566 - Part 2

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Praise the Lord, actually this message is being preached six months to a year after part one, and the reason we are making a part two is because the subject matter is basically the same with an addition. We will start with a review. We are talking about Quantum Mechanics and how quantum mechanics which is the study of subatomic particles can be used to help us to understand spiritual, our own spirituality because, in view of quantum mechanics, the members, the individual members of the human race or each of the individual members of the human race is an electron, and the study of quantum mechanics is the study of subatomic particles, and when the atom is split, well you do not have to split the atom, to see an electron.


An electron is a, well for a long time electrons were considered particles, but now we know that every particle, according to quantum mechanics, every particle has a wave component, but let us get into that later.


According to the classic appearance of an atom, we have a nucleus with protons and neutrons in the nucleus, and electrons orbiting around the nucleus, of the atom, so an electron, a proton and a neutron, all of which are subatomic particles, they are a part of the atom, subatomic, okay, there have been more additional subatomic particles discovered such as quarks, but we are not going to get into that in this message.


Let me repeat the reason that we have anything to say about quantum mechanics at all is that the Lord has revealed that the principles that govern subatomic particles are the same principles that govern spiritual men, or the spiritual aspect of men. Now just to remind you the rules or the principles or the laws that function in the macroscopic world which is the world out here okay, and we are talking about trees and cars and planes, those, the laws that apply to the macroscopic world are basically Newtonian physics, the physics of Isaac Newton and the laws are completely different than the laws that govern subatomic particles. What are we saying? The laws, the physical laws that affect our physical body are going to be completely different, the exact opposite of the laws that effect our spiritual being. In other words if we jump off of a roof, our body is going to be smashed, that is the law of gravity, see, so our physical body is subject to the physical laws of this world which is called the macroscopic world, but when deal with ourselves as spiritual beings, and when we deal with mind and the spiritual aspects of mind, we find that we are subject to the laws of quantum mechanics.


What good is it going to do us to study about this? It will help us to understand ourselves and to understand our spirituality, because many Christians today are being called to this spiritual life in Christ Jesus and they are having trouble understanding that, they have to transfer, they have to transmigrate from being a carnally minded person to a spiritually minded person, and then, even if they understand that, they are having trouble making the transition from thinking carnally to thinking spiritually.


I know that the Lord has really helped me understand what is happening to me in my spiritual life today by bringing me into a book on quantum mechanics and actually reading that book because the Lord wanted to show me something, He wanted to answer some questions that I have been posing to Him, He not only answered those questions through quantum mechanics principles, but he has brought forth an understanding that is very exciting to me because at least as of the writing of this book, according to the author, the Lord has given us knowledge that even the scientists do not have unless they have discovered it since then, and I have no problem whatsoever believing that the Lord can give knowledge and wisdom in the sciences to His people, and I certainly am no scientific genius, God only knows, I am not. If you look in to the material of the ancient mystics that existed before modern science, they had tremendous knowledge of mathematics and science, and they acquired that knowledge through their spiritual studies.


If you look at the Kabbalists who have a relationship with Jehovah, they have very great and extensive knowledge of science and mathematics. The message today is to show you a solution to a problem that is posed in this book on quantum mechanics, the Lord gave me the answer. We will begin with a review of what we taught on part one, now you may recall that there are two, there were two, there are now three aspects of quantum mechanics here, the first one, the first classical view of mechanics is called the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and you may recall that we were talking about wave functions, does anybody not remember what a wave function is?


All of the possibilities that could happen in a particular instant, are expressed as what is called a wave function, a straight line with a wave going above and below the line, and each crest of the wave on the line represents a possibility. In other words, I am standing in front of you right now, there is a possibility that I could move the left, or there is a possibility that I could move the right, there is a possibility that I could sit back down in my chair, and there is a possibility that I could stop preaching, all of those possibilities are expressed as a wave function, and each crest of this wave represents a possibility.


