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Praise the Lord everybody, this message is actually Gate of Reincarnations Chapter 1, I should be announcing it Chapter 1, okay, because we will give a different number to the message when we start on Chapter 2. Chapter 1 has 10 sections to it, tonight we are teaching from section 8 of the 10 sections of chapter1. And our notes say, let me see, this is the translation now, According to this, you can also understand another well known concept of our Rabbis. Ruchot, that is the plural of Ruach, many Ruachs, or Neshamot, that is many Neshamahs and we know that both Ruach and Neshamah are levels of soul, of the righteous, Ruchot and Neshamot of the righteous are infused into a person in accord with the esoteric principle called Ibur, and the reason that this happens is to assist a person in his service to God. Now before we go on, I would like you to look at drawing #1 which is basically a review. I have at the top of the drawing, is 4 columns, the Sefirah, the partzuf, the soul level and the world, and I remind you that all of these are interchangeable. The Sefirah Keter is interchangeable with the partzuf or the partzuf associate with the Keter is Arik Anpin, the soul level associated with Keter is Yechida, that is the highest, and the world associated with the Keter is Adam Kadmon. The Sefirah Chokhmah has a partzuf associated with it called Abba, meaning father, and Chokhmah or Abba is associated with the Chayyah level of soul, and the world of Atzilut. And all of these are interchangeable, Atzilut, Chayyah, Abba, and Chokhmah. If we mention anyone of those 4, we could be talking about any aspect associated with it. The Sefirah Binah is associated with the partzuf Imma, the soul level of Neshamah and the world of Beriah. The 6 Chesed through Yesod are associated with Ze’ir Anpin, who is the son and the level of soul is Ruach, and the world of Yetzirah.


Malkhut who is also the daughter is associated with Nukvah, the Nephesh level of soul and the world of Asiyah. And I remind you that the world of Asiyah is the material world, and the Nephesh level of soul is that which animates this physical world and our physical body, it is the most basic level of soul. I do not want to say it gives life because we do not have life in this world, we have animation, we have existence. We do have consciousness, and the ability or the energy to move around and be animated, but it is not life, only God could give life. Rectification of the Sefirot is accomplished by perfecting the partzuf associated with each Sefirah. Now in the last couple of messages, we were dealing only with the Sefirot, so I am trying to remind you that the actual perfection of the sefirot in order to perfect the Sefirot, we do not work with the Sefirah itself we work with the partzuf associated with the Sefirot, and that is why I am putting this up here to remind you, because the last few messages, I did not mention the partzufim at all, I just mentioned the Sefirot. Well as we go on now with section 8, we are going to be talking about the partzufim, so you need to know that when we talk about Arik, when the Scripture talks about Ibur, Yenika, or Godlut, being the 3 levels of development of fetal development of the partzufim, Ibur meaning pregnancy, actually it is the development of Ze’ir anpin, Yenika is suckling or spiritual childhood and Godlut is greatness or spiritual adulthood.


Okay, so in section 8 now you are going to be hearing these terms or at least you are going to be hearing the term Ibur. So this board this drawing #1 is just to remind you that Ibur is pregnancy that is the first stage of fetal development of Ze’ir Anpin, and that all of these partzufim, even Arik Anpin, has within him 10 subjective Sefirot, from Keter through Malkhut. So when we want to work on the perfection of Arik Anpin for example, we have to work on the 10 subjective Sefirot within him, and the development within Ze’ir Anpin within Arik Anpin. Are you okay, are you following me enough to go on? Okay, you do not have to understand every little detail, you just need to be comfortable enough to go on. Okay, rectification of the Sefirot is accomplished by perfecting the partzuf associated with each Sefirah, rectification which means maturation or perfection of each Sefirah occurs in 3 stages of development, Ibur is the first stage, pregnancy, Yenika, the second stage, suckling or spiritual childhood, and Godlut or greatness, spiritual adulthood being the third stage. And I remind you that we are talking about from the point of view of Christ Centered Kabbalah, which is the weaving together of the doctrine of Christ with Kabbalah, this pregnancy is Christ in you. See Kabbalah says it is Ze’ir Anpin, but this is very personal, we are talking about Christ in you, the development of Christ in you. First He has to be grafted to you, I cannot imagine anybody listening to a message like this without Christ being grafted to him, but you never know, and we need to know that Christ grows in us, you see that is different than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not mature in people, see the Holy Spirit is not, everybody does not have the same measure of the Holy Spirit, some people are more gifted than others, the Holy Spirit comes with gifts. I do not think anybody could deny that, that some people are more gifted than others, but the Holy Spirit does not mature, as you mature, see, the Holy Spirit is just the Holy Spirit.


