555 - Part 1

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Praise the Lord. I will be teaching from the text which is found in the Zohar, the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary of the Zohar. I am in Volume 1, the section called Bereshith and it is the commentary on the verse from Genesis 1; And there was light. The chapter that I will be preaching from is Chapter 6. It contains paragraphs 44 thru 65. I do not know whether we will get through verse 65 or not. As the Lord leads me, we will see if we could do it. First of all, before we refer to the texts, let me just give you some background here. As I have told you before, to study Kabbalah as a high lofty doctrine alone is really just a waste of time. The truth of the matter is that the study of Kabbalah can be related to the human experience and more specifically to the human mind. When we do this, when we relate the study of Kabbalah to ourselves, it can affect our mind, it can affect our attitude, it can and will affect our relationship with God and therefore will affect our whole life, our whole future and the future of our offspring and everyone whose life we touch.


We are talking here about spiritual evolution, which is evolution of the mind. All things are possible in God. In God, we can transcend the barriers that we are born with. We can actually become more intelligent. We can become something that the world says we are incapable of becoming. I cannot make you any personal promises, but when you tap into the power of Kabbalah, you tap into the force, the energy that has brought forth the whole creation into existence. In Him is the power for all kinds of miracles, depending on the degree to which you touch Him. The degree to which you touch Him is brought about simply by your desire for Him, for His Word, and the strength with which you pursue Him. You will surely reap what you have sown. I do not want to put anyone in bondage, but if you want an outstanding miracle, you have to be willing to throw your whole being, your whole self, into the pursuit of God. Do not let go of Him until you get your miracle.


Now for all intents and purposes, we (humanity) are the Sefirot of this World of Action. Now remember, what we are dealing with in the study of Kabbalah basically are the Ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon, the Ten Sefirot that appeared first in the world that we know as Adam Kadmon. That is the world that is above the four worlds. It is the highest world. There are Ten Sefirot that emerged out of Adam Kadmon and each of those Sefirot subdivide ad infinitum. As they subdivide, the subdivisions descend and build worlds within Adam Kadmon. The world that we live in is within Adam Kadmon. Everything is within him. We, humanity, human beings, we are the many, many subdivided Sefirot that exist in this physical world. What is a Sefirot? A Sefirot is merely a vessel, a border, an empty vessel that is designed to be filled with the light of God. This is what each human being is. All of us, we are vessels. Our purpose for existence is that we are suppose to be or that we are containers for the light and the life of Almighty God, the One who created us, the One in whom we exist because we exist in the midst of the Ayn Sof.


We exist in the midst of His greatness and His greatness is in the midst of us. His infinitude, the infinity, the Infinite One, known as the Ayn Sof, is beyond the borders of our world. A drop, you might say, or a stream, you might say, of this great ocean, which is the Ayn Sof, is inside each individual one of us. He's in every cell of our being, in every aspect, in every world within us, in the invisible worlds and the physical aspects of us. He's in us, He's through us; we are in the midst of Him. He's the life force of the entire creation and we are the physical expression or the physical manifestation of the first Ten Sefirot that emerged that are called Adam Kadmon. I have heard many many questions come forth from many sources in our world. What is the purpose of our existence? The purpose of our existence is to be filled with the light and the life of God and to be an accurate representative expression of His nature in a visible form, in a visible tangible form. That is our purpose.


have on the board for you drawing #1 to show you the Ten Sefirot from a little different point of view. I have never told you before that the whole Ten Sefirot are the foundation of the underlying foundation of what we call the atomic structure of the physical world. If you take anything in our physical world and you put it under a microscope and the microscope is strong enough, you will eventually be able to focus on the atomic structure, the atoms that form whatever you are looking at, whether it is skin or wood or any substance in this world. When you break it down as low as you can, you are looking at the atomic structure or you are looking at the fabric of the atomic structure of that item. Now if you keep on looking with a stronger and stronger microscope the latest scientific findings tell you that below the atomic structure nothing is there, but that is not true. Something is there that is invisible to even the greatest microscope available or known to man. There is a spiritual foundation under the atomic structure of this world, that physical foundation of the spiritual Ten Sefirot of Adam Kadmon and all of the subdivisions thereof. Everything that we see in the physical world, all the atoms and all the formations of the atoms, all the molecules, everything that we see is a prototype. I do not know if prototype is the right word or not. It is not a prototype, it is an expression or a type of the Sefirotic structure that exists in the spiritual world, only it is in a different form. Our atoms, as you can see on the left side of the board, are circular nucleus. They're circular, they have a nucleus, which has positive charges and neutrons in the nucleus and then each atom has an orbit or could have several orbits with particles in the orbit which are negative particles.


The atom looks just like our solar system. Our solar system has a sun with planets orbiting around it. We see that the atom is the prototype of our whole physical universe. Underneath the physical universe is the spiritual prototype of the Ten Sefirot. We have on the right side of the board Adam Kadmon configured as a man. We have the three columns, a left column, a right column and a central column. The left column, as I have taught you, but not with these words, is the negative charge. We see that Binah and Gevurah execute judgment and Hod is the fruit of that judgment. Hod is the mind that the judgment is executed upon. On the right side, we have Chokhmah and Chesed, which is wisdom and kindness and then we have Netzach, which is victory. That is the positive side. The right column is the positive charge of the Sefirot. We are told in our studies that the left and the right side of the Ten Sefirot war against each other continuously. The reason for this warfare is designed to produce a perfectly balanced central column which consists of both negative and positive charges, but which central column has now become neutral because of the balance of the positive and negative charges and we are told that this central column is where free will first appears. Free will appears in the vessel. See, this was a big issue. Everyone that studies here in New York was in old order deliverance at one time. This was a big issue in old order deliverance.


There were other Christians that would come in and say we shouldn't be doing what we were doing. We shouldn't be casting demons out of Christians because Christians couldn't have a demon because Christians had free will or man had free will. Yes, God gave us free will, but we are fallen and once the evil inclination is rooted and grounded in a person, that evil inclination lays hold of their free will and bends it to its own will, to the will of the evil inclination. That is what it means to be fallen, that our free will is now bent towards the side of the evil inclination, which means we do not have any free will. Well, we have free will in a limited area. See, do not be deceived. If I say to you, you can pick the apple or you can pick the orange; yes, you have free will to pick an apple or an orange. We are talking about moral issues that lead to life or death. We are talking about the ability or the inability to sin in the unconscious part of the mind because that is where life and death is determined. All we have to do is look at our world and look at ourselves. We see everybody aging and ultimately dying. That means that the spiritual being of all human beings today, that I know of on the earth, is inclined towards the evil inclination and we do not have the will, we do not have the strength of will to stop manifesting that evil inclination to the necessary degree which will prevent us from dying. Now I have a will to live forever. I would like to live forever. Everybody would not like to live forever, but I would like to spend forever or eternity pursuing my God because He is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me and His Word is very exciting to me and His manifestations are very exciting to me.


I have the will to live forever, but I do not have the strength of will to bring that fruit to pass in my life. Therefore, when it comes to the heavy issues of immortality etc., I do not have free will. There has to be a mixture when we deal with drug addicts and alcoholics and people who cannot give up cigarettes or who cannot give up adultery or who cannot give up stealing. We have to realize that free will has a limit in the fallen man. You have to exercise enough of your will to work with God to get delivered. Some people are really overtaken. Only God knows the truth about you. Only God knows whether you could really stop doing that or not. You see, even if the truth is that you really cannot stop doing whatever your problem is, even if that is true and God knows it, you are still subject to the sowing and reaping judgment and you will suffer and you will die. What is the answer? What is the answer to the human problem? Does anybody remember? What is the answer to our problem that we cannot stop sinning no matter how hard we try?


COMMENT: Confession and repentance.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we have to admit to God that we cannot do it. He can do it. We cannot do it. As long as we think that we could do it, we lock Him out of our life and then we die because we cannot do it. What good is it that we have lied to ourselves? It has done us no good at all.


This is the foundation for this very interesting message that the Lord is giving us today. I am not going to read you the whole text because you won't be able to retain it anyway. I will start reading a phrase at a time, if not a whole sentence at a time. I remind you that what we are dealing with here is the emergence of the left and right column. Let me review this for you also. This explanation of good and evil came forth from the Lord several months ago. It is on one of our messages. I do not know which one. God, the Ayn Sof , is perfect. He is in perfect peace. There is no struggle in the Ayn Sof; perfect peace. The reason for this is that the Ayn Sof consists of many, many attributes, both negative and positive, but they are perfectly balanced and perfectly interlocked so that all negativity is neutralized and all positive effects are prevented from being positive to the point of destruction. If you remember the teachings here, Chesed is the sephirah that will give and give and give and give and has no boundaries. We know that unlimited giving without restriction will destroy. You cannot just give indefinitely. It will destroy the person. People have to become strong and be able to function and guard themselves. That is what you do to an infant; you just give and give and give and give. Eventually, that infant has to become strong and grow up and become a giver himself. It is not healthy to stay an infant.


All of the positive and negative attributes that exist within the Ayn Sof are so completely interwoven that we are told that the Ayn Sof has no attributes because these attributes are unrecognizable. The Ayn Sof is invisible. However, the Ayn Sof , which is invisible, desires to become visible. The Ayn Sof has no form. The Ayn Sof is formless. The formless One desires to appear as a form, but the formless One is so great, there is no one form that can express it. Therefore, the formless One will appear by expressing itself through a multitude of forms known as humanity. This is where individuality comes forth in humanity. There is so many attributes of the Ayn Sof, it is an error in the finite mind of man to fear that when everybody manifests the life of God, we will all be clones and we will all be the same. You see, that is just our fallen mind saying that. God is so great, our mind cannot comprehend it. There is so much more room for creativity in Christ than there is in the carnal mind because the Ayn Sof is infinite. His talents, His attributes, His abilities, are infinite. There is no end to them. That means we can have trillions (I do not know if it will ever come to this or not, but just to make a point, we could have trillions of human beings and nobody has to be a clone of anybody else because the ability of the Ayn Sof to express Himself in an unlimited or infinite manner will bring forth many unique creative multi-talented individuals in the earth. Does anybody not understand that?


The formless One desires to appear in many forms because one form cannot contain His glory. In order for the formless One to be seen, His light or His essence must begin to descend and as His essence descends, it becomes more and more visible. We do not know anything about the essence of the Ayn Sof, but we know that once it enters into Adam Kadmon, we can call it light. The Ayn Sof outside of the creation, we just call His essence, essence. We cannot even name it as light because light is an attribute. We do not know what it is. We cannot describe it. The light of the Ayn Sof, at the time that creation began to come into existence, the light that was filtered into Adam Kadmon, began to descend. As the light descended, two things happened. The light became thicker and thicker as it descended and it also unraveled. It unraveled into two categories, positive attributes and negative attributes or good attributes and evil attributes. That which was perfectly woven and enmeshed together to the point of perfect peace in the Ayn Sof, is now appearing in the creation as two very strong elements, good and evil and they war against each other continuously because it is their nature to dominate. Both the good and evil have a nature to dominate and the ultimate end of this desire to dominate should be a central column or a third aspect, neither good nor evil, but a neutral column which will represent the perfect peace of the Ayn Sof. It is the nature of both sides to fight to the death.


Now there are two possible solutions to this condition. We can have a fight to the death. Of course, this is just in theory. It is called a negative solution. Now remember, each one of us is a single sephirah and we also have the ten Sefirot in the midst of us. This negative, positive and central column exists in us. The fight to the death can result in the death of our right side. Then we become a person who is more inclined towards evil than inclined towards good. The evil side is stronger than the good side. The solution for this problem in our present world is that most people have parents that will train them. There are some people who are not blessed with parents who will teach them to incline towards their good side rather than their evil side. When we have a young child, that child will surely turn evil (if it will survive) unless there are adults around which will direct that child and join to that child's right side or good side to strengthen it and teach that child to overcome his evil inclination with his good side. It is not enough to only teach him, you have to join to his good side and give him strength to overcome. We have society in this world today, where everybody is good and evil and we all kill each other daily on various spiritual levels, but overall we exist as a society. We have a criminal element and we have an element that keep the law. The majority of people keep the laws of this world (nobody spiritually keeps the laws of God) and we continue on. This battle between good and evil is continuous.


Then, Lord willing, our children are raised up to acknowledge the Lord Jesus and we get strength from Him. Our good side is strengthened from Him. If you are Jewish, your good side is strengthened from HaShem. I believe that most religions will strengthen you to be good by the criteria of this world, if they're not a violent religion. This message is The Secret Of Gehenom, the roots of the evil inclination. I have just given it to you in an overview. We will go into it in detail. These are the roots of the evil inclination. We are the product of the light of the Ayn Sof, which is descended all the way down to the World of Action and the essence of the Ayn Sof of which we are made has unraveled and is appearing on two sides, the left and the right side, as described in drawing #1 and in many other messages here. This battle goes on in the mind of every individual continuously to whatever degree you are aware of it or unaware of it. If you are leading any kind of a socially acceptable life, this battle goes on in your mind continuously. Now in certain areas, you have the problem completely bound up. If you are a socially responsible person, you are not going out and robbing banks. See, you know you are not suppose to do that. We all sin in the unconscious part of our mind every day. There is a continuous evil influence in the world seeking to release all aspects of the evil inclination that is bound in the bottomless pit.


We see that happening in this society today. It is a seduction that takes place over generations. We see a great deal of moral torpidity in this country today because, over the generations and over the years, the lie has been perpetrated that adultery is acceptable, that fornication is acceptable, that homosexuality is acceptable and it is a leprosy that is spread across the whole nation. Today our message is for the individual. We are going to look at a description of how the evil inclination operates, where it comes from, and how it can be dealt with. I do not think I finished my point. There are two possible solutions; the evil side can overtake the good side and we can be given over to the evil inclination and become a cruel person and this can happen in many different degrees. There is another possibility and that other possibility is that which is of God, that the evil and the good should come together, that they should neutralize one another, that a central column should come forth in the individual and that we should walk in the peace of Jesus Christ. See, no man can come to the point where they are a true expression of the central column apart from Jesus Christ. We can look good. We can put up a good front. We can do good things, but without the life of Jesus Christ in us, we are proven to be phonies when at the end of our lifetime, we die. This reconciliation; Kabbalah calls it Tecune. The New Testament calls it reconciliation. Kabbalah also calls it rectification. Tecune is Hebrew and rectification is English. This takes place in every aspect of our life.


