551 - Part 6

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Praise the Lord. This Part 6, I would have to call an epilogue, which means something that is added on afterwards, or an ending statement or an ending comment. This message is to show you the verses that I found in the Zohar which I believe support some of the basic principles of what I have taught in The World of Points & The Fall, and, more specifically, the basic principles concerning the daughter and the son and the female organ as opposed to the reproductive gland.


Now, it is in the Zohar in parable form. I would never have recognized it if I didn't have the revelation in my heart first. So there may be students of the Zohar or Rabbis somewhere who have this revelation and maybe not. Even the greatest scholars of the Zohar acknowledge that the depth of the message is not completely revealed, and that should not be a surprise because the depth of the message is infinite. The word of God is infinite. That means that as our mind expands, and we are capable of understanding more, we understand more, and our mind in Christ Jesus, through marriage to the Lord Jesus, is capable of infinite expansion; therefore, the word of God and our comprehension of it must be infinite expansion.


Even the parts of the Zohar that have been revealed that we think we understand, if a year from now we have grown, hopefully we are going to grow every year, our understanding will be of a new dimension. This is why I am no longer translating. I did an Alternate Translation for the Doctrine of Christ because I believe that was the technique that the Lord used to build me up in Christ, to build my mind up to the point that we can do what we are doing now, studying Kabbalah, bringing forth new revelation out of the Zohar, and bringing corrections to some of the errors in Kabbalistic doctrine.


So bringing forth the Doctrine of Christ was a preparation, but there will be no Alternate Translations in Kabbalah because it changes. It just changes as we grow, it just changes and changes and changes. Praise the Lord.


I've heard a testimonies from a few people, and I have shared the same testimony that they have looked back at the Doctrine of Christ now after studying Kabbalah for a year and a half, and it is "baby cakes." It is real simple compared to what we are doing now. So we see that we have to keep on stretching our minds, as hard as it may seem at the moment. If you look back at where you came from, you will see that it is worth stretching your mind and always being on the edge, not understanding everything, but when you look back you see how much you've grown, and it is all worth it.


Now I know that everyone in this ministry that has a Zohar has a different Zohar than I do. You all have the Soncino Zohar which for years was the only English translation of the Zohar. I now have a new translation of the Zohar, and before you all came in I tried to find a point of contact in your Soncino Zohar if you wanted to check this out for yourself, but I could not do it. Maybe if I had more time I could do it.


In any event, I can tell you that I'm in Volume One of the Zohar, and I'm in the section called Bereshith, the beginning, but more than that I cannot zero in on at this time. For those of you that are interested, a copy of the Zohar or a rendition of the Zohar that I'm studying from now is called The First Ever Unabridged English Translation with Commentary, and it is my understanding that this is the first English translation that is unabridged.


This is what I read. The night, master of all the earth, is the feminine principle. Now that in itself is very interesting. I think in the New Testament we hear of some people calling Jesus master, but I have never heard in my modern days, I personally have never heard anyone call Jesus master. But one or two people that I believe have a spirit guide and a false Jesus in their life, I have heard them call their false Jesus master. So I find this very interesting to see that the Zohar says that the night is the master of all the earth, and then it says that the night is the feminine principle. I would expect everyone here to understand that there is a male principle and a female principle. The male principle is on the side of light or day. It is also on the side of the right column, and the female principle is on the left where we find darkness and night.


Of course, I'm talking about Adam Kadmon configured as a human. There is also a central column which is called Ze'ir Anpin, and Ze'ir Anpin is the son. In case you don't remember, Ze'ir Anpin is the son. He is the son of Abba and Imma which is the son of Chokhmah. Abba is Chokhmah, wisdom, and Imma is Binah, understanding. They are the eternal couple. They are never separated, and they are also joined to Keter who is joined to the Eyn Sof, and they have given birth to a son and a daughter. The son is Ze'ir Anpin, and the daughter is Malkhut, but, coming from another point of view, we are told that the darkness of the left column which is the feminine principle desires the light which is the right column which is the male principle. The central column is the balance.


Ultimately, the left and the right will be fully balanced in the central column, and when the left and right are fully balanced in the central column then all of the goodness of God, all of the balanced goodness of God from Keter through Tiferet through Yesod will filter down to Malkhut. We are Malkhut, the earth, and we will be reconciled to Keter who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ through a fully balanced continuous flow of His life, and we will be complete.


Now I find it very interesting to read here that the darkness desires the light with a very strong intensity. Somehow, I never thought of it that way. I know that Satan goes after the anointed of God. I even preached that we who have the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit, that we have additional energy compared to the average person in the world, so Satan comes after us. I preach that the entities from the dark side feed off of our energy just like the mosquitoes and the insects of this world feed off of our physical body. I've preached that, but somehow it just struck me....you know sometime, something just hits you, that the darkness is craving the light with an intensity. Now I should have known that, but somehow it just grabbed my imagination, and the Lord is giving me a vision right now of the moths flying into the light. They are very attracted to the light.


The problem is that when the darkness, at least in our present fallen condition, when the darkness is drawn to the light in us, the darkness swallows up the light in us, and we fall ill. Someone just zapped my energy today. There was a manifestation, and all of a sudden I was exhausted and completely drained. And this person had asked me a question. See the darkness is attracted to the light, but when that contact comes, in our fallen condition the light is destroyed by the darkness, but that didn't happen to Jesus, you see. Jesus shined in a dark world, and the darkness did not swallow Him up. That's John 1:1. The darkness did not swallow Him up.


Let's just go on with this couple of paragraphs that we have here. So the night is the master of all the earth. Of course, if for any reason, you feel led to call Jesus master don't let this hinder you. I'm just telling you that I don't hear any modern person calling Him master, but we do know....and He is master, but right now He's ascended. I don't want to get into that right now, because it is a technicality, and I might be telling you something wrong. But there is a master of all the earth who will eventually bend her knee to the Lord Jesus Christ.


