550 - Part 12

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COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, this #1, four ways of spelling YHVH, is this called Gematria?


PASTOR VITALE: This is an exercise in Gematria. Yes. I'm going to pray for myself that I can teach this and for everybody here and everybody listening to the tape that God will help us to understand this, and I remind you that in pretty much every book that I've read on Kabbalah so far, the phrase is repeated regularly, "we will understand if God, blessed be He, helps us.


I know that I could not understand unless God, blessed be He, helps me, let alone teach it, unless God, blessed be He, helps me. I do believe that for anyone who is questioning why we have to go to these difficult teachings, if you are listening to the tape, and you don't know what I'm talking about, hopefully you have a picture, a photograph of what I have on the board here. If you do not have a photograph of what I have on the board, then please bear with us or write to us and ask for it because you may have difficultly understanding without that photograph.


It is my understanding that the reason, the basic reason, that we have to learn such difficult things is that this instruction is building the Mind of God in us. Now, as I believe I have told you, I will tell you again, the process of redemption, the actual nitty-gritty of what has to happen to us for us to be redeemed, and, to me, redemption means to be restored upon eternal life, to have eternal life restored within us, what actually is happening is that, of course, first of all, Jesus Christ had to be glorified. So, praise be to God, He's glorified, He's ascended, the Lord Jesus, and He is now an outside light. He is outside of us. Now don't get all excited and start telling me the Holy Spirit is inside of you. Hear me out.


The Glorified Jesus Christ, the whole man, He is a force, a life force, a light source outside of us who is trying to penetrate us, who is bombarding us, trying to penetrate us. We are very defensed against His light. We are fallen, we are darkness, and we are a walled city, and our walls are keeping Him out. Now what we have going for us is that on the inside of our city, we have a seed of His light. So He is outside of us, and He's inside of us.


The Glorified Jesus Christ is ascended and inside of us is the seed of His Son, called Christ. Now, that's pretty much acceptable to the Doctrine of Christ, I don't know if the church world would receive that He's both outside and inside of us. I can relate this teaching to Kabbalah. I can't use the board right now, but you may recall that Adam Kadmon, and we are all a part of Adam Kadmon, and Jesus Christ Glorified is Adam Kadmon. We are all a part of His body, and His body contains both circular and linear Sefirot. Remember that?


As far as the circular Sefirot go, the Infinite One is outside of the outermost circle. We are in the middle, we are The World of Action. Around us is The World of Formation, then around that is The World of Creation, then around that is The World of Emanation, and then around that is the circular aspect of Adam Kadmon, and the light of the Infinite One who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus is outside of that. Now this may not be accurate, but, to help you to understand, the Infinite One is beyond the universes. Space as we see it is still a part of this The World of Action. Beyond space is The World of Formation, The World of Creation, The World of Emanation. My mind cannot even imagine how far away from us the Infinite One is on the outside, but then the linear Sefirot of Adam Kadmon is inside of us, and we have the seed of His life inside of us.


So it is the light that's far away from us, outside of the circular aspect, that's penetrating us, and the light inside of us is working its way outward, and there is going to be a meeting of the two lights, and this is how we shall be saved. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. So the seed of His life that is inside of us is a seed of eternity, but that seed is separated from the reality of eternity, and, in order for us to become eternal, the seed of eternity within us must reconnect to the reality of eternity which is outside of us. Then we shall be absorbed into the eternal one. Is everybody OK?


It is my understanding that the reason for all of these deep studies is that these deep studies are building up the seed of eternity within us so that He can do His part and work His way outward or work His way upward to meet the Glorified Jesus Christ, and is that not the Scripture? And He shall descend with a shout, and we shall arise to meet Him, and He shall catch us up and forever we shall be with the Lord. It is not a physical catching up, and it is not a passive catching up where we do nothing and just wait to float up into His arms. It is a catching up that's taking my whole lifetime. It is taking much effort on my part, and it is a catching up of mind. So for my mind, even my Christ mind to do its part, I have to train my Christ, and mind, and my Christ mind is not isolated.


My Christ mind is joined to me, the personality, so, therefore, not only the Christ mind but my personality must engage in this pursuit of knowledge which is feeding and increasing and maturing the Christ mind in me so that He can do His part and break against my walls, and the wall is Leviathan. Leviathan has Christ locked in here. You may remember the teaching that Cain is the eunuch that covers Abel so that Abel cannot have spiritual sexual intercourse with Christ Jesus. Remember that teaching? OK, it is right here. It is the same message, brethren, only what we are learning right now in Kabbalah is just more detailed. It is the same message. It is the details of the same message, and the details are building Christ in us so that He can go forth, make contact with Jesus Christ outside of Himself so that we may be absorbed into, swallowed up into eternal life. That's the purpose of these studies.