The ultimate goal is that we should become Sefirot. Each one of us should be a manifestation of the central column, that we should all have Ten Sefirot in us completely balanced. This battle of left and right, it goes on continuously in our own mind and in our relationships with other people. I am really just telling you what I have been preaching all along here. This ministry is at a place in God where we are exposing the sin nature. Of course, the evil inclination or the left side is manifesting in us as Satan. Everybody has a personal Satan. There is also a collective Satan, which is the collective unconscious of all of humanity. In order to effect the rectification of each of us, that we should all be an expression of this central column and therefore be an expression of Jesus Christ, which is what we are all hoping for, it is necessary for us to see the operation of that left column in our own mind. We have to see the operation of Satan in our mind. We have to recognize her for what she is and we have to reconcile her. She must be bound under the authority of our right side and we will not have the power to do that unless Jesus Christ is joined to our right side.


This is just another way of saying Cain is ruling Abel and Cain is joined to Leviathan and Satan and Abel cannot really do very much until Abel overturns Cain. Abel has to get on top and Abel has to put Cain underneath. We have to do this in our own mind. We have to do this in our own life and we have to do this in our relationships. This is just turning your world upside down. The Christ mind has to ride your carnal mind like a horse. Your Christ mind is suppose to be riding your carnal mind like a horse. When your Christ mind is riding your carnal mind like a horse, then it is possible for reconciliation or rectification to come forth in every aspect of your life, in every relationship. We also have to be taught what is right and what is wrong as the mind of God sees it and the carnal mind must bend its knee for this rectification to come forth and in this rectification is eternal life which is what we are all desiring. Let's go on.


Paragraph 44. Let me make this point also. Now we are dealing with the section of the Zohar, which is in Genesis 1:1 and let there be light. What does that have to do with what you are talking about, Sheila? Brethren, creation is going on in us. See, when I first started studying Kabbalah, I recognized that pretty early, that what I am reading about in Genesis 1, I can relate that to my life and I was surprised to hear that. Now I understand that all Kabbalists know this. What's happening in Genesis 1:1 in the Scripture is happening in us. We are literally being made into what we are suppose to be to be expressions of the Living God. Therefore, I was amazed to find the Zohar taking scriptures like, Let there be light, and expounding on it in such a manner as we are going to hear today. It is a very great blessing to me because as you all know, for years I have had a message that has been pretty much rejected by the church world, a message that people could not understand. Here I find Kabbalists doing the same thing that I have been doing by the Spirit of God for years. It takes a lot of faith to hear this, but you can do it if you want to. You can believe it if you want to. You can get your witness from the Lord if you want to. In any event, this is a positive teaching. If you have a problem relating to what we are going to hear now, to let there be light, then do not worry about it. Just take the teaching and use it for your own spiritual evolution, for your own edification and for your own spiritual growth because it is a really good teaching.


Creation is happening in us. We are new creatures. This is the beginning for us. Everything that happened in the highest realms of the Spirit is now happening down here in the World of Action. And Elohim said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. This phrase alludes to a detailed reform of the separation of the upper from the lower waters according to the secret of the left. Now what does this mean? And Elohim said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. What we are talking about is the separation of the waters. What waters? You may recall that I have taught you this. There are female waters and there are male waters. What's the name of the female waters? We did this years ago in our studies in Genesis. Who are the female waters?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Satan is the female waters. Kabbalah does not call the female waters, Satan, but the definition is the same, if you have eyes to see. The Hebrew name for the female waters in alluding me at the moment.


Can anyone tell us why the waters have to be separated? Why do the male waters have to be separated from the female waters? Now this is happening in us now; remember. Who is the male waters? Kabbalah says the female waters are the female principle and Malkhut is the female principle. Who are the male waters? Who is the male?


COMMENT: The son or Christ Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is correct. Staying with Kabbalah, for the moment though, we wouldn't say Christ Jesus, but Ze'ir Anpin and I just want to line it up with what we are reading in the book. The son is right. The problem with the answer, the son, is that there are three levels of the son which I haven't taught you yet. We will get to that eventually. There's the son who appeared in Adam Kadmon's ovary as a seedling. There's the son who came forth from Adam Kadmon's forehead as the fruit of the second coupling of Abba and Imma. Then there's the married son who is the union of the marriage of the son and the daughter and we get the married son which is the fully matured son, which is called either Ze'ir Anpin or Adam. Kabbalah calls him, usually, Ze'ir Anpin, but Ze'ir Anpin has the same numerical value as the name Adam. That is talking about what I call the married Adam, the mature Adam.


In our world today, this is Christ Jesus, the Son. Kabbalah calls him Ze'ir Anpin most of the time. We are told here, at the beginning, Ze'ir Anpin and the daughter were all mixed together. Why did they have to be separated? Now remember, Ze'ir Anpin and Malkhut are not formed at this time. They're being described as waters. Why would you want to separate elements of water? Well brethren, in order for God's plan to be effected, in order for any positive plan to start working, you must have an order of authority. You must have an order of authority. When the authority is on the same level as the persons they're suppose to be leading, nothing except confusion takes place. I saw an excellent example of this on Star Trek once. The ship was hit with something that caused everybody to lose their memory, so nobody knew who was in command of the ship. Nobody was hurt. Everybody was there. Captain Picard was there and his assistant, No. 1, who was in love with the psychologist. Then Diana, the psychologist, was there and the security guard, who was suppose to be of another race, a Vulcan, that was very war like. He always wanted to fight instead of reconciling. They were all there and nobody knew who the Captain was. There was confusion and nobody knew what to do and everybody except the war like Vulcan, was sitting back and saying, well, we do not know who the leader is and we do not know what to do.


The Vulcan's role on Star Trek was that he was the war like one that is always being rebuked by the Captain and all of the more enlightened members of the ship. The Vulcan always wants to be violent and take extreme physical reactions and he is restrained continuously by the positive elements of the ship. He is the only one that stands up and is proudful enough to say, I must be the Captain. This is typical of human nature. The most immature person and the most prideful person will try to take hold of the leadership without being appointed by God. This is just human nature. It is just the truth of human nature. Because the wrong person was in charge of the ship, the ship was headed for disaster. Then just in the nick of time to save the ship, Captain Picard gets his memory back and he realizes that he is the Captain and he takes a Godly control of the ship. There has to be a leader and there has to be a hierarchy of authority in order to function. Why? Because it is the nature of human beings to put ones' own self interest first and to not put the interest of God first and it is also the nature of human beings that everybody is not equally equipped to rule. We have to be appointed to have authority by God. This is why the male and the female waters had to separate, because there has to be a distinction between the authority and the people who are under authority or chaos will rule. Chaos will rule.


We are told at the beginning in Genesis 1:1 that chaos was present and darkness was over the face of the deep. Somewhere in there, one of those words are translated chaos, the Hebrew word tohu. We have this chaos in the midst of ourselves and the chaos is that our negative and our positive qualities are all mixed up inside of us and we cannot tell the difference ourselves. We cannot recognize the mind of Christ in ourselves. We cannot distinguish between the thoughts of God and the thoughts of Satan within us. We cannot distinguish between the positive and the negative waters and this is the average person that is in God today. They cannot tell the difference. Now most of the church today does not even have the mind of Christ. They have the Holy Spirit, which comes with the gifts, but of those who do have the mind of Christ, very few can distinguish between the good and the evil. Paul talks about having our spirits exercised so that we can now distinguish between the good and the evil. Very few can do it. This ministry here is one of the ministries that the Lord has raised up to teach disciples how to distinguish between the good and the evil in the midst of yourselves. You will never be able to distinguish between the good and the evil or the thoughts or motives of Christ and the thoughts and motives of the carnal mind in another person if you cannot see it within yourselves.


The Lord says, you cannot do it. There's no distinction. The negative principle within you, which is the feminine principle within you, is not acknowledging the authority of Christ within you. I am not even talking about me. Everybody here has Christ within you and your own feminine principle cannot recognize Christ within you. How do I know that? Because Christ within you would never do and say some of the things that we were talking about off the tape this morning. What happened this morning, not only could you not recognize Christ in me, you couldn't recognize Christ in yourselves. What's coming to me right now is a scripture. The Lord is giving it to me so I am going to give it to you. I do not have the verse, I just have the words. I do not even know who was saying it. It must have been Jesus. He was saying, you call yourselves the sons of Abraham, but these things Abraham would not do. What you are doing, Abraham would not do. You think you are coming out of the mind of Christ, but you are deceived. You are coming out of your carnal mind. Abraham is your forefather, but you are not acting like him, you see. Any questions or comments?


We see the reason for the command, and Elohim said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters. We now see a reason for it. Let there be something to come between Satan and the Spirit of Christ because you cannot tell the difference. Let something interfere. This phrase alludes to a detailed reform of the separation of the upper from the lower waters according to the secret of the left. Now this word, secret, in Kabbalah; what it appears to me to refer to is just a mysterious or a spiritual understanding. In other words, the secret of the left would mean to me at this stage of my education, that we now know the mystery of the left, that the left by itself will do evil. The left by itself will do evil to you, to you and to others. That is the secret of the left, you see. These waters have to be separated because the separation is going to cause your right side to ascend above your left side, which ascension will give your right side the power to rule over your left side. We are going to read shortly, when we get to it, that after the separation occurred, the right side ascended. You have got to ascend above your negative principles. You've got to do it to go on with God. What is this, for us? Applying this scripture to us here today and to anyone listening to this tape, what is the firmament that is coming between your negative and your positive waters? What's coming between the two? What's happening?


What is forcing your negative and positive waters to separate?


COMMENT: Judgment.


PASTOR VITALE: Where is this judgment coming from? What is forcing the separation of your waters in this ministry? Who wielding the judgment? Who is doing it? Is it the bird in the sky?


COMMENT: You are.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I am the firmament to you. Is not the firmament earth? I am the Malkhut that is forcing your negative and positive waters to separate. I am the earth to you. Amen? Okay. You are all looking at me like you are amazed. (Laughter) You want to say something? Okay, you can say something. I will open the floor for comments and questions at the end of an exhortation. This is a good time if you want to say something. You can pick up the microphone.


COMMENT: When you said that, I was thinking of you, but by what name would I call you?


PASTOR VITALE: I am the firmament; I mean, concerning the Ten Sefirot as you are looking at the board. Well, I do not see this on the board. All that we have is a description of the atomic structure and the Sefirotic structure and everything that I have been saying after that is not really expressed on anything on the board right now. Now this is happening on every level. This happened all the way up on the highest level and maybe on some earth bound sefirah called Malkhut. Malkhut came forth on the highest level.


I do not know how it happened up in Atzilut or even up higher than that. Down here in the World of Action, I am the firmament. I am coming between your lower waters and your upper waters. Why? This is not an indictment. It is just a truth. You have failed to do it for yourselves, so you need help. I am your help, you see. When Jehovah said to Adam, I will find a helpmeet for you; I hope you all know that that help was not talking about a human woman for a human man. That help is Christ. Christ is our help. Everybody here, you are all drowning. You are drowning in the waters of your own spirit because the authority that is been placed in you to date has failed to come to the surface and dominate your left side. Elohim has thus said to everyone here and whoever else can say amen to this, wherever you are, let there be a firmament in the midst of your waters. Let a Malkhut come in and help you to do it. Now if you are listening to this message and this applies to you, you have every right to believe for this to happen. You do not have to be here. You could be over in Tin Buck Two or in another country, but the Lord is sending a Malkhut. He's sending some earthen human being to come over to give you an experience that somehow is going to result in the separation of your lower and upper waters. Now we have the white throne judgment here. I explain it to you and I show it to you. If you are listening to this message or you are reading this transcript, maybe you are under the sowing and reaping judgment. I hope not, but if you are under the sowing and reaping judgment, it is better than being under no judgment at all. Let your waters be separated. Let Christ in you arise and take His God given authority over Satan in you. Why? That you stop sinning, so that you become a candidate for eternal life. Let it happen. Amen. Any comments or questions? Let's go on.


I am just rereading this sentence now. This phrase alludes to a detailed reform of the separation of the upper from the lower waters according to the secret of the left. What's the secret of the left? If it can do it, the left is going to kill the right in you and you are going to be completely given over to your evil inclination. Do not think that that means that you have to become a serial killer. It does not mean that, but it does mean that the life of God in you would depart from you. It does mean that. Let us go on. Here the dispute, according to the secret of the left occurred. Now this word, dispute, is used in Kabbalah and it is just so interesting. That is what they call the conflict between the left and the right side. It is a dispute. It is literally a dispute over who will rule, who will rule in your individual person. Then again this also manifests on multiple levels. The next level is who will rule in this ministry or who will rule in your home, the wife or the husband, the mother or the child, and this dispute is manifested throughout all human society. Now most societies have dealt with it with an iron rod where you beat your children into submission. What's going on in this country today with our children, I do not think goes on anywhere else in the world or has ever gone on anywhere else in the world. The children must obey the parents. They just do it. You have to do it, you see.


I remember when my daughter was a little girl and I couldn't control her. It is real interesting that I have this ministry today. I told you earlier I am reliving my whole life doing everything right that I did not have right when I was in the world. Now I am doing it with the children of God. I couldn't control her and I went to my neighbor who was a school teacher and I said to her what do I do with this child? She was a little girl. I mean, she was only about three or four years old. I couldn't control a four year old; that is pitiful. (Laughter) My neighbor said to me, she has got to do everything you tell her to do. She has to do it. She said to me, you take her by the hand and you help her, but she has to do it. She showed me (I think she did it for me) she took her by the hand. It was just some silly thing like pick something up off the floor. She was having a temper tantrum in my neighbor's house. I saw and heard what she said, but I did not have the moral fiber to do it. Needless to say, I was not emotionally or spiritually equipped to raise a child at that time. Your children must obey you and that is the position I take in this ministry. Except in this ministry, I have no authority to command you because the word, command, implies with it the power to punish if you do not do it. I have no power to punish you, you see. You must comply and if you won't honor my request, my husband is coming home soon and when He gets around to it, He's going to make you comply. That is the way it works. The children must honor the parents. You must do it. If I do not insist on you doing it, I am pronouncing a death penalty over you because the judgment for dishonor of parents is an early death. You must honor your parents. You must honor your elders.