OK, I know how to say it to you. Jesus Christ, glorified, is the master of all the earth, but He is the master by faith. He has inherited all of the earth, but He is not yet occupying it. Satan is occupying us. Satan and Leviathan is occupying us, so in reality she is still the master of the earth; although, she has now become an illegal master, but she is still the master. She has the power of life and death over us.


Oh Sheila, Jesus has the keys to hell and death. Jesus does, but we are still dying brethren, we are still dying. Now, hopefully, that's going to come to an end pretty soon, but we are still dying. See? Jesus has the keys, but He has to put them in the lock and open the door.


OK, the night master of all the earth is the feminine principle. She emanated from the left side, from the darkness. Because the entire desire of that darkness was to be included within the right column and receive the light, its power was weakened. Because the left column desired to be included in the right, its power was weakened. Now, what does that mean?


Let's read further. When the night began to expand from the left before its structure was completed...now doesn't that sound familiar? Before its structure was completed. Can anyone relate that to the message of The World of Points and The Fall? What started to expand before its structure was completed? Do you remember the message of The World of Points and The Fall. There was no Mind of Christ at the time of The World of Points. Nobody?


Do you want a minute to think? Shut off the tape and let everybody think for a minute.


COMMENT: It was the female aspect that was incomplete.


PASTOR VITALE: That's correct. And what was she lacking? What was the female aspect lacking? Does anyone remember? And who was she in relation to this message of The World of Points? Who was the female aspect? What was she manifesting as specifically? I know it has been a long time since I preached this message. She was manifesting as the male organ, so what was she lacking? The female principle was manifesting as the male organ. Now that sounds strange.


Let me just explain it. The female organ in relation to her other part or the male organ in relation to its other part is female to the other part. So you have the answer, what was the other part of the male organ?


COMMENT: The seed.


PASTOR VITALE: The reproductive gland which contains the seed.


So in this message of The World of Points, we find that the daughter is the female organ, and the son is the reproductive gland, and when the two are joined together they are one male genitalia, but when they are separated the reproductive gland has the authority over the male organ, and, therefore, the male organ is female in relation to the reproductive gland.


So we see here that when the night began to expand, when the female organ began to expand from the left side before its structure was completed. Now how did the female organ began to expand from the left side? What did she do that she wasn't supposed to be doing? She began to expand prematurely. What did she do prematurely? Does anyone remember? This really isn't fair, throwing this on you. Do you have an answer? Do you want to try?


COMMENT: She tried to produce her own seed.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, she tried to fertilize the eggs of Adam Kadmon's ovary. She started to expand without the reproductive gland. She went off on her own, and the reproductive gland is supposed to be the head over the male organ, so she should have been waiting for her instructions from the reproductive gland.


Now, on the earlier parts of this message I was preaching that the daughter came forth first, then the son came forth second, that is that the male organ was born first, and the reproductive gland was born second, and that the male organ which is the female principle went ahead to fertilize the eggs of Adam Kadmon's ovary before she was joined to the reproductive gland, and I feel the Lord is correcting me on that, and this will help straighten it out a little bit. I think over the last few weeks that the Lord has been telling me, "No, no, the son was there, and he was there in time, but he could not control his wife. And doesn't that line up with the story of Genesis? He couldn't control his wife, and doesn't that line up with the story of Genesis. He was there, but his wife was in rebellion. It was like a man trying to ride a wild stallion. This is almost funny if you can see the humor in it.


The testicle had to be joined to the male organ and bring that male organ into submission, and she went ahead and did "her thing," and, apparently, she overcame him. Now that may sound ridiculous to you, but it is really what is happening to us today. We are the female principle, humanity, the church, and even the church is out of control, and the Lord Jesus Christ is coming, He is planting Christ Jesus in His people, and Christ Jesus when grafted to you is trying to bring you and me under control. Is that not what we are studying in this ministry? That we have two minds - the carnal mind and the Christ Mind, and the Christ Mind in us is called to bring that carnal mind underneath Him and into submission to Him. So it is exactly what we are talking about except that I'm saying the female principle is a male organ, the carnal mind is the male organ, and that the Mind of Christ is the reproductive gland.


So as ridiculous as it sounds on the surface, this is what we are talking about. We are an incomplete creation. We are walking around and talking and functioning and living full lives by the standard of this human life that we know, but by the standard of our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, we are leading a very incomplete life, and yet we are walking around and talking and having experiences. We have expanded before our structure was complete, and what is our complete structure? Our complete structure is that Christ is grafted to Abel within us. Remember that Cain and Abel are the symbiotic foundation of fallen man with Cain on top and Cain is married to Leviathan and Satan and the Dragon, which has brought forth this world.


So the Lord Jesus Christ has come to turn us up side down, and He is grafting to Abel, and then Abel will be joined to Christ, and Christ will expand into Christ Jesus, and Christ Jesus will marry the Lord Jesus Christ, and the whole world is going to turn up side down, because right now it says in one of the Kabbalistic books in the Sefer Yetrizah that this world is hanging from one of Leviathan's fins. Isn't that interesting? We are hanging from the Dragon. We are an extension, a protrusion of the Dragon, but we will be an extension or a protrusion of the Son of God. Everything is backwards in our world, everything is inside out. The female is top of the male, so we are supposed to have eternal life, but we are dying. We are supposed to be righteous, but we are profane, the best of us. Everything is up side down and backwards, you see.


The Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of turning us right side up, and we are all fighting with every ounce of strength in our being. Why would we be doing that? Because it is beyond us. This fight is coming out of the unconscious and subconscious parts of our mind. This fight is programmed into the very cells of our body which are all stamped with the mark of Leviathan and Satan.