Once Christ Jesus begins to be formed in you, you should have a craving for these studies because that's His food. I can't survive without this.


I want to tell you that when I first saw this teaching today, the four ways of spelling the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, I was slipping out, and it is really at the beginning of the book, but I just went past it because it was too crazy. I don't mean to insult anybody, that was what my carnal mind said, this is insane, but I now understand it a lot more. I understand it enough to be able to make this presentation today, but for the life of me I could not understand why this is just so complicated, it is just crazy, but I do have some more understanding today. I will try to impart it to you.


What I see at this point, and I am still very much a beginner in Kabbalah, is that we will be using this knowledge to understand how the Lord Jesus Christ called Adam Kadmon in Kabbalah is actually penetrating us from the outside, and as this understanding came to me last night as I was studying, I realized that as I understood it, the penetration was taking place. I will say it again. As we understand how the Lord Jesus is penetrating, not only penetrating us, He has to lock on to us. Now the Holy Spirit penetrates, but doesn't lock on to us.


The Holy Spirit falls on you, you speak in tongues, you are anointed, you can be highly anointed to pray healing for somebody one day, and then He's gone. He rises and He falls, but what is happening today is that the Glorified Jesus Christ wants to latch on to us. He wants to make a permanent union, and that mechanism within us that He locks on to is Christ. If you don't have Christ grafted to you, I don't even know how....well, some people understand spiritual teaching without having Christ, they are just born that way, but this message is designed to prepare you and me, more specifically to prepare Christ Jesus in us to be fully equipped to be locked on to by the Glorified Jesus Christ, permanently attached to which is the truth and the reality of our salvation and the impartation of eternal life.


From what I see so far, to understand how the penetration is taking place, and the penetration of the Lord Jesus precedes the locking on of the Lord Jesus to Christ Jesus in us. In order for us to understand this complicated process, we have to understand the different aspects.


Let me get past what I have on the board, and I hope to....I have an image in my mind right now that I might make this a little clearer to you. So let's just go forward with this. I'm burning up with the heat. Am I the only one burning up? I guess the anointing is manifesting.


One other witness I would like to give you before we start, and this witness came to me last night. I remember watching years ago, I thought it was a big spiritual experience many years ago, watching a children's movie called The Never Ending Story. I was so excited because of the spiritual principles that I saw in it, and I watched it a couple of years later, and I could not believe I was excited about that movie, but that's where I was at that time.


In this movie, The Never Ending Story, there is a little boy who is reading a fairy tale about a far away land, like a witchcraft land, and the movie shows you the two worlds. It shows you the far away land. In other words, the book comes to life, everything that he's reading about, and the other world is the world that the little boy is in. He's alone in his room reading this book. At the end of the movie, the two worlds merge, and the characters of that other fantasy world make contact with the little boy, and he is absorbed into their world.


So you see, as we learn about the spiritual world of Jesus Christ we are being absorbed into that world, and we are not being absorbed physically. We are being absorbed into that world in our mind. This is the path. Are there any questions before we start? I hear the Lord telling me that this is a great honor to everyone here, to anyone who gets this tape. From the Lord's point of view, He is bestowing a great honor upon us, teaching us about Himself because we are all cells of Adam Kadmon, and Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon. We are within Him. We are like a single cell within us. That is what we are to Him, but He's communicating with us.


I do want to pray. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just bless everyone that is trying to understand this message. I pray that you open the eyes of our understanding, and that you open my ability to teach, Lord. I pray that this evening should be a great success to your glory, Lord, that we should all walk away from this message understanding something that we did not understand before, and with our ability to understand permanently increased. I thank you Father on behalf of everyone that you are reaching through this message, and I thank you for the privilege of being your mouthpiece, and I say this believing that you will speak through me tonight. In the name of Jesus, Amen.


We have the holy name, the Tetragrammaton, we have spoken about that a lot. It is the word Jehovah with the vowels removed, YHVH, called the holy name, and the teaching here is that each of....first let me remind you of this. We really haven't gone, or I haven't gone much into the letters of the Hebrew language, but I remind you that the concept of the Hebrew letters are really just points of contact that represent aspects of spiritual power, aspects of the spiritual power that the Infinite One poured into Adam Kadmon for the specific purpose of building the worlds.


So the Hebrew letters represent spiritual powers, and we are dealing with spiritual alchemy. The mixture of the letters is a mixture of the powers designed to produce the desired result. What desired result? The result that the Infinite One wants to bring to pass.