This is a dispute between your left and right side. I know that I have already mentioned to you that I read in the portion of the Zohar called the Parashat Pinhas, the violence of the dispute between Netzach and Hod; it is a violent dispute. Netzach is called the overcoming power, might, victory. Our best example is a man who just gets all carried away with his business and he forgets about his family. He could become ruthless in his business without his wife at home. It is the loving caring family life, his wife and his children at home, that are restricting that man from just becoming a total animal and going out and just financially killing everybody to make his business grow. That is the traditional role that a wife is suppose to have upon her husband and it does not always work that way. Traditionally, a wife is suppose to be the soft side of the man, saying, oh honey, give the guy a break. Does anybody here not know that, that that is the wife's traditional role, with business, with the children, with everybody, because men tend to be harsh. Men tend to be too harsh and women tend to be too soft. Where the woman is too soft, it is the male's role to say you are babying that child and you have to stop doing that. He's my son too, and I am the father and you cannot do that to him. A natural family that is an expression of the middle column is a family which is under God, where the woman is in submission to the husband, the husband is in submission to God and the family is all in order. That is an expression of the middle column, you see.


If that is not happening, I am not indicting you, but if that is not happening in your family, you have a dispute in your family. There's a battle going on for power in your family. Now maybe the husband is too strong or maybe the wife is too strong. Everyone hearing this message, you know the answer to what's going on in your family, but I do not think there are many families in this country today where there's no dispute. Because even if one person is yielding, yielding, yielding, yielding; if the dominant person is really unrealistic or unfair or unrighteous, at some point that yielding, yielding, yielding, yielding person is going to stand up and say, that is enough, and that is the beginning of the war, you see. The man has to be under God or the revelation of a Godly manner towards his wife and not many people have that. The Scripture clearly says that even if the man is quite imperfect in his ministry as the head of the household, unless he is really cruel or beating you or abusing you, it is best for the family for the wife to submit rather than to have the controversy or the dispute in the household, you see. That is what the Lord says. Ouch, ouch; that is really hard for women to take. I am a woman and that is really hard to take. You always have the option of praying to the Lord after you submit to your husband unless he is burning you with cigarettes or slapping you around. No one should take that.


If the guy is on drugs or coming home drunk and wrecking the house, you do not have to take that. If he is a decent hard working man and maybe he is just a little too hard on you, you are suppose to submit to him and go before the Lord and hope for the best because we are living in an imperfect world with an imperfect system. No matter how imperfect that system is, if you want the very best for yourselves and your children and your family, you best go through the legal channels that the Lord has established. Disputes in families are no good. It is not healthy at all. It is not a good thing. We see that this is human nature and that human nature brings forth disputes and we see the spiritual roots of it in Genesis 1: Let there be a firmament. Let the female waters separate from the male waters and as soon as that happens "whack-o" trouble. You see, what's not said here in the Zohar is that in the Ayn Sof there was perfect peace because there was a perfect interweaving. Down here in Genesis 1:1 there is an imperfect interweaving. The good and the evil are all mixed together, but there's chaos because this is a reflection of the Ayn Sof, but it is down here and down here you can only be woven together when the positive side is on top. You cannot be equal.


This is the scriptural basis for never entering into a partnership with anyone. Partnerships are scripturally unfounded. Partnerships are scripturally unfounded. They have to have a God ordained head in every relationship to hope for the best.


Now partnerships would be okay if you have an established senior partner and junior partner, but partnerships where partners are all equal is unscriptural and you are asking for trouble. Praise the Lord. You could find yourselves forced into a position where you have to go along with something that is really unscriptural. Let's say you have three partners and you take a vote and you are outvoted and your two partners do not have a scriptural submission to God or they're Christians, but they're not hearing from God. They think they're hearing from God, but it is the carnal mind and you are outvoted. You have to go along with something that you know is wrong because you are outvoted. No, no, no, nothing good could come out of that. There is a God ordained head in every Godly relationship that exists. In every dispute that arises out of every relationship, it must be resolved or rectified in accordance with the Spirit of Reconciliation of Jesus Christ or nothing can go right from that point forward. It cannot go on.


Here the dispute, according to the secret of the left, occurred. As soon as the firmament came, as soon as Malkhut came and separated the female from the male waters, there was a dispute. Isn't that what happened here this morning? I am the firmament. As soon as I sat down and I exposed Satan and wrong thinking and wrong behavior, a dispute rose up. We find out that this is to be expected with the carnal mind. If it was the Christ mind there wouldn't have to be any division of the waters. The purpose for the division of the waters is that your own Christ isn't working. Christ in you wasn't functioning, see? The firmament came. I separated the two and the left rose up immediately and there was a controversy, but we rectified it and we took the victory this morning. It has to be, you see. The secret of the left is that when it is exposed, it is going to bite. When the left is exposed, it bites. It bites the firmament, I guess. Until this point, and we are told here, referring to the first day, reference is made to the right. Now we are going to be weaving this message in and out. I am going to be relating it to us and I am also going to be reading the verses that related to Genesis 1:1. What the Kabbalah is saying is that the first day of creation brought forth the right side and the second day of creation brought forth the left side. I think that is what it is saying. Let's read on. Until this point, referring to the first day, reference is made to the right, but on the second day, reference is to the secret of the governing of the left. We see the left came forth on the second day and the secret of the left is that it desires to govern.


Now hear this. This message is not to hurt anybody. Whoever is hearing this, I am revealing human nature from a scriptural basis and when you know the truth, you now have the option to make the right choices if you want to do it. You have to hear the truth. Every human being has a left side that wants to govern and Christ in you, your right side, has to control that left side in you. You cannot say everything that comes into your mouth. You cannot accept every thought that comes into your mind and neither can you accept your emotions because emotions usually come from Satan and they're sin. The left side wants to govern. That means you want to take over the leadership. That is human nature and Genesis 1:1. It is in everybody, some people more and some people less, but it is in everybody. Everybody wants to be boss, but you do not have to yield to your left side. On the second day, reference is to the secret of the governing of the left. Because of this...because of what? Because both the right and the left want to govern. Both the right and left want to govern. Well you say, I did not have any conflict in myself this morning. That is why the firmament came to divide your female waters from your male waters, because you were so given over to your female waters that there was no conflict in your own heart. The Lord had to send a firmament from outside of you to separate the two. Because of this a great dispute broke out on the second day between the two sides. The left wanted to cancel the governing power of the right entirely, while the right wanted to cancel the governing power of the left entirely.


Now that did not happen this morning, but that did happen Thursday night when I was striving with you. We wanted to cancel each other out. That is the first option that I told you about earlier. Whether the right side wins or whether the left side wins, it does not glorify God. We must come to a reconciliation. There must be a reconciliation that will gratify Christ that is fair to both sides that lines up with God's laws. That is the only thing that is acceptable to Him and that is what the central column is. Again we are being told about human nature. Thursday night, my right side came up. I was not in a spirit of reconciliation. I was just trying to knock out your left side. God is not happy with that either, but it is human nature. We all go through that. We go through it with our spouses, with our children, with the conflicts we have with people in the street and in the supermarket. It is human nature. It is not natural to move towards reconciliation. That is an acquired attitude that comes through submission to and study of the principles of God. Human nature wants to cancel out the person that is trying to rule over them, whether it is an ungodly rule or whether it is a Godly rule. What's another word for the left side wanting to rule? It is just rebellion. It is in everybody. It is there, it is an inherent trait. The Lord wants us to see it and He wants Christ in us to police ourselves and that is the training that is going on here. I hope I do not have to do this forever. You are suppose to be doing it for yourselves.


I could be saying to my two year old granddaughter, now start dressing yourselves or to my one year old granddaughter, now sit on the toilet bowl. My daughter wants to clean up (and her daughter, my granddaughter) has her own vacuum cleaner and she vacuums for my daughter. My granddaughter says, help me clean up and my daughter says, do it yourselves. I am here to help you. I am here to toilet train you. You've got to start doing this yourselves because it is not becoming for a 35 year old person to be going in a diaper, you see. You have to grow up. The church does not even know that they're suppose to grow up, so this is a totally new concept to you all. What a shame that we cannot really communicate with a one year old that we are trying to toilet train and really understand how hard it is for them. It was very hard for these little tykes to know they're suppose to go on the toilet bowl. That is a restriction. For a whole year, you've just had an urge and you've just let it go. All of a sudden you are being told to hold it; hold it, do not do it over there, do it over here. Now I could hear one of the disciples here at one time saying, control, control. There is a Godly control. You are too old to do it in your diaper. Come on, here's your own little toilet bowl, your own little seat; sit on it. It is very difficult for these children to do that. Not only is it difficult for them, they do not want to do it. They're very busy. I called my daughter the other day and asked to speak to my granddaughter and she said hello and then she said, I cannot talk to you now, Grandma, because I am dancing. I said okay, I'll talk to you another time. You probably do not want to do it on some level if you are really honest with yourselves.


You do not want to do it. You do not want to restrain yourselves. Why? Because it is uncomfortable. We do not want to restrain ourselves. The Lord told me to stop eating chicken skin and I did not want to stop doing it. I want to do what I want to do, what makes me comfortable and what makes me happy. I want to do whatever I want to do. We are now entering into a spiritual society and we cannot do these things anymore than you can go in your diaper when you are three years old or at least it shouldn't be when you are three years old. This is spiritual society. You are being trained to function in spiritual society and the laws of the carnal society do not apply here. Therefore the reasoning of your carnal mind in response to what I tell you is just hindering you. This is what Jesus meant when He said, you have to become like little children. He did not really mean that you should become weak. He meant you have to really be teachable because children believe everything you tell them and you also have to permit yourselves to be trained in a new way because this is a new dimension of yourselves being raised up, a new spiritual dimension, which is one more step to making you a whole man because we are not whole men. Mortal men are not whole men. The Scripture never calls us men. In the New Testament we are called a certain one. If you look at the Greek, we are a certain one. You have to be a fully functioning expression of Christ Jesus to be a whole man because He is the whole man. We are just the shell.


The dispute broke out on the second day. As soon as the left came into existence, it wanted to be the big shot and rule. The left did not even want to share the power. It wanted to completely cancel out the governing power of the right. Well the right wanted to cancel the governing power of the left entirely, which means the one with the authority wanted to just smack him all around until they came into submission, which is not acceptable to God either. The right, which is the secret of Chesed (loving kindness and mercy) and the first day is the perfection of all. Because of this everything was written in the right on the first day. What that means is that Chesed has all of the goodness of God and everything that God wants to give us is in Chesed. Because of our fallen nature, if we are just given everything, it will cause our moral fiber to rot. There has to be a restriction that says this is the limit. There has to be limits. In Chesed is everything that we could ever need. It is the nature of the left side to completely knock out the right side, everything good in our life. The right, which is the secret of Chesed and the first day is the perfection of all. Because of this everything was written in the right on the first day. This means that all the seven days, the seven days of creation which are the seven Sefirot...does anyone know which seven Sefirot are the seven days of creation? Which seven Sefirot are the seven days of creation? Does anyone know? It is Chesed thru Malkhut. They are the seven days of creation. What does that mean? It means that Binah gave birth to Chesed thru Malkhut.


Chesed thru Malkhut are the seven days of creation that came forth through the union of Binah and Chokhmah. Therefore Chesed thru Malkhut can be destroyed. Binah, Chokhmah and Keter can never be destroyed. This means that all the seven days, which are the seven Sefirot, are emerged in it or emerged in Chesed and are alluded to in it, because every perfection depends on the right side. What this is saying here is that everything came out of Chesed and that is the way the creation came forth. Binah gave birth to Chesed and then out of Chesed unfolded Gevurah and then out of Gevurah unfolded Tiferet. That means everything, all of the six Sefirot that were to come after Chesed were in Chesed and they had to unfold and be revealed out of Chesed. Anybody having any question on that? We are told that perfection was in Chesed on the right side, but because of our fallen nature, there had to be a restriction come into play and thus we have the dispute between the right and the left side. I will just add this in once again that because of our fallen condition (now of course this was before the fall) but because of our fallen condition, the right side will never prevail over the left side without Christ Jesus joining to our right side. The left side will overturn Chesed and the whole right side every time. That is why we need a Savior. That is just another reason for saying that is why we need a Savior.


When the rule of the left was aroused, its dispute with the right began and the fire of anger in that dispute became fierce when the rule of the left was aroused. What does that mean? When rebellion rises up in your heart, the rule of the left is being aroused. Who arouses the rule of the left? Where do all motives originate from? Where do all motives of the carnal mind originate from? Do they start in the conscious part of your mind? Where do they start? Where do all motives start?


COMMENT: They start in the unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the unconscious part of the mind. That is true, both of the Christ mind and the carnal mind. Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind and the Spirit of Christ is the unconscious part of the Christ mind, but all motivation originates in the unconscious part of the mind, which we have no power over, whatsoever. This is why God is winking at our sins because in our present condition we are incapable of controlling the unconscious part of our mind.


Therefore the Lord says to us, if you will just look at it, do not be afraid now, just look at it and see that is it is wrong and admit that it is wrong and I'll help you. I'll cover your sins, which means I'll cancel the sowing and reaping judgment, if you'll just admit that you did wrong. I'll cancel the sowing and reaping judgment and I'll give you power to change. I'll give you power over that root that was strong enough to arise in the unconscious part of your mind and just rip through the subconscious and conscious part of your mind, right out of your mouth without you having any power to stop it. Just admit that you did something wrong, you see, and I'll give you the power to stop it and while you are changing I am going to cancel the sowing and reaping judgment. Now who could ask for more than that?


