570 - Part 2

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Tape 1

        Praise the Lord. This promises to be the most exciting series of teachings. I have jumped ahead of you and looked at future chapters, those of you who are studying with me, you have the notes for Chapter One. I was in Chapter Three the other day, and it is all about the book of Romans. I never cease to be amazed, not about the book of Romans, but it is dealing with the subject matter that is found in the book of Romans.


       The New Testament is a Kabbalistic work, but you have to know Kabbalah to understand it. It is just very exciting.  I am going to try to push forward while being thorough, because this is one of my problems. I want to jump right into the meat of it, but it is very important that we lay the ground work and get through the basic teaching so that you can follow me, and that the people that will be reading the transcripts and listening to the tapes can follow me.


       We will start this morning with Chapter 1, Section 2, although I did comment on that first paragraph of Section 2, on the previous message, we will go over it. This is Chapter 1, Section 2, and the title is Spiritual Growth From Level To Level. Now remember, let me just remind you that what we are dealing with here is a translation of Chayyim Vital's writings. Remember Isaac Luria is the great Hebrew sage which he followed. His teachings are followed by most of the Kabbalists today, not all of the Kabbalists, but most of the Kabbalists. Isaac Luria's student was Chayyim Vital. Isaac Luria did not write, he just taught. His student, Chayyim Vital wrote up the teachings of Isaac Luria, and now we have somebody by the name of Yitzchak Bar Chaim. Of course, that is a pseudo name, but that is the name that he writes under, who is translating a work written by Chayyim Vital called the Gate of Reincarnations, and I believe it is something like 39, at least 39 chapters. If the Lord permits us, we will be in this study for years probably, but we never know what the Lord is going to do.


       We are dealing here with is a passage which is a translation and then a commentary by the translator, a commentary which means a paraphrase, a reiteration of the translated words in an attempt to make them more understandable. That is what we are dealing with here. I believe that the letters in the large print, we have two different fonts in these notes, and I believe the large, the large font is the original translation. Well, that is what it looks like to me now, that the large font is the original translation, and the small font is the comment of the translator or the amplification or the reiteration by the translator.


       Paragraph one, He does not acquire all of them, he does not acquire all five levels of soul. Let me remind you when you are dealing with a translation, and you see words in brackets, that means that, that is what is inside of the brackets are the words of the translator. If you see words in parenthesis, that could be a part of the original translation, but anything in brackets means that the words, anything inside of the square brackets is not a part of the original work. That is what that means.


       We see here all five levels of soul. That means the translator put those words in to help us understand. He does not acquire all of them, all five levels of soul at one time, but rather according to his worthiness.... Now first of all let me say this, what I see unfolding here is an explanation of ascension. This is so exciting to me because I have been preaching ascension, spiritual ascension for years, but I never knew how, what, when, or where, I never knew how to really gage my spiritual ascension. I know that I am growing as a human being, but I had no measuring stick.


       To gage yourself you have to compare yourself to somebody else. Well, I know that we can compare ourselves to Jesus Christ, but I know nothing really about the stages of the personal ascension of Jesus Christ. And what is happening right now is that the Lord is using my personal experience as my touch stone you might say, that which you compare yourself to.


       Now my personal experience is not an ideal touch stone, I would much rather have Jesus here telling me, "this is what happened to me, this is what I experienced when I ascended into such and such a place," but we do not have that. My own personal experience is somewhat of a touch stone, as I have been praying to the Lord, saying, "Lord what is happening to me, this is what I am experiencing, this is what I see," and then he brings me into a study. He seems to always give me my experience first, so that I then recognize it in the writings of other people, or the writings of other Kabbalists.


       We are talking about the unfolding of information on how people in the future, how the body of Christ, how the brethren in the future can read these transcripts and get an idea of where they are in their ascension. I find it also very encouraging you know, to be able to say, Well yes, I must be ascending because I am experiencing this. This means spiritual ascension.


       Now we are challenged to separate the spiritual ascension from the emotional growth. There is emotional growth, there is development of your personality, you know, there is overcoming, but spiritual ascension is not the same thing as the maturation of your personality. Although they are interwoven, they are not the same thing. And I remember that when I first started preaching this message, I was recruited by the Lord to preach this message, I never had any desire to teach publicly or have a ministry at all, and when I was recruited to preach this message the Lord started to teach me many things, and this is the method that he is using, he gives me the experience, and then he shows it to me. He gives me the experience without understanding, and then he shows it to me in the writings of great teachers so that I can relate my experience to the writings and bring a more perfect truth out of it.


       Because, once again, what we are doing in all of our Kabbalist­ic studies and especially including this work of the Gate of Reincarnations is that we are perfecting it, because as the knowledge that has come down from the Jewish sages is incredible, overwhelmingly monumental, yet it is lacking the key you see. What is the key? Well, all of this great knowledge has not produced, has not restored the Jew to their first estate. It has not worked. So what is wrong? The key is missing. It is just like having electricity wired in the house and not having a switch to turn it on.


       Of course, there is an explanation in the Jewish intellectual world as to why it has not worked, and the explanation is that the people are responsible, that when the people do the right thing, and what is the right thing according to the Jews? The right thing is you must study Torah, which we do here, and you must keep the law. That is what the Jew has to say, that when the body of Jews do this, when they return to their God in this way, when they study the Torah and keep the Mitzvot, a Mitzvah is a good work, Mitzvot is the plural if I am pronouncing it right, do the Mitzvah, it means do the good deeds that are outlined in the Scripture.


       We see here, then, a belief in salvation by works, salvation by works with the assistance of the law of God. We see here a shade of difference between the reincarnation of the Jew and the reincarnation of the Hindu and the Buddhist. The Hindu and the Buddhist believe in salvation by works, you just keep doing it til you get it right. The Jew says the same thing with an added factor, yes you keep doing it until you get it right, but at least you have a standard by which to gage yourself, at least you have a standard which is model, which is a vision as to how you are supposed to get it right, and that is the law.


       I believe, personally, that there is some spiritual growth in studying Torah. I believe that there is spiritual growth in keeping the Mitzvah for the Jew, whether or not there is spiritual growth or before Christ....let us go back to before Christ, whether or not there was spiritual ascension and spiritual growth for the non-Jew, from keeping the Mitzvah, I really do not know, because it is just works. The question is, is the Lord honoring the work that you are doing. I mean we.... I do the works of my hands all the time, you know. I honor God by submitting myself to that computer for hours at a time. I have now been revising our web pages for several weeks, hours, and hours, and hours of work. Does God honor that? Yes he honors it because he wants me to do it, but my salvation is not rooted in it.


       We do have to do the good works, we do have to love our brother even though we are not feeling it, we have to do the right thing. Yes, that is required of us, but does that behavior end in immortality? And I believe the answer is obviously "no" because I do not see any immortal Hebrews walking around, and I am not knocking the Hebrews at all. I thank God for all of the knowledge that we have inherited through them, but I do not see any Hebrews in full stature.


       With all of this knowledge that they have, they are missing the key, they are missing the catalyst that will activate it, and in the doctrine of Christ we have the catalyst.


       There must be a union of the doctrine of Christ and the Kabbalistic teachings, but there is tremendous resistance amongst the Jews because they believe....I am in contact with a Jewish Kabbalistic Rabbi and he does not even want to talk to me. I heard something on one of his tapes recently that led me to believe that he is really concerned about picking up some ungodly philosophy from man, being seduced you know.


       Somehow by the grace of God....but you must understand that the Lord has found some faithful people in the earth that are willing to join the two, and he has found them on the side of the Gentile. The Jew will not budge, but even though I am Jewish, I am living the life of a Christian. This Rabbi that I have a relationship with calls me a Christian. Even though I was born of Jewish parents, he does not call me a Jew because I am not under the law. But what must happen for the salvation of the world to appear, to emerge in the union of this great tremendous body of work?


       We thank God for the Hebrews, what they have been through and all the persecution that the Jews have been through to preserve this word, that the great sages that have brought the words forth, the men who have or are translating it into English, I thank God for all of them, that they have survived the Holocaust and everything that they have done so that we who have received the key can have the safe.


       They have the safe with all of the jewels. We have the key to it, although we have the jewels today too, because we have the spirit of Christ, so we have the jewels also. And I think....my opinion is that if this great body of Kabbalistic work was not available to us, that the same spirit that gave us the doctrine of Christ and brought us to where we are today, would give us everything that we need. Everything that is written up in the Kabbalistic literature, he is full well able to give it to us, but he is speeding up the process by directing us to study written translated works that already have been written up. It is going to be much, much faster this way.


       We have inherited this tremendous commission of joining this Kabbalistic knowledge with the key, and what we are talking about is spiritual fusion which is greater than the explosion that is coming forth. It is greater than that of an atomic bomb. It can be likened to a hydrogen bomb, and actually what is happening to all of us, is that we are becoming the original point of creation.


       Listen to this. The Lord just told me this last night, this is very exciting. I have taught....you have heard on my tapes and read in my transcripts, over the years many times I have talked about that "point." Also, we have talked about it in Kabbalah, but even before we came to Kabbalah, we talked about that "point," and we said, "Adam was the point." We had a couple of messages like that if you remember it, and I have to tell you, you know that I never really understood the application of that word "point," see.


       I tell you all the time, no matter how smart somebody is, no matter how much revelation they have, when a concept that is beyond that person's understanding appears to them, they are as ignorant as the most ignorant person who has never heard any spiritual teaching at all, because I cannot believe how ignorant I was that I really never understood. I think I thought this point, this spiritual point that I knew Adam was, that it was some point in space somewhere, but it is not. You are a point. I am a point.


       In relation to the vastness of the universes, we are just a point. And we have discovered recently that Genesis 1 is happening in us. It is the most incredible thing that has ever been said to me, but I keep hearing more and more incredible things being said to me that apply to me.


       Genesis 1 is happening in us, "and the spirit of God hovered over the waters." We live in a sea, a spiritual sea, and said, "Let there be light," he said it to you, "Let there be light," he said it to you, he said it to me, let there be light, and the light is the word of God, and now I find out that we are the point. And what does it mean to be a point? What is a point? A point, Scripturally speaking or spiritually speaking, is a point, a location, the location of concentrated energy, concentrated, compressed, compacted energy. Does anybody need me to say this another way? Do you know what compression means, do you know what compression means?


       A point is a location of compressed energy. Jesus Christ is entering into each of us, slowly so as not to kill us, but his intention is to be completely compacted within us, so fully compacted within us that each individual that has this experience of being the place, the location where the point is, we will be able to, we will be an expression of the fullness of that energy which is beyond time. This is what Jesus Christ is doing, this is what the Ayn Sof is doing, and Jesus Christ is his vessel.


       The Ayn Sof, the energy of the universe, he has put himself into a channel, he has entered into this universe, he has entered into individual people, and he is increasing the amount of himself by compacting himself in individuals a little bit at a time so that he does not kill us, until each one of us is a point of the beginning, a point which contains such a degree of compacted energy, that we will be....the energy within us will be of the same strength as the energy outside of the universe. That is what is happening to us. We are the point. We are the beginning, we are the point of contact for the greatness of the Ayn Sof to every aspect of the creation.


       Remember the covenant that Elohim made with the creation? The covenant that Elohim made with Noah was not just with Noah. It was with Noah, his sons, and the whole creation, the birds, the trees, everything that suffers in this world. And as I taught you many years ago, I now see the same teaching in the Kabbalah. This whole planet is alive, this whole planet is an expression of an entity. We are connected in the flesh. Of course, those of us who are living out of Christ, we are not bound under the earth, but the whole planet, the birds, the trees the foliage, the people.


       You cannot get off the earth, you have to walk, your feet are on the earth, it is unusual means by which we ascend into a plane. Eventually, you have to come down to earth, we are all a part of the earth, they are a part of an entity. When I taught this, I taught that we were an expression of Noah, and that all the other planets out there are dead because Noah was the only survivor.


       Now I hear in the Kabbalistic studies that I am reading that a couple of great Hebrew sages say otherwise. They say there is life on other planets. I have asked the Lord, if I am wrong, let me be corrected, but I do not feel any correction yet in the spirit, but that is another story. How did I get off on that? We are doing reincarnation today.


       I know what I was talking about. We are talking about acquiring all five levels of soul. This study in reincarnation is a study in spiritual ascension. It is information about spiritual ascension, it is a guideline for spiritual ascension so that you can place yourself and get an idea of where you are, but for those people in the church, I would say it is a good way to get an idea of how low down you are because most people think they are higher than they are.


       Even I, you know I am very high compared to the circles that I travel in, but I am not very high, I am not very high, I am just higher than you, that is why I am teaching you. If I was very high, I would have no problems whatsoever with my health, no problems whatsoever with my weight, no problems whatsoever dragging myself to the gym to walk on the treadmill, and I would have a lot more victory.


       I have a lot of victory, but I would have a lot more victory than I am having. I am struggling in a lot of areas, but this teaching is really encouraging me because it is showing me my progress, although I can look at my life and say, "Well yes, I am overcoming, but this is just making it clearer. It is also showing me my goal.


       Also you may recall several years ago, I had a profound dream. I forget most of my dreams, I have never forgotten this dream. I preached on it a couple of times, we even have a couple of illustrations of it, where I was looking out of the window and there was a big reservoir below me, and above me was a big high-rise building with many, many stories. I could not see the top of it, and there were people looking out of the windows in the stories above me. Now, eventually, I got the revelation that the reservoir is the energy pool that is in this world, but I never really understood that high-rise building. Then when the Lord brought us into Kabbalah, and we started studying the Kabbalah and the Sefirot, I recognized that the high-rise building was the Sefirot. But even then, it just did not....I just did not get it to the degree that I have it now, that there really....it is not today....there have been people who have ascended to heights much higher than I am at, in the Sefirot of God. I am not talking about the occult, now, you know.


       Now in my dream, I saw a couple of people looking out of windows, whether there are people in the flesh today who are much higher than I am, which may be the case, you know, I have not met them, and then the other question is of ascended masters, you know. You may know the doctrine of ascended masters, which is a Hindu doctrine. Well, it is initially Hindu, that people can spiritually mature to such a degree that they no longer need the body to live in and they dwell in a very full blessed existence without all the problems that these bodies give us, and the Kabbalist teach the same thing. I have that issue before the Lord.


       We know that Elijah went to heaven without dying, but what does that mean? Well, Elijah today is reincarnated in Jesus and through Jesus is reincarnating through all of the church and ultimately all of humanity.


       Is this Elijah's existence today? Or does he have an existence beyond this? I do not know. My opinion at this point, which may change tomorrow, is that the whole creation is in the flesh, everything is in flesh, everything is in the flesh. The Ayn Sof ordained a visible creation, not a physical visible creation, but a spiritual visible creation, whereby the body is fully in subjection to the mind.


       If your body can get sick, if your body can give you a pain, your body is not in subjection to your mind. The average person today has an existence which is led by the body, but we are called to live an existence which is led by the mind. Now, brethren, my existence is led by the mind, but not yet completely. I am fully aware that I am led by the mind, so completely by the mind, I am so completely led by the mind, I am so completely drawn to my studies in the spiritual things of God, that I have to discipline myself to do the things of the flesh. I have to discipline myself to get the house straightened out, I have to discipline myself to make my bed, I have to discipline myself to walk on that stupid treadmill because my body needs it.


       There was a time that I had a physical passivity after being ill for so many years that it was mental torment to get up and physically do something. I have overcome that. Today the conflict is that I would rather be studying. I would rather be studying then walking on the treadmill. I would rather be studying than doing the exercises that I do. I would rather be studying than going to the supermarket but I get hungry. I have to buy food. But, eventually, this is what is happening to us, we are being reversed you see. If your lifestyle....be honest with yourself, and there is no condemnation in it, what is your greatest desire? You know if your greatest desire is some activity of the flesh or even....I am going to tell you something. Even if your greatest desire is your family,there is no condemnation in this, but you need to know that you are not being led by your spirit.


       I want to tell you, when you get to the point that you are being led by your spirit, your spirit desires Jesus Christ and his kingdom more than your physical family, and that does not mean that you do not love your physical family, or that you abandon your physical family. That is not what I am talking about at all. I am talking about a priority of mind and heart, and it is nothing that you can do for yourself, it is nothing.


       If you are listening to me, and you are saying, "Well my family is the most important thing to me in my life, that is terrible." No, that is not what it is all about. What it is all about is that as you mature spiritually, one of the signs of maturation is that the most important thing to you is God and the activities of God, and what follows that is the people that you engage in the activity of God with, and your natural family gets very upset over this because they are not first in your life anymore. If and when you come to that point, I am not condemning anybody, and I am not telling anybody you should be any place. I am telling you this is what happens to you when you truly pant after God to the point that you start living out of your spirit, that your spirit is pulling your body instead of your body, which is the horse, is pulling your spirit.


       Our flesh is a horse, our spirit man is the rider. Has anybody here ridden horseback? Has anybody been on a horse at all? When you first get on a horse, and you do not know what you are doing, does not the horse laugh at you? He does not want to do anything, you kick him, you pull on the reins and he just goes, he just snorts and shakes his head. He does not want to listen to you, he knows that you do not know what you are doing. Is that not true? He does not want to start, you are kicking him, he does not want to walk, you get him walking, he starts running, you pull him. I was on a horse once, I was pulling that rein back so hard the horse's neck was twisted, and he would not stop. He knew that I was not his master.


       Well this is a spiritual truth. But just like I told you, I have to force myself to get on that treadmill. Not that I do not like the treadmill, I would rather be in the things of God. If you come to that point with your family too, you continue to love your family and desire them, you know, but there is something more important in your mind. Well, you still take care of your family. I still walk on the treadmill, I still take a shower, I still go to the supermarket, I am spending weeks on those web pages, which I do not want to be doing, because I am a responsible person.


       But my spirit is pulling me, pulling me, pulling me upward, upward towards my Lord and Savior. So what is pulling you? If your flesh is pulling you, it is pulling you downward, downward, downward. Well, is pulling you towards your family going down Pastor Vitale? Is that a bad thing? No, but it is an activity of this world.


       When you ascend....what does ascension mean? It means that you are ascending above this world, and there is no marriage or giving in marriage or family life, as we now know it, in heaven. It is a different kind of family life. It is a family life where the most important thing is Jesus Christ. In the natural family life, the most important thing is usually other children, the children and the grandchildren.


       Usually, that is the most important thing, or, hopefully, the husband and wife love each other, but the keeping together of family, that what you have in common is that you know....you have known each other for years, you have raised your children, the children know each other, I mean know you and their siblings all of their life, there is nothing wrong with that. But there is a family life where Jesus Christ is the focal point, which is a much stronger tie.


       Even in natural families, as you grow, the people gather together because you know one another, and you have known each other all your life, but when you start moving on in God, you have less and less to talk about with your beloved family members, because what are they talking about? They are talking about buying clothes for the children, going on a vacation, traveling to Europe maybe, taking a cruise, fixing up the house. Is there anything wrong with that? No, but your mind is now hungry, your mind is hungry for spiritual learning, for spiritual conversation. You are being drawn away from that, you are ascending.


       This is what ascension is. It is being drawn towards the focal point of spiritual life, which is Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is his word, and you reach a point in the study of his word where Jesus Christ becomes experience, where you ascend....I am told....this has not happened to me yet, where you ascend beyond the study of the word, and your existence is pure experience with Jesus Christ. I have both today. I have the study of the word, and a great deal of spiritual experiences, and spiritual understanding that never gets on a tape or a transcript.


       The Lord was talking to me about that this morning, and I said, "You know Lord, all of this spiritual understanding that I have, I was not a natural, some people are naturals, you know, I was not a natural, you taught me everything that I know." I was not spiritual when I came to the Lord, and every bit of spiritual knowledge that I have, I have gleaned from personal experience with the Lord. This activity of my mind is tantamount in my life, it is paramount in my life. There is nothing more important than that, yet if I saw my daughter or grandchild in trouble, I would reach down to help them, but for me, personally, I am bonded to the one who is above.


       Now you could be bonded to the one....well you could be bonded to his seed. When Christ first comes to you, Christ grafts to Abel in you down in your belly, but you have to get up into the heart center to be bonded to Jesus Christ, and I am not going to re-teach that. I do not even know why I am going on and on like this, this morning. I really do not. I am trying to follow after the Lord, I do not know how I got here.


       Basically, I am telling you that reincarnation is a study of ascension, that the Jews have an element to their doctrine of reincarnation which transcends the Hindu and Buddhist's doctrine to the degree that I understand it. The Buddhist and Hindu doctrine say, "Well you just keep doing it over til you get it right." The Hebrew doctrine says, "You will never get it right unless you study the law which will tell you what is right, then when you line up with the law, you can improve," .


       And then the Hebrews also say, but you have to keep the Mitzvot, and this is, I am sure this is true for the Jew, or was true for the Jew. I do not really understand where the practicing Jew is today in relationship to Jesus Christ. I know the Lord has mercy on them, and that the Spirit of God touches everybody that studies his word. I know that God is with them to some measure, but I do not really understand it any better than that.


       This is what they say, that you keep this Mitzvot, and it is your protection against being seduced by the doctrine of the other side. We have that protection internalized. Christ Jesus in me protects me from the doctrine of the other side, and then I have some students, some disciples, who are not capable....the Christ Jesus within you at this point is not yet capable of protecting you from the doctrine of the other side, so you are under me. But, eventually, everybody will have an internalized Christ which is mature enough to protect you from the doctrine of the other side.


       But what the Jew has is the Mitzvot, that when they keep these laws to whatever degree this is still functioning for the Jew, because I know that a lot of Orthodox Jews are deviating and going into all kinds of spiritual problems, but to the degree that even before Jesus Christ, that the Mitzvot was practiced though because of their obedience, the Jew was protected against deception from the other side.