So when we talk about the four letters of the Tetragrammaton, we are talking about a combination of spiritual powers that, when fully manifested, is the highest power known to man, and the way this is expressed is to say, when the name is pronounced correctly, sins are forgiven, and eternal life is imparted, but it is much more than a verbal, a vocal pronunciation of the word. It is a pronunciation that comes from the depths of our being, and I want to tell you something. The Glorified Jesus Christ knows how to say the holy name. He knows how to say it. He is our high priest. Remember me teaching you that in the days of ancient Israel, the holy name was pronounced only once on the high holy day on Yom Kippur, the day of atonement for sin? Only the high priest went into the Holy of Holies and pronounced it so that the sin should be removed from Israel.


Now there was something for the people of Israel to do. The high priest went into the Holy of Holies, and pronounced the holy name, and outside of the tabernacle the people had to confess their sins and repent and lay their hands on a goat called the scapegoat which was sent out into the woods, and a whole ritual was pronounced. So the Lord Jesus Christ is here, and He wants to forgive our sins. Remember, the forgiveness of sins is not just a word, it is not just the Lord saying, I forgive your sins, go and sin no more. Something must change in us or we will keep on sinning. The forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a revolving door. It is a ripping out and uprooting of our potential to sin, the true forgiveness of sins.


So the Lord Jesus Christ knows how to pronounce the holy name. That means that when the Lord Jesus Christ is in your life, you don't have to wait once a year for Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement is today. I atone for my sins every day. I confess and repent every day, and the Lord Jesus is my Atonement. He wants to pronounce this holy name to us, and we are in preparation for the Lord Jesus Christ to manifest Himself through us to the extent of pronouncing the holy name. We are being prepared to receive Him, to receive His life, and the benefits to us of becoming His bride which is His vessel, which means we will be His presence in the world, the Lord Jesus wants a physical presence in the world. He wants to be seen through people who do what He tells them to do. What a unique concept! He wants to live in people that actually do what He tells them to do instead of what Satan and Leviathan tell them to do.


So we are being prepared, but He knows the right pronunciation. Remember, the ultimate forgiveness of sin is the removal of the potential to sin which is our whole carnal mind, which means we enter into eternal life. You see, if your sins are really forgiven, you don't die. So Sheila, are you calling Jesus a liar? No, I'm not calling Him a liar, but His promises have not yet been fulfilled in the church or in humanity.


We are talking about four holy letters comprising the holy name, and we are told that this holy name...now remember, this is a combination of streams of spiritual power. Remember, there are 22 Hebrew letters and 10 Sefirot, 32 paths of wisdom or 32 streams of power that can be mixed and matched, and the example that we have is the computer, that you have 3 buttons on your computer. One is called shift, one that is called Alt and one that is called Control. If you press down that control key and, at the same time you press the letter "a" something will happen. If you hold down the control key and, at the same time you press the letter "b" something else will happen. So you can combine the control key with all of the 26 letters on your keyboard and get 26 different functions of your control key. Is everyone OK?


You can do the same thing with your shift key. Hold down the shift key and press the letter "a," and one thing will happen. Hold down the shift key and press the letter "b," and something else will happen. You can have 26 functions of your shift key and 26 functions of your Alt key. So we see that different combinations of the streams of power that are represented by the Hebrew letters can produce an infinite number of combinations.


Brethren, this is what the binary code is. There is a potential for an infinite number of combinations of only two digits, 0 and 1, combined in so many different ways that the potential is infinite. Our of these two digits, a whole language has arisen called the binary code.


So we are talking about the Tetragrammaton, YHVH. Each letter, in and of itself, is a spiritual power, and now we are told that each letter of the holy name, in and of itself, is the holy name. In other words, we could take the first letter, the Hebrew letter if Yod, in English it is a "y," the letter Yod, and we can take that Yod and remove it, take it away from the HVH. Let's just deal with the "Y," and that letter Y, that Hebrew Yod, in itself, is an aspect of the holy name. In itself, it is whole and complete.


Let me give you an example. A woman is pregnant, she carries that baby for 9 months so for 9 months she is one with that baby. The baby is born, the baby departs from the mother, the baby is a wholly individual person, and the mother is still complete. Something has come out of that woman. She has caused a whole life to come forth from her, a whole new life, but the mother is still whole. We can take one of each of these four letters of the Tetragrammaton, and each letter by itself is whole. Each letter, if you take it and put it aside, will become an YHVY all by itself.


Well now, if this is true, if the "Y," the Yod, is an YHVY all by itself, and the "Heh," the "H" is an YHVH all by itself, and the Vav is a YHVY all by itself, well how are you going to tell these four names apart? They are all the same. How are you going to tell which YHVH represents the Yod and which YHVY represents the Hy, and which YHVH represents the Vav or the second Heh? You are going to have four names here. Each one of these letters is a YHVH in itself.


