550 - Part 22

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Praise the Lord we're working on lesson 8 of our online course and we're up to the, there are several paragraphs where the teacher of this online course describes the fall of the vessels and the light of the world of points, and he goes forward with this theory which I believe is Isaac Luria's theory of the restoration of the light of the world of points, and I'm not going to go into each paragraph because it's very complicated , I did work it up for my own notes and I just can't see any benefit in doing that, but he finally comes to the place where he tells us and I'm at the top of page three if you want to follow me, he tells us that after the light and the vessels of the world of points fell, there was a restoration, and he tells us that the Keter and the Binah and the Chokhmah, they did not shatter, those vessels did not shatter, but they were damaged or they were blemished, and they descended but ultimately they all were restored, the Keter, the Binah and the Chokhmah were restored in the form of super vessels, he says, and let me tell you this, that the his whole point here is that the lights of the world of points were restored and they were restored in three columns.


Now the teacher of our online course, he says that the lights of the world of bound lights and the world of points came out in a straight vertical line, they were not in three columns, and this is the reason of the shattering, we went in to this in the previous part, on part 21. And of course the Lord has told us otherwise, which we went into the two theories on part 21, Isaac Luria's theory as to why the vessels shattered, and what the Lord has told me which we are calling Christ centered Kabbalah. So these whole next paragraphs are Isaac Luria's explanation of how the fallen lights ascended back up to the world of points, and this time they established, they were established in three columns. So now there's no more reason for the vessels to be shattering again because the whole purpose of the three columns is to provide a balance and a communication and balance between the Sefirot. The teaching goes that when the Sefirot are across from one another they can interact with one another, limiting one another and working together and therefore they can reach a balance which is the center column. Okay, and that's what I have on the board for you, that the teacher calls them super vessels Binah, Netzach and Hod establish the left column, Keter and Tiferet establish the center column, and Chokhmah and Yesod, the light of the Sefirot establish the right column.


This brings us to page three where the teacher of the online course is saying, We thus see that the shattering of the vessels and the ascent of the light produced a very positive outcome, it led to the creation of the three columns of the Sefirotic tree. Once again the teaching here is that God ordained the shattering of the vessels and that the positive outcome was the establishment of the balanced three columns of the Sefirotic tree. That's what Isaac Luria says, but Christ centered Kabbalah says no this is not so, the vessels shattered because of the rebellion of Malkhut, because of Malkhut rebelling against her God ordained role. And the truth of the matter is that we see this, this resistance or rejection of the traditional female role in a lot of women today, I'm not saying it's good or it's bad, I'm just telling you how it is. We see this in a lot of women today that they really do not want the traditional female role, which is the man goes out and pursues his career and the woman stays home and her role is to support the man whose out in the world building his career and hopefully using the finances and the fruits of it to bless his family.


We see a lot of women today that want their own career, some women are happy to stay home and be a support to their husband and that's okay, but we see a lot of women today who do not want to do that. And I am one of those women, I have a call on my life, for me to give up this call and to be a support to a man, I don't even think I'm capable of doing it at this point, because I've already become spiritually male. So we see that the creation as a whole is maturing spiritually, each individual has an opportunity to mature spiritually, but also each society or society in general, of course society varies from generation to generation is maturing and then the whole human race is maturing, and we see what God is doing spiritually manifesting in the natural. Now it's not working too well in this country, a lot of women are career women and a lot of children are not growing up in a sound environment today. So what is the answer? The answer is that you really can't do both you see. Women don't want to hear that.


If you want to have your career, God's way is that the man goes out and has the career and the woman stays home and is the support that really works best concerning the building of a family, and the raising of the children, that relationship is what works best. It makes the family strong, the children grow up healthy, that's what works best, but we see that the society is maturing. Am I telling people not to have a career, am I telling women not to have a career? No I'm not, I'm not telling you not to do that, I'm really not. I'm just pointing out to you the manifestation in today's society of Malkhut's rejection of her role, a role in which she is a recipient and the vehicle, and the receptacle of all of the emanations of God for the purpose of producing a visible creation. She's the mother who's suppose to stay home with the children and raise the family. We see Malkhut resisting her role.


