551 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, we are looking at Drawing #1 right now, and this is by way of review from Part 1. I've had the side view of The World of Points, and I show Abel, and there are many dots in that side view because Abel is a many-membered seed. That is the spiritual ovary, a many-membered Abel. The World of Points is the spiritual ovary of Adam Kadmon. Remember, Adam Kadmon is both male and female, and Abel is the name of the many seeds or the many sparks of the light of the Eyn Sof designed to manifest into individual beings in the visible world all of which are an accurate representation of the nature of Adam Kadmon. And we say the nature of Adam Kadmon....does anyone know why I say the nature of Adam Kadmon rather than the nature of the Eyn Sof? Does anybody know why?


COMMENT: The Eyn Sof is unknowable, we don't know anything about His nature.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is true.


We cannot comprehend the Eyn Sof at all. So we are incapable of reproducing His nature because we cannot comprehend His nature, but Adam Kadmon, our minds can comprehend Adam Kadmon as we are instructed. So in Adam Kadmon, of course, in this dispensation is the Lord Jesus Christ to us. So the Lord Jesus Christ we have a personal relationship with, and He teaches us His nature by the way He relates to us. As we yield to Him and accept Him in our lives, and we see His good ness, if we truly yield to His solutions to our problems, we learn to be like Him, and by learning to be like the Lord Jesus we come into the nature of the Eyn Sof who is unknowable.


So Abel is the name of the many-membered....see they are all Abels. All those seeds in Adam Kadmon's ovary, I am calling The World of Points Adam Kadmon's ovary. They are all Abels. Now the Doctrine of Christ, you may recall, teaches that the Abels were the many-membered seeds of Adam. I did not know it was Adam Kadmon when I taught the Doctrine of Christ, and I've also told you when teaching the Doctrine of Christ that Adam, Himself, now we are going to have to make correction here, Adam Himself was the collective name of all the seeds called Abel. Remember me teaching that in the Doctrine of Christ? That Adam was the collective name of all the seeds called Abel, but now with the information we have we know that Adam Kadmon is not the collective name. Adam Kadmon is much more than His ovary. Adam Kadmon is greater than His ovary. Is everybody OK?


But the being that abides in The World of Points is called Adam. That Adam in the Garden, Adam in the Garden, OK, is the collective name of all the Abels. Is everybody OK? Anybody have a questions? Anybody want me to say that again? There is a being in the Garden, and His name is Adam according to The World of Points. Brethren, what we are doing her is we are weaving together the Kabbalistic doctrine of The World of Points with the Doctrine of Christ. We are weaving it together. So certain entities or certain aspects are going to have two names, at least two names. The name that we call it according to the Doctrine of Christ, and the name that we call it according to the Kabbalistic doctrine of The World of Points. Is everybody OK?


According to The World of Points, can anyone tell us who was inside the Garden? Do you remember from Part 1 of this message, who or what was inside the Garden?




PASTOR VITALE: Can anyone tell us who MaH and BaN are?


COMMENT: MaH is Adam, and BaN is the female.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that's true.


BaN is the female, and MaH is the male. OK, that's the answer I wanted. According to Kabbalah, BaN is the female and MaH is the male, and we are told according to Kabbalah that MaH and BaN are inside the Garden, and that according to the parable, now this is not Kabbalah now, I told you on Part 1, according to the parable of the Garden in Genesis that BaN was the woman and MaH was her husband, and the two of them together were the simple or the innocent beings that existed in the Garden.


Your answer was right, but to be more specific, the MaH and the BaN that were inside of the Garden were the inner aspects of MaH and BaN. They were inner aspects of MaH and BaN, and I call them simple because they had not yet mixed in anyway with the wisdom or the understanding or the will of Adam Kadmon. They were still inside of Adam Kadmon, they were inside of Adam Kadmon, they had not emerged outside of Adam Kadmon yet. They were inside of Him, and they were simple. They had no contact with the wisdom. They were below the belly, The World of Points is below Adam Kadmon's belly, and they had no contact with the wisdom or the understanding of the will or the thoughts of God that were in Adam Kadmon's head, so I call them simple.


There was a simple being inside of the Garden called Adam. In some cases in Genesis it is called Adam alone. Sometimes He is called the woman, because this was the female aspect of Adam. See there were two Adams. If you read in the beginning chapters of Genesis it says, "And God put Adam in the Garden, and then God put Adam in the Garden." There were two Adams, see. It was really Adam who had a male aspect of Adam and the female aspect of Adam, and both of them were both male and female, but the Adam on the inside of the Garden was primarily female, manifesting as the woman, and the Adam outside of the Garden was primarily male, manifesting as the son.


So in Drawing #1, we have Adam...you know what I think I have to do. I have re-done Drawing #1 so if you are listening to this message or if you are reading the transcript, all you have to do is look at the drawing that's marked #1. For the people here, I have re-done it.


What's happening here is that the Lord is weaving together the Kabbalistic Doctrine of Christ of The World of Points and aspects of the Doctrine of Christ. Now I've know for a while that it is a habit or a practice of the Kabbalists to take two Hebrew words and intersperse the Hebrew letters, and they bring forth doctrine and understanding, and revelation comes forth from the intermixing of these letters. So I asked the Lord if I could do that in the English, and this is what He has given me.


What we are calling this on the board is the Doctrine of The World of Points of Christ. See what I did. I mixed together The World of Points and the Doctrine of Christ. Of course, all the points are the many Abels, the many seeds, the doctrine of the many points of Christ. That's what we are doing here.


So let's just get some of our terms straight, and this goes back to the Doctrine of Christ now. Cain is the maidenhead or the seal. Kabbalah says it is the diaphragm, and I'm going to give you another drawing on that, that separates the inner female which is the unconscious aspects of BaN and the outer...OK, Cain is the maidenhead or the seal, Kabbalah says diaphragm, that separates the inner female unconscious aspects of BaN and the outer female subconscious aspects of BaN.


You see, the The World of Points is the Garden of Eden, and there is a potential act of spiritual sexual intercourse that is about to take place. It is imminent, and the instruction is that the female is not to mate with the female, but it is to be a union between the fully developed male and the simple female. Now the problem that may be causing you some confusion is that in the parable in the Book of Genesis all of these, except for Adam and the woman, all of these different names are called Adam. It is the same problem that I had in the Doctrine of Christ, and I said, well it is Christ Jesus in the heart (4th) energy center, and it is Christ Jesus in the brow (6th) energy center, and it is Christ Jesus in the crown (7th) energy center, and I didn't know how to distinguish the names of Christ Jesus in the different centers.


You can see how confusing this gets, so in the parable everything is either Adam or the woman. So try and flow with this now.


The World of Points is the Garden. The many points are the seeds that the Doctrine of Christ calls Abel, the many-membered Abel. All the seeds, Kabbalah says the sparks of light, that have the potential to become beings in the image of God. That's the Garden that Adam was supposed to guard. Guard the Garden against whom? So you see we have an inner Adam which...and we know that the man has the female in him, and the woman has the man in him. Remember this from the last message?


