remember the lights were inside of Adam Kadmon, they arose within him and they came out of his ears. I've seen so many cartoons of smoking ears, it never occurred to me that that could be any kind of metaphor that exists in our society. You never know what you don't know.


So now the letter that emanates from the ears of Adam Kadmon is the letter Hey, because SaG is the first Hey of the tetragrammaton. The first Hey and the second letter of God's holy name YHVH. The numerical value of the letter Hey is 5, and the Hey represents the initial revelation of 5 partzufim. Now I haven't really told you, in this series I haven't told you anything about partzufim yet, partzufim means personalities. Now the light of the ears of Adam Kadmon is the initial revelation of the light. The first aspect of the light from inside Adam Kadmon that came forth, came forth from the ears of Adam Kadmon, and the reason that those lights came forth is for the sake of the worlds below. To reveal the kernel essence of everything that the worlds below will need.


What did this mean the kernel essence? It means that the lights that originally came forth, well in Adam Kadmon the lights were in a single kernel all wrapped up together, they had to differentiate, they had to come out and separate, and those lights began to separate and they came out of the ears of Adam kadmon, but the important thing is that in this light was everything that the worlds below would need.


You see it was never God's intention that we should be in the condition that we're in. We're all needy, we're physically needy, we're emotionally needy, we're intellectually needy, and we're spiritually needy, every last one of us. Now the partzufim or the personalities represent how the Sefirot are experienced or viewed by the worlds below, that's us, okay. How we view the upper worlds, we view them through the partzufim. We need a point of contact to be able to understand them, so we've been given the partzufim. Now SaG in general corresponds to the plane of mind, and later on to the world of Beriah, so it's not surprising that the beginning of revelation should start with the ears, which symbolizes the intellect of man.


Now the lights of the ears of Adam Kadmon are SaG, and the AB, of Adam Kadmon corresponds to the letter Yod of YHVH. The SaG corresponds to the first Hey of the name YHVH, but the lights that come from the AB, the first letter of the Yod, they remain concealed within the recesses of Adam Kadmon's skull. We don't, we're not discussing them, at least in the Kabbalah that it's in print, we're told that that's not for us to know. Now the SaG of Adam Kadmon is made up of the TaN'T'a, that's what we have on the board right now, drawing # 4, the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin, and the Otiyot, and the light of ears of Adam Kadmon, is called the Ta'amim of the SaG. The light of the ears of Adam Kadmon is called the Ta'amim of the SaG, and the Ta'amim, that's means cantellations. Drawing # 5, I've broken the board into two halves, on the left, I've shown you the partzufim the personalities of the ten Sefirot, the personality of Keter is Arik Anpin, the personality of Chokhmah is Abba which is the Hebrew word for father. Binah is Imma the Hebrew word for mother and 6th Sefirot, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod together collectively are called Zeir Anpin, the son. And Malkhut the tenth Sefirot is Nukvah, the female. Those are the five Sefirot, the five partzufim the personalities of the ten Sefirot. And that pretty much is review for you also.


Now what I have on the right side of the board, you may not have seen yet. Okay, we have, I have up here YHVH, the general tetragrammaton, and as you can see the Yod equals AB, the Hey equals SaG, the Vav equals MaH, and the Hey equals BaN. Now we take the first Hey from the general YHVH, and I've just reproduced it down here, the first Hey is SaG(63), and SaG(63) is one of the names of YHVH that arises out of the general tetragrammaton, is everybody following me? Are you following me? Now this YHVH, which is really the Hey of the general YHVH, is called the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon. See this first Hey that's the SaG of Adam Kadmon, and the holy name YHVH that comes out of it is the A'S'Ma'B, and remember the A'S'Ma'B is the AB, SaG, MaH, and BaN called Sag(63). This is called the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, it was one the last things that we did in the Look At Kabbalah series. Now I had just started to teach you about the cantellations, the Nekudot, the Tagin, and the Otiyot, the Ta'amim or the cantellations, the marks that indicate the tones, the Nekudot are the vowels, the Tagin are the crowns, and the Otiyot are the letters.


So we see that the Yod of the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon, the Yod is the Ta'amim, and they Hey of the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon are the Nekudot, or the vowels, and the Vav of the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon are the Tagin or the crowns, and the final Hey of the A'S'Ma'B of the SaG of Adam Kadmon are the letters. And the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin and the letters altogether are called the TaN'T'a of the SaG of Adam Kadmon. The light of the ears of Adam Kadmon is called the Ta'amim, the Yod of Adam Kadmon's SaG. Now this we're starting to get complicated here, what I want to do, I'm really going to hold this here and we'll pick it up again on Thursday, and now the message has just started to get difficult, and you are all very tired. So we're going to pick up right on this tape on Thursday.




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