551 - Part 4

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Praise the Lord. We have drawing #1 on the board. The Lord is bringing a correction to what I preached on the earlier messages here. This is typical of the way the Lord had been teaching in this ministry as long as this ministry has been in existence. He goes forth to give a revelation through my mind and then He just improves on what comes forth from my mind. The revelation does not come forth in perfection when I first begin to bring it forth. So you see at the top, the left hand corner of drawing #1, I have drawn the way I depicted the garden to you on an earlier part of this message. Of course, we are saying that the World of Points is the garden. All of the points that Kabbalah speaks about are the many seeds of humanity, the Hebrew word for humanity being Adam. When the Scripture talks about humanity, it uses the Hebrew word which is Strong's #120. When the Scripture talks about Adam, the personal man, it's Strong's #121.


So we see the impersonal Adam or the many membered Adam (in seed form called humanity) is located in the World of Points which surrounds Adam Kadmon under his navel. The Scripture calls that area the garden. This is the place where the son is destined to enter into to fertilize all of these Abels and to not only give them a name individually; each individual point or each individual spiritual egg, is to receive his own name and name signifies nature. What that means is, not that Adam named the animals, but that he gave his nature. The son was to give his nature to the individual members of mankind which existed in Adam Kadmon's ovary. The World of Points is Adam Kadmon's ovary. Adam Kadmon has both male and female spiritual organs. He has an ovary and he also has a complete male organ with testes.


So when I taught you this on the earlier parts of this message, I depicted Cain as being a fence. Cain is also called the maidenhead. She's called the veil and she's also called the diaphragm. I showed her as a solid fence with all of the points of light behind her. I think I didn't finish my point. So it is the job of the son to give his name to each of the points of light. Those points of light are appearing today as who? Where are those points of light today? Yes, in humanity. The points of light of the World of Points have incarnated or come into existence as mortal humanity. The way I depicted this in a previous message was that the woman that was seduced was in the garden and the term, woman, signifies both male and female elements. The difference between female and woman is that female means strictly female and woman implies a mixture of male and female elements with the female predominating.


So the Scripture tells us that the woman was in the garden and I originally perceived it as a combination of MaH and BaN, the inner aspects of MaH and BaN plus all the points of the World of Points. But the Lord has corrected me. As you could see in the lower left hand corner of drawing #1, the Lord reminded me from the Doctrine of Christ that all of these seeds or spiritual eggs of mankind, of humanity, of Adam, if you will, that they were nucleus and surrounding shell just like the pattern of this creation. Every cell in this creation has a nucleus and a surrounding wall. Every cell of our body has a nucleus and a surrounding wall and so it is, and so it was, with the points of the World of Points. So the nucleus of the egg is Abel, the male, and the surrounding shell or the surrounding wall, is Cain, the female.


So it wasn't that there was a woman in the garden that was both male and female and then they were all of these points of light also. There were many points of light and each point of light had a nucleus and a shell. So the woman in the garden was the collective image of all of the points of light. These points of light are also called the seeds. They're also called the spiritual eggs. That's all the same thing. Now remember from a previous message that the assignment of the son was to name the whole creation, which means each and every egg or each and every cell of the woman was to receive the nature of the son and that collectively, all of the Abels or all of the eggs or all of the seeds were to be gathered together and configured into one creature which would manifest the nature of Adam Kadmon. Now that doesn't sound so way out if you think of the human body. We are bodies that consist of trillions of cells. Each cell has its own function. Some cells are liver cells. Some cells are hard cells. Some cells are blood cells. Each cell has its own function, but all of the trillion of cells of our body have been gathered together into the figure of, in my case, Sheila Vitale. I am a mass of trillions of cells that have been configured into the physical woman, Sheila Vitale.


In the same manner, all of the cells or all of the eggs of humanity, of mankind, that existed in the primeval state of the World of Points (which is the garden) they were to have the nature of Adam Kadmon engraved on them individually with their specific function. We're clearly told in the Scripture, that each one of us has our own function in the body of Christ, yet collectively, we are the body of Christ. So the son was to assign the function of each one of the Abels in the garden and pull them all together, pull all of these cells together into the formation of a spiritual man with the nature of Adam Kadmon. Now as I have been trying to explain to you here for a long time, this is exactly what I am trying to do when you come to this meeting when I ask you to follow my thought pattern and to resist your own thoughts that want to go in another direction. When your thoughts do go in another direction and I tell you about it, which sometimes is hurtful, what I am doing (with my mind now, not with my hands and not with my physical body) but I am molding this group of believers that the Lord is training here, in this local fellowship. I am trying to draw your mind together with the other minds here for the purpose of molding this group into the image of the spiritual man that the Lord Jesus has called us to be. So if you happen to be a single sheep who strays, there's no condemnation in it. We've always thought, oh the sheep that strays, that's the person, that's the whole human being that goes out and commits adultery or that's the whole human being who backslides from God.


Well brethren, let's look at it on a spiritual level. Let's spiritualize this; I'm trying to keep the flock together. Is not a flock of sheep a configuration? It is. They're all individual sheep, but if you're looking at them from an airplane all the way down, they're all within a certain parameter and they're all going in the same direction. I believe that the sheep that Jesus spoke about are spiritual, that we're spiritual sheep and it has to do with our mind and that's what I'm doing. If your mind is not following as I follow the Lord Jesus, if your mind is not following me, I'm like that little shepherd boy that's going out and just tapping you and saying come on in, you're straying out in the wrong direction. Okay, we're all trying to follow the Lord. That's what's happening here and this is a simplified example of what happened before time began. It was the son's assignment to draw all of the Abels or all of the cells of the spiritual man into the configuration, the pattern of which had been given to him when he received the assignment. We understand that before time began, the partial tree or the male organ before the testes were joined to her, went ahead and fertilized all the cells of mankind and this is the fruit of that unholy spiritual sexual union. So the son is still working to fulfill his commission.