So Adam in the Garden is both male and female. He is the female aspect of Adam and, yet, within himself he is male and female, if you can hear this. Just try and get whatever you can out of this. So the Adam inside the Garden was supposed to guard the Garden against whom? Against the Serpent. Who is the Serpent? The daughter is the Fiery Serpent. We learned that from the Doctrine of Christ. Who is the daughter? The Doctrine of Christ says the daughter of Satan and Leviathan, but we are talking about the daughter of wisdom and understanding. So I asked the Lord about that, and the Lord said to me that the daughter is the offspring of wisdom and understanding that was apprehended by the negative aspects of Satan and Leviathan. There is only one daughter, and that is the daughter that came forth from wisdom and understanding. She is the harlot or the whore that is carried by the beast in the Book of Revelation. She has been captured.


So we see inside the Garden are the many Abels, but we have male and female. Male is MaH , and BaN is female, and then all the many seeds, but collectively we are told that it is Adam inside the Garden, and God put Adam inside the Garden. He doesn't tell you in the Book of Genesis that Adam had a female side and Adam had a male side. Even though we are calling this collective name "Adam," this was still the female side of Adam. You don't' get this in the parable. Is everybody OK?


So The World of Points is the Garden of Eden which is Adam Kadmon's ovary which contains all the seeds. Now remember what Adam Kadmon's function is. His function is to be a filter and a conduit for the light of God to pass down into a world where the light would be thickened to the point that this world would become visible, and yet, this world was supposed to be an exact reflection of the nature of Almighty God in a visible form.


So Adam Kadmon is reproducing, Adam Kadmon is male and female, and Adam Kadmon is reproducing. The Adam that we see in the Garden is not Adam Kadmon, but He's called Adam, the aspect of Adam Kadmon that is Adam Kadmon's reproductive organs, and we are told in Kabbalah that The World of Points exists below Adam Kadmon's naval. The question is who is the Serpent, and who is invading this Garden, and where is the seduction taking place?


Now we have learned from Kabbalah that....I'll put this on the board again with the next drawing. Maybe I better just finish this drawing and then go on. We learned from Kabbalah, and I will do it in more detail in another minute that there was a union, a spiritual sexual union between Abba and Imma, and there were aspects of the simple MaH and BaN. The simple MaH and BaN were the elements that were inside Adam Kadmon. They were not yet mixed with wisdom or understanding. They were simple. They were not compound, and they ascended out from Adam Kadmon's inward parts, and they ascended upwards towards His head, and there was a spiritual sexual union between wisdom and understanding, Abba and Imma, and the elements of MaH and BaN, the simple male and female were in it, and Imma gave birth to a daughter.


She gave birth to a daughter first, BaN, who had elements of MaH , the male in her, but she was female, and this daughter was destined to marry the second offspring of Abba and Imma, the son, but before the son came forth, before Abba and Imma...before Imma gave birth to her second offspring which was the male, the female, BaN, went ahead and she was the partial tree. BaN was the partial tree. The whole tree, we see over here. Let's see what the whole tree is. BaN, the daughter....well, let me read you this first. The inner BaN, which the Doctrine of Christ says is Cain, both the inner and outer BaN are Cain, is also called the shell that covers or protects the male seed, and that's Abel or the inner MaH or the points, you see. Cain protects all those points from penetration by the outer BaN who is the daughter, born from Abba, wisdom, Imma, understanding, and inner aspects of MaH and BaN.


So the daughter is born first. Her husband isn't there. She's supposed to marry her brother as soon as he's born. BaN, the daughter, is circular light, and when that circular light, when that spiral of light attempts to penetrate the seal of the Garden that Adam is supposed to be guarding, that circular light shatters the seal. Now the seal is made up of Cain, the particles of Cain. Cain is the outer shell. Actually, Cain is around each and everyone of the points, but Cain is also the seal of the Garden, and you may remember from the Doctrine of Christ that Cain is the eunuch that guards the harem. Remember that? I remember when these terms were coming forth, and they made no sense at all at the time. Now they make all the sense in the world.


So Cain is the seal or the diaphragm that is designed to stop anything less than the fully completed male from entering into the Garden, and the daughter is the partial tree, and when that spiral of light tries to penetrate the seal, it breaks the seal and then forms a union with the particles that are scattered in the shattering. The daughter, who is spiral light, breaks up Cain which is the seal, and then she has spiritual sexual intercourse with the particles of Cain. So the upper daughter, the higher daughter, the daughter that's the offspring of wisdom, has a spiritual sexual union with the particles of the simple BaN. If you need me to say it again, raise your hand.


The daughter is a higher form of BaN. She has been born of wisdom and understanding. Cain is the simple BaN, just BaN, no union, she's not compound, she has no wisdom or knowledge in her, and Cain is heaped up here as the seal to the Garden. When this circular light hits that seal, it cannot penetrate it, so it shatters it. The World of Points talks about a shattering of the vessels, but their explanation of the shattering of the vessels is very different than this.


So the attempted penetration by the daughter shatters the seal, and, in the shattering, the particles of the sparks of Cain go flying, and the daughter joins with those particles of Cain rather than with the male seed. So we have an incestuous union of female to female. Is everybody OK?


Now the plan is that the daughter is supposed to abide a virgin...see, all you single women that may be hearing this tape or reading this transcript, you are supposed to abide a virgin until Christ either gives you a physical husband or takes you unto Himself. You are not supposed to do it on your own. So this female daughter, she was supposed to abide a virgin until her bridegroom came, but her bridegroom had to be born from Abba and Imma, and, in that union, Kabbalah calls it the third coupling because in the first coupling Abba and Imma produced the daughter, the second coupling Abba and Imma produced the son, and the third coupling is between the son and the daughter, and I remember reading about this in The Tree Life, the works of Isaac Luria, and I said, well, look at that, there is no name for the fruit of the union of the son and the daughter. At least in the book I was reading, Volume 1, I couldn't see any name for the fruit of the third coupling, but the Lord has told me what the name is.


The fruit or the offspring of the coupling of the daughter and the son, which Kabbalah calls the third coupling, is Da'at. Da'at is called knowledge. Remember, the daughter, both the daughter and the son have elements of male/female, wisdom and knowledge and shades of Keter which is the thoughts of God, because Keter cannot be separated from wisdom and understanding. So both the daughter and the son are made of wisdom and understanding and the thoughts of God and male and female. Although the son is more predominately male and the daughter is more predominately female, they are both made out of the same stuff, and then they have a union, and that union is not 1+1. That union is a multiplication. So the degree of wisdom and knowledge and the thoughts of God that come forth from that union is much greater than the son plus the daughter. Is everybody OK?


The name of that fruit is called Da'at, knowledge. You see this female daughter, she said to this simple female Cain, I'll give you knowledge, but she was lying. She was just the daughter, she had not become knowledge yet, so this daughter was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but not the knowledge of God. When I first started studying Kabbalah, I read in a book that there is a Tree of Knowledge which is different from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and in those early days I was really frustrated. I was saying, oh man this stuff is driving me nuts. What do you mean a Tree of Knowledge different from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? It was just driving me crazy, but now I see it. I accepted it, but now I see it as clear as a bell.


The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is the daughter alone. See, she had some knowledge in there, because knowledge is the fruit of wisdom and understanding, but she was incomplete. But the true knowledge, the true Tree of Knowledge alone is Da'at, the knowledge of God, which is the union of Keter, that's the thoughts of God, because Keter is always joined to wisdom, and wisdom is always joined to understanding, and in the case of Da'at the thoughts of God, wisdom and understanding, were joined to the outer MaH, and all of these were married to the sexual energy of Malkhut, which is called BaN.


