550 - Part 25

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Praise the Lord everybody. We're continuing on with the demonstration of spiritual principles, which I am showing you in preparation to tell you what the Lord has told me concerning Malkhut's rebellion and the fall. This is the spiritual principle. Malkhut is Malkhut wherever she is appearing or any one of the sefirot have the same qualities whether they're appearing in the World of Emanation or whether they're appearing in the World of Action. Malkhut is Malkhut wherever she is appearing. What are the qualities of Malkhut? Well first of all she is female. Second of all she's the receptacle. She's the last and tenth sefirot and the emanations of all the previous sefirot empty out into her and she is the visible world. So Keter is Keter, wherever he is appearing. I now have an example of these right pronunciations, so I'm going to be trying to do it. Tiferet is Tiferet wherever he is appearing. What are the overriding qualities of Tiferet? Tiferet is the mediator. He's the middle column. He's the power of God. He's YHVH. He's Jehovah. So whether Tiferet is appearing in the World of Emanation or Tiferet is appearing in the World of Action, the position that he always takes is that of righteous judge. Maybe I didn't make that clear before. Tiferet is righteous judge. Tiferet is really the balance between Gevurah and Chesed. Gevurah is the (I don't know if unrighteous is the word) but Gevurah is the harsh judge, which is appearing in this fallen world as Satan.


Gevurah is the judge that executes or enforces the sowing and reaping judgment without mercy unto death. But Tiferet brings Chesed into Gevurah's strength and judges righteous judgment with mercy. We're promised a way of escape. We're told in the Scripture that Jesus always makes a way of escape. That way of escape is through His mercy, which comes in through Chesed. So Tiferet is in that middle column. He's the balance. He's in that middle column. He's the righteous judge wherever he is appearing. Of course the mercy of God depends on our repentance, you see. You cannot acquire the mercy of God without repentance. If repentance cannot be found in you, then you belong to Satan. See, we all belong to Satan. All of humanity belongs to Satan. The mercy of God is the righteous judge, which is Christ Jesus and He's manifesting Himself to us through men, through imperfect men. So if you cannot find repentance through the instruction of imperfect men, you still belong to Satan. You see, it's not a punishment. We all belong to Satan, anyway. Righteous judgment is the merciful interference of God with the sowing and reaping judgment. But you must repent to be a recipient of the mercy of God. If you can't repent, you can't get the mercy of God. Your life just continues along under Satan's authority and eventually she kills you. So that's who Tiferet is, the righteous judge who brings mercy to the harshness of this world because this is a criminal penal colony. This world is a criminal penal colony.


So what am I trying to tell you here? On the left side of the board, I'm just trying to show you the sefirot in blue signifies the World of Points, and the sefirot in black signifies the World of Bound Lights. On the right I'm showing you ten circles within ten circles. The ten circles in the center is the World of Bound Lights and the ten outer circles is the World of Points because we know that the creation of God is expanding outward. Is that correct? Does everybody know that? Okay. The World of Bound Lights is where? In what part of Adam Kadmon's anatomy? Anybody? Where is the World of Bound Lights?


COMMENT: In the mind.


PASTOR VITALE: No. Do you want to try?


COMMENT: I thought it was the eyes.


PASTOR VITALE: No. The World of Bound Lights is in Adam Kadmon's mouth. Remember the light comes out of Adam Kadmon's ears, it comes out of his nose and it comes out of his mouth. The light that emanates from these three orifices are openings. That's what an orifice is, an opening. The light comes out of the orifice of the ears, the light comes out of the orifice of the nose and the light comes out of the orifice of the mouth and they're all just floating around his head, you see.


As the light comes out, it descends and all the light that comes from all three orifices, gathers together at the place of Adam Kadmon's mouth. Adam Kadmon's mouth is the first place where the light begins to separate into two grades of light. What is the function of the two grades of light? I see we're going to have a quiz tonight. What is the function of the two grades of light?


COMMENT: One light forms the outer vessel and the other light fills the vessel.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. More technically, the coarser light forms the vessel, which is outside of what it's filled with, and that which it is filled with is called the inner light. Also technically, we're talking about force and form. The vessel is form and the force is the inner light. So the World of Bound Lights is the first place that even the beginnings of a vessel appears. Does anyone know why the World of Bound Lights is called the World of Bound Lights? Why is the World of Bound Lights called Bound Lights?


COMMENT: Because they haven't differentiated yet.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's right, but could you make it a little clearer for us? What are they differentiating into?


COMMENT: Vessel and light.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, that's close. The complete answer is that the reason the lights in the mouth are called bound lights is because only one vessel has come forth and ten lights all bound together in a clump are in that one vessel. That's why it's called the World of Bound Lights.


As the light descends, each of the ten lights that's clumped together has to have a vessel of its own. It's not suppose to be ten lights and one vessel. It's suppose to be one light in each vessel, so it's called the World of Bound Lights. This is the first place in Adam Kadmon's mouth where any vessel at all appears and initially it's just one vessel. The ten lights inside the vessel have to differentiate out into ten vessels with ten lights within it. So we're looking at our drawing over here. Now we had a lot of teaching on the World of Bound Lights. It was a very complicated teaching, but basically what it said is that the order of emanation is that usually Keter comes out first, followed by Chokhmah, followed by Binah. The principle is that the highest sefirot is at the innermost place. The highest sefirot is at the innermost place. First Keter comes out and forms a little circle. Then Chokhmah comes out and makes a circle around Keter and then Binah comes out and makes a circle around Chokhmah. So Keter is at the center and in Keter is the Ayn Sof , himself. So each sefirot comes out, and Malkhut is the last sefirot to come out, the outermost circle. That's the situation that we have in the World of Points. Also in all the worlds after the World of Points, Malkhut is the outermost circle. What's outside of Malkhut is the Keter of the next world. The next world that comes after the World of Points is the World of Emanation. So the next circle would be the Keter of the World of Emanation. Does everybody understand this? Okay.