As I've told you many times, all planes of consciousness exists simultaneously. We all coexist, you see. There was no time, at the point of when the World of Points came into existence. That was before time. That plane of consciousness still exists. The son that Adam Kadmon produced had to come down into this plane of consciousness, the World of Action, to complete the assignment because this is where we fell down to. See, this is where we fell down to. So he had to come where the sheep are to form them into the configuration of a spiritual man with the nature of the Ayn Sof. It's the same exact thing. Spiritual things merely differ by form. Our form has changed in comparison to what we looked like when we were in the garden. Our form has changed. Actually, we're still the garden. We are the garden, we form the garden. The primeval formation of all of the eggs is the garden. So the son went forth to fertilize all of humanity and he found out that someone got there first. I mean it sounds funny, it sounds humorous to our carnal minds, but spiritually what happened was that his male organ went ahead before the testes were joined to her and brought forth a creation. So he had to follow us down here to finish the job (because the job will be finished) and all of the cells of humanity will be named with the new name that Jesus Christ has promised us.


We will be named with the Name of Jesus Christ and every one of us will be drawn into (in our minds) we will be drawn into the configuration of the spiritual man. What does it mean to be drawn into the configuration of the spiritual man? It means that your thoughts will line up with His thoughts. Our thoughts have to line up with His thoughts. But there's a problem here, you see. We have another mind that thinks she's the "chief honcho" and she's possessed us for ever so long. We're her wife, the wife of the carnal mind, that came into existence as a result of this premature copulation and so we have an enemy that tells us she's God and her thoughts want to prevail and we, the personality, have to choose who we will follow after. Will we follow after this carnal mind that's inside of us or this Christ mind that's inside of us and that is the warfare; the warfare is in the mind. But Jesus has come down to get us. It is Adam Kadmon who has taken on the flesh to come down to the place where we are. Why did He take on the flesh? Because we have trouble relating to Him. We can't recognize His Spirit even when His Spirit is on a man. How are we ever going to recognize His spirit if He's not in human form? So He came down here to teach us, to give us His Name, His nature and to draw us, by our thoughts, into the image of the spiritual man ordained of God. When that happens, when our thoughts are drawn into the image of He who is ordained by God, at some point, our physical condition must follow after our mind. This is a hard word, but if you're sick, it's because your mind is corrupt. Well Sheila, doesn't everybody get sick? Yes, everybody's mind is corrupt. That's why we die. That's why we die.


Okay, so back to the board. The Lord has reminded me and I should have known this, but you know sometimes you have a revelation in four different places, in four different aspects, and it takes the Lord to come to me to pull the four things that I know together because I know that that's the configuration that the seeds are in, but my carnal mind keeps getting in there. I thank God for the correction. So in the lower left hand corner of the board, we see the garden which is the World of Points, and we see that there is not one single wall blocking off the garden, but that the garden consists of the whole circular area around Adam Kadmon. There is no single wall, but that each seed which is capable of producing the man is surrounded by a shell. That's the chaff that Jesus was talking about, the wheat and the chaff. The kernel of the wheat, the valuable part is the male, the MaH, and he is surrounded by the female. So you may recall that the daughter... now who is the daughter? Who can tell us who the daughter is? Can anybody remember?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, yes, but we have a simple BaN and we have a complex BaN. Could you be a little more specific? That's right, but it's not the whole answer.




PASTOR VITALE: Well, no. Rahab is her daughter. Rahab is the daughter of the daughter.


COMMENT: The Serpent, the Fiery Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: No, not the Fiery Serpent. She's the Serpent that seduced the woman. The daughter is outside of the garden. The woman is the collective seeds inside the garden. Just like I consist of trillions of cells and the collective name of the trillion of cells that form me is Sheila Vitale. The collective name of all the seeds is the woman. But the daughter is the offspring of whom? Who are her parents? She's a daughter so she must have parents. Who are her parents?


COMMENT: Abba and Imma


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Abba and Imma. AB and SaG have produced the daughter. The daughter consisted of the inner aspects of MaH and BaN that ascended up to the outer aspects of SaG and then that SaG, which is actually the cantillation marks of SaG, had a spiritual sexual union with AB, which ist the vaguest idea, but Paul said, we don't know what we're going to be, but we see Jesus and what does Jesus look like? Jesus is a shape shifter. He can take any form that He wants. But what I don't know is what His preferred form is. He takes human form because He's trying to relate to fallen men. See, right now He's taking my form, He's taking your form, He's inside of us squeezing us and pushing us and prodding us and He's starting with our mind. See, the body will follow the mind wherever it goes and He's at war with the mind that we were born with to form our mind in His image. Then the body follows, you see. Right now, Jesus is in human form because He's reaching for human people, but once He gets us in His image, I do not know what His preferred form is. I just know that He will take a form and the creation will take a form because the whole purpose of the creation is that the Ayn Sof should become visible. There should be a visible expression of the invisible, but animal bodies is not His choice. Animal bodies that need to sleep and rest is not His choice. The God of Israel doesn't slumber or sleep. That came to me the other day how all these people are saying we're in God's image. Well, the God of Israel doesn't slumber or sleep. How are you in His image if you need to sleep? It's amazing. It's amazing.