According to the Copenhagen interpretation, only one reality can come into existence, look, either I am going to step to the left or I am going to step to the right or I am going to step forward, or I am going to sit down, or I am going to stop preaching. Now I cannot be stepping to the left and the right at the same time, I cannot be sitting down and standing up at the same time, according to the Copenhagen interpretation, whichever reality manifests, I take a step forward, okay, the reality or the possibility has actualized, it has become real, it has come into existence and therefore, all of the other possibilities collapse, once I step forward, see, if I tell you, it was in the next second, I am either going to step to the left, to the right, forward, sit down, or stop preaching. When that one second ticks by on the clock, and step forward, it is no longer possible for me to have stepped to the left in that particular given second.


All of the other possibilities according to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics collapse, it is impossible because I had said within the next second, I am going to do something, now the second is past, so even if I step to the left or backwards or sit down now, it did not happen in the second that was in question. Therefore, every possibility except the possibility that I would step forward, has now collapsed, it is impossible to actualize, and this is called the collapse of the wave function, only one reality can result and collapse the wave function, the collapse of the wave function means that there is no more question, the time is passed, it does not matter what is going to happen anymore because the time is passed, the wave function has collapsed, this is no longer an issue.


Everybody okay? The second interpretation of quantum mechanics is called the many worlds interpretation and this I believe is the preferable or the interpretation of choice of both scientists and laymen today, it is a very exciting concept that says, all of the possibilities come into existence in parallel universes, in other words, in this world I step forward in that second, but there is another world that exists right now where I step to the left, and there is another world right now where I sat down in my chair, and there is another world right now where I stopped preaching, and all of these worlds exists and they are parallel which means, they will never see each other, because they are parallel, there is always an equal distance between the two worlds. This is sort of a shocking thing to say because every second of every minute of every hour, we make choices, are we going to sleep or are we going to stay up, are we going to talk or are we going to be silent, are we going to eat or are we going to fast, and this is true of millions of people in the world making choices every second of every minute of every day and so we have infinitely splitting worlds, we have infinite worlds, we have worlds infinitely splitting off, we have an infinite number of worlds being created every second, because every time somebody makes a choice, a new world is created, how could that possibly exist? I believe that I remember asking the Lord that question a long time ago, telling Him that I believed it in concept because it makes sense to my carnal mind, but I could not envision it, I could not comprehend trillions and trillions and trillions of parallel time lines continuously splitting off at infinitum, I could not comprehend where they would be.


The Lord has given me an answer. Before we go into the, what the Lord told me is called "the streams in the desert" interpretation of quantum mechanics, let us read what else I have on this board here, everything that exists has both waves and particle aspects, okay, this is quantum mechanics, something has wave aspect or something is wave, it means it can be in more than one place at a time, a wave means that it can spread out, light is waves, radio waves, x-rays are waves, it means that they are not in one particular place at a time. A particle on the other hand, a human being would be a particle, if I am standing over here, I could not be standing over there, but if I am speaking over here, you can be aware of me speaking over there, so my speech is a wave, it can be in more than one place at a time, but my physical presence is a particle. Quantum mechanics says, that was the classical teaching, quantum mechanics now says, that everything is both a wave and a particle, depending on what it is doing and who or what that wave or particle is relating to, every apparently particle, everything that is apparently a particle has a wave aspect to it. This is very interesting, this concept that everything has both particle and wave aspect to it, because one of the things that the occult teaches is that everything has an invisible part to it, or a shadow.


The first time I read that I was amazed, and in this teaching, I read it in a book on theosophy, that this planet, this planet earth, has an invisible side to it, that the whole galaxy has an invisible side to it, the sun has an invisible side to it, all of the planets have an invisible side to it, and that in fact, the visible aspect of the planets is smaller than the invisible aspect of the planets, and that was amazing to me when I first read that, and here I see that same principle now being espoused in quantum mechanics theory, every particle has a wave aspect to it, that means each human being is a particle, we have a wave aspect to ourselves, and the wave aspect to us is mind, see, my body is here in this place, but my mind has infinite abilities of communication and expansion.