       And this is the epitome of the internalization or the spiritualization and internalization of the law which the Jew has not been able to grasp. They have simply not been able to grasp it, that the law can be internalized, and yet, I heard the Rabbi that I am studying with say that he is fully aware that as we ascend, the law will be manifested to us in a higher degree, that it is not going to be manifested the way it is manifested today.


       I believe that it....well at some point these Jews, these practicing Jews that are so faithful to their cause, they have to hear the Doctrine of Christ, but the problem is they are afraid of an unclean spirit, fear, fear, fear. It has to be a supernatural move of God, but they have to understand that the ascension of the law is upon us, however it does not help when we have Christian preachers telling everybody you are not under the law anymore. And the Jew says, "We will never not be under the law, how could you not be under the law? How could you do anything that you want and say it is under the blood?" You cannot, and they are right.


       We are still under the law, but the law has been internalized in us. We are no longer under the law for the sake of the law. What does that mean? That means that we have people being drawn by the Holy Spirit today that are great breakers of the law, fornicators, adulterers, thieves, murderers, and now they have come under the law because they have decided, or they have received a revelation that the law is a better way, not because they were taught as a child, thou shalt not, or if you do, you go to hell.


       There is a difference between a person who keeps the law because they are afraid of the judgment, and the person who has already experienced the judgment and decides that the law.... I better cleave to the law because it is going to keep me out of jail, I better cleave to the law, I better cleave to the law in its, well in its spiritual form. Right now, my example is adultery, and fornication, and murder, I better keep the law because bad things happen to me when I break the law.


       "When I get sick, it is no accident that I am sick. I have been in adultery all my life, that is why I am sick, I better cut this out. I better stop cheating, I better stop stealing from people, I could lose my job because I steal from people." Well, I do not know how many people know that today. I do not even know that a law-keeping Jew would know that today.


       I am not thinking I want to keep the law because I do not want to go to hell. I keep the law because I do not want to get sick and die. I do not want Satan to have a legal ground to come in here and hurt my children or my grandchildren. I do not want this house to burn down, I do not want this house robbed, I do not want to suffer loss in any manifested form, and I know that if I do not keep the spiritual law of God I am vulnerable and open to all of those things, and, ultimately, to sickness and death, that there is no separation from keeping the law and leading a healthy blessed lifestyle, there is no separation.


       All these people in this country today that are making all this money, and they are educated, and they are executives in the business world, and they are living in million dollar houses and driving Lexus cars, and they are out there with mistresses and committing adultery and cheating in the corporate board rooms, these are very ignorant people, because they cannot hold on to these blessings doing what they are doing. And the judgment may not fall in their lifetime, but it will fall in their children's lifetime or their children's children's lifetime.


       You must lead a righteous lifestyle if you want to keep the blessings that could only have come to you initially because some of your ancestors were serving the Lord Jesus, or in the case of many Jews, serving Jehovah. You cannot keep what you have, when you violate the law of God. That is why I keep the law to the best degree that I can, certainly with the behavioral laws, fornication, adultery, stealing, cheating, lying, bearing false witness. I am very careful....I would rather, if there is question over money, I would rather you take it than me. I do not want to risk having anything that does not belong to me. I have experienced the judgments of God for whatever my parents did or whatever I did in the past life. What do I know? I have been delivered from death row.


       I am not going to risk being envious of you, or wishing you evil, or trying to hold back your ministry, not me, I am off of death row. There is a big difference between me and the person who keeps the law who is afraid of the judgment. I have already experienced the judgment, how on earth....well, I do not know where this is coming from this morning. It is not exactly reincarnation, but we will go with the spirit.


       There is a spiritual ascension, and there is hell in the flesh. When I first came to the Lord, when I was dying, my life was a total disaster, I had a dream, a profound dream as I told you earlier. I forget most of my dreams, but the ones that I remember, I remember because they are not really dreams, they are really spiritual experiences. And there was this big hole in the ground, a big pit and I could see two hands coming out and I knew it was me. My hands had come out of the pit which meant I was pulling myself out. Now, of course, the hand in the Scripture typifies the mind, my mind has dragged me out of the pit.


       Jesus Christ laid hold of my mind. I was dying when he apprehended me, but he started with my mind. My hands were the first thing that came out of the pit, then your body follows. And there was this big highway, like this 6 or 8 lane highway, and I realized that I was coming out of the pit, and I was ascending into somewhat of a normal.... by this world's standards a normal lifestyle, because my life was just survival, for years since I was a young woman.


       Everyday of my life I just wanted to survive, and I did not experience life as most people did. There is an ascension, and I believe it is probably true today that you do not have to have a deep walk with the Lord, you know. If you have a very hard life, for whatever your reason is, whatever your problem is, if you get a hold of a Bible and you just start reading it, and believing it, your life will get better. I believe it, because the change comes, it starts in your mind.


       Now what this situation was before Jesus Christ appeared, I can only guess, but this is what I think, that it was possible to improve your life by reading the Scripture. Whether or not you had to come under the law also, I do not know.


       We know that the Scripture makes provision for the stranger in the land. I do not know that anybody was reading the Torah and not also coming under the law before Jesus Christ, but I am just trying to make a point. Even though that it is true that you can improve your life and, therefore, experience a degree of spiritual ascension by reading the Scripture, I do not believe that you can attain to eternal life or to our first estate you see. We have fallen from our first estate.


       What was our first estate? Our first estate was an impermanent immortality. That sounds like a contradiction. Well, spiritual truths are filled with contradictions. It is not really such a contradiction though. You know, we have a president of this great country right now. He is the most powerful man in the world, but he will not always be the president. His power is not permanent you see.


       Adam had immortality, but it was an immortality that was granted to him to sustain him while the foundation, while the condition of mind that would sustain a permanent immortality, was developed in him. Does anybody need me to say that again? Brethren, does that sound familiar? That is exactly what is happening to us today. That is what it means when it says, we are under the blood of Jesus, that is what the Scripture means when it says, now there is no more condemnation in those who are in Christ Jesus and are called according to his purposes. There is no more condemnation. It means that your death sentence is annulled so long as you use your privilege to develop within yourself a mind that will sustain immortality, or a mind that will sustain the lifestyle that grows out of righteousness.


       You are no longer under condemnation. You have a grace period to develop righteousness within you, to develop a righteous mind, because that grace period is coming to an end, and if you have not acquired a righteous mind during this grace period, you are going back under the sowing and reaping judgment. Oh Pastor Vitale, I never heard that preached. "Once saved always saved." I am so sorry for you, brethren, that you have been a victim of an immature and female ministry, the five fold ministry, I do not know what else to say to you. God is righteous, and everyone who is truly seeking God for the truth will find it. If your knowledge and wisdom in spiritual maturity rests on the man, the mortal man who taught you, he is a blind guide and you will fall in the ditch as he falls in the ditch.


       You must seek Jesus Christ for yourself. That does not mean you take authority over your teacher. You seek Jesus Christ for wisdom, for a second witness to what you are being taught, you seek Jesus Christ to affirm to you that you are in the ministry that he wants you to be in. God help us.


       There is spiritual growth from generation to generation. I believe reincarnation is real. There is spiritual growth right in this lifetime. Is there spiritual growth from reincarnation to reincarnation? I do not even know. I am still struggling with that, I have some resistance towards it, but I guess it is probably true. But we will never attain to the true immortality without....or by any means other than union to the one who has already attained immortality. We cannot attain it by ourselves.


       And I asked the question to the Hebrew community, to the Kabbalistic community, "well you have all this knowledge, why has nobody returned to his first estate yet?" And the answer to me is, "Oh, we knew the answer to that,it is because the people are not ready for Messiah. The people, the Jews, they have not done what they are supposed to do, and, therefore, it has not happened yet."


       Now the Kabbalists teach that there is a time period during which the Jewish people, and I say the Jewish people because the Kabbalists do not impute this power to the Gentile, there is a time period during which the Jew must "bring in Messiah." How? By studying the Torah and keeping the Mitzvot, and when this time period comes to an end, if the Jewish people have failed to move close enough to God to manifest Messiah, that Messiah will come anyway with great tribulation.


       And it looks like the Jewish people, those who do not believe Jesus is Messiah, that it does not look like that they are doing what they think they could do. I think most Kabbalist Rabbis would tell you, "Well, it looks like the Jewish people did not make it through this period of grace, so Messiah is coming with great tribulation and millions of people are going to die," you know. I believe that is in the Hebrew writings, what I am....I hope it does not mean millions of physical people are going to die. My hope is that it means millions will die to their carnal mind. We will see what we will see. Praise the Lord.


       What have we said? I have been speaking here for almost an hour, what have I said? I have said that reincarnation is real, reincarnation is a process of spiritual ascension. I do not know about you, but I never saw reincarnation as a process of spiritual ascension. I understood that reincarnation was a process which resulted in a man's perfection so that you did not have to die anymore, but I never saw it as spiritual ascension. And I would trust that the church does not even see salvation as spiritual ascension.


       And how do I draw that conclusion? Because what I hear preached in the church is, "Well, I am going to die, and I am going to go to heaven," or "I am going to live just like I am, I do not have to improve, all I have to do is give out tracts to the unsaved you know, just exactly in the condition that I am because I am forgiven, and the blood of Jesus is on me. I am either going to die or I am going to be raptured. I am going to go to heaven, I am going to get my own mansion, and life is going to be good."


       I never actually saw salvation as a process of improvement. I have to tell you, even for all the years that I was speaking about spiritual ascension, I never saw spiritual ascension as personal improvement. Although I have preached that you have to go from evil to good to righteousness to enter into immortality, I may have even been preaching it but never understood it on the level that I am seeing it now, that you literally ascend into immortality, you ascend above the power. We must all ascend above the power of this world to take our lives, and the process of ascension is self improvement.


       I know that I taught years ago in the doctrine of Christ, Abel must be trained up in spiritual things, and Cain must be trained up in natural things. That is why we are very big here on communication, and how people relate to one another, and right relationships, and right communication and culture, and manners, and we are into all that because Cain must be trained up as well as Abel, because the whole man is ascending.


       But somehow, I just never understood it like I am understanding it now, and it is very exciting and a great blessing to me to have the privilege to teach reincarnation, married to the doctrine of Christ, to teach the truth of reincarnation that whatever degree of success we can acquire through reincarnation will always fall short of complete perfection and deliverance from this world, aside from union with Jesus Christ. See I was on death row. Jesus Christ reached down and touched me, and he pulled my mind up first you see.


       Now according....I am very long winded this morning, when I get there you will see from the Kabbalah, the teaching is that you have to ascend from the bottom up. That is what the teaching is, you ascend from the bottom up. Your Nefesh must be completed first, then your Ruach must be completed, then your Neshamah must be completed, but that is not my experience. My life was a total disaster on every level, and I should have died years and years ago,but the Lord Jesus grabbed a hold of my mind, and he started building up my mind in righteousness in the Scripture, and my mind is ascended way above my body.


       Your body is in the world of Asiyah which is where your Nefesh is. The mind of Christ is in the world of Beriah, which is where your Neshamah, the mind of Christ, is. My personal experience is the exact opposite of what I am reading in this Isaac Luria's Gate of Reincarnations.


       Now what came forth in Part One of this message is that there is a lot of truth to this doctrine of reincarnation, and that it was possible to return to one's first estate through this process on the other side of the flood. Do you remember that? Does everybody remember that? I preached that on Part One of this message. Before humanity was in these animal bodies, the reincarnation that the Kabbalists are preaching could have restored them to their first estate, and Enoch himself was restored to his first estate by the keeping of the law and the Mitzvot, whatever he was doing. I do not know that there was any Mitzvot there, I have to take that back.


       I believe the keeping of the law and the Mitzvot, at least the civil law of Israel, was appointed after the flood. It was appointed in Sinai, so Enoch was not under the law. Enoch was a spiritual being, a spiritual being, who apparently was capable of joining with....I do not know the right name to use, but joining with a higher world and returned by some form or some manifestation of this present teaching that applied to him when he existed, but there was no law in the time of Enoch.


       And Elijah went to heaven without dying. I do not know about you, but I have not read one word in the Scripture, not one word in the Scripture that indicates to me that Elijah ever put on Tefilin, or that Elijah ever said a bruchah over a meal. Does anybody know of any Scripture of Elijah keeping the law? Now remember, you must draw a distinction between the spiritual law of God which is in your heart, Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not worship other gods.


       There is a difference between that law, and the law that says you cannot eat meat and dairy food on the same plate. The law that says you cannot carry keys on Saturday, or you cannot turn on a light switch, that is called the law of ordinances. Jesus did away with the law of ordinances, but the law of righteousness still exists, and Jesus said that law of righteousness can be expressed through one simple commandment. What is it, anybody? I know you all know, but we get so into this high doctrine that you cannot stop and think when I ask you the question.


       Listen, thou shalt love thy brother as you love yourself. Love does no harm. What does that mean? Because we hurt each other all the time. We do not mean to do it, we offend each other, sometimes there are sins of omission, sometimes we just forget to do something, and it causes the other person pain. Sometimes we are ignorant in the things we say. Well, that is your carnal mind doing all that. Love beareth all. What does that mean? Christ in you, Christ in you is incapable of doing any damage.


       You know anything that you say or do that hurts somebody, that it is not Christ in you, unless of course it is for righteousness sake. If you bring a correction in the name of the Lord, if it is, in fact, the Spirit of Christ in you, and the person is wounded, then that does not apply. But even that applies because you must test the hurt that you inflict. If you believe that you have hurt somebody because Christ in you told them the truth, well mark it down on your calendar, mark it down on your diary, because that hurtful word will not come back void. It will produce improvement in that person's life, if it takes them 20 years to find out what you told them was right.


       But, of course, you cannot be waiting for 20 years to find out whether or not it was Jezebel that said that or the spirit of Christ, you should not be judging before the time. But you need to know this is a fine line, but there is a difference here. The mind of Christ does no harm to the person in view of their eternal or immortal soul.


       Christ will hurt your emotions. Christ will not only hurt your sin nature, Christ will wound, and beat, and destroy your sin nature. Christ will hurt your pride. Christ will cause you great pain in your sin nature, but the end of the whole thing will be an improvement in your life, an ultimate immortality. Your mind has to be ascended enough to even understand this. If your mind is not ascended enough to understand this, you should not be judging at all, unless, of course, it is someone you have authority over, your wife, your children, your employee, you know. There is legitimate correction in this world.


       You know, I saw last night the biography of Audrey Hepburn. I have always been fascinated with that woman, and I think that she must have retired early, she only made a few movies. What an incredible life story she had. She was the most incredible person, and it showed nothing in this movie about her having any relationship with God, but she was the most spiritual....except for one thing, where she fell in love with a married man and did not care that he was married, but aside from that, she was the most beautiful person, and what I want to tell you now is that her desire was to be a ballerina. I do not remember the exact term that they used, but to be like a star in the ballet, the one who would take the lead role. And she studied the school reciprocated to do that, usually run by women who have been a prima ballerina. That is the word, a prima ballerina.


       The studied, she worked as hard as she could possibly work under a prima ballerina, and one day the prima ballerina walked in and very passionless, with very little passion, just said to her, "Miss Hepburn, I regret to tell you that despite the fact that I acknowledge you have worked as hard as a human being could work, you do not have what it takes to be a prima ballerina."


       And what that meant was she was being discharged from the school, because the school is only for people who had the potential to be a prima ballerina, and Audrey Hepburn did not scream, she did not cry, she did not attack, she did not accuse the teacher of not knowing what she was talking about, and she did not accuse the teacher of being jealous of her.


       She just believed the teacher, and she went over and kissed her, and thanked her for the privilege of studying in her school. You stay in a school that is training you for something that is greater than you presently are as long as that potential exists in you. If at some point it is revealed that you are not going to make it no matter how hard you try, you are discharged from the school. Let those who have ears to hear, hear it.


       Anyone that I would discharge from this school, not that I do it that often, goes out and maligns me, says evil things about me, lies about me, imputes evil motives to me. That woman had the most incredible example of good character that....or, at least, one of the examples of good character that I have ever seen in my life. It was inspiring watching the movie. Watching it was inspiring. She was noticed by, I think, a producer. I am not sure the title of the person who discovered her, and she came to New York to have a part in a play. She was still a pretty young woman, she was going out on the town every night.


       The director, I am not sure if it was the director or the producer, but her boss decided she just was not doing the job, and he ranked her out in front of whole group of people. He ranked her out. Somebody begged that she should have another chance and the boss said, "I will give her another chance on two conditions, one is that she stops going out at night completely, and the second condition is that we continue to look for her replacement during her trial period."


       Now everybody that I know would have been so humiliated, only they would have been capable of doing anything if not overtly, if not speaking it out, if not speaking evil towards the boss, thinking evil and repressing it. Everybody that I know, including myself, would have said, "Well, listen to him, what does he know?" You know what this woman did? She looked at him in front of this whole group where she had just been humiliated, and said, "I apologize for not living up to the standard that has been required of me (I forget her exact words), and I will see to it that you will never have to bring this kind of a correction to me again." Brethren, that is character that I do not see in the church today. I do not even see it in myself, but I would like to have that kind of character.


       She was the daughter of a baron, a European baron, they lost all their money in World War II. I am not saying that all nobility has this kind of character, but there really is something to it. The royal families of England, although they were very corrupt in many ways, they definitely had something that the common man did not have. You have to have something to be in leadership.


       Now today, Jesus is going to people who are faithful in him. You do not have to have that kind of character to be called to discipleship by Jesus Christ, but once he gets you, once you say "yes," he expects to build that kind of character in you. Do you hear me? You do not have to have it. It is not a prerequisite to be a disciple. Being a great moral person is not a prerequisite. She went to a finishing school, you know, a high level finishing school. That is not required to be a disciple, to be a son of God, but once you come into the program, that is what he expects you to turn out to be.


       So, I do not know what is going on here this morning, but I am going to try again. Let us get back to reincarnation. Reincarnation, according to the Kabbalists, allows you to improve your person, your life, your mind, who you are as a human being.


       There really is an ascension. I am off again. I just have to go with the spirit. Listen, for years and it still exists to a degree, talking about the European ability,there has been a caste system across the world. Of course, it is really illegal. The nobles of Europe, they lost all their money after World War II. In India, the caste system has been outlawed, but there really are different spiritual levels that people exist on.


       One of the things that is happening in this country today which really should be looked at again is that this political correctness is teaching that all men are equal. Well, we are all equal before the law, but we do not all come into this world on an equal level. That is just the truth. Everybody does not have the same IQ, everybody does not have the same talents, everybody does not have the same ability to go out and earn money, everybody is not equally beautiful.


       Some people are born crippled in their bodies, some people are born crippled in their personalities, some people are born crippled in their soul. We are not all equal. We should be equal before the law, every man should receive equal justice before the law. Every man receives equal opportunity from Jesus Christ. Salvation is offered to all men, but everyone who comes is not equal. This is a big mistake, and if you want to keep what you have....this is a radical thing that I am saying. If you want to keep what you have, you could hang out with people that are not as blessed as you are, if you cling to the higher standard. But what I see happening in this country today is that because of this political correctness, many young people who do not have this wisdom and now are no longer under the authority of their parents saying, "Do not hang with that crowd," they are experiencing other levels of society and descending into those levels.


       Because it is very hard, if it is possible at all, to cause someone to grow up out of a spiritual condition. It is very hard to ascend out of poverty, it is very hard to ascend out of abuse, it is very hard to ascend out of a neighborhood where everybody is a thief, and selling dope, it is very hard. Someone who is raised up in a privileged family starts hanging out in those areas, and it is just a matter of time until you will be swallowed up by that level, and it is not just a level of society, it is a spiritual level. Why have we not been able to raise up people out of poverty in this country? Because it is a spiritual problem, and reincarnation is supposed to deal with spiritual problems.


       The Kabbalistic reincarnation teaches you that if you are overcome to the degree, to whatever degree, and I do not know how to measure this right now. You overcome in your life time, let us say you are trying. Now, let me remind you that reincarnation means completion or perfection. It is talking about perfection of your soul, or perfection of your personality in a particular area at a time. Let us say you are born into a ghetto, or you are born into some bad poverty, I do not know if this is really accurate, but I do not have any more information so I am going to give you this as an example.


       Let us say you are born into a family of thieves, into a neighborhood where everybody is a crook, you know where you walk down the street, and you know who the loan shark is, you know where to go if you want to place a bet, you know where to go, you know, where the neighborhood fence is if you want to pick up something for less than you should be paying for it. If you live in a neighborhood like that, and your own family is all involved in illegal activities, well maybe the completion of your Nefesh in that lifetime would be to arise out of a neighborhood like that and not go that way, not to have anything to do with illegal activities.


       But to go on, to go to night school, and get your degree and become a solid citizen of society, that would possibly be considered perfecting your Nefesh in that lifetime. I may not have it exactly right, but it is something like that. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


       Kabbalistic reincarnation says that is the best you could hope for. If you get out of that neighborhood, you grow up and you are not a crook, you will not have anything to do with anything that everybody in that neighborhood is doing, you went to night school, you became a lawyer, and now you are in the U.S. Senate. You have rectified, or you have completed, or you have perfected your Nefesh, your soul life, in this life time. Now you cannot go any higher. You have to die and come back again to start working on your Ruach, your next level up.


       Why do you have to die? This is the Kabbalistic explanation for it, if anyone is not following me please raise your hand, . If you succeed in completing your Nefesh in one lifetime, you cannot go on to completing your Ruach. You must first die and reincarnate. Why?


       This teaching is based on the opinion or the revelation, I do not doubt that it is true, that every person who is born is given a Nefesh. That is the animal soul, that is the life that is in the blood that flows through your flesh. Everybody that is born has a Nefesh. Now according to the Kabbalistic teaching, when you are thirteen you receive a Ruach, and when you are twenty you receive your Neshamah. Now whether or not that is true for the practicing Jew, I do not know. Maybe it is true if you are a practicing Jew, and you are raised up in the Scripture, and you are studying, and you are learning Torah by the time you are thirteen, you receive your Ruach.