The female, Cain, always surrounded the male and I'm referring back to a scripture that we dealt with on a previous part of this message. I'll just read it on here. This is part 2 and we translated Jeremiah 31:22; Jehovah will turn you around, you backsliding daughter, who surrounds the man. You backsliding daughter who surrounds the man, the daughter that came forth, all of the many membered Abels that came forth in the image of the collective daughter. So who's the daughter? All of humanity, we are the daughter. We are the daughter. We are the Serpent. Jesus said to the pharisees, you're all serpents. That's what we are. Jehovah will turn you around you backsliding daughter who surrounds the man. Christ is inside of you and your backsliding is killing Him, so Jehovah says, I'm going to turn you around. I'm going to bring you to repentance and Malkhut, who is the earth, will be recreated. You will be recreated. You, who are the daughter, who is continuously backsliding, continuously going away from God, I'm going to grant you repentance and when you stop fighting me, I'm going to remold you in the image of the man. That's a promise, you see. I think everything in the Scripture is a promise.


So the female always surrounded the male and so it was in the Garden of Eden. That's how it was in the Garden of Eden. That's why, initially, it was just the woman speaking to the Serpent. It says, and the woman ate and her husband ate with her because once the wall, once the outer shell is penetrated, that Serpent just went right in and she zapped the male. He didn't stand a chance. That's why he was silent. The woman was his protector. The woman is the whole spiritual egg, male and female. When the woman yielded to the daughter who had turned to her serpentine side, the male nucleus (the heart of the seed, also called the spiritual egg) could not resist the daughter's penetration (and the whole spiritual seed, that's the woman) was impregnated by the daughter instead of being impregnated by the son and the woman conceived and gave birth to mortal, perverted, spiritually female mankind. The female Cain always surrounded the male. When the woman (the whole spiritual egg, male and female) yielded to the daughter, the male nucleus (the heart of the seed, also called the spiritual egg) could not resist the daughter's penetration and the whole spiritual seed called the woman was impregnated by the daughter instead of the son and the woman conceived and gave birth to mortal, perverted, spiritually female mankind. Actually, I'm going to change that to the woman was impregnated by the daughter instead of Adam.


Remember she was suppose to be impregnated by the whole and the daughter joined to the son produces the man. So she was impregnated by the daughter instead of the man and the woman conceived and gave birth to mortal, perverted, spiritually female, mankind. Cain, the outer shell of the seed was formed in the image of the Serpent (that's the evil side of the daughter) and the energy of the male nucleus was taken captive as we see in Revelation 17:7. The spiritual seeds of the garden were born as daughters rather than sons. They were born in the image of the daughter rather than in the image of the man. Does anyone not understand why I'm saying this should be man because the man is the product of the union of the daughter and the son? Our translation of Genesis 6:2 is, The daughter of Abba and Imma saw that the Abels of the garden were good and chose; made a point, the daughter chose. She made a decision to infold all the wives. The wives were the many membered cells of the garden. Each wife was a Cain and an Abel. So she chose to infold all of the wives. She took the whole woman from the garden that belonged to the son. Actually, I'm going to change that word son, too. In Strong's Concordance, that Hebrew word translated son, means founder of the family name and that is Adam. Adam is the founder of the family name. So I'm going to change that also.


This is the translation of Genesis 6:2; The daughter of Abba and Imma saw that the Abels were good and chose to infold all the wives that belonged to Adam, the foundation (the founder or the foundation) of the family name. We know that Jesus is the only foundation that is laid, that immortality is only in Him. I just asked the Lord, well Lord, you had to know that the daughter would come forth before the son. You had to know that and you had to know that she was going to do what she would do. So what do I say to somebody that says you planned this whole thing knowing that we would fall. I asked the Lord if He would answer me now so that I could put it on this tape. He reminded me that He did know that was going to happen and His provision was the Law. He put the woman in the garden under the Law. We, today, are that simple woman, except those of us in whom Christ is really maturing. That is happening in me. He is maturing in me and I have the benefit of His wisdom. I'm maturing, compared to the way I used to be in many areas, but I have nothing to measure myself against. I know I still make a lot of mistakes and do a lot of things wrong. The woman in the garden was very simple. Today, the majority of Christians that have the Holy Spirit are really not being directed by the mind of Christ. They have the gifts and they do good works, but it's not really the internalized mind of Christ thinking through them and living through them. That is called wisdom and the majority of Christians do not have that wisdom that comes from God that is literally directing their lives.


You see, there's a difference between the Lord saying to you and it could be the Holy Spirit saying to you, don't go there. Someone was giving a testimony about what happened at the World Trade Center. He heard don't go in there and the person didn't go in and the building collapsed. The Holy Spirit could do that. That is an instruction. But what I'm talking about is Christ Jesus being your mind. For example, in that same situation, if the mind of Christ Jesus was operating in him, it would have registered in his mind as I'd better not do that because I don't think that's a smart thing to do. See, that's the mind of Christ. That's the wisdom of Christ coming through you, which this man didn't have, so the Holy Spirit spoke to him and said no, don't do that. It was a commandment; no, don't do that. Christ in you doesn't give commandments. The commandments are not bad. They're for your protection, but the commandment is for the woman, you see. If you need a commandment to do what's right, either from the Holy Spirit or from an authority in Christ, this is no shame, but you should know who you are, you see. If you need to be instructed as to what to do so that you could stay under the anointing, you're still the woman. It's no shame, but you need to know that. The man knows that's not a wise thing to do and I'm not going to do that. That's the difference.


