566 - Part 1

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Tape 1


            Praise the Lord. As I start preaching this morning, Israel in the Middle East, natural Israel, is in a spiritual crisis, spiritual and moral crisis. Israel was attacked by homicide bombers. Several people were killed a couple of days ago and Israel is executing a police action seeking to arrest about twenty terrorists that they believe are responsible.


            The terrorists are holed up in a building and refuse to come out. Wherefore Israel has made a military judgment to pommel the building with a bulldozer. At this moment thousands of Palestinians are approaching the place where this pummeling is taking place, on foot, fully intending to challenge the Israeli military to slaughter them. They are willing to die so that Israel should get a black eye in the world community.


Now as this is happening, the Lord is bringing forth here a teaching on Quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics by its own definition (this is not my definition), is the study of consciousness. The Lord is going to show us principles that some of us have known for a long time and make it very concisely clear, according to this theory anyway.


            For example, the principle of mind control; we know about mind control. Well, I have known these things for a long time, but I do not think I have ever preached on them before, except maybe I have made a statement here or there. Maybe I have never preached it as clearly as I hope to preach it today.


            I want to show all of us, and whoever will listen to this tape or read this transcript, how important what we think is, because Quantum mechanics theory is true. It is true and responsible for a great deal, if not all of the New Age thinking that is present in this country today; thinking such as, “There is no absolute, there is no absolute right, there is no absolute wrong. Every right and wrong is relative considering the circumstances. Everything is your personal decision.”


            This kind of mentality has resulted in the tearing down of morals in our nation and I am here today to tell you that the Quantum mechanics theory of consciousness and how consciousness works is true of the carnal mind. What does that mean, how consciousness works? It means how human beings are affected by each other, how our world stands in the condition that it stands. Now, all of this is true of the carnal mind.


            We are going to talk about physics from three points of view. We are going to talk about what is called macro physics (macro meaning large), or classical physics or Newtonian physics (coming from the name Isaac Newton), which has to do with the physical laws that apply to material objects like the planet or the stars, or a chair or a couch.


            Quantum mechanics, or micro physics, applies to subatomic particles that cannot be seen. There are two theories of Quantum mechanics. Now I do not know about you, but I did not know that there are two separate theories of Quantum mechanics until the lord put me in this study.


            Now all three of these theories are true. Macro physics or Newtonian physics, the laws of physics that apply to large bodies, is true. It has been proven for years, although many believe that Quantum mechanics has disproved Newtonian physics. But I am here today to tell you that all interpretations are correct.


            Macro physics or Newtonian physics, and both interpretations of Quantum mechanics are correct. But each theory is applied to a different set of circumstances. Macro physics is true under certain conditions. The laws of macro physics are true with large objects. The laws of Quantum mechanics or micro physics are true when it comes to the way the mind operates.


            There are two theories of Quantum mechanics; one applies to the way the mind operates in our world today and the other theory is an explanation of how our world or humanity in particular came into this present divided condition. All three theories that we will talk about today are functional, real, and operational but each theory is not true when applied to every situation.


            Now what has happened in the Western world is this. Or let me start out by saying it this way. The Judeo-Christian Scripture has been ruling over Jews and Christians for thousands of years. This law that comes from the Scripture, from Jehovah, from the God of the Bible, is now under siege, and is being reaped to shreds as being bigoted and narrow and restrictive. All of this is true…. well it is not bigoted; the Lord’s laws are not bigoted. But they are restrictive and they are narrow. This is the point.


            Now listen to this carefully, Quantum mechanics tells us that the mind of man creates his own reality. This is true. We create our own reality individually and collectively. But because we are fallen, the Lord knows that if we are left to our own devices, the reality that mortal humanity will create is utter destruction.


            Therefore the Lord in His wisdom granted a law to His people and by believing and practicing the law of God, there is now a control over the elements of the mind of fallen man.


            Just to put it simplistically, at the moment, by following these simple laws “Thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not fornicate, thou shalt not lie”, there is now a control over the elements of the mind of mortal man that would bring humanity to utter ruin. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


            This law, that is narrow and restrictive, is ruling uncompromisingly over a people whose fallen mind is a potential for utter destruction. You see, we need the law because we do create our own reality, which looks good initially but then would destroy us and the whole world with us, ultimately.


            The law is in place to control and to prevent humanity from creating its own reality until the sickness of mind that has inflicted humanity is corrected.


            The correction of the sickness of mind is a new mind, and that new mind is Christ in you, the hope of Glory. Therefore, when this new mind is imparted to us, this new mind, the new man within us, is free to create his own reality, because he is a sinless man. Our new man is sinless and there is no law against a sinless man. When we live out of our new mind, well praise the Lord, let that new mind create our reality.


            Let Christ Jesus create my reality. He is more positive than I am. He has more hope than I have. He is obviously more holy than I am. He is more righteous than I am. Let him create my reality and let him create the reality of the world. Once He is living inside of me, in the areas that He is functioning I no longer need the law and I can become creative in righteousness.


            I am going to be teaching from some statements that I have taken out of a book but everything that I am telling you so far are my impressions and my conclusions. I would try to distinguish for you between the statements of the book and my conclusions. Everything so far is my conclusion.


            This is what seems to have happened (at least this is how it seems to me). I see Western society, I see Judeo-Christian society with a problem, in many instances, that their mind thinks in such a restrictive way that it really is limited in certain areas.


            Therefore when Quantum mechanics came forth, and brought forth this freedom of mentality, this freedom of unrestricted, unlimited thought, which many have no problem relating to Eastern thinking (this book talks about that), people threw of the shackles of the old science and entered into the new science of unlimited possibilities and self-actualization.


            Quantum mechanics is the new science, the new physics. It sounds just like Eastern mysticism, and this is why Eastern mysticism is so popular in this country and in the West today. It lines right up with the new science, with the latest evidence, with the latest truth.


            If you want to be an “in” person, you have to throw off the shackles of the old science and enter into the new science of unlimited possibilities and self-actualization where you are not under the law. You are responsible for yourself. That is how our country has come to the condition that it is in.


            Our country is in great danger at this moment of collapsing into utter moral decay, and this is already happening. It has not completely happened but it is already happening. We are collapsing into moral decay. You see, because the fallen mind of man is not capable of living a wholesome and prosperous life apart from the law of God.


            Oh, I hear everybody screaming at me. You may do it…. a group of people may be able to do that for a generation. You have to examine a social situation over a period of generations. It works for the first generation, for the second generation, maybe even for the third or the fourth generation.


            Then the decay starts to appear in our children. It is a great deception to think that we can come out from under the laws of God and survive and prosper, because there is no immediate retribution from God. It is an error of thought. When the Western world comes out from under the law because they are “in” and “hip” and believe the new science, the latest thing, we sign our own death warrant.


            However, there is a group of people; there is a group of people who continue to believe the absolute laws of God. You see, Quantum mechanics says there is no absolute law. It says whatever you believe, that is the way it is. It is whatever you believe, that is what would come to pass. There is no absolute right and there is no absolute wrong.


            Let me say this. That is true of this world, because this world is a criminal world. Those are the laws of the god of this world, Satan, the prince of the power of the air, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. There is no right or wrong. You do whatever you want. It is true, but, this writer, and I believe he represents a large measure if not the whole community that have embraced Quantum theory, believes there is nothing outside of our universe (according to what I have read in our resource book).


            But there is something outside our universe. There is a higher universe. There are higher worlds (plural). There are higher powers. There is higher truth. There is higher law and there is higher justice, apart from this world. Quantum theory, I suggest to you, is the study of the consciousness of the fallen mortal mind of man.


            The pride of man is so high today that the scientist and the people who pursue this theory of Quantum mechanics cannot see that there is anything beyond the consciousness of fallen man. You see, they have rejected the absolute laws of Almighty God and in that rejection they have rejected God along with his absolute laws. But there is a group of people who continue to believe the absolute laws of God.


            I have not seen or read or heard of any person or any book or any information that talks about Christian spirituality based upon the indwelling Christ. It has not come to my understanding. I have not seen or read any statement anywhere in the church, today or in the past two thousand years, that talks about Christian spirituality based upon the indwelling Christ.


            Now the Jewish community today, in my opinion, is in trouble. They fell into trouble years ago because they embraced Judaic spirituality apart from the indwelling Christ. The pursuit of spirituality, the pursuit of the development of one’s spiritual potential before Christ is grafted to you, and maturing in you, and before you are distinguishing between His presence in your mind and the thoughts of your carnal mind, is deadly.


            The pursuit of spirituality apart from the indwelling Christ is deadly. Now I think it is possible. I do not have any first hand knowledge or experience of the Jewish mystics of years ago who entered into spirituality through the keeping of the law. I have to admit that it is a possibility that before Christ appeared on the scene, that there were Jewish mystics who did enter into spirituality and did manage to remain in the imputed Christ, which means that the spirituality that they entered into was not witchcraft. It was the true spirituality in God.


            My personal opinion however is that it was very few men. From what I understand, no women at all, only rabbis would even attempt to enter into the spiritual world of God. This is my understanding, I could be wrong, but that is according to my reading. Even today, it is only rabbis that are spiritual to whatever degree they are spiritual. I believe today the Jewish community allows women to study, which I do not believe they did years ago, but I have not come across any significant female writer out of the Jewish community.


            Today, to the best of my understanding, Kabbalah (which is the Jewish mysticism), although containing great and powerful and wonderful and valuable truth, has an unstable foundation based upon salvation by works, which is deadly to any Christian. Salvation is through union with the Lord Jesus Christ. Salvation is through union with righteousness.


            Spirituality arising and developing in the righteousness of Jesus Christ can result in ascension above death. There is no law against spiritual ascension in Christ. There is a powerful law against spiritual ascension of the carnal mind and this law is especially in force against Christians who ignorantly are pursuing spirituality apart from Christ.


            They may think they have Christ but in reality do not. For Christians who are experiencing spirituality apart from Christ, there is a powerful penalty that goes forth immediately. Why? Is it a punishment? No it is not a punishment. The penalty goes forth immediately so that the Christian would recognize that something is wrong. They would then seek the Lord as to what the problem is and hopefully hear from God to depart from the study of Kabbalah.


            I know of somebody right now, a powerful Christian woman, utterly devoted to God for years, who began the pursuit of Kabbalah. Now, not the Christ-centered Kabbalah that the Lord is giving us here, but she pursued Kabbalah. I think she went right into the Sefer Yetzirah, which is called practical Kabbalah.


            Practical Kabbalah is the wielding of spiritual power for the purpose of wielding spiritual power. We have been teaching Kabbalah for two years in this ministry. We have been teaching Christ-centered Kabbalah for two years now after twelve years of teaching the Doctrine of Christ formally. I was studying the Doctrine of Christ for years before that. The Lord has not yet brought us into the Sefer Yetzirah.


            There are different kinds of Kabbalah. We teach the literal Kabbalah here. We teach doctrinal Kabbalah. We are teaching the philosophy of Kabbalah. The Sefer Yetzirah is the wielding of spiritual power. I do not know anything about that. I believe some day the Lord will teach me, when he feels that I am grounded enough in Christ not to be destroyed by it or to damage anyone else by it.


            To just jump into Kabbalah is dangerous. Christians who know nothing about Kabbalah are likely to jump right into a book like the Sefer Yetzirah, which is what happened to this woman and very powerful winds hit her life. Winds of destruction hit her life almost immediately.


            This woman who was a grounded Christian went before the Lord and said, “What is going on in my life?” She came to the conclusion that she had to stop pursuing Kabbalah. I do not even think she is ready for Christ-centered Kabbalah. I told her she should be grounded in the Doctrine of Christ first before you go on to Christ-centered Kabbalah. The judgment was executed immediately to preserve her before she lost everything that she had in Christ.


            We see largely the Jewish community today that is involved in the study of Kabbalah, is studying this Kabbalah that I believe has a corrupt foundation of salvation by works. I see a lot of Jewish people studying this Kabbalah and they are not in destruction. They are keeping the law and the Lord seems to have mercy on them.


            They are keeping the law and they are doing everything they have to do. I do not see immediate destruction upon them. I do not know what else to say about that, except that there is no way that the keeping of the law and the development of spirituality through Kabbalah can result in eternal life.


            Eternal life is through union with the Son of God. How do we join with the Son of God? We join with the Son of God in our minds. We join with the Lord Jesus by agreeing with his thoughts. How can we agree with his thoughts if we do not know what he thinks? Therefore we have spent hours and hours and hours in this ministry trying to learn how to judge righteous judgment.


            We have learnt how to look at something with the eyes of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose judgment is absolute. Something is either sin or it is not sin. Now this contradicts Quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics says that everybody looks at a situation. Everybody has its own perception of that situation and everybody’s perception is valid.


            Well that may be true of the fallen mind, but there is a higher mind, and the higher mind is equipped to pass judgment on all decisions of the lower mind, whether they are righteous or unrighteous.


            You see, we come back to the basic foundational teaching of the Doctrine of Christ. There are two minds in the earth today. There are two minds in the church. There are two minds in God’s people. You are double minded, if you have the second mind. You may not even have the second mind, because the second mind only comes forth as a result of faith in Jesus Christ. You do not get the new mind right away.


            We see the stumbling block in the church, in Judah, in the Jews and in the world, and in Quantum mechanics. It is a lack of understanding that there are two minds present in this world today. The mind of God pierced into this world when it approached Abraham four or five thousand years ago (I may not have the exact amount of time).


            The mind of God pierced into this world. When we read the Scriptures, when we study Kabbalah, when we talk about Quantum mechanics, we have to determine…. or when we are just passing a judgment on any event that is happening in the world that comes to our attention, we must determine which mind we are viewing that event with.


            Quantum mechanics tells us that there is no objective opinion. Newtonian physics says you can be objective. You can look at something, you can evaluate it, and you can keep your emotions out of it and say, “That is a table.” Okay, it is simple to say, “That is a table.”


            To bring it into the level of mind, Newtonian physics says that you could look at a situation: a young lady is pregnant out of wedlock, and you can say that it is wrong. According to Quantum mechanics you cannot say that it is wrong.


            Quantum mechanics says, such an opinion, “to be pregnant out of wedlock is wrong”, is only one of many opinions, and your opinion is based upon your theological and your sociological experiences in life. You think it is wrong because it is wrong in the West, but if you lived on an Island in Hawaii, you would not think it was wrong, and that is true.


            When the missionaries first arrived in Hawaii, there were young ladies being initiated into their sexual life by their fathers. They were having babies outside of wedlock and they were very happy people. They did not seem to be under any judgment of destruction and they did not think anything was wrong with it. The Lord winks at the ignorant, you see, He does not pass judgment on the ignorant. The Lord teaches and educates the ignorant.


            Quantum mechanics theory says you only think it is wrong because you were raised in a Christian home, but there are other societies that do not think it is wrong. I see on TV frequently, on the Discovery channel, or the History channel, they show you a film of tribes living in Australia or the Amazon where group adultery is accepted. They have tribal holidays where everybody switches partners. Everybody is very happy, the society functions, the children are raised, and nobody is all messed up in their minds because their parents are switching partners.