Right now my mind is reaching across the room because I am talking to you, so I have wave aspect to myself, and I have even, there are aspects of the wave aspect of myself that I do not even comprehend. I know that I preached here that Christ Jesus who dwells within me, I am His house, and He has a ministry that He manifests through me that I know nothing about. Sometimes He manifests through me, right now He is manifesting through me, He is teaching through me, but and right now we are completely one, because He is coming through my own thought processes, sometimes He speaks through me and I know that it is Him and it is not me, and then sometimes He goes forth, He vibrates forth from me and it is unknown to me, and I get reports from people.


I just heard the other day that a young lady was reading one of my books and she saw Jesus manifest and put His arm around her, so that is Christ Jesus in me is a part of the wave aspect of me, He is part of my spiritual life, and our physical bodies, we are houses for spiritual life, so everything in us that is spiritual, is the wave aspect of us. We read that Peter walked along the street and wherever his shadow fell people were healed, well we have known for a long time that, that Scripture is not talking about the shadow that you or I see when we walk out on the street and stand in the sun, that shadow of Peter is his wave function, it was the spiritual aspect of Peter that was so mature and powerful that it shown out from him and as people passed in his wave they were healed.


Everything we are told, this chair that I am sitting on, everything in this room, everything in the world has a wave aspect to it. To me that is very amazing, I do not know what good is going to come out of this information, but it is just very amazing, the physical part that we see is the smallest part of the reality of the being. We are reading on the board, everything that exists has both wave and particle aspects and is therefore both visible and invisible, that means we have both visible and invisible aspects of ourselves, that is, everything that exist, has an invisible spiritual shadow. The visible world is supposed to be Zeir Anpin, Zeir Anpin's shadow, and of course Zeir Anpin to us today is Christ Jesus. The visible world is supposed to be the shadow of Christ Jesus, and the Scripture talks about shadows, I know in the early days when I was doing my research, I prayed fervently asking the Lord who was this shadow? This whole world is the evil shadow of Zeir Anpin, and it has taken on form, and a form of consciousness. We see spiritually speaking the word "shadow" is not speaking about the shadow that the sun casts, it would be very interesting to do a Scriptural study on all of the, to find out all of the Scriptures that refer to the word shadow.


Through my studies I did find out that the shadow, I could not decide whether it was Satan or Leviathan, but I knew it was talking about the negative side. Did you ever see a cartoon where a man's shadow takes off and acts on its own, have you ever seen a cartoon like that? I have seen cartoons like that. That is what this world is. We are the shadow of Zeir Anpin which has taken on a consciousness and a will of its own, and it is not reflecting, it is not reflecting the real man, this is a shadow world that we live in and we are a shadow race of people who are not reflecting the man of which they are a reflection, we are off on our own, and we cannot stay this way and survive, we must reflect the true man, and we will in due season, the Lord will bring us into order.


The visible world is supposed to be Zeir Anpin's shadow, Zeir Anpin which we perceive as Christ Jesus today is the heavens and this world is the valley, but Zeir Anpin's shadow departed from Him and acquired an existence of her own, so our world is now called the valley of the shadow that died. Let me read that again. Zeir Anpin is the heavens and this world is the valley, or the earth, but Zeir Anpin's shadow departed from him and acquired an existence of her own, so our world is now called the valley of the shadow that died. We are a shadow world and we are supposed to be an exact reflection of the real man, but when we took on a consciousness of our own, and started reflecting and appearing to be something other than the real man, we die, and therefore not only this world, but even the human beings in this world, we are all the valley, the many membered valley of the shadow that died.


Did you ever wonder why the Scripture said the shadow of death, why not the world of death, why the shadow of death? We are the shadow of the spiritual man that died. The spiritual man died and we died, we all died.


Going to what the Lord calls the streams in the desert, this is the third interpretation of quantum mechanics that came forth by the spirit to me last week. We see that we have many possibilities, here is our wave function, and there are many possibilities. We see that both the Copenhagen and the many worlds interpretation are correct, and this happens so many times with spiritual things, that you see many possibilities and they are all correct depending on the vantage point from which you are looking at them. We see in the streams of the desert interpretation of quantum mechanics, only one reality can manifest in the material world, that is the Copenhagen interpretation, one reality manifests, but in the mind, in the spiritual plane, every other possibility that did not manifest, that did not actualize in reality, every other possibility still exists in the mind of that man. I know years ago, I asked the Lord, what are all of the streams in the Scripture, streams and pools and brooks and all different kinds of, and rivers, different kinds of bodies of water?