Let me show it to you on the board. Each of the letters of the Tetragrammaton, by itself, is whole and complete as the holy name. The Yod equals the Tetragrammaton all itself, the Heh equals the Tetragrammaton all by itself, the Vav equals the Tetragrammaton all by itself, and the second Heh equals the Tetragrammaton all by itself. So we now see that this holy name consisting of four letters has reproduced itself by division, each of the four letters now by itself is YHVY, and we now have four Tetragrammatons, but they all look the same. Is everybody OK?


So how are we going to tell? Now remember, each letter of the Tetragrammaton represents a spiritual power stream and has a significant and powerful role in our salvation, which salvation is the combining, the latching on to, the securing of the Glorified Jesus Christ to Christ Jesus in us. We want to make that connection, and all of the Lord Jesus Christ is not coming down and entering in to me or you. He's sending down an aspect of Himself. He's not leaving heaven. He's putting His hand down into the asp's nest. That's what we are.


Apparently, it is important that we understand the aspect of Himself that is penetrating into our world. Why? I don't know. I haven't learned that yet, except to tell you that as we understand it, it is happening to us. I guess that is the answer. As we understand it, it is happening to us. So in order to get that message, the people who God moved through to lay out this course of study, tell us that there is a function of the whole name YHVH, but there is also a function of the Yod alone, and there is also a function of the Heh alone, and there is also a function of the Vav alone, and there is also a function of the second Heh alone; therefore, it is necessary to be able to identify which letter expanded out into the Tetragrammaton itself we are talking about.


It would be very cumbersome to say, well I'm talking about the second Heh of the Tetragrammaton YHVH. It would be totally confusing. So we have to give a name to each of these four children that have come into existence. We now have four Tetragrammatons. One representing each of the letters of the original name. We have to give them separate names. You just had four children, well you have to give your children different names. What if you had quadruplets? You have to give them names. You have to be able to tell them apart. So that's what this is all about. Is everybody with me? I will go as slow as necessary. Are you OK?


Now, let's start at the end to make this simple. There are four names, they are called the four names, and these are their abbreviations. I am going to give you the abbreviations, and then I will tell you how these abbreviations were arrived at. The names given to the Tetragrammaton, the YHVH that comes out of the Yod is called "ab," and the numerical value of "ab" is 72. So now we have a clue if we are reading the Scripture and we see the number 72, we know that it is talking about Jehovah. Not only is it talking about Jehovah, but it is talking about the Yod. In particular, the Yod of the holy name, Jehovah.


Ultimately, the Lord will have to teach us. Somehow, we are going to get this information of what special function the Yod has. What is the special function of the YHVH that grows out of the Yod? Obviously, these four Tetragrammatons have different functions. That's why they have to have a different name, they have a different function. You have four children, they have four different functions. One washes the dishes, one washes the floor, one washes the clothes, and one irons. We all wish and hope!


The Hy, the first Hy, of the holy name has a short name, and that is, well I don't know if the Hebrews pronounce it this way, I'm saying SaG. The reason the "a" is a small letter "a" is that we are really talking about the Hebrew letter "S," which is Samech, and the Hebrew letter "G" which is Gimel, and they just put the "a" in there for whatever their reasons, but the small letter means it's like a vowel. We are talking about the letter "S" and the letter "G." The numerical value of the Samech and the Gimel is 63, so whenever we see 63 in the Scripture, we can at least go before God and say, hey Lord, are you talking about the first Heh of the Tetragrammaton? Is that what that number means in this Scripture?


The third letter of the holy name, Vav, the hidden name of the Tetragrammaton associated with Vav is MaH, and again the small letter "a" is merely to identify the Mem. The "M" sound in Hebrew is called Mem, and the "H" is a Heh, and the numerical value of this name is 45. Likewise, the final Heh of the Tetragrammaton, expanded into its own Tetragrammaton is identified by the number 52, and the Hebrew letters Beth and Nun, 52. The Nun is 50 and the Beth is 2, 52.


I have put off teaching you this because it is very difficult, but I know now that we cannot go on without this teaching because as I look at the advanced studies in the book I see the paragraphs specifically dealing, for example, with SaG 63. So we have to know what this is about. Are there any questions so far?


All this math up here, that's more than math, it is letters also, is showing you how these identifying names are arrived at. First of all, let me give you a lesson in math, in advanced math, algebra, any kind of advanced math. Does anybody know what these parenthesis mean? We have number in parenthesis, and then we have plus signs outside of the parenthesis. Does anybody know what that means? OK, let me give you a math lesson. This is an advanced math lesson. This is what you do with strings of figures like this in algebra.