So humanity is the female principle that expanded before its structure was completed. When night began to expand from the left before its structure was completed, the darkness, that is, namely, the left column, entered and merged with the right column, and the right held on to it. Now that confused me for a while, because I said "well isn't that what the left is supposed to do. Wasn't the female organ supposed to merge with the reproductive gland, isn't that what was supposed to happen?" But when I prayed it through, what the Lord said to me was, and this is interesting because as I preach this we may get new revelation coming out of this as to exactly what happened there. Remember, there are two Adams. Adam which is Ze'ir Anpin, called Ze'ir Anpin in Kabbalah, Ze'ir Anpin and Adam are interchangeable according to rabbi Chayyim Vital who was the authority of the day. I'm told that the numerical value of their names are the same, and I have no problem with that at this time. I feel that it is accurate.


There are two Adams, if you recall. There is the mature Adam or the Adam of wisdom. Remember that? Who is Adam of wisdom? Adam of wisdom is the son married to the daughter, the married Adam. First, the daughter is born of wisdom and understanding, then the son is born of wisdom and understanding, and then the son and the daughter marry with the son in the headship.


That's just another way of saying that the Tree of Life and The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil are one. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is like the pit inside of the fruit, and the Tree of Life is the fruit. So the daughter and the son marry each other, and they become one whole man or one whole tree, and that man, I'm calling him Adam of wisdom. I don't really know if I saw that in Kabbalah or not. That's the Adam of wisdom. He is born. He is not just a basic spiritual principle. He was literally born from Chokhmah and Imma, the high parental principles of the ten Sefirot, and then the second Adam, does anybody remember who the second Adam is? Remember, I told you years ago when I first started studying, I saw that God put Adam in the Garden twice, and when I investigated each time the Scripture said in Genesis that God put Adam in the Garden, that English word "put," it said "put" both times in the King James Version, but it was a different Hebrew word each of the two times, and when I pursued that study, I found out that one of the times that Adam was put in the Garden it was an imputed anointing, and the other time it was an imparted anointing, but I never knew what to make out of it.


Does anyone remember who the second Adam is in primordial times? We have Adam of wisdom who is the adult, and we have infantile Adam who are the collective seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, the potential second generation of Christ which we are. The Lord Jesus is the first generation of Christ, and we are the second generation of Christ. So the Adam of wisdom was supposed to be fertilizing the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary which were to ultimately to become the many-membered immortal man that would inhabit an immortal earth. So the two Adams are the mature Adam of wisdom who is in the function of the male genitalia, and the second Adam or the other Adam is the....there is no second Adam in the Scripture. Jesus said He was the last Adam. I don't want to confuse anybody, but the other Adam in primordial times was the collective seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary, which are appearing today as humanity in our fallen condition.


So when I read this verse here in the Zohar, we see that the night began to expand from the left before her structure was completed, before she was fully in submission to the reproductive gland or maybe before he was joined to her. I'm still going back and forth on that, and the darkness, namely the left column, entered into the Garden. It says here "entered into." I'm saying, how about the Garden? Remember, Adam Kadmon's ovary is the Garden. She entered into and merged with the right column. Now she did not enter into the reproductive gland and merge with the Adam of wisdom or merged with the son of wisdom, because Adam is the name of the whole genitalia. She did not enter into the son and merge with him. She entered into the Garden and merged with the infantile Adam in seed form. Is everybody following me? Does anybody need me to say this again? Everybody OK?


So she entered into and merged with the right column, and the right held on to it. Now you may recall that the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary had MaH , the male, at the center, and BaN, the female, around....like MaH would be the yoke or the nucleus, and then there was a layer of BaN around it that was an egg. The seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary were eggs with a nucleus and a medium around it. The BaN was around the MaH , the female was surrounding the male, so you may recall that the female structure, the male organ, she entered into the Garden, and she joined with the female aspect of the seed, and the word when I preached that message was that if this event had not happened until the whole genitalia was penetrating the seeds of the Garden, that penetration would have penetrated all the way into the center of the eggs and fertilized the male nucleus of the seed, and the offspring would have been male, but the female alone, the female principle alone, the male organ without the reproductive gland, only penetrated as far as the exterior of the egg which was the female principle known as BaN.


Now the Lord just told me, He just gave me a vision as I was speaking to you right now, and He said that as in human reproduction, the male seed, when a man lays with his wife the male seed goes way beyond the male organ. It is the sperm that shoots out of the male organ that ultimately reaches the egg. The male organ never touches the egg within the woman. I hope you all know that, you are all looking at me, I hope you all know that. The male organ never touches the egg. It is the sperm that shoots out and swims up and fertilizes the egg. So here is a witness that if it was the whole male genitalia penetrating the Garden, the sperm would have been sufficient to penetrate into the depths of the egg and touch the male nucleus, but it was just the female organ that penetrated. Her reproductive gland was not there, so she only went as far as the female aspect that surrounded the male; therefore, the joining was female to female. It should have been male to male. It should have been male seed to the male nucleus, but it was the female....it was the male organ which was female when it is by itself to the female exterior of the egg.


Now we are told in the Zohar that the egg held on to it, that union was, according to this translation anyway, it was the BaN of the eggs in the Garden that held on to the female structure that was incomplete. Isn't that interesting?


Then it says that night then was left lacking at its end, because its source which was the left column disappeared into the right column. I'm going to stop reading there. Let's do this. The night was left lacking at its end because its source which is the left column disappeared into the right column. What it is saying here in the Zohar is that the male organ which is female, this gets very confusing, penetrated into the Garden before her structure was complete, and there was a union there. That union between the male organ and the BaN of the eggs of the Garden trapped the male organ, and she was no longer available to join with the reproduction gland and become a part of the whole genitalia. She joined with the wrong generation. She joined with the right side, but she did not join with the mature man. She joined with the baby, and now that she was joined with the baby there was not enough of her left to join with the man. Anybody need me to say this again?