But Christ matures in you, Christ is grafted to you, He comes to you as a seed, that is Ibur, when you receive, the minute that Christ is grafted to you, you are pregnant, so you are in the first stage of fetal development, and we have had previous messages giving you guidelines as to what kind of experiences you might expect or what you might expect to accomplish when you are trying to determine where you are in your fetal development of Christ in you.


So most of the church, the church is in that I could see at least 3 categories, there are the fundamentalists that they believe the message of the cross but they have nothing more than that, then there is the people that have the Holy Spirit, and then there are people who have Christ, but most of the people who have Christ do not even know it, they just think it is the Holy Spirit, because this message of the kingdom of God or the Gospel of God, it is not being preached out there, we have a counterfeit message of the kingdom of God being preached out there, and the people who are preaching it and the people who are embracing it think that, I do not even know if they would use the term Christ or not, but they do not have Christ, see. Christ must be added to you. You are not born with Christ, every human being is not born with Christ, what you are born with is a dead seed, you are born with Abel, a dead seed, and Abel has the potential to be regenerated when Christ is grafted to Him.


Abel is the dead princess or the sleeping princess that has to be kissed by the great prince, the seed of Christ, well Christ kisses Abel and deposits His seed, and that seed grafted to Abel will raise Abel from the dead. Now of the people in the world today that are impregnated with Christ, do have a grafted Christ. Now there is also a Christ that can be formed in you that is not grafted, remember we call that the imputed Christ, someone who has the Holy Spirit and just pursues God with all their strength, it is possible that because, you see when we pursue God, it touches the Godhead in the heavenlies, and when we reach up to Him, He comes down to us. See it is not that the grade of the Holy Spirit matures, the Holy Spirit does not mature in you, but one person can have more of the Holy Spirit then the other, that is just another way saying, some people are more gifted than other people, some people have greater measure of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit does not mature in you, you understand the difference? Okay, and how does the Holy, how can the Holy Spirit become more intense in you? Okay, or thicker in you? The more you pursue Him, the more He pursues you, you know, and so you can walk in a heavier presence of the Holy Spirit, okay, the people who pursue the Holy Spirit can walk in heavy anointing than other people, okay, but they are not any closer to the truth of salvation, which is spiritual maturity in Christ Jesus, that is what I am trying to tell you. Okay, the Holy Spirit is the Holy Spirit, He will, when you pursue the Holy Spirit to an intense degree, you can have an imputed Christ formed in you, you will start to show many of the manifestations of Christ, you could start to show Christ’s nature, you can start to show Christ’s wisdom okay, but you will never go on to perfection until the root of the tree is grafted to you, that is what I am trying to tell you, it is a very fine difference, see.


So I guess it sounds confusing to say the Holy Spirit does not mature you, the Holy Spirit in an intense state which can be described as the imputed Christ, will mature your personality, it will grow you up, it will teach you wisdom, okay, but the Christ that is formed in you, will not mature to the point of Yenika suckling or Godlut greatness, that is a very fine line, let me say it again to you, I remind you that I teach by revelation and a lot of what I teach I have never heard before myself, so it evolves as I speak to you, okay, the Holy Spirit can mature your personality, it can definitely mature your personality, you can become wiser, your life can get better, you can gain a better knowledge of the Scripture of God through an intense relationship with the Holy Spirit which can be so intense that at some point it becomes called Christ, but it is an imputed Christ, it is a Christ without a root, it is the branch of the tree without the root, and the benefit of that experience is to your mortal soul, to your personality, and to your life and to your family. But that imputed Christ as much of a blessing as He is to you, can not go on to Yenika suckling or Godlut greatness, unless He is grafted. And what does that mean? What does the grafting mean? He has to touch Abel in you and raise Abel from the dead.