You add or subtract, if you have minus signs in there or division signs or multiplication signs. Anything inside of the parenthesis, you have to do the functions. In other words, we are looking at letter "a" here which is how we arrive at the spelling of the Tetragrammaton associated with Yod which is "ab," 72. You do the functions inside the parenthesis, 10 plus 6 is 16 plus 4 is 20. That means we could put a 20 inside of these parenthesis, and it would be just as valid. If we removed the 10 plus 6 plus 4 and replaced it with a 20, that would still be correct. Understand?


So what we are really saying is 20 plus 15 plus 16, 24, 22, I can't even add, OK, plus 15 equals 72. The letter value of 72 is this apostrophe, I have to tell you I read it somewhere, and I'm going to have to research this. That apostrophe counts for something, and at the moment I can't tell you what it is because I know "a" is the number 1 and "b" is the number 2. The Lord is reminding me that, that is a Yod, and the value of the Yod must be 70 and "a" is 1 and "b" is 1. Now why they put the Yod in there, I read it somewhere, but I can't remember right now why they do that.


Now, where do these numbers come from, 10 plus 6 plus 4? Where did that come from? Now remember, we are dealing with four new Tetragrammatons that were born, each one out of one of the letters of the original Tetragrammaton, and the way the rabbis have distinguished these four Tetragrammatons from one another is to spell them differently which makes no sense at all. I'm right back to telling you again, this is Gematria, and it makes no sense to the carnal mind whatsoever, but if God is in it this is a technique that God is using to bring forth an understanding. Why would they spell it all differently?


Now, over here, let me tell you exactly the way the book puts it to you. The first letter Yod we are told here, the letter Yod hints at Abba which is the Sefirot called Chokhmah, which has one name, YHVH, spelled out fully with Yod. See, they have taken each one of these four letters YHVH, and they have added a Yod to it. Well, here is the original Yod, the first letter of the Tetragrammaton, there it is Yod. The second letter of the Tetragrammaton, Heh, and over here they have spelled the letter Heh as Hy. Why? To make it different from the other three. That's the only reason.


We are talking about spelling letters, like if we were to take the English letter, R, I don't know the legitimate way that someone who would do it, but just by way of example, if I wanted to spell the letter R, I guess I would spell it "are" or "ar." B, I would spell it "be," the letter B. The letter C, I would spell it "Ce." So we are talking about spelling the Hebrew letters, and we are talking about spelling the Hebrew letters for each of these four new-born Tetragrammatons differently.


So for the Yod, we are spelling out this whole name YHVH with Yod. Y, Yod, that's the way it is. The Hy, we are adding a "y" to it. The Vav, we are making it VyV. Why did they do it that way? I don't know. The final Heh, they spelled it Hy. This 10 plus 6 plus 4 is the numerical value of Yod. This 5 plus 10, that is the numerical value of Hy Yod. The 6 plus 10 plus 6 is the numerical value of Vav, Yod, Vav, and 5 plus 10 is the numerical value of Hy Yod, and this particular spelling, taking the first letter of the Tetragrammaton, Y, and....now this letter Y has given birth to its own Tetragrammaton, YHVH, and spelling each of these four letters, YHVH, spelling the letters by adding Yods to them, we find a numerical value of 72. Makes no sense to me. Maybe it would make sense to some genius physicist, I don't know, but I would be surprised if it made sense to a genius. Just as someone who has brought forth the Doctrine of Christ under the spirit of revelation, that's what it says to me. This is the point of contact that the Lord gave them to come up with the right answer. Doesn't have to make any sense.


Now the second letter of the holy name, the first Hy which has given birth to its own Tetragrammaton, we are going to distinguish this Tetragrammaton by spelling, by adding....the letter Hy hints at Imma which is the Sefirot called Binah. HVYH, did I spell that wrong? HVYH. I spelled it wrong. OK, I'm going to have to correct it, and you will have to retake the picture. It is HVYH so at the beginning of the tape, so I was giving you the letters in the wrong sequence. I'm not going to change this board. I want to tell you what happened here.


I spelled the Tetragrammaton YHVH, and I just looked in the book, and I see that in the book they are spelling it HVYH, and I know now that it is not just to confuse me, but the rabbis have moved around the letters of the Tetragrammaton because they think it is a lack of respect for the Lord to even put the letters in the right order so that is really confusing, spelling YHVH. See, if you take Jehovah and you remove the vowels, you get YHVH, but they moved the letters around, and they spell it HVYH, so I'm not going to do that because this is confusing enough. Is everybody OK? I'm just going to leave it phonetic...I'm spelling it phonetically, YHVH, Jehovah, but the rabbis won't spell it like that. They think it is disrespectful, and they mix the letters up, but I'm leaving it YHVH because I'm too confused mixing the letters up on top of everything else here. Is everybody OK?