So the woman needs protection and the woman that is serving God to the best of her ability, will Have the Holy Spirit intervene with her wrong decisions, you see. The woman walks into disaster and the Holy Spirit intervenes. The man or the human being (it could be a physical woman or a physical man) that is living out of the mind of Christ knows they don't have to be instructed. They know that's not a smart thing to do or I better not go in there. Why don't you think you should go in there, Sheila? I don't know; I just don't think it makes sense. Crash! That's the difference. From the Holy Spirit, it's a commandment that comes from the outside. It's an instruction. If you're a spiritual man, you could be a spiritual man some days and a spiritual woman other days. I have the wisdom of Christ in certain areas and in other areas I have to be instructed. I have to be instructed, I have to be corrected, I have to be told that what I did was wrong. In other areas, Christ in me has matured in those areas and I know that's wrong and I won't do that because I know that's going to be dangerous for me. I don't have to be instructed, you see. That's the difference.


So we're getting some exciting revelation here. Are there any questions about anything on the board or anything that we spoke about today so far?


COMMENT: I'm just reminded once again about a vision that this woman saw some thirty years ago. She saw the image of Christ and His whole image was all the faces of the multitudes of people who formed the body of Christ. It makes me think of this.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I believe that's the truth.


The Lord just told me that I didn't finish making my point. The Lord is not guilty, you see. He knew that the daughter was being born before the son and that the son would not have enough time to restrain the daughter to prevent this seduction. So the Lord went to the woman and instructed the woman, but the woman was disobedient. God is not guilty. He's not guilty; He's innocent. Yes, He knew it was going to happen. Yes, He knew the daughter would come forth before the man and He knew the daughter wouldn't wait for the man. He knew it and He instructed the woman. It's the same thing as instructing your young daughter. A young woman was just telling me not too long ago, that she met a man who invited her to spend a week out of State at his house and her best friend was telling her, don't go, don't go. Don't you understand he is going to expect you to sleep with him? You're going there for a whole week? The daughter was instructed. God's provision was instruction to the woman; don't do it. Is that not the state of our society, although things are changing a little in our society today, but not really.


Some people think it's a great sign of virility that a man has seduced a woman. The woman is instructed, resist that man unless you're married. Resist! So we see the instruction of the Lord to the woman in the garden is still existing down here in the World of Action in our fallen world. The man is excused most of the time. The burden is on the woman and I've heard women say that's not fair that the burden is on me. Well, that's the way it is. The burden is on the woman. God is innocent. He is not guilty. The one who was seduced, the one who had the illegitimate child, the one who bears the shame is the woman and she was instructed. She was warned and she was instructed and she was disobedient and so we fell. So we see that the Adam who fell was the female Adam. It wasn't really the man, you see. The Adam who fell was mankind, the many membered seeds, that is the woman in the garden because the woman was on the outer rim. So the woman was warned. The woman was warned; she was the protector. The Scripture says; And God put Adam in the garden and told him to guard it. God put mankind in the garden. God put the many membered mankind in the garden and He told the outer shell of the many membered mankind to guard against the Serpent. So when the woman went down, the man didn't stand a fighting chance. I'm going to say that again. The Adam who fell was mankind, which was really the female side of Adam. Does anybody not understand what I'm saying?


I was always taught to believe there was this big virile Adam who was strong in God, whoever I thought he was years ago. I don't even remember who I thought he was. Adam (you know, the foundation of the world to come) why didn't you defend your wife? What's wrong with you? No, no, it wasn't that Adam. It wasn't the Adam which is the product of the union of the son and the daughter. Adam, the man, is coming forth from the third copulation. Remember there's three copulations; Abba and Imma copulate and Imma gives birth to the daughter. Abba and Imma copulate and Imma gives birth to the son. Then the son and the daughter copulate and the man emerges, the whole man, male organ and testes. That's not the man who messed up, see? That's not the man who fell, not the fully equipped capable man; that's not the one who fell. It was mankind, the seeds, the ovary of Adam Kadmon (the World of Points) who was really the woman, because the woman was outside. The man was utterly vulnerable. It was the woman who fell. It was the female side of Adam who fell. Brethren, we're in the same condition today. Christ is inside of us and we, the personality, we are his midwife, we are responsible for him. Brethren, this is not to condemn you. You've got to wake up. Every time we agree with our carnal mind, we kill Christ. What is the Lord Jesus' provision for us? He raises up someone like me to tell you again and again and again and I'll tell you as many times as necessary, you must resist the thoughts of your mind.


