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This message was originally Kabbalah study, that's message number 550, part 17, and it turned into a message by revelation, so the first 5 or 10 minutes no more than 15 minutes, may sound a little dry to you you, either try and learn from it or just fast forward it until the revelation starts coming forth, and the meeting is now in progress. ...stage of the development of creation Adam Kadmon exists only of a Yod and a Hey, eventually the Vav and the second Hey will be born, the Vav is the son you might recall and the second Hey is Ban the daughter. So eventually Adam Kadmon will be a full YHVH, but at this stage of creation he's just the Y and the H, and the Yod is very sublime we're told and hidden inside of Adam Kadmon's skull, at this stage of our studies we deal only with the Hey which is Sag, and arising out of Sag are the TaN'Ta, which is the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin, and the Otiyot. The Ta'amim are the cantellations, the Nekudot are the vowel points, the Vav or the Tagin are the crowns and the Otiyot are the letters. And I think on part 16 on drawing number 2, I show you three sections, I show you what I have on the board there, the TaN'Ta, the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin and the Otiyot, and then I show you the Ta'amim of the Sag of Adam Kadmon, and the subdivision of the Ta'amim. Well there are two other ways that Kabbalists relate to the TaN'Ta. Now remember the TaN'Ta are right here, the Ta'amim, the Nekudot, the Tagin, and the Otiyot.


And I don't have anything to apply this to at this time and it looks like it's a little confusing so I'm just giving you the information. There are two other ways that the Kabbalists deal with these TaN'Ta, and the TaN'Ta stands for Ta, Ta'amim, N, Nekudot, and T, Tagin, and A, Otiyot, that's what it stands for TaN'Ta is an abbreviation of the cantellations, the vowels the crowns and the letters. Now when the Kabbalists are dealing with the TaN'Ta and they want to relate one of the TaN'Ta to one of the sefirot, or the sefirot, this is how they do it, the Ta'amim is Keter, the Nekudot is Chokhmah, the Tagin is Binah, and the Otiyot is Chesed through Malkhut, and that's all seven of the Sefirot. As I told you I have no application for it, it's just in the lesson so I'm giving you the information.


And also you see we can relate the TaN'Ta to the Sefirot, and we can relate the TaN'Ta to the names of God, so the Ta'amim is associated with Keter and the name Ab, Nekudot is associated with the Sefirot Chokhmah, and the name Sag, the Tagin are associated with the Sefirot Binah, and the name MaH. Now you see there's a switch here because look at this, the Nekudot we associate with the H, of the tetragrammaton, is associated with the Sefirot Chokhmah, but if we're not dealing with the TaN'Ta, if we're just dealing with the regular tetragrammaton, Chokhmah is associated with the, would be associated with the Yod, which is on the level of the Ta'amim. Does everybody see what I'm talking about, okay.


So it's even confusing for me, as said I'm just giving you the information, we just have to work into this stuff. The Tagin which are the crowns are associated and the Tagin are the third down, so they're on the level of the Vav we would think, are associated with Binah, see everything seems to be moved down one, and the name of God associated with the Tagin is MaH, so we see Binah associated with MaH, okay, and finally the Otiyot is associated seven sefirot from Chesed through Malkhut and with the name BaN. So we see the Sefirot sort of, I'm not going to talk about this anymore because I'm just going to be confusing, I just wanted to give you this information, it's something I left out on part 16, and if there are no questions we'll go on with lesson 6, are there any questions or comments here.


COMMENT: I just have one question, the YH by itself is still called a tetragrammaton?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't know, but I don't think so, it seems to me the tetragrammaton is the whole name YHVH, and actually what's happening is that Adam Kadmon is being built and when he's fully built, now remember the general tetragrammaton is on the inside of Adam Kadmon, and all of the construction that is going on, is on the outside of Adam Kadmon. So he's being built literally, the Tetragrammaton is being built on the outside of Adam Kadmon. So eventually he will be a full tetragrammaton, and the full tetragrammaton signifies the ten sefirot, the tetragrammaton signifies the ten Sefirot, the Keter the mother the father and the son and the daughter. So Adam Kadmon is being built, that's what this is all about, everything that we've been studying so far is the building of creation on the outside of Adam Kadmon. So we might say that Adam Kadmon is the foundation right, everything's being built around him, although we don't think of it in terms of being built up in our carnal minds the foundation is under our feet and we build up, but spiritually speaking Adam Kadmon is the core, the foundation is the core, see and everything is being built around him.


So our whole world, and all of the worlds, all of the invisible worlds are built around Adam Kadmon, he is the core, he is the foundation, and Jesus Christ, the Lord Jesus Christ is Adam Kadmon down here in the world of action.


Actually the Lord Jesus Christ has returned he has ascended above the highest heaven, he has left his son with us, but the presence of the Lord Jesus in us down here in the world of action is the core of heavenly constellation that is being built in us. The new Jerusalem that we read about coming down out of heaven that is the heavenly constellation the ten Sefirot of God coming down into us, being built in us through the grafting of the seed of Christ. Hallelujah. Did I answer your question? Well I don't know the answer to your question (chuckle). Okay anybody else?


Alright then let us go on, we are working on lesson 6 and we are on page 4, picking up on page 4 the third paragraph or the second full paragraph down. Reading now, now to return to our discussion of the light of the eyes of Adam Kadmon, as we have said, the light of the A'Ha'F emanates down and covers the entire upper torso of Adam Kadmon. Can anyone tell us who the A'Ha'F are, what are the A'Ha'F? Okay.


COMMENT: The ears, nose, and mouth.


PASTOR VITALE: Of, mine, what are they of?


COMMENT: Adam Kadmon.


PASTOR VITALE: Excellent, excellent very good. Okay, I guess we should put that on the board, let me just read this again, as we have said, the light of the A'Ha'F emanates down and covers the entire upper torso of Adam Kadmon, then a Masakh was created to separate between the upper and the lower worlds. Can anyone tell us what a Masakh is? Somebody want to try? Okay.


COMMENT: It's the empty space that was created, the same as the tzimtzum.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay it's another empty space, it's not the empty space, see when you say the empty space you're talking about the original empty space but I think you meant it it's another empty space and we see Chayyim Vital calls it Adam Kadmon's diaphragm and it's function is to separate the upper from the lower worlds. Okay let's get that on the board okay.


This is drawing number 2, which really is review for you and I think this lesson six is at least the first parts of lesson six, actually three quarters of lesson six is a review, we do get into some new material, a little further on so we see Adam Kadmon, and the light from his ears and his nose and his mouth, shines down over his beard, over his heart and down to his navel, and all of the area below Adam Kadmon's navel is in darkness. The light coming out of the ears, nose, and mouth, only travel so far. Light travels in waves and it only travels so far, and that light stops at Adam Kadmon's navel. Now the lower Adam Kadmon wants to bring the lower worlds into creation, why does he want to bring the lower worlds into creation because his instruction Adam Kadmon's instruction from the Ayn Sof is to bring forth a visible creation, and in order for the creation to become visible, it must vibrate further and further away from the Ayn Sof.


Remember, that the creation on every level, all of the worlds is all made of or formed of the light of the Ayn Sof, it is all the same light. See the further the light gets away from the Any Sof the thicker it gets, and the thicker it gets the more visible it gets. Steam is pretty much invisible, sometimes you can see it, but it's largely visible, when it congeals as ice it is very visible, okay. So for this reason the light is descending, the light is descending actually it's moving further away from the Ayn Sof or further away from the brains of Adam Kadmon. So we want the light to appear in Adam Kadmon's section, we want the light to appear below the navel and actually the light is to shine all the way down to Adam Kadmon's feet, and this is the promise that's made, one of the promises that's made in Ezekiel 1 that caught my imagination years ago when I had no idea of this at all, and I was a very young disciple, I got this revelation from Scriptures in Ezekiel 1 that the light that will come out of the center of Adam Kadmon will shine all the way up and it will shine all the way down, and this shining light will cover the sin nature, and that our perfection and completion could only come when this light was covering us, and also that this light is eternal judgment. See eternal judgment is not a bad thing, eternal means age, so the judgment of the age to come will cover our sin nature and nullify it.


See, the judgment of the age to come is Christ in you nullifying your sin nature. See, Christ is the New Age, so when Christ is grafted to you the new age or as Kabbalah says, the world to come is already inside of you, and then the warfare starts for the world to come to nullify the existing world in you. You see, Jesus was in heaven and earth at the same time, he said he was not of this world. Jesus appeared in a physical body but his mind was from the world to come, and it was his mind that counted not his body, see. Even though his body was in this world, he said I am not of this world, because my mind is not here, see.


So the light has to go or the light is destined to go into the lower section of Adam Kadmon, and to shine all the way down to his feet, and remember that the feet of Adam Kadmon is called Malkhut, or the feet is called Malkhut and we are it, we are the feet, those of us that have Christ in us, we are the feet of Adam Kadmon. If we don't have Christ in us we are the feet of the Klipot the shells that cover the constellation of God, see.


So I think I made that pretty clear, and of course Rabbi Chayyim Vital goes into more detail as to how far the light from the ears shines down to a certain point, actually at the moment it's alluding me, the light from the nose shines down as far as the heart, I think the light from the ears shines down to the end of Adam Kadmon's beard, the light from the nose shines down to his heart, and the light from the mouth shines all the way down to his navel. So specifically the Masakh or the creation of the Masakh which is an empty space similar to the TzimTzum, it's a border that will separate the light that's in Adam Kadmon's upper half from the light that is in Adam Kadmon's lower half, and very important here is that the light that is in Adam Kadmon's lower half is weaker than the light that's in his upper half because as the light travels further and further away from its source, it becomes thicker but also becomes weaker, okay. Now this weaker light is going to be formed into vessels.


See we're it, we're the vessels that were formed from the light of the Ayn Sof down here in the world of action, and our function and our purpose is to be containers for the light of God. that's what we're made of, that's our purpose in life to be containers of or carriers of the light of God. now of course the light of God is conscious, to us his name is Christ, we are his house you see. So we the containers have to be formed in such a manner that we will not be destroyed when the light from the upper worlds comes down and fills us.


See it was known from the beginning that the vessels in the lower worlds would have to be weaker than the vessels in the upper world and of course there are no vessels really there are no vessels with the light coming out of the ears, there are no vessels with the light coming out of the nose, there are no vessels with the mouth, you may recall our studies on the world of bound lights


There is one vessel, all ten sefirot come out and dump into one vessel, in the mouth. So it is below the mouth that the individual vessels start to be formed. So this is the problem of creation, to create a visible vessel, which means the light is weaker okay, that will not be destroyed when the light from on high pours into it. That's the problem of creation, and the answer is to build a Masakh, to build a separation, a diaphragm that will separate the upper worlds from the lower worlds. In other words build a dam that will keep the more powerful light that's flowing in the upper half of Adam Kadmon from seeping into the worlds below, because the light that comes from above, has to be carefully measured and quantified because too much of that light in this world would kill us, would kill us and destroy the world. So that's the purpose of the diaphragm and I remind you that everything that we're studying is the ongoing work of creation, and we are the end of this ongoing work of this creation, we are the vessels that are to be filled with the light, and everything that we're studying is going on inside of us, because what we've been studying about with the ten Sefirot and Adam Kadmon, this is all the constellation of God, it's the life of God, it is the world of God, and we are the wood containers that are going to be carrying this. We are the ark, okay that will be carrying the presence of God.


In the Old Testament the ark was a piece of wood, so our flesh is likened to wood, and we are going to be filled and are in the process of being filled with the light of God, and we have to learn how to cope with this, see. Now the issue is the mind. It's true that too strong light could damage our organs, the organs of our physical body that's true, but our main problem is our mind, this light is affecting our mind, you see. What is it 1/10th of our brain that's used, something like that 1/10th of our brain. Our brain is a control panel that is designed to be used by the spirit who will be inhabiting us. You know that such a hard word but it is the truth of our existence, Jesus said, I have much to tell you but you cannot bear it now. See this creation is on such a high level that we the vessels have a consciousness, and we have a whole life down here a whole world you know, we think that we're really it you know, and especially in the west where we have all these inventions and our lifestyle is so gratifying at least physically and materially gratifying, but we are designed to be possessed by a higher mind, and the mind that goes with the flesh of this vessel. And the mind that we were born with has to bend its knee to the higher mind that we were born with and will bend its knee hopefully by going the easy way.


Now we're told in our studies that well let me remind of this first, that concerning the world of bound lights where the light came out of the mouth of Adam Kadmon, you may recall that Adam Kadmon withdrew his breath, all the lights came out bound together, and the lights of the, now we're dealing with force and form, the form is the vessel, and the force is the inner light that's going to pour into the vessel.


So when all of the ten Sefirot came out of Adam Kadmon's mouth, all ten Sefirot came into one vessel, and both the vessel and the lights were of the same intensity. Now if you pour light into a vessel of the same intensity, the vessel ceases to exist, all the light merges together. So you may recall that Adam Kadmon withdrew the inner light, he didn't withdraw the light of the vessel of the world of bound lights, he just withdrew the inner light that was filling the vessel, and when he breathed that light back into the vessel of the mouth, he breathed it back in in a weaker form so that the vessel did not dissolve, okay. Now in a similar act, not the same but in a similar act, Adam Kadmon wants to pour out light upon this lower world. Now the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth only shine as far as the belly button, as far as the navel. 


So Adam Kadmon needs more energy, more power to shine light even further away from it's source, down into the lower worlds, and the place he's going to get this energy from are elements of the general tetragrammaton that are still inside of him. So although I don't show it to you on this board inside of Adam Kadmon, because what you see on this board is outside, inside of Adam Kadmon are still some elements of Sag, but mostly the elements of MaH, and BaN. Now remember from drawing number 1, only the Yod and the Hey, only the Ab, and the Sag of Adam Kadmon came out, in everything that we've talked about so far is the Sag of Adam Kadmon, only the Yod and the Hey of Adam Kadmon. Now we're talking about the Mah and the BaN, that's still inside of him. So that's the light that Adam Kadmon wants to suck up, suck up. Now this light the MaH, and the BaN, that's down here beneath his navel on the inside, okay, has to get drawn all the way up because that light is destined to come out of Adam Kadmon's eyes.


See the light is inside of Adam Kadmon, he wants it to shine out of him, all of this light from the ears, nose, and mouth is outside of Adam Kadmon, so he's drawing up extra light into his head, see. And this light is coming from the MaH and the BaN, it's going to be sucked all the way up, big inhalation by Adam Kadmon, and that MaH, and BaN, and some elements of Sag that are still left, get inhaled all the way up into Adam Kadmon's head, and pour out of his eyes, and that light that pours out of his eyes, shines down over the light from the ears, over the light from the nose, over the mouth, but it's powerful enough to keep on shining and it goes further, and it covers the area below Adam Kadmon's navel, which is really his genital area. Is everyone okay with this drawing here?