            Many people will be influenced by all of this kind of material that is flooding into our TV system and into our movies, and invading the minds of our children, unless we have knowledge of the two minds. Many people will be shamed into turning away from their absolute values with all of this evidence being poured into our consciousness.


            The knowledge of the two minds is essential and the second mind represents a plane of consciousness higher than all of the infinite possibilities projected by Quantum theory.


            People are confused. People in the church are confused. Probably many well meaning Jews, very well educated Jews are confused. Physicists are confused, social scientists are confused, and psychologists are confused. Oh, everybody is confused except you Pastor Vitale? Yes they are all confused except me. I am not confused only because I have the mind of God and I am preaching His message.


            You see, when the argument goes like this, “God is right and Quantum theory is wrong and everything that is happening in our society today is wrong,” you will never win an argument like that. This is the argument that the church world gives today, and I am not against the church world. This is just a fact; this is the argument that the church world gives today.


            They go from door to door. They will stop you on the street and they will give you a tract and they will say, “Repent, give up your fornication, give up your adultery, give up your lifestyle, it is wrong.” The person they are talking to says, “No, it is not wrong. Everything is relative, it is wrong to you but it is not wrong to me.”


            What do you say to somebody like that? What answer does the church have to say to somebody like that? There is no answer except, “You are going to burn in hell forever.” The person who is being approached says, “I do not believe that. You are just a radical bigot, trying to get me to believe what you want me to believe with fear.”


            You see, it is time for the church to grow up because there is a whole world out there that needs the answers and the church is the vehicle of the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver these answers in a simple explanation.


            I am going to try and make this study on Quantum mechanics as simple as possible. I will give you some of the big words so that you can be familiar with them, but I am going to do the best I can to make it as simple as possible, and put it in lay man’s terms.


            The answer is this. What you believe is true, but there is a higher law. No, I do not believe you would burn in hell forever, but you would surely experience the consequences of your own decisions. Even though your life looks good now, if you would just open up your eyes, you would see that everything that man does eventually deteriorates.


            The medical society is deteriorating today. It is self-destructing. The greatest medical society known to man appeared in the United States of America. Now we are trying to give that medical technology to all of our citizens, and we are broke. The medical society is broke. All the insurance companies are floundering to survive.


            They are seeing what they can do to raise their rates. They are cutting back procedures, and disallowing procedures to certain people. The insurance company is denying individual people this great technology of this nation. If you do not have the money you cannot have the technology. People are sicker than ever. It is not working, you see.


            Everything that man does initially, not only appears great, but initially is great, but it cannot endure. It does not endure. Everything in this world corrupts, deteriorates, collapses and turns back to dust. The only thing that endures is the absolute truth of the Lord Jesus Christ, which exists on a higher plane of consciousness, which is above the highest plane of consciousness of this mortal world.


            That is what is missing from all of the Eastern theology, all of Quantum theory and all of New Age doctrine. It is not a war in this world between God and New Age theory. Everything the New Age says about this world is true, but there is a higher world. That is the truth. There is a higher world above this world. That is the message.


            Now there are two things being said about this situation in the Middle East with Israel and the Palestinians. One is the truth and one is a lie. As far as this world is concerned, some people believe one side, and other people believe the other side. Some people believe Israel’s position and some people believe the Arab position.


            Right now Israel citizenry was attacked by two homicide bombers, people were killed and the army is looking for the twenty men who are responsible. That is Israel’s position. The Palestinian position is that the homicide bombers had every right to do what they are doing. Israel has no right to defend itself and everything that the Palestinians do is justified because Israel is occupying Palestine.


            The Israeli position is that Israel is in fact occupying Palestine because the Arab nations attacked Israel and Israel responded and acquired land as a result of defending herself. We have two different ways of looking at the situation in the Middle East. We have a Palestinian mentality that denies Israel anything, that denies Israel the slightest bit of understanding that their people are being killed. This mindset is a total negation of the nation of Israel and it is citizenry.


            If there is no absolute truth in this world, there are thousands and millions of Arabs and Europeans that choose to believe the Palestinian position. However, there are those people who are faithful to the Lord Jesus and who are faithful to truth, who see the righteousness of Israel’s position to defend herself and her citizenry.


            One of these mindsets must collapse. One of these mindsets must collapse, so we see two possibilities. The mindset of Israel would prevail and prove to be right, and the other possibility is that the mind set of the Palestinians would prevail and prove to be right.


            Now here are the two basic differences in the two different Quantum theories. The first Quantum theory which was decided at a meeting in Copenhagen quite a few years ago is this: only one possibility can exist. This situation that there are two possibilities, or there are two mind sets, that are fully proliferating in the earth today is described as a wave function. That is a scientific term. I am not going to take the time unless the Lord tells me to do it, on this message, to explain that to you. It is called a wave function. Oh, maybe I would show you this much of it.


            We are looking at drawing #1. I have broken the board down into 4 sections, a, b, c, and d. In 1a, I am showing you a wave, just incase some of you do not remember our studies in Quantum mechanics. Or maybe you have not read our studies in Quantum mechanics. A wave is a mathematical function. It is really an imaginary…. not imaginary, but an invisible thing, or an imaginary wave expressing a certain kind of behavior in our material world, such as light as a wave.


            This kind of explanation of what a wave looks like can help the scientist study light or sound as a wave also. We see that a wave rises and falls above a median; the straight line that goes from left to right is a median. The wave vibrates.


            Each crest (you can see I have indicated the wave crest), would be a vibration, a positive vibration. When you speak, you know, you can see a wave on a monitor. If you have a computer and the right software, every time you speak, the wave goes up, and when you do not speak it falls down. Does anyone not understand what a wave is in this context?


            Also our mind gives off waves because language…. actually language is not speech. When we talk, we create sound waves because we make a sound on this plane of consciousness, but when we think, we also create sound waves on a higher plane of consciousness. This is how we can “hear in the spirit”.


            Some people hear in the spirit. What does that mean? Some people can hear the thoughts of other people. Sometimes I hear the thoughts of other people. Sometimes I actually hear them. Sometimes I just know what they are thinking. All of this is a form of hearing in the spirit. What does that mean? I am responding to the sound waves that have been generated by somebody’s mind, not by their vocal cords, but generated from their thoughts.


            Each wave crest represents a possibility. We are not talking about a wave that is created by me speaking now because you…. well actually I am not going to get into that right now. We are talking about mind here. We are talking about human consciousness and the condition of the world and the condition of our life.


            Each wave crest represents a possibility. Look, I am sitting here on this chair, and I get up and down during the whole message to draw on the board. There are various possibilities as to how soon I would get up from my chair. One possibility could be that I would be up on my feet within one minute. Another possibility is that I would be up on my feet within two minutes. And a third possibility is that I would be up on my feet within three minutes.


            Each of those possibilities would be represented by a crest of a wave, if we were putting what I just suggested to you down as a diagram. As soon as I stood up (let us say I stood up in one minute), the possibilities of me standing up in two minutes or three minutes cease to exist because I stood up in one minute.


            That is what I am showing you on this board here. According to the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics, only one reality can actualize. If I stand up in one minute, that possibility has actualized. It has become a reality. I stood up in one minute, and it is no longer possible for me to wait two minutes to stand up, or to wait three minutes to stand up.


            We have a wave that represents three possibilities of when I would stand up. As soon as one possibility is actualized, as soon as one possibility becomes a reality, the other possibilities no longer exist, according to Copenhagen. The possibilities of the other possibilities no longer exist, and the expression that describes the fact that one possibility actualized is, “the wave collapsed.” What does it mean? There are no more waves. Actually, I think I did not draw that correctly.


            As soon as one possibility actualizes, becomes reality, the other humps or the crests of the wave collapse. The whole wave collapses and all you have is a straight line. Similar to what you might see of the lead printout…. not printout, but the lead screen of an electrocardiograph.


            When someone’s heart is working, is pumping properly, there is activity in the lines going up and down. As soon as the person dies, when the heart stops beating, you just hear a beep and you get a straight line, beeeeep. Okay? It is all over. The heart has stopped functioning. It is the same principle, you see.


            As long as there are three or more possibilities, or two or more possibilities, there is a struggle going on. This is what I am saying…. I have not read this anywhere in a book, but I know from what the Lord has shown me, that whenever there is more than one possibility, there is a struggle going on.


            There are all kinds of influences, all kinds of evidence, all kinds of thoughts, other peoples’ opinions, our own experiences. There are all kinds of influences flowing that really create a struggle as to which possibility would come into existence. Well Pastor Vitale, you are talking about getting up from your chair in one minute or two minutes or three minutes. How is that a struggle? Well, maybe I do not feel like getting up, so that is pulling against me.


            This is a very difficult message for me to be preaching because I have no notes. It is much easier for me to preach from printed notes. Then I just follow down the notes and I comment on each note. That is the easiest way to go. This is a very difficult way for anybody to preach, to digest a book and then come forth and teach out of it.


            Many people say they listen to my tapes or read my transcripts and they are very blessed but they cannot give it back out. It is very hard to give it back out. It is difficult although I seem to be doing okay. I like the way this message is coming forth, and I give all the Glory to God, because inside of my heart is a conflict. This is very difficult to do.


            It is not that simple that I may stand up in one minute or two minutes or three minutes. Maybe I do not feel like standing up. Maybe there is something in me that is pulling me back or that does not want to preach. Then we had an unexpected interference. I realized that something was wrong on the board. I got up because I realized something was wrong on the board.


            There are many influences affecting all of these possibilities, many unknown. There are some known and many unknown or unpredictable influences. That I looked at the board and I saw that something was wrong on the board and I jumped up, was an unpredictable influence. That was unpredictable. Therefore, it is not all that simple.


            Well, back to our point. As soon as one reality actualizes, as soon as I stand up, all the other crests on the waves collapse and all we have left is a straight line. What does a straight line mean? The struggle is over. There is no more conflict. It does not matter how many influences come into play now, I am already on my feet. It does not matter.


            That is what the straight line means. Death. In an electrocardiograph, in the monitor that monitors your heart, it means the heart has stopped beating, death. In this instance it is a form of a death. It is the end of the struggle. A result has actualized. Praise the Lord.


            Back to the board. In 1a, I am showing you wave crests and my note says each wave crest is a possibility. Only one wave crest can actualize into reality. When one wave crest actualizes into reality, all other possible realities (that is wave crests) cease to exist and the wave collapses into a straight line. No more conflict.


            1b shows two wave crests, two possibilities. One, Israel prevails, or Israel is right. The other, Palestine prevails. In 1c, we see that Israel is proven right, so the wave crest that represents the Palestinians being right is cancelled out. And in Id, we see the whole wave collapsed into a straight line. And what does that mean to us? It means the Palestinian position was proved false and Israel is justified in saying that her military action is self-defense. The wave function collapses into one reality. Israel is justified.


            Now, if you have eyes to see, the whole world actually witnessed this happening several months ago, in the person of President George W. Bush. Initially, when he first came into office, he did not want anything to do with this conflict. He did not want to be involved as the President of the United States, in this conflict. He was then forced into the conflict because of the world wide crisis of Israel going after and pummeling Palestinian cities because they believed it was the only way to defend their citizenry.


            Palestinians in the United States were screaming and picketing and yelling, and President Bush had to get involved. He did get involved. What does that mean? President Bush looked at the situation, and he saw the two possibilities. Overall, now I am not saying there are not many sub-issues, but overall there were two major issues. Will the United States justify Israel’s right to do what they were doing? Or would President George Bush, representative of the United States, declare that Israel engaged in a criminal action.


            Those were the two crests on the wave, and President George W. Bush made a decision that Israel was justified in her behavior and the conflict collapsed. The United States took a position. That is what it means. The wave collapsed. What happened? The United States, by it is President, took a position in the conflict. The result of the position of George W. Bush was that Israel took very great strides in defending its nation. It did wipe out a lot of terrorists and the bombings decreased.


            Now, if George W. Bush had chosen the other reality, if he had chosen to condemn Israel, and by the power of his office, forced Israel to pull back, another reality would have arisen. Israel may have greatly experienced much great harm today, than she has experienced. Every reality that comes into existence calls forth unlimited, infinite, reactions to that reality. The whole world goes on from there.


            We see that Quantum mechanics is not only the science of consciousness; it is the science of reality. It is the science that explains how the mind has the power to create realities. This is true for our individual decisions, for the decisions that we make on behalf of our families, for the decisions that we make concerning our personal lives, for the decisions that our elected representatives make.


            The world is being formed every second of every minute of every day. The reality is appearing out of many possibilities, every second of every minute, of every hour, of every day.


            Now we had an outstanding deliverance in this ministry Thursday night. The scales fell off of somebody’s eyes. That person realized that they were believing a lie and took the necessary action to change the circumstances. Now I expect that person’s life and the lives of every one associated with them will never be the same.


            Their wave function collapsed. Their delusion could not stand under the power of God that sought to bring it down. Hallelujah. You see the kingdom of God is not a wave function. The kingdom of God, at least in terms of Quantum mechanics, is a straight line. There are no possibilities. There are no possibilities.


            This world and the whole human race would come under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Serpent’s kingdom would be dissolved and brought back to zero, because the Serpent’s kingdom is completely expanded. It would be collapsed, just like a wave function. It would be collapsed, and brought down to a straight line.


            It would come under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Sin would disappear from this world, and humanity and the whole world would go forth and fulfill the purpose for which we have been formed and brought into existence. No other possibilities.


            Until that truth of the Lord Jesus Christ comes into existence, the whole consciousness of our world is in chaos. With the different elements of this world .... and who are the different elements of this world? The minds of the individual people thrusting against one another, striving against one another. We are a sea of vibrating, thrusting waves of consciousness, thrusting and constantly testing one another, but this wave function will collapse.


            This world will cease to exist. It will roll up like a scroll; it will come back to square zero. The original plan of God for his creation will go forward. You see, we must return to the point that we deviated from the plan of God. We must go back to the point of departure, and that is a principle that this ministry knows about.


            When the day comes that there is something wrong in your life and you cannot figure out what it is, you must petition the Lord to show you. You must go back to the point of departure. You must go back to where you were when you made the wrong decision and then start all over again from that point.


            Therefore, the day will come that this whole world as it appears in this hour will cease to exist because it will be rolled back to the point that it departed from the plan of Almighty God.


            I did just want to give you a couple of Scriptures because as I was preaching, something hit me. However, I could not find the Scripture that I am looking for. Years ago, when a preacher called Win Worley, came into our church (he was a pretty big name and still is a pretty big name in deliverance, but he is dead. He has been dead for quite a while), he gave our pastor a Scripture to pray, because our pastor was being verbally maligned.


            I have prayed that prayer, that Scripture, ever since. I never forgot it. I really would have preferred to have found it for you but I could not find it in the King James’ translation. It goes something like this. “Let every tongue that has risen up against you in error be proven wrong”. I was so shocked when I heard that Scripture being prayed as a prayer. I thought it was so mild, you know, no retaliation, no judgment. Just let them be proven wrong. What a toothless prayer, and yet I could not forget it.


            Today for the first time, I really understand that prayer. There were people, mostly preachers and the congregation that they were preaching to, who believed wrong things about my pastor. They believed that deliverance ministry was not of God. Then, whatever else they were saying about him from that point forward was a mind set that can be likened to the Palestinian mindset.