You have to get the seed, you see. The Holy Spirit is not the sperma of God, there are different kinds of seeds that come out from God, you need the sperma of God to raise Abel from the dead, and when Christ is rooted and grounded in you, that Christ that is rooted and grounded in you, can grow up to greatness or spiritual adulthood, which is typified by the condition that Moses was in.


The imputed Christ will never grow to this degree. Did I make that clear? He can only go so far, and He is great, the imputed Christ is great, He can bless your life and do wonderful things for you, but you are limited as to how far you can go, and of course Godlut, greatness or spiritual adulthood is perfection where you stop dying you see. So the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit of the imputed Christ through the Holy Spirit, it cannot stop you from dying, you will still pass out of this world, that is the bottom line, immortality, that is the bottom line, can the imputed Christ give you immortality? No, that is the bottom line.


Okay, so that is what we are talking about here, we are talking about immortality, perfection is immortality. Okay let us go on, are there any questions on this board? Okay. Okay reading again, according to this, you can also understand another well know concept of our Rabbis, Ruchot, many Ruachs, or Neshamah, many Neshamahs of the righteous, are infused into a person in accord with the esoteric principle called Ibur, to assist a person in his service to God. What Isaac Luria is saying here brethren is this, do you remember from the last message or two, I think the last message, I showed you that when we are dealing with the worlds from Yetzirah up, or when we are dealing with the worlds above Asiyah, as that personality ascends and climbs the ladder, he leaves other levels of soul behind him, remember me teaching you that? And I said we are going to find out in future messages what happens to those other levels of soul that, that particular personality is not using anymore? Well this is one of the things that happens to those aspects of soul that are not being used anymore, they can incarnate in a human being, and what is very interesting is what this procedure is describing is exactly what Jesus is doing for us. The glorified Jesus Christ is grafted, is entering into the souls, entering into people and grafting to their souls. That is exactly what Jesus Christ is doing.


Okay, now according Lurianic Kabbalah, and I have not told you this yet, but I have read ahead in this message, it is those aspects of soul that have been left behind as the personality ascends that is coming into the material world and literally entering into other people and living that person’s life with them, okay. Now I am jumping ahead, I do not even know if this is in tonight’s, if this is in section 8 or not, but I will tell you this now, according to Lurianic Kabbalah, these souls that do this, they do it, well maybe I should not jump ahead, I am sorry to wet your appetite like that, but I think I should not jump ahead, I should wait until we read it to make sure that I get it right. Okay, so an introduction to the concept of Ibur, I am reading the comment now, an introduction to the concept of Ibur that the soul of a Sadic comes down to impregnate, do you know what a Sadic is? A Sadic is a righteous man, a holy man, a Bible scholar, someone whose life is consecrated to God is called a Sadic. The soul of a Sadic comes down to impregnate the souls of normal people and that is so interesting because as you have heard my testimony before, when the Lord first started us on Kabbalah, I found, the Lord started me on a very, very hard study of the Tree of Life, it was way over my head, He told me to preach it when I did not know what I was doing, you were all here with me, it was a very trying experience, and I did the best that I could, but I was way in over my head, and one day I was studying and I saw something suddenly through the corner of my eye moving very rapidly towards me and it entered into me, it scared me half to death, and I just sat there, cause I knew something had gotten inside of me, and I said, Lord if that was not you, I am in trouble if you do not help me. And almost immediately after that experience, I was enlightened, I looked at the book that I had been sitting there praying the whole time, saying, Lord I do not understand this, I do not understand this, help me to understand this, and then I had that experience and all of a sudden I understood it. I was raised to a whole new level of understanding. So something entered into me.