She resisted it and she rebelled against her husband, Yesod, she reversed the blood flow of the creation and she destroyed Yesod and Yesod is the male organ of Ze'ir Anpin, with by reversing the blood flow Malkhut destroyed the Sefirot above her which connected her to Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah who are the well Binah in particular who is eternal life in the world to come. Malkhut never intended to do that. She just wanted to be in the male role. So we talked about this on the past message, and therefore we'll not spend too much time on it today. We'll go on, so I want to make it clear, I am disagreeing with the first paragraph on page three which says that God deliberately planned and caused the shattering of the vessels, for the specific reason of setting the stage for the lights of the world of points to emanate in three columns. And the Christ centered Kabbalah says, no this was not necessary, the lights that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes had the wherewithal to manifest in three separate columns. The vessels shattered because Malkhut reversed the blood flow, and ejaculated upward into her husband, and destroyed the Sefirotic tree.


So we see our writer says the balanced emanation of the Sefirot did not occur in either the mouth of Adam Kadmon, that's the world of bound lights nor originally from his eyes, that's the world of points, Christ centered Kabbalah disagrees with that. The process of the death of the primordial kings occurred in order to create balance among the Sefirot. Let me remind you that the primordial kings are the seven Sefirot, actually there were eight primordial kings, Da'at, the seven Sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut plus Da'at are the primordial kings, and they died when their vessels shattered and light flowed out. The outplaying of that in our world today is when a human being dies, the blood flows out.


The process of the death of the primordial kings occurred in order to create balance among the Sefirot. In other words death was created in order for life to be born. I have a real problem with that. This is the best that God could do, that he had to create death so that life could be born. I know that in this world that is a truth, in this fallen mortal world that is a truth, as far as plants go, sterile ground cannot produce life, you have to put dead fish or dead mulch, you have to put something dead in the ground to fertilize it. In order for a baby to be born for all intents and purposes the sperm and the egg die, so that a new creature can come forth. Our carnal mind must die so that we can become a new creature, but this is all true in the fallen world. I do not believe anything had to die in the world that existed before time began before the fall. Life can come out of life.


Remember the light of the Ayn Sof which is flowing through Adam Kadmon has everything in it, everything that exists in this world, existed in the black light of the Ayn Sof and remember black light is light that contains all the colors, black light has everything in it, and the black light descended the black light that came through Adam Kadmon descended for the purpose of becoming more and more gross or more and more thick, so that it could be formed into a visible world. So everything that you see in this world existed in the Ayn Sof, in a homogenous form, everything was blended together, there was no separation. So you can't tell me that you need death to be created so that life could be born. Life comes out of life, life is born from life.


In this world a seed can't be born unless it's planted in the ground with fertilizer but that's because the ground is dead. So I have a problem with this whole concept here. In other words reading from our notes now, death was created in order for life to be born. Alternatively darkness was created so that light could come out of it. Well I have a problem with that too. I thought that the Ayn Sof was black light, the light of the Ayn Sof and Adam Kadmon is black light, and the difference between black and darkness is simply that black is a color and darkness is an adjective although I did check it out in the Scripture and darkness is almost just about always related to the negative side, whereas blackness or black can either be negative or it can be referring to the black light of God. So he says here darkness was created so that the light could come out of it, but I don't receive that, light, white light came out of the black light, white light came out of the black light. Satan is darkness, I mean the darkness is Satan, powers and principalities were created so that the light of God could come out of them? No I don't think so. White light came out of the black light.


We find that this is exactly how our heavens and earth were created, God said, let there be light and there was light. Okay this is the reasoning of our writer and I don't know if this is Isaac Luria, our writer has taken material from several Kabbalists so I don't know if this is Isaac Luria, but Christ centered Kabbalah resists this teaching. God said let there be light and there was light, but prior to the light there was darkness. No where does the Torah speak about the creation of the darkness, only that the light came out of it.


Well the problem here is that we have to ask the question, where in the process of creation did Genesis take place. He said God said let there be light, that's in the early passages of Genesis chapter 1, where was that taking place that was a beginning, we don't know what happened before that. All I know is God is saying let there be light in me, I see creation taking place in me, I see creation taking place in you, I see Genesis 1 in you and me. John 1 says that the light came into the world and the darkness comprehended it not. So what is Genesis 1 talking about? Is it talking about mankind today, is it talking about what our world is like after the fall? Where do we place Genesis now that we know that there was and is an existence before Genesis 1, where do we place Genesis 1? Does anyone not understand what I'm talking about? You know for years, from time to time some Christian would come to me and talk to me about a previous creation, someone would read Genesis 1 and get a revelation that there was a creation prior to this creation. And the first time somebody said that to me, I resisted it, I said, "Oh that's ridiculous, I don't believe that. I then heard it from several people over the years. Well there was darkness over the earth and the earth void without form and it sure does sound like there was something before that, that was blown up or destroyed, you know. Well maybe Genesis one picks up after the shattering of the vessels.