So a form of knowledge came forth where the evil potential of the woman was completely bound up and latent, not functioning, but the knowledge that was present with the daughter alone was not bound up. Now listen, brethren, listen to this. I'm talking about us. Everybody in the room is a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Every believer that has Christ in them is a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but we are immature. The evil in us is not bound. The evil in us is alive and well and causing us all kinds of problems, right? Right. But the promise to us is marriage to the Son, which marriage will bind up the evil in us, and we who are the Trees of the Knowledge of Good and Evil will be the Trees of Knowledge because evil will go down under and not be seen.


I read it in a book, and I said, well that's nice, but it was too much for my brain at the time. Well, here it is. I'm very excited to see this. Here is the promise of a Savior right here. Does anybody have a question on what I just said before I go on?


I've shown you here also on this Diagram #1, on this straight line, the linear penetration of Da'at who is the complete male, and with the linear penetration the seal of the maidenhead is not shattered. Now here again, this is interesting because we know that everything in this world is the exact opposite of the way it is in the spiritual world, and we know that when a virgin is penetrated, hopefully by her husband in this world, that her maidenhead shatters, but in the spiritual world the maidenhead doesn't shatter. It is not supposed to shatter, you see. The maidenhead stays intact, and the linear light of Da'at enters in and does not have a sexual union with the female, but has a sexual union with the whole inner Adam, with the Abels within Adam. Not with just the female aspect.


Look, when the daughter penetrated she had a union with only the outer aspects of the seed, but when Da'at penetrates, Da'at has a union with the inner aspects of the seed which is the genetic potential of Christ. Cain is just the shell, the outer husk, the tare. Am I the only one excited here? Or are you so excited you can't talk?


The daughter alone joins with the inner BaN which is Cain and produces corrupt fruit, produces a tree where evil is active. That's me and that's you. We are trees where evil is active, you see. We were never supposed to be, it wasn't supposed to happen. Yes, God knew it would happen, but it was not God's will that it happened. Why didn't God prevent it? Because this creation is not designed to be robots. We have to grow up to be fully grown men, and, unfortunately, Adam was tricked. The woman was seduced. Cain, the seal, she is the one that was seduced by the daughter who was the Serpent who seduced Cain who was this maidenhead, the eunuch. The guardian of the harem let the Serpent in. That's what happened.


All these points of light, all these seeds, produced a many-membered man that is mortal instead of a many...well, actually produced a many-membered woman that is mortal instead of a many-membered man who was immortal. It is all happening right now, it is all happening simultaneously, on the highest plane and down here on the lowest plane. It is all happening now, and this is the doctrine of The World of Points of Christ. Any questions or comments on this?


COMMENTS: When I was looking at the board, I could comprehend some of the things like, for instance, I understand inner ear, outer ear, inner space and outer space. I understand about the inner BaN and the outer BaN, and when I was looking at the word shell on the board it made me think how the evolutionist always start off their stories of creation with the turtle coming out of the water in the shell.


PASTOR VITALE: That's interesting, I was not aware of that, but that is a very interesting point.


COMMENT: Then when I was looking at where it talks about the daughter alone is the Serpent, it made me think of Herod and his wife Herodias and their daughter Salome doing the dance of circumstance.


PASTOR VITALE: Right, we had a teaching on that just in case anyone listening to this tape might know that we had a teaching on that, that Herodias' daughter was not named. There was no personal name for Herodias' daughter, and the deep spiritual understanding of that account is that it was Herod's own Fiery Serpent that rose up and seduced him. Anyone hearing this message, we do have a copy of that teaching. Actually, it is on the web, but if you need help finding it, just let me know.


Isn't that exciting. Anybody else, questions or comments? If not, we will goon to the next drawing.


COMMENT: When you talked about we will become The Tree of Knowledge, it excited me, but I would like you to really explain it again so that I get a better grasp of it, please.




When the daughter alone tried to penetrate the seal which is Cain, that seal shattered and broke into many pieces which the daughter had spiritual sexual intercourse with, and the daughter, she the daughter has some wisdom and understanding because the daughter is the product or the offspring of Abba which is wisdom and Imma which is understanding and elements of male and female. So the daughter alone, also called the Serpent, she has some measure of knowledge, but evil is also present. She is The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the daughter alone.


The plan of God which will be fulfilled on every plane of consciousness is that this daughter, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, is destined to marry Da'at, the complete tree. I'm sorry. She is supposed to marry the son. The daughter is destined to marry the son, and the fruit of that union is the Tree of Knowledge, because the marriage of the daughter to the son binds up the evil and makes it non-functioning so we, all of us, we are trees of the knowledge of good and evil, and when the Glorified Jesus Christ marries us, the evil in us will be fully bound up and we will become Trees of Knowledge. I'm not sure whether the book that I read said the Tree of the Knowledge of Good...I think it was just the Tree of Knowledge.


So here it is at its basic root explanation in this high lofty doctrine, and all this time that it took to draw this drawing, and I could say it in one sentence: When the Son marries you, you won't be evil any more. You will just be good, and you will have all of the wisdom and knowledge that comes from Jesus Christ. That's a simple way to put it. We will always have our evil side, because ,spiritually speaking, the female aspect of the creation is the evil potential or the darkness, and she is only harmless when she is completely interwoven with the righteousness of God which is wisdom and understanding and knowledge.


So our evil potential has to be completely woven together with the righteousness of Jesus Christ. Just another way of saying that our carnal mind has to be completely subdued by the Christ mind. I probably haven't made this clear in the past, but the Christ mind is not just going to cover over the carnal mind. That will take place initially, but there will be a complete weaving together of the two minds, and that's in the glorification.


Now, as long as we are in the flesh, the Christ mind will just be sealing off the carnal mind. Then, in the glorification there is a complete mingling. That's why we can backslide as long as we are in the flesh; although, the stronger Christ Jesus is in us the less likely it is to happen, but there is a potential of backsliding as long as we are in the flesh. Once we are glorified, and that carnal mind is completely co-mingled with Christ Jesus, backsliding is impossible, and that is the total fulfillment of the Tree of Knowledge. So there it is.


At some point, I will have to put on the board, point by point, what the Doctrine of Christ says and what the doctrine of what The World of Points says, because, just to remind you, the doctrine of The World of Points says that the vessels shattered. Of course, that is Drawing #3. I guess I will leave that for Drawing #3.


COMMENT: When you said there is always evil in us, it made me think of poisonous ?, and Christ has to be added to us, that parable in the Old Testament.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, something has to be added to us. Definitely.


I've been preaching that for years. We are lacking. The evil is really not going to be rooted out, but it is going to come under the dominion of Christ Jesus. Now all of the excess evil will be rooted out because when we think evil thoughts, our mind literally gives birth to what is called... some people call them demons, and some people call them angels, and we literally, each one of us, is a city, and we do have an energy field that surrounds us. That's proven. Every human being has an energy field, and the fruit of our mind just follows us where ever we go, lives in our energy field.


So all these negative thoughts that live in our energy field are demons that have to be cast out as we go on with God, but the basic core that produces the evil thoughts will never leave us. It is a part of the creation, the darkness of the creation and has to be fully under the dominion of and woven together with Christ Jesus so that it serves a positive function. You see, this is a point that I make in our book, Adam and the Two Judgments. There is a difference between evil and doing evil. We are forbidden from doing evil. There are consequences for doing evil, because if we do evil we will reap evil, but there are no consequences for the existence of evil. We are just not allowed to do it. See?