You must forego believing that every thought that rises in your mind is Christ because that is a lie if you believe it. It is a lie. I want to tell you it is extremely difficult to resist seduction. We just saw it tonight. Boom, boom, boom; you went down like dominoes. I was telling you this ten years ago and you all looked at me like I was crazy. Now you're all experiencing it. If someone tells you about it, you wouldn't believe it. You see, it's not just a simple situation out in the world where you follow a wrong leader. Satan would love to bring down this meeting. It's Satan in everybody saying yeah, yeah, yeah, let's get our minds out of the configuration. It's a whole different ball game than what goes on in the traditional world. Satan was waiting to pull your mind out of Christ. The only way you'll overcome, is by seeing it and warring against your carnal mind. I'm still seduced, not all that much now. I used to be seduced a lot. I did a lot of overcoming. I'm still seduced and I would like to never be seduced, because when you are seduced, it really is failure. I don't want you to take this word the wrong way. It is a failure, it is a shame, but you can't take any condemnation for it. You have to stand up, dust yourself off, and repent so that Christ comes back to the surface and then go on again. But it really is a shame because it's the woman in you t and of course, the first generation was Rahab and we are the next generation, which is, as described in the Book of Revelation by the Apostle John, that old serpent, that dragon, Satan and the devil. Is that what it says, the Dragon, Satan and the Devil? Revelation 20:2; And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan. Today it's the Dragon, the Dragon who is the Serpent of old, and the Dragon is the collective spiritual body, just like we're the body of Christ. The Dragon is the collective body of minds and Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind in the individual and the Devil is the subconscious part of the carnal mind of the individual. We found out that Leviathan, which comes right after the word Levi in the Greek Lexicon, is the Dragon manifesting in the church. It's the Dragon manifesting in the priests of God, which are the Levites of the Jews and the church. We're suppose to be kings and priests.


So the offspring of that union of the Serpent in the garden with the woman in the garden, is manifesting today as our mind, as the mind of fallen man. I believe that the mind is spiritual. I believe the mind of the flesh is in our blood, so it's through our whole body, just like blood is through our whole body, but the heart is the main organ that pumps the blood. The Fiery Serpent is the main spiritual organ that generates the spiritual blood that controls the spiritual blood or that controls the energy of the body. The Fiery Serpent in the belly is the spiritual heart of the body and these people who master Tai Chi (I don't really know about Karate or any of the other disciplines) but I do know this is true of Tai Chi. This woman stood right in front of me and indicated this area below her belly all the way around. It's called the tan tien in Chinese and that's where all their power comes from. So somehow they manage to stimulate their Fiery Serpent and they learn how to draw the energy which is scattered throughout our entire body and mind, wherever, our whole spiritual body. They learn how to gather or draw and consolidate that energy down in the Fiery Serpent and then they release it at will and it's like an atom bomb. They release it at will. You have to gather it into that one place before you release it like a bomb. So the Fiery Serpent is in the belly and the Fiery Serpent is the spiritual organ that controls the spiritual blood, the spiritual heart. So we're looking at section A of drawing #2. We see that the Fiery Serpent is the darkness that Jesus was speaking about, the darkness in the inward part. So let's read some of those scriptures.


John 1:5; And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. So you see, the Holy Spirit has been in the earth for two thousand years, brethren. But the darkness of the Fiery Serpent that covers our potential to recognize the Holy Spirit is Abel within us. The problem is he's dead. See, he's buried under the ground. So the darkness comprehended it not. Cain, the surface, the earth that's covering Abel, she can't recognize the anointing. If you cannot recognize the anointing, what that means is that Cain is layering over your Christ mind. If you have reason to believe that you have Christ and you cannot recognize the anointing, this is the reason why. Cain must be scraped off, literally scraped off of your Christ mind, so that you could start functioning as a spiritual human being in Christ Jesus. That's your problem. If you have any kind of blindness in God at all, that's your problem. The Holy Spirit is cleaving to you, is cleaving to the Christ in you and He can't function. Today, Cain is the earth that covers the nucleus Abel and the earth has become solidified. We're told in the Book of Job, hard clods of clay. But in the garden before time began, the earth was not hard clods of clay. It was just light loose earth and Abel could function through this light earth covering him. But today, that earth has become hard and it's become the grave that covers Abel, who is spiritually dead. Any questions or comments on this?


Acts 26:18; To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them, which are sanctified by faith that is in me. So the darkness to the light; the light is the Holy Spirit shining in, resurrecting or reviving Abel. The light is the Holy Spirit shining in and pushing away that earth so that some energy can start touching towards Abel and in fact, the Holy Spirit restores the living World of Points. I'm out of order here. Let me see if I can get my head together here. I think this came forth in a previous message. Let me say it this way. The man is coming forth in this world today in the same procedure, the same manner, that he came forth before time began. First the daughter comes forth, which is the male organ, which is the Holy Spirit. Then the son comes forth, which is the testes, which is the Spirit of Christ. It's the seed. Then the two join. I've been preaching for years that the Spirit of Christ swallows up the Holy Spirit and you now have Christ Jesus, the full grown man coming forth in you, which is Christ Jesus coming forth in you.


So the Holy Spirit is the male organ of Jesus Christ without the male seed. But I know way back when (I can't remember what message or where) I did teach you that there is more than one kind of seed. There are several kinds of seeds and the Holy Spirit comes forth with the female seed. You see, the Spirit of Christ can be raining on you for a hundred years, but if you don't have the female seed within you, you'll never conceive Christ. See, the male seed that's in the Spirit of Christ has to have something to graft to. So the Holy Spirit comes first and the Holy Spirit's function is to restore the female seed in you. It's to restore the spiritual woman in you so that when the Spirit of Christ comes, you can conceive. So the Holy Spirit is the light that shines on the darkness. Somehow she's penetrating into the belly. I don't have any information on the exact procedure right now, but she's reaching for Abel. She's pushing that dirt out of the way and she's touching Abel. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