The second letter, the Hy, that is spelled out with Yod and with an Alef, Yod, Alef. See, Vav, Yod, Alef, Vav. I can't explain it any better. It makes no sense at all. I'm just telling you that's what they did. They added the Vav, the Yod, and the Alef in there, and we get a total numerical value for the second letter of the holy name, for the first Hy of the two Hy's, the second letter we get a numerical value of 63 which is equal to the Samech and the Gimel. So if you see the Samech and the Gimel together, if you see an SG together, well, it may be talking about the Jehovah that comes out of the first Hy of the holy name. Now, I know you have all got this, as I stand here and manifest, this is insanity, except that it works.


Now the third letter of the holy name Vav, that hints at the Sefirot Ze'ir Anpin, from Chesed to Yesod, and this contains a single name, the Tetragrammaton. The third letter is spelled out with Alef also. You can see that there is an Alef added there next to the Vav, and the fourth letter which is the second H has Heh's added. See, there is an H added after two of the letters here, and beyond that I can't explain it to you. That's what they did. This is the formula. God has told me to study this message, and that's what we've got. So as we pursue this message, and as we go deeper and deeper into Kabbalah, you now know what it means if you see something. This SaG 63, and again I don't know if that's how they pronounce it, this SaG 63, I see that at least in the books that I'm studying now. Most commonly, I see this SaG 63 which is the first H of the holy name, and I can't tell you why at this time, but there are four names for this Tetragrammaton. Is everybody OK? OK, you are doing great, no questions?


It is still necessary, actually I am reading you the introduction to this teaching here, that it is necessary to introduce us to this aspect of the holy name, and this is the fact that all of the ten Sefirot, that's all of Adam Kadmon's ten Sefirot which include every single world are considered as one collective whole, or when they are considered as one collective whole, are the single divine name of HYVH. This single divine name HYVH, the Tetragrammaton is talking about the whole of Adam Kadmon, the circular and linear Sefirot, the whole creation in the empty space can be identified by the single holy name called the Tetragrammaton, the HYVH. That's important that we know that.


Now in every place whether considered collectively or as individual parts, one name HYVH emerges out of each of the four letters. I don't know if Infinite One made that clear. The whole of the creation, the whole of Adam Kadmon, the circular Sefirot, the linear Sefirot, each of the ten Sefirot, the whole of Him which we have already discussed so many of His different parts, when we want to refer to Him collectively we can refer to Him as HYVH, the Tetragrammaton, the holy name. In the same manner, every one of His parts is also identified by the holy name. In other words, all of me I'm Sheila, my arm is also Sheila, my leg is also Sheila, my ear is also Sheila, and what that means is that the same genetic heritage that is in my ear is also in my arm, is also in my leg, and is also in the whole of me. So, this holy name....now this is not in the book. This is what the Lord is giving me right now. This holy name, representing the genetic heritage, the genetic spiritual heritage of Adam Kadmon, is identified by the code name HYVH, called the Tetragrammaton.


So we can find that holy name if we are looking at the Partzufim, we can find that holy name if we are looking at the ten Sefirot, we can find that holy name if we are looking at any one of the individual Sefirah, that genetic signature will appear, HYVH, Tetragrammaton. I really thank God for that because I don't know about you, but that really helps me to understand what we are talking about here. Thank you very much for that word of knowledge, Lord.


So we see at the top of drawing #2 that the tip of the Yod of this holy name refers to the Keter, the first Sefirot, and the Yod itself refers to Chokhmah which we know to be wisdom. The first Heh of the holy name refers to Binah which is understanding, the Vav, the third letter of the holy name refers to Tiferet. Now please be aware that we see a different use of Tiferet here. So far, we have been instructed that Tiferet is the sixth Sefirot, that is the balancing agent. Tiferet balances loving kindness and Gevurah which is force, and the Lord has told me that Tiferet is the White Throne Judgment, but here we see Tiferet just used to describe Ze'ir Anpin, that Tiferet is the name that describes the whole six Sefirot that are underneath Binah, understanding, and those six Sefirot called Ze'ir Anpin, there is a Partzuf called Ze'ir Anpin that comprises the sixth Sefirot, Yesod, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod, and we see, and I don't understand why at this time, but Ze'ir Anpin is also referred to as Tiferet so we just have to take that as a rule and accept it until such time as I come across an explanation of it. We now know that there are two uses for that word Tiferet.


The second Heh, the final letter of the Tetragrammaton, represents Malkhut and the personification of Malkhut is Nukva who is the female of Ze'ir Anpin. Now this is very interesting because we have done a lot of work in our translations with the translating of prefixes, and the Vav, the Heh, and the Yod are three of the most common prefixes that I have seen when translating the Hebrew text. The Yod, the Vav and the Heh, and I think we have translated them something like this. The Yod, the Lord had told me, means Adam. Now before we knew about Adam Kadmon, I was translating the Yod as the resurrected Adam, and here we see that the tip of the Yod is Keter which is the first Sefirot, and the Yod itself is wisdom, so we see that the Yod including its tip represents the highest manifestation of the Godhead, the two highest Sefirot, so that word of knowledge that I had from the Lord that the Yod represented the resurrected Adam is accurate.