Today I understand that these are all streams of thoughts, the spirit world is infinitely dividing into many, many streams of thought. The significance of this is very important, the significance of "the streams in the desert" interpretation of quantum mechanics is this, that once one possibility actualizes in the natural, it does not have to stay that way, it does not have to stay that way, in other words, this is not an ideal example but here it is, if a woman had a choice of marrying five different men, and she chose one man and married him, then the possibility of her marrying all of the other four men according to the Copenhagen interpretation collapses, she married the one man and the possibility of her marrying the other four no longer exists, but that is not true, anything could happen, the woman could get divorced, God forbid her husband could die, and she could still marry one of the other men, that means one of the possibilities of the collapsed wave function can come into existence at some time in the future.


This world is an illusion, nothing is permanent, anything could change at a moment's notice. This is the whole foundation of spiritual warfare, we fight in the spirit before the situation actualizes in the material world, and by fighting in the spirit, okay, we literally create our existence from day to day by the choices that we make and the way we think and the way we pray, we literally create our life from day to day. That is true in the spirit, the Scripture tells us that, that He is the God that calls forth things that are not, and this is the conclusion that quantum mechanics is coming to, that man creates his own existence day by day, and it is all a function of mind.


All of these possibilities and that is the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, all of these possibilities that do not actualize in reality, they continue on people's minds, and the mind of people creates this world, I have been telling you that for a long time, that there are no accidents, everything that happens, every negative thing that happens is the fruit of either one person's mind or a collective manifestation of the mind of many people, every car accident that happens, it is not an accident, there are spiritual forces in the invisible aspect of this world, which is an aspect of mind, that is driving forth everything that happens in our world, that is why it is so important to watch our thought life and to not be negative and if we hear anything negative about anybody in our own mind to cast it down, not think about it, not talk about it, because we will be a part of bringing it to pass, gossip is deadly, because it brings to pass evil in the life of the person.


It is also essential that we keep our minds occupied with the word of God, therefore we drive evil thoughts out of our mind, but we must actively oppose the evil that arises in our mind because the streams and desert aspect of quantum mechanics makes every man a creator and you can see at the bottom of section C. of my board, I show you the thought worlds of the mind are waves and you see all of the waves coming out of the man's mind, in other words if that woman chooses one particular man and the other four suitors are not her husband, if one man has a very strong mind and he will not accept the fact that she is married to another man, depending on how spiritually strong he is, he could make great chaos in that marriage, and the man's death can even come to pass. That is not something that you hear spoken about in western society, and I know that there are a lot of people that are very upset over what I am saying, but there is a truth to this, the people in the third world, they all know about it, we are just so civilized here that we do not want to believe it.


I want to tell you something, several years ago, a man, a Christian man, his wife became very ill, and he was devastated, he was believing a doctrine at that time that taught Him that God was in full control of his life and nothing bad could happen to him. His wife wound up with cancer and she died, and he was very bitter, as far as I understand he still has not recovered from that disappointment, but I do not think he is just disappointed, I think he is angry at God, he believes that God is in full control of his life and everything that he does that is wrong, God is responsible for it because God can make him do good things, this is the doctrine that he was subscribing to, and I believe is still subscribing to.


At that time it became very aware to me, I am a very spiritual person, I hear in the spirit, I see in the spirit, and I hear people's minds all of the time, what is more, I frequently hear what is in their subconscious mind, in the subconscious part of their mind, when they may not even be recognizing that it is there. This man as his wife lay on her death bed, he was absolutely grief stricken and apparently terrified of being alone, he had been married since he was a very young man, on some level I do not know whether it was conscious or subconscious, he was literally scrambling to get himself another woman that he should not be alone, and I was, I knew him from church, I was a friend of the family, I am single woman, and his mind was reaching for me, even before his wife died, but it was inevitable that she was going to die, she was on her death bed, I knew that his mind was reaching for me, and I had to begin to actively pray against it because I knew that marriage was not of God, and I did not want any part of it.