            There were hundreds of people on Long Island, who believed untrue things about my pastor, and my pastor was just following the instruction of the Lord to run a deliverance ministry, which I greatly benefitted from. There were two crests on that wave. You see, a wave came into existence. Was this pastor truly doing the work of God? Or was he demonized, and was he not doing the work of God? There were two companies of people who were talking about this man on a regular basis.


            One company of people was telling lies about him, and the thing really did get out of hand. The other company of people was saying, like me, “This is helping me. I do not see how it could be bad, it is helping me”. A wave came into existence. What happened with that wave? I do not really know what happened with that wave but I would have to…. Let me put it to you this way.


            I do not think there was an absolute collapse of the wave, because I do not believe that our pastor was vindicated. Actually, I believe that the other side won, because that pastor really did go off, and I believe is in some spiritual trouble right now. The wave did not collapse completely because the reality that this pastor was wrong did not fully manifest. If the reality that this pastor was wrong fully manifested, he would have repented and gone over to the other pastors who were trying to correct him.


            That would have been a collapse of the wave function. Or our pastor would have been proven right to the degree that all the other pastors on Long Island would have come to him and repented, and said, “You are right with your teaching of deliverance, you are right,” and the wave function would have collapsed.


            One or the other reality would have manifested, but neither one of those two events manifested. What happened was that this pastor really, in my opinion, (others might disagree with me), lost his power in deliverance, lost his power with God. He lost his position with God and is now preaching a message that I do not believe. He does not even preach Jesus anymore.


            I understand that he is under the Jewish law, and he worships Yahweh and has eliminated the mediator, the Lord Jesus. >From one point of view, you might say the wave function did collapse and the lie prevailed. What does that mean? The people who were speaking against him really destroyed his ministry. Yet, my pastor did not go over to the other side and repent and come into agreement with the people who were disagreeing with him. I think I have to put that on the board for you because I do not think you understand me.


            Drawing #2a. I am showing you a wave with three crests, three possibilities. The deliverance pastor is of God. The deliverance pastor is not of God. Or the deliverance pastor continues to minister but loses his power with God. In section #2b we see that the second two crests are neutralized because the complaining pastors admit they are wrong. The complaining pastors admit they are wrong.


            That means that cancels out the possibility of the pastor not being of God, and it cancels out the possibility of the deliverance pastor continuing to minister but losing power with God because the complaining pastors have broken his power. I really have to put that in on the board because of course it is possible that the complaining pastors could admit that they were wrong and the deliverance pastor could still lose his power because of sin or because of other circumstances.


            However, what we are talking about here is that the deliverance pastor continues to minister but loses his power because the complaining pastors have broken his power. That event is cancelled. The belief or the statement that the pastor is not of God is broken, when the complaining pastors admit that they are wrong, and the wave function collapses into a straight line. The straight line represents reality. What is the reality? There would now be no more conflict between the deliverance pastors and the complaining pastors.


            Drawing #2c. The other possibility, which is really the second possibility, is that the deliverance pastor admits that he was wrong and that what he was doing is not of God; therefore the other two possibilities are nullified. The possibility that the complaining pastors were wrong, that is nullified because the deliverance pastor has admitted he was wrong and the possibility of the deliverance pastor continuing to minister but losing his power, because the complaining pastors have broken the deliverance pastor’s power. That possibility ceases to exist because the deliverance pastor has admitted that he was wrong.


            However, we have something that does not seem to fit, and I have labeled it deliverance pastor neutralized; all three crests continue to exist. Neither the deliverance pastor nor the complaining pastor admit they were wrong, but the deliverance pastor loses his power with God. He no longer prays to Jesus but goes under the law. The wave function does not collapse, why? Because the deliverance pastor still believes He is doing deliverance. He believes that he is right that he does not pray to Jesus anymore. He believes he is right that he is under the law and I hear he still is casting out demons.


            However, we know according to the Scripture that the sons of the Pharisees cast out demons also. You can cast out demons but not in the name of Jesus. I do not know whether he says he casts out demons in the name of Jesus or not, but I know that he no longer prays to Jesus as God. He prays to Yahweh and Jesus is his …. I do not know exactly how he expresses it but he prays to Yahweh and Jesus is secondary.


            The wave function does not collapses because the deliverance pastor believes that what he is doing is right and that he is still doing the deliverance of God. The complaining pastors still hold the same opinion about the deliverance pastor. The third possibility has come into existence, that the deliverance pastor continues to minister but loses power with God, I believe as a result of the warfare.


            Now, all three conditions exist. The wave function has not collapsed. Does any body not understand what I just said? Does anyone need me to say it again? Okay.


            This leads us to the second theory or the second interpretation of Quantum mechanics which actually I think anyone with a logical mind has to see. It is the more valid interpretation, because we see that the interpretation of Quantum mechanics that came forth from Copenhagen has just broken down. It is not working.


            There is a flaw in this theory, okay. We therefore come to the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, which I would explain to you next, although, I feel that I want to give you one more example of another unfortunate incident that happened in the ministry on Long Island. We did have a pastor who fell into adultery.


            Before I say that, let me tell you this. The way I see what is on the board right now is that God has not yet moved to collapse this wave function. What that means to me is that he has not given up on this man, yet. What do I mean by that? Well, God has not really proven this man to not be following after the Lord except to the few people who have the discernment and the understanding to see it.


            What would have to happen for God to show it to the world that the complaining pastors were right? Well, the deliverance pastor would have to be out of business. That would be the full collapse of the wave function, if the ministry shut down. That would be the proof that this man was not of God and the complaining pastors were right. That would be the collapse of the wave function.


            That has not happened. The deliverance pastor is still there, He is still casting out demons and he is still preaching. He still has people coming to listen to him, and he is declaring with all the strength of his mind that he is serving God as a deliverance minister. The complaining pastors are still looking at him and saying, “That is not of God,” but yet, for those of us who have eyes to see, the fact that the man is no longer honoring Jesus as God means that the third possibility has come to pass. He has lost his power. I believe the pummeling and the prayers of the complaining pastors were a powerful factor.


            Of course the ultimate factor is that this could not have happened if the man had repented so there must be a lack of repentance. We are not going to get into it that deeply, right now. I believe he was pummeled. He was pummeled by the prayers of the complaining pastors and all of their people who believed he was not of God, and wanted to shut him down. I was driving by one night and I saw three people anointing the church with oil and I know they were trying to pray it down, bring down the church. That was the kind of persecution that he went through.


            Then there was another situation on Long Island where a pastor fell into adultery, and that church completely shut down. There is no longer any church by that name. That wave function collapsed. The pastor who fell into adultery left his wife and went off and married the young lady that he was involved with and became the father of her child. That wave function collapsed. Was that pastor of God or was that pastor not of God? No more church, no more pastor. That wave function collapsed. Does anybody not see the difference? Do I have to put that on the board? I do not think so. You all see the difference.


            Before I go to the next drawing, let me just share these Scriptures with you because as I am teaching this, what has come to me is that the Scripture that sounds like a toothless prayer is actually talking about the collapse of the wave function. I have known for years that the Scriptures talk a lot about the tongue. That Scripture that I cannot find for you, that is like, “everyone who has raised their voice up against you be proven wrong,” is talking about the collapse of the wave function.


            God is never into “vengeance,” and he is never into “retaliation.” These words are in the Old Testament but they are unfortunate choices of translations. The God of creation is not into “vengeance” or “retaliation.” He does not have to be. He just has to stop thinking about us and we would all cease to exist. He is way above vengeance or retaliation.


            What the God of creation is after is a world that will reflect his nature. Who is the God of creation? To us he is appearing today as the Lord Jesus Christ but those of us who have been studying Christ-centered Kabbalah know that Jesus Christ is the outermost partsuf of the Ayn Sof. He is the Ayn Sof to us, which is even higher than Yahweh, Jehovah.


            That Scripture, and all of these Scriptures to do with the tongue, is speaking about the wave function. All that the God of creation wants is a world that will reflect his nature. He is not out to punish you, he is not out for vengeance, he is not out to hurt you. He wants a creation that will reflect his nature. In everything that he does, He is motivated by this motive, “You must reflect my nature.”


            Just like I say to you sometimes here (because we get into conflicts, sometimes there are problems with stubbornness in this ministry), “Look, one of us has to change, and it is not going to be me,” because I cannot let it be me. If I let you change me, the whole ministry will come down and I will be severely backslidden, and I may be floundering around for a while until the Lord sets me up again. I am not saying there will be total destruction on you but by the time He raises up another ministry like this, you all may be dead.


            I am not standing in the gap just for myself…. Well, I am standing in the gap for myself. If I let you control me, I go down and I do not have any intention of going down, if I have anything to say about it at all. I cannot let you control me; I cannot give in to you. If I know in my heart that what I am telling you is the right thing and you are having a problem changing, I have to continue to butt heads with you until you change or until the Lord separates us, which I do not think is going to happen.


            There is a wave function right there. What is going to happen? Am I going to change or are you going to change or is the Lord going to separate us? At some point the wave function has to collapse, and it has collapsed in many ways in this ministry. You are all coming around.


            This concept of “let everyone who has spoken wrong things about me be proven wrong,” declares the very nature of our God. This is all that He wants. He wants truth in our inward parts, that is all that he wants. He wants truth, righteousness and justice appearing in his people. You have to realize that when the Lord says, “let everyone who has spoken wrong about you be proven wrong”, that it is not a toothless prayer.


            That is a prayer that reflects God’s righteous motives towards us but because of the fallen nature of man who is laced with sin, all kinds of destruction may afflict the wrong thinking persons in order for them to come into a right way of thinking. This is how we can say that all of the evil that God does, and he does do evil, arises out of a righteous motive. This evil that God does can be likened to our disciplining our children.


            I just hear everybody screaming now, “Oh but the horrible things that have happened to me are not like getting a paddling” Well, let me give you something to think about. You do not know how a two or a three or a four year old perceives that paddling. To them it might be as horrible and painful emotionally and physically as anything you might have to go through as an adult, and that is the truth.


            Have you ever seen a child cry? They cry like their heart is absolutely breaking. Maybe that is what they are feeling. Maybe they are feeling as much pain as you would feel if you had a boyfriend and the Lord broke up that relationship because he was not right for you. It is just that you get over it faster when you are younger. That is why it is a blessing to be trained up properly by your parents, because you get over it much faster when you are younger.


            Are there any questions about what I said so far? Okay, let us take a picture of this and I will give you an overview of the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics.


            Before we went out to dinner I was speaking to you about how I now have a new understanding of the Scripture that says, “Let ever tongue lifted up against you be proven wrong.” Jehovah in the Scripture is talking about collapsing the wave function. He is talking about changing people’s minds to line up with the thinking of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            Although I have prayed that prayer over the years, now I would pray it with much more strength. I pray that prayer for Israel right now.




            Let every tongue and every mind that is lifted up against Israel in error be proven wrong. I pray that that wave function should collapse, that the lie should be exposed for what it is and that world opinion should cleave unto the truth as the Lord Jesus Christ sees it. I pray that, that wave function should collapse, the lie should collapse, and the truth, peace and safety should prevail. That is my prayer for Israel today. That is my prayer for the world.


Message (con’t)


            I have two Scriptures for you. This is Habakkuk Chapter 1, Verse 4. “Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment does never go forth.” Let me go back to Verse 3. ”Why dost thou show me iniquity?” See, those of you who would be reading this transcript or hearing this tape, who are still having a problem with the reality that it is the will of God that we reveal the hidden sins of your heart, Habakkuk says to the Lord …. I guess I will start at the beginning.


            Habakkuk Chapter 1, Verse 1 and 2. “The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see. O Lord how long shall I cry, and thou wilt not hear! Even cry out unto thee of violence, and thou wilt not save!” Habakkuk is not only crying out for himself, he is crying out for Israel, for all of Israel.


            Verse 3, “Why dost thou shew me iniquity, and cause me to behold grievance?” The prophet Habakkuk is required by the Lord to look upon iniquity and to be grieved. “For spoiling and violence are before me: and there are that raise up strife and contention. Therefore the law is slacked, and judgment doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore wrong judgment proceedeth.”


            I picked this Scripture just to show those of you who still have trouble, who are still struggling with the necessity and the righteousness of judging righteous judgment, that there is wrong judgment. Your mind can manifest wrong judgment and the result of it is that the word of the Lord is cut off from you, violence continues, and salvation or deliverance is delayed.


            It is necessary to see the truth for the deliverance to come, and that is a principle of Quantum mechanics which I have not touched upon yet. This is the Copenhagen interpretation, that all of the possibilities or any one of the possibilities cannot actualize until it is viewed. An observer has to see it for it to come into reality.


            I have been telling you all for years that the Lord sends us out on assignments to simply witness to ungodly manifestations. When you first started studying with me, some of you had a problem. You were thinking that when you saw the ungodly manifestation, you had to do something about it. It was difficult for you to grasp that there is nothing for you to do about it.


            You are just to look at it and report it to the Lord, “Lord, this is what I see. I went where you sent me, I went to this church or I went to this place and this is what I saw.” Then the Lord executes judgment. That is our job. That is the job of the Sons of God. I guess that is why I picked out that Scripture.


            Then I had Isaiah Chapter 54, Verse 17. “No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.” The condemning of the tongue is just another way of saying let us collapse the wave function.


            They are going to be proven wrong, that is what it means. “No weapon formed against you,” what is the spiritual weapon? It is the mind. No mind or no thought form that is formed against you will prosper. Every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment, that reality shall never actualize. It will be condemned.


            “This is the heritage….” or the testimony, “….of the servants of the Lord because their righteousness is of me.” This is the testimony that will follow you if the righteousness that you manifest is of the Lord. You will never be destroyed. The wave function will always collapse in your favor. You cannot be defeated. Your enemies will lose their power to hurt you. Does anybody not understand that?


            The power of the tongue is very, very real. You see, in Western society which is Christian society, the church became very carnal because there was such a prohibition onto spiritual development.


            The founding fathers of the church did not seem to understand, (well, I do not know about the apostles, but at least recently the elders of the church, the pastors, and whoever was moving in authority in Christ), they did not seem to understand that this prohibition on spirituality in the church only lasted until Christ was formed in the people.


            Infantile spirituality is allowed in Pentecost. We learn to prophecy and speak in tongues. That is infantile spirituality. That is the beginning of touching on the spiritual realm of God. But you cannot go any further than that without having Christ grafted to you, and without being in a discipleship fellowship. From the time that Christ is grafted to you, you cannot go it alone.


            You have to be under a teacher who is equipped to teach out of their own experience. The only way you are going to learn to be spiritual in Christ Jesus is to be under the personal tutelage of a teacher who is teaching out of their own experience. “Oh, I never heard of that Pastor Vitale.” Well it is the new thing that the Lord is doing.


            He is not forcing anybody today, so if you do not want this, and you want to go away, that is fine, but if you are interested in spirituality in Christ, it will be beneficial to you to ask the Lord if this could not possibly be true. If it is true, ask Him if He would grant you permission to have this experience, because there are very few having this experience today.