Now I'm reading from our notes here, now to return to our discussion of the light of the eyes of Adam Kadmon, as we have said, the light of the A'Ha'F, that's the light of the ears, nose, and mouth, emanates down and covers the entire upper torso of Adam Kadmon, and that's what we are showing you with drawing number 3. You can see the light from the ears, the nose, and the mouth vibrates all the way down to the and covers the upper torso of Adam Kadmon. And then we're told that a Masakh was created to separate between the upper and the lower worlds, and this is this circular image on drawing number 3 is the Masakh, Chayyim Vital calls it Adam Kadmon's diaphragm, and the Masakh, it's this thin area in here, it's not this, it's thin area in here, and I'll indicate that on the drawing, and what the Masakh is is an empty space similar to that original empty space that was created by the TzimTzum when the Ayn Sof withdrew and contracted himself and formed an empty space in his midst, and the reason the Ayn Sof, did that was to create a place for the creation to come forth in because the Ayn sof is infinite, he has no external borders, so the only place to bring forth something new was in the midst of himself.


Now in this instance the Masakh comes forth to separate the upper and the lower worlds. Now remember the purpose of the creation is to bring forth a visible creation, at it's genesis, Adam Kadmon and all of the aspects of the name within him are invisible, they're all made of light, they're all formed from that light that Ayn Sof channeled into the empty space, but the further the light vibrates away from its source, the thicker and the more visible it becomes.


Therefore since the intention and the purpose of the Ayn Sof is to have a visible creation this means that the light of the Ayn Sof that entered into the empty space must continue to travel away from its source until it becomes visible. The further away the light vibrates from its source, the weaker it also becomes, see. 


So therefore the light of the Ayn Sof or the lights in the upper part of Adam Kadmon are much more powerful then the lights in the lower parts of Adam Kadmon. Now this is the problem, the creation is coming forth in two aspects, vessels, and the light that fills the vessels. It is the light of the Ayn Sof that it is intended to be revealed in a visible way, and the source of this revelation is to enclose the light of the Ayn Sof in a visible vessel. So the vessels of the creation are being formed by the same light of the Ayn Sof, as the light that will fill it, but there are two different grades of light, and the grade of light that is forming the vessel, must of necessity be of a weaker or a lesser grade than the light that will fill it because the light that forms the vessel in order for it to form the vessel must be of a lesser grade, it has to be further away from the Ayn Sof. All of these lights have the same quality, they are all the light of the Ayn Sof, but the light that's further away is a lesser grade than the light which is closer. So we're talking about grades of light that essentially have the same qualities, they are light, okay, but different grades of this light.


So the light that is to fill the vessel is to be the essential light of the Ayn Sof, we do not want weakened light filling the vessel, the whole purpose of the creation is God in the flesh, that's what we saw in Jesus of Nazareth, he was a human vessel, that was made of flesh that is destructible, yet he was filled with the fullness of the light of God and his vessel was not destroyed. This is the goal of creation, to have a vessel consisting of a grade of light that is lesser than the grade of the light that fills it, yet that vessel should be preserved and not destroyed when it is filled. This is the whole purpose of the creation, and of course down here in the world of action, we are the vessels. So this abstract doctrine comes to life down here in the world of actions. We are the vessels and this is what Jesus was talking about when he said you cannot put new wine in an old wineskin. What he meant was, we are the wineskins, a lot of Christians know that, we are the wineskins and we are well I don't really know what the original language says, so I'm just going to go by the spirit, the new wine that he wants to put in us, I'm sorry let me say it this way, the old wine that is already in us is Satan's wine, this creation was brought forth by Satan, and this is the wine or the spirit that's been filling humanity for centuries, Satan's spirit, so in this context the old wine is Satan's spirit, which is weak, because she is the female aspect of the creation that went awry.


God desires to fill us with the fullness of the power of his life without destroying us, so we have to be overlaid with gold, you see, we could be likened to wood in our present condition, and we have to be overlaid with gold that's the parable of the Scripture, so that we're not destroyed when this intense degree of light enters into us. See it has to be a perfect match you see. Just as when you blow glass you see, if you put two much wind into the glass the vessel breaks, if you don't put enough breath into it, the vessel will not form into the form that the glass blower wants it to form into. It's a very delicate operation that is being performed upon the creation.


So this Masakh was created to separate the lower from the upper worlds because the vessels of the lower world will be formed from a grade of light that is distinctly weaker than the lights above, and if that Masakh was not formed the lights from above would overflow the vessels in the world below and wreck them. See the light flowing into the vessels must be quantified, it must be monitored, it must be filtered. Only specific limited amounts can enter in without destroying the vessels and the whole world below, so that's the purpose of the spiritual diaphragm, to hold the vibrating lights. You see, those lights that are in Adam Kadmon's chest, they're powerful powerful lights. It's hard to see the way I draw it on the board, but these are lights of great intensity likened to the atom bomb perhaps.


And you can think of them as the world of outer space where there are constantly stars exploding. There's constant activity in outer space of energy and radiation being given off in outer space. That's what it's like in Adam Kadmon's chest and if that Masakh was not created that energy being discharged from the activity of the lights in Adam Kadmon's upper half, the vessels in the lower part of Adam Kadmon would be destroyed. Now originally, remember the whole tetragrammaton was on the inside of Adam Kadmon and Ab, was the tetragrammaton YHVH, also known as Ab, the yod is Ab, Sag, the Hey is Sag, then the Vav is MaH, and the second Hey is BaN. So originally the Yod of the tetragrammaton that was inside of Adam Kadmon also called Yod ascended, came out, it was on his inside, came out of him and ascended up to his brain, under the skull. And at our point of study we're told that that energy or light that came out of Adam Kadmon identified by the letter Yod of the tetragrammaton, is so high that we're not being instructed on it at this time.


That light, that Ab, is so high it did not come outside. If I said it came outside a few minutes ago, I said it wrong, it did not go outside, it ascended, the light of the Ab, ascended and it remained hidden inside of Adam Kadmon's skull. Then the next letter of the tetragrammaton the Hey which we know to be the name Sag, that came outside, and Sag, the light of the Sag came out of Adam Kadmon's ears, nose, and mouth.


Yet there was some elements of Sag that were left inside of Adam Kadmon. Now once the diaphragm was formed, the remaining elements of Sag plus all of the elements of MaH and BaN, which all of these represent the remainder of the tetragrammaton which was on the inside of Adam Kadmon called the general Sefirot. They all ascended up into Adam Kadmon's chest and actually I don't know how high they ascended but they ascended and all of this light ascending upward created an overabundance of light, now remember this light is energy, we are talking about power, created an abundance of power in the upper half of Adam Kadmon and largely in his head. And this abundance of light, okay, created an explosion, and this explosion resulted in a union between the A'Ha'F which is the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth, and the Ab, that had ascended to a place underneath Adam Kadmon's skull, and there was a union, the Hebrew word is Jihud, if I'm pronouncing it correctly, that's so interesting to change the subject because it sounds just like the Arabic word Gehad, and I don't know any Arabic, but I know the word Gehad means to make war against, and I know myself that the war they wage is for the purpose of assimilating the victim into their way of life. So we see a Gehad would take place inside the forehead of Adam Kadmon, and the light that is born of that Jihud comes pouring out of Adam Kadmon's eyes.


So we see that the light that comes out of Adam Kadmon's eyes is really of a different I could say a different grade but the word in my heart is that it's of a different genesis, then the light that comes out of the ears, the nose, and the mouth, because let us put it this way, the light that comes out of the ears, the nose, and the mouth is virgin light, it hasn't been changed, it's the same light that was down inside of him, but the light that comes out of the eyes, is born of the union of some of the lights that were inside of Adam Kadmon, with a union with the Ab, which is very high in his forehead, the light that comes out of the eyes is a light that's born it's not a virgin light you see.


So we have all of this power raging in Adam Kadmon's head and in his upper half, it would surely overshadow and destroy the vessels of a lower grade, because the creation, in relation to Adam Kadmon's body and his person, the visible creation will exist from his navel downward to his feet. The visible creation will exist from Adam Kadmon's navel down to his feet and everything above Adam Kadmon's navel is very high, and the difference between the two worlds is the intensity of the light. So the vessels that would have to be this, they have to spread this far away from Adam Kadmon, they have to be from his navel downward to be visible. The light above his navel is not visible. And this powerful light pouring into the lower worlds would just wipe out the lower worlds, they wouldn't be destroyed, light is never destroyed, the form of the vessel would cease to exist. It would be as if you had a cup made out of ice and you poured boiling water into the cup, you would have a cup anymore, the ice would melt and you'd have water, that's what we're dealing with here. So the purpose of this Masakh or this diaphragm is to stop the light from the upper parts of Adam Kadmon, from flowing into the lower parts.


So now initially all of the lights that were left within Adam Kadmon ascended, but once the Masakh was formed we're told, elements of MaH and BaN came back down inside, and I guess I have to put that on another drawing for you. So let's, are there any questions on what I've said to you so far? Okay let's take the picture.


We're looking at drawing number 4, and what I've added to the image of Adam Kadmon, actually I've added two things to the image of Adam Kadmon, I've shown Ab, under his skull, and the lights that are flashing from Ab, which remember Ab, is the Yod, the first Y of the tetragrammaton, that's the highest aspect of the name of God, and I have these little stars over here representing the lights that come out of Adam Kadmon's eyes to indicate that these lights are formed from the union of the lights of Ab, under Adam Kadmon's skull, and the lights that are coming out of his ears, nose, and mouth. These lights represented by the stars that come out of Adam Kadmon's eyes, these are the lights which ultimately form the world of points. Now over here I've given you an explanation of the lights of the ears, nose, and mouth, are the Ta'amim or the cantellations, remember that's the symbols that show the tones by which these words can be sung or these sounds can be sung, they are the Ta'amim of the Sag. So therefore we say the Sag joined with the Ab. Now the Ta'amim is an aspect of the Sag, the whole of the Sag, just the Ta'amim do, and I'm not going to go over that whole lesson again, but it's just as if to say, in an act of human sexual intercourse that intercourse is not between the whole it has to do with a specific aspect of a woman's body, it doesn't, although the whole body is involved the specific joining is to a specific aspect of the woman's body, and that aspect is the Ta'amim of the Sag, that's the aspect of this spiritual and mental intercourse, but the whole of the Sag is involved.


So we simply say the Sag joined with the Ab, and the product is this light that comes out of the eyes. Now in further explanation, the abundance of light in Adam Kadmon's head is caused by ascended remaining elements from the inside of Adam Kadmon and these lights arise from the inside, they come outside, they join with the lights of A'Ha'F, the lights of the ears, the nose, and the mouth.


And this results in an explosion of light, because there's pressure now, there's pressure in Adam Kadmon's head, and once again brethren, this message is very sexual, because the sexuality of fallen humanity as we know it, which is the animal sexuality, is a reflection of the true and original sexuality of the spirit and the mind. So you have to, everybody here is okay, but whoever may be reading this transcript or listening to this tape, try to view this from the right perspective, the message is very sexual, but it is not perverse, it is sexual because everything in this world is a visible explanation of some spiritual principle on a higher plane. 


And we know that human sexuality is probably the most powerful driving force in our world, and in the same manner spiritual sexuality is the most probably the most powerful driving force, it drives the expansion and the establishment of the creation. Our race would not continue if it were not for human sexuality, it's very important. What a lot of people don't know is that the sexual energy that every human being is born with is the same as their spiritual energy. Every human being is born with one measure of spiritual energy that can be used either as sexual energy or mental spiritual energy, and you can live your life in a manner whereby that energy that you're born with can be divided some to sexual energy and some to creative or mental spiritual energy, to a certain point, and then if you want to go if you want to expand even more so in your creative spiritual or mental energy, you will find that your sexual energy begins to dry up because it's the same energy, and if you're drawing, think as your energy as existing in a reservoir, if you are a person who pursues the spiritual life or the creative life, or the mental life, to such a degree that you're draining so much of your spiritual energy you will find that you are spending less of it as sexual energy.


I can think of least five great men right now where I've seen movies of their life story where their wife is complaining because they are giving their whole energy to writing their book or pursuing their career, and their wife is at home feeling neglected. We are limited human beings see. And this was what Jesus was talking about when he said, you know where your heart that's where your soul is, what did he say? Where your treasure is that's where your heart is, what is the most important thing to you, that's where your true energy your true life's energy is, that's where it is, you can only have one primary thing in your life, you can only have one primary pursuit in your life. So this is the bottom line, the message is very sexual and this explosion in the head of Adam Kadmon is a spiritual orgasm, I'm sorry but that's what it is, either your sexual energy goes up or it goes down, and there is such a thing as a mental orgasm, I've been preaching that for years.


In this fallen society frequently we see it manifesting in an ungodly manner. Just by way of example, you're all looking at me let me give you an example, let me diverge here and give you an example, I was surfing the TV the other day and I saw the movie, Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf was coming on, I haven't seen that movie in a long time, so I decided to watch it, it's a very psychological movie and I decided to watch it, and see if I could glean anything from it that I had not gleaned in previous years. Now who's afraid of Virginia Wolf is about a married couple and they're both very dysfunctional, just to make this short the woman is on the surface looks like a total shrew, screaming yelling, and she is very cruel, and the husband appears on the surface to be the victim of her cruelty, but the truth of the matter is that there is a dynamic going on between the two of them, and this is it, and I'm not making any excuses for her cruelty or very ungodly behavior, she is a witch, a screaming raging cruel witch, but underneath it all, she's a woman in terrible pain who desperately wants her husband to comfort her, and the comfort she's looking for is sexual comfort, and he cannot give it to her. At this point I'm not going to address what came first the chicken or the egg, this is the situation that exists, can he not function because of her cruelty, I know there are some men that would use sex to control a woman like that, to calm her down and control her, but this man couldn't, he could not deal with her cruelty, and at the moments of her softness when she desired affection from him, he would turn around and retaliate against her by denying her sex. Now whether he could not physically function or he chose not to, but mentally and emotionally this was the game, this is the game, this is the plot of the movie, this woman who is manifesting very aggressively and cruelly on the surface is a woman desperate for affection and compassion from her husband, despite the fact that she's being very cruel to him, and he in retaliation is punishing her by refusing to give her the comfort and the sex that she needs, and this horrible situation exists in this marriage where they're constantly verbally killing each other, verbally and emotionally killing each other, well he knows, he's really more, he's in control. See we have this with passive aggressive relationships or passive aggressive marriages. If ever you see a relationship like this, you should know that the passive one is the one that's in control, don't be deceived by the person who is screaming and yelling and being, that is wrong don't misunderstand me, but the one who appears to be the victim but who is passive, that is the one who is in control, you see. He could have stopped this at any time, by giving her what she needed, and I'm not saying he was wrong in not doing it, I'm just talking about what's going on, he would not give her what she needed, he refused, it was his way of getting at her, it was his punishment of her, yet he knew, that he was the one in control, and as sick as this sounds he really loved her, and he wanted this, all of this rage and this wickedness coming out of her, it's all spiritual energy it's a storm blowing around and he wanted the storm put down.


