550 - Part 24

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Praise the Lord. We're going to go on with our lesson 8 where the Lord is modifying Lurianic Kabbalah and actually bringing forth the error in it. I just want to remind everybody that's listening to these messages that we are in no way putting down Isaac Luria or his teaching because Rabbi Luria has served a very great purpose in God's scheme of things. As I told everybody before we started recording, for whatever His purposes, the Lord has given me the great honor and privilege of bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ and Christ Centered Kabbalah. In both instances He has given me a point of contact to work with. I do not receive revelation just flowing into my mind. As a matter of fact, Isaac Luria did not just receive revelation just flowing into his mind. Isaac Luria's whole system that he came forth with of Adam Kadmon and the Ten Sefirot, all came forth out of the Zohar. Rabbi Luria used the Zohar as his point of contact and brought forth all this great teaching. Rabbi Ben Yochai, it's my understanding that the only point of contact he had was the revelation that had been passed down by word of mouth for generations amongst the rabbis. So where did all of this body of knowledge start? I don't even know. But Rabbi Isaac Luria received this revelation from the Lord. I thank God for this revelation of the Ten Sefirot and of Adam Kadmon, but at some point in the midst of this, Rabbi Luria's carnal mind did get involved and that happens to me all the time.


So Isaac Luria did a commentary or brought a system of knowledge forth from the Zohar and now five hundred or more years later, this is what the Lord is doing. He is improving upon that revelation. That is the truth and who knows, maybe five hundred years from now or less, somebody will be improving on what I have brought forth as the Doctrine of Christ or Christ Centered Kabbalah. The bottom line is that the Lord is bringing His truth to His people because we will be delivered through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. But how do we join with Him? We join with Him in mind. In other words we have to agree with all of His thoughts to be fully joined with Him. How could you agree with His thoughts if you don't know what His thoughts are? It's true that we need to agree with the thoughts of the Lord about our sin nature and about righteous judgment in this fallen world, but that's just because the world is fallen. The Lord wants us to agree with His thoughts beyond the fallen world. As long as we are agreeing with the thoughts of the Lord concerning this fallen world, we're still in the fallen world. The way we ascend into the glorified world is by agreeing with the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the thoughts of the glorified world. That has to do with the revelation, that has to do with the opinion of the Lord Jesus Christ as to how we came into this condition. When we find out what that is and believe it and come into agreement with the Lord Jesus, we are ascending into the glorified worlds.


So I'm in no way putting any of these Kabbalistic teachers down. I thank God for all the work that they have done. The truth of who we are and how we arrived here is so vast for our pea brains, the pea brain of mortal humanity, that it's just taking generations for God to bring it forth and it's too great for any one person to bring forth in one lifetime. So everybody is doing their part. That's what this is all about. Praise the Lord.


Okay, we're starting off with drawing #1 which is a review. I'm going to review what I've taught you on previous messages and then we will go into additional revelation concerning the fall of man and the truth about God's creation. What I find more and more is that a lot of the understanding of the spiritual evolution of the creation that's coming forth from Lurianic Kabbalah is really what happened after the Fall. All of this knowledge is being imputed to God, that this is the way God did it before the Fall. So I believe that the Lord wants us and the world to know the truth about the conditions before the Fall. The Lord also wants everybody to know that although there is a lot of truth in Lurianic doctrine, that He did not initiate it this way, that it was not the will of the Lord that we should find ourselves in the condition that we find ourselves in today. Every condition, every pain, every torment, that any member of the human race experiences today is a result of the Fall which was brought about by a sin called rebellion. That rebellion came forth from the female or the weaker aspect of the creation. No matter how I twist it or turn it, I keep asking the Lord, I've just got to understand why Adam fell. There had to be a way for Adam to avoid this fall. I absolutely refuse to believe that the Living God ordained that humanity would be perfected by being raped and incested and tortured and burnt at the stake. You cannot convince me this is my God. I don't believe it.


So therefore there had to be a way to avoid our falling into this condition and no matter how I twist it, I keep going round and round and round. I keep coming back to the same answer. The answer is this, yes, the Lord knew that Malkhut of the World of Points would rebel and the Lord's provision against this rebellion was an instruction to Adam in the garden, even though the Adam in the garden was the simple Adam, you may recall. The simple Adam was not born of any union of the internal elements of Adam Kadmon. The simple Adam in the midst of Adam Kadmon had not even immigrated out to the outside of Adam Kadmon, the simple elements of MaH and BaN. I've gotten some insight as to the pronunciation of these Hebrew terms. That's why you're going to hear me changing my pronunciation a little bit. MaH and BaN, the simple elements that never even got outside of Adam Kadmon, weak, simple, uneducated, without knowledge or wisdom. But God said to Adam in the midst of Adam Kadmon, don't have anything to do with the serpent. You shall not eat of that tree. So the sin of rebellion attacked the seed of the garden, but the sin of disobedience caused primordial humanity to fall; disobedience.


As I gave you my testimony before we started recording today, I remember describing to you an incident that happened where I told you Satan's attack was so strong, bringing division between another believer and myself, that I showed you a physical example of what I had to go through to put an end to it. I grabbed this microphone and I squeezed it with all my strength and that was a mental effort that I had to make to put a stop to this division. I told you just this morning that the power to stop that raging between the two of us was a knowledge of the law. It was wrong. I knew that it was wrong. I knew that what I was experiencing in my emotions was wrong. I knew what I was experiencing in my mind was wrong and I knew what the other member of this congregation was experiencing was absolutely wrong and that I had to be the one to put an end to it. It took all of my strength in Christ Jesus, based upon the law, which told me this cannot glorify God. We were saved and we accomplished our assignment. It was something like this that happened within primordial Adam. Remember there were two Adams. There was the simple Adam in the garden and then there was the Adam of wisdom that was coming forth. The Adam of wisdom was being born of AB and SaG. The daughter was a part of that wisdom.


So God didn't go to the one with wisdom and say, I know that you're going to rebel, so don't rebel. Well, I guess God must have done that too. He must have told Malkhut to not rebel also. But the bottom line was the seed and the instruction was given, don't do it. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what you feel. It doesn't matter what it looks like. It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter. Do what God told you to do. We are told about our Lord that He was made perfect through sufferings. He was obedient unto the death, even the death of the cross and He was glorified. He responded to and obeyed only the word of His Savior, His Master. He did not respond to what His carnal mind thought. He did not respond to what His emotions told Him. He did not respond to what His eyes saw or His ears heard. He was obedient unto the death and He was exalted. That's such a hard word for me. That is such a hard word because it is so hard to be obedient. It is so hard to even believe the word of obedience when it comes to us because our carnal mind would tell us God would never say that or God would never ask us to do that. But it's our responsibility to truly desire the truth and go before the Lord and say, did you really ask me to do that? If you're not deceived in your heart, if you're really willing to face the truth, the Lord will tell you yes or no.


The Lord will never ask us to do something that we are incapable of doing. He never said it would be easy, but He would never ask us to do something that is impossible because with God all things are possible. But I think that we're not really taught in the church today how serious our part of being obedient is. It is no excuse to go back to the Lord and say, I would have been obedient if I had just understood what you were telling me. It is our responsibility to seek out and dig out the truth of God's word to us. If you cannot hear God's word because of the dirt of your carnal mind that is filling your ears, God is not guilty. He has spoken to you. He has told you the truth. He has told you what to do. He has told you how to escape. He has told you. If you don't hear or you don't believe it, it's because of sin in you and we, all of collective humanity, are the offspring of the serpent. We are the offspring of the Malkhut that rebelled and fertilized the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. We are the offspring of the simple Adam, which was both male and female. We are the woman who was the seed in Adam. We are the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. We are still the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. There is nothing new under the sun. The seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary has manifested as mortal humanity. But in the spiritual plane, we are capable of being returned to our virginal state, you see. We are the seed. We are going through the same trial that Adam, who was male and female (Adam of the garden is called woman) because he was female in relationship to the serpent who seduced him.


He's also called woman because his female aspect surrounded his male aspect. Adam of the garden is also called woman because he is the egg and the egg is the female role. There is a male Adam and a female Adam. I told you at one point that as difficult as this is, if you have sensitive ears, the Lord describes Adam Kadmon largely by his genitalia. That which makes one a spiritual male is one's spiritual genitalia. So there was a male Adam outside of the garden and a female Adam inside of the garden. I have also told you that if you're looking for a natural example of spiritual things, look to the plant world. Don't look to the animal world. The type in our present day world of spiritual things is the plant world. Adam Kadmon had both male and female organs. So there was a male Adam and a female Adam. The Adam of the garden was female because he was the egg. We are the descendants of the female Adam who was in the garden who was seduced by the serpent. We, today, are facing the same challenges that Adam of the garden faced before time began. We have the same opportunity to be obedient, once Christ is grafted to us anyway. Once Christ is grafted to us, we become once again the female Adam of the garden. Will we listen to the Christ within us or will we listen to our carnal mind? Will we be saved by obedience, which leads to unification? Yes, we're saved through union with the Son of God. How do you join with Him? Through obedience and submission to His mind. Will we be saved by obedience or will we commit the sin of rebellion over and over and over and over and over again, which is what's been going on for trillions of years? Yes, I do believe that there were seven days of creation, but they were not twenty four hour days.