Now with the World of Bound Lights, that situation was reversed. Malkhut came out first and therefore Malkhut is in the very center of the World of Bound Lights. Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights is the innermost sefirah. Malkhut of the World of Points is the outermost sefirah. When we see a diagram of the World of Bound Lights plus the World of Points, we see Malkhut as the outermost circle and Malkhut is the innermost circle and Malkhut is Malkhut wherever she is appearing. It's just like saying someone's husband is in the volunteer fire department. I know someone in it right now. My girlfriend's son is a big volunteer fireman. We have a lot of these macho guys on Long Island in the fire department. He was in the fire department for years in New Hyde Park and the Lord just gave him and his family a house in Selden where he just joined Selden's Fire Department. He got inducted and everything. He's the same macho fire guy as he was in New Hyde Park or now where he is in Selden. He's the same macho fire guy, the same guy. So Malkhut is Malkhut wherever she's appearing. Do you understand what I'm saying? That's the principle that I'm trying to explain to you. I'll give you a preview of my next drawing. This is what the Lord has shown me. Remember on previous messages, I've shown you how Malkhut is the receptacle and all of the emanations poured into her? But she didn't want to be female, so she reversed the blood flow and turned all the energy back and in the process killed Yesod and killed her husband and became the spiritual male of this fallen world. Does everybody know that?


We spent a lot of messages on that. I want to show it to you more clearly. Then I also showed you how Malkhut turned around and fertilized the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary. There was some question about the first time I showed it to you. Remember, I'm a student teacher. The first time I showed it to you, I show the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary underneath Malkhut. The next time the Lord showed me the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary, that Malkhut was after, was in the center. So Malkhut had to go through all of the nine sefirot above her to get to that egg. I asked how did she get past Keter, Chokhmah and Binah? How did she get past these powerful sefirot to get in to fertilize the egg? Then my answer at that time was, well, the lower three was disrupted. When Malkhut reversed the blood flow, the energy that held all the sefirot in place in the World of Points was disrupted. Well let me say this so I don't confuse you. The three highest sefirot of the World of Points, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, each have ten sefirot under them. I'm believing the studies that we're studying unless the Lord gives me a correction. So according to the studies, those lower three sefirot of each of Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, the Malkhut, Yesod and Hod of Keter, and the Malkhut, Yesod and Hod of Chokhmah, and the Malkhut, Yesod and Hod of Binah, were all disassembled because of the shaking up of the energy.


So I said, Malkhut was able to get past them because she didn't confront Malkhut. She didn't confront Keter head on and try to get past him. She sort of went through his legs. See, Keter has ten sefirot. Malkhut in her rebellion, didn't meet Keter head on and overtake him. She went down low where his lower ten sefirot were all disassembled by the shaking up of the sefirot because the energy pattern was shaken up. Are you following me? Do you remember that teaching? So that's how Malkhut got through. That's the only example God is giving me. She went through his legs. His legs were all shaky and weak. She didn't come up here in his chest where he was strong enough to stop her and she got past Keter and she fertilized the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary. But the Lord has given me even a further understanding of it and that's what I'm trying to show you tonight. Malkhut was able to jump from the outer circle of the World of Points to the innermost circle. Now this innermost circle of the World of Bound Lights is right next to Adam Kadmon's ovary. Adam Kadmon's ovary is his internal organ. The World of Bound Lights is outside. The World of Points is outside. So Malkhut from the most outermost ring of the World of Points had to get into Adam Kadmon's insides to fertilize that egg of his ovary. The Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights is the first sefirot, the closest sefirot to Adam Kadmon's insides. Do you need me to say that again? Do you understand what I'm saying? You're all looking at me. Let me say it again.


Malkhut of the World of Points out here, took all of that energy that was deposited with her and she invaded Adam Kadmon's ovary. See, I have ten circles here, the World of Bound Lights, and another ten circles outside of it is the World of Points. Inside the World of Bound Lights (see this little center piece here) that's the inside of Adam Kadmon. See, all of these circles are circulating around Adam Kadmon. When we talk about the World of Bound Lights being in Adam Kadmon's mouth, I'm not talking like a set of teeth. I'm talking about energy that would circulate around his whole head at the level of the mouth. The World of Points circulates around Adam Kadmon at his navel. So both of these worlds are outside of Adam Kadmon, but the egg of creation is inside Adam Kadmon. When we talk about Adam Kadmon having lights in his mouth and lights in his navel, that is just a metaphor to help you understand. Every sefirot that came out of Adam Kadmon is wrapped around all the previous sefirot. So if there are five worlds, that means there are fifty circles representing the five worlds. The first circle that came out is at the center and the last center, the Malkhut of the fifth world, would be all the way at the outside. Are you following me? So this concept of Adam Kadmon standing there with arms and legs, that's not the reality. The reality is the circles. But it would be too hard to understand it by just showing you circles.


So the egg of creation is inside Adam Kadmon. Remember the egg of creation consists of elements of MaH and BaN and I think there's some of the lower elements of SaG in there (if I'm not mistaken) that never came out. For lights to come out of Adam Kadmon's ears, that means the lights that were inside his inner parts rose up and came out of his ears. For the light to come out of his nose, it means the lights from his inner parts rose up and came out of his nose and so it was for the lights that came out of his mouth. They were inside his belly and they came out. That became the worlds that were outside of him, but the egg of creation, the aspect of creation that was going to actually form humanity, that stayed inside of Adam Kadmon. It never came out. It's just like a woman's reproductive organs that are internal. The lights that came out were in preparation to form the male reproductive organ. Eventually the male reproductive organ came out of Adam Kadmon's forehead. We're not up to that yet. The point I'm trying to make is the lights that came out were the foundation of what would eventually be Adam Kadmon's male organ, which would be on the outside of Adam Kadmon. Remember, Adam Kadmon has both male and female organs. He's reproducing from within himself. See, you hear all these questions from the carnal church (and I don't say that with any condemnation) how did Cain and Abel have children? Well, they weren't human. See, they weren't human. They weren't a man and a woman like we are. So Adam Kadmon had both male and female organs.