       Well, what is the Ruach? When I first started teaching Kabbalah, I could not really explain it because I have taught you that the soul is the personality which is the Fiery Serpent, Cain and Abel in us, and then the Kabbalists say that the Ruach, the spirit in man, is the personality. I did not have an answer for you, but today I have an answer for you.


       The Ruach, that which the Kabbalist calls the personality, is the spiritual personality. The Nefesh, what I call the Fiery Serpent, or the personality, that is the personality of the flesh man, and as you begin to study Torah, as you begin to pursue God, and the spiritual studies of God, you get a new personality or a renewed personality. You get a level of soul that you did not have before, and it is called Ruach, the spirit of man, the spirit of the spiritual man. The Nefesh is the personality.


       You know, we are taught that the animals do not have a spirit, that they just have a soul, or you might say it is the breath of life of the animal. That is what the Nefesh is, the personality of the animal, of the carnal nature, but when you start pursuing spiritual things you receive a new personality, the spiritual man in you, and that is what the Ruach is. They are both really personalities although, apparently, the Kabbalist does not consider what I call the personality, the personality of the flesh. The Kabbalist does not even call it a personality. It just says you are an animal.


       The Ruach is the spiritual personality. So perhaps it is true for the practicing Jew, at least before Jesus came. I do not know about today, but you are born with a Nefesh, and when you are three years old, you are put into the Yeshiva, and you start studying the Scripture, and you start praying the prayers and serving God and keeping the Mitzvah, and doing everything that you were supposed to do. By the time you are thirteen years old, you have received a spiritual soul, because everyone who pursues God, I mean the true God, I am talking before Jesus, now everyone who pursues Jehovah, the true God, he will answer you. Everyone who seeks him will find him.


       Now I am not....on this message I am not getting into this issue of whether or not the Jew actually has a communication with Jehovah today since Jesus has come on the scene, that is not this message . This is what the Kabbalists teach, that by the time you are thirteen you get a Ruach added to you, you get a spiritual personality added to you. What does that mean?


       It means that when you get together for fellowship, when you are not in school, when you are not working at the ministry, when you get together for fellowship, your greatest desire is to talk about the Scripture. You now have a spiritual personality. Now if you do not have it, do not get condemned but you cannot ask for something until you recognize that you do not have it.


       Now the Nefesh, the physical body and the mind of the physical body,these are Christian terms. I do not hear this in Kabbalah at all, that there is a mind of the flesh, you know. I do not even hear the word flesh. They just say....the Hebrews, the Kabbalists, they do not even deal with the....aside from the Mitzvah, aside from the laws that say, this is what you have to do, you have to wash your hands, you have to do this, aside from that, they do not really deal with the flesh or the mind of the flesh. That is what we hear in Christian terminology, which is an understanding that if the Hebrews have it, I have not read about it yet.


       There is a mind of the flesh, and there is a mind of the spirit. Did not Paul say that. I think he said that in the book of Romans. The mind of your flesh is your Nefesh, and the mind of the spirit is your Ruach, and you receive that mind of the spirit by pursuing Jesus Christ or pursuing the God of the Scripture, the true God of the Scripture, however he is willing to have mercy on you, you know. I am inclined to believe that he is amongst the Jews to some degree today because they are his people, and those that read his word and are pursuing him with all their heart, there has to be some measure of mercy there, but like I said, that is not this message.


       When you pursue the living God you get a mind of the spirit. The mind of the flesh is what is called the vehicle for the mind of the spirit. You cannot get a spiritual mind, you cannot acquire a spiritual mind if you do not first have a physical body, and the physical body has a mind that is attached to it. There is no place for a spiritual personality or a spiritual mind unless you first exist in the form of a body. This flesh, and this flesh mind is the vehicle or the cart which carries the spiritual mind, and it is the spiritual mind that has the ability to pursue the things of God. Paul says that the carnal mind would never understand the things of the spirit. You have to get a spiritual mind to understand or even be joined to the things of the spirit. First you have to get that.


       I have been reading the book of Romans for years, to be honest with you, I never even asked the question, but I would have if someone had asked me,"Well, how do I get that mind of the spirit?" I would not have known what to tell them, because I do not believe that you get it when someone lays hands on you. Maybe that is what other Christians would think, you get the whole thing, everything when someone lays hands on you.


       No, you get the spiritual mind as you pursue the God of spirits, the Father of all spirits, you get a spiritual mind. Then once you get this spiritual mind, the spiritual mind that dwells in the carnal mind that dwells in the flesh body, the next aspect of your soul that you acquire is the Neshamah, which is the intellectual mind, that is the mind of Christ. The mind of the Spirit, maybe that is the Holy Spirit, the mind of the spirit, I am not really sure.


       The next thing that comes, the Neshamah, is the true mind of Christ, your ability to be intellectual in God. First you get the spirit. I guess that was just a word of revelation that the mind of the spirit is the Holy Spirit. That is the beginning of your spirituality, that is the vehicle for the mind of Christ. The Holy Spirit is to point you to Christ. Then, according to the Kabbalists, at twenty years old, now this is talking about the man, or to whatever degree they let their women study, I am told that some elements of the Orthodox do not let their women study, when you are twenty years old, you will acquire a Neshamah.


       Well what does that mean that you acquire a Neshamah when you are twenty years old? Well, you continue to study. By the time you are thirteen you have acquired the spiritual mind, by the time you are twenty, another seven years of study, you have acquired the ability to pursue God with your intellect. That means you listen to the word and questions arise in your mind, and you are thinking about the word, and saying, "Well this does not make sense or, that applies to that." That is the intellectual mind. It is the Neshamah that rests in the Ruach. The Ruach is the vehicle or the body of the Neshamah. You cannot have a Neshamah, you cannot have an intellectual mind of God, if you do not have a spiritual mind. You would not even be interested in this stuff. You all, on some level, here are operating in your Neshamah. That you are listening to this kind of a message, you have to have something that draws you to this kind of a message.


       Those are the three levels of soul that the Kabbalists tell us we can hope to acquire. We are also told in this study by Isaac Luria that the next two levels of soul which are the next two higher levels of soul, which are the Chaya and Yechida, are not attainable to anyone. This teaching is for the Jews, that the Chaya and the Yechida are not attainable at this time.


       But you see the Chaya and the Yechida are attainable at this time in Jesus Christ. That does not mean that we have it. It means that we have the potential to get there, but you only get there as you ascend through all of the levels. Now we have some people here who over the years, I have had to remind you, you cannot get to where Jesus is by jumping from a to z. You must go through, and you must overcome in every area to get there. That is the ascension.


       Now back to my point. The Kabbalists say if you do all you could do in this lifetime, and you rectify your Nefesh, so to speak, whatever that guideline is, that you perfect your Nefesh,  to whatever degree that is possible, I do not know what the criteria is for it, but that is what they say, you perfect your Nefesh, you must die and reincarnate before you can start working on your Ruach. Why? Because a Ruach must be added to you. Remember, I just told you when you are thirteen you get your Ruach?well if you have now perfected your Nefesh....well, let me say it this way first. Any aspect of your soul that is added to you will be imperfect. It is added to you for the purpose of your acquiring it, making it a part of yourself and perfecting it.


       Well, what does that mean to me? You know, now I am mixing the teachings here with the doctrine of Christ and with my thoughts. What I am about to say, I did not read in this teaching. What does it mean to acquire a Ruach and perfect it? It means to integrate it, it means to acquire a Ruach to integrate it with your person, and to make it work for you. Well, what does that mean? Well, something that is not yet perfect will be drawing you away from God towards sin. Something added to you, an aspect of soul or mind that is added to you that is not reconciled unto God, will draw you away to sin.


       If you have a Nefesh, you have a soul, a flesh lifestyle that you have overcome, you know, and you are a successful human being, and you have a family, and you are a model citizen of society, if that is what success is, and you are an honest person, and you are prospering in this world, well, now you would like to acquire a spiritual mind. You would now like to acquire the mind of the spirit, . Well, the mind that is given to you is not perfected. It is like a raw prototype of the whole thing. This mind of the spirit that is given to you, it will not really be all that it is called to be until you acquire it, integrate it with your person, and direct it to manifest spiritually towards God.


       Now this is coming forth by revelation right now. When the mind of the spirit is given to you, you might say it is not engraved. What is given to you is a spiritual potential that has neither the mark of God or the mark of Satan on it. It is a virgin spirit that is given to you, and that spirituality that is given to you can either....will, by default, gravitate towards the spirituality of this world. What happens to a lot of people that come into the Pentecostal church? A lot of people get into false prophecy, do they not? A lot of people prophesy by a wrong spirit, and then there are a lot of people, I know some personally, I have known some personally who become trapped by prophecy and words of knowledge, and they want to....they are constantly going around to other people and saying, "Do you have a word for me, do you have a word for me, what did the Lord say to you?"


       Brethren, this is a spirit of witchcraft. You might just as well be going to the tea leaf reader. It is the same spirit in you that is lusting for a word from the Lord, or a direction from the Lord.


       Now if you have a specific problem, and you want to bring it before the Lord and say, "Lord I need direction, I need direction to decide which job to take, or whether to make a, to move my geographical location,"you go and you put it before the Lord, and he will speak to you however he will choose to speak to you. He may speak to you through someone who prophesies in the church, he may speak to you through a real estate salesman, he may speak to you through your parents, or through your adult children. He does not have to speak to you through someone who has the gift of prophecy.


       Again, it is a very fine line. Of course, you ask the Lord to help you make your decision, and you listen everywhere. When I have something like that out before the Lord, my ears are open everywhere to hear a potential answer. On the TV, I can hear the answer in a conversation of two people talking where it does not even involve me, I can hear the answer.


       It is  to have your antennas up looking for the answer from God, and it is a completely different thing, a different spirit to be. It is idolatry for the person in the church that has the gift of prophecy to be going to them and saying, "Do you have a word for me? Do you have a word for me? And I say, Oh yes I have a word for you, Thus saith the Lord." What does that mean? You have not used your ability in the Lord to discern the truth. You have come to another person who prophesies sometimes and says, "Give me my answer," you see. It is too hard, it is just too much work to be looking for the answer of the...(End of Tape 1)



Tape 2


       I have heard an answer from the Lord when I have heard a conversation between two other people that did not even know I could hear what they were talking about. I was standing right there. I was not eavesdropping, but their conversation was an answer to my problem. It is a completely different thing to have your antenna up, to have your ears up listening for the response of the Lord to your request, working at it, hearing everything that you hear, praying about it saying, "Lord was that your answer to me, was that you speaking to me?" That is a lot of work you see. It is very easy to go to someone who has the gift of prophecy and say, "Tell me what the Lord is saying so that I do not have to take the responsibility or do the work of finding the answer myself." That is a spirit of dependency which is a spirit of witchcraft that is rampant in the church, and it was in me.


       I trained up in a church where the pastor was very gifted. He went out before every service with a word of knowledge, calling people out and having words for them, and I complained to the Lord once. I said, "Lord he never calls me, how come?" And the Lord said to me, the Lord answered me, he said, "Why would you want him to talk to you when I talk to you directly?" The Lord said,"That is a spirit of witchcraft in you," and witchcraft promotes dependency. You need to know that. That there is danger of coming under the power of a soothsayer, someone who tells you, who becomes the mediator between you and God, and you just believe every word they say. It is witchcraft fostering dependency on you.


       It is very hard to have a relationship with God. Do you know how hard it is to have a relationship with God? It is very hard, very worthwhile, and very rewarding, but it is very hard and all consuming.  I had a powerful deliverance Thursday night after you all prayed for me. The next day my reaction was, "Wow." Or even the night after you all left, after you prayed for me, I said, "This is just awesome, you know, I thank you for delivering me Lord, but I had to employ virtually all of the spiritual knowledge that I had to get the understanding that brought forth that deliverance."


       I said, "Lord, how will anybody ever find deliverance in these areas without this understanding that I do not see many of the people having?" And the answer is this, the Lord is faithful to his people, and he will always deliver you when you get into trouble, but if he delivers you without your having the knowledge that he has given to me, you will always remain in the same place of vulnerability. He would have delivered me even if I did not have that knowledge. If I just cried loud enough he would have delivered me, but I would have fallen into the same problem over and over, and over and over again because I would not have understood how I was contributing to my falling into that problem.


       Our greatest defense is wisdom. The greatest defense we can have is wisdom. When you have wisdom, you do not need deliverance, because when you have wisdom, you never get into trouble, you do not have to be delivered. That is what the Lord said to me. Anybody who cried out to him, he delivers, but they stay children and women, and they have the same problem over and over, and over again, because they did not understand how it happened to them, and then there is no ascension. God delivers you, but there is no ascension.


       We are talking about ascension, and ascension is an overcoming of mind, and reincarnation has to do with an overcoming and a spiritual growth of mind. You do not just ascend because you read the Bible, and you sit in a service and years go by, you do not just ascend. Ascension is intimately associated with an overcoming of mind and emotions and body. Without any overcoming, there is no ascension.


       Now we know that the book of Revelation speaks about overcoming, but I never related it to the ascension. Overcoming is ascension, and the only rapture that there is, is ascension. A grade that you have to ascend to, a test that you have to pass, you do not get promoted because you have been sitting in the classroom. You have to learn the class work, and then you have to have the practical experience so that what you have learned in the class becomes a very part of your own being. That is the only true ascension.


       We are talking about reincarnation. We are talking about ascending from the level of Nefesh which the whole church is at, mostly,which most of the church is still at, but the church, the church in the day of Pentecost probably acquired their spiritual mind. They were given the spiritual mind, and, in this hour, Christians who love Jesus through faith in the King James Bible that they read, when they receive the Holy Spirit, they have received their spiritual mind, and your spiritual mind is designed to help you move on to intellectual studies which is the Neshamah in Christ.


       We are talking about going from rectifying your Nefesh in one lifetime and then dying and coming back to receive your Ruach. Why can you not receive your Ruach after you have perfected your Nefesh in this world? Because the Ruach that is given to you is not engraved with righteousness. It is a raw potential for spirituality that, by default, will draw you towards witchcraft. The church is filled with witchcraft, people praying their will on other people, judging before the time. The church is in a lot of trouble, so correction is coming.


       They have the word, in some cases they have the spirit, and their personality is still controlled by Satan, and they think it is God. The spiritual....the mind of spirit is given to you. I am seeing it in the spirit right now, very interesting. It is just like....what I am hearing, it is the manna. Is that not interesting? I am seeing it. It is just a white piece of fabric, almost like the kind of sheet that comes in a box, a whole bunch of sheets, so that you pull one out and put it....it is fabric softener that you put in with your laundry, that is what I am seeing. It is just a sheet, it is white and it is square, and I could see the fibers in it. I could see the warp and the woof in it, and it is just a raw spiritual potential that is given to you, and this spiritual potential must be woven together with your whole being. It must be woven together with your Nefesh, and then it must be trained to serve you in God. Well, we would say, "in Christ."


       Once that spiritual mind is given to you, if it leads you to pursuing card readers, and astrologersyou are better off having not received it. The church has received the Holy Spirit. I do not really understand how to say this. The Holy Spirit is not a raw potential. The Holy Spirit has to be clean and holy, so I do not really know, I have a problem here. I do not know how to tell you this, but somehow when you receive the Holy Spirit, you also receive your spiritual potential which can be apprehended by the mind of your flesh, and directed in the wrong direction.


       This....I guess the answer is when you receive the Holy Spirit, it activates the inherent latent spirituality of the Nefesh, which is Satan. Satan is in the blood. I personally....what has been in my mind recently, it must be a word of knowledge is that the sea that Leviathan swims in is the blood of our body. I know, I do not know whether it was on this series or not, but I know I recently told you that Satan and Leviathan are in the blood. Our sin nature is in the blood, the red blood of this body, which is the mind of the flesh. That is where Satan and Leviathan are. They are in your blood, it is the fallen blood, and that sea that Leviathan swims in is the blood that flows through your veins.


       Satan is a part of you, and when the Holy Spirit comes, apparently it is possible for the spirituality that is already within you to lay hold of that Holy Spirit and use it for its own purposes because every fallen man has a potential to manifest witchcraft. Witchcraft, people get so upset with that word. It is control, witchcraft is control. If you have an aspect of your personality where you have a tendency to make people dependent on you, that is a spirit of witchcraft. When you prophesy to people all the time, you are drawing them unto you in dependency. It does not matter if you do not know that, that is what you are doing, it does not matter if you do not understand that, that is what you are doing.


       Listen, if you go out with your friend one day and you are driving the car and he says. "Sit here, I am going to get something in the drug store," and he runs in and robs the drug store, hops into the car and the police catch you, you are an accessory. You will go to jail even though you have no idea what your friend was doing. It does not matter that you do not know that, that is what you are doing. That is why you are here, that is why you are following God, that is why you are studying, to find out what you are doing that you do not know that you are doing is sin. Because once you can face the fact that you are doing it, now you have a choice, you can do it, or you can not do it.


       But so long as you do not believe that what you are doing is sin, you are being robbed of the choice to say, "I will not do this anymore." As long as you believe the lie that I do not know what I am talking about, and that what I told you is sin in you, it is just my imagination or Pastor Vitale is just making a mistake this time, or however you want to think of it, as long as you believe that lie, Satan in your own mind has robbed you of your choice to stop sinning in that area.


       And you will reap what you sow whether you know what you are doing or whether you do not know what you are doing. Look, if I do not know that, that fire is going to burn my hands and cripple it so badly that I will not be able to use it again, let us say that I am one of these people that has no nerve endings in my finger, in my hands, you know there are people like that, they do not feel pain, I do not know that, that fire is going to destroy my right hand, that I will not be able to use it again, and I put my hand in the fire and watch my hand burn to a crisp, is my hand gone, or is my hand not gone? It does not matter that I did not know what I was doing. If I am a child and I pick up a gun and I shoot you, and say, "Oh, I did not know that was going to kill you, you are still dead."


       The whole human race is into witchcraft, some people more, some people less. The truth of the matter is that people, the people who are most satisfied in their life are less likely to be into this kind of control, the happier you are with your life. If you are a man or a woman that has a career, and your career is important to you, or if you are pursuing God. To me, God is a career, he is a whole lifestyle. I do not have to be controlling you, all I want is God, all I want is God and this word, I cannot live without it.


       I do not have time to be trying to control you. I just want to finish up what I am doing so I could get back to my studies. I do not need the satisfaction of controlling you because when someone who has this spiritual problem controls you, whether you know it or not, there is a satisfaction in it ,you see. Something in you is being satisfied. Well, if you are being satisfied by the word of God, or by your children, or by your career, or by your wife, or your husband, the more satisfied you are by these Godly pursuits, the less you will need to be satisfied by controlling somebody.


       The more satisfied a person is in this world, and also with finances, also with finances, the more you are comfortable....now look, brethren, let us be realistic about this. Money is a big thing. The more your are comfortable materially, the less likely you are going to want to be controlling somebody. Sexual frustration is another big thing. I just saw a movie on TV the other night. I am watching all this TV while I work on the web page, weeks and weeks and weeks this is going on, and it was about this man who was losing his job, he felt impotent because he was married and he could not take care of his wife, and he was getting fired and, of course, he had a serious spiritual problem. He went out and killed a little girl, and every time something bad happened that made him feel bad, he went out and killed a little girl. That was what made him feel better. Now that is an extreme example.


       People do all kinds of things to make themselves feel better, some people gamble, some people commit adultery, some people go home and have sex with their wives, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with loving their wife, nothing whatsoever to do with loving their wife, but they had a bad day at the office, and this was....you know, I do not believe it is acceptable spiritually, but it is acceptable on a carnal level. That is your wife, you know, her body is supposed to be yours, but the truth of the matter is, it is not love making. You are releasing your frustration of what happened at your job. It is not ideal.


       Some people eat because they are frustrated or not happy. Some people control, and that control taken to extreme can become murder. The more satisfied a person is in the world, the less likely they are to control. If you....look if the shoe fits, wear it. If you are very controlling, put yourself before God and ask him, you know, how come I am so dissatisfied in this life? And the Lord's answer is going to be the same, no matter what your problem is. Anybody who asks him that question, he may tell you why, but his solution is the same.


       For every human being that is engaging in some form of ungodly behavior because they are not satisfied or fulfilled in their life, the answer is the same for all of you, "Pursue me saith the Lord and pursue my word, and I will fill you, and as I fill you, you will lose the need to engage in the ungodly activities that you are engaging in, whatever that is, if it is gossip, if it is control, if it is envy, if it is backbiting, whatever it is, fill yourself up on me says the Lord, and you will come to a place where you will desire me so much that those sins of your mind and your spirit will fade away, because the most important thing that you will desire is me, and I will never frustrate you says the Lord. There will always be enough of me for you. I will be here every time you call. You will never ever learn so much that there is nothing else left for you to learn, if you truly seek me, as to where to go to learn."


       I will always satisfy you with spiritual bread, but you have to get to that point where your spiritual life is so built up that you are pursuing him with your mind at any moment of frustration, I know, no matter what happens in my life that is frustrating or painful, whatever it is, I run for the books. Sometimes I pray directly, I cry out, but it is my mind that has to be satisfied. Sometimes I have to pray because the affliction is so bad that I cannot get into the study, but the end of the whole thing is getting my mind in sync with the mind of God that will be my satisfaction for my mind. Not for my loins, through sex, not through my emotions. Deliverance from all of the sins of this world is through the intellect which is in Christ, and do not be telling me any of you cause I hear this all the time, "I am not smart like you are Pastor Vitale." Well, I was not always this smart. Just submit yourself and you will get smart.