Now he could have put the storm down by making love to her, you see, but he chose not to do that, yet he knew the storm had to be put down, so he, the storm was coming from her, did you ever see one of these movies where someone has, a horror movie where someone has a strong mind, and they whip up actually poltergeist are the result of mental energy gone awry and physical elements, objects in the house start swirling around because the person's mind is so strong, and they're so upset that they cause destruction in the physical plane, is everybody following me? You know so all of this constant cruelty and wickedness and evil that was coming out of her mouth, it was all a storm that was being whipped up inside of her, because of her severe pain, she was dealing with her severe pain in an extremely dysfunctional manner, and if this man would have been able to comfort her sexually, she probably would have come out of it and she would have healed eventually but he couldn't give her what she needed, and because he was very hurt also, so he hit back by denying her what she needed, yet he loved her enough and he was wise enough to know that this game had to stop because they were both being destroyed by it.


And the way he stopped the game was by utterly hurting her emotionally to the point that he crushed her, and you have to watch the story, I can't tell you the whole story but he broke her heart, he did something very cruel to her that was a spiritual defeat of her, it was all verbal, is anyone not following me, it was all verbal, it was a spiritual defeat, he outwitted her and he said something that hurt her so badly that he pain just went down and she just got very calm and this is the end of the movie, she's very calm in all of this pain saying, "Oh why did you do that?" And he's there touching her shoulder comforting her.


So you see he got his orgasm in a mental way. See, and again I'm not making a judgment as to whether he was right or wrong, maybe a man couldn't function in that kind of cruelty I don't know, but I do know this, that if he were able to function sexually in that cruelty, and love her in that cruelty, she would have calmed down and eventually she would have come out of this I believe, but he couldn't give her what she needed yet he knew he had to break her, so he broke her with cruelty, but that orgasm had to come, that release from that rage, that storm that was continuously blowing in her own heart and her own mind, that storm had to be put down, and he could have done it by loving her or he could have done it by breaking her, and he chose to break her with cruelty, but the orgasm had to come. The pressure of the constant storm had to come, is anybody not following me? The pressure had to break you see. 


And this is true of human relationships, anyone that has the wisdom to see it, you will see it in human relationships, and it is also true of Jesus Christ he comes and he comforts us and puts down the storm in us with his life and with the love of his spirit. Maybe no man could have functioned sexually with a woman like that, I don't know, I honestly don't know, but I know that if he could have, he would have really helped her, but he couldn't, so he broke her with cruelty, but that storm in her, it had to be put down you see. So that's the kind of storm that came up in Adam Kadmon's mind, what I'm trying to tell you the point that I'm trying to make, is human beings all have a measure of spiritual sexual energy, it's the same energy, and it accumulates from time to time in our life, this energy accumulates and it has to be discharged once it accumulates. There are a couple of socially acceptable methods of discharging this energy, one is sexual intercourse in marriage, and it should be done with love even if it's your wife, it shouldn't be just an act of gratification, and the other legitimate release of this energy is creativity.


And I've been preaching for years that creativity is far superior than even to legitimate sexual intercourse, why? Because with creativity you're not dependent on another person. See you and God become the source of your release of your creativity. And this is one of the problems in marriages, I mean no two people are exactly alike. One person wants it more than the other, if the person is not mature enough to deal with it, resentments build up and before you know it you've got a marriage of long duration with all kinds of resentment and hostility flowing underground because on the surface the people are saying well this is wife or this is my husband, I made a commitment for life an I'm not going anywhere, but they're very angry underneath because that other person didn't meet their need, maybe the other person couldn't meet their need, see anger is not logical, and that's why when somebody is emotionally upset or angry or distressed in any way, to minister to them with reason is spinning your wheels, it makes no sense at all to minister to emotionally active people with reason. You need to minister to their emotions, see.


You either need to minister to their emotions or you need to put them down with force, which is what this man did. So, this is the foundation, what I'm telling you about Adam Kadmon, this is the foundation for the problem in human nature that I just described to you. You see we are the creation on the level on the world called the world of action, we are the farthest distance away from the original source of the light, that's why Jesus called this world outer darkness, but everything that is happening to us happens on all planes of consciousness. Only what happens on a spiritual plane of consciousness which is constructive can be destructive this far away from the light. See and the very best we can do in this world is to form a marriage and the Scripture says a man should get married and love his wife for the rest of his life, and that the woman should submit to her husband, I'm sorry the man should respect his wife and honor her and the woman should love her husband.


So you make a commitment to one another because we have all these problems in our psyche and in our emotions, because we're this far away from the light and we're dysfunctional see. When the Lord Jesus comes into our life, as we yield to him, we learn to deal with out mental problems and our emotional problems and our lives become more and more full as the Lord becomes our backbone you see. But we have inherited the energies of the original creation and if we don't channel those energies and use them correctly, we go into destruction. And the rules that the Lord God has given the creation to channel these energies so that we can live and prosper, some how over the centuries have come down as a book of laws which are perceived to be as bondages and restraints, and hurtful restraints, or restraints with no rational behind them to the so called educated people of our society. And so in the United States and the whole western world today these restraints are being broken, and people are going into destruction, every rule is being broken, and mostly the sexual rules, every rule is being broken, and we're going into destruction, the individual and the nation. The answer to our problem is this understanding, and of course with the Spirit of Christ because no one would understand it without the Spirit of Christ but the whole point of me interfering with the Kabbalah message to give you this exhortation is to show you that what happened in Adam Kadmon's head is happening in the genital area of human beings all the time. But what's really interesting here is that more and more I see in our society this necessary release of spiritual energy is in many areas beginning to become mental. Now this society is ascending spiritually, it's ascending outside of Christ.


We see a lot of women, marriages are being rejected by many, a lot of women are becoming spiritual men, they're very capable of functioning on their own, they really don't need a man to take care of them. A woman being educated and along that whole area they can function alone, as I just said, and of course in the occult this spiritual ascension has, well I shouldn't even say that, let me back up, this spiritual ascension is now appearing as a belief in our society that fornication is okay, a belief that adultery is okay, and the ascension outside of Christ perceives this liberation, see the Lord wants us liberated, and he wants women to be equal to men mentally and spiritually, and I think eventually even physically, we will be equal to men when the Spirit of Christ inhabits us to such a degree that he gives us physical strength. But the Lord will never agree to sexual liberation, see fornication is not okay, and adultery is not okay, and incest is not okay, and perverse sexual acts are not okay. So the people who are ascending spiritually outside of Christ, you know are including all of these elements, all of these sexual elements that are not acceptable to God.


See Jesus said there is no marriage or giving of marriage in heaven, that means you ascend spiritually and you ascend into your mind and you don't take your sexuality with you, you leave your sexuality behind, but no one wants to accept that you see. Now in the areas where the people are in the forefront of ascending spiritually, they're in witchcraft you see, I hear more and more about them migrating away from this physical gratification and receiving mental gratification, what are you talking about Sheila?


It's just a fringe is this society today but it's the beginnings. I saw a woman interviewed on a talk show, she's a vampire, she gets together with her friend and they use hypodermic needles, they draw each other's blood and they drink each other's blood. And they were asked by the member of the audience, are you, do you have sex when you do this, and she said no, I'm celibate, you see. So there is a spiritual, do you hear what I'm saying there is a spiritual ascension going on that is outside of God, and that spiritual is away from genital gratification into other forms of mental gratification. Do you know what I'm talking about? Now it's just a beginning, it's just started, what am I saying? It's a return, it's a perverse return to the true sexuality which is of the mind and the spirit. It's a perverse return to orgasm of the mind, that's what this exhortation is all about, see. Now I am told, I have not experienced it, to my knowledge I haven't experienced it, but I'm told that Kabbalists over the years have experienced this orgasm of the mind through union with the Lord in their pursuits.


Now if that is true for us the Christians, I haven't experienced it yet, it may be true, I don't know, it very well maybe true, but I haven't experienced it.


I have heard of Hindus experiencing this, I did know the word for it, but I can't recall it at the moment, where they literally have this orgasm of the mind which is a gratification that is at least as if not more gratifying than a genital gratification. You see the whole humanity, we're ascending, but most people are ascending outside of Christ. I even got an email from somebody recently telling me that they were a Christian, who frequently has these what he called a crown experience, the orgasm of the mind, he wanted me to explain to him what was happening to him, and this is what I told him it's an orgasm of the mind, and it's generated by the union with a spirit.


So if you're having this experience, you better find out what spirit is making love to you and giving you an orgasm of your mind, and it better be the Spirit of Christ or you're in trouble, because there's two men around today, you know, one is a pseudo man, but that's another issue, there are two men that want to marry humanity. See this is not just a phrase, just a slogan when the Scripture says we're the bride of Christ and he's going to marry us, he's going to marry us, and he's going to give us the marital gratification, except the marital gratification that Jesus Christ gives us, comes in the mind, it comes at the top end, not at the bottom end. But I have read in books on Kabbalah that the Kabbalists who ascended to this place that they have these experiences regularly, and whether or not if it was with the God of Israel or another god I don't know, but the tendency is to willingly give up sexuality because the mental orgasm is so much more preferable. And I have also heard the same thing about Buddhists, there are no sexual taboos in Buddhism, but those who follow a strict discipline of Buddhism I have read in books, voluntarily after they go into the monastery give up sexuality. Why? Because their spiritual life has become so gratifying, because they have entered into this Jihud, this union of energies in the mind that produces a mental spiritual experience that's so gratifying that's it's preferable to the genital experience.


Now look this may sound way out to you, but let me tell you the same thing is true of Heroin users. Did you ever speak to a Heroin user? I have spoken to heroin addicts. I've said what is it that you feel that you can't stop doing this? And the answer is it's like having an orgasm that you feel all over your body. So heroin addicts are in a state of orgasm continuously. It's a perversion of the reality you see. But we have fallen down, see, the human race has fallen down from a high place where we were married to and had a spiritual sexual relationship with the one true God and we have fallen down into this low place where we flipped over, we were inside, we've come outside, what was on top is now on the bottom, what was on the inside is now on the outside. So we're doing the same thing that we were doing in that higher place, but we're doing them at the other side or at the other end, and it's perverse, therefore in this world the Lord says okay, this is your condition, you want to have sex, get married, make a commitment for life, respect and honor and love one another, and if you want to have sex you can have sex.


But with these, with the prohibitions of, with the sexual taboos being lifted in this nation, we are headed down a path that can lead to nothing but destruction. Mothers and daughters fighting over the same man, confusion, confusion, total confusion. We can't live without order and you can't follow after your passions because we're fallen you see. But when you're not fallen, when you're raised back up again, this is what's waiting for you, this is the reality of marriage to Christ. See the church thinks they're going to marry Christ and they're going to go get a mansion to live in and their going to have no worries and no problems for eternity, and they have no recognition at all of the intimacy that is available, well I don't even agree with that, they're not going to be getting any mansion, we are the mansions that Christ is going to live in, we are the mansion that the Spirit of Christ is going to live in, we are the vessels that light of the Ayn sof which is appearing to us as the Spirit of Christ will indwell. But they have no revelation whatsoever of the true glory and the true satisfaction that the Lord's going to give us. Do you know one of the translations of the Hebrew word for salvation is satisfaction? You know the people of this fallen race are engaged in all kinds of activities to survive because no one is really satisfied down here. No matter how good your life is, if you think you're satisfied you don't really know what satisfaction is because whatever is satisfying you has to keep on satisfying you over and over and over again. You're satisfied with your wife, well what if your wife dies? What if your husband dies? You're satisfied with your career, what if something happens to you and you can't function in that career anymore. Where is your satisfaction, it's an illusion, it can go up in dust, in ashes at any moment. It's not a true satisfaction, the only true satisfaction is marriage to the Lord Jesus, and that satisfaction comes through union of his spirit with the spirit of our mind. See the lights of the ears, nose and the mouth, that's inside of us, and the lights of the Ab, the lights of the head, that's the Lord Jesus coming down, and this union is going to take place in our mind and there's going to be a Jihud, you see, and there's going to be an outpouring of a light that is born. No it's not going to be a virgin light, a light that's born of Christ in us, and the Spirit of Christ and it's going to be a light that carries with it miracle working power that will far surpass anything that you've ever heard of the Holy Spirit doing, because the Spirit of Christ is more mature than the Holy Spirit.


So this is what we're waiting for, this is what those of us who are going on in God are waiting for, we're waiting for that union. Right now where we are now is that Christ Jesus is being developed in us, because you can't have that union with the Lord Jesus until Christ Jesus is developed in you. The Lord Jesus is not going to join with your carnal mind and produce this Jihud. Christ has to be grafted to you and then Christ has to grow up to be a mature man, and the marriage is between Christ in you the hope of glory and the glorified Jesus Christ, and in that union there is this explosion of glory that will come out of your eyes. I know that sometimes people cannot look at my eyes, I don't know what they see, but they cannot look at me. Now whether or not, according to what I've experienced with the Holy Spirit, it comes the glory comes out of your hands also, if that's true of the Spirit of Christ, I haven't found that teaching in Kabbalah yet, but it may very well be true, I haven't learned anything about the hands of Adam Kadmon yet, you see.


See we are the vessels of Adam Kadmon, everything that we're learning about that happened in him is happening in us. I just told you the tetragrammaton called the general Sefirot was inside Adam Kadmon, and first the Ab, ascended and went into his brain, and then the Sag ascended and went out of his ears, nose and mouth. That's happening to us, and the general Sefirot inside of us is the seed of Christ. The seed of Christ is the general Sefirot grafted to us, everything I'm teaching you here it has to happen to us, the Yod has to go up into our brain, that's learning the doctrine, see. As you learn this doctrine, the Yod of the seed of Christ that's in you is ascending under your skull, see. Then the Hey has to ascend and come out of your ears, your nose, and your mouth. Ears, you have to start to understand the things of God, you have to be able to speak the word of God, and at the moment I don't know what to say about the nose, oh the nose is associated with the heart, thank you Lord for reminding me. And we had much teaching in the doctrine of Christ of how Christ is grafted to you and must ascend and stand up in the right side of the heart center where he has dominion over Satan. It's all happening to us, there's nothing new under the sun, any experience that a human being can have has been and is being experienced on the higher planes of consciousness, and most likely they're being experienced simultaneously, we're just not aware of it, we're blind to it. See.


So this whole teaching is not just abstract teaching, it's all happening to us, and the Lord has recently revealed that one of the purposes of this abstract teaching which some people find grievous, is that there are spiritual truths that frequently the conscious mind cannot deal with, Jesus said, I have much to tell you but you can't bear it now. And the Lord told me just a couple of weeks ago, I think I put it on a tape, but I'll tell you again, that by submitting ourselves to this abstract teaching, the truth is getting into our spirit, the truth that our conscious mind may not be able to deal with at this time, is going into our spirit, and breaking down the defenses of our carnal mind so that at some point our conscious mind will be able to receive this truth. We are really getting married to a spiritual man named Christ Jesus, it's going to be a real marriage, we're called to have a relationship with him and where you talk with him and discuss things with him, have sex with him, of the mind okay, don't you go receiving an evil spirit called incubus that wants to give you physical sex, it's of the mind. He really wants to take care of us and meet our every need supernaturally.