See now, according Lurianic Kabbalah, it was a soul of righteous person. Well, it had to be, it had to be the glorified Jesus Christ. You see, when I first started studying Kabbalah, I was getting confused with all of these angels and all of these entities, and the only way I could deal with it was by saying, Look I believe in Christ Jesus and they are all one in Him, and I cannot deal with all these angels, and now I hear one of the Rabbis whose tapes I listen to, his teaching, there is really only one angel, and every time, for each manifestation of himself, he has a different name, see. But according to, I am pretty sure, according to Isaac Luria, what he is saying, what I believe he is saying is that it is not, we are not talking about angels here, we are talking about righteous people, like I guess, like Moses, I do not know if he would say Elijah or not, people, or Isaac Luria, you know, the people who are teaching this today, would say, well maybe a part of Isaac Luria’s soul is coming down and incarnating in you. So they are talking about people that have not been completely perfected yet, and they are saying that this Ibur, this form of reincarnation it is a form of reincarnation that occurs after a person is born and it is a double soul, once this entity gets inside of you, you now have a double soul.


So Isaac Luria says, it is also, it is for the benefit of the normal person and it is also for the benefit and the perfection of the righteous man who passed out of the body, and is living on another level. I have a problem with that right now, if that is true, God is going to have to show that to me. I believe that what I experienced was an aspect of the glorified Jesus Christ coming into me, you see. I have, and when I talk about myself, I am just giving myself as an example, because you are all having the same experience. I have Christ being formed in me, when Christ ascends to the heart center, He becomes Christ Jesus, and then He becomes eligible to marry the glorified Jesus Christ, see.


And the glorified Jesus Christ is marrying us an aspect of Himself at a time, remember He has 10 Sefirot, and subjective Sefirot under each aspect of Himself. So there was an addition, something was added to Christ Jesus in me that helped me to understand Kabbalah. Something from the glorified Jesus Christ that I did not have before was added to Christ Jesus in me as a part of that joining of the glorified Jesus Christ to Christ Jesus. Kabbalah would say I was receiving my brains. I believe that I received the first influx, there is 4 influxes that constitute Ze’ir Anpin receiving His brains and Ze’ir Anpin is talking about Christ Jesus in me, and the first influx comes from Imma and it is understanding, and that was exactly what I received understanding. Now whether or not I received more, whether or not I received the second influx, I do not know, the second influx is Yisrael Asaba, which is a form of wisdom, I have a lot of wisdom but I do not know whether I can say I received the second influx or not, I know that I received the first one because the change in me was radical that it was supernatural. Okay, I do not know if you all know what I am talking about, maybe I should put this on the board, let us put this on the board.


Okay, this is drawing #2, just to remind you, Gilgilim is the Hebrew word if I am pronouncing it correctly for reincarnation of a single soul as an infant. Every human infant that is born of a woman has a soul that is reincarnating, a single soul, usually anyway a single soul, it is possible to have two or even more souls incarnated at birth, but we are starting off slowly, we will get to these other situations later on, but typically it is just one soul incarnating in one baby. Ibur, now this is a different use of the word Ibur. I told you when I showed you drawing #1, that Ibur was the first stage of fetal development, here the term is being used in terms of reincarnation, it is being used differently, Ibur is the reincarnation as a second soul in the body of a quote normal person. And we are told that these souls come to help people, okay, these are disembodied souls that are coming to help souls that are in the flesh.