When the rule of the left was aroused, the dispute with the right began. Why? Because the right did not accept it, you see. This is what has happened over this past week. We've had this several times. I am the right in this ministry and when I saw that the left side was aroused, I rose up and said, uh uh, you cannot say that here or you cannot do that here. You cannot say it because it is a lie and I won't a lie here or you cannot do that here because that is wrong order and we have a fight. The Zohar says we have a dispute. You can have a civilized dispute, but in two instances in this last week it turned into a fight. It began because of the fire of anger. The fire of anger in that dispute became fierce. We see that dispute raises up fire and fierceness and as we get on in these verses, you will see that this is the root of Gehenom, which is hell. This is the Zoharic definition of hell. It is dispute. You see, we can have heaven or hell in this earth in this life and dispute is hell, you see. It shouldn't be, as a Christian, as someone living out of Christ. You have to yield. You have to yield to the authority. The concept of dispute should be abominable. At what point the right side has to yield, I am not sure from that point. I just have to go by the Spirit. Of course, the Lord is telling me right now, that the yielding of the right side in a controversy would be the right side staying away from anger. The right side being in the right spirit is a yielding to the Spirit of Christ. Because who are we yielding to? We are yielding to Christ.


The authority, who is on the right side, stays in the right spirit, that authority is yielded and the person who is manifesting the left side has to yield to that authority. If the authority gets angry also, then it is a mess. What have you got there? Right? If the authority gets angry also, you'll never have a Godly solution. You may have the left side backing down, but you'll never have rectification in the heart. That is why I said this morning, unless that person's heart was changed, I could not teach here because you have to have a full reconciliation of the heart to satisfy Jesus. It cannot be just on the surface. When the rules of the left was aroused, its dispute with the right began and the fire of anger in that dispute became fierce. Sometimes that fire goes underground because that was what I told you about. It was definitely underground. I was very aware of it. That fire was burning. Okay, the Lord told me to make this clear for the people listening to the tape or reading the transcript. What did I mean that fire was burning? What I mean is that on the surface it appeared that we settled the issue, but that the person, the left side, that had raised up the issue were still thinking they were right and was still angry at me, was still thinking evil of me. The issue appeared to be reconciled, but it really wasn't and I was very aware of that anger in the spirit.


Let me read this again. This dispute with the right began and the fire of anger in that dispute became fierce and from this dispute Gehenom was created. Gehenom was awakened and created by the left. Gehenom is always created by the left and cleaved to it. What does that mean? Gehenom cleaved to the left. If you are a manifestation of the left and you are raising up a dispute, you need to know that hell is cleaving unto you. Now what is the practical application of this, that Gehenom is cleaving unto you? Listen brethren, the truth and the reality of our condition and this is true of the whole human race although it is even more true of Christians, of spiritual people; we are creative beings. Every thought that comes out of our mind has a manifestation in the astral plane. We literally give birth all day long because our thoughts take on form in the astral plane. The astral plane personally manifests in our life in what the occult calls our aura. There really is an electric field that surrounds us and all of the thoughts that we give birth to live in our aura. Now everybody here was in old order deliverance. I do not know about you, but I used to wonder where these demons were coming from. I had a lot of demons cast out of me. I cast a lot of demons out of others. I saw people vomit, I saw people yawn, I saw people belch. I saw all kinds of expressions of something being expressed from the physical body. Where did it come from? Where do they come from inside my body? I could never really get it straight where they came from, you see.


We give birth to these entities all the day long. Kabbalah calls them angels. See, according to Kabbalah, there's different categories of angels and they say that the entities in the astral plane are either good or evil angels and most of them are mixed. That is what Kabbalah says. Now I think that is confusing to call them angels because we always think of the beings on the higher planes as angels, although we know there are evil angels because we read about that in Revelation 12:7. That is what Kabbalah says, our thoughts produce this particular category of angel, the evil ones, of which we would call demons and they cleave to us and they become a part of our being. Now I know I just said a contradiction here. The Lord will have to help me with it. I believe that that is true, that these entities dwell in our aura. If they dwell outside of us in our aura, how come when we get delivered, they yawn or belch out of us? Now that contradiction came in my mind and the Lord's answering me right here in front of you. Yes, they dwell in your aura and they speak to you and they make suggestions to you and suggest that you perform the same error, the same sin, over and over again. The door out; they cannot just come, they cannot be just plucked out of the energy field. The exit door is that they have to get inside of you and come up out of whatever part of your body they come out of because the aura is in a different plane of consciousness. The aura does not exist as a part of the physical world. The aura exists as a part of the astral plane which is a higher plane and the exit door is down into your physical body and out of your mouth or out of wherever it is coming out of.


We literally carry our own hell around with us. If we are angry at somebody and we are not willing to or we are not able to make rectification at the moment (sometimes we are not able and we have to go home and pray and get convicted) so if we are not willing or we are not able to really truly resolve the issue at the moment and we take that anger home with us, we are literally producing demons that dwell in our aura. They stay with us and that means the next time we are going to be even more easily angered. Here again is the operation of the forgiveness of sins, you see. When you come in and you repent and I (it does not even have to be me) when you truly reconcile with somebody, it kills off the demons that you produced. (End of tape 1)


Tape 2


In the place of these evil angels of anger, become good angels of reconciliation, which make you more inclined towards reconciliation in the future. That is why this practice that seems to me to be so common in this country today and in the church of non confrontation (of just forget about it) everybody walks away with their demons. There's no true reconciliation. Now I will admit that it is a gift to be a minister of reconciliation. I am a minister of reconciliation. I have that ability in Christ Jesus to sit before two people in controversy and to listen to them with an impartial ear and show both parties where they're right and where they're wrong and bring forth that reconciliation, bring forth that middle column. I have that gift. It was born in me in Africa several years ago. I admit that there are not that many people that have that. See, this is what Solomon had. Whenever you read in the Scripture that someone sat in the gate and judged the sins of the people, this is what they did. This principle, this ministry of reconciliation, it is the foundation for the courts of this country, but of course it is not functioning very well. Hopefully, the judge is honest and does the best that he can, but the true judge is not under the law. You see, the judges in our country or in our city here, they have to go by the laws that are on the books. They're controlled by the laws, but the true judge, which is the expression of Christ Jesus wherever He is appearing, He's not bound to the law. Sometimes the law convicts an innocent man. See, this is what is waiting for us in the world to come, true judges in Christ Jesus where people can honestly come before a man of God with a legitimate complaint and really receive justice. That is the world to come.


You know, in years past, monarchs of nations would do that. The Queen of England or the Queen of Spain would have people come before them with problems and they would judge between the two. I may not have the right country, but I know I have seen it in maybe Greece or in Rome. I do not know about the western nations. Somebody has to judge between the people because there's controversy everywhere. Why? Because we are fallen and we abuse each other continuously. This is part of the ministry of the son of God. We are to judge the people, not only to show you your sins but help you to let Christ in you become stronger than your sin nature. We are also to judge in controversies between people. Righteous judgment, truth, that is hard to find in this country today and we are the living expression of Christ. God help us all. It is hard to find true justice today with these high powered lawyers and everything else that is going on. Whatever happened to justice? Now we have plea bargaining. In the world to come, we will have truth and true justice. Thank you Jesus. What a wonderful unique concept; true justice. Is that unique? How unique. Thank you Lord.


We see that Gehenom is awakened when the left side rises up and tries to take authority over the right side and the right side in the person does not take the victory. Now you could have your own personal hell. Let's say you are a drug addict or an alcoholic or you are inclined to any kind of sin and that thought is in your mind, that is your left side. Your right side rises up and says, no, do not do that and there's a struggle and you are in hell. Did you ever see somebody resisting alcohol? Did you ever see somebody resisting cigarettes? They're in hell at that moment. Hell could be in your own mind. Hell could be a dispute between the left and the right in your own mind or hell can be a dispute between you and another person. Once again, I want to tell you, that our peace in this world is between us and God and if our behavior, if our mentality and our emotions and our behavior are all under Christ, there is not anything that could be happening to us that could put us in hell. All kinds of things happen from the outside. It is our reaction that determines whether or not we will be in hell or in peace. It is how we react to what happens outside of us.


This is what I am trying to teach you, to look at what's happening to you, to evaluate it correctly. I do not know about you, maybe you are better men than I am, but I know that it used to happen to me a lot and it still happens to me sometimes, that I misunderstand things. I misunderstand things that you say to me. I misunderstand things that happen in the world. I misunderstand motives and I need the Lord, Christ Jesus in me, to set me straight. I have to want Him to set me straight. I looked at a new dress that I had the other day and I knew when I bought it that it was not an expensive dress. It was a relatively new dress and it was all stretched out. My first reaction was that the cleaner ruined my dress, but I said to the Lord, should I take it back and make an issue out of it? I believe the Lord told me that the cleaner did not do it and that it is really an inexpensive dress. I mean, it is a knit dress and it shouldn't come out of shape when you sit in it, but it is an inexpensive dress and it stretched out. That is what the Lord told me; the cleaner did not do it. I am very grateful that I did not go to this cleaner and make an issue and cause them to lose money over something they did not do. My first perception was wrong. I need a righteous judge to set me straight.


Hell is within us, but it does not have to be within us, no matter what the problem. When our Christ mind rises up and responds, hell cannot cleave to us. Why not? Because we are told in the Zohar that hell cleaves to the left side. For you to be in hell, your left side has to be raised up. It does not matter what's happening out there. You can only be in hell when your left side is predominant in your mind. That means when something provokes you, which happens all the time (we are provoked all the time) if you want to not get into hell or not get upset, your right side has to first of all deal with your left side and say, down dog, down. That is a wrong emotion. That emotion is sin. That emotion, that anger against that authority is sin. Get down, dog. Then I rebuke my pride and I say, oh no, you do not, you are not getting me upset that I should give a wrong response. I am going to stay in Christ. That thought is wrong. I argue with myself and I tell myself to shut up all the time. What a stupid thought. What a trouble making thought. Left side, you get down in the pit. I won't say that to that person. I won't respond like that. I'll suffer the loss of whatever the issue is.


That is my right side disputing with my left side in my own mind and hell cannot cleave unto me. If my left side wins the battle and knocks my right side out and I go to that other person and I am in a wrong spirit, I may get more than I expected. I may get some fight back and I could suffer loss. Almost every time that ever happens to me, I suffer loss because of where I am in Christ. That is totally unacceptable to God. He's not winking at me losing it anymore. He's not winking at me coming out of Christ anymore. I always lose. I cannot win. There's no mercy when I am out of Christ. I have to go and make it right or I'll pay the price. I thank God for that because it keeps me straight because I am fallen. If I deal with that problem with the right side, it is dealt with and I am not in hell. Hell cleaves to the left side and there are many manifestations of hell.


Gehenom was awakened. Why? Because the left side wanted to rule over the right side and Gehenom was created by the left and cleaved to it, which means that, whoever wants to strengthen the left side shall fall into Gehenom, which originates from it. Whoever strengthens the left side will fall into hell. There's hell in your mind. There's hell in your emotions and then there's physical hell. Painful disease, at the least, or torture at the hands of some unscrupulous government or some sick person that captures you is the worst. Listen brethren, this is a very hard word, but you hear about people being kidnaped, captured and tortured. Brethren, that is a judgment. How come it happened to that person and


it did not happen to the other person? There are no coincidences in this world. This world is a fallen world. It is a spiritual penal colony where people are reaping what they have sown and they're not necessarily reaping what they have sown in this lifetime. They could be reaping what their ancestors have sown or what they have sown in a previous lifetime. For those of you hearing this tape or reading this transcript, I do not believe in the reincarnation of the Eastern Religions. There is a true reality of reincarnation, but not according to what a lot of people say. There is a part of us that reincarnates. The personality does not reincarnate. The troubles that we have in this world come from the errors of our ancestors or errors from a previous incarnation of that aspect of us, the immortal aspect of us, that reincarnates.


There was some woman that was held captive by a man and a woman and they tortured her for months. It may look like she is innocent in this world, but something was on her family line that made her vulnerable to these sick people. Did God send these sick people after her? No! How come some people do not have any food and other people are eating steaks? There is nothing in this world that happens by accident. If you have trouble in your life, what you need to do is fall down on your knees and repent and ask the Lord Jesus to have mercy on you and get you out of that judgment that you are in from some sin that you may not even know what it is. Just repent. That is why the Scripture says, only the desperate are healed. I was desperate. I was going to die when I came to the Lord. I would have confessed anything. I went through Deuteronomy and I read every sin that you could do and I saw what all the judgments were. I confessed everything. Just heal me and get me out of here. It wasn't lip service, you see. It wasn't just lip service. I was saying, Lord, I had to do something terrible to be in this condition. If that is what you say it is, I did it; just get me out of here. That is why I am alive today because I shouldn't be alive today. Only the desperate get delivered, you see. We learned a very important lesson. We are going to break for dinner in just a minute. We will see if the Lord lets me make this a series because we just got through one paragraph. We have just completed paragraph 44 out of 65 paragraphs. I guess, as of now, I think the Lord will let me make it a series.


We now see where hell comes from. We've learned a very very important principle today. We make our own hell. If you wake up one morning and this is what happened to me; I was ten years old when I got sick. What could I possibly have done in ten years to bring the hell upon me that came upon me? It had to come from a previous incarnation or the sins of my fathers. If you wake up one morning and your life is really terrible, do not waste your time blaming God. Spend your time repenting and asking Him to tell you. Ask Him what you have to do to get out of this judgment that is on you. Do not be a fool. Be a wise man. We all carry hell, whatever hell we are in, we carry it on our own backs and we all carry the potential to create a hell for ourselves from minute to minute. I used to be a very aggressive person. I would get into a fight with you in a minute. Now I flee from controversy. See, you carry your hell with you wherever you go. You see, we are responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for everything that is happening to us and we have to look beyond the natural. Do not be a fool and get mad at God. He's a good God. We would all be wiped out if it wasn't for Him.


Any questions or comments? Does anyone not know what Gehenom means?


In the Greek there are three words that mean hell. Gehenom is the one word that I think only appears once or twice in the New Testament. I am sorry, I got that mixed up with tartarus. Well, I am not going to do a study on hell right now, but this is the word that is used in the Zohar, so we will just leave it at that. We've had a teaching on the genesis of Gehenna, which is one of the words that is translated hell. That is the word, if I am not mistaken, which means burning. Yes, it is coming back to me now. Gehenna is the hell where you are consumed by flames. It was the garbage dump that was called gehenna in some area of town. It is the burning up or the consummation of your soul through the judgment that consumes, to be likened to the lake of fire. It is the burning hell. I think we have that in this verse. I think this verse called it a burning fire. I would just like to give you that before we close for dinner, except that I cannot seem to find it here. We will just let it go. Any questions or comments? If not, we will break for dinner. Amen. God bless you.