Drawing #2, the B quarter of the board. I couldn't really draw Jesus as an image. Oh, we didn't finish the Scriptures, I'm sorry. Okay, what's next. Ephesians 5:8 and 11; For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light. Verse 11; And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. So what that is saying is you were darkness and now you're light. That means the Holy Spirit has entered into you and pushed, at the very least, He has sifted out those thick clods of earth and made the earth loose enough so that the light that has cleaved to Abel can shine through. That's those thick clods of dirt; that's your carnal mind. Abel is buried and he's under the ground banging away and he can't get out. She's too strong. You know what makes the earth so hard? It's when it's all dried out. That's when it gets so hard. So the waters signifies the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is departed, so the earth has gotten so hard and now the Holy Spirit comes back in and she loosens up that earth so that Abel could stir and that's the scent of water that comes in because each Abel is a tree. I see that I didn't put down the verse number in 1 John 2.


1 John 2:9; He that sayeth he is in the light, and hated his brother, is in darkness even until now. I John 2:11; But he that hateth his brother is in darkness, and walketh in darkness, and knoweth not whither he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his eyes. That's just another witness. You see, if you receive the Holy Spirit and you assume that you're in the light because you have the Holy Spirit, you're proven to be a liar if you're still acting like your carnal mind. See, the example that's given us is if you hate your brother, you're still in darkness, but that's just an example. What that scripture is saying is, don't be deceived. So you answer an altar call, someone lays hands on you and you receive the Holy Spirit and you speak in tongues. That doesn't mean a thing. It's only the fruit of that experience that means something. I remember something that I was taught years ago when I was in a deliverance church; no change, no deliverance. I don't care if you scream and you yell and you roll on the floor and you hiccup and you vomit and you do whatever you want to do, if in your everyday life there is no change in your nature, you did not receive deliverance. Well if you receive the Holy Spirit and you speak in tongues, and you still act the same way (not when you're in church) in your relationships with other people, don't say that you have the light because you're still in darkness.


You can go to church, you can wave your hands, you can prophesy and speak in tongues and walk out of that church and there's no change (now you don't have to be perfect) but if there's no change in you, it doesn't mean a thing. Even if there is a change in you, when you're acting like an animal, the light is not shining through you. So take a test. How much of your twelve or fifteen hour day is the light shining through you? Every time you sin in your heart, every time you sin in the unconscious part of your mind, you're darkness and you're not light. So this attitude that so many people have, once saved, always saved, I could do anything, go anywhere, is not realistic. We receive this great gift, now live out of it. But what we're not told is that to live out of it you have to wage a continuous warfare against that other mind. Two minds are fighting to live through you. We are just the skin. There's two different lives inside of us as if we had twins, as if we were pregnant with twins. There's two different lives inside of us and they're both struggling to live through us. We have an account of that in the scripture, Gen. 38:28. The arm of the first baby came out and the midwife put a red thread on it and then the baby disappeared back up into the woman and the other brother came out first. This is what we live with every day. Each thought that you think determines whether you're in light or darkness. You can be in darkness one minute and in light the next minute, but if you think that you will be in light without fighting the darkness, then you're already in darkness because that's just a complete lie. Already you're deceived. Okay, let's go on


Luke 11:39; And the Lord said unto him, Now do ye Pharisees make clean the outside of the cup and the platter; but your inward part is full of ravening and wickedness. That's just making our point one more time. You can make the outward part clean with all of your good works. Good works are good. I'm not denying you your good works. I told you that this morning or last night. I've got my days all mixed up. I know it must have been yesterday's morning service. Good works will reap good things for you in this life, but all you're doing is making the outside of the cup clean. As long as you are not bothering Satan in your inward parts (Jesus said it, not me) you are dirty and you're the only one that you're fooling. You're the loser and your family is the loser and your children and your grandchildren and all of your future progeny, if you believe that you're okay because of your good works. Now don't stop doing your good works, but that's not going to make you clean. What makes you clean is facing the filth that's inside of you and by the power of Jesus Christ, resisting it, overcoming it and eventually rooting it out. That's the only thing that will make you clean. You have to look. Remember, Moses was afraid to look. We're told in the esoteric deep understanding of the Scripture the reason Moses didn't enter in wasn't that he hit a physical rock, brethren. He refused to look. So if you're having trouble looking, don't be too hard on yourself, but neither should you yield to it. Even Moses had a problem looking. It's not easy, but we are told that we could do all things in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Romans 7:22; For I delight in the law of God after the inward man. I gave that scripture concerning the inward parts. See, that's the inward man, Abel, inside of the darkness. Of course, it's Christ grafted to Abel. He's the inward man because the part that's outward is the woman. So the inward man, that's Christ grafted to Abel. Christ is the inward man and He's inside each molecule of our spiritual being. We are made in the physical and in the spiritual; we're made in the universal pattern of the atom. We're the nucleus and surrounding elements. The man is in the inward part and the woman surrounds him and it's been that way since before the beginning. Any questions or comments about section A of drawing #2? Okay, we'll go to section B of drawing #2. I couldn't really draw Jesus as an image because we don't really know what He looks like. So I just drew His Name, J E S U S. Jesus says that He's going to knock and if we open the door, He'll come in and sup with us. Well, He knocks at the door of our mind. He knocks at the door of our mind, but what has to open to Him is our inward part.