Let's go on with the Zohar. Isn't this interesting? I'm going to re-read this here. So she entered and merged with the right column. But we are not told in the Zohar that there were two aspects of the right column. She merged with the infantile aspect of the right column, and the right held on to it. Night then, was left lacking at its end because the source, which is the left column, disappeared into the right column. She was stuck in the Garden, and she could not get out. And did not help it to reach completion. Did the female organ help the infantile Adam reach completion?


We could take this two ways. Now remember, this is a translation and, actually, these few words here "and did not help it to reach completion" is an amplification. Now the Zohar was written, I believe it was written back in the 13th century. I may have the wrong date, but around there, all the way back. These amplifications were written within the last 50 years. So, I'm praying more seriously over the amplifications than the Zohar itself because I don't really know to what degree God anointed this man to do this. I don't want this to come out wrong. I feel more comfortable with the original Zohar than with the amplifications. So I am praying pretty carefully.


Listen to this. She disappeared into the right column and did not help it to reach completion. Well, she did not help the seeds of the Garden to reach completion, but neither did she help herself to reach completion. I'm not really sure which this means, you see. She did not help the seeds of the Garden to reach completion, because we are incompleted beings. We are the fruit of this transgression, and we are incompleted beings in a form different than the form we were in, in the Garden, but neither did she help herself reach completion because she went in the opposite direction from the reproductive gland.


Let's see what comes next. So now there are two things lacking in the feminine principle. Now we are the feminine principle. So the Zohar is telling us that there are two things lacking in the feminine principle because of what happened, because the male organ went to the seeds of the Garden instead of to the man. Now this is what's lacking. The aspect of the night has darkness instead of light. Is that not true of fallen man? We are darkness, we are not light. And the second thing we are lacking is that her structure was not completed by the left. Her structure was not completed by the left. Now this is an amplification, the word "her." I would have to change it to "his." The infantile Adam's structure was not completed by the left. The left is the darkness, is the male organ that penetrated into the Garden, and this is our condition. We are in darkness, and we are incomplete. Our structure is incomplete. Any questions or comments?


I'm going on to the next paragraph. Just as the darkness, which is the left, desires to be included within the light of the right column, so the feminine principle, which is night, desires to be included within the day. Darkness which is the left column abated its light because it had not yet completed the structure of the feminine principle. Darkness which is....again we have amplification here. Without the amplifications, this is saying, darkness abated its light. Remember, this is a translation. I want to suggest to you that the darkness abated the light of the infantile Adam. The way it is reading here, to me anyway, is that the light of the darkness was abated, but I say "no." Abated means to cut off or to restrict. It abated the light of the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary. What happened to our light? The seeds were alive, the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary were alive, but when the female principle manifesting as the male organ penetrated into the Garden, the light of the seeds was lost, and it was lost because it had not yet completed the structure of the feminine principle. The structure of the feminine principle was not yet completed.


Listen, if the feminine principle was complete, and the reproductive gland was attached to her when she penetrated into the Garden, the seeds would have been fertilized by the male sperm of the reproductive gland. Now this translation is not coming out, and, of course, this is an amplification. It is not coming out exactly accurate, but that's only because the translator did not really understand. Actually, this is an excellent translation and an excellent amplification. It is just that some of the pronouns are wrong because the translator did not have the revelation as he was translating.


Because of this. Because of what? Because the structure was not yet completed. The structure of the feminine principle was not yet completed, it produced the grade of the female with an incomplete structure and without light. It says, because the female, the feminine principle, the structure of the feminine principle was not yet completed. It produced an offspring, it produced a female offspring with an incomplete structure and without light which are the two aforementioned defects. That's our condition. Can you see this? Are you following me? Isn't this exciting, finding our proof in the Zohar?


See, any Kabbalists that hear this message are going to need this proof text. I brought forth the first five messages just purely by revelation out of my spirit, but if the Lord, and I do believe the Lord intends eventually to take these messages to Jews that are Kabbalists that cannot believe Jesus is Keter. This is going to be one of the messages that they are going to hear, and here is the proof text. This text doesn't particularly have to do with Jesus, but it is additional information concerning the fall that I supposedly pulled out of the air, and here it is. You may recall with the Doctrine of Christ that the same thing happened time and time again. I would get a revelation, and then, eventually, we would find a Scripture in the King James that would support, but the revelation always came forth first.


Let's go on. Therefore, the feminine principle required two reforms. We need two reforms because we are in darkness, there is no light, and our structure is not complete, and the same thing is true of the feminine principle. See, Satan and Leviathan are in the same condition that we are in. They are incomplete and in darkness, and we are their offsprings. All of humanity is the offspring actually of the Serpent, but in this world they are called Satan and Leviathan. So two reforms are necessary to bring her light and free her from darkness. Isn't that the message of Jesus? Arise shine for your light has come.


And a great light was seen by those who sat in darkness, and the second reform is to complete here structure, and to have our structure completed....what do we need to have our structure completed. Two things: Christ has to be grafted to us. He has to mature into Christ Jesus, and then He has to marry the Lord Jesus Christ. See Christ in us is our hope that we will be permanently joined to the Lord Jesus who is eternal life. See the Lord Jesus is not grafting to your ear, to your nose, or to any part of your physical body or to any part of your fallen spiritual body. The Lord Jesus Christ will graft to His own Son in you, and the Son of God in you, which is Christ in you, can be likened to the womb in a woman. He will not produce the child that will save you in childbearing without a womb to carry the child in. You've got to have Christ grafted to you. He is your hope of glorification, Christ in you the hope of glory. He's the only one the Glorified Jesus Christ will graft to, so you have to get Christ if you want eternal life.