The problem is we're all adulteress and we're still married to our carnal mind, that's what our problem is. He wants to solve every problem in our life but we have to come into obedience. Any problem that you have, you want that problem solved, I tell what you do, get down on your knees, and ask the Lord what you are not doing that you should be doing which is your part in solving this problem, ask him what you have done, what you may have done in the past that was wrong that you have not admitted which is confession and that you have not repented of, and ask him to help you to do it, to admit it and repent, and ask him what you need to do now, and then ask him to help you to do it because we can't do anything unless he helps us. And I'm not saying your problem will be solved immediately, but if you can do those things seriously that I just outlined and you have a legitimate relationship with the Lord Jesus there is no problem that can exist that he will not solve for you in due season, but you have to ask him what you're suppose to be doing that you're not doing or what you are doing that you shouldn't be doing that this problem is continuing for the length of time that it's continuing.


That's how you get your problem solved, he wants to be your everything, if you will just get out of his way. Okay so are there any questions about this principle of orgasm, I'm not going to be euphemistic that's what it is, I could say release and no one will know what I'm talking about, it's an orgasm of the mind that's what it is, it's an explosion, and in that explosion seed comes forth, is that not what happens in marital intercourse, there is an explosion, there is an orgasm, and the seed comes forth, and the seed of the man joins with the seed of the woman, but in this high spiritual plane there is no man and woman at this concerning the seed, the seed that comes forth is both male and female. It's BaN and MaH, it's a double seed that comes forth. So just to read what's on the, are there any questions about this, it's such a powerful message you know. We have a mature group here, but some people flip out over this. You have a question.


COMMENT: When the lights, when it's going back up from down the bottom from BaN and MaH, and they go up and they meet with the lights that are in the, the stars that are in the top part of the brain, in the photo that you have here, each explosion, is that over periods of time, or is it one particular time.


PASTOR VITALE: That's a very good question, (chuckle), that's a very good question, I don't know but my guess would be that it's an ongoing thing. Yes the Lord is witnessing that to me, just let me correct something that you said, so the people don't get misled on the tape, okay.


The BaN and the MaH do ascend and they come up into the head and they join with the lights of the ears nose and mouth and the stars, this is the new I don't want to call it new light because that's something else, well it is new light, there's just two kinds of new light, this is the light that's born, these stars represent the light that's born from the union of this light that rises, the light that rises joins with the existing light of the ears, nose, and mouth, and makes that build up of energy, and causes the union of the light of the Ab, which is under the skull, and the stars, the light represented by the stars is the light that's born of the union, okay. And it's my understanding at this point that this is a continuous situation, and that when we are truly married to the Lord Jesus in spirit, we will be in a continuous state of what you might want to call mental orgasm.


And see here's the perversion, I mentioned it earlier, drug addicts that lay around all day and can't function, this is what I've been told they're laying there having a physical orgasm that they feel from the top of their head to the bottom of their toes, and they're out of commission, but spiritually speaking this will not put us out of commission, what it will do is deal with all the pain, I want to tell you everybody is in pain, everybody in this fallen world is in pain, some people more and some people less and you may not be feeling that pain at a particular moment that you're hugging your baby you're loving your wife, or you're feeling gratified in your career, but as soon as that's all over and the blush of that falls off, whatever your problem is, whatever you're lacking in your life, then you become aware again of that pain.


See the pain never goes away, we just stop looking at it, and sometimes our mind is so strong that we don't look at it because we know that as far as this world goes, we have good things, we have good things in this world especially those of us who live in this country, we're so privileged, but even in this country there are people living on the streets in the dead of the winter, people are eating out of garbage cans, you know. So those of us that are mature, we know that we are really blessed, we have more than our needs being met, our needs are met and plus, in the physical world, and of course spiritually we're very blessed, so we train ourselves to not look at what's hurting us, but that doesn't mean the pain is not there, you see. But when the marriage to Jesus is complete, all of that pain will be dealt with you see, just like that husband and wife in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, all of the pain in that woman, she was in terrible pain and she was acting it out in a totally dysfunctional and cruel way, but her root was pain, she was a bleeding woman.


So whether you're bleeding that badly and dealing with it, or maybe you're not bleeding as badly as that, marriage to Jesus Christ will heal every wound that you have, and provide every emotional mental and physical need that you have, but it has to be the full marriage. The full marital union provides this, the Holy Spirit doesn't provide what I'm talking about. People leave the Pentecostal church in great disillusionment because they're told that the Holy Spirit, that's all that there is, that's the end of the game, then die and you go live in a mansion, which a lot of intelligent people can't even believe. And if you do believe it, what about the rest of your life on this earth? It's not in the Holy Spirit you see. The Holy Spirit is supposed to result in Christ being grafted to us, and then that's just the beginning, as everybody here knows we're spending years building up Christ feeding Christ and overcoming our carnal mind in preparation for the marriage that will give us these benefits that I'm talking about here, and it's in this life it's not after you die, it's here, it's in the flesh.


So did I answer your question, I believe my understanding right now is that this explosion and the light coming out of the eyes is a continuous ongoing thing, and I'm even getting another witness from the Lord to that effect because coming from another point of view, remember this whole world is an illusion, and this whole world is recreated from nanosecond to nanosecond. A nanosecond is a subdivision of a second, this is whole world is recreated from nanosecond to nanosecond by the superior mind that thinks it into existence, see. So from that point of view, this work that goes on continuously to keep the worlds in existence and that's what it means in the King James when it says, I remember you, if God doesn't remember you, the significance of that is that you cease to exist. The only reason we exist as we do is because we're in his mind. That's us in Christ, the rest of the world well I guess I was going to say the rest of the world exists because we're in Leviathan's mind, but even that is not true, because Leviathan could not keep this world in existence if the Lord decided to wipe it out you see.


If God decided to give up on this world and stop thinking about it, not only could Leviathan not keep this world in existence, Leviathan would cease to exist. See that's what's going to happen, that's what it means when we hear the end of the age, that this age is going to roll up like a scroll you see. It's going to cease to exist when the Lord Jesus Christ fully establishes his kingdom in the earth and people, there are people who are walking in the fullness of this message who are truly married to God, you see this is why there will be no more marriage, no more human marriage or giving in marriage because everyone will be married to the Lord you see. And when that kingdom with beings who are truly fully married to the Lord appears in the earth and I don't know whether it would require one or a hundred or a thousand, I don't know what the line is, but when the Lord Jesus establishes his kingdom in the earth to his satisfaction, he will forget about the previous age, and it will cease to exist, because only what exists in the mind of God continues to appear you see. He continues to think of us in this condition because if you stop thinking about us there would be no more creation, but this is only temporary, but yet back to your question, yes this would be going on this explosion in the mind of Adam Kadmon, would be going on indefinitely and I believe that's what happens in outer space, that there are continuous explosion of stars, of course in outer space there are a lot of stars dying and becoming black holes, but continuous explosion all through space. So that is the process, I believe the Lord is saying that is the process that keeps the visible worlds the worlds, not only the visible worlds but the worlds in existence, continuous movement, continuous movement, continuous explosions, and all this happening all over again, nothing new under the sun.


The only thing that changes is how this work of creation is appearing, how it appears, that's the only thing that changes, the actual work of creation has never ceased. Any other questions? Okay.


COMMENT: Relating to what you just said to the fact that in reality everything that has happened has happened spiritually it's happening to us, and the exclusion and the fusion you had you said related to the doctrine of Christ, the Spirit of Christ fusing with the Lord Jesus Christ, is that happening continuously and has that always been from the beginning of time, because there was a time there was no doctrine of Christ and then the doctrine of Christ, in the individual the individual state has not always been the same they are like phases points in time that things happen to the individual, so how do you relate the two?


PASTOR VITALE: Well this union between the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ, I don't really believe it's happening yet even in me or in the church, this is our hope, but what's been happening is that that same experience has been going on between Satan, I may not have my names right, the Serpent and Leviathan in the individual see, because this creation, this creation is a result of an act of spiritual intercourse between the Serpent and Satan and Leviathan, I may have my names wrong, but the negative principalities that have brought this creation into existence, the Serpent brought this creation into existence. But it's the same thing that's going on, but it's not going on on this high level. Okay, let me explain this to you, yes humanity has existed all of this time, but humanity in general is not existent on this high level of marriage with this mental intercourse, although some people in the occult seem to be experiencing it these days, this is why the Scripture tells us that humanity is immature, see we find the prophet Ezekiel talking to Israel saying, And you arrived, you matured to the time of love, in other words you were a young child and now you're ready for love, which means the Lord is ready to marry you in this kind of spiritual mental condition.


Humanity as a whole is immature, is too young for marriage, you see. But there are a few, some people there who are because all of humanity is female, even the physical males are female, we're all female in relation to the spiritual principalities that want to marry us. So there is some precocious young girls in our humanity that have entered into full spiritual marriage but it's with the Serpent, see. And what's happening today is that humanity as a whole is maturing and on the verge, let me say this in another way, there are people in the occult that are spiritually maturing right now and have a relationship, they don't believe it's the Serpent they don't know it's the Serpent but it is, they have this high spiritual relationship with the Serpent but they're not the mainstream of humanity, but the mainstream of humanity is maturing, and becoming spiritually prepared for spiritual marriage, but they don't know it.


The people are not being warned they are not being educated, they don't know it, and this wave of the occult that's hit this nation is preparing the average man in the street, the average housewife, the average teenager or child to receive the spiritual marriage with the Serpent. See the nation is being, not only our nation but all of western civilization is being seduced and nobody seems to know what's going on. The church will tell you at least some elements of the church will tell you, stay away from the occult and stay away from astrology, and stay away from spiritual psychic experiences, and then the educated person says to the church person, what's wrong with that, and the church going person says, it's bad you'll go to hell, and the enlightened person says, I don't believe that junk. But what they don't know is that they are being seduced and prepared, and are in the process of marrying the Serpent and they won't know what's happened to them until they wake up one day, and they're fully under the control of the Serpent and Satan is manifesting freely through them. And in most cases it will be too late, and the Scripture says, My people perish for lack of knowledge, and this is what's happening.


The prohibitions of the Scripture are being rejected by the wise of this world, and of course I'm not justifying what they're doing but when you have a society that's educated as the western society is, okay, it's necessary for them to be spiritually educated as well as educated concerning the subjects and the aspects and the sciences of this world, because you cannot take a person whose mind has been developed the way most people are in this world, you may not think that your mind is so developed, but you know there are people that don't know how to use a telephone you know, there are people that are still in the world today that might even not know how to use an electric stove, they're still cooking over a fire. So you're highly enlightened, everyone in this country is highly enlightened.


You can't take enlightened people and expect them to flow with a spiritual message that is designed for an unenlightened people, or a superstitious people that would say I'm afraid and I won't do it. So the Lord is bringing forth this enlightened message, but either people don't want to hear it, or they cannot hear it you see, they cannot hear this message, they don't have a desire for this message because this message is only for the people who truly serve God. This message in this ministry is the Lord's gift to us for service that, for sacrificial service that we have all engaged in for years. I didn't know that I was working for this, I never asked for it, but for those of us who have been following him blindly, just following him, going anywhere that he'll take us, doing anything that he'll show us because we love him, this is his gift to us, you see.


You cannot come in off the street and say well I'm an enlightened person in the west you see, or I'm an enlightened person, not in the west but I'm enlightened person and I want to now bring spirituality into my enlightenment, I want the enlightened spiritual message, you can't do this, you know, you can't do it, the only way you can get this message, you have to go down before you can go up, you have to humble yourself before the living God, you have to admit that you know nothing and you can do nothing and your motive for wanting this message is because you want everything he has for you, and you won't get this message without also judging your own sin nature you see. There's a price to pay.


So what are you saying Sheila? Look this is what I'm saying okay, the western world largely the Christian world is in trouble, and this message is the answer to their trouble but they're not going to get this message without first coming down, they cannot cut across from where they are, they cannot be in a Pentecostal church or a Baptist church or a Lutheran church or a Catholic church, and living whatever life they're living, and we know that Christians are doing, you can't tell the difference between the Christians and the people in the world today, they cannot cut across that and enter into this message, they have to go down, they have to give up whatever God tells them to give up, they have to serve him, whatever has to happen to them, has to happen to them to make the Lord the most important thing in their life. You have to be willing to give up anything and everything, I'm not saying he'll take it from you, but in your heart, it's an attitude of your heart, you have to be willing to give up everything including your family, no I am not a cult, I am not asking you to give up anything, if and when God asks you, you are required to give it up if you want to go on, and he's not going to do anything to hurt you and he's not going to do anything to hurt your family, but what he very well may do, is interfere with your carnal concept of what your obligations are in this world.


I'm going to say that again, what the Lord will violate let me say it this way, he will not violate your family, he will not hurt your family, he will not do anything to hurt you or anyone that you love or are responsible for, but what he will violate is your carnal concept of what your obligations are to your loved ones. Does anyone not understand what I just said? So this message is not for free you see. Right now there's just a small group of us, but eventually, the earth will be covered with people moving in this message and having this experience. We're the front guard. Any more questions? Okay I'm just going to read what's on the board on drawing number 4, and I'll do one more drawing, and I'll show you, I'll try to make this area of Adam Kadmon's ovary realistic, and I'll show you the world of points in relationship to it.


Okay I have written here on drawing number 4, the abundance of light in Adam Kadmon's head is caused by the ascended remaining elements from the inside of Adam Kadmon.


The Lord just said to me, that some Christians will tell you that an abundance of secular education will ultimately turn you away from God and that happens to a lot of people that are raised in the church, and then they go to college and they get out in the world and they no longer believe, and the Lord said the reason for this is that, the church is not doing its job, and if this message was, I would not know how to teach this message on a level for children, but there is not a doubt in my mind that when the time comes, and it has to come, the Lord will anoint somebody, he will show somebody how to break this message down into the little crumbs that children can start to deal with. See right now that's not happening, this message is not for people with children, this ministry is not for people with children, you know. Okay.


But if children are raised on this message, they will go into the secular subjects with this message already built into them, they will not be caused to fall from a college education, does anyone not know what I'm talking about? And it's not God that's not giving this message to the church, I want to clarify that also, it's really well, God is not denying this message to the church, the fivefold ministry that presently exist has fallen down, it just really has, but then again, they're not the true fivefold ministry, the true fivefold ministry is Christ Jesus in the man. The fivefold ministry in the church today is a man, a well-meaning man with a carnal mind under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and there is a purpose for that, this exterior fivefold ministry was ordained of God, but they're not the genuine article.