So all of these lights coming out that we're studying about for like almost two years now (laughter) is very difficult, but we're getting there. All these lights coming out were the preparation or the foundation for Adam Kadmon's male organ to appear. What would be Adam Kadmon's female organ were the simple lights that never came out. Is everybody okay? Do you have a question?


COMMENT: You have two sections, two worlds, the World of Bound Lights and the World of Points. The next one, you said, would start out the World of Emanation. Then you said Keter would start the next line. Now does that mean where the two meet, two Keters are together, going back into Malkhut and then back up to Malkhut here, that then the World of Bound Lights would start with Malkhut?


PASTOR VITALE: This is Keter over here in the World of Bound Lights.


COMMENT: What's the next one, next to it, going back down? That would be Keter again?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, that's right.


COMMENT: So that's the only group that would have the two Keters back to back like that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's what you mean, back to back, right. Yes. As I see it and I don't have the full understanding of this yet, but everything from the World of Points outward is the reflection. Everything from the World of Points outward is the reflection. There's something about the World of Bound Lights that's innate, but I don't have any more information about why the reflection started at this point at this time. Is everybody okay? Do you understand this? Okay.


So I'm trying to show you what the Lord has shown me, a deeper and deeper understanding of how Malkhut invaded Adam Kadmon's ovary and fertilized the egg of creation. Remember Adam Kadmon's ovary is the garden and the egg of creation was in the garden. The parable or the metaphor about the egg of creation is Adam and Eve in the garden. The egg of creation was male and female. There were and are two Adams and this is easy for anyone that's having a problem because it's right there in Genesis. God put Adam in the garden twice and there are different verbs. There were two different Hebrew verbs translated "put" so the simple Adam was put in the garden and that's the Adam and Eve who were internal within Adam Kadmon; female. There's a female Adam and a male Adam. The male Adam is born of wisdom. The male Adam is born of the union of AB and SaG. The male Adam is born. He's a product of wisdom and the high light of the Ayn Sof. The simple Adam is mostly MaH and BaN, male and female, the lower aspects plus a little SaG which is female. So does everybody have that?


So Adam Kadmon is reproducing. He is having a baby. Adam Kadmon is not a mammal like we are. He's not a human being like we are. He's an incredibly high spiritual being, higher than we can even conceptualize. He's the primordial man. He's the basic beginning of the creation. This is how the Ayn Sof is bringing forth the creation. He brought forth Adam Kadmon, an entity, a spiritual entity, which is going to reproduce and produce a visible race of beings that will represent the Ayn Sof. But originally the Ayn Sof brought forth one being and that being was both male and female, Adam Kadmon, primordial man. He had male and female organs and the male organs were outside of him and the female organs was inside of him and that's where the garden is, inside of Adam Kadmon. There was one egg.


Remember when I first started preaching this, I was showing many eggs and then the Lord showed me, no, it was just one egg. Now we see in a science book that there's something called the egg of creation. Adam Kadmon had one egg that had the potential to manifest into many beings. It not only had the potential, but it did manifest into all that we see. But it manifested in the Serpent's image, not in the Ayn Sof's image. So creation as we now know it, which is the mortal creation, must be rolled back to the point of departure. I know there was one translation that came forth when we were doing the Doctrine of Christ, that so fascinated me, that said Leviathan would be rolled back. That really fascinated me. I didn't really understand it completely. Then there were scriptures like the heavens would be rolled up like a scroll. This whole world must be rolled back to the point of departure. But the Lord is going to do it without destroying us and He's going to do it a man at a time.


Okay, so back to the point at hand. We're at the point of the birthing of creation. Adam Kadmon's female organ was fertilized as the result of an act of rebellion. I'm trying to show you now what the Lord has shown me about this, how Malkhut got past all the higher sefirot. This is how Malkhut out here in the World of Points, the outermost ring, got past Binah, Chokhmah and Keter and how she jumped all the way into the center of Adam Kadmon's ovary here, inside the innermost circle. So what I told you before was that she charged through all of these sefirot and broke them apart and killed them to get to Adam Kadmon's inside. We're talking about rape here. But now the Lord is showing me it wasn't quite like that, that the Malkhut in the outermost ring of the World of Points has the same nature as the Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights, which is the closest sefirot to Adam Kadmon's ovary. Does anyone not understand this? I'll say it again.


Now this isn't really accurate, but I'm just trying to help you understand. It's almost like by mind travel; you think it and you're there. Malkhut in the World of Points communicated with Malkhut in the World of Bound Lights and she was there. She bypassed all these other circles. This is why I wrote it out on a chart like this for you because you can't really see it in the circles. Malkhut didn't have to go through Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah. She just went directly to Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights. It's as if each sefirot has its own track. That's what I'm trying to show you with this board here. Malkhut went directly to Malkhut. She bypassed all these other sefirot. She went in her own channel. Okay, that's what I'm trying to show you here. So we'll do another drawing. We'll take a picture and do another drawing. Any questions on this at all?


COMMENT: Malkhut seems to be on the same wave length as the other Malkhuts. Is that true of all the other sefirot?


PASTOR VITALE: That's a really good analogy. I was really struggling to explain that to you and you just explained it. Yes, each sefirot is on its own wave length. Excellent. Each sefirot is on its own wave length.