Okay, so this is pretty much a review of what I've taught on previous messages. Drawing #1 is broken down into A, B and C. You've seen drawing 1a several times. It's the World of Points appearing in Adam Kadmon's mouth. You may recall that something special happened when the light came into Adam Kadmon's mouth. First of all let me tell you this. When the light came into Adam Kadmon's mouth, this is the first time that the light is down low enough for a vessel to be formed. Remember that the light has to migrate away from the Ayn Sof in order for vessels to be formed. Why are we forming vessels? Because it is the will of the Ayn Sof that a visible world will appear. In order for a visible world to appear, or at least according to the plan of the Ayn Sof, there will be vessels and there will be light that fills the vessels. In this fallen world we are the vessels. Human beings are the vessels and Christ is the light that is sent to fill us, the light and the life of God. So with the World of Points, which is further away from the light of the ears and further away than the light of the nose, this is the first place where the light becomes thick enough, because as the light migrates or travels away from God, it becomes thicker. This is the first place where the light becomes thick enough for a form of a vessel to at least begin. What happened in the world of Bound Lights is that one vessel appeared for the ten lights of the inner light.


Now ultimately there would be one vessel for each light, but in the World of Bound Lights, in the mouth where the process was still pretty primitive, we see there first appeared one vessel and all ten lights were in that vessel. Then the problem appeared. As the vessel was formed, a problem appeared. Does anybody remember what the problem is? What is the problem that appeared in the world of bound lights, the problem of creation? Does anybody know? Okay, the problem is what happened to the vessel when the light poured into the vessel? Does anybody have the answer?


COMMENT: It shattered. The light was too strong for the vessel and it shattered.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that didn't happen in the world of bound lights. The vessel shattered in the World of Points. What happened in the world of bound lights?


Does anybody know? What happened to the vessel? The vessel dissolved. As the light poured into the vessel at the level of the mouth, the vessel dissolved. Now remember the vessel is made of light. Everything that we see is made of light. The reason this world is material is because the light has slowed down. Now light vibrates and as I told you this week, everything vibrates in this whole world. This whole world is one vibration. The reason everything is solid is that the rate of vibration is very low. The slower the rate of vibration, the more solid we get. So the vessels are made of light.


So in the world of bound lights, we're pouring light into light, not only in the world of bound lights, everywhere. No matter what plane of consciousness we're in to form the creation, we're pouring light into light. The light of the vessel is more solid than the light that's poured in. Our example is a cup made out of ice. You have a cup made out of ice. Even if you pour cold water into the cup, eventually the cup will dissolve. But the inner light that was pouring in was not even cold. It was hot. It was dissolving the cup. So there had to be an adjustment made in the rate of vibration of the light. The light that was poured into the cup could not be vibrating at the same rate of speed as the rate of speed that the light of the cup was vibrating at. Vibration produces heat, you see. So the rate of vibration of the light had to be adjusted in proportion to the inner light that was forming the cup. The rate of vibration of the inner light had to be not only weaker than the light that was forming the cup, but it had to be adjusted so that the inner light would not dissolve the cup. Now in the natural I don't even think that's possible. I just told you right on this tape, even if you poured cold water into a cup made out of ice, eventually the thicker ice would yield to the mass of the water. The ice would melt. The water would not become ice. The ice would become water, but that's this fallen world.


So does anybody remember what the plan was? Now this is all Lurianic Kabbalah that I'm reviewing. Does anybody remember what the plan was? How did Adam Kadmon deal with this problem? How did he change the rate of vibration of the light so that the cup or the vessel of the world of bound lights would remain solid?


COMMENT: He inhaled the light.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but please ask to be recognized and wait until you are recognized. You raised your hand, but you're all assuming if you raise your hand, you could speak. You should wait to be recognized, but that's the right answer. Adam Kadmon inhaled the inner light. Then do you know what happened after that? How did inhaling the inner light help? If Adam Kadmon inhaled the inner light and then exhaled it back again, you would still have an inner light of the same rate of vibration as that of the cup. Do you know what happened after that? Anybody?


Okay, Adam Kadmon withdrew the inner light back within himself and he retained the Keter. Remember the inner light was formed of Ten Sefirot. Adam Kadmon retained the Keter within himself, therefore when the inner light was exhaled back out, there was a misalignment. The Keter of the vessel lined up with the Chokhmah of the light and the Chokhmah of the vessel lined up with the Binah of the light. This is what Lurianic Kabbalah says.


Right now I have a little trouble conceptualizing that, as you'll see when we get down to B, but I'm not saying it's not true. If it is true, it's a spiritual concept that I can't conceptualize at this moment, but it's good enough for a metaphor. It's good enough to exercise our brain and to help us understand this. You may recall that because only nine sefirot of the inner light came out and there were ten sefirot of the vessel, Malkhut, the visible world, was left without light and therefore was filled with darkness. I was thinking about that concept earlier today. Remember I'm telling you that the way I get this revelation is by asking questions. God doesn't just come and give it to me. He really requires us to ask the question. Why? Because if God gives us revelation and our mind is not prepared to receive it, we'll never understand it or retain it anyway. But when a question appears in our mind and He answers that question, then we're much more likely to understand it and to retain it. This is my question. Why was Malkhut filled with darkness? Is the opposite of light darkness? In this world it is, but in the spiritual world is the absence of light darkness? Remember this was before the Fall. Remember, according to Lurianic Kabbalah, when the Ayn Sof contracted himself and withdrew his light from the halal, the empty space, we're told that the space was empty but there was really something in it. What was left in it was a residue of the light that had previously been there.


The Ayn Sof didn't withdraw everything. There was something stuck, like you might say stuck on the walls. Do you remember that? What was left there were the Hebrew letters. What was left there was an echo or a reflection of the light that had previously inhabited that place. Just like when you walk out of here and you go home, you take me with you. You take everything that I've said with you. It's not me, but whatever impression I made upon you, that's what you take with you wherever you go. So the Ayn Sof left an impression according to Lurianic Kabbalah. There was an impression of himself left behind and that impression took the form of the Hebrew letters, we are told. The first word that the Hebrew letters spell were YHVH. The Kabbalists don't pronounce the name Jehovah. They think it's wrong to pronounce the name Jehovah and that's what they would say, YHVH. Does anyone not know what I mean by YHVH? So unless the Lord tells me otherwise, I may be lining myself up with the way the Kabbalists speak. It's not because I think it's wrong to say Jehovah, but because we're teaching Kabbalah and someday this may be going to the Jews, so it's just a good idea. So after the Ayn Sof withdrew his light from the center, the residue that was left formed into the Hebrew letters and that was an echo. That was an echo. Remember the creation is based on sound. The creation is founded on sound. The sound came before the light.


So it was an echo, a shadow (although shadow means darkness) a residue of the Ayn Sof, which is sound. An echo, a sound, and that sound formed into the Hebrew letters and the first word that they spelled was YHVH and Adam Kadmon came into existence. Well, if that was the account of the beginning of the creation (here we have YHVH in Adam Kadmon and those lights are emanating outside of Adam Kadmon to form the creation) why would Malkhut be in darkness? Does anybody not understand the question? There's no darkness yet. There was no darkness when the Ayn Sof left the empty space. There was no darkness. There was a residue or an echo of the Ayn Sof which is light. So that which was left was a lower grade of light. That which was left in the empty space was a lesser or a lower grade of light. But of course, the Lord is reminding me right now that Kabbalah teaches that darkness is a grade of light. You know, the first time I read that, I couldn't understand that, how darkness could be a grade or a degree of light. But I understand it now because there is nothing other than light. Everything is made out of light, therefore even darkness is light. Of course, Jesus says to us (I believe it's in the book of John) don't let your light become darkness. Don't let your light become darkness. So that means the very same light that can have us swinging off the rafters in a hot Holy Ghost meeting can turn into witchcraft the very next day. Don't let your light become darkness. So I guess darkness is an okay word then. The Lord just answered my question.


I was all set to tell you I don't see how it could be darkness, but darkness is a grade of light. So to say that Malkhut was left in darkness is just another way of saying that Malkhut, the visible world, was degraded. The light of Malkhut, the visible world, was degraded. She didn't have what the other sefirot had. She was deficient. That's the story of the world of Bound Lights. Is everybody okay? Any questions on the world of Bound Lights?


Okay, going down to B, I'm showing you the same exact thing that I just told you and the same exact thing as 1a in a different configuration. Now what I show you in 1a, with the world of Bound Lights in Adam Kadmon's mouth, that's a metaphor. That's just a way of expressing the spiritual truth to you to help you to understand it. But what you see in 1b is much closer to the reality. All of the worlds are inside of each other. Every new aspect of every world that emerges forth becomes a shell to the sefirot underneath it. This world that we live in, this Malkhut, all of the worlds are inside of us. The whole universe is Malkhut. The universe is Malkhut and each one of us is Malkhut. This is a great mystery. I struggled with this for a long time, first of all with the universe. I don't know about you all and maybe you're all smarter than I am, but I didn't know that the universe, that that word universe stands for all of the galaxies and all intergalactic space. Did anybody know that? I thought that the universe had to do with our galaxy here. Did anybody know the true definition of universe? I'm going to assume the answer is no because nobody is answering me. Well, I looked up a whole bunch of words in the dictionary and I'll just read it to you right out of the dictionary. This is the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, third edition. Universe: All matter and energy including earth, the galaxies and all therein and the contents of intergalactic space regarded as one whole.


Now it makes sense to me with this modern day phenomena in the spiritual (not Christian) but in the spiritual world, where we're told the universe will meet your need. The universe will answer you. Who is the universe?