            The power of the tongue is very real. The power of our thoughts is very real, and the more spiritually developed we are, the more powerful our thoughts and our words are. I do not know if I made my point. The elders in the Christian church understood the prohibition on spirituality but they did not understand that that prohibition is lifted in Christ. They did not understand that the prohibition is towards the people who have faith in Jesus Christ but do not have His nature grafted to them.


            Somehow there was some kind of a snaffle. The church, instead of going on to having Christ grafted to them and moving into the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, retrogressed. They became retarded. They went into arrested development. The church is retarded.


            The Scripture clearly says the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light. What do you think the Lord is talking about? He is talking about spiritual knowledge. He is not talking about how to make money. He is talking about spiritual knowledge. Praise the Lord.


            We have a powerful testimony in this ministry for anyone who has eyes to see. Do not look at how much money we have, do not look at how many people attend our meetings or go into our web page. Look at the power that is being wielded here.


            Look at the fact that we are pursuing spiritual development in Christ and not being destroyed. Instead, we are becoming more and more spiritual, we are receiving deliverance, and our lives are changing for the better.


            That is the testimony of this ministry. That is the only testimony that you should judge any ministry or any person. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2



            Even though it is true that the Lord wants us healed and the Lord wants us prospering, and that health and all forms of prosperity including financial prosperity can be signs of a righteous relationship with God, they do not have to be signs. Very wicked people, criminals in jail, are healthy. Some very wicked people have a lot of money.


            To be physically healthy and financially prosperous, as well as being spiritually blessed, is a sign that God is with you. However, if all the sign is that you are spiritually blessed but there is still disease in your body and you have financial problems, it is not a reason to reject the ministry because it takes time for the spiritual power that is being generated in a ministry to reshape your physical body or the material aspects of your life, depending on how heavy the curses were in those areas when you first came to God.


            You have to look at a person spiritually. You have to listen to the words that they speak. You have to look at their life. You have to look at their relationship with Jesus Christ, and how they live their life. That is how you make your judgment as to who a person is in Christ Jesus.


            Let us get on with this message, Quantum mechanics. I have on the board, drawing #3. Did anyone have anything to say or any questions to ask as I go on to the next phase here?


            Drawing #3. I am trying to give you an example of the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. I have a wave function on the board with five possibilities. A human being had the opportunity to walk through any one of five doors, to take anyone of five paths.


            An example that I have given you is a man riding a bicycle. If he chooses to ride his bicycle on a particular day or at a particular time of a particular day, that day turns out to be a sunny day and he is riding his bicycle. That is reality #1.


            Reality #2 is that the day or the time that the man chooses is raining. He is riding his bicycle in the rain.


            Then he takes the third opportunity. You can see the man riding his bicycle at night. That is a moon, and stars shinning out there in case you cannot understand my drawing.


            Reality #4. The man riding the bicycle has an accident and the tree is knocked down and his bicycle is wrecked.


            Possibility #5. If the man walks out of the house at a different time or different hour, the man has no bicycle at all. The man might never had acquired a bicycle, or it could have been stolen, or just a different timeline.


            You can say to start with, the man had no bicycle. The first man went out and he was walking. The second time he went out, he acquired the bicycle and was riding on a sunny day. The first opportunity or first possibility would have been even before he decided to purchase the bicycle.


            Did anyone not understand what I just said? These are all possibilities. The man could be sitting in his house and he could have an opportunity to leave the house, to go out at two o’clock, at three o’clock, at four o’clock, at five o’clock, and depending on which hour he would decide to leave the house, any one of these different possibilities would be his reality.


            Now according to the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics, only one possibility can actualize, and all of the remaining four possibilities would come to zero, would cease to exist and the wave function would collapse. Does anybody not understand that?


            According to the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, all of these possibilities exist. They exist in their own reality or, in the language that I use in this ministry; they exist in their own timeline. All of these realities exist side by side, in parallel worlds. By very definition of the word parallel, these worlds will never meet because they are running parallel to one another. They will never cross over into each other’s reality.


            When this man is faced with the opportunity to choose between these five doors, his consciousness splits into five different aspects and he literally becomes five different people, existing in five different planes of consciousness, having these five different experiences.


            All of these five worlds exist, side by side. Man X in reality one does not know man X in reality two, or man X in reality three, yet they exist side by side and the collective whole of all of these five timelines actually comprise the one man. However, none of these aspects know each other.


            Listen, that is the same thing as me saying to you, “You have to look at the unconscious part of your mind and the subconscious part of your mind,” because right now, to most of you here, probably all of you here, the unconscious part of your mind and subconscious part of your mind are strangers to you.


            You are running in parallel timelines: the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious part of your mind, (because we are fallen, the subconscious part of our mind is Leviathan, and the unconscious part of our mind is Satan). That means that each and every one of us is tied to a plethora of other consciousness.


            No matter how excellent our life is in this reality in which we are sitting here in this room right now (you are all serving God and you are wonderful people with blessed families, despite all that), each and every one of us is tied to a plethora of other consciousness.


            Well let us keep it simple. We are tied to at least two other time lines that are part of us. Now you do not see the other two time lines that are attached to you. You do not see Satan in the unconscious part of your mind and you do not see Leviathan in the subconscious part of your mind. Yet they are still a part of you, they are a part of your collective whole.


            Satan, the unconscious part of your carnal mind, is wicked and thinking evil thoughts through you all the daylong. The subconscious part of your mind is receiving many of these thoughts that your conscious mind might reject, and there is no communication between the three parts of you. That is the application of the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. That is the application of that theory to the mind of mortal mind that I have been teaching you for the longest time.


            I have been encouraging you to look within. Remember, Moses was afraid to look, so it is not that you are the only one in the world that is afraid to look. The issue is that the Lord is pressuring you to look. Why? Because he has need of you and he cannot use you in the manner that he intends, when you are not ruling over the parallel worlds that are tied to you.


            You see, this is just another way of saying something that you heard me say in this ministry before. Adam was the last being created and all of the angels and the beings that were created before Adam were very angry when God said that he would give Adam dominion over all the planes of consciousness.


            Do you remember me teaching that? Does anybody remember that, anybody with a recollection of that at all? Nobody? Okay. I did teach it. By the way I taught that before I read it in Kabbalah. I read the same thing in, I believe, the Zohar, and one of the other Kabbalah books that I read.


            What does that mean? It means that Adam is called to be conscious on all planes of existence. I am going to keep it simple for now. We are the resurrected Adam. Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam. If Christ is in you, if you have a new man, you are Adam.


            Our call, our designation is to be conscious (that means to be aware), in the conscious plane, in the subconscious plane and in the unconscious plane. We are to be a spiritual policeman in the righteous nature of the Lord Jesus Christ ruling over and controlling the ungodly and lawless elements in the subconscious and unconscious parts of our minds.


            Now, if you do not think that you have lawless elements in the unconscious and the subconscious parts of your mind, you are at a tremendous disadvantage. If you acknowledge that you have lawless elements in those timelines but you think you are controlling them, you are deceived.


            If you were controlling them you would have a perfect life without any disease, without any accidents, without any mishaps, and you would not be ageing. You would be immortal.


            Now, according to the theory of many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, these possibilities are infinite. That means each individual, as we perceive an individual in our world in this hour, has an infinite number of counterparts in an infinite number of parallel worlds, and we are all woven and bound together. Because people are interacting with each other, we have relationships with people in each of these timelines and we are all woven together.


            Of course, Kabbalah says that the whole world is a woven tapestry, and this is what the Eastern religions say. We are all connected, we are all connected. Nobody is separate. However, my Bible says, “Come ye out and be separate.”


            It is true, Eastern philosophy is true. Quantum mechanics is true. All of humanity and this whole world, including the animals and the trees and the foliage and everything that is here, are all woven together. In Christ Jesus, however, we have the opportunity to “Come up hither.” Is that not what the voice said to John?


            This is the fly in the ointment, brethren. It is very simple. There is a higher authority than the highest authority of this world. There are higher worlds than the highest aspect of this world.


            That is what Quantum mechanics does not believe. That is what the Eastern religions do not believe. They do not believe that there is, not only a higher authority, but an absolute authority.


            According to Quantum mechanics, it is pure chance as to which reality will manifest. Now, I was surprised to read in the book that I have been studying, that Albert Einstein, who is a great scientist, resisted Quantum mechanics with all his strength.


            Although he had to admit that there was some truth in what was being displayed, he resisted Quantum mechanics to the end. His reason for resisting it was (now this is a famous statement by Albert Einstein), that God does not play dice. In other words, you cannot tell me that everything that happens is a chance when there is a God.


            We see that Albert Einstein believed in God (I did not even know that), but most of the physicists or the scientists that are pursuing Quantum mechanics today, do not believe in a god because the very essence of Quantum mechanics says that there is no absolute truth and that man creates his own reality. Therefore if there is a god, it is us. It is man.


            Is that not what Buddhism teaches? Now, Buddhism is very big in the Western world today. This is not what Hinduism teaches. Hinduism teaches that the Serpent is god. The Eastern religion that is very popular in the United States today is Buddhism which lines right up with Quantum mechanics, saying there is no separation, everybody is attached, we create our own reality, and therefore we are god. Therefore God is dead. Remember when that was going around? You see signs everywhere, “God is dead.”


            That is the catch. Many of these brilliant scientists, brilliant physicists, brilliant philosophers and psychologists, are today following the psychology that comes out of Quantum mechanics or that lines up with Quantum mechanics. As they pursue their studies and look at the evidence, they are forced to reject the concept of an all powerful God. The reason for this is they have not pursued after God, but they have pursued after knowledge.


            I know that I had an alternate translation of a Scripture that I found (I looked for it for a while this morning and I could not find it, because I cannot remember where I saw it. I thought it was the New Testament but I think the Lord is telling me it is the Old Testament). It goes something like this, “Beware of pursuing knowledge, because knowledge can be a deep pit, and in pursuing knowledge you will fall into it and not be able to get out.”


            This is exactly what is happening to science, that is, the science of today, Quantum mechanics. It is “the thing” today. They have not pursued God but they have pursued knowledge, and they have fallen into a deep pit, which will end in their destruction. This is because their carnal mind and the intelligence of their carnal mind cannot see the worlds above the truth which they have discovered.


            Let me give you this example. The Lord has been talking to me in these terms that I am going to share with you, for a while now. I am married to the Lord. I have a spiritual husband, and for whatever reason, from time to time, the thought comes to my mind that I have a household budget. This ministry that I run and the income that comes into this ministry is in God’s eyes, a household budget.


            It is the money that I need to run the ministry, because the ministry is the household. It is the money that we need to maintain the web pages, to send out the books, to pay all the bills around here and to send out all the donations to all ministries that we support, which list is growing.


            I have a household budget; I have the authority to spend a certain amount of money without asking the Lord. I try to run everything past him, and say, “Lord is it okay with you?” However, there are certain things that I do not ask him.


            If we need paper for the copying machine, I do not say, “Lord is it alright if I could buy paper for the copying machine?” If we need toner for the copying machine, or cassette tapes, I do not say, ”Lord is it alright to buy blank cassette tapes?” I just buy them, because that is in my budget; I need that to run the household.


            But anything greater than that, I need to ask Him. When it comes to anything major, a move, a new location for the ministry, employees, a new vehicle, any major expense that would not be covered by my household budget, I have to wait on the Lord to give me that. I have to ask him for it, and if he gives it to me, fine, if he does not, there is nothing I can do about it.


            This interpretation of Quantum mechanics, this theory of Quantum mechanics is a “household budget.” It is the truth in its sphere. Yes, man creates his own reality. That is his household budget. He creates his own reality, but there is a husband, there is an elder, there is a higher authority who does not always reveal himself continuously to people who do not believe Him, and believe that He is.


            In the height of their own pride, they say, “We have discovered the ultimate. We have gone deeper and deeper and deeper. We have gone from macro physics to the study of an atom, to the study of sub-atomic particles, we have really arrived and we have discovered that the only god is us.” They have fallen into a deep pit.


            Western society is headed for destruction, because all they can see is their household budget and they cannot see the husband of the household, who has authority over everything they do. Praise the Lord.


            What I think I am going to do now is this, unless, there are any questions or comments on what I have said so far. I have taken some statements out of the book that the Lord led me to read and I am going to just read off these statements and give you whatever comments …. Oh the Lord just reminded me. There is something that I did not mention to you yet.


            I would like to try and make this point of comparison before we go on to the statements in our notes. I have already pointed out to you the basics of the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics.


            Well excuse me, before that, we had Newtonian physics, which is the physics of large particles, which says that you can see a large particle, you can measure it. If you can know the mass or the weight of a large particle, and you can see the direction that it is going in, you can predict at what point or at what time, or how long it will take for that object to arrive at another point. That gives full control to the observer who is separate from the event being observed. That is Newtonian or macrophysics.


            Is everybody okay? Okay. If you need me to repeat something please raise your hand.


            Quantum mechanics is broken down into two interpretations. The first interpretation is the Copenhagen interpretation, which requires an observer. I really did not emphasize this point too much, earlier.


            In order to actualize the Copenhagen interpretation where, no matter how many possibilities there are, only one possibility will actualize into a reality, and then all of the other possibilities become zero or nil, and the wave function collapses, and you have a straight line, there has to be an observer. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, in order for a possibility to actualize, somebody has to look at that it. It has to be observed.


            Now Quantum mechanic says that, as opposed to Newtonian physics, the observer is a part of the influence. In other words, you could have three possibilities and it is the possibility that the observer looks at, that becomes a reality, and that is true.


            I told you earlier that the Copenhagen interpretation has a flaw. We showed that it has a flaw because in some circumstances, all three possibilities continue to exist. We showed you that on the board. But that does not mean that the Copenhagen interpretation does not have a valid and legitimate application.


            The Many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics says no observer is required. It is not necessary for anybody to see the possibility to actualize it. The many worlds interpretation says this is the way the world goes, it is just continuously proliferating, going on and on with all of these possibilities and all these continuous splits of consciousness. No one has to look at it.


            I am not in any way trying to put down the writer; it is just the pride of man. In his book, he says, “Well, besides, if the whole world is one and we are all creating our own realities, who would be looking at us anyway?”


            Well the answer is this. The Serpent on the higher planes of consciousness is looking at us and actualizing this world, which is representing her nature. Also, there is another observer and that observer is the Lord Jesus Christ, who is beyond this world system, who is looking at us and is exercising his mind power to mould this world into his image.


            With all of the knowledge of Quantum mechanics, they have been missing the very foundation of the conflict that is the reason for our existence. They are missing the whole point.


            I just had a thought. This is very interesting. The name of this book is “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” and of course it is Quantum mechanics from a New Age point of view, although there is really not much of Eastern philosophy in here, at least so far.


            What I am preaching from is only the first third of the book. The Tai’ chi teachers, the Wu Li masters say, “It does not matter what kind of a dance you are dancing, the most important thing to remain aware of is that you are dancing.” It does not matter whether it is the lindy or the twist. The most important thing is to know that you are dancing. To be honest with you, I did not really get that, but I just got it now, I just got it now.


            The spiritual principle is this. It really does not matter, the Copenhagen interpretation, the many worlds interpretation, Newtonian physics, none of it matters. It does not matter what kind of a dance you are doing. It does not matter what kind of physics it is, the only thing that matters is that we exist.