       So, what are we talking about? We are talking about the adding of the Ruach to the perfected Nefesh. Now, I am not really convinced that the Nefesh can be perfected, . We are talking about Kabbalistic reincarnation here, I do not think that any part of me can be completely perfected until Jesus Christ is added to....the Spirit of Christ is added to it, but I can believe that certain aspects of my life can be perfected for the purposes of this world, you know, but I do not know what that criteria is.


       Well, what comes to my mind right now is, the criteria is that I am ruling over it. In other words, the day that I get this weight off and maintain it, and that I am in full control over that pull of my flesh to eat food, not only good tasting food, but to eat when I am frustrated. That is the one thing that I still do when I am frustrated. Even though I turn to God, my flesh still pulls. I want to eat, I want to eat when I am frustrated or upset or tired, I just want to eat something that tastes good. That needs to be rectified or overcome.


       I could see saying, "Well, my flesh is rectified when I have full power over my flesh. I could do anything I want with it, that I could eat, I could not eat, you know. I could tell you I have been rectified sexually, you know, I have no problem with my celibacy whatsoeverI have been rectified in that area. It does not bother me, not having it, does not bother me, it is not a problem for me. Food is a problem for me. I have to be on top of it all the time. Exercise is a problem for me. I have to force this body to go and do it. Not having sex is not a problem for me. I am not longing for sex, I am not longing for marriage.


       I guess that must be what it means, and then on the other hand, if the Lord were to direct me that way, I am still a normal woman and I could engage in a normal marital relationship, but is has no power over me. I am going to say that, that is what rectification is, or completion and perfection means, when the flesh has no more power over you.


       Then you go on for your Ruach. Well, let me finish teaching the Kabbalistic view because my experience....it is not even that I disagree with the Kabbalistic view, my experience is different you see.


       Well, I will just go with the flow here. I believe that I am....I have ascended into the Ruach level of soul in several areas, and the last area to be perfected in me is this flesh. Like I told you, this food and this exercise and infirmity. I have more authority over infirmity now than I have ever had. As I told you last week, I am very excited, you know, that I feel myself coming down with a cold, and I am rebuking it and it is just going away. I have never had this experience in my life.


       For those of you who do not know me, I have been very ill to the point of death several times, completely overcome, and I am now literally in a war with the forces in this body that would make me sick, and I am winning. Now the war is not over. The war would be over if I become a person who never gets sick or hardly ever gets sick. I still have....my immune system is not what it should be, and I take all kinds of vitamins, but, you know, I had reached a point in my life where I would have anybody pray for me, I would pray for myself, my pastor would pray for me, I would call all the prayer lines, everybody would pray for me, nothing helped.


       This cold hit me and I would be down for a week, in bed and then six weeks to get the cold out of my chest, and there was nothing, no prayer anywhere that would help me, you know, so it seemed, I could not find it, no prayer anywhere, nothing could help me. And today this cold is trying to get on me, and I am literally in a struggle with it, literally in a struggle with it, one minute feeling sick, rebuking it praying with all my strength, and it is gone in an hour, and then it comes back and then I chase it, and then it comes back, and then I chase it, and I expect it is going to go completely, eventually.


       But I am in an actual war with infirmity in my body, and I am winning. That is the first time ever. So my personal experience is that my Nefesh is being rectified last. I have a spiritual mind, I am very spiritual. I am so excited when I think about what the Lord has taught me. My mind defaults to spiritual thinking. I believe that my Ruach....well, let me just remind you that within the Nefesh there are five worlds. Well I am sorry, within the world of Asiyah,there is a Nefesh of Asiyah, let me skip that now.


       There is a Nefesh of Asiyah, a Ruach of Asiyah, a Neshamah of Asiyah, a Chaya and a Yechida of Asiyah. Then according to Kabbalistic reincarnation, when all four levels of that, of five levels of soul are perfected or rectified in Asiyah, then you go on to those same five worlds in the level of Ruach, and, according to Kabbalistic reincarnation, you have to perfect all five worlds in Asiyah before you could start moving at any level in Ruach.


       Now that is Isaac Luria classic doctrine, but that is not my experience. This is not an opinion, it is my experience. I believe that I am ascended in probably four levels of soul except the Nefesh, I believe that I have ascended into the level of Ruach in four levels of soul, but the lowest level of soul, Nefesh, I am still down in Asiyah, struggling with my weight and my infirmity and my exercise. Does anybody not understand what I just said?


       What it seems has happened to me is that, I mean, I would have never....I would have died. I was supposed to die when I was eleven years old, you know, that Jesus Christ came and he grabbed a hold of me and he grabbed a hold of my mind and just like I told you with that dream with the hands coming out of the pit, he is, you might say, dragging me up by my hair, you know. It is like I am a child that fell down in to this pit, and he has reached down and he has grabbed me by my hair, and he is just dragging me up, you know, and the lowest part of me is the last part of me to be rectified.


       It is the exact opposite of the Kabbalistic teaching, and what this says to me, well this is the proof to me that this does not even work, that this Kabbalistic teaching does not even work. Now, I guess I have to take that back. What the Kabbalist is saying is that if this was before Jesus Christ, before Jesus Christ came, that if you were, you know....why was I dying at eleven? Because the witchcraft in my family was awesome, the witchcraft control.


       My parents were not reading cards or casting spells. It was all control, incredible control, and other spiritual problems in my family, ungodly control, and other spiritual problems in my family. Before Jesus Christ came, Hebrew Kabbalistic reincarnation would say, "Well you have a spiritual problem, this is what I recommend for you. You start going to synagogue every week, here is your Bible, start reading the Bible, and start keeping the Mitzvot, start keeping the law." And I very well may have recovered from that, I may very well have not died at eleven years old, or I almost died like every ten years. I almost died after that. It may have worked for me, but in this dispensation....well, what I am trying to say if it did work for me, then I may have been rectified from my Nefesh up, but with Jesus Christ, he grabbed me from the top first, if you can hear what I am saying.


       Jesus did not put me under the law. This is the whole exciting principle, that Jesus accepts the worst of sinners, he accepts you and he grabs you in your spirit, and he starts building you in your spirit. I believe, and I am not criticizing, that Kabbalists or practicing Jews that, I do not even know that they would be willing....I do not think they would be willing to teach Torah to people who were, and I am not talking about myself now, people who were in fornication or people who were still stealing, or people who were still drinking, or people who were still on drugs, you know, I do not think they would take you into their.... under their wing to teach you if you had a moral problem.


       But Jesus Christ, he does not care what kind of a problem you have, he goes right to your spirit and he strengthens your spirit, and as your spirit cleaves to him and draws closer to him, and as your mind starts to line up with his mind, all of these ungodly activities, eventually, you will be convicted of them. They will fall away.


       But according to the Kabbalistic reincarnation, you must start at the bottom. Jesus starts at the top, . The Kabbalistic reincarnation starts at the bottom. They would say, "You know, you must (and I am not saying they would be wrong) you must stop this behavior," but I cannot stop, you know. Like in that movie that I saw where the man was killing the little girl, the mother of the dead child who was a friend, he had married her friend, the mother says to him, why? Why? And he says, "I cannot stop," he said, "I have been trying and trying and cannot stop." She had the gun and he was saying, "kill me, I cannot stop," you see.


       The Kabbalist or any person of God would say to you, "Well, you cannot be studying the Torah with me when you are out there killing little girls every time you get upset." Of course, that is an extreme example. "You cannot be studying Torah with me when you are out there fornicating, you know, or drinking, you have to stop that before you come to this holy place," see.


       And we get all these religious people. I hear them all the time, religious people, saying to me, "Oh, I cannot come to the meetings, or I cannot be friends with you, or I cannot read you material until I stop this sinful life," see. But that is not Jesus. He says, "As long as it is God, come closer, come closer to me, I will minister to you as long as it is God ly because I am not going to risk my safety because the pull of sin is very strong. I am not going to join myself to you unless Jesus has told me to do it, and for me to join myself to you, you have to be willing, you have to be willing to change. You may not be able to change, but you have to be willing to change, and the Lord will tell me whether or not you are truly willing and desiring to change."


       Even then, I would have to be careful to the degree to which I join myself to you and, you know, I go through this with every new disciple here who may not necessarily be in fornication, or adultery, or murdering people, but the disciples that come here are all engaged in the hidden sins of the heart because no one has told them about it yet, the hidden sins of pride, attitude, attitude, and motive, envy. Everybody that comes here is filthy with that stuff. I cannot get any closer to you than your sin will allow me, because I have already had that experience where I was joined to people that were on a spiritually lower level than I was, and I went down to where they were, and if I have anything to say about it, it is never going to happen again.


       You have to come up where I am. You have to understand that when you come to this ministry, that I am in a higher place than you are.


       You have to submit yourself to me so that you can be qualified to ascend to where I am. I am not coming down to where you are, and I should not. So, therefore, our personal relationship is limited and restricted to the point where if I go any lower, I am going to be coming down to where you are. That is as far as our relationship can go. I am not going down any further, you have to come up here. You can be as close to me as the Lord will let you be, but you have to come up where I am. I am not coming down to where you are to be close to you.


       You want me calling you on the phone and hanging out with you and telling you about all my problems and letting you judge my sins. No, I am not going to do that. You want to be close to me, you study this word, and you call me up, and you have some spiritual discussions with me, I will be close to you. Let us talk about the word. "Oh, but I do not know it well enough to have a discussion with you." Well, then study until you know it. I am not having that kind of relationship with you, I am not.


       What are we talking about here? We are talking about the perfected Nefesh, and the acquisition of a Ruach. Why must you die after your Nefesh is perfected before you can get your Ruach? Because the Ruach that is given to you is raw material, and in the case of the Ruach being given to you being the Holy Spirit, the only answer that I have for you right now is that it is still a form of raw material that will stir up the spiritual potential that is in the person, which what I am telling you now, it just does not jive with the Kabbalistic reincarnation. I am struggling with it here for the last fifteen or twenty minutes or a half an hour, and it just does not jive .


       Let me do it one at a time. The Kabbalistic reincarnation says your Nefesh is now perfected, and if you receive this raw potential, this Ruach, which is raw spiritual potential, it will corrupt your Nefesh. That is putting it simply. Now this is what Kabbalistic reincarnation says. Therefore, you must die after you perfect your Nefesh and reincarnate again, and I cannot give you the details of how dying will protect.... somehow dying will cure or solidify the perfection of your Nefesh so that the impartation of the raw Ruach will not be able to corrupt your Nefesh.this is the goal, to receive a Ruach without corrupting the perfected Nefesh. Everybody ?


       Kabbalistic reincarnation says, the raw Ruach cannot be imparted to you in the same lifetime that you perfect or rectify your Nefesh, or the impartation of that Ruach will corrupt and de-optimize, there is no such word as de-perfect, or render your perfected Nefesh imperfect. The imperfect Ruach will bring down the Nefesh from its place of perfection.


       We see that Kabbalistic reincarnation is teaching that the perfection of any aspect of soul....or let me say it this way, Kabbalistic reincarnation is saying that any aspect of soul that is perfected or rectified in a particular lifetime is not permanently perfected and that, that perfection can be lost; therefore, one must guard against losing that perfection, and, therefore, the raw spiritual potential of Ruach cannot be imparted to you in the lifetime that you perfect your Nefesh, because that raw Ruach, that raw spiritual potential, will destabilize and bring you down from a state of perfection, your Nefesh. Therefore, you must die after you perfect your Nefesh and, in the new reincarnation, although I have not read it here, the logical conclusion is, in the next incarnation your Nefesh will be perfected permanently, and your Ruach will not be the raw potential, which is the imparted Ruach, will not be able to corrupt that Nefesh. Does anybody not understand what I just said? Anybody have any questions or comments on this?


       Now this has not been my experience, and this is not the experience of the church. I cannot make any sense out of it, you know, concerning what Jesus Christ is doing, and once again, this may have been true before the flood. That was the word we have in Part One, that this teaching of reincarnation is valid for the beings on the other side of the flood, but it is not valid here, because we, everybody here, has received the Holy Spirit. We have been in Pentecost, and the Holy Spirit is the mind of the spirit. You receive the Holy Spirit, and you start speaking in tongues and whatever other gifts of the spirit you manifest. You start manifesting the gifts of the spirit, so you become spiritual, and that spiritual mind, that Holy Spirit you receive is your potential to acquire the mind of Christ, which is the Neshamah.


       The Holy Spirit is given before the Nefesh is perfected, the Holy Spirit is given before the Nefesh, the soul of the flesh, the flesh is perfected. Well, I am really struggling with this. On the other hand the...., I think I got it. Kabbalistic reincarnation, this whole concept of the imperfect Ruach corrupting the perfected Nefesh,let me try it this way. The Kabbalistic reincarnation says that you cannot receive a Ruach until your Nefesh is perfected. Now what we see happening in the church is that we know the Nefesh is not perfected, and the Holy Spirit comes in, and that spirituality stirs up the potential of the flesh or the Nefesh to be spiritual in Satan.


       There is no reconciliation here. I do not see....at this time, I do not see any reconciliation between what the Kabbalistic reincarnation is saying and what we all know to be true, because it is happening in the church today. Let us try and get this comparison on the board. This is Drawing #1, and we are contrasting a principle or a foundational principle of Kabbalistic reincarnation against the real experience that is available to us through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.


       Now once again, I remind you of what the Lord told us in Part One of this message, that the teachings of Kabbalistic reincarnation are valid to the beings that are on the other side of the flood.this system of deliverance from this low state that humanity has fallen into which is called Kabbalistic reincarnation, which I am calling Kabbalistic reincarnation, or which is taught through the Gates of Reincarnation, which is Isaac Luria's teaching, it just does not work for the beings that have fallen into the flesh.it just does not work, and I think it is obvious that it has not worked because we do not see any great Savior aside from Jesus who is rejected, of course, and called Satan. I have to laugh, you cannot be mad, you cannot be mad that people are doing the best that they can and just have a wrong thought in their mind.


       I want to tell you Jesus is not mad. Jesus is not mad that some of the great Hebrew scholars are calling him Satan, or calling him Cain. He is not mad. If you get mad, it is just your pride. He is not mad,he loves them, he loves the Jewish people. This teaching of Kabbalistic reincarnation, it just does not work once you are in an animal body. If it worked, we would not have needed a Savior, Jesus. The reason Jesus came is because this does not work to the man that is fallen into the flesh, which is the third stage of the fall. It worked for the men who were on the other side of the flood in the second stage of the fall. They were in etheric bodies, they were not in physical bodies, and I do not know what they looked like.


       Kabbalistic reincarnation says, the Nefesh must be perfected before the Ruach is given, which condition of perfection can be corrupted, you know. Now, there is a truth to that, that perfection can be corrupted because Adam was perfect, Adam was without sin, but his perfection was corrupted. Your perfection can be corrupted, . And the very term, salvation, that we hear in the church and in Christ- Centered Kabbalah, means the preservation of your soul, and the definition of preservation is perfection that can no longer be corrupted.


       It cannot be corrupted, it becomes a permanent state of being. The spiritual configuration that you are in that is called perfection becomes permanent, becomes congealed, becomes baked in the oven becomes cured like you cure a hide of an animal. It becomes....its natural state is changed to another state permanently through a change in the genes, a permanent change.


       We are talking about Kabbalistic reincarnation in which the Nefesh must be perfected before the Ruach, which is spirit, can be given to it, which condition of perfection can be corrupted. What we are hearing here is that you have no hope in Kabbalistic reincarnation of becoming a spiritual person or accessing the benefits of the spirit until you get your baby straight. I told you earlier that I hear this from people all the time. You know, "Oh, I will come to God when I get my life straightened out." You will never get your life straightened out short of a miracle from God.


       Number two, impartation of the Ruach corrupts the perfected Nefesh, and as I explained earlier the Ruach, the raw spirit....now at least in the teachings that I am studying from, at least right here in Gate of Reincarnations, we are not told what form this corruption of the Nefesh takes. Now whether or not Kabbalists on a higher level have some opinions on that, I am sure that they do. It is not available to me right... when I read, impartation of the Ruach which is spirit corrupts the perfected Nefesh which we call the soul or the flesh, what comes to my mind is a reversal.


       In other words, as I said earlier, well, if perfection of the spirit involves overcoming, just by way of example, overcoming tendencies towards crime or tendencies towards fornication, let us say you are brought up in a family that is sexually reprobate, that everybody is in incest and fornicating and adultery, and maybe your mother is a prostitute, you know, and you come out of that lifestyle as a moral, as a sexually moral person. Maybe that is the perfection of your Nefesh, you know. Well, it seems to me if that perfection is corrupted, that you would go back to the previous lifestyle. Does that make sense to you? That is what I would think, you know, but we see as we compare the Kabbalistic reincarnation with the real experience with the Holy Spirit, that the corruption of the Nefesh is not going back to a lifestyle that you ascended out of, but that the corruption of the Ruach to the flesh is that the impartation of spirit to the soul man stirs up the spiritual potential of that soul man which is not in God.


       This is just going deeper. Listen, brethren, every sin that you commit, whether you are a prostitute, whether you are an alcoholic, whether you gamble, whether you gossip, or you try to control people, every spiritual problem that exist begins with spiritual activity apart from the control of God. Do you hear me? Every sin known to man, including pride, has at its root spiritual activity that is not under the control of God.


       So, therefore, if....and I have not read anywhere a definition of the perfection of the Nefesh in these Kabbalistic writings. One thing as I was reading, and I am already in Chapter ThreeI said this to the Lord, "It is all metaphor, there is no example here whatsoever about the practical application of what they are talking about." But I would imagine that when you study this with a Kabbalist, there is practical application that is not written down. It is just like we have meetings here that we do not write down a lot of things that we have here. I do not know what the Kabbalists would say is a practical application of perfection, one of the signs of a perfected Nefesh. I have no idea what the Kabbalists would say, so I am just sort of guessing when I give you these examples of ascending above prostitution or ascending above crime. Nothing else is coming to my mind.


       But no matter what the weakness in your Nefesh may be, the root of the problem is spiritual activity apart from the control of God. So, therefore, when the Nefesh is corrupted, no matter what form your overcoming took, when the Nefesh corrupts what is going to happen to you is that you will once again engage in spiritual activity apart from the control of God, if you can hear that. And what is coming to my mind right now is that the perfection of the Nefesh, this term, the perfection of the Nefesh, what it really is talking about the whole time is the restraints of the human potential for spiritual activity apart from God. I believe this is a word of knowledge.


       This is what the Lord has just told me, that if I were speaking to a high- ranking Kabbalist, this is probably what he would tell me, . The perfection of the Nefesh is the harnessing and the reining in of the Nefesh under the authority of righteousness in every area of your life. The perfection of the soul is the restraint and the prohibition of every form of sin that the flesh, that the body, that the mind of the flesh is capable of, which we know is impossible.


       Now maybe you know, I am believing, I believe the Lord has told us that this whole concept of perfection of the Nefesh, once you are in the flesh is impossible, that this teaching has come forth in somebody's mind, Isaac Luria's mind. His mind reached into that which exists or still exists on the other side of the flood because the other side of the flood still exists in another dimension. That the perfection of the soul is the utter cessation of all of Satan's activities, because Satan is the spiritual potential of the Nefesh which I am calling the soul. That is the soul, and then the Ruach is the spiritual soul. Is everybody  with that?


       Maybe, well I keep coming back to that, I keep going around in circles, so either there is something I do not know or it just does not work, you know. On the other side of the flood, they did not have the Mitzvot. The Mitzvot was given....it was not even given, the law was given on Mount Sinai and somewhere after that, the sages of Israel, drew out of that law all of these Mitzvot. I mean there are 365.


       My numbers are wrong I am sure, but there are negative commandments and positive commandments, things you must do and things you must not do. That is a whole big ritual of what you must do. That did not even exist on the other side of the flood. Therefore, the people who follow this Kabbalistic reincarnation of being told that if you study Torah, which is always a good thing to study the word of God, because when you study the word of God, that is your spiritual connection to God, and they believe that keeping these Mitzvot, that the Lord honors that, and that your soul can be perfected, but how could a fallen soul be perfected?


       By keeping certain laws, keeping certain laws keeps your mind on God. If you are in this ritual, you know, hopefully it is keeping your mind stayed on God so Satan cannot cause your mind to go off in other directions. Maybe I am hearing from God, and that is what it is all about.


       Even if there is a truth to this, that studying Torah, and I really believe this is revelation, there is a law for the Jewish people that follow the law. Do you know there is a law on every human activity? They have prayers and law when they go into the bathroom? There is a prayer, and I am not knocking themthere is a prayer that you have to sing when you walk into the bathroom. There are severe restrictions on a man's sex life with his wife, they have certain conditions, certain rituals, certain prayers that they have to pray. They are even told what to be thinking about at the height of the sex act, that to whatever degree it is true, I do not know. I listen to a lot, you know, I just wait for the Lord to talk to me about it, what I heard concerning that is that it is at the height of the consummation of the sex act that the soul is imparted to the egg that is fertilized, and if your mind is filled with thoughts of lust, you will get one kind of soul, and if your mind is believing that this act glorifies God, or....he did not say this, I am saying this, your heart if filled with love for your wife or your husband you know, you will get a different kind of a soul.


       I sort of....I see the principle of what he is saying that if you are doing this act, it does not matter if you are married....I mean it does matter if you are married, but for this purpose with what I am saying right now, it does not matter if you are married and you consummated a sex act because it is a pure act of lust, or if it is an act of aggression against your wife, or if it is an act of control or any ungodly motive, it is going to affect the nature of the child that is born from the act. I could believe that.


       There is a law for these religious Jews that they have to be thinking about God at the moment that they consummate the sex act. The very details of their personal life are controlled, and apparently the reason for all of this control is to restrict Satan's activities. Where are Satan's activities? Satan's activities are in the unconscious part of the mind. Satan will cause thoughts to come into the unconscious part of your mind, and then they migrate or they flow into the subconscious part of your mind, and if you are blind, they will eventually wind up in the conscious part of your mind, and if they are thoughts from the good side of Satan, thoughts that are not to murder somebody or do something evil, you will just do whatever you think.