Actually it wasn't until the Lord brought me to Kabbalah that I found an explanation of an existence before Genesis 1 that made sense to me. See what I had heard in the church was God made another creation and he got mad at it you know like with the flood and he just wiped everybody out, and I just couldn't receive that, see. But now that the Lord has permitted us to study Kabbalah, I receive this teaching that the worlds were coming forth through Adam Kadmon and that the Lord had a plan, and it was and is a glorious plan, but that rebellion appeared and was not restrained adequately by Yesod, and the vessels of the world of points shattered, Malkhut reversed the blood flow, the vessels from Da'at through Malkhut, she herself exploded and fell down to the lower worlds and that was the big bang, which brought the material world into existence, and then we Genesis 1:1, there was chaos everything was void and empty and darkness was on the face of the deep, after the explosion and the destruction of the vessels of the world of points. So it wasn't that God wiped out a previous creation, but that there was a rebellion in the creation before time began.


When you're studying the Scripture it's very important to be able to place where the events that you're studying take place because they may mean one thing in a certain context, and these very same words could mean something else in another context. So I have a problem here with our online teacher, I disagree with him, we're talking about here, I'm reading from the notes now. We find out this is exactly how our heavens and earth were created, God said, "Let there be light", and there was light, no I don't think so. Listen to this, God said this is how our heavens, he's talking about the heavens in the universe, he's talking about the physical planets out there, he's saying this is how they were created, God said let there be light. I'm saying no, that's not how they were created, no this heavens and earth came into existence because of Malkhut's rebellion, and there was darkness and everything was empty and without form, and the Lord said let there be light. I have to make this clearer to you. Listen, after Malkhut's rebellion, by the time the events appeared in the world of action what we have is this fallen world, this fallen world that is void and empty and darkness without light.


Does Paul say, darkness is everywhere, darkness covered the whole earth, that's what Paul said. This whole world before Christ came, except maybe the light that came from the Jews which were a small nation, or before the covenant was made with the Jews on Mount Sinai, this whole world was void and empty without form and darkness covered everything, and God is coming to this world, first through the Jew, and now the through the Christian and saying let there be light.


So I think the time sequence here is not understood correctly. We find this is exactly how our heavens and earth were created no. Our heavens and earth were created through Malkhut's sin. After we were created in the form of the Serpent, I shouldn't say created, after we were formed, with the substance of God in the image of the Serpent, then the Lord came and he said, let there be light in this darkness, and John 1 tells us and a great light came into the world and the darkness comprehended it not. Does anyone not understand what I just said? No where does the Torah speak about the creation of darkness only that the light came out of it. The darkness came when the Sefirot from Da'at through Malkhut exploded, and they were cut off from Keter, Binah, and Chokhmah, the light, the light of the world.


Jesus said I am the light of the world, Jesus in the days of his flesh was a manifestation of Binah to us, she is the light of the world. The falling of the vessels into Beriah, that's the world of creation, that's the world below the world of points, the falling of the vessels into Beriah is also of great significance, I'm thinking that I should put this on the board what I just read about let there be light. Let me see if I can get that on the board for you. Drawing #2, Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. God is a translation of Elohim, and Elohim is the name of God associated with Binah. In the beginning Binah created the heaven which Kabbalah tells us is Ze'ir Anpin, the son, and Binah also created Malkhut the earth, and that is standard Isaac Luria. Ze'ir Anpin is the heaven, and Malkhut is the earth. So we see the three Sefirot that never descend below, Keter, Binah and Chokhmah, and I put down the names of God associated with each one, Keter is the name of God with Keter is I am, the name of God associated with Chokhmah is Yah, and the name of God associated with Binah is Elohim. And Binah gave birth to the lower seven Sefirot.


The lower seven Sefirot from Gevurah, Hod, Tiferet, well actually it's Gevurah Tiferet, Chesed, Hod and Netzach, Yesod and Malkhut are all created Sefirot. Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, are not created, they were formed. I'm not going to say the wrong thing, I'm not really sure, I believe they were formed by Adam Kadmon, I could be mistaken about that, but I know that the created Sefirot are the ones below called the heaven and the earth, or the son and the daughter. So I'm showing you the world of emanation, the question that comes to mind is, well Sheila the world of emanation was not created in the beginning, first we have the world of bound lights and then we have the world of points, and the world of points fell, the vessels shattered and the light fell before the world of emanation even came into existence.