It represents the two highest Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, and the Heh, now the Heh, my understanding of the Heh as far as translating prefixes was that Heh meant "window," but, of course, understanding can be called a window, a window of understanding, a window of opportunity. These are all idioms that are used in the English language today. A window of opportunity, I think Paul used that. Paul didn't say window, he said door, open a door of opportunity. So I can see how a window can mean understanding means an opening into a new plane, a new consciousness, new knowledge. Although, I have to tell you that I never translated it that way. I didn't understand it to be that, but I have no problem with it now.


The Vav which I translated as a prefix to mean "nailed" or "joined to," we now see that the Vav represents Ze'ir Anpin and all of these qualities. Now that is something that I didn't know, that the Vav could represent Chesed (loving kindness), Gevurah (might), Tiferet (the White Throne Judgment), Netzach (overcoming power), Hod (identifying with Christ), and Yesod (the funneling together of all of these qualities plus the male drop or the male aspect of Adam Kadmon). The Yesod is His genitals, so I didn't have that revelation in translating the Vav. Neither did I understand that the Heh, also as we see it in its second place, could represent Malkhut or Nukva, the female. I knew that Heh was a female letter, but I see a much richer opportunity to use these prefixes or to understand or to interpret these prefixes if I ever get back to translating again.


Now, of course, you have to try the spirit. You have to have this knowledge, and when you look to translate the word, you have to take the whole verse and possibly all of the surrounding verses and see if that fits and then ask the Lord if that is how He wants you to translate it, but a whole new world of understanding and potential translations have opened up to us with this knowledge. Frequently, I would see the Yod together with the Vav, so that would mean Chokhmah joined to Ze'ir Anpin. That's interesting because we are told that Chokhmah (wisdom) is never without understanding, that they are a permanently married couple. So Yod and Vav which, usually, when I would translate it as the resurrected Adam.... I'm sorry, it was not the Yod alone, it was the Yod plus the Vav that was the resurrected Adam. There we go. The Yod is wisdom plus Ze'ir Anpin. It is the whole resurrected body of Adam Kadmon. So I did have a right word of knowledge on that.


Now, the holy name also appears in the Partzufim and, to me, this is very exciting to see the letters of the holy name assigned to parts of the body. That means when we are translating or when we are trying to understand the Scripture, and we see the word "skull," for example, we read about the skull tonight because we did an exhortation on Jezebel where only her skull and her feet and the palms of her hand remained. The skull is another word for cranium, and we see that the tip of the Yod means the cranium. I don't know what to do with that as far as our exhortation on Jezebel is concerned. Only the cranium remained, only the Keter remained? I'm not really sure what that means, and I would have to look at the Scripture in the Interlinear Text.


Then we see that the Yod itself refers to the right brain. There are two sides to the brain, and wisdom (Chokhmah) or the Yod refers to the right side of the brain, and Binah, the left side of the brain, is signified by the first letter Heh, and the Vav signifies Ze'ir Anpin which is the main part or the torso of the body, and the sixth Sefirot which are within Ze'ir Anpin, Chesed, Gevurah, Tiferet, Netzach, Hod and Yesod, they are referred to as the six extremities of Ze'ir Anpin, two arms, two legs, I'm not sure what the other two are, six extremities. I can't tell you that off-hand right now. The final Heh of the Tetragrammaton refers to the Malkhut that belongs to this particular Partzuf. Now remember, these Sefirot, these 10 Sefirot go on ad infinitum. In each Sefirot there are 10 more Sefirot, and in each of those 10 there are 10. It goes on ad infinitum. It is mind-boggling. I cannot cope with it.


In the same manner, each Partzufim has the holy name which goes on ad infinitum within it, layers upon layers, upon layers, upon layers. Now, we also see that the holy name within the Partzufim, each letter of the holy name within a Partzuf is assigned to a different name. The Yod, we see, if the #72 which "ab," and the Heh is #63, that's SaG, and the Vav which is Ze'ir Anpin is 45 MaH, and the Heh is also #52 BaN. So we see that the holy name within the Partzufim, also each letter of the holy name is identified by a different numerical value. Each of these numerical values is the name the Tetragrammaton, HYVH of itself. It is a valid, fully complete expression of the holy name, yet we identified it by a particular numerical value. As we go on with our studies we will see that it is important to be able to identify whether the HYVH or the Jehovah that we are speaking about is the Jehovah of the Yod, the Jehovah of the Heh, the Jehovah of the Vav or the Jehovah of the second Heh.