The problem for the church today is that most don't understand that doing it is not limited only to physical behavior. The doing of evil starts in the thoughts of the unconscious part of the carnal mind. So to be free from the guilt of doing evil, we must deal with the unconscious part of our mind and seal off that potential for those thoughts to come forth. The problem we have now is that we usually don't see them until....even someone like me probably doesn't see the evil thoughts until they get into the subconscious, and even if I could see into the unconscious part of my carnal mind, and maybe I do somewhat, I'm incapable of guarding it so completely that I would recognize every single thought that comes up in the unconscious part of my mind, that nothing would get through. I'm not capable of it at this time. The seal has to be restored, you see.


My maidenhead was broken, and Satan's thoughts keep rising into my Garden. My mind is the Garden, you see, and Satan penetrates me all the time. But in my case, praise God, the Tree of Knowledge is present, and He's in the process, that's the Glorified Jesus Christ, and He is presently in the process of rebuilding the seal or the diaphragm of Adam Kadmon that is going to block out the penetration of the female, and then the Glorified Jesus Christ is going to completely marry the female in me, and she won't ever be able to hurt me again. She is going to serve her function. She is going to be a Godly woman.


COMMENT: I just need to be reminded which is lower the unconscious or the subconscious?


PASTOR VITALE: The unconscious.


The unconscious is...I honestly don't know if it is even possible to recognize the thoughts at that point. The subconscious...I think we could liken the unconscious to Chokhmah and the subconscious to Binah. We really cannot understand the wisdom of God until and unless it is revealed to us in the form of understanding, and that is what intuition is. A lot of the knowledge that I have that I share with you, that sometimes even shocks you, that comes from Chokhmah, but I cannot comprehend it until Binah reveals it.


So I don't know what I'm telling you because I don't really see what is going on in Chokhmah. You can only comprehend it after it passes into Binah which is understanding. So the unconscious, we really can't fathom at this time. It is hard enough seeing the subconscious, right?


I want to point out Genesis 3 to you here. Cain, in the form of the seal, she is the woman that's supposed to be keeping the daughter out of the Garden. Now, don't get confused. We are told in one place that God told Adam to guard the Garden. He told the whole Adam to guard the Garden, but the part of Adam that actually became the seal was the female part of Adam. So it is the woman. That is why it is the woman that's being confronted by the Serpent. Can you hear this?


The whole Adam which was male and female was told to guard the Garden, but it was the female aspect of Adam that was put up front to be the seal, and the male aspect that stayed behind. A thought just came into my mind. There is a Scripture - in the event when Jacob is being confronted by his brother, Esau, after Jacob is returning and Esau confronts him and Jacob is afraid. When you read that account, it says that he put all the women in front of him, and everybody says, look at this coward, he put the women in front of him. Well, what he did was he put the Garden in order. Cain is supposed to be in front.


That's what the Lord just told me, because I remember reading that Scripture and I said, how could he put the women out front? I'm not saying it didn't happen in the natural. I believe now that everything eventually happens in the natural in some form. When we look at the Scripture, it is happening on the deepest level which in the Hebrew is called SOD, and it is happening in the natural. I guess I have to believe that Jacob really put the physical women in front of him. I can't say otherwise, but I do know that on a spiritual level Jacob was putting his mind in right order, and Cain was up front.


So as we relate this account to Genesis 3 with the woman talking to the Serpent we see the daughter who is serpentine because of her circular light stream. The Serpent is talking to the seal which is formed from the particles of Cain. So Cain is the woman, and the Serpent says, and yea, God said. She reaches out to seduce the woman, and Cain is up front. Now that makes no sense to my carnal mind at all. The male warrior should be up front, but I do see it from this point of view that the seed that are behind the woman are the potential to form a righteous race of human beings, and the woman is up front, and it is the woman that has the instruction. Didn't you ever wonder why...everybody wonders why was, why was it the woman saying, God said, thou shall not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? And we just determined that the daughter is the The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


So that is Cain right there in the form of the seal talking to the daughter saying, God told me that I should not have anything to do with you, that I should not let you through. See the daughter is saying, open sesame, open the gates, and Cain is saying, no, the Lord...but the simple Cain, the woman, she was no match for the daughter who had elements of actual thoughts of Keter, the wisdom of Chokhmah, and the understanding of Binah. You know what that is like? That's like a sophisticated European going to some backwoods country somewhere, it is like coming to America and buying up all the land for a couple of beads. That is fully taking advantage, and that's why Paul tells us in the New Testament that the woman was wholly seduced, wholly seduced.


The simple Cain didn't stand a chance, and where was her husband? Her husband was hiding behind her, and that was the way God set it up. Of course, the Scripture that I'm talking about Paul says that the woman was wholly seduced, but Adam was tricked, and when I started to get this revelation I said to the Lord, well, where did that fit in? I could see where the woman was wholly seduced. Where is the man who was tricked? We are told that as far as the inside of the Garden goes, Adam wasn't tricked. He was just hiding behind her, and that was God's standard. So when the woman fell into agreement with the daughter, she gave to eat to her husband. Of course, we did this on Part 1, that it was actually the daughter who penetrated first the female and then the male.


So who is the male that was tricked, because that implies that the woman was wholly overcome. She didn't stand a chance, but Adam should have known better, the man should have known better. I think Paul says, the man. He doesn't even say Adam. The man was tricked, he should have know better. Who was the man? So I said to the Lord, who was the man? And the answer that came to me, brethren, is Noah. Paul was talking about as far as the timeline of this world is concerned, Noah was talking about two events that were very far apart, but in the spirit they were exactly the same. Because what happened with Noah was just an outplaying of what happened in the Garden. We are told that Satan planted a Garden, well Noah planted the Garden and Satan entered in.


Noah was the regeneration of this whole event on another plane of consciousness. Noah was the new Garden, and Satan got in there, so who got in there? The daughter alone got in there before she was married. Noah was the beginning of the new world. It was the same thing all over again, but Noah should have known better because Noah had this revelation that we are preaching tonight. Noah was no longer a simple woman. Noah was this whole scenario reproduced on a lower plane of consciousness, and he already had a relationship with Jehovah. So Noah was no longer a simple woman, and when you or I get tricked, we are no longer a simple woman. The Lord holds us more accountable than He held the woman in the Garden, because we have access to the Mind of Christ. That was what Paul said. He didn't say everybody is living out of the Mind of Christ. He said, we have access to the Mind of Christ, and if we mess up we are guilty because we didn't ask. We didn't ask.


So we are tricked. We should know better when we fall, but here in the highest place, the first event, the first time it happened, the woman was wholly seduced. Any questions or comments on Drawing #1?


COMMENT: When you were talking about the woman out front, I thought of Abraham sending Sarah out front, and I believe Isaac did the same thing with Rebecca.


PASTOR VITALE: That's very interesting.


So we see the basic principles of the creation keep repeating over and over again, and I did read somewhere in Kabbalah where the writer, I don't recall which book I was reading, justified Abraham doing that, saying that Sarah was a prophetess and could very well take care of herself, but I don't recall the writer's reason for Abraham doing that, but he did justify it. So that's very interesting. So we see the man sending the female out all the time.