PASTOR VITALE: The Serpent, but that's good enough. Now I believe I read that term in a Kabbalistic book called the Bahair, talking about God as the universe. I believe whoever is teaching this, believes that the universe is God, but the universe is the Serpent. The whole universe, including intergalactic space, is the body of the Serpent that has now brought forth and become one with the seed of Adam Kadmon's garden. We're told on some teaching tapes (that I told you I'm going to share with you) the Kabbalist rabbi who is teaching it, talks about the universe vibrating. The whole universe is vibrating and he asks the question on his tape, who is this that is vibrating? He says the scientists know that the whole universe is vibrating, but they don't know why. This rabbi says, who is vibrating and answers that it is God vibrating. No! It is the Serpent vibrating. We are in the body of the Serpent. I want you to know that all these years that I'm in God and studying, I have never been satisfied with any answer that I've heard as to why Jesus told the pharisees, the only sign that you will receive is Jonah in the belly of the whale three days and three nights. Brethren, the universe is the whale. The Serpent became a great fish.


I cannot explain that to you right now, how she went from being a serpent to a fish. I'm sure there's an explanation, but I don't have it right now. The Serpent is the whale. At least the offspring of the Serpent is the whale and we were swallowed up. I know this message is very slow going today, but Lord willing, I'm going to get it all out. I will show you that we were swallowed up, that the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary was swallowed up and the whole creation, Adam Kadmon, was turned inside out. I remember, years ago, when I first started pursuing kingdom messages, an evangelist came to town and I heard him teach that creation was turned inside out. I believed what he said, but I couldn't conceptualize it. I will show you, Lord willing, how the creation was turned inside out. Adam Kadmon was turned inside out. When Jesus said to the pharisees, the only sign you will receive is three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, what He was telling them is, I will ascend out of the whale. I will be Jonah. I will have Jonah's experience. God is going to command it and the whale will spit me out and that's exactly what happened to Him. He ascended above the powers of this world.


So Malkhut is this whole universe, just as we all have a physical material body that appears to be one. We all know that there are organs inside of us and even those organs are made up of trillions of individual cells. In the same manner the whole universe is one and she's made up of organs and trillions of cells. I guess we're a cell. I don't think we're an organ. I don't know what we are, but at the very least, we're cells in the body of the Serpent. So when we look at drawing #1b we have a more accurate description of the creation at the time of its spiritual evolution, at the point of the world of Bound Lights, at that point of spiritual evolution. Adam Kadmon is the reality. He has sent forth light from himself to surround himself with decreasing grades of light for the specific purpose of forming a visible creation. The light of the Ayn Sof that is within Adam Kadmon is too close to the Ayn Sof. It's too rare. It's too fine to take any form. So the light must travel away from Adam Kadmon to become visible. So the only true substance is Adam Kadmon and YHVH, Himself. Adam Kadmon is at the very center as you can see and I know it's not too clear, but that circle that's underneath the face of Adam Kadmon is the inside of Adam Kadmon. You may recall that the World of Points has an inside and an outside. The inside of the World of Points contains the simple elements of MaH and BaN that never vibrated out from Adam Kadmon. That is the garden, simple, uneducated, ignorant concerning spiritual truths, ignorant concerning evil, ignorant concerning sin, never got outside of Adam Kadmon's insides. That is the innermost circle of drawing #1b. In the midst of Adam Kadmon's insides is the seed of humanity, innocent, ignorant, virginal uneducated seed of humanity. This area outside of that garden may not be marked that clearly. I've drawn a face because that's the only way I know how to show you that this circle outside is the outside of Adam Kadmon. I'm showing you the inside and the outside of Adam Kadmon. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? Adam Kadmon is the reality. The light of the Ayn Sof within him is the reality because that light is YHVH. That light that's inside Adam Kadmon arises and vibrates out of him and travels or vibrates away from him on an assignment to travel further and further away from Adam Kadmon until that light comes to a grade in which it can be formed into a vessel. That's what's happening here. So the world of Bound Lights is red and the World of Points, which is outside of the world of Bound Lights, is black. Both the light of the world of Bound Lights and the light of the World of Points is the same light that originated inside of Adam Kadmon. But as that light gets further and further away from Adam Kadmon, it takes on a new name. Now as I get further and further away from you, I don't take on a new name. That's because we're not in the spiritual world. But I do take on a new spiritual name with every year that I exist. I take on a new spiritual name because my name is my nature and every year that I exist, I grow, I learn, I change, I improve. Every year that I travel through time (because aging is traveling through time) every year that I travel through time, I take on another name. I'm Sheila, twenty years old; I'm Sheila, thirty years old; I'm Sheila at forty years old and I'll stop there. (Laughter) But spiritually speaking, I take on a new name every year that goes by. I become a new version of Sheila. So the point that I'm trying to make here is that the lights of the world of Bound Lights and the World of Points is the same light that started out in the midst of Adam Kadmon. But as that light travels further and further away from Adam Kadmon, as it is suppose to do, it takes on a different name to identify the grade that it has become because the light changes. As that light vibrates away from Adam Kadmon it becomes thicker and coarser. So we know that the light that's in the World of Points is thicker and coarser than the light that's in the world of Bound Lights. The light that's in the world of Bound Lights is thicker and coarser than the light that's still inside of Adam Kadmon, which is virginal. Is everybody okay? Any questions?


I'll just read my notes that are here. Adam Kadmon, the substance of the creation, is inside of the world of Bound Lights. Adam Kadmon's ovary is inside of Adam Kadmon and thus, Adam Kadmon's ovary is one circle deeper than Adam Kadmon, himself. Adam Kadmon's ovary is inside of the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes, ears, nose and mouth. The lights that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes, ears, nose and mouth are lights that have had some experiences. They have vibrated upward from Adam Kadmon's navel, which is we're told, where they are at the beginning. They're in Adam Kadmon's reproductive areas. These lights have traveled upward and emanated from Adam Kadmon's eyes, ears, nose and mouth. These lights have had experiences and experience changes us. These lights are no longer simple, completely simple, because they have changed. Initially all light originates from within Adam Kadmon. All light originates from the Ayn Sof, but the lights outside, the lights that we're told come out of his ears, eyes, nose and mouth, those lights are outside of the simple light that remains inside of Adam Kadmon.


The whole creation is traveling away from God. The whole creation is traveling away from God for the purpose of forming a vessel that can and will be filled with God. Let me say that again. All of the lights that are emanating from Adam Kadmon are traveling away from God for the specific purpose of becoming formed vessels that will be filled with the light of God. Now what happened was the vessel took on a life of its own. That's what happened. The vessel took on a life of its own. That's called the Fall. That's what the Fall produced. The vessel took on an existence and an authority of its own apart from the life that's designed to fill it. Jesus said He came to His own and they knew Him not. Jesus also said everybody knows their master. The cow knows his master, the horse knows his master, everybody knows who his master is except man. We don't know that it is God who provides food for us down here in the belly of the whale. We don't know that we're surviving here in the belly of the whale because YHVH has made that provision for us that we shouldn't die, that we should be sustained until He can get us out of here. Well, why doesn't He just kill the whale and get us out? Because the whale is a part of us.


I guess the answer is the Serpent gave birth to a fish. I don't really understand that myself at the moment. But the Serpent joined with the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary and reproduced herself and she is a part of that reproduced entity, which is the fish, which is this great whale. So we're not just all made of the light of God trapped inside of this big fish. We're a part of what she produced. She's a part of us. So if the Lord were to just wipe out the Serpent, we would die, because we're more the Serpent than we are the life of God. Therefore, the answer to our predicament is to be turned inside out, which will reverse us to our original condition. This is what the Lord has come to do and He's come with teaching and instruction. He's come with pleading, He's come with truth, He's come with life and He's begging the whole world, but certainly His church and Israel, who have had His Word for all of these thousands of years. He's begging us to respond to His voice, the voice of our true Master rather than to the voice of the one who has stolen God's property. Yet we follow after the ones playing the flute. Jesus said you're just like a bunch of kids that just follow that guy playing the flute. You're still doing the same thing and I'm still doing the same thing that the female Adam did in the garden, responding to emotion. Emotion is vibration.


Now up here in drawing #1(c) I have reproduced this concept, but I've taken up less room. I'm showing you Adam Kadmon's ovary in the midst of Adam Kadmon, in black, and then the world of Bound Lights. I'm showing you the ten sefirot of the world of Bound Lights and the ten sefirot of the World of Points, each surrounding each other. I believe I reminded you when we discussed drawing 1(a) that the order of emanation reversed in the world of Bound Lights. Normally Keter comes out first. Every sefirah that comes out after Keter becomes a shell to the sefirah after it. So Keter should be the innermost ring and Malkhut should be the outermost ring. We are Malkhut. We are the outermost ring. If Christ is in you, He is deep in the depths of your spiritual being. Malkhut should be the outermost ring. But in the world of Bound Lights, Malkhut came out first. So we see that Malkhut is right next to Adam Kadmon's ovary. The Malkhut of the world of Bound Lights, because she came out first, is right next to Adam Kadmon's ovary. The first ring of the world of Bound Lights, which is Malkhut, which is in darkness, is right next to Adam Kadmon's ovary in the midst of him. Concerning the World of Points, Malkhut is the outermost shell because with the World of Points, Malkhut came out last like she's suppose to. So we see that we have Malkhut in the most outermost circle and Malkhut in the innermost circle and Malkhut is Malkhut wherever it is. This is a Kabbalistic principle. If you can't understand it, ask the Lord to help you. It's a little difficult.