Praise the Lord. We are back from dinner. We are going to start expounding on paragraph 45 of the Zohar, the first ever unabridged English translation with commentary, page 254, Part 6, paragraph 45. In his wisdom, Moshe (which is the Hebrew word for Moses) looked into this and learned about the work of creation. What did Moses look into? He looked into this concept of the dispute between the left and the right side. This dispute between the left and the right side is the work of creation and this is what's happening within us. I think we established it this morning. The dispute between the left and the right side is called the nature of fallen man. That means the work of creation, Genesis 1, is happening in us today. Creation is happening. It has been happening in this World of Action for as many years as this world has existed. We know that there are six thousand years of recorded history. The scientists say there have been members of the human race on the earth for billions of years. The work of creation is internal, even more than it is external, because what is happening inside manifests outside. The work of creation is really happening inside of men. It is not as the evolutionists would tell you, that as the years go by man is evolving and creation is coming forth. The work of creation is in inside the hearts and the nature and the minds of men.


Moses looked into this and he looked into this dispute between the left and the right side and he learned about the work of creation. In the work of creation, there was a dispute between the left and the right side and in that dispute the left side provoked it. Please note that the left side always provokes the dispute.


The right side does not always respond in a Godly manner or in a reconciliatory manner. If you recall the message from this morning, the right side can get as angry as the left side. Let me back up. The dispute that the left side starts, according to Zohar, always arises out of anger. Why is the left side angry? Because the right side has authority. The left side is angry at the authority that the right side has and says I am just as good as you or I am better than you and I am going to take that authority away from you. That is the foundation for the uprising and the creation of the dispute, which we are told always comes from the left side. Now the right side can manifest, can respond in a similar manner. In what kind of manner? In a manner that wants to take all authority away from the left side. This kind of a reaction from the right side is just as anti-productive. That is not the word I am looking for, but that is the general idea that I want. It is against productivity because what the Lord wants is the left and the right side to come together, balancing each other, strengthening each other in the right moral order and to become the central column which is the expression in the World of Action of the peace of the Ayn Sof, which is beyond creation. The central column with the fully balanced left and right side is the expression in this world of the peace that exists in the Ayn Sof.


Therefore, if the right column rises up and puts down the rebellion of the left side, smashes the rebellion of the left side, breaks the person or the people's spirit or their will, that does not glorify God because the purpose of God is to bring to pass in this realm a situation that can be likened to the completely interwoven elements of the Ayn Sof, where the negative and the positive are so completely woven together and fitted together and satisfying each other that there is complete peace. The peace that is acquired through the complete submission of the other side, whether it be the left side knocking out the right side completely or whether it be the right side knocking out the left side completely, neither of these solutions is the will of God. Neither of these solutions is the will of God. The will of God is the two sides coming together in a right spirit and fitting together and becoming one. The only way that can happen is when both sides submit to the mind of God, which tells us what is right; the right behavior, the right attitudes. The mind of God tells us the solution to our dispute in every single instance and when both sides submit to the mind of God, we will have peace, a peace that honors God, a peace that is creative. Because whether it be the left side or the right side, if you achieve a peace where one side knocks out the other side, it is just a matter of time until the side that is defeated rises up and the trouble starts all over again. The only answer to a permanent peace is the needs of both sides being met through union with each other. It is the only answer to a permanent peace. Because if you repress the other side, start counting because it is just a matter of time until there is an uprising.


The same thing applies to you, personally, if you do not fully face this rebellion that is in your fallen nature, if you just cover it over, if you just rebuke it and it just goes down and you just cover it over. It is just a matter of time until it rises up again, you see. This is happening inside of us. We've got to look at this rebellion. We've got to become convinced that it is there, that it is wrong, that it is not of God, that it is not in our best interest, that it is not in the best interest of the whole and it is not God's solution. When we become convinced of that, it will start to wither and die. When we become convinced of that and as a result of being convinced of it, make a conscious choice to not act like that, to not think like that, or to rebuke those thoughts when they come to us or to not follow after that behavior, that is the death knoll of that aspect of our sin nature. This is God's plan for our deliverance through education. The Lord is not coming and overturning the earth and taking us away from Satan and making us His slaves. It is just not going to be like that. The Lord is irresistible and there will be a combination of us experiencing the sowing and reaping judgment and hearing the instruction of the Lord and eventually we will come around to His way of thinking. Eventually we are going to wake up and say, I am tired of reaping what I sow and it does not make any sense anyway, so let's just try the Lord's way. In the words of Rodney King, cannot everybody just get along? (Laughter)You cannot do it without Christ. You cannot do it without righteousness, you see, because if you get along without righteousness, it is slavery. If you submit to an unrighteous solution, it won't work. We all submit to the Lord Jesus and His plan and His instructions and it works. Praise the Lord.


We are told here that any dispute that arises, the left side has provoked it. The right side never provokes a dispute. Now I hope I made it clear to you that in a group like this or in a marriage, for example, or in any organization, the leader is the right side and the people who are suppose to be in submission are the left side.The leader himself has a right and left side and if the left side rises up in the leader, which is the right side, then the right side has become the left side. The left side always starts the dispute, you see. I hear somebody thinking, well what do you mean the right side can never start the dispute. You mean the leader of the group or my husband who is the head of the marriage could never start a dispute? It is always the left side that starts the dispute. My answer to that is (one more time) the person who is in the office of the right side, the head of the ministry, the head of the household (the husband), they're in an office of the right side, but they themselves as a person, have a right and a left side. If that person who holds the office of the right side, rises up in a wrong spirit, what has happened is that the left side of that person who holds the office of the right side, the left side has risen up in the person who holds the office of the right side. In that event, even though the person holds the office of the right side, the dispute is still being started by the left side, because it is the left side of the person that holds the office of the right side. Can you hear that? Disputes are always started by the left side.


In the work of creation there was a dispute between the left and the right. In that dispute, which the left provoked, Gehenom was created and Gehenom held on to the left. By the way we are using the Hebrew spelling of the word Gehenom. We are not using the Greek spelling of the word or the Greek pronunciation of the word. We are told that the genesis of Gehenom, which is one of the Hebrew words (actually it is in the Greek also) translated hell, it is the word hell, that means that burning. Hell was created in Genesis 1. Hell was created as one of the results of the commandment, let there be a firmament. Let there be a division between the female waters and the male waters, which division polarized the female principle and the male principle, which had been previously mixed together. When you mix together the female principle and the male principle, the male principle dies, you see. When you mix authority with elements that are anti-authority or with the elements that are suppose to be under the authority, it is the authority that dies.


In our society today, what's happening is that the authority in this land is under a severe assault and the rebellion that is rising up in the land is knocking down all legitimate authority. It is attacking all legitimate authority. There has to be a separation. It could be a Godly and a loving separation, but there has to be a separation. When you have authority you cannot be one of the boys because as soon as that controversy arises, the person that is your pal is going to call you on it. You won't be able to do what you have to do and you'll make a wrong decision. Therefore the feminine principle and the masculine principle, the female waters and the male waters, there has to be a level of separation so that in the event of a crisis you can rise up in your manhood and pronounce the righteous judgment of Jesus Christ, even if your friend or your wife or your disciple is very unhappy with you. It has to be that way or the whole family goes down, whether it is a spiritual family or a natural family. When righteous judgment is not exercised in a controversy, everybody loses; everybody loses.


I was saying, in that dispute which the left provoked, Gehenom was created and Gehenom held on to the left. We know where Gehenom comes from. It was created at the time that Elohim said, let there be a firmament. As soon as the left side separated from the right side and that dispute arose, hell arose. We now have a definition of the fires of hell. The dispute between the left and the right side is the fires of hell. We are told that Gehenom cleaves to the left side. If you want to wipe the hell out of your life, you have to put down the left side in your personality and in your mind. You have to put it down with all your strength and you cannot do that without joining your right side to Jesus Christ. You will never have the strength to do it. That is for the purposes of eternal law. For the purposes of the laws of this society, we can put down our left side by cleaving to the law, by believing in the law, by submitting to authority, submitting to your parents, submitting to your husbands, submitting to your employers, submitting to your pastor, submitting to your teacher. That is how you put down the hell and the dispute of your left side. You make a decision with your mind that you are going to do the right thing, that you are going to submit to authority, and you make a decision that those feelings that you have are sin. The feelings that you have, that you have been wronged when you have been corrected, that is the sin of pride. It was said here today, but those are my feelings, what can I do about it? You can attack them because they are sin. When a Godly correction comes forth and you feel wronged, that is the sin of pride. Praise the Lord.


The central pillar is Tiferet. Of course this tape is for a mature audience. I hope that you all know that Tiferet is the sefirah that manifests the balance of all the upper Sefirot to us. Tiferet represents the balance between Binah and Chokhmah and Chesed and Gevurah. I think even more so between Chesed and Gevurah because Binah and Chokhmah are not warring. Tiferet represents the balance between Chesed and Gevurah and Netzach and Hod. Tiferet represents that fully balanced emanation that is so well balanced, it becomes one single river coming out of Tiferet. That river flows down to Yesod who gives it to Malkhut, which is us. Gives what? It gives us life. The balanced flow of energy that produces life because this negative energy produces disease. When Gevurah is pouring out into our spirit, into our physical body and into our life and is not restrained, is not adequately restrained by Chesed, it makes us sick, you know. It is Gevurah that is behind the resentment and bitterness and anger and retaliation. It is just like being electrocuted. That energy is just pouring into us, destroying our body. If you have a problem with any of these issues, with anger, with unforgiveness, with bitterness or resentment, pray for Chesed to pour into your life to restrict the activity of Gevurah which is making you sick.


We are told the central pillar which is Tiferet and, of course, we know that Tiferet is Christ Jesus to us and even in the Hebrew Scripture, Tiferet is known as Jehovah. Tiferet is the sefirah that is manifested to Israel as HaShem, which is the name YHVH. He's the representative of all the Ten Sefirot to the people. See, there is only one God, who manifests Himself to us through ten different aspects of the different Sefirot, but it is all the same God. This God, called the Ayn Sof, manifests Himself primarily to humanity, and to Israel in particular through the sefirah Tiferet, which is the balance of the warring factions. That is why in the Christian world we see Jehovah is prominent in the Scripture. He's prominent because He represents to the people all of the other Sefirot. He's the one that is up front. That is the same thing as me saying that Jesus Christ represents to us today, all of the faces that God has shown us before. According to the Doctrine of Christ, Michael incarnated in Moses, then incarnated Elijah, then incarnated as Jesus and that Michael is appearing to us today by the name of the last garment that he acquired, which is Jesus Christ.


It is the same principle as saying Jehovah, which represents the sefirah Tiferet, is the one name that represents all of the manifestations of God represented by the Ten Sefirot. That just makes it one name, the cohesive collective well balanced emanation of all the Ten Sefirot is known to the church and to the Jew as Jehovah. Now we went to a Messianic service the other day and I heard them praising HaShem, HaShem, HaShem, which means the Name, which is talking about the Tetragrammaton, YHVH, which is Jehovah to the church. I said to the Lord, where is Jesus in all this? Now I perceived the Holy Spirit and I felt that the people were in Christ, but that was all I heard in the praise, HaShem, HaShem, HaShem. I said, Lord, where is Jesus in all this? Right after that the musician who was leading the praise said, thank you, Jesus. I went home with a question mark in my mind. Actually, I have had this question in my mind before because I have had some contact with another Messianic Jew, which I owe an e-mail to. The Lord just reminded me. I said, Lord, how do we reconcile this worship of HaShem and Jesus? Jesus is Messiah, HaShem is God, and we are suppose to pray to God in the Name of Jesus. I am all confused.


This is what the Lord said to me. He said to me, Jesus is the latest garment that God is wearing and Jesus is covering over HaShem, which is Jehovah. He's the latest Name and that we should be praying to Jesus. You see, the Scripture says to pray to the Father in the Name of Jesus. Jesus said that when He was in the flesh, but Jesus is not in the flesh anymore. He's ascended, He's glorified and He is the garment that is covering the Tiferet. He's covering the whole household of God to us. The worship should be directed towards Jesus. Now I do not think Jesus has a controversy with this Messianic fellowship because they're just doing the best they can, but if the question rises up in my mind, I have to have an answer to it and that is the answer that the Lord gave me. He's winking at their saying, HaShem and not Jesus because they're confused like I was confused. If you are looking for the truth, the answer is that Jesus is now glorified and He is the partzuf that represents the whole of the Ayn Sof to us and Jesus is the last Adam. What we are saying is that Adam Kadmon is manifesting to us under the garment of Jesus Christ and Adam Kadmon is the whole of creation. In case you are interested in that little detail or in case you had the same question in your mind, technically we should be praying to the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the most recent manifestation of the Godhead to us. Anybody have a question on that? Praise the Lord.


The central pillar, which is Tiferet, which is also YHVH, which is also Chris Jesus, entered in between them on the third day. Entered in between whom? Who did the central column enter in between? What are we talking about here?


COMMENT: To my knowledge the central column is in between the left and the right column.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. The central column entered in between the left and the right that were killing each other. Now remember, according to the Zohar, this battle between the left and the right is vicious. It is a vicious battle in your own mind. You may not be aware of it, but in your own mind and in between people, when one person manifests the left and the other person manifests the right, this battle is for keeps. Your conscious mind may not be facing it, but this battle at its spiritual root is as violent as an army rising up to overtake the government. This is a coup.