       Most people just do whatever they think, or they say whatever comes into their mind, because they judge the sanctity of these thoughts by their carnal mind. "Well, that looks  to me, that is a good idea, that will make me look like I know something, you know, I will say that."


       The life of the religious Jew, all of this ritual is designed to control their thoughts so completely. They wake up in the morning, they say a prayer, they go to sleep at night they say a prayer, they get dressed, they say a prayer. Well when you are doing that all day long, there is not much room for Satan's ungodly thoughts to get in there. Is not that interesting? The law controls the practitioner's mind and keeps it stayed on God. With Jesus Christ, that is internalized in us. With Jesus Christ, the Lord is no longer controlling the thoughts of our mind, but the Lord is opening our eyes to the thoughts of our mind that we might accept them or reject them.


       Let me say this again. Do you hear this? The Jewish law with all of its severe restrictions is designed to block out Satan's thoughts by making the person focus so completely, and consistently, and continuously on things that they believe honor God, it blocks out the thoughts of Satan, but, it only blocks the thoughts out of the conscious mind. The keeping of the law does not control the thoughts of the unconscious and the subconscious part of your mind. What the keeping of the law does is it probably will prevent you, if you are committed to the law, from acting or from entertaining those thoughts, the hidden thoughts of the heart that we deal with here, envy, rebellion, resentment. If your mind is continuously keeping this ritual, those thoughts cannot get into your conscious mind. They are still there, but you never see them.


       You see the door is closed. Do you not remember me teaching you, do not let Satan enter into this meeting? The door that Satan enters into a holy meeting like this to break the anointing is your mind, and Christ in you is supposed to be standing guard at that door, and when Satan knocks on the door, and you hear that thought in your mind, you are supposed to say, "No, I am not going to speak that out in this meeting, I shut the door Satan, you cannot come into this meeting." But the Jew, they do not do that. The Jew just focuses so on their....everything is a prayer, everything that they do, they walk out of the house, they have to say a prayer. I am not knocking them, this a horrible bondage though, you know.


       It blocks Satan out of their conscious mind, but, brethren, the whole definition of salvation is the neutralization of Satan and the thoughts that she generates in your mind. There is no salvation, there is no deliverance from this body until Satan is cut off. That is what salvation is, the putting down or the forcing of Satan underneath Christ, and the sealing of that pit so that you cannot even hear her voice. That is the peace that passeth all understanding, that you do not hear that voice anymore.


       Most people do not even know it is a voice. It is just thoughts that come into your mind. She must be silenced. That is the true and everlasting salvation that ultimately results in deliverance from this physical body. It is the silencing of Satan, because the only way Satan will be silenced is because Christ Jesus within you, not within me....  it has to happen within you, but when Christ Jesus in you utterly cuts her off and puts her in jail. Is this not interesting?


       We see that the Kabbalistic concept of reincarnation which it talks about the perfection of the soul of the flesh, the Nefesh is talking about the cutting off of the impulse to sin, because that is what the impulse to sin is. It comes from a thought, it starts with a thought, and they believe that, that can be done by studying the Torah and doing the Mitzvah. What are they saying here, what are they saying here? They completely, at least this is my perception from the information that I have,they believe that the blocking out of the thoughts of the mind of the flesh from the conscious mind is the perfection of the Nefesh, but what about the subconscious and the unconscious, where do they generate?


       I do not know what a Kabbalist would say to me if they were here right now, but that is the question that I put to them. Jesus Christ, when he lives his life through us, deals with the point of generation, the unconscious part of the mind which is Satan. She is the one, she is the author of all wicked and ungodly thoughts that come into men and women everywhere. They originate with Satan. Christ does not have thoughts like that.


       Look at this, brethren, look at this comparison. The perfection of the Nefesh, according to the Kabbalistic reincarnation, is the blocking out of all sinful thoughts from the conscious mind by diverting the mind, by keeping the mind busy and active.


       Well, there is no rest in that, brethren, and is not that what you all do? Is not that what religious people do everywhere? Is not that what I have been trying to get you to stop doing for the years that you have been here? You are blocking the evil thoughts out of the conscious part of your mind, and for all of the years that you have been here, I have been saying to you, "Do not do that, look at it, look at the evil thoughts of your mind, and by the power imparted to you in Christ Jesus, cast them down from their root, the unconscious place where they generate." You have to look at it because it is there, and if you think it is not in you, you are deceived because it is in every human being on the face of the earth, even the most religious person that you know. Satan is in the blood of this flesh.


       It is your condition. She is worse in some people and better in others, but Satan lives in your blood, the blood that flows through your veins that your heart pumps. She is inside of you generating her evil nature through you, and you will never overcome her short of righteousness being added to you, because you and I, we are the expression of Satan. How will we ever overcome what we are? Something greater than us must come and help us. We must change, we must transfer from what we are into something greater. How can you overcome what you are and continue to exist? To overcome what we are means to cease to exist. If we do not have another identity to transfer into we die. Is that not interesting?


       That is what Kabbalistic reincarnation is saying. Well, it is similar, it is not really the same thing. In order for the perfection of the Nefesh to become permanent, you have to die and become something else, but, of course, that is not really what they are saying. At least, the way that it is written, or the way that it is translated, one would be led to believe that you can perfect your Nefesh, and that you could be a new creature in the same lifetime, you just cannot go on.


       Brethren, we are Satan. We must die to stop being Satan. That is why we need a Savior. We need a new identity, a new foundation, a new family, a new father, a new life. What is being saved, brethren, is the spirit of our mind. We are being renewed in the spirit of our mind. Eventually, everything that we are today, including this physical body, we will come out of the body, but there will be a continuation, Lord willing, if we go over the line into immortality in this lifetime. What we are waiting for is a continuation of that change in consciousness. We do not want to have to die and reincarnate again with no memory of this life to acquire the preservation of our soul.


       I am going to say that again. According to Kabbalistic reincarnation, if we....I do not believe that it is possible, but if it is possible to utterly silence Satan in this lifetime, you must die and reincarnate again with another personality which has no memory of your glorious overcoming in this lifetime in order for that salvation of your soul to become permanent. Like I said, I do not believe it is possible, but if it were possible, what Jesus Christ offers us is the permanent perfection and preservation of our soul, and the addition of higher levels of soul without loss of memory.


       Does anybody not understand what I just said? You want me to say it again? Kabbalistic reincarnation says, if it is possible, it says, you could perfect your soul in one lifetime, and, remember, the Lord has revealed to us that the Kabbalistic concept of perfection of the soul is the complete secession of Satan's thoughts in the mind. Kabbalists say you can do that by the study of Torah and the keeping of Mitzvah, . But in order to go on to the next level, because the reward of perfecting your Nefesh is to ascend to the next levelin order to attain that reward, to make the perfection of your soul permanent, you must die, and then reincarnate with a new personality that has no recollection whatsoever of all of the glorious overcoming or all the knowledge that you have acquired in the perfection of your soul.


       In Jesus Christ, we transfer from Satan's foundation to the foundation of Jesus Christ. We become a new creature. Every part of us is going to be rebuilt, we are coming out of this physical body, eventually. It is really just the spirit of our mind that is being saved and reformed in every other area, and we will find our self in Jesus Christ as a new creature, you know, without dying; therefore, without loss of memory, without the necessity of starting all over again as an infant. In this same lifetime, we go on to Ruach with a memory of the whole experience that we have had. We do not have to die.


       Now up until today, people are still dying. Since Jesus Christ, as far as I know, nobody has attained it yet, but, brethren, this is a promise, this is the promise, this is the promise! And you want to know something? I had some of the people ask me, and I have asked the Lord, but what happens after we are perfected?


       And I have told everybody that I do not know. The only thing I know is that we will be helping other people to become perfected to the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ, and after that Paul said, "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard of the things that God has in store for us." Well, you know, what comes to me now is after our soul is perfected, then our spirit is perfected, our Ruach is perfected, then our Neshamah, which is our intellectual mind, is perfected. That means genius, brethren, genius level,and then you go on to Chaya and Yechida. Yechida is out of the body.


       The people will be walking around on the earth with a perfected Nefesh which means you will not die, because your Nefesh is your body, right? That is just the first step that lets you engage in the procedure that will perfect the five levels of soul in you without it killing you. The perfection of our soul is just the first step in preparation for spiritual and mental genius and rulership over all the worlds of creation. The salvation of the soul is not the end. It is the beginning, it is the first step, praise the Lord.


       Kabbalistic reincarnation, the Nefesh must be perfected before Ruach is given, which condition of perfection can be corrupted. Impartation of the Ruach corrupts the perfected Nefesh. The Ruach cannot join to an unrectified or unperfected Nefesh and leaves. Once the corrupting Ruach corrupts the perfected Nefesh, and the Ruach cannot join to a Nefesh that is not perfected, so the Nefesh leaves.


       Let me say that again. Before you can receive your spiritual personality, before the Ruach is imparted to your Nefesh,remember the Nefesh is the vehicle for the Ruach, the Ruach lives in the Nefesh, the Neshamah lives in the Ruach.


       The Ruach is coming to live in your Nefesh, and your carnal soul, in the soul of your flesh, and the Ruach, according to Kabbalistic reincarnation, is imperfect, but, imperfect as it is, it cannot attach itself to an imperfect soul. Your Nefesh, your soul of the flesh, must be perfected or the Ruach will not even stay. It will be repelled. An imperfect Ruach coming together, approaching an imperfect soul, they will repel each other. If the Ruach....if the Nefesh is perfected, but you are in the same lifetime, and that perfection has not yet been preserved, and the Ruach enters into that vehicle that it is designed to dwell in, and the imperfect Ruach will corrupt the Nefesh, and once the Nefesh is corrupted, the imperfect Ruach will not be able to join to it and will leave you.


       There is no benefit....according to Kabbalistic reincarnation, there is no benefit whatsoever in acquiring a Ruach when your Nefesh is perfected in the same lifetime, because then you lose the perfection of the Nefesh, and you do not have the Ruach anyway. So, according to Kabbalistic reincarnation, there is something about dying, that permanent dying to this physical body, that permanently preserves the Nefesh, and what is coming to me now is that it is backwards.


       When our soul is preserved, when our soul is fully preserved in Jesus Christ, eventually we will die to this body and come out of it. Listen to how, in Christ, it is completely backwards. Listen, I am going to say it slowly. I may have to put this on the board, I do not have another board.  listen, it is backwards, the carnal mind always has it backwards. Listen, in Jesus Christ your soul is perfected, and you ascend out of the body. You do not need this body anymore. Kabbalistic reincarnation says that the perfection of your soul is made permanent by the body dying. The body must die to preserve, to make permanent your preservation. I am going to have to write this down for you.


       , this is Drawing #2. The carnal mind is the exact opposite of the spiritual mind of Christ Jesus. Kabbalistic reincarnation says that the body must die so that your soul can live, but Christ-Centered Kabbalah says, "No, when your soul lives, eventually you will liberated from this animal body," see.


       I am going to say it again. Kabbalistic reincarnation says your body must die so that your soul can live, and Christ-Centered Kabbalah says, "No, when your soul lives, eventually you will die to the body and everything that this lifestyle represents, to this whole animalistic lifestyle."


       So, we are on Kabbalistic reincarnation. The Nefesh must be perfected before the Ruach is given, which condition of perfection can be corrupted. The impartation of the Ruach corrupts the perfected Nefesh, and, therefore, the Ruach which needs a perfected Nefesh to live in....now remember, the Ruach is your spirituality. According to this doctrine, you cannot be spiritual in God unless your soul is first perfected. Listen, listen to what this is saying, . The Nefesh is the soul of this body, and the spiritual potential in the Nefesh is Satan. This doctrine is saying that the spiritual personality of God will not live in a soul where Satan is active. Do you hear that? The spiritual potential of God will not dwell in a soul where Satan is active.


       I hear that in the church all the time. Well, the Holy Spirit would never live with demons; therefore, a Christian cannot have a demon. All of humanity is filthy, we are filthy, we are living in the sewer, we exist in the sewer. I do not care if you are the most upright citizen of the world, spiritually speaking, we are buried under the earth. Cain killed us and we are buried under the earth, and we are living down here with all the filth of the lower regions, and we only have the goodness that we have because of the mercy of God who has blessed us while we live here in the valley of the shadow of death or while we dwell here in the valley of the shadow of death.


       And it is true, I am sure it is all true. The spiritual potential of God will never dwell in an unclean vessel. Thank God for Jesus. Jesus changed the rules. Jesus changed the rules. Today, in the form of the glorified spirit, there is a glorified spirit that will dwell in an unclean Nefesh, but the Jew who cleaves to this law is waiting, waiting for the power to perfect his Nefesh by himself. And I do not have a full knowledge of the Jewish doctrine, but it is related to Mashiach coming through Messiah, coming when Messiah comes. His mind is going to be so high and so powerful that it will enable all of them, all of the Jews to overcome their soul. Well, that is true, you know, except that it is not exactly true.


       Mashiach came, and the fact that he is alive and that he is raised from the dead, that alone does not give us the power to perfect our soul. He must get inside of us, and he must join with us, and this is the concept of "ibur" which I will get to probably after dinner.


       He is our new life. Our soul is dead, it is broken. The only way it is going to be fixed is by dealing with the spirit, and you know that is what happened to the beings on the other side of the flood. They were broken, they had descended into evil to such a degree that Jehovah wiped out the formation of their existence, but their core, the spirit at the core of them, their foundation, survived. And that is what Jesus is doing to us today, only this time it is a spiritual flood. He says it is not by water. It is by fire, you know.


       If the Ruach is corrupt, and it enters into a man who has overcome Satan's thoughts completely in this lifetime, the corrupt spirit can overturn that salvation, and the Nefesh and the soul will no longer be perfect; therefore, the Ruach, the spirit, will not be able to dwell in it, so the Ruach will leave, and the man will have lost his whole house. Is that not what Paul talks about? His house will be burnt down but, nevertheless, he will be saved. That man will suffer loss, is that not what Paul says? But if a trial comes and blows down that house, that man's house, everything he has, could be destroyed but, nevertheless, the man will saved.


       This is what everybody is building.they are building their perfected soul. That is what the people at the Tower of Babel were trying to do. They were trying to perfect their soul. According to this teaching, you can attain it, you can attain to that place that Adam was at where you could have an impermanent perfection which.... where the chair could be knocked out from under you. Very interesting.


       Well, I want to tell you, I have experienced the truth of that, you know. You all have been here with me for a long time, and I joke about it now, but there was a time when the place that I had to ascend to in order to preach here was a place that was not natural to me. The Lord was catching me up to a place that was higher than I was in myself, and I could not tolerate....the slightest distraction in these meetings would bring down the anointing in me.


       If you want a practical application of this, this is what you would say. "Well when the Lord prepared me to preach in these meetings, he put me....he raised my soul up to a place of perfection, and he entered his spirit into it, into this temporarily perfected place, so that I could preach to you all," see.


       But my position was so tenuous because it really was not me, that you would just say one thing....I turned on the TV once, I was yelling at the person, "shut off the TV." Why? Just one little thing. If you closed the door instead of opening the door, I would fall down out of where I was. That place that the Lord had built me to so that he could enter into me and teach you through me would have collapsed with the slightest distraction. That is much harder to do today, because I am much higher. I am not saying my soul is perfected, it is certainly not. It is as if the sign of perfection is the silencing of Satan.


       I am not perfected. Absolutely, not a question about it. She chatters all the time, I rebuke her all the time. But, in order for me to preach like this, Satan has to be at least temporarily bound in the pit. Her voice has to be silenced, or when I preach to you, you are going to be getting Satan's doctrine.


       If I truly am the voice of the Lord to you, and I believe that I am for the moment that I am teaching, Satan is buried, and my soul is perfected for this moment, and the spirit has entered into me and is teaching you. And, according to Kabbalistic doctrine, I just cannot see it....to the extent of my knowledge, and let God judge that, it is impossible aside from Jesus Christ to control the thoughts of the unconscious part of the mind, and the whole teaching here in Kabbalistic reincarnation is based upon controlling the thoughts of the conscious mind, and they are not dealing with the unconscious or the subconscious.


       It is just impossible. How it was possible on the other side of the flood, I cannot tell you, because I do not know what the people were like on the other side of the flood.


       The solution of the Kabbalists to this problem is....what is the problem, what is the problem that we want a solution to? The problem is, well you perfect your soul, you work really hard, and you perfect your soul, and then you try to go on to the next level and acquire a spiritual mind, and the raw spirit that comes in which is not perfected,corrupts your soul, and you do not have the spirit, and your Nefesh falls down to where it started from. Does anybody not understand the problem? Everybody ?


       What is the solution to the problem? The Kabbalist says the solution to this problem is that the man who has perfected his Nefesh must die physically and reincarnate before the Ruach is added, because physical death permanently preserves the Nefesh. Now I know that is not true today, I know that is not true. Was it true before the flood? I do not know, but I do know that the Lord told us that this teaching is valid for the beings on the other side of the flood.


       Since I do not even know what the beings looked like, I am totally unqualified to talk about what happened on the other side of the flood, but I know this is impossible today, and the Kabbalists agree it is impossible to perfect your soul, so they are waiting for Messiah to come and do it.


       Moses and, of course....Messiah is suppose to be a reincarnation of Moses. That is the teaching, and, of course, just for the record here, I know you all know this, but we do not know who is listening to this tape. When I first heard that, that Messiah is suppose to be the reincarnation of Moses, that really confused me because the New Testament says very little about Moses, and it says, on the other hand, that Jesus says, "If you can receive it, this is the reincarnated spirit of Elias," and for the longest time I said, "Lord how do we get from Elijah to Moses, I do not get this." And now we all....I hope you all know, we all understand here,that Elijah was a reincarnation of Moses. I really did not say that correctly.


       Elijah was an incarnation of the spiritual being, the high spiritual being, that incarnated Moses, and that high spiritual being we call Michael, and the Kabbalists call him Mahtah or Mem Tet. That same Mahtat incarnated Enoch, incarnated Moses, incarnated Elijah, and then incarnated as Jesus.


       Now why was not Enoch on the Mount of Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah? Because we do not know what Enoch looked like. He was on the other side of the flood. Kabbalistic reincarnation says the solution to the problem is the man with the perfected Nefesh has to die to this physical body and reincarnate before the spirit is added, because physical death permanently preserves the Nefesh, which cannot be corrupted by an unrectified Ruach in another incarnation, and I do not believe that is true.


       Oh, I know what I started to tell you, I am sorry, I got off my point. I am going to make this point, and we are going to stop for dinner. This is where the Kabbalists are coming from I believe. I believe the Scripture teaches that Moses, you know, as I just told you they believe that Messiah will be a reincarnation of Moses, that Moses was this great teacher, this great sage that was so powerful that he raised the minds of the people up to where he was.


       Now I know that there are Scriptures in the Torah that say, "And when Moses stood, all the people stood." Now, you could think that they stood up on their physical feet if you want to, but I believed for a long time that what that meant was that when Moses ascended in his mind towards God, that he took all the people with him. And, of course, I tell you that, that is what goes on in these meetings, that you come here and Christ Jesus in me lays hold of the Christ in you and raises him up to a place where you can understand, at least somewhat, what I am talking about. That is the whole purpose of going to church, that is the whole purpose of being around someone that has a greater anointing than you do, so that you can come where they...(End of Tape 2)




Tape 3


       So, as I was saying, this is where the Kabbalists are coming from, that Moses, when his mind ascended towards God, because Moses spoke to God face-to-face, he raised the minds of the people up with him, and as I just explained to you, that is what I am doing for you, that is what Christ Jesus in me is doing for you. So, this is where the Kabbalists are coming from, that when Messiah appears, he will give everybody the power to perfect the soul of the flesh, and that is true, but when.... well, of course, we know Jesus has already appeared, but you see it is not going to happen in the same way that Moses did it all those thousands of years ago.


       I do not want to get into this now because we have to stop for dinner, but this whole teaching of reincarnation has really emerged after I realized not too long ago that I am going through the same trial that I went through seventeen years ago but on a different level. I am much more equipped at handling it, I am handling it in a much more Godly manner, but it is the same trial, and I went before the Lord and said, "How....I mean, have I backslidden, what does this mean?"


       And the Lord's answer to me is that this teaching in reincarnation. You go through every trial over and over again, each time on a higher level until your mind ascends to such a place where this problem no longer exists for you. You literally have to work it out of your life. Seo with this understanding, I can now say to you, "Yes, Moses raised up the minds of all the people in Israel, but Moses in the form of Jesus today is doing that same activity on a much higher level." What much higher level? Well when Moses did it, the people only stayed ascended as long as Moses was communing with God, and as soon as he stopped communing with God, the people fell back into their carnal minds and they tried to kill him.


       And the same thing happened with Elijah. You know the spiritual truth of the account of Elijah and the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, is that the prophets of Baal were the Hebrew children, they were the men of Israel, they were the prophets of Baal, their mind had been corrupted, and Elijah went in there with this powerful mind and repressed their carnal minds and brought Christ to the surface. And when Elijah did that, each man killed the false prophet in himself, and became faithful to the Lord, but as soon as Elijah let go of their minds, what happened? Jezebel in the men of Israel went after Elijah to kill him.


       What does this mean? That the perfection of your Nefesh can only exists as long as someone....Moses' arms are up. Do you really think they were holding his physical arms up? My goodness, what that means is, so long as Moses communed with God, so long as he did not deviate from his focus on God for one second to entertain a human thought, the battle was won. What does that mean? I am doing that for you. I am holding you up in the left side of your heart center right now so you can understand this. You walk out of here and then you go back to the level that you yourself have ascended to.


       Well, what good is that? What does that mean? I have to raise you up to this high place, or the Lord has to raise us up to this high place and then kill our body so that we can come back perfected? I do not think so.