Look, brethren, isn't it true right here. When the Lord Jesus wants to accomplish something, doesn't He send us out to the line of fire? He does. We are His spokesperson. He sends us out to the line of fire or out in front. The woman surrounds the man. The woman is always surrounding the man. The woman is out in front, but, you see, in the case of the fall the one that was in the male role was not capable of protecting the female that surrounded her because the daughter alone became the female, appearing in us as Satan and Leviathan today. She is not capable of protecting us. She is living off of us, and the very first time this account took place, the man that was behind the woman in the primaeval Garden, the first time this happened, he was the simple MaH .


The man that's behind us today is Christ Jesus, the Son, the offspring of Jesus Christ, who has wisdom and knowledge and understanding and the thoughts of God, and He's not yet reconnected to the Lord Jesus fully, fully reconnected, but He has what in the primaeval situation the daughter had elements of wisdom and knowledge, but the man was simple, but today the man that is in us, Christ Jesus, although He is not married yet to the Lord Jesus, He's not simple. He has wisdom and knowledge, so we are going to make it, and that is why Jehovah said to Adam in the Garden, you need a help. You, Adam, or the male of the Garden, you are not strong enough to defend the female from a recessed position. Can you hear that?


God said to the man in the Garden, you are not strong enough to protect the female who is out in front of you, so you need a help. I'm going to get you a help. The help is that God put a man on the inside of the Garden who has wisdom and knowledge just like the one on the outside, and even more so. God put the Son inside of us, Christ Jesus, who has wisdom and knowledge or at least the potential for all wisdom and knowledge. That's what we are doing here. We are educating the Son in us. The Glorified Jesus Christ is educating the Son in us so that we have a man on the inside of our Garden that is capable of defending us from this recessed position, because the one that's out front is this body that can get sick, that can get killed, that can get raped, that can get robbed.


Now if you have Christ in you and any of these things happen to you, if you are in a car accident, if any kind of tragedy happens to you, what it means is that Christ in you was not strong enough to defend you, the woman, who surrounds Him. That means He has to get mature in you. You have to submit yourself to this course of study to get Him stronger and, ultimately, to get Him married to the Lord Jesus which is the perfect protection, and that is why Jehovah put Adam to sleep. What does that mean, He put Adam to sleep? It means He knew that Adam was going to descend into the lower planes of consciousness, and He said, you need help man. You have just gotten completely devastated, Adam, because you could not protect the woman from this recessed position. Isn't that interesting?


A thought just flashed through my mind of the conflict that's going on in Palestine, and somebody was just telling me that all of these pictures that we see of the children throwing rocks, the Palestine children throwing rocks and the Israelis soldiers firing back, what they don't show you, what the newscasts don't show you is that behind the children throwing rocks are the adults with guns. That's what they don't show you. On the occasion that the Israelis soldiers open up fire with real bullets, there were adult males behind the children with guns shooting. So you can't even believe what you see.


So we see, in the case of the Palestinians, they are putting the women and children up front, but in God's plan the fact that the woman is up front, I never understood that, I said, why are you sending the woman out to guard the man? It doesn't mean that. The man is supposed to be guarding the woman from the recessed position. That's the way God set it up. The woman is up front, but she is supposed to be protected from within, not that the woman is protecting the man. Anybody else? You have another question?


COMMENT: This is just an "off the wall" comment. I'm thinking of people on board a ship and when there is a disaster, it is always the women and the children off first as a protection. We do everything backwards.




Well, the woman is supposed to be protected by the man. Even in this case. The man was supposed to be protecting the woman, but he wasn't strong enough to do it. The difference between this world and the spiritual world is that in both worlds the man is supposed to be protecting the woman, but in the spiritual world he protects her from a hidden place, and in the physical world he protects her from a visible place. In the physical world, the man will let the woman get on the boats to get off the ship to safety, and if someone comes with a gun they will push the woman behind them, but in the spiritual world the woman stays up front, but the spiritual man within her is supposed to be strong enough to protect her within. So the woman in both worlds, the man protects the woman. The only difference is whether it is from the inside or from the outside.


Drawing #2, I have a side view of the Garden. The Garden is The World of Points. The Garden of Eden is The World of Points, and we are showing you that in the Garden, I can't really say "in the beginning" because this all happened before the beginning, and The World of Points actually happened before time began so I am really at a loss for the correct words to express this to you. But the first expression of The World of Points, we have a simple male called MaH and a simple female called BaN, and, together, they were called simple Adam, A-D-A-M, simple Adam who was a spiritual atom. He stood alone. The man was alone. That's what we are told in Genesis 2, I believe.


The fulfillment of Jehovah saying that the man needed a help is Christ to be grafted to him. Christ is not the opposite of the simple man, Christ is the compound man. He is a spiritual molecule. Christ is the seed of the Glorified Jesus Christ, and the Glorified Jesus Christ is Da'at which is the thoughts of Keter, the wisdom of Chokhmah, the understanding of Binah, and male and female elements woven together, formed into two molecules that joined. The female molecule, BaN and the male molecule MaH, the son and the daughter. So we have all these elements in both the son and the daughter marrying each other and producing Da'at which is the compound spiritual energy of the mental energy of Keter and the sexual energy of the female BaN. That's a dynamo.


Out of that unity which we call the Lord Jesus Christ, Kabbalah calls it Da'at, sparks of itself came off, seeds of the Lord Jesus Christ, sparks of Da'at, and in this hour these sparks are seeding men. So that seed which, in itself, is a molecule, because you can take a molecule and have a molecule. The seed of Christ has everything that the Glorified Jesus Christ has in seed form, and He is the help. Christ is the help that is being grafted to the simple Adam. And who is the simple Adam in you and in me? That's Abel who is dead in most people. The man was completely overtaken by the fruit that came forth from the daughter and the woman in the Garden, completely overcame the man, and eventually he died. We are told that Adam died.


Da'at is also called the higher Adam or the last Adam. The reason Jesus called Himself the last Adam is because He has become the fulfillment of what the thought of Keter said He should be. He is a man that is a complex man or a compound man, and He is the thoughts of God which is the whole plan of God for the creation plus wisdom and understanding woven together and then woven together over and over again upon Himself. So I've done an amplification of Genesis 2:19.


And Adam, that's MaH , the simple Adam, he gave his male nature to the whole beast of the field and the fowl of the air, and that's just the aspects of Cain who made up the seal of the Garden. He fortified Cain. Remember I told you that the female has male aspects, and the male has female aspects? OK. The difference between a woman and a female is that a woman has both female and male aspects, but more female than male. Remember that? So the female is fortified by the male aspects and then comes a woman, but the male who receives the female aspects, the female is weaker than the male so the male, although he receives the female aspects, he was not fortified by them. Can you hear that?


He received a weakness. The male who is the strong one received a potential for weakness when he received the female aspects, so the woman got stronger when the female was mixed with the male aspects, the female got stronger, and the male when he received the female aspect got weaker. So, although the plan for the creation is that the male should be stronger or the man should be stronger than the woman, it turned out that the woman is stronger than the man, because the woman was fortified with strength, and the man was fortified with weakness. So that is why Adam needed a help.