Do you know what a coup is? That is a French word, short for coup d'etat. That means take over the government, usually violently. If you just say coup d'etat, it means a violent takeover of the government. Sometimes you'll hear the expression, a peaceful coup d'etat. Nobody got killed, they just walked in with guns and took it over. That is what it is when the left rises up. It is a bid for power and there is no rising up of the left that is innocent. Your conscious mind may not know what's going on, but your own personal Satan knows exactly what's going on. She is moving to overthrow the established authority. If you do not deal with it immediately, she'll take another step and she'll take another piece and she'll take another bite and if you are in authority and you do not stop it, you are not going to have your authority very long. You will be eaten of worms because your authority is Christ. He will be swallowed up by the carnal mind of the left side, whether that is happening within your own person, whether it is another person or whether it is another group. Praise the Lord.


The central pillar, which is Tiferet or Christ Jesus, entered in between the left and right that were killing each other on the third day. What do I mean killing each other? They were ready to fight to the death. Someone wanted to rule over the other. The left wanted to rule over the right. Tiferet or Christ Jesus entered in between them on the third day of creation. Remember the first day the right was raised up. The second day of creation, the left was raised up. On the third day of the creation, Tiferet or Christ Jesus or the central column entered in between the warring factions ending the dispute and bringing the two sides to agreement. That is the only thing that will give you a lasting peace; agreement. Both sides have to agree to the righteous solution of Jesus Christ. You have to say amen, the Lord is right. In the world we have compromise. To have peace you have to negotiate a peace and everybody makes concessions. That means you give up things that maybe you shouldn't be giving up. Maybe righteousness says you shouldn't be giving that up, but you make that concession because the other party is insisting and you both have to make concessions to have peace. This will not stand in Christ, you see.


You should never make a concession of something that is truly righteously yours. In Jesus Christ there is a true solution. What you have to give up is what you desire that the Lord says is not righteous and the Lord is not a respecter of persons. The Lord is the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Righteousness. He is a fair and righteous judge and He will say to each party, this is what your inheritance is and this is what your inheritance is, and you are wrong in desiring this and you over there, you are wrong in desiring that. Let us make a lasting peace based on righteousness. You see, you should never be required to give up something that rightfully belongs to you to make peace. The Scripture calls that a compromise. Well, it is called a compromise, whether it is in Christ or not in Christ. It is just that when it is not in Christ, it is acceptable. When it is in Christ, compromise is a dirty word.


That is what's going on in Israel right now. Palestine wants Israel to give up the land that is rightfully theirs for peace and the Lord said no. That is not a righteous peace, you see. It will never stand because it is unrighteous; land for peace. The Lord said no. Compromise in God is sin. You do not give up anything that is right and you do not require something of your brother that is not right. You do not give up what's rightfully yours and you do not acquire by negotiation what is rightfully somebody else's.


The central pillar, which is Tiferet, entered between them on the third day ending the dispute and bringing the two sides to an agreement based on righteousness. Gehenom removed itself from the left and descended below. Gehenom removed itself from the left. Now remember, I just told you Gehenom cleaved unto the left side. The left side that started the dispute got more than it bargained for. Hell came into existence and attached itself to the left side and hell stays attached to the left side. If the left side defeats the right side or if the right side defeats the left side, hell remains attached. When the central column comes in, which is Tiferet, which is Ze'ir Anpin, which is Christ Jesus, and brings in an agreement through righteous means, Gehenom goes down below. Gehenom detaches from your left side. Now look, we all have a left side in the midst of us. If the left side defeats your own right side or your right side defeats your left side, hell is still attached to you. That means hell is still active in your life.


The only way you are ever going to have any peace in your own mind or in your relationships is if you are willing to submit to Christ Jesus who does everything righteously. In that event, hell, Gehenom, removes itself from your left side and goes down below and you have peace in your life and this is the only true peace. The Scripture says, peace, peace, but there is no peace. It is a lying peace because hell is still active. Gehenom removed itself from the left and descended below and the left joined the right and there was peace everywhere. The Spirit of Reconciliation came in. Both the left and right agreed with righteousness and that resulted in the left joining to the right in the correct moral order and there was peace everywhere. The left side has to give up the fight, has to give up the rebellion, one way or another, for there to be peace and for hell to go down under. That is the end of paragraph 45. Are there any questions or comments? Okay, we will go on to paragraph 46.


A similar dispute occurred between Korah and Aaron. What kind of similar dispute? The left rose up against the right. Aaron was the right and Korah was the left. Korah raised up hell. Korah raised up trouble in that camp. Brethren, that is trouble when you are trying to rule a people and you are doing the best you can to follow God and someone comes and brings up a controversy; that is trouble. It is grief to your soul and grief to all of the people, grief and pain. A similar dispute occurred on the second day of creation when the left side rose up and started a dispute, a similar dispute started here in the World of Action between Korah and Aaron. The same thing that happened at the beginning in Genesis 1, happened between two men, Korah and Aaron. The left side rose up against the right. Moishe, as the Jews say, studied the creation and said I am the one able to eliminate the dispute between left and right. Moses, who had studied creation, knew that he had the ministry of reconciliation. He had the law. He had a knowledge of what was right and he had the ability to do righteously to both sides and bring them into agreement.


The middle column was present at the time that the dispute rose up between Aaron and Korah. Moses said, I am the one who is able to eliminate the dispute between the left and right. Then Moshe tried his best to reconcile them. He spoke reasonably to both of them. He spoke the truth to them. He spoke righteousness in the Spirit of God. We would say, in Christ Jesus today. The left side did not want to be reconciled. The left side would not submit to the wisdom of Christ and say amen. Therefore, Korah became stronger. Why? Because hell attached itself to him, strengthening the left side and Korah became stronger and overcame Aaron. See, the left side is always stronger than the right side. The Lord joins Himself to the right side. When Korah, the left side, refused to listen to the spirit of reconciliation in Moses, hell was raised up in Korah and he became stronger than Aaron.


Paragraph 47. Moshe said, assuredly because of the power of the disagreement of the left, Gehenom should cling to it just as it was in the works of creation. Moses pronounced judgment on Korah. He said, you wouldn't listen to reason. I came with a Godly spirit of reconciliation. You wouldn't give up your pride. I understand what happened in the days of creation at the time of creation and I understand that this is a physical manifestation of what happened in Genesis Chapter 1. Therefore I prophesy over you that the same thing will happen to you that happened in Genesis 1. Hell will be raised up and it will cling to you. See, that is not a curse from the point of view of Moses wishing evil on Korah. Moses was just citing out of his knowledge as to what was going to happen to Korah. I, more or less, did the same thing this morning. I explained to you all, I have no authority to enforce anything. Therefore what I ask you to do, it is not a commandment, it is just a request. If what I am requesting that you do is truly what the Lord wants you to do and you will not submit to me; the way it came out of me was that it is going to be bloody, I mean that is what came out of me. You will obey God. I am not the enforcer, but He will bring you into submission if you are truly called. What I had told you was that I do not see anybody here being bounced out of the ministry. You have to do what I, as a spokesperson, am asking you to do. If you refuse, but it is truly God's will what I am asking you to do, He will bring you into submission and it will be bloody, not necessarily physically bloody, but spiritually bloody.


That means your left side is going to be in a confrontation with the living God. Who in their right mind would want that? Most people are out of their minds. They just do not understand this stuff. They're out of their right mind, they're in their left mind. They're in their carnal mind, you see. That was what I meant when I said it is going to be bloody. I meant it won't be pleasant because one of two things has to happen. If you will not submit to simple request, one of two things has to happen. You have to get bounced out of the ministry or the Lord has to lean on you and make you do it. You have to do it. I said the same thing this morning that Moses said to Korah. You won't give it up and you are raising up hell and it is going to cling to you. Would you give up your pride already? Look at what you are doing to yourselves. Moses wasn't really cursing Korah. He was speaking out of knowledge, saying if you do not give this up, this is what's going to happen to you. In the same manner in Genesis 3, Jehovah did not curse Adam and the woman and the serpent. All that Jehovah really did, was to say to them, I told you not to engage in this behavior and you did it and now this is what is going to happen to you. Jehovah was saying, I have a knowledge of spiritual laws and now this is what you can expect. This is what you have unleashed in your life. Jehovah was not cursing them. He was educating them, saying get ready, this is the fruit of what you have brought upon yourselves. Moses said, assuredly because of the power of the disagreement of the left; there is power when the left disagrees and it is not put down. That is witchcraft power. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and Moses said, assuredly because of the power of the disagreement of the left, Gehenom should cling to it just as it was in the works of creation.


Korah did not wish to be attached above, namely to the amendment of holiness. Now listen to this. Korah did not wish to be attached to the above, namely to the amendment of holiness. Korah would not submit to the Godly solution. Korah would not yield to righteousness and that means Korah did not wish to be attached to the world above. Now I could just hear Korah saying, I never said that, that I did not want to be attached to the world above. Well whether your conscious mind knows it or not, when you will not yield to the spirit of righteous reconciliation, what you are saying is, I prefer to be attached to Gehenom below than to righteousness above. You do not have to say the words, I choose to not be attached above. You do not have to say those words. It is your choice that says those words. It is your attitude that says those words. It is your behavior that says those words. The Zohar says Korah did not refuse to be attached to the amendment of holiness. There was a holy resolution to this conflict between Korah and Aaron. Aaron submitted and Korah would not. Therefore, whether it was in his conscious mind or not, he refused to attach himself to holiness and therefore he was attached to hell because you must be attached to one or the other. No man stands alone. Korah did not wish to be attached above, namely to the amendment of holiness and joined to the right. You see, if he would have attached himself to the amendment of holiness, he would have been joined to the right like the left on high. Korah did not wish to be attached above, namely to the amendment of holiness which would have joined him to the right like the left on high is joined to the right. Now what's that talking about? What is the left on high that is joined to the right? Nobody knows, so I'll show you on the board.


Okay, drawing #2 is on the board. Binah is the high part of the left side. Binah is attached to Chokhmah, which is wisdom and therefore Binah's judgment is most pure of all judgments. What do I mean by most pure? Binah's judgment has the least of Gevurah, which is harsh judgment, and the most of mercy of all the judgments. Binah is judgment, Gevurah is judgment and Hod is judgment. Binah is the highest, the most merciful and the least harsh and the most reasonable because she ministers judgment with wisdom. That is just another way of saying she is the White Throne Judgment. Binah is judgment with understanding, judgment that imparts understanding to the sinner and gives them the opportunity to make an intelligent choice. Gevurah has no teaching, gives no understanding and just tries to kill you. Hod is the mind that comes forth as a result of the operation of the interactions of all of the Sefirot that are above her. Hod is either the carnal mind or the Christ mind that appears in you and our own mind judges us all the time. We judge ourselves all the time.


Korah did not wish to be attached above, namely to the amendment of holiness, which would have joined Korah to the right side, which is like unto the left on high. See, Korah would have been joined to the right side, wisdom, which is like unto Binah, the left on high. If Korah would have received the righteous judgment, he would have received the judgment of Binah, which would have imparted wisdom to him, which would have attached his whole being to the right side. He would have escaped judgment completely. Assuredly, Moses says, Korah shall descend below, down to Gehenom, because of the fierceness of his anger. We are really being told here over and over again that the foundation of the left side is anger. The person that yields to their left side, that whole principle in the person that comes forth to bring forth a dispute, rests in anger. We know here in this ministry that what happens, not infrequently, is that some people have the power to not show this anger and that projection of anger will manifest through the person that is attacked. This is one of the things that we have learned here. Some people have the power to not look angry, to not show their anger, to be very calm. This is called passive aggression in the field of psychology. If the person that they're directing that anger towards happens to be spiritually vulnerable like me, I have to resist manifesting anger that is literally pumped into me by other people who have a rage against me, but have the power to not show it and speak to me in a calm voice.


The spirit behind what they're saying is rage and it will just rush into me like a tidal wave and if it can do it, rise up and then I become the angry person and look like it. Of course, I am guilty if I cannot hold the line and that anger will rise up in me and come out of my mouth. I am guilty. I have been raped, but I am guilty. That anger has possessed me for that moment, but that does not absolve the person who projected their anger on to me. Most people who do this do not know that they are doing it, you see. This is the unfortunate side of the sowing and reaping judgment and this is the glory of the white throne judgment, for someone to come to you or to me and for me to be able to relieve you and tell you, yes, your anger is wrong, but you were raped. That person who said that to you, that utterly provoked you, has spiritually raped you and yes, you received their sin when you could not hold the line against their anger. Initially it was their anger. You should know what happened to you. You should know why you lost control. You should know that you were raped and violated. Why? That you could retaliate against the other person? No! That you could start to deal with this weakness in yourselves. I had the opportunity to speak to a woman that I really did not know. I had just heard her story a couple of months ago. This woman was in a lot of misery. She had a history of some bad behavior, but she had been doing well for several years and as her story came forth, her husband who was drunk at the time had severely provoked her and she did not hold the line.


His anger jumped on her and she did not hold the line and she wound up being made a fool out of. I am sorry, I do not remember the details of the story. She wound up with her husband locking her out of her own house and calling the police. As I heard the story, he had completely set her up every step of the way and he was calm and she was screaming and yelling and raving like a lunatic. Now this was the next day. She was utterly condemned, saying my goodness, I haven't done anything like this in three years. What happened to me? Of course, it must be humiliating. I do not know whether the police arrested her or what they did, but she was locked out of her own home. I said to the Lord, if you want me to talk to this woman and tell her what really happened to her, you make a way for me to speak to her and the Lord opened the door and I explained this principle to her. She was very happy and she just hugged me and kissed me. She was completely set up. Praise the Lord. What does that mean? In this case, her drunk husband raised up her left side, virtually against her will. She couldn't fight it off. He literally raised up her left side, attached hell to it, and put her through hell. He sent her down to hell for that whole experience. It happens all the time.


Each person reading this transcript or hearing this tape, if you want to do yourselves a favor, evaluate yourselves. Put yourselves before the Lord and find out which category you are in. Are you a person who is spiritually vulnerable, that other people's anger can rip through you? Has that happened to you or are you the other side? Are you the passive aggressive that never loses their cool? Are you the perfect lady or the perfect gentleman all the time and is it always the other person that rises up screaming and yelling at you and you cannot even figure out what you did? Are you the one that looks at the screaming and yelling person all the time and says, what is your problem? Find out who you are and ask the Lord to help you because you are the one who never loses your cool, and are always the one looking at the screaming and yelling person saying, what is your problem? You very well may be the person that projected the explosive force of your own anger on to that person and that anger exploded in them because they couldn't deal with it. Praise the Lord.