       So, yes, Moses did that for the people, Elijah did that for the people, and as soon as....and even Elijah and Elisha. As soon as Elijah was glorified, Elisha could not hold on to this perfection. Elijah had an imputed perfection. Satan was bound under the Christ in Elisha because Elijah was holding her there. We think we cannot control Satan when we are an equal part or under her. Elisha would have been ascended above Satan, and he could not maintain his position after Elijah let go of his mind. What is the answer? The answer is an internal glorified Christ that never sleeps. He never sleeps, and his face is always turned towards his Father in heaven. That is the answer.


       Yes, Moses is coming as Mashiach, and, yes, he is going to raise up the minds of the people to such a height that their souls can be perfected, but this time he is coming in a way, in a personal way that will make it possible for the individual to perfect, or not even to perfect, for the soul of the individual to be perfected because of a glorified spirit internalized and not only internalized, but grafted to and interwoven with the fiber of the spiritual being of the person. Remember, Satan is in your blood.


       I am really just going to tell you this, and I really have to stop for dinner. This word "ibur," I will talk about it more this evening.


       , the Kabbalists agree, incarnation teaches that there are perfected souls that will come to dwell with a person pursuing God. They will come into you, they will live in your body with you, and they will help you to be holy and help you to learn Torah and Kabbalah. And the Kabbalists also tell you that these souls that will come, the perfected souls, they do not have to reincarnate anymore if they do not want to. They come to help you, to help us, and we are told that these souls that do that, they get a benefit. I really do not understand what the benefit is right now, but they get a benefit from all the good that you do because they are living in your house, in your physical body.


       They get a benefit of that, but the evil that you do and the sin that you do, they do not partake of that, you know. They partake of the good that they help you to do. They do not come under the sowing and reaping judgment or any judgment because of the sin that you do, and then, eventually, they leave you. And I believe it is true, but what does Jesus do? Jesus came and he took on the sin of fallen flesh. Jesus, the spirit of Christ, weaves itself together with our sin nature and is punished because of our sins.


       Once Christ is grafted to you and woven together with your sin nature, every time that you choose to agree with your carnal mind over Christ, you crucify him afresh. Oh, some day I will have a Kabbalist to tell this to. "He is never going to leave us, and he is never going to forsake us. His righteousness, because of his presence, because of his being woven together with us, the righteousness of one man will undue the sins of the many." Do you hear that? Is that incredible?


       You cannot even understand the New Testament if you are not a Kabbalist. You just do not even have a clue as to what they are talking about. Can you imagine trained Kabbalists going around to the Jews.... Paul going around to the Jews and saying....telling them this, "It is no longer true that the perfected souls that come to help you will leave you after a season, and then you are on your own again. Now we have a perfected soul that will stay with you forever, weave himself together with the very fiber of your being in your blood, you completely neutralize that enmity in your flesh. When this spirit comes into you, brother Kabbalists, your corrupted Nefesh will not corrupt it, it will cleave to your sin and purify it. Do you believe this message?" May their ears open to it today.


       I am about to cry the anointing is so strong. Let us just break for dinner .


       Praise the Lord. We are back from dinner, and we are now going to deal with the right side of Drawing #1, the real experience with the Holy Spirit. Number one, the Nefesh is not perfected when the Holy Spirit is given. This is the direct opposite of the teaching of Kabbalistic reincarnation. Kabbalistic reincarnation says the spirit is not given and will not be given until the Nefesh is perfected, but the real experience that we experience in the church is that the Nefesh is not perfected when the Holy Spirit is given, and that the Holy Spirit is given to raise up Christ Jesus, the teacher, who will manifest through the five-fold ministry for the perfection of the saints. The five-fold ministry is given for the perfection of the saints, and the true five-fold ministry is an expression of Christ Jesus.


       The five-fold ministry in the church today represents the "John the Baptist Company," . They are the five-fold ministry that manifest the Holy Spirit, if they manifest that, . They are not manifesting the man, Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is beginning to appear in the church today, and he is despised and rejected where he is appearing.


       The man, Christ Jesus, comes with a doctrine that you need a Neshamah, you need a spiritual, intellectual mind to understand, and the man also comes with judgment because you cannot.... even if this spiritual mind has been given to you, your carnal mind continuously covers it over. That is the purpose for the judgment. It is the judgment upon the carnal mind which is designed to drive the carnal mind down underneath your Christ mind so that you can hear this word, because this is the word that is part of the process that imparts eternal life.


       Eternal life requires the destruction of your carnal mind. There is no eternal life with your carnal mind surviving. We see that the doctrine of Kabbalistic reincarnation, in this aspect of the impartation of the spirit, is diametrically opposite to the experience of the church you see. This is not a doctrinal dispute. We come to whoever is hearing this message and to whoever will be the recipient of the thought forms being produced by this preaching, we come to you without experience.


       The Holy Spirit is given to imperfect men for the purpose of perfecting them. This is the exact opposite of what the Kabbalists say. And once again, this may have been functional on the other side of the flood, it may have been possible to perfect your Nefesh by yourself, but today men do not have that authority. The whole human race is under Satan and Leviathan. Satan is the spiritual counterpart of the blood in our veins. Leviathan, the pride of man, is at the foundation of the personality that lives in an animal body. We are incapable of perfecting our soul, we have to get a new soul. We have to get a new soul that will clothe upon this existing soul.


       Number two, under real experience with the Holy Spirit, the impartation of the Holy Spirit stirs ungodly spiritual potential of mortal men. The impartation of the Holy Spirit will stir up Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The Pentecostal church is filled with false prophets, with people giving words, people losing their homes and losing all of their finances because somebody gave them a word. Now what is really interesting is that if you compare number two on the left side of the board to number two on the right side of the board, we see that number two on the right side of the board reveals number two on the left side of the board, because number two under Kabbalistic reincarnation says, "The imputation of Ruach corrupts a perfected Nefesh if the Ruach is imparted in the same lifetime that the Nefesh is perfected, but, as I told you earlier, this is all in "round-about" terms.


       There is no....at least in this Gate of Reincarnations, there is no explanation as to what this corruption is, but the Lord revealed it by his spirit, and I suspect that the Kabbalists that teach this message have this revelation. It is just not down in print, and that....but we are told that the real Sod....remember that there are four levels of understanding, every word of the Lord, there are four levels, .


       There is the surface level which is the Pshat, then there is the Remez and then the Drash, and then the Sod. The Sod of this Gate of Reincarnation, it is not even written down in Hebrew. It is by word of mouth. It is by the word of the Lord only.


       So, we see that the corruption of the perfected Nefesh is a raising up of spiritual power which is from the other side, and that spiritual power that raises up from the other side has a name. Spiritual power that is not under the control of God is called? What is it called?


       COMMENT: Witchcraft?


       PASTOR VITALE: What is a more general term? Witchcraft is not wrong, a three letter word.


       COMMENT: Sin.


       PASTOR VITALE: Sin,  sin, and what will destroy your soul? What destroys your soul? Sin destroys your soul.


       We learn from our own personal experience. The Holy Spirit comes with good wholesome power to be used to do miracles, to cast out demons, to heal the sick, to have mercy on the many, to heal your wounded spirit, but as spiritual activity begins to work in your members, it awakens, if it is not already awakened, the spiritual potential that comes from....that actually generated your body, which is Satan. And, therefore, the person, the recipient, becomes required to distinguish between the two sources of spiritual power. And then once that sin starts operating in your members, if you cannot recognize that it is coming from the other side, if you cannot recognize a spirit of divination as opposed to the Holy Spirit in the church, and you are yielding to that spirit, then your soul dies because of sin. "The soul that sinneth, it shall die."


       The Ruach once again....back to Kabbalistic reincarnation. The impartation of the Ruach is the impartation of spiritual power, which the Kabbalists will tell us from their point of view, when spiritual power is imparted to a soul that has been perfected,that spiritual power will cause that perfected soul to sin and, therefore, that perfected soul will fall from its state of perfection and die. Praise the Lord.


       But today, when the Holy Spirit is imparted to us, when the Holy Spirit is imparted to us, it stirs up the spiritual activities of Satan. If you are not in a church that teaches you to distinguish the difference, and if you do not have a pastor who is watching over your soul...., until Christ appears in you to distinguish the difference in your own mind, which is a very difficult time-consuming thing to learn, you will sin when spiritual power enters into your being.


       You will do something, you will say to me, "Well, I do not prophesy in the church, how could I have a false prophecy?" Are you praying a psychic prayer? Have you looked at somebody's situation, and have you felt that you were qualified to judge the solution to that person's problem? Have you prayed for two people that hardly even know each other to get married because you think it is a good match? Have you prayed against the pastor because you think he does not know what he is doing, and you know better than him? Huh?


       The church is spiritual preschool, and the people that attend church need to be under a strong Godly hand to guide them in the exercise of spiritual power. The problem is, large numbers of the clergy do not know how to do this for themselves. Several years ago, actually ten or eleven years ago, the Lord sent me into a prayer meeting in a church that I had never been in before, and I gave a prophecy there, a manifestation of the gift of prophecy. I had no idea what was going on in that church, but apparently the pastor of the church was praying psychic prayers. He had trouble in the church, whatever the people were doing, there is always trouble in the church, and instead of confronting the people and telling them what was right and telling them they would have to line up with righteousness or leave, he was trying to force his will on them through prayer.


       I had no idea when I prophesied what I prophesied. The next time he saw me, the man called me off on the side and told me that I had a spirit of witchcraft, and that I gave him ungodly advice through that prophecy. I think the prophecy was, "Resist not this evil, that is not how you deal with it. You deal with evil in people by trying control them with prayer. That is witchcraft fighting witchcraft."


       But if you ask anybody, I challenge you to go out and take a survey of people in the church, and ask them how you are suppose to deal with somebody that is misbehaving, and they say, "Oh, pray that they do not act that way anymore." That is control, that is witchcraft control. Praise the Lord.


       Number three, on the right side of the board, if the recipient of the Holy Spirit ultimately joins with the Spirit of Christ, the Nefesh is eventually purified and perfected, and that is a big "if," because everyone that receives the Holy Spirit, does not go on to join with the spirit of Christ. To join with the Spirit of Christ, you must have Christ grafted within you, and he must grow up and ascend into your heart center and become the man of your whole person.


       You are a world, each one of us is a world. Christ Jesus must rule your world, and then your personality marries him. At that point, from that point on, you now have the power to have your soul perfected. The perfection of your soul takes a whole lifetime, and even then it is not possible until two more things happen. The Christ Jesus within you, who married your soul, has to marry the glorified Jesus Christ, and you have to be divorced from the husband that brought you into this world, Leviathan and Satan who is with her, a spiritual female acting like a male.


       You have to be cut off. That is the circumcision. Salvation is a process. Receiving the Holy Spirit is just the beginning, answering an altar call is just an act of faith. The Holy Spirit is supposed to bring Christ to you, and when Christ comes into your life, you go under judgment. He starts judging your carnal mind so that he can give you his righteous mind, and then you have to be living in the season. We are hoping that the season is here and that the personality, or the Nefesh, or the soul, the animal soul of faithful believers that have fulfilled the requirements of God, and I may not even have all the details of the requirements you know, will start to have their souls perfected.


       We believe this is the season, and, to the best of my knowledge, what makes you eligible is what I have just said. I will say it again, that Christ has to be grafted to you, the Holy Spirit will....there is no salvation in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is female, the Holy Spirit is female, the Shekinah is female. Most Christians have heard of the Shekinah. The Shekinah is female.


       I remember years ago, I heard somebody say that the word wisdom in the book of Proverbs is female. That really upset me at the time. I believe I checked it out and it is true. It is a female word. What does that mean? Well, even today with our Kabbalistic knowledge we would say Wisdom is Chokhmah, and Chokhmah is male. How could wisdom be female in the book of Proverbs? Because the wisdom that is spoken about in the book of Proverbs is not Chokhmah. I mean, Chokhmah does not come down here and dwell amongst men. Remember that? The lowest Sefirot that comes down into this world is Binah, and even when Binah comes down, she manifests herself through the Shekinah. The wisdom that is female is the Shekinah manifesting the wisdom of Chokhmah.


       The Holy Spirit is female, brethren, the Holy Spirit is the female. Salvation is in the male, the man. You have to get the man, you have to get married. The Shekinah is the new you. The man has to come into your life, and the man is Christ Jesus. When the man comes into your life, he starts revealing the sin nature that is your badge, that is your witness, that is your advertisement of the fact that you are dead.


       Every time you speak the words of your carnal mind, you are sending out a big neon sign saying, "I am dead, and there is no life in me. I think with the mind of death, I act with the mind of death, I do with the mind of death." The death of this world, the death of this existence, the Malkhut of the Malkhut of the Asiyah, under the earth, as far down as you could go.


       The Holy Spirit is just given....the Holy Spirit is the grace of God that is given to the soul that cannot stand up. There is no way it can stand up, and the Holy Spirit is the power which will lead you to the Christ if you follow her, and then once you get to the Christ you have to survive the judgment. Now, if you do not believe that the judgment of your personality is of God, you will never get to the point where you are prepared for the ascension, or the rectification, or the salvation of your soul.


       Now, what happens if you die after you receive the Holy Spirit? I do not know, I would like to know. I know the personality dissolves when the physical body dies. Well, what happens to the core of you, to the real you that is buried under the personality and physical body that we see in this world? I know that if you have cleaved enough to Jesus Christ in this lifetime, you stay with him and you remain with him in Abraham's bosom.


       Well, what happens if you have not cleaved enough to him, you know? I do not know. The revelation that I have for whatever it is worth, is that, that seed, that tenth of us that reincarnates, that tenth of us that is eternal, that is immortal, that cannot be killed....there is something that I learned about years ago from Theosophy. It is called permanent atoms. Some elements of the Lord....it is some element, whatever element of the Holy Spirit, or of God, or of reading the Scripture, just some little permanent atoms or molecules, permanent molecules or atoms, spiritual atoms, cling to you in your next incarnation, you will be more likely to pursue God. That is the only answer I have at this time. It sounds right, but if the Lord corrects me, we will all have to take the correction, but that is what sounds right to me.


       What is the line? Where is the line? How close do you have to be to Christ Jesus to go to Abraham's bosom when your physical body dies? I do not know, I do not know, but if you do not make it in, that means.... what does that mean if you do not make it in? It means Duma, the angel in charge of reincarnation which is a manifestation of the Serpent, has the authority to force you down into reincarnation.


       Now there is all of this fantasy out there and I believe....I heard this from a Kabbalist recently, let God correct me if I am wrong, but I do not believe....well, let me say it this way. I do not believe if you are not in Abraham's....maybe it is true if you are in Abraham's bosom that you have the privilege of choosing, or having something to say about what your life will be like in your next incarnation. I do not know about those who are joined to Abraham's bosom. If you are joined to Abraham's bosom, you only reincarnate at the unction of the Lord, you know, but if you are not joined to Abraham's bosom, and you are subject to Duma who forces reincarnation upon you, I absolutely reject the concept that the individual chooses their lifestyle.


       My belief is that Duma will put you in the most painful, destructive lifestyle that he possibly can conjure up for you. Why? Is he just a sadist? Well, I think it is much more than him being a sadist. Incarnation, this continuous crop of human beings that come into the world, is the heard of cattle that feeds all of the millions of entities on the other planes of consciousness. And the more painful our life, the more we suffer, the more we do not believe in God because of our pain, the easier it is for them to drain the energy from us, which energy is given to us in the process of reincarnation.


       And the earliest that they could kill us, the earliest that Duma could write it out that we should be killed, is his best concern to kill us as soon as possible, because if we could be killed early in life, well then the whole measure of energy that is given to reincarnate is there. They do not have to suck it out of us over the years. They can take the whole spoil.


       Well, why does God let this horrible situation that you have described, why does God let this continue? Because allowing reincarnation to continue is the alternative to wiping out the creation completely, and the Lord intends to reverse the fall. All of humanity which is Adam, all of Adam, Adam was Humpty Dumpty, Adam fell off the wall and broke into a lot of pieces. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and all of the king's horses and all of the king's men could not put Humpty Dumpty back together again. God sent Jesus Christ to put him back together again.


       All of humanity is Adam. He broke into millions of pieces, trillions of pieces, and it is the judgment of Adam Kadmon, the creator, to not wipe us out, but to correct the situation. Therefore, we are down here stewing in hell, reincarnating, probably thousands of times until Adam Kadmon corrects the error. That is why we are down here, and that is why we reincarnate. It is not a good thing. Reincarnation is not a good thing. Well, it is good from the point of view that because of reincarnation we are not wiped out completely, but it is not God's best for us, and it will never accomplish our return to our first estate.


       We are in a holding pattern. We are in a holding pattern until we are delivered. Praise the Lord. You know, I heard on a tape that I was listening to the other night, an explanation for something from the Jewish mind that I have not been able to understand. Let me share it with you right now. You may have heard me say on these messages that the Kabbalists believe that we sin, they believe that man sins, they believe that we fell, and that we are down here....I do not know that they believe that this is hell, but they know that we are in this animal world, and we are in this animal body and living this animal existence because Adam sinned, and that we sinned, you know. Yet, I have also heard them say, "Well, we are down here to do a job, and it is the job of the Jew"....they believe it is the job of the Jew to salvage or rescue the sparks of Adam that fell down and are....these sparks are inside of human beings and trapped there.


       I could never really put the two statements together because one statement says, "We know we sinned," and the other statement says, "Well, we are down here because we have a job to do." Does anybody remember me addressing this issue? Well, I have got the answer. I heard the answer on a tape the other night. "Do not you think that God could forgive us?" This is what I heard on the tape, "Yes, we sinned, but do not you think God could forgive us? Why are we down here? Do not you think that he would forgive us and leave us or restore us to our first estate? Why are we down here? God can forgive us if he wants to," and the answer according to the Kabbalist is, at least according to this Kabbalist who I respect as a Kabbalist, there may be other schools of thought.... the answer is that, "God did not restore us because we have a job to do down here. We are not down here because it is righteous judgment, because God who loves us and has the power to forgive us could have restored us immediately, but we have a job to do down here."


       Here we go, to meet us with the connecting factor that I hear preached in the church today, we are in this condition of pain and torment, of people incested and tortured and raped and all of the terrible things that are happening to people because God is perfecting his creation. Now what I hear in the church is all these terrible things have to happen to people because God is perfecting the perfect creation that he made, . What I heard from the Kabbalist is not quite the same thing, because the man, the preachers are saying, "We are down here having these terrible things happening to us to perfect us personally."


       What I hear the Kabbalist saying is.... Listen, that all of the spiritual worlds have to be connected and combined because Adam is ordained to rule over all of the worlds. Now that excited me because we taught that in the Doctrine of Christ. The Lord revealed that in the Doctrine of Christ. Let me remind you what the Doctrine of Christ taught, that there are many levels of consciousness, each level of consciousness is being called a world, and Adam is the entity. I will say Adam, the man, is the entity that is supposed to be conscious in all worlds.


       Adam is the king of the creation. He is the ruler of every spiritual species that exist in creation. Well, in order to rule you have to be conscious, you have to be aware of that species, you have to be able to communicate with that species, you have to be able to relate, and, if necessary, to impose the law on that species, and Adam is responsible to feed and nourish and bless all of the species of creation.


       There are many species that are not human. What did the Doctrine of Christ preach? That Adam was full well able so long as he remained obedient to Jehovah to learn everything that he had to learn to rule over his kingdom, and the seduction of the....does anybody remember what happened there, does anybody remember the doctrine?the seduction of the Serpent, the lie that the Serpent told Adam was this, "Adam you must experience the way these species exist in order to rule over them. You must experience evil before you can rule over evil." Do you remember that? Do you remember that? That was the lie of the Serpent. Adam knew that it was true that he was to rule over the evil, he was to rule and control the evil so that every species of the creation would be fed, and nourished, and cared for, and have all of their needs met, and Jehovah had said, "Adam you stick with me, and I am going to impart the ability to you to rule over this kingdom in righteousness, in justice, and in complete perfection of your being, if you just wait for me."


       And the Serpent came along and said, "Oh no, Adam, Elohim did not say that. He said you have to experience the evil before you could rule over it," and Adam fell, and today Adam is experiencing evil, and today evil has the rule over Adam. And Adam will never stand up without a Savior, because he subjected himself to the evil one, and he cannot get out from under her without help from above, because once you subject yourself to evil, you give that evil authority over you, to whatever degree you have authority in the church, or in a ministry, or in a home, or in any relationship, when you turn that authority over to someone who you are suppose to be ruling over, you will lose your power, and you will find yourself subjected to the person that you are suppose to rule over.


       And the worst part of that is that the person that you are sent to rule over is not qualified to rule, and, therefore, they will become an unrighteous judge ruling over you. And this is the predicament of mankind today, this is the predicament of the church, this is the predicament of the Jew, of everyone who serves God.


       Without the addition of the Holy Spirit or the man, Christ Jesus, and it really takes the man, Christ Jesus, we have lost our authority to the powers and principalities of this world. We are down in the bottomless pit, and she has put a seal over us. That is the judgment for Satan. She has done it to us, and we cannot get out of the pit, but in Christ Jesus we can climb out of the pit. And I have been telling you all for years, when you come to a place where you recognize that God has given you authority, if your authority is washing the toilet bowl, you better not give that authority away because you will lose it. You better learn how to exercise that authority in a Godly manner. Ask the Lord to teach you, or if you have an elder in the ministry, ask for instructions.


       You should always be kind to people, but you better not give your authority away, or you are going to be in spiritual trouble, because let me tell you, Satan lives through the people. Satan lives through the people in the church, and you turn your authority over, and you will feel the pain of it. It will not go well for you. As soon as you turn your authority over, you are punished immediately. The person that seduced you will punish you, and let me tell you something, it does not matter that they do not know what they are doing, it does not matter. They are doing it. The whole world is doing it, but the sons of God cannot do this. That is what makes you a son of God.