So Adam gave his male nature to the beast of the field and the fowl of the air. That's the female, the circular Sefirot, Cain. He strengthened the woman, and he got weaker, and I want to tell you that's happening right here. I'm strengthening you all, and I've gotten weaker. I've been telling you this for the longest time. For a while I was very concerned about myself. I know that I am weaker since I have been helping you to see your sin nature which has been going on about 3-4 years now. I'm just not the same person. I've lost a lot of my strength. I've been very concerned about myself, but I now understand that everything that I gave to you, and whoever else I gave it to, my strength to, I will receive back again many fold through my marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ.


You have to give away to receive. This is one of the spiritual laws of the spiritual world. You cannot receive when you are a cup with a closed bottom. You have to give everything you have. Isn't that what Jesus said to the rich man? You have to give away everything that you have. He was not talking about the rich man's money. You have to give away everything that you have. You can't hold on to anything spiritually, any good thing that somebody needs. Now that doesn't mean you go and give all your money away, and you go into poverty. It is talking about a state of mind, and certainly what you have received spiritually, you have to give away freely, and then you are weak for a season, and then the Lord Jesus comes and fills you with overflowing life permanently.


So Adam gave his male strength to the whole, and that word "all" in the King James is really just a translation of the whole, of the whole beast of the field and the fowl of the air. That's the circular Sefirot. He gave it to the higher aspects of the circular Sefirot and to the lower aspects of the circular Sefirot, also called Cain, but there was no one to fortify Adam with a higher nature. Adam received weakness so there was no one to fortify Adam with a higher nature that would withstand the wisdom of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, who was the daughter. This was the condition of the creation until Da'at, Kabbalah says Da'at is knowledge. We say it is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus was born and grafted His seed to the man, that's Abel in you and Abel in me, the man inside the Garden, the mind of mortal man. It is all happening now. Genesis 1:2-3, it is all happening now, and the majority of people in the world today are a Garden that's dead because Abel in them is dead, and if they don't have Christ, they don't have....people that don't even have the Holy Spirit...to be honest with you, I don't know where the Holy Spirit fits in all this. I'm waiting for the Lord to show it to me exactly where the Holy Spirit fits into all this. Is everybody OK with this?


Now there is a teaching in Kabbalah that I have considered putting on the board for you, but I'm not going to do it. It is complicated and it is late, and I'm not going to do it, but that teaching talks about the weakening of the male. Just like I just said that Adam gave his strength to the female and became weak, received weakness, there is a teaching in Kabbalah concerning The World of Points that gives a whole elaborate explanation as to how the male became weakened. So Kabbalah knows about this principle. Isn't that interesting?


Drawing #3, we see Adam Kadmon and The World of Points below His naval, and Kabbalah tells us that the inner aspects of SaG, MaH , and BaN wanted to come out. The gate that they exited from are the eyes of Adam Kadmon. So for these inner aspects to get out, they had to ascend to get behind the eyes of Adam Kadmon so that they could come out of the eyes of Adam Kadmon. Although I don't show it on this diagram, well I do show it right here. They ascend from, I'm only showing it to you from the point of the naval, and they ascend upwards to Adam Kadmon's eyes, and then the BaN, the outer aspects of BaN come out of His eyes, and go back down to the outside of Adam Kadmon below His naval and forms The World of Points.


Now The World of Points is on the outside of Adam Kadmon, but we have just done a deep study of the inside of what's on the outside of Adam Kadmon. Everything has an inside and an outside. So even though we are told that The World of Points is outside of Adam Kadmon, there is an inside to The World of Points which is inside of Adam Kadmon. Are you all OK?


So the outer aspects of BaN, the female, comes out of Adam Kadmon's eyes and circulates around Adam Kadmon below the naval, and that's the daughter, that's the female, but after this ascension we are told the diaphragm of Adam Kadmon appears. Now I don't have any information from Kabbalah as to how it appears, but the Doctrine of Christ tells us how it appears. The Doctrine of Christ tells us that this diaphragm is the seal that was formed from the female aspects of the inside of the Garden under the direction of the male. Adam put forth his female side to build up this seal. That's what we are told.


Now I'm not saying that the Kabbalah has no explanation. I'm just saying there is no explanation in the books that I'm studying at this time.


So after the diaphragm appeared, Kabbalah tells us, that the inner aspects of MaH and BaN came back down, came back down on the inside. So what we have here is a division of the inner and the outer aspects of MaH and BaN. We have the inner male and female and the outer male and female, and we have learned in previous drawings, the inner male is Adam with female aspects. The inner, what is inside the Garden, is the man, and the man is the male aspects with a weakening of the female aspects. The difference between male and man is that the male is all male, and the man is male with female aspects which weakens him.


So we see that the man inside the Garden was weakened, and the female was born from the eyes of Adam Kadmon. So we have a female on the outside, and a weakened man on the inside. So the carnal mind says, well Adam on the inside didn't stand a chance against that strong female, God must have planned it that Adam would fail. Well, we are right back to the Doctrine of Christ again. Adam would not have fallen if he had been obedient. Now remember, Adam is male and female so the female part of Adam that formed the seal to the Garden is also Adam. Can you understand that? OK.


So Adam was manifesting as the woman, the weakened Adam sent his female aspect to barricade the Garden, and the weakened Adam was hiding behind his female aspect, because that was the set up, but remember that Adam had given his strength to his female side, so she was instructed to not have anything to do with that Serpent which was the daughter outside of the Garden. So if Adam inside the Garden had been obedient, there would have been no fall. It was not God's plan for the creation to fall. Is everybody OK?


Kabbalah says that there is a straight light on the inside of Adam Kadmon that penetrates outward to illuminate The World of Points, and I believe that I taught you that it was the daughter on the outside, that promised illumination, knowledge is illumination. So my response to this statement from Kabbalah is that this straight light is the light of the male aspect of Adam which is MaH or Abel on the inside of The World of Points. I'm sure it is true that Kabbalah....I think most of what I read in Kabbalah is true, but the information is lacking. More likely there is information lacking than what they are saying is wrong, although there are some things that I disagree with, and that I believe are error.


So Kabbalah says, Isaac Luria's teaching says, that is a straight light on the inside that penetrates outward that's illuminating the whole The World of Points, and I'm saying, amen that's true. It is the Abels on the inside which the Lord tells me are the many points of light which are the Abels which are the stars of the field of creation, and the roots of the stars are on the inside, and they shine on the outside of The World of Points. We are also told that at the time of the fall the world was darkened. We are told that the world was darkened at the time of the fall. OK. Because at the time of the fall, when the daughter broke through the seal of the diaphragm and copulated with the female aspects, that copulation affected all of these Abels who died as a result of that copulation, and that's how the world was darkened.


How did all these Abels die? The daughter copulated with Cain, with the female aspect, and then penetrated into the Garden and copulated with the male aspect also. She gave the husband to eat also, and when the woman copulated with the Abels, when the daughter, sorry, copulated with the Abels, they died, and they lost their light, they fell down, they fell all the way down below Adam Kadmon's naval, and The World of Points was darkened. They fell down below The World of Points. Is everybody OK? I would like to finish this tonight.


There is one thing I have to tell you that I'm not going to put on the board. Isaac Luria says that the union between the son and the daughter brought forth The World of Emanation, and we are told, according to Kabbalah, The World of Points was destroyed, and the light was gathered back up and used and reconfigured to form The World of Emanation. Remember that? So I guess I have to put this on the board for you.