The Holy Spirit is the Shekinah, if you did not know that, the Holy Spirit is the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit is the gift of the Skekinah to the world, because before the day of Pentecost, only the Jews have the Shekinah, so the Holy Spirit is the Shekinah, and the Holy Spirit is female. Although the church teaches that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, that He is male, and it is just not true, and neither is the trinity true, I mean the Holy Spirit is the Malkhut of the glorified Jesus Christ, and she has come down to bring the gift of life to the peoples of the world, and the Holy Spirit is an Ibur of the Lord Jesus Christ. See, now I do not, now let me remind you what we are doing here, I am no expert on Kabbalah, I am an expert on the doctrine of Christ, but I am no expert on Kabbalah, and I do not know what I am going to be reading in future books a year from now or two years from now, all I know is that the Lord Jesus has told me to do this, He has told me to teach Kabbalah and weave it together with the doctrine of Christ to whatever degree I can understand it or I can perceive Him teaching it to me at this time, and this is what is coming forth, okay. I cannot personally at the time that I am preaching this message, see aspects of soul that Jesus the Christ left behind as He ascended coming to incarnate in people, that is not my understanding, see. My understanding is that the Holy Spirit is the Malkhut of the glorified Jesus Christ who is now higher than, He has ascended higher than every other name, He is higher than Chokhmah, that means He is higher, does that not mean that He is higher than the Keter, does that not mean, if He is higher than every other name, is He not higher than the Keter? Okay, at the least He has become the ancient of days which is higher than Keter, the tip of the Yod if you remember, Atik Yomin. He is at least up there or higher, I mean there is so much I do not understand, all that I am giving you is what I understand, the Scripture says He is higher than every other name. Keter is a name right? Atik Yomin is a name, so He is even higher than Atik. See what that says to me is that He is beyond, that Jesus Christ is glorified beyond the empty space, that He is one with the Ayn Sof, but I do not know for sure.


So, I have a problem knowing what I know from the doctrine of Christ and from the New Testament which was Paul revealing the Old Testament, I have a problem believing that everybody that has the Holy Spirit has some level of soul that Jesus left over as He ascended, but you know maybe it is true, maybe I am going to have to tell you next week that it is true, I do not know, but right now I am having a problem believing that. Right now I am thinking that there is just one Holy Spirit, which is the Shekinah. See I do not see Kabbalah saying that there are many Shekinahs, Kabbalah does not teach that, Kabbalah teaches there is just one Shekinah, and that all of Israel can be influenced and indwelt by the Shekinah, and then Kabbalah also says that there are souls of holy men, like Rabbis that were famous Rabbis and great teachers that ascended but we are not yet perfected, whose souls that they leave behind come down to help other people. I just I cannot fit that in with my understanding of Christ Jesus being glorified, I cannot fit it in, see, but maybe next week I will fit it in, I do not know.


So what I am teaching you is general principles, and I am telling you that the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is an Ibur, and I am not going to argue with anybody right now about whether or not it is one of the aspects of soul that Jesus Christ left behind as He was ascending or whether it is His, it is the Malkhut of His glory, I am not going to argue with you about that, okay, the point that I am telling you is that you need to know to go on with this teaching, you need to know that the Holy Spirit is an Ibur. The details may be right, I may be right, I may be wrong, okay, everybody okay? Next I am telling you that Christ the virile seed of the Lord Jesus, I should put on there when He is grafted to you before you take the picture, what He is grafted to you, is a new kind of Ibur that I believe Kabbalah does not talk about, I have read ahead in these lessons and unless there is another situation somewhere that I have not heard about, this translation of Isaac Luria, I have read through chapter 5, and from everything that I have read, I do not read anything about what the grafted Christ is doing, what is the grafted Christ doing? The grafted Christ is weaving Himself together with people and experiencing their sins.


Now according to what I have read, as I read ahead through chapter 5, Iburs do not do this, they do not partake of the sins of the people that they come to help. So that is why, and I prayed as I put it up on the board, Lord do you really want me to write this, because the Lord Jesus is the expert in Kabbalah, I am not an expert in Kabbalah, okay, and that is what the Lord had me put up there, Christ the virile seed of the Lord Jesus is a new kind of Ibur. Unless this knowledge is a secret and hidden amongst the Kabbalists because I am told that the true Kabbalah is not even available, that the true Kabblah is held it is not even written down, that it is just given by word of mouth from Rabbi to Rabbi, so I do not know what those people know, but I know from what I am reading that there seems to be no revelation in Kabbalah at all of the function of Messiah as we understand Him today. My understanding of what the Jewish perception of Messiah is, is that He will come, He will be a man of great mind, He will ascend, he will ascend very high, and His mind will be so high, because when your mind gets high it becomes very powerful, that He will be able to raise up the minds of all of the other, well they say all of the other Jews to have great minds again, great powerful minds and with that collective great mind they will influence the lives of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, and the whole world for the good, and they will influence these areas so profoundly that evil will be driven from the earth. But I do not see any recognition in anything that I have read so far, that someone is going to become perfect, and so perfect that he receives worship as God, they call that idolatry, that they reject that whole concept, and that, that person who should become perfected in the flesh should ascend and then pour out, out of the spirit upon all flesh, it is very close to what they are teaching, but they do not see it that way at all.