Brethren in the spirit, in the creative spirit, as soon as the thought comes forth, the item is created. In this world a man and a woman say, well let's have a child, then the woman first has to conceive, you have to wait 9 months, you know the whole story, in the spirit from the second the Ayn Sof said, let there be a heaven and earth, and then it was Binah who did the work, the heaven and earth were instantly created. Then after they're created, they have to manifest. That's what the Scripture says in another place in Genesis, all the plants were made before they appeared in the earth.


The instant, the instant that the Ayn Sof thought this creation into existence, it's existed in the highest planes of the spirit. Then it started to appear. So this is the world of emanation, this in the beginning God created, that's what Binah did following the instructions of the Keter who was fulfilling the plan of the Ayn Sof. But in the process of this world of emanation unfolding or coming forth, the rebellion took place in the formation, in the place of the world of points, does anybody not know what I'm saying here, is anyone not following me? Everybody following me? Okay.



So we have Genesis 1:1 saying that in the beginning God created Ze'ir Anpin and Malkhut, that's basic Kabbalistic teaching, okay if everybody's okay we're take a picture and we'll go on to Genesis 1:2. This is drawing #3, we're dealing with the first part of Genesis 1:2, and the earth, Malkhut was without form. The reason I put down chaotic here is because the Kabbalists translate without form, chaos, and the Hebrew word for chaos is tohu. In the Kabbalistic literature there's a great deal spoken about concerning Tohu, and Bohu, I haven't really addressed that issue in these meetings yet, but if you've read the Zohar, you may have come across those words, it's a big, big issue in Kabbalah, Tohu, and Bohu, Tohu the translation of what the King James would say without form, and Bohu, the translation of what the King James would say void. So that's why I wrote chaotic on the board, but more for our purposes here, this word, Hebrew word translated both without form and chaotic by the Kabbalist, can also be translated confused. Now I've known that for a long time, but I could never apply the word confused to the earth until I started studying Kabbalah, and I found out that the earth is Malkhut, and now especially since the Lord has given us this understanding of what caused the earth to come into this condition that Malkhut had all of this energy that she literally ejaculated into her husband, and she tried to be a man, look for the woman to be a man, you have to make the man a woman. She had no idea that she would kill her husband and all the Sefirot above her, all of the created Sefirot above her, she wasn't even thinking that far into the future. She just followed her feelings, she did what she wanted to do.


How many people just do whatever they want to do and they go into destruction. She never expected the world of points to collapse, to go up in smoke, she never expected the big bang. So she was all confused. Did you ever see a picture of somebody coming out of an explosion, or somebody coming out of a car accident, they're just walking around and they can't figure out what happened to them, as a matter of fact, not only was Malkhut confused, she got amnesia, we are the descendants of that Malkhut on this plane of consciousness we are Malkhut who walked away from that explosion and she lost her memory. We don't even know who we are or who we were. She emerged from that explosion in a totally new fallen world, and we still can't figure out what happened to us, but the truth is coming forth today through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Humanity doesn't have a clue as to how they wound up in this condition, including the Kabbalist, I've heard a lot in spiritual philosophy about how we lose our memory when we're born in the flesh, and how this is a dream, but I've never ever been able to explain it like this, I don't know about you but I am so excited at what the Lord is teaching us here. Malkhut came away from that explosion which we know as the big bang as an amnesiac, we're all suffering from amnesia, and we're down here in the lower world repeating our crime, because it's our crime that we performed on a higher plane of consciousness, eons ago, we're doing it over and over, and over again, as individuals, and as societies, we're amnesiacs, spiritual amnesiacs. I've heard all kinds of explanations why do we lose our memory when we're born in the flesh? Because the memory is in the brain, and I've heard all of these explanations, no, we lose our memory when our spiritual beings are born in the flesh, because we haven't recovered from that explosion yet and we're amnesiacs.


So in verse Genesis 1:2, the beginning of Genesis 1:2, And the earth, Malkhut was confused, we're walking around like we're in sleep walking, we don't know who we are, did you ever see a movie like this, we don't know who our husband is, we don't know who our kids are, we don't know what happened to us, we've completely lost our identity. And the earth, Malkhut was confused, and the world of creation which Malkhut was suppose to form was a desert wilderness.