            Because there are two minds vying to form humanity into their image, that is all that matters. You could call it anything you want; you could call it Mickey Mouse science. You can call it anything you want, you can find any information that you can dig out, and you can learn anything that you can dig up.


            It will not change the reality that the dance that is going on is that the Serpent has deviated from her position underneath the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing her back into submission.


            There is nothing you could say or do, no information you could find out that would change that. What this world is all about is that this world is a deviation from the path that it was put on from the beginning and that therefore it cannot and will not survive but it will be rolled up back to the point of departure and the plan of God for this creation will go forth.


            It does not matter. The dance is, that this world is going to be rolled back, and the plan of God is going to go forth. We could blow ourselves up, we could have five world wars, trillions of people can die, new people would be born. The world is not going to be wiped out because God will have a creation on the earth.


            None of this other stuff matters, you see. Humanity can either go the easy way or the hard way. The only thing that matters is God, and that this is His creation, and that it will reveal His image, and the deviation will be rolled back. Nothing else matters. Very simple, you see.


            According to the Copenhagen interpretation an observer is necessary. Now, I told you that this method has a flaw in it, and that the many worlds interpretation seems to be much more valid. However I believe from all that the Lord has taught me, that all interpretations are valid. Newtonian physics is valid; it works for large material objects. The Copenhagen interpretation is valid because I know from personal experience.


             My personal experience was that there was a problem in my life. Something was really wrong and I did not know what it was. I went before the Lord one night and I said, “Lord, you have got to help me because I am really anxious and suffering and I do not understand what is wrong.”


            I knew that the Lord said that he would deliver me, and the very next day, the Lord collapsed the wave function. What does that mean? The problem was I was being attacked from a spiritual plane and I did not understand it and that attack was made manifest.


            I did not understand what was happening to me but I was resisting the attack, so there were two possibilities. I could fall prey to the attack or not fall prey to the attack. But I did not know that those two possibilities existed. I could not see those two possibilities. I could not see them, therefore neither one of them actualized, neither one of them became a reality, because you have to look at it for it to become a reality.


            All I knew was that I was in great distress in my emotions and I was loosing control of myself and I could not figure out what was going on, so the Lord opened my eyes. He collapsed the wave function and I saw what the possibilities were and one of those possibilities fell into a reality.


            The other one came to zero and the wave function collapsed, but I had to look at it to get through it. Then I had to work my way through it, which was no fun. I had to work my way through it and out of it, because the best possibility was not the one that manifested. The worst possibility was the one that manifested into reality.


            I had to work my way out of it, I needed deliverance. Until I looked at it, until I could see the problem for what it was, until I could see what was eating at me from behind the scenes, it was just not going anywhere.


            You know, there are people who have nervous breakdowns because they never look at what is bothering them. This is basic Freudian teaching. There are people who never face their true feelings, they just cover up and live a lie and then one day they are just schizophrenic.


            We were talking about that, somebody here was talking to somebody here about it, I do not remember clearly. How when people go into schizophrenia, there is no warning, frequently, there is no warning whatsoever. One day they are normal, and the next day they are off the wall.


            There is one woman I know; she is a part of this ministry. Her brother is schizophrenic. She tells me he was a perfectly normal young man. One day he looked at the TV and he saw a bug in the TV. He went up to the screen of the TV and was trying to get the bug out. He had gone over the line into schizophrenia and has not recovered since, that was years ago. He is not in his right mind.


            I know at least three people right now, who have children, who were one day fine and the next day schizophrenic. The wave function collapsed, you see. There were three possibilities. The young man would face his conflict and overcome. The young man would face his conflict and not overcome.


            Let us give you an example, a desire for drugs or a desire for homosexuality. This is not true of the person that I am talking about. This is hypothetical. Someone has a strong pull towards homosexuality and they cannot face it. Here are the possibilities.


            This person would face their homosexuality and become a homosexual, the person would face their homosexuality and resist being a homosexual, and the third possibility is that the person will not be able to face their homosexuality and they will collapse into schizophrenia or some form of mental illness. This is what Freudian teaching is all about, you know, not facing what is truly in your heart.


            Somebody, who on a subconscious level says, “I see homosexuality in myself. I will not admit that I have this potential that is really pressuring me to actualize as a homosexual. I will not admit it is there. I have two choices. I can admit it is there and do it. Or I can admit it is there and not do it, but no, I would not admit that it is there, and we would see how long I can live my life denying that it is there.”


            Some people do it. Some people live and die, never admitting the truth of what is in their heart and other people buckle under the pressure and go into mental illness.


            You see, the Copenhagen interpretation is very valid for the kind of work we do in this ministry, very valid. You cannot be converted into the nature and image of the Lord Jesus Christ without facing what is in you heart. Facing what is in your heart does not mean that you have to do it.


            I remember years ago somebody said that to me. I was a young woman at the time, in my early twenties. “You do not have to do it, you can face what is in your heart, you do not have to do it. You do not have to act on it.” You know, that person who said that to me set me free.


            I was not even aware that the reason that I was in denial was that I was afraid I would do something, whatever the issue was at the time. That person collapsed the wave function for me. What do I mean? He forced me to look at the choices. He said, “ You can look at it, do not be afraid. You can look at it and still not do it.” I looked at it and did not do it, and I became healthier for it.


            The Copenhagen interpretation is very valid as far as human consciousness and morality is concerned. The Copenhagen interpretation sustains some level of morality. You will either do it or you will not do it.


            The many worlds interpretation is very Buddhist. I know several people that are engaged in Buddhist meditation. One of them even recently said to me (actually I heard this a few years ago), ‘You just let anything that wants to come into your mind in, you just let it in. Do not resist. Just let it in. Just let it in there.” This eliminates all right and wrong.


            Yet, what is interesting to me is that, as far as I know, Buddhists in general are not immoral. Most Buddhist monks and nuns are celibate. For some reason, this kind of thinking does not lead to immorality in the majority of the Buddhist public.


            The only answer that I have for that right now is that it works for the people who are in the Serpent’s mind; it does not work for Christians. It does not work for Christians. That kind of thinking is utter destruction for Christians. “Everything is okay, just let it in. Do not worry about it.” It is very dangerous to let some thoughts into our minds, it is very dangerous.


            Some of the things I see on TV are very dangerous. Sometimes when I do watch TV, I sit with my finger on the button of that remote, because I know that it is possible for me to see something so vile that I want to change the station instantly. I go from station to station, watching very carefully, because those images get in your mind and they are dangerous.


            The many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics says that all possibilities exist. All possibilities exist in a reality as real as this one is for us. Only we do not have the power to cross over into that reality. Of course some of us have seen Star trek episodes and know they cross over.


            There was a movie on TV recently, “The waves of time”, demonstrating this principle. There is a person who migrates and transverses from one parallel world to the other, and in each of these parallel worlds the same characters, the same associations, the same people that are in his life are in each of these time lines and each of these parallel worlds, but they are in different roles and in different relationships with one another.


            In the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics, there is no right or wrong. It is what seems to be right to you. Is that not the new morals that we are seeing manifesting in our nation today? This is where it is coming from. All of these possibilities, what we would think of as right or wrong, are realities anyway. You just do what seems to be right for you at the moment.


            There is no absolute truth, there is no absolute right or wrong, we create our world from second to second by the choices that we make, and that is true. This is how the Lord is showing it to me, that the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics has an aspect of morality to it, and is very valuable for the kind of work that the church needs to be doing in the exposure of the hidden sins of the heart.


            However, the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics is very dangerous to the moral stand that the Christian …. well let me say it this way. The many worlds interpretation is demoralizing and weakening to the moral stand that the Christian must take.


            Also the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics would oppose resisting and trying to control the parallel worlds, which are Satan and Leviathan, the unconscious and subconscious parts of our mind. The many worlds interpretation says, “Well, let them be, they exist and together we are all a collective whole. Is that not wonderful? We are all bound up in a bundle with Satan and Leviathan and life is not so bad.”


            Oh, is it not? Maybe it is not so bad for you, maybe it is not so bad for me, but down the road or in another country, or right down there, somebody is getting raped, someone is getting killed, someone is being tortured.


            How is it determined who is raped and who is robbed and who is murdered and who is widowed and who is orphaned. Who determines it? It is just chance? I think that is a lie. I think that there is a higher mind in this fallen world.


            I think Satan and Leviathan determine these things, and even higher than that, there is a law that is even higher than Satan and Leviathan. That is the Law of sowing and reaping which is the righteous justice of Almighty God. Satan is the enforcer of that moral law. So, do these infinite number of worlds exist? I think they do, but in a different context.


            Is each of our consciousness split into infinite numbers of worlds? Or are we bundled together with an infinite number of ourselves doing all kinds of things, making all kinds of choices? If that is true, I cannot see it at the moment. What I do see is that this is what happened to Adam.


            You may recall me teaching you from the Doctrine of Christ, (and Kabbalah teaches the same thing by the way, but it did come forth in the Doctrine of Christ by revelation before I ever was introduced to Kabbalah), that Adam was the collective soul. Adam was formed of many particles. He was the collective consciousness of the creation before the fall.


            The way it came forth in the Doctrine of Christ was that all of the Abels were held in a particular configuration, and the name of that configuration was called Adam. When the integrity or the energy that held that configuration together was broken, all the seeds of all the Abels scattered and manifested or incarnated ultimately as individual people. That is the teaching of the Doctrine of Christ.


            I believe that is what happened. I believe that Adam’s consciousness was fractured. There were two possibilities, Adam in the garden (of course the Scripture says the woman in the garden)…. let me say this incase someone is just reading this.


            The primordial Adam, AK, bought forth two manifestations of Adam within himself; one male and one female. The male was the Adam of wisdom. The female aspect of Adam was the Adam in the garden, the garden in the midst of Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon’s ovary.


            As I have been telling you for years, if you are looking for a natural example of spiritual things, do not look at the animal world. Look at the plant world. Adam Kadmon was self-pollinating. He brought forth both a male and a female organ and they were both called Adam.


            The male Adam and the female Adam were designed to come together in a spiritual sexual union and produce a magnificent man: a supernatural immortal man in the world of action.


            At the beginning, mankind appeared as a male and a female organ. The Adam in the garden was female. Therefore the Scripture says “…and the Serpent said to the woman.”


            That Adam in the garden had two choices. There was a wave function. He could have obeyed the instructions of God and not had anything to do with the Serpent or he could have believed the Serpent.


            Elohim said, “Do not eat out of that tree,” meaning the Serpent, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam in the garden found knowledge very enticing. I love knowledge. Knowledge is very exciting to me, but somehow, by the grace of God I have been able to put the Lord first in my life and I acquire the knowledge that God gives me. So far, I am safe. I pray I continue to be safe.


            We see that the female Adam had two possibilities, two choices. She could have chosen to believe God and the creation would have appeared…. I guess I do not really know what the creation would have appeared like.


            I know that the female aspect of Adam chose to believe the Serpent, the knowledge of the Serpent, and the result of the female Adam choosing to believe the Serpent was that she fell under the power of what we would call the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics.


            The female Adam’s consciousness split. It split off from the consciousness that God had laid out for Adam. It is still splitting according to the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. All of the human beings in the face of the earth are the product of the coming into play of the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics.


            The consciousness of the female Adam is still splitting. I believe there are a couple of trillion people in the world. I may be wrong about that but I know there are a lot of people in the world, and the population is growing. Adam is still splitting and every human being that exists is another aspect of the fallen Adam’s consciousness.


            The female Adam is now married to the Serpent so we do not really say that all of humanity is a manifestation of the many splits of Adam’s personality. We now call humanity, the creation as it exists, the Serpent, because it is the offspring of the Serpent and the female Adam in the garden.


            All of humanity, this whole world, is a fragmented manifestation of the female Adam in the garden after she married the Serpent. That is why the world as it exists must be rolled back to the point of departure.


            Listen to this. This is really exciting. This is all coming forth by revelation, brethren. The whole existing humanity is the fragmented Adam in the garden after she copulated with the Serpent and brought the many worlds theory of Quantum mechanics into play. The Lord Jesus Christ represents the male Adam who never fragmented. Christ is not divided.


            The way the Lord Jesus is putting this creation back together again is by joining with each fragment of the fragmented Adam and through that union, drawing that fragment, or as Kabbalah would say, that spark, back up into the unity of the undivided whole of the male.


            What have I said? Quantum mechanics has discovered the science of the Serpent. Quantum mechanics, the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics has discovered the reality of rebellion. The many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics is a revelation of what happens to the mind that sins. It fragments infinitely.


            What do we see in the world? We see wars on national level, conflicts in almost every relationship requiring that one person yield. Marriage is a war. There has to be a constant yielding in righteousness so that peace can prevail.


            We have the issue of authority. The Lord encourages us to submit to authority so that rebellion will put down because rebellion is present in every fallen human being.


            We continue to split. We continue to strive and we continue to war and to fight and to kill each other with our minds. Quantum mechanics, the many worlds interpretation thereof is an explanation and an expression of the Serpent’s consciousness founded in rebellion. It is a true theory.


            The Copenhagen interpretation is a true theory of the Lord’s program to restore us. Remember, this whole creation must return to the point of departure. The Copenhagen interpretation places us back in the garden where we have two choices, one right and one wrong.


            Whichever choice we choose collapses the wave function. That choice becomes reality and the other choice becomes non-existent. Is that not interesting? I hope you understand what I said. I am going to say it one more time. I know this has been a hard night.


            There are two theories or two interpretations of Quantum mechanics. One is repeating the position that the female Adam was in, in the garden. This is the Copenhagen interpretation, and it says you have choices. One choice actualizes and becomes reality and you die to all the other possibilities. The female Adam died to the eternal immortal world that was available to her.


            Then you have the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. This is a revelation and an expression of the condition of the mortal mind after the choice to believe the Serpent or to marry or join with the Serpent is made.


            There exists in the world today, unknown to the greatest scientific minds, Christ Jesus with His righteous mind, absolute in righteousness, no wave function. There is no wave function for the Lord Jesus Christ. He is all there is. He is a straight line that comes down from heaven. He is an infinite light wave.


            You know what an infinite light wave means? It means it has only one crest. It does not go up and down. He is absolute. He is the exact opposite of the many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. He is above Quantum mechanics. He is above the Copenhagen interpretation which places us in the garden. He is above the many worlds interpretation which is the world that came into existence after the female Adam chose the Serpent.


            The Lord Jesus Christ is above both of those sciences. They are both true, representing different spiritual time lines The Lord Jesus Christ is higher. He is absolute. His righteousness is without choice and He is life.


            I want to put this on the board for you.


            Drawing 4a. I am showing you the infinite time line or the infinite crest of the wave of the Lord Jesus Christ. His crest never comes down. It can never be collapsed and it can never result in a split consciousness. It can never be split.


            The Lord Jesus Christ is infinite righteousness. His wave function is infinite. He is the only reality. You say how could the Lord Jesus not be split? This world came into existence. This is the mystery. This world is an aberration, a deviation, an illegal deviation that manifested in the garden.