These circles that I'm showing you on the board, even this is not an accurate drawing. This is a two dimensional circle. These circles are spheres. They're three dimensional spheres all circulating in orbits. I don't know how to draw that, you see. Each of these lines really represents an orbit and there's a sphere that circulates in each of these lines. So each one is on its own wave length in the same way that all of the planets that circulate around the sun are in their own orbit. That really was a word of knowledge with the Lord helping me because I don't know if I can draw this or not. I could try to draw it. If you have all the planets circulating around the sun and one innermost planet wants to get through to the outermost planet, or if the outermost planet wants to crash into the sun, she just has to make sure that her path is clear when she crosses that point of the orbit of the other planets. Do you understand what I'm saying? You see, I draw these lines here, but the sefirot is not always at every point along this circle because the sefirot is a sphere that's spinning along this orbit. So if Malkhut wanted to go through, she had to go on her own wave length, which would have caused her to not crash into any of the other sefirot. She went on her own wave length. That's an excellent explanation.


Do you have another question?


COMMENT: I was just thinking of the book of Psalms where it talks about the paths in different places.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that's a good point. All these circles represent spheres. They're all spheres within spheres. In this book that I'm reading now, Stephen Hawkin's Universe, it talks about the universe being spheres within spheres. It's a complete second witness to Kabbalah, as I see it at this point. So Malkhut traveled along her own wave length. Malkhut of the World of Points traveled along her own path, which path does not conflict with the other paths of the other sefirot. So she just went right through. Malkhut of the World of Points just went right through to Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights and Malkhut invaded Adam Kadmon's ovary. In another book that I'm reading, where it's talking about electrons, it talks about electrons jumping. I understand, according to Quantum theory, they're no longer viewing atoms as a nucleus with orbits around it. As I study that more, I'll talk to you about it. I'm not prepared to explain that to you now. I haven't studied that yet, myself. But based on the old concept of an atom with a nucleus and orbits around it with the electrons floating around the atom, these electrons jump.


Let me put that on the board for you.


COMMENT: When you said the word path, I heard; And the sea parted.


PASTOR VITALE: What that says to me is that the way the Hebrew children passed through the Red Sea was that the Lord caused them to ascend into a higher plane of consciousness, but they were above the sea. I've told you before that I do not believe the concept of Jesus walking on the physical water. He was in an ascended place where He was walking above Satan. So the Hebrew children walked above, however it manifested in the natural. They were raised up to walk above an impossible situation and when pharaoh's army tried to do it, they could not ascend to that place and they were destroyed.


Drawing #2. This is the traditional Adam. It has a nucleus with orbits around the nucleus and electrons in the nucleus. Now according to physics, each time an orbit appears around the nucleus, it takes a spurt of energy. A spurt of energy is expended from the nucleus and an electron appears and this orbit appears. Then another spurt of energy comes forth and the next orbit with the electrons appear. So every time the atom expands outward, energy is expended. On the contrary, it's possible for these orbits to disappear, for the orbit to go back towards the center and when that happens energy is given off, I believe. I may not have that exactly right. But I believe the same energy that was expended to create the orbit is now (I don't know whether it goes into the air or it goes back to the nucleus) but these orbits can recede towards the center and the energy that was given to expand them outward is now reversed. It's released. That energy is released.


Of course it's not the orbit we're talking about, it's the electrons. Physics says that these electrons jump and they don't have any understanding why. At least at the time that this book was written, which I think was in 1997, physics literature has no understanding of why an electron, which is in an outer orbit, would jump back towards the nucleus and give off this energy. As soon as I read it, I said, well, that's Malkhut. That's what she did. She jumped from the World of Points to the Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights. She jumped. She leap frogged. She took a jump. She took a leap. She leaped across space, you see. Space and time are the same thing. That's the fourth dimension, space time. The fifth dimension is mind. Physics has proven that space and time have the same numerical value. I believe that's the correct word. So space and time are really the same. You cannot separate time from space or space from time. Wherever you have space, time is ticking away. Wherever you have space, time is ticking away. Wherever you have time ticking away, that time is associated with the visible world. So they're inseparable, time and space, and actually they're one and the same. They are the fourth dimension, time space or space time.


I forgot why I told you that about space time. Well, in any event, the physicists shows that these electrons do jump and they jump back to the point that they emanated out from and physics doesn't know why. Oh I know why I told you space time. We're back to drawing #1, the ten circles within the ten circles, the World of Bound Lights with the World of Points, that is existing in space, you see. So now we know that space time are the same thing. Well, I don't really know if time was in existence at that point. See, physics has a knowledge of the laws of this world. The laws could have been different before the Fall. The laws were different before the Fall, but it had to be happening in space. At least that's the way my carnal mind is looking at it. We'll find out whether this is Christ or not. If the Lord doesn't correct me, then we'll know it was true, that these circles are spreading out. What are they spreading out into? They must be spreading out into space, some form of space, maybe not this universe, but some form of space. So Malkhut jumped. She jumped backwards. She went backwards. The whole creation was suppose to be expanding outward and Malkhut jumped backwards. She caused the expansion of the creation to retrogress.


See, the worlds of Adam Kadmon were expanding outward and after the World of Points, then the World of Emanation would have been added, then the World of Creation would have been added. The creation of God was expanding outward and it was requiring a tremendous exertion of energy to expand these worlds outward and Malkhut reversed the blood flow. She stopped the expansion outward at the point of the World of Points and she turned around and jumped back to the center. She stopped the program of God and became the Serpent. The world in the image of the Serpent began to emerge in the center. The Lord told me it's like a tubal pregnancy. It never came out of Adam Kadmon. It never came to the outside of Adam Kadmon. Our fallen world is in the belly of Adam Kadmon. Do you understand that? The Serpent reversed the direction of the creation. She went in instead of out and that's why the whole creation is in a black hole. We're in Adam Kadmon's belly. We never came out, but it was never the intention of God for the creation to be formed in Adam Kadmon's belly. So we see in humanity that our babies are formed inside the mother's belly, but every single thing that happens in this world, every single thing is an example, is a playing out of a spiritual truth.