Jesus talks about the wilderness, brethren the world of creation is the world below the emanation, and the world of emanation that's suppose to be involved in bringing forth a world, in the world of action that is immortal. The whole male world of creation is cut off. Jesus said, I go to make a place for you, he went to build up this world of creation, he went to build up the world of emanation and the world of creation, so that the world of formation, which is the astral plane can come into the image of the Lord Jesus, that's where all the wicked entities are in the astral plane, and so that the world of action could come into order. Paul uses this word, disorderly, you know I use to read that word in the King James, and I'd say disorderly what does that mean? What does it mean to be disorderly? It means you're out of order, it means your mind is out of order, it means you think wrong, you don't know how to relate to God, you don't know how to relate to your fellow man, you're filled with pride and rebellion and envy, who? The whole of humanity including the church. We're disorderly, we're all out of order.


So looking at drawing #3 I'm showing you the vessels that shattered, I should really have Malkhut on there also, before you take the picture I have to add Malkhut, and I should put Da'at in there also. So the vessels shattered, the male world of creation is to this minute and time a desert wilderness, except in the people where Christ is building it up, and that has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit, if you have the Holy Spirit your world of creation is still a wilderness. The female world of formation which is the astral plane, that's where all the evil entities are, is chaotic, it's confused, the female world of formation is confused, she's suppose to be the Godly woman of Proverbs, that's serving the male who's inhabiting the world of creation. But there is no male in the world of creation, and well there is no male there, there's a female there, okay, and the female world of formation is all confused, and evil. And of course the world of action is disorderly, unformed. We're not unformed well as far as God is concerned we're unformed but we're formed incorrectly, we're out of order, our mind is out of order, our physical body is only a reflection of our mind. If you have disease in your body it's because your mind is, you've got a malfunction in your mind. That's a hard word but I'm telling you the truth, that's what the Scripture teaches, if you've a cancer in your body, it's because you've got a cancer in the way you think.


So the point that I'm making, I'm going to go on with this, because it's too exciting to not go on with it, but the point that I'm making is that I am resisting what our online teacher says. Listen let me just point this out to you, let's go back to the notes for a minute, and then we will finish these few verses. Our online teacher says, we find that this is exactly how our heavens and earth were created. God said let there be light and there was light. That's Genesis 3, but I just proved to you that Genesis 1:1 where God said, where it says God created the heavens and the earth, that was the creation of the world of emanation, Genesis 1:2 where it says, and the earth was chaotic and confused and without form and a wilderness, that's after the fall, that's after the shattering of the vessels. So our online teacher draws a conclusion that because Genesis 1:1 says and God created the heavens and the earth, and then Genesis 1:2 says that the earth was confused and a wilderness, our online teacher is thinking that's how God created the heaven and the earth. I'm going to put that on the board, let's take a picture here I'm going to put that exercise on the board for you. Drawing #4, two statements appear, and God created the heaven and the earth, let me point out to you that heaven is singular in this place, heaven is Ze'ir Anpin, he's usually plural because the heavens that's plural, that always includes his wife, which is the Nukvah, which is the Partzuf of Malkhut, but here in Genesis 1:1 heaven is singular because Ze'ir Anpin is not married yet, you see. And God created the heaven and the earth, Genesis 1, and the earth was confused and a desert, Genesis 2, draw a conclusion. If God didn't tell you otherwise what conclusion would you draw?


Don't think any deep thoughts into this, just simply read the two statements and God created the heaven and the earth, and the earth was confused and a desert. Would have any perception whatsoever that the earth rebelled and caused the big bang and all of that happened? How could you possibly know that? So unless the spirit of revelation is upon you, any rational person would draw the conclusion that God created the earth, what is going on here, drawing #4, this is one of our exercises in practicing how to draw conclusions, we do a lot of this work off the tape, so we're going to do it on the tape tonight. We have two statements, one from Genesis 1, And God created the heaven and the earth, Genesis 2, and the earth was confused and a desert place. Draw a conclusion, God created Malkhut which is the earth in a state of confusion, and her world is a wilderness, anybody would draw that conclusion.