Okay. Assuredly, Korah shall ascend below, down into Gehenom, because of the fierceness of his anger, which fierceness of his anger prevented him from agreeing to the amendment of holiness, the righteous resolution to the problem. He wouldn't or he couldn't agree to it because of the fierceness of his anger. Now Korah had the opportunity at this time. I do not know that he had the knowledge to do it, but by way of example to us, he had the opportunity at this time to recognize the fierceness of his anger and to separate the female from the male waters within himself and speak to his anger, which is his emotions. You see, you cannot say they're my emotions and that is okay. Sin rides in our emotions. Korah had the opportunity to separate, to have a firmament come in there, and divide the male from the female waters and have his own male waters say to his female waters, the female waters that were manifesting the fierceness of his anger, his own male waters could have said to them, peace be unto you. You are not sending me down to hell; so storm be still, because I am not going down to hell because of you. Either Korah did not have the knowledge or he did not have the will or he did not have the power, but he did not do it.


As it happened in the works of creation, Gehenom came out and cleaved to the left side of Korah. Moshe knew that with the strength of Korah's anger, Korah would descend to Gehenom and be attached to it. Please note the double process, descent to Gehenom and then you are attached to it. Once you become attached to hell, you literally are in hell wherever you go. There is no place you can run from it. We see that with drug addicts, with alcoholics, with people that are attached to any kind of addiction. That is the hell that they carry with them. If your addiction is anger, wherever you go you are angry at people and you have trouble in relationships wherever you go, you are in hell. If you have arguments wherever you go, you are in hell. You fall into adultery wherever you go, you are in hell. You are victimized wherever you go, you are robbed or you are mistreated, you are in hell. Can you relate to what I am saying? Get down on your knees and repent. You do not know what you are suppose to repent of? Tell the Lord you do not know what you did or how you got into this condition, but you recognize that you are carrying hell around on your back and you want to be separated from hell and then ascend up to the right side. That is how you get out of hell. Have you been in jail five times and as soon as you get out, you go back? That is hell.


I heard a preacher on TV a couple of weeks ago. He said he was in jail before he became a preacher. He was in jail for thirty days for whatever he did. It sounds like a traffic violation or something. He said that when he went into jail, at the beginning of his thirty days, there were certain men who were in that jail. During his thirty days, they were released and before he left, they were back in jail again. Those men are walking around with hell on their back. See, stop getting mad at the system. Get down on your face before God and petition Him for deliverance. You are going to have to admit that there is something wrong in the way you think, that there's something wrong with the way you relate to society and the members of society. You will have to agree with the amendment of holiness, which means you will have to admit what you are doing wrong and how you are thinking wrongly and if you just do not faint, the Lord will deliver you from the hell of your life. Praise the Lord.


Moses knew that with the strength of Korah's anger, Korah would descend to Gehenom and be attached to it. The anger was so strong that Korah couldn't overcome it and this anger came out of envy of Aaron's position and Aaron's authority. Envy! Deadly! Envy is deadly! Resist it, rebuke it, punish it and drive it from your midst because it will destroy you. Before you could do that, you have to identify it. Verse 48. Because of this; because of what? Because of his strong anger, Korah did not want Moses to settle this dispute. Korah did not want Moses to settle this dispute. The solution was right there in front of him. The ministry of reconciliation was right there in front of him. Korah said, I do not want your righteous amendment to this solution because his anger was so great that Aaron had authority that he did not have and that he was required to submit to. He did not want to submit to Aaron. He wanted to be the boss and was very angry.


Doesn't that sound familiar? Now let me see, where did I hear that? I think there were two people born. They were named Cain and Abel and Jehovah said, Abel has the head over Cain and Cain was very angry to the point that he murdered his brother. Brethren, this is the fallen nature, you see. We are Cain and Abel in incarnation. Cain and Abel is a part of the nature of every man or woman born of a woman. Cain and Abel is in us. Cain is the left side and Abel is the right side. Our left side is very angry at the authority that our right side has. Our left side is also very angry at anyone that wields power or authority in the world because that is our fallen nature, but you do not have to take it, you see. You do not have to be a manifestation of your left side. You can lay hold of Jesus and become strong in your right side and defeat your left side right in your own spiritual being, which will change your whole life. You do not have to be Cain. You can be Abel. All things are possible in Christ, if you first of all know that they're possible and can hear that I am educating you. If you desire it strongly enough, all things are possible in Christ. You have to do your part, you have to fight. You have to fight, you see. The Lord will join with you and give you the victory if you fight. Praise the Lord.


Now do not be deceived. Cain is really a manifestation of the carnal mind which is good and evil. Now I have told some of you when I was speaking to you earlier that you are completely given over to your left side, but you are not a bad person. That does not mean you have to be a bad person. In the case of the people who would be reading this transcript or listening to this tape, what it means is that Christ just cannot get His head up in you. You are not a bad person. You love your kids, you go to church, you do not steal, you do not lie or cheat or commit adultery. You are not a bad person, but your left side is so strong that Christ cannot get going and that makes you a murderer, you see. For spiritual purposes that is how the Scripture can say we are all murderers because we kill Christ all the day long. The Lord wants Christ to get out in you because He wants to give you eternal life. Praise the Lord.


Because of this anger, which is rooted in envy, Korah did not want Moses to settle this dispute. He wanted to kill Aaron. He was in a murderous rage. He did not want this dispute settled. Did you ever see anybody like that? I used to be like that years ago. My anger was so severe that I did not even want the solution. I just wanted to pound you. That means the anger comes from something beyond the present situation. You have to find out what it is and repent and get healed. That kind of anger usually comes from violation, possibly in your childhood. You cannot carry it into your adulthood. I mean if you carry it into your adulthood, you will reap what you sow. We do not have to do that in Christ. We can be delivered from every ungodly characteristic and quality if we are willing to fight. You have to war with your left side. See, that is what Paul was talking about when he said, if I do not like what I am doing it is no longer me but sin that dwelleth in me.


What happened to Paul was his primary personality moved to the right side. He became the right side and therefore the left side within him became an enemy to him. You know some people who are completely given over to the left side, the right side is an enemy to them. When the right side comes and says in the form of conscience or in the form of another person, that is wrong and you have to change, that person is so given over to their left side that they will war against the right side. Who are you? You see, we are all good and evil. We are all left and right, but everyone of us is primarily one or the other. What you are for the purposes of this world is not necessarily what you are for the purposes of the kingdom of God. See, you could be very easy to get along with in this world, which is your condition, but you are killing Christ every day. Praise the Lord.


Because of this anger and envy, Korah did not want Moses to settle this dispute. He just wanted to kill Aaron. He did not want a settlement. He wanted Aaron dead. He did not want a central column resolution. He wanted to completely overturn the authority of the right side and set himself up as king because the resolution of the central column in this instance would be that Korah had to submit to Aaron because Aaron was the High Priest. Now it does not say here what Moses' solution was, but it was probably something like this. Well Korah, you have to submit to Aaron because God appointed him as High Priest, but if you will stop this and give up this controversy and submit to Aaron, the Lord will give you something that will make you happy, that will gratify you. He'll give you some ministry that will gratify you, but Aaron has the office and you have to accept it. Korah would not accept God's judgment as to who was the appointed authority. He wanted to kill him and make himself king. It was not for heaven's sake. That means with pure intentions. Korah did not want Moses to settle this dispute for heaven's sake. Korah had impure intentions. He wanted to be high priest.


We see a message here. When the spirit of reconciliation is present and the left side will not yield, the intentions of that person that is manifesting the left side are impure. Their motives are impure and I have told you this in these meetings many times. This is what I have told you. In a ministry like this, there is absolutely no reason for an unresolved conflict between a member of the congregation and me or between any members of the congregation because I have the spirit of reconciliation. I am the middle column. I am anointed to sit in the gate and judge disputes. Therefore to push something under the rug in this ministry is totally and completely unacceptable to God and He will expose it and He has. Any underlining resentment or unhappiness, any unresolved situation between you and me or between each other (the Lord has already exposed it) and He won't let me preach until it is resolved. There's no excuse for it when the spirit of reconciliation and the ministry of reconciliation is present. Every issue has to be worked out in righteousness. Everyone has to submit to the righteous judgment of Jesus Christ.


Korah had no respect for the glory which is above, which is the Shekinah and refused to acknowledge the work of creation. Korah had no respect for the glory above, which is Shekinah. Does that bring a question into anybody's mind, that Shekinah is the glory above? What is the question that should come in response to that statement? Who is Shekinah? Which sefirah is Shekinah?


COMMENT: Malkhut.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Shekinah is Malkhut. How could Malkhut be the glory above? What's wrong with that statement that Malkhut is the glory above? Where is Malkhut positioned in the configuration of the Sefirot in three columns?


COMMENT: He's on the lowest.


PASTOR VITALE: Malkhut is the tenth sefirah, so how can she be the glory above? Anybody know?  I'll put it on the board for you.


Drawing #3. This is our condition. The holy city, sometimes called the holy constellation, is in the depth of our being. Of course that is Christ, so Christ has to be grafted to you to have the holy city in the midst of you. See, John says in the book of Revelation, and I saw the holy Jerusalem descending out of heaven from God. That is Christ being grafted to the individual and Christ is grafted to Abel in the midst of us. If you have that holy city in the midst of you, that is the strength of Christ. (End of tape 2)


Tape 3


The rest of our being which has been generated by Leviathan is the world outside. We are told in Revelation 22:15 that outside of the city are dogs and sorcerers and whore mongers and that is what we all are as we dwell in our carnal mind. We are all of these things. Our carnal mind is the dog; that is Satan. Our carnal mind is the sorcerer. That is also Satan. Our carnal mind is the whore monger and that is Leviathan and Cain within us is the whore. This drawing is a diagram of the condition of the fallen man that has Christ grafted to him. That which is inner is higher than that which is outer. Therefore, any aspect of the holy city, even the lowest aspect which is Malkhut, is higher than any aspect of the world outside.


Therefore we read in paragraph 48 that he, Korah, had no respect for the glory that is above which is the Shekinah. What that tells us is that Korah should have been able to recognize the Shekinah, that the Shekinah was probably inside of him, but at the very least, the Shekinah was in Aaron and Korah had no respect for the Shekinah. He had no recognition or did not acknowledge that Aaron was manifesting a level of spiritual life that was associated with the holy city. Now Aaron must have had it too, because you cannot recognize Christ unless you have Christ. That is why nobody knows who we are. Paul clearly says, no one can recognize us. Only someone that has Christ can recognize Christ in another person and Shekinah is one of the sefirah of Christ. Korah should have been able to recognize Christ on Aaron, but even if Korah couldn't recognize Christ on Aaron, (and I tell you this all the time) if in any instant you are not making it spiritually, put yourselves under the law. It was physically obvious that Aaron had authority. He had all of the garments of the High Priest. Whether Korah, himself, had the Shekinah or not or what the level of Korah's education or the education of the average Jew or Hebrew was in the wilderness, I do not know, but surely the vestments of the High Priest should have been enough to call forth respect from Korah. Therefore we know that Korah made an active conscious choice to disrespect God's appointed authority. That anger was pretty fierce. He had no respect for the above glory or the glory that is above, which is the Shekinah, and refused to acknowledge the work of creation.


What is the work of creation? The work of the creation is the middle column. The work of creation, as we have been studying here for a couple of hours already, is the knowledge that the right side was created on the first day and the left side was created on the second day and that on the third day the middle column came forth to reconcile the two. Korah had the right and the left column in him, but refused to acknowledge that the third day of creation was trying to manifest in this situation and bring a holy resolution. He refused to submit. He refused to acknowledge the work of creation. The work of creation is reconciliation. The Kabbalistic term is rectification. Anybody who resists is working against what God is trying to do in your own life and in whoever's life the problem exists in. The work of creation is to bring reconciliation to the world. All dispute and anger and destruction is to cease to exist. That is what the Scripture is saying when it says verbally, the lion shall lie down with the lamb. I do not know, maybe we will see physical lions lying down with lambs, but that is a parable. Dispute is to be no more. The left and the right columns are to be totally and permanently merged together satisfying each other so completely that we are an expression or a reflection of the existence of the Ayn Sof, which is continuously in perfect peace. This is just another way of saying the tree of the knowledge of good and evil must return to its place of submission to the tree of life and the two must become one tree because the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is a partial tree and when she separates from the tree of life her deeds become evil. That is the Doctrine of Christ. It is all the same message, you see. Praise the Lord.


Korah would not acknowledge the work of creation. He would not acknowledge that God required him to bring his left side into reconciliation or rectification with Aaron, the right side. He denied that that was required of him. This means that Korah denied the amendment of the central column. I said it before I read it. He probably even denied that Moses was capable of bringing a resolution. Let's see what it says here before I go on. This means that Korah denied the amendment of the central column settling the dispute between the right and the left in the work of creation. He wanted only the left to govern. He refused to grow up. He refused to go to the third day of creation. He would not give up his spiritual childhood. You see, on the second day of creation, the left can make a dispute. A six month old baby can go in their diaper. Korah refused to acknowledge that the third day of creation was present. You see, if there's a dispute in the church or otherwise and one person is manifesting the left column and the other person is manifesting the right column and there is no person present who is anointed to minister the ministry of reconciliation and who is representative of the Lord Jesus' central column, if no such person exists, the Lord is winking at the problem because the solution is not present. Judgment is not falling that quickly on the two warring factions. The Lord is having mercy, but to have the resolution right in your midst, to have a person anointed to minister the central column to you and refuse the reconciliation or the rectification, will send you down to Gehenom very quickly, much more quickly than if there is no person present who is representing the central column.