SaG is SaG wherever it is. It doesn't matter if it's SaG of the Keter or if it's the SaG that comes under Malkhut. SaG is SaG. The qualities that make a sefirot SaG exists whether that is the SaG of Malkhut or the SaG of Keter. Malkhut is Malkhut wherever she appears, whether she's the Malkhut of the Malkhut or the Malkhut of Keter. She has the same function and the same basic qualities. She may be operating on a higher plane of consciousness, but she's doing the same thing on a higher plane of consciousness. So we see that we have a creation in the making with Malkhut in the outermost shell in darkness and Malkhut in the innermost shell in darkness. Why? Because if Malkhut in the innermost shell was in darkness, then the light emanating from Malkhut of the world of Bound Lights produced the Malkhut of the World of Points. The light of Keter of the world of Bound Lights produced the Keter of the World of Points. Does anyone need me to say that again? Every sefirot is reproducing itself on lower planes of consciousness. So just by a way out example, the Malkhut of Malkhut does not come into existence from the Keter of Yesod. The Malkhut of Yesod brings forth the Malkhut of the Malkhut. So this is the setup for trouble. We have the Malkhut of the World of Points, the outermost shell, which is the condition we're in now and also the Malkhut of the world of Bound Lights is the closest to the seed of Adam Kadmon's ovary. Brethren, there isn't much difference between saying our physical body is Malkhut and Cain in the midst of us, which is the shell that covers Abel, is Malkhut.


You're all looking at me. I may have to do another drawing on this for you. Okay, why don't we take a picture here and I'll try to go over that spiritual principle before we go on with the meeting tonight. See you after dinner.


Praise the Lord. We're back from dinner. I am hoping to impart some understanding of a spiritual principle to you. Before we went out to dinner, I told you that Malkhut, wherever she is appearing, is still Malkhut. I saw some confusion on some of your faces, so we're going to do a couple of exercises to demonstrate that point to you. This is drawing #2a and I have drawn on the board, first level dining area, second level dining area, third level dining area. In each dining area (or if you want to think of three floors or three levels or you could think of three different positions in the place setting) however you want to think of it is okay. Well no, we can't think of it as three separate place settings, just three different dining rooms or three different tables, okay. On each level or on each table there's a cup, a saucer, a dinner plate, a fork, a knife and a spoon. We can do this. We can make it three floors; the third floor, the second floor and the first floor dining area. We can make it a small table, a medium size table and a big table and all these tables are set with a place setting. There's a spoon in each dining area. On each table, no matter where it is or what size it is, each table has a cup, a saucer, a dinner plate, a fork, a knife and a spoon. So how do we distinguish between the spoon in the first level dining area, the spoon in the second level dining area and the spoon in the third level dining area? They're the same spoon, but they're the same but they're not the same, because they're not in the same place.


So how do we distinguish between those three spoons? Well, let's say the spoon on the first level dining area is a soup spoon. The spoon on the second level dining area is a spaghetti spoon. The spoon on the third level dining area is a teaspoon, but they're all spoons. So a spoon is a spoon, no matter where or on what level it appears. Although there may be minor differences amongst the spoons, the function and form of the spoon is present in all. Every spoon, no matter where it is or how it is shaped, has the same function and a similar form for it to be a spoon. Function always dictates form. The form of a thing is molded because of the purpose that it's intended to serve. If I want to drink water and I want a vessel to drink water, I'm not going to give you a flat stick. How could you drink water off of a flat stick? So the functioning form of what I'm trying to accomplish is needed. I'm trying to drink water. I need a vessel that will hold the water. Function always dictates form. So what is the function of a spoon? Let's work this up. Anybody?


What is the function of a spoon? Just speak up and put it on the microphone.


COMMENT: To hold an amount of food or liquid.


PASTOR VITALE: To hold liquid food. Anything else, anybody?


COMMENT: To hold solid food also.


PASTOR VITALE: To hold liquid or solid food. What else?


COMMENT: To stir the food in a dish or a cup and to eat with it.


PASTOR VITALE: To stir food and to bring liquid mostly to the mouth. Solid food is correct, but actually I really shouldn't even put solid food in there because we want to know the function of a spoon. A spoon is not evolved for solid food. What utensil do we use to eat solid food with?


COMMENT: A fork.


PASTOR VITALE: A fork, so that's a different utensil. We're talking specifically about the function of a spoon and it is to hold liquid food.


COMMENT: I was thinking of pudding and jello and so forth.


PASTOR VITALE: But that could be done by other purposes.


We're talking about the distinct function of a spoon. What can a spoon do that a knife cannot do and that a fork cannot do? That's what we're talking about here. So even stirring food is inaccurate. I think you said to hold liquid food, but more specifically to eat liquid food. So we'll say, to hold or to bring liquid food to the mouth. Actually it doesn't have to be food. It could be medicine or it could be water. I think I'm going to take this whole thing out of here. The function of a spoon is to get liquids into the mouth. That is the specific function of a spoon that no other utensil shares. Therefore, what is the form or the shape of a spoon?


COMMENT: It is curved.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is curved. What else? It has a handle. It's a curved implement with a handle. So based on that, what do soup spoons, spaghetti spoons and teaspoons have in common that no other implement has?


COMMENT: I was just going to say a handle.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, more than that. It's right there on the board for you. What do all three spoons have in common?


What identifies a spoon? It's right here.


COMMENT: A curved implement with a handle.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it has a curved part that can hold liquid and it has a handle and no other implement has that. Anything that meets those two criterias can be called a spoon. There's different kinds of spoons. You could have a ladle. It has a curved part and a handle. So a ladle is just a kind of a spoon. These two terms, a curved implement with a handle designates a spoon. It doesn't matter whether it's a soup ladle, whether it's a soup spoon, a teaspoon, a spaghetti spoon or whether it's a big spoon that will dish out something. It doesn't even have to be food actually. To be technical, in the context of this board, it should be used for food. But even those big cranes that lift up dirt is a kind of a spoon. Although that's not true. I have to take that back. I can't say that. I have to change this now. It's to get liquid into the mouth. So technically speaking, even a ladle is not a spoon because a ladle puts liquid into something, so I have to stand corrected. A spoon by definition is a curved implement with a handle that enables us to take liquids from one place into the mouth of a human being. That's what a spoon is.


So it doesn't matter what dining room it's in. It doesn't matter what table it's on. It doesn't matter whether it's a soup spoon or spaghetti spoon or a teaspoon. It's a spoon wherever it's appearing. It's still a spoon. Technically it's still a spoon even if you don't use it for food. Sometimes you take a spoon to measure out some medicine and mix it in some water. It's still a spoon. So I'm sort of contradicting myself here a little bit, but I hope you understand the point that I'm making. It's still a spoon. A spoon is a spoon is a spoon, wherever it is appearing. I'm not going to do the rest of this on the board. At least I'm going to try to not do it on the board.


What is technically the ultimate function of a woman or female? What is the function of a female from a creation standpoint? What is the function of a woman?


COMMENT: To produce a seed.


PASTOR VITALE: To produce children. Technically speaking that's why we're here. Not only us. Even in primordial times the female Adam is described as an egg. The male Adam is described as male genitalia. The whole foundational purpose of this creation is to reproduce. Okay, so we have all different kinds of women, all different kinds of females. We have females of all ages. We have females of all sizes. We have females who are fertile, females who are infertile, all different kinds of females, but they're all females and their form is all the same. You see, the function is the same, to reproduce after its own kind and therefore the form is the same. By definition, what makes you a female is your primary sex organ. You have to have female genitalia and a womb, reproductive apparatus, whether it functions or not. Even if you're barren, you see, you still have the equipment. It may not be functioning, but that's what makes you a female. It doesn't matter whether you're one year old or a hundred years old or ten years old. It doesn't matter whether you've actually produced children or not produced children. It doesn't matter what color your skin is, how short or tall you are. If you have the female apparatus to reproduce, that makes you a female.


So you see, Malkhut, wherever she's appearing is still Malkhut and her function is the same, whether she's the Malkhut of the World of Points, whether she's the Malkhut of the world of Bound Lights, she's still Malkhut. She's still the female. She's still the receptacle. Is everybody following me? Do you understand this concerning Malkhut? She's Malkhut wherever she appears. If she's Malkhut under Keter, she's Malkhut of Keter, but she's still the low one on the totem pole. What is the function of Malkhut? She's the female. She's the low man on the totem pole. She's the part of her that contributes to the form. So wherever Malkhut is appearing, whether she's the Malkhut under Keter or the Malkhut under Malkhut, she's the female. She's the low man on the totem pole and her function is to contribute to the visible world. Is everybody okay? Okay, let's take a picture of this.


Drawing #3. Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity says that space time can be modified by a gravitational field. What is space time? Space time is one of the five dimensions. What are the five dimensions of the world as we know it? You can just speak up. You don't have to raise your hand. What are the five dimensions of our world?


COMMENT: Height, width, depth and length.


PASTOR VITALE: No, height, width and depth. Length is not one of them. It's not a dimension of this world. Okay, two more. Space time is one. This is what the scientists tell us, that space time is a dimension of this world. Time is another dimension of this world. What do you mean a dimension of this world? It's something that affects the five major measurements that affect us, that affects this world. Time goes forward. It continuously goes forward and time goes forward in space and time affects things. This is what the scientists tell us. I'm just explaining it to you. That's what they tell us. Space time is a dimension. The fifth dimension is mind. So we have height, width and I don't know if it's depth or is it length? I'm not even sure myself. Height, width, and I think length would be it. I don't know. Isn't that embarrassing? Height, width, and length, although I'm not sure myself. Height, width and length and space time. Space affects us, the space of this room for instance. We're affected by its height and width. Maybe it is depth rather than length. Okay, let's leave it depth.