So I say that Christ the virile seed of the Lord Jesus is a new kind of Ibur, that the Kabbalists and the Rabbis, they call it blasphemy, but it is a new kind of Ibur. You know, I listened to the tapes of a Rabbi who is so close to the truth that sometimes I have to just control myself because it hurts me that he cannot see Jesus in this. This man has so much truth, he is the man that says there is really only one angel, Christ Jesus is the only angel, he calls him Michael, we know that Michael is Christ Jesus, and this very Rabbi in a tape that I listened to recently said, the whole law is changing. He said the law will never be taken away, but he says, the Mitzvot will be taken away. What are the Mitzvot? The law of ordinances, it is exactly what Paul has told us, the law of ordinances has been taken away, and this Rabbi preaches that the day is coming that the Mitzvot will be taken away, and that the law of God will be raised up to such a high level that the Jews will not even recognize it, and it is happened in Christ but he cannot see it, he cannot believe it.


And what hurts is all of the Christian preachers that preach we are not under the law. Of course you are under the law. If you kill you will be killed, of course you are under the law. We have been delivered from the law of ordinances, from the sacrifices, and the bondage of the nitty gritty letter of the law, praise the Lord.


Okay, so I know everybody understands this, let us try and go on, it is hard for me to go on if I do not get a witness in my heart that you are understanding it, I cannot get past it. We are still reading here. The concept of Ibur here is not the same concept that was mentioned earlier in section 5, and that is what I just explained to you, Ibur as the first stage of fetal development, this is a different, it is the same nomenclature which means it is the same word, but the usage is different, literally Ibur refers to the embryo during the state of pregnancy, in this case it refers not to the embryo, but to the impregnation of a person with the soul of a Sadic. In other words, well here is another very interesting difference, let me read that again, literally Ibur refers to the embryo during the state of pregnancy, in this case it refers to the impregnation of a person with the soul of a Sadic. Okay, I had written that wrong, it refers to the impregnation of a person with the soul of a Sadic which soul descends into the soul of a living person to insist the latter in his spiritual devotions. So some righteous person that is no longer in the flesh who has ascended and left soul levels behind him, those soul levels take on a life of their own and will incarnate in a living person to assist them for spiritual purposes.


You know, now as I have told you, I have read ahead, and it gets very complicated, I believe at the right time, the Lord will help me to understand it, but all these partial souls, all these aspects of soul, they could be all over the place, you know. And this of course was the witness to me, this was the witness to the revelation that I had that we are so, humanity is so low down at this point because the lower we get the more we subdivide, see, that we are so low down at this time that there is not just one fiery Serpent per individual, that a Fiery Serpent can be residing in a whole group of individuals, possibly a whole family or a whole tribe, and it gets very complicated, but I do not want to get ahead of myself, because I want to get through this with you. Everybody with me so far? Okay. Now I told you that this teaching has to do with the world of Yetzirah and above it, we are not talking about Asiyah anymore, because the rules are different for Asiyah than for the worlds above it, okay, everybody okay?


Now we are told, it is written in the Midresh Ne Alem, in hand written manuscripts concerning the statement that, and that book that is one of the, the Jewish people, they just have so many books, and so many volumes and it is just amazing. I remember years ago reading Daniel, saying that Daniel had acquired information from books. And I said to myself, What books, there is just the Bible, but the Jewish people have, they have the writings of Sages for thousands of years, men that spent their whole life studying and bringing forth tremendous and great teachings, of course they do not believe in Jesus, so you have to, if you are going to read these writings, you have to be able to measure them against the doctrine of Christ, if you cannot do that, you will get a wrong spirit, you see.