       Let me finish my point here. This is what I heard on a tape. Look at this subtlety. Can you see this subtlety? "We are down here, but we are not down here because of sin, even though we sinned."


       "We know we sinned, but we are not down here because of sin, because God loves us and God forgives us, so that cannot possibly be the reason that we are down here." Do you hear this? Let me say this again. "We know we sinned. Adam sinned and we sinned,and we know there is a consequence for sin, but we could not possibly be down in this terrible place because of sin, because God loves us too much, he would have forgiven us. Therefore, we must be down here because we are heroes, and we are here to reconcile the world, we are here to do what is truly Adam's commission, we are hear to open up consciousness on all planes of consciousness, and to join all the worlds so that they should be one whole under the authority of the living God. That is what we are down here doing, and we are doing it down here from the bottom up."


       But Jehovah said to Adam, "You will do it from the top downward, you will rule over your subjects." Jehovah told Adam, "You will rule from the top down, you will rule from a position of dominion over evil, you will not be the doer of evil as a method of joining the worlds." We are suppose to be conscious on every level of consciousness. Most people are just conscious here in this physical world. Some people have some Yetziratic consciousness which is called the astral plane. We have some spiritual consciousness, but we are suppose to be conscious on all of the worlds. We are supposed to be spiritual giants. Our head is suppose to be up in Atzilut. Well, I do not know what the Kabbalist would say, but our head is suppose to be up in Atzilut with God, with Adam Kadmon. We have fallen down to a fraction of what we are suppose to be.


       How does that teach you to rule your kingdom? That is the Serpent's lie, that is the Serpent's lie manifesting in this Kabbalist. He is a highly educated Kabbalist. That is what he believes. "We sinned but we are not down here because of sin, because God could have forgiven us if he wanted to, so God used our sin to put us in a position where we are going to accomplish God's goal."


       Now if that is not convoluted thinking I do not know what is. It is not true. That is the Serpent's lie. We are down here in animal bodies because we are sinners. Adam sinned, and we sinned, every second of every minute, of every hour of every day of every year in the unconscious part of our mind. We are unclean. The unconscious part of our mind is in our blood. Blood is unclean. All forms of disease are in your blood, especially today with aids, Hepatitis. You should not be touching people's blood. If somebody bleeds, you should be careful not to get it on you if you possibly can. There is disease in your blood.


       Listen, brethren, the Lord is a ruler. He is an authority figure. The Lord manifests through righteous confrontation and exposure of sin in the way you think, and in the way you feel, and in your emotions. He, the righteous judge of the universes, does not subject his son to sin so that he can learn about sin. The creation is suppose to be a holograph. That means many levels, each level visible to all the other levels. We cannot see the other levels of creation. We cannot see past the klipot unless you start to see in the spirit. And even today, I see in the spirit that everything is a puzzle. Paul said, "Today you see darkly, you see through a glass darkly."


       We are down here in the depths of the sea under the water. I had to learn, and I still have to learn how to interpret dreams, and symbols and, visions to figure out what God is telling me. We see through a glass darkly. This is not the way it is supposed to be. The holograph of the creation is suppose to be crystal clear. This sea, this muddy dirty sea that we live under will become a sea of clear crystal, where there will be no secrets and no dirt, pure crystal, everything visible, no more hidden secret motives that you do not even know about yourself.


       We are down here as a punishment. You think God could not forgive us? Yes, God forgives us, but he is a righteous warrior and his law stands. Can you believe that woman that was just convicted of running over her husband three times, that if she repents she is forgiven? She is forgiven whether she repents or not, but she just was given a sentence of twenty years for killing her husband, and that is the least of it. Not only will she spend twenty years behind bars, but she will be separated from her little boys. I think she has two year old twins. That is the real punishment. She is forgiven, we are all forgiven, the whole world is forgiven in Jesus Christ, but you cannot do whatever you want, and you cannot deliver yourself from the fruit of your own sin.


       You have to be saved from the results of our transgressions. We are forgiven. Forgiveness of sins and salvation are two different things.


       Forgiveness and salvation are two different things. They are intimately connected. First, you are forgiven, and then you are delivered or saved from the fruit of your sin. You know, I just had a revelation on a Scripture that I have not really understood before, when Jesus said to the Pharisees, he said to them, "What is the difference between me saying, pick up your bed and walk or your sins are forgiven you?" Why did the Pharisees get so offended? I never really realized it until this minute that they, the Pharisees, did not equate sins with sickness, because the Pharisees believed that they are forgiven, and they are . The Pharisees believe that they areand that they are down here doing this service to God, and Jesus said to them, "Well, if that is true, how come your are sick? If I say you are healed, it means your sins are forgiven." That is why they got so mad at him. They did not believe that their sickness came from sin.


       My sins were forgiven me. I was dying when I came to the Lord. I did not have very long to live, and I am not dying anymore. I am forgiven, but I still have plenty of consequences to sins that I committed and that I commit every day. I cannot stop the thoughts of Satan being generated from this world that I am.


       At this time, I just have the power to say, "I will not listen to you, shut your mouth, I will not listen to you." But at this time, I do not have the spiritual strength to come down and put that chain on Satan, and put her in that bottomless pit, and put a seal on it. I am waiting for Christ Jesus in me to do that, to grow up to be strong enough to do that. Satan is in my blood. She is me, I am her. My only hope is that core of me, that tenth, that part of me that goes on after physical death, will be translated into the body of Christ that has been grafted to me, and when my true essence is securely grounded in Christ Jesus, the rest of me that can be discarded without killing me, will be cut away. And after it is cut away, it will be forced down into a pit underneath my feet, and then a seal will be put on the pit. Praise the Lord. Jesus.


       Adam experienced metamorphosis. He became a new creature with an evil foundation. We must have a counter metamorphosis. We have to be morphed back into righteousness, but right now we are unrighteous. God forgives me, God forgives you, but we are still unrighteous, we are still in an animal body. The fruit of God's forgiveness is not yet revealed completely in our lives because the true forgiveness is deliverance from this animal body that needs sleep, that needs food, that needs to give off waste products, that smells, that itches, that sneezes, that does not work right, that gives you pain. This is not God's creation. We are trapped here, and we need a Savior to get ourselves out.


       Let us work on ourselves, brethren, and help those people that God sends us to, but let us not make helping other people the focus of our spiritual life because we think we are going to die, and be perfected in the afterlife. You have been deceived. If you die, and you are not cleaving enough to Jesus Christ, you are going right up to the angel Duma, and he is going to cast you right back down into the most painful lifestyle that he can legally cast you into, depending on the sowing and the reaping judgment, because....I am going to say it again, Because the more painful the lifestyle he gives you, the easier it is for the entities on the other planes of consciousness to suckle and to suck out the very life blood that gives us existence. Praise the Lord.


       We finished the three points on the right side of the board, and I just had two recaps down at the bottom. Christ-Centered Kabbalah says that we are perfected from the top to the bottom, from the spirit first and then the soul, and that we need a Savior, and I have in parenthesis an "ibur" to join to our spiritual potential to accomplish this.


       Kabbalistic reincarnation says that we are perfected from bottom to top, soul first, and that this could be accomplished by applying Torah study and Mitzvot, the doing of the Mitzvot to the unperfected aspects of the soul, .


       And Christ-Centered Kabbalah says that the Mitzvot and the Torah study only deals with the conscious part of your mind, and what this practice does is control. It controls the unconscious and the subconscious part of your mind by causing your conscious mind to focus on all of these laws and ordinances that you have. And that, apparently, was a valid practice given by God to the Jew. I can fully understand how that would work, but in Christ Jesus we are delivered from that. In Christ Jesus we have a new mind.


       Itt is the same thing as saying you cannot just take something away without giving something in its place. Then you have nothing. For all of these thousands of years that the Jew is living under the law, they are just waiting for this new glorified mind so that they could stop controlling Satan. And I have been telling you here for years that controlling Satan will not work. Eventually, you will break down. Satan will prevail over you, eventually. It takes a glorified mind to defeat the Satanic mind of the flesh. How can Satan be divided?


       You know, if you try to control Satan within yourself....we are Satan. Jesus told the Pharisees, "You are Serpents." We are expressions of Satan. How can we expect to control her thoughts when we are her? We must become a new creature in Christ Jesus in order to morph out of this condition. It is so simple when you understand it, right? It is so simple, but so difficult for the fallen mind.


       Praise the Lord, there was something else. Oh yes, I wanted to go over what an "ibur" is. An "ibur" is the name of a rectified soul, a soul that has been perfected, that will come, that will enter into the person of somebody that is really seeking God to strengthen them to attain to spiritual growth and holiness, and I want to tell you that I would be very uncomfortable with that doctrine except that I experienced it myself, and you all here know my testimony, that shortly after the Lord had directed me to study The Tree Of Life, which is a very difficult Kabbalistic study, I was struggling with it, and it was painful.


       My mind would hurt me as I subjected myself to the study because the Lord told me to do it, and one day, suddenly, as I studied, through the corner of my eye, I saw something. It came at me very suddenly and entered into me, alarmed me, I was alarmed. I knew that something got inside of me, and I prayed at that moment, "Lord if that was not you please deliver me because it is already inside of me," and I saw no bad effect from it. On the contrary, shortly thereafter my mind opened up, and I was able to understand The Tree Of Life and other Kabbalistic concepts on a level that I could not understand before.


       I knew that something good had happened to me, but I still did not understand it until I found this study. Even though I knew the result was good, I was very uncomfortable with it because I need to understand things. I accepted it, you know, because it was too late to do anything about it anyway, but I feel a great relief finding this experience in the literature. I have to tell you that if I did not have this experience, I would never believe from reading in the literature that one would actually be aware when this soul entered into.... and what entered into me, or who entered into me, I have no idea.


       Human beings are houses for spiritual life. I do not understand it completely, but we are houses for spiritual life. Spirits, or souls, or disembodied souls dwell in us. We have much to learn. Something entered me and is living in me ever since then. I have not been aware of any such thing since that experience other than that my understanding opened, and I change everyday. I become more Christ. What does that mean? I think like he thinks, I speak like he speaks, I react like he reacts. Everyday I become him. Who entered into me? I have no idea. I am not sure that I want to know.


       I would not mind if I was sure it was the Lord telling me, you know. I know that this is the true doctrine because it happened to me. The Lord saw me struggling, and the Lord knew that I was struggling because he told me to do it. I did not even want to study that book, it was painful. I did it the best that I could, and I was not making it with the level....I believe I already had Christ, I believe I already had Christ Jesus, but he just was not understanding it, or he was not understanding it fast enough, and the Lord sent somebody to dwell with me and help me.


       I want to tell you that if I did not have this experience and someone told me the story, I would not believe it. I would be inclined to say, I do not believe this is of God. But it is my experience, and all of you who have been with me from the first day that I started teaching Kabbalah, you know what happened. I struggled, I do not know how you even survived with me. I was teaching and did not even know what I was teaching, and now I know what I am teaching and some profound messages are coming out. You had to see the transition in me, that was what happened to me.


       The Kabbalist would say, some tzadik came to dwell with me, some righteous person, the soul of some....some righteous soul came to live in me. Well, I am telling you if someone told me this story, I would be ready to run from them, so you all better get on your knees and ask God to give you a witness to whether this....to the fact that this is true, you know, because I am telling you it happened to me, and the fruit of it is that I am closer to God than ever. Praise the Lord.


       , are there any questions or comments on this? Well we are still on Paragraph One of Section Two, of Chapter One.let us go on.


       In the beginning when a person is born, he is given a Nefesh. Although a person begins life with only a Nefesh, he has the potential to ascend to higher levels of soul according to his merit. Now the Kabbalistic teachings are based on merit, everything good that you do, you get merit for it, everything bad that you do, you get a demerit, and if you have enough merit left over, after all your demerits are deducted, then your soul can grow. Thank God that is not true. Although there is a truth to it, it is not true. Even though Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior comes and is grafted to us and is our new us and dwells in us, we still have to do the works, but not religious ritualistic works. We have to be willing to act out what our New Man wants to do.


       Brethren, if you are a person who has Christ grafted to you and your carnal mind is so strong that you cannot perceive what he wants to do with your body, you know. If you cannot perceive where he wants you to go, if you cannot perceive what church he wants you to go to, if you cannot perceive that he wants you to study when you are going out shopping, if you cannot perceive this, you are killing the Savior in the midst of you. The work that we have in this New Covenant is obedience and submission to the indwelling Savior.


       If you can hear this, this is not religious works. This is not a ritual that you read in a book that says before you sit down to eat you wash your hands, and you say the prayer to wash your hands. And I am not knocking it, it was good in its place, but we are delivered from that. We now have a Savior that dwells in our heart, if he gets there. When he gets there, he is in the midst of us, and he wants your feet to go where he wants them to go, he wants your person to be where he wants you to be, he wants you to be saying the words that he wants to speak because he wants to be you.


       You are not this body. Jesus Christ is an invisible spirit. He is glorified, and he is sending the seeds of his life or the sparks of his life which are his sons, and they are acquiring us as their bodies. That is the truth of it. We are the horse. The seed of Christ in you wants to control everything that you do, because every thought that you think, every word that you say, and everything you do with your body is the fruit of the spirit that controls you.


       "I am not controlled," you say, "I am a free man." No you are not. Your husband, Leviathan, and his pal, Satan, live through you, and the Christ that is given to you wants to change that. He wants to live through you. Christ Jesus wants to live through you, and every time you do something other than the Christ in you is instructing you to do, you are having spiritual sex with Leviathan and Satan, your husband. You are doing what they tell you. Submission is worship. The spirit you submit to is the spirit you worship. Worship is not raising your hands and singing. Worship is what you do, worship is what you think. The Lord Jesus Christ is acquiring the human race.


       We are to be filled up with his life and become a full unwavering expression of his will. If he says that you are a musician, you are a musician. If he says you are a preacher, you are a preacher. If he says you are a writer, you are a writer, and I do not care if you have not had that talent for the first forty years of your life, you are not your own. You just think you are.


       So, I do not even know where that came from. What was I saying? First of all we have to understand that there are higher levels of soul to ascend to. I would venture to say that there are very few, if any, people in the church that understand this, that there are higher levels of soul that we can attain to. Most of the church thinks you are going to live out your life, and the best you can hope for from God is that you should be healthy, you should be prosperous, you should have material needs met and more than you need, and you should have love in your life, and then you die and you go to heaven, and you get a mansion, whatever that means.


       But we are being told here that there are higher levels of consciousness that we can ascend to legally in God, that you can become smarter than the way you were born. You can become psychic in God, you can experience spiritual planes in God. It is legal. You become a more complete person, because the person who is just carnal is not complete.


       Your mind can expand to genius. You can ascend to a place where you have dominion over every possibility of harm in this world, including death. Wow, is that not interesting? How do we get that? I thought you just died and went to heaven. No, you have to become a supernatural man, a step at a time, a grade at a time. You have to climb up the mountain. Jesus Christ has given you the ability to climb, but you must climb, you must climb. You will not die and wake up in heaven, and you will do it over and over until you get it. You say, "Oh Pastor Vitale, I thought you just said Jesus Christ is come to put an end to reincarnation? And you just said you will do it over and over and over until you get it." Well, that is true. The doctrine of reincarnation that is not in Christ says, you reincarnate over and over again until you get it, but the problem is you never get it that way, you will never get it.


       In Christ, if you are not perfected in this lifetime, you will die and you will reincarnate, and you will reincarnate over and over again until you get it. The only difference is with Christ Jesus in your life, he is there judging your sins, and beating your sin nature, and assisting you in getting it. First of all, he is your potential to get it. With the false reincarnation you will never get it, . In Christ Jesus, you now have a potential to get it, to ascend out of this state of death, to attain to immortality. Anything, any doctrine of reincarnation, apart from Christ will never work. You will never get it, you will reincarnate until kingdom come, you will never ascend out of this body of death.


       Once you are connected to Christ, you now have the potential to ascend out of this body of death. Now, you will do it over and over again until you get it. You will do it over and over again in this life until you get it, and if you do not get it by the time your body gives out, you will reincarnate again, and you will do it over and over again in your next life until you get it, and you will do it over and over again until you get it. But in Christ, you have the potential to get it. Outside of Christ, it is all a lie, because you have no potential to get it. Did I make that clear?do you have a question?


       COMMENT: I felt the Lord gave me the word, "You are on the edge of going over."


       PASTOR VITALE: Well, the going over....first of all, you are Christ,and if you could see your carnal mind as a big overcast, a big overhang over your Christ mindthat is keeping Christ down in your lower spiritual parts. Christ has to ascend to your heart center to really manifest his power through you, and if you could see your carnal mind as a big overhang over that place where Christ is, he cannot get up past it, but he can get up past it with help, and I have been beating your carnal mind from the outside, and you must be doing your part from the inside, and the Lord says, Christ is about to go over that big overhang, and he is going to crawl on top. He is not going to crawl on top, he is going to ascend above your Christ mind. That is a wonderful word, you are about to go over.


       Remember your world has to be turned upside down. Your natural state, and the state of everybody here is that Cain is on top of Abel, and Christ is grafted to Abel, Christ is under the ground with Abel. There has to be a reverse. Cain has to go down under, Abel has to climb on top, then Abel has to climb on top of Leviathan, and has to fight Satan all the way to get to the heart center, to get to the dry ground.


       You are about to go over, you are about to ascend above or go over Leviathan's block, Leviathan's blockade, although I am not sure whether the Lord is telling you that you are going to go over Cain or you are going to ascend above Leviathan. I am not sure where you are, but whatever it is, it is a good word. You are going over what is holding you down, praise the Lord.  any questions or comments about this?


       We are on the bottom of....we are still....well, why not take this picture here? Drawing #3 is a diagram of the five levels of soul as they exist in each of the four worlds. There is a fifth world, that is the world of Adam Kadmon. We do not deal with that, We are dealing with the four worlds, Atzilut, The World of Emanation. The World of Emanation is a part of Adam Kadmon, Adam Kadmon's body, and then we have The World of Beriah, which is The World of Creation, The World of Yetzirah which is The World of Formation, and The World of Asiyah which is The World of Action.


       Collectively, these three worlds, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah are called Adam Kadmon's clothing. And in each of these four worlds, we have the five levels of soul repeating themselves on higher and on ascending levels of power, or on ascending levels of intensity.


       When I look at this, and on the lowest world which is The World of Asiyah where we are, we see that the Nefesh which is the lowest level of soul has a subset of levels of soul under the Nefesh. We have the Nefesh of the Nefesh of The World of Action, the Ruach of the Nefesh of The World of Action, the Neshamah of the Nefesh of The World of Action, the Chaya of the Nefesh of The World of Action, and Yechidah of the Nefesh of The World of Action.


       If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you most likely exist in one of the subjective worlds which is a part of the Nefesh of Asiyah, and then there are levels of consciousness or worlds that are not in God. These are the four levels of worlds of people who are in God. We are talking about the life of God here, so there are....the majority of the peoples of the world are not even in this place. They are lower than this.


       There is a world below Asiyah where the unbelievers are, and we are talking about a state of mind. We are talking about a level of consciousness, a level of soul, and soul is personality. Soul is our existence, is what we are. And the consciousness of most Christians exist in one of the subjective worlds of the Nefesh of Asiyah, and I have shown you here, if you are in the Nefesh of the Nefesh of The World of Action, down here, you are here if your hope is in Jesus Christ, you have faith in Jesus Christ. You are in the Ruach of the Nefesh of Asiyah if you have received the Holy Spirit, and you are in the Neshamah of the Nefesh of The World of Action if you think and reason with the mind of Christ.


       Do not go....whoever is listening to this tape or reading this transcript, do not go telling me you have the mind of Christ.


       Well, you only have the mind of Christ if you are using the mind of Christ, and the test of the mind of Christ is the wisdom of God that is being revealed through you. There are a lot of people out there saying, "I have the Holy Spirit," and they do not speak in tongues. You may have a manifestation of the Holy Spirit which is called faith, but do not tell me you have the same level or the same degree of the Holy Spirit as someone who speaks in tongues because you just do not, because the evidence that you have it, is the speaking in tongues.


       And the evidence that you have the mind of Christ is the wisdom of God that flows through you. No wisdom, no mind of Christ. And if you have the mind of Christ, and the wisdom is not showing because you are not living out of him, you will not have him very long. He is going to die.


       For all intents and purposes, you do not have him. Let us get real. If you are in the Chaya of the Nefesh of The World of Action, if you carry the political consciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, do you look at political events as the Lord Jesus Christ looks at them? Only the Lord can answer that question for you. Either the Lord will answer that question for you, or if you can recognize someone who has the political consciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ, and then compare yourself to them, but you would have to hear from the Lord that such and such a person carries the political consciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ.


       You are here, you are at the Yechidah of the Nefesh of The World of Action if you have been separated from human intimacy, and you are sustained by the relationship that you have with Jesus Christ.now up here at the top where it says Atzilut, I put some definitions of the five levels of soul, it is true, these definitions are true in each world,but I only wrote it out once.


       The Yechidah is called singular, and it means one with God. I suggest to you that Yechidah is an aspect of Adam Kadmon, . In the event, in the hour when Messiah appears, well we are waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God which represent that Messiah that is coming, he will represent in the earth the feet of Adam Kadmon. Adam Kadmon is above Atzilut, but his feet will stand in the earth. If you have anyone who has ascended to the, I would say to the Yechidah of the Nefesh, not in the subset, but anyone who has ascended to the Yechidah of The World of Action, they are representation of the feet of the Keter in The World of Action.


       And you may recall that there is some message that we preached on one of the drawings we translated. One of these days, I am going to get somebody to type up or at least reference the notes of all these translations. I would have to go looking through all of the illustrations to find it, but we translated some verse in the New Testament where the people were referring to Jesus, and they were saying, "The man is the Keter, he will save us." Does anybody remember that?