Malkhut fertilized the egg of creation and I don't know why. I don't know whether she didn't have the power to bring it outward or she was just negative and she was just doing the exact opposite of what Adam Kadmon was doing. The Serpent, using the stolen substance of God, is bringing forth the creation inside of Adam Kadmon's belly. Human women carry their babies inside as an example, as a playing out of the spiritual truth of Malkhut's invasion of Adam Kadmon's ovary, which is the garden, and the fertilizing of the egg of creation within the garden. I don't know whether I'm preaching this by revelation because I don't know where this is coming from. I never thought of it before, but I'm going to say it because it's in my mouth. Let me say this first. I have been asking the Lord for several weeks now that I cannot conceptualize how the male organ was going to fertilize the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary. I know that Malkhut invaded the garden illegally and I know that the male organ is coming out of Adam Kadmon's forehead. That is the World of Emanation, which is even further away from the garden and the World of Points. I could not conceptualize how the World of Emanation was going to fertilize the egg. Does everyone understand my question?


I preached to you that I've been telling the Lord for several weeks now, since He started giving me this revelation, that I could not conceptualize how the male organ could fertilize Adam Kadmon's ovary. It is not a human male organ. It's an energy source. The male organ is the sun, the light that comes out of Adam Kadmon's forehead and flows down and layers over the World of Points. That's the male organ. The World of Emanation are the ten circles outside of the World of Points. Are you following me? The male organ is the light that comes out of Adam Kadmon's forehead and it consists of ten circles or ten sefirot that will layer outside of the World of Points. Remember I had ten circles with the World of Bound Lights and ten circles with the World of Points, and ten circles outside of that would be the World of Emanation, the male organ. So I could not conceptualize how the World of Emanation was going to go into the center and fertilize the egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary. I couldn't see how it was going to be done. I've been asking the Lord about this for at least three weeks. This is what's coming forth now and I'm going to have to believe if it's not the Lord, then I'm going to have to bring a correction, but this is what's on my heart. The egg of Adam Kadmon's ovary was destined to come out. I still can't see how it was to come out, maybe just like an egg comes out of a woman's ovary and flows down the fallopian tube. In a human woman a destructive conception is the conception of the egg before it descends. It's called a tubal pregnancy. Not only does the offspring that the egg represents not survive, but it could kill the woman if that egg is developing in the tube. Right? That egg of Adam Kadmon was destined to emanate out of Adam Kadmon and meet the World of Emanation at some place.


I don't have any more information about it at all, although the Lord is reminding me right now that when I studied the World of Points in the Tree of Life, Haim Vital said that those inner lights, which he calls the inside of the World of Points, does emanate light. That light, if I can remember correctly, comes out of three different places. I'm going to look it up. Now Haim Vital says in the World of Points that the inner light, what he calls the inner light of the World of Points, which I am calling the garden or Adam Kadmon's ovary, he says is a straight light that penetrates outward through the skin of Adam Kadmon from the navel downward. This light illuminates the World of Points through the pores of the skin, the opening of the Yesod, the navel and the opening in the rear. At least in this book, Haim Vital is not preaching what I'm preaching. Remember I'm preaching Christ Centered Kabbalah. He's not calling this Adam Kadmon's ovary or anything like that. He's just talking about the World of Points and the Ten Sefirot that come out and circulate around Adam Kadmon's navel. It's very abstract. See, he's just talking about the lights on the inside of Adam Kadmon penetrating outward through these three openings. Now we'll see if the Lord says anything to me about it. Even if these lights did come out that way, how did they connect with the lights of the World of Emanation? I'm going to have to hear from God on that.


But the whole point of what I'm telling you now is this, that Malkhut fertilized the egg of creation within Adam Kadmon's ovary and the creation came forth at the place of fertilization. The whole direction of the creation retrogressed. The whole creation was moving outward from Adam Kadmon's insides. It was moving outward, each world building circles more and more, until eventually there would have been fifty circles. But Malkhut stopped that direction. She reversed the blood flow. She jumped backwards by connecting to Malkhut of the World of Bound Lights. She entered into the garden and fertilized the egg of creation and creation has come forth inside of Adam Kadmon. Does everyone understand what I'm saying? I'm also telling you that the Lord has told me this was not the intention of the Ayn Sof or of Adam Kadmon. What was not their intention? That creation should appear or take form inside Adam Kadmon. It was suppose to take form outside of Adam Kadmon. The World of Points, remember, was circulating around Adam Kadmon's navel outside of him. Why don't you look at it this way? If you think of Adam Kadmon as the sun, the sun as the center of the galaxy, creation was suppose to be circulating around Adam Kadmon. He was to be the sun and everything was to be circulating around him. But all of the universe exists inside of Adam Kadmon. That's the black hole that we're in.


Now in humanity today, the baby or the fetus is formed within the woman. There is a provision, there is a physical provision in the woman, an anatomical provision for that baby to emanate through the woman's sexual organ. The baby comes out through her sexual organ. But as far as Adam Kadmon is concerned, there is no such provision. The creation is not suppose to be taking place inside of him. The copulation and the conception is suppose to take place outside of him. See, it's the exact opposite of the way it is with humanity. With humanity, the egg stays inside the woman, the male organ enters the woman and the woman is fertilized. The way it was set up with Adam Kadmon, the male organ remains outside and the egg comes out to meet Adam Kadmon and the fertilization takes place outside. So the whole situation has reversed. So this whole creation has to be rolled back to the point of departure. It has to be rolled back to become an egg again. We're Humpty Dumpty. This whole universe is Humpty Dumpty. We're an egg that has to be put back together again. We have to go back to being a primordial egg again.