Next sentence. Darkness, the left column, cannot illuminate unless it merges with the light of the right. That's interesting. Darkness cannot illuminate until it merges with the light of the right. So you see, you need darkness and light...I'm not too good at this, but I think I heard this taught once, that you could never recognize the light if you didn't have darkness. You need that contrast. See, the darkness and the light have to be mixed; yet, the expression here is that darkness can illuminate. I find that very interesting the way it is expressed.


And the same applies to the night which is constructed in the left and emerges from it. It does not show any light unless it merges with the day. You have to have the darkness and the light, the day and the night to see the light. It says here that the day is Yesod, the ninth Sefirot, which is actually the male organ of Ze'ir Anpin, and it is Yesod that joins with Malkhut which we are.


The defect of the structure of the night is not completed until the musaph, and we are told here that the musaph is the additional prayer. The defect of the structure of the night is not completed until the additional prayer which is the additional light that Yesod receives from the central column. I may explain it later, we will see, but I'm going to get right past this now. There is an additional light that Yesod receives from the central column. When I get through this message, if the Lord leads me I will go back and tell you where that light comes from.


This additional light completes the structure of the feminine principle. Who is the additional light? There is a light outside of us. Who is the additional light that's going to complete us? What has to be added to us to complete us?


COMMENT: Christ Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ Jesus. That's the additional light.


Also, in this concept of Christ being added to us, it is that the Lord Jesus has to be added to us because Christ Jesus is His seed. The Christ in us, and the glorified Jesus are one, you see. When the Christ in us marries the Lord Jesus, it is just like the re-grafting of a removed arm back on to the body. So it is Christ that has to be grafted to us, the glorified Christ has to be grafted to us. The glorified Jesus Christ. We don't have enough light of our own to stop us from dying. We have to have additional light added to us.


This is the one thing I tell you all the time, that workers of witchcraft can do every miracle that Jesus did, and that the Sons of God will do. See that was a contest between Moses and the magicians of Egypt. The magicians of mystery Egypt were very powerful, and the workers of witchcraft today, I believe they exist, they just don't show themselves, but they will be showing themselves soon. They can do everything the Sons of God can do with one exception. They cannot give you eternal life beyond the eternal life of this age. There is eternal life in this age, but Jesus is shutting down this age. They do not have that extra light or that extra energy that is in Jesus Christ.


And this additional light completes the structure of the feminine principle, the Lord Jesus Christ completes us, and He sends forth His son ahead of Himself to be our womb. He sends forth Christ to graft to us which is His own seed so that when He comes to complete us He will have something to latch on to.


So what was added in one place is diminished in another. What does that mean? There is an explanation that comes here. This means that what was added to the Sefirot of Yesod of Ze'ir Anpin by the central column...and what was added to Ze'ir Anpin? The left column was added to Ze'ir Anpin. This has caused diminution or a lessening and a lack in the feminine principle, but Yesod fills up this lack with this additional light. This is a whole second teaching. Let me see if there is any more to my main point, and then if I feel you are up to it, I will explain this other part to you.


The musaph, the additional prayer, the Zohar says it is the additional prayer, but we know it is the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the Yesod of Ze'ir Anpin. That's like saying that's the genitalia of the Lord Jesus, and what is the genitalia of the Lord Jesus? Christ Jesus in us is the male organ of the Lord Jesus Christ in us, penetrating us. If you have the Holy Spirit, brethren, the male organ of Jesus Christ is present in you. If you have Christ, the whole genitalia of Jesus Christ is in you. See, the male organ alone won't do it. She has no seed. So the Yesod of Ze'ir Anpin, that's Christ to us, contains the secret....I think this may be going on to another subject.


This is drawing #2. Now I have mentioned the concept of mochin, the brains. I haven't gone into it with much depth, but I have mentioned it to you. Ze'ir Anpin, who to us today is Christ Jesus, has to receive his brains....remember, we are a creation in the making. Just a fetus inside of a woman is being formed, in the same manner we are being formed in the womb of the earth. Our spiritual man is being formed in the womb of this earth which is our body, and the last thing that this spiritual baby gets is his brains. Now I don't think it works that way in a human fetus, but that's the way it works spiritually.


First, Christ is grafted to us, and then you may recall from the Doctrine of Christ that he goes to war with Satan. Why does Christ go to war with Satan? Because s Satan is the energy that's in this body. Satan is the spiritual energy that's in our person. OK, she is also the collective energy of this world, but, as far as we are concerned, she is the spiritual energy of this body, and Christ wants to take that energy unto Himself. And as Christ in us defeats Satan in us, that means He is boiling her. Is that not Satan's judgment that she will be boiled? Christ in us as He wars against her boils her, evaporates her, and takes the vapor that she becomes as He boils her, and that is how Christ matures into Christ Jesus, if you recall. Then Christ Jesus ascends to the left side of the heart center which is the airport. You have to get up to the left side of the heart center because the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't come down any lower than that. You are not going to be joined to Christ Jesus if your consciousness is still in your belly.


See, Paul told the early Christians that they were living out of their belly. He wasn't just rebuking them for leading a carnal lifestyle. It was much more than that. He was telling them that you will never enter into eternal life dwelling in that energy center, because the Lord Jesus will not go below the heart center. He will not go below the left side of the heart center which is the upper part of the heart center, and the Lord Jesus Christ descending and joining to Christ Jesus in us is the impartation of the brains of Christ Jesus, and that is eternal life.


I'm staying with the Kabbalistic terms, but to us it is Christ Jesus, Ze'ir Anpin, the Son, Christ Jesus the Son, He receives His mochin, if I am pronouncing it correctly, which is His brains from Chokhmah. As I've told you many times, there are different teaching in Kabbalah, different opinions, all of which may be right or all of which may be partially right. My previous studies from different books, from those studies I thought that the brains actually came from Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah, and that may still be true. It is just this book, the Zohar, at this particular place is saying that it comes from Chokhmah, but we know that Keter, Chokhmah, and Binah are all joined and inseparable, but why we are told in the Zohar that the brains or the additional light comes from Chokhmah and not Binah, I would expect it to say Binah because she is the lowest of the three of them. Well, the Lord just told me. Because in this configuration, Binah is on the left side. I'm going to stop now because I don't have enough information to really explain this.