He would come to me in his mind and I would push him back, and the next thing I know, another couple that was friends with this man were having dreams, both the man and the woman were having dreams and I do not remember the dreams exactly, but when I heard them, I know that I told this couple, you had better start breaking curses and breaking soul ties because this man is thinking, now if the man was present, he would have denied it, I do not believe it was in his conscious mind, but it was in his subconscious mind, understand this, he was so desperate at the thought of being alone, the subconscious part of his mind was going forward looking for a woman for him, and the subconscious part of his mind is Satan, and she did not care whether the woman was married or not, and the way, I cannot remember what the couple said to me, but the way the dreams came forth, I said to them, you better break these curses because they are pretty much saying, that the husband of this couple is going to die, and he is going to be marrying the woman.


The woman was horrified, first of all she did not want her husband to die and second of all, she said, she was not even interested in the man. Let me tell you something, the man died, a couple of years later the man died, but of course the original widower did not marry the widow because she really was not interested in him, but she could have married him, he would have married her, he would have married me, and this whole war went on in the spirit, this whole war went on in the spirit. When you become a spiritual person in Christ Jesus, you start dealing with every possibility in the minds of men, do you hear this? There were all kinds, this is a spiritual jungle, there are people that are looking to victimize you sexually, there are people that are looking to victimize you financially, there are people that are looking to victimize you because of the anointing on you, there are all kinds of people in this world that are after something, and when you become a spiritual person, you become aware of their thoughts, frequently when they are not even aware of their thoughts, because a lot of people do things and they do not even know why they are doing them, and you have to fight these thoughts off before they materialize because once they materialize in the natural, then you have got a problem.


On the one hand, it is a great blessing to be able to hear the thoughts of the evil intentions of the subconscious part of the man for you so that you could deal with them without getting hurt, before anyone gets hurt, on the other hand, it is an unending activity as you go deeper into Christ and you become a spiritual person, there is almost no rest, because these thoughts are coming into your mind all of the time, and then eventually you will hear thoughts for other people, and you become the defender of people who are victimized by the thoughts of other men.


There is a whole world that is built upon the building blocks of the thoughts of the subconscious and unconscious parts of the mind of man, and this world is brought into existence and sustained by the fallen mind of man, and it is an evil world, it is called the astral plane.


All of these other possibilities in accordance with the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics exists in the mind or in the minds of the people who are involved in the whole spectrum of possibilities, the people that were involved in this wave function. All of these thoughts that do not actualize remain in their mind especially if people talk about it, if they are angry, if they think that something that was unfair happened to them.


Therefore it is very, very important that we take a positive stand and that we believe the best of people, and that we believe for the best outcome because until something actualizes that possibility is there very strongly and then once there is an actualization in the material world, it can still be reversed. We know in Christ Jesus people can even be raised from the dead, okay, but the bottom line of the message here is that both the Copenhagen interpretation and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, and that the singular or the particle manifestation or the singular or the particle function or possibility that actualizes, actualizes in the material world, and the many worlds interpretation, all of the possibilities, the infinite possibilities manifests in the spiritual world of the mind, which is capable, I do understand how it works, I have to tell myself, I do not understand how it works, but the astral plane is filled with thought forms.


Every time we think of something and all of those possibilities are thoughts, we literally produce thought forms, I do not know if they are living, but they are conscious entities, and the astral plane is filled with conscious entities which are the products of our mind, and a disproportionate number of them are evil, because the mind of man or the heart of man is desperately wicked continuously, who can know it? We are charged by God to be responsible for the guarding of our own mind that it does not produce evil thoughts. The Scripture says, keep your mind on the higher things, keep your mind in the Scripture, do not be carnal, talk about the things of God. Are there any questions about this?