We're in a room right now. We can measure the height of the room. We can measure the width of the room. We can measure the depth of the room. There's also space in this room and time also is in this room. The seconds are ticking away and mind is in this room. So these are the five dimensions according to the scientists of our day. Space time can be modified by a gravitational field. What does that mean? Space and time go together. If I had the power to go into the future, that would be traversing time. To traverse time to go into the future, I would have to go into a different space. If it were possible, I could stand right here in this room and go ten minutes into the future. The height of the room remains the same, the depth of the room remains the same, the width of the room remains the same, but time has gone forward and therefore space has changed because we don't know what kind of invisible things are in this room. That's the basic principle. What we're talking about here is time travel. It's these principles, if our scientists ever bring it to pass, that are involved in time travel. It is also possible to travel in time by the spirit. Time is moving steadily forward and that means that there is an energy, a force, that's driving it steadily forward. So if you want to go into the future, we have to speed up the rate of speed by which time is progressing us forward.


See, each one of us here, we are in sync with the clock of the universe. Time goes forward, tick, tick, tick. You have enough of those ticks and you age a year. Our inner clock is in sync with the clock of the universe. Time travel into the future would involve the speeding up of our personal inner clock so that we would move faster than the speed that the universe is moving at, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick. That's how we get into the future. How do you get into the past? You slow down your inner clock that's in sync with the universe. You go tick, tick, tick, tick and the whole world is going forward and you're falling behind. That's the principle of time travel. The question is how do we either speed up or slow down our inner clock without killing our body. How do we do it?


Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity is the theory that produced the atom bomb by the way. He says that space time can be modified. That means we're standing here right now and in theory it is a possibility to be ten minutes, a half an hour or ten years in the future right in the same place. If we can bring space time and what is space time? It's the time right now. It's 8:40 P.M. on Sept. 15th, 2002. We can modify that. We can make it the same day 2003. We could make it Sept. 18th of the same year. We could make it Sept. 14th of the same year. If we had a gravitational field powerful enough to affect the pace at which the universe is moving, tick, tick, tick. See this room would be in complete darkness except that our scientists have discovered electricity. So by flicking on a light switch we have modified the natural world. It's 8:40 P.M. The natural world in New York right now is in darkness, but there's no darkness in this room. It's all lit up. We've modified this world concerning light and darkness.


So Einstein says if we can modify that pace, at which the universe is moving with power, we could affect time space. A gravitational field is power. I'll explain that to you in a minute. If we had enough energy we could do it. See, we have energy to produce these lights and what is darkness is now light. It's not spiritual darkness and light, but physical darkness and light. We've reversed the condition of the world by our own invention. Well Einstein says, if we just had enough power to do it, we could affect space time. We don't have to be in sync with the universe. We can go forward into the future or we can go backwards into the past. That's what this means. Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity says that space time can be modified by a gravitational field. How is it modified? It's modified by warping space, warping space.


What does it mean to warp something? Anybody?


COMMENT: Bend it out of shape.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, bend it out of shape. See, space and time work together. Time is going tick, tick, tick. Although it's not obvious to us here, space goes forward with time. An example of that would be, one year you see a building standing here and the next year the building may be torn down. Space changes as time moves forward. You cannot separate space from time. But Einstein says, well, if we just had enough power we could bend space time. I'll show you what that means on the board. This is drawing #4 and I'm showing you what the symbol for space time is. Now all this is what our scientists have devised. This is infinity. This is the symbol for infinity and time is infinite. It's a loop. It just goes round and round and round. So I'm showing you on the right side of the loop 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000. Time is going forward and at some point (on the left side) we have 1620, 1850, 1888. At some point, just as a natural occurrence, you could see that if this continues onto 1898 and (this is really hard to follow me if you don't have the drawing and you're listening to this) if you just follow the 2003, 2004, 2005, this may be 2020 and it's going to intersect with 1890 let's say, when it gets to that point. So time is always crossing each other. I honestly don't know what that means when 2020 would meet 1890. I don't have that information or what the significance of that would be.


But the point that I'm trying to make today is that Einstein says that time can be warped. Now over here I've shown you the sign for infinity and I've marked with dotted lines the possible directions in which time can be warped. Now right down below it, you see these two ovals and the two ovals can be bent. Down over here, 1850 bends down and meets 5004. That would be time travel. I know someone in my acquaintance right now, whose daughter, was out in the backyard one day and saw a whole family dressed as pilgrims and went running into the house. They didn't hurt her. The time lines just warped and she saw them and they saw her. I know a second person who's of my acquaintance right now, who had a similar experience and the two people from different times just stared at each other, both frightened. It was just for a split second. Some kind of a door opened. So this is the warping of time and I gave you two examples of time warps where the different ages touch each other. This is the scientific foundation of time travel. Why am I telling you all this. We'll get to it eventually where I'll show you how Malkhut of the World of Points jumped to Malkhut of the world of Bound Lights. I don't want to confuse you, but we'll get to that. I'll show you how she did it. She warped space. There was no time yet when the World of Points was coming forth, but there was space. Malkhut warped space. But we'll get to that. These are just basic foundations so you can understand what I'm going to tell you.


Now what would cause space time to warp like this? An energy field like gravity. If I let go of this marker, it's going to fall to the floor. Why? Because gravity will pull it down to the earth. What is the difference between gravity and gravitation? Gravitation is an attraction, not necessarily down to the earth. Gravitation is an attraction between any two objects. This is what holds the planets in their orbit. They're attracted to one another. This is what holds molecules and atoms together. The particles are attracted to one another and they stay in their orbit. Now we have all of these principles manifesting spiritually between human beings. There's a definite attraction of mind and this is the foundation of witchcraft. If it's not the Lord Jesus attracting you, it is the witchcraft in your fallen nature. How many people do you know who are attracted to the wrong kind of man or men attracted to the wrong kind of women over and over again? They're divorced two and three times and they're still marrying adulterers. They're still marrying people who beat them or cheat on them or do the same exact thing because something in our spiritual makeup, a spiritual gravitation, is attracting us to that spirit in another person. Very frequently that spirit in the other person is not even obvious. You don't even know why you like them. There's something spiritual about them. I've heard stories about women attracted to men that seem fine and upright and they were fine and upright. As soon as they marry them the man turns into an adulterer or the men get sick and die.


I know one woman who buried five husbands who were fully healthy when she married them. See, we would call that a curse. I keep telling you that curses are in the mind. Why was she attracted to those men? Did she kill them? I don't think she killed them. I think she was attracted to men who had a curse of premature death on their life. This is gravitation, two objects attracted to one another. Gravity, an object that is attracted to the earth. Why don't I just read you the dictionary definition so I make sure that I've got it straight. Gravitation: The natural phenomena of attraction between two massive bodies; the act or process of moving under the influence of this attraction. It is true in the material world and it is true in the spiritual world, the act or process of moving under the influence of attraction. Now God can attract you. One of the ways that the Lord will speak to us is with attraction. There was attraction operating with Moses when he saw the burning bush. I don't know whether the burning bush appeared in the material world or it was in Moses' mind. I honestly don't know, but he saw a burning bush and the Scripture says Moses looked at that and he said, wow, look at that. I'm going to get closer and find out what that's all about. Moses was attracted to the burning bush. So God will attract us. If you're sensitive to the Spirit, you'll find yourself preferring one direction or one place or one person because God is attracting you that way. But Satan also does that. There is also a satanic attraction. You have to find out which is which. (End of tape 1)



Tape 2


We have two diners in this general area. We go back and forth depending on the time period. One time period we were going to one diner and now we go to another one. About a year or two ago we went to a diner that's not the diner that we go to most of the time. When I left that diner there was a very strong pull on me to go back. It was so strong that I couldn't miss it. I had gone with the brethren from our fellowship and the pull on me was to go back (by myself the next day during the week) for breakfast or whatever. It was so strong and I perceived that it had something to do with some kind of male-female attraction, but I had no idea at all where it could be coming from. But I knew that it wasn't God and that it had to do with a male-female attraction, which I'm not interested in. I'm married to the Lord and I'm not interested in anything like that. I stayed away for a long time and then we started going back to that diner again. A month or two ago, I started being attracted to that diner again, but I thought it was God. The first time I was attracted there, I did have ministry. God did give me ministry there and the next time I think there was ministry too. We met a local pastor there. The next time nothing happened and the time after that nothing happened. It just so happens that that diner is more expensive than where we usually go for breakfast.


So I started questioning it. Why am I attracted to that diner? The last two times there was no ministry. What is going on? The Lord revealed it. The last time we were there the manager made it very obvious that he was interested in me as a woman. That happened, a year or two ago, whenever it was. I happened to have known this man for twenty years. As far as I knew he was married. He just told me he was divorced for several years. I had no idea his wife had left him. That is what has been drawing me to that diner. Is that something else? The first time I perceived it, it was so strong. If I didn't perceive it, I would have gone back, but I perceive these things most of the time. I can't say I perceive it all the time. If you can perceive it, then you can try the spirit on it and determine whether or not it's God. If you cannot perceive it, you're at risk. You think you run your own life. You don't run your own life. If you don't see in the spirit and you're not aware of all of these forces that are affecting you, you don't run your own life. I'm telling you right out, you are completely deceived. You do not run your own life.


So that testimony just fits right in here. Gravitation is a spiritual reality as well as a material reality. Gravitation can come from God. The gravitation of the Lord can draw a fellowship together and when the Lord wants to break up that fellowship, He just releases the energy. I'll show you that on the next board, how a molecule breaks up, how an atom breaks up. This is how God draws fellowships and breaks up ministries, draws ministries and breaks up ministries. This is how Satan brings people together for an unholy union or a painful marriage. It's real. So does everybody understand or at least have an idea of what I'm trying to show you here? How we travel in the spirit, how one year can come in contact with another year by warping the gravitation? You see, this law of gravitation maintains this infinite configuration and gravitation is an energy. It holds space time in this configuration. So what would cause space time to warp like this? A greater energy force than that which is holding together the configuration of space time. A more powerful energy force will modify the formation of space time. Is everybody okay with this? Okay, now I want to show you what happens that will cause a molecule to break up, which is another principle of physics and then we'll go back to the World of Points and the world of Bound Lights.