Ze'ir Anpin receives extra light from Chokhmah which is his brains, and what's happening here is that the spiritual baby that will save us in childbearing, which is not really a baby, it is going to be grown a full grown man, is emerging in the central column, and the left is moving into the center, and the right is moving into the center. We have on the left side, Gevurah, which you may recall, Gevurah by herself, aspects of Gevurah by herself in this world is called Satan. Gevurah is harsh judgment without mercy. You don't get anything except what you deserve, and you get everything that you deserve. On the good side, you don't get anything but what you fully deserve, and on the evil side you get everything that you deserve without mercy.


The plural of Gevurah is Gevurot, if I am pronouncing it correctly, and on the right side we have what is called Chasidim, which my understanding from other studies is Chesed which is mercy. You may recall Chesed is unlimited mercy. Chesed just gives and gives and gives until Gevurah on the other side restricts her giving, because at some point giving can do more damage than...because ? can do a lot of damage. So Chesed with some Gevurah mixed in is called Chasidim, and these two elements, Chasidim and Gevurot, they are....well let me read you this first.


The feminine principle loses power to judge sins, and that is what Gevurot is. Gevurot is plural, and the power of Gevurah is sowing and reaping judgment. The feminine principle loses that power to the central column. In other words, Ze'ir Anpin who is in the central column absorbs the power of the left side. Now is that not what I just said, that Christ comes in and absorbs Satan. Didn't I just say that? Here is the Doctrine of Christ, just different words. Ze'ir Anpin absorbs or acquires the sowing and reaping power to judge sin, and on the right side, Chasidim is the mercy of Chesed mixed with some Gevurot, and that moves into the central column also.


Remember, the central column is the perfectly balanced man, and then after Ze'ir Anpin....plus Ze'ir Anpin acquires this additional life from Chokhmah which is His brains, and all of this is gathered together in Tiferet, the center of Ze'ir Anpin, and Ze'ir Anpin gives all of this energy to Yesod, his own male genitalia, and then Yesod marries Malkhut, and we talked about that recently. That is what the Sabbath day is. It is the marriage between Yesod and Malkhut. It is the spiritual Sabbath day, and when that marriage takes place the whole earth is blessed because Malkhut is the earth.


So the principle that, and I will read you the sentence again in the Zohar after I explain this to you. The principle here is written out along the bottom. The feminine principle gives up her power which she used against her husband. Now this is not in the Zohar, but this is as I understand it. The reason Ze'ir Anpin acquires this power is that it is being used inappropriately. Satan is that power in this world today, and she is killing people because she is judging sins without mercy, so the feminine principle gives up her power which she used against her husband which she used against Jesus and which she uses against us, the second generation of sons who are very vulnerable right now, because we are lost in sin. She is killing us off. She can't kill Jesus, but she is killing His houses. We are the houses or the garments of Jesus. So Satan is killing us all off because of sin, and Jesus has to place to live, and His whole commission frm the Eyn Sof is to become a visible creation.


So according to the Zohar, it sounds to me like the feminine principle is just giving up her power, but we know that Christ is taking it from her. He's taking it from her. He's bringing her into submission. So the feminine principle gives up her power or loses her power, more accurately, which she used against her husband, the Lord, and her husband which is Ze'ir Anpin, that's Christ Jesus to us, gives it back to her when He marries Malkhut. You see, He takes it from her over here where she is Gevurot, but He gives it back to her over here where she is Malkhut, and He gives it back to her when He marries Malkhut, which marriage insures that she will use the power to serve God by judging righteous judgment.


So the feminine principle loses her power when she is using it inappropriately, and then the Lord gives it back to her when she is brought into submission, because we are called to have power. We are called to wield the power of our husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. Now doesn't this sound familiar to you? When you all came into this ministry, and you all have been here a long time, it was a very hard word for me to tell you that you had to stop ministering in the Holy Spirit, that you were in a different kind of ministry, and I told you that before I even had the information that I gave you earlier off the tape, I gave you the different kinds of, according to Kabbalah, the four categories of rabbis, because in Kabbalah only rabbis are pursuing this kind of a course of study, but we know that in the church the Sons of God are all pursuing this course of study that only rabbis engage in, apparently, in the Jewish religion.


I did not give you the first category. I will just repeat it for the people hearing the tape. It is called Pshat, and I am not sure how to pronounce it. I call it pashat, but I am not sure if that is right. That is the most basic form of pursing God, and at the moment I am sorry I do not recall the characteristics of the people in that category. The second category is called Remez, and the characteristics of the Jews or the Christians that are Remez rabbis, Remez Sons of God, is that they are very much into singing and dancing and expressing the joy of the Lord, externally expressing the joy of the Lord. The third category is called Drash, Drash rabbis or Drash sons, and the overriding characteristic or the most obvious characteristics of the rabbis or the Sons of God in that category is that they pursue philosophy, and that's what we do in this ministry. We have been doing this going on 14 years. We pursue philosophy.


So if you are....judge yourself and see which category you fit into, and you cannot be in both. Why can't I be in both? Why can't I dance and sing and also pursue philosophy? I don't know why, I just know that the Lord tells me you can't be in both. You cannot be a child and an adult at the same time. So when you all came in here, I did not understand....I am in the fourth category, let me finish it out.