But there is such greatness in their teachings and it is all across the Bible at the foundation of the whole thing. Everything that they teach grows out of the Bible. The church is limited to the letter of the law through this one book, they are severely limited, and they need a miracle to bomb them out of their position because they are, the church today has become a cult, they have the whole doctrine written down and you cannot tell them anything different, they will not even consider it. They are in a lot of trouble. Okay.


Now we are told, okay so this is what an Ibur is in the context that we are using it today. Someone who comes, when a person is trying to purify himself, the soul of some Sadic will come to help him. Well if you are a person and you are in the church and you love Jesus, that is the testimony of a famous female preacher who is on tv today, that she was crying out to God and crying out to God and crying out to God, and saying, God you have to do something for me, my life is a mess, she was a Baptist, she had faith in Jesus Christ, and she was crying out and crying out, you have got to do something for me, and boom, she got the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit came along side of her and entered into her to assist her in her desire to purify herself. The Holy Spirit is not coming to help you win at the race track, and the Holy Spirit is not even coming, you know you could be, you know, this gets to be such a fine line, you know, and the Holy Spirit keeps coming, and He keeps coming, He does not just come once and settle, because when you receive the Holy Spirit, what has happened to you is that you now have a dwelling in you the Malkhut of the glorified Jesus Christ, but that Malkhut is that, that spirit is still attached to the Malkhut of the glorified Jesus Christ, so she flows in and she flows out, she is a vibration, she is a wave, she flows in and she flows out. And the more you desire a Godly help from her, the more powerfully she is going to vibrate into you, see.


So the person that seeks to purify themselves, the person that recognizes that they are truly a sinner and truly wants to change will receive help from this source. If you have faith in Jesus Christ and you go to church every Sunday but you really think that you are okay, and you do not need to change, but you want your finances to change or you want a husband or you want a healing, you may be disappointed, because the Lord is saying, Why do you want these things? He is looking for people that are willing and desirous of purifying themselves. The Jews under the law, they were all into purification, purification, purification, wash, clean, be holy, wash, clean, be holy. That was just on the outside and then Jesus came to them and said, you are doing all this washing and cleaning and holiness on the outside, but inside you are dead men’s bones, you need to be purified in your inner man. You see the same thing is going on in the church today, the people do not want to purify the inner man, why not? Because to purify the inner man you must face the reality that your inner man needs to be purified, that he is dirty. And the pride of man would prefer to believe that because they are graced with the Holy Spirit, that they are righteous. So if you want a powerful move of the Holy Spirit in your life, if you do not even have Christ yet, the way you get Him, or if you want Christ grafted to you, or if you want help from Christ which is the next step of maturity over receiving the Holy Spirit, the way you get help is to desire to be purified, that is how you get help. That is how you live, when there is a death sentence on you, you desire to be purified, because once the Lord Jesus saves your life, you are not your own, He does not save your life to let you go back in the world, He saves you from self.


So that is how you get help, that is how you get healed, that is how you get delivered, when you hate your condition, and you hate the sin in your heart, the Lord will never, never, never, never fail to come to you to purify you if that is your heart’s desire. He may or may not help you if you need money, He may or may not help you if you want to get pregnant and you are not conceiving, He may or may not give you a husband or a wife, He may or may not give you lots of things, but He will never ever fail to help you to purify yourself, if you are willing to do your part. And that is the hidden message of "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you." What does it means to seek the kingdom of God? How do you find the kingdom of God? Behold the kingdom of God is within you. Well you cannot see it, and you cannot find it, and it cannot even function in the midst of your filth. So how do you seek the kingdom of God? You have to be willing to see the filth and to wash yourself and let the Lord wash you. Praise the Lord.


Going on, the Midresh Ne Alem is one of the books included in the holy Zohar, the Talmud Shabat 104A, that is in parenthesis, Shabat 104A is in paranthesis, informs us that someone who comes to purify himself is assisted from on high, the Midresh Ne Alem now explains this statement according to Rebe Nathan.


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