Well Sheila, how could that be? Well, it's happening right now. When Christ comes to live inside of you, He's changing you from the inside out and He wants to get outside of you. Christ Jesus is inside of us right now. He wants to get to the outside. Christ Jesus is the offspring of Adam Kadmon. He's suppose to be on the outside. He's not suppose to be trapped on the inside. The reason we're so carnal and we can't fly or get off the ground is because the part of us that's suppose to be inside is outside. It has to be reversed. So somehow, I'll explain it to you as best I can and obviously I don't understand this whole concept of saying that this creation has to get rolled back to the point of departure. My carnal mind was thinking there's going to be a big crunch. You know that's what the science of physics teaches and this is what Hindu philosophy teaches. This big crunch, that's in this book of Stephen Hawkin's Universe, talks about the "big crunch." That's what Hindu philosophy preaches. Well Hindu philosophy says that this has been going on forever and that there was no beginning. They say there is an outpouring of creation from a seed that expands into something like what we see today and there is an annihilation and creation completely disintegrates just like a plant out there at the start of winter.


You see all your plants losing their leaves and losing their flowers. That creation completely dies and goes through a period where there is no creation and then at some point, trillions of years later, something within the universe rises up. A desire rises up to create and the sleeping god (I forget what the Hindus call him) rises up and creation rolls forth again. They call this the days and nights of Brahma. Now the science of physics says something similar. Some physicists say there's going to be a big crunch someday, that the force with which the universe is moving forward is already being opposed by gravitation and some three trillion or so years in the future, if everything continues the way it's going, creation will cease to exist because it's being rolled back by this opposing force. Reading that in the science books I'm studying these days, I was really thinking in those terms until this minute, that the whole creation is going to have to go back to the point of departure in the same way that it came out. In other words all of the matter and the matter in its present form would have to cease to exist, but I couldn't have been really thinking. See, I got all caught up in this science book and I wasn't thinking spiritually. That's not going to be. See, we do have to go back to the point of departure, but not the same path.


Remember that scripture where the Lord sent a prophet out to preach to give the word to the king that was the head of the northern kingdom that set up the idols and made priests out of the common man? God help my memory. Does anyone remember his name? This is terrible that I can't remember his name. (Laughter) We're so spiritual we can't remember the details of the Scripture. Well anyway, he was a wicked king of the northern kingdom. I think his name is either Jeroboam or Roboam, one of those guys. I am a very informal preacher. (Laughter) Yes, I think it was Jeroboam. So the Lord sent a prophet to Jeroboam and the instruction to the prophet was, go to Jeroboam and tell him he is going to die for what he did and don't take the same path back. The prophet pronounced the word upon Jeroboam and he was going to take a different path back and his path was intervened by another prophet who came to him and said come to my house. And the faithful prophet said, no, the Lord said I should go home the other way. What did the other prophet say to him? He said, I'm a prophet, too, and I hear the word of the Lord. Come and eat at my house. The faithful prophet forgot what the Lord told him and followed this strong minded prophet and the scripture says he was destroyed by a lion. Of course that's a parable, you see, in I Kings chapter 13. So, you see, you don't go back the same way. Oh, I'm so glad the Lord told me that.


I should have realized it because this big crunch is preaching the end of the world, which is what all the fatalists preach. They preach the world is coming to an end. That's what the Hindus preach also, that it may be a trillion years from now, but it will end. But the Lord said no, this world is not coming to an end. He's rolling us back to the point of departure in a miraculous way. He's going inside of us and rolling each individual person back to the point of departure in their mind. Is that amazing? Is that amazing? You see, I've known for a long time that the Lord is converting us from the inside out, but I never saw it like this, that this world must go back to the point of departure. They say it's going to go back in the macrocosm, where we will be annihilated, like some three trillion years from now, but the Lord is not going to wait for that. He's intervening, you see. He's not going to wait for that and start all over again. The Lord Jesus Christ is intervening with that which was unleashed, probably billions of years ago. I think the scientists are probably right as to how old the creation is. Is the Scripture wrong, Sheila? The Scripture said six to seven days. No, the Scripture is not wrong, but they were not seven twenty-four hour days. The Scripture doesn't say it was seven twenty-four hour days. It just says seven days, seven time periods. See, we have to come up out of our naivete.


I've been preaching for years that we're being converted from the inside out, but I never realized the enormity of it, that something was unleashed billions of years ago that was the result of an act of rebellion and disobedience and incest and it was such a powerful act. It was an act of energy. It was the rebellion of an energy force that was so great that it brought this whole world, the whole universe into existence and it's still going, just rushing outward. It's like throwing a baseball. Did you ever see someone throw a home run? Well, that ball is still going a couple of billion years later. Can you imagine the power that launched this world and it has to stop because it's an illegal universe. This universe is illegal, so it must be rolled back. If God, who is the Ayn Sof, didn't send Jesus into this world, the torments that the people are experiencing in this world would continue, most likely for another three trillion years until this universe rolled back to the point of departure. The mercy of God is that He is delivering humanity from the kind of torments that exist on our planet, from another three trillion years or more of it. He has intervened with wormwood judgment for those who would hear Him. Even those who wouldn't hear Him, He's still going to do it, even if it takes two thousand more years for Him to reconcile the whole world.


What is that in comparison to three point something trillion more years before this universe is rolled back to the point of departure? So in consideration of that and the physicists saying that the earth is a couple of billion years old and will self destruct in about three point something trillion years, the Lord has intervened pretty quickly. He's intervened pretty quickly. The only reason it's taken this long is the reconciliation factor between the spiritual realm and this World of Action and the weakness of our flesh. This is how long it's taken for Him to intervene without killing us. This is the second time today that I'm talking to you about the marvelous things that Jesus Christ has done. I've never even seen it this way, what He has done for us, what He has saved the human race from, three point something trillion years of wars and devastation and starvation and sickness and disease and torment. That's what He's done for us. Don't fool yourself. Reincarnation is real. Okay, don't shut off the tape or put down the transcript. Reincarnation is real. Salvation by works is a lie. Salvation is by union with the Son of God, but reincarnation is real. So don't think that you're going to pass out of this world and not have any worry about it. Whoever we are, whoever our true reality is, that seed of us that does reincarnate, that's who we're going to be in another form. If the Lord didn't intervene, we'd be in this world in another form for three point something trillion years. That is some act of mercy. I thank God for it.