It looks like that is all that the Lord has for us tonight, so we have a short message, a short but very powerful message which tells us that both the Copenhagen and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics are valid and both exist, and that the parallel worlds of the many worlds interpretation are worlds of mind.


I do not know about you but I always thought that they were material worlds that all of these parallel worlds that quantum mechanics talks about, that they were material worlds that just existed in another dimension, but that if I somehow have the ability to translate into the other worlds, it would be as material as this world, that is what I always thought, but the Lord said, No, these are all spiritual worlds, and that this material world, this one material world that we have, is continuously changing, so there is a continuous war going on in the spirit as to which thought forms are going to actualize in the natural. There is a continuous war going on. When you know that you are hearing from God, you have to stand your ground and not yield, you do not yield when you know that you heard from God, you have to know when to yield and when not to yield, but that is the bottom line, all of these many worlds of the many worlds interpretation, they are not material worlds, they are spiritual worlds, they are potential worlds. Every thought that we think produces a reality in the astral plane, and all of the realities floating around, or all of the potential realities in the astral plane are floating around doing whatever they have to do to manifest in the material world.


There seems to be, I do not understand completely but, our thought forms appear to be programmed to do all that they could do to manifest in the material world, and Jesus said, If you are angry at your brother, you have killed him, that means if you are angry with somebody without a cause, a spirit, a thought form of murder has been produced, and if enough of these ungodly thought forms are produced towards somebody they become a curse. We must know who we are and the damage that we can do, so that we can have a say in who we shall be. Shall we be a manifestation of the glory of God or shall we be a manifestation of the Serpent.


We are looking at Illustration #2, the name that the Lord gave me for the third interpretation of quantum mechanics which is a combination of the first two, is Stream in the Desert. I looked up that Scripture, and we have done and alternate translation of Isaiah 35:6-7. In the King James, the words, I guess we should put the King James translation on there too, let us get the King James on there.


"Isaiah 35:6-7, "Then shall the lame man leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing, for in the wilderness shall waters break out and streams in the desert. And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water, in the habitations of dragons where each lay shall be grass with reeds and rushes."


Praise the Lord, so we have some alternate translations of some of those words, the word "streams" can also mean shaft, and we are translating that to be Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus, the male sexual organ Yah, who is the glorified Jesus Christ. The "desert" we are translating as sterile valley, and I have amplified in there, the sterile valley of this fallen world, but it is really talking about the people who are sterile valleys which means the believers who have not produced the offspring of Christ. Then we have the word "water" we are translating semen, an that is an established translation of the word "water" in the Scripture, the word "dumb" we are translating tongue tied, the word "lame" can be translated to pass over, and the word tongue, tongue is a mystery, but the tongue is organ of speech of Zeir Anpin and that is the Shekinah, she speaks for him just like Binah speaks for Chokhmah, Shekinah speaks for Zeir Anpin. The word "hart", I always wondered about that, and I recently read in the Zohar that the hart signifies the Shekinah, so I have received that, and I have incorporated it in this translation, the word "sing" I translated to speak spiritual truth, because the high spiritual understanding of the world "sing" and of the word "music" is spiritual truth.


We have the Song of Solomon which is not musical, it is all words, it is a message, the doctrine, when we speak the truth of God's word, spiritually speaking it is called singing. The word "grass" we have translated "Adam", and that is, we have a message #33 where we established that Adam is the grass, and the word "pool", the Hebrew word translated "pool" can be translated "hated" or abhorred and that word in the Hebrew is prefixed by the Hebrew letter lamed which means widow, so we have translated that "the abhorred widow" or the "hated widow". The word "thirst", that word "thirst, the esoteric understanding of the word "thirst" is to reincarnate, it is the thirst to reincarnate, that is the spiritual understanding of the word, which we have incorporated here.