We have a maidenhead. Cain is that maidenhead. She's the diaphragm. Now that's the name of a contraceptive device; a diaphragm. It fits over the cervix so that the woman cannot conceive. Well Cain, in every spiritual molecule of our being, is covering over Abel, our potential to conceive Christ and is stopping us from conceiving. The only way we will get rid of her is by facing her thoughts, you see. You have to face that the way you're thinking is not Christ. It's Cain. It's Satan in your carnal mind. Cain is the conscious part of your carnal mind. Satan is the unconscious part of your carnal mind. When you face that and you resist, you don't speak out the thought that comes into your mind. That's the beginning of your liberation, because before you do that, Satan completely controls you. Don't think that you're free because you have the gifts and signs of the Holy Spirit in your life. I tell you the truth, the signs of the Holy Spirit in your life mean that the Lord Jesus has had mercy on you. On certain occasions such as when you get a word of knowledge or speak in tongues, He will exercise His authority to override or to strong arm your carnal mind and say to your carnal mind, now you be still because so and so is going to speak in tongues now. But it's still your carnal mind, you see. It's still your carnal mind. We have to get the Christ mind and we have to live our life out of the Christ mind. Praise the Lord.


So we see Jesus knocking at the door of our mind, but He really wants to get into our belly. When He says, if you open the door I'll enter in and sup with you, the place where He sups with us, the place where He has dinner is in the belly because the belly is the World of Points. Now I think I really drew these sections out of order. I think that B should really be C. I'm sorry to be confusing you like this. This is the way it came out. Let's go to C now. In C we see the person with the World of Points. The belly under their navel is still in darkness. We see another man laying hands on that person and the writing of the drawing says light of the Holy Spiriesn't boil at all, Christ can't be formed in you. Well, what's your water? It must be the Holy Spirit. Okay, so you'll be a person who goes to church and you'll do good deeds and you'll reap nice things for your children, but if you want to have the World of Points formed in you, if you want Christ formed in you, that water has to boil. You have to be on fire for God. You have to be studying and you can't just be doing good works. What's going to cause that water to boil? The Lake of Fire causes that water to boil, right?


So if you want that living World of Points restored in you, you're going to have to deal with the Lake of Fire. You're going to have to have your sins exposed and you're going to have to deal with them. If you don't want to deal with the Lake of Fire, that's okay. Stay cold and the water will stay down in your abdomen and you'll live a nice life and hopefully God will bless you and when it comes your time to die, you won't have any pain. But be very careful, don't say that you want to be Christ and don't say that you're willing to look at your sins and then when the Lake of Fire comes to you, you don't do what you're suppose to do, because in that condition, you're lukewarm, you see.


Who's the Lake of Fire? How does the Lake of Fire come to you? Where's the Lake of Fire?


COMMENT: Through trials and testings.


PASTOR VITALE: Where's the trials and testings coming from? Who's the Lake of Fire?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.




COMMENT: He's in whoever God uses.


PASTOR VITALE: He's in a man. For you it's me. I'm the Lake of Fire to you. He's saying, don't be in a meeting like this, don't be in a ministry like this and not have your sins exposed. You can't stay here and do half a job because then your water won't boil enough to get all the way up to your head and pour out of your eyes and restore the living World of Points.


If you sit here and you resist me and you only get half of the treatment, your water is going to boil, but it's not going to make it up to the eyes. It's only going to make it up to his mouth and you're going to be in your animal nature. Is that a punishment? Is that terrible? Are you going to suffer? No! What He's saying is, don't be deceived. Don't be deceived. Don't sit in a ministry like this and think that you're facing your sins when you're not facing your sins because you won't have the living World of Points restored in you. It's like me saying to you all the time, know who you are. I've been telling you this for years, that it's optional in this hour if you don't want to have Christ formed in you. I don't see God forcing anyone in this hour. It's optional. If you don't want to go, it's okay. If you're afraid, go home. I don't mean to say that if you don't want it, you're afraid. I'm just quoting that scripture spoken to Gideon; everyone that's afraid, let them go home and it's okay. Go with impunity, go home. I'm not going to hold it against you; go home, it's okay. But don't sit here and say you want it and only boil a little bit. When you just boil a little bit, you're not going to get the true experience and when you have your resurrection, you're going to find out that you're not coming out of his eyes, but that your resurrection is out of his mouth, which means you're going to ascend in the wrong timeline. It's better not to ascend at all in that case. Do it right or don't do it because if you do it wrong, you're going to ascend to the mouth and come out in the Serpent's timeline.


Boy, we're getting revelation on mysterious scriptures. I don't think it's at all possible in any way to understand these things without knowing Kabbalah. Isn't that exciting revelation? Don't be deceived. Don't sit here and tell yourself your sins are being exposed and you're doing what you have to do when you're not doing it. I'm not looking at anyone because I don't have a word for anyone tonight. I know there was a time that it was true about you, but it's not true anymore. I know it's not true about you. You're still a mystery to me. Her answer is I'm a mystery to me too. So this message is not designed to make you afraid. Just don't let go of God. Keep asking. Isn't that what He said? Keep knocking, keep knocking, and don't give up until you get your answer. He wants you all to enter in. I'm not here to frighten you tonight. I'm never here to frighten you. He's for you, He's not against you. He loves you with a love that you can't even imagine. He just told me to say that because I can't imagine it either.