Okay, so we are talking about Malkhut in terms of her being an electron in the orbit of an atom and jumping back towards the center. The physicists don't know why this behavior exists amongst electrons. I know why. Because everything that happens in this creation is a story, is a symbol, is a reminder, of what happened in the spiritual plane. The reason that electrons jump back towards the center is because that's what Malkhut did. There's nothing new under the sun. Malkhut did it and the electrons do it today. It's as simple as that. Okay, let's take a picture of this.


COMMENT: I was just thinking of the belly of the whale and how Jesus got Jonah out of the belly of the whale.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes. I was telling you a couple of weeks ago that the Lord had spoken to me about that scripture. See, I never really understood what Jesus meant when He said to the pharisees, the only sign that you will receive is Jonah, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. I knew to some degree it meant that He was going to rise from the dead, but I really couldn't understand why He would use that analogy. It just didn't sound right to me. But you see, Jesus was talking to the pharisees in Kabbalistic terms. These pharisees were Kabbalists. They had all this high knowledge and Jesus was telling them this whole creation exists in Adam Kadmon's belly.


We're in Adam Kadmon's belly or another way of putting it, in the Serpent's belly. The Serpent swallowed everything up, but the Serpent is inside of Adam Kadmon. I guess the whale would be the Serpent. We're all inside the Serpent. She swallowed us up. Now she's the big fish, the sea serpent, that swallowed us up. But also, it's all going on inside of Adam Kadmon. We're inside, we're inside; that's the whole point. I may not have it exactly right, but we're inside and that's why Jesus said this is the only sign that you're going to get, that I am going to be delivered from this world, from this universe and from this body that is inside. I'm coming out and they knew exactly what He was talking about. They knew exactly what He was talking about, that He was going to be delivered from this world, which is inside the big fish. Amen.


Drawing #3. I've copied a simulation of a black hole from Stephen Hawkin's Universe. This is what the physicists tell us a black hole looks like. It's a dent in space time. A black hole is a dent in space time. So I will draw another drawing for you, but for the moment, if you think of space time as a grid with lines crossing each other, something comes in, dense space time, and this cone appears. It's like a protrusion that comes out of space. If you think of a blanket that's being held taut and you put something heavy on the blanket and you look at the bottom of the blanket, there's a part that goes down. That's what this cone is. The bottom part of the black hole is a dent in space time. Now according to the physicists, what causes this dent in space time is that something fell in. Something heavy came along and altered space time. If you think of space time as a big blanket, something heavy came along and altered space time. It was so heavy in space time that it caused this protrusion, like a hernia more or less, to come down. I don't know what the physicists think may be so heavy. What kind of objects are so heavy that they dent space time? I haven't gotten that far in my readings yet. But I believe that what caused this dent in space time is that Malkhut jumped into Adam Kadmon's ovary and brought forth creation inside Adam Kadmon and it wasn't suppose to be formed inside of Adam Kadmon. Creation was suppose to be formed outside of Adam Kadmon. As creation expanded, it just weighed down space time and we just fell deeper and deeper and deeper into this hole. Creation was not suppose to take place inside. It was suppose to take place outside.


So the drawing says Malkhut reverses the direction of creation. I'm showing you the World of Emanation on the outermost ring. What does this ring look like? This is how the physicists draw a black hole. It's the Sefirot. That's what it is, with the World of Emanation on the outside, inside the World of Points, inside that the World of Bound Lights and inside that the opening inside of Adam Kadmon. That's the hole that you fall down into. See that's the rabbit hole. On the left here, I'm showing you that our mind can escape from this black hole. This physical body cannot escape because it's made from the substance that exists down here in this black hole. But our mind can escape and when our mind escapes, then our body will be transformed through union with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is outside of this black hole. He escaped. He overcame death. He made an open show of them. You know how to say that in the terms of the science of physicists? The science of physicists says that nothing that drops down into this hole escapes. That's a law, you see. Nothing escapes, but Jesus Christ escaped. He ascended up the mountain and He came out of the hole and He's outside of it. Mortal fallen civilization is inside of Adam Kadmon's feet.


Sometimes women that have a lot of children will have a dropped womb. Did you ever hear of that? Sometimes all their organs drop and they have to have surgery. That's what happened. It was a tubal pregnancy inside of Adam Kadmon and everything dropped down to the bottom. The bigger we get (the bigger who gets?) the bigger the universe gets, the more impossible it is to get out and the universe is expanding infinitely. Mankind is expanding. The scientists keep discovering new planets and new galaxies out there and the bigger the universe gets, if it's possible, the further down it sinks. Praise the Lord.


So what happened to Jesus Christ? By the power of His mind, He ascended and His physical body just ceased to exist. There weren't even any ashes. He just ascended out of this world. What happened to Him when He appeared in the World of Emanation is that He has a body in the World of Emanation. He has a spiritual body. I don't know what it looks like, but He has a spiritual body in the World of Emanation. Whatever world you go to, you acquire, when your mind is strong enough to take you into another world, you acquire a body of the substance of that world. This is a physical world, so we have a body made of dust, flesh, you know. This body is just dirt. If you ascend to the astra plane, you would have a body made out of spiritual water because the astra plane is spiritual water. Then if you're sent to another plane where the quality of that plane is air, you would have a body made of air. What does a body made of air look like? I don't know, but I read about it in the Zohar. The angels that appear in certain planes of consciousness take on or acquire bodies made of air. I don't know what that looks like. We couldn't see it if it was in front of us right now. But when you're on that plane of consciousness, which is all air, you would see it.