Remember the mysteries of the Scripture are hidden, you can only understand them by the spirit of revelation. So the spirit of revelation reveals that Binah which is Elohim, Binah's offspring, and that's the seven Sefirot including and then plus Da'at makes eight, that those Sefirot plus Da'at that Binah created exploded somewhere between verse 1 and verse 2 because of Malkhut's rebellion. Nobody could every know that, so we see that our online teacher although I'm sure he's a very good teacher, but his carnal mind has drawn a conclusion here, he has drawn a conclusion, because the spirit of revelation was absent in this particular situation. Then at the bottom of the board I'm just reminding you, does anybody not understand what I just said here, that any logical person would draw that conclusion but the spirit of revelation says otherwise? See one thing I noticed recently while studying the Zohar, that a lot of what the Zohar says about a particular Scripture, completely reverses the way that Scripture sounds in the King James, and I immediately thought what I and we all went through here when I first started bringing forth the doctrine of Christ.


I had people say to me, Sheila you are completely reversing the Scripture, it's negative in the King James and you are making it positive, it's the exact opposite and my answer was yes, this is the mind of Christ, so it would be the exact opposite, but a lot of people had a problem with that, that I was reversing the Scriptures, and here I see in the Zohar the same thing is happening. Well that's not on the board right now but I'm just sharing with you what came to mind recently while studying the Zohar. I was looking at something that would be negative in the King James, and when the writer of the Zohar expounded on it...


Now at the bottom of the board, I just remind you of who the Serpent is, the Serpent is Malkhut the female dominating Yesod, the possessor of the male seed, and as I put that on the board the Lord gave me a Scripture in Rev. 17, which I will read on to the tape for you, Rev. 17:3-5, well I guess I should start at verse 1, "And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials and talked with me saying unto me, come hither, I will show unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters, with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication. So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness, and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns and the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications, and upon her head was a name written, Mystery Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots the abominations of the earth."


It's Malkhut, and further along here somewhere it says the woman riding on a great beast, did I read that, I did?


Okay, the beast that she's riding on is what she has made of Yesod, and another way of saying it is that Cain is riding on top of Abel. It's all the same message it's just presented in different ways to emphasize different aspects. Now further, was it in verse 5 where it says "sitting on many waters", did I read that, that she was sitting on many waters? Yes in verse 1 it talks about the great whore that sitteth upon many waters. Chokhmah is the waters, Binah is the fire, so this is the understanding that God gave me, this whore she's sitting on the wisdom or she's married to, that word sitteth is in the Hebrew frequently translated to be married to, so she is married to the wisdom of the many members of humanity. In other words she has all of humanity blinded, she's possessing the wisdom that belongs to us and in her possession of it, she's twisted the truth and deprived us of a knowledge of who we are. Is everybody okay? Okay, let's take a picture of that.


Drawing #5 is just an extra, I'm showing you the seven heads of the beast, and the ten horns of the beast according to Revelation 17, the seven heads of the beast are the seven Sefirot that Malkhut revealed in her own image or in the image of the Serpent and the ten horns are the ten Sefirot under each major Sefirot or under each head, each Sefirot has another ten Sefirot underneath it, those are the ten horns or the ten powers of the seven heads of the beast. Praise the Lord, let's go on.


Drawing #6, I've divided the board in two, this is a correction of something I said earlier, I think it was on drawing #4 when I quoted the horse sitting on many waters, Rev.17:1, I said that the waters, Chokhmah is the waters, and that the whore was married to the wisdom of the many members of humanity. There's probably a truth in that, but the Lord has given me a greater truth that the waters in this case are the waters of the sea, and I have learned from the Zohar that the sea is really referring to the, what we would call the ocean bed. I know in the doctrine of Christ I had several illustrations where I called it the ocean bed, that is the sea, and Yesod is the waters of the sea, okay. And that sea really signifies the, it's really the seminal fluid of Adam Kadmon that's resting in Malkhut, and there is as in the natural sea, there is a mixture of the waters and the earth at the point of meeting. So we see that Malkhut is the sea, and Yesod is the waters of the sea, but in the book of Rev.17:1, we're told the whore sits upon many waters, that is merely the reversal that I have shown you concerning Malkhut's rebellion.


She set herself on top of Yesod. Remember that teaching about Malkhut's rebellion, what she did, where she reversed the blood flow, she killed all the Sefirot above her, but she held on to Yesod and put Yesod under her, Yesod being the seed, this is the definition of the seed of the woman, it's the seed of Yesod under the domination of Malkhut, being used for her own purposes. So that is the meaning of the whore that sits upon many waters, she sits upon the waters of Malkhut, I'm sorry she's sits upon the waters of Yesod in all of us, and it's just another way of saying that Cain is on top of Abel, in all of us except for those who have had their world turned upside down.