Just like Jesus came out of Israel, out of all those thousands of years of Kabbalists and study and keeping the law Jesus came out of Israel, the true fivefold ministry is coming out of the church. So on the one hand, you can't blame the fivefold ministry because it's only, the only one that's not going to fail is the minister that's ministering out of Christ Jesus who they are married to that Christ Jesus and he is living his life through them. That minister and that ministry will not fail, see. As long as they don't turn the, as long as they don't choose sin and turn their back on God, that ministry will not fail.


But the ministry where it's a carnal man under the influence of the Holy Ghost, they have to fail, they simply cannot stand under the seduction of Satan which goes from generation to generation. Satan's seduction spans generations, a little bit each generation, they fall a little bit more, a little bit more, a little bit more. The carnal man under the influence of the Holy Spirit will never survive that. So on the one hand, the fall of the fivefold ministry which is falling or fallen today, completely deceived in many areas, most of them, I don't know any minister of the Holy Ghost that is not deceived in some area today. So although we know that it had to happen, it's still sin you see. We know that it had to happen because these are ministers that are ministering out of their sin nature out of the good side of their sin nature, doing the best that they can. So it was to be expected but yet it's still sin on their part if you can hear that. And our hope as we look around and as I see these ministers of the Holy Ghost falling, I something in me wants to get upset, but I refuse to get upset, I'm not going to look down, I'm going to look up.


The true fivefold ministry, the genuine article, Christ Jesus the mature spiritual man living his life through a human being is appearing on the earth. So that's what you look at, don't look at what's happening to the church and get upset because it's unbearable, it's unbearable for me. So we look forward, we look forward to Christ Jesus coming forth, and what's happening right now is what we saw in the Mount of transfiguration. On the mount of Transfiguration we saw, that we saw Elijah and we saw Moses, that means in Jesus and in the sons that are coming forth now, we will see the ministry of Moses and the ministry of Elijah, both ministries. The ministry of Moses is a teaching ministry, what you are hearing here today, and what you are participating in today is the ministry of Moses, we've brought forth the doctrine of Christ. Moses brought forth the first five books of the Scripture. We brought forth the doctrine of Christ we're ministering to the people, we're dealing with Pharaoh, we're teaching. Moses was a teacher and a disciplinarian of the people and he was very human and he failed to minister out of Christ, that's why he didn't enter into the promise land, when we're told that he struck the rock instead of speaking to it, that is a parable, the message is that he dealt with the people under his charge harshly.


Again going back to Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf, when we have authority of any kind we can meet the people's needs with kindness or we can bring them into submission with cruelty. We can bring them into submission meeting their needs with kindness or we can bring them into submission with cruelty, and Moses on several occasions failed to meet their need, and what were the needs of the people, they were afraid, the people were afraid, and Moses' reaction was to be harsh with them. Well was he punished for being harsh? No, he failed to respond out of his Christ self. And the Lord said to him you didn't make it in this incarnation, that's okay Moses, you'll get another chance, but the truth is that you didn't make it, so you'll get another chance in another incarnation. He wasn't punished, this is an overcoming, we've got to get there.


If the Lord gives it to us as a gift, we will not have earned it, and anything that's a gift we can lose, what we've earned we can't lose. That's it, he wasn't punished, see. So the aspect of Jesus' ministry which we will call Moses is appearing today, but we have to see the aspect of Jesus' ministry called Elijah appearing today, and that is the supernatural works, not only supernatural healing, supernatural ministry, power over nature, Elijah had power over nature, he said no rain and the skies closed up, he had power over nature, you see. So that's what we're waiting for the second half of Jesus' ministry, that Elijah ministry has to come forth, and is going to work with the Moses ministry, Jesus had both. Jesus had disciples, Jesus didn't write anything himself, but his disciples wrote, that's how we have the New Testament his disciples wrote, Jesus was a great teacher, he was also a disciplinarian of his disciples, and he didn't just teach doctrine, Jesus taught his disciples about the spiritual world and how to function in it. All of those elements are already appearing, all the teaching elements as far as I know are appearing in some measure, we're waiting for the Elijah aspect of Jesus' ministry by which he performed not only healing miracles but his creative miracles, that's what we're waiting for, the Elijah aspect of the ministry of the sons of God, at which point I believe that the sons of God will be revealed to the world with miracle working power.


You see the fivefold ministry today which is not the real, the genuine article, there have been isolated ministers that have miracle working power, see, all of the sons as they reach that level of maturity will have miracle working power. There have been ministers and evangelists with miracle working power but not with the teaching, you see. They have miracle working power with the false doctrine of the rapture and Christmas, you see. You will know that it is the true ministry of Jesus Christ when the power comes forth with the true philosophy, with the true doctrine. So you don't want the teacher without the power, and you don't want the power without the teacher. Now right now today we have a teacher without the Elijah power, so in that instance you have to get your witness from God, but let me say this way, once it appears, once the ministry of Jesus Christ appears, someone or some ones with the true doctrine plus the miracle working power, any teacher that you find that doesn't have the miracle working power is not the genuine article.


See but in this hour we have the teaching but Elijah hasn't appeared yet, so you have to get another witness from God that this is the true ministry, see. But once the whole ministry appears in the earth you don't want to be looking for anyone that has one or the other, once the whole thing appears, why would you want someone who has one or the other right? Okay I'm going to try and read this again abundance of light in Adam Kadmon's head, caused by the ascended remaining elements from the inside of Adam Kadmon results in an explosion of light which causes a union, Hebrew word Jihud of Sag, and that's the lights of the ears, the nose, and the mouth, that union of Sag with the ascended Ab, that's inside of Adam Kadmon's skull. The product of this union is the light that comes from Adam Kadmon's eyes shown as stars here. And this light vibrates down to and surrounds the area below Adam Kadmon's navel, this area and the lights that form it are called the world of points, and the world of points has an inside and an outside, Adam Kadmon's ovary is the inside and is male and female and represents the, I'll tell you that with the next board, let me just finish what's reading here. Elements of MaH or BaN return to the inside of Adam Kadmon after the Masakh was formed.


Remember everything that was inside of Adam Kadmon had ascended and now just some of the MaH and the BaN come back down, and these elements MaH is male and BaN is female, become the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary and this is the inside of the world of points. So please note that the Masakh is the thin border of the circle and the center of the circle is inside of Adam Kadmon which is by the way the garden, that is the garden that built in Eden, the garden, what's inside a garden, plants, okay. So this Adam Kadmon's ovary is called the garden, it's the place of fertility, the place of fruition, the place from which the fruit of creation will come forth, and what is the fruit of the creation, man a many membered man in the image of the Ayn Sof, who is appearing to us today as the Lord Jesus, a many membered man in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's the tree of life that's coming out of the garden. Okay are there any more questions?


We have drawing number 5 on the board, before I comment on drawing number 5 I would like to emphasize a point that I think I did not make. The whole purpose of the remaining inner aspects of Adam Kadmon ascending which resulted in a big expansion of the light in his head, which resulted in the release of the pressure which resulted in the union of Sag and Ab, which produced the lights that were born of that union which came out of the eyes. The initial reason for it was to form vessels that would be strong enough to hold the light, you may recall that before that, well let me say it this way, when the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth came forth, that light was not in the form of vessels, the light that came out of the ears, the nose, and the mouth was still much too rare, it was not thick enough to form vessels, but by the time the light got to the mouth you may recall, one vessel came out of the mouth, one vessel was formed in the mouth, and all of the inner light, there were ten Sefirot of inner light came forth and dumped into the one vessel in the mouth, that's an incomplete creation because each aspect of inner light should have its own vessel to fill, but in the mouth the ten aspects, the ten Sefirot of the light of the inner light all dumped into one vessel in the mouth and this vessel would not have been strong enough to, well let me not say it that way, let me just leave it at that, the vessel that came out of the mouth was not strong enough to contain the light, the inner light that was prepared to pour into it. So does anybody remember what happened? What did Adam Kadmon do to rectify that situation, okay I'll tell you again, do you want to try?


Okay the light that came out of Adam Kadmon's mouth for the first time was divided into force and form. The light of the ears and the nose, was all force, there was no vessel formed yet. By the time the light came out of the mouth, there was one vessel that was formed and that vessel was not strong enough to contain the lights of the ten sefirot that were ready to pour into it, the ten sefirot pouring, now the ten sefirot are lights okay, that would have poured into that one vessel that was in the mouth, would have completely dissolved the vessel, just as if we have a cup that's made out of ice and you pour boiling water into that cup, the cup made of ice would turn to water and cease to exist. That vessel that came out of Adam Kadmon's mouth could never have endured the lights of the ten sefirot of the ears and the nose pouring into it, it would have disannulled, it would have dissolved. So what did Adam Kadmon do to rectify this situation does anybody remember?


COMMENT: He recycled the light.


PASTOR VITALE: That is the general idea, Adam Kadmon inhaled the light, now he didn't inhale the vessel, now remember in the mouth the light that was in the ears and the nose was now divided into force and form, the vessel and inner light. So Adam Kadmon let the vessel that came out of his mouth remain but he inhaled all the light, and when he breathed that light back out, he breathed it out in a weaker form, in a form in which the inner light was weaker than the vessel so that it would be as if we had a cup made out of boiling water if it was possible and we poured ice into it, I don't know if you can envision that or not, but the weaker light would not dissolve the vessel, okay that's what Adam Kadmon did, he withdrew the light, the inner light and breathed it back out in a weaker form so that it did not dissolve the vessel, okay. Now the purpose of Adam Kadmon inhaling and breathing, not breathing but inhaling and calling forth the remaining elements from within him, okay was to gain their strength because all of these elements are light, was to gain their strength to produce this new kind of light that is no longer virgin light, but it's now an alloy, it's an alloy we might say, okay what is an alloy, can anyone tell us what an alloy is? Can you tell us what an alloy is anybody? Okay.


COMMENT: I think it's something that's added to something else.


PASTOR VITALE: it's a combination of two elements, okay an alloy refers to metals and it's a combination of two elements. Okay so the light that came out of Adam Kadmon's eyes is now a combination or the product of a combination of two elements Sag and Ab, and alloys are always stronger than virgin elements, alloys are always stronger than virgin elements. Okay so the light that came out of the eyes would now be strong enough to contain the lights of the ears, the nose, and the mouth, because the lights of the ears, the nose, and the mouth are virgin lights, but the lights that came out of the eyes is now forming strong vessels, and that is the whole purpose of creation to form vessels that will contain the light of the Ayn Sof, so that the Ayn Sof in its invisible greatness can appear as a form, that's the whole purpose of creation, okay. Any questions on that before we go on with drawing number 5?


Okay we see Adam Kadmon I've indicated the light coming from his eyes as little stars just to indicate that it's a different kind of light that it's no longer a virgin light, but it is now a light that that's the word that came out of me alloy, it's a reinforced light and that light shines down over the light of the ears, the nose and the mouth. Now I didn't indicate it on this board because to be honest with you I didn't know how to indicate it in a drawing, but the light of the ears the nose and the mouth is still shining see, and therefore the light of the eyes cannot be seen, you cannot see it on this board, but the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth is still shining and the light of the ears if you remember comes down to the tip of Adam Kadmon's beard, the light of the nose shines down to Adam Kadmon's heart, and the light of the mouth shines down to Adam Kadmon's navel. So the light of eyes when it comes out cannot be seen anywhere in the area where the other lights are shining, the other lights are shining more brightly, the lights of the ears, the nose, and the mouth are shining more brightly than the lights of the eyes. Why is that? Because the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth all are coming out of an orifice, an opening, the light of the eyes is piercing through a veil piercing through a veil, the pupils of the eyes, it's not coming out directly. So therefore the light that's coming out of the eyes is not shining as brightly and you cannot see that light that is coming out of the eyes until it appears below the navel, because before the light of the eyes came forth the area of Adam Kadmon below his navel was in complete darkness, and it was in complete darkness because the light of the ears, nose, or mouth could not shine down that far.


So I think this drawing is so interesting, I've shown you the world of points with an inside and an outside, I should really add that to this drawing, the inside and the outside of the world of points is Adam Kadmon's ovary and the outside circulates around or in circles, Adam Kadmon's ovary which is the garden of Eden, and this world of points is the Saturn of the spiritual world, that's what it looks like, Saturn. So here I have an understanding of Acts 17:28, In him we live and move and have our being, for we are his offspring. Now you know I use to think about that Scripture and I use to try to imagine or understand how we were a part of the Lord Jesus, and I really couldn't get it, you know I understood that he was glorified now and that he was a spiritual man and he had a spiritual body, but I really couldn't envision it in my carnal mind, how we lived and moved and had our being in him, within him, but this drawing makes it so obvious to me, you see I didn't know anything about Adam Kadmon at the time, I knew that the Lord Jesus was exalted and that he was higher than all the heavens, but I couldn't envision it. Here I can envision it, I see Adam Kadmon as this super being and everything that exists is being formed within him and is a part of his body. And when I first heard, when I first started studying Kabbalah and I heard them, and I read in some books that they were talking about the planets in astrology, right away my antenna went up and I didn't like it, and it made me nervous, I didn't want to get involved in anything that was occult, but then I found out that first of all you see there's all different kinds of Kabbalah, I am pursuing the classic Kabbalah which I believe is the safest level of Kabbalah and I'm trusting the Lord to show me any anti-Christ aspect of this message.


So I have read and I am satisfied with what I have read concerning astrology in Kabbalah and that is this, that and I really have not even touched on learning it yet, so I know very little about it, or how it's used, but the prediction of the future is forbidden in the Scripture and the use of astrology to predict the future is forbidden to all responsible Kabbalists. Somehow they use the concept of the planets to pursue spiritual truth and spiritual knowledge and I am just not up to that yet, but actually the thought of it fascinates me, I would like to sit down and learn everything there is to know inside of the next month and I have to accept the fact that I cannot do it, and that short of a supernatural move of God I'll never in my lifetime, in this natural lifetime I will never be able to acquire the whole body of knowledge that's out there. It's a body of knowledge that's been accumulated over hundreds of years, see, but I may acquire it if the Lord allows me to do it supernaturally. But I have come to the place where I believe that there is a place for some measure of astrology in Kabbalah as long as it's not used for prediction, as long as it's used to understand principles. That's where I am with the astrology, and I was in that position before I drew my first drawing on the world of points based on the drawing of the world of points, based on everything that I learned and looked at it and saw that it was the planet Saturn.


So I'm of the opinion now as I learn and as you learn with me, that according to the, okay let me read you what I have on the board. I took this out of well I'll read for you first. The spiritual worlds consists of seven planets, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the sun, Venus, Mercury, and the moon. Saturn is the furthest away from the earth, and the moon, well let me stop there. I understand that Saturn is the furthest away from the earth, now the earth is our personality okay. So if Saturn is the furthest away from the earth and Saturn is the world of points, that means the other spheres exists between the world of points and the feet of Adam Kadmon, they're not up here, they're not above his navel, they all have to be below his navel. So these seven worlds, they must be associated with the, we know there are five worlds, Adam Kadmon, the world emanation, the world of creation, the world of formation, and the world of action. So somewhere at some point in our studies I expect the Lord to relate the planets to those worlds but we have to follow along as he leads us in our studies, because you have to build a foundation, you know we have to learn as he teaches us, this information will come forth, but I now have an understanding to a degree that I never had before that the planets are within them. Now this is not talking about the physical planets. Please understand the planets of Kabbalah are not talking about the physical planets, we're talking about the spiritual worlds.