Drawing #4, I have drawn a comparison for you between what Kabbalah says about The World of Points and the reconfiguration of The World of Points into The World of Emanation as opposed to what the Doctrine of Christ says about it. Kabbalah says that The World of Points shatters because the vessels, the Sefirot, cannot contain the energy or the light that's poured into them, and then the light is re-gathered and reconfigured as The World of Emanation. It is as simple as that, and then we are told by Isaac Luria that this World of Emanation comes into existence through the union of the son and the daughter. That produces The World of Emanation. That The World of Points is the daughter alone, and The World of Emanation comes into existence through the union of the son and the daughter, but the Doctrine of Christ fills in all the details.


You see, Kabbalah reveals the beginning and the end, but the "how to" and everything in between the beginning and the end is still a secret. It is not revealed. The Doctrine of Christ is the key that unlocks the power of Kabbalah. Why do I say the power of Kabbalah is locked up? There is power in Kabbalah to help us down here in the valley of the shadow of death, but I don't see anyone following Kabbalah, Jewish Kabbalah or Christian Kabbalah, standing up in full stature except for Jesus who was rejected by the Jews. I don't see it happening to anyone. So that means the power is now unlocked.


There is some power to give us a better life here in this world, but the power for the ultimate purpose of Kabbalah which is to enter into eternal life, to stop dying, to stop reincarnating, that power is now released today through Kabbalah. So the Doctrine of Christ must be woven together with Kabbalah to release that power, and, Lord willing, it will be released in us. The Doctrine of Christ starts out the same way. It says The World of Points shatters, the son marries the daughter, and produces Da'at which is knowledge which we call Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus penetrates the shattered world. This is happening right now. Christ Jesus is penetrating the shattered The World of Points. That's the minds of fallen mortal man. We die because our minds have been shattered. We are the expression in the earth of the shattered World of Points, and it is true that The World of Points has been reconfigured in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, but the shattered World of Points still exists.


According to Kabbalah, it sounds like the shattered World of Points doesn't exist any more, everything was gathered up, and reconfigured into The World of Emanation. Well, maybe that happened in the heavens, but it sure has not happened down here yet, except in one man, Jesus of Nazareth. It has not happened Old Testament me yet. I'm still shattered, definitely!


So the Doctrine of Christ says that The World of Points shatters, the son marries the daughter, produces Da'at, knowledge, which we call Christ Jesus, who now in this hour and who has been for 2000 years is penetrating the shattered World of Points for the specific purpose of raising the man, Abel, from the dead, because when the daughter who is the Serpent copulated with all the Abels, they died. So Christ Jesus is in the earth raising Abel from the dead, strengthening Him from within and rebuilding Abel's maidenhead. Now remember, Adam is the collective name of all the Abels. So if you want to say He's raising Adam from the dead in you, you could say that, but we just have refined it down one step more. He's raising Abel from the dead.


Then Da'at, or Christ Jesus will penetrate the rebuilt Garden which is the mind of mortal man and marry the many Abels of mortal humanity, which union will bring the regenerated World of Emanation into existence. This World of Emanation is the world or the age that will never end, and its name is Christ. The age of Christ is immortality for all creation. So we see that from this point of view, Kabbalah is not wrong, it is just missing the whole middle part, which if you don't have the middle part you can't get to the end. So that means all you have is a doctrine in your mind, and you don't know how to bring it to pass.


This is Drawing #5. The information on Drawing #5 is pretty much covered in the other drawings, but the actual figure is my attempt to relate this whole teaching to the doctrine of The World of Points. Now you may recall that the doctrine of The World of Points says that there were eight Sefirot, or let me put it this way, that the 10 Sefirot of The World of Points came out, lined up in a straight line, and there is a whole explanation as to why these 10 Sefirot did not come out in three columns. That explanation is that when Adam Kadmon looked out, He could not see the light from the ears and the nose which would have been guideposts, that would have indicated the 10 Sefirot from The World of Points had to line up in three columns. Now is there is any truth to that at the present moment, I cannot see it. I'm trying very hard to not be arrogant or ignorant so I just want to tell you right now that, at this time, I can't see any truth to it. Maybe next year or next month, the Lord will show it to me, but the Lord has told me that The World of Points came out in a straight line because The World of Points was female.


Now we covered this on Part 1 of this message, that the three column configuration of The World of Emanation signifies the male organ with the two testes. So it was no accident that The World of Points came out in a straight line. See, she was the female alone, and The World of Emanation is the male which is the compound male which is the fruit of the marriage of the son and the daughter, not just the son. The World of Emanation is not just the son. It is the fruit of the marriage of the son and the daughter, so it is a compound man. The World of Emanation, which we now know to be the Lord Jesus, to be Da'at, which is knowledge, which is the quasi-Sefirot. When I say quasi-Sefirot, that's what Kabbalah says, that Da'at is a quasi-Sefirot. It is not a real Sefirot. It acts like a Sefirot, and they stick it in there between Binah and Chesed, but quasi means that it is not the real thing. It acts like a Sefirot, but it is not a Sefirot.


So in this drawing, I show you eight Sefirot. Those loops that I've drawn signify the eight Sefirot from Chesed...I'm sorry... the seven Sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut, and Chesed through Yesod are the male. Those are the six Sefirot that make up the male which is Ze'ir Anpin or MaH , and the seventh Sefirot down at the bottom is the female Malkhut. You can call her BaN or you can call her Cain. We have all these names because we are mixing two doctrines, and some doctrine have more than one name for each aspect.


So we see the male and the female in these seven Sefirot...now The World of Points says that Da'at is the eighth Sefirot which appears above Chesed, and the doctrine of points teaches that the light that poured into these vessels poured into Da'at first, and that Da'at was the first vessel to break, dumping all of its light into Chesed underneath it, and then Chesed could not bear the weight and broke. So it went on down the line until all the vessels of The World of Points shattered. So we see that this doctrine is radically different than the Doctrine of Christ which we have just spent hours between Part 1 and this message, Part 2, explaining that the shattering of the vessels was not because they were not lined up properly, because they were lined up in a straight line instead of in three columns, and because they could not contain the light.


We now know that the shattering of the vessels was a violent act that was perpetrated upon the Garden by the female that was born of the coupling, the first coupling of Abba and Imma, and that we know that the female has to be married to....I'm sorry, I'm getting my words mixed up....the daughter, there is a difference between the female, the woman, and the daughter. OK. The female is the female aspect alone. The woman is the female aspect with minor male aspects joined to her, and the daughter is a female that has been born from the coupling of Abba and Imma.


So the doctrine of points reveals that the daughter that's born of the first coupling of Abba and Imma is The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and that she yielded to her evil, and she seduced the simple Adam which was male and female in the Garden, and that she crashed into that Garden and broke that maidenhead, and that was what shattered the vessels of The World of Points. We also know from the Doctrine of Christ that the vessel of Da'at was not among the vessels that were attacked by the daughter and broke it. Da'at, we have found out from the Doctrine of Christ, is the fruit of the marriage of the son and the daughter which Kabbalah calls The World of Emanation. I explained all that with Drawing #4.


So we see there is a radical difference between the Doctrine of Christ and Kabbalah on these points, but I am convinced that the Lord has revealed the truth to us, because, according to Kabbalah, it was God who planned the shattering of the vessels, and I could never receive that. I could never receive that, and I don't receive it today.