It is called Sod, and it means secret, and that is the highest kind of rabbi or Son of God, and the overriding characteristic of the people in that category is that they wield the power of God, miracle working power at will, and the secondary characteristic is that they have a high level of revelation, that they are no longer taught by man, but they are taught directly, according to Kabbalah, by Elijah or the angels. We know that we are taught by Christ Jesus, and that on some occasions the Sod rabbis bring forth a whole system of doctrine. I told you all that I line up with all of the revelational aspects of the Sod rabbis, but I don't have the miracle working power so I am half Drash and half Sod, and the people who study under me, as far as I know, are all Drash. The Drash rabbis or the Drash Sons are the students or the disciples of the Sod rabbis. That means that eventually you are supposed to be a Sod rabbi or a Sod son of God also.


When you first came into this ministry, I did not have any of this information. I was just flying by the seat of my pants. All I knew was what was in my heart and what the Lord was telling me, that you have to give up this Holy Ghost ministry, because the Holy Ghost ministry comes out of your carnal mind. If you carnal mind, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and in this ministry, hopefully, we are developing the Mind of Christ in you. I don't think you could be here if you didn't have Christ grafted to you. For Christ to mature in you, you have a double edged sword, a two-sided procedure. Your carnal mind has to be exposed so that you can kill it, and our Christ mind has to be fed this philosophy and become strong enough to kill your carnal mind, and for that reason you have to stop ministering in the Holy Ghost, because that is all your carnal mind, and it was very hard on you because everybody that is in this ministry was active in Pentecost. We all cast out demons and prayed for the sick, we have done all kinds of things, and you came in here, and I told you that you had to give it up and learn to only move when the Spirit of Christ moved on you, and that has been very difficult, but here we see the proof of it in Kabbalah. You all believed me by faith, because apparently the Lord must have witnessed it to your own hearts. It has been a very hard 11 years that we are here together with this group, just studying and training and facing our sin nature. It has been very difficult and dry, but we are waiting for that power to pour out, and when it comes it will be glorious, but this is what we are dealing with tonight.


Here is the foundation or the analytical form of what we have experienced. You have to lose your power, you have to give up your power that's coming out of the power of your own will. That's what Gevurah in you is. It is the power of your humanity, the power of your carnal mind. When you do the Pentecostal work, it is the power of your carnal mind that's being directed and controlled by the Holy Spirit, so you are using the power of your own mind for good because the Holy Spirit is moving you, but it is still the power of your carnal mind, and it is not the Christ mind in you, and that is the Gevurot that you have to give up. That the feminine principle that judges sins. Its that same power even if you weren't using it to judge sins. If you cast out demons, that's a form of judging sins. If you heal the sick, that is a form of judging sins. Jesus said, "What difference does it make if I say you are healed or if I say your sins are forgiven to you." So if you are moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and it is truly the Holy Spirit, and that you are healing and delivering because the Holy Spirit is upon you, then it is the Gevurot in you. It is the power of your carnal mind being directed to do good works by the Holy Spirit, and you had to give that up, and when you gave it up the energy or the power of it went into the central column, Ze'ir Anpin or Christ Jesus.


That was Christ Jesus in you acquiring the energy of Satan in you, as I told you just 5 minutes or so ago. It is not only giving up sinful ways. Christ in us does not acquire Satan in us only by giving up sinful ways. That goes without saying. To be in a ministry like this, even to be casting out demons as in Pentecost, surely you know that you have to give up your behavioral sin, but it does beyond that. We have to give up our pride, you see. Eleven years we are beating up on our pride in this ministry. You have to give up being gratified by ministry to other people. You have to understand that if your motive for ministry to other people is self-gratification, on some level, and I'm not saying that you know what you are doing, this is beyond you, beyond your conscious mind. On some level, you are promoting misery in the world because if your gratification is based on helping other people, what will you do if there are no people that need help?


Brethren, this is manifest in our world today. Do you know that if Jesus appeared today and healed every sick person, there would be millions of people going into bankruptcy because they make their living based on the sickness of people, and over the years we have heard from time to time that there has truly been a cure for cancer and that the big corporations have crushed it. Maybe it is true, and maybe it is not. It would not surprise me if it is true. I remember when the Lord gave me this lesson. He said, "Sheila, you cannot have your life's satisfaction come to you from healing people. Your life satisfaction has to come to you because of service to Me. You must have your satisfaction through your relationship with Me; otherwise, you will wind up falling into what a lot of, not all, but a lot of preachers fall into. You will wind up abusing or taking advantage of your people in one way or another." This is what He told me. He said, "I have to supply everything that you need, everything that you need." Now, He sends people to me. You are all a major part of my life, but that's because He sent you to me. I didn't get you myself, and whatever our relationships entails, the Lord has ordained it. I don't ask you for anything that He doesn't tell you to give to this ministry. It goes from me to Him, from Him to you, and that's that I tell you all the time, that if you have a problem with me you are supposed to go to Him, and He comes to me. That's how it works; therefore, when we relate to one another, me to you or you to me, everything is in order. Praise the Lord.


So here we see it, an analytical form in the book that I would never, ever, be able to understand that if I did not experience it first. Do the Kabbalists know what this means? You got me, I don't know. Ze'ir Anpin takes the energy of your carnal mind, makes you weak, see, then when you come into submission to him, he gives it back to you in right order, and now you have the power of God, but you are not in rebellion any more, you are not seeking to satisfy yourself any more. You are using the power because you are a servant and a Son of the Lord Jesus Christ. So He takes it from you. It is the same thing as saying that Cain is on top of Abel, and it has to be reversed. It is the same Cain/Abel. It is the same foundation. It is the same symbiotic embryo within you, spiritual and real within you, but for you to live eternal life Abel has to be on top, and if Cain is on top you are going to die as sure as you are taking your next breath. It has to be in right order.


So he takes your power that's in unGodly order, brings you into submission and then gives it back to you. See, he wants to give us everything. He wants all of us to have everything, but our heads are our problem. Our problem is between our ears. When he gets our head straightened out, we will have everything. We will have all power, every need met. I don't know what we will be doing all day. What are we going to do when there is no more needy people in the world? Honestly. Every minister is not called to this revelation. There are probably thousands if not millions of missionaries and pastors and good people who are doing good works, they are going all over the world and they are preaching the gospel, and they are feeding the poor, and they are ministering to the sick, and they are seeing blind eyes opened and cancer healed. What happens when there is no more sick people? What are they going to do?