Does anybody have any questions about this difficult message. I really resisted teaching this, but it seems to have gone over pretty well. I'm not feeling that anybody is struggling in their spirit so I thank God for that.


So each and every Sefirot is divided into 10 Sefirot with 10 more within each of those 10, and so on without end, and it is the same with the different spellings of the name, HVYH or as we are spelling it here, YHVH which are multiplied and divided with no end. It is also true about the individual details of the Sefirot which are also divided endlessly. So let's not focus on the mind-boggling aspect of this, but let's just go with this teaching and plod forward and remember that as we absorb these studies, we are being penetrated by the Glorified Jesus Christ to the end that He will permanently latch onto or marry Christ Jesus within us so that we may be absorbed into the eternal life of the Almighty. That's very exciting to me.


I would like to make one more point. Can you handle one more point, is everybody OK? I would like to share with you what the Lord has told me. First of all, everything that we are talking about, all of the worldsin Adam Kadmon are all inside of us. They are outside of us, and they are inside of us. The World of Emanation, the Lord has told me, is Christ Jesus. So when the Lord Jesus Christ moves to penetrate us from the outside, He is locking onto The World of Emanation within us. Now, you may recall me teaching you that when Adam Kadmon, when His linear aspects penetrate into the circular aspects He goes only as far as The World of Emanation. I didn't say that exactly right. The light of the Infinite that's within Adam Kadmon goes only as far as The World of Emanation.


The other worlds, worlds of creation, formation, and action, they receive a reflection of that light. The light of the Almighty does not pass into the worlds of creation, formation, and action. Those three worlds collectively are called the clothing of Adam Kadmon or the clothing of The World of Emanation anyway. The World of Emanation is the body of Adam Kadmon. So relating this to us as humans, The World of Emanation is Christ Jesus, and the Glorified Jesus Christ is coming to enter into a direct union with Christ Jesus, The World of Emanation within us, but the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ is not touching directly our physical body, our astral body, or our etheric body, but these bodies which are the clothing of the glory within us will receive the power or the emanation or the shadow of the glory that's in Christ Jesus. Now that makes sense, doesn't it? The glory of the Glorified Jesus Christ is going to rest in Christ Jesus, and will shine out from Christ Jesus and will touch our three bodies that do not have direct contact with the Glorified Jesus Christ, healing and restoring and imparting eternal life to our three layers that do not have direct contact with Him.


I intended to show you something with this drawing. What I really wanted to do, and it didn't come out, and I guess it is just too late, and it didn't come out. Maybe the Lord didn't agree with what I had in mind, but I had hoped to show you some of the details of the penetration, but I guess that will have to be for next time. I wanted to relate those details to what I told you earlier, to explain to you why we have to know all of these details and the names of all of the aspects of the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon.


The linear aspect of Adam Kadmon does not descend into our bodies. He just sends aspects of Himself forth, and first He lets down His Malkhut. Now remember, the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon has within her 10 more Sefirot, then in the Malkhut of Adam Kadmon there are 10 more Sefirot, and the Lord was showing me last night how....did you ever see one of these rulers that fold up, and they fold up line in one foot sections, and you unfold them as you need it. That's what's coming down from the linear Adam Kadmon, and each section that you unfold has its own name. That's why learning all these names is so important, but I guess it is just too late to do that. We will leave it for the next message.


In any event, I have given you some new information that, I believe, the Lord has told me that The World of Emanation is Christ Jesus. This message is real. It is real to us, it is happening within us, and it is happening outside of us, but most of all it is happening within us.


The light of the Infinite that's outside of us is so far away that it could probably never touch us, but the light that's inside of us, that's our hope. It is the hope of our glory. Christ in us, our ability to have the Glorified Jesus Christ lock onto us. That's our hope. Any questions or comments?


Thank you Lord for making this teaching so palatable. I just really thank you and give you all the glory. In the name of Jesus - Amen.


COMMENT: I was just looking at the spelling of the word circular Sefirah as Sefirah, and I thought that was supposed to be singular?


PASTOR VITALE: Right, and the reason I have it singular is that we are dealing with the circular....I see where you are coming from. I will try to explain it to you.


We are dealing with the circular Sefirot, Adam Kadmon, and, technically, all of the worlds are within Adam Kadmon, the worlds of emanation, world of creation, formation and action, and they are all of His worlds, but what I am referring to here, and the reason I made it singular is that I am referring specifically to this outer circle which is Adam Kadmon, but they are all collectively Adam Kadmon. It is the same thing as the holy name, HYVH. This most outer Sefirah is Adam Kadmon, then here comes The World of Emanation, then come the other worlds, but they are also collectively all Adam Kadmon, but in this instance I'm just referring to the outer layer.





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