            The whole of the reality of Adam Kadmon, primordial man, did not collapse, and it did not split. I may have to do another drawing for that. Let me just read you what is on this board. I am going to leave it at that.


            The reality of the Ayn sof, the creation that came forth into existence, did not split. A deviation occurred in Adam Kadmon’s ovary, a perversion occurred in his ovary and this world came into existence within him.


            This world has not split God. I do not know about you, but I heard this argument over the years. I did not know what the answer was. “God is not divided. This whole world is God. Everything that happens here is God. God is not divided.” Did you ever hear that argument? I knew it was not true but I did not know what the answer was, and here is the answer.


            God is not divided. Adam Kadmon still stands (and I would show you that with the next drawing), but there is a cancer within him. He is still alive. He is walking around with a cancer in the midst of him, this world. The creation of God never split, never collapsed, always was and always will be in existence.


            4b. The Copenhagen interpretation that says only one reality can actualize and all the other realities come to zero, this law places man in the garden. This is the condition that was in the garden before the female Adam looked at the Serpent.


            Now, remember, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, it takes an observer to look at one of the possibilities for that possibility to actualize into a reality. Remember the Scripture says, “….And the woman looked, and she saw that the tree was good.” She looked.


            This law places man in the garden where choosing to believe the Serpent actualized the many worlds theory of Quantum mechanics for the female Adam. The woman’s looking did not actualize the many worlds theory of Quantum mechanics for the rest of the creation. This happened in the world of points, in Adam Kadmon’s ovary. It did not happen in the world of bound lights. It did not happen in Adam Kadmon’s head, in his ears, or in orb, which is under his skull.


            This aberration happened below Adam Kadmon’s navel. We see that it happened for the female Adam only. There was a wave function that existed in Adam Kadmon’s ovary, which is the garden. This wave function did not exist outside the garden. The wave function that collapsed that brought the Serpent’s world, which is the interpretation of the many worlds of Quantum mechanics, into existence did not affect all of Adam Kadmon, primordial man.


            It happened for the female Adam. This law places man in the garden where choosing to believe the Serpent actualized the many worlds theory of Quantum mechanics for the female Adam only, into an infinitely expanding universe of pain and pleasure, within Adam Kadmon’s ovary. The female Adam who is now in the image of the Serpent is unaware of the parallel righteous timeline where true immortality is found. She is unaware of the higher worlds.


            4c The many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics. This is the universe (our universe) that came into existence when the female Adam collapsed the wave function in the garden. She did not collapse the wave function for the whole creation. She did it by looking at the Serpent and the Serpent’s world actualized. As far as the female Adam can see, this infinitely splitting world is all that there is. She cannot see the kingdom of God.


            4d Here is the predicament. Therefore, is it true that God is undivided and this whole split world is Him? If it is true that God is undivided then this horrible world is Him and He is responsible for everything that is happening here. Do you not know that God is undivided? This is His world. Or did the creation split into two worlds? Did that infinite wave actually split into two worlds, the kingdom of God which is the infinite wave, and our infinitely splitting universe?


            The answer is this. Our world is an aberration, a deviation, which is being and must be rolled back to the point of departure. If you have a split, there is no rolling back to the point of departure. When the wave function collapses, one reality actualizes, and the other reality, the possibility of the other reality goes down to zero, ceases to exist.


            When this world appeared in the garden, Adam Kadmon, primordial human, did not cease to exist. The wave function that collapsed was the wave function of the next generation of Adam, Adam in the lower worlds, Adam in the world of creation, formation and action. That was where the aberration occurred, that was where the wave function collapsed.


            The next generation of Adam that was to come forth in the world of creation could have come forth…. These are the possibilities. He could have come forth as a male in the world of creation, and the spiritual aspect of the world of action, or Adam could have come forth as a female in the world of formation and in the solid physical world of action.


            Those were the two choices. The wave function collapsed for the lower worlds: creation, formation and action. The wave function did not collapse for Atzilut, the world of emanation, or the worlds above. There is a world above the world of emanation.


            Adam Kadmon is above the world of emanation. The wave function did not collapse for Adam Kadmon or for the world of emanation, which is Atzilut. The wave function collapsed for the world of creation and the reality that came into existence was the female world of formation and this physical world of action.


            We see that God did not split. Not only did God not split, but this world is not even considered a real world. This world is an aberration, a deviation. It is illegal, and it would be and is being rolled back.


            Once a wave function collapses all the other possibilities become null or nil, impossible. You do not roll back a reality that actualizes in favor of another one. This is the proof that the wave function collapsed for the lower worlds but it (this collapse) had no power on the upper worlds. To the contrary, the higher worlds are strong enough to roll back the aberration. Our world is an aberration which is being rolled back to the point of departure.


            There is only one reality. It is true there is only one reality. Listen to what the carnal mind says. There is only one reality so this is God. This, with all these terrible things that happen, is God because there is only one reality.


            Brethren if you believe that you are naive and you need to experience growth of your spiritual consciousness. There is only one reality but it is not this one. The carnal mind of man says there is only one reality, it must be us. No, we are an illusion. We are a deviation, an aberration. There is a one true reality and we are blind to it because we are so perverse.


            I am going to say it one more time. For the wave function to collapse according to Copenhagen, Adam Kadmon would have had to have disappeared. That has not happened. For the many worlds interpretation to be applied to what happened in the garden, then Adam Kadmon would be continuously splitting as well as the worlds in it’s midst. That is not happening either.


            Adam Kadmon is not continuously splitting. Adam Kadmon is manifested to us today as the Lord Jesus Christ. He is still infinite in His righteousness. His wave function is still infinite. The crest of it has not come down. He cannot be collapsed. He can not be split. He has the authority to overcome and roll back the deviation. Adam Kadmon does not fit in to either the Copenhagen interpretation or the many worlds interpretation.


            It is a spiritually naive statement for anyone to say that because there is only one reality it must be this one, this corrupt world. We are not real. We are temporal. We will not remain in this condition. We are an illusion. We will be rolled back to the point of departure. As far as God is concerned we do not even exist in this form and therefore he treats us as His beloved children, punishing us only from a motive of correction. We are deviant children. Is that not interesting?


            Let us see. I wrote myself a couple of notes here. This thought came to me. The rule is that it is what you look at that is actualized. I have been telling you, we apply the Copenhagen interpretation to the exposure of sin in the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. Well, Pastor Vitale, you are saying we have to look at the unconscious and subconscious parts of our mind. Will that not actualize Satan and Leviathan?


            That is a legitimate question, is it not? The answer to that question is that Satan and Leviathan have already been actualized. Their reality already exists for us and therefore to reverse the process we have to look at them again. You have already been deceived. The lying world is already in existence, and the way out is to look at the lie. You have to look at the lie in your own mind to get out of here. According to all theories, this world is inescapable but with God all things are possible.


            What I find so interesting in this book is that it talks about Albert Einstein perceiving our whole universe (remember the universe refers to all of the galaxies, and all of intergalactic space) as being in a sealed box from which nobody can escape. I find that so interesting, because you may recall that I have had two experiences with God where I went into a trance and found myself in a black box.


            I believe I even preached a message once on Kabalistic meditation where I think it talks about that black box, if I am not mistaken. I found myself in a black box on two separate occasions. On the first occasion I did not know how to get out. I was bouncing around the box. On the second occasion (the Lord had told me what to do after my first experience which I did not write down and do not remember now), I got out of the box. When I got out of the box, I saw myself in an image of descending from an airplane and I had an experience with God.


            What does that mean? It means that my consciousness in those meditations ascended so high, at least the second time when I got out, ascended above our universe. My consciousness ascended above the universe by the power and authority and through union with the Lord Jesus Christ who took me out of the box. Is that not exciting? There are many worlds beyond our world. Our world is very small; it just seems large to us because we are so small. That was very exciting.


            I did want to draw you a picture of Adam Kadmon. Drawing #5 shows Adam Kadmon and how our fallen world exists in his ovary or you might say in his womb, exists in his female part in the midst of himself underneath his navel. Adam Kadmon himself, Adam Kadmon, primordial man, still exists in all of his power and integrity. It is the child in his womb that he is pregnant with that is very sick, and his wife is joined to the sick child and the Serpent in a temporary deviant world in the midst of himself.


            Our world is contained in the midst of Adam Kadmon. The box that we are in, that Albert Einstein perceived and that I perceived in meditation and that the Hebrew Kabbalists talk about, that box is Adam Kadmon’s womb. We are in Adam Kadmon’s womb.


            What I find so interesting about this is that years ago, it had to be at least 3 years ago, I was visiting a Kingdom church in Florida. Actually before I went, I had received a tape from this ministry in the mail. They had had a visiting Kingdom preacher that was preaching a lot of spiritual teachings, but I believe these teachings were not in Christ.


            As far as I know, I am the only Kingdom preacher that has kept Christ in the message. All the others have gone over to this New Age Kabalistic doctrine of salvation by works. This preacher said, “We are still in the garden.” I was so offended when I heard that. How could we still be in the garden?


            I thought it was such an outrageous thing to say, and here I find out that we still are in the garden, although I think this Kingdom preacher meant everything is still fine. We are still in the garden, this is the way God wants it and this is the way it is supposed to be. I believe that is what he meant. However, I am telling you we are still in the garden but as Cain moved to the East side of the garden, we are on the East side of the garden.


            We are Cain and we are on the East side of the garden, the female and the mortal side of the garden. We are still within Adam Kadmon and I do not believe there was any positional change. First of all, Adam Kadmon is not a 3 dimensional being that has a left side and a right side, but if he did, it does not mean we moved from the right side to the left of the garden. What it means is that our spiritual position changed.


            Your spiritual position can change whilst you physical position stays rooted. Your spiritual position has to do with your mind. Your mind can change from carnal to Christ without your physical body moving. Our spiritual position changed. Like I said, I was offended with that other preacher because I thought he was saying everything is still good and wonderful as it was and this is how it is supposed to be in the garden. He must have heard a truth, I realize now we still are in the garden, but our spiritual position changed. We went from immortality to mortality.


            The infinite wave of Adam Kadmon has not been collapsed or split but continues to expand infinitely as one undivided wave or one undivided kingdom. “His kingdom shall endure for ever.” That is the word of the Lord. Of course, Adam Kadmon, primordial man, is appearing to us today as the partzuf, the Lord Jesus Christ, as the personality of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The man Jesus was a garment that Keter took upon himself. Now, I am in no way preaching that the entire spiritual entity known as Adam Kadmon fitted into the body of this human man named Jesus. An aspect of Adam Kadmon descended to the earth, clothed in the garment of the man Jesus.


            Adam Kadmon is infinite. He is a wave as well as a particle. He stretched himself out; he shined himself into this world and he covered himself with a garment, and that garment was the man Jesus. You do not have to have all of yourself to manifest your life and power.


            All we need is our hand to sign a document, our hand to pull the trigger on a gun, our hand to put food into our mouth. You do not have to inject the whole of yourself into any location to do good to that location. I am in no way preaching that the whole of Adam Kadmon which is infinite fitted into one human man. He shined out an aspect of himself. Praise the Lord.


            Acts Chapter 17, Verse 28 says, “In Him we live and move, and have our being.” The first time I saw that Scripture it really flabbergasted me and I could not comprehend how we could be in the midst of God. I am so grateful for what the Lord is teaching us, I am so grateful for Kabbalah, and I am so grateful for Isaac Luria and this revelation of Adam Kadmon, primordial man, and the 10 Sefirot.


            I am so privileged for the Lord to have permitted us to go on to this degree in our path towards perfection. I am just extremely grateful that He has permitted us this experience of knowledge of His word. The Lord says do not pursue knowledge, but we can pursue a knowledge of His word. When we pursue knowledge of His word, we open infinite possibilities of expansion to ourselves, but only as to what He permits us.


            The thought of going on to practical Kabbalah excites me very much but I would not even consider it unless the Lord tells me He is taking me there. Jesus was a master of practical Kabbalah. He worked miracles. I read something by a Kabbalist rabbi once and he said (I did not understand it at the time) there is nothing special about doing healings or any kind of miracles, or any kind of the feats that are accomplished by practical Kabbalah.


            He said it is merely a formula that you can be taught to do. I could not see that, I could not comprehend it for anything, how it could just be a formula that you could be taught. I still do not know that I believe that but I am going to tell you how I see it. I could not understand it and I could not understand how we get up there to manifest the power.


            I think I told the group off the tape last week that I now have a revelation of how we ascend to the necessary spiritual height to perform healings and other forms of miracles. We ascend by knowledge of the spiritual revelation that is associated with the level that we want to ascend to.


            In other words, let us say that this revelation that mortal humanity is still in the garden, is the revelation we need to ascend to the particular level in God to heal a withered arm (I am just making this up). We ascend by knowledge of this spiritual revelation in the following way.


            In order to understand this revelation, our brain waves must vibrate on a particular level, and when we do understand it, (I do not know about you all but I am understanding it right now, at least I think I am) our brain waves are vibrating on a particular level that will bring into existence a certain level of power that is the level of power needed to heal a withered arm. Can you hear that? Do you need me to say it again?


            For the Kabbalist, at least from what I know about Kabbalists, it is not a revelation. It is what they call a name of God. They would know that pronouncing this particular name of God would raise their consciousness to a specified level of consciousness that imputed the power to heal a withered arm.


            The names of God according to the Kabbalists are not the names of God that you hear in the church today, like Jehovah Jirah. That is not what they are talking about. The names of God as far as the Kabbalists are concerned are a series of Hebrew words, and some of them are very long. Some people, I have been told, even say that the whole Scripture is one continues name of God.


            Pretty much what the Kabbalist is talking about is pronouncing certain words in the Hebrew language with certain intonations, so really it sounds like the Hindu mantras, it is the same principle. Pronouncing certain sounds will raise our consciousness to specified levels which have the power to do specified things, heal, and raise the dead, whatever.


            Does any one not know what I just said? This is what the Kabbalists teach. I have a problem believing that it is these Hebrew words that raise you to a particular spiritual level associated with a certain type of healing.


            I have a problem believing that all I have to do is to learn how to pronounce these words, all I have to do is learn how to say…. I can read these Hebrew words off of a piece of paper and if I just learn the correct intonations I can perform miracles. If that is true, as far as I am concerned it is witchcraft.


            Do not go turning off the tape or putting down this transcript. I am not saying the holy rabbis of old were practicing witchcraft. If they were, that is not what I am talking about now. If that is the point of contact that God uses to raise you up to that level, it is not witchcraft.


            For the holy rabbis that were given permission by Jehovah, or by Yahweh as they would say, or Yod Hey Vav Hey (YHVH) as they would say, to sound or to pronounce these holy names so that they would rise to a certain level of spiritual power which was necessary to accomplish the deed that they wanted to do, it is not witchcraft.


            If they were using these holy names by permission from the Lord for legitimate purposes, then it is not witchcraft. Whether or not God is still doing that today for some rabbis, I do not know. In my opinion, I would not expect it because there is only one name today in which there is any power.


            Now, I do not know about you, but I am in God for 24 years and I really never knew what that meant, “His name is higher than every other name.” The power is in the name of Jesus today. Well I say the name of Jesus and I am not healed, and I say the name of Jesus over you and you still have cancer in your body as of this minute and I say the name of Jesus…. I mean there are all kinds of needs here that are not met. I have heard demons that say the name of Jesus.