Korah denied the anointing on Moses. He denied that Moses had the solution. He denied that Moses was the representative of God who wanted to resolve the issue and the reason Korah denied the authority of Moses, the authority of Aaron, the reason Korah just ignored all of the opportunities to bring peace was that Korah wanted to govern. He did not want the peace. He wanted to be in a position of power. Brethren, we are talking about human nature. This situation exists among nations, it exists among politicians, it exists in families, it exists in marriages, it exists in ministries and it exists within the individual, battling for power. That is our fallen condition. The man that lives in peace is the man that is coming to submission to Jesus Christ and is doing things His way. That means within his own person and in his relationships, in his family, in his work place and in his ministry. When you do it Jesus' way, you will have peace. You may have continuous conflict outside, but in the holy city in the midst of you, you will have peace. Why will you always have conflict outside? Because the dogs and the whore mongers and the sorcerers that are in this world hate people that are in perfect peace and they want to knock you down off of your mountain. That is what happened to Elijah. The king sent (I think it was fifty men) and said come down Elijah. How dare you sit up there in that high place in perfect peace? Elijah did not come down until the king came to him in a right spirit of submission. Elijah did not yield to the left column. Praise the Lord.


Back to Korah. Korah wanted only the left to govern. As soon as Moses realized that Korah was denying the work of creation and being rejected out of holiness, Moses, the right side, became angered. Moses realized that Korah was not being reasonable, that Korah would not submit to the rectification provided by God, which meant that Korah's motives were impure. Korah wanted to stay in the second day of creation, he wanted a power play, he wanted to knock out Aaron, he wanted to be kingpin and was not listening to reason. Realizing this, Moses the central column, the mediator who had the ministry of reconciliation, lost it. I can relate to that. I got mad this morning. I got angry this morning in our little encounter here when the person I was pleading with to be reasonable, for that brief moment, wasn't being reasonable. Going back to what I said earlier, the person who represented the right side (well let me say it this way) the left side rose up in the individual that was representing the right side of God. Now for sure the middle column is not going to come forth because Korah is not being reasonable. He's stuck in the second day and won't go forward. He won't get toilet trained. He refuses. Then the person that is ministering the ministry of reconciliation, he just got mad. The right side isn't even present to bring forth the ministry of reconciliation. We are stuck in the second day of creation where it is a raw power play between the right side and the left side.


You see, there is a holy God involved in here and there is also a sowing and reaping judgment. There is righteous judgment in this world and Korah went down to hell and Gehenom was attached to him. Korah and all that pertained to him, his whole family, his whole spiritual being, went down into hell alive. That is pretty horrible. As long as the person that has the commission to be the right side stays, as long as within their own person they stay in the right side, they're covering the sins of the stubborn person. See, you are all here in training to be in positions of authority. Your responsibility is greater than the people you are discipling because when you lose it, there's no hope in that particular incident, in that particular moment. When the person in authority, who is the right side, becomes the left side, there's nothing but trouble, chaos and pain. It is best to not lose it, but if you do lose it, you the person in authority, you have the greater burden within yourselves to deal with your own left side so that you can once again be manifesting the right side to the rebels and help get them through and help get the rebels to migrate from their left side to their right side. Now we are talking about God's people here. We are not talking about criminals that do not know God. We are not talking about the heathen. We are talking about God's people. We have to help them migrate from their left side to their right side before the sowing and reaping judgment falls, which would have removed someone from our midst this morning which would have been a tragedy if that happened. It is a tragedy for the sowing and reaping judgment to fall when the white throne judgment is present. It is a great tragedy and this is what happened with Korah.


The white throne judgment was present, but the sowing and reaping judgment prevailed. Korah went down to the pit. Now the question is, what would have happened if Moses did not get angry? I do not know for sure, but I would like to believe, based on my own experience, that the Lord would have intervened and turned Korah's heart if Moses had been able to hold on to his own left side. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? Moses, who represented the right side became the left side. He became as bad as the left side. They were both fighting for power. What happened was that Moses got angry. What happens when you get angry? You want to defeat the other person. We had a left side that was angry that wanted to overturn the authority of the right side and then we had a right side that became the left side that was just as bad as the left side that wanted to overturn the authority of the right side. Neither glorifies God. Why? Because neither produces this middle column and the middle column is the reflection of the Ayn Sof which is what we are always striving for; that perfect peace. I think that there's a really good chance that if Moses did not lose it, that the Lord would have intervened and Korah might have survived.


Now I hear people screaming in the spirit; Sheila, are you saying something bad about Moses? Listen brethren, Moses did not enter into the land because he struck the rock. He lost his temper and the Spirit of Revelation says that what that means is that he struck the rock instead of talking to it. He ministered the sowing and reaping judgment or harshness to the people rather than the white throne judgment, which means the right side did not prevail over the left side in Moses. It was not a punishment that he did not enter in. He just did not make it in that incarnation. He did not overcome his left side in that incarnation. The Lord said you'll have another chance. You did not make it this time, you'll have another chance. Moses who had the ministry of reconciliation, who had the ability to judge the white throne judgment, on several occasions slipped into the sowing and reaping judgment, just like I do from time to time, although it is happening less and less in my life. That is what happened to Moses. The truth is that he probably could have saved Korah and all his family if he did not fail. Moses was not perfected. He did the best he could. Here we see the principle, the spiritual principle, that says the more perfect the man is that covers you, the better the chance that you have to make it. Pray for your pastor and pray for your elders that they should be joined to God more and more, that their ministry to you might be complete and perfect. When Moses realized that Korah was denying the work of creation and being rejected out of holiness because he was rejecting the middle column, Moses was much angered.


Paragraph 49. And Moses was much angered because Korah and his company refused to acknowledge him, refused to acknowledge Moses, and did not allow him to settle the dispute. Wow, can I relate to that. Does my pride get up and do I get angry when someone is not acknowledging my authority. I am dealing with that more and more, better and better every day. Let me tell you, that is a stumbling block to overcome. When you are trying to do right, you are trying to serve God, you are trying to help people and they look you right in your face and deny your authority, your pride comes up. Your left side comes up and then you have the choice, you who have the position of authority. Are you going to rise up in your right side and put down your left side and remain the righteousness of God or are you going to revert to the second day of creation? I have told you this before. This is just another way of expressing it. When you have authority in Christ and you come under an attack from another person, you are under a double attack. You are under the attack from the left side in the other person, which does its best to raise up your left side within you, so you have to deal with your own left side and then you have to deal with the person who is a manifestation of the left side. Sometimes it is more than one person. This is no easy task. The first thing you have to do, brethren, just like in a physical emergency room, you have to deal with the most wounded person first. You have to deal with the person that is most important.


God forbid, the President of the United States is in the emergency room and somebody who had a wound that might be more serious than the President, you have to go and take care of the President. You have to take care of yourselves. You have to take your eyes off of the rebel and you have to deal with your own left side because once your left side overturns you, you have to go before God and confess that you failed and you have lost your ability to save the rebel from themselves and that is your job. You are suppose to be saving the rebels from themselves because they're completely out of control. The first thing you have to do is deal with the rebellion in your own heart. You will never succeed in that present mission if you do not deal with the rebellion in your own heart. You will lose your authority. Moses was much angered because Korah and his company refused to acknowledge him and did not allow him to settle the dispute. Wow, let me tell you, brethren, the day that you take the victory in a situation like that, victory is sweet. I have experienced it. Right now I am about fifty fifty. I cannot even explain to you why sometimes I can take the victory and sometimes I do not. Maybe Christ is more ascended in me sometimes more than other times. I am not even sure. It is really sweet when the outside provocation cannot succeed in raising up your own left side to overturn your position in Christ. Moses' pride got up and he got very mad. It is written much from the phrase, and Moses was much angered.


It is written "much" because they, Korah and his company, denied the acknowledgment of the work of creation. Moses was much angered because Korah and his company denied the acknowledgment of the work of creation. That is very hard to deal with when you are a person that is really trying to be fair and honest and do right and the person or the persons you are working with are all trapped in their left side. It is really hard. You have to deal with yourselves and keep that left side down because it hurts you. I tell you from personal experience, it hurts me to go to somebody with honesty and fairness and have them respond out of a warlike left side. It causes me pain. This is what we have to deal with in our position of authority. Are we not snatching people out of the serpent's mouth? That is what we are sent to do. We are to snatch people out of the jaws of death. Paul said, he wrestled with beasts in Ephesus. He was talking about human beasts, people that were in their carnal mind. You can only do it when you maintain that middle column in yourselves. What Jesus had, was a permanently perfected middle column. Jesus, in the days of His flesh, His right and left side, was woven together with such strength that no provocation could overturn it and therefore He was without sin and was worshiped as God. The fact that no one could overturn Him to the left or to the right proved that He was the physical manifestation of the Ayn Sof. See now, we know what that Scripture means, do not turn to the left or right, but just go forward and complete what God wants you to do. Praise the Lord.


It is written "much" because Korah and his company denied the acknowledgment of the work of creation. Korah denied everything above in Ze'ir Anpin, as you could see on the board here. I am drawing #3. Korah denied the whole reality of the heavenly constellation or of Christ being manifested through Moses. He denied everything above in Ze'ir Anpin and he also denied everything below in the souls. He denied that Ze'ir Anpin, which is Adam, which is Christ Jesus to us, existed above and he denied that He existed and was manifesting through Aaron and Moses. It is anti-christ, a spirit of anti-christ. I want to tell you, of all of the conflicts that I come up against in people, the one that I have the hardest time with or the one that is most likely to stir up my anger or my pride is the spirit of anti-christ that denies my authority and denies that I have the word of truth and that raises up that person's carnal mind and makes it equal to the word of truth in my mouth. That is the hardest thing for me to deal with and the most likely thing to make me lose it, if I do lose it, that the carnal mind makes itself equal to the Christ in me, because how can you help somebody that makes their carnal mind equal to the Christ in you?


This is why pride is the most deadly sin. This is why pride is the most severe sin because it thinks it knows more than God. David was a murderer, but he realized that he did something wrong and repented. How do you deal with pride? That kind of pride that says it knows more than God, what do you do? Korah denied everything above in Ze'ir Anpin and also below in the souls below; as it is written, when they strove against HaShem. We are told that when Korah denied that the existence of Ze'ir Anpin was present above in the spirit and he also denied that Moses was an expression of Ze'ir Anpin or we would say Christ Jesus, the reconciliation of God. When Korah did that, the Scripture says they strove against HaShem and HaShem is Jehovah. You see, when you strive against someone who is a true authority in God, you are striving with the Lord. You are striving with the Lord Jesus. When you strive with the young son in training (I am a young son in training) you see. I am just the most mature student around here. That is what I am. I am the most mature student, that is all. When you strive with me, since I am appointed by the Lord Jesus, you are truly striving with Him. That is what this says.


When Korah denied everything above in Ze'ir Anpin and he denied that Ze'ir Anpin was in the souls below, the Scripture says, when they strove against HaShem. See, the Scripture does not say they strove against Moses. It says they strove against God. They strove against HaShem, which is the secret of Ze'ir Anpin. HaShem is Jehovah and that is the Holy Name that is associated with Tiferet, which is Ze'ir Anpin, because the damage that Korah did reached both above to Ze'ir Anpin and down to Moses. I think I made that point earlier. I do not know whether I made it on the tape or off the tape. When we strive, it affects the heavenly realms. It just does not exist here in this physical plane, especially when we are talking about believers here. When believers strive in a controversy or a dispute rises up between us, it does damage to the heavenly constellation above. It does damage from Ze'ir Anpin or from Christ Jesus all the way down to the people that are striving. As it is written, when they strove with HaShem, which is the secret of Ze'ir Anpin because the damage that Korah did reached both above to Ze'ir Anpin, which is Christ Jesus to us, and all the way down to Moishe or whoever your authority is that you are striving with, the human that you are striving with.


Therefore, Korah cleaved onto what he deserved, the sowing and reaping judgment. He denied the white throne judgment that was in Moses and therefore he cleaved onto what he deserved. That is a hard word. Gevurah is the one that gives us what we deserve. God save us from Gevurah alone. You get everything you deserve without mercy and you do not get anything that you do not deserve. With Binah, we get mercy and we get grace, which we do not deserve, forgiveness of sins.When Korah rejected the white throne judgment of Moses, the only thing left to him was the sowing and reaping judgment because there is justice, there is righteous justice in this world. Every sin will be recompensed. There will be no sin that will not be recompensed no matter how long it takes. If you refuse the reconciliation of the central column, which is the white throne judgment, you relegate yourselves, you sentence yourselves to the sowing and reaping judgment. When the man that is a manifestation of the central column or the white throne judgment to you, is begging you to relinquish and you refuse to do it, you have become your own judge and your own jury and you have sentenced yourselves to Satan's response to your sin.


We see that Korah cleaved to what he deserved. See Moses wanted to give Korah what he did not deserve, grace and mercy, forgiveness of sins and reconciliation, which Korah did not deserve. When Korah rejected the grace and mercy of God, he got what he deserved, the sowing and reaping judgment; God help us. Korah reached Gehenom and it is written, they went down alive into sheol. God help us. Listen brethren, there is righteous justice in this world. No sin goes without its recompense. There is no escape. Either you get mercy and forgiveness of sins which you do not deserve or you get what you deserve, which is hell. Brethren, do not be foolish. Do not be a foolish man, be a wise man. Hear this message and thank the Lord Jesus for bringing it forth. Become a wise man of understanding. Every sin will have its recompense. You can have a recompense with mercy or you can get what you deserve, but you are not going to get away with it. Judgment will fall and sometimes it does not fall on you. It falls on your children, it falls on the next generation, but judgment will fall. It has to because it is a spiritual law of this world.


Be a wise man, brethren. Learn the laws of God and submit to them and save yourselves and save everyone that becomes vulnerable because of your rebellion. Do not be a rebel. Be someone who works towards the central column. Do not stay in the second day of creation. Move into the third day of creation. Make peace at all costs; of course, all righteous costs. I am talking about believers submitting to God. Make peace. Make peace. Give it up. Relinquish; give it up and let's all mature and go on because after the third day of creation is the fourth day of creation and ultimately the seventh day of creation will exist in our midst and that is the rest of God. The seventh day of creation existing in the midst of us is the Lord Jesus Christ permanently residing in us in His fullness and nothing could ever hurt us again. Why would you want to stay in the second day of creation? Let us go forward. Let us go forward. Praise the Lord.


We will stop here for tonight. Are there any questions or comments? Lord willing, we will pick this up with a part 2. I would imagine there would be a part 2 and maybe a part 3 on this excellent series. God bless you all and goodnight.



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