Now I saw a man interviewed by Bill O’Rielly once on his interview show, and the man was up there because he had an experience and I don't recall whether he was on the operating table or he thought that he had died, you know you hear all about these people that have these experiences when they die, and they see the tunnel with the bright light and then they come back to earth, well this man had a unique experience for the west you see I'm sure that the practicing Hindus were not surprised to hear this, you know, but this man had a unique experience, he didn't experience the tunnel with the light, he was in outer space, that was his experience, he was in outer space without a space suit and without a ship, and he was there with the lights and the planets just floating there. So what had happened to him was that he had astral projected into one of the spiritual worlds, see, and it's my and he had this experience and then he came back, was he dead, I don't know maybe he was, maybe he wasn't. But you see our consciousness is out here as far away as we could get from the spiritual worlds, and in order to experience the spiritual worlds that are within us and the levels of mind, in order to experience them, we have to turn away from this physical world. Now I only know how to do this in the most minor minor minor way. And this has been going on for my whole life only I didn't know it, I just start having a spiritual experience, right now the way I would describe it is I'm talking to the Lord or the Lord is talking to me and the communication is so intense and frequently I see visions or I have memories when he's talking to me that this whole world is really blocked out, someone might call it daydreaming, you have to come over and snap your fingers to snap me out of it, and it really doesn't go that long and I could come out of it at will if I wanted to, I'm just having an experience where my physical surroundings are completely blocked out. But my experience as I said has been a communication from the Lord where he's teaching me something, or I'm seeing a vision or having a memory that means something, like the one that is coming to my mind right now, and they're not all painful, but this one was so real, I was really upset, and it was a memory of my father-in-law's funeral, and my father-in-law lived with my mother-in-law in a close knit community, it was a close knit Italian community, you don't really find that at least here in the east of the United States you don't find this anymore, where everybody knew each other, there was all single family dwellings lining up and down the street, and everybody knew everybody, the kids knew each other, the men knew each other, the women knew each other.


If a stranger if someone that was not from that area was walking around and it wasn't just that street, it was a whole area with a shopping center with shops, if someone that was not from that area was seen even on the main shopping street, you would see people looking at him, they would want to know what he was doing there. It was recognized that's how tight knit they were. So when my father-in-law died, after the funeral they put in the hearse to take him to the cemetery, the custom of this town was to drive through the streets and I had never experienced anything like it, I was in the procession, I was in the limousine that was leading the procession and the whole procession went up and down the streets, and you could just see everybody looking out their windows, you know like everybody was saying goodbye to him, it was very moving, I had never experienced anything like it, and I had this memory, and this was years after my father-in-law died, years, like ten or fifteen years after he died, and I had this memory right there in my kitchen, you go into it suddenly, I was at the kitchen sink washing a dish you know and I had this memory and it was so painful, I don't remember having that kind of pain you know when the funeral actually took place, and it was so real that when I sat down to pray about it, it came to my mind that somebody was going to die, and that somebody would either be my mother-in-law or her new husband, well he wasn't new, but she had married again after this man had died, she was married to the next husband for twenty years, so I guess he died that much long, that long ago, I went running to the phone, to call my husband, who was my ex-husband to ask him if they were okay, was his mother and his stepfather okay, I thought he was going to tell me one of them had died, and he laughed at me. One year almost to the day his mother died, and I believe that that horrible pain that I felt was his pain when his mother died. Not only was he close to her, he was the one who took care of her and his stepfather for eight years before they died, so he was very close to her.


And I had that experience one year virtually to the day before she died. So that's the kind of experiences that I have, when I was having that experience I was so into it it was like I was sitting in that limousine in that procession, this whole apartment that I was living in was completely blocked out to me. See, but I have never had an experience where I have gone into another world or I've been in outer space or anything like that. So it's my understanding that what I do experience and I have these experiences rather frequently, they're just like the tippy tippy toe, I just have my toe in the water of the spiritual experiences that are available to us in Christ Jesus. So this man I don't think he was a Christian I think it was an occult experience and he was in outer space, and I think he had been on an operating table, it has to do with the breath, when the breath is cut off somehow some aspect of us can shoot into another plane of consciousness, and that's why in Hinduism you find practicing Hindus doing a lot of deep breathing and it has to do with manipulating the breath in your body can cause you to have spiritual experiences. And of course I can't leave out this truth that manipulation of the breath is being used as a sexual perversion today. Does anyone not know that, that there are crazy people out there choking themselves so that they can have a super, back to our sex again, so that they can have a super orgasmic experience without a member of the opposite sex, or without actual intercourse. I don't know whether they have a member of the opposite sex being the one that's choking them or not, I'm sorry to make light of this but, this is what's going on today, it's called autoeroticism. You're supposed to have a super super orgasm by choking yourself and the trick is to stop choking yourself after you have the orgasm but before you die, and every once in a while somebody dies, that's the truth, it's sick. We're all sick, though some of us are living in this world who are living a healthy life of this world, but we all have the potential to descend into these deep levels of hell that are right here, right here in this earth.


Hell is in the mind and the emotions, it can be physical too, if you're being tortured physically, if you don't have enough food to eat, or you don't have a place to live that could be hell too. That's, brethren we're in hell, there's all different caves, and levels and areas of hell, see.


So this is where I am with the planets, if you're reading this transcript and it's making you nervous that you think it might be a cult, all I could do is give you my experience, I'm forging ahead as the Lord Jesus leads me, and I now understand that each of these seven planets, and when I first read about this, about this aspect of astrology in Kabbalah, I asked the question how come the Kabbalists only deal with seven planets, because I think there are more planets than this, I'm pretty sure there are more planets than this. There are nine planets is that including the sun and the moon? Okay so there is according to what we have here there would be eleven spheres, why are they only dealing with seven, and I couldn't understand that, and when I tried to understand it with my carnal mind, I said to myself, or this is what my carnal mind told me, well this teaching came forth in generations past where they didn't have the education that we have today and maybe they thought these were the only spheres that there were, but today I believe that was a naive statement coming forth from my carnal mind, and these are the basic seven planets that I believe must represent aspects of Adam Kadmon. And the only one I know about to date is Saturn, signifies the inside the outside of the world of points, and I'm looking forward to the Lord teaching me where to find these other planets in the worlds below Adam Kadmon, now the moon, I have read that the moon is Shekinah and Shekinah is Malkhut okay, but I don't know anything in this context about mercury or Venus or Mars, you know, but we know they have to exist between, see now the world of points exists is in the area of Adam Kadmon's genitals below the navel, right, it's this area of generation, it's the area that he's reproducing from. So these other planets have to appear below him, and I don't know what to do with them, but in due season the Lord will explain it to us, I'm sure and this statement that I took forth out of the Sefer Yetzirah which is really the authority on this subject, I think most Kabbalist if not all would say yes, the book called Sefer Yetzirah, is the authority on this, says that Saturn is the furthest away from the earth and the moon is the closest, well if the moon is Shekinah, then it's true, then I could relate to that, Shekinah which is Malkhut is the closest of the, is the closest sphere of the ten Sefirot to the personality of the man. So she is the moon. And I know that, but I also believe that Tiferet is the sun, I'm going to stop here because I don't know what I'm talking about. So we all have to be very careful to not teach beyond what Christ Jesus in us is teaching, so I will stop talking, okay and I will go on.


Now I also read in the Sefer Yetzirah that Saturn is associated with Yesod, with the Sefirah Yesod, which the doctrine of Christ relates to Christ, not Christ Jesus, Christ, and to the color black, and I've also learned in Kabbalah that black means, it doesn't have to mean evil, some people think it means evil but it doesn't, I don't see anywhere in Kabbalah where it means evil, it means either concealed or also the all, because black and I didn't know this, all colors are concealed in black, and that's true, I don't do much with art work, but in the past when I've done finger painting, if you mix up enough colors it turns black, if you put all the colors in there, it turns black. So all the colors are in black.


That means all the potentials are in black, that means all the sefirot, each sefirah has a color, all of the Sefirot, it means that's it's the whole before the different aspects differentiate. And that lines right up with this teaching that the world of points is Adam Kadmon's ovary, and his whole genital area. It's more than his ovaries it's both his male and female organs, because he has them both. 


See this concept that the world of points is the garden of Eden, and Adam Kadmon's ovary and that this is where the genesis of the race of humans that will be the visible race of humans is coming forth from. That's all the doctrine of Christ I have never read that anywhere. Now if that exists in Kabbalah I haven't seen it the Lord told me that. So to me the fact that Saturn is associated with Yesod which also is the creative sexual energy and with the color black, which has says to me has all of the potential human beings that will arise and become supernatural men in seed form, that fits too, so that's another witness to me that the world of points is Adam Kadmon's area of reproduction, his area of genesis.


So the rings around and this I may not have told you before the rings around the outside of the world of points which appears as rings around the inside which appears as a sphere, these are ten Sefirot, and that's why I've drawn ten lines, these are the ten Sefirot of the circular outer aspect of the world of points, there's ten of them. And I told that the light of the world of points extends from Adam Kadmon's navel down to his feet, and the feet of Adam Kadmon are the believers here on the earth, and Bill Britton had that revelation years ago. Those of you some of you might recall as the Lord was giving him his message, which was sonship, it was a radical message at that time when he brought that forth, and his testimony is that he said to the Lord where are we in all this, where are the sons of God, and the Lord told him we're the feet, and he gave him that Scripture when his feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives you know. Praise the Lord.


So Adam Kadmon's ovary, and this is the garden where the seeds of humanity are planted, I always use to wonder why did God put Adam in a garden with a tree, you know because that's the seeds of humanity and the tree of life is Christ, see, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the Serpent which we found out in our message called the world of points, I don't want to get into that whole message over here today, but we have a whole series called the World Of Points and the Fall, which indicates that the male genitalia of Adam Kadmon, which came forth after the ovary, after the female genitalia came forth that the male aspect of Adam Kadmon's, I'm sorry the female aspect, okay let me start again. Adam Kadmon is likened to a plant, he has both male and female reproductive organs, and the male reproductive organs, both the male and the female reproductive organs have two parts, the female seed okay, has both male and female in it, MaH, and BaN. The male genitalia has the male organ plus the reproductive gland which holds the seed, and concerning is female in relationship to the or in relation to the reproductive gland.


So this confuses some people, but Adam Kadmon's male Genitalia has a female aspect to it. And this principle appears in the Scripture in the word eunuch. Now I've heard that word eunuch came up when I was bringing forth the doctrine of Christ I heard that Leviathan was a eunuch, but I didn't know, I didn't really get it, I thought I got it, but I didn't really get it, but I knew that Leviathan could not bring forth a creation that would go on to eternal life. So from that point of view, she was a eunuch, but here we see when we're studying Kabbalah that a eunuch to be a eunuch means that means the function of a male sexual organ without seed, see.


So our present revelation which the Lord may, I have a feeling it's going to be refined some more as we go with this. The present revelation is that the male organ came forth before the reproductive gland, they had to be joined together, and that the male organ went ahead with its function without the reproductive gland and the seeds of the garden were fertilized by a unique, by a female seed instead of the male seed. And that's the whole series the World Of Points And The Fall if you haven't heard it.


But that's what's going on, in this area here, and that's why Adam was put in a garden, and the Adam that was put in the garden, remember there are two Adams. I know that years ago, from Genesis that there were two Adams and God put Adam in the garden twice, and I never really understood that. The Adam in the garden or the collective seeds, the collective seeds which are destined to be the many membered man that is in the visible image of the Ayn Sof which is the Lord Jesus Christ to us today, that's the infantile Adam in seed form. And then there's the man Adam. So it's the infantile Adam on the inside, and it's supposed to be the mature Adam on the outside. But the first part of the world of points that came forth was the vessels only. The first part of the world of points was the vessels only and there was a fertilization that brought forth a female creation. So here we see the mystery of the garden. That's what Kabbalah would say the secret of the garden, meaning this is the spiritual truth of that garden, and the Lord told Adam guard that garden, guard those seeds in that garden, because there is a Serpent who will seek to fertilize them before the Lord Jesus. And of course we here about that in parable form in the Song Of Solomon chapter 4, we hear about the seduction and the deception, and the rest is history, here we are, we are the product, we are the seeds of the garden, and we have differentiated incorrectly because we were fertilized incorrectly.


Okay so Adam Kadmon's ovary, the garden where the seeds of humanity are planted is the spherical inside of the world of points. Each seed is a sphere or a world within the spherical garden, consisting, and each seed consisting of a male and a female aspect. MaH is the male, and is the nucleus of the seed. So what happened in the garden was that the nucleus was not penetrated. Each one of us was a seed in the garden and we came forth and only our outer shell was developed, can you hear that? Only the BaN part of us was born, in these animal bodies. But our nucleus, the MaH potential in us was never developed and therefore we died. Can you hear that? We were born, in this world it would be like being born with malfunctioning digestive organs, or malfunctioning lungs, or malfunctioning heart, the child's alive, did you ever see one of these I'm not even sure what the right word is, have you ever seen one of these children in a wheel chair where their head has to be held in place by a helmet and they have no control over their arms or the legs, they have to be fed and food is dribbling down out of their mouth, they really are of no functional value in this world, they exist and they can communicate on some level, but they have to be taken care of as infants, yet their body is a physically mature, but they're not living their life as a mature adult they're living a life of an infant. Just like an infant, just kicks it's feet and moves it's hands all the time. That's what these poor things do.


We are likened to that we came forth in a developed or nondeveloped physical form, that's BaN came forth in us, but the MaH part of us is literally atrophy. And inside of us is a part of the Fiery Serpent and completely nonfunctioning in its potential, which potential is to give us eternal life. I'm sure there's some, well I won't even say that, that's what happened, the fertilization was defective. We came, everybody was powerful enough to bring us into existence but we're defective. Okay any questions or comments on this drawing number 5? If not we're going to break for dinner, any questions or comments? Okay praise the Lord.


Drawing number 6, shows Adam Kadmon after the internal elements, the remaining internal elements of Sag plus the internal elements of MaH and BaN had ascended up into his head, that left the whole world beneath Adam Kadmon's navel in darkness, and up in Adam Kadmon's head, at least up to his ears, we now have a flood of waters, and this light that was inside of Adam Kadmon flowed together with the A'Ha'F, that's the light of the ears, the nose, and the mouth, and these ascended light became what they call the feminine waters. The Hebrew word for water is Mayim, so Nokbin must mean feminine. The feminine waters with a specific name of Mahn, and these waters flowed in Adam Kadmon's, across his face, and in the lower part of his head, and created a great pressure. So the waters over here, and the lower part of his face, pressed up against his ears, and Sag is in the ears, so the water pressure the Mahn pressed against the ears the lights of ears ascended, the pressure of the Mahn caused the lights of the ears to ascend, to where the Ab was and this great pressure which manifested as a great explosion caused the union of the lights of Sag with the lights of Ab, and the residue or the fruit of that union was new light that was birthed from this union, which came out from Adam Kadmon's eyes, no longer a virgin light, but an alloy or a compound light flowed out of his eyes.