       I translated that verse. I think it is the verse that when Jesus came into Jerusalem riding on an ass, the people were saying, "Hosanna, Hosanna, this man is the Keter, he will save us." And I must admit that I did not understand at that time that it was only a lower aspect of Keter that was manifested in Jesus Christ in the days of his flesh. Today, in his glorification, Jesus Christ is all the way up with Adam Kadmon, possibly one with the Ayn Sof. I am not even sure. But in the days of his flesh, you know, he was merely the feet of the Keter, and that is what we will be when we stand up in full stature, that we are limited as to how high we can ascend while we remain in the flesh.


       Although that may not be true, I do not know. Jesus said, "You will do greater things than I did." I do not know, maybe we will be able to ascend higher. Well, I do not know, not in the flesh, but remember we are going to be spiritual men, we are going to have a spiritual body, I do not know how high we can ascend in the flesh, but we are not suppose to remain in the flesh. We are only going to remain in the flesh until we reconcile the rest of the world. Then, when the last enemy is put under our feet, even the enemy which is called death, Christ Jesus will offer the creation up to the Father, and there will be no more mediator. We will be out of the flesh.


       I honestly do not know how far we can go in the flesh. I do not know how far. Jesus said he would have never died, he had eternal life and he had immortality in the flesh. He had sinlessness in the flesh. At the present time, I do not know if he could have ascended any higher, because remember immortality, we have learned in this message, is merely the perfection of the lowest level of soul. When your Nefesh is perfected, you have immortality. Is that incredible? The miracles that Jesus did, the greatness that he did in the days of his flesh, he was just perfected at the lowest level of soul. He had dominion over nature at this low level.


       If Jesus in his greatness was at this low level, where are we? We are under the ground. We are in a very low place, we are in hell.


       Yechidah means to be singular, to be one with God, and Yechidah is an aspect of Adam Kadmon, depending on which world, depending on the world that the Yechidah dwells in down here in Asiyah. Yechidah is the feet of Adam Kadmon. His head and other realms of his body are in different worlds. Yechidah in the world of Yetzirah. I am not sure, but I think it is the thighs and the legs of Adam Kadmon. In The World of Creation, Yechidah may be the reproductive parts of Adam Kadmon. I am not sure, . This information is available in Kabbalah, and I have read it. I just do not recall what they say. But his head, Adam Kadmon's head, is above Atzilut.


       In the Zohar, there is an account a of man who is buried in the earth up to his neck, but his head is above. I do not know whether that is referring to Adam Kadmon, his whole body got buried under the earth, and just his head stayed up there in the high realms of the spirit. Praise the Lord, that is just aside.


       The level of soul called Chaya is called the life force of the Nefesh, the Ruach and the Neshamah, and I say unto you that the Chaya is likened to the Spirit of Christ. The Spirit of Christ is higher, a higher manifestation of God than the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ is, see the Kabbalists talk about Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit that the Kabbalists talk about is not the Holy Spirit that is in the church today. Ruach HaKodesh that the Kabbalists speak about, we would call the Spirit of Christ.


       Before Jesus Christ was manifested, there was no provision, there was no aspect of God that would abide with a sinner. Remember, I hear you saying, "Well, the Hebrews were sinners on Mount Sinai, they had been in Egypt for years." The Hebrews were circumcised. They were circumcised in order to receive the law. Now what does that mean? Do you really think their male, their physical male organs were circumcised and that made them eligible to receive the law of God? No, their mind was circumcised.


       They received an imputed mind of Christ, and their carnal mind was cut away and forced under the mind of Christ, and they were, therefore, made holy. The people who receive the Holy Spirit do not even receive the mind of Christ with the Holy Spirit. They are still in their corrupt mind. And even once we, once in this dispensation, once we receive the Holy Spirit, it is not immediately given dominion over our carnal mind. The Hebrews when they received the Holy Spirit, it was imparted to them in such a way that simultaneously with the impartation...(End of Tape 3)


       Tape 4


       When your carnal mind is forced under the mind of Christ, you become holy, because your carnal mind is your sin nature. When your sin nature is covered by holiness or righteousness, you become holy and righteous. Let me say this again, the imputed mind of Christ that was given to the Hebrew children on Mount Sinai was in a totally different form than is given today. At the very moment that, that mind of Christ was imparted to the Hebrew children, it was imparted in such a manner that it forced their carnal mind down under the mind of Christ, and they were able to communicate with God. Not on God's level, but at least God's spirit.


       Today, the mind of Christ that is imparted to us is given to us underneath the dominion of the carnal mind. The mind of Christ is grafted to Abel who is under Cain and Leviathan and Satan and the Serpent and the whole conglomeration known as Pharaoh. The mind of Christ that is given today has to fight his way up to take dominion over the carnal mind.


       Well, how come we have it so hard, and the Hebrew children had it so easy? When God imputed the mind of Christ to the Hebrew children, he did it with a specific aspect of his plan for the salvation of the world in mind, and, brethren, everybody that acquires something without working for it, eventually loses it, and that is how the Hebrew children lost the mind of Christ. They never worked for it, and it was never woven together in a permanent configuration within their spiritual being.


       That domination of their carnal mind by the mind of Christ was not permanent, and, ultimately, they lost it. It is the same principle as James saying, "Brethren, when you come in, do not sit in the front of the church because when someone greater than you comes in, you will be embarrassed, you will have to deal with your pride when you are asked to move to the back." The Hebrew children, they were set up in the front of the church, and a greater than they has come. The potential for the mind of Christ being woven, permanently woven, together with your carnal mind has come.


       Praise the Lord, we have to climb that mountain, but we have the potential to have a permanent configuration established in us of the Christ mind dominating the carnal mind. We have the potential to have the two minds so completely joined together that, that carnal mind will never get loose again. Now remember, that is what happened to Elisha.


       Elijah was glorified, and Elisha's carnal mind got loose, but because we have an advocate in heaven, because our brother, Jesus Christ, who was glorified dwells even higher than Atzilut today, we have the hope of being converted to a condition of mind where the mind of Christ is permanently ensconced on top of the carnal mind, and every time that carnal mind gets out from under the Christ mind in us, our older brother, if we are in obedience, swats that carnal mind and puts it back down under. Every time that carnal mind kills Christ in us, our older brother raises him from the dead.


       So, if you will just fight, you cannot lose, but you must fight. If you do not faint, you cannot fail, because every time Satan kills you, the Lord Jesus will raise you from the dead. Your worst enemy is yourself.


       If you do not fight, you will not ascend. And who must you fight? Your own sin nature, and you cannot fight your sin nature if you do not admit that you have a sin nature. And even if you admit that you have a sin nature, if you will not look at the sin that is in your own heart, you are not going to fight. How could you fight what you do not see? The Neshamah, we are told by the Kabbalist, is the breath of God, and on the left, I am telling you the Neshamah is the mind of Christ.


       The Ruach, according to the Kabbalist, is called the wind, and the Lord has revealed to us that this is the spiritual personality, and in the church we call it the Holy Spirit, and the Nefesh means nested. It is the vehicle that holds the elements of creation. The Nefesh is the vehicle that holds the Ruach, the Neshamah, the Chaya, and the Yechida, and that we call the carnal mind. These definitions are true of the five levels of soul on every level.


       When I look at this board, it really excites me because it brings back that dream that I had so many years ago when I was looking up at that high rise building, and I saw all those floors in that building, and I actually saw people looking out the window on floors that were higher than me, and this is what the Lord was showing me, and he was telling me that there are people that exist in a higher place than I was at, at the time.


       Now this is the mountain that we have to climb. Praise the Lord.are there any questions on this board? You have a question, . Let me say, I really would like to finish this section tonight, this four page section that I am now on the fourth tape and I have not finished yet, let us see what we can do with this.


       , we are still on Page One of Section Two of Chapter One, Spiritual Growth From Level to Level, and we are told down at the bottom of the page, all the Nefeshot are only from The World of Asiyah, and all the Ruachot are from The World of Yetzirah, and all the Neshamot are from The World of Beriah. Well, what does that mean Pastor Vitale? I see a Nefesh in each world, and I see a Ruach in each world, what are you talking about? I prayed about this, and what I believe the Lord has told me is that when we are down in The World of Asiyah which is the world of the Nefeshthe Ruach that is in this world is an aspect of the higher world existing in the lower world, if you can hear that. The World of Asiyah is all Nefesh, it is all Nefesh, . The World of Yetzirah, if this is where the Ruach comes from, The World of Yetzirah,the Neshamah comes from The World of Beriah.


       If you are down here in one of the subjective worlds of the Nefesh and you can identify with this Neshamah, you are here if you think and reason with the mind of Christ. What that means is that you are experiencing....is that you exist down in the world of the Nefesh, you exist in Asiyah, but an aspect of Beriah is manifesting in your mind.


       Can you hear that? This is how we are raised up, an aspect of our self at a time. First, our mind reaches for higher planes of consciousness. This is how you get healed, this is how you get healed. Many people are hurt because they come into Pentecost, and everybody does not get healed in Pentecost. Miracle working power is poured out, but everybody is not healed in Pentecost, but as you ascend in consciousness in Christ, if you just survive, everybody is healed, if you are ascending.


       What does that mean? If you are looking at your sins, if you are acknowledging the envy, and the pride, and the wickedness, and the manipulation, and the witchcraft in your heart and in your mind whether you act it out or not, if you are looking at the reality of what has spawned you and rejecting it, and choosing to cleave unto Christ and his righteousness, if you start to see it, if you are truly looking, and warring against sin in your own members, you are ascending.


       You need the doctrine because the doctrine represents the Christ in you, and you cannot reject your own sin nature unless you have an alternative to move into. That is the function of the doctrine.


       The level of doctrine that you truly comprehend, not as an intellectual pursuit, but the doctrine, the level of doctrine to which you have attained as a spiritual experience, that is the level of maturity that Christ has attained to in you, and that is important because Christ, when he becomes Christ Jesus, is the city of refuge that we run into as we flee from our present husband. But if you are not resisting your present husband and fleeing from him, then you are just deceived. But if you are doing the whole package, not just the doctrine alone, if you are doing the whole....if you are working the whole program,you will ascend.


       We are down here, we are all Nefesh, we are all soul, we are all carnal, we are all animals, but we ascend by our mind reaching up to lay hold of the life of God.


       If you have the mind of Christ, you are reaching for Beriah with your mind. I am talking about healing, I am sorry I lost my point, but the Lord just reminded me. You will be healed if you are truly working the program, and you do not die before you get there. I cannot promise you, whoever you are, that your body will survive as long as the process takes. I cannot tell you that, I do not know, we have to ask the Lord. But if you are sick, I was dying when I came to the Lord, I am not dying anymore, and I did not receive any healing from the Holy Spirit. I do not believe I have received one healing from the Holy Spirit in my twenty-five years in God.


       You receive a healing from the Holy Spirit, you can lose your healing. Yes, I know someone who was healed from cancer, and they got cancer again, and then they were healed of that cancer and they got diabetes, and they are today a very sick person.


       I do not care what disease you have, they are a very sick person after twenty-five or thirty years in God. It did many healings by the Holy Spirit. I did not have one healing by the Holy Spirit, but as my mind reaches up to the higher realms of God, as I live out of Beriah, my physical body is forced to submit to Beriah.  I was being killed down here in Asiyah. This is where Satan has power over the flesh. Satan had legal ground to wipe me out, I was on death row, but because the Lord permitted my mind to ascend to Beriah, a higher judgment came down upon the part of me that is still in Asiyah.


       Brethren, this is the same message as the Doctrine of Christ telling you that Christ Jesus stands in the left side of the heart center, but your personality is still under Satan's dominion, and your personality, where your personality is, that is where your body is. You ascend initially with your mind, and, eventually, your personality and your body will follow, if we could just live long enough. And it looks like it is going to happen in our generation. That is what it looks like.


       There will be a generation in which Jesus Christ matures, or the son of Jesus Christ, which is Christ in you, Christ Jesus in you matures to the place where he can sustain your life, not only heal your body, but cut you off from the power of death. We are waiting, we are hoping it is going to be in our generation, I hope it is going to be when I am still alive. I believe that it will be. We will see, but if it is not me, it is coming very soon after me, but I believe it is going to be in this generation. We are going to see it. I believe we are going to see it right here.


       I remember in the church that I trained in, a woman.... the pastor announced once that there was a woman, and she was a woman of God, was praying to overcome death. Well, in order to overcome death, you have to have something to overcome death with. What does overcome mean? It means you want to push it away, to overshadow it, to get it out of your way. Well,  after you get rid of death what do you have? What do you have? If you do not have Christ, you have nothing. If you are destroying the last enemy which is death, and you do not have Christ to run into, you are just killing yourself. We are death, we are death! In our minds we are death. We curse each other all the time. "Oh not me." Yes you, everybody, some a little more, some a little less.


       If you are not forgiving everybody that does anything to hurt you, you are cursing them. That anger that rose up in you, that is a curse. That five minutes that it took you to forgive them, you cursed them. I tell you the truth. This is what Paul meant when he said, "Love suffers everything." No matter what you do to the person that is in Christ, they do not rise up against you in their mind, not for one second. You cannot do this by yourself. Only Christ can do this, that no matter what you do to him, he is not mad at you, he is not thinking evil of you for one second.


       There is nothing you can do to Christ that will make him curse you.


       We all curse each other everyday, we are fallen. You will never get out of here if you do not face who you are. We are serpents, that is what we are. The Lord corrected what I told you. He said....what was the word that he gave you again? He was saying you are going over into the next level. Now I do not know where you are, well you have the Holy Spirit, so you are at least over here, but you do not really have the mind of Christ. We talked about that a lot. Maybe the mind of Christ is about to be revealed in you. Knowing you, that would be my guess. You are going over into the next level. Hallelujah, Congratulations.


       This is what it looks like, and all of this is available to us in Christ Jesus. The body of Christ in the earth has to become strong enough to stop us from dying before he acquires this or attains to this in our life. This was a potential from the day that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, but as far as I know it has not happened to anybody.


       I do not know what happened to Lazarus, you know. I believe Lazarus was raised from the dead, but I do not know whether it was permanent or not. Probably not, because Paul said he had to be offered up, it was not time. Why was not it time? There was not enough ascended people in the world to sustain it. Brethren, this spiritual body of Christ as it grows,will sustain the life of Christ in the people that is growing up, but it has to be a strong body of Christ. The body of Christ that is in the church today, if it exists, is very weak. Paul said, "That is why you are sick and you are dying, because you cannot discern the body of Christ." Why can you not discern it? It is so weak and small. You cannot discern the true doctrine. Christ is the word, he is his word. You cannot recognize this doctrine. You think this is false doctrine, that is why you are sick and you are dying, and you have no power in the church.


       That is what Paul meant, you cannot discern the true doctrine, you cannot distinguish between the Christ and your carnal mind. You are healed as your mind ascends, your body must follow. In this world today is the spiritual man, and the personality is led by the flesh. Well, even the personality, it depends. In some people, the personality is strong, but still led by the flesh. What does that mean? Unless a man is totally given over to God. People's motives are selfish. Look at what is going on in the world today.


       Our president is talking about disarming someone who has the potential to destroy the world, and nobody wants to do it, or I do not want to say nobody, but powerful nations do not want to do it because of their pocket book. Bill Clinton was elected for 8 years because Christians voted for their pocketbooks.


       May God grant them repentance, that they should admit what they have done, what they did. The Lord is reversing this. The Lord Jesus Christ is enabling us to live out of our spirit. Our spirit must take the lead over the personality and the flesh of the body.There are a lot of people in this world that have dominion over their flesh, you know. A man gets mad at his wife, you know, he is just not going to hit her, he may want to hit her, but he is just not going to hit her because he knows that is wrong. People have dominion over their flesh, .


       But not many people have dominion over their sin nature which is selfish at its root. It is rooted and grounded in self-preservation, and the person who does not respond out of self-preservation is called a hero. He is the man that risks his life to save somebody else. Do you know anybody that is going to do that? I do not know anybody that is going to do that today.


       We do not know who the hero is until the crisis comes, but it is a very rare person. But the mind of the spirit must lead the man. It is called conscience. Not many people have a conscience today, not many people have the conscience of God. Not many people have a conscience that makes you put righteousness over your own self- interest. When you do what is right and sacrifice your own self- interests, you can even do it with a parking spot, or whatever you want to call it, and I do not condemn you. I am just telling you, this is the condition we are in.


       This is what it looks like. This is that high rise building that I saw in my dream. May we all climb to the top of the mountain. I am so excited at the possibility of experiencing this ascension. I cannot wait to find out what it is like up there. I know what has happened to me over the last few years is wonderful, the spiritual growth that I have experienced and the spiritual experiences that I have. Wow, it is going to be marvelous, ascending and having dominion over nature and really helping people and bringing the world into righteous order by overshadowing selfishness with the righteous decisions and opinions of Almighty God.


       "I declare this world under the dominion of the Lord Jesus Christ, I put down every power and every principality that would rule beyond and out from under or above his righteousness, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. May all selfishness be set aside, and the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ prevail in this world crisis, and may our president George W. Bush, be the carrier of the wisdom of God until the end of his office and may that office be for 8 full years. May every tongue lifted up against him be ashamed and proven wrong. May he be justified before all men, may they admit their sins before him, and ask for forgiveness."


       Praise the Lord, . As I said, I am going to try to finish lesson Section Two tonight.


       Have I made it clear to you? Let me just say this one more time, I do not know if I made it clear to you, that every aspect of The World of Asiyah is Nefesh, and Neshamah that is in The World of Action is a drop of The World of Creation that has filtered down into The World of Asiyah, but it is still considered Nefesh, it is still considered Nefesh, because you are still living under the dominion of the flesh. Is everybody  with that, are you  with that? You  with that?


       , Drawing #4, just following along with the notes here, we are being told that the acronym for the five levels of soul....actually, I am reminding you because we talked about this in Part One. I am not sure that I am pronouncing it correctly, but the acronym is the NRNCHY. NRNCHY is the acronym for the five levels of soul. Nefesh is the first N, the R is for Ruach, the second N is for Neshamah, the Ch sound is for Chaya, and the Y is for Yechidah. Now we are told that this acronym is frequently not used because the uppermost levels of soul, that is the Chaya and the Yechidah, are not accessible today.


       Now this is the Kabbalist talking. We know they are accessible in Jesus Christ, . Since the uppermost levels of soul, Chaya and Yechida are not accessible today, they are often ignored and the short form acronym for the levels of soul is used, and the short form is NRN, N for Nefesh, R for Ruach, and N for Neshamah. Can you imagine what it must have been like to speak to a man who was ascended so high up, I guess like Isaac Luria, or the Rabbi Ben Yohai, the man who wrote the Zohar? What could their lives have been like? I know what my life is like because I am ascended to the level that I am ascended which, apparently, is not all that.... compared to the church it is high, but compared to what Israel has been, it is not high, you know.


       I know how being this ascended affects my life, how people frequently avoid me, or are afraid of me, or have negative reactions to me. What was life like being that high? Chayyim Vital learned Isaac Luria's whole system in 18 months. That is the kind of mind that he had. I wonder what it does to your life to have that kind of a mind? That is quite incredible to me.


       Let us just finish up these last couple of sentences, and then we are going to call it quits tonight.


       All of the Nefeshot are from The World of Asiyah. I already explained that to you. All souls, all these carnal minds are from The World of Asiyah, all of the Ruchot are from The World of Yetzirah, and all of the Neshamot are from The World of Beriah.


       Well, this answers an interesting question. I have mentioned several times in this message, the saying, "The Ruach is given to you." Everybody is born with a Nefesh, and after you perfect your Nefesh, the Ruach is given to you, but who gives you the Ruach? It comes down from the realm of Yetzirah. I showed you in Drawing #3. I showed you the five levels of soul in each world,that is the potential. Technically speaking, the people that we are talking about, everybody is in Asiyah, and all that we have is the Nefesh, and the subjective worlds of the Nefesh. And the other levels of soul are added to us if and when they are added to us.


       Most people are just a Nefesh, and then when they perfect their Nefesh, The World of Yetzirah imparts a spirit to them. Does anybody not understand what I am talking about? . Only the Nefesh comes from Asiyah. That is his home location. We have seen at the end of the previous section that the abbreviation for all five levels of the soul is NRNCHY. Since the uppermost levels of Chaya and Yechidah are inaccessible now, they are often ignored, and the short form is even more abbreviated to NRN.


       Latent history and distant from Mount Sinai as we are, most people only have access to the Nefesh level of their soul which is why it is so difficult to relate to God and spirituality. Well, if you are having trouble relating to God, and if you are having trouble relating to spirituality, to the spiritual life or the spiritual mind, the way I look at things, sometimes I drive people crazy just the way I look at things. I have a spiritual mind.


       If you are having trouble relating to that, it means that all that you have is your Nefesh, but you do not have....your spirituality has not been added to you yet. You need to ask God for it, but you have to receive it the way he gives it to you. You cannot have some preset idea in your mind what being spiritual is, and then you wait for God to fulfill it. He is not going to do that. You have to submit to whatever he is going to subject you to.


       You know he does not deal the same way with everybody, he does not. He meets you at your greatest point of need. I have no idea, I could not even begin to guess how he is going to impart your spirituality to you, but you have to really want it, you have to really want it. You are starting to really want it, you are still very passive about the whole thing, very content with the status quo.


       You get what you ask for. If you do not ask, you do not get. As much as Jesus Christ would like to see his church matured, if you do not ask you do not get it. You have to ask for it, and you have to really want it. He wants you to want him, and everything that his life represents.


       The next paragraph begins really a new subject and for us it is a review of the Partzufim, but we are going to end here tonight because I think we all had enough for today. Are there any questions or comments.Lord willing, we will pick up with this message if the Lord allows on Thursday evening. God bless you all.






04/11/2003 acb


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