I didn't read you the definition of gravity. Again this is the American Heritage Dictionary of the English language, third edition. Gravity: The natural force of attraction. Now gravitation is a force of attraction, but gravity is a specific kind of gravitation. It's a natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body such as the earth, upon objects at or near its surface tending to draw them towards the center of the body. So if I hold something up in my hand, its drawn downward to the center of the earth; gravity. Gravitation is the force that draws objects or minds together but not necessarily down towards the center of the earth.


This is drawing #5 and I have it broken down into a, b, c and d. First of all I'm trying to show you the gravitational field that exists in an atom. I've shown you the nucleus of the atom which can contain positrons, protons or neutrons. All of those particles have a positive charge. The electrons orbit around the nucleus and they have a negative charge. It is a gravitational field that holds the electrons in their orbit around the nucleus. A gravitational field is an energy source that is attracting these electrons to one another so that they stay in that orbit. It's the same physical law of gravitation that holds the planets in their orbit around the sun. It's the same law of gravitation that holds all of the atoms that comprise our body together. Our body is made up of atoms with a nucleus with positive particles and electrons with negative particles. What makes us solid and impenetrable, except by a sharp object which would kill you, is the collective gravitational field of the electrons of the atoms of our body. That's what makes us appear to be solid. So if you see somebody practicing witchcraft and I understand that this happens when they walk down the streets of Nigeria. I've been told members of the kind of cult that does these things that they just slice themselves with knives and nothing happens to them. They don't bleed and they're not hurt. In India we see the yogis walking on the flames and their feet don't get burnt because somehow by the power of their mind, by a spiritual power, they can alter the gravitational field of the atoms of their body. They penetrate that gravitational field without killing themselves.


I remember when I used to be in Deliverance Ministry, we heard about particular ministers in the Third World that had the power to speed up their rate of vibration and they took their hand and put it right through somebody's body and pulled out the tumors. What they did was to alter their gravitational field so that they could pass through the physical body without damaging it. So this is the whole principle behind nuclear power. What I'm telling you is that every law that applies to physics, the physics of this material world, the study of physics, the physical laws of this physical world, those same laws exist on a spiritual level and they have to do with mind. Those same laws exist. I have been preaching for awhile that we are all worlds and I know Kabbalah says that all human beings are worlds. But according to the definition of galaxy that I read in my notes, I actually think each of us is a galaxy. Let me read you that definition. Galaxy: Any of numerous large scale aggregates (that means collection) of stars, gas and dust that constitute the universe. So I don't know if that would apply to us since we're a single star, but how do I know. Maybe we're a multiple star. I don't even know. Well, the thought that just came to me is this concept of the spiritual lifetime. We saw that Jesus was the aggregate of Moses and Elijah and Jesus was an additional soul. According to the Kabbalah (the Lord hasn't corrected me yet) the soul of Phinehas and the soul of Eli's wicked sons that were cleansed and purified are all a part of the collective soul of Messiah.


So Jesus was a collective star. He was and He is, not a world, but a galaxy. So that means any one of us that has a multiple soul, which is probably all of us, we are a galaxy. We consist of stars, gas (that's spirit) and dust. That's what our flesh is made of. But it's not really a big deal whether you call yourself a galaxy or a world. That's just a little side point. My point is that everything that we're studying here, all the science that we study, can be applied to the spiritual world of mind. What I said on drawing #4, the warping of space time, that can be done with the mind, you see. This physical world and the universe is called a macrocosm and each individual human being is called a microcosm. Everything that exists in this universe, which is so vast (at least at the stage that our science is in right now) by the time a man would travel to the end or to the border of the universe it would be beyond his lifetime, even in a high speed spaceship. That's how vast the universe is. So the Lord tells us, don't look at the universe. Don't look at the macrocosm. It's too big. Look at the microcosm. All of the secrets of the universe exist in the mind of man. See, the Eastern religions know that. It's just the Western religions, because for some reason, Christianity isn't spiritual. We're spending trillions of dollars sending up spaceships and the answers are all within, in the mind. Time travel exists in the mind. Spiritual travel exists in the mind. You don't need an airplane. If you're developed spiritually enough you don't need an airplane. You travel in the spirit. But we're all fallen. We're down here on the ground.


So this is the principle I'm showing you. I show you the atom and down here in (b) I'm showing you the creation of nuclear power. We see that the particles of the nucleus are destroyed. Once the particles of the nucleus are destroyed, there is no longer any reason for this gravitational field to be in existence because the gravitational field really is a protective field. It's a protective field protecting the positive particles in the center. Now over here on (c) I show you these black dots, the electrons. They're no longer in an orbit. They're just free and the energy that held the electrons in orbit has been released and this released energy is nuclear power or atomic power. The orbit of electrons breaks down and the atom discharges its energy. Electrons are free and not a part of any electric field. This discharge of energy is called atomic power. Atomic power or nuclear power is created by destroying the nuclear particles of the atoms, thereby forcing them to discharge the energy of the gravitational field that holds the electrons in orbit, thereby forcing the discharge of the energy of the gravitational field. So that's how we make an atom bomb. Our scientists arrange to take some material, atoms that are easy to destroy and they destroy the nucleus so that the energy is released. You know, brethren, that's the same thing that our scientists want to do with stem cells. They want to go into the nucleus of the cell and destroy it so that they could harvest some of the material and use it. They want to kill that nucleus. They want to kill that nucleus. They want to kill that nucleus.


As far as our spiritual studies go, who is in the nucleus that I showed you on the earlier drawings? Adam Kadmon was in the nucleus. Malkhut headed right for the innermost parts of Adam Kadmon and she turned him inside out, which I'll show you next week because this message took on a life of its own. The Lord gave me some scriptures which we have translated here that I will comment on and then we'll call it quits for the night. Are there any questions about the science here? Okay, as I was writing this board up, the Lord gave me the scripture, smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. I was talking to you before I put this on the board about how the spiritual law of gravitation will bring a ministry together and will separate a ministry. I remember there was a ministry here on Long Island that was really powerful. I went there for about six months. I knew about it for a long time, but I went there for about six months and the preacher left. As to why he left, God knows. There was some gossip that he was forced out of town. He turned the church over to another man, but the gravitational field of the ministry was broken. Every Sunday I walked in there, somebody was moving out of state. I mean it was just too much of a coincidence. The fellowship just dwindled down to nothing. Everybody moved out of state because that spiritual force that drew all these people to that ministry two or three times a week dissipated when the head, the nucleus, the pastor, was forced out. The spiritual power that made that ministry was discharged. That spiritual power was no longer functioning as a gravitational force, which held that ministry together.


Now you need to understand that Satan knows all this. When she wants to destroy what God has put together, she goes after the nucleus. She goes after the head to bring the head down and she also goes after each individual, trying to cause you to turn against your obedience to God, which is drawing you here. So Satan comes into a ministry and she wants to break up this gravitational field. There is a gravitational field in this ministry and in every ministry that's brought together by God. The way she breaks up the force field that guards us is by killing the Christ within. We had a word early this morning about a ministry where that has happened. The Lord told us Christ has died in that ministry. Now I'm not happy that Christ has died in that ministry. It may be the Lord will raise him from the dead if the man repents, if he can hear. I'm sure if the pastor there would just understand what he did wrong, he would repent. He's a great man of God.


But so many of us, we cannot hear the Lord. When it comes to a sin that we cannot believe is a sin, we just can't seem to hear it. Now I'm not happy that that ministry is coming down, unless the man turns around and repents, but I am curious if the man doesn't turn around and repent to see how that plays out. I want to see what happens when the gravitational force that holds a ministry like that together is discharged. It will discharge in destruction. It's not going to be just a simple little thing. People are going to get hurt. Something will happen in the natural that will cause people to scatter. I don't know what it will be, but I want to know because I want to learn about how these things operate. I can't even say how God operates because that's how Satan operates. The Lord wants the ministry preserved. Maybe the man will repent. Praise God.


Okay, let's finish up these scriptures that the Lord gave me. We have a very interesting little study here on this concept of smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. I know what the church world thinks about that. The church world thinks that the Old Testament version of what Jesus said, smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter, means that Jesus was being crucified and therefore ...actually, I don't know what the New Testament church doctrine is on that. Why would Jesus be saying to the disciples, you're going to be offended tonight because the Scripture says, smite the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. I think the church doctrine on it is simply that Jesus was saying, I am a fulfillment of prophesy. The Old Testament says smite the shepherd, so I'm being smitten, and you will be scattered because I was smitten. Has anyone ever heard anything else preached other than that Jesus was the fulfillment of prophesy that the shepherd would be smitten? Has anyone heard anything else on that? Well that's not what Jesus was telling them. Hallelujah. That was not what He was telling them. So let's start with the Old Testament. I'm all excited. I love revelation in the Word of God.


Okay, first of all does anyone have the King James Version of that Old Testament scripture?


COMMENT: Zechariah 13:7; Awake , O sword, against my shepherd, and against the man that is my fellow, saith the Lord of hosts: smite the shepherd, and the sheep shall be scattered: and I will turn mine hand upon the little ones.