See, if I found out that there were no more sick people tomorrow I wouldn't have a problem, because my whole gratification is tied up in this Word. Now I think if the day ever comes that the Lord sends me back into a healing ministry, because I spent years casting out demons and praying for the sick, and it was very gratifying, but, like I said, what happens the day there are no more demonized people left? I haven't really done that in a while, but the day may come when the power falls here that we have to go forth and pray for people, and we will be seeing all kinds of miracles, but I know that no matter how many miracles I see, my whole mind and life is tied up in this Word. So I don't have to have a whole line of sick people to make me satisfied. By the time the Lord sends me back out there, I won't have that problem.


Please, I'm not putting down any ministry at all. I'm just talking to you all, whoever is hearing this tape, that this is a very mature message. You cannot stay in Pentecost. It is dangerous to your spiritual life to stay in Pentecost once the Lord calls you out. If the Lord has not called you out, then stay there, but it is not the best place to be, you see, because when there are no more needy people you have nothing to do.


So what are we going to do when there are no more needy people in the world? You got me. It is beyond my ability to comprehend it at this time, but I know that there will be very, very satisfying activity in Christ Jesus. Who knows what we will be doing? I don't even want to guess because I truly believe it is beyond my ability to comprehend it, and when you try to find an answer to something that is not within your ability to perceive, your carnal mind goes a little crazy. Like some people say, "Oh well, there is going to be another planet out there, and we are all going to go, each one of us is going to get our own planet (did you ever hear this?), each one of us is going to get our own planet, and we are going to be Jesus, and we are going to have to go and be crucified for all the people there and do this all over again. Did you ever hear that? I heard that. How is that for a spirit of pride, huh?


Our activities after the whole world is reconciled is beyond my ability to perceive. I could not even begin to guess because I don't even know what it is going to be like to be in perfection. I do not want to go to a second tape, I just have a little bit of time left.


Does anyone not understand what I said on this board here? What I would like to do now is just read you the sentence from the Zohar that I have just explained, and then we will call it quits for tonight. Praise the Lord.


I believe this is the sentence here. So, what was added to one place is diminished in another. What is added to Ze'ir Anpin and given to Yesod and given to Malkhut is diminished over here in the left column from Gevurah. The energy was processed from negative energy to positive energy. So what was added to one place is diminished in another. This means that what was added to the Sefirot of Yesod of Ze'ir Anpin by way of the central column, and it came from the left column of Ze'ir Anpin, this has caused a diminution, that is a lessening. It comes from the word "diminished." This has caused a diminution and a lack in the feminine principle. So Satan is getting weak. That's what it is saying, and we are Satan, so there is a transition period where the Lord starts drawing Satan out of us. I was weak for a long time, I'm just coming back now. Now I ran this ministry is a miracle this last 5 years.


This has caused a diminution and a lack in the feminine principle, but Yesod fills up this lack with its additional light. Additional light coming, his brains, the mochin is coming. So not only is the energy being converted from Gevurah down here to the positive energy in Malkhut, but anything that's lost along the way is filled up by the additional life from Chokhmah which is wisdom, you see. Now maybe you are not dancing and hopping around and prophesying any more, but you get wisdom. You get wisdom. Everything is good in its place, but wisdom.....isn't maturity better than childhood? Would you really want to go back to being even 20 years of age again? Not unless you could take everything that you know now, nobody would really want to go back to that life.


So we go from an abundance of energy into wisdom. It goes from our carnal energy, our carnal energy is absorbed and channeled into a Godly energy, and it is supported and fortified by wisdom. This energy on the left side is lacking wisdom. This energy on the left side, that's the sowing and reaping judgment, is like a reflex action. You just do it, you do it, harsh judgment, tit-for-tat, you just do it. This energy on the left is taken, and it is channeled through Ze'ir Anpin and Yesod down into the female principle, and then wisdom comes. How do you use this power with wisdom? How to not get trapped in your pride with it with this power and how to be a force for good in the world, and believe me there is a lot of work to be done beyond just locally. There is a lot of this political work for the people that God trusts, there's political work, there are miracles and political work.


The way the Zohar expressed it is that we will affect history. Two things, we will affect history by the powerful prayers that come from wisdom. Well you say, Sheila, everyone in Pentecost is praying politically. Yes, what are they praying? You have to pray the mind of God, you see, and so long as there is that thing in you that wants to satisfy yourself, you are in danger. You can't pray out of prayer, you can't pray out of self, you can't pray the economy gets better because you want money. You have to believe that Jesus is going to keep you financially, and ask Him what He wants you to pray. Maybe He is breaking our economy. What do I know? He hasn't given me a prayer on that issue yet. You can't pray for yourself for what you think you need.


So this power comes down, it is turned up-side-down, now Abel is on top. It is not for evil purposes any more, and also you get the extra light, the wisdom, and the wisdom plus the power covers any lack that you are missing, that weakness that came upon you when you gave up your power is replaced with wisdom. I am a totally different person. I fight in a different way. I get my needs met in a different way. I was always yelling and screaming to get my needs met. Now, most of the time anyway, some day it will be 100%, I'm using wisdom more and more and more. So we see either the power of our carnal mind is influenced by the Holy Spirit which is not bad. It is a good thing, but to have the energy of your carnal mind converted into positive energy and reinforced by wisdom, that's a better thing. Everything God does is good, but some things are better than others, and, of course, you have to be given permission to go on to perfection. Right now, there are very few people studying on this level in the church, but it won't always be this way.


Are there any questions or comments on this message? Praise the Lord. God bless you all.




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