You see, this is water down here, spiritual water. We're in the sea. When you get to the plane of consciousness where the main characteristic or the main quality is air, when the day comes that you can see on that plane of consciousness, we would recognize bodies made from air. Then on other planes of consciousness there are bodies made from fire. I guess those are the main four elements; fire, water, air and earth. This is the earth realm down here. There has to be a place where bodies are made out of fire. Expand your minds, expand your minds. Okay, so Malkhut dented space time. Now the space time that Malkhut dented is not the space time that exists here. I think I should do another drawing with that.


Drawing # 4. I'm showing you the black hole of creation inside of what I'm calling anti-space time. Anti-space time includes Adam Kadmon. It is the Ayn Sof and I'm including Adam Kadmon in the Ayn Sof. I call it anti-space time because it is the exact opposite. Well I can't even say it's the exact opposite, but it's a force that opposes space time because we don't know what the Ayn Sof is. He's neither positive nor negative. That's why we call Him "nothing." But He's definitely or "it" is definitely a force that opposes. Maybe I shouldn't say it's the Ayn Sof. Maybe I should say it's Adam Kadmon. I'm not sure. But there is a force outside of space time which opposes space time and that is the force that is causing the expansion of space time to retrogress. I guess it's not the Ayn Sof. Let's just say it's Adam Kadmon. I'm not sure which it is, okay. Of course, Adam Kadmon is the Ayn Sof in a border because the Ayn Sof has no borders. It's infinite and at one time He put Himself inside a border and called that border, filled with Himself, Adam Kadmon.


So we see that space time is an aberration within Adam Kadmon. Our universe, space time, exists within anti-space time. Space time and anti-space time exert opposing forces upon each other and ultimately one must swallow up the other. The two cannot continue to exist. These two universes exist within each believer that has Christ grafted within himself. There can be only one. May it be Christ in you, our hope of deliverance from time space where everything dies after a period of time.


Our universe, which is infinite space, exists within anti-infinite space. See, the scientists and as far as I know, Theosophy and other philosophies, believe that infinite space is all there is. Well, if space is infinite, how can anything be outside of space? Well, that can only be something that's beyond infinity. Adam Kadmon and the Ayn Sof are beyond infinity. I'm describing that condition or (I don't even know what word to use) that existence which is beyond infinity as anti-space time or anti-infinity called "nothingness" by the Kabbalists and by many other spiritual philosophies. Infinite space, our universe, exists within anti-infinite space, the Ayn Sof, who is called "nothing."


What is the abyss? Space time is the abyss in which creation, as described in Genesis 1, takes place. I've given you a play on Genesis 1 in the upper right hand corner of the board. In the beginning, God, which is Elohim. By the way that Elohim is the Name of God associated with Binah. Elohim created Ze'ir Anpin, who is the heaven, and Nukva, who is the earth. Then Nukva fell into a black hole in the midst of anti-space time and Malkhut of Nukva was without form and void and darkness was upon Nukva, the partzuf or the personality that fell into the abyss. Apparently that pit was filled with water. I'm sure that physics can explain why there would be water in the bottom of a bottomless pit, or in the bottom of a pit or in the bottom of a black hole, but I don't have that explanation for you right now. You know, I looked up that word, bottomless. It doesn't really mean having no bottom. It can mean something that's so deep that the bottom is not visible. It's called a bottomless pit. It's bottomless because it's infinite. It's negative infinity. It's infinity space, so it's called a bottomless pit. But it does have a bottom and the bottom is when it hits anti-space time. But that bottom is so far away that we cannot even conceptualize it, so it might just as well be a bottomless pit as far as we're concerned. Is everybody okay? Any questions?


Okay, I think I made my point about what happened with Nukva. I may do a little bit more. I'm going to take a look at my notes on Lesson 8. It's 11:30 P.M. so I won't go to another tape. Let me take a look at my notes and see if we'll start this tonight or not.


COMMENT: I was singing a song where it says my beloved is coming to meet with me, as deep calls unto deep, and I see that the abyss is deep. I was just wondering what that's all about.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, an abyss or the deep is a black hole and each one of us is a black hole. We're black holes within black holes. So what that means is, my beloved (I'm drunk in the Spirit here) It's talking basically about the relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ (well that's Old Testament, so let's just say it's talking about the relationship between Ze'ir Anpin and Nukva. It's Nukva that has fallen into this black hole and Ze'ir Anpin is down here. Christ Jesus in us is Ze'ir Anpin, come down to save Nukva, which is us. One black hole is calling to another black hole. I'm a black hole and I'm calling to your black hole, see? I was really calling to Mary's black hole this morning, saying, come forth my beloved. I'm waiting for you to come forth. See, He's not going to marry our carnal mind. He wants that Christ in us. Believe it or not, that was the Lord Jesus calling you His beloved this morning, Mary. As painful as that was, that's what that was all about. He was calling from this black hole to that black hole; Come, let us reason together and ascend out of this black hole. Does that satisfy you?


Okay, since I'm passing out from being drunk in the Spirit and since it is past 11:30 P.M. I will not go to another tape. So hopefully, next Thursday we will bet back to Lesson 8 and finish it up. I'm working on the Glossary and hopefully I will be able to fit it in. The Lord has me studying and reading so many different things. He told me I'm back in college. I have about six or seven subjects I'm suppose to be working on each week. It's very hard for me once I get into something, to tear myself away from it, but the Lord wants me to be able to do that, so I'm working on about seven projects at one time. So I hope to get back on that Glossary so that I can get it out to you. We'll finish Lesson 8 and then we'll go on to Lesson 9. This series only goes to Lesson 11 and it doesn't look like our on-line teacher intends to continue on with it. But when we get through Lesson 11, we'll probably go on with The Tree Of Life because I am now that much more equipped to teach you directly from the book, which isn't always all that clear. Oh, I'm passing out. Okay, I hope you all feel as good as I do. God bless you all. Goodnight.




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