PASTOR VITALE: It's easy to understand how the King James' translators translated this scripture that way because there are many other scriptures through all of the Old Testament prophets where Jehovah is indicting the shepherds saying, my sheep are scattered and you haven't fed my sheep, but you've fed yourself. I don't have any of those scriptures for you, but just do a search. It's easy to find because there's quite a few scriptures where Jehovah is indicting the shepherds saying, you've taken care of yourself and you have not taken care of my sheep. My sheep are scattered and therefore I'll go get them myself. But that is not what is being said in Zechariah 13:7. You see, this is what happens when you try to translate a scripture without understanding. That's why there are so many errors in the King James Translation. But despite that, it's a powerful, powerful book, because that was the best that humanity could do at the time and the Lord has honored that translation. It's no shame to anybody to reveal the truth of the translation. I don't know what the Jewish scholars would say about this, but I know that the King James translators are wrong.


Now this is what Zechariah 13:7 should be saying. First of all, the word sword can be translated destroy. I believe that to be destroying angel. Binah is the destroying angel. Binah is the one who brings judgment from above. This is a prayer, because remember YHVH, Jehovah, He is the one that's lower than Binah. This is Jehovah of Hosts and you may recall that the Name of God, Jehovah of Hosts, I believe is associated with Yesod. It's either Yesod or Hod. So that's a Name of God that's lower than Binah. This is a prayer; O destroying angel. This is talking about the spiritual passover, brethren. This scripture is a prayer to bring forth the spiritual passover, which is a spiritual experience that each believer must experience for himself, just like receiving the Holy Spirit. Don't you believe that the church is waiting for the feast of tabernacles. Jesus experienced passover, but each man has to experience passover for himself. This is a prayer to bring forth passover to the individual. Binah, O destroying angel from above. Now here's the key. This Hebrew word translated against, it can just as easily be translated above. It means both, above and against. So we see this is translator's discretion, but the King James' translator did not understand this scripture. O Binah, destroying angel from above, open the eyes. That's a translation of awake. Open the eyes of Ze'ir Anpin, the shepherd. Who is Ze'ir Anpin the shepherd? Christ Jesus is the shepherd. The mortal man, Jesus, was not the shepherd. Christ Jesus, the spiritual man, who is the body of Christ, who is seeding all of humanity with the life of His Son. Christ Jesus is the Great Shepherd.


O destroying angel, open the eyes of the shepherd from above (that's Ze'ir Anpin) so that the valiant man (and that valiant man is a translation of.. In the King James it just says man, but it's not the Hebrew word for man. The Hebrew word for man is ish. This is a different Hebrew word. It means valiant man. So that the valiant man who is Ze'ir Anpin's companion. That's talking about every believer who is companion to Christ. Why is that believer called a valiant man? That's the same thing as hero. Does anybody remember who the spiritual hero is? I only mentioned it once or twice. The valiant man or the spiritual hero is the man who has the guts to look at his sin nature and see it for what it is and reject it. That is the spiritual scriptural definition of valiant man or hero. Do you have the guts to do it? You know I watched a movie between services tonight and the name of the movie was East of Eden. I had seen East of Eden with James Dean several times, but this is a different rendition of East of Eden. I had never seen it or heard of it before. Actually, I saw East of Eden with James Dean a long time ago, but I didn't remember it. I guess I wasn't where I am psychologically then. This movie was so powerful in Christ. There was a Chinese Christian man in the movie who had a living knowledge of the Scripture in his heart. But for the purposes of this message tonight, why am I telling you this? East of Eden is a story. You know, in all of these years I've never applied that name East of Eden to the Scripture. East of Eden is the mortal side of the garden. That's where we are. Cain was relegated to east of Eden.


In the movie there's a man who is as godly a man as an average man could be, desiring to live a righteous life. He went to church, was moral in his dealings and he found a woman beaten and nursed her back to health. She turned out to be a prostitute and he fell in love with her. She was an evil woman. A lot of people in today's day of political correctness have a problem believing that truly evil people exist. She was truly evil. She was evil to the extent that she just wanted to destroy this man who was good to her. His brother begged him not to marry this woman. He thought his love would reform her. But she only thought evil of him in return. She drugged him on their wedding night when no one knew they were married and she seduced his brother. She slept with his brother on their wedding night and conceived twins. I don't want to drag this out into a whole long thing. This is the crux of the story. The two brothers grew up and one brother had the mother's nature. Now the father took them to church every Sunday. The father was a very good influence on him, so he was resisting his evil nature because he had that other influence on him, but he knew that he did bad things. That's the line in the movie "I do bad things and I don't know why and I can't seem to stop." The other brother did everything right. He grew up to be a religious man. He was studying to be a priest.


Now this blows my mind. He told his girlfriend who loved him dearly that he was still going to marry her, but that he would be celibate in their marriage because God was calling him to do that. She stayed with him. Maybe that was the way it was in those days. The movie took place in the early 1800's or 1900's, I think. You could see he was a very religious man. He loved his father so much that he wanted to please his father. His father never remarried, so these two young men grew up in a household with two celibate males, the father and this Chinese Christian who was a servant, but yet a member of the family in the household. You know this is really for you. He chose a role for himself. In the movie he tells the woman that he's going to marry her and stay celibate and she recognizes his decision. He wrote his life before it happened. This is what he was going to be. This is a description of a pharisee. I'm not putting down pharisees. I'm just enlightening you. He wrote his role and then he had to live up to it. He was going to be this perfect righteous man and he was going to be strong in his morality. You could see how he despised a drunkard that was around there. The man was a pharisee. His brother knew he was a sinner. The one brother knew he was a sinner and did the best he could. But the other brother was a phony. That which he showed to the world and that which he believed he was, was not real.


This is the definition of a pharisee. He was not real. He had a sin nature just like his brother. One brother knew he had a sin nature and was sorry for it. He didn't want to be that way. The other brother denied that he had a sin nature or thought that he could live above his fallen humanity. Now what I didn't tell you was that the prostitute left the father and the father told the boys that their mother was dead. He really raised them in a God fearing home. So the boys were told their mother was dead. But the boy that recognized his sin nature never believed it and he went looking for his mother and he found her. Not only was she a prostitute, but she was an evil, evil, hate filled unnatural woman. So the brother kept it to himself and then a couple of years later he raged in a fit of anger against his father, because his father favored the religious boy and really rejected him. I didn't see the beginning of the movie, but I think the other one must have looked like the brother whose children they really were. So in a fit of anger against his father, the honest brother took his brother to meet his mother and the religious brother couldn't bear it. You see, I didn't tell you this about the boy that would face his sins. When he found his mother, she told him right to his face, you're just like me, you're wicked. He told her, no, I'm not like you. I don't have to be like you. The moral of this whole movie that comes forth several times is, we have the power of choice. Whatever our nature is, whatever our heritage is, we don't have to let it control us.


That Christian Chinese servant in the house saw that the young man who was recognizing his sins was about to do something wicked. He laid hold of him with the most beautiful spirit and said to him, from this minute forward, whatever you do, it's not because of your mother and it's not because of your father. In other words you are of age. Whatever you do from this minute forward, you have done it. You have made the choice. You could choose to do it or you could choose to not do it. But he forced his brother to meet the mother and the young pharisee couldn't bear it. Listen to what I'm saying. The one brother knew that there was something that was no good in him, but he knew that there was something good there also. But the young brother that was the pharisee, he was so sure that he was a righteous man that when he saw who had brought him into the world, he couldn't bear it. He could not function under it. He ran away without saying goodbye to his father or anyone, joined the army and died in battle. It was probably a death wish. He couldn't go on. You know we talk about the sefirot being rigid. He was so rigid, he couldn't deal with the truth. It destroyed him. But the brother who knew what was in him and made the right choice, he lived and he prospered and he loved and married and he had a family and he prospered in the world. But the religious person that thought that he was better didn't. Don't tell me that if you're a pharisee, you don't think you're better than everybody else, because if you're a pharisee, you do. You do think you're better than everybody else.


If you think that you can't be guilty of the sins that are revealed in this kind of ministry, if you think that on any level, you do think you're better than other people. That's just a manifestation of pride. If you don't yield, you won't be able to go on with God. You'll break, you see. But it's so hard, it's so hard to be able to yield and to look at yourself and to say that's in me. But I'm Christ, you see, and I reject that other side of me and I'm not going to die when I reject that other side of me because Christ is in me. I can reject and kill that other side of me because I'll still live in Christ. If you're one of the rare people who can do this, the Scripture calls you a valiant man. Other spiritual sources call you a hero, but the scriptural word is valiant man. I don't have the Strong's number for you, but it's in that scripture, Zechariah 13:7. You're a valiant man.


So Binah, destroying angel from above, open the eyes of Ze'ir Anpin (that's Christ Jesus) the shepherd from above, so that the valiant man, who was Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus' companion (that's us, the personality, mortal man) so that the valiant mortal man, who is Christ Jesus' companion (and companion is a translation of fellow) so that he may smite the sheep of the shepherd. That's what I'm doing for you. You are the sheep and I'm smiting you. But you're the sheep of the shepherd. You're the sheep of Ze'ir Anpin, who is Christ Jesus. You don't go smiting people that are not the sheep of Christ Jesus. To smite the sheep of Christ Jesus means that Christ is in you. So when I smite your carnality, you won't die, you'll live. You become the alabaster box, that when you break, Christ is going to pour out of you.