            What in the world does that mean? “His name is higher than every other name.” It means that there is only one nature, and that one nature is higher than every other nature that there is. The nature associated with Jesus, the glorified Jesus Christ is higher than the nature known as Ze’ir Anpin to Kabbalah. He is higher because the Lord Jesus is one with the Ayn sof.


            Right now, He is higher than Keter. Well, what does that do for me? I say Jesus, I say Keter, nothing happens to me. What does that mean? It means that that name represents the holy seed that is grafted to me. Christ the hope of glory is grafted to me, and that immature manifestation of the name of Jesus (His name is Christ) is my potential to ascend into the highest realms.


            Christ in me is the one who has the ability to learn and understand the revelations that would bring me to that high place with impunity. To ascend to that high place of spiritual power apart from the will of God is witchcraft, and there is punishment associated with that. Impunity means without punishment.


            Christ in me is my passport, my potential. If I do my part I have reason to hope, because Christ is in me, I have reason to hope that he would mature to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The point of contact that the Lord has given me, at least today, is not Hebrew words, but revelation. That is what He has given to me (the Lord can do it any way He wants), revelation, particular revelation of Scriptures and understanding of high spiritual things.


            Maybe you would understand it and you would not ascend to a place where you can heal a withered arm. It just means God gave it to me and whoever He gives it to. This is the point of contact for us today.


            We do not have to learn Hebrew; at least this is what He is telling me today. You do not have to learn the holy names that the ancient rabbis used. We do not have to learn a whole new language.


            The way He is doing it with us is by specific revelations of spiritual philosophy. I do not know what those revelations are, I just know something happened in this room last Thursday and the scales fell off of your eyes. Something was discussed in this room and you had a miraculous deliverance. (End of Tape 2)


Tape 3


            The point of contact He is going to use, at least at this time, for me in this ministry, to raise me up to a level of spiritual power where I would be able to do His will, whether it would be healing or casting out of demons or whatever, would come through revelation understanding of His word.


            How in the world did I get on this? I do not even know where this came from. I do not even know how I got started on it, or what my point was. I do not even remember what my point was.


            Well, what the Lord has shown us here is that rather than pronounce the holy names as the Kabbalists did, at some point, I believe, certain revelations will come to our understanding and the Lord would tell me, “When you think upon this particular revelation you would ascend into a certain level of consciousness which is associated with the power to heal such and such.”


            If I want to heal you of cancer, once the Lord teaches me (this is not true, this is an example), you just think upon this revelation that you are still in the garden, but that the garden is the East of Eden. You think about that revelation or you preach it to a person, you preach that revelation and they are going to be healed. That means I know anytime I want to heal somebody of cancer I just have to preach that revelation to them.


            You see it is not a formula that would work for you. That is the holy name that the Lord has given me. Just like if I were to pronounce the holy name of the rabbis, if I were to pronounce it perfectly, I do not think it would work for me. That is not the point of contact the Lord has given me. It is not the holy name, neither is it the revelation. It is the power of God. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who has decided to manifest His power through me through that point of contact.


            For some reason I started telling you about what I read in this rabbi’s writings, that there was no magic or any miracle concerned with healing people. You just had to know the right formula. For some reason, I am telling you that I do not agree with that, that you just have to know the right formula. You have to get your point of contact from God and if you take someone else’s formula, most likely it is witchcraft.


            I do understand…. maybe this is what I started to say, I do now understand that there is no deeply complicated thing that you have to know to heal in the name of God. You just need His permission. You need Him to give you license.


            I want to tell you something. If the Lord wanted to do it today, right here in this meeting, if He wanted to say to me that He is assigning a level of power to the revelation of the spiritual lifetime, and from now on, every time I preach that revelation of the spiritual lifetime, anyone who has cancer would be healed, He could do it.


            Just like in mathematics or in computer, it is assigning a function. The Lord can take any revelation; it is not even a question of me learning these highest revelations, when ever the Lord wants to, when He is ready, He can assign a particular function of healing to any revelation He wants. He can assign it to Jack and Jill if He wants to do it.


            Why then do I not have this miraculous healing power? The Lord in His wisdom says I am not ready. Maybe I need more deliverance, more dominion over my sin nature. I do not know. But I do understand that the power in God is very simple when God grants it to you. It is very simple. I do not know how I got onto that.


            I am reading the board right now. The infinite wave of Adam Kadmon has not been collapsed or split but continues to expand infinitely as one undivided wave. Cain is the Serpent’s offspring. Able is the male Adam’s offspring. Cain and Able are symbiotic twins, which are the mortal foundation of fallen man. The wave function collapsed in the garden only. The wave function did not collapse Adam Kadmon.


            Are there any questions or comments about this? This is what I am going to do. We have some notes here. I am going to read through these notes. Most of these principles I have already covered, so there should not be much for me to say. Now, you may find that I have not mentioned the first page or so.


            Quantum mechanics is the study of particle physics. It is talking about particles, light particles in particular. A quantum is a quantity of something, a specific amount. Mechanics is the study of motion. Therefore Quantum mechanics is the study of the motion of quantities.


            Quantum theory says that nature comes in bits and pieces. That is what a quantum is, bits and pieces, as opposed to a continuous flow of energy. Quantum mechanics is the study of phenomena, things that happen, events. Quantum mechanics resulted from the study of the sub-atomic realm, that invisible universe underlying, embedded in and forming the fabric of everything around us.


            This is true, this is the world inside Adam Kadmon’s womb, and everything is attached to each other. Everything is a woven fabric. Quantum mechanics is the study of elementary particles. Quantum mechanics produces probabilities concerning sub-atomic phenomena which cannot be observed directly. Now I did not discuss much about probabilities with you. Most of what I said was about possibilities.


            I will just tell you briefly. If you have three possibilities, one possibility being that I am about to end this message right now, another possibility is I am about to end this message in 5 minutes and the third possibility is that I will end this message at the end of this tape, in about half an hour. It is probable that I will end the message in half an hour, at the end of the tape. Why? This is because we have about 10 pages of notes to read.


            A probability is the possibility that is most likely to occur. Quantum mechanics shows us that we are not separate from the rest of the world as we once thought. It shows us that the rest of the world does not sit idly out there. It is a sparkling realm of continual creation, transformation and annihilation, and all this is going on inside of Adam Kadmon’s ovary, inside of his womb.


            The ideas of the new physics can produce extraordinary experiences. Quantum mechanics also says that space and time are only mental constructions. That means Quantum theory is saying that this world is not real, our mind creates it. This whole world is an illusion formed by our mind, which is the truth. The illusion is an aberration, a deviation from the reality which exists inside of Adam Kadmon.


            Isaac Newton is responsible for the laws of motion. For example, if an object is moving in a straight line, it will continue moving in a straight line forever, unless it is acted upon by something else or by some other force. That is one of the laws of motion and it is true.


            It is the reason a ball comes to a stop when you roll it, because that ball is confronted by the force known as gravity. However (if you have ever watched Star Trek or seen pictures of outer space), there are all kinds of rocks and debris just moving endlessly in space, because there is no gravitational force out there.


            Newton’s laws opposed Aristotle’s theories. Aristotle says that the natural inclination for a moving object is to return to a state of rest. That is not true. It is gravity that stops the object. Descartes, another scientist, says that the universe and all the things in it are automated, that the universe is a great machine. Well, there may be something to that, maybe a truth to that.


            Both Newton and Descartes placed man at the center of the universe, that is, they gave man the power. Quantum mechanics renders man incidental, or minor. The reason man had power, well with Newton and Descartes, was because they were observers observing the world around them and having the ability to change that world.


            Quantum mechanics says you do not even need anybody to look at something to actualize it. The world just keeps splitting. Consciousness just keeps splitting. Your mind is functioning even if you are not involved, and that is true. The unconscious and the subconscious parts of your mind are working even when you are sleeping, creating thought forms, creating reality. Our fallen mind creates reality.


            According to the old physics, it is possible in principle to predict exactly how a given event is going to unfold if we have enough information about it. Quantum mechanics however, deals with possibilities and probabilities and states that there is no absolute outcome of any one event because it is not possible even in principle to know enough about the present to make a complete prediction about the future.


            I tell you all the time, if I do not have enough information, I can not form an opinion because we are in the service of the Lord and sometimes He has us look at things with His eyes so that His will, will be actualized. It is hard to come to a conclusion if I do not have enough information.


            Momentum is a combination of how big an object is, how fast it is going and the direction that it is moving in. Momentum and the position of an object are necessary to determine where it is going to be at some time in the future. You can do that with Newtonian physics. You can not do that with Quantum mechanics because with Quantum mechanics it is impossible to know both the position of a photon, for example, an elementary particle, and how fast it is going and the direction it is moving in.


            You might know how fast it is going and the direction that it is moving in, but then you would not be able to tell what its position is because it is moving. If you can slow it down to a stop, which I do not think you can, and you can determine what its position is, then you do not know how fast it is going to go or what direction it is going to move in, because according to Quantum studies, a photon is totally unpredictable as to what direction it would move in, or as to how fast it would go.


            Newtonian physics does not apply to sub-atomic phenomena because in the sub-atomic realm…. I do not know what that is supposed to say. Well it is true that Newtonian physics does not apply to sub-atomic phenomena, to sub-atomic worlds. The uncertainty principle is this. We cannot know both the position and momentum of the particle with absolute precision, but the more we do know about one, the less we know about the other.


            The more we know about the position of the particle for example, the less we know about the momentum that it is moving at. We can tell either of them precisely, but in that case we can know nothing about the other. If you know completely where the particle is, if you know its position, then you have no way of knowing its momentum because it is not even moving at that moment.


            We can never know with certainty what will happen to the particle that we are observing. We can only predict probabilities. Did we create the particles that we are experimenting with or did they exist before we looked at them. That is interesting that Quantum scientists are actually coming up with this question. Did the particles even exist before we looked at them?


            That is just another way of saying that a possibility in our lives never even existed until we thought about it. What is so terrible, for example, about the publicity to all child molestation cases, is that there are many vulnerable men out there (it is usually men) that are hearing the news. They are hearing about all these child murders and child kidnapings.


            They may have never thought about it. The thought may never have come into their mind before but now that it has come into their mind, it may become a reality. There would be a segment of the population for whom this thought will now become a reality. It was never a reality for them before they looked at it, before they saw it on somebody else.


            Here is a question that the Quantum scientist has. Is the universe brought into being by the participation of those who participate? In the old science, the scientist was an observer, in the new science the scientist is a participant. In other words, because the scientist looks at something it changes it. Every time we look at something it changes it.


            Our input into that event, our interest towards that child, our interest towards anything, when we look at it, everything changes. The old physics assumes that there is an external world which exists apart from us that we can observe and speculate about without changing.


            The truth is that whatever we look at changes us. We will never be the same after we look at something that we never looked at before. We change and the object that we look at changes. That which is observed changes, and we the observer change from every interaction that we have, from everything that we see and hear.


            This is the basis of our “objectivity.” What is the basis? Newtonian physics says that a scientist can look at something, observe it and speculate about it without changing. This is the basis of “objectivity.” This objectivity says it is impossible to be without an opinion, and this is true.


            The carnal mind of men, according to Quantum mechanics, can never be objective. Everything that he looks at, he looks at from his own personal prejudice, from his own personal point of view. That is true.


            The mind of Christ is able to be objective. That is why we are in training here to look at things with the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is not influenced by his social upbringing or his current condition of mind. That is why it is sin to judge anybody with your carnal mind. It is judging before the time. Only the mind of Christ can judge objectively.


            The new physics, Quantum mechanics tells us that it is impossible to observe reality without changing it. I can really see the truth of that. Every time we look at something, we change, it changes. According to Quantum mechanics there is no such thing as objectivity. We cannot eliminate ourselves from the picture.


             Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist, wrote, “When an inner situation is not conscious, it happens outside of us, as fate.” When we are in denial of an inner emotional situation, it would manifest outside of us as fate.


            From an inner center the psyche seems to move outward into the physical world. (That is just Satan, the unconscious part of our mind forcing us to face in some way our inner conflicts) If this is true, that physics is the study of the structure of consciousness.


            Quantum mechanics views the subatomic particles as “can…..cease to exist” or “can… cease to happen.” (I am not sure what I have written down here) and these tendencies are expressed in terms of probabilities. Will this happen or will this cease to happen. Both of those are possibilities. What is the probability that one will happen or that the other will happen?


            A subatomic particle is a quantum, which means “a quantity of something.” What that something is, however is a matter of speculation. At subatomic level, mass and energy change unceasingly into each other. Now, that is interesting. We are mass, we are solid. Jesus turned into energy. His physical body disappeared because He converted from mass into energy.


            His brain waves speeded up. Well not so much His brains but His spirituality started vibrating at such a rapid level that His physical body converted into energy. When we boil water, we convert it into steam. Heat produces conversion. In Jesus’ case it was the spiritual heat.


            We live at the bottom of an ocean of air (our atmosphere). I found that very interesting. I have known for a while that our world is a spiritual ocean and I thought it was an ocean because of the moisture in the atmosphere, but this is an interesting concept. We live at the bottom of an ocean of air, which is our atmosphere.


            In Quantum mechanics there is no way to predict individual events. I have been telling you that for a long time. I do not believe that any one individual life is written in stone. I cannot tell you that anybody is sure to enter into eternal life.


            I do not know that, but I can tell you that this world will be rolled back and that the deviation will be corrected. It will be rolled back to the point of departure and the Kingdom of God will be the only legitimate kingdom.


            This aberration will disappear, and His Kingdom will endure forever and there will be a company of people who will manifest the nature of God in a visible world. I can tell you that, but I cannot tell you which people will be members of the company of people that will manifest the nature of God.


            Quantum mechanics deals with group behavior and their constant playoffs and conflicts which will ultimately decide which individuals will have this privilege. Quantum mechanics can tell us how a group of particles will behave, but the only thing that it can see about the individual particle is how it will “probably” behave.


            I can look at some people and say, “Well, I can really see them moving into the kingdom,” but you never know. It is not over until it is over.


            The Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics says, “It does not matter what Quantum mechanics is about. The important thing is that it works in all possible experimental situations.”


            The rational part of our psyche, typified by science, began to merge again with that of the part of us which we had ignored since the 1700s, and that is our irrational side. As I told you earlier on in this message, I believe it was the direct Christian influence that caused man to deny his irrational side.


            In Christ Jesus we have the ability to not be influenced by our irrational side, but still look at it, and minister to it, and live with it. What happened in Western culture, was that when we stopped looking at our irrational or feminine side (I just see it, it is through the whole culture), people became very resistant to any spiritual concept at all.


            A lot of groups of people became very cold and unemotional, in particular, the British and other cultures that do not show their emotions. This is a strictly Western experience and largely Christian. That is why when the Pentecostal church came into existence a lot of the other denominations were horrified.


            The early church considered any sign of emotion or anger, sin, because we are supposed to be continuously stable in Christ Jesus. When you do it in Christ Jesus you do not kill your other side to do it. When you stabilize your emotions and your life by the will power of your carnal your mind, you kill the other side of yourself. You kill something in yourself to do that.