I will just read over what I have written on Drawing #5. I think the only think that is different is in the lower right-hand corner. I show you Cain and Abel with Abel on the inside, and I've given you an amplification there of Jeremiah 21:32. Jehovah will turn you around, you backsliding daughter who surrounds the man. That means repentance. Jehovah is going to cause you to repent. You backsliding daughter who surrounds the man, and Malkhut, that's the earth, will be recreated in Jehovah's image, and we see that this word "backsliding," that the spiritual understanding of the word backsliding is that the daughter who is the higher BaN, the BaN that's wisdom, she is trying to backslide back into the womb that she came out of.


Remember, everything that's outside originated from the inside of Adam Kadmon. The Hebrew letters were inside of Adam Kadmon, and the first word that they formed was the Tetragrammaton. So everything that was on the outside, including BaN, came from the inside out, and here is the daughter trying to go back into the womb. Instead of going forward through a marriage to the son, she was trying to invade back into the womb that she came out of, and that is what the Lord is saying through Jeremiah. "You backsliding daughter, you are going in the wrong direction, you are engaging in spiritual incest, you are going backwards, you are supposed to be getting married, you are not supposed to be going back into the womb." And the promise of Jehovah is that she will...and, of course, this is us. She will come to repentance, and this daughter who surrounds the man will come to repentance, and she will be recreated in Jehovah's image or in the image of Adam Kadmon. Both are correct. Does anybody have any problem with my drawing there?


So we see we have a sixth-layered Abel there. Abel exists on six levels and six Sefirot, because the creation is supposed to be reproduced in every Sefirot. Every Sefirot representing a plane of consciousness, and the creation is supposed to be reproduced on actually all ten levels, but we don't see the head. We don't see Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah because the head cannot fall. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


Now Isaac Luria places the quasi-Sefirot, Da'at, making that an eighth vessel that fell, and the Kabbalah continues relating that the eighth Sefirot that fell, that shattered and fell, to the eight kings of Edom. I can relate to that, definitely, and we are told that seven of those kings of Edom lived and died, and the eighth one did not die. So Kabbalah says that the eighth king, which is Da'at, is in the earth today seeking to rectify the creation or restore the creation back to God. I believe that Da'at is in the earth today, who is the eighth king of Edom, but not the way Kabbalah teaches it. I'm not really going to go into any more details right now because it is one o'clock in the morning, and if the Lord leads me I will go into that detail on another message.


Looking at the drawing in the upper left-hand corner, Da'at is the mental energy of Keter plus the sexual energy of BaN that was born of Abba and Imma. Da'at is very powerful, very, very powerful. Down at the bottom I read you that already, the many-membered Cain is the evil shells that Kabbalah speaks about. Everyone of us, every human being, has an Abel and a Cain, and every aspect of our mind, every cell of our being has an Abel and a Cain.


On the right side we see that the seal is Cain, also called BaN, the female alone, also called the Fiery Serpent, the daughter or the outer aspects of BaN. This seal, speaking about Cain now, we had a lot of teaching about this, this evening, this seal can be penetrated without rupture by a straight light wave that is Da'at, also known as the needle. We know that the glorified Jesus is the needle that can penetrate that maidenhead without rupturing it. The seal would have filtered the light, and the vessels would not have shattered, but the circular light, the female offspring of Abba and Imma, penetrated the seal, and Cain, the inner aspects of the female BaN, before the son who is the outer MaH married the daughter, which is the outer BaN, to produce Da'at, the linear male light that can penetrate the maidenhead without breaking it. Are there any questions or comments about this drawing?


I just wanted to refer you to one more Scripture before we close, and that is Genesis, Chapter 4, the account of Cain and Abel, Cain being born first, and then Abel. Now the King James Translation makes both Cain and Abel male, but, of course, the Hebrew word does not indicate males. It simply indicates a relationship between the two. The Doctrine of Christ has been teaching for years that Cain is the female, and that the first born is the female, and now we have a much better understanding of Cain resenting Abel. So now we are getting into a motive of why, possibly, Cain yielded, why the woman yielded to the Serpent. She was in rebellion, she was trying to make the decision beyond the male. See, the woman was stronger. We are told in Genesis 4 that the woman was stronger.


How are we told that? Well, she killed Abel. Cain was stronger than Abel, we are told that in Genesis 4, and we are also in Genesis 4 that Jehovah said to Cain, "If you don't do what's right, sin is waiting at the door." So Jehovah was telling Cain that if you don't submit to Abel, if you don't do what he tells you, if you don't submit to the righteousness of the strength that he has imparted to you, the daughter is right outside waiting to penetrate you. So we see that Cain was not only instructed by Adam inside the Garden to not fraternize with the daughter, also called the Serpent who was outside, but Jehovah Himself instructed Cain, and said, "Your rage against Abel is going to get you killed, but if you do what's right, if you submit to Abel, and you follow the rules, you will be accepted also." And what does that mean? It means that the ultimate reconciliation of the whole creation is that the Lord Jesus also called Da'at in Kabbalah would marry both Cain and Abel of the inside of the Garden.


Cain and Abel were both aspects of the simple Adam on the inside of the Garden, and in the marriage Cain would have received the same benefits as Abel. She would have found her place in the creation, however that would have manifested, and she would have been fully satisfied as well as Abel. But you see, Cain wasn't so much looking for satisfaction as she was looking for power. So once again, we see that the characters that we talk about when we speak about Kabbalah and the Doctrine of Christ, they are conscious beings. I've been telling you that the Sefirot are conscious beings. Cain and Abel are conscious beings. They may be many-membered entities, but they are conscious beings.


We now see, as I said earlier, a motive. In Genesis 4, we get even more details about why the woman was overcome by the Serpent, because she was refusing to submit to the man who was behind her. She took fully advantage of the fact that she was stronger than the man or maybe she thought that because she was stronger than the man that she could do it; although, we are told in the King James Translation that Cain was...the Lord is correcting me here. Please bear with me, it is one o'clock in the morning, and I just really wanted to finish up this message, and I had it wrong.


The Lord is telling me and had told me earlier that Cain was born before Abel, so we are talking about the Cain and the Abel on the outside. We are talking about the birth of the daughter, and the birth of the son. The daughter was born first, and Jehovah warned the daughter. He said, do not act like a man, do not penetrate the Garden, wait for your husband. Is everybody following me? I had it backwards a few minutes ago. I'm sorry about that. Cain wanted to, for whatever motive beyond that we can see right now, did not want to wait for her husband, did not want to be under the dominion of Abel, and did not want to engage in the marriage that would produce Da'at, the complex male. That which came forth was the daughter, the BaN on the outside, so she was specifically warned by Jehovah to wait for Abel to be born which was the son to be born.


Now, apparently, in that union of the son and the daughter that would produce Da'at, the daughter would lose her independent existence, and she was not willing to give that up. Jehovah told her that if you don't do what's right, sin is waiting at the door. So I guess what that meant from this point of view is that if the daughter penetrated the Garden, she would come under the dominion of Satan and Leviathan which she has done. The daughter is the whore that's carried by the beast. The beast is completely using her. I think that's all that I have for you tonight. Are there any questions or comments? I will see if the Lord gives me any more. I can't continue on right now. If the Lord gives me any more witnesses for this teaching, we will add it to this tape on Thursday, but as of now that's all that I have. God bless you.




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