These waters in the waters of humanity, that's talking about our spiritual energy, okay, of fallen humanity, these waters are stagnant because the whore is cutting them off from Binah who is eternal life. You see, Yesod can only pass on to Malkhut what he receives from above, Yesod is the reservoir and he holds all of the emanations from the Sefirot above him, that's why one of Yesod's names is all, cause he has the whole ball of wax, and then he passes it on to Malkhut. And in my understanding right now is that Yesod is suppose to quantify the amount of all of this energy that he contains, he's suppose to give Malkhut only as much as she can bear, and is that not what the Lord Jesus does with us, does he not just give us only what we could bear? I do not have the answer at this time, as to how Malkhut acquired all of the energy, it was some kind of a seduction upon Yesod, somehow she got Yesod to open the locks of his dam and she laid hold of all of the energy at once and she used it to kill him, I'm waiting to hear from the Lord as to, I'm waiting for years to hear from the Lord as to find out, exactly what was Yesod's failure, I still don't have it clear in my mind, but apparently he did something that he shouldn't have done, he gave fully completely of himself to Malkhut, and she killed him, and I hope that we all know that in human nature, we have to be very careful and really Jesus is the only one that you should give everything of yourself to. I know that I have a real revelation that if I give everything of myself, or not even if I give too much of my personal self to the wrong person, that person will turn around and use it against me. And unfortunately that even happens amongst husbands and wives, it shouldn't but it does. You have to know who you can tell what, because they'll take it and use it against you, however if that's what happened with Yesod, that is imputing the fallen nature to Yesod. So I'm just lacking information there. Are there any questions or comments on this? If not I would like to go on with Genesis 2, I'd like to finish Genesis 2 before we close out tonight, and we have two more phrases in Genesis 2. Okay.


Drawing #7, and ignorance, that's a translation of darkness was on the Sefirotic personality, that's a translation, personality is a translation of face, and the Partzufim are called Sefirotic personalities. So ignorance was on the Sefirotic personality of Malkhut, the subterranean sea, that is a translation of the Hebrew word that's translated deep. And ignorance was upon the Sefirotic personality of Malkhut the subterranean sea. And as you can see from the drawing underneath that Scripture, Malkhut killed all of the Sefirot that connected her to Chokhmah, and she is now in a state of ignorance, because there is a great wilderness or a great desert that separates her from Chokhmah, and I suggest to you that, that is the great wilderness that the rich man of that Lazarus was talking about to the rich man, okay, he said I can't come and help you rich man because there's a great gulf that separates us and it's impossible to cross that gulf.


The rich man who was filled with the riches of God, the spiritual riches of God had acted out in this world of action, this destruction, that Malkhut brought upon the whole creation. What does that mean? It means that the rich man in the parable of Lazarus and the rich man must have been rebellious because we know that it's an act of rebellion that results in a wilderness separating us from the grace and mercy and wisdom of God. Malkhut is cut off from Chokhmah wisdom and is in a state of ignorance, that is the condition of the whole human race today brethren, even the people in the church who have the Holy Spirit, they're still in ignorance, the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of Jesus Christ, it is not the Holy Spirit does not contain wisdom, the Holy Spirit is power. If you have received, Jesus said if I am casting demons, if I'm casting out demons by the power of God, I can't quote the exact Scripture, if I'm casting out demons by the power of God, then you know that the power of God is come upon you. I'm sorry I didn't quote that correctly, the Holy Spirit is power, it is not wisdom, wisdom is in Christ. Praise the Lord. Let's take a picture of this.


Drawing #8, and the spirit of Elohim, that's a translation of "God", vibrated, that's another translation of the Hebrew word translated "moved" upon the Sefirotic personality, that's another translation of the Hebrew word translated "face", of Yesod the waters of Malkhut the subterranean sea. And the spirit of Elohim vibrated upon the Sefirotic personality of Yesod, the waters of Malkhut, the subterranean sea. So we see the deliverance of the upper triad coming down to deliver Yesod, on a lower plane of consciousness this is Cain and Abel. And we see the Lord Jesus Christ doing this for us today, he's coming to penetrate our carnal mind, or the conscious part of our carnal mind, which is Cain, and Cain is dumb animal, Cain is the ignorance, Cain is Malkhut manifesting in this plane of consciousness.