            In order to be stabilized in your carnal mind, you have to repress all of your emotions that are causing your problem. You have to repress your conflicts. You repress all of your hurts and your pain, and blind yourself to it so that you can be in control, but that is not how the Lord Jesus does it.


            The Lord Jesus wants to satisfy all of your unsatisfied needs. He wants to satisfy all of the needs that your husband did not satisfy, all of the needs that your wife did not satisfy, all of the needs that your mother did not satisfy, all of the needs that your father did not satisfy.


            Jesus wants to make you fully whole and complete by satisfying all of those needs. If you have repressed all of those needs, and at this point are unaware of them because you have buried them so deeply, the Lord Jesus cannot complete you.


            You have to look at your needs and your hurts and your wounds so that the Lord Jesus can heal you and complete you.


            The scientific idea of truth, traditionally, had been anchored in an absolute truth somewhere “out there,” that is an absolute truth with an independent existence. Well, that is true. The Lord Jesus Christ is an absolute truth with an independent existence. This is a Christian concept.


            It is an Eastern or Buddhist concept that there is no absolute anything. The Christian concept is there is an absolute righteous truth, but this whole concept is under attack in this country today.


            The Copenhagen interpretation does away with this idea of any one to one correspondence between reality and theory. Quantum mechanics discards the laws governing individual events and states directly the laws governing the whole.


            Quantum mechanics is a very practical science. It deals with the whole rather than the individual. We see this happening in our society today too. The whole is being dealt with at the expense of the individual. Big governments, Socialism is moving in at the cost of the individuality of the individual, the privacy of the individual.


            We see government attempting to protect us all by…. What is happening in Europe right now is that they are making vitamins illegal and they say it is for the good of the whole but the individual who wants to take vitamins has lost their privilege.


            Quantum mechanics is a very practical science. The Law of Practicality. The mind is such that it deals only with ideas. It is not possible for the mind to relate to anything other than ideas. Therefore, it is not correct to think that the mind actually can ponder reality. The mind can only ponder “ideas” about reality.


            Quantum mechanics is saying we do not know what reality is. Everybody has all different kind of ideas about what reality is, so there is no absolute reality. I agree. There is no absolute reality in Adam Kadmon’s ovary. There is an absolute reality beyond Adam Kadmon’s ovary, and the absolute reality is in Adam Kadmon’s head.


            A complete understanding of reality lies beyond the grasp of rational thought. I believe that. It is beyond our understanding to completely grasp Adam Kadmon. He is reality.


            The new physics was not based upon “absolute truth,” but upon us. That is true; there is no longer any right or wrong for many people.


            According to Quantum mechanics, the reality of nature is not absolute but is an object of our experience as perceived from the basis of social position. I told you that earlier. Adultery is wrong for the Christian. Adultery and incest was not wrong for the Hawaiian in the early days that the missionaries went there.


            A particle is a thing which is confined to a region of space. It is not spread out. The philosophy of Quantum mechanics says that all of the things in our universe (including us) that appear to exist independently are actually parts of one whole composite organic pattern and that no parts of that pattern are ever really separate from it, or from each other.


            We see this mentality manifesting in our society. There are books being written on how it would take the mentality of the whole society in agreement to go on to increase in mind power (the latest step of evolution is increase of mind).


            We see that people who would not go along with the New Age ideas are being maligned for this reason, because of the belief that we must go on as a whole.


            I have heard this preached in the church. The whole church must go up together therefore you better believe what I believe because if you do not, you are holding me back. This is a lie. Individuality is honored and promoted in Christ Jesus.


            Of course it is true, for those of us who are trapped here in Adam Kadmon’s ovary, that we are all one and woven together, but in Christ Jesus there is separation and individuality.


            Macro physics says that the basic structure of nature is discontinuous. We cannot talk about population in terms of 1.2 men. An object such as a man has a beginning and an end. The measurement of men is discontinuous. One man ends, second man begins. The measurement of man can only increase one person at a time.


            Einstein’s theory of the photoelectric effect says that each time a photon (photons are sometimes equated to operating like bullets) hits an electron it knocks it away just like one billiard ball hitting another billiard ball.


            That is interesting because I was sitting in someone’s house once and I had a perception that I was shooting at this person’s son with a gun. I knew that it was positive, but I knew that it was a gun.


            Also I was at a Pentecostal meeting at one time where the evangelist did the same thing. He literally pointed at the congregation with his fingers shot at us. Apparently, the Lord was knocking some electrons or some sin away from us. It was some kind of deliverance through this impression of shooting with a gun. The Lord was knocking away some ungodly aspects that were afflicting us.


            Einstein proved that light is particle-like, light is made up of many particles. Young proved that light is wave-like, but a wave cannot be a particle and a particle cannot be a wave. Einstein proved that light is a particle and Young proved that light is a wave, so we see that in Quantum mechanics light is both a particle and a wave, which was a big discovery.


            Einstein’s complaint was that Quantum theory does not fully explain things, because it deals with group behavior and not with individual events.


            To apply Quantum theory, the physical world must be divided into two parts. These parts are the “observed system” and the “observing system.”


            You have to divide into your conscious mind, and your subconscious and unconscious mind. You have to separate from your subconscious and the unconscious part of your mind in order to have the choice of collapsing your sin nature. The observed system cannot be observed until it interacts with the observing system.


            That which you are looking at, your sin nature, cannot be observed or cannot be changed until it interacts with the conscious part of your mind looking at it. An observable is something that is considered to be fixed or determined. Our sin nature is fixed and determined. We have to look at it.


            In the world of experience, an observable is the possible occurrence coming into our experience of a specific thing. There is a relationship between the observable from the time of its existence and the time of its detection.


            Even if we are not recognizing something, we have a relationship with it. It is just waiting for us to observe it. This means that elementary particles do not have an existence of their own but their final outcome is determined by the observer. Whatever we look at, that is what comes to pass.


            An elementary particle is not an independently existing entity. It is in essence a set of relationships that reach out towards other things.


            Quantum mechanics is based on the development in isolation of an observed system. I found this so interesting because my life has been so isolated and I know so many people who when they are called by God, they find themselves without friends. They find their relationships drying up.


            Brethren, when God looks at us to put His nature upon us, we frequently find ourselves in a very lonely position. When the Lord is looking at us, He is in the process of remaking us in His nature.


            “Development in isolation” refers to the isolation that we create by separating that region of preparation from the region of measurement. The region of preparation is after we are looked at. When we are looked at, that is the measurement. When we are looked at we are being measured and we move into a region of preparation. That is exactly what has happened to me and I am still being prepared.


            We call the situation “isolation” but in reality nothing is completely isolated, except perhaps the universe as a whole. This is interesting. The writer says that the universe as a whole is the only thing that can be isolated, and then he says that but what would it be isolated from? Look at drawing #5, the universe as a whole is isolated from the whole of Adam Kadmon.


            If we run off this tape, I do not know whether or not I would continue, to finish these notes. Just in case, the name of the book that I am studying from is called “The dancing Wu Li masters- An overview of the New Physics” by Gary Zukav (Bantam Books).


            I have really covered almost everything in these notes. I cannot see any reason to go on to another tape, but let me see if there is anything that I have not commented on yet.


            Photons do not exist by themselves. All that exist by itself is an unbroken whole that presents itself to us as waves of relations. Of course we are the spiritual photons, we are the negative ones. We are malkut. Individual entities are idealizations which are relationships made by us. What it is saying is that we create our own universe.


            In short the physical world, according to Quantum mechanics is not a structure built of independently existing entities but rather is a web of relationships between elements whose meanings arise wholly from their relationship to the whole.


            Brethren this sounds like communism or socialism. You only identity is who you are in relation to the state. This is the exact opposite of everything that comes to pass in a nation under God. A nation under God has a democratic government where the individual is exalted.


            What happens between the region of preparation and the region of measurement is a dynamic unfolding of possibilities. When we interfere with the development in isolation of the observed system we actualize one of the several potentialities that were a part of the observed system while it was in isolation.


            I was in isolation for years. When I was in isolation, God looked at me and what actualized in me was that the Lord gave me this apostolic ministry. We bring forth apostolic doctrine here. I could have freaked out from the isolation.


            I could have rebelled, I could have become suicidal. A lot of things could have happened to me, but I took the victory by the power of God and the reality that actualized in my life was that I became the head of this ministry bringing forth the apostolic word of the hour. Thank you Jesus.


            A wave function is a mathematical function that represents all the possibilities that can possibly happen to an observed system when it interacts with the observing system. I was the observed system and the observing system was the Lord Jesus. He was the one who was looking at me while I was in isolation.


            The possibility that actualized is that I became a man of God. I went through a lot and it could have broken me, it could have destroyed me, or it could have catapulted me into the kingdom of God. It catapulted me into the kingdom of God.


            The probability function tells us the probabilities in a given time of each of the possibilities presented by the wave function. Which possibility becomes a reality according to the Quantum theory is a matter of chance. We know that is not true.


            What happened in the garden was not a matter of chance. The female Adam was disobedient. It was not a matter of chance that the wave function collapsed in the garden in the wrong direction. Sin is involved. Quantum mechanics does not recognize morality.


            When one possibility actualizes, all the other possibilities become non-existent (of course this is Copenhagen). This is called collapse of the wave function. This is the abrupt collapse of all the developmental aspects of the wave function except the one that actualizes. This quantum leap is from a multi-faceted potentiality to a single actuality. I have seen that happen and the scripture that relates to that….


            When the observed system interacts with the observing system, we reduce a multi-dimensional reality to a 3-dimensional reality compatible with existence. We have all these possibilities in our life. When we choose one direction, we collapse the wave into a 3-dimensional reality that we can live with.


            In principle we can calculate a wave function representing an infinite number of events happening at the same time in an infinite number of dimensions. No matter how complex the wave function is however, as soon as we make a measurement, we reduce it to a form which is compatible with 3-dimensional reality, no matter how many possibilities there are in that wave function.


            It could be a million possibilities (of course this is Copenhagen again), as soon as one actualizes we bring it down to a 3-dimensional reality that we can live with and cope with. The flaw in this theory of Quantum mechanics is the problem of “measurement.”


            Some type of detection or observing system is required to collapse the wave function of the observed system into a physical reality or the observed system continues on endlessly proliferating infinite possibilities.


            I explained this to you. I said that I had this problem and I did not know what was bothering me. It might have continued on infinitely, if the Lord did not collapse the wave function by bringing the emotional conflict that I had into my consciousness. I was in denial.


            The many worlds interpretation of Quantum mechanics claims that the wave function is a real thing. Copenhagen says that the wave function is just a mathematical concept, but the many worlds interpretation says the wave function is real and that all the possibilities that the wave function represent are real. They all happen, they all exist


            The orthodox interpretation of Quantum mechanics says that only one of the possibilities contained in the wave function of an observed system actualizes and the rest vanish. That is the Copenhagen interpretation.


            The many worlds interpretation says that all possibilities actualize but in different worlds that co-exist with our world. The many worlds interpretation says that the moment the wave function collapses, the universe splits into two worlds and the person’s consciousness also splits. Each one is doing something different in each world.


            The person in each world is doing something different. The person in each world is not aware of the other, nor will their parts ever cross. This is because the two worlds into which the original one split are for ever separate branches of reality.


            Remember what we taught here. When the female Adam joined with the Serpent, that did not split the reality that existed at the time. The reality of God’s creation did not split.


            An aberration, a deviation came forth in the midst of Adam Kadmon, but Adam Kadmon is completely the same. He did not split. This is going on in his womb. He will neutralize the deviation and bring everything back into balance again.


            According to the Copenhagen interpretation, the development of the wave equation generates an endlessly proliferating number of possibilities. According to the many worlds interpretation, the development of the wave equation generates an endlessly proliferating number of different branches of reality.


            The theoretical advantage of the many worlds interpretation is that it does not require an external observer to collapse one of the possibilities contained in a wave function, into physical reality. According to the many worlds interpretation the wave functions do not collapse but the consciousness keeps splitting up as they develop.


            Each branch of reality is experientially inaccessible to the others and a consciousness in any one branch will consider that branch to be the entirety of the reality. Each branch of the reality is inaccessible to the other and the people who exist in each reality think that that is the only reality.


            The elements of each of these worlds are attached in a form of a “composite system” which is a combination of both the observed system and the observing system. The observer and the system join. That is what is happening with us. As the Lord Jesus observes us, He is joining with us. We see that this is the truth.


            In other words, every state of the observed system is in a relationship to the particular state of the observing system. The Lord Jesus is in relationship with every human being that He is observing. He is changing them. He is not changing. He is changing us. Now, according to Quantum mechanics, both that which is observed and the observer changes, but the Lord Jesus is not changing. We are the one who must change.


            According to many worlds interpretation all the other states or events which could have happened did actually happen but they happened in other branches of reality. Each of these branches is real and together they constitute all the different ways in which we can decompose the universal wave function.


            When it comes to Copenhagen, they use the word “collapse” because all the other unused possibilities collapse and come to zero but in the many worlds theory they use the word “decompose” not “collapse.” What does it mean, “decompose”? The consciousness and the realities are splitting off from each other, so they are decomposing.


            According to classical physics we get to know something by observing it. According to Quantum mechanics nothing even exists until we observe it. As I have told you earlier, there is a truth to that. People are in denial about a lot of things and they just go through life refusing to believe that things exist. For them, it is not real.


            According to the many worlds interpretation, at the instant that the activity decays (that means that consciousness splits) the world splits into two branches. Remember, that did not happen to Adam Kadmon. He did not split into two branches. He has a cancer in his womb. He has uterine cancer and he is about to be healed. He is going to roll back that cancer.


            At the instant that we look at something, our consciousness splits into two branches. As soon as we look at something, our consciousness splits. It splits into a world in which we looked at the observable and a world in which we did not look at it.


            It sounds fantastic. It is just an amazing theory. I just love to see it played out. In Star Trek, in science fiction movies, it is quite incredible. It is true also of this world that is locked up in the box, which is Adam Kadmon’s womb.


            However, just as for a human child who is in utero, there is an incredible world out there, that not only a child in utero but even any born child is unaware of. I look at my granddaughter sometimes. Her whole world is her house that she lives in, the school that she goes to and the people of her acquaintance. She does not know anything about other cities, other states, other countries, other planets. She does not even know that they exist.


            In the same manner, humanity as whole, even the wisest of us, the physicists, as the discoverers of Quantum mechanics, are blind to the parallel timeline where we exist in God, in Adam Kadmon, in the true, righteous side of Eden. Not only is Adam Kadmon beyond us, but there is a righteous side of Eden and I believe that we exist in the righteous side of Eden.


            We co-exist, and that is Cain and Abel within us. We co-exist in both the righteous side of Eden (Abel) and the unrighteous side of Eden (Cain). Those two sides of Eden exist within us. The righteous side of Eden is a part of Adam Kadmon’s reality. The unrighteous part of Eden is an aberration, a cancer in Adam Kadmon’s womb and it will be blotted out.


            Are there any questions or comments about this fascinating study? Well, Amen. Goodnight to you all.



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