So Binah, destroying angel from above, open the eyes of Ze'ir Anpin. Open the spiritual eyes of the person who is given this ministry. I'm given this ministry to expose your sins. Open the eyes of Christ Jesus in me because my carnal mind does not see your sins. It's Christ Jesus revealing your sins, Christ Jesus in me revealing your sins. O Binah from above; understanding. Binah is understanding. Destroying angel from above, open the eyes of Christ Jesus (in the individual shepherd.) Open the eyes of Christ Jesus within the valiant man who is Christ Jesus' companion, so that that man may smite the sheep of the shepherd, saith Jehovah of war. That's Yahweh of Hosts. So that Elijah or Christ Jesus, my right hand of blessing. I guess that can't be Christ Jesus. I'll have to work that out. I'm just going to go on with this. So that Elijah or Christ Jesus, my right hand of blessing may separate (and that's a translation of scatter) the little ones from Satan and Leviathan with blows. You will be separated from Satan and Leviathan with blows, verbal blows, verbal blows that are propelled by spiritual power. I'm breaking the shells off of the Christ mind within you. Open the eyes of Christ Jesus within the valiant man that he may smite the sheep of the shepherd so that Christ, my right hand of blessing, may separate the little ones from Satan and Leviathan. Let me, the valiant man, smite your carnal mind, so that Christ in you may separate the little ones from; actually it should be from Cain. With Christ, the right hand of my blessing, so that he may separate or that Christ within the little ones may separate from Cain and return to me. I have to change that.


O Binah, destroying angel, come and bring the spiritual passover to my faithful valiant people who are brave enough to look at their sin nature. O Binah, destroying angel from above, open the eyes of Ze'ir Anpin (that's Christ Jesus) within the preacher. Open the eyes of Ze'ir Anpin, the shepherd from above, within the preacher, so that the valiant man (who is the preacher.) So that the valiant man, who is the companion (who is Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus' companion) may smite the sheep of the shepherd, saith Jehovah the Lord of hosts, so that Abel or Christ, my right hand of blessing within the little ones may separate from Cain and return to me. This is the meaning of Zechariah 13:7. It is not a prophesy of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ as it is used in the church world today. There are two scriptures in the New Testament that are really the same, Matthew 26:31 and then there's a scripture in Mark.


Can someone read that from the King James onto the tape, please?


COMMENT: Matthew 26:31; Then saith Jesus unto them, all ye shall be offended because of me this night: for it is written, I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad. Matthew 26:32; But after I am risen again, I will go before you into Galilee.


PASTOR VITALE: The only scripture in the Old Testament that speaks about smiting the shepherd is Zechariah 13:7. See, every other scripture concerning the sheep being scattered is Jehovah rebuking the shepherds saying, you have not done your job. My sheep are scattered and you have not done your job, so I will go after them myself. But there's no judgment on the shepherd, although there is a scripture that says, woe unto the shepherds. But we don't know what that means. There's no scripture that says Jehovah is going to smite the shepherds. It says, woe be unto the shepherds. Why? Because they're going to reap what they sow. So the church world sees the scripture that we just read, Matthew 26:31 and they relate it to Zechariah 13:7 which says in the King James, O sword awake and smite the shepherd, but we just found out that that's not what Zechariah 13:7 means. So I went inside and I said to the Lord, Lord I've just translated these two verses and they contradict one another. What is the answer? What do I tell your people? I've got two scriptures that the church world says support one another, but I know that I've got the right translation of the Old Testament. I know that, but what do I do with this scripture in the New Testament?


This is what the Lord said to me, Matthew 26:31 followed by verse 32 is Jesus announcing to the disciples the breaking of the curse. Listen to this. Jesus speaking; All of you who are related to me, will be enticed this night, will be enticed by the night within you, to sin. The word offended means enticed or entrapped by sin. Because it is written, they will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be separated. See the King James says I will smite the shepherd, quoting Zechariah 13:7 but it's a misunderstanding. I couldn't find any scripture in the King James Translation saying I will smite the shepherd where it means that, for either Jehovah speaking or Satan speaking. So when Jesus was speaking in the New Testament, He was saying, it is written; I'll have to decide whether I'll put in there, they or I. They will smite the shepherd and the sheep of the flock will be scattered or separated. All I know is I find in the Old Testament many scriptures where Jehovah is saying, the sheep of my pasture are scattered, the sheep of my pasture are scattered. I don't find any scripture saying how they became scattered in those words. But we know how the sheep get scattered. Satan is the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy. Satan is the one who scatters the sheep.


Now what does scattering mean? We found out in Zechariah 13:7, to scatter means to separate. Jehovah is calling upon Binah, the destroying angel who has the authority to bring judgment, corrective judgment, upon the faithful valiant people of God so that they will be slaughtered, separated from Satan and Leviathan, or in this case, Abel will be separated from Cain. But in the New Testament scripture, Jesus is talking about something else completely. Jesus is saying, Satan is up there laughing, saying I am smiting the shepherd and you watch the sheep of Jesus Christ being scattered and they will never stand after I die. Jesus is telling them, Satan is saying, you will never stand after I die, that I'm the one that's holding you up in your heart center and I'm the one who's strengthening you to stand above sin. When I die, when the son of man dies, when they crucify me, you will never stand, that's what Satan is saying. But Jesus said, but after I have risen, I will go before you. It's the breaking of the curse. All of you who are related to Jesus will be enticed or entrapped by the night within you to sin because it is written, when the shepherd is smitten, the sheep of the flock will be separated from Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus. See, it's the same word, to scatter or to smite. It doesn't matter whether the Lord is separating us from Satan and Leviathan or is separating Abel from Cain or Satan is separating us from the Lord. It's the same principle. Whoever we're married to, the other guy is coming to separate us and the word is, to slaughter, to literally physically separate us or spiritually separate us.


Jesus says, when I am crucified, Satan is coming to entrap you with sin and you won't stand. You wouldn't stand, but when I have risen, I will go before you and you will stand. So that's what's been happening to Israel for all of these thousands of years every time Satan comes in. Every time Israel connected to Jehovah, every time they stood up, Satan came in and killed their nucleus and the energy that held the spiritual Israel together was scattered. Every time, not only Israel, every time since the Fall. Jehovah put Abel over Cain and that was scattered, that energy, that electric field that held them in that configuration was scattered. Jehovah raised up Seth, put the creation back on its feet again, and the energy field that held that configuration together was scattered. Jehovah did it again with Noah. He raised Noah up above sin and that energy field was scattered and Jesus said she's coming to do it again. Jehovah doesn't smite the sheep. Satan smites the sheep. Jesus said, Satan is coming. She's coming for you. When I'm crucified and I'm not here to defend you, she's coming to entrap you with sin. But when I am risen, I will go before you. That's the breaking of the curse. Hallelujah. Any questions about this message?


Well, Lord willing, Thursday night we'll pick up and I will try to relate these spiritual principles that I have shown you tonight to what happened with the rebellion of Malkhut. I will try to show you how Malkhut warped space so that she could make contact with the Malkhut of Bound Lights, who was right up against Adam Kadmon's ovary. She skipped in space. Malkhut in the outermost circle of the World of Points made contact with the Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights and invaded Adam Kadmon's ovary. She warped space. There was no time, but she warped space. That's what she did. So we'll go on with that. Also, as I mentioned to you on the message called The Bread Of Shame, it looked at that time like this doctrine of the Ayn Sof contracting itself to form an empty space in which creation would emerge was right, but that is not accurate. The Ayn Sof never contracted itself and there never was an empty space made by the Ayn Sof. The contraction and the empty space that it formed was the result of the sin of Malkhut and her rebellion against the higher elements or the higher sefirot of the creation. Before we go, I just want to point out to you Matthew 26:31and 32. It's Jesus' prophesy which says, after I am crucified, Satan will come to entrap you, but I will go before you. That prophesy came to pass in the life of Peter as we could tell from our Alternate Translation concerning the cock crowing with Peter. The King James Translation is completely off.


Our Alternate Translation reveals that Satan came to Peter in his mind. Satan did not come to Peter to tempt him to commit adultery. Satan did not come to Peter to tempt him with any physical or behavioral act. She came to Peter to tempt him with what? Does anybody remember what the temptation was? She came in an attempt to stir up Peter's "pride." Oh aren't you one of those who was with Jesus? Aren't you one of Jesus' disciples? It wasn't an accusation as it appears in the King James. It was Satan speaking in Peter's own heart, saying, well now Jesus is gone and I'm going to be in His place. I'm a great one. But at the moment of the temptation the cock crowed and we have found out that the cock was Christ rising in Peter to say to him, no, you're not a great one because the same one that appeared in Jesus is appearing in you. It's not you. It's the indwelling Christ who is the Great One. You see, Christ is our new conscience that counteracts the thoughts of the carnal mind that causes us to die. Whenever Christ rises in contradiction to the thoughts of the carnal mind, we have a choice. Every second of every minute of every hour of the day, we have a choice. Christ is there giving us the exact opposite thought of the sinful thoughts of our carnal mind.


But you cannot appropriate this great tremendous blessing from God. What great tremendous blessing from God? It's the opportunity to choose whether or not you will think the thoughts of your carnal mind and agree with Satan in these little subtleties of the carnal mind, which you may think are petty, but result in your death. The great gift of God is that, in Christ, we have the opportunity to choose. Now if you can't hear Christ, you've got a problem. That's why your carnal mind needs to be beaten because you cannot appropriate the great gift. See, everybody in the church knows that the promise is eternal life, but it's not a free ride. There's something we have to do to enter in. The Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice has given us the power to overcome sin in our mind. He has given us the power of choice and the strength to do everything that is necessary to overcome our carnal mind, if we are willing to put our pride aside and do our part and the deadly enemy is "pride." That's the enemy that's going to kill you, "pride" "pride." There are hundreds of little ways, little thoughts and little attitudes that pride is living through you. You have to be separated from that and you cannot be separated from that if you're not willing to admit or to face that these attitudes, these subtle attitudes and thoughts are the manifestation of your sin nature. Your carnal mind says, well what's the big deal? Who have I hurt? Yourself!!! Every time you choose to defend the thoughts of your carnal mind, you commit suicide. It's as simple as that. So brethren, choose the light and reject the darkness and live. God bless you.





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