This is the alternate translation of those two verses, "And Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus, the male sexual organ of Yah, the glorified Jesus Christ, shall rip open the sterile valley of this fallen world or the sterile valleys of the believers that have not yet conceived, not only have they not conceived, they have not even had intercourse with their husband the Lord, and the semen of Yah, the glorified Jesus Christ shall pass over the tongue tied Shekinah who is the instrument of Zeir Anpin's speech, and then the Shekinah shall leap and dance and speak spiritual truth, and Adam the abhorred widow who lies with Leviathan the dragon who swallowed him up because she thirsted to incarnate, shall publish the understanding of the word of God."


That is what we are doing in this ministry, we are publishing the understanding of the word of God, the water of the word, did you ever wonder what that means, the water of the word? It is the understanding of the word of God, because the word of God in its hidden form, in its parable form is very powerful, but when you release the understanding as we are told in the book of Revelation, Jesus is coming to break the seals, to open the seals, to open the understanding of the word, and when the word is opened to us, the judgment falls on our carnal mind for the specific purpose of weakening our carnal mind so that Christ who is infantile when He is first grafted to us, can emerge and mature and take over our vessel.


Praise the Lord, what a wonderful promise, do you hear this? The male sexual organ of God is coming into the sterile members of humanity, which is Christ in you the hope of glory, and that glorious seed will pass over the tongue tied Shekinah. What does that mean, the tongue tied Shekinah? The Shekinah has been unable to speak because who is the Shekinah, the Shekinah is Abel, we have had a lot of teaching in this ministry about Cain and Abel, and Abel is tongue tied because Cain has buried him under the ground, he cannot talk you know. This tongue tied Shekinah is going to be released, this tongue tied Shekinah who is the instrument of Zeir Anpin's speech is going to be released when the seed of Christ is grafted to him and then the Shekinah shall, oh it is Abel shall leap and dance and speak spiritual truth.


We are experiencing this right in this ministry when Abel is released, the seed of Christ is grafted to Abel, which releases Abel from Cain's murderous dominion and tyranny and rage, and then Abel rises with Christ and begins to speak the glory of the spiritual word of God, and Adam the abhorred widow who lies with Leviathan, the dragon who swallowed him up, now who is Adam?


We are told that the Shekinah shall leap and dance and speak spiritual truth and Adam the abhorred widow, Adam is the collective name of humanity. You may recall the teaching from the doctrine of Christ that there are many seeds that are destined to be formed as sons of God, and when those seeds are gathered together in a configuration in the image of God, they are called Adam, and when those same seeds are covered with earth, and gathered together in a negative configuration, they are called the Serpent. We human beings, we are the body of Christ, we are the body of the regenerated Adam, it is the spiritual body of the regenerated Adam, it is the same seeds of the creation that are destined to produce a visible creation in the image of the living God. When we are gathered together in the spirit, in the righteousness of God, we are called Adam, and when we are gathered together in a negative image, we are called the Serpent's kids or the Serpent's daughter, or the Serpent's seed as opposed to the body of Christ.


We see that the Shekinah will leap and dance, that is Abel who is buried under the ground our spiritual potential, and when Abel rises from the dead and leaps and dances, then Adam, the whole spiritual man, the personality, the collective body of Christ you might say, will now rise up, because first our spiritual life will be regenerated, and then the collective personalities in the collective soul you might say, called Adam, because Adam is a living soul, so the collective personality or the mind set or the collective attributes that represent or reflect the nature of God, okay, who is now an abhorred widow, because Adam was cut off from God and separated from God, and that is the Scriptural definition of hated, when the Scripture says, God loved Jacob and hated Esau, God did not hate like man hates, the word hate in the Scripture means you separated from God.


The fact that Adam sinned and was therefore separated from God, makes Adam a hated one, but as soon as he is restored to his union with the Father, he will be loved. First Abel will be resurrected and leap and dance and speak spiritual truth in the spirit, and then Adam, the personality will publish the understanding of the word. So the Shekinah is spiritual, gives you spiritual truth, then it passes to the personality that is a part of the body of Christ which we are calling Adam over here, and we see a description of Adam, so after the Shekinah sings and leaps and dances, Adam the abhorred widow who lies with Leviathan, the dragon who swallowed him up because she thirsted to incarnate, shall publish the understanding of the word of God, and that is Isaiah 35:7.