Binah penetrates Malkhut and attaches herself to Yesod underneath to enlighten him, and strengthen him to rise above Malkhut and dominate her, is that not what Christ is doing? Christ is the seed that's grafted to Abel to strengthen Abel to rise above Cain and dominate her. So we see that Binah, and I didn't write this on the board, but Binah is penetrating the wilderness which is something that is not to be done, because the way the creation is set up is that Binah gives her energy and her strength to Chesed gives it to, I'm sorry it's a quarter til 1:00 in the morning and I'm losing it, I know the order that the emanation flows is a diagonal, it goes from Binah to Chesed, and then it goes, I guess it goes from Binah to Chesed, to Gevurah, and it zigzags back and forth across all of the Sefirot until it gets down to Yesod who gives it all to Malkhut. So technically Binah has no vehicle by which to penetrate the wilderness and give her strength to Yesod, there's no vehicle for it, because those intermediary Sefirot have been destroyed by Malkhut.


So we see that Binah is overshooting or is bypassing the established method of communication, and that is what the Lord Jesus is doing for us today, he is overshooting, he is bypassing the established method of communication, because we cannot hear him, he's been calling to us through that wilderness every since the fall, but because we are in ignorance, we don't recognize his voice. So he has broken his own rule you might say, or bypassed his own rule or created a higher rule to go forth, to penetrate that wilderness, and now the Lord Jesus Christ is communicating with us with fallen humanity directly before the intermediary Sefirot are put in place. Isn't that exciting? That is really exciting, we are the sheep that are lost, that he has gone out to look for. Binah in the form of the glorified Jesus Christ is penetrating the carnal mind of mortal humanity today.


And then we see of verse 3 of Genesis 1, "And God said, "Let there be light", and there was light." God, that's a translation of the Hebrew Elohim. And Elohim said, now remember Binah is Elohim. Binah said, Let there be light, Binah said let Yesod be enlightened, the Lord Jesus is saying, let Abel in you be enlightened, what does that mean to be enlightened? To be educated, let Yesod in you, let Abel in you know who you are, let Abel in you understand the plan of salvation that comes from God. Let Abel in you understand that you need salvation, that's the enlightenment, so Elohim said, let Yesod be enlightened, and Yesod was enlightened. So we need the Lord Jesus in our life, if you have someone that really needs to know the Lord because their life is a disaster, we are waiting and hoping and praying that the Lord Jesus will pronounce those words over our needy relatives, let them be enlightened, because when the Lord says "let there be light", then the person is enlightened.


Verse 4 says, And Elohim saw the light, that it was good, Elohim, now you probably don't remember the teaching, but when this happens, when the Lord Jesus Christ which is Binah on this board, sends his seed to join to Yesod, okay, now Binah or the Lord Jesus exists in two places. Binah still exists up above and she also exists down below. Remember Binah is Elohim. So now Elohim is like the seed of Christ grafting to Yesod, so we have Binah or the Lord Jesus is in two places at the same time. That's the Lord Jesus is above and Christ is in us, he's in two places at the same time. So verse 4 says, and God saw the light, well the God underneath, the God underneath Malkhut saw the light, that aspect of Binah or that aspect of the Lord Jesus that's now grafted to Yesod, that's the God that saw the light, that's Elohim also. It's just like saying Christ Jesus and Christ, it's the same, it's the same person, one is the father and one is the son, but it's the same person. And God or Elohim underneath saw the light, that it was good, he recognized his father, he was enlightened, he understood the program and the plan of salvation, and he realized that it was good, and Elohim divided the light from the darkness. The light was divided from the darkness, what happens after the division, the light goes on top of the darkness.


Yesod goes back on top of Malkhut, it's all here in these few phrases, it's really quite amazing. "And God called the light day, and the darkness he called night." And that's why Paul came with the message you are the children of the day, you are the offspring of Abel in you, you are not the offspring of Cain. Praise the Lord, this was just an aside that came up in our study of lesson 8, I hope it blessed you and Lord willing the next time we meet we will pick up with the third paragraph of our notes. Are there any questions or comments before we close? You do? Okay.


COMMENT: I hadn't realized before that Malkhut is she's the earth and she's the sea.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, well that's yes, I think I've told you that she's the earth, but it's a little, it's unusual to hear that she's the sea, but I did learn that from the Zohar, and now I'm comfortable with it, that the sea is what I call the ocean bed in the doctrine of Christ and the waters of the sea is Yesod. Interesting anybody else. God bless you all, I've kept you really late tonight, I'm sorry, go in peace.





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