This light was very very strong, the light that came out of the eyes, but it's strength was diminished, because when it passed through the eyes, it passed through a filter, the eyes are a filter, I said that this morning before dinner, the light that comes out of the ears, the nose, and the mouth is not filtered there's nothing stopping the light from coming out of these orifices but the light that comes out of the eyes passes through a curtain. So I just told you that. The pressure of Mahn causes the Sag in Adam Kadmon's ears to merge with Adam Kadmon's Ab, which union births the light of Adam Kadmon's eyes, and just as a reminder the light of the ears comes down to the end of Adam Kadmon's beard. The light of the nose flows down to Adam Kadmon's heart, the light of the mouth flows down to Adam Kadmon's navel. So we see that everything below Adam Kadmon's navel is in darkness. Now before the ascension of the inner light, the area below Adam Kadmon's navel was illuminated because the lights that were inside of him did shine out, they did shine out. So when these lights ascended, the whole lower half of him was in complete darkness, the light shone out from the inside. And as I was looking at this drawing, and looking at Adam Kadmon's face, I thought about the waters of Noah's flood and we know that everything that happens in the highest planes, happens in every plane underneath it. And the happening on the different planes of consciousness are not always exactly the same, and do not always have the exact same repercussions in that what happens in the higher planes is always constructive, but sometimes when it plays its way out in the lower planes it's destructive.


So I looked up these Scriptures Gen.7:17-21 concerning the flood, and these Scriptures talk about the waters rising see. Now in case of the Mayim Nokbin, something good came out of it, the light came, the rise of the feminine waters which can be likened to passion. The Kabbalists call this rise of the Mahn a passionate ascent of the Mayim Nokbin, a passion ascent arising out of Adam Kadmon's desire to bring forth the creation. So we see that the world of points here in another way the world of points is associated with spiritual sexuality, it's associated with reproduction which is associated with sexuality. So the waters from the area of Adam Kadmon's genitals arose up to his brain, as the result of his desire to fulfill the will of the Ayn Sof and produce a visible creation. So here we get a clue, now we know that Satan's waters were destructive and caused everything to die, but there's a clue here, can anyone tell what the clue is about the waters? Can you see anything, anything in the ascent of these Mayim Nokbin that you might be able to relate to Noah's waters ascending. Okay I'll tell you what I see. I see the rising waters having to do with spiritual sexual activity and the birth of a new light in the case of Noah, it was the fallen waters called Satan that ascended with the same purpose reproduction. The rising of Satan's waters wiped out God's creation and brought forth the Satanic light. I don't think you followed me, I'm going to try and explain it to you.


This is drawing number 7, and the board is broken into 4 parts, now what I'm showing you here is a comparison between the ascended waters that appear in Adam Kadmon's head and the waters that appear in Noah's heart, you see, everything that happens in the world of emanation is happening in all the other worlds, and Noah, I believe Noah existed in the world of appearance but he did not exist in the world of appearance as we know it. Remember that each of the worlds has all of the other worlds in it. This world of appearance has within it a world of emanation, a world of creation, a world of formation, we may know those worlds as the etheric plane and the astral plane, these are all the invisible elements of the world of action. So everything that happens in the highest plane of consciousness where Adam Kadmon is is also happening in some manner in each of the planes of consciousness beneath it.


So the Lord has given us an evening of revelation, I am very excited about what's come forth here because it is a parallel to the teaching that came forth in the doctrine of Christ concerning the left side of the heart center, I preached it for a long time that Satan's waters covered the right side of heart center, and Christ Jesus stood on dry land on the left side of the heart center, and he was defending that left side of the heart center from being overflowed by Satan's waters. Do you remember that teaching? I preached it for a long time. And now we find out that Noah's flood is exactly that, okay and the flood that happened to all of the beings on the other side of the flood or the great deluge, this is what happened to them, I've known for a long time that it was a spiritual event, I don't know whether the flood happened in the physical or not, I don't, it probably did because everything that happens in the spiritual has to happen in the physical, and I'm not even going to try to put the two of them together tonight, we have a spiritual message tonight of what happened to the beings on the other side of the flood.


We were taught by the doctrine of Christ that these beings they didn't look like us. They existed probably on the etheric plane. They did not have physical bodies like we did. They were supernatural giants and it was those giants from the other side of the flood that do appear in the book of Genesis, Og the king of Bashan was a giant, and of course Goliath was a giant. These were all carry overs from the beings that were on the other side of the flood. They were men but they were a different race of men, see, just like there was a Cro-Magnon man and we know about all kinds of prehistoric men. Our race today is homosapien you see. Well there were other spiritual races before us, and the men on the other side of the flood are of a different spiritual race, they were more ascended than we are. See the last stage of the fall occurred after Noah failed to hold his deliverance, and because Noah failed to hold his deliverance, Noah's sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, began to fall, and in the fifth generation after Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the creation started, fell out into human physical males and females. But we don't know how long each generation was. So on the other side of the flood we have the descendants of Seth. All of those beings on the other side of the flood were the descendants of Seth, and they were highly ascended spiritual giants, they were not just physical giants, they spiritual and mental and intellectual giants, and then what happened to them is the same thing that happened to Noah, so I hope it doesn't confuse you but on the top of the board here by 7a, I give you the Scripture Gen.7:11, which reads, at the least the second part of that verse, reads, "..and the fountains of the great deep were broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened." And I heard it preached years ago when I was a disciple, that yes the waters didn't just come down from above, the waters rose up from underneath, and nobody could understand where the waters that rose up from the earth came from. 


I remember it was a brother John in the church who taught that, and here tonight we have an explanation of the waters that rose up from underneath, and actually it was the same waters that rose up from underneath ascended and then poured out of heaven, you see. In any event let's take it a little bit at a time, our alternate translation of this verse Gen.7:11 is, and the spiritual worlds, now remember each man is a spiritual world, you are a spiritual world, I am a spiritual worlds, and each of the beings on the other side of the flood was a spiritual world. You know I was driving home the other day and I realized how true this principle is that each one of us is a world. I looked at people on the road, people who I didn't know, and the thought came into my mind, look at these people each of them have a life, they each have a home, they go inside and they close the door and they have the activities of their life, they have relationships, they have people in their lives, they have events in their life, it's a whole little world going on behind each closed door, and here we are all living in the same world, and it's pretty much the same geographical location, and all of these worlds are coexisting. And you could say family is a world, but you can cut it down even more, an individual's lifestyle is a world.


So all of these worlds are coexisting, and going in their own direction right here in the midst of this world, the physical world that we call the planet earth, and then there's worlds beyond us and it just goes on at infinitum. So each of these beings on the other side of the flood was a world. So the fountains, now I don't have it written on the board here, but I did a study where I looked up the Hebrew words, I'll just put it on the tape, the Hebrew word translated "fountains" is Strong's #4599 and that can be translated according to Strong's as "a source of satisfaction", which tends to make the fountains female, and this word comes from the Hebrew root Strong's #5869 which is the word that means "eye", and I've been preaching for years, that according to the Strong's not so much the Strong's but the definition of Gesengus who is our authority, who is pretty much the authority of the Hebrew and Chaldee languages. According to his definition that Hebrew word "eye" suggest much more than a physical eye, it suggest everything that the eye can see, all of the world that the eye can see, you see. And I've been translating that word as world or plane of consciousness, even before we came into Kabbalah.


So we will be translating this word fountains as worlds for our translations of this verse. And the Hebrew word translated "broken" Strong's 1234, can also be translated legitimately as ripped apart or burst asunder okay, and what the suggestion here is is that each of these beings that were violently separated from their connection with Zeir Anpin, that's spiritual death. Does anyone not know what I'm talking about? Well what caught my eye was this meaning burst asunder, is that not the words the exact words that we used to describe the fate of Judas of Iscariot, and he burst asunder right?


So he separated he lost his spiritual connection, he lost his spiritual connection to whoever he was connected to. I have some unorthodox opinions about Judas Iscariot. You know Judas Iscariot he burst asunder, but who was he joined to, I don't want to get off on another channel here but he just may have burst asunder from the rulers of this world.


We're going to be bursting asunder, we're bursting asunder from Satan and Leviathan, that's the word that is used to describe the separation from the female personality, from the spiritual man that she's married to. That's what happened to Judas Iscariot, and I'm not going to take that any further or we'll be on another whole tangent here, but think about it. 


The word "window" the Hebrew word translated "window" is Strong's #699 and that word means "a lattice or chimney or sluice an opening for waters, and a lattice is like Venetian blinds and a chimney is very interesting because I don't know when I saw the definition of chimney which I didn't write down here, I thought of the linear aspect of Adam Kadmon, that's what it reminded me of, a tall thin structure, and the words sluice that I did look up in the dictionary and the definition of sluice is an artificial channel for conducting water with a valve or a gate to regulate the flow. Now if that isn't Adam Kadmon I don't know what is, an artificial channel, that's the Sefirot okay, used for conducting water, that's the lights of the Ayn Sof flowing through Adam Kadmon with a valve or a gate to regulate the flow, that is the definition of the function of Adam Kadmon, he is, his job is to receive the light of the Ayn Sof and to quantify it, to only let certain limited measured amounts pass through him into the creation for the specific purpose of not flooding the creation with source of energy that would destroy them.


So we see that this to me couldn't be more obvious that the word "window" is talking Adam Kadmon himself. The word "great" can also be translated "abundant", the word "deep" means "Abyss" and the Hebrew word translated "opened" Strong's #6605 can also be translated to loose, and heaven, we, I hope we all know is Zeir Anpin. What's interesting here is that the word heaven is very rare, it's very rare to find the word heaven in the Scripture. the word is usually plural heavens, and the reason the word is usually plural is the suggestion that Zeir Anpin, is never without his female, that's why the heavens are plural, it's Zeir Anpin the male and his female, but in this case Zeir Anpin is being ripped apart from his female, and therefore heaven appears as a singular word, one more witness to the spiritual revelation that's coming forth here, Praise the Lord.


So, here's out alternate translation, and for those of you who are in the meeting I'm not going to read it exactly as you have it on your notes because this Scripture is not about Noah, this Scripture is about the being on the other side of the flood, and of course the same thing happens to Noah, Noah has this same experience after he survived this judgment that fell on the whole race on the other side of the flood, Noah was the only one that was saved from it, and then as soon as the crisis was over, he let down his guard, and the same judgment fell upon him. So our alternate translation is, "And the spiritual worlds of the men on the other side of the flood were ripped apart from Zeir Anpin." Now the spiritual world is the being, is the individual, that would be us being separated from Christ Jesus see. "And the spiritual worlds of the men on the other side of the flood were ripped apart from Zeir Anpin, the channel of the heavenly abundance within them. So we know, we have suspected what the flood really was, remember everything that happens happens on all spiritual planes. So we've known for a long time that the flood was Satan's waters according to the doctrine of Christ, it came forth as the urine, Satan is the urine, and he waters are the lower waters, we've known that, that they ascended and they swallowed up the higher waters which waters are the sperma of God, that's how it came forth in the doctrine of Christ but I never had any revelation as to what caused the waters to start ascending, I just said, well it was sin, but I didn't have any details like we have tonight about what caused Satan's waters to start to ascend.


So in the spiritual plane, look every one of us has a spiritual plane within us. So that means let's just say that there was a physical flood, but there was also a spiritual flood that overflowed the heart center and overflowed what we would call Christ Jesus, it was Zeir Anpin at that time, who was standing guard on the dry land of the left side of the heart center, and the flood waters of the right side of the heart center just rose up and overflowed him.


And that's what happened to the men on the other side of the flood, and that's what happened to Noah, and Ham recognized what was happening and sounded the alarm, and was cursed by Satan who was already appearing within Noah. So we once again we see the doctrine of Christ appearing in Kabbalah, and Kabbalah appearing in the doctrine of Christ, so let's just go over these 4 aspects of our board. On board A, I'm trying to show you Noah with his spiritual genital area, the world of points within Noah, which the doctrine of Christ would call the third energy center, the energy center below that's called the belly, Paul calls it the belly, and we also see that Zeir Anpin is in Noah's heart center. Now remember Zeir Anpin is Christ Jesus. Those of us who are having the same experience today for us it's Christ Jesus in our heart center. So Zeir Anpin in Noah's heart center is married to the world of points within Noah, that's Noah's spiritual reproductive organs. Who can tell us the name of our spiritual reproductive organs from the doctrine of Christ? What is the name of our spiritual reproductive organ? Nobody remembers okay, do you remember? No from the doctrine of Christ, from the doctrine of Christ, okay. It's the Fiery Serpent, is our spiritual reproductive organ, and from the Fiery Serpent we can, and the offspring that we're bringing forth is either Christ or the Serpent's daughter.


You see humanity in this hour is still a young female, and we are coming of age very rapidly, we're coming of age which means it's the time of love which means humanity as a whole is approaching or may have already approached the stage where she can reproduce spiritually. You see Paul said, if we continue following after the Lord we will saved in childbearing, he was not talking about a physical child, he was talking about bearing the Christ child the savior in the midst of us.


So humanity as a whole is getting ready for the marriage and she's going to marry either Jesus, each individual of humanity will either marry Jesus or marry the Serpent. And any human being that thinks that they have something to say about it, if they think they have a choice, most likely they'll wind up marrying the Serpent, you see. Praise the Lord.


So our spiritual reproductive organs of fallen man is the Fiery Serpent, and the Fiery Serpent consists of or the Fiery Serpent is a dual symbiotic being consists of two sides that the doctrine of Christ reveals as Cain and Abel, Cain and Abel in this plane of consciousness. Cain joins with Leviathan and Satan and marries the Serpent and Abel joins with Christ.


...and each marriage, marriage to the Lord Jesus or marriage to the Serpent produces a child that grows into a fully grown human being that will appear within what we know to be the physical human being, and that spiritual offspring will be what is called the higher mind of the individual, and that higher mind will rule over the carnal mind or the mind of the flesh that we all have when we're born and when we're growing up and when we're just a carnal person. See we're not complete, homosapien in our present form is not complete, we're lacking the rider of our horse, we're lacking our higher mind. And let us hope and pray that that higher mind when it appears in us, is Christ Jesus, and not the daughter of Babylon, you see. That's why we're complete in Christ Jesus, the promise is, we are complete in Christ Jesus. To say we are complete in Christ Jesus implies by inverse reference that before Christ Jesus completes us we're incomplete. So all of the human race is incomplete. But on the other side of the flood they were completed, you see. They were completed but it was a form of completion that could be overturned. The completion that is promised to us in Christ Jesus is a much more mature form of completion.