For those of you who do not know it, Adam was tempted to sin and when he did sin, he became the wife of the Serpent and the Serpent is manifesting in our world today as Leviathan, we are told in the book of Revelation, that old Serpent, that Dragon, Satan and the Devil. The Serpent that seduced the woman in the garden who then gave to eat to the man are now, that man is now married to the Dragon in a female role, and the Dragon swallowed him up, and we all are members of Adam's body, and therefore we are born in the image of the Serpent, that is why we need a savior, and that is why we need to be adopted, because we are born in the image of the Serpent, and the reason the Dragon in the form of the Serpent tempted the woman in the garden, and the reason for the whole seduction was that the Serpent desired or thirsted to incarnate on her own, she desired to be in the male role and incarnate a creation in her own nature.


This Adam who is now an abhorred widow because he is lying in the dirt with Leviathan, and he is in that condition because he was swallowed up by the Dragon, in other words, humanity today is an expression of the Dragon, the Dragon swallowed up humanity and today humanity, the collective humanity is a manifestation of the Serpent in the flesh, the Serpent has incarnated, that was her desire. This Adam who is so reviled and humiliated, this Adam which we are, shall publish the understanding of the word of God, when Abel, our potential to be Christ is quickened by the grafted seed of Christ, did I make that clear? Praise the Lord.


Then we see here, see also for another witness 2 Samuel 6:16, so let us have someone read that on to the tape please.


2 Samuel 6:16, "And as the ark of the LORD came into the City of David, Michal, Saul's daughter, looked through a window and saw King David leaping and dancing before the LORD; and she despised him in her heart."


Praise the Lord, this is the first spiritual witness that I have to my contention that David was not physically dancing, that this Scripture indicates that David's spirit was leaping and dancing as the ark came into Zion, Zion was the city of David and Zion initially was a hill in Jerusalem, but what actually happened in that Scripture was the ark of God entered into David, just as we read in this translation, it was Zeir Anpin or Christ Jesus that was entering into the very person of David, and the Shekinah within him leaped and danced, we are talking about a mating okay of what today we would say Christ Jesus okay, coming into our personal being and joining with us, and David, that potential in him to be regenerated in Christ, rose up to meet Zeir Anpin entering into his very person and there was a great rejoicing because in that spiritual marital union is all blessing, the Kabbalah calls it the Sabbath, that union is called the Sabbath, and all blessings, and goodness comes forth, so David was having a spiritual experience, and his wife Michal was not happy about it, she was not happy that God was blessing David.


We are told that she was embarrassed that he was dancing in the street, why should be embarrassed that he was dancing in the street, no, she was angry that God was blessing him because as we discovered that we have, who remembers what the name is? And the people loved him and God blessed him and he was a very wicked man, we found out that David as beloved of God as he was, was a very cruel and ruthless person to the people, to at least some of the people in his life, and one of those persons was Michal. If what I said just intrigued you, take a look at the message, it is very interesting, we see that God loved and honored David because of his faithfulness to the Lord, and honors cruel and ruthless people. All of you Pharisees out there today that are trying God's people and trying to crucify them every time you see an imperfection in them, you need to know that God honors faithfulness and He knows that man in imperfect and sometimes some very wicked people are very faithful to God and the Lord blesses them. Michal did not think that David should be blessed because he treated her very cruelly. Praise the Lord.


We now have a Scriptural witness to my contention that David was not dancing in the natural. Of course in the New Testament, we have the Scripture that says, Peter prayed for a man and that man went leaping and walking and praising God. I checked that out in the Greek and it does not exactly line up with what we have here, but it is pretty close to it, and what probably happened to the man is that when David prayed for him, the seed of Christ was imparted, and Abel the man's potential to produce the Christ child, rose up to the meet the seed that entered into him from David, and the man went leaping and walking. What leaped was the Shekinah leaped in him, and he also walked, so he walked, so he walked in the natural, but before he walked in the natural, he leaped in the spirit and he praised God. Praise the Lord, any questions or comments? Okay, God bless you all, goodnight.




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