I believe this is the end of our series on the World of Points & The Fall. Oh, there's two more scriptures. Revelation 13:6; And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven. Just let me comment here. I don't know that I made it clear to you that the Lord is saying that when you do half a job of dealing with Satan within you, that that blasphemy coming out of the mouth indicates full stature of the Serpent's timeline. That's as high as you can go in Satan. The mouth is as high as you can go. You're filled up in the wrong timeline. But in Christ Jesus, you go all the way up to the eyes and higher as far as I know. That's what the mouth means. That's as far as you can go because that word blasphemy coming out of the mouth means that that person is highly ascended in Satan. I've told you many times that people that have engaged in social witchcraft, rage alcoholics, people with really bad mouths and intense anger, they're very high in Satan. I was one of those people. That's a very highly spiritually active person. You don't have to be casting spells and putting frog legs in a potion.


Luke 11:34; The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness. Okay, so we see it doesn't say when thy eye is double. I didn't look that word up, but I'm thinking about another scripture in the New Testament where Paul uses that same word and it doesn't mean single. It means that you shouldn't be corrupted, that you should see clearly to the truth. That's the righteousness. I better look it up. The Greek word translated single, it's a particle of union. So what it's really saying and it's funny because it came out in the exact opposite in the English. It's saying that when your eye or when the energy center associated with your eye, which would be the brow energy center, when it's folded together with Christ Jesus, you're good. When you're single, when you're not folded together with Christ Jesus, you're evil. So that translation is very inaccurate. Does anyone not understand what I said? The translation is confusing. In English, when your eye is single, when it's alone, when you're the male organ alone without the testes, you're evil. But when the testes are joined and you're one whole male organ folded together, then you're good and you're in safety. But I took that scripture to indicate that the light of the body comes from the eyes. Any questions or comments?


Acts 17:28; For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring. Yes, I thought that was so interesting that the Lord gave me this scripture tonight because I've understood that scripture that we live and move and have our being in Him, but I never quite understood it the way I understand it now. We live and move and have our being in Christ Jesus, who is the World of Emanation. Christ Jesus is the reconfigured World of Points. Christ Jesus is the reconfigured World of Points. So when Christ is born again in us, it's Christ in us that's born again. We're the same person. We're in the same physical place, but spiritually speaking, we have transferred from the belly of the Serpent into the belly of Christ Jesus and we live and move and have our being in Him and each one of those dots in drawing D of #2 is a man. That's the other timeline. There's two timelines in this world. Well, there are many timelines, but there are two major timelines in this world today. Depending on where your mind is, you're either in Christ Jesus, which is the World of Emanation, or you're in the World of Points that's fallen. Now there's an in between place right now. You could be in the recreated World of Points. If you have the Holy Spirit, you're in transition. So maybe there's three different main areas that you could be in, but to live and move and have our being in Him, means we're in the World of Emanation. That means you have to live out of the mind of Christ.


It's impossible to be in that position with the Holy Spirit alone because the Holy Spirit influences your carnal mind and you are still abiding in death because the carnal mind is death. I couldn't quite envision it. Yes, we're living and moving and having our being in God, but I didn't know what to do with it. Now I know it's Adam Kadmon; that's Christ Jesus, the man Christ Jesus, the spiritual man. I don't know about you, but I hope it does for you what it did for me. I heard about the body of Christ, but tonight this just really put it together for me. This big war is going on between Christ Jesus who represents the reconfiguration and the World of Points which still exists, the god of which is Satan, who is the present day manifestation of the Serpent in the garden. Either the World of Points will manifest through us or the World of Emanation will manifest through us and I'm not including the recreated World of Points. What the recreated World of Points is is the garden that makes us eligible to be reconfigured into the World of Emanation. So even if we have the recreated living World of Points in us, we're still fallen. So it's basically the World of Emanation headed up by Christ Jesus versus the World of Points headed up by Satan and they both want to express themselves through us. They both want visible expression and that's it in a nut shell. This conflict is happening on every level. It's happening in the mind of the individual. It's happening in every relationship that we have. Every time I relate to you and your carnal mind relates to me and I don't let you do it, that's the war.


You go home, you talk to your husband, you talk to your kids, you talk to the person at the supermarket; every relationship you have, every encounter you have, is a manifestation of the warfare. Some are more obvious than others. Then on the larger scale, it's groups of people. It's the church against anti-christ forces and then on an even greater level, it's a high spiritual warfare between Christ Jesus, the World of Emanation and the World of Points. You see, you read Kabbalah and you see this is such an outstanding example of how two people could speak the same words and the attitude or the way that you say it could produce two completely different messages. I study Kabbalah and it says the World of Points was destroyed and the light went up and it was reconfigured into the World of Emanation and now the World of Emanation has replaced the World of Points. Brethren, there is a vicious vicious spiritual conflict going on, a warfare,


between the World of Emanation and the World of Points. I don't read anything about the war in Kabbalah. There's a vicious war going on because the two worlds want to exist in the same skin. That's the bottom line. We are those upon whom the end of the ages have come. What does that mean? It's the end of the age of the World of Points. So fight the fight. Let's fight the fight. Don't faint. That's for me, don't faint. This education will strengthen us. Any questions or comments?


I commend you all for submitting to the Lord in this very unusual weekend. You all definitely get an A for flowing with the Spirit as He switched our schedule. I just bless you all. I bless me too. Let us all make it. The warfare has been vicious. Since I started this series, the World of Points & The Fall, it's been hell. It's been complete hell. If we just don't give up, He'll come through. So God bless you all. After this we're probably going to get back to the hard studies, the tough stuff. (Laughter) God bless you all. Goodnight.




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