I think as long as we're in the flesh, we're in danger of being overturned, that's why Jesus said, I do nothing other than what my father says and does. Praise the Lord, let's go on. We're looking at the A section of the board, so we see Noah and his heart center is married to the world of points within Noah that's in Noah's spiritual reproductive part, and Zeir Anpin married to that aspect of Cain and Abel within Noah, if we hear the words that Zeir Anpin is married to Noah's world of points, that means Zeir Anpin is married to Abel of the Fiery Serpent within Noah you see. Is everybody okay with that? Zeir Anpin is now the mediator, when Zeir Anpin is married to Abel within you, Zeir Anpin is the mediator between Noah and Binah who is the world to come. Binah is part of the immortal, triad, the upper three Sefirot, Keter, Chokhmah and Binah, they are the only immortal aspect of the ten Sefirot, they cannot be destroyed, and Binah is the lowest of the three of them, she is the, when I say the lowest, that means she's the farthest away from the source of the light, and Binah is the Sefirot that deals with human beings. Keter and Chokhmah never deal with human beings.


So therefore Binah is the world to come, she is the source of immortality to mortal man. And today Binah is appearing to humanity in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Zeir Anpin is appearing to the church as Christ Jesus. And what is the difference between Zeir Anpin and Binah, and Christ Jesus and the Lord Jesus? We are the next generation, the Lord Jesus and Christ Jesus are the next generation after Zeir Anpin and Binah. Praise the Lord, okay section B, the BaN elements of the world of points, which are now, they're under the cover, remember within Noah is married to Zeir Anpin, that means Zeir Anpin is keeping the potential in the female elements under his control, he's keeping them from getting into trouble, but we see that the BaN elements break free from Zeir Anpin's cover and begins to ascend towards Noah's heart center. BaN begins, and starts to ascend towards Noah's heart center.


So we see the rising of Satan's flood waters, we now see, we have more information added to the doctrine of Christ which tells us the flood waters are Satan's urine. So now we see where they're actually coming from, where these flood waters are actually generating from and we also have an understanding of what instigates the ascension of these waters known as BaN, because remember what I told you, now remember it's the same thing it's the same principle that's happening in Adam Kadmon. Does anybody remember what caused the waters, the waters that were inside of Adam Kadmon to ascend, those remaining elements inside of Adam Kadmon, what caused them to ascend to Adam Kadmon's head, so that this abundance of light was formed in his head. What caused the feminine waters to come forth in Adam Kadmon. Does anyone remember? It was an act of passion. These elements of BaN and MaH arose as an act of passion to bring forth the creation. This was an act of passion that resulted in an act of spiritual sexual intercourse so we see lust manifesting in the world of points, the world of points that is married to Zeir Anpin within Noah we see the female elements of that world lusting for an act of spiritual sexual intercourse that was not natural. We see a though apart from the thought of God arising within Noah, see.


All thoughts are supposed to come, didn't Paul say bring every thought into captivity? All thoughts in Noah was supposed to come under auspices and the authority of Zeir Anpin, but we see that the female elements within Noah had another thought, and what was that thought? Where did it come from? This came forth in the doctrine of Christ, Noah was the only one that made it to the other side of the flood, and he got lifted up in pride. He said, well I made it aren't I something, and as soon as he had that thought that came out from under the authority of Zeir Anpin in him, and Noah was challenged but failed to bring that thought in to captivity, doesn't Paul say bring every thought into captivity, cast down every imagination. Noah failed to cast it down. Now why would Paul even say, Cast it down, here we see BaN rising up, the female opinion rose in Noah's mind and told him he was great, flattered him, the female thoughts in Noah's mind flattered him and said aren't you great, you made it to the other side, and Noah failed to bring it into captivity and failed to cast that thought down, why? Because the flattery him feel good. And as soon as Noah failed to block that thought from ascending that thought went right up became the feminine waters on the plane of consciousness where Noah was, and rose up and overflowed the whole heart center and drowned every living thing in the earth. See the heart center is the spiritual earth. So that which was killed was Zeir Anpin, that's the living thing that was killed in the earth, Zeir Anpin. The Zeir Anpin within the individual, that is what was killed.


Drawing number 7c, we see that Zeir Anpin is flooded by BaN the female elements, the ascended BaN elements overflow Zeir Anpin in Noah's heart center, and after they ascend then they flow downward, functioning in Zeir Anpin's role. See, after these BaN elements ascended, they flooded the whole heart center, they killed the personal Zeir Anpin in Noah, and then became or they overtook the role of Zeir Anpin and they took the male role. Here is the Genesis of the female taking the male role. So first they rose up and then they flowed downward as the male, see, and they flowed downward to fill the vessels of the ten Sefirot of the world of points within Noah, and these vessels which should be filled with Zeir Anpin, now consists of a double portion of the female BaN and takes the name the Serpent.


Remember I showed you on a previous drawing that the rings around, the rings which were the outside of the world of points which circulated around Adam Kadmon's ovary, those rings were in the form of ten Sefirot, they were vessels in the form of ten Sefirot that were designed to be filled with the sun, that's the light that comes out of the forehead. Now on Adam Kadmon's level that's the light that comes out of the forehead, on Noah's level the light of the sun came from the left side of the heart center, see. So we now have a double portion of the female BaN, in the rings that surround Adam Kadmon's ovary, and this is the definition of the Serpent, the double portion of the female aspect. The elements that are of God are male and female with the male in the position of authority.


Drawing number 7d, I show you Satan's flood waters rain over both the right and left side over Noah's spiritual heart, and I show you Noah's spiritual ovary which is the garden by the way, and I also show you the world of points with a double portion of the BaN, called the Serpent. And here we see the seeds of Noah's spiritual ovary commit adultery with the Serpent and the Serpent's vineyard appears in Noah's heart center, the Serpent's world appears. So that which was the garden of Eden is now the Serpent's vineyard, and you can read about that in Gen. 9:20-21. So isn't this interesting. Now I do believe there was a physical flood, I just don't know how to put it together at this moment. It just happened, it happened in all planes of consciousness, that's the only revelation that I have. It happened in all planes of consciousness.


Now look brethren, this flood, the spiritual flood which is Satan is happening to the church today. See the church today on this plane of consciousness, let me remind you Noah was not man like we are, he was not in an animal body. So the flood of waters that afflicted Noah dealt with Christ Jesus or it was Zeir Anpin at that time in his heart center, but the majority of the church today does not have Christ Jesus in their heart center. Remember the church today is one step lower than Noah was, what the church has today is the Holy Spirit.


So what we see being overflowed today in the church is the Holy Spirit, and what do we have, the exact same thing that I just told you, we have a counterfeit Holy Spirit in the church. Didn't I just tell you that the female elements rose up flooded the left side of heart center, killed Zeir Anpin and took over the male role, and then slowed down and filled the vessels of the world of points giving a double female spiritual portion to the world of points, well the same thing's happening on the next lower plane of consciousness today with the Holy Spirit. The female elements from the world of points and the world of points in the human being today is the Fiery Serpent and the female element of the Fiery Serpent is Cain. So Cain is rising up and overflowing the Holy Spirit and flooding out the Holy Spirit, and the church can't even tell the difference, because this Cain who is Satan is doing the same things that the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ did.


There are signs that it's no longer the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, but those signs are not recognizable without an education, they're not discernable with discernment, you have to be educated to recognize them, and the church is not educated the church is looking for spiritual signs and wonders of healing and deliverance and the counterfeit Holy Spirit does all of that. So the church is deceived, they don't even know what happened, that Satan's flood waters have already risen in the church and overflowed the Holy Spirit and swallowed her up. And what is the next step? It's what I've been preaching from the doctrine of Christ for a couple of years now, what is the next step, what is the purpose of this counterfeit Holy Spirit, to bring forth Satan's or the Serpent's child in the individual. That's what, brethren this whole thing, this whole point of our existence of the church of Jesus Christ, of the Serpent the whole point is, there is a creation and this creation consists of many vessels that's us, that's you and that's me, spiritual vessels designed to hold spiritual light and we're filled with spiritual light by means of spiritual sexual intercourse, and there are two spiritual men out there that want to fill us with their light. And if we marry Jesus Christ we live and if we marry the Serpent we die, we die spiritually and we enter into an ascension of damnation, we marry the Serpent.


Humanity is of age, we're ready to be married and nobody seems to know what's going on, it's the most amazing phenomena I've ever seen, yet I know the Lord Jesus is righteous, and somehow this is all going to work out, but that's what this is all about. So the counterfeit Holy Spirit is in the church working feverishly to impregnate God's people with the Serpent's offspring. It's quite amazing. But you see this is the end of the road, you see once something spiritual is unleashed, it has to play itself out, you cannot really stop something that's been unleashed, you might be able to divert it and to push it to the left or push it to the right, you may be able to avoid someone dying that's in the path of this thing, but you cannot stop a spiritual power that's been unleashed. So the original seduction and impregnation of the seeds of Adam Kadmon's ovary that happened in the highest places, unleashed a force that's been playing itself out on every plane of consciousness that it passes through since then since that event.


But this is the end of the line, we're in outer darkness, this is the last world that is playing itself out in, you see. And Jesus Christ is right here in this world to turn it for his and for our good. It's the end of the ages brethren, that's what it means, that's what Paul meant when he said, it's the end of the ages, not the end of the age but the end of the ages. This negative force that was unleashed eons ago is coming to the end of the road, and when we come up against hard times, we just have to remember this, that the worlds are within us, and that Jesus Christ is full well able to make this end work for our good. Are there any questions or comments on this board? Very interesting, let's just put that on hold for a minute.


In drawing number 8, I'm showing you the comparison of ascended waters in Adam Kadmon, compared to the ascended waters in Noah, compared to the ascended waters in the church today. Please notice the descent, the descended waters in Adam Kadmon are in his head, the ascended waters in Noah are in his heart and the ascended waters in the church today are in what Paul would call the belly, our spiritual genital area which is the Fiery Serpent. Praise the Lord. So 8a, I've shown you Adam Kadmon's head with the waters, the ascended waters that called Mahn, which have ascended because of Adam Kadmon's passionate desire to reproduce himself, that's a righteous motive for the waters to ascend in Adam Kadmon. And in fact they did ascend and produce the positive results of the world of points coming forth. Adam Kadmon's reproductive organ.


In 8b, we see Noah and please remember that the creation was fallen or was already fallen in Noah's day, and only temporarily restored because Jehovah placed Abel over Cain. Abel did not have the authority to rule over Cain, but Jehovah Abel that additional authority. So whenever our authority is imputed to us or loaned to us, or given to us by another person, that authority or that power is never complete, it's only complete when our power or our authority grows from within us, when it's ours, it has to belong to us. When it belongs to you, nobody could take it away from you. If it's a gift if it's given to you, without you having earned it, you can lose it, you see, and this is the anointing in the church today. The Holy Spirit is given without repentance, you see the gifts and the callings of God are given without repentance. They were given and they could be taken away. We are to take that which is given to us and if we use it properly, the end result of it will be that the very life of Jesus Christ will be growing out of us, rooted and grounded in us, rooted and grounded in our earth, and when that tree of righteousness rose up in us, rooted and grounded in us because we have overcome our carnal mind, because we have studied to show ourselves approved, because this doctrine is ours, because we understand and we experience, no one can take it away from you, see.


8b shows Noah with Zeir Anpin in his heart center. In Noah the ascended waters are only female, did I tell you that for Adam Kadmon? The ascended waters of Adam Kadmon were male and female, MaH, and BaN you see. In Noah the ascended waters were only female and they are designed not to do a creative work but to do a destructive work, to overthrow Zeir Anpin, the male authority that is over them, because Noah only has an imputed righteousness, he's a fallen being, see. Once you're fallen you have to the potential to keep falling. Everyone in the church today, everyone including me, we have a potential every second of every minute of every day to fall because at our very root, at our very ground zero, we are fallen. And until our mortal nature is completely overlaid with the nature of Jesus Christ, we will always be in that danger. And I believe that that will be as long that we will be in that danger as long as we are in this physical flesh, because this physical flesh is a product of the fallen man.


So as long as we're in the physical flesh we know that we're not completely restored to God, and therefore we can fall. Of course the higher we ascend the closer we draw to the Lord Jesus, the harder it is to fall, but we can always fall. Jesus said, He didn't say or do anything other than what his father said or did, indicating he knew he was incapable of completely being on his own so long as he was in the flesh. Jesus was under authority, Jesus was under and invisible spiritual authority. He was not on his own, and I am not on my own, I am under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't be deceived and think that I'm on my own I'm not. 8c and 8d are the church today.


The Fiery Serpent which is the world of points in fallen man is appearing in our belly, the area or the physical genital area where the Fiery Serpent is. And the Holy Spirit, when the Holy Spirit enters into our life, the Holy Spirit flows over our Fiery Serpent, the Holy Spirit is moving to oppose the Fiery Serpent within us, if you are a mortal man, which we all are, Cain is prevailing through your Fiery Serpent and Cain is married to Leviathan and Satan. So the Holy Spirit comes into us as the first step of Jesus Christ's plan to overturn Cain and place Abel over him once again, because did that initially he placed Abel over Cain, and then he did it for Seth, he placed Abel over Cain, and then he did it for Noah, he placed Abel over Cain, and every one of them fell you see. But this time God is doing a new thing, he's placing the savior right in the midst of us, and he's rooting him and grounding him growing him down into our being so that he can't be overrun.


And after this savior in the midst of us which is Christ Jesus is rooted and grounded in us, that savior Christ Jesus himself will marry the glorified Jesus Christ, who will anchor us in heaven, and will never fall. At the end of the process we'll never fall, we'll be incapable of falling, and in 8b, well in 8c I show you the position of the Holy Spirit in the church, and in 8d, I'm showing you that Cain who is BaN, the female, and also Satan rises up from the Fiery Serpent within the individual and overflows the Holy Spirit that covers the Fiery Serpent. The church cannot tell the difference between Cain which is Satan, because Cain, and the church cannot tell the difference between Cain which is Satan and the true Holy Spirit because both spirits do the same signs and wonders, both spirits do the same signs and wonders.


Both Satan and the Holy Spirit are female, if that's shocking to you please don't shut off the tape or stop reading the transcript. You don't have to believe it if you don't want to, but the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of Christ Jesus the spiritual man, who has his wife in the midst of him. Spiritual beings are male and female, and the Holy Spirit is the female aspect of the man Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.


So both Satan and the Holy Spirit are female, only the Christ the male can tell the difference between the righteous woman of Proverbs which is the Holy Spirit and Satan the harlot of Proverbs. Only the man can tell the difference, and anyone and everyone in the church who is being deceived today by this false Holy Spirit who is flowing through some international evangelists, they are proving that they are spiritual females, and they're not Christ the spiritual male. Any questions about this board? Well praise the Lord, we have a very interesting message today, the Lord brought this all forth by revelation, and I hope it's a blessing to the body of Christ. Any questions or comments